US Jets Dropped Live Bombs Next To Korean Peninsula In Massive Show Of Force

by | Sep 19, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Experts | 77 comments

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    It’s becoming apparent that the United States is getting frustrated with the continued nuclear tests done by North Korea. And to prove it, they dropped live bombs on the Korean Peninsula.

    The Pentagon deployed a formation of 14 bombers and fighters over the Korean Peninsula on Sunday. This blatant show of force also included South Korean and Japanese aircraft. This most recent deployment of jets was in response to a missile launched over Japan on Thursday. The missile was the cause for much concern in Japan, and warnings were sent out to those who live on the island.

    The warplanes were dispatched after North Korea launched a ballistic missile over northern Japan on Thursdaytriggering a widespread emergency alert for those who call the region home. Two Air Force B-1B bombers from Andersen Air Force Base in Guam and four Marine Corps F-35B fighters from Iwakuni, Japan, combined with four South Korean F-15K fighters and four F-2 Japanese fighters, U.S. defense officials said. –Washington Post

    The U.S. and Japanese jets flew in formation over waters near Kyushu, Japan, a southern portion of the country that is the closest major island to the Korean Peninsula. The aircraft used live bombs to carry out a simulated attack on the Pilsung training range in South Korea, a few dozen miles from the demilitarized zone separating the North and South.

    “If North Korea keeps on with this reckless behavior, if the United States has to defend itself or defend its allies in any way, North Korea will be destroyed,” U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley told CNN in an interview that aired Sunday. “And we all know that, and none of us want that.” Haley also commented that should the U.S. thoroughly exhaust diplomatic options, then all military options are on the table.

    This newest show of force comes as President Trump prepared to deliver remarks for the first time today at the United Nations General Assembly. North Korea is expected to dominate in the speech president Trump has prepared for today.


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      1. Why did the headline say bombs dropped on North Korea when that was never the case. I expect more. Seems like fake news.
        Or at least Fake headlines.

        • i will wait for trumps tweet, he tells the truth

        • Lane, I too was disappointed in the headline. I usually rely on Marc to give us a concise point of view. I don’t need click bait to read his articles. Love the site and even more the responses…lol

          • You ‘…usually rely on his concise point of view’, yet you’re not aware of the correct spelling of his name?

          • i rely on the NRA to sell amerika out

        • Was thinking the same thing

        • Agreed – the headline was misleading and incorrect!

        • Don’t tell Gerri Johnson. He won’t have anything left to talk about…..for now
          Stay quiet Be smart

        • Or, it could be fake responder who does not know how to read. “Bombs dropped on Korean Peninsula.” No where did it say “North” in the headline.

        • that is exactly right…..just more fake news….why did shtf posts such deception…..!!!!!

        • I made a mistake on the headline – Accidentally hit publish before correcting it. This was fixed within a few minutes of realizing the mistake.



          • Or shall we say it was just a little TOO MUCH clickbait?

            As an aside, how is it that this Nikki Haley freak show apparently has zero oversight from the State Department and zero oversight from Trump? She is completely unhinged. I’m starting to think we would be better off with the moustached nutjob John Bolton at the UN…Even he couldn’t be worse than this trailer park queen.

            • Too many waffles… This bltch waited tables before she got this gig… That answer your question?

            • RSH,
              Your true liberal colors are showing, so find a hole and crawl into your safe space. Have some hot chocolate while you are at it and I will give you a pat on the head and tell you how great and intelligent you are.

          • Hours later the headline still says “US Jets Dropped Live Bombs On Korean Peninsula In Massive Show Of Force”.
            You have lost me as a reader.

      2. I agree. With the St. Louis and Georgia college violence going on, seems like the old lookee here trick while something big looms under the surface. Bad headline.

        • Armor 11, just leave it to the snowflakes to riot over a damn freak.

      3. clickbait………..

