Top 10 Survival Downloads You Should Have

by | Dec 31, 2010 | Emergency Preparedness | 36 comments

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    The following article has been generously contributed for your reading pleasure by Rourke at Modern Survival Online. We strongly urge our readers to take Rourke’s advice and download or print (or both) the following guides, which are available 100% free. Ideally, retain a paper copy if you have a survival folder, and save a copy to your reserve USB drive, which should be a component of your bug out survival bag or stored at your bug out location.

    There are tons of good downloads in the Survival Database Downloadsection of this website. For this article I have selected 10 that everyone should have either printed and put away, or placed on a USB drive or better yet both.

    So let’s get to it:

    #10. FM 4-25-11 First Aid (2002)Military First Aid Manual.First aid information is a must  get training before you need it use this manual for reference.

    #9. Guide to Canning  Being able to preserve crops to  be able to provide for yourself and your family long after the growing season is over is important. This guide will help with that.

    #8. Rangers Handbook (2006) Crammed with info on demolitions, booby traps, communications, patrolling, tactical movement, battle drills, combat intelligence and much more

    #7. Where There is No Dentist – The author uses straightforward language and careful instructions to explain how to: examine patients; diagnose common dental problems; make and use dental equipment; use local anesthetics; place fillings; and remove teeth.

    #6. NATO Emergency War Surgery  While this is certainly not a manual that would stand alone in most persons emergency/disaster library, it is an absolutely necessary resource if you expect to handle any type of trauma where immediate comprehensive medical care is not available.

    #5. A Guide to Raised Bed Gardening This is not an “all knowing” gardening book  however it provides a lot of information to the urban gardener before or after TSHTF. Best to get the experience and knowledge of gardening NOW rather than later.

    #4. FM 3-06 Combined Arms Operations in Urban Terrain – Combat techniques covered in the manual which may be very valuable in a “Roadwarrior”-type world.

    #3. 1881 Household Cyclopedia A massive resource of information that much of it has been lost over the past 203 generations. From Angling to Knitting its here.

    #2. FM 21-76-1 Survival-Evasion-Recovery (1999) Excellent manual geared towards the soldier that finds himself behind enemy lines

    #1. FM 21-76 US Army Survival Manual – From This manual has been written to help you acquire survival skills. It tells you how to travel, find water and food, shelter yourself from the weather and care for yourself if you become sick or injured. This information is first treated generally and then applied specifically to such special areas as the Arctic, the desert, the jungle and the ocean.1970 Military Issue Manual. General Introduction and Individual and Group Survival Orientation Navigation, Finding Water In All Parts of The Globe. How To Obtain Food, Start a Fire and much more!

    bugout, cabin, tshtf, teotwawki, survival, downloads

    Bugout cabin??

    Well, there’s my list. Best of all they are all 100% free. So, feel free to download them all.


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      1. thanks!  Happy New Year!!  Pass it on…

      2. Thanks for putting this up.

        Happy New Year everyone!!!!


      3. I’ve been packing the drives and burning to CD. If the net goes down, I’ll have plenty of time to sort it all out. Got them all!

        …and no, I don’t believe the EMP will bust my computer. Just in case, I’ve got several “canned” with all the necessities.

      4. happy new year…

        and remember. the best survival tool is small boxes packed with  brand new crisp uncirculated federal reserve ten dollar bills.

      5. WoW…  Mushroom makes sense.  You always need a way to start a fire or wipe your butt.  You might want to wrinkle the bills up before trying that second thin though.

      6. Happy New Year to you sphongos!

      7. May we all be better off at the end of 2011 than today…Happy New Year all!

      8. @musheadroom…you can keep yer crispy FRNs…for me happiness is a warm gun, bang bang, shoot shoot!!* It’s the new year, but I’m not so sure how happy yer gonna be unless you’ve spent the last one preparing.

        (* The Beatles)

      9. Interesting times ahead for sure.  HNY!

        Thanks for posting these.

      10. Thanks Mac
        Happy New Year  🙂

      11. Thanks !
        This adds to the collection and mushroom may not have this all wrong. Inflation and deflation are like two techtonic plates, pushing against one another. At some point, according to Mr. James Rickards, these plates will snap. At this point in time it is impossible to predict the outcome but it does appear that inflation has the upper hand.
        Regardless of the outcome, it is important for us little people to be ready for the un-seen. Even our own government pushes this through the Red Cross and FEMA. Better prepared than with the ole donut holder in hand!

      12. All of us are smarter than one of us! God bless you all and may He give you wisdom in all you put your hand to!
        Thanks Mac for your hard work in the consolidation of so much information that we can use and help others with!!

