U.S. Marshals Collect Unpaid Student Loan Debt At Gunpoint: “Isn’t The First And Won’t Be The Last”

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    This article was written by Michael Krieger and originally published at his Liberty Blitzkrieg website.

    Editor’s Comment: Things are entering a desperate point of chaos. Student loan debt is one of Wall Street’s biggest bubbles, and could trigger market catastrophes. In the meantime, the outstanding $1 TRILLION in unpaid loans is up for grabs by private debt collectors, who’ve now teamed up with law enforcement to make a show of force during the bill collection operation.

    Think it is intimidating to have armed police show up at your door, hauling you away and making you pay, or agree to pay? It is just the 21st Century version of debtor’s prisons, which are back in many forms, and are being used to squeeze on the little people, who must remember that they are owned. What’s the biggest lesson of all?

    That college degree is worth about as much as an Obama buck in this carnival atmosphere – everybody’s got way too many of them, and they are no longer the key to opening doors to opportunity and success; instead they are the burden that is keeping people from getting ahead… all while the interest compounds, and the wolf comes to the door. Are you next? And are they insane?

    Debt Slavery in Action – Texas Man Arrested for Not Paying Student Loan Debt

    by Michael Krieger

    Laws are effective only to the extent they are enforced. A law on the books has little impact if prosecution is highly unlikely.

    The failure to punish big corporations or their executives when they break the law undermines the foundations of this great country: If justice means a prison sentence for a teenager who steals a car, but it means nothing more than a sideways glance at a CEO who quietly engineers the theft of billions of dollars, then the promise of equal justice under the law has turned into a lie. The failure to prosecute big, visible crimes has a corrosive effect on the fabric of democracy and our shared belief that we are all equal in the eyes of the law.

    Under the current approach to enforcement, corporate criminals routinely escape meaningful prosecution for their misconduct. This is so despite the fact that the law is unambiguous: if a corporation has violated the law, individuals within the corporation must also have violated the law. If the corporation is subject to charges of wrongdoing, so are those in the corporation who planned, authorized or took the actions. But even in cases of flagrant corporate law breaking, federal law enforcement agencies – and particularly the Department of Justice (DOJ) – rarely seek prosecution of individuals. In fact, federal agencies rarely pursue convictions of either large corporations or their executives in a court of law. Instead, they agree to criminal and civil settlements with corporations that rarely require any admission of wrongdoing and they let the executives go free without any individual accountability.

    – From the post: Elizabeth Warren Releases Blistering Report on Corporate Criminality – Singles Out SEC Uselessness

    What a cute little Banana Republic this America has become. Our government can’t put a single bank executive in jail for destroying the global economy, but when a mere peasant is caught not paying back his student debt, a team of U.S. Marshals arrive at his door to arrest him at gunpoint.

    Land of the thief, home of the slave, indeed.

    Fox26 reports:

    Believe it or not, the US Marshals Service in Houston is arresting people for not paying their outstanding federal student loans.

    Paul Aker says he was arrested at his home last week for a $1500 federal student loan he received in 1987.

    He says seven deputy US Marshals showed up at his home with guns and took him to federal court where he had to sign a payment plan for the 29-year-old school loan.

    Congressman Gene Green says the federal government is now using private debt collectors to go after those who owe student loans.

    Green says as a result, those attorneys and debt collectors are getting judgements in federal court and asking judges to use the US Marshals Service to arrest those who have failed to pay their federal student loans.

    Our reliable source with the US Marshal in Houston say Aker isn’t the first and won’t be the last.

    They have to serve anywhere from 1200 to 1500 warrants to people who have failed to pay their federal student loans.

    Watch the following clip for more information:

    Thanks for playin’ America.

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    Stunning Quote – Larry Summers to Elizabeth Warren in 2009: “Insiders Don’t Criticize Other Insiders”

    Elizabeth Warren Confronts Eric Holder, Ben Bernanke and Mary Jo White on Bankster Immunity

    In Liberty,
    Michael Krieger


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      1. Ominous indeed. Far as I know you can’t be imprisoned for non-payment of such a debt. But, here’s the catch. The debt holders get a court to order repayment. Then, it’s not merely nonpayment of debt, it is noncompliance with a court order. For that, they can come get you.
        Is that the way it works? Or am I missing something?
        Meanwhile, the professional politicians keep giving away BILLIONS in foreign aid. How about some American Aid. Or Domestic Aid. Gatorade? Kool-aid? Just don’t drink the red kind…

        • Dang Smokin, I been mixing the red with the blue together for years…

          • Can’t wait til they raid the wrong person and the whole team dies. Pigs

            • Caucasian, ANYONE who raids me will die. Doesn’t matter who it is.

              • That surely would lower the egos of the others and they may not be so eager to fuck with people.

                • King Solomon said, “The borrower (Mr. Aker) is slave to the lender(the US Government).

                  Keep in mind, though, we the people provided the tax money for the student loan program. My kids, wife, and I have paid our loans back so Mr. Aker can as well. Otherwise he is another person sucking the public teat.

                  US Marshall’s service arresting for this type of crime and then having Mr. Aker pay for the privilege of being arrested? ridiculous

                  • I’m certainly no lawyer, but I am quite familiar with many laws regarding debt collection (in any state) …and nowhere can I find a ‘single word’ that enables ANYONE to make use of US Marshalls for what (normally), would just be a sheriff coming to your door to serve you ‘papers’ to appear in court on xx/xx/xx. I’ve heard of no “additions or deletions” as to what a US Marshall can (or can’t) do (…and they can take a pretty wide stance if they wish). I would venture to say that since the loans (most of them) are in excess of seven or ten years old …they are no longer ‘viable’. (Statute of Limitations on all such things is quite clear …and debt is NOT ‘exempted’). Thus, “they” are once again breaking laws without ANY FEAR of consequence or aftermaths, and frigging with ppl that do not deserve it (so what’s new right)?
                    Perhaps this is why most all government ‘abc’ agencies are now ‘carrying heat’? Next: knock knock knock — “Look hon, it’s the IRS all dressed up in BDU’s and driving APCs and tanks too!”

              • BH1776. Is that bravery you have, how you lost your guns in & from the home invadion??? Isn’t your guns suppose to be in your hands, in a home invasion?? Yep you sure handed it too them didnt you?. You’ve been pretty loose with the facts here on that subject. In 2 weeks March you go mouch off your CUZ BOL. See how long that lasts.


