*Video Documentary* EMP – The End of Life As America Knows It

by | May 7, 2010 | Emergency Preparedness | 52 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    Learn more about the effects of an Electro Magentic Pulse in the brief video documentary below.

    Whether an EMP hits America via a man-made event or a natural disaster resulting from a powerful solar flare, North America could experience a permanent continental shutdown.

    Hat tip Willie Wonka

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      1. Most of this blather is fear mongering. Studies show, that while an EMP event will certainly shut things down for a while, it will not “fry” everything. Thats just dumb.

        The big problem is this: it will fry many line transformers throughout the country. You will not have commercial power for possibly months. …especially if you live in the country. But, while your car may stop, it will restart. While the power goes out and your internet service will be dead, you computer will probably be OK if you can get power to it.

        Basically, an EMP will cause massive surges on long electrical and communications lines. It will possibly destroy many devices that make those lines usable. Thus, effectively shutting them down. But, your computer will still work, if you can get power. Certainly the internet will be dead for a long time.

        Studies have been done that indicate that damage is less likely to occur to devices that are not on when the EMP hits. While some of this short video has granules of truth within it, most of it is simply fear mongering.

        The biggest truth is that the power grid will be damaged in a big way. They won’t be able to replace all the transformers in a reasonable amount of time to get things back up an running. Millions of people  could easily be out of power for months, maybe even a year or more. That part is true. It will not “zap us back to the stone age”. It will change the way we look at electric power, and for a time, it will be 1920 in some ways.

        I have an emergency generator that I use. I’ve been out of power for 3 or four days. I have a UPS that runs my lights. When the power went off, I simply fired up the genny for a couple hours each day to charge the UPS batteries, pump some water and heat the water heater and keep the fridge and freezer cold. I found myself being able to live reasonably comfortable on 1 gal of gasoline a day. I have enough to last about 3 months.

        You have to have a plan people. I ask people all the time, “What would you do if the gas pumps didn’t work and you couldn’t go to the store for *WEEKS*?”

        They ALWAYS say, “Oh, that won’t happen…” But what if it did,” I reiterate. Most people refuse to even consider it. They’ll be dead in a week and we won’t have to worry about them. Some people start thinking about it. I’ve personally been the reason for the sales of many generators, canned goods, cans of fuel and guns and ammo just because I asked a few questions.

        Everyone should be asking those questions. What if? History has proven that you don’t have to lift a finger to improve you situation in those events. Just think about it. What would you do? How would you do things differently? Just haveing the thought background can get you halfway there. Even following up those though patterns with a very small amount of effort – an extra can of gas, some extra food, some extra shotgun or rifle shells, some candles and/or extra batteries can put you in a totally different universe from the OMG!!!! OMG!!!! OMG!!!! Chicken-with-their-heads-cut-off sheople public.

        If you need more preparation opinions, feel free to contact me at [email protected]

        Don’t be afraid! Confront your fears and they will free from you! I personally guarantee it! The last fear I had about this kind of thing, I kicked its butt, took its name and then sent it to the office.

      2. “Your car will restart”

        No, it won’t.

        “But your computer will work.”

        No, it won’t. If its plugged in at the time of the EMP event, its toast.

        Your beloved UPS will also be toast.

        Your plan that you’ll just restart your car, reboot your computer and turn on your generator and things will be back to normal is no plan at all.

        Those folks who you think will be dead in a day will be drawn to your noisy genset if not by your lit house at night and they’ll enjoy your food and stores after they either chase you from your house or kill you outright.

        I’m sure you have a plan for that too, but you can’t hold off a horde dead set at getting you from your house. No matter how much ammo you have.

        Then again, perhaps you’ll survive for 3 months. Then you’re out of gas. Now what? Any plan that revolves around the requirement for gasoline is destined for failure.

      3. Ah, yes, another OMG!!!! OMG!!! fearmonger. Go ahead, peddle your ALL IS LOST fears. Look here people: This is the perfect example of the defeatist AIL (All Is Lost). AILs somehow get pleasure by spreading the all is lost mantra makeing leaps of logic while subduing common sense.

        Your car will start. Its surrounded by a metal box. Cars get struck all the time by lightning and still run just fine. Some early vehicles had no sheilding other than the body. All the new ones? Yeah, they’re shielded VERY well. The science of an EMP dictates that it has to have a very long induction, an antenna. I have studied this in depth. You’re a neophyte caught up in the fear just like the makers of the movie. You sort of make me laugh, really, but in an endearing way.

