Those That Are Not Preparing For The Coming Economic Depression Are Going To Bitterly Regret It

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    The-99ers-300x300The next great economic crisis is rapidly approaching, and most people are going to be totally blindsided by it.  Even though the warning signs areglaringly obvious, most Americans continue to believe that our “leaders” know what they are doing and that everything will be just fine.  But what will happen when the next great financial crash happens and trillions of dollars of “paper wealth” disappear into thin air?  What will happen when the coming credit crunch causes economic activity to dramatically slow down and millions upon millions of people lose their jobs?  This shouldn’t sound far-fetched to you.  Remember, this is exactly the kind of thing that we saw back in 2008, and the next great financial crisis is likely going to be significantly worse.  Our economy is in far worse shape than it was back in 2008, and government dependence is now at an all-time high even though most Americans are still enjoying debt-fueled false prosperity.  We are living in the largest debt bubble in the history of the planet, and when it bursts we are going to experience a crippling “adjustment” to our standard of living.  Some people understand this and are busy preparing for what is ahead.  It has been estimated that there are approximately 3 million “preppers” in the United States, and that number is growing all the time.  Unfortunately, most Americans are not preparing for the coming economic depression and they are going to bitterly regret it.

    So what does preparing for the coming economic depression look like?

    Well, it doesn’t have to be complicated.  Most of the things that you should do are just common sense.

    But there are some people that take things to extremes.  For example, a new National Geographic series is featuring a family that is actually constructing a “Doomsday Castle“.  The former U.S. Army officer that is building this unusual home is trying to prepare for virtually every type of disaster that he can imagine

    Meet Brent Sr., the leader of the six-person family. Brent is a former Army Infantry Training Officer who is heading up the project to build an “EMP (electromagnetic pulse)-proof medieval castle in the woods of the Carolinas.”

    According to National Geographic, Brent is teaching five of his 10 children survival skills.

    The unfinished, fortified castle that Brent Sr. is building — an idea he got during the Y2K prep craze — will be able to sustain an EMP-event that could wipe out a power grid, but will also survive natural disasters like hurricanes.

    He even plans to train his family members to use crossbows and a catapult to defend against potential home invaders.

    Not many people out there are going to take “prepping” to such extremes.

    But even if you don’t plan to build a “Doomsday Castle”, that doesn’t mean that you should be doing nothing.

    Sadly, most Americans are quite ill-prepared for a major economic downturn at this point.  In fact, most Americans seem to be doing almost nothing to prepare.

    Just consider the following statistics.  Most of these numbers come fromone of my previous articles

    -According to a survey that was recently released, 76 percent of all Americans are living paycheck to paycheck.

    46 percent of all Americans have less than $800 in savings.

    27 percent of all Americans do not have even a single penny saved up.

    -Less than one out of every four Americans has enough money stored away to cover six months of expenses.

    -Each year, 12 million Americans take out high interest payday loans.

    -In 1989, the debt to income ratio of the average American family was about 58 percent.  Today it is up to 154 percent.

    -It is estimated that less than 10 percent of the U.S. population owns any gold or silver for investment purposes.

    44 percent of all Americans do not have first-aid kits in their homes.

    48 percent of all Americans do not have any emergency supplies stored up.

    53 percent of all Americans do not have a 3 day supply of nonperishable food and water in their homes.

    One survey asked Americans how long they thought they would survive if the electrical grid went down for an extended period of time.  Incredibly, 21 percent said that they would survive for less than a week, an additional 28 percent said that they would survive for less than two weeks, and nearly 75 percent said that they would be dead before the two month mark.

    Those numbers are absolutely appalling.

    When the system fails, most people are going to be completely blindsided by it and millions upon millions of people are going to absolutely freak out.

    Don’t let that happen to you.

    So what are some basic things that you can do to get prepared for the great economic storm that is coming?

    The following are a few of the things that Nicole Foss suggests…

    1) Hold no debt (for most people this means renting)

    2) Hold cash and cash equivalents (short term treasuries) under your own control

    3) Don’t trust the banking system, deposit insurance or no deposit insurance

    4) Sell equities, real estate, most bonds, commodities, collectibles (or short if you can afford to gamble)

    5) Gain some control over the necessities of your own existence if you can afford it

    6) Be prepared to work with others as that will give you far greater scope for resilience and security

    7) If you have done all that and still have spare resources, consider precious metals as an insurance policy

    8) Be worth more to your employer than he is paying you

    9) Look after your health!

    I think all of those are great pieces of advice.

    In addition, below I have posted some of the things that I personally recommend.  The following is an excerpt from one of my previous articles entitled “25 Things That You Should Do To Get Prepared For The Coming Economic Collapse“…

    #1 An Emergency Fund

    Do you remember what happened when the financial system almost collapsed back in 2008?  Millions of Americans suddenly lost their jobs, and because many of them were living paycheck to paycheck, many of them also got behind on their mortgages and lost their homes.  You don’t want to lose everything that you have worked for during this next major economic downturn.  It is imperative that you have an emergency fund.  It should be enough to cover all of your expenses for at least six months, but I would encourage you to have an emergency fund that is even larger than that.

    #2 Don’t Put All Of Your Eggs Into One Basket

    If the wealth confiscation in Cyprus has taught us anything, it is that we should not put all of our eggs in one basket.  If all of your money is in one single bank account, it would be easy to wipe out.  But if you have your money scattered around a number of different places it will give you a little bit more security.

    #3 Keep Some Cash At Home

    This goes along with the previous point.  While it is not wise to keep all of your money at home, you do want to keep some cash on hand.  If there is an extended bank holiday or if a giant burst from the suncauses the ATM machines to go down, you want to be able to have enough cash to buy the things that your family needs.  Just ask the people of Cyprus how crippling a bank holiday can be.  One way to keep your cash secure at home is by storing it in a concealed safe.

    #4 Get Out Of Debt

    A lot of people seem to assume that an economic collapse would wipe out all debts, but that will probably not be the case.  In fact, if you are in a tremendous amount of debt you will be very vulnerable if the economy collapses and you are not able to find a job.  Just ask the people who were overextended and lost their jobs during the last recession.  So please get out of debt.  Many debt collectors are becoming increasingly ruthless.  In many areas of the country they are now routinely putting debtors into prison.  You do not want to be a slave to debt when the next wave of the economic collapse strikes.

    #5 Gold And Silver

    In the long-term, the U.S. dollar is going to lose a tremendous amount of value and inflation is going to absolutely skyrocket.  That is one reason why so many people are investing very heavily in gold, silver and other precious metals.  All over the globe, the central banks of the world are recklessly printing money.  Everyone knows that this is going to end very badly.  In fact, there is already a push in more than a dozen U.S. states to allow gold and silver coins to be used as legal tender.  Someday you will be glad that you invested in gold and silver now while their prices were still low.

    #6 Reduce Your Expenses

    A lot of people claim that they can’t put any money toward prepping, but the truth is that we all have room to reduce our expenses.  We all spend money on things that we do not really need.  Those that are “lean and mean” will tend to do much better during the times that are coming.

    #7 Start A Side Business

    If you do not have much money, a great way to increase your income is by starting a side business.  And it does not take a lot of money – there are many side businesses that you can start for next to nothing.  And starting a side business will allow you to become less dependent on your job.  In this economic environment, a job could disappear at literally any time.

    #8 Move Away From The Big Cities If Possible

    For many people, this is simply not possible.  Many Americans are still completely and totally dependent on their jobs.  But if you are able, now is a good time to move away from the big cities.  When the next major economic downturn strikes, there will be rioting and a dramatic rise in crime in the major cities.  If you are able to move to a more rural area you will probably be in much better shape.

    #9 Store Food

    Global food reserves have reached their lowest level in nearly 40 years.  As the economy gets even worse and global weather patterns become even more unstable, the price of food will go much higher and global food supplies will become much tighter.  In the long run, you will be glad for the money that you put into long-term food storage now.

    #10 Learn To Grow Your Own Food

    This is a skill that most Americans possessed in the past, but that most Americans today have forgotten.  Growing your own food is a way to become more independent of the system, and it is a way to get prepared for what is ahead.

    #11 Nobody Can Survive Without Water

    Without water, you would not even make it a few days in an emergency situation.  It is imperative that you have a plan to provide clean drinking water for your family when disaster strikes.

    #12 Have A Plan For When The Grid Goes Down

    What would you do if the grid went down and you suddenly did not have power for an extended period of time?  Anyone that has spent more than a few hours without power knows how frustrating this can be.  You need to have a plan for how you are going to provide power to your home that is independent of the power company.

    #13 Have Blankets And Warm Clothing On Hand

    This is more for emergency situations or for a complete meltdown of society.  During any major crisis, blankets and warm clothing are in great demand.  They also could potentially make great barter items.

    #14 Store Personal Hygiene Supplies

    A lot of preppers store up huge amounts of food, but they forget all about personal hygiene supplies.  During a long crisis, these are items that you would greatly miss if you do not have them stored up.  These types of supplies would also be great for barter.

    #15 Store Medicine And Medical Supplies

    You will also want to store up medical supplies and any medicine that you may need.  In an emergency situation, you definitely would not want to be without bandages and a first-aid kit.  Over the course of a long crisis, you do not want to run out of any medicines that are critical for your health.

    #16 Stock Up On Vitamins

    A lot of preppers do not think about this either, but it is very important.  These days, it is becoming increasingly difficult to get adequate nutrition from the foods that we eat.  That is why it is very important to have an adequate store of vitamins and other supplements.

    #17 Make A List Of Other Supplies That You Will Need

    During any crisis, there will be a lot of other things that you will need in addition to food and water.  The following are just a few basic things that it would be wise to have on hand…

    – an axe

    – a can opener

    – flashlights

    – battery-powered radio

    – extra batteries

    – lighters or matches

    – fire extinguisher

    – sewing kit

    – tools

    This list could be much, much longer, but hopefully this will get you started.

    #18 Don’t Forget The Special Needs Of Your Babies And Your Pets

    Young children and pets have special needs.  As you store supplies, don’t forget about the things that they will need as well.

    #19 Entertainment

    This may sound trivial, but the truth is that our entertainment-addicted society would become very bored and very frustrated if the grid suddenly went down for an extended period of time.  Card games and other basic forms of entertainment can make enduring a crisis much easier.

    #20 Self-Defense

    In the years ahead, being able to defend your home and your family is going to become increasingly important.  When the economy crashes, people are going to start to become very desperate.  And desperate people do desperate things.

    #21 Get Your Ammunition While You Still Can

    Your firearms will not do you much good if you do not have ammunition for them.  Already there are widespread reports of huge ammunition shortages.  The following is from a recent CNS News article

    “The run on ammunition has manufacturers scrambling to accommodate demand and reassure customers, as many new and seasoned gun owners stock up over fears of new firearms regulations at both the state and federal levels.”

    Don’t just assume that you will always be able to purchase large amounts of ammunition whenever you want.  Get it now while you still can.

    #22 If You Have To Go…

    Have a plan for what you and your family will do if you are forced to leave your home.  If you do have to go, the following are some items that you will want to have on hand…

    – a map of the area

    – a compass

    – backpacks for every member of the family

    – sleeping bags

    – warm clothing

    – comfortable shoes or hiking boots

    #23 Community

    One of the most important assets in any crisis situation is community.  If you have friends or neighbors that you can depend upon, that is invaluable.  The time spent building those bonds now will pay off greatly during a major crisis.

    #24 Have A Back-Up Plan And Be Flexible

    Mike Tyson once said the following…

    “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.”

    No plan ever unfolds perfectly.  When your plan is disrupted, what will you do?

    It will be imperative for all of us to have a back-up plan and to be flexible during the years ahead.

    #25 Keep Your Prepping To Yourself

    Do not go around and tell everyone in the area where you live about your prepping.  If you do, then you may find yourself overwhelmed with “visitors” when everything falls apart.

    And please do not go on television and brag about your prepping to a national audience.

    Prepping is something that you want to keep to yourself, unless you want hordes of desperate people banging on your door in the future.


    For much more on prepping, I would encourage you to check out the dozens of excellent websites out there that teach people advanced prepping techniques for free.

    So what do you think about all of this?

    Are you getting prepared for the coming economic depression?

    Please feel free to share your perspective on prepping by posting a comment below…

    Michael T. Snyder is a graduate of the University of Florida law school and he worked as an attorney in the heart of Washington D.C. for a number of years. Today, Michael is best known for his work as the publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog and The American Dream. If you want to know what things in America are going to look like in a few years read his new book The Beginning of the End.


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      1. My number 1 prep – Relax and think about things. When you get too wound up, you make mistakes and you don’t enjoy life. Then do what needs to be done.

        • This is a real fine list, people should follow at least some of it. There is many people that still don’t agree that an economic collapse will occur. OK. Then prepare for the wide variety of other issues that can and WILL hit the planet. There are too many to list, especially a personal SHTF that hit millions of people each month that have no tangible ready to use nest egg to fall back on.

          Very high on the list of mega SHTF is a pandemic. This could be manmade or natural, but it will happen. Every single species on this world has a germ that can give it a disease. Even bacteria can be infected with a virus. The best way to avoid getting sick is to stay away from those whom are sick. That means having enough of what you need available that you can limit your exposure to others.

