Three Things That Doomsday Preppers Should Ask Themselves

by | Mar 6, 2013 | Emergency Preparedness | 308 comments

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    Daniel Ameduri ( has spent the last six years warning Americans about the coming economic collapse, signs to look for, and how to prepare. He is the producer of numerous micro documentaries seen by over five million people via his Vision Victory Youtube Channel and regularly hosts interviews with some of the world’s leading contrarian thinkers including G. Edward Griffin, Peter Schiff, Jim Rogers, John Williams and Doug Casey.

    In his latest message to viewers he discusses the three things preppers should be asking themselves.

    1. What are you going to do with your wealth?
    2. What are you going to do with your life?
    3. Where do you draw the line?

    Many of us expect a continued decline in our economy, depreciation of our currency and a significant shift in the world as we have come to know it. As a result, we’ve taken the time to prepare ourselves for any number of potential ‘events’ that could take down our power grid, leave our system of commerce at a standstill, and cause widespread civil unrest.

    We’re always preparing in one form or fashion.

    But one of our most important assets – our time – is often overlooked. And, rather than enjoying our lives, we may often delve so far down the rabbit hole that it’s hard to get back out.

    Daniel addresses this and other issues that preppers face, including the one question that is likely on the minds of many Americans: Where am I going to draw the line?

    This is the worst thing to possibly talk about. But it has to be said.

    Where are you going to draw the line?

    Start thinking about that now.

    I’m willing to allow the government to take roughly 35% to 40% of my income, because if I don’t allow them to do that I’m not going to be able to spend any more time with my wife and kids…

    I don’t like it. I think it’s wrong. I think they’re thieves. They’re bullies.

    But where is the line going to be drawn. Is it going to be drawn if they come to get my weapons? Think about that. If they come to get just your weapons, and you don’t know this is going on around nationally, likely most of you will give up your weapon.

    However, if it’s on the news that they’re taking everybody’s weapons, that’s a game changer. That might be where everybody says ‘no, no’ this is enough.

    For some of you, you may be looking at me like I’m crazy saying ‘no way, if they knock on my door the only thing I’m going to surrender is the lead.’

    Are you going to draw the line when they tax you too much? Are you going to draw the line when they want to immunize your children without you giving them consent?

    Where are you going to draw the line?

    That’s a rough question.

    It sure is, and it’s one that each of us needs to consider, and we need to do so in a realistic manner.

    Watch: The 3 things that Doomsday Preppers should ask themselves

    (Watch at  VisionVictory on Youtube)


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      1. 1. What are you going to do with your wealth?
        2. What are you going to do with your life?
        3. Where do you draw the line?

        What wealth,Im makeing paycheck to paycheck with low pay.

        Do what i have to to survive as we all do !

        When they come through my door and demand this or that, then you better bring some body bags .

        • Holy crap, guys! I just read on Drudge the Department of Homeland Security is monitoring the internet. Sounds like they are looking for folks just like YOU!

          Better be careful what you say out loud too. Over on C-SPAN Rand Paul is talking about the government wants to be able to drop a drone on your ass if they find you.

          I don’t know where you independent types draw the line, but sure sounds like the government wants it to be around the outline of your body. If you have a bunker might be good to head in for awhile. Sounds like a storm is brewing and folks like you are smack-dab in the eye of the storm.

          • Don’t worry. They’ll miss me and probably hit your house instead.

            • I don’t think it’d come to that. The reason has to do with logistics more than ideology.

              In order for a tyranny to work, it needs a population willing to help round up the ‘opponents’. There aren’t many ways for that to happen…

              Lenin/Stalin were able to do it because they had a population that was used to doing what it was told by the government, coupled with enough ‘revolutionaries’ to help carry the orders out. The rest happened through utter fear. The Bolsheviks merely replaced the Czar’s brutality/autocracy with their own totalitarianism, and had a largely ignorant peasantry for a population.

              Hitler was able to carry his orders off for the same reason – a population used to doing what it was told by the government, and enough fervent adherants to carry out the orders. Germany had ended its monarchy not even 20 years before Hitler rose to the top slot, when the Kaiser was forced out at the end of WWI.

              In the US, only a fraction (and trust me, not the majority) are used to doing what they’re told by the government. We never had a monarch, or a tradition of doing what we’re told. There is however a danger of this happening (in a way) if current policies continue over a couple more generations, turning the majority of the population into a permanently dependent class.

              Another thing the US lacks that the totalitarian regimes had was a military willing to commit action against their own people in order to enforce the will of the leadership. We do not have such a military.

              Overall, I strongly suspect that things will collapse economically first. In that case, the parent question “Where do you draw the line” is a complex one.

              In the book, I boiled it down to a solution of adapting to circumstance. In economic collapse, keep working, insure you’re debt-free, and you can use the money to get essentials while you simultaneously start using your stored resources. You can then either drop off the map (even if you live in a suburb) when it gets too dangerous to work or things like food become unavailable. Or, if things change for the better, get back to work and use that time to refill your stores (while adding more to the pile just in case).

              Meanwhile, the importance of community cannot be overstated – get your neighbors to start banding together. Start pooling the money to help get your un-prepped neighbors prepped up.** Buy and hide the weapons if you have to now, for a time when you’ll need them later. Together, build your own little committee to plan, work together, and start functioning fully once government stops functioning.

              ** this step is important! If your neighbors are prepped, you don’t have to worry about them mobbing your house for food or supplies. It also increased relative safety, and you end up with a group of folks who can help defend/guard the place, allowing everyone to get some sleep. Safety in numbers is not just a cliche.

              I guess that overall, there is no sharp “line” that separates civilization from anarchy. It is however a big undefined zone… much like how you have that wet sandy strip where ocean separates itself from the beach. I think that’s a useful analogy – it is dynamic, changes, ever-shifting, waves come and go as the tide rises, and as long as you keep your eye on it, you can avoid getting soaked.

              • And if you are an anti social cus like me just move to where there are no neighbors. Just kick the can till Nov o’failure and I’ll be fine.


              • Old Timer, In her book, “Give Me Liberty”, Naomi Wolfe says that Germany was a thriving democracy when Hitler came to power– thus, NOT used to taking orders. Also, police states don’t happen all at once. Little, by little, as citizens get used to some of their rights being taken away, more are taken away.. they become acclimated to the situation, as is occurring here in the U.S. THAT’s what scares me about the whole situation here. We’re becoming acclimated. When a bully sees they can get away with abusing you, they become even more abusive.

                Also, how they accomplish this (turning an open society into a closed one) is– they don’t have to abuse everyone, just a few works. For example, if citizens become aware of the fact that some citizens are thrown in prison for speaking out against the government, then everyone else stops talking out– they don’t have to throw everyone in prison. Just a few examples will do the trick. That’s why its so important to never give in, keep fighting back.

                • Grasshopper, that isn’t true about Germany being a thriving democracy when Hitler took over. They became a closed society when he took over, due to WWI and their economy. Hitler created a nationalistic ferver. Germany was in debt and (like the dollar) the Mark was worthless. I did my research while in high school in Germany.
                  I gave you a thumbs up for your 2nd paragraph.

                  • True….Germany’s ecomony was in the toilet. It took a day and a half to earn a loaf of bread.

                • They are not afraid of your weapons. They will collapse the economy and make the dollar worth less than that roll of Charmin in your bathroom. Then, after a month or so of lawlessness, they will have a lot less resistance to overcome, and a few hundred million less, ‘useless eaters’ to control. Can’t happen in America? Think about it.

              • OQ,
                That beach analogy is perfect, in more ways than one.
                Remember, when on the beach, keep an eye out for the tsunami, but also, don’t forget to PLAY.

                Life is short, you are only sure you have NOW.

              • Sounds just like USA and Obama …hm

              • Lord Obama has cut military spending in spades and thrown more money into dhs than can be accounted for. He has his ready made force much like that nut-job in europe had the brown-shirts. Sound familiar?

              • And you just answered why they’re throwing so many resources at China.

                Nice compliant population. Just ship ’em on over here.

                Obviously the problem with this master plan is that Chairman Mao is not going to be happy to see all the filthy rich Westerners with this plan.

              • Hitler used propaganda like FoxNews to get the dumbasses of society to blame all their woes on one group – just like the idiot republicans continue to do. In the 1960’s the GOP said everyone’s problems were due to “the blacks”. In the 1970’s it was the “hippies”. In the 1980’s it was the “liberals”. In the 1990’s it was “congress”. In the 2000’s it was “terrorists”. In the 2010’s it was “illegal immigrants”. Now it’s “the government”. What a bunch of whiners.

            • If the missle has an asshole homing device he is toast.

          • But in the end the storm pelts everyone with it’s fury. No doubt there were Christians that laughed when Jews were rounded up for slaughter but they did not laugh when they themselves were forced into slave labor to feed the ovens with corpses.

            No one escapes when Freedom Fails.
            The best men rot in filthy jails.
            Those who cried “appease appease” are hanged by those they tried to please.

            • In Rome, during the Spanish Inquisition, and during the
              holocaust, they always came for christians first.

          • WHY did you remove ‘warnings’ comment?his comment is right on,he just forgot to say,where are you going to draw the line when you walk out of china-mart and they grab you and haul you away to a fema camp because you were to stupid to have a weapon on you at all times………and when your starving and you say I got hundreds of gold and silver coins,please sell me some food,everyone will say you should have bought ammo and food with that money cause it worthless now…………………..

            • soylent green is people!

          • 2 chicks at the same time man!

          • Warning: Here’s OUR warning for you and them. The line in the sand is gun registration and thus, confiscation.

            Both are UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

            What part of “shall not be infringed” do you and the NWO not understand? Patriots are 100 million strong. WE can eliminate the NWO overnight and at 1000 yards!

            If you are afraid to die, I have news for you: You are going to die!

            Its better to die in the flower of youth in defense of the US Constitution than grow old as a slave under the thumb of the NWO!

            My personal goal is at least three blue helmets. Anything after that makes me a hero of the Second American Revolution.

            Molon Labe!

            • Even the Bible says that “it is appointed man once to die and then the judgement”, death and taxes, the inevitable. Kudos to you for the statement, “it is better to die in the flower of youth in defense of liberty than grow old as a slave”. Sounds Jeffersonian.

              This hedonistic, pleasure-oriented, “entertain me” society that’s been frontloaded into American men and women has caused people to be reticent even to voice complaints in public for fear they’ll be cut off from their pitiful pleasures. Freedom is far more valuable than any pleasure. What was it.. oh yeah “give me liberty or give me death”.

          • Bullshit, all we got to do is every prepper and patriot add a Berg-Stein-Stien-man-sky-ski-etc etc After your last name. Example: say your real name is Tom Jones…Just change it to Tom JonesBERG or JonesSTEIN…That way the bolshevik/zionists will think you are one with them.

            Then you get the Drop on em. OyVey!

        • Well, they intend on enslaving you and your’s, and murdering your’s anyway. You only have 2 choices, and niether of them are good.

          • That is true & I am ok and at peace. I will not die when they are “on the trigger”, but I will get my quota. Count on it.

        • Actually “they” will only need one. The one to put you in. Resistance begins with a plan to survive, not to commit suicide when “they” come knocking. If they come knocking on your door, they are prepared to kill. It is best to “appear” compliant in the light and resist in the dark.

          • screw that. I draw that line at my front door. I am the first line of defense. you say they will be prepared to kill. I’ve made my piece with god. remember “Dont go to the light alone” peace

          • Heck no; “resist in the dark”. TPTB are the darkness, never fight one’s enemies where he has the advantage. I’ll live and die in the light of my Savior, Jesus.

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          • Facebook Page, is that you?

        • me and the old lady are just that, old that is.. we follow all of Gods laws, state and civil laws if they don’t conflict with the fore mentioned. we know that God is in charge of every thing, we pray we are overlooked, but if not, we have 2 rusty 12 ga. shot guns, lots of 00 buck and slugs and we won’t be taken to any fema camp to die.any one that will not fight to the death is lower than cat shit. any one that will not, deserves what he or she gets.
          we are instructed to defend our family. the bible also says it will be worse than it every was or will be again.
          it you don’t think its coming to you, guess again. don’t give in to fear because you will realize it. keep the faith and to hell with satans nwo. either you have the holy spirit or a evil one. p.s. turn the frickin tv off, better yet git rid of it, we have been 10 years with out the plug in drug. get some back bone and man up. i love all of you that are coming to the truth. take care….