        It is possible that your computer could get enough of a jolt if its plugged in across several EMP induction sources. Say power, phone and internal network. If the EMP finds that through your computer is the easiest way to get to ground, then, bam! You’ve got damage. You might just get chip strain and have premat failure but most likely, unless you’re right under the EMP, you’ll be fine. …well, once they replace the transformer on the pole and the 100,000 other ones in the county!  Thats the big problem. Where will they get the transformers? They won’t. It will take a long time. Very long time for things to get back to normal.

        My UPS may indeed be toast! Since it is plugged in and running off the very transmission lines that will blow the line transformer on the pole and probably my UPS right before that. But, guess what? I got a backup right next to it. 

        …speaking of which, that is a bit of a worry. CFLs are much more sensitive to surges. Oh! Yeah, I’ve got 25 of them in an ammo can. Sorry, no doom there. The only screwing I’ll be getting is screwing the new ones in the socket.

        Genny will be fine. She’s unhooked setting in the corner of the garage. Opsec won’t be too important in the YOYO stage. That will probably last about 1 week. After that stealtheus modus will have to be enacted.

        Dude, I’ve got heavy blankets, eyelets and rope. Any dumbass knows you can’t run lights at night in a TEOTWAWKI situation. What do you take me for? An idiot? I wasn’t born yesterday. The very first stages of any type of disaster like this will require blackout. The horde won’t happen for maybe a week but nefarious characters will be about. If they think you have food, water or something of value, they’ll be coming. They’ll know its YOYO and not cops will show or pursue. They will most likely surviel by day and strike at night. This is my only real fear. Good thing I bought that night vision gear!  That will help. Its a force multiplier. All members of the community will have to engage in a 24hr neighborhood watch. It will be a total necessity in about 3 days after lights out.

        You’re worried about the horde? Are you Kidding? Have you ever seen a “HORDE”? They’ll kill each other before anything happens. I’m far enough out that by the time they get out there, our community will be trying to help them. They’ll  thin themselves down in the first week  when they’re  overwhelming by the situation. Besides, 80% of the people I know can’t hardly drive out of the city and make sense of anything. Do you really think they’ll start foraging for food? No, they’ll loot and rob in town and kill each other for the last twinkie (Zombieland) and the ones that survive will be so beat up and so hungry that they’ll collapse before they get to me. Before expelling doom, please engage brain. Think about this a little before parroting neophyte doomage.

        So, I guess I should just lay down and die, according to you? Sorry, no can do. 

        You while you’re burning up your fuel, you don’t just sit on your ass. The extra fuel is so you can last through YOYO. If you start running short (I figure 50% is the deperation point…) you institute major rationing, but, all this time you will be trying to find more or figure out an alternative. I’ve got 30 acres (20 of which are woods. Maybe I could build a woodgas generator? Oh! Wow! Just by coincidence… No, actually, I don’t have one. I do have the parts to build one and I have built one before. By the time three months rolls around, I’ll have other provisions made.

        You can be a doomer and skip all this if you want. You can die with the horde as they tear themselves and you apart 20 miles from my sanctuary, however, I choose to act and I have hope. Undoubtedly not everything will be perfect. You inference that I will just go on with my life as normal is completely false. When TSHTF, the first stage is YOYO. You’re On Your Own and cannot depend on anyone. It will be a week or two before you have full TEOTWAWKI. In that time, you reel in all the lines, batten down the hatches and get ready for that possible horde.

        The worst problem is that they’ll come and burn you out. That is why a neighborhood or community banding together is so important. I can certainly do my own security but I can’t do that and grow food. I envision the 10 acres of prime farmland that I have 50 feet from my front door will be totally in garden plants the first spring after something like this happens. The supplies are only to carry me through the rough spots. If we really have TEOTWAWKI, the goal is to keep breathing long enough to construct that new life out of the ashes of the old one. To not prepare at all is just dumb. To cower in fear because of the golden horde is just dumb. Nothing like this has ever happened in America. It may not in my lifetime, but, I think you will be very (and pleasantly) surprised how people pull together. Petty differences fall away and its about everybody surviving. I think you have what I call Doomage Maximus Syndrome where you secretly HOPE its all for naught so you can say sadistically watch as mankind devours itself. I however have Hopeus Maximus. Everything in life is an adventure, even death. Then, the real adventure begins. Face it with hope an courage.

        There. I just took your doom, grabbed it by the throat, threw it on the floor and stomped its ass. Anything else I can do for you today?