                • Anonymous troll, you crossed a red line this time mentioning my family. All you had to do was leave my family out of this and I would’ve just let it slide. Loose with facts about the break-in? No, mofo, I’ve never been loose about anything. Apparently you never read the original post about the break-in. I WAS’N THERE WHEN IT HAPPENED. IT HAPPENED DURING THE DAY WHILE I WAS AT WORK. I came home at 10:30 to pick up something I forgot and that’s when I first discovered it. The turds climbed over a fence into my backyard, went in through my back door, found what they thought would be interesting after ransacking the place, took the safes and went out my front door. I only had to wait an hour-and-a-half for the cops to show up and investigate. When I pulled up in my driveway and found my front door open, that’s when I knew something was wrong. Nothing was ever handed to the damn niggers, they broke in and took it, just like they do to countless other people around the country. NOW WHAT PART OF MY POST DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND? Believe what you will, I don’t care. But you shut your stupid troll mouth about my family. I never mooched off anyone in my whole life and never will. You’ve got the wrong person, stupid troll.

            • @Caucasian….

              Yep….at some point, they’ll try this on the wrong guy and some goons will die.

              If I were a Federal Marshall…I’d be considering another line of work.

              A lot of folks with these student loan debts are at the end of their rope. They borrowed thousands of dollars to acquire an over-priced education that promised them high-paying jobs, that are now being filled by foreigners with H1B visas. So the feeling that they have been betrayed by their government and the system is running high.

              Beware the man who has nothing to lose.

              • Yes and no doubt some are combat vets that will wipe the floor with these mostly paperpushers that will surely panic when they finally meet someone intent on killing them.

        • Part of the Law is that you are required to be notified for due process. There was a supreme court case that (Mullane I think) stated that the court must be reasonably assured that the defendent was notified. However that has like all other “Reasonable” rules has degenerated into a simple notice in the newspaper will suffice. Generally you can win these cases but suppose you have a house in another state, your tenant sues you for what ever. The notice is delivered to the rental house and of course you never know about the court case until the tax bill stops coming because your tenant now owns the house. Happens all the time. Your house is now gone and not easy to get back.

          • They shoot first and ask questions later. This lawless behavior comes from the top. It is my opinion that they have broken they’re end of the social contract between the government and the governed. If this point has been reached then no laws apply anywhere at any time.

        • SmokinOkie, good to see you back. I’m glad I’m not in debt on anything. No loans or credit cards for me EVER. As long as I can use cash or a debit card to get something I’m just fine. BTW, I NEVER drink red ANYTHING.

        • acroooss the looooted plain…..america, what a country!

          • On that note, from bcod; I will switch gears on the article (which was about another user trying to cheat the system), and bring forth some important info for all those T Cruzzer supporters. here is a good article link….

            ht tp://www.newswithviews.com/Barnewall/marilyn222.htm

        • You are correct there. You can not be imprisoned for simply owing money. From what I’ve see from other reports on this story, the issue may have been court orders for which the individual never appeared in court That means bench warrants for failure to appear in court.

          • Don’t Bench Warrants also ‘go away’ after 7 or 10 years? Seems to me that everything goes away after that amount of time, except wrinkles?

        • @SmokinOkie,

          You are absolutely right, that is how it works. It’s not about paying the debt, it is about Contempt Of Court.

          They (the government, bank, etc.) through their lawyers, got a default judgment which by definition, is an order of the court. Then, when the debtor doesn’t pay according to the draconian terms of the default judgment, the debtor is arrested. It’s a cheap way around the concept of “no debtors prison”.

          • Correction….the way it works is the plaintiff gets a judgment from the court. The plaintiff then obtains what is known as an “order to appear/judgment debtor”. The purpose of this is so the court can determine the debtor’s assets and ability to pay. At that time, a payment plan is worked out, or the plaintiff uses information obtained at the hearing to attach the debtors assets (bank accounts, wage garnishment etc.)

            The “order to appear” has to be given by personal service of process. It has to be directly delivered to the debtor (substituted service is not valid). If the debtor does not show up for the hearing, then the judge can find them in contempt and issue a bench warrant to bring them in. It’s the equivalent of not showing up for traffic court….or any other court ordered appearance.

            Try not paying a traffic ticket and see what happens. Pretty much the same thing.

            I would assume (I could be wrong here) that these cases are being handled in Federal Court…thus Federal Marshals are executing the warrants.

            • Some further clarification….

              A judgment is not a court order per se. It’s simply a finding of the court that entitles the plaintiff to pursue further legal means of collecting the debt.

              For instance, you can’t attach somebody’s bank account or wages without a judgment. But the judgment is NOT the order itself.

              I used to work for an attorney service, so I have a little familiarity with how the system works.

              It’s amazing how many lawyers don’t even understand some of this. I once saw a lawyer apply for a judgment debtor order to appear BEFORE he had obtained a judgment. That’s putting the proverbial cart before the horse. You get the judgment 1st..THEN the debtor order to appear. Needless to say, his request for the order was denied.

              • Anonymous,

                A body attachment is issued (a warrant) is issued only if the debtor fails to appear for court in the contempt of court hearing. A default judgement is an order of court stating one owes the amount to the creditor / debt collector.

                A wage attachment, garnishment is also a judgement of the court. With an affirmation (order) of the court that the debtor owes the amount, the creditor / debt collector / plaintiff files a motion with the court to issue an order that allows plaintiff to use methods to physically capture payment.

                When courts issue judgements, they are orders of the court.

                • Yes…the court issues a judgment, but it is merely a finding by the court that grants authority to the one winning the judgment to take the next steps in collecting the debt and enforcing the judgment.

                  Nobody gets arrested because the court rules in favor of the creditor. They get arrested when the creditor obtains the order for the debtor to appear for examination regarding their assets and the debtor doesn’t appear as per the order. They get arrested for contempt of court (failure to appear).

                  A wage garnishment or attachment of a bank account is served on the employer in the case of a garnishment and the bank or financial institution in the case of an attachment or lien. One would assume that if the employer or bank fails to honor the order THEY could be the one arrested for failing to follow the specific instruction of the court.

                  A wage garnishment or attachment of a bank account is NOT a judgment…..it’s an ORDER….an entirely different thing.

                  You could sue someone in court and obtain a judgment. But if you never take the next step and actually obtain the court order for a garnishment, attachment or order to the judgment debtor to appear for examination, then you’ll never collect a cent unless the debtor decides to pay you.