          Natural disasters hit all the time, they have to. two of three massive faults in the U.S. are overdue, and the New Madrid might be slightly overdue. Doesn’t have be a super natural disaster either in the U.S. Far away catastrophes such as a super volcano or major plate rupturing that leads to coastline tsunamis. A category 4 or 5 hurricane hitting Houston dead on, which has happened countless times, would lead to a fuel energy nightmare for the country. Loss of the shelf because of some methene bubble in the Gulf would affect the entire country.

          Mankind has fought forever, and with the one of the highest build up per capita of military weapons in history, the countries are gearing up to fight. War, even regional can destroy the stability that any country enjoys. You have $300 per barrel oil prices and you have a dead economy. Not an economic collapse because of a debt or any other reason than you can’t afford to produce products because the energy to manufacture, refine, package, and ship anything. All out war, well that is the end of civilization. World War 3 can happen, just the previous two world wars proves this.

          The main issue here is that it doesn’t matter WHY someone prepares, just prepare and be ready for energencies that are short lasting to long or ever lasting. There is no excuse that 1% of the people preparing, this is terrible. When you think that 99 out of 100 don’t ready themselves how can anyone have any confidence in the survival of the human race beyond the 1% of those that understand just how important it is to be the ant? 99% grasshoppers, the same type of locust that eat themselves out of their homes, How Appropriate.

          • We can scratch off #19 Entertainment:
            When the SHTF that bad there will be
            such a mad scramble just to stay alive,
            no one will have any time for indulging
            in the luxury of boredom.

            • OutWest,

              If you will be caring for children/grandchildren, you should include some games and puzzles with your preps.
              Cards, board games, blocks, puzzles, etc. can be played and enjoyed many times.

              • Grandpa OutWest, can we hear the story again about the old days back in the 1960’s when things were groovy… Please grandpa please….. 🙂

                • Waal now, let me tell ya son……

                • I agree with your premise Wrong…

                  If KY Mom and Outwest had a smack down…sorry Outwest, you loose…

                  Keeping the children occupied is PARAMOUNT…
                  Again Outwest, I’m sorry…but that ability to get to the next day is going to be dependent how you keep the children quiet…
                  Again, I’m sorry,what are you thinking…
                  Are they fodder or rations or are you just going to avoid them all together…
                  No future in either…

                  • “fodder THEN rations”

                  • jerrytbg— don’t be agreein’ with that dink!

                    He’s not called Wrong for nothin’.

                    Besides, any kids I would claim

                    have long flew the coop! LOL

                  • my wife for 25 years has been telling me I’m wrong

                    Isn’t dink a complement? 🙂

                  • Back in the day Children had chores and were not cobbled and given all the free time to be bored.

              • @ KY Mom. One thing to keep kids occupied that we use to do as kids was to see whom could solve the puzzle the quickest. Same puzzle as you could buy 2 or more of the same puzzle for cheap, with two or more people competing. Then the real torment was when you had to solve the puzzle using the blank backsides. I usually lost as I always tended to overthink everything.

              • OutWest,

                KY Mom makes an excellent point. However, even if you don’t have kids, some form of entertainment will ward off the worst effects of depression which under intense pressure could lead to a psychotic break.

                Much like storing away some form of “comfort food” such as instant coffee, chocolate bars, hot chocolate, and/or liquor will offer the user a temporary reprieve from the chaos and may facilitate an easier transition to a more basic lifestyle without modern conveniences.

                Part of my preps accounts for just that.

                I don’t think most people could make that transition cold turkey without suffering some kind of intense mental anguish in today’s world of “just-in-time everything”.

                • YH

                  KY Mom and jerrytbg have taken what I said
                  out of context, unfortunately.
                  I was referring to all able bodied hands
                  that could pitch in and contribute toward
                  the survival of the family unit.
                  I don’t disagree that the small children
                  should have something to occupy their hands
                  and minds.
                  The situation I was concerning about, a real
                  SHTF scenario, such as what is happening as
                  we speak with Syrian refugees fleeing their
                  country for their very lives into Iraq, with
                  little more than the clothes on their backs.
                  That’s all I was saying.
                  Bad comment on my part if I wasn’t absolutely
                  clear in my intent.

                  • OutWest,

                    >>”The situation I was concerning about, a real
                    SHTF scenario, such as what is happening as
                    we speak with Syrian refugees fleeing their
                    country for their very lives into Iraq, with
                    little more than the clothes on their backs.”<<

                    On the contrary, your comment was not bad. However, if the situation becomes "refugee" bad, comfort food and entertainment will be the least of my or anyone else's concerns. Survival will be priority number one.

                    Under the worsening "Obamageddon" meltdown, we are already seeing significant population shifts in the U.S. especially the record number of Americans renouncing their citizenships and moving abroad. And I would be remiss if I didn't mention Detroit.

                    Based on the empirical data before us, I still firmly believe things are squarely on track to become very bad here in the U.S.. How bad, no one knows, but bad enough to get ready for it ASAP.

                • YH.

                  Interesting point about the ability for people to make the transition from an electronic world. Many will have to deal with the real new world around them for the first time in their lives. Our bodies and minds have been conditioned for a fast lane and the SLOOOOOOW DOWN will be most uncomfortable. The change in life will bring about a realization that the things we thought were important, don’t seem that important anymore and things that didn’t, now are important. The simple means of cooling or heating a home can become a threat as they can become hot boxes (ovens) in extreme heat portions of our country, to freezers in extreme cold areas. How much comfort would a small battery powered fan or a small propane heater become in those circumstances. A CD player or radio for music to lift the soul. Singing to the music or playing the air guitar or drums. Beating on a five gallon bucket with a set of drums sticks/hands or using odd material for percussion instruments. Imagine a bunch of grown men acting like fools. Women too!
                  I planted a few rose bushes at the hunt camp to give the Ladies that come out a rose to cut the harshness of camping. We have people who tell stories, jokes and exchange ideas on how to do things better. I guess what I am trying to say is that we will have to find ways to entertain ourselves or go crazy.

                  • slingshot,

                    >>” I guess what I am trying to say is that we will have to find ways to entertain ourselves or go crazy.”<<

                    Precisely! I'm no psychologist, but I can certainly see where over time, constant fear, isolation, and loneliness could become at least as great a threat as external threats.

                    At least with external threats you can employ cover, concealment, or direct engagement to nullify said threat. When the threat is in your head, there is no escaping it. In such a case, an ounce of prevention may go a long way in protecting one's mental health.

                    Just my thoughts on that.

              • My kids will stay active with the games they already have and by practicing their defensive skills. Both are really accurate shooters with multiple weapons. If things go really bad, I feel sorry for anyone out to 300 meters cause they are done for…and that’s with open sights. (My kid rocks with her AR) Which reminds me I need to go get a good scope and some more ammo.

            • Well crap, I’ve been trying to learn how to play the guitar and harmonica so I can supplement my retirement or collapse with some street corner income 🙂 well at least the old guitar strings make good snare material for small game.

              • or to hang your self with if just gets to overwelming

                • You’ve must have heard my playing

              • Or you could practice to while away the hours until you get good, and then offer lessons instead of, or in addition to, playing on the street corner. 🙂

            • I have to agree with Outwest on this. Everything you do will be labor intensive. Every child will be helping out. What can a three year old do? Feed the chickens, and help an older sibling feed other animals, by 5 they can be collecting eggs and helping in a garden, feeding livestock, help with firewood. They won’t be looking for entertainment in that situation, they’ll be looking for an early bed! How do I know about this? When the kids were little we turned the electric off for 9 months!


              • I would like to here more on the electric off deal.

            • No Entertainment will be needed. Every minute will be something new and very different. Your panties will be in a wad.

          • Howdy, BI, and the list is a good starting point. There’s a better list at called “100 Items That Will Disappear In An Emergency” that will be even more helpful to people. I know I’m 1 out of 100, or maybe even more, who bother to prep because I refuse to lay down and die. I’m going to make it one way or another. braveheart

          • Good points to keep in mind, BI.

            The fact remains, that we don’t know for sure if the next collapse/SHTF event will be localized or involve the entire planet (less a few isolated tribes, like the inhabitants of remote areas of New Guinea). We don’t know if it will come as an overnight surprise or continue to be “incremental”, as it has for the past several years.

            What we preppers do know and feel in our hearts is that; It will come in our lifetimes. We prepare for it. We are not asleep.

            How well we are prepared is the question. Do we prepare for a mild or total economic collapse? Do we bug-out or bug-in? Do we make major moves now, or do we bank on an incremental worsening which gives us time to adjust and stock up heavily before the worst?

            I guess it comes down to each individual’s position of wealth, their location, and how many people they will be responsible for.

            i don’t worry about the survival of the human race, since I have my # One priority covered; where my soul goes after I give up the ghost.

            It is better to be a street sweeper in Heaven than a leader in Hell.

            • Of course, if that’s your # One priority, you should be prepping for others, too.

          • Yesterday evening the power (downed tree in her neighborhood) went down at my sister’s house for 2 hours. TWO hours only. They went absolutely nuts!

            She and my niece couldn’t stand being without air conditioning, TV, and internet. They had only a few candles but no flashlight or batteries.

            I was just appalled at their level of concern over TWO HOURS without electricity.

            When the power goes out at our house, we breathe a sigh of relief and actually LOVE it.

            There are those who are destined to freak out, and lose it, and even if they’re family you cannot help those who won’t listen.

            • I’m thinking there are lots that would go stir crazy without the tube. Very sad. My dad use to turn our power out when he wanted our attention. It was usually a blast. He called it camping at home. I didn’t mind as long as it wasn’t on Sunday. I hated missing Bonanza.

            • They would have loved being without power for about a month like most of our area had to do after Superstorm Sandy!

              • No kidding, Prepped in CT!

                I remember when Sandy hit (we were nowhere near it) and I asked my sister and niece how they’d handle all the outages. They said they didn’t have a clue, adding, “We’d wait on our govt to help just like everybody else.”

                I said… “You do realize, I wouldn’t have to do a thing? Wouldn’t be waiting on anybody to help? I wouldn’t have to go to a store, gather anything, buy anything, that I’d be fine for months.”

                They couldn’t believe it. Yet they still won’t listen to any advice I give. After this “two hour horror” the other night, my sister did say she was going to buy a flashlight.


          • The people who have not prepared will be virtual slaves of whatever tyrannical power takes control of the situation. This massive minority will be looking at the rest of us with scorn and jealousy. The govt will use this emotion as a way to get millions of the virtual slaves to rat the rest of us out. It is not going to be pretty. So even if you’ve prepped, when the time comes, look like you’re starving and helpless.

        • “Relax and think about things. When you get too wound up, you make mistakes and you don’t enjoy life”

          SORRY guero but when SHTF you will neither have time to relax or enjoy life. While your neighbors are killing each other for food what are you going to do, lay out by the pool?

        • Relaxing is much easier when your armed, prepared and trained. It doesn’t mean you will survive, but it sure increases your odds.

        • “Billions will die” from damaged Fukashima nuclear power plants. (Latest article at Paul Craig Roberts website– he was ass’t sec. treasury under Reagan).

          Northern Hemisphere (that’s us!) will be especially at risk.

          The 1% are destroying the whole fu– planet!

          • well, at least 8 out of 13 “got it”… the rest: fu– retards!

        • THIS IS A GAME CHANGER, PEOPLE…CAN’T GET ANY WORSE THAN THIS!! (If you can’t click on the link below, please type in the tool bar the following: Mike Ruppert– Guy Mcpherson–August 2013–youtube)

          Please listen to the complete podcast at:

        • from video mentioned above: only thing we can prepare for is short term/medium term survival, there is no long term survival possibility… 3 scenarios for us: death from the following– “predation, starvation, suicide.. and from thirst”… “these bastards absolutely know what they’re doing; instead of easing off the gas pedal, they are flooring it!”…”we’ve triggered 6 major self-reinforcing feedbacks since April… 8 all together, one in 2010.” The rate of acceleration of events is astonishing”… US Dept of Defense preparing for massive social unrest due to Peak Oil and Climate Change, preparing at break neck speed”… unbelievably.. police state…”every possible outcome (from damaged Fukashima nuclear plants) is unmitigated disaster” leading to lives lost of huge no. of people in the very near term… open air radiation possibly catching atmosphere on fire, off the charts in terms of contamination(fish in oceans) due to radiation.

          • You are in dire need of professional mental health treatment.

          • So right.

            • So right Forrest. I agree Fukushima is making a mess of our world. Probably not many have even a small clue.

        • And then there is Fukushima. Media have led us to think that this nuclear crisis is over,
          but it appears that it is only beginning. The risk of apocalypse is high. You can read here one assessment of the risks to all of us. Here another And here another And another
          And here


        • In the event of any emergency power from the grid could be the first thing to go. It’s important to have a plan to provide your family with off grid power.

          Solar Generators are a great way to be prepared for any kind of emergency.

          Be Prepared has several options available.

      2. God, gold, guns, and groceries….better get ’em while the gettin’s good

      3. Opsec…Opsec….Opsec

        • Keep cash in multiple localations. Got a roll of bandaids, apprx. 2,000, at the Salvation Army store for 50 cents, 100 rds of 357 mag ammo for $56.00. Deals are still available just keep looking.

        • NSA…NSA…NSA…

        • HEY! NOT SO MUCH: You Demanded Proof positive of Prez Wilson, in 1912, Connections to Zionists I said surrounded prez wilson, recall it?(yes you Do).