      4. Comments…..Hurricane Katrina should have been a wake-up call for the entire country and that was almost five years ago.With no electricity, food, and clean drinking water many Americans perished after the hurricane danger had passed.
        For those who think losing power for weeks, or months, is no big deal, you are setting yourself up for a very rude awakening. And be aware of the fact that after an EMP event occurs ,if you do possess :
        a generator that works,
        an automobile that works,
        sufficient fuel to keep both running,
        your government may confiscate all of the above as part of an effort to keep emergency services and law enforcement intact.Be sure you have a ‘ non-electric ‘ means to boil water and cook food.Summer heat waves without air conditioning could be lethal. Winter freezes without electric heat and no alternative source of warmth could be lethal.Our nation depends on electricity for almost everything. When power is disrupted for extended periods of time you can expect some very chaotic events to occur.Enough food and clean drinking water to last a few weeks is better than nothing.Hopefully order will be restored and the process of getting back to normal will have begun.
        Consider doing this : Turn off the Main Breaker in your home or apartment and live without power for three days. This will provide you with a healthy dose of reality.

      5. Wise analysis, Wheedle.

        The problem with Katrina was that those people down there had absolutely no plan and no will and no forethought. They believed in the system because the system was taking care of them. When the system broke down it stopped taking care of them and became their enemy. I consider the system my enemy now. The system will use you if you let it. I don’t let it. I use it. I do depend on it, but, I depend on it like one depends on the weather. I enjoy it when I can but when it turns nasty I have the means to protect myself. While the system can make life very easy for you it can also make it very hard for you. I don’t have to turn off the main breaker. 3 or 4 times a year, it gets turned off for me. The last time was for 2 days in the middle of the winter. Winter outages are always different, however, if we have TEOTWAWKI, I pray it will be dead winter. The harder it is to survive, the better off I’ll be. The golden horde and the mini-horde are the biggest danger to life and prosperity. I really don’t want to have to kill people to protect myself. Frankly, it doesn’t sound like much fun.

      6. I have made my preparations and i dare to say that i can support myself my wife and daughter. This for a period of 5 months or so.
        I say nothing for my provisions and plans, and keep it secret. Only my father and father in law know what i’m doing.  Even though i told them that the system is coming to an end, they just laugh and think that i’m over-reacting.
        And now my question to you guys. If  SHTF how can i say no to my relatives? I cannot let my dad die of hunger. But from the other hand if i give food away, my preparation plan is finished.
        What would you do? I really hope that my dad starts to pile up food and water.

      7. As long as your devices do not have semiconductors (i.e., chips) in them and are not connected to a powerline, they should be fine.  So, your 1960 Chevy should be fine, or an unplugged tube radio.

        If either however, your device happens to use chips or is plugged in, the device will most likely be toast unless specially hardened by design or shielding.

        Ten minutes of Google will yield plenty of credible source info documenting this, so one needn’t rely on the wisdom of unnamed internet “experts”.

      8. @ manos :
        People are by nature complacent with the routine of daily life they create for themselves. Many have never experienced a catastrophic event and as their lives progress they start to believe they never will.When they experience such an event they become consumed with denial, sometimes shutting down mentally for a brief period of time because they were not prepared for such an event. If this happens to a friend or family member you care about then it will be up to you to rise to the challenge and assume a leadership role.You may be the only one in your immediate area who is thinking straight and will need to give these people purpose by giving them task to perform.( filling containers with water,securing windows and doors,replenish stored fuel supplies,last minute run to the grocery store or nearby convenience store).
        In Bruce Clayton’s book, THINKING ABOUT SURVIVAL ,his solution for providing food for unprepared individuals was to purchase and store large qauntities of grain.( This was also the first book I read that discussed an EMP event.). 6 gallon buckets of prepackaged grain can be delivered to your door from Emergency Essentials ( beprepared.com ). Or view ‘ Long Term Food Storage Part 1 ‘ on delta69alpha youtube channel to create  your own.
        Simply put, you cannot save people that don’t want to be saved. Preparing for your wife & daughter deserves a genuine pat on the back. In a real-life national catastrophe there will be tens of thousands of households who have done nothing and will become part of the problem.Search,,,,,the one hour meltdown grandpappy info,,,, to read a very possible scenario.This webpage provides alot of useful information as well.Proverbs 27:12

      9. Manos,

        You can offer to store their food (let them buy some for the cause) at your house and make a place for your family when TSHTF.  They may prove to be your most valuable asset.

        They will not appreciate it until the day comes and they need it.  And you will be able to appreciate being able to help them when they need it.   It may  be the internal candle you need to survive with a purpose.

      10. Learn how to live without electricity and quit worrying about it.
        Skills and knowledge bring freedom in most areas of life.

      11. Comments….If this happen s like the video says, many would commit suicide rather than starve and go back to the dark ages with no hope for recovery.