        • hillbilly reply,My folks were poor during the depression and they did not know that a depression was going on.My grand mother led a very simple life.Raised a big garden,children hunted for small game.She had a saying “raise what you eat so you can save what you make,$$ “.I thank we try to cover too many bases.None of the things we try to hold on too won’t be any good if we are DEAD.I can take a bag of beans and get all the silver and gold I need.Too much property $$$ taxes???. .If nobody has money most of business will be closed,stocks no good.FOOD is the key and a small place to grow it,hillbilly charlie

        • These are 3 very important questions.

          Here are my answers:

          1.) Spend it on my childrens future the best way I know how, by paying for their education so they are not entrapped with student loans.

          2.) I am going to educate other about survival and preparedness while continuing to arm myself with knowledge and skills. I am also going to make it a point to pass these skills and knowledge down to my children.

          3.) I draw the line at wanting to survive biological or nuclear warfare. I don’t plan or prep for either, personally, I would rather be dead than deal with effects of radiation, viruses, and the like.

 – Visit my blog

        • Yes, I see your point and agree. Peeps have had enough of the taxes and increases in cost of living. I see everyone as a tripwire now, ready to snap.

      2. My answer to the questions:

        1) buy food, guns, and other peeps, go to college, and put in a Mayo jar, start life away from home.

        2) people keep asking me that. I guess I better stop procrastinating.

        3) when my friend’s and family’s lives are in danger, once I’m done with my physics and chemistry classes and can do “fun stuff” with science.

      3. How does one get” certified ” as a dooms day prepper? Is there an online course?

        • I’ve never met a certified Doomsday Prepper who believe in long-term exposure to the stock markets…

          No disrespect, he’s a prepper at best! A certified Doomsday Prepper would be reporting from some bunker / basement advising, The best three questions of, WATER,FOOD and GUNS/AMMO.

          Also, a single monitor displaying your company names is all you need Mr. Doom

        • 1. Practice
          2. Practice
          3. Left turn in albequerke
          4. Practice

          • Albuquerque

            • albookurkee

            • Alba squeeky

              How many of these cities can you identify by their nicknames? Some are obvious. A few may be more regionally known, but all are passed around the cb by the truckers. See how you do…

              Bean Town
              The Dome
              Gay Bay
              Big Apple
              Cow Town
              Big D
              Big A (hint, home of the ‘Watermelon 500’)
              Red Stick
              The Rock
              T Town
              Mile High
              Choo Choo
              Mardi Gras

              • Take me back….. to my boots and my saddle(driver’s seat that is).

              • ‘Fraid i only got 8 for sure. Two of those listed have been home.

              • Or as I like to call where I live… the 9th level of hell…

          • Albuquerque…

        • 1) be a White Christian, preferably conservative – labeling you racist
          2) have more than three days food in your home – you’re a hoarder
          3) own a gun – gun nut
          4) question the government about anything – labeling you paranoid
          5) look for ways to maintain privacy – trying to hide

          • Ahh, jasoncookies, so sad but so true.

          • I think any combination of the above may officially make you a terrorist too.

          • Don’t forget that having served your country in the Military labels you as a potential terrorist.

            • Justice its worse then that ,you forgot crazy too,so get ready all you VETERANS,obama is coming after you for sure,and he’s sending out the local swat teams to get you with,find out where they all live now or you won’t be able to stop them when the time comes…………….

              • Its already started, i was denied a rifle purchace. When i called i was told i was flagged for suspicious activity. I can appeal and will find out in 9-12 months. I was told by someone in Fbi that certain vets with certain training, with certain political views have been placed on a watch list. I have never been accused or committed any crime, yet i can no longer “legally” purchace firearms. They were worried about an angry vet sharing his knowledge, well let me tell you I am angry now! This is what your reward is fod devoti g years of your life to protecting freedoms of us citizens, only to have mine stripped away. I am so mad i could spit. Damn them.

                • Greetings,

                  Were you diagnosed with PTSD? Did the military every have cause to, say, prescribe you anti-psychotics or anti-depressants? Did you suffer any injuries to your head which would give them cause for concern?

                  I can’t imagine that all veterans are being denied access to weapons based solely on the fact that they are veterans.

                  Would you please be so kind as to provide me with some additional information about this. Did you receive that form letter that I’ve seen online that was sent to some veterans? This has me very concerned.

                • Hey man. Thanks for your service. Get a friend to buy one for you. It is only going to get worse from here.

        • Rico, Rico, Rico. You here ain’t you? You already certified.

          • Rand Paul? The SAME Rand Paul that voted FOR the NDAA declaring the United States of America a battlefield and stripping you of your Constitutional rights?

      4. Is anyone watching the Rand filibuster on c-span? He is fighting for Patriots in my opinion. Channel 351 on Directv. He is now in the 10th hour.

        • I love it

        • The record for longest filibuster is 24 hrs., 18 mins. by Strom Thurmond in 1957. Any bets he can set a new record? Apparently, he is not allowed to sit or leave the floor. My bladder hurts simply imagining that.

          • Somebody get him a Big gulp cup, Hurry!!!

          • Hopefully, he came prepared and is wearing a Sneaky Leaker or some Depends! Go Rand!

          • Note that Rand is completely alone in this.

            • I read where the greasy RINO rat Rubio was making noises about joining Rand Paul in the filibuster. Make no mistake, folks: Rubio is a RINO and he is pushing for amnesty and he sees an opportunity to try to get some camera time, to bolster his agenda and to shore up his creds for the 2016 GOP El Presidente primary race.

              Don’t fall for it. I am SICK of RINOS, NEOCONS and open borders globalists who are pushing for the race replacement and genocide of White European people in America.

              • I agree with you about Rubio. I voted for him, b/c the alternatives were impossible. Sorry to say, but that’s the state of politics at the moment. Lots of kids growing up now are showing signs of being libertarians, and the country is very tense at the moment. So don’t give up hope. And watch out for Jeb Bush also. He’s a big-time globalist as well.

                • Rubio is Jew ass kissing mestizo. Vote him out of office.

                  • Tucker: Check out J.B.Williams articles at newswithviews website. JB williams has several great articles which proves Rubio is the same as hobammy as for NOT a Natural Born, and therfore NOT allowed per us const to be a prez nor a VP. Both of rubios parents were still Cuban citizens at his birth. JB Williams Proves the Exact Laws our founders went by when they wrote the us const etc.

                    Mainly the founders used/relied upon Blacks law and especially Vitales(sp?) laws and rules regarding internationally accepted nation-laws to determine the true Birth Nation of all persons. It always goes by the Fathers nationality is where the Kids born to him are considered a citizen of. For Rubio that= CUBA just as with Hobammy he is a BRITISH Subject as was his father at time of hobammy birth.

                    ALSO: Another Neocon “rising star” is LA state govner Bobby Jindle…he too is NOT natural born. Yet Jindle and Rubio are the Top two choices so far for most neocon party and MSM(fox hannity and rush L radio clown etc).

                    Recently hannity is promoting jeb Bush also!…Neocon repubs will never learn eh. If they pick them three, neocons are bound to again lose big.

                    Actually I think unless repubs begin NOW to recognize and support the White folks and stop being isreal firsters, they will lose again in mid terms and hobammy will be able to litterally finish Wrecking the usa totally.

                • Rubio is a globalist and you will vote for him because the other person is worse ?? Forgive me I don’t understand the illogical thought process. You do realize you do not HAVE to vote for either of the two major parties??

                  • I was unaware he was a globalist at the time.

              • Arm up. Stalinist commies are running wild. They’ll kill you and not just with drones.

            • No there were others, our Senator from Kansas spoke.

              Along with Cruz, Rubio and McConnell, other Republicans who joined Paul on the floor included Sens. Mike Lee of Utah, Jerry Moran of Kansas, John Barrasso of Wyoming, Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania, Jeff Flake of Arizona, Tim Scott of South Carolina, John Thune of South Dakota and Ron Johnson of Wisconsin. Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., also made an appearance. Wyden has long pressed for greater oversight of the use of drones.


          • Maybe he thought ahead and did a catheter/bag set up 🙂

            • Lol exactly what I thought 😀

            • He said he didnt…

          • Can you pee in a catheter and suspend yourself from the roof with wires?

            I could go on for months like that…

        • Paul is drawing a line at the arbitrary assasination by our President of American citizens within our homeland.
          I can’t imagine any line deeper. Too big to fail, too big to jail and now impossible impeachment. Maybe that line has gotten too wide as well. We are being herded to stampede but I’m smelling goose cooking. Black goose.

          • Your “president”?

            • Don’t call him that.

          • From one Grandpa to another: Of the fact that goose needs cooking, there is no doubt It ain’t just a the “Black” goose that needs cooking in those capital halls sir. And just in case you have an ounce of racial prejudice oozing out of that word “black”; it has no place in this war. Our fight is for all freedom loving people of this great country. The mere mention of a man’s color is a word and tool that serves to physchologically seperate the races. Frankly I don’t want to hear: black, white, brown, yellow or red. If you love freedom you are my brother I don’t recognize anything else.

            If you come against my brother then you too are my enemy.

            • Amen Brother!!!!

            • YEP! Doesn’t the Bible say something about the old devil wanting to sow division– he is a divider, causes problems. God is LOVE.

              TPTB think they have rights and we have none. They are separatists to the N th degree.

            • No prejudice. Since they are all pink on the inside, I mention it so you barbecue the right one.

          • Straight up!!!!

          • He ain’t ‘my’ president, because he is not the president of ‘all the people’.

            He is only the Usurper Black Kenyan of ‘his’ people.
            Now one of His people, Holder, said;
            -its practically impossible to prosecute the big banks because of the economic impact?
            -they have the right to attack citizens on our soil with a fuzzy definition of ‘immanent threat’?

            F* him… and His people.
            (I would call him what he is, but that would just stir up the trolls.)

            • Then, PLEASE, don’t come off as the hoier-than-sh– attitude you often have. Because if you don’t yet realize the error, ignorance of prejudice then you are still back in the dark ages– you simply have not evolved to the point that most people in the world have evolved to. God is real. And therefore, there is no room for prejudice. If you really think God/ The Great Spirit/The Source from which you came thinks you are superior to the blacks then you are pathetic.

              • Remember this is Pied Piper,the preacher with god’s word in one hand and a flamethrower in the other. Sounds like somebody you want to stay far away from.

                • YOU are the hand of God’s justice. NOT The System.
                  Remember that, turd brain.

              • Well here we go with the race thing-how unfortunate that one’s experience can mar the mind forever instead of moving on. PEOPLE ARE PEOPLE and A-HOLEs are A-HOLES,no matter what race,creed,or color and when the come down comes down,I could care less which or what;MY only care will be can they pull the trigger and their weight;no matter to the “bad guys”coming for you,they’ll take All and EVERYONE THEY CAN. Adjust your mind and you can survive CAUSE ALL BLOOD IS RED AND LIFE IS PRECIOUS.KEEP THIS IN MIND AND YOU JUST MIGHT BE OK.

                • I wish it could still be so. But as I said dfish, THEY hate US. I, have never hated anybody. Concerned that they are being stirred up against us? Oh yeah.
                  When that trigger is pulled, point is, color will matter, regardless. When emotions take over from reason, when the ‘good life’ is replaced by a war for resources… then we got Trouble with a capital T. There will be no thought, only reactions, and in a ‘race war’, skin color will be the first indicator of the enemy.
                  I wish, it were not so.

              • Piper: it also in the old testement somewheres speaks of “Beasts of the Field” and is really refering to certian tribes such as Cannanites etc. There it also mentions that beast of filed tribe are dark “bronze skin” and taller than other tribes.

                Like it or not that IS speaking of what we today call africans. And therefore perhaps where in Rev. it states that 1/3 or is it 1/4th? Of the entire world will be killed off and it says by disease-famines-sword and BEASTS of the Earth…Can that actually mean the OT referense?…As in not actually animals(lions etc) but killed by beats of earth means racial wars by african blacks and hispanics against whites?

