Violent Ring of Fire Unleashing Path Of Destruction: “Prelude to Major Seismic Event in Cali?”

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    This article was written by Michael Snyder and originally published at his Economic Collapse blog.

    Editor’s Comment: Though the big one in California could come at any time, major events have been stirring in the locales most vulnerable to earthquakes and tsunamis. Chile is a prime example, but the population there evacuated to safety in less than 20 minutes, with the aid of an advanced warning system and proper protocols put in place by a government that was caught off guard during a previous disaster in Santiago.

    The same expectation for a safe and expedient evacuation is not in place for cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco. A major earthquake and or tsunami off the coast of California, or in Alaska, may be enough to destroy everything in its path, as previously discussed in: Are Devastating Tsunamis Headed for American Cities? “There’s Enough of a Chance”. Many other parts of the U.S. are not safe either, with an unprecedented spike in earthquakes in Oklahoma due to man-made fracking practices and many looming disaster zones particularly along the New Madrid fault line.

    Violent Shaking Along The Ring Of Fire Continues A Progression Of Disasters That Began In September

    by Michael Snyder

    Have you noticed that seismic activity along the Ring of Fire appears to be dramatically increasing?  According to Volcano Discovery, 39 volcanoes around the world have recently erupted, and 32 of them are associated with the Ring of Fire.  This includes Mt. Popocatepetl which sits only about 50 miles away from Mexico City’s 18 million inhabitants.  If you are not familiar with the Ring of Fire, it is an area roughly shaped like a horseshoe that runs along the outer perimeter of the Pacific Ocean.  Approximately 90 percent of all earthquakes and approximately 75 percent of all volcanic eruptions occur along the Ring of Fire.  Just within the last 24 hours, we have witnessed a 4.4, a 5.4 and a 5.7 earthquake in Alaska, a 6.8 earthquake in Chile and 20 earthquakes in Indonesia of at least magnitude 4.3.  And as you will see below, this violent shaking along the Ring of Fire seems to continue a progression of major disasters that began back during the month of September.

    For whatever reason, our planet suddenly seems to be waking up.  Unfortunately, the west coast of the United States is one of the areas where this is being felt the most.  The little city of San Ramon, California is about 45 miles east of San Francisco, and over the past several weeks it has experienced a record-breaking 583 earthquakes

    A total of 583 small earthquakes have shaken San Ramon, California, in the last three weeks or so – more than five times the record set 12 years ago, according to the latest US Geological Survey updates.

    “It’s the swarm with the largest number of total earthquakes in San Ramon,” said USGS scientist David Schwartz, who is more concerned about the size of quakes than he is the total number of them. Still, the number tops the previous record set in 2003, when 120 earthquakes hit over 31 days, with the largest clocking in at a magnitude of 4.2.

    Could this be a prelude to a major seismic event in California?

    We shall see what happens.

    Meanwhile, records are being shattered in the middle part of the country as well.

    For instance, the state of Oklahoma has already set a brand new yearly record for earthquakes

    The state recorded its 587th earthquake of 3.0 magnitude or higher early this week, breaking the previous record of 585. That record was set for all of 2014, meaning that Oklahoma has now had more 3.0 magnitude or higher earthquakes so far in 2015 than it did in all of 2014. So far this year, E&E News reports, Oklahoma’s averaged 2.5 quakes each day, a rate that, if it continues, means the state could see more than 912 earthquakes by the end of this year.

    Oklahoma has also experienced 21 4.0 magnitude or greater earthquakes so far this year — an increase over last year, which saw 14.

    And just over this past weekend there was a very disturbing series of earthquakes in the state

    Starting with a magnitude-4.1 temblor at 5:11 a.m. close to the Oklahoma-Kansas border, the region experienced a series of six earthquakes within a 75-minute period Saturday morning, the U.S. Geological Survey reported on its website.

    The largest earthquake Saturday morning was the 4.1, which had an epicenter nine miles northwest of Medford, Okla., 59 miles southwest of Wichita.

    That was followed by five more quakes near Medford with magnitudes of 2.5, 2.8, 2.5, 3.1 and 2.9 – the last of which came at 6:24 a.m.

    A seventh earthquake – this one a magnitude-4.2 temblor – was recorded at 12:29 p.m., 10 miles north-northwest of Medford.

    So why aren’t more Americans alarmed that these records are being broken?