      12. The harder it is to survive, the better off I’ll be…….

        I never thought of it like that, interesting perspective.  I once struggled with many of the same issues as manos; what about family, friends, etc who have failed to prepare?  While I would like to see them survive the inevitable I simply cannot afford to feed, cloth and protect them all. The writing is on the wall for all who wish to open their eyes to reality; those who would rather ridicule, mock, and marginalize we who prepare, frankly deserve to reap what they have not sown. There are those who do wish to prepare but simply cannot afford to bank more than a few months worth of basic necessities, yet have the mindset and skill-set to be an asset in a time such as this. These are the people with which we should be sharing our preps, not those who played grasshopper while condemning us as fools…….family or not. I hate to be so cold and calculating, however I fear that a failure to prepare will force many people into far greater moral dilemmas. As far as the EMP attack goes it is simply a catalyst, one of a possible many, which will serve to bring the true state of humanity out in the open for all to see; the good, the bad, and the ugly on a grand scale, quite possibly leading to TEOTWAWKI.

      13. Each one of us has logic arguments.
        Sanityjones. My feelings are exactly the same as yours: Struggling to keep a balance between rational and emotional.
        Godscreation and wheedle: your advices are good ones, i’ll purchase some stuff more just for my dad and mom.
        A problem maybe aunty Phoebe, and then her kids, and then the neighbors and so on.
        What i think best, is to organize my dad’s basement in the same way as mine, show him defence basics, and tell them to KEEP IT SECRET. When the storm passes we will come out of the shelter and see what happens.
        From what it seems it started in Greece and expands.
        God help you all

      14. Thats why I spent a year living in the desert. My “Walden Pond” so to speak. That sort of thing gives you a real knowledge of life before lights, nothing but water to drink, and living with the elements in a way that humankind has struggled so hard to forget. Nature is both glorious and unforgiving to the unprepared.

        Try camping without taking civilization with you.

      15. NetRanger. I’m not calling BS, because your point of fear mongering is well said, but you may have a few points off.

        First off, EMP from a nuclear weapon would relate to the yield of the weapon. The larger the weapon the stronger the EMP. What is that ratio? I don’t know, it’s classified. Even though I did Nuclear stuff in the Army and for DOE, I never had the need to know, so don’t. With that said, we can look at what we can find that is public knowledge. Research it! I believe a 1.4MT device 250 miles up over Johnston Island in the Pacific affected Hawaii 900 mile away. Of course there weren’t any electronics like we have back then.

        Anybody read the BOOK, not the movie, Sum of All Fears? Clancy did a good job of talking about the device that was used. This isn’t classified, so I can talk about it. The nuclear weapons of WWII were of two types. A Plutonium 239 bomb and Uranium 235 bomb. The Plutonium bomb was a sphere and precise explosions crunched it down to a smaller sphere and boom. The Uranium bomb had some uranium at two ends of a tube. One was damped with heavy metal and the other part was shot down the tube to slam into the damped uranium. The Gun Bomb. This made the material in both bombs become super critical. A FISSION Bomb. OK so now your yield limit is about 20 KILO Tons equivalent, or 20 KT for short. (1KT = 1000 Tons of TNT) I’ve also seen 50KT. In order to get a larger yield you need some stuff that the heat from a the fission can cause to FUSE, or create FUSION. Tritium is what is used in our modern weapons. Though I think Deuterium has been used alone and with Tritium to do the job. So now you have no theoretical limit of yield, but a practical one. The Soviets detonated  a 57MT or 59MT  depending on where you read it, weapon. MT is Mega Tons (1MT = 1,000,000 Tons of TNT.) The technical ability to go from a fission only weapon to a fission-fusion weapon is exponentially more difficult. With that said North Korea and Iran might be able to build a WWII type weapon and even launch it off of a ship to over the center of the U.S. Would it do the job? I’m going to say NO. It will mess stuff up right under it and out for a ways. (Don’t know the number) Not the whole country. Some experts say a weapon of 1MT or larger would be needed for that. Maybe yes, maybe no. Look up Compton Effect and MHD-EMP.

        Ok so now what about the Car that was in the video? I’ve seen tha video before. They did that out at White Sands Missile Range NM. What happened there? How strong was the EMP compared to what could go off overhead or the center of the U.S. and you live on the East Coast? Don’t know. They don’t say. I’m sure several things blew out on that car. The computer didn’t have to fry though for it to stop. Relays or other electronics could have fried. Stuff in the steering column maybe. Stuff under the dash maybe. They don’t tell us here either. This where NetRanger has it wrong. Stuff MIGHT fry on your car and it is dead. Unless you have replacement parts and tools, it’s DEAD. Doesn’t matter if it’s the central computer or fuses, it’s dead.

