USGS Says California Needs Close Monitoring Of 8 Active Volcanoes

by | Aug 13, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Experts | 26 comments

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    California could be even closer to a major natural disaster than ever before.  With eight active volcanoes and a high state population, the United States Geological Survey says that the Golden State is in desperate need of very close monitoring.

    “I call them the watch-list volcanoes,” said Margaret Mangan, Scientist-in-Charge at the California Volcano Observatory. Scientists know from geophysical and geochemical research that these volcanoes have molten rock and magma, “in their roots,”  and the world’s top volcanologists aren’t taking any chances anymore.  They are heading to Portland, Oregon on August 14 for the first international volcanology assembly held in the U.S. since 1989. The many famous, prominent, and dangerous volcanoes of the West Coast will be the subject of field trips and much discussion during the assembly.

    The volcanoes which will get the most discussion are shown in the image below.


    USGS caption: Volcanoes of very high to low threat are scattered throughout California, from the Oregon border (north) to Mexico (south). Other older volcanoes in California are of less concern. California’s volcano watch list is subject to change as new data on past eruptive activity are collected, as volcanic unrest changes, and as populations in threatened areas grow or decline.

    Throughout the Cascade Range and into southern California, the West Coast is home to most of the country’s highest-threat volcanoes, as ranked by the United State Geological Survey, making California a ticking time bomb. As if the earthquake threat on the heavily populated West Coast wasn’t enough, scientists are now concerned about the volcanic activity as well. While Mount Shasta unsurprisingly tops USGS’s list of very-high threat volcanoes in California, there are seven other volcanic areas in the state that are also “young, nervy, jacked up on magma, and likely to erupt.”

    Back in 2005, a national team led by John Ewert, a volcanologist with the USGS Cascades Volcano Observatory, established a system for other volcanologists, which would help them decide which of the United States’ 169 young volcanoes are the most dangerous and most in need of monitoring. In the “Framework for a National Volcano Early Warning System,” Ewert’s team identified 57 priority volcanoes in the U.S., and eight just in California are now on high alert.

    Roughly half of the nation’s 169 young volcanoes are dangerous because of the manner in which they erupt and the communities within their reach.Volcanologists are going to be monitoring these volcanoes in California closely, and maybe they can give those nearest some kind of warning should major changes signaling an eruption occur.



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      1. Yes please monitor it and tell us when it falls off into the ocean. We want to know when to start the party.

        • I know I don’t see as well as I used to. But it looks to me like the center for monitoring volcanoes is no where near the mountain chain where the volcanoes are located. It is, however, located closer to the ocean where it can be the leading edge of the great slide into the ocean.
          I think this is more hype playing off of the Yellowstone super volcano hype. Of course, USGS will need a budget increase to do further monitoring. Meanwhile the great climate change/climate disruption/global warming causing California’s mega drought has been eliminated in one winter of snow, and recent reports that some snow which fell last winter will still be there when this coming winter starts tells me the temperatures have cooled. Whew, problem avoided.
          Please, please secede and go away.

      2. hope springs eternal!

      3. I have the marshmallows!

      4. And I have the popcorn…………

      5. I wonder if they need more funding to monitor the situation?

        • They will. Washington’s Glacier Peak, another dangerous volcano, received several GPS monitoring stations on and around it just a few years ago, to determine millimeter-level uplift and tilt, then send the data to a monitoring center via transponders. The cost to purchase and install the GPS units alone was over $750,000.

          Once you get the gear on-site, monitoring is pretty cheap, just a couple of folks back at the center. They can check on a dozen volcanoes for the same cost as checking on one.

        • SR, good to see you back. They probably don’t have the funding. They spend so much on the freeloader programs for the illegal aliens.

      6. Crass and un-Christian statements from the peanut gallery.

        There are many good people in California. I am a native. It’s all the immigrants from the eats coast and south of the border that ruined this beautiful land.

        I don’t make gobs of money off fear-porn so I can’t move to a prepper’s chalet in Idaho. Nor am I living in fear. No gun safes brimming with hot death for me. The Lord will protect his own. Gun-worshippers have the peace that spending thousands on ways to kill people provides.

        Volcanoes are natural, part of God’s plan to winnow the faithless, the crass, the uncaring. I’ll smile while Rome burns, since modern-day Rome was built by you all.