    We are seeing things that we have never seen before, and I believe that it will soon get even worse.

    And this dramatic increase in seismic activity that we are now seeing appears to fit into a larger pattern of major disasters that we have been witnessing over the past couple of months.

    As we approached the end of the summer, all of a sudden massive wildfires erupted all across the western third of the country.  According to the National Interagency Fire Center, the only time in U.S. history when wildfires had burned more acres by the end of October was during the record-setting year of 2006.

    In 2015, a lot of these wildfires have really been threatening highly populated areas.  I know, because at one point a major fire came within about 10 miles of my own house.  Since the beginning of August, Barack Obama has made an astounding 25 disaster declarations related to fires, and by the end of September the horrible fires that were threatening key areas of the state of California were making headlines all over the world.

    Then as we got to the very end of the month of September, a new kind of disaster began to take center stage.  As I wrote about just recently, the storm that would later became known as Hurricane Joaquin developed into a tropical depression on September 28th.

    Even though that hurricane never made landfall in the United States, moisture from that storm caused a tremendous amount of chaos along the east coast.

    The governor of South Carolina, Nikki Haley, said that it was the most rain that some areas of her state had witnessed “in a thousand years”, and it is being projected that the economic damage that was done by all of the flooding “will probably be in the billions of dollars”.

    Shortly after the flooding in South Carolina, a massive storm dumped an enormous amount of rain on southern California.  Because that area had been experiencing severe drought for so long, all of that rain caused tremendous flooding and massive mudslides.  Rivers of mud literally several feet thick completely stopped traffic along many major roads across the region.  If you got caught in those rivers of mud, you were lucky to get out with your life.  In fact, authorities pulled one dead man out of a vehicle that got completely buried by mud several days after the storms had passed.  It took them that long to finally get to him.

    The middle of the country was not spared either.  Hurricane Patricia ended up being one of the strongest hurricanes ever measured, and the remnants of that storm dumped an incredible amount of rain on the state of Texas.  There was so much flooding that a train was literally knocked off the tracks by the water.  And about a week after that there was more flooding in the state that caused at least six deaths.

    Overall, it has really been a bad couple of months for major disasters, and this sequence of events seems to have begun during the month of September.

    beginning-of-the-end-snyderMichael T. Snyder is a graduate of the University of Florida law school and he worked as an attorney in the heart of Washington D.C. for a number of years.

    Today, Michael is best known for his work as the publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog and The American Dream

    If you want to know what things in America are going to look like in a few years read his new book The Beginning of the End.


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      1. The ring of fire runs its course in cycles, always has, always will. As far as the earthquakes in Ok. and other places, have you ever heard of fracking. We have to have oil even if we destroy the planet while doing so. That’s just the American Christian way, get what you want, no matter the cost to anyone, even the next generation. God said in Revelation, I will destroy those that destroy the earth. Yet no one seems to be listening. thanks for your time

        • You realize most fracking wells are less than a mile deep in soft stone, while most earthquakes originate 20 to a hundred miles deep in real stone

        • “We have to have oil even if we destroy the planet while doing so. That’s just the American Christian way, get what you want, no matter the cost to anyone, even the next generation.”

          I completely agree with this statement. The entire founding of this country was done at the expense of people who were rightfully here before us. This country is bathed in their blood. What a terrible, tragic legacy. Yet to many this is the “christian way.”

          I am often confounded as to how people can justify mass killings of people when god in invoked. As if this excuses the behavior.

          Food for thought: Many christians condemn the crusades which involved killing the men, women and children who inhabited land that the catholic church wanted.

          Yet these same christians will justify the jews killing those inhabitants of land (men, women and children) that they say was given to them by god. Their logic is that these people were an abomination to god with their practices, yet how do we know that this is true?

          The catholic church said the same thing and used the excuse for justifying the crusades.

          In the end it seems it’s always about land and power, not god.

          Just a parallel that came to mind today.

          • Youtube “Why We are Afraid”
            to get a perspective on the Islamic Cancer and feeble Christian response!

        • Whose wine?
          What wine?
          Where the hell did i die?

      2. Small earthquakes are good! Small earthquakes are natures way of releasing the stress and tension along a Fault Line, and there-by will reduce the chance of large, damaging quakes.

        So just move along, this article is just more of the “fear porn’, that keeps showing up on these web sites.

        It’s just another way to trick the “sheepe” into buy more products.