        The other thing NetRanger has wrong is the transformers. He’s right about them blowing, but wrong about which ones. Yes the ones out on the pole by the house probably will blow, and the power company does have some spares, but what he misses is the BIG ones that handle 115,000 Volts that you see here and there in the transformer stations. These things are VERY expensive and hard to replace, so there aren’t many spares around. I hear they don’t even make them in the U.S. anymore, but don’t know that for a fact. If these larger ones go, everything they handle is out. The one on the pole goes, the power company might even route around it, and all you see is a flicker.

        So to recap a bit. IMO Unless the weapon is of decent size 100KT and up, it will be limited to regional damage. The chance of a rouge state having one this big is small, FOR NOW. SO Russia or China would need to do this for now. If one BIG enough to blanket the U.S. does go off, what will be damaged? The power grid for sure, maybe indefinitely. Maybe your newer car. But without gasoline to run it, because the pumps aren’t pumping. You get the idea.

        BTW I lived through the Blackout in 2003 in the Metro Detroit area. I was at work. Took two hours to get home because I stayed OFF of the expressways. Took the back roads home. Only added 45 min to my commute. My house had a well and septic and I had a generator and LOTS of gas, so I was good. Ran my AC while my dad was sweating his butt off with no city water. I don’t live there anymore.

        So if you need to Bug Out to a retreat, get an old diesel Suburban or a gasoline one with points and condensers with extra in an ammo can, in case the ones on the vehicle are out. An extra glow plug relay for the diesel or extra cans of starting fluid to get it going if the relay is out.

        Over all I agree with NetRanger, it is fear mongering, for what ever reason. Be informed and make plans. Now a Mass Coronal Ejection from the Sun, that hit the Earth may be a different story. Cheers.

      16. I say damped. I didn’t catch it during edit. Tamped, is the correct word.

      17. bheithir: Great info, thanks for the post. CME’s are somewhat new to me, but ran them through the Bible Codes out of curiosity a while back. CME’s didn’t register but I did find solar flares for 2012 that hit earth. As solar flares happen all the time, these must be different.

        These must be CME’s.

      18. I was told that my Grandpa never refused to help those in need. Back in the 30’s, my grand parents owned and operated a dairy farm in north central Missouri.  Then the dust bowl hit. Ponds dried up and there was nothing for the cows to eat. Grandpa ended up selling the farm and cattle and moved on to Kansas City.
        I remember an article posted about life in Argentina after 2001. The guy had a bug out bag and lots of survival strategies. One plan was to move out quickly to a safe location. Gerald Celente has recommended this plan as well and has used it during the earth quake in Chile. I think that every one must plan ahead, think for themselves and work in a group of like minded people.
        The events that I have mentioned are individually very unique and present different problems. Other factors that weigh in are personal and effects can vary depending on location. It is hard to imagine all of the situations that could arise from such an event but power disruptions play havoc on societies. The military is prepared for such events and I suspect that they will play a major roll in our lives if an EMP attack was to occur.
        Just remember that no man is an island and cooperation at some level must exist to get through tough times. The time to plan is NOW.

      19. Bhiethi,

        As far as the possibility of a key automotive component getting fried, you are correct. All it takes is a key component and there you sit. In the fear mongering demonstration they are very close to what is essentially an EMP weapon, not a nuclear blast. Yes, its EMP but we have no idea how powerful it is or how it would relate to a nuclear air burst. The video was nothing but fear mongering using simple science and associated doom. SEE! EMP kills your car! Fantasy.

        It woud be like saying your auto ignition wiring will kill you!!! They show someone getting struck by lighting and how it kills them and then they show closeups of the sparks your ignition wiring throws. VERY DANGEROUS!!! …not. The video was designed to either entertain doomers (like David above) who get pleasure out of thinking everyone is going to die. Or, to make people panicky and more controllable. I am neither. I don’t worry about an EMP. In fact, I wish somebody would try it, bust a few things and wise us up. It would stop all this speculative bullshit that, according to physics, cannot be true.

        You are absolutely right. Older vehicles are much less susceptible.

        …and about the transformers, that was a mistake of omission. The large transformers would possibly be the bigger problem. However, regardless, when they go the power is down until they are replaced. The power companies know how many they need a year to keep up with lightning damage, defects, etc. They might even keep double that many around, however, with something like an EMP, we’re talking may 100x the number they have on hand. I would really hate to be in the power generation and delivery business during those times.

        You are absolutely correct in your analysis. In EMP events, there would never be any absolutes. Would some cars stop and not restart? Yes. Would every car stop and not restart? No.