                  There is another method a creditor can try to recover assets, and that is to file an abstract with the county. The abstract will cloud title on any real property the debtor owns. So if the debtor attempts at some point to sell the property, then the creditor gets paid first. Abstracts also adversely affect the debtor’s credit as well.

                  There may be other methods a creditor may try, but those usually require the creditor to know what specific asset the debtor has so that the asset can be attached….which brings us back to the purpose of the order to the judgment debtor to appear for examination.

              • Before the plaintiff can touch anything (like money in your bank), THAT would usually take a Writ of Garnishment (issued by the judge).

            • Umm, in the matters of debt collection (rules vary ‘wildly’ from state to state btw), the whole idea of the creditor filing a COMPLAINT against you launches the ‘system’ and then a sheriff brings you the COMPLAINT. IF you fail to show up on the appointed day, the creditor wins by ‘default’ (and then you are so screwed, unless you are blessed enough to have only ‘exempted’ incomes/entitlements (like SSD, VA Disability, SSI, etc). So, ALWAYS show up as the chances of striking down a debt collector are superb these days …usually takes about 15 minutes or, if everything is just right, your attorney can Motion For Dismissal (on the basis of whatever may be extant in your situation(s)) …and there goes the plaintiff’s money right out the window.
              Of course, all-of-the-above may or may not be the same or similar in your state of residence.

              • Equorial
                Good idea to show up to every court date for every problem. Plaintiff’s attorney may not be prepared and plaintiff rarely shows. Frequently wins cases and is legal passive resistance to the mill. Utilize your Constitutional rights to a hearing in court. The cost of it all is prohibitive and some things are not being adjudicated in court as required.

        • SmokinOkie: Very bad journalism here by the author. A good journalist reports the FACTS.

          First, US Marshals were sent because he failed to appear in Court as he was required. The Judge issued a bench warrant for Failure to Appear. This is normal practice for “no-shows”.

          Second, seven US Marshals went when the individual said he had a gun, implying he might use it.

          Third, it was a $1500 student loan owed for 30 years. $10 a month could have covered it and the interest too.

          This guy was a fucking DEADBEAT !!! Of course many here will side with him just as they did the DEADBEAT millionaire Rancher Bundy.

          Just another member of Obama’s Free Shit Army that thinks the rest of US owe them a living and an education. 🙁

          • Kidd, could not agree more. Supposedly free shit is not free. You and I as taxpayers subsidize this!

          • @DK,

            I think there is a greater commentary here. It is the process of using judgements to simulate debtors prison.

            Many debt collectors buy alleged debts, they tack on fees seeking unjust enrichment. They sue even though they don’t have standing.

            Many debts in america are riddled with fraud and based upon inaccurate computer information. Getting a default judgement, improper service, etc. is causing a nightmare for Americans.

            It’s not all freebies.

            • BC: Buyers of bad debt do have standing as the original loan documents always give a lender the right to sell the loan and convey its rights to other investors.

              That’s just the way it is when you sign on the bottom line. In this case it was a Federal Student Loan, not one made by a State Chartered bank; thus US Marshals were used to serve the bench warrant.

              $1500 is an amount the borrower could have easily paid had he desired to pay ….. in 30 years. Every case is different, but it is obvious that this individual is a member of Obola’s FREE SHIT ARMY wanting the balance to go away.

              Instead he did. And deservedly so. 🙂

          • I was wondering when someone would point out the fact that a $1500 debt should’ve been paid looooong ago. He’s a scam artist loser.

        • Are you kidding brother ? I had a crooked judge and a team of attorneys from b of a try yo supeana wife and I for an unpaid bill from a relative. I had to hire an attorney to make them back off. In another time I would have dealt with them differently.
          The mother fs were all attorneys alma mater and a couple of them live next to each other.

          • Thats not so bad. I had B of A just remove 10k from my account one day. I reported it as a theft and even had to go to the sheriff and file a report. BofA said that the money never was there. Even with all my statements showing it was there for the past 4 years. It took 3 years to get my money back from them. Im pretty sure it cost me more than the 10k by the time I was done but I just couldnt let them just take it like that.

            • Ed
              A friend in Texas paid off a $6000 loan, and no matter what proof she showed, they dinged her credit and went after her for the money. Instead of hiring an attorney, she contacted the newspaper. They put it all over the news under a “scamming the elderly” series. It worked! Her bank backed down and cleaned her credit report. She changed banks. There are many ways to fight back, it does not have to be the OK Corral.

          • Every case is different. If you CO-SIGNED on the loan, you are liable for the debt. If not, you should have been able to resolve the event in your favor AND collect attorney’s fees and damages.

            That’s the way the system works. 🙂

        • nothing like getting half the story. this guy deserved what he got and now he tries to play the victim? and everybody here eats it up.

      2. “He says seven deputy US Marshals showed up at his home with guns.”

        He will also find himself on the Federal no-fly list and will not be able to pass a background check.

        Wonder what the life expectancy of US Martial no knock raids, for student loan statistics are?

        • “He will also find himself on the Federal no-fly list …”

          If he can’t afford $10 a month to repay the loan, he cannot afford the air fare from Phoenix to LAX on Southwest.

          It doesn’t get any cheaper than that. 🙂

      3. Banks must’ve said “sic’em”. It’s our money and we need it now.
        This happened relatively close to me.

      4. How come the Elite can run up billions in debt, but these poor dudes get the SWAT treatment?

        • Little bit lopsided justice eh,,,

        • Seminole Wind, it’s like the late great George Carlin once said, “It’s a big club and you AIN’T in it.”

      5. How embarrassing for the US marshals.
        This Administration thinks so little of US Marshals, that they use them as bill collectors.
        We now have bill collectors “armed” with 50,000,000 bullets at their disposal!

        • Yup
          Pretty much sums it up right there

      6. Gee I wonder if the U.S does not play their debt with CHINA
        Will China invade and LOCK-UP The President, The Congress, The House of Representatives, The Bankers ??????????

        • We can hope they will.

      7. Former Miss Arkansas on Clintons

        If this testimony was alone, you might be tempted to ignore it. But given that there are around TEN women that I have read about myself saying the same thing, this might be of more interest. From the UK’s Daily Mail http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3427366/He-frilly-nightie-danced-playing-sax-Former-Miss-Arkansas-says-Bill-Clinton-bed-confided-Hillary-sex-women-fears-Hillary-vendetta-sleeps-loaded-semi-automatic.html

        And let’s not forget Hilary, who led the “Bimbo Eruptions” team to squash these women. THAT, mes amis, is the real war on women.