        By the way What month and year is now forecast to be the economic collapse that was forecast for Sept. 2015?

        Keep your Operational Security up and don’t use debit/ credit cards for your prepper supplies.

        • ” Have you noticed that the level of seismic activity along the Ring of Fire seems to be dramatically increasing?” Well Hell yes, you haven’t beaten the earthquake drum in way too long there mikey boy, I was beginning to wonder if you were feeling ok. Yeah, it’s the big one coming ” soon”, and it will reign terror { naturally} upon the Earth. So, before that happens and you’re all killed off, please send a big check to ole’ mikey doom porn today, because you’ll all soon be dead and won’t need it anyway. Next article will be time for Niburu mikey, you’ve been neglecting it for too long. Got to rotate the stock, so to speak.

          • ‘Violent Ring of Fire Unleashing Path Of Destruction.’
            Now that really burns my ass.

            • Are you sure it doesn’t burn somewhere else? 🙂

        • The United States would be a lot better off if California fell into the pacific ocean.

          • Hey a$$hole I live here, along with a bunch of other 2nd Amendment supporters I might add.

            • I had a cousin from California come to Texas for a visit. During his visit we did some shooting at the gun range. I took a picture of him shooting my AR-15.

              My ar-15 is the standard pistol grip, flash suppressor, carry handle, extendable butt stock with a 30 round magazine. No different than any other AR-15 in Texas and perfectly legal, in Texas.

              He later posted the picture on his Facebook page when he got back to California.

              And yes, the police investigated. He had to enplane to the police that the picture was taken in Texas, not California where the gun is considered illegal.

              How is that for freedom. California Freedom.

              • JS, he would’ve been better off not posting that to FB. If I was him, I would close the FB account and try to get out of Cali if possible.

                • Hey everyone, I just thought about Sixpack. She lives near Mt. Hood on the same ring of fire. If Hood erupted…..OH, SHIT! I’d hate for anything to happen to her.

              • Hey smart guy you might actually want to research something before you open your mouth and sound like a dumba$$. I live in Ca like I said and I own a AR15 legally. It’s got the Troy Alpha battle rail, some Magpul flip up MBUS Pros, Surefire mini scout light and a bunch of other cool $hit on it. ONLY FELONS are prohibited from owning these rifles or any other firearm for that matter. Only thing is with my AR I have to have this little lame button installed over the magazine release to disable it. It makes it so you have to use a bullet or other small tool to drop the magazine. We call them bullet buttons out here. We are also limited to low capacity 10 round mags or less. So no, police do not investigate Facebook pictures with AR15’s in them out here in my home state. Either you, or your cousin is a liar or maybe your just grossly misinformed. Just for the record I spent 3 years out in AZ and I did love the gun laws out there compared to commiefornia, but there is a lot more $hit to do in So Cal. And it does piss me off that I HAVE LESS rights in my home state compared with that of Arizona.

          • I agree
            But it would really screw things
            up geologically. Better to kill
            off the progressive Democrats
            which are the real problem.
            We can do that with economics.
            You have to buy food, but nothing else
            for a year or two?
            Movies, appliances, cars vacations,
            et al.
            Quit buying stuff. Empty the bank
            account,(don’t mess with credit unions,
            they are mostly non-profit local guys)
            keep enough in to not pay monthly
            fees, you’re not getting any interest anyway.
            Work to rule. Drive carefully, no tickets.
            Don’t work overtime, unless it is mandatory.
            Claim 15 dependents, pay your tax on April 15
            and let IRS bill you for the fine, generally
            they don’t.
            Kill them with a thousand cuts.
            We here are preppers, but until
            the SHTF there are a lot of ways
            to kill it on the political
            stuff. Nature is something different.
            Plant, nurture, and protect.

          • Secret “Inside top level Sources” sez that Most such quakes are result of prior stored energy that was first generated by the 40-Million 350-400LB fat ass illeagles when they gather to protest and make demands for amnesty.

            This is main reason state officials never issue protest permits to that huge group to do a protest at or near the St. Andreas faultline crack….it simply cannot take the pressure buid up from a combo of 40 million fat ass 400 pounders hopping and jumping around like wild banshee baboons.

            Look for this new documented info to soon be added to revised public school history or science text books.

        • You seem kind of all over the place there buddy.