          Well Here: Now Educate yourself with a small sample here, then go to the Link I will provide in this post and READ the entire article…Nobdoy can Deny this guys info after one glance at his Credentials…

          A Jewish Defector Warns America
          By Benjamin H. Freedman-1961 at Willard Hotel Wash. D.C.

          Introductory Note: Benjamin H. Freedman was one of the most intriguing and amazing individuals of the 20th century. Mr. Freedman, born in 1890, was a successful Jewish businessman of New York City who was at one time the principal owner of the Woodbury Soap Company. He broke with organized Jewry after the Judeo-Communist victory of 1945, and spent the remainder of his life and the great preponderance of his considerable fortune, at least 2.5 million dollars, exposing the Jewish tyranny which has enveloped the United States. Mr. Freedman knew what he was talking about because he had been an insider at the highest levels of Jewish organizations and Jewish machinations to gain power over our nation. Mr. Freedman was personally acquainted with Bernard Baruch, Samuel Untermyer, Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, Joseph Kennedy, and John F. Kennedy, and many more movers and shakers of our times. This speech was given before a patriotic audience in 1961 at the Willard Hotel in Washington, D.C., on behalf of Conde McGinley’s patriotic newspaper of that time, Common Sense. Though in some minor ways this wide-ranging and extemporaneous speech has become dated, Mr. Freedman’s essential message to us — his warning to the West — is more urgent than ever before.

          Snip/Skip majority of article(Read at Link site article)

          PROOF: Not So Much Demanded non stop! HERE!

          Not a person in the United States knew it. You weren’t permitted to know it.
          Who knew it? President Wilson knew it. Colonel House knew it. Other insiders knew it.

          Did I know it? I had a pretty good idea of what was going on: I was liaison to Henry Morgenthau, Sr., in the 1912 campaign when President Wilson was elected, and there was talk around the office there. I was “confidential man” to Henry Morgenthau, Sr., who was chairman of the finance committee, and I was liaison between him and Rollo Wells, the treasurer. So I sat in these meetings with President Wilson at the head of the table, and all the others, and I heard them drum into President Wilson’s brain the graduated income tax and what has become the Federal Reserve,

          >>!and I heard them indoctrinate him with the Zionist movement<<<<<> Now up to that time, not one hair on the head of any Jew had been hurt in Germany. There was no suffering, there was no starvation, there was no murder, there was nothing.<<<<<!!

          Naturally, the Germans said, “Who are these people to declare a boycott against us and throw all our people out of work, and make our industries come to a standstill? Who are they to do that to us?” They naturally resented it. Certainly they painted swastikas on stores owned by Jews. Why should a German go in and give his money to a storekeeper who was part of a boycott that was going to starve Germany into surrendering to the Jews of the world, who were going to dictate who their premier or chancellor was to be? Well, it was ridiculous.

          The boycott continued for some time, but it wasn't until 1938, when a young Jew from Poland walked into the German embassy in Paris and shot a German official, that the Germans really started to get rough with the Jews in Germany. And you found them then breaking windows and having street fights and so forth.

          Article website LINK I am Posting in NEXT-Post due to moderator delays usually….

          Not So Much, go Read it all, it has info on jews=Khazers in article near end. Then lets see what YOU have besides Snide Vile name calling that refutes Zero of my info. ps that website has Tons more info pertaining mainly to Christians searching for real Truth on al issues A to Z…Real Truth if you can Handle it.

          • I see things much the same on some levels and much different on another.

            Two important things to consider about the Jewish/Zionist/Khazars and their links to world events and involvement.

            #1 The Bible clearly warns us of those that call themselves Jews, but are of the synagoge of Satan. To put it bluntly, they are the descendants of Cain/Satan’s seed, and have infiltrated the Jewish establishment since the Days of Christ and before. In the times before Christ’s arrival, they were called the Kenites, which was originally translated to mean; “the sons of Cain”.

            #2 It has been written, that the events that led to the 2nd World War were orchestrated by, and further exploited by the Holy Roman Empire. The Jews were used as scapegoats and pawns.

            I guess we are left to ponder the truth. God knows, and justice will be handed out accordingly.

          • Who gives a flying one who did what by whom years ago?

            Way too many of you folks are obsessed with the the jews..muslims..minorities..welfare etc

            Who friggin cares?..

            Start your own neo nazi group somewhere else!!

            The rest of us are here now in the present at least trying to convey the oncoming onset of loss of liberty, rights, and economic malaise affecting most of us nationwide..

            and it is all due to the central banks..not your pigeonholed neanderthal limited thought process of blaming everyone but the real culprits..

            It’s not the elected official asshats either…they are following orders from above..scum that they all are as well.

            Not one of them gives a shit about Christians, jews,muslims, arabs anyone..we are all collateral damage to them worldwide..

            just useless debt slaves and serfs to feed their system..or die in vain to protect it..



            • Is everyone here still at upper middle class or what?

              Stay out of debt!!..move to the hinderlands!!..bug gold,,buy silver!!! appears that the majority here are one step beneath the well heeled elite just trying to avoid them ..and giving advice to whom?

              Read the friggin article posted..most of us ARE living paycheck to paycheck if we’re lucky..

              We believed in America..worked hard,,got a mortgage..raised our kids,, now we have grandchildren..and now we found out that we were betrayed all along…

              I;ll stick with the poor working class and downtrodden..we will survive..cause we’ve got nothing to lose anyways..we’re now at the bottom tier and used to just surviving..

              And 6 months savings set aside..are you kidding me..??

              Perhaps you should post this on Forbes..or lifestyles of the rich and famous for them to least they could afford all your wonderful suggestions..

              Rather talk with manos in Greece.. or Daisy or Burt..they know and live the real deal everyday..

              and are sorely missed here on a regular basis..

              as they were the reasons I joined this site in the first place


              • I exist on a total of $910 a month…I’m barely above destitute, but I’m prepped to the hilt.

                • sixpack

                  Thanks…nice to know there;s common sense folks out there..Way too often these articles send me to to the hilt giving advice that only a man or woman of wealth could afford..

                  Guess we are in living in flyover country..

                  In general…many commenters here contribute valuable info for us ..

                  As in the last depression. not those of wealth,but those of common sense and preparedness survived overall.

                  and stayed under the radar..



                  • People from this site are often my only glimmer of hope—hope that not everyone is in zombieville yet. Hope that I’m not the anathema. Hope that I’m not the one who’s insane. That’s why I post here so often…because misery loves company. LOL.

                • @ sixpack…someone I know passes through Bend often. If you need or run out of a prep, contact me and I will arrange a stopoff on 97.

                  • Thanks dave in Id, but I’m stocked up for about 18 months or so, and adding all the time. All the same, IT IS the thought that counts…ya never know.

                  • hey, Hwy 20 east of Bend here

                  • Thanks for all the good will, I’m comforted to know there are people, no, REAL people who live around me. I thought I was pretty much the entire OREGON muster list.

                    I live about half-way between Sandy and Brightwood, right on hwy 26. I’d be willing to be a rest stop/emergency stop location if needed.

                    I can offer a temp shelter, phone and email access and I have a CB radio, if someone happens to be stuck due to the mountain pass being closed for some unusual reason. I’m considering turning the CB on continuously to monitor emergencies, if shit starts spattering a little more.

                    I’ve made that trip over the mountain, from Portland to Bend through warm springs a few times…That pass sucks on a motorcycle.

              • I feel your anger, possee.

                All that anger and frustration will only bring you further down. A lot of us here are on fixed incomes and have meager existences compared to the ten per cent that have way more than they need or deserve.

                If a person has a dry and fairly clean living space;
                If one has hot water on demand with a working toilet and shower;
                If one has a vehicle that is relatively dependable;
                If one has enough food daily for at least two full meals;
                If one has clothing to meet the needs for all seasons;
                If one has healthy children/grandchildren and doesn’t have to witness suffering everyday;
                If one has at least one firearm with ammo for protection or hunting;
                If one has at least a 60 day supply of clean water and canned/dried/stored food on hand;
                And, if one has the means/income to maintain all the above;

                Then; they live within the top FIVE percent of “well to do” persons upon the earth today.

                You don’t have to look far to see many who are less fortunate. We that fit into the “top five percent” category should be thankful everyday for what we have, not bitch about what we don’t have. Most of the wealthy people i know of, are miserable pricks; especially the men. Most of the women I know of that have excess, are usually more giving and don’t look down on the people that have less. But the men are mostly assholes.

                I’d rather have my meager existence and not live on a high horse with my head up my ass all the time.

              • Posse, youre right…lots of people have barely enough to live on and prepping cost a lot of scarce cash…I don’t have any cash money flow myself and my lady makes about a grand a month if its a good month…so I understand where you are too Sixpack…its tough but somehow we manage…heck Im sure theres a lot of folks here and elsewhere got it even worse than me so I try to be grateful for what I do have and keep on keepin on…I keep working towards that elusive total independent place…wont likely get there but its the target…at least we eat well! 🙂 I wish you both success in your journey 🙂

            • You’re absolutely right possee. Once you do the research you’ll find that all these groups have been used & are using each other. The Vatican-Zionist-Nazi-Satanic cabal wants us to waste energy arguing about who’s responsible. Who knows – maybe David Icke & others are right that we’re ruled, controlled by an extraterrestrial reptilian race. But all of that is irrelevant now. Mental, physical & spiritual preparation is a must.

          • LOL. You’re giving me a ‘confidential man’ that no one knows who was liason to a friend of a friend that claimed something in a speech once?

            apparently that’s ‘surrounded by zionists’ for you, but according to what YOU posted, it means there was a Jew that was a friend of a friend of Morgenthau’s that MIGHT have been present at the advisors table.

            So did ALLLLL of Wilson’s advisors drum into him the Fed Reserve which is part of preogressive philosophy or was it JUST the Jew?

            The bottom line is, you’re wrong AND you’re an idiot.

            And BTW, a ‘huge explosion’ still isn’t a nuke attack.

      4. ALL true! Move to the country! Getting out of Debt is so important – until you own what you have you are a slave to the banks – buy your cars with cash – never take a car loan! car loans are the five year destroyer of incomes, you pay your dues every month – miss a few payments and there goes your ride. lets hope you don’t have to bug out right after your repo. You never need to print another article because this one says it all but will you do it?

        • Geolithic, AMEN to being debt-free. I’ve always used cash to buy cars; never had a car note in my whole life. I always refused to go broke or do without anything else to pay for a car. Look at what you have to sacrifice when you use credit for any purpose. i’m still debt-free to this day and that’s how I can spend more on preps at one time than I would’ve been able to otherwise. I’m not a slave to anyone’s bank, period! braveheart

          • br/heart I’m also debt free, no credit cards as you say, unless your living in a homeless shelter being fed I’m not sure your debt free the debt free car has to have tags and insurance to be legal to drive, you have taxes on any property or they sell it to someone else. Health insurance etc. etc. I’m not giving everything up in my life to prep for the unknown, but I am prepping for what I think will happen the best I can with what is left over out of my retirement, if it’s not enough then so be it. I’m living for now also.

            • My income is about the same as yours, SixPack, and I also am prepared for a good many months. However, just physical preparation is not enough– we need as much knowledge as possible– on every front! from wilderness survival to spiritual knowledge to all the major stuff confronting us– peak oil, climate hell, etc. Also, knowledge about plants you can eat in the wild, etc.

              I recently went online and looked up everything I could find on spring water– the best water available, you can often consume without even filtering. Unfortunately, snakes tend to gather around water holes also, so its extremely important to have very thick, long boots (perhaps having thick, rubber golashes on top of the boots) to prevent snake bites. Only way to survive poisonous snake bites is anti-venin, which will be either in short supply or non existent after SHTF.

              Most important things: God, Water, Food, Loved Ones. Food– better learn edible wild foods, Drinkable Water– better learn how to find it in the wild. A couple real good books on wilderness survival is “Special Forces Wilderness Survival Guide” (maybe not exact title) and “A Being Darkly Wise”– I really didn’t like last book listed, sounded too negative, scary. However, it did provide excellent information on wilderness survival– if you can overlook negative, scary crap– really lousey writer and story sucked! The first book– wilderness survival by Special Forces is excellent book.

              • Forrest, I grew up in the backwoods. My Dad was an extreme survivalist from the Appalachians…as they used to be. I have some long forgotten know-how, like tracking and predicting animal behavior. My Dad had a knack for knowing what an animal was going to do, before it did. Some of that good stuff rubbed off on me before he died.

                …and there’s other ways to survive snake bites besides commercial anti-venom, but the best way is to simply avoid startling it. I like snakes…for a snack.

          • I had one—I paid half down and the balance upon delivery. I bought the car on my walk home from work, picked it up after I picked up my check the next day. That’s about the extent of my credit history.

      5. Been ready for 5 years and still waiting for it !!!
        I’m getting tired of rotating my stuff
        This is like article 500 about the COMING DEPRESSION ,etc. throughout the years but what’s funny is that this year I see more new cars being bought and home renovations than I have the previous 4 years but I keep hearing the percentage of Americans who are working paycheck to paycheck

        • NO man, your wrong this time.

          Its happening. This year. Next month. Or by end of year latest. Or beginning of 2014 absolute latest, Maybe.
          Gerald celente said so.
          Every year for the past ten years.
          If not this year or next, then by 2016 after election at most.