        Hilary: Nine out of 10 Goldman Sachs bigwigs endorse her! (And the other one was found dead…)

      8. OK, most of aren’t Nietzsche fans – including me – but here he is on socialism

        “Socialism is the fantastic younger brother of despotism which it wants to inherit. Socialism wants to have the fullness of state force which before only existed in despotism.”

        Nietzche 1844-1900

      9. Off topic. FYI counterfeit 1 ounce silver bars from fivrdifferent bullion suppliers were found by a MAcoin dealer. Brands counterfeited were: silvertowne, apmex, englehard, northwest and pan Amer. All looked legit. Careful who you buy from.

      10. Should have paid off the loan and got a receipt with paid in full stamped on it.

        • Yeah, I was wondering about that. It was $1500 he owed for 29 years. Without interest that is roughly $52 a year. Seems to me this fellow could have avoided a bunch of fuss and bother. While I in NO WAY condone jackbooted government thuggery, the guy should have paid his debt. It was not “free” education ala Bernie Sanders. Someone has to pay for it – that would be you and me as taxpayers. When you get student loans you have to sign the documents. Reading them and understanding is a bonus, true. But when you go into debt you need to pay it off. Your signature is your word – you need to honor it the same as ANY debt you incur.

          • I know the type of people this jackhole is

            I lent 500 to a “friend” for some repairs on a car.. months go by ..no repayment ..I ask whats up? they say tight week no extra money.
            you find out from friends that they are out drinking , partying , and spending money, just not paying me back

            so I go and confront the person about it and ..yep you guessed it , they blow up at me , Sooo i tell them 50$ a month at least ..

            they ditched me and went to another state 8 fricken hours away

            never saw a dime , 4 years later they die from some health condition

            My lesson , I dont lend money to ANYONE ANYMORE >>PERIOD

            no ones ever lent me money , im not doing it again for anyone

            • EOTS, I know from where you speak. I did the same thing for a “friend” once back in the early 90s, but the amount was only $100. Never saw or heard from the bastard again. I hope the choked his sorry ass on it. I learned my lesson also. I never loaned anyone else a dime and still won’t. If they turn against me over it, big deal. No skin off my nose.

      11. Very sad, don’t think it is legal but how do poor people come up with legal resources to fight back, short answer they can’t. This will eventually bleed into ALL types of debt. Moral of story don’t go into debt under ANY circumstances. I don’t really blame these kids, most were 18 with “responsible adults” advising them that there futures depend on degrees from colleges ,in collusion with government and banks , that jack up tuition to insane levels. While the kids incurring the debt are responsible. Parents , politicians , educators and bankers much more so.

        • I can’t help but toy with the possibility that ‘all of what I am reading’ regarding ‘past education protocols’ …it seems very possible that it was a well-planned (and massive) ‘module’ to purposely put everyone possible, even those with no real assets to attain such debt at a young age, so that, (later on in life), they could be ‘converted’ to “non-paying bums sucking on the teat of society” (nothing personal intended there friend, it just happened to stick in my brain! 😉 What I am leading up to is this: Here we have another “division being made” which only leads to most everyone ‘hating them’. It is as if I am watching another part of the master plan unfold, further reducing scores (millions) of citizens who are only guilty of not being able to secure a job in the present economy …and you are guilty until proven innocent …just because you say you have a gun it “suddenly” becomes a matter that only US Marshalls could possibly handle? Really and truly? SEVEN of them with backup (and prolly two snipes to boot).
          I’m not sticking up for the non-payers without excuse for non-payment, yet I do abhor “the law” as it has been allowed to become (in favor of the criminals aka ‘feds’). Even more I strongly disfavor the manner in which laws are being ‘executed and enforced’ by a great many who ‘think’ they are impervious to ‘we the people’ (amazing when “they” are actually ‘public servants’ (for a term) and that’s it …well, it was once something to that effect) …which leads us back to The Constitution ‘issue’.

      12. Everybody,

        Please understand that ” they” finally got me. It was two of ” them”, named Linguini and Clam Sauce. I have flaunted their puny efforts for years to ” get” me by repeatedly ” finishing them off” several times per week for many years. They had many allies joined in the attempt to ” get” me, the other two major agents were ” cheese” and ” garlic bread”. Their insidious attacks on me went on for years until I could no longer resist the effects of all their diabolically wonderful smells and flavors. Here I was, only a mere 79 years of age, still in the salad days of life, a young buck with his entire future ahead of him when I was so unexpectedly ” gotten” in the dark o’ night. So keep up the good fight and don’t let anybody ever tell you that ” they” didn’t do me in.

        • @Scalia….

          Not funny at all. Actually….it’s downright sick.

          Try to have some humanity and respect.

          • anon 5,

            Actually, it’s not so much a swipe at Scalia as it is about all the conspiracy nuts who claim they know he was murdered without the slightest shred of proof. One idiot went so far as to say that ” until it’s proven otherwise, he was murdered”. So I find myself wondering is this going to be what the new justice system will be in the post apocalyptic world of the prepper? Guilty until proven innocent? It will sure make it easy to pick out the guy everybody doesn’t like and pin it on him, wouldn’t it? Listen up acid wretch, because this concerns YOU here. So yeah, it’s somewhat in bad taste as jokes go, but the new system of justice awaiting if the whole shebang goes down the tubes should be somewhat alarming to you based on the hysteria of all the calls of this guy being murdered without the slightest bit of evidence to support it.




              NOTHIN TO SEE HERE

              FUCKING IDIOT

              • No buttfuck, that’s not what I was talking about. What I’m saying is if things ever get shtf bad and your big ” reset” occurs, you may know which hiking boots to wear but YOU will be the first one strung up from a tree if there’s something that happens to upset the local population because YOU will be the most hated in the community. You know, on second thought, maybe it WILL be a good thing to have mob style justice instead, we can rid ourselves of irritating little faggot boys without having to be concerned about any consequences. Think about that after the fall buttfuck.

                • I think Scalia and annonymous5 are the same person. I also think Conspiracy nut is the same person as well. Paid to spread their disinformation. So ignore them. They will return with another handle shortly.

                  • @Ordinary Joe…..

                    And you’d be wrong.

                    Just exactly what disinformation do you think I’ve given out?

                  • Joe, I think you’re a chicken stuffer, unpaid, showing up here for no reason other than bitch.

            • @Scalia….

              It’s not being a “conspiracy nut” to have questions about the way Scalia’s death was handled. In this case, it was very sloppily done to say the least.