                Grasshopper: before you call me a racist for pointing out what GODS word says…Think first. If I am racist for repeating Gods words?…Then what do You call God?..Racist also?….Stop hugging Trees long enough to Wise up. God=Love dont mean He never allows His WRATH to harm evil doers. Because like it or not YES HE DOES!

          • The thought crossed my mind that it might be very interesting to see these power-mad, tyrannical, arrogant, blood thirsty Communist cockroaches go ahead and perform a well publicized summary execution of some outspoken dissident American.

            That would effectively become the new Concord event, right?

            Which means any US Senator or US Congressman who isn’t already inside an airplane, departing the shores of the continental USA within 24 hours of this event occurring, flying on a one-way ticket to Timbucktwo – would automatically be considered an enemy of the Constitution and, if apprehended by the roving bands of angry patriots, would be subject an to on the spot trial for High Treason.


        • I do not donate to politicians of either side because both sides are the problem.

          I just donated $100.00 to Rand Paul. He and Ted Cruz are real Patriots.

          Stand With Rand!


          • “Real Patriots” do not suck up to Israel, Red.

            Real patriots put the interests of AMERICA and of AMERICAN CITIZENS at the TOP of their list of priorities.

            You wasted your hundred bucks, pal.

            • Tucker: if any honest sane person simply looks at Who owns the VAST majority of all that matters. Banks-fed reserve-MSM’s-newspapers/magazines. And has a vast Over representation of us reps and senators and especially white house aids that number several Thousand every Prez appoints to serve him. Although the people I speak of are just 1.5% of usa population, they number on avg from low of 65% to as high as 99%+ especially hollywood and tv and msm’s.

              And if it is very likly that the Anti-Christ “Systems” we see being put into place and almost ready for full bore opperation worldwide, and if you consider besides usa banks and msm and govnt etc the SAME group of persons operates exactly the SAME in ALL but 3-4 countries(for now anyways just wait soon it will be all nations of world) And if it is likly that Banksters+ MSM’s+Polititions are the Main folks perpetrating this Evilness most folks calls the,NWO- “Antichrist” systems.

              Then an Honest person Must admit there can be but ONE group of folks that FIT what is going on and has been for a very long time frame.

              To NOT believe it IS that group who are the RING LEADERS of the comming antichrist evil systems, then you must believe such a All Powerfull and Fabulously wealthy and overwhelming Worldwide System is simply being engineered by….WHO?…Welfare moms in ghettos?..NO! Midle class white factory worker types?…NO!…Illeagles from mexico who are 65% illerate?…NO!

              Gee Honest folks out there…WHO is left as yet I aint actually Named as a group?…Hint= They are 1.5% to “maybe” 2% total POP…Yet Own Most of worlds wealth(90%?) Control 65% to 99%+ of all that operates to Run a nation and its Society…Broadcasts thru its vast network of MSM’s(TV newspapers movies hollywood magazines ad agencys book publishers co.’s etc) the main Message as the “PRESS” is where vast majority of All nations folks gets info from right.

              Regardless what we were taught or told to think or believe, even if by preachers to believe…You cannot deny, one very small populated group in america and all but 3-4 nations in world ARE that group(no not every member as yes there are always exceptions, even if Few exist).

              Unfortunatly we also have a Huge group in usa that have been programmed/brainwashed to believe that NO Matter What that small group does-no matter to Who they do it to- even if that group steals-swindles-robs-Murders-genocides others(mainly whites genocided) regardless how evil or wrong it gets…That Vast Huge group in usa, the jewdeo-christians-zionists will allow it to go on.

              And they will always unquestionably Defend the small group and refuse to recognize that it IS that small group who are creating the worlds antichrist systems. Includeing infiltration and total control of the Roman Catholic vatican for soon to arive “False Prophet” very likely.

              That small in Numbers group over the last aprox 400 yrs since they took full ownership and control of London City and englands Banks…Up to Today, with full control of ALL but 3-4 nations worldwide….Will Probobly succeed due to enabler brainwashed evangelicals who, same as liberals, refuse to even Consider their pastors also swindled them due to greed or simple ignorance.

              If the Vast larger group who Worship all and anything done by or on behalf of jews or isreal refuse to awaken and soon?….America is Toast. There is NO other way so small in numbers group(1.5% population of usa) can do so much evils and retain massive control of all society and govnts and banks and msm’s,except to retain support by 50-million zionist-christians, and unless them larger group of evangelicals Quit BLIND support and begin to QUESTION what they been told to believe about the small group.

              So far this website, as like so many others, proves this awakening is Wishfull thinking. So we muct prepare appropriatly as it just may turn out our worst nightmare will be the Unquestionable defenders of all issues and evils perpetrated BY that small yet Powerfull antichrists peoples aka jews and isreal.

              This comment will likley recive as many or more down thumbs as Yours did,Tucker & Steve. Which just Proves I am correct!..They will never question full toleration of as many evils as the other group can do, and defend with weapons, Against all of us who do question or remark of it.

              They will Kill you and believe They are doing Gods works!(jewdeo-christian-zionists-unquestionably defending antichrist jews/isreal so to get “Blessings” by murdering Real christians that Do question and Expose those Evils.)

              Pastros for a generation now have told them “Bless them jews! and God Will Bless You and america”! Rah Rah Rah usa-usa-usa!!….WELL folks if what we seen occure nationwide in usa for the Last 60 yrs(since they began blessing state of isreal and jews) if THAT is “BLESSINGS” upon America?

              Boy I sure hate to see what the Curses they claim will be, actually can be?…our nation Stopped enjoying Gods Blessings aprox the exact Same time frame Pastors sold their Souls to Satan and their Services to Jews/isreal/big Govnts…And likewise since their “Flocks” of jewdeo zio christians fell asleep at the wheel and refuse to awaken.

              Yes Yes indeed! Bless them so God will bles Us and usa…Look at How its going last 60 yrs…RE-Think pastors False teachings eh.

          • Ted Cruz is , by no measure, a patriot. This is a ridiculous statement. For that matter, Rand is not one either.

            • eeder: eeder, eeder, the big poop eater. You’re nuttier than a fruitcake pal. Stop bobbying for turds all the time, it’s making you too stupid.

        • Historic. Epic. Watching it on line. CSPAN, right now.

          I can hear the Communists gnashing their teeth. Hours ago, Harry Reid made a brief and pathetic appearance to try to bring it to an end. What a weazel. The mulatto’s gotta be pacing and panting.

          • Come on EA, you’re smarter than that. The “mulatto” recognizes theater when he sees it, you should too!! Why do most people fall for political misdirection? The politicians are not there for YOU, they are there foe THEMSELVES.

          • Just sent him an email thanking him for all he pointed out…used the link you provided…we need to flood his office with support…a lone voice trying to help our country all day long deserves a thank you…just my personal opinion.

        • I feel like I’m watching the real life version of Mr Smith goes to Washington…
          He even resembles him…
          and it appears, he’s getting SUPPORT.

          STAND WITH RAND!

        • He lasted 12 hours they say. Good on him. The man’s a real hero. Hope we (our nation)can last longer than that though! Some of those liberty stealers need a little propaganda thrown back at them in a heaping dose. Right now, we fight a war of words. Hope it stays that way. But if it don’t, if they don’t come for me, I’ll be available for aid and comfort for the protectors of the Constitution.

        • Yep and he is doing well.

        • I think we all need to view this Rand filibuster in the clear light of day.
          He has a problem with killing americans on american soil with drones.
          Sounds good but…
          Does he have a problem with killing americans abroad with drones?
          Killing non citizens abroad?
          Killing non citizens on american soil?
          Does he stand against the NDAA and black bagging americans?
          Does he stand against warrantless wiretapping?
          Does he stand against gun restrictions?
          Gun registration?

          We have lost so much when some jackass stands up to defend the smallest slice of our remaining humanity too many immediately rush to slap them on the back. This is sound bite politics and you are falling for the same trick again and again and again…

          Does Rand Paul stand up and defend all of your rights?
          Perhaps you should answer this question before calling hin some sort of hero.

          • Watch the Yutube video of Rand Paul At the wailing Wall with his pal Bibbi Netanyahoo and a couple dozen Rabbi’s.

            Then watch fox hannity show a couple weeks ago when Rand Paul was shown sitting in a chair with the USA Flag Barely visable behind Rands Right side, barely a couple red and white stripe Ends are seen…NOW look at Rand Pauls Left side and note how the ENTIRE six-sidded star on blue background of Isreals flag is so Prominatly displayed.

            Yes it is quite obvious who he stands with eh…NOT americans.

            PS. If Christ predicted that the jersulem temple Will fall, and NOT one single Stone shall remain standing, which Yes Christ Did say that will happen…And It DID! in 70 AD era right…Every christian and many athesist nows this as Facts right..

            So…How can that wailling Wall posibly be of ANY temple remains as most pastors today claims?….Either those preachers are Wrong?…OR Jesus was mistaken!(not likely He was wrong eh).

            Looks as if we discovered yet Another issue christians today Must question of their pastors huh.

            ps that wailling wall so many claim as actual remains of the jews temple…It is really what remains standing of a Roman Fortress called “Antonin” or something close to that….I wonder why so many preachers have for so long made false claims of that wall?…Maybe they do not believe Jesus was able to predict the Future so swell?

            Either way Jesus Was proved Correct in 70 AD when not a single stone was left standing from the jewsih temple.

            Ok lets don skull-caps like Rand et al and go bang our foreheads aginst the Fake wall! Show america WHO you truly support. usa-usa-usa!! wheres my small cheep china made usa flag to wave?

      5. Don’t want y’all to think I don’t take this stuff seriously. I do. But I also have a few questions…

        1- Has America truly slipped into the hands of tyrants?

        2- Is it alright to hate the bastards and say so?

        3- Is it okay to talk about designs and parts for making ‘Patriot Counter Measures’ that go boom? If it’s only talk? (note to fusion center- there’s nothing in my garage, as far as you know)

        4- Did that last one just get me moved higher on ‘The List’?

        5- Is it ok if I don’t give a damn about #4?

        6- Did I just hear a knock at the door?

        7- Will y’all come see me on visiting days at Camp Fema?

        8- Will you bring me some goodies when you visit? (my favorite is red velvet cake)

        9- Does Daisy have that cake recipe I sent her? The one with real cream cheese and real butter and a real file?

        10- Is the world going absolutely moon-bat crazy?

        11- Or is it just me?

        • SO
          Moon-bat crazy would be an upgrade.
          They can listen and watch you on your smart phone so they don’t need to read your posts.
          You are either on the list or not, don’t worry about rank.
          And I can still get rounds from sg ammo in Stillwater..

        • 1-10= YES! as to #11…no its not just you its about 10 million of us….we’re all crazy,crazy like a fox… 😉

        • Okie,

          I go down the list everyday and wonder when the MPs are going to come beat down my tent. I stay w/in UCMJ but wonder what lists my IP has popped up on and how much longer I/ we have? According to Mr James Rawles list we can all more than likely check off most of the criteria that makes us targets of our government… It’s not just you brother, the world has gone stupid and there is no end in sight. Thank goodness we had a champion tonight. I don’t agree with RP all the time, but it was good to see someone stand for our BoR.


        • i second a lot of that. i had to watch the US say on the last election that, yes; they would like more economic pain and less liberties at even greater pace than has been stripped over the past 10 years and i have no doubt theyll strip more.

          1. What are you going to do with your wealth?
          -do what i am doing and i will spread my wealth to help more vets if i get more
          2. What are you going to do with your life?
          again. do what i am doing and i will spread my wealth to help more vets if i get more
          3. Where do you draw the line?
          when more people step up to the line, i’ll be happy to draw it. imo, right now; if you draw a line and dont have the resources; youre just cannon fodder.

          • leeholsen, have you heard of a man named John Nanney, Northern Arizona Vets Serving Vets??

        • 1-Used tennis ball launcher
          -Some sheet metal and screws
          -a little angle iron
          -proper tools

          disassemble launcher, assemble feed ramp into ball intake, mount candle at proper distance and angle, mix 50/50 gas/styro till gel, fill bottles, cork with cloth, mount bottles on ramp assembly, light candle
          turn on. feed with long stick, keep your distance while operating.
          (add 12v battery + inverter for mobility)

          Dragons Breath
          fully automatic molotov napalm launcher
          good for any armored vehicle.
          test distances w/bottled water
          Fear no man.