          Here is how these dopes think:

        • @ RICH99. Forget about the economic collapse, you are convinced this will not happen until 2017 or much later. There are plenty of other disasters that are happening all the time. Let me ask you this. When Hurricane Sandy crushed the area you live in, didn’t some of your supplies come in handy and make your life a lot more bearable? When you lose power, isn’t it nice to have the basics that your naive neighbors don’t have because of no hindsight? We all know how you feel about an economic collapse. How about talking about how grateful you are to be a prepper for ALL THE OTHER SHTF’S.

          • Be informed— Forget about RICH99.
            He wouldn’t get out of the way of a
            bullet train if he was in the middle
            of the track.
            Not balls, just no brains.

            • Where is the BULLET TRAIN ????? what time does the train pull into the station ……..DONT KNOW….then shut it !!!!

          • Fortunately I didn’t need any preps for Sandy but I will agree with you on preps for disasters

        • As Jim Willie put it. It has been going on since the 2008 meltdown, it’s currently in progress. You had the COLLAPSE of ’08. If it weren’t for the Fed jumping in, it would have been lights out for the US and the global economy. You’ve had the LIBOR scandal in 2012, a Gold and Silver run in 2013.

          In 2009 you’ve had the meltdown in Europe, the confiscation of wealth in Cyprus. People seem to forget that Greece is in a deep depression, Spain and Italy but it’s economic numbers are borderline in a deep recession or depression. Portugal, Brazil are a mess, Turkey has economic problems with civil unrest. What do you call the Civil War in Egpyt? It’s happened because of a depressed economy. And China according to new reports has an economy that is not as good as it’s made out to be.

          They just got there first. So to answer your question, if it is legit. The global economic collapse is HAPPENING right NOW. If you look at all the lies the Fed and the US Govt has said to cover an economy that in some areas of the US are in a Depression.

          So yeah prepping and continuing to prep for the inevitable SHTF scenario is not a bad idea.

          • 08′ wasn’t a collapse , it was a manufactured THEFT period !!!!

          • You are right on Rodster. I keep trying to tell people that it is already in progress and people keep waiting for “the big event”. No doubt there may be a big event in the future, but there is also no doubt, in my mind at least, that it is currently in progress.

        • Rich99 Then Stop Hell I will meet you in vegas. We can have a good time.

        • r99 if ur preps are good then you shant run out of most anything during good times, as long as u rotate fifo the rest is just icing, how many times have u run out of toilet paper and thot duh ive got 4 cases, holding on to ur pants to fetch some, lol, “it is better to have and not need, then to need and not have”, if being too ready is a problem id love to be in ur shoes TZ

      6. Don’t forget your Halloween make-up kit so you can make yourself look like you are on the edge of …

        What are we on the edge of again?

        Anyway, you wouldn’t come any closer if I paid you the way I look so ill !

        • Rodeo clown masks?

        • Makeup kit is not a bad idea. You might need it for camouflage. When everybody else is on the verge of starvation and you are a healthy rosy pink, you’ll stand out like a fart in church. People will start to wonder and the next you know mob mentality will kick in and you’ll have them at the door.

      7. ONE very important issue you glossed over is ANTIBIOTICS when you don’t need them no big whoop, but when you do it could very easily become life or death.
        You can go to Ebay and search Aquarium antibiotics these are the same as human antibiotics at a fraction of the cost. A very good item to stock up on cause you just never know when you are someone you love will need them.
        Better to be safe than sorry.

        • That is sure worth repeating…over and over and over again…
          Even the cheap antibiotic ointments…avoid the chinese crap…

        • love E & L pets blister packs of doxycycline (sp) amoxicillin, ans cephahexalin

        • In a serious injury/gash moment without a tube of Neosporin, piss will work. If the cut/gash is where you can’t get to it, you’ll need a piss-willing friend, or a foe with a gun to his/her head.

          • No, piss won’t work, unless you WANT to die of septicemia.

            Plain water, hydrogen peroxide, isopropyl alcohol, whiskey, vodka, gin, beer, sugary drinks, practically ANYTHING BUT urine!

            I’d even rather take my chances with mud puddle water.

            You’d be better off cauterizing it with the hot blade of your knife. Hell, chew up some grass and pack the wound with it, chlorophyll would work better than piss in an open wound.

            I’d rather a dog licked it than someone pissing on it.

            • @ Dr. sixpack,

              Where did you get your doctorate degree?

              According to Dr. A.H. Free, in his 1977 book Urinalysis in Clinical Laboratory Practice, urine contains zinc, vitamins B12, B6, riboflavin, pantothenic acid, inositol, folic acid, biotin, ascorbic acid, potassium, iron, calcium, iodine, manganese, magnesium, nitrogen, lysine, arginine, allantoin, bicarbonate, creatinine, cystine, dopamine, epinephrine, glucose, glutamic acid, glycine, lysine, methionine, orinthine, phenylalanine, phosphorus, tryptophan, tyrosine and water. While far from a “superfood,” it can sustain life in circumstances of deprivation. Numerous instances of people found alive after several days without food or water have been attributed to their willingness to drink their own urine.

              Because urine has antifungal, antiviral, and antibacterial properties it has been used to treat wounds on the battlefield and to treat athlete’s foot in the shower. Urine soaks for poisonous bites and stings as well as fungal rashes can be effective, though most people prefer other remedies.

              Oh, by the way, that “mud puddle” you just dipped from to apply to your cut, was just pissed in by a possum and then lapped from, by a rabid raccoon. I’ll stick to piss in an emergency.

              • Uh, yeah. Whatever. You forgot to mention the huge number of bacteria and germs that CAN be present in urine, as it is eliminated by the body as WASTE. Here’s some links


                You don’t have to be a doctor to have some common sense. They also say GMOs and fluoride is good for us too, but we know that’s bullshit. In fact, doctors today seem to pass on the common sense ideology, more often than not.

                If urine was so good for you, the body would absorb it, rather than expel it as waste.

                Of course this is just my opinion, but feel free to piss on yourself at will…I think I’ll pass, unless I’ve no other alternative.

                I don’t believe everything I read.

      8. Well, I must say that the Truth hurts!
        It’s like reading the Bible to me. As I go down the list I’m saying “ouch”!

        I wonder if I can apply the Twelve Step method that AA uses to become more prepared.
        Step one is the same…..first admitting you have a problem …

        • FEMA Preparing for the Worst in Region 3- Why? (Video)

          “the government obviously believes something big is coming.

          Region three includes, DC, DE, MD, PA, VA, WV.

          The preparations listed include; Nine-week training course for UN Peacekeepers in CONUS to learn Urban Warfare, English, and US weapons systems beginning 4th week of July for 386,000 troops to be completed by October 1st;

          $11 million in antibiotics to be delivered to FEMA region III by October 1st ordered by CDC;

          FEMA purchase orders for over $14.2 million for MREs and heater meals to be delivered to Region III by October 1st;

          FEMA purchase orders for 22 million pouches of emergency water to be delivered to region III by October 1st;

          FEMA purchase orders for $13.6 million for MREs and heater meals to be delivered to Austin by October 1st;

          2800 MRAPs must be delivered to DHS by October 1st…”

          • The federal fiscal year ends on September 31st and we are hitting another debt ceiling this fall. The timing of these purchases and training expenditures are no mystery.

            • GG: Exactly, well almost exactly. There are 30 days in September on my calendar. Are you using a Mayan calandar?


              Hey folks, FEMA is doing what FEMA is suppose to do: prepare for disaster. Maybe the next Hurricane Sandy. These are things that they should have done all along but didn’t.

              Nappy made a difference and now maybe a lot of people in the area will get some relief in a timely fashion. Charities, like the RED Cross and others, are still holding funds that were given for the relief of Sandy victims.

              Some one belongs in jail for misappropriation of funds.

              • “…The preparations listed include; Nine-week training course for UN Peacekeepers in CONUS to learn Urban Warfare, English, and US weapons systems beginning 4th week of July for 386,000 troops to be completed by October 1st;…”


                • The last of September and thru much of the month of October, are the most important days of the year on the Hebrew calendar. So happens, October is the seventh month of that calendar. Sevens represent Spiritual fulfillment and completeness. Just sayin’.

              • The durango kidd says:

                “Hey folks, FEMA is doing what FEMA is suppose to do.”


                A quick poll.

                Thumbs down if you want government in your life.

                Thumbs up if you want to be free of government.

                • Folks, a quick poll!

                  If you think Yo Mama is the TROLL give me a thumbs up.
                  If you think I am the TROLL, give me a thumbs down.

                  Thanks for your support. 🙂

                  • Hey DK… I’m a bit confused, and maybe you can help me.

                    Point out the Article and Section of the US Constitution establishing FEMA.

                  • Yo Mama: Your confusion is nothing new. You could have discovered the power and authority of the Congress to create FEMA under Section VIII, had you bothered to read the Constitution yourself:

                    Section 8 – Powers of Congress

                    The Congress shall have Power To “….
                    pay the Debts and provide for the common Defence and General Welfare of the United
                    States …..” .

                    The power and authority to create Agencies of the Federal Government for the General Welfare of the United States belongs to Congress. These would include HUD, FANNIE MAE, DOE, HEW, NASA, and a slew of other offices and agencies too numerous to mention. The key here is to “provide for the General Welfare”.

                    Personally I think many of these offices and agencies should be abolished, including O’Bummer Care, and the Federal employee payroll cut by half.

                    Next time do your own legwork. I’m getting tired of giving you a free education. You’re lazy. 🙂

                  • You didn’t answer my question.

                    Point out the Article and Section of the US Constitution establishing FEMA.


                    Where is it?

                  • Yo Mama: Are you deaf, dumb, and blind? Section VII of the US Constitution gives the Congress the power to create FEMA and any other office or agency it deems necessary to …. “protect the General Welfare”.

                    Its in plain English. 🙂

                  • Section VIII. that last I didn’t register. My Bad. 🙂

                  • @DK

                    I suppose then one could argue ObamaCare is justified, being that it’s intended to “protect the General Welfare”.

                    Why not just create the Department of Generel Welfare (DGW) and let the government do anything it wants?

                    Would you have any objections to that professor Statist?

                    Governments have killed people to “protect the General Welfare”.

                    I suppose that’s ok with you too (just as long as government does it).

              • I wouldn’t give the red cross a dime. I give to the Salvation Army. THe money goes where it is intended.

                • I agree.

            • This article concerned me greatly also… until another pointed out September 30 is end of fiscal year. Makes a little more sense, still concerning though.

            • Hitting another debt ceiling – Weve already hit the debt ceiling. Debt has not changed in the last 87 days because the debt ceiling has been reached. So how does .Gov keep running thru sept. Government Guy?

              And how do they justify money for crap like this, on the backs of the taxpayer — If it looks, smells, walks and sounds like a duck – its a duck. Doesnt matter if its august, december or april !

          • Kentucky , those articles have also been going around for years just like the alphabet agencies moving to Denver last year etc. Nothing new here move along

          • $11 million in antibiotics…is there any way to find out which antibiotic they were ordering, or was it a combination. One particular one could give an idea of what they may be expecting.

          • Can anyone verify this? When I read this, it made me feel ill.

            The article also mentioned that WHO (World Health Organization) held a second emergency meeting to discuss MERS Coronavirus and the need for a vaccine to be in place.

            • KY, I live in the Peoples Republic of Maryland. Several like-minded folks and myself were discussing this subject for the last couple of days. Supposedly there is also two hi-tech blimps, that are either on their way or already at Ft. Meade to have the folks there trained on operating them. These blimps are going to be on the outskirts of DC (Dark Country) and are capable of scanning millions of surrounding acres, they say. Once there they are reportedly to be stationary/tethered to the ground. I guess we’ll see come October 1st. Of course I take these reports that seem to give specific time frames with a grain of salt. I’ve come to believe that any shenanigans that government is about to kick off is fluid and subject to change.

          • Sounds like end of the fiscal year ‘sweep up’ spending to me. This happens at the end of every fiscal year in every government agency (city, county, state, and local).

            The end of the fiscal year is when agencies spend any ‘contingency’ money they may have left. Because if you don’t spend your entire budget, then you obviously didn’t need it and your budget will be cut next year…..

      9. This is a new week and the NSA is storing everything you email and all of your Phone calls in their computer bank. Which is truly unbelievable and possibly the greatest travisdy they could do to We The People. So lets help them out by using a red flag word to get their attention. The Word Of The Week is ANTHRAX. So please use it in all of you communications, wether emails or Phone calls. And Thanks again to all of the Patriots that used the word Pressure Cooker last week. Remember this weeek it’s Anthrax. Trekker Out.

        • Anthrax! Anthrax! Everywhere, and not a drop to drink

          • Anthrax?Why does the nsa care about a heavy metal band?!And 69,take it you are a Coleridge fan?

            • Warchild, yeah I first heard it in a Iron Maiden somg with the same name as his poem ‘Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner’ , haven’t really read much else of his though. Good catch. I noticed after my post there’s a water filter being advertised to the right, has the captain ‘Water, Water everywhere and not a drop to drink’
              Looks like I stole it from there… 🙂

              • Is there a water filter that catches ANTHRAX? Or is it just the NSA who’s interested in ANTHRAX? Did I mention ANTHRAX?