              His death was ruled by “natural causes” without anyone actually physically examining the body….over the phone no less… let alone performing an autopsy. And they made this determination within mere hours. And then his body was embalmed right away.

              Doesn’t that seem at least a little bit strange to you?

              We are not talking about some Joe Shmoe average citizen here. This is a United States Supreme Court Justice…and a controversial one at that.

              I guarantee you that if most anyone else died in a situation like that there would mostly likely be an autopsy.

              So while it may be a stretch to out and out say he was murdered, it is not unreasonable to be more than a little concerned that some common sense protocols were not followed. One would think that someone would have had enough sense down there in Marfa, TX to realize that there would be questions.

              • Anon 5,

                I’m not saying there aren’t any strange circumstances here or that you should just blindly believe anything you read, far from it in fact. Insofar as an autopsy, the family would most certainly have requested one if they felt there was any indication of foul play, wouldn’t you agree? It’s my understanding that it’s not unusual for a pronouncement of death to be made via telephone, but granted for a figure of his stature you’re right, it is most unusual it was not done in person by a physician so it is suspicious.

                And yes, the body was embalmed right away, but that doesn’t mean it can not be exhumed and examined for alternative causes of death. If there were any poisons present in the body they would still be there after embalming, so if anybody has question to investigate this possibility, it’s certainly open for examination. Embalming does not prevent this from occurring, now, if he had been cremated instead this would obviously never allow for any further examination.

                His pajamas were unwrinkled. Yes, that’s strange if he slept in them all night. But if he died shortly after going to bed, he certainly wouldn’t have been moving around to wrinkle them so this itself doesn’t indicate foul play, as well as the pillow over his head, which I have read was over his head and NOT his face. Unusual? Yes,of course, but murder? It’s a real stretch of imagination for that. If anybody was going to the trouble of murdering him and wanted to make it look like a heart attack, would they be so damn stupid as to leave a pillow on the guys head and not make it look like he would have not wrinkled his clothes and the sheets? I have to believe anybody who is capable of that wouldn’t let such obvious clues indicating anything but natural causes would be so blatantly obvious. Like the KGB was initially thought to have sent Oswald to shoot Kennedy, that would NEVER have happened because it was way to obvious, and professionals simply don’t make those kind of mistakes. And I can’t overlook the fact that Mac himself plainly stated when he wrote the piece that Scalia had more then likely died of natural causes, but he went on to suggest otherwise MAY have been a possibility. For me, you can’t have it both ways, he either WAS murdered or he wasn’t, end of story. You can’t play both sides of the fence and remain neutral unless you simply want to promote your story, and I think that’s exactly what he did.

                So, at the end of the day we have two possibilities, Given the facts about the mans age and health, I can’t see anything else but heart attack. If ” they” really wanted to kill him, why the hell wait for 25 years after he was appointed to the bench? I think Mac had it right when he said the Scalia ” probably” died of natural causes, but I think it’s not probably but just plain IS. On the other side, there are some strange things here and your right to point them out but there’s nothing that can be considered to be proof of murder or somebody in law enforcement would certainly have called for an investigation immediately. So, until there is any evidence to support the claim for murder, there’s nothing to debate, I can be suspicious all day long of something but if I have to go into a courtroom I need proof, not just suspicion. This is why so many come off as conspiracy nuts to everyone, you can’t claim to KNOW he was murdered without having facts and proof for evidence of it. You can say you ” think” he may have been murdered but that’s a long way off from actually PROVING it, so when all these yahoos start foaming at the mouth that they ” know” he was murdered only succeed in pointing out how paranoid they are, not exactly a solid basis for credibility, naturally people roll their eyes when they here that nonsense, and in light of that, until proof positive can be made for that argument, the common sense alternative { natural causes} will always prevail. That’s just how it is, I didn’t make the rules.

      13. Pentagon lost $10 TRILLION dollars.

        FEDERAL RESERVE Gave Away $23 TRILLION in
        Zero Interest Rate Loans to the

        But US Marshals are arresting people for $1500 ?

        Your country has been taken over by
        Criminally Insane
        Arch Zionist
        Mega Felon
        Rothschild/Rockefeller/Warburg/Shiff/Kuhn parasites.

        You must get rid of the Private FEDERAL RESERVE.

        $23 TRILLION !

        Nothing will change until you do that…

        • Dead;
          I see your point but is the option to let the federal government replace the fed? Out of the frying pan and into the shitter.

      14. In Toronto, Canada up north, female doctors can order police to imprison university students such as what happened to a Ryerson University student who appeared to be politically active.

        Punishments by the Soviet state included sending innocent people to Gulags , forced resettlement, and stripping of citizen’s rights. How is Dr. Brooke Hogarth any different from an oppressive regime like the Soviet Union or Nazi Germany?

        Viktor Nekipelov, a well-known dissident poet, was arrested in 1973, sent to the Section 4 of the Serbsky Institute of Forensic Psychiatry for commitment for psychiatric evaluation, which lasted from 15 January to 12 March 1974, was judged sane (which he was), tried, and sentenced to two years’ imprisonment.

        The above human rights violation on Viktor Nekipelov sounds similar to how Steve Katsikaris is being treated in Toronto when he went to see Dr. Brooke Alexandra Hogarth at the Ryerson Medical Centre on November 18, 2015 where he was eventually handcuffed and committed to a psychiatric ward under the orders of Dr. Hogarth.


        Soviet Union psychiatric hospitals were used by the authorities as prisons in order to isolate hundreds or thousands of political prisoners from the rest of society, discredit their ideas, and break them physically and mentally. This is no different when Dr. Brooke Hogarth had Steve committed to a psychiatric hospital against his will on November 18, 2015 under her so-called “mental illness” evaluation.

        The profession of psychiatry in the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany has become the major system for political oppression of dissidents. It is no different when Ryerson University campus physician Dr. Brooke Hogarth notifies the Toronto Police Services to handcuff and kidnap Steve Katsikaris for confinement to a psychiatric ward against his will under her orders.

        In Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany, human rights activists also faced the threat of psychiatric diagnosis as a means of political repression. Dr. Brooke Hogarth diagnosed Steve with a serious mental illness, yet she admitted that she is not a specialist in mental health or psychiatry.

        Furthermore, York Regional Police are involved in the oppression when Dr. Brooke Hogarth lodges a complaint against Steve to have him arrested in his home in the city boundaries of Toronto. When Steve was in a Toronto courtroom on February 11, 2016, one of the York Regional Police detectives who arrested him in his home confronted him and intimidated Steve by accusing him of publishing online videos which criticize Ryerson University, law enforcement and Dr. Brooke Hogarth.