      4. Ahem Bullshit

        • @Lane, where does it say in the headlines”bombs dropped on North Korea? At the top of the article-headlines it says “US Jets Dropped Live Bombs On Korean Peninsula In Massive Show Of Force”.

          • They changed the headline. Originally it said the US dropped bombs on north Korea.

      5. For starters, commenters here seem more aware than the average American.

        With most AmericanS, there is very little critical reasoning (looking for mistakes in logic and facts) going on in American minds right now.

        Americans get their “logic” from Rothschild-mainstream news sources and thus they are completely dissillusioned.
        The irony of Americans writing about how North Koreans are so brainwashed that they believe everything their government tells them.
        Talk about projection and irony, so very sad.
        So America, now Amerika, goes to war again. But no it isn’t war, it’s a surgical strike. Sure, sure it is. You people never seem to learn from the past of your government.
        Why is that?
        I keep asking myself that question and the answer is now clear.
        Most Americans don’t think for themselves, never have, never will.
        How do Americans make decisions then?
        Like all children do, they use their emotions and feelings to arrive at conclusions about the world. Emotional-based decision making, that is what Americans now export.
        If you can’t think for yourself (Neo-cortex subcomponent of the brain, 80% by mass) then one must use the Limbic system (middle brain subcomponent of the brain, 15% by mass) to make decisions.
        What is the Limbic system? It is also called the mammal brain or the midbrain. It is the heart of human emotions, no thinking goes on there.
        Understand this and you will instantly become a smarter more intelligent human being.
        Why? Because then you will be aware that you are being guided by emotions and not facts, reason nor logic.
        Will most Americans realize this in time and wake up from their emotionally-based decision making processes?
        I certainly hope so. America used to be a great country , one that I admired very much, I hope it can become that again.
        But it won’t if most Americans continue to use their emotions to make decisions.
        The emotion of fear is a powerful controller of human behaviour.
        You are not using the NeoCortex if you are in fear, thus your Rothschild-media constantly pushes the fear agenda (North Korean nukes, give me a break, they don’t even have much internet).
        When you are in fear, you cannnot reason, you cannot think clearly , that is why society is failing now.
        Stop using your emotions to make decisions.
        Start using your thoughts to make decisions.
        Emotions and Thoughts come from very different parts of the brain as I pointed out earlier.
        If you all did some reading you might learn this just as I have.


        Finally, will you Americans grow up and learn to stop emoting?
        Doubtful. Why do I say this?
        Just look at 9/11, any fool can see that it was an inside job.
        Just look at Sandy Hook, any fool can see that it was a false flag operation.
        Just look at the Boston Marathon Bombing, any fool can see that it was also a false flag operation and a very poorly executed one at that.
        But you still trust the media to report North Korean affairs accurately?
        Just look at the $10 Trillion that the Pentagon recently reported that has been lost. $10 Trillion with a “T”.
        How many Americans are now on food stamps? How many Americans can’t get adequate health care?
        But you all still support a ruinous barbaric diabolical military industry.
        Again, you use emotions to make conclusions and decisions and opinions.
        Americans have their personal self-esteem and self-respect tied up with having a Big and Tough take no prisoners Military.
        Thus they get emotional payoffs from such an organization (Pentagon) even though that very same organization continually works against the interests of the common American.
        Very sad.
        Please start thinking instead of feeling.
        Your own personal lives will greatly improve if you do that.

        • Please Think, welcome aboard and you’re in the right place. Agree with your post totally.

        • PleaseThinkandNoT_emotions,

          Welcome to the forum.

          With that said, lets get to the meat of this comment reply.

          Americans hardly have exclusivity to the club of which you speak. Other countries and cultures have had the same problem, and will continue to. If not currently, then in the future.

          So, thank you for reminding Americans that they are screwed.

          To get Americans to “wake-Up” will take a major event that smacks them in their face and directly points back to their government. Nothing less will possibly work. This we know from past history.