                Facts about ANTHRAX:

                1. Even though you can find “ANT” among the letters in ANTHRAX, pesticides do not affect ANTHRAX.

                2. There is only one X in ANTHRAX.

                3. “Anthrac” is not the singular form of ANTHRAX.

                4. In animals, Carnivores are relatively resistant to ANTHRAX.

                4. Although the spelling of ANTHRAX suggests that it might be rather loud and obnoxious, it is simply noxious.

                5. I don’t know SHIT about ANTHRAX, but it’s an interesting word, none the less.

        • I believe that Cipro is a prophylaxis treatment for Anthrax. You might check out The Patriot Nurse blog for her take on it, then buy enough Ciprofloxin for your entire family. It might save your life! Don’t forget the OTC meds, such as hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, bandaids and anti-bacterials. Whiskey or red wine for washing out wounds and vinegar for a mild disinfectant. Laxatives and anti-diarrhea meds, sinus and allergy meds, band-aids, gauze, Telfa pads and old sheets for slings and compresses. You can die just as quickly from sepsis as you can from Anthrax, so be on your guard and take some courses!

          • all good Vicky…everything you listed! You go girl!

        • Don’t be dumb using a word like anthrax, or pipe bomb, or Fuck the NSA, is sure to cause trouble. Never do it.

          • anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax

            in a pressure cooker

            • You’re being silly, you can’t make anthrax in a pressure cooker. Hmmmmm, just wondering what would happen to Castor beans in a pressure cooker. Ricin? I’ll have to look in the ball blue book.

          • What if I put a photo of a pipe bomb in a pressure cooker, cover it with a paper with anthrax written on it, and write “Fuck the NSA” on the outside in big red letters?

            …can you hear me now?

        • “travesty”

          • Couldn’t agree more young Eisen…these “people” need to reined in.

          • Eisenkraut, new it was wrong when I writ it. But when your trying to get your comment in quick to be in the first 5 slots ain’t got time to make correction. So help me out on the word of the week. Anthrax. Hain’t no need to hurry though. Got in at #3 and now it’s 50 slots out. Trekker Out.

            • If you want your comment at the top, just click the first reply button you come to…like many on here do.

              Their reply has nothing to do with the comment, but at least they get at the top of the list.

              Yep…now I’m gonna go get my “cheese” and hunt for that book by Emily Post…sumthin to do with etiquette or sumthin.

              “Stomps feet and walks away.”

      10. No man is an island… can do what you can…but it will probably not be enough. With the help of God, we may make it through a long term disaster…but not without his help. If you are thinking “end times”…all bets are off. None of our plans will supercede the Lords.

      11. I have no plans to work with anybody outside of my own family. I haven’t found any preppers in my area. My previous attempts to waken family, friends, and church people will just lead them in my direction when they’re hungry.

        Debtors don’t go to prison unless they owe child support. Even then it rarely happens. Debt isn’t necessarily bad but it can make things more difficult during the worsening depression. We have a mortgage but we have silver as an investment. When silver goes sky high we can pay off our mortgage if we want to.

        We’re trying to save up our money so we can buy more silver but we’re also saving for some other things that we need first.

        • Just make sure your debt is unsecured debt.
          Then when things turn south drain your funds and shut off your phone.

      12. I’ve not watched the new show, but saw this guy on the Doomsday Prepper and if brains were bucks he couldn’t even pay attention so I’m not going to say anything further about him.

        For about $500 per person you can:
        -Buy enough beans and rice (which together make a perfect protein to survive for one year by filling in with foraging. Dandelions, for example contain vitamins A & C plus iron and calcium.

        For about $1,000 you can:
        -Retrofit and existing home with rain barrels, a first flush diverts, and a monolithic water filter
        – Install a dual fuel (natural gas/propane) vent-less heater and adapt a barrel stove kit for temporary use by venting through a window.
        – Buy an inverter capable of keeping your fridge cold long enough to process or consume it’s contents and enough filled gasoline cans for a month.
        – Purchase the most versatile survival weapon, a shotgun, and a variety of shells

        For about $10,000 you can:
        – Buy a few secluded acres in the mountains with water so plentiful it springs right up out of the ground.
        – Build a small solar-powered, wood-fired cabin with hot and cold running water. Search SOLAR CABIN on Youtube to find out more.

        I know because I’ve done those these things plus a lot more I won’t go into now. Remember that skills trump stuff and even someone completely broke who knows what they are doing will be welcome somewhere if only the barn of an elderly rural homesteader.

        If you had to leave with what you could push what would that be and how far until the first cache?

        • What new show?

        • Natural gas/propane isn’t a good thing for heat after the collapse. Kerosene heaters are the best. The fuel is liquid, easy to store, and you don’t need a vent.

          You’d die of malnutrition on beans and rice. You can wander outside all you want after the collapse. See how long you live outside where people can see you. People need a balanced die. It would be much better to store a year’s worth of food.

          • People are unreasonably scared of propane heaters for some reason. I have heated a 20 X 30 cabin with a 30k BTU UNVENTED Blu-Flame propane heater. It DID have a low oxygen safety feature, but it never kicked it off.

            Many “gas” stoves are propane and they won’t kill you (as long as they’re lit when turned on).

            LESS noxious fumes as compared to kero.

            I got many junks for stating this before, but:

            Yes, you can even use a gas grill for emergency heat and it will not kill you. Basically no difference from an unvented Blu-Flame heater.

          • I second kerosene. it seems that in 3rd world countries it is readily available and appears used by street cooks in the markets more, so that is my choice for shtf. also pressurized or wicked kerosene burners can use other fuels as well, so they are multi purpose.

      13. I read, and I keep envisioning the potential for a pandemic of suicides from all of the grasshopper’s that made fun of and mocked the ants.

        The brutal truth of human nature will be the only thing that remains.

        • Cali, though the restuarants, malls, stores are a buzz, I tend to see more that are lost and haven’t a clue. They’ll be numb to what has happened and walk around like zombies. They have been warned but it comes down to ‘who are people going to believe?’.
          I still hear people say ‘How is any of this going to affect me directly?’ and this after I explain Obummer care.
          Suicides? Possibly but I believe we’ll see a tremendous spike in murders.

          • @ DRD5508

            None of it will ever hit home until the iPhones get shut down.

            My sister is a perfect example of the cavalier “you’re entitled to your paranoid political bullshit, but I refuse to listen to any of it in this lifetime” attitude.

            As long as “The Housewives” or “Keeping up with the Kardashians” is on, she couldn’t give two shits less.

            It’s her kids that will suffer, but she won’t hear any of it.

            I suspect MANY people on this forum can relate to me in regards to this.

          • BTW, for those of us who are thinking ahead, here’s how the powers that be plan on putting the screws to anyone planning on hiding their weaponry.


            It never ends. Now, these will fly off the shelves just like ammo and AR-15’s did.

            • “IF” henry Waxman would put a bullet in his face Id suspect he’d look better…ugly little weasel 🙁 …I know Id like him better…I know, that’s mean…but Im not sorry 😉

      14. I’ve said this many times before and it bears saying again: invest your money in items that will keep you alive. Those items are: storable foods such as canned goods and freeze-dried foods, water, water purification items which are essential, camping equipment such as tents, sleeping bags, camp stove, cooking utensils, medical supplies, etc. Heavy-duty clothing for the coming winter will be most essential. Pants for me all-year are jeans; they last longer. I prefer boots for footwear. In winter, I wear waterproof hunting boots with Thinsulate insulation. I swear by the Thinsulate. they have always kept my feet warm and dry and have never failed me. They do cost, but are well worth the money. I even have extra pairs of boots in storage. I have 3 types of coats: a parka, a bomber jacket, and a raincoat. All 3 are made of water-resistant materials and have good inner liners. Heavy-duty socks are a must and keep extra pairs in storage. I even keep extra jeans and shirts on hand. extra quilts and blankets for your bed are also very advisable. Over the weekend I bought a Kelly Kettle Stove that I can hardly wait to test out. Don’t have much in savings as i’m spending all I can spare on preps. The “dividend” my investments pay me are peace of mind and knowing I stand at least a 50-50 chance of surviving what is coming to this land. I’m a prepper and don’t regret it for one minute. those who refuse to prep are going to pay dearly for their mistake. I tried talking to friends and relatives about prepping right after Katrina and receive the same crazy looks as other people have and gave up on it right afterward. I don’t feel like beating on a dead horse all the time. My fellow preppers, get everything you can now before it’s too late. braveheart

        • @ braveheart. You are never beating a dead horse when you recommend preparedness. There are many new people that visit the site all the time. Each one of us that can help convince someone else to prepare is saving their lives later WHEN this happens. The more people that prepare the better chance for ALL of us. Many people are still out there that are debating whether or not to invest in tangible real ready to use needs. Let’s help all of them decide for the better. 🙂

          • To both of you, keep preaching and don’t get discouraged. Everytime we speak here (shtf) we all are remembering another item or two to get for survival.

          • BI, I understand your point, but I had more success talking people into preparedness before Y2K than I did right after Katrina. Before Y2K, at least some people would listen and at least consider the idea. In fact, the same people I convinced to become preppers before Y2K are still preppers to this day. Talk to people about it these days and at the very least you get blank stares if nothing else. I used to be able to get the horse to the water and he would actually drink. Nowadays, the horse won’t even move an inch. braveheart

            • @ braveheart. I would hope that people coming to SHTFplan that are not preppers/survivalists are at least curious and/or concerned about what is happening. You would think such individuals are way beyond the blank stares and serious about at least considering putting some supplies away for what is coming. This is why I often stress that it is not just a mass disaster that people should put away for, but personal calamities. Even a localized problem can be a major league headache, and if more people understood just how much better the recovery time is for them because they did put away maybe more would take that time to prepare.

              Often times people seem me as doom and gloom, but I am a little optimistic that there are a few people out there watching these comments that want to start preparing. It all starts with the mindset that they want to be ready. It is a good secure feeling to have a nest egg in your own house ready to use anytime you need it. If more people were able to see and feel this firsthand just how secure this is, then just maybe it would not be only 1% putting away for tomorrow.

              • BI, on occasion, a part of me still wants to reach out and at least offer advice to newcomers AS LONG AS THEY ARE SERIOUS AND SINCERE. That is key for me. I’ve been posting on here for just over a year and I’ve lost count of how many new people have come along and posted for the first time asking questions about prepping. I usually welcome them and tell them don’t be afraid to ask any questions, that we’ll try to help any way possible. that’s what this site is really about. I have seen some new people come into our world, but the numbers are smaller than I like. some nights I lay back and break down over what’s coming and how many people will die because THEY DIDN’T LISTEN TO PEOPLE LIKE US, THEY WOULDN’T DO A DAMN THING TO HELP THEMSELVES AND/OR THEIR FAMILIES TO SURVIVE WHAT’S COMING! But I also realize we’re not a rescue group. Mac can keep bringing these articles and we can keep on preaching and advising nonpreppers until the cows come home. like I said in my last post, nowadays, the horse won’t even get off his dead ass to go to the water. braveheart

        • Braveheart,
          Your going to love the kelly kettle , I have 2 a stainless trekker model and a larger one , they worked extremely well during the aftermath of Super Storm Sandy. The trekker kettle has a pot holder that inserts into the chimney of the main kettle so you can cook on top while you are boiling water . It’s a great and handy system for small meal preparation. Just remember to put the kettle and base on something that is not flammable when using it can get rather hot , I use a brick paver.

          If you can afford it invest in lighter weight spork , pans , pots etc made of titanium. For winter bug out I invested in a Kifaru para tarp with an annex , they make a small back packable wood stove called a para stove for this. It’s total weight with a tarp is approximately 6 pounds . I am building a survival system to keep me alive in harsh winter conditions. All this including lightweight survival items fit in a Eberstock Terminator pack with a military MSS system sleeping bag with cammo gortex bivy bag . Total weight 35 lbs with out food and water. With about 45 lbs for 5 days food .
          All ammo defensive items are carried in a USMC LBV for load out. Includes items to be determined by mission , terrain, hostal conditions and time . M4 for general defense, M1A for long reach when needed , dedicated side arm .357 , only plan on one long arm at a time but lean towards to the M1A with rounds mounted in 10 round strippers which can be loaded faster than changing mags.

          USMC K BAR or Randal model 1 Stainless ( old recon school souvenir )alternate EESE 4

          Water filtration , tablets , Katadyne pocket filter ( military) , survival straw, steri pen solar , Boiling water as fallback.

          Survival kit : survival metrics escape and evade tactical military survival kit
          Souvenir from blackwater deployment additional items added .

          Survival metrics tactical and military fire starting kit with German esbit stove. Aurora
          fire starter , exotac nano titanium fire starter.

          USMC GHILLE Suit , stored lashed to pack sides horseshoe configuration

          PVS 14 on FAST helmet USMC Issue , PVS 14 stores in LBV pouch.

          Goal zero solar nomad 7 with AA ene loop batteries . Small compact for recharging
          batteries 2 lbs weight.

          The rest is the usual bug in items common to this blog , berky etc.
          Yes you can get carried away but every item has a purpose they are all true investments.
          You have to think light and multipurpose for an actual go bag .

          And finally you most useful investment YOUR MIND , YOU ARE THE MAIN WEAPON

          I throw this out there as a complete total mega shtf situation kit when it’s all broken down and there is no rule of law .the object is to avoid any kind of confrontation to lay low and be mobile , you want to be where everyone isn’t . Stealth is the plan if you are unseen and avoid populated areas you have a better chance of survivaling and meeting up with like minded people later. No one can go it alone sooner or later you will have to meet up with others there is no way you can carry enough ammo or provisions to survive for an extended period of time with the items you have on your back.