        • Actually while smaller earthquakes can assist in relieving stress on a fault, they can also be a precursor to a larger quake. Also, they can shift the fault in such a way that sets it up for an even larger quake in the future. Furthermore one earthquake on a fault can shift energy and stress to another part of the same fault. Or, if two faults overlap or run closely together, the energy can transfer or disrupt the other fault. At the end of the day our understanding of earthquakes is very little. We still don’t understand earthquake swarms and why they happen and whether they are a “good” or “bad” thing.

      3. Isn’t California part of Mexico? Hell, 99% of the people living there are from there!

        • Geologically, California is part of Asia, a piece of crust that slammed into the continent.

      4. Along with the “swarms” of minor earthquakes, the swarms of demonic activity are taking worldly/liberal minds to new levels.

        The hadron collider is now exposed for what i said was taking place a while back. The reason is to try to disprove creation and inject the notion that all creation came form a big bang accidentally taking place in space.

        One has to ask themselves two questions concerning this collider.

        Where is all the Money coming from to pay the salaries of all involved?

        Secondly, when “theory” is the main theme, is their anything worthwhile to better the living of mankind coming from all these expensive experiments?

        My thoughts are these; if 99.9% of the world’s population is almost positively drinking unsafe, and in most cases, unclean tap water; why isn’t the money spent on unproven science, used to better the lives of the world?

        I can answer this. it is because everything is upside down.
        And because the liberal thinking mind has taken control, the end result will be everything else going upside down by the shaking associated with earthquakes.

        Wait for it…..Hey, Brave; you feeling any tremors from new Madrid yet? They will come.

        • Hate to say it, but is everyone worth saving? Yes you could spend the billions on clean water/food for people… but what would those people do?
          Would you not rather enhance our scientific knowledge for (potentially) the entire race?

          call me a cynic…

          • Rw,

            Yeah, that’s an interesting take on the situation. Forward knowledge for all of humanity to benefit from at the cost of saving some lives today. The exact same thing was said about all the spending on NASA too, that the money was being wasted and could have been better spent on other things. Both sides have an argument, but if we ever want to expand mankind’s horizon we have to explore { read spend money, time, and effort} into research of the unknown. It’s not always a success but scientific discovery has always been that way, it’s also dangerous as many pioneers in science have given their lives in the effort to move our understanding of the world and universe forward. If we cease exploring, we’ll stay stagnant, and I don’t think humans are wired for being satisfied with the premise that we’ve learned all there is to learn, so I think that your outlook on the situation is the correct and proper one to take.

          • Africa is not worth saving. Complete destruction would constitute a mercy killing.

        • PWTW, other than the mild quakes reported in OK over the weekend, nothing going on here. Next trip to GA scheduled for Christmas holidays but could be going earlier. Time will tell.

          • It aint just the liberals..Neocons are as bad but slight different ways is all…Main reason for this all is due to Communism and the extra kommie invention for overtaking well armed citizen and free-er nations such as usa, called Cultural Marxism.

            Reason this is so is that communism/Marxism don’t simply affect peoples Minds and Phys systems ways or methods…Rather it also deeply gets imbedded into a persons Spirit/Soul….Where once the hooks are set deep it is close to Impossible for the victim to escape its hold. It fully Ruins a humans soul.

            But for folks fully awake and aware this should pose no suprize, for they know that communism was invented by jewish persons and is actually a form of talmudism for Non jewish goyim…Like an outreach of it yet slightly different so that the actual talmudic tribe membership can continue to promote themselves as, and believe themselves to be too, a Master race above that of every other remaining Goyim race peoples…Kinda like Us vs Them….Their deep desire to rule the whole world in every way, demands every goy has a similar belief system as theirs is…yet contains enough slight differences for tribe to remain at Top as Master race rulers of all Goys.

            Many very articulate deep thinker type historians etc has written of this phenom and explain it in much greater detail…Some of the best ever explainations are written in books and aricles by Jewish Rabbis!…They love to brag.

            Communism which destroyed the minds and souls of so many Libs and neocons has its deepest roots listed like this…Go back to origination 3500+ yrs ago in Ancient Babylon, became, Phariseeism, became Oral Tradition, became Babylonian Talmud 66 volumes books, became judaism, finally communism derived From All that with which to subdue and delude all goyim, but especially Whites and Christians with it…The actual written books texts didn’t begin being wrote untill around 200 AD! and ended in 500 AD because they Had to finally end the series of book volumes..And was written into books since no rabbi could possibly memorize and retain such massive huge volume of infos…

            In other words contrary to most folks thought of it all…Babylonian Phariseeism Talmudism or what is called their Torrah books came After Christianity was already written and cannonized! More like in Answer to the much Hated Christianity aka antichristian-antiChrist.