        The fact is we can all rest a little easier. There will not be total annihilation. There will be problems. There will be BIG problems. But, doome is seldome ultimate doom.

        Its nice to know that there are people on here that don’t just turn into a blob of jelly as soon as we start talking EMP. The fear mongers try to make you think that after an EMP, anything that has a wire in it will be dead. Thats the stuff of movies and novel, not real life.

      20. what seems to be the debate here is the intensity and duration of the consequences of an EMP strike .
        It is only conjecture as to how a society already crippled by a deflationary depression will react to the trigger.

        Unfortunately, there will be no awards handed out during anarchy to “the smartest guy in the room” only to the most ruthless guy in the room.

      21. Point well taken, Bob

      22. Survival is not about being ruthless, or well prepared or well armed. Its about all those things and more. If you’re eccentric in too many areas, or one area, your plan will fail. A well rounded plan includes being ruthless to a point. Some of us will not have everything correctly balanced, however, if we are close enough, we’ll be able to make it. It may be that ruthlessness will have to be balanced with charity.

        Don’t go too far in any certain direction. Too far and you perish. The tightrope of preparedness. Are you ready to walk upon it?

      23. The lucerfarian aluminatie are the ones controlling everything;i  say expose them for this economic mess!!!!!

      24. I worked for a defense contractor for 4 years designing electronic printed circuit boards for aviation. When I started all the designs used what was called “hardened” microchips since they resisted the effects of emp that might be incurred in the vicinity of a nuclear blast. Unfortunately I never discovered the limits as to what these microchips could survive, and we ultimately abandoned their use as their cost (4-5x that of unhardened microchips) was too prohibitive.  However, it did show me that the concerns and fears for such an event actually happening are in fact real. But as NetRanger and Bheithir pointed out, a lot of it probably depends on the yield, the point of detonation, and the distance above the surface of the earth.

      25. This Saturday I installed a hand pump “pitcher pump” on an old sprinkler well in my back yard.
        Now,even if ALL of my utilities are shut off,I can remain in my home,have drinking & cooking water (I also have a gravity filter to clean it up),cook food(lots of freezedried stored) and I have 6 ea 10 lb cylinders of propane as well.
        Along with 4 oil lamps and probably a year’s worth of oil.
        Don’t even ask about guns and ammo!.
        The trick here will be to be able to remain in your home and not get evicted by bureaucrats to some loathsome FEMA camp in some emergency(the superdome comes to mind…)
        If any of you have problems sleeping over this issue,do what I have and you’ll sleep like a baby too.

      26. Don’t base your assumptions about the effectiveness of an EMP over the continental US from what happened over Hawaii in 1962(operation starfish prime),the magnetic flux over the US is twice as strong as that over the Pacific so the effects will be amplified.
        I  feel sorry for those living in the “beehives” apartments in US cities.
        Once water is cut off,you must vacate!

      27. I found an apt term for this short video! Its called “pessimism porn” as the pessimists look on in lustful awe. I have a friend that views stuff like this. He talks about it like every little item is centerfold material!

        Don’t fall for it. Its never as bad as it looks. For the happy go luck sheople, though, in those beehive appartments, ugh! What can I say? I live out here on 30 acres. I’m 5 miles from a town of 8,000 on one side and 15 miles from a city of 75,000 on the other side. I’d like to be more remote, but, as they say, it is what it is.  I’m hoping to grow much of my menu this year. Wish me luck!

      28. NetRanger,
        it seems you have thought thru you plan… however, if you plan is based on faulty information you could be at risk…

        Based on some of your comments it does not seem like  you have dug very deep into EMPs and how they will effect your environment…

        Have you considered what 100Kv/meter will do to most any electronic gagdet… whether it’s connected to your computer or your car? 

        I don’t think you have… or are you aware of the Super EMPs that have been developed that can now produce 200Kv/meter which is not just double the power but by a factor of many?

        this is from this site:http://www.actforamerica.org/files/EMPPresentationNotes.doc
        “There are about 2,000 large transformers rated 345 kV or above, about 18,000 generating plants rated 20 MW or above and about 14,000 large (10+ transmission lines each) substations in the United States.
        No large transformers are produced in the U.S. anymore.  Worldwide capacity for these units, which are built to order and take 12 to 18 months to manufacture, is under 100 per year, most going to China and India.  Including transportation, delivery time for large transformers ordered today is three years.  The U.S. replaces about 20 of its large transformers every year.  Thus, a loss of even 10% or 20% of the large transformers in the U.S. would take several years of worldwide production to make good, with no assurance that foreign manufacturers would give the U.S. priority over orders for other customers already in the pipeline.”