          • I love do-it-yourself projects!

            • Hi smokin!
              yeah… my first love… 😉
              I would probably mount on the back of a pickup and then weld on some ‘ragged armor’.

              Rand’s Filibuster is over. at 12:39am
              he yields the floor to go pee…. 😉

              • For want of a bladder the kingdom is lost!
                But he put up a great fight!

                • “But he put up a great fight!”

                  It was pure symbolic pap. I heard him say the other day that he’d filibuster the nomination and then still vote for the guy because the president has a right to his cabinet.

                  • Yeah,
                    and he set himself up to run for President…

          • candle is bad idea will cause a lot of needing to relight it. I would suggest using a propane/butane powered flame with a thermal couple. ( have it so the thermal couple will shut the machine down if the flame blows out, no reason to waste your mollys ) Less chance of blowing out during operation.

        • SO: Don’t panic! The knock on the door is just a Girl Scout selling cookies. But don’t answer it either.

          It could be a ruse. 🙂

          • smells like she has thin mints. i’m gonna take a chance…

            • I get Do-Si-Dos. I just wish they came in bigger boxes than those single-serving ones.

        • Come see you in the Fema camp ??

          Most people I know would have no problem helping you and other patriots out of a Fema camp.

        • 2- Is it alright to hate the bastards and say so?

          Oh, hell, yeah…Dear Lord, come smite these evil bastards…

          Every night, this is my prayer.

          • velvet with cream cheese frosting.
            Will do.

          • That is one thing for sure, JJ. The smite’n will be a glorious thing to see. When I see the faces of evil on my TV screen, smirking like the cat that just ate the canary, I keep reminding myself, God is still in control and He gave us warning that these things must happen first.

            The evilness of Janet “Dungbeetle” Napolitano, John “longdevil” Kerry,Finksteins,Billery & the Bushes, the Muslim Brotherhood loving Odramas……. They all will get theirs.

            When Auch-med-begin-a-jihad made the comment about Hugo Chavez being like Jesus Christ, this week; he put another nail in his own coffin. You don’t refer to a thug, murdering, drug pushing, psychopath dictator; as being anything like the only begotten Son of the Almighty and get away with it. I think his days are numbered.

            • Exactly, dont tread, and it seems to be all happening according to His plan revealed in His book.
              We all can know the outcome if we read the end of the BOOK.
              I think that is the ONLY reason I remain so calm.

              • How will that affect what the Tamlud says about Jesus Christ then?….Talmud= Vile Hatred of Christ in more examples than I can list here.

        • 9.) Got it, Okie. You can count on me!!!


        • Yes.

        • @smokino
          you don’t have to worry about #7 unless you use the file from #9 to break in…you and i nor most that post on this site will ever see the inside of a fema secure facility…these have been built for the protection of the middle class, bankers, leo families and such that need protection from those that could do them harm…those who have worked for a living, the working poor and the gov’t sheeple are not going to be provided room and board, hell the idea is to get rid of us not to keep us alive and waste provisions on us…we will be left to fend for ourselves among the living dead protecting our families and supplies…putting the idea out there among us that we are all going to be locked up and loose our freedom is the only pyhc-op that the gov’t has been able to pull off with any kind of effectiveness in all this mess…

          • Why does the barbed wire at the top of the fences point inward?

            • @archivist
              just maybe it is too fool some people into thinking “that’s to keep people in” worked didn’t it!…

        • Er,,,,Uhh….. i’m afraid it’s just you……!

          May I suggest a fresh roll of Reynold’s Wrap?

      6. I am glad this question is brought up from time to time. I believe we can all lose track of what we are prepping for especially on this forum because so any want to blame the old, the young, the whites, the blacks,the cops, etc… Ultimately we rant about wanting to kill the pols and bathe the streets in blood. For me it is simply when is my simple life disrupted to the point I no longer can leave my home or travel to a shelter without my gear and members of my community. I am not worried about paying taxes I worry about the 2nd Ammendment being nullified. I am worried about food crises spilling to my property. I am worried about my grand kids future. So I prep a little, train a little and live a little until the end or the answer becomes obvious.


      7. I will marry the next Woman I see wearing a “End the Fed” Shirt.

        • Too funny! But you’d have a good woman!

        • “I am no longer a virgin but have box it came in.”

        • What if Janet Napolitano walked by you wearing such a shirt?

          • Why is it I’ve always just eaten when I read some comment like yours…a waste of another meal…Damn… 🙂

      8. Wealth? Matthew 6:19-21
        Life? John 3:16
        Line? Psalm 27:1-3

        • Ditto

        • A THOUSAND THUMBS UP. Thanks for the encouraging reminder. We are not alone in this fight…


        • It is time to take a stand, and not only with Rand. As I stated last week, I have a little piece I have “condensed” down some for this site, on the National ID movement underway. If we don’t make a stand against this, we will not have a chance to stand against anything else. There is nothing new here to most folks that have been paying attention, but it is still very important to know what is happening with our State Driver’s Licensing System, and where it will potentially lead.

          Take a Number and ……….

          TPTB proposed a National ID System during the Reagan presidency and when President Reagan got the announcement; he said that anything like this would be considered the “Mark of the Beast” and would not be implemented by his administration.
          Jump ahead to May 11th,2005; GW Bush signed the REAL ID Act into legislation with it attached to the back of a 1000 page bill, adding funding for troops, and for relief aid to the Tsunami victims.

          Identification of people by association with a “number” began in 1935 w/ implementation of Social Security by F.D.R. People were reluctant to accept, so the gov. stamped onto the SS card; “Not For Identification Purposes”.
          Later, to further the implementation of a National ID System, those same SS#s were, and still are, used to attach a “marker” of identity to a person’s State Driver’s License.
          Birth Certificates also have a number attached and are used.

          Have you ever heard of the, ICAO=(International Civil Aviation Organization ? It is an “arm” of the United Nations. In 2010, 170 member nations began conforming to this organization’s “guidelines” by issuing passports thru the requirements of the United Nations on international travel by having an RFID chip and a “Digital (Biometric) Photo” on them. All US Passports now conform to this.

          Also, in 2010, a Clearing house system for accepting “micro” payments instead of cash; in the country of Thailand; was put in place. Nigeria and Ireland are set to use a similar, Smart Card System. In January 2011, Greece outlawed all “cash” transactions over 1500 Euros.

          Applied Digital Solutions introduced the “Veri-chip for injecting into the skin. In 2004, the US Food &Drug Admin., approved injections into “participants” for maintenance of medical records, which may include all banking transactions and records within the IRS. This same type chip can be used for financial transactions. In Barcelona Spain, at the Beach Club; guests may check in and then get “chipped” and walk/sun/lounge, around all week and never have to carry a wallet or purse.

          The REAL ID System, a National ID System, and eventually an International ID System will be implemented by the States; “initially”, via the Driver’s Licensing Agency of each State. Requirements for receiving said DL; include, photo ID(current DL or other), Birth Certificate, SS #, and residence address. The “new” photo must be a “facial digital image”. I remember my first DL digital photo. I looked like I had a good tan and a half can of Skoal under my lower lip. No complaining from me, just let me out of the freakin’ place already.

          The DHS has oversight and compliance mandates for all the states. The date for states to be compliant by meeting the DHS “benchmarks”, has been moved up many times since 2007. Even if a State isn’t publicly saying they are complying, if they have met the “benchmarks”, they are in compliance and have no control over the data base and how DHS uses it. Twenty-five States say they are rejecting REAL ID, and fifteen say it is illegal to comply; but, that doesn’t mean they are not, or have not, met the “benchmarks” for compliance. DHS has the authority to “ignore laws” if and when they deem necessary. They have the ability, under the guise of Immigration Reform, Anti-terrorism measures, and National Medical Insurance Coverage; to deny a person medical treatment, a job, or to be able to travel via airplane, or any means for that matter.

          Many countries are enrolled into this N.W.O. biometric ID System which includes RFID chips. In 2007 China began enrolling it’s 1.3 billion population; in 2009 India began it’s 1.2 billion citizen registry; in 2010 Germany and most of Europe, and Mexico also has a system. The next deadline for US compliance is fall of 2013. Isn’t it ironic that the date has been moved up, to just after the 911 anniversary and after the removal of the ban on allowing “blades/short knives” of any length on Commercial flights; recently. Something smells rather “Fishy Fish-ay”…..

          The main reasons for DHS moving the “Mandatory Date of Compliance” forward, has been the rejection and involvement of many, many groups. To name a few major ones; ACLU, AFL-CIO, ACLJ (Christian based), and many others.
          The sharing of our States DL database with Canada and Mexico was already made legal back in 1994 with the North American DL Agreement. You best believe, if a database is shared with Canada and Mexico, it is/will be also shared with the UN database, hence an International/One World ID System.

          It is all about control, although DHS says not. Example: If we have our pet dog; “Bear”, on a collared leash, he is under control. If his collar breaks, he gets loose, and he is free. Believe me, if he breaks free, he won’t mind or listen. He runs wild with no regard to our demands. TPTB don’t want us running free or ignoring their demands. Over one hundred nations have “Compulsory” ID cards for a way of controlling their citizens. Others have “Non-compulsory” ID cards. National ID cards have a way of becoming “Compulsory”. Although; in an International database, the facial recognition part, would only be accurate about 50% of the time, according to experts, it won’t stop them. The problem then becomes one of possible human error in fully identifying a person. If a person is falsely identified and then detained for a possible crime; it would become an everlasting nightmare to try and prove one’s innocence.

          A National ID System is required in order to implement a Totalitarian form of government. Eg; Hitler tattooed all persons in his camps in order to keep up with their movements.

          What does all this mean? I have my own beliefs and understandings based on my biblical readings and understandings. Where is this leading America to? Again, I have my own ideas and beliefs as they are based on my biblical beliefs and understandings.
          I do know that this System of, “individual” identity and tracking could not have been done 50 or even 30 years ago. I do know that all freedom loving Americans must reject this move by TPTB to further control our every move. By what I have gathered, we will be triumphant.

          More facts and figures can be found by searching REAL ID Act, and link on these sites: Wikipedia, Heritage Foundation,Real Nightmare,National Conference of State Legislatures, and the DHS Official website.

          I am offering the Biblical perspective based on my beliefs and understandings, via email. Just send a request to… [email protected]

          • Every so often I hear talk of birth certificates having numbers. Mine doesn’t and neither does anybody else’s, at least in the 4 or 5 states I have personally checked. The original of mine is in a book in the Register of Deeds office and only has a page number on the top corner. Does anybody know what this birth certificate numbers deal is? Where did this idea start?

            Also, my SS card still says “Not for Identification” on it. And my DL has a regular photograph, which actually looks pretty good considering that I’m in it. And there’s no chip or mag stripe either.

            When I go to some stores, even using cash, the clerk will ask for my phone number. I just say no. They give up and type a bunch of zeroes.

            If my state ever puts an RFID in my DL, I will either leave mine home or wrap it in foil. I will not be tagged or tracked.

            • I’m with you on that one Archivist. I will not be willingly tracked or chipped or carry anything that is known to carry such.

              The thing with cell phones worries me a bit. I don’t carry one anymore. I have one, but it stays off and at home most of the time.

              If people won’t get busy with writing/emailing/calling their representatives over this National ID thing, it will be another big intrusion of privacy just like Obamacare will soon become.
              Once it gets rolling, there will be no stopping home invasions by TPTB. Once they have you pegged away from home, a van with gov zombies, disguised as utility workers can move in and confiscate all your weapons/etc. Neighbors won’t know a thing.

              As far as Birth Certificates and the connection, I am not sure. Mark Lerner is probably the biggest advocate for putting a “stop” to REAL ID and the use of biometrics by corporations and governments to control people. If anyone wants to get a good understanding, they should search for his workings. The Freedom Advocates website has info on Mark’s work. AxXiom For Liberty is another good site and, some of Mark’s videos are on YouTube.

              This is some serious shit and no one, that i know, really seems to care. Their response is, “There’s nothing I can do about it”. That is the very mindset TPTB are counting on. When they say you “will” do this or that, or we won’t give you a handout or let you work or even provide medical care; it’s too late then.