        • PL: brilliant comment and spot on. If you have links we can spread your information far and wide.

        • To Canadians, if you protest against anything you must be insane because Canada “is the best country on earth: if you are failing in your life, it is personal”, and thus the country’s street are littered with the homeless, the cast out, the insane, the shouters.

      15. This is nothing new!

        If you don’t pay your debt you noticed. Then turned in to a bill collector. Then if you don’t pay, you go to court. If you don’t pay the Courts send the Sheriff to picks you up, and you go to jail.

        Every Sheriff carries guns, and yes they might have to draw them.

        Is this right? This was his side of the story, what was the other side??? JUST SAYING.


        • In some states, your business gets a bad check, you send the check by certified mail to the local sheriff. He goes out and collects the money.

          I’m not feeling the sympathy for deadbeats. If I have to personally collect the debt, I’m taking a gun with me, you’re going to be lucky it’s the cops and not me, they have to play by the rules.

          • In Arizona a bad check over $100 is a felony. On another note, if you buy a car in Arizona it is a “Title State” rather than a “Lien State” meaning that you own the car.
            Possession of the car is 9/10’s of the law if you fail to pay the lien; or it use to be and you could shoot someone attempting to take your vehicle without your permission.

            A couple of years ago, to get around the “Title State” legal status for repo purposes, the Arizona Legislature passed a new law on behalf of the dealers and the banks.

            If you borrow money for the purchase of the car and fall behind in payments for 90 days; ie three monthly payments you must surrender the vehicle to the lender when they ask for it (repossession) or face felony theft charges.

            Needless to say, in the coming crunch, a lot of owners halfway through a 6 or 7 year truck loan will have to fork over their ride or go to jail.

            Its going to come as a rude awakening for these people. 🙁

      16. “he had to sign a payment plan for the 29-year-old school loan.”

        Only with the govt can you completely ignore everything resembling statute of limitations.

        WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU STATISTS! You’re mandating we all become SLAVES!

        • They are fine with that, they dont realize that it will land in their lap as well sooner or later,,

        • Statutes of Limitations generally don’t apply to debts. There is a written record of the debt and any payments.

          Not so with crimes, witnesses die, stories change, evidence disappears over time.

      17. If they prosecuted the bankers they might stop stealing money. Then the government wouldn’t get it’s cut. Simple economics.

        Buckle up!

      18. Thats why i didnt go to school. If i dont go, i dont have to pay. Still, i believe that this is nothing but a practise run to guage the reaction of the public to see how they react to getting the front door kicked. This may have happened in Texas, but if they tried this in certain cities, certain areas, it may trigger a revolutionary war, just saying. If you notice, that they tried it with a black man, not a red neck.

        Swat teaming big bairded white men in Texas for example may cause possible violent responses that may not be welcoming for some cops who are in this business. Those cops, who ever they are, couldn’t possible be working on Abbot. They are feds, those rogue factions that are still embedded in our state. At the end of the day, its asshole fed cops like that who give good citizen cops who work for the people a bad reputation. This is nothing more that a test run for raids on Texas gun owners and white citizens, that they are planning to attack and kill before years end.



        • HCKS, I think you’re right about the test run. Anyone who forces their way into my home will get the ‘dirt nap.’ Don’t care who they are.

        • …there isn’t much else they ‘they’ can do (at this point) until we have been disarmed …or, at the very least, an attempt to disarm us (or many) will be tried/deployed/employed with absolutely NO discernment of The Constitution or Amendments (because these are precisely what they also seek to destroy …even now they are attempting to destroy ‘her’- yet what they do is not ‘legal law’ and DO NOT EXPECT IT since it IS an attempt at overthrowing our country, so of course they are going to ignore/destroy everything we hold dear as their “first line” of Rules of Engagement! Ya think?
          (I too believe this is coming at us at some point prior to 2017 and ‘oh boy’….).

      19. America, home of the thief, land of the slave

        I did college pay as you go… in state tuition wasn’t so bad back in the day. I paid for my son’s education. Since the crash I advise young people to open a business instead of going in debt for college. Some have done so. I know folks with degrees who got laid off and went back to school, incurring more debt, for a nonexistent job. Now it is not only a debt trap, they show up with guns.

        I also say owe no one anything. This country will put you in jail so you can work a call center for free. Too bad they don’t feed well.

        • Rebecca, off topic, but were you posting as “I’m your Huckleberry”? When I hovered over the name it was your website.
          No big deal, or what? It makes me real suspicious when someone changes their screen name. In your case, was it because of Philo? To what end?
          Why change and post under another name?

          • KOD: Good question.

            I am guessing little Red Becky cannot give you an honest answer.

            • Philo lover of Kim jong Un and genocide… back again I see.

              • Reb, she’s baaaack. Color me gone. She can have it. Will catch you in the usual places. Mac and these guys can have all the access they can stand to her finite wisdom. Peace, luck and great things to all. 🙂

          • Hi ketchup
            philo. I didn’t want to exacerbate the problem by her seeing my name when Mac was cutting her posts. I went back to my name, but sometimes it pops huckleberry in before I notice. I like the name, I loved Val Kilmer in Tombstone.

            I prefer to use my name because I also blog under Rebecca. If I had thought of it earlier, I might have used Huckleberry instead of Rebecca. I did feel discomfort when philo also started hitting my Web page with threatening remarks about it. It is why I called her on stalking. I refuse to allow her to post hate comments on my website. I moderate every comment on my site. I am not a big site like Mac, it is growing fast though. Still, it is fairly innocuous, about gardening and self-sufficiency, not politics. I want everyone to garden, I don’t care what your politics are.

            • You liar. I have never posted one comment on your site and I visited your site exactly two times.

              Have I gone back? No. Nor will I ever. But good for you if you can profit by slamming me. It doesn’t surprise me at all.

          • Ketchup
            I have a horror of people starving to death in this country like what happened to my family in Ireland… and why I am American. We are approaching the possibility of feeding ourselves between small farms and gardens. I get hits from almost 70 countries and people are feeling many of the same stresses we are. Growing food matters.