      7. I just arrived at the BOL 30 minutes ago. 2-week vacation and moving more supplies here. That event for the 23rd is still taking place as far as I know. IF the balloon goes up, I’m already out of harm’s way. Is this the bugout for me? We’ll see.

        • Event of the 23rd? Please tell me more.

      8. Stormy, while I sympathize with the GOOD people of Cali that are stuck there, not a single one of us had a damn thing to do with building ‘modern day Rome’ as you call it. It was the predecessors of today’s WALL STREET who did that. New York City was a financial center even when we were still under British colonial rule due to the slave trade. Your native state is doomed not only because of fault lines but also because of what socialist policies have done to it. I’ve always said if there’s any way the GOOD people of Cali can leave there, then leave. Find a region in which you have a much better chance of survival. Whatever happens to Cali will happen and there’s no stopping it.

      9. Stormy Id don’t care. My give a durn is broken. If you are a so called good person but too stupid to leave Calif. We don’t need you in flyover country any how. And Flyover country don’t want or need the right or left coast.

      10. You all need to look into how much food is produced by California and then maybe you wouldn’t be so excited about volcanos and KJU nuking it. I enjoy eating and even if I have a garden and fruit and nut trees, I still get things from that area. We all need to act like adults and really think about what this could mean. It won’t be something of a party if they go, it will be our worst nightmare.

      11. I was born and raised in the shadow of Mt. Lassen and Shasta. As a kid, we used to be able to hike INTO the steaming crater of Lassen, did it many, many times. The last eruption of Lassen was in the early 1900’s, and was much more of an “ooze”, than an eruption. If I was still “in the shadows”, I would be far more concerned about the “baby bump” on the northwest side of Shasta, that continues to get larger.
        Will they erupt simultaneously? Only IF, one is drinking from the Fear-Porn-Kool-Aid Vat of Doom.
        Could they trigger a cataclysmic eruption of the “Yellowstone Caldera”?
        Highly unlikely no matter what the “ex-spurts” from far away like to claim.
        Just because someone has a PH.d after their name, doesn’t make them any “smarter” than anyone else.
        Common sense is usually beaten out of Doctoral candidates, it’s part of the “tenure track process” of going along to get along, and get tenure.

        • Ph.D means piled higher and deeper

        • What will definitely cause the Yellowstone super volcano to erupt is the Russian nuclear super bomb (too large to use in war). One bomb to destroy the whole US just by dropping it on Yellowstone.

          • Archie 1954 transmitting ELF energy of a billion watts at 2.5 hertz might make things rock and roll at Yellowstone. It worked on 311 to trigger the quakes that made the tsunami that damaged Japan and caused a triple melt down. It can be done if someone with the gear wants to do it. No nukes needed.

      12. As tempting it is to beat up on Stormy, I will only say I escaped after growing up in California and prospered even in states as liberal and anti- gun as Washington and Hawaii are.

        I want to comment on volcano preps. I can drive to an erupting volcano anytime I want. I know it can be incredibly and un-stoppably destructive. I lived close enough to Mt. St. Helens to have been physically affected and inconvenienced when it blew up.
        Two very different kinds of volcanoes, one lesson, think ahead, presume that the volcano will destroy everything within miles of it, and that it will affect everything you are used to doing, even if you are hundreds of miles away from it.

      13. I’m in the eastern US. No volcanos anywhere near me. Just New Madrid fault line. Not even concerned with it. Whatever happens will happen. No stopping it. I’m 250 miles further away from it than I was yesterday. I’ll be OK.

      14. Jet Stream will put yellowstone volcanic ash right on top of atlanta too, if it blew.

        • If it’s the right mix of minerals, it might actually be good for farming in the eastern US after the dust settles.

      15. Lived in SoCal for 10 years, anybody been to proctor valley road , between Sunnyside and Jamule? Ride out to campo calexico .great ride? Too bad? Cemented in now. Can’t go on for ever? Limited resources? Reclamation? Mother Earth saying : That’s it, Will happen one day? Limited Resources. And the inevitable?

      16. When I was in New Zealand, it was interesting, some of the most aggressive and violent native wars were fought over the natural hot springs.

        To be able to fish in a cold water stream, catch fish, and cook them in the nearby volcanic hot spring was freaking magic. If you controlled the hot spring, you were never cold.

        The same forces that caused the massive death tolls in Christ Church, New Zealand also sustained life all over that volcanically active island.

      17. Well…Californians seem to want to separate from the USA. These volcanoes might just help them do it! LOL!

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