          • You seem to be well informed on the issue…Im glad you are out there and are involved…theres lots of good people in on this fight and I believe we will win in the end,but it takes people getting involved…thanks DT!

            PS folks need to keep an eye out for NAIS (animal ID) in the same way…they want to control all the food and YES they have talked about PLANT Id too…. 🙁

        • Fall with Paul……!

      10. Only have one thing to say to those doubters and Prepper Haters out there: I would rather have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it….

      11. “I’m going to get my kicks before the whole shit house goes up in flames” Jim Morrison

      12. On the day I saw Mt. Carmel being burned down by the FBI, I was presented with those same 3 questions on that day 20 years ago. 1. I decided to invest all the money I could in survival supplies; food, water, water purification items, medical supplies, camping equipment, guns, ammo, etc., things I knew would help me stay alive. 2. I decided to spend the rest of my life PREPPING for the other false-flag events and hell on earth that I knew would happen someday. I’d already had experience prepping for hurricanes from my years in Florida, so I knew basically what was neede for survival, but I also knew there was more to learn on that subject, so i also spent what time I could gathering more information about surviving various SHTF scenarios. 3. I drew my line at anyone trying to force their way into my home for any reason. I knew there could never be any legitimate basis for such an action. I have said this many times on this forum and it bears repeating. We are facing a federal government with dishonorable intentions toward ALL OF US, REGARDLESS OF RACE, GENDER, RELIGION, ETC. They make it clear every day through words and actions what they want to do to us and our country. NOTHING THESE PEOPLE DO HAVE ANY LEGITIMATE BASIS; NOTHING! NONE OF US HAVE ANY OBLIGATION TO THESE PEOPLE WHATSOEVER! YOU DON’T HAVE TO OBEY ANYONE WHO HAS EVIL INTENTIONS TOWARD YOU, EVER! WHEN SOMEONE TRIES TO FORCE THEIR WAY INTO YOUR HOME WITH EVIL INTENT TOWARD YOU AND YOUR FAMILY, YOU ELIMINATE THAT THREAT BY USING DEADLY FORCE, PERIOD! YOU DO WHAT’S NECESSARY TO SAVE YOURSELF AND YOUR FAMILY AND WORRY ABOUT ANY CONSEQUENCES AFTER THE FACT! In my own case, I live alone. My wife was killed by a drunk driver over 30 years ago before we could have any children and I never found anyone else worth having for a second wife, so i gave up on having kids altogether. I only have myself to provide for, so I have less pressure on me than a lot of other preppers out there. My line is the thresholds of my front and back doors and even my windows on my home. Force your way into my home and you lose your life. It’s that simple. I’m not giving up ANYTHING I have. nobody tells me what I can or cannot have in my home, period! NOMI CATIMF Braveheart

        • Hugs to you! You are truly a Brave Heart! Prep on!

        • Braveheart, there is a video of this Vet who was in his home and suddenly several thugs (cops with all black gear, bullet proof everything) knocked his door down and blasted him with 50 bullets. He didn’t have a chance. His young wife saw them ahead of time and warned him. He got his gun, but he didn’t even have the trigger pulled back when they killed him. Don’t mean to sound discouraging, but you’re a warrior and we don’t want to lose you. Joining with other small groups accomplishes more.

      13. Draw the line? It has been drawn for us with drones and other stuff. The line has been drawn, we are just waiting to see what their next move is?

        Wish Americans were awake. But they are too busy running to and fro. Too busy to worry. Too busy to prepare.

        On life and wealth? Just enjoy it. Will get ready for marathon this May. Spend time with family, wife and son. I will stop and smell the roses. Enjoy nature and its beauty. Walk with the Lord.

        Life is short. Time is short. Enjoy the moment.

        • exactly ugly,

          They drew the line for us. Patriot acts.
          They redrew the line even further for us. NDAA(2011)
          They redrew the line even further for us. Drones. Killing americans.

          Maybe it is time to take their crayons away?

        • Stalinst commies will use more than drones to kill you and this nation is full of Stalinst commies.


      14. My wife and I were talking the other day about phone booths and my grandson asked what is a phone booth. I fear the day I will have to teach him what the Constitution was. Maybe after he learns about Santa. Floor him good with a double dose of history and fantasy. Explaining to him what the slide rule was that I was holding went way over his head, as I nodded to myself. Yup, better throw that in too. You’re never done prepping for those damn lines.

      15. #1) My Wealth? well….. i do not have any
        liver/kidney/pancreas…etc.,whatnot worth
        Fighting over, I would offer up my SKIN -yep
        TO be shared between the Soldiers+the innocent babes’

      16. Desert Rat, I’ve read that article previously and I meet all the criteria, so I know I’m in the right kind of company. If I’m on a list, I don’t care. As i said in my last post, nothing this govt. does has any legitimate basis, period. NOMI CATIMF Braveheart

      17. Spider, when the balloon goes up, all nonpreppers will be in for the biggest surprise of their lives. Go back in the archives and look up an article by Be Informed from May 12, 2012, titled, “How Horrific Will It Be For The Nonprepper?” That article is real eye-opener.

      18. Wealth is an illusion, the ONLY time when money matters is when you don’t have it.

        Your life, that the government wants in the form of shear blind obedience and your physical body, your mind and thoughts, and YES your soul. That is what a demon type government wants.

        The line, that has already been drawn by almost everyone on this site that says hell no to you big brother, more like screw you oppressive government.

        I was deeply thinking about this today just how awful it has become for good honest people that want to do what is right for themselves and others. Evil in whatever form it has taken attacks such moral fairness. You look around you and there are now three forms of people. The pure evil that wants absolute control and will get it no matter how many life forms suffer. The good that is really taking a beating more and more each day because the negative forces are trying to drive this positive force into the darkness. And the third are the brain dead FLOATERS that cannot be good or evil, they are just mindless blobs of flesh, the zombies of the world.

        Here is something very few people have actually thought about, there are actually very few of the evil and the good. It is almost a battle of select individuals against each other, while the masses are less than pawns. You have the 1% wicked against the 1% good, while the other 98% bob around on the surface of the cess pool that this world is becoming. The battle lines are being drawn, and oh it is going to be horrible beyond words. This is a way out of the box way of thinking I know, but can’t everyone out there see this?

        • BI,
          You are more correct than you know.
          There are 3 races of men, the Dark, the mixed and the Light. The ancient Gnostics defined them, and I see that in our basic archetypes today. If I remember they called them the Hylic, the Pneumatic, and the Psychic. The hellish, the breathers, and the spiritual. This was also referred to as the Sons of Cain (or serpent seed), the Souls, and the Sons of Seth.

          The mixed Souls are not necessarily useless blobs of flesh, they are simply confused, clueless, caught between their mind and heart, in many cases dysfunctional and floating like you said, from day to day. Their job is to conquer the animal within, because they are confused about whether they want to stay separate from God, and remain on the Wheel of Life.

          We have examples of all kinds here. Several are a good example of the hellish, who only want to destroy, they are not even connected to spirit, and are unredeemable, having no conscience and only temporary life. There is no way to reach them as darkness is their totality.

          You are also correct about wealth. The love of money is the root of all evil, for a reason.

          • This is an interesting subject…. Please elaborate. Rand is the man. I guess it’s a shitty day in the USSA when the dictator won’t say he will not use drones to kill Americans… Anywhere much less America.



            • Not sure which subject you wish elaborated…
              But if you are talking to me, you may click my name to get to my site.
              I don’t elaborate any long on Mac’s site, I don’t wish to stink up their threads with ‘that stuff’.

              • Michael ~

                Could you please write a “Piper Michael for Dummies” post? There are some pretty deep concepts on there, and I have to confess I need some clarification! 🙂

                *Daisy hangs head in shame*

                • NO NO Daisy…don’t hang your head…

                  Even though it may seam esoteric, what PM has to say is, in my view, grounded in a logical pursuit of the truth… same approach you have in what you do…

                  eh…I may be wrong about both of you…

                  I don’t think so. 😉

                  • seem… don’t want the computer correcting me…ha ha…

                • Ms Daisy.
                  Your wish is my command.
                  In fact I was already working on something called;
                  The God Calculus for dummies.

                  Wait for it.

            • Why would it matter even IF he DID say he wouldn’t use drones to kill Americans??
              Hell, if he hasn’t been arrested for treason by now, it won’t ever happen; so let him say he will kill Americans; won’t matter!

        • Agreed BI.

          That is, with everything except the ratios of good to bad. I truly believe there are more like “two” good for every “one”, bad/evil. It’s just that half the good are too afraid to say anything and just sit quitely waiting to see what the other half does.

          I think about half of the floaters/zombie/brain-deads, are “potentially” good people, but just don’t have the right teaching and leadership, so they stay “ignorant”, without having any real direction in life.

          The little woman “hates” the word “ignorant”. I made a reference once about her being ignorant to a fact of creation and got a dose of pissed off woman. i explained that stating “ignorance” wasn’t meant to be, mean, or a demeaning statement towards a person.

          She says, “I don’t care, just call me a stupid bitch, but don’t call me ignorant”. OK, stupid bitch it is then…….. wrong……WHAPPP!! Let’s just forget the whole ignorant thing there little wifey. Here’s a nice hot cup of my best mocha-jo coffee and a cream cheese danish. Kiss-Kiss, all’s well.

          • don’t tread, ignorant is better than stupid.
            Ignorant is one who has not had opportucity or had access to that learning.
            Stupid is one with access and opportunity and still didn’t get it.
            I am ignorant in a billion ways, but hopefully if shown the way, I ain’t ever stupid!!

            • Amen to that, lady.

      19. In a real crisis, in a real collapse where WE are talking about a “doomsday collapse”, (as the video discusses), stocks would become virtually worthless; residential real estate would not be producing because the tenants would likely lose their jobs; junior miners would not have new investors to buy your position under the bigger fool theory by which their stocks operate.

        In a pole shift, nuclear war, or EMP; in a true “doomsday collapse” of the economy, the biggest public corporate players like Apple or Exxon would lose the most. There is no way to mitigate your investment losses, other than as a tax deduction.

        But who will be paying or filing taxes under such a scenario that might justify Martial Law? No one. Survival will be the Order of the Day.

        Make sure you have 3.5 years of preps. 3.5 years of preps. 3.5 years of preps. Lots of water, and consider how you will ration them in the third year. Hint start rationing after the first six months.

        Good luck.

        • Shouldn’t it be 7 years instead of 3.5 years? And how do you know which day to start as predicted.

          • 3.5, not 7; starts March 22, 2013.

            • OGL, there’s that date again. I cant remember the significance of the 22nd. What is the significance?

          • When you see the “abomination of desolation” standing where he ought not, flee to the mountains.

            Just saying.

        • So very much agree with your comment. I stopped watching the video when he started talking about stocks. What we are facing is a survival situation. Survival and getting right with God will be the order of the day. I confess – I’m not ready. We just moved with my husband’s job and live in a big house on a golf course…it was a foreclosure. I used to prep years ago but I haven’t been. I’m ready spiritually but not materially. My husband sees what is happening but is in complete denial. His parents don’t have a clue…I am in this mindset all alone. I do have a brother I discuss things with and my father thinks he won’t be here to experience it (he’s almost 88) but this thing that is coming at us will be the worst thing our earth has ever experienced and will ever experience. Suffering and death like no other time in history. I decided a long time ago to just live my life one day at a time…we enjoy family and friends and enjoy life in general but…the majority of the population will not survive…I don’t think people realize how bad it will truly be. Having guns and food can’t help you fight disease and infection. There are any number of ways to cull without them lifting a finger. The most important prep is to get right with God. Just do the best you can.

      20. The line has already been drawn.

      21. @ JustOneGuy. You asked me about the area around Yakutat, Alaska and why there has not been a big earthquake in a long time here. This area is very similar to the San Andreas fault system and is locked in a very similar manner. You might notice that a type of right triangle forms at about 141 degrees west. This is where the fault is locked and wanting to move northwest just like the San Andreas. Both faults are strike slip and move in a horizontal movement. Both faults are governmed by what the North American plate does. Both of jammed closed like a truck struck against the side of a mountain. Both are so locked that very little or no activity will occur for decades. Both will one day suddenly move violently when the North American plate moves enough to allow this.