          Again, welcome.

        • I always liked Dr Spock. He always made any assesments and decisions based on Logic. I agree with Please Think.

      6. The warmongers warmonger warmongering in action. Keep producing those bombs to keep America free for the thin air money changers. The indispensable land of the free and the home of the depraved. Perpetual slaughter is this country’s tried and true motto while the otherwise occupied citizens wallow in their fake keeping up with the joneses existence as their standard of living and freedoms are relentlessly whittled away.

      7. In this game, the North Koreans must make a “show of force” that demonstrates their resolve to not be intimidated. Curious to see what it will be. Did these bombs actually land on North Korean soil?

      8. Trump can do what Bush 2 did, declare that North Korea has “Weapons of Mass Destruction” and INVADE It work real well for Bush 2 and “We the People” of the US of A are safer because of it.

        • But, why bother? There are no resources to exploit in N.K.!

          • North Korea has a ton of unmined rare earth minerals I believe. Add to that, they have no rothschild controlled central bank – either of those are enough to make up a reason to get rid of them. North Korea was also mentioned in the PNAC (project for new american century) list of targeted nations from around 2000.

          • Your question was about resources thought this might help, not just you but the millions that think NK, is poor and helpless. Can you imagine some other nations not getting involved for these if the USA tries to take them? Hope this is helpful.

            Search domain http://www.quora.com

          • Man… you guys crack me the fuk up… No resources??? How about the worlds largest deposit of rare earth magnets not to mention coal, zinc, and iron…. 6 trillion in total by some estimates…

          • Don’t think anyone wants to deal with the deprogramming and ‘liberation logistics’ if they were to bomb the place 😉

      9. That headline is pure bullshit.

      10. The new boss is starting to look a lot like the old boss…shit or get off the pot.

        ———– <—-Line in the sand.

      11. trying to out fake CNN?

      12. honky jive-st louis style…..koshered click bait…but thankzzz

        for purple drankzzz

      13. Nothing was bombed nobody was blown up. They flew some planes around. Its just saber rattling. It didn’t do anything to make the situation any better. Likely made things worse. And My opinion if those planes had actually dropped one bomb. China and Russia wouldn’t like it very much. And there would be a price to pay.

      14. Just an exercise…..goes on back and forh for 70 friggin years. Nothing here. Move on.

      15. Yes,still here guys
        Tried Krusteaz pancake mix from Wally , not bad at all ! When the kids finish this have
        them try A farms. Let y’all know
        CSS, though I don’t like you I wish you well with your floodwaters,
        If you need help let us know!!
        Be well all !
        Maniac out

        • Anyone know where to buy canned butter,not on line!!!!! Do not buy on line period !!!
          Be well!

          • L.A. There was a great article in countryside magazine on how to dry can your own
            A couple years ago. Check out their archives. Makes it shelf stable, and requires no refrigeration.

      16. The psychopaths must have war to cover the LEGION of crimes and treasonous acts of the vile, evil, disgusting, murderous, genocidal Luciferian United States Corporation Government.

      17. They do no such thing. You can watch on YouTube these missions. They take a B-52, fly it up and around the peninsula and then land. They do not drop bombs on NK. If they dropped bombs on NK, NK would open up on SK.

        I will school you on the world as it is: there are a few societies that are race-based and race-driven. These societies’ relations with other countries are fully weponized and in pursuit of their race agendas. These countries are: Israel, Saudi Arabia, and North Korea. Everything they do is about growing their gene presence on the planet. They will do anything to accomplish this goal. Israel will push most of the Muslims out of the Middle East; the Saudis will push most of the Shias and other Muslims out of the Middle East and wage war on all other nations to spread Wahabist Islam; NK will unite the Korean peninsula one way of another and unite the Korean race in order to take on other Asians. Blacks and Whites are just collateral damage in this game.

        • Frank,
          The only thing I agree with you on is,
          Kill Moslem’s!