      13. Happy new year to all,

        There was a tragic incident in Egypt, where 21 Christians were killed by a bomb, while celebrating the new year.
        From the other side, our politicians give all kinds of privileges to muslims suppresing at the same time our basic rights. To be political correct is a dangerous path, because you may reach to reverse racism.
        I hope our Lord enlights those “leaders” for a new dawn.


      14. M’room…I’m topping you in collecting newer twenty dollar bills and fifty dollar bills, and the brand new one hundred bills coming out in 2011.   I already have a stack of fives and tens.   Don’t forget cans of Bushs baked beans, extra tea, coffee and chocolate candy to your stash……


      16. The Household Cyclopedia is awesome!  So much info but a little hard to comprehend due to language changes.  People seemed to know a lot more about real life back then, they had to I guess.

        Been lurking for a while,  I’m a Canuck, we’re here for ya, US cousins.

      17. Go to The Pirate Bay Website and search “survival” and you’ll come across Gigabytes of the above mentioned manuals and much, much more (Cave Cooking, Woodsmaster, Ray Mears, etc). Enjoy!

      18. Love this website… almost you must read … this fellow is living in a SHTF world and posting about real life use of materials and lack of.  I’ve bought his book and value it.

      19. An AWESOME post! Just what I’ve been planning to put together when I found time.  After a year of not finding the time, you’ve helped me finish the task in about a minute. THANK YOU!

      20. I’m glad I have my SAS Survival guide. Thanks for the list.

      21. Practical knowledge and ‘blue-collar’ type of skills will be essential to personal survival in the world ahead of us. Many today have a hard enough time tieing their own shoes, let alone knowing how to tie the half dozen or so knots that could be the difference between surviving or not. Most haven’t got a clue how to go about securing a load to a vehicle with a line properly.

        The time to download and print some of this type of information is now, while you still have a chance. Do you know what percent of a troy of silver is contained in a pre 1965 dime? The little black book of useful information that I have compiled over the years tells me that a dime contains 0.07234 of a Troy Ounce or 2.25 grams of Silver.

        There is a wealth of FREE information and formulas out there. I recommend some sort of a small notebook; mine is a small
        two-hole binder that holds lined 3″ x 5″ cards. I either print a waterproof  label for things I know I want to keep, or I print  information neatly on a card.

        Weights, measures, conversions, formulas and how to calculate a PM value in a barter type situation could be critical information to have at hand in the very near future.

        It costs you only the price of a small notebook to put together your own personalized Emergency Information Handbook today and could be worth much more in essential information to help insure your future.

        Good luck & God Bless to all as we start out on this new adventure in our lives known as 2011. I wonder this brand new year holds for us? Good things for all I pray.

      22. keep in mind that the field manuals are made by soldiers, the very people we would be running from. you must oppress their advantage by doing things your way. become predictable and your dead within the week after SHTF.

      23. Comments…..I guess you got them from me and put them out for FREE? How nice of you..

      24. The orginal posting on my blog is just that……my original posting. Nothing stolen, nothing claimed from any other site.

        I have over 70 gb’s of info – these are just 10 files.

        More to come….


      25. Great stuff!  Had no problem downloading and saving 9 of the files to my hard drive but the 1881 Household Cyclopedia (the one I wanted to save most of all) times out just before finishing.  I made several attempts and it has done this on two different computers.  Has anyone else run into the same issues?  HOw do I get to your blog so I can try there.  Thanks for the good work you do.

      26. Fantastic!!!Thanks for the information.
        I can’t wait to dive in and start reading and doing.

      27. Comments…..StonesThrow –

        You can download it at my site – It is a rather large file – 14mb’s – you may try to right click on the link here and then select Save As to save it to your PC.

        Thanks – Rourke

      28. good information.  thanks.  people in general never prepare for anything.  i have started atoring food and have a water collection system.  been stocking up on medication an guns/ammo.  will also need electricty and way to heat.  solar panels are available via many outlets on the internet.  i also bought a pedal generator at that lets me pedal to create electricity to power and charge things like radio, stun gun, heating plate, walkie talkies, lights, etc.

      29. FM 3-06 is a useful manual for commanders, but for the nuts and bolts of individuals and fire teams learning how to fight in cities, it’s a bit useless.

        First, pick up a copy of the old School Handbook 21-75, “Individual Skills of the Soldier.” Then get Field Manual 7-8, since renumbered FM 3-21.8 on the new system, “Infantry Rifle Platoon and Squad.”

        Then find Training Circular 90-10-1, “An Infantryman’s Guide to Combat in Built-Up Areas”, and if you can find it, the Holy Grail of MOUT manuals, Ranger Training Circular 350-10-1.

      30. Very good resources of information. Thank you for taking the time to compile all this information into one location.

      31. I downloaded all of these and many more and burned them on disks.


      33. Just downloaded all of these, and just started reading them. I can’t wait to finish reading them.

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