        The earthquakes on the African plate egion today have in the past lead to big earthquakes from Washington up to northern Vancouver Island. This is no coincidence has when the African plate is moving away from the North American plate it means more pressure is building on the North American plate, especially on the boundaries in which the North American plate is forcing itself against the Pacific plate. This is how earthquakes on other plates can help predict where soon to break faults thousands of miles away work. The same way pressure on a suspension bridge on one point can be refocused much distance away from where the weak point actually is.

      22. A new book on the market, “Discovery to Catastrophe,” puts things into balance from a biblical perspective. A good read to help understanding prepping, survival, end time events, and life – pursuing the idea of prepping without loosing sight of who we are, and why we are here.

        The book has been likened to “One Second After” (the end of the book), and other works of great fiction that deal with prepping and survival. Though the first of a series, it is a great read dealing with Christ’s second coming, and events leading up to that glorious event.

        Look up, and rejoice! For our redemption draws near!

      23. The questions are backwards. Once they cross the line I will fight for my family, freedom, and country. If Christ returns or I am unsuccessful in defending my family… Chavez can have it. Wonder what he is doing with his stolen Billions now?

      24. Until the 16th of this month, or next Saturday that skies are dark enough for Israel to launch attacks on Iran and OTHERS.

        IF it happens this month everybody should hear about it between 2 PM to 6 PM eastern time. This would be the time that everybody would be in shock for likely hours before the run on the supermarkets and everything else will begin and AN EXCELLENT time to go out and stock up on what you don’t have enough of or what you have been putting off. Basic perishables such as fruit and vegetables that could be eaten in the first days of the beginning of a huge SHTF event will save your supplies that have long term storage for later. Fuel and ammo should also be a top priority to get at the last minute because these will be the first to be go, be banned, or very rationed.

        • I’m about 50 miles east of Iran, will let you know when it happens… This place will clear out!

          • this blue star mom will help cover you with prayer.

            • as will I and the honor of our families service.

          • Desert Rat: When do you rotate out?

        • I hope the psychopaths in charge in Its-a-lie do hit Iran, and I also hope that 3 split seconds after they do, a minimum of 20 nuclear tipped Russian sunburn cruise missiles slam into Tel Aviv and wipe that vile and despicably evil sand box of a nation off the face of the Earth.

          • Yup. Sunburn has a relatively short range. It’d probably be done with something else. But I take your point. Hope such a thing does not happen however.

          • Speaking of psychopaths… HI Tucker…
            When that happens, Damascus will cease to exist, and also, AMERICA.
            No, I don’t love Jews, but I don’t hate them either, I just ignore them mostly and use them as a wind vane…
            as in, The Winds of war.

          • Tucker: if that happens, then about a full 1/2 of the worlds population of Khazers(fake jews=edomites=esau) will cease to be….Hmmmm…That still leaves the Other 1/2 of khazers in america.

        • March is a big month for war. It’s high time for the military to do it’s real job and arrest the President and the traitors.

          • Hey, Win. Always great to read your posts. I think most will agree that we’re in the ‘long train of abuses stage’, the historical equivalent of being in between the 1770 Boston Massacre and 1775 Lexington Green. Things are happening, intellectually now and I think we’ve hit an exponential point of awareness. The analogy I like to use with my friends is the seed of Liberty has germinated. And right now it will be either crushed underfoot and destroyed, or grow into a tree. it’s up to all of us.

            I’m am particularly concerned about something I heard regarding Obama ordering a stand down of the Southern military forces (as in sensors/flights) scheduled for about 3/22. 3/22 is that reference to Genesis 3:22 that Skull and Bones identifies on their flag. I owuld not be surprised if it started on that day, while the UN works on the Gun Grab, and the declaration of world peace (3/23?) follows.

            This stuff is so unbelievable that if it were possible to read my own posting, from say two years ago, I’d think I was nuts. =) I think the gun grab and the half-time superbowl 47 event combined to ingrain it all into the public consciousness–that there is an illuminati/banker-led conspiracy, and most politicians have been bought out by it.

          • Ah, we can dream can’t we… 😉

      25. Where’s God. Where is the grace of God? That is where I attempt to draw the line. Yes, I do prep. Yes, I get along with my life. I treat prepping as a hobby – something to enjoy so I can relax and enjoy life. Keeping God in mind helps with the many topics you presented. Enough said about where I draw the line.

      26. 1. As much good as I can for my family, myself and my neighbor. Hopefully there is enough left over to leave something behind for my kids.

        2. Ive done just about everything Ive ever wanted to do with it, now as for the future I want to lead as many folks to the Lord Jesus Christ as I can and I think an orchard or vinyard could be a big part of it that would be something good to leave behind.

        3.My line was drawn a long time ago, I pity the clown bold enough to cross it.

      27. Freeman AmeriCan Patriots: Assassination of Attorney General Eric Holder May Be Necessary .


        Whats good for the Goose is Good for the Gander .

        Bring it Zog FedGov Traitor Bwiatches .

        ;0P pssszzt

        • Let’s try to leave assassinations up to the CIA and the Bush crime family. In America we have trials and juries… followed by life in prison or execution. However, if the the soap box, ballot box, and jury box aren’t working, then use of the ammo box is authorized.

        • I too think ultimately it needs to and will come down to strategic assassinations. Hopefully at that point our dumbass sheeple citizens will have the same “I don’t care, who’s winning American Idol?” response. Then we can move on to the next asswipe. This is to include some in the media as well. Once we get pushed to that point however, things will be quite horrific anyway. 200 years ago, many would have been tried and executed for treason at this point. It seems now that the US is too big to care.

      28. Pretty simple really.

        1. Wealth: already invested in PMs, preps, guns and ammo. Over the years have also put some cold hard cash aside, and have equity investments – select mining companies. Have made sure my family will be okay financially. Out of debt, too, with just one credit card, and two paid for, but older vehicles. Not bad for a guy who was once deep in debt and broke. But then again, I started digging out some years ago, and vowed never again to be in such a pathetic condition. Poverty ensures desperation and subjugation, and I simply chose not to continue with a poverty mentality. Nothing pretty or noble about it. Just got off my ass and did it. Anybody can.

        2. Give up the guns? Not going to happen. Lost them in a “boating accident” (ha ha!) Seriously, they’d have to get a warrant first, and even then they won’t find them.

        3. Taxes: Plenty of ways to legally avoid taxes if you are a business owner, which I am. Even so, still pay too much. But good estate planning, trusts et al, can avoid a lot of pain. Fact is, the IRS is one big, bumbling bureacracy, and it is not hard to legally beat them. Only have to know how the game is played.

        4. Thankfully, I’m an old school guy who has worked on farms, fixed cars, grown food and am handy with all sorts of tools. I work around big machinery to this day and enjoy the hell out of it, grateful not to be hamstrung in some cubicle somewhere as some corporate serf so to speak. True freedom is a mentality, and it is also an action. Problem is, in recent decades most people have been cowered and have not a clue as to the true joys of living a free life.

        Most important, I keep under the radar. Few but my closests friends and family know my true views. To most, I’m just an ordinary sheeple – non committal – not too bright about political stuff. Rather, I let ’em know my favorite TV shows are the most stupid ones. What they don’t know is that I research and read as much as possible about economics, prepping, and the New World Order elitist shenanigans. Every single one of my grandparents taught in one-room, country school houses, so in my family we were always encouraged to read as much as possible and think for ourselves, not just swallow hook, line and sinker the pompous postrings of some university professor. I’m sure that to many “ordinary” folks I would appear as crazy as a coot, and maybe I am. But Bill Shakespeare had it right when he had Polonious say, “to thine ownself be true”. Problem is, few people have a clue as to what it really means. Guess they’ll find out soon enough.

        Finally, I try, although often unsuccesfully, to keep right with God. This helps with restraint of tongue and negative action. Blustering and challenging gets a person nowhere. But what can any authority do to me when I quietly renounce the authority of any government or person to enforce any unjust law that violates my God-given liberty? This is not to say I won’t vigorously defend my family, as I damn well will should anything threaten harm to them. I hear a lot of bragadocio on this blog about people who think of themselves as one-man, Rambo militias. It’s truly annoying and silly. It’s the quiet and confident folks Barack and his pals need to be worried about, and believe me, they are very, very worried.

        • Welcome Ralphie,
          I already like you…

          • Yep, me likes Ralphie too.

            I do however disagree with the statement of TPTB/Barack and his pals being “worried”. You have to have a “soul” to be worried or fear anything. They have sold their soul already. They carry around a sense of security, however false it may be. Satan owns their soul for now, and is controlling their every move. That is why they go around with a smirk all the time, just like my “fake” christian neighbor. Putting on a good show for the people, but would piss on their face for another dime or a hit of dope.

            Satan holds their soul until Christ returns and locks ole Lucifer away in the pit for a thousand years. Will they have an opportunity to make a change and learn truth during the millenial reign? Yes, if they didn’t have an opportunity during their flesh life. Only Christ knows who gets that opportunity to be taught. He and only He, does the separating of the goats and sheep at the Lord’s Day.

        • Would that we all had a next door neighbor like yourself.

      29. A report came out today from DHS stating that there are more extremist groups out there. Preppers, gun collectors and other hate groups and I’m sure they are planning something big for all of us. They have bought billions in ammo, 2,700 armored MRAPs vehicles (tanks) and about a couple thousand full automatic rifles. For what? I’ll tell you what for… to take our 2nd amendment away! Prepare, prepare, they will come knocking. Will you give them your guns or lead? Only you decide. Remember “From my cold dead hands!”

        • Those DHS weenies wouldn’t last 10 seconds against highly motivated Americans in a Red Dawn type scenario. They’re outnumbered by ex-military, patriots, and everyday gun owners 500 to 1.

      30. NUTS


        • Come on, Eisenkreuz. You’ve got to be kidding. I’ve been watching your posts for a while. Some are libertarian-ish, but the above post is easily identifiable as something a troll would say. That is such a ridiculous post that I am embarrassed for you.

        • Yeah Eisen!!! Look who wants attention. Glad you are classing it up. Thought for sure you would say “bithes suffrage”. 0226 hours? Shouldn’t a young guy either be out having fun or getting his sleep for the upcoming weekend? When you say expel minorities and then bemoan drone strikes on brown people, it makes you sound stupid.

        • This is that irrational leftist in you.

          While I’m in favor of cetain rules for voting (no representation without taxation being one), blanket denial of voting is of the left homegirl.

        • Eisen always bring a little humor to the boards; no one takes him seriously.

          • Careful Grasshopper…. you’re walking on that line too.
            Eisen has already fallen in.

            • So are people that believe meaningless symbolism sets you up for president, no?

              • Your statement is a complete non sequitor.

                • Nah. I’m accusing you of being somewhat nutty yourself for thinking that Rand’s meaningless filibuster somehow sets him up for Pres.

                  • You’re not very politically astute.
                    I mean, set him up, as in raising his personal stature, and media awareness, with the BALLS to DO IT.

                    IOW, he may run. I hope he does, if the Black Caesar and his robots deem it necessary to have another election.

            • 100+ thumbs up to your comment Piper!!
              I have been thinking the same thing and you said it perfectly!

          • Nothing funny about anything he has to say.
            He’s nothing but a troll.
            I’m surprised he’s managed to stick around this long with all the negative comments and thumbs down.
            I don’t even bother to click through to read his hidden comments anymore.

      32. Ah yes the ever elusive line. That imaginary litmus test or boundry, if you will, that we have in our heads that we hope will turn on the right light switch. If that right switch is thrown then we will put our money where our mouths are, commit, and do what we claim on here and to others, what we have always intended to do.

        “There mustbe some kinda way outta here”, said the Joker to the Thief.
        There’s too much confusion, I can’t get no relief.


      33. I don’t consider myself a “prepper” or want to be associated with anyone who considers themselves to be one. I’m just realistic and increasingly responsible in my old age. Why not stack long shelf-life food, ammo, and durable goods to the ceiling right now, when there really isn’t any plausible scenario for those items being more available or less expensive in the future?

        • I hope it is a temperature controlled ceiling…
          otherwise, you’ll get to those preps when you need them only to discover they’ve been cooked ‘off’.

          65 degrees. or less.

          Take it from an old time ‘prepper’. Its not just about storage of goods, its the knowledge of how to store goods, and all kinds of knowledge… period.