      18. Lame headline – what moron writes this garbage?

        • It sounds like Michael Snyder, LOL.

      19. No bombs dropped on NOKO. We’re doomed!

      20. Who the hell writes your headlines?! There were no bombs dropped on N. Korea! Is this what they call “click bait”?

      21. Nothing was dropped in NoKo. It was a training mission and they were dropped onto a training base in SoKo. This headline is incorrect!

        • well if the bombs are big enough than near=on

      22. “US Jets Dropped Live Bombs On North Korea In Massive Show Of Force” Come on!! I know you’re trying your best to scares your flock out of their money buying preps they will never need; how about an ounce of honesty?

      23. Dog-gone-it, they missed the little fart!!!

        • You people need to read the headline and article again. It says that they dropped bombs on the Korean peninsula, not north Korea.

      24. You people need to read the headline and article again. It says that live bombs were dropped on the Korean peninsula not north Korea.

        • They changed the original headline which Mac Slavo admits above.

      25. Hey genius’the article says they were dropped on the Korean peninsula [in south korea] Maybe some of you should pay a little more attention to what you are reading Cherrio, Butch

        • Hey Genius, they changed the headline after a couple hours and after about 30 people complained.

      26. It says Korean Peninsula not North Korea. If the US wanted to the north would be a parking lot.

      27. Nope you can only miss if you pull the trigger. So what if those folks want to keep their race pure? White folks should do the same thing. If they don’t the white race will become extinct. My prediction is the South West of the USA will eventually become almost all Mexican.

        • The southwest USA used to be non-white. For eons. Only the last 150 years or so, white.
          Just saying.

      28. Off Topic. When Trump addressed the UN and mentioned Venezuela, he said we cannot stand by and watch. If we read between the lines, it sounds like regime change to install
        a puppet and keep the petro dollar going in a country that already declared it would not be
        using dollars anymore. If we intervened militarily, we would not need Saudi Arabia anymore
        for anything. If this plays out, expect a big missile shield being constructed over Japan and
        South Korea. Built with Venezuela oil money.

        • Anonymous, uh, I’d like to see where he thinks he can get troops to invade Venezuela. We’re stretched to the limit already with troops deployed in over 100 countries. We have no troops left in CONUS if/when anything happens here.

      29. Let Trump and his advisers handle this. All of you are a bunch of selectively myopic sophomores

      30. Sooner of later people are going to have to face the fact that we are headed into a series of race wars. The ‘melting pot’ fantasy didn’t begin in the US until the later 19th Century, and it’s been straight downhill from there. There is no such thing as ‘cultural diversity’, ‘multiculturalism’, ‘ethnic diversity’, or whatever cutesy term the Liberals choose to use. There is either a dominant ethnic community which may or may not, at its discretion, admit foreign elements, or there is a sludge of raceless and faceless hordes looking for an opportunity to be ‘offended’. There is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ to any actions based on Race as such. That’s merely human nature. There is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ to any nationalist movements worldwide; it is, again, human nature to have one’s own sovereign nation, one’s own culture and language, and one’s own bloodlines. All of human history is based on this. *Those who argue that ‘we are all one family of mankind’ and that there should be no barriers or fences or walls of any kind generally have nothing to offer themselves. They are the weaklings who glue themselves to the nearest Politically Correct social office and take solace and comfort in the midst of others over whom they still feel somewhat morally superior. It will be strength, not limp-wristed egalitarianism, which will bring this country and the world back to normal. ***Unless it’s already too late.

        • Lee, great post. Should be required reading!