            And the Past aprox 100 yrs of usa and EU et Al nation states DEvolutionairy state we see now sure proves how evil and pure dangerous communism actually is…USA is Filled with Ruined Souled folks today.

            Sen McCarthy was spot on correct yet still today hes villified almost as bad as hitler. “US House and Senate Hearings on…UNAMERICAN Activities”!! Truthfull as can be eh. Unamerican as can be too aka Kommieism/phariseeism aka usa the NEW Babylon!

            • And what, may I ask, is the point of all your rambling diatribes? Do you think any of it is useful, or even credible? I feel sorry for you, you must be all alone.

              • Carol,

                This quack has gone around the bend for the last time. He’s strictly rubber room, straightjacket material. He thinks he’ll be able to charge people for water from the Great Lakes someday, no kidding, scroll on down and read it for yourself, this one is as loopy as they get, and he’s also self taught about God and the Bible and he says he knows more about it than men who have studied it in universities and have been scholars on the subject their entire lives. No hope for any reasonable discussion with this one, don’t waste your time or pity.

        • “Matter can neither be created or destroyed”
          “All things tend to entropy”
          These quotes are a great simplification.
          But they are true, here in our space.
          What confuses most Astrophysicists,
          is how a “big bang” produced all this
          mass we call a universe. They won’t even
          touch the subject.
          Hawkins does, but wants to
          weave different spaces into it
          without admitting an intelligent
          Go figure. If you think you are a random
          phenomena go for it.

      5. Ya right. There are always tiny movements deep in the earth that are virtually imperceptible. Give it a break. If and when we actually have a quake worth mentioning, it will be blown out of all reality. When l LA or San Ramon have a quake of 6, 7, or 8 that is an earth quake. 9 or 10 that is a catastrophe. 4 or 5 is not worth mentioning. Go back to sleep.

      6. Please God, please, dump the entire west coast into the Pacific Ocean. If you can just do that one thing, I promise to say my prayers every night before bed and to make it to church every Sunday…….

        • Very admirable of you to wish for the deaths of millions of fellow Americans.

      7. Remember BeInformed?

        He doesn’t post anymore.

        • yes, I wonder what happened to beinformed…i’m sure a LOT of us miss his wisdom/insights.

          • The joo haters and fear whores ran B informed off.

          • BCOD, I miss him and JustOneGuy. They were 2 of the brightest lights in this house and when they collaborated on something, THAT was always a real treat for us.

            • i miss the thumbs…back then, i remember seeing several hundred comments on most articles…we’ve lost a LOT of talent on these blogs…it’s a shame. i have to admit, sometimes i get real tired of reading all the gloom and doom that’s about to happen to U.S.

          • They put him on the list, then got his A$$. He’s next to Hoffa

          • WTH???…anyone hear of a second missile launch today?…or the explosion near the salton sea around the time of launch a couple days ago….link to follow.

        • Townsaver, How have you been?

          • Surviving.

            I am trying to stay positive so I don’t read a lot of the boards lately. They have devolved into circular arguments.

            Amazing things keep moving along, but the end result will be the same. Collapse, be it personal or global is coming.

            Looking forward to rebuilding, after the children have torn everything down.

        • He is below Hoffa

      8. I’m much more concerned with my fellow man triggering a catastrophic event than an earthquake.

        • Anon…you raise a point of interest that occurred to me this way. The point is…what goes up…must come down.
          I am referring to these trident missiles being fired off. I suspect what is going on is a attempt to induce a fracture on the eastern side of the San Andreas fault line to create the “BIG ONE”. Question…where do these missiles land? And when they do land…do they explode? Problem.,Reaction.,Solution…and as it is with all liberals…blame it on anything and everything else except the agenda of the NWO.
          It’s just how it occurred to me.

          Live Free or Die…a little shake..a little tingle

          • Talon1776, you just brought up a very interesting scenario and plausible one also.

        • The word trigger is a trigger for me. I’m offended that you’re offended. Your display of offence offends me. I find it inappropriate that there is no safe space! You bigoted bitches, you’re mad just because random guys walk into your bathroom with phone cameras while you’re exercising your white priviledge to shit in private.