          • I just had a thought. Maybe it would be better to store “forever” preps on the top shelves, such as salt and sugar, and store more sensitive preps on lower shelves.

        • I say tomato you say tamato… meaningless

      34. Great point , don’t tread. O and his NWO puppet masters are soul-less sociopaths, manifestations of pure evil. It’s not the scary looking dudes we got to be worried about, but the ones with the friendly smiling faces. Guess I am naive, as I still don’t get it as to why well more than half of Americans think this guy walks on water. It’s like a mass hypnotic trance. I’ve heard that evil puts on a rather banal and mediocre face, not a scary one, as deception is the goal. Well, Satan has been doing a pretty good job at this as of late, and this is what blows me away.

        You could see this coming decades ago, with the epidemic of recreational drugs, the blurring of the lines with moral relativism, acceptance of infanticide via abortion, breakdown of families, and a purposeful effort to make public education a training ground for morons. Couple that with destruction of Western economies by central bankers, the UN, and now, a commie president, complete defiance of our Constitution, and blatant attempts to deprive us of our constitutional rights, it is not too difficult to see that this has been a patient, well thought out plan by evil people who would have us all in chains, or dead for that matter.

        What I still struggle with is why more people just don’t get it. Our citizens remain in a deep drug induced sleep. I can’t tell all of you who blog on this site what it means to me to know that you are awake and see it all too. So God truly bless you all.

        • @ Ralphieboy
          Our citizens are asleep and I mean to give them a rude awakening when it all goes down.

        • Ralphie,
          We have been “given over to a deranged mind.” as the “love of many waxes cold”…

          A deranged mind is unable to think in its own self interest. This a Biblical concept, described recently as my theory of Systemic Irrationality. Also known as Cognitive Dissonance and Normalcy Bias. Although those terms don’t quite cut it, do they?

          Systemic Irrationality is the planned result of years of what you are saying, and you are right, some of us have been seeing it coming for years, complaining, working against it, and being ignored.

          Its a “Don’t worry be happy” world, as evil speaks with the “sweet words on the tongue, that grow bitter in the belly”.

          Be thankful quite a few of us are awake, and hanging on to our God, and our guns.

        • @ Ralphieboy

          I struggled with the same question you posed as, “Why more people just don’t get it”.

          I know from what the Word says that in the last days men will become lover’s of themselves and will follow the ways of the world. That is definitely going on, but something I heard a preacher say, that has been teaching for over fifty years, has stayed with me and makes perfect sense. In the verse, where it says the first shall be last; he says is referring to the children of God that followed Satan during the time of his rebellion. He describes that all have to be born thru the flesh/womb to be, innocent/unknowing of their earlier life, and given another chance to follow Him or stay on board with Satan. The last to be born in flesh are the majority of the first ones to follow Satan in that earlier age.

          It sure seems that a majority of the world is following the devil right now in these last days. Very few are preparing for the tough times ahead like the majority of survivors on this site. We are a select few that have seen and are getting ready for battle…..

          Eph 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high [places].

          • Excellent teaching don’t tread.
            We are all a rebellious lot eh?

          • @don’t tread

            Many thanks for your response, and a response that brings clsrity. I think the preacher was on to it. It’s a verse I never gave much thought to, likely because I never fully understood it, but your repeating it hit me like a flash. I’m on travel this week regretting I didn’t pack my Bible, and I just checked and found no Gideon in thr drawer at my hotel. Just as well, as I’d probably stay up way too late studying scripture on this one.

      35. no money to speak of but no debts either. Plenty of preps but nowhere to go. I’m just going to hunker down,stay away from everything,turn off the tv and read a good book!

      36. The reality is that its all a scam, a lie
        They can write a law on some paper but if “the dude wont abide” it
        means nothing at all
        Like in the matrix, there is no spoon
        Guns/ammo food water, repeat
        I wont abide

      37. Audrey Gibson a Florida Senator wants you to have anger management classes before you can buy ammo. On Fox News.
        Send that bitch to Detroit.

        • Send her back to hell for some real anger management classes.

        • Are people that have yet to take these anger management classes expected to drive there in a 3000 lb automobile that for all intent is a 3000 lb missile / battering ram? No anger management classes for drives? How about drivers of 400HP “assault cars”?

          Why so selective?

      38. What are we waiting for?! The time is now! The line has been drawn
        And rand Paul has stepped up to it! Lets get up there with him! That may be
        What he is doing. This is our Paul revere moment! He is telling us there coming
        Don’t leave out there alone! Call his office ask what can be done! Call your
        Congressman! Lets do something! He stepped out to lead lets stand with him!

        • Come on Mac, daisy and others lets stop talking
          And get started! DO SOMETHING

          • like?

            • Really? You’re such a pussy you just give me a thumbs down without putting it out there?

              pffft, keyboard commando. You’re probably so fat you cant see your own schlort.

        • @Hopeless,
          I would be careful trying to stir up folks to direct action. We are already stirred, not shaken…
          You’ll come across as an agent provocateur.

          To DO SOMETHING, means what… shoot somebody? Who?
          They are playing word games, we must play words games up until they cross the line.
          IT is the LINE that is in question.
          What we should do, is define, collectively, where and what that line is.

          • I swear, sometimes I dont understand the people that comment here. I implied the EXACT same thing you did in one word and Its only gotten thumbs down.

            I swear, some of the people here are schizophrenic.

            • Don’t take it personal, Not so Much. Sometimes people just don’t understand what your point was, and sometimes they just hit the wrong button. Some visit here that hate to see anything about Jesus or the Bible mentioned, I get them all riled up and they get in a thumbs down frenzy.
              My idea is that if you get people to thumbs down a comment, maybe you have got them to thinking outside their comfort zone.

              • “My idea is that if you get people to thumbs down a comment, maybe you have got them to thinking outside their comfort zone.”

                🙂 Yup. Absolutely.

          • No, I’m not calling for violence. I just see an oppurtunity
            To do something. Get organized like you said, define a “line”
            We had someone in government, one of the Paul’s that seems
            To be a patriot, and we let him get pushed back. I called his
            Offices to thank him and ask if there was something I could do
            Of course no one answered!
            They work for us! And I know you all have heard that a million times
            But instead of us all just posting about what we are going to do when they
            Knock on the door lets do something.
            If someone posts and says to keep prepping now isn’t the time, are says call
            Someone, meet, protest, something! That’s all I want
            I want to get involved somehow.
            Just tired of feeling like we are all in this together but
            Just seperate if that makes since
            Thanks for your reply

      39. Get your preps in order, to the most reasonable level in your means (there will ALWAYS be “one more thing”),


        go live your life.

        Don’t let it consume you.

        If and when they come to your door, each of us will make their decision. As for me, I will hand over my gun(s), grab my already-packed bags, and leave the country. My life is worth more than a “principle” of owning a weapon to me. Only the living think there is honor in death. I believe the dead, could they talk, would have a much different opinion.

      40. What are you going to do with your wealth?
        The material form of wealth` I hope to either rebuild if needed or pass it on down the line. My information wealth is such that it is too upsetting and falls on deaf ears.
        What am I going to do with my life?
        If I live thru this crap I will probably have a more stricter standards. Really no more bullshit. Stamp out every remnant of what has brought us here to the abyss.
        Where do I draw the line?
        The same place the rest of you common sense folk do. Hopefully our actions are tempered with wisdom and not foolishness.
        All I can say is there is to much shit to fit in this sneaker.

        • “Stamp out every remnant of what has brought us here to the abyss.”

          ask 5 people what brought us here and you’ll get 5 different answers.

          • By their actions you will know them.

            • go ask your typical low-information democrat what got us here. Without hesitation it’ll be – REPUBLICANS!

              Go ask your typical republican and without hesitation it’ll be – DEMOCRATS!

              Go ask someone without thier head in their ass (yea Rs and Ds all have their heads firmly ensconced up their asses) and you would STILL get any number of answers.

              So again, that means what? You cannot stamp out human nature.

      41. Babycatcher55, welcome aboard and hope to hear more from you. Be Informed, I know all too well of what you spoke of in #1242215. I was thinking last night of my late wife’s horrible experience in Cuba under Fidel Castro’s tropical tyranny; what she and millions of other cubans have experienced in addition to the people who are still stuck there. With the death of Hugo Chavez, the pro-freedom forces in Venezuela have an opportunity to take their country back and start working to undo the damage Chavez has done to that country. It’s most likely they’ll have to have their own civil war to do so. Chavez, like any other tyrant, had blood on his hands, nationalized all private undustries, killed and/or forced into exile an unknown number of political opponenets. He has decimated Venezuela’s economy by providing subsidies to other communist regimes in Uruguay, Bolivia, Ecuador, Nicaragua, and Cuba. Stop the subsidies and those regimes will eventually fall. Unfortunately, it will take a shooting war to save our country as well.

      42. Durango Kidd, in every personal SHTF event I’ve ever been through, I started rationing my supplies on Day 1. Good advice you gave, but I just believe in starting rationing on the first day of any SHTF event.

        • braveheart–I agree.
          Rationing starts on day 1.

        • Part of any plan should be a daily calorie count.
          Otherwise you will go downhill fast and not have the energy to do anything.
          Maybe somebody like Ms Daisy could draw up a list of approximate calories vs food types/portions.

          Rationing from day 1 is the only rational approach.

      43. A repo’d mobile home can be acquired cheaply. Find an acre or 2 in the country and you’ve got a homestead. You can produce food for you and your family while sliding out from under those high property taxes you’ve been paying. BTW, property taxes and other taxes are certainly going to increase–will your income? It’s an adjustment, but not one you’ll likely regret. Freedom = peace of mind.

        • A repossessed MH will cost you less than a repossessed SUV. Purchase from a MH manufacturer as they will be sure it is set up and everything is functional. Ensure you purchase one near the land you plan to move it to so you keep moving costs low. Control what you can control NOW.

      44. “You can’t turn a cheek that you don’t have.” -John Eldridge

        Posted on Drudge Report

        Just boasting?

        If there was a strike, EMP, etc. … now there is someone to blame.

        We certainly live in ‘interesting times’. Turmoil is building everwhere – economies around the globe struggling to ‘stay afloat’, tensions continue to grow in the Middle East, increasing earthquakes and other extreme weather conditions like tornados and droughts.

        And they say preppers are the crazy ones…

      46. I saw the last 2 hrs of Rand’s fillibuster. It truly was inspiring to see, and to know that at least a handful of men in DC still place value on our Constitution. Many, many thanks to Highspeedloafer for giving us a heads-up on it.
        Unfortunately, we all know the future won’t be decided politically. But let’s not be discouraged. In spite of our differences here, we have the same core beliefs on lots of issues, especially the central idea of freedom and personal self determination for each citizen. We can fight among ourselves over the other stuff AFTER we have overcome the present threats. We must be united to stand against the tyrants of today.
        Moses sent out 12 spies, to spy out the land before the people entered in to possess it. When they returned, 10 said the land was good, but the people there were too big and too strong to defeat. Only two of the spies had confidence. Joshua and Caleb.

        ‘And Caleb stilled the people before Moses, and said, Let us go up at once, and possess it; for we are well able to overcome it. But the men that went up with him said, We are not able to go up against the people; for they are stronger than we.’ Numbers 13:30, 31

        Now, what are we going to do? Who are we going to be? Should we fear these evil men of the NWO? Nonsense! Be a Caleb!
        Today is another day. And we’re still breathing. Thank God, and prep on!

        • Amen Smokin,
          Thanks for the reminder.
          We need fear NO MAN.
          We are Americans, whether you believe you are one of the tribes or not, fear is the killer.

      47. When you draw the line, you must also remove the eraser. I began peaceful resistence several years ago. I engaged in armed resistence outside US territory in the late 70’s. I am quite sure TPTB will force us into active resistence here very soon. Take pics of everyone and everything you cherish, because they won’t look the same for much longer.

        • That’s horrible, Satori. We’ve all been sold out, for how much money? Guess they didn’t say.