          I encourage you to read up , plan, train with others to increase your chances now while there is still the time, there will be no second runners up when this all goes down.

          Study the articles by Mosby , Max Velocity a useful web site is Western Rifle Shooters it has a wealth of information .



          Semper Fi 8541

          • Night breaker, I already have some of the items you mentioned, but may consider the others. I bought the base camp model kelly kettle, the biggest one; might have to wait til’ the weekend to try it. OK, everyone, I finally took the plunge and bought a 12-gauge shotgun. Stevens Model 320 pump-action, holds 4+1, pistol grip. total price with sales tax and background check fee was $300 out the door. Still have to get some shells and find a place to test it out. recommendations on type of shells for home defense? I hear 00 buck mentioned a lot. braveheart

            • OO buck will do the job

            • Anything will work inside the house. Larger distances go for larger shot sizes. Need to penetrate doors, cars, etc. than get buck or slugs. I have two shot sizes 5 and 7 1/2 for hunting small game. One shot size No. 2 steel for ducks/geese. 00 buck and slugs for everything else.

              • Shootit, thanks for the tips. braveheart

              • For indoors, use a goose load, buckshot will mess up your wiring and plumbing.

            • 00 buck, 12 angry .38 Cal balls screaming you messed with the wrong mofo, at 1900 fps (giggle)

          • @ night breaker…dont forget the red feathers and a small repair kit.

            • Dave
              ROGER COPY
              PFAK MIL ISSUE .

              Semper Fi 8541

        • Consider buying extra clothes a size or two smaller than you usually wear. I gain weight when I’m happy, and lose it like mad when I’m not. Somehow, I don’t think a true SHTF experience is going to be pleasant, no matter how well I’ve prepped. I did take my own advice and buy shoes from Goodwill in assorted, larger sizes for my granddaughters. A good spraying with Lysol and several days in the hot sun should make them fungus-free.

      15. I just bought two Harbor Freight 1.5 Watt Solar chargers. $15 each. Sure there is better. But I’m not shelling out a fortune for neighbors who didn’t prepare.

        In the event of a collapse. I will chose two strategic neighbors. Advise them to take their car batteries into their house. Hook up the battery to the Solar charger. And then use the little power grid for their CB radio. Which I also have spares from yard sales. And we can coordinate activities/defense when under attack.

        They can scavenge bulbs from their car for indoor lighting. With a little luck, they have an inverter and a small microwave.

        Odds are there won’t be gas for years for their cars.

        Just bought another 50 pound bag of Rice at Sam’s for $17.50. Along with my other supplies I can hopefully feed a small group of people til the gardens start kicking in.

        Essentially create a barrier between me and the raiders. Not that I am going to sit back and do nothing if an attack happens. But there is strength in numbers.

        • There may not be gas for cars…you could take the seats out of the vehicles to use as seating in a crude cabin.

          • And use the car, out in the sun, as a dehydrator…
            fruits, veggies jerky…you know the drill…

        • @SD,
          Do you have any experience with the HF 45 watt kit with three solar panels? If so please comment.

          • You want a Mono-crystalline panel with aluminum frame and a better charge controller. Morningstar makes good controllers in the $50 range. All of it can be found at Amazon.

            • @Shootit and SierraDave,
              Thanks for the information. I knew the older version had metal frame and now they are plastic so I was thinking I could reinforce the frames with aluminum. That remains to be seen. The price is very cheap through the end of the year so I thought I’d get some and play around with them maybe with my RV while camping to see how they function. In a grid down situation my needs for electricity will be minimal. Thanks again for the input.

              • I have had both the cheap panels and the cheap on/off charge controllers and both have ruined expensive batteries. Never go cheap. Cheap in my mind is a $48 10A Morningstar controller, $90 30 watt Instapark solar panel, and a $50 DC Interstate blem battery. The 30 watt panel will give you more than the “45 watt panels” over a day.

          • I bought one years ago and have it in standby more. I also bought 3 x 125 Amp hour deep cycle battery’s.

            IMO, it’s OK. I checked the newer ones and they are different. Plastic edges versus mine having metal trim.

            With the charge controller and two lights. At $150, your paying less than $3 a watt for the panels.

            It’s a good starter deal. Definitely better than nothing.

            One is none. I bought a spare charge controller and have two inverters. Also plan on expanding the amount of Solar panels.

      16. I keep telling them little critters wipe their feet, damn ant tracks are everywhere. The damn things just won’t listen!

      17. Typical day for Kulafarmer,
        3:45 am. Get up make coffee eat breakfast
        6:00am head out to the fields
        Rest of day,,,, putter around in the fields or around the house
        Or deliver if its delivery day
        7:00pm. Bath Dinner some relaxation hit the sack.
        Typical day for Kulafarmer after an EMP financial collapse earth quake tsunami war of the worlds!
        3:45 am. Get up
        light the wood stove!
        make coffee eat breakfast
        6:00am head out to the fields
        Rest of day,,,, putter around in the fields or around the house
        Mo deliveries because people come by all day long to trade for produce or help around the farm!
        Relight the wood stove
        Dinner some relaxation hit the sack.


        Not much difference

        • Kula— when you’re ready, you’re ready

          • Its just a way of life! A good life to be sure,
            The Lord is my shepard I shall not want.

            • Sounds good…sounds familiar!

        • Kula, no time for boredom! Made me smile, my dogs have a routine that I won’t and don’t want to break and with or without electricity the two dogs will still be content. I trained them but as they get older, they have trained me to what really matters: enjoy life and be at peace.

        • Bad day in the field today. blew a wheel hub on the tractor. I could have done a field repair as I had my lincoln sp100 welder in the truck, but I left the generator at home. So I loaded it up on the trailer and called it a day. I did see an Elk in velvet spieing on me through the trees.

          • Hows those fires doing up there? Sounded like they were pretty big, MSM doesnt cover stuff unless its burning suburbia but id be more worried about burning up trees than mcmansions.
            Especially in the redoubt

            • They are about 300 miles south. I am 30 miles from Canada.

      18. – When it comes to gold, buy 1/10th oz coins instead of 1 oz coins. Easier to barter.
        – It would be nice to have a motorcycle or scooter to stretch your gasoline. Scooters are pretty cheap.
        – An existing Neighborhood Watch program is a step toward having an organized Neighborhood Militia. Sheriff/police will be too busy to answer every call (assuming you can call them).
        – Buy a variety of ammo, even if you don’t need that particular caliber. Someone will need it, and pay a high (barter) price for it.
        – Buy drinking alcohol in large quantities. Stress relief and sterilization.
        – Asthma medicine – preventive and rescue inhalers.
        – Solar-powered yard lights (the kind people put along their sidewalks). Bring ’em inside at night.
        – If you’re relying on a fireplace for heat, remember that most heat goes straight up the chimney, and even a cold fireplace sucks warmth out of the room. Consider a fireplace insert, which heats the room better.
        – Chainsaw!
        – Entertainment? Saxophone reeds (or guitar strings)!

        • “– Buy drinking alcohol in large quantities. Stress relief and sterilization.”

          We have a large stash of mini-bottles with our preps, for our use and as trading. We believe, as I’m sure most of you do, that alcohol will be in great demand, yet like that we won’t have to pull out large bottles for others to salivate over.

      19. I can’t believe only 10% of Americans have any gold or silver at all. It’s what back our currency at one time. People have such short memories. At this point I feel sure we are in The Fourth Turning. peace

        • I dont have any…really. And I will not buy any. I spend my money on tools, equipment, water tanks, etc. You know, stuff to make me totally independant almost. When I need to pay prop taxes, people will bring me currency for my ability to fix or fabricate stuff. I can make my gas stuff run on potato ahlkiehaul(im in Idaho) or stinky biodiesel for the diesels.

      20. I am a cnc machinist. If the power grid goes, my job goes too, or if our customers tank. Mrs 69 has been unemployed tor three months now.
        Luckily we moved out to the country a few months ago.we don’t own this place, but there’s a creek running through the yard year round. Fruit trees everywhere, a ready to go chicken house in the back.
        I have weopons and not nearly enough ammo to last more than month, maybe less if the(when) the zombie hoards get out this far.
        Plenty of hygiene items, propane heater and gas for a few months, a stove, warm clothing, some basic food items( not enough) because we are eating all we have stashed now. I am grateful for what I have, yes indeed, but ready for major shtf, I am not.

        • @W69. She should spend her time canning. If you’re deep in the country as we are, your veggies this time of year from locals are abundant and cheap. Barter if you have to. I understand no cash all too well. Spend the spare money on a decent canner (pressure) and get as much in before winter as you can. Pressure canner because you can can meats for when the grid goes down. Get some traps and a cheap bow. Save your ammo. A bow costs zip for practice and a couple of trap cages goes a long way in freezing temps…or anytime.
          Find some Amish if possible. I’m in an area where they’re prolific. They are very open to barter and it’s a good way to get your feet wet. It will be the only commerce come that time. I barter everyday with locals. Get that fruit canned of your trees.
          I’m keeping you in my prayers. You ARE blessed and not that bad off. You have several major positives.
          Keep your head down and do what you can. It’s all any of us can do. Make sure you have a test kit for that creek water and bleach. You could get some tablets but bleach is fine and cheap. Just make sure the bacteria isn’t of the charts when humans get nasty. They will do anything to make sure they take you down with them.
          Nothing worse than discentary when your in warrior mode.

        • I just gotta say that was so damn funny it made me snort and blow food out of my mouth… “Mrs 69”.

          Keep Prepping. Your better off than most by far!

          Sorry to Mrs 69. Nothing personal…

          • Be careful with the 69 thing. Most women don’t even know they have a yeast infection until there is enough going thru to start a small bread factory. i can say, ‘truthfully from experience’. No shit. In my younger (much younger) days, I was goin’down and goin’ to town with my girl, when i hesitated, just before she had the big O, and stated, ‘she should stop using so much baby powder down there. Her reply, i don’t use powders down there. Oh shit!

            No offense ladies, and Mrs 69. Just the facts, ma’am.

            • yuck

            • Yeast issue…have any of you used Gentian Violet topical solution? I’ve been told that it works for this. Babies sometimes get a yeast infection in their mouth. I believe it can be gotten from breast feeding. I am super stocked up on this product. It can be bought from a pharmacy without prescription. You may have to ask at the counter for it. Its a purple liquid with a little applicator on the bottle cap. It stains real bad. Be careful. Its not very expensive. Stock up, you won’t be sorry.

              • In the mouth is called “thrush”… thanx for the name of the purple stuff.. putting it on the list..

                Ladies, if your stocking up on antibiotics…. well, you know…


              • Genetian violet will stain whatever skin it touches PERMANTENTY

                • @PP.. Genetian violet is for mouth “thrush”.. its only permanent like a “sharpie” marker, it will wear off after a few days… just don’t use it for the “nether yay yah”


              • Your local Wowmart carries it in the first aid section as well as tea tree oil

            • Yuk is right, LOL.
              OffTheGrid, Wrong, thank you brothers, God bless!

        • W69 you can purchase tomatos in 1/2 bushel for less than 15 just start going to yard sales. look for ball wide mouth canning jars. i have purchased over 1200 of em for less than .25 a pice plus got givin to me over 1200! the only exspense i had was lids, salt and a good timer. we now have over 4000 jars loaded with anything you can imagine, all this for less than 2hrs dailyand 20. for lids, salt wood for the stove for heat so it can be done very cheap. also you can can potatoes , beef (cut into 1 in chunks its great over mashed taters or rice) fruits all kinds. flour and salt can be kept in 5 gal pails with lids( 25 lbs flour at walmart cost to me 8.75 for the whole thing. sugar same thing beans , what ever you can think of. fresh veggies need pressure canner but not expensive if you look for what you need. if i can do all this , take chemo for cancer and run this ranch anyone can do this. just think slow and precise , you can and will have success. have fun and wildman out.

          • Wildman, this is really good advice, I appreciate it thanks 🙂
            I’m still trying to get my wife on board with me. I will start doing it and she will join in, I’m pretty sure.

        • A w69… a machinist will always be in demand. I assume you can do manual set up, threading tapers etc. cause the small shop single phase lathes/mills will be wahts running on a genset IF the grid goes down. Personally, I dont think a economic collapse will dump all of the grid, maybe 25 to 50 percent. Reasons… some are nuke, hydro, and natural gas. All the PTB has to do is pay the operators. I have worked at powerplants for 22 years.

          • Dave in Id, I need to brush up on my manual skills, but yes I can get er done. My current position requires some manual machining, so I’m slowly picking it back up.I have all the shop math skills, and inspection tools covered.

      21. @ Kula
        Excellent summation of the labors of a self sufficient individual. Hat’s off. The satisfaction of the sweat of your brow to live and die by your own hands is as pure as it gets. Makes watching a sunset that much more rewarding.

        All I could think about when I read this article the first time were the dolts in Conneticut (I believe), who called 911 because their cable was out. Poor red diaper babies will be the first to die.
        Rid ourselves of the boob tube 3 years ago. Best move of my long adult life.