      9. No kidding, the preparations I make for a massive social upheaval are also the preparations needed prior to earthquakes and other natural events. I’m not going to lose any sleep over the Cascadia Fault up here.

      10. What was the biggest earth quake you have been through?

        Mine was a 5.6 in the San Jose area in the 1980s.

        I moved out of Kommiefornia after that.

        • 7.2 on Easter Sunday 2010. Not fun.

      11. I miss Be Informed. I believe the relentless Trolls drove him off the site. He was very knowledgeable and could explain things in simple terms for the layman like me.

        • Actually, Be Informed appears down towards the end of the comments on the Nov 6 article about the White House preparing for an EMP when he outed HCKS for being a troll paid by Mac to keep people reading the doom porn. HCKS admitted it in the next post which he made with no spelling errors like usually has. Has anyone heard from him since? I haven’t read all the articles.
          Gadabout (former upstate New Yorker)

      12. Bring them on. Im waiting for the san andreas Cascadia and New Madrid to really let go. I live close to the New Madrid. Just think if the new Madrid let go really big and everything from Southern Ill all the way to New Orleans liquifyed and slid off into the Gulf Of Mexico. All those porch Monkeys in Memphis and all along the way south would be gone. I could go to the edge of the rock here in the Ozarks and look at a 200 mile wide swamp. Then if lake Michigan poured into the Mississippi basin shitcago and St Louis would also disappear! Wah Hoo that would be sumthin! Not likely but a feller can always hope.

        • I am just 25 miles away from Lake Huron! if it remains ful of fresh water, perhaps us in the mich area here can become the new main sellers of fresh drinking water and then mich will house tons of new donald trump billionaires eh!

          most usa folks then= “Yahoo we got gold and silver!”

          MICH folks= Wanna Buy a few tasty gallons water and trade said metals for it?!! of course nothing lasts forever so we shall run dry once we barter sell off a few GaZILLION Gal’s of water I rekon! I shall then do more “White-Flight” farther North to lake superior! even larger basin water yet! Cold temps is best deterant to keep darkies away.

          oh yeah water prices subject to change or Rise drastically if you are a liberal antigun idiot, a ghetto savage, illeagle savage, and if tribe member?…Hmmm empty your fat wallets banksterboy! and say Sorry to German Folk!

          • wow, you’re mind has been destroyed, either by drugs, syphilis, or simply landing on the concrete one too many times. The only thing you could be useful for anymore is Soylent Green.

      13. this guy is the best quake “non pro” predictor out there! as for you A-holes that keep wishing the state to fall off? fuck you dick heads! not everyone here is useless

        • Well if you’re not useless you certainly don’t seem to be doing anything useful.

      14. If California goes we will lose the major food producing are of our country. So we will lose a few pounds and the Cali,s. . Win win situation.

        • Have you received more than a 5th grade education?

        • LW, I like most of your posts, and you as well, since you are apparently a Christian.

          However; When the big one hits, if there is time left before we all make the change from these flesh bodies, at the return; there will be plenty of planting and irrigation water for it, in the deserts and southwest.

          As far as I am concerned, the fruit, nuts, and produce is already gone from Cali. The levels of radioactive toxins like cesium have gotten too high in the San Joaquin for me already.

          I check the labels, and buy accordingly.

      15. “These earthquakes are the result of our stressed collective unconsciousness… resulting in exteriorized manifestions.”

      16. Folks: The cause to all seismic increasing is Planet X. Look it up. The entire economy is engineered to come down just prior to this near miss event coming at us sometime next year, 2016. We should be seeing it in the night sky by Dec/2016…Not kidding. It has been photographed all over the world now, recently off the coast of FL and England. And it is going to get a lot worse. Read this from John Moore:

        Then research what the navy has found and what the globe will look like after the event. These earthquakes are just the beginning.

        Good luck.

      17. Don’t worry about Mother Earth–her tummy is always rumbling! She will abide, unlike us.

      18. FFS take a geology class!

      19. They say Californication is going to fall into the ocean like it’s a bad thing 🙂

      20. The scary thing for oklahomans is the fact that there is already billions of gallons in the ground from fracking operations since 09. So the oil companies could stop now or three weeks ago , it wouldn’t make a difference in terms of minor or major seismic impacts for years to come.

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