        your three mo supply of gas will not weather a 3 year minimum of no electricity… this above description is of the largest 2.000 transformers in our grid… this does not account for the next smaller teir of thousands of transformers which would have to be purchased and installed not to mention all the equipment at power gen stations…

        imagine, no electricity, no cell phones, no banks, atms or money, no water, no gas at stations, no faxes, internet, etc.. even if we had 2,000 transformers sitting in a warehouse somewhere… if you were the electrician capable of installing this… how would anyone get ahold of you? where are you? even if you are one mile a way.. how would they ever find you?  are you going to leave your family when it is utter choas.. especially when the ‘just-in-time’ inventory delivery system we have for our food supply and household goods breaks down in only about 1 to 2 weeks if we had power…

        with no power, the average grocery store has about 3 days supply of average shopping… it would be closed cuz they can’t transact business – so even tho the food might be there you can’t buy it… then it will be looted in day 3 or 4 once folks realize TEOTWAWKI is here…

        you have vastly underestimated how damaging an EMP is…

        but even if it is only as bad as you describe – most people will be in deep doo in just a few days…

        and unless you are at a bugout in the boonies most likely you will leave some sort of signature that thugs will detect… 

        you have described enough ‘doom and gloom’ in your EMP lite scenario that it would still be really bad…

        but I don’t think everyone here believes it’s not survivable - unless you underestimate the power of the event and then maybe a component of your plan somehow doesn’t work (like your generator) you could be worse off than you believed… 

      29. Another Opinion:  A sober assessment of the manufacturing base of the United States, for sure. Another vote for self reliance I think. Thanks for the link.

      30. Another Opinion,

        Your transformer doom scenario is completely correct. This will be the worst part. If you could wave your hand and blow every 10th line transformer in the USA, that would create chaos. My guess (and it is not even an educated one) is that maybe every 10th line transformer MIGHT SURVIVE. Thats a 90% kill rate. It is possible, though, often they survive superbolt lighting strikes. The survival rate may be higher.

        Your assessment of my 3 month supply of gasoline is not accurate and shows me that, while I have thought many parts of this through, you have not. The fact is, I could use gasoline at my current rate for three months. When TSHTF, that consumption rate will change *DRAMATICALLY* downward. In fact, I think I would expect it to become less that 1/4 of my current usage. (trading my 26 mile daily commute, yard mowing, miscellaneious vehicle useage for generator operation.) It actually may be closer to 1/10. That puts me out to a year or 2 1/2 years. The problem at that point will be decomposition and not getting more gasoline. Regardless, as those barrels get empty I will start rationing more and more. My biggest problem is that I don’t use enough to rotate more that a few hundred gallon. Not only that, storing more than that secretly is difficult. Though I have managed to store what I have whithout probing eyes detecting what I’m doing, much more would be suspicious.

        So, do you think I’ll just set there, using my fuel? Until its all gone? Thats not an option. Only someone that planned to fail would do that.
        Oh, did I mention I know how to do an alchohol conversion on the carb for the genny? So I can start fermenting any biomass to make generator fuel. Methanol is a wonderful fuel. Woodgas is really a lot easier to make. Since I live on a 30 acre wooded lot that I own I might just save the gas for the chains saws and what little running I have to do. The fact is, there are options. When one shuts down, there is always another.

        Survival 101 here folks: The food storage, the fuel storage and the gun & ammo are not there for you to use FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!!! They are there so you can survive long enough to hammer out an alternative existence or get re-supplied. Plain and simple: it is a buffer, nothing more, nothing less. It is either a buffer to get you through until civilization comes back *OR* until you hammer out a new way of life. One of those two ending scenarios many people don’t want to face.

        Second, 100kv/meter or 200kv/meter or 1000kv/meter are terms that no one really understands. Well, except, maybe, me. The fact is they are meaningless. Electron pressure has to have someplace to go. It is the path that is important. Electron pressures like that high will eventually find a path to ground. When they do, lookout! If my generator becomes that path, it may damage it. If my computer becomes that path, it may also become damaged. With an EMP, you simply have an electron “wave” or sorts. Much like a sudden and widespread lighting bolt it will seek to equalize. Anything that shortens its path to ground will very likely get fried.  If you’ve got a big antenna out the to catch that amount of electron pressure, well, lookout! We’re talking *ZAP*! …or if your device is in the path *ZAP* again.

        Even electronic devices that are out in the open, especially if they are elevated above the ground, will get a good *ZAP*. Hmm. Which reminds me. My generator is setting right in amonst several grounded steel conduit runs. I think I my just add a couple more ground rods to make sure over capacity doesn’t decide to use my genny as increased capacity.