      48. Piper Michael…I’m listening. Systemic irrationality, definitely purposeful, well organized and planned. Normality bias is gripping most, but concur it is but a result, and only a partial result of the plan. Of course, this can’t happen in a God centric population, hence the ongoing effort to instill moral relativism. Even modern psychiatry ( a Freudian fraud), and psychology, negates God with circular theories more meant to confuse than ground people, blurring right and wrong, essentially negating any concept of good and evil. Add prescription mind drugs, and voila, a nation of confused and apathetic people incapable of grasping the fact that liberty is a gift from Our Maker. Any wonder that our universities are filled with self important intellectuals whose mental masturbations lead nowhere but to increase their own hubris and cloud immature minds. Of course, they are but insignificant minions in the whole game to be used up and cast aside.

        Frankly, looking forward to a massive reset. Doubtless God is plenty pissed at this mess right now, so I am hoping He is soon on the way to set things right.

        Would like to hear more of your thoughts on this when you have the time… C

        • Ralphie,
          Everything you said is right on the money, and you are also correct that they are all merely tools of darkness. Darkness, to the ancients, was the power of the ‘animal emotions’ of The Body. That is what they are using, emotions, the cause that leads to the effect of Systemic Irrationality. It is not a conscious act for the most part, it is the result of moral relativism, feminism, and all the other isms added together. After many years of this crap teaching, nobody is rational, logic is dead, the System becomes dysfunctional as we are given over to the deranged mind.

          Those who wish to ascribe the entity Satan to this, is fine. I ascribe Satan as an archetype of the Force of Darkness in the Archonic Authorities(Dark energy, powers and angels).

          I watch O’Reilly sometimes on Fox, even though I disagree with him sometimes, he has gotten too big for his britches methinks. But, Alan Colmes is a perfect example of somebody who is given over to a deranged mind, he spouts totally irrational nonsense, doesn’t believe half of it, yet defends the daily dem talking points anyway. O’Reilly finally had had enough and got visibly angry and called him a liar, out loud, to his face. I was shocked, surprised, and pleased…

          O’Reilly has called this a “Culture war”… its not just semantics… its the force of darkness, the method, the tools, the way of darkness is to deceive. Especially the Deceivers…

          • @Piper Michael

            The Age of Reason doubtless died ages ago. And it was in this 18th Century epoch that our Constitution was born – the thinking of logical men who understood that liberties emanate only from our Creator, not governments. In reaching this conclusion, most had studied the writings of Polybius, Locke, Montiesque,and even Cicero – writings once commonly studied but now ignored in our major universities. In summary – men of that day used their God given mentality for the benefit of their fellow citizens. We’re now on the flip side, where feelings and emotions rule as you have so ably pointed out. “I feel so and so is a good candidate”, and when asked why, no explanation is forthcoming. Most interesting is the fact that when confronted with logic and basic common sense, lefties are incapable of responding in kind with any tangible form of reason, resorting instead to vile invective,dismissiveness, and too often, blatant falsehoods. Colmes is a great example of this. I wonder if these people are ever embarrassed by themselves, but then again, seems like they have also lost their sense of shame. Many of the ostensible causes for this we have discussed at length – but in summary – the Deceivers are up by 40 points and there are only two minutes left in the game. Anyone who thinks this will end well is clearly not thinking.

            • Good points.
              I think this Common Era, began about 1970. Common as in the vernacular definition… we have been slowly turning into animals for about 40 years. I expect this animalistic tendency to peak, just like Rome… only global.

              That is why I think it necessary to set up monasteries, sort of. They are what brought knowledge through the dark ages, and I think, a cadre of reasoned men, as a Remnant, will do it again… regardless of any prophetic or supernatural events, which I discount.

              I believe in ‘trimming your wick, filling your lamp, and hiding in a back room’, for something wicked this way comes. The trends are all we need to look at.

          • Sounds alot like Anti-semantics to me.


        • hopefully they bomb you and yours – after all, you deserve it.


          • Ah yes, God is love, eh Grasshopper?

        • And may the first come down right on your head.
          Irony is the truest form of Justice.

      50. the Constitution has few champions in Congress

        and I know the ACLU probably has few supporters on this site
        they are one of the very few organizations trying to protect what is left of our Constitution

      51. Say what you want,
        say what you will, but 90 to 95% of us are dead already and don’t even know it!
        Agenda 21
        Coming Food Shortage
        Forced Immunizations = (Drugs that kill OR RFID implants)
        Economic Collapse
        Power Grid Down (in Summer Heat or Winter Cold)
        And the list goes on, and on, and on…
        The ONLY ones to survive will be the preppers who live deep in the Woods/Mountains. But what they fail to realize is the bastards will then use a heat seeking missile in Winter to lock on their chimney heat (on live TV) and the crowd will shout “yea target destroyed, totally destroyed” Not realizing or caring they just destroyed a 68 year old prepper his wife, kids and grand kids. ((But the crowd will cheer)). But at least the Preppers stand a whole lot better odds than the non-preppers. Prep hard, Prep Fast, Your Life and your Loved ones Lives depend on it.
        Hell is Coming on Earth, With a Vengeance! PREPARE

        • buzz: I agree; today is a good day to die.


        • The meek shall inherite the earth.

          • The Ancients defined Meek as;

            Power under control.

            The doctrine of turning the other cheek, was originally a metaphor for demonstrating the superior character and discipline of a warrior who was able to withstand a minor assault by insulting the assaulter, up until the sword was drawn. Then you must draw the sword faster, but first you must own a sword, and if you do not have one, sell your coat and buy one.

            I prefer the sword of Colt.

          • The meek shall inherit the Gulag.

        • Fusion energy will become a reality someday although that might not be soon enough. Nanotechnology is already here and being developed. With unlimited energy, liquid fuels could actually be made out of air since hydrocarbons are hydrogen and carbon, and both are in the air. With nanotechnology, even toilet waste can be made into fuel or hamburgers.

          Peak oil may not be real. Some Russian scientists say that oil is actually produced by some natural process deep in the earth which has nothing to do with plants and animals. Some oil wells in the Gulf of Mexico are so deep they almost reach entirely through the crust of the earth. I don’t believe there are any dinosaur remains 5 miles deep in the ground. Also, check the chemistry of petroleum. You will find a different selection and different proportion of elements present than what you will find in any combination of plants and/or animals. If oil were made of plants and/or animals, how come the amounts of various elements is so different? If anyone knows, please let me know. I’m curious.

          I still think the economy is going to hell.

      53. it didn’t take that long for the american revoltion to begin and when it did England got their butts kicked. this war would have to be fought in a different manner , more stealthy and hit and run, taking out the infrastructure in the military, and high profile political and media targets. the communists in the military will utilize anything technology to murder their own people for political reasons. any military personal who goes to murder its own citizens for political reasons will be charged as a traitor and hung , so when you fools operating the drones and your stupid commanding officer gives you the order to strike civilian targets in the U.S. remember this, you will be found out and charged as a traitor and hung on site, so think about it before you accept an unconstitutional order from a dumbed down moron commander.

      54. The Face of Pump & Dump takes time to smell the roses, precious. A lot of folks got ripped off by the National Inflation

      55. i’ve drawn a line already and made peace with my God…

      56. I draw the line at registration. Will not comply and if most people comply and then later they start confiscation I will take the fight to them and follow their own’pre-emption’ doctrine.

      57. For many, the line has already been drawn. Like the homeless who choose to be homeless and tired of the hopeless rat race man has inflicted on society. They are tired of the needless struggle to work just to have what they earn stolen from them by a government(s. The lies that you actually own anything, when all along you just rent it from those who demand taxes or your property.
        Then the wise finally realize they will never own anything but life and love for life and loved ones. That this passing through life is a short time and need not be wasted on such things as the greedy, corrupt, wicked, lawless, selfish ones. The wise see their follies as silly children fighting over a toy, then throwing the toy in the corner once they obtain it, then go after another toy.
        The line? It has been crossed upon birth and continues since the power to do so is given by the unwise who would follow in the footsteps of the greedy.
        Take all you want that makes you feel powerful, but you cannot have the soul that lives forever. Fear only for your soul.

      58. My grandpa was a halfbreed Choctaw Indian and once gave me some good advice. He said that a man should never run from a fight, but sometimes it is wise to retreat to higher ground. I agree that we should protect that which we have been blessed with, but in the face of overwhelming odds, perhaps the best thing to do is to leave the area, maybe even your house, and pick them off one at a time. I will be the first to admit that I am somewhat afraid of the future. Have been blessed with many grandkids and fear for their future.

      59. Simple !……..No wealth, No Life…..come and get my
        stuff !

      60. My line is when, not if, but when, morons like the one who dominate this site become Timothy Mcveighs and start killing innocents in the name of their skewed sense of righteousness. When you do that, you imperil my life and liberty and I and others like me will respond appropriately. It is not the government you should be concerned about, it is people like me who you are really pissing off with your stupidity.

        • You’d be less pissed off at our “stupidity” if you’d avoid this site. Something really appeals to you here or you’d leave.

        • ~~~My line is when, not if, but when, morons like the one who dominate this site become Timothy Mcveighs ~~~

          The govt. only wishes they had millions thinking like you, Joe…their job would be so much easier.
          Timothy McVeigh thought he was working an inside deal ‘against’ terrorism, and they also used MK-Ultra.
          Look it up–if you have those skills.

        • My only regret is that I have but one thumbs down to give.

      61. All that needs to happen is for the POWER to go off.No gun confiscation, nuke, H1N1, asteroid etc. Shut off the power, and we will be eating each other in no time. We are 3 days away from being dogs. Can you imagine a coordinated attack on just knocking down ….a few…..of those big tall…..high tension line towers? It is very do able.How long would it take to put ONE back up? Or someone/body throws a switch and ….its DARK. Then after this goes on for 6 mos or so,a year maybe, they come in and grab the guns out of our skeleton fingers. We rely too much on what stuff plugs into the wall.

      62. The line for me is when they try to pull off the next Ruby Ridge or Waco. Enough is enough at that point and the gloves come off!

      63. We’ve been dealing with numbers one and two forever…. it’s number three that is our new normal……

      64. There is only one line, resistance or compliance,i crossed it in 75

      65. I lost my aviation related job back in 2009, and I have learned the hard way that instead of waiting for someone to give me a job it would be wise to build my own business: Keefe Overby Studio. I started my freelance art studio July 4, 2012 and I have been re-investing 90-100% back into my business buying art supplies ever since then, but things are still tough I am still searching for part-time work to help bring in income so I can keep investing in my freelance art business. I am lucky that I have friends, and family willing to help me out while I am trying to get back on my feet. We are all in this together, and getting into a postion of preparing yourself, and building assets will eventually lead to you being able to help others.


      67. How to get the Government to listen to us without violence 100% GUARANTEED
        Are you upset with how this country is being run and want your voice to be heard?

        Here’s an idea: Do nothing. Sit at home and chill. Don’t go out to eat, don’t go to the movies, shopping, work, school, don’t drive your car, don’t do anything!

        Just stock up on a month’s worth of supplies, like food, medications – those regular things you’ll need – and do nothing.

        If more than half the United States does this all at the same time, can you imagine what would happen to the economy? Can you imagine the sort of response that would be triggered?

        What’s even better is that this isn’t violent in any way. It’s a silent message. It’s not even rebellion. But it will get their attention in as little as one week’s time.

        There have been studies made on how the country would be affected if just a smallpox outbreak was reported at several key transportation areas like JFK, O’Hare, etc.

        Think of what it would do – how your voice WOULD be heard if you were to DO NOTHING for just one week. Two weeks or even one month.

        All that’s necessary is to do absolutely nothing – don’t fly – don’t drive or ride a bus or even a subway. Don’t leave your home to go to work or shopping – don’t send your kids to school – don’t pay your bills – don’t do anything.

        If you are a health care provider – a nurse or doctor – don’t go back to your normal duties because once you have all shut down and are not doing your normal activities the beast will be forced to send in its military personnel to staff regular civilian duties until they end the Country’s strike.

        But in order to bring this beast to its knees you will need the vast majority of people to follow suit. In one weeks time – just 7 days of no activity the President will be urging every American to go back to work and their normal activities.

        In two weeks time he will be begging you – and in one month the government will be in such dire strait they will be willing to listen to the people’s voice. All done without firing a shot or any kind of violence – simply unify and DO NOTHING until the beast is brought to its knees by your inaction.

        Pass it on! Operation Inaction Starting April 1, 2013″

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