        Buried ourselves in books. Long ones…Atlas Shrugged, Sacred Fire, Rise and Fall of The Third Reich, etc. Hundreds of them. Gotta live it everyday. Soon enough the hammer will come down on the wonderful world of the web and we’ll walk away without blinking. It’s my last vice. That, and chocolate, but I’m keeping chocolate.

        • Offthegrid we have done much more sunset watching lately but so far coffee is packed away for later, sunrises are the best as i know i have survived another night. daily chores are 4,30 am make coffee, head to barn feed girls(beef catttle) clean barn, head for house for breakfast. back in tractor for various jobs12. at house for lunch. finish jobs up. back at house for another feeding , 4.30 pm feed girls, till garden 6.00pm another feeding. pick garden of bounty, wash bounty prepare to cann bounty, when i have enough fireup stove and get it don. lights out 10 pm and start all over again. best life i have had after 27 yrs of over the road driving, now just me an the dog n the girls. what a life

        • Regular Hershey bars will keep for years. It wasn’t that many years ago I finished off my Y2K stash. I think cocoa keeps a long time also.

          anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax

          in a pressure cooker

      22. A few years ago it was being reported that the federal government was borrowing 42 cents out of every dollar it spent. I haven’t heard any updates to that figure, so I guess that there mustn’t be good news and that it most likely has moved higher. Borrowing like that can’t continue, at some point there will be a price to pay for that foolishness. I have no idea what that price will be because there’s so many possibilities. What ever it is though, it will be protracted and your preps will be used up before it’s over. Gain skills.

      23. Rich and others who think this way No one know when things will blow If it would have happened 3 years ago you would have been ready so you have to always be prepped 5 years into the future or at anytime no one can predict when or where but you must know there’s always that chance we are just grown up boy and girl scouts always be prepared

      24. Hey man I tell you.. The most common food in the forest is mushrooms.. they are very common after rain fall and are common throughout the year peaking in summer and rare in winter… there are very real dangers though (to those who may know, or have the slightest of inklings…) many are poison, or atleast unedible.. some are deadly.. .but if you know what you are doing it is a steady nearly year round source of food… the only other sources of food are berries which make an appearance (varying on your location)… a few weeks at a time in summer… but mushrooms are far more common, and it is what many animals eat when they have to… you got to be very careful though… smart.. and know what your doing… but worth looking into… if anything google up “beginner’s mushrooms” … some are easier to identify than others and are considered safer for those reasons… Good luck.. 🙂 and know the very real dangers.. but besides that it is something worth looking into just b smart

        • I would say be careful about mushrooms on the west coast. Shortly after the Fukashima power plant disaster started, we picked mushrooms on the Oregon coast. The chantrelles come out after a good rain and it is the hard rain that brings down so much of the radiation. We have picked mushrooms for many decades and know what we are doing. My husband and I got extremely sick. Horrible diarrhea until there was nothing left to expel other than watery liquid. Then came the big surprise. I started expelling long white stringy stuff. My sister who is a nurse said that it was probably the lining of the poop tube. I have heard that mushrooms will absorb the toxins in their surrounding vicinity. Once we quit eating the mushrooms that we picked, it slowly started to clear up. No, I didn’t go to the doctor. I don’t go unless I can’t stand the problem any more. At the same time my husband and I were having these issues, my daughter and some of her co-workers who lived in that same area began to have symptoms similar to bladder infections. Multiple gals were tested for infection and none showed up on the tests. They began to figure something else was going on. With the issue of Fukashima going on in the news, they began to wonder if it had something to do with that. My daughter was so stressed out about it, anyone who has had bladder infection symptoms know that it can nearly drive you out of your mind. Anyway, she decided to pray about it. She asked God to help her understand what to do and what was causing it. Then it came to her that perhaps the tissues were being burned from the acidic fallout in the air. The girls began to use calcium to counteract the acidic and they all began to improve. This is something for all of you to keep in mind, if you may live close to a nuclear facility. Stock up on calcium tablets.

          • the stringy stuff was not white exactly, more clear appearing.

        • Steven, I love mushrooms and some of the most popular ones are hard to find, and quite expensive if you have to buy them. But if you don’t know what you are looking for, most should just leave them alone. They can make you very sick and some are deadly. You know, just like anthrax. And they really have no nutritional value. Tasty but other than that, the danger out weights the benifit. Trekker Out.

          • Mushrooms on a pizza used to be my constant.

            However, I eat them less and less these days. I love steamed oysters and grilled shrimp. I love bacon and pork tenderloin. I hardly eat them anymore.

            WHY? They are all on God’s list of “unclean” foods.

            When I was younger, these “unclean” foods seemed to rarely bother me,(except the time I went to an “all-you-can-eat” crab leg restaurant and was sick and swollen for days) so i continued to enjoy them. Now, being much older I can sense a “sickening/weak” feeling when i eat these foods.

            Unless a person has to eat them, it is better to let the schrooms be left to the wild animals.

            • Christ said it’s not the food that you put in your body that makes you unclean, it’s what comes out of you that makes you unclean.

              • Christ was speaking about “spiritual” cleanliness.

                If a person ate nothing but mushrooms,shellfish and pork; I think they would start feeling bad very soon.

                Especially, from the pork. Swine are scavengers and will eat anything. A man had a pig farm a few miles from where I lived growing up. He also owned a large poultry farm and hatchery across town. This was in the 60’s and 70’s. Every other day he had about fifteen barrels (50 gal. size) full of cull chicks and un=hatched eggs. The driver stopped by several grocery stores and picked up all their meat trimmings and old produce. Those hogs would fight each other chomping down on that stuff. Live chicks and all.

                Without sweat glands, except a few around the snout, everything a pig consumes from birth, stays in the fat and meat.

                Don’t get me wrong, I love a BLT if the bacon is hickory smoked and fried to a crisp, but I consume less these days. I only eat country ham about once every three months and we can get all we want free. The Mum-n-law works for a Country Ham packaging company. We do get the small packs of trimmings for bean seasoning.

            • Agree on the unclean foods list…I believe that God designed it that there would be certain life forms that would be the janitors of the ecosystem. Most of the unclean list are the ones doing this clean up work. I decided long ago that eating sturgeon from the Columbia River between OR/WA was not smart to do. It use to be that sturgeon fishing in our boat was our #1 fun thing to do. Any one who has been reading the articles, over the years, from the Hanford, WA storage of spent nuclear waste, knows that something has been wrong there for many years. And I will just leave it at that. Crabs, clams, shrimp etc clean the bottoms of oceans. All the nasties from the rivers empty into the oceans. I will agree that all of these foods taste really good but down the road it can lead of sickness. I saw recently that Oregon has the highest increase in amount of cancer deaths. This does not surprise me at all. Right on re unclean foods.

      25. I am not a troll but I do want as many folks as possible to see this video series…it is “Know Your Enemy” by the Fuel Project. It is quite long but is broken down into 5 to 15 minutes segements so you can watch a little here and a little there. It is about the NWO from a Christian perspective from the beginning of biblical times starting with Adam and Eve and emphasizing Babylon and it’s revelance today. I found it very informing and a little frightening at times. If you do not want to watch the whole series then watch from episode 60 to 70 but try to watch from the beginning, I can guarantee that you will learn something. I don’t want to preach and I don’t like to be preached to but I strongly believe that as many people see this series the more people we can wake up. If you watch it…please post your opinions as I am very much interested. Npgh.

      26. Sorry. I forgot to post that the whole series is still easily available on You Tube…for now.

        • It’s customary to provide links to that which you’d like to promote. If you’d like to be helpful…

          • Too damn lazy to use your own computer? Jesus Christ pal…

            • Nope, I work harder than you do every day of the week.

              I just wanna know exactly who, what, when and where YOU are referring to. Ain’t got a link to the story YOU’RE pumping, fine. Wanna be a huge douche nozzle when asked for it, suck a tuna can. And don’t call me pal, you don’t know me.

              • Not so much, you’re right. I do apologize. I SHOULD have referred to as HYSTERICAL LITTLE BITCHGIRL. Does that make it better for ya?

      27. lets try to ask some of 10,000 folks that are evacuating the Idaho fires what they have should have done for prepardness. Tragedy upon tragedy,calamity upon calamity is here people ,on every front and every way possible. Whoever does not FULLY PREPARE in every way they can according to ones own means has not a full understanding of the ongoing catastrophes engulfing this world. And I think at least should get their Rear end out of La-La land.

        • If they had a “defensable space” around thier buildings, then they prepped properly.

          • Yea, like a ten acre perimeter and grass and rocks for landscaping about 100 ft. in all directions from the house.

            If a person lives in rural areas with lots of trees and brush nearby, don’t count on the firemen to save your shit from fire.

      28. The most likely disaster scenario I see is,
        3 1/2 more years of Obama, further destruction
        of the economy, the healthcare system,
        the educational system, the family unit, the justice
        system, privacy, race relations, the constitution,
        your ability to accumulate wealth,
        our national sovereignty, freedom to travel, freedom to say PRESSURE COOKER, freedom to fart in public in NY city
        ect, ect,

        Hell, some of us may be living behind barber wire
        waiting for our turn In the delousing chamber!

      29. Sorry guys but it ain’t going down like a lot of people think. Maybe isolated havoc but mostly financial pain and a lot of homes being lost. It will be like 2008 on steroids. Soup lines will be longgggg!




        Knew it.

        Humans. Always behave the same given similar inputs. They had debtor’s prison before. They WILL have it again when conditions are similar. That was my reasoning.

        28 days and I’m clean. Only a couple hundred to go.

        This is why I always thought that all those people that said “go into debt for preps! The money’s worthless anyway!” were nuts.

        YEAH the money’s worthless. It ain’t the MONEY I’m worried about. It’s those men with those rubber hoses.

        So, I’ll live long enough to be clean and then croak. This is just so awesome it’s making me want to bash my head into a wall.

        My extended family not only laughs at prepping, they are ACTIVELY hostile towards it and have stated that they will actively sabotage my efforts.


        You heard right.

        And they can do it, too.

        I feel like I want to tear my teeth out.

        • Sounds like my family, they live in Florida, I live in Vermont with very good reason and not just cos I like the snow. Time to move Steve?

          • OOps I meant The Guy

        • You sure we aren’t related?

      31. I’ve been telling people forever, you can’t eat gold or silver. Things I would prefer to trade with are seeds, tools, alcohol, ammo, reloading supplies…ect. Gold and silver will be worth the failed economy that dictates its value.

        • No but Gold + Silver sure looks beautiful and will always remain the no. 1 barder and trading material ever. One bag of rice will surely get you a bar of soap in return. But I am sure no matter what! A quarter oz. of Gold will buy you the farm when needed.

          • If you came to my home with gold to barter after a collapse, I would laugh at you. In a collapse, seeds have out performed gold in value.

            Gold is only useful for barter before a collapse…like right now.

            Check out and listen to Selco talk about how often gold was used for trade after the collapse in the Baltic Civil war.

            • Prepperdude, you and I know this however you will not garner a ton of support here for what you are saying about gold. This is why I keep gold and fiat handy. Many of these people will still be obsessed by the dazzle and glitter of fiat(and gold) long after it has any real use.

      32. And those who have prepared will regret not having done more to prevent it. Even many of the so called prepared will die because they falsely think their preps make them invincible. They will also be overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of unprepared. If you truly care for your family’s future, you should be actively working to prevent any potential collapse.

        • ncjoe, how do you think we the people can prevent an economic collapse? WE ARE NOT THE ONES HURTING THIS COUNTRY! IT’S WALL ST. AND DC THAT ARE DESTROYING THIS COUNTRY! I’ll bet a dollar to a doughnut that we can all outlast your stupid ass. braveheart

        • There is no preventing it. It is a cycle. It can be delayed but it (the system) is going down. Mathematically, socially, physiologically, we are predetermined for this to take place. This is what most of here realize. The hard part is trying to live daily with the knowledge that our car is going down a dead end street at a high rate of speed and we don’t know where the cul de sac is. I sometimes wish I didn’t know the things I do. Life as a sheep would be much simpler. Bah.

        • There is only one way to stop it!!! period!

          STOP buying gasoline! Yep, it won’t happen, but if the world had an alternative to “petro”, we could stop the present course of society as we know it.

          So in a way, i guess it is the dinosaurs’ fault.
          Damned ole brontosaurus and raptors. Their stinking up the place.

        • ” they falsely think their preps make them invincible.”

          Please cite the poster that thinks preps makes them invincible. For every one you dig up, I’ll dig up two who say ‘it’s increases your odds of survival’

          “will also be overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of unprepared.”

          Shall I cite for you the people on here that remind us often of ‘opsec opsec opsec’??

          And unfortunately, we’re pretty much powerless to stop the people YOU vote for that are bringing this about.

        • NC joe, people like you truly do scare me. Your process of thought is a very scary thing. Fortunately, I have something to deal with your type. You are sick. Come to grips with yourself and the fact that one day, you will in fact draw a final breath. Like all of us.

      33. Enough already! I’ve been reading the same friggin article for years now! Same shit, different author. I get it! Can we move on please?