            • Google underground greenhouse

              • Kulafarmer
                Aren’t underground greenhouses awesome? My small cutout is variably an underground greenhouse and an underground house. I have lost each west window in my house 3 times in 4 years from flying debris in windstorms. I don’t sit on dirt, really, I sit on rock. My cutout required dynamite. I finally shifted my cabin to back into the hill on the north and east, windowless short wall to the west, and south wall for passive solar. I think a 12×22, greenhouse with 12 protected on the north by the 2 car garage, 12 protected on the east by the kitchen. I put in a mass rocket stove in the kitchen with the mass in the greenhouse for heat. The bottom 2 feet is concrete block. I will grow fruiting trees and shrubs to the west of the greenhouse to catch flying debris. The most difficult is high winds from the west and my hill faces west. I am considering bales of hay on the west side for some protection. The sides above 2 feet will be plastic because I do not want shattered glass everywhere. This L shape encloses and protects an inner courtyard with terraces going up the hill, for a sunken garden, rock terraces. I thought about putting the greenhouse on the opposite wall but it faces north, no sun. A frigid spot. Any other spot requires dynamite. I have a spot uphill a little, too hard to access in winter. The trailerstead is sitting on the very edge… will become an orchard and secondary windbreak. It drops another level with some windbreak. I hope my added windbreak trees are surviving! Three large evergreens already.
                TMI… but ideas? I hope to start building this summer. My raised beds are around the edges so far.

                • In cold climates you could get a harvest of some sort year round, a well situated south facing burried green house coupled with row covers and deep mulches and a supplemental heat source would allow you to grow year round greens and some root crops easily.
                  That rock ground and the wind is definitely a challenge, but nothing is impossible, the only problem i see with wind breaks is the tendency for snow to drift on the lee side

                • I think in your situation Cobb construction with adobe over could be a real moneysaver, thick thick straw bale walls can acheive the same results as digging down, way cheaper too, Earth bags are good too but unless you have onsite place to dig the fill is cost prohibitive. Sounds like straw bale would be the way to go. Find somewhere that has recycled glass panels from commercial work and maybe you can get a deal, otherwise a light frame will easily support greenhouse film and it lasts a long time, the only worry is the wind, thats where the glass is better.

                  • Hey Kulafarmer

                    Thanks for contributing. Just made me realize there is soil underneath the trailerstead. I have been planning fruit trees when I move it out, but an underground greenhouse could go there. Since the 2 car garage will be adjacent, bet I can figure a way to access from the garage. This would have soil on the windy west side. Debris may blow over the top. It would be much warmer when winds are blowing 50+ mph

                    I can leave the adjacent patio with its 2 raised beds… where I have blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries (PNW is my true home and still calls to me).

                    Don’t you love living in paradise? A tropical garden, no less! For me, the Coastal rainforest is my idea of paradise. Now I am retired, I may sell up and buy something in the boonies.

      20. The trick is determining if they are coming for your guns or a student loan.

        • Don’t bother to knock, kick in the lock… It’s the police.

          If you’ve paid your debts in good time then…

          Just payin!

        • thats an easy one for me, I dont owe anyone any money

        • thats an easy one for me, I dont owe anyone any money

      21. I was taught that you pay your bills and not doing so is theft. My Father rated people as, “Good Jobs” and “Bad Jobs” and on that basis and a Bad Job was in effect a bad person, virtually criminal. Extreme maybe but I have a +800 credit rating. No one will argue that there is not, “Equal Protection Under The Law” as there is no Equal Enforcement. Its also a no brainer that this is a great over reaction. I think actions such as this will sooner or later manifest themselves into a Pre Revolution Boston Massacre that will politically unify people against this type of governmental behavior. The Authoritarians are showing their true colors.

      22. Do you really care if these people are in major debt?
        The feds are coming to make good on a loan from taxpayer money. We bitch about that all the time when people scam the taxpayer. Some is better than none.
        Oh, yeah, yeah , yeah they are coming for us sooner or later. Lets see how people react. Might give us insight into what lies ahead. For us out of debt people.

      23. What they really need to do is start prosecuting the boiler-room operators in this scam called the student loan industry. These are the same people who caused 2008. These are the same people who went around fabricating mortgages, including mortgages to illegal immigrants, so they could sell squares known as collateralized debt obligations.

        What you need to know about student loans: they are UNSECURED DEBT WITH ZERO UNDERLYING ASSETS. I’ve had that information confirmed by both bankruptcy attorneys and staffers from a Congressman’s office. That makes them no different from credit card debt, meaning they should be subject to 100% discharge under Chapter 7. Allow discharge under Chapter 7 and you would have one of the biggest economic growth programs in the history of this country. Then follow the German model for post-secondary education.

        Compare a low-grade mortgage made to an illegal immigrant to a student loan. That mortgage, no matter how crappy it is, still has an actual physical asset, whose value can be determined objectively, underlying the mortgage. Exactly what is the physical asset backing a student loan, and where can it be found? HONESTLY, IT’S NOTHING AND NOWHERE.

        What about future earnings, you say? I say this: go back to 2008, when the banks had to mark all those mortgages, collateralized debt obligations, and synthetic CDOs (insurance underwritten on CDOs) to MARKET RATHER THAN MARKING THEM TO MONTALBAN. What happened? They imploded fast and in big numbers. When you call future earnings an actual physical asset, YOU ARE MARKING TO MONTALBAN.

        A step in the right direction would be to have the scum bags employed in the student loan boiler rooms face firing squads. A further step in the right direction would be to send their partners and children to concentration/labor camps; it’s only fitting since they are direct financial beneficiaries of someone else’s crimes.

      24. this has been standard practice for a long time, if you win a judgement against someone or a company and they do not pay, you file a lien against them and have the sheriff accompany you to their property to claim their goods in repayment, student loans aren’t free people–hardly anyone ever goes to jail…squawk flap flap.

      25. “Any man who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the Government take care of him, better take a closer look at the American Indian.”—– Henry Ford

      26. Something is about to happen when there scrounging for ever penny they can collect or try to. D.C out

      27. I thought debtor prisons were illegal. And what happened to just garnishing their wages and their tax refunds.

      28. When I borrowed money I always tried to pay it back as fast as I could. Paid my house off in 8 years. I was proud of that. Never understood those that had no regard for their word.

      29. So the banksters are utilizing a federal agency to collect on unpaid debts? I find this very ironic considering that the following link shows a current list of banks that have not paid back their federal bailouts. Keep in mind that this is the taxpayers money…. So maybe we should initiate a citizens arrest of these banksters?


        • Ya think? It speaks to the rule of law, or its absence, when the Federales can show up and lock you in a cage while the real bank robbers go free. More proof of a two-tiered justice system.

          Easier to steal billions and walk away. For now.