      31. The saber rattling has reached a fever pitch. Trump has made a big jump in the polls. Could it be that Kissinger was right;
        “Americans buy war like children gobble candy,” laughed Henry Kissinger, longtime Bilderberg luminary.
        100 million Americans are permanently unemployed. That is not the fault of N. Korea. America’s industrial heartland is being boarded up. US jobs have been outsourced and offshored. Americans youth have “Core Curriculum” while Chinas’ and Russias’ youth have real educations, not indoctrination centers.
        War with N. Korea means many thousands of Koreans and Americans will have to die. Once again they buy the fake news hook, line and sinker.
        Americans want more jobs and lower taxes. How will a big war accomplish this.
        It might just be time for Bubba to wake up and figure out how fighting someone else’s war will make his life better.

      32. We need to make it very clear There are objectives in North Korea most of the country that will be attacked. Or we are in for another Vietnam.
        The only defense is a supperior offense!

      33. NO MORE South Vietnams…..No more incursions into the mid east ” to protect democracy”….don’t you all realize that the US gov’t is frigging BROKE?!?!…The US spends a million when ever the gov’t does some thing where it would cost a hundred for “regular folks” to do it…We have squandered TRILLIONS of bucks and countless young mens lives. WE PISSED them away in Vietnam ( the South did not give a pigs ass about democracy….read the truth of why we were there in The Pentagon Papers)…We DO NOT NEED to be in the mid east to protect “democracy”…The AHABS have no idea what it is nor do they really care. Should we go and bomb so that Mrs Mohammad can drive a care or vote?…NO FRIGGING way…THE ONLY REASON WE SHOULD DO anything MILITARILY is to PROTECT THE US of A…And if that means render N korea to a burned out cinder…SO BE IT…WE don;t need to be in the mid east any more, we don;t need their oil…so stay out of foreign gov’t affairs….Like Teddy Roosevelt said ” speak softly…BUT CARRY A BIG STICK”…If the NOKO FAT BOY starts something…lets nuke them back to the stone age…but other than that…STop squandering TRILLIONS for Defense. ALl it does is fatten the “military industrial complex” (MIC) companies that Eisenhower warned us about and the MIC companies, now rule the country and make the 1% even richer….

      34. I think this is just bullying and really we didn’t have to have any show of force. If anything we contributed to the hyperbole of justification for a first strike by NK on the US/Japan/SK/etc. There is no American interest harmed at this point by NK so why are we once again getting in the middle of NK idiocy? Seems like the idiot U.S. leadership wants our men/women to die for their idiocy. I’d like to see U.S. leadership held accountable for any military actions and let them go into battle first so they know why they should be very careful not to engage militarily unless no sufficient option exists to preserve America. Any idiot can send our men/women to their death, but it takes real leadership to prevent wars.

      35. Bla, bla, bla, bull….

      36. This is why all the fuss over North Korea and why they will be defended by other nations like China and Russia and othrs from the USA war machine. One commentor ask why what has North Korea got? here is the answer!!!

      37. Hurricane Maria Could Take Out Power in Puerto Rico Indefinitely and It’s Too Late to Prepare

        “The governor also imposed rationing of batteries, milk, canned foods, flashlights and other supplies. Fuel was not rationed.

        With supplies being doled out like this, there is absolutely no chance at this late hour to prepare for the long haul.  If someone isn’t well-prepared already, it’s too late to do more than the bare minimum now.”

        ht tp://

      38. There is a power struggle going on. The Russians and Chinese have joined forces. They worked out a oil for Yuan deal. that in the USA’s eyes violates Kissengers petro dollar OPEC pact. Now the Chinese and Russians want the buy those valuable minerals from North Korea. However the North Koreans need Food. So Venezuelia is suddenly included in the Russian and China oil deal. Because Venezuelia had the land and climate to grow lots of food. World wide the oil minerals and commodities are owned and strangle hold controlled by Jxx’s. Trump Is following the orders of his Jxx handlers. The best thing for the USA would be to Leave other nations alone. only if they attack on the USA soil should we make war against anyone. And false flags don’t count.

      39. ………..and your proof this happened is ?????

        More BS propaganda to push for more war and wasting our tax mon y on banker theft

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