        We have enough to worry about with all the transformers being blown, all the cell phones being down and all the communications equipment at the end of all the lines being smoked. Lets not borrow trouble that is unrealistic and unscientific. …and, hey! If you think it will blow your genny, build a 4 sided metal box and put her in it. You might be getting the last laugh on dooms day.

        The fact is just about all communications that we consider part of the 21 century will be gone in one second. Poof! We’ll be, literally, back into the 1920s with islands of 21st century technology here and there. It will seem very strange.

      31. Oh, Another Opinion, I forgot to ask: What have you done to prepare? What are you plans? If things are much worse that what you think I have come up with, how have you prepared for your existence after the flash?

      32. Although I personally sympathize with an isolationist/survivalist viewpoint, I believe that we are seriously fooling ourselves to think we could survive on our own over the long haul.  Throughout history, humans have congregated in towns, mainly because we actually do need each other for survival in this harsh world.

        History has repeatedly shown us that to restore order, governments declare Martial Law within days of the outbreak of chaos.  Armies organize quickly, and then recruit directly from the population as their numbers swell exponentially.  Overnight, our personal lives and property become government propery.  During these times, there is essentially no distinction between local law enforcement and military.  

        Survivalists, especially those in isolation, will often defend what they believe to be their personal rights and their property.  During martial law, the government doesn’t recognize either one.  All kinds of people will disclose our whereabouts to the controlling authorities for a variety of reasons (for our own good, fear of reprisal, etc.).  The government forces know the risks with survivalist/isolationist types, and they will take the necessary precautions to minimize casualties within their forces.  RPG’s, sharpshooters, and flamethowers on light armored vehicles easily neutralize those who resist.  However, an entire town or region who are resisting is a completely different story…

        Personally, here on the West Coast near LA, I have at least three weeks of survival supplies for my family, amounting to food, water, and fuel.  Beyond that, I’m prepared to begrudgingly join which ever organized government force arrives at the front door.  Refusing to do so will likely be my death sentence.

        Also, having worked for a large defense contractor for over 12 years, I can attest to the fact that mission critical systems in the U.S. military are fully hardened against EMP.  I believe the military will remain largely functional as an entity.








      40. You guys, all you need is fresh clean water. You can find that in the pipes of your house. what worrys me is enemy opposition! the first people to get shot is the people with GUNS! so I must never buy a gun. what you guys need is to board up your house baricade entrances and windows and have a SOLID PLAN!

      41. People killing people that what scares me, NOT THE EMP!

      42. Just stay calm and wait for any help while holding out inside your house or apartment complex rationing your food and water.

      43. All you need is gather all the coca cola you need, because its the best option for indoor survival!

      44. Go to sleep all day and don’t eat for one day then eat a little bit the next day.

      45. Keep in mind the Weather, have bed sheets for cold days and lay on the ground for HOT days. ration water.

      46. american soldiers fighting communist,terrorist,chinese,and the rest of the world, hell no your not going to fight with any of them they are going to cut down on sight! be careful!

      47. Remember your only freinds are your family!

      48. You need to believe in god to overcome major obstacles in life. that worked for me!

      49. FAITH in your god, thats what I think helps!

      50. If you think you have it figured out for an EMP, chances are your mistaken.

        If you think your car is safe, chances are, I’ll be siphoning your gas.

        If your car has anything computer related in it, your fried. It’s the silicon chips that will be destroyed in an EMP. Your car is not a shield, no matter what you assume.

        Extensive training the past 18 months at a JRTC MOUT site in Fl, using EMP devices to test and train….. If you have an old Chevy army diesel blazer or similar with mechanical fuel injection…your good…..lol… Anything newer then the late 80s andyou face trouble.

        Safest bet, if older vehicles… Get backup vehicle electronics. Heck the computer module for an early 90s ford sub is only 30ish bucks on eBay. Your entire critical electronics for 90s vehicles will only run a few hundred bucks. Stick them in a well insulated steel 55gallon with metal ring, and your ok.

        Computers working??? Wow your ignorant to think that.

        EMP is not an electrical spike, it’s an electro MAGNETIC pulse. That travels and hits via line of sight. A proper container and your safe. Be sure it’s a magnetic conductor on outside and magnetically shielded on the inside. And it does NOT matter if it’s grounded or not.

        Your car have a windshield? Then it’s not safe.

        The cages the national guard used for electronics……steel containers coated with a rubber compound inside.

        It’s not the wiring to fear today, it’s the small and fragile silicon chips and conductors in modern electronics that will fry… Period.

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