      30. FYI


      31. Self defense step number one during an economic crash. Be debt free.

        Don’t give the creepy evil government any reason to come near you or your family.

      32. I remember the days when only a small percentage of high school grads went on to graduate college because most knew they couldn’t afford it and wouldn’t be able to re-pay the loans… so they just didn’t go and got jobs that didn’t require a degree.

        Now most everyone attends whether or not they can afford it. In my day we would have been afraid to do that. We would have been shamed into next year if we pulled that crap. Back then you just didn’t go if you couldn’t afford it and your parents were unable to help with the financing.

        And, the small percentage of college graduates back then who took out student loans that they couldn’t/didn’t re-pay are now having it deducted from their monthly Social Security retirement checks… with interest, so I’ve recently been told.

      33. 29 years to pay off $1500 loan? Hmmmm,something ain’t right. I”ve got a $25,000 loan to pay off since 2012. I have paid $302.00 every month until I got laid off. I notified the Department of Education and told them of my situation. So,they deferred until I found my current job. I now pay $284.86 every month. I think the whole idea of government getting involved with student loans is wrong,but I signed a note saying I would pay it off,and I do.Absolutely,I can find better uses for that money,like more prepping,but I made a promise.

      34. I think those that borrow money and refuse to pay any of it back are thieves and should be treated as thieves.

      35. 29 year old debt collected by federal marshals. What am I missing here?

      36. The unfotunate truth is that the wall street crowd didn’t do anything illegal. That is why none of them went to jail. That is why dodd frank was written to criminalize behavior after the fact. If the original bahavior had been crriminal at the tine all of the little junior g-men would have managed to put a bunch of them in jail. They manufactured a faulty product and sold it to sophisticated investors who were too dumb to bother to understand what they were being sold. It blew up and someone had to get blamed. Same thing with michael milken. What he did was not criminal and they could never have convicted him. He plead guilty so that his brother would not have to go to prison on an unrelated charge.

        • Tb

          Au contraire. What they did was illegal and they had prior on the record. Bush and his AG created a little item called Deferred Prosecution Agreements whereby the guilty can promise to never do it again or go to jail on the first count. Every one of these bad boys were on DPAS for the exact same thing, some on their third catch. Pure fraud. Georgie Porgy could have put them all in jail without further trial. He chose to bail them out instead with my money and yours.

          Obama and Holder could have put these criminals in jail but chose not to.

          No one in either party wants to put the golden goose in jail. Goldman Sachs bought Obama ‘ s Presidency. They own Hillary and Cruz. They buy the President because the President picks the AG. Mostly the care about not going to jail, getting the next bailout, getting rid of cash.

      37. we have become a Sad sick nation

        • Yes. Welcome to reality.

        • You’re not alone.

          Welcome to planet dearth.

      38. Title should read Deadbeat fails to repay loan. Dead beat ignores supeona to court. dead beat arrested for contempt of court. Dead beat made to agree to payment plan.

      39. test

      40. Something wrong. Posts do not make it to site.

        Two deleted already.

      41. Simple don’t get student loans. Pay as you go one or two classes at a time. This is what smart people do. this guy is a bum who can’t afford $1500 he’s a loser period. He could work out a plan to pay it down but this is all to start a debate about free college. Let’s be real. My prediction is we will have a socialist pres because free shit is better than empty promises. Gov wants to raise you from cradle to grave and people want it too. They just don’t have the guts to stand on their own two legs. It’s the gmo food making people docile and have no balls to stand up. Gutless pukes this guys crying victim and will throw race in while he’s at it. We live in a society of victims boo hoo well I’m not gonna be at any pity parties. This guy is a sheep and most are just like him. Everything is an issue nowadays. Whutta joke.

      42. The escalation by Local Law Enforcement into a Military unit is very much accepted. Even small towns have them. As more towns acquire the gear and training, the integrate tactics become more aggressive. Why? Because they Can!

        How do you stack up against them?

      43. What’s missing is the I.R.S. enforcement. Instead of firearms at door, a simple garnishment of paycheck, any Federal income (Social Security)etc docked and or assets seized till balance paid. Tax refunds docked as well. This heavy handed business is over the top. The guy works, so the obvious answer is dock salary.

      44. I had a loan like that back in the 70’s, or something similar. It’s hard to remember now. They billed me once for around $6700 for what I think was $5000 initially. I ignored it and have not heard anything since way back. I was not working then and still am not working. Talk about a minimalist sliding through the cracks, that’s me. I figured they forgave it. I justify not repaying, in my own thinking because of being drafted and sent to Vietnam and then returning seeing multiple states give Vietnam veterans a nice bonus on their return. not cheap ass Florida. I rest my case.

        • You are one pathetic creature. The taxpayers educate you and you use your Vietnam experience to justify not paying your bills. Typical veteran. I hope Trump deports you along with the rest of the vermin.

          • Taxdn2poverty
            Calling BS on you… claimed on an earlier post that you had a net of over a million dollars. What on earth are you cheating folks out of money you owe them? Make an aappointment with the lender and negotiate out of some those fees and penalties… but interest you do owe.

      45. This guy has had 29 years to pay this thing. The only thing sadder than that is this article which excuses this deadbeat.

      46. So, I just read this cricket got a $1500 loan twenty years ago, defaulted, and in theses twenty years he has never filed income tax, and was eligible for a refund that could have been garnished. Or in twenty years had a job that his pay check could of been garnished.
        That’s sounds right, nigger gets a loan to go to school, along with a free apartment, car, phone and food. Twenty years later the government starts to think they didn’t get their money’s worth. (Peoples money).
        He would have been better to have gotten a job twenty years ago, bought a house ,car, and supported himself. That loan repayment today @18% is $11,750. Getting a big off welfare… Priceless ..

      47. the real story

        h tp://www.snopes.com/student-loan-arrest/

      48. ‘Statute of Limitations’ does not apply to all unpaid debt, such as unpaid IRS taxes, unpaid spousal alimony AND student loans, none of which are forgiven and can’t be claimed in a bankruptcy and are not written off–ever.

        As long the person is alive they will continue to be hounded for payment and will be fined and jailed for violating the court order, stating they owe the money and must pay up.

        I think Marshalls pounding at the door and making demands at gunpoint are using a few student-loan deadbeats as examples to instill fear and get these people to pay, most likely the ones who have decent jobs and the ability to re-pay, but don’t give a crap, and like Kanye West are infected with that arrogant, entitlement mentality.

      49. ..but I thought I could spend your money and let you dummy taxpayers pick up the tab. More free stuff please.

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