      34. We are retired with a few aches & pains but still able to garden. Sure cuts the grocery bill. Even in our cold climate we can still get a lot of produce off of a 40′ X 100′ garden. While we need more tomatoes, peppers etc. than you would farther south we can still produce enough vit. C that we do not need to buy imported oranges unless we choose to. I always have produce to give to those in need. As we age we will still be able to cut back & still survive if we need to for health reasons. For the past 2 years I have been growing ox blood beets. The leaves are so pretty they could be grown in the front yard as an ornamental without TPTB having a snit. If you haven’t gardened before give it a try & see how much you can save. If an old lady like me can do it surely young healthy folks would have no trouble. Now is the time to learn this skill. You never know when you may need it.

        We cut & keep 3yrs. seasoned wood to heat our house. Cut our propane bill way back. If we get sick & can cut any more we will still have wood for awhile.

        Even on minimum wage there is a lot you can do to prepare for an unfortunate turn of events. When my husband & I were getting a small business started we raised 4 children on less than minimum wages by gardening, cutting wood, using used clothes, forgoing concerts & holidays. If we could do it you can do it. Give it a try 1 step at a time.

      35. Antibiotics are definately something you want to have when the economy collapses. Stock up on foods that you already eat. No sense in shocking your system with foods that you are not used to. Extra towels would come in handy. Get to know your neighbors. We have a nurse, a paramedic, and several gardeners on our block. The more people that are aware and ready the safer we will all be. Anthrax………

      36. # 23 is a hard one for me as the people that live near me are not the least bit concerned of any type disaster until it hits them in the ass! I tried to get them to prep for years and I have not convinced any of them. I do what I can to protect my family 🙁

        • That’s all you can do loup.

      37. As a Father and a Husband , There would be no way I could look at myself in the mirror if I didn’t feel I was doing everything I could to protect, support, and further my families chances here.

        Im amazed at the complacency in some of these so called fathers in this country..blows my mind

        • Think about any 10 people you know…

          How many of them care about anything that is remotely related to such serious issues?

          This is why America will fall.

          • The Republic has already fallen. Commies rule.

      38. Well, the hens are laying 6 eggs a day now. The tomatoes and hot peppers are coming in. Harvested shallots, red onions and last of the cucs. Released one corn-theiving coon into the state forest tody.
        As I sit back and take stock of all we’ve done, I on,y see so much more to do.

        BTW. Anyone here have the sawyer water filter? I saw a bunch of complaints about faulty Berky filters recently. Figured if we had to hit the road the 4l sawyer would filter enough for everyone.


        Btw ciprofloxacin is for ANTHRAX.


        • ya should of killed and ate the coon.

          • That would’ve blown OPSEC. We are in town in the suburbs in central CT and state forest borders town. He had the .22 just in case the coon came at him. CT would take your ccw for jaywalking. Not giving them any reason to look this way.

            • Could have just turned it loose in the nearest PETA office.

          • That would’ve blown OPSEC. We are in town in the suburbs in central CT and state forest borders town. He had the .22 just in case the coon came at him. CT would take your ccw for jaywalking. Not giving them any reason to look this way.

            • Use subsonic ammo. It wont cycle the action of a semi, so dont miss. If you have nosey neighbors, tape a paper towel tube full of cotton balls on the end of the barrel with subsonic 22 ammo.

              • Aguila ammo.

                .22 ammo that’s primer shot only…

                It cant be that loud.

        • I have the sawyer, still haven’t given it a try though, seems to be good for up to 1 million gallons given that it has a backwash cleaning system.

        • I bought the Sawyer filter that attaches to a 5 gal bucket..haven’t tried it yet but with it having a filter the same as dialysis filters, it should work fine if I need it…hopefully wont because I also bought & installed a Handy Pump into our well…shoots clean water out of the ground like nobody’s business! Sawyer filter is just a backup for rainwater.

        • I purchased these filters for my family, and gave one to a friend for a birthday gift (trying to get them to prep..they see the need but choose not to). I think it is an outstanding filter. Easy to use In multiple applications, including your backpack. It is lightweight, easy to set up, easy to clean…haven’t found an issue yet…but don’t let the filter freeze. It amazes me that more people are not using this system.

          This is my first time responding. I have been a reader for over a year when I found this site. I tend to spend more time doing things and less time on the internet. I have been prepping for longer than that…just didn’t know it had a name and others were feeling the same deep unease I felt…the need to get totally out of debt and prepared to be self-sufficient. Fortunately, my spouse is of the same mind.

          You regulars provide so much great information so it was my turn to let you know about the Sawyer. And that you encourage many, many people like myself who read the info but haven’t felt the need to chime in until now.

          Stay strong!

      39. I recommend the following article by Dr. Michael Coffman…written in May of 2011…title: Understanding America’s Financial Crisis. He tries to put it where people can understand it…as we are not all “economists”, etc. It is 4 parts… he feels that we can make changes with the election process… he describes what it was like with the Weimar situation (gov?) in Germany around l920’ fast their german mark became worthless…just a lot to learn from this article…he put a lot of work into it…I agree that we must prepare for future crisises…the money collapse sure seems feasible…but there are solutions to it…we have no control over tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, solar bursts, etc but the money is man made…and can be fixed…but first we have to understand it..and then work to educate others, and get elected into offices people who understand the solutions…and will work to get them enacted… here is the website to Coffman’s article.

      40. Fortify your homes and property. The government is crunching down on food support/EBT this started a year ago. It will get worse we all know what hunger does. Have boarding on hand for windows/doors etc that are not used, barbed wire/razor wire for property and or atop fencing, sandbags for small arms fire protection in/outside of the dwelling such as basement windows and or around vehicles etc your imagination and prepper mind set will instruct you. This is something important to consider and something that some may not pay close attention too. I encourage everybody to do a security/risk analysis of your home and property of strengths and weaknesses etc take the time to tour it and observe and think from the outside because thats where the threat(s) will come from. You’ll thank yourself later. Make that list and go to Home Depot.

      41. Speaking of hygeine did you know you can grow soap on a tree?
        Look up soapberry tree. There are several versions so you should be able to find a tree for your area.
        Lehmanns sells soapnuts from the asian soapberry tree.
        Do some research and you will find it is true. Native Americans used them for hundreds of years.
        A renewable prep and nobody will notice it growing 20 feet tall in your front yard.
        I’m going to get 2 of them.

      42. BTW
        Has anybody ever listened to the band Anthrax?

        • No, but be careful not to lose your anthrax² in your pressure cooker¹.

        • ed, I’ve never listened to Anthrax, but I’ve heard they’re a real killer band. Trekker Out.

      43. Does anyone know if the N95 masks protect you from Anthrax?

        • N95 masks are effective against influenza a and TB, so I’m sure they would protect against anthrax (a bacteria) which is much larger. N 95 masks are not effective if the size is incorrect, yielding a poor seal, or the person has a beard or goatee. I’ve posted instruction here before on how to make your own fittest setup, but it was months ago. If you’re interested I can write it up tomorrow and repost it under this post.

          Fit testing is very important. The hospitals make everyone do it every year because even a couple pounds weight change can affect the fit.

          • @ PenCRNA. With anthrax that has been weaponized, even with a safe breathing device to guard against this, would not a person be in danger of a cloud of this bacteria getting into the eyes? I know any skin opening are suspect also.

            • I would hope that if there is enough warning to don a mask, one would avoid high areas of concentration. I do not know if it can be contracted through the conjunctiva. Even in hospitals, with N95 masks, we are taught to consolidate tasks to minimize exposure and patients are placed in negative pressure rooms sucking out and exchanging air Continuously. Still a mask seal is important, and yes a seal can be obtained. If we do not pass seal test at hospital we have to wear hoods in special isolation rooms.

        • @ ptmama. 5%, that is the number you are dealing with that will get through. Some viruses are so contagious that you need a N-100 mask to stay safe. Even a N95 will not protect you if you are in a high enough concentration of a pathogen. While 95% would protect you in most cases from the flu for example, it might not in a very closed area like an elevator that many people have been coughing all day long in. It take about 10000-20000 individual anthrax particles to make a person deathly sick. In a dense plume you could have this easily exceed that 5% level. N95 means very good protection, but way short of fool-proof.

      44. I read something that NC joe wrote above, one of the very few times there has not been wanton hate for everyone here. What is brought up is that each of us should be actively trying to prevent a collapse. That our preparation will make us feel invulnerable.

        First of all people should of course learn how to obtain what we need also from nature and our surroundings and most of everyone’s supplies will run out. Supplies for many of us are security and good security that should be the cornerstone of any survival plan. You will have to prepare for the unprepared. However neglecting yourself and family by not even trying to store up what you need is self destruction.

        Preventing a collapse? Maybe possible. Stopping a World War? Unlikely but possible. What about all the other SHTF events that are human wise uncontrollable. How does one prevent an earthquake, volcano, hurricane, tornado, solar EMP? These natural catastrophes come in waves and cycles and humans do not have the technology for several hundred and thousands of years to even begin to control nature. We are all just at the mercy of nature. This is why preppers prep. There are just too many mega TRUE buried in manure events that we either prepare for, or suffer a whole lot for not.

        I ask anyone out there that doubts that preparedness works and is well worth it. What is the alternative then WHEN something whacks someone’s life into the 19th century? Don’t you feel that your life and your family’s life is worth the effort to prepare. Why does anyone purchase life insurance policies for their families that cost a constant monthly fee?

      45. Ahhh, Mac fixed it, but over at Mike’s site, it says this.

        ” when it bursts we are going to experience a crippling “adjustment” to our standard of loving. ”

        I saw that and I was like, AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! LOL.

        • My standard of living will go up when I am not surrounded by hordes of sheeple thinking stupid thoughts about what they are entitled to and those same sheeple will not be soaking up all the resources that they get through their stupid useless jobs and the salary that accompanies that as well as the debt the bank is all too glad to extend to them. I am certain it will be much better. The problem is we have a serious earth change event happening due mostly to things going on in outer space. This will likely make all of our lives worse. Sheeple who may survive but refuse to tow the line, will need to be, ahem, eliminated. That is if any of us survive.

          • I sincerely wish you good luck with that.

            I’m not sure how you’re going to excel at the same time that you recognize an earth change event coming.

            I happen to doubt outer space has anything to do with it, but undoubtedly when the American dollar comes to a crashing end the whole planet will be affected for the worse including me, you and everyone else – no matter how much we prepare.

      46. You repeat the advice of Nicole Foss to “hold cash” and prepare for massive deflation.

        Then you state “In the long-term, the U.S. dollar is going to lose a tremendous amount of value and inflation is going to absolutely skyrocket”.

        Let’s just face the fact that this site exists to make people anxious and excited, and that’s about it.

      47. Personally I believe an economic meltdown and subsequent depression is an absolute certainty – and the one thats a’comin’ will make the “depression” of 1929 seem like a fart in a Force 10 hurricane.

        So I and lots here prep which affects no one. We live (or intend to) live on some largely self sufficient acres. We collect rainwater. Heat with renewable wood. Have virtually unlimited solar hot water. Cook with a minimal amount of propane and a little bit goes a looooong way and a couple of dozen full 100lb bottles stored in the back shed will last for many years. We raise chickens, goats and sheep – maybe a cow soon. Travel on a horse when practical. We have an orchard of fruit and nut trees and a garden big enough to support us if necessary. We hunt, fish and store and preserve. We draw very little from the “system”. We believe the system will collapse for one of various reasons – ecomomic (my No 1 concern) pandemic (No 2) or maybe war, emp etc – but what if it doesnt in our lifetime? So what! We are not hurting anyone and I dunno about you guys but I am having a ball, never been happier or more content. If TS doesnt HTF my kids will inherit a lot of useful stuff. If it does I and my kids and 1 grandkid will have a fighting chance which is a hellava lot better odds than the other approx 97% have got.


      48. You say move out to the country but for most people that would mean to take out a loan.

      49. Chemical weapons poison on contact with the skin and their limited effects are tactical. But bioweapons are bacteria or viruses that multiply in humans, cause death, and move on. They can kill huge numbers of people, and serve as good strategic weapons. Nuclear weapons destroy everything. Bioweapons only kill people.

        Keep the FAITH

      50. Hey folks. What are you using to make hot water when the power goes off. I have went through a couple ice storms without power. The toughest part was absence of hot water I heat with propane.

        • wood stove, or the propane stove.

          • definitely the wood stove on colder days.

            For the warmer and sunny days a passive solar water heating system can do a pretty good job.
            Especially if it is built right. Old water heaters that have been discarded due to bad elements, will store and hold heat fairly good.

        • Purchase you a propane hot water heater and or kitchen gas stove you idiot.

          • If you plan on a GAS stove to work during a power outage, IT BETTER BE AN OLD ONE…

            It was my thought too.. that is, that my NEW gas stove would work…NOPE…. Damn new Safety Features… $800 out the window.. 🙁


            • Gas or propane? If it is propane and it won’t light without power, use a match to start the burner. When our solar system is turned on, we turn the burner knob all the way over and it will start making a clicking noise. It will then light the stove top burner, then back off a little on the switch once it has lit. Our oven won’t work unless we also have some power source to go along with the propane. Why? Don’t know.

        • small rocket stove


          because when the S hits for real, propane and fuels will be the first to go

          trees are everywhere, well at least where Im at

        • wood stove, campfire and the sun will warm up water as well.

        • I have a high efficiency NG hot water heater which requires electricity for the ID fan and controls. I have a portable generator. Once you get the 50 gallons hot you can get multiple hot showers. At that point if you wish to shut down your generator your fine.

      51. What are the most dangerous biological agents that we face?

        Smallpox: Victims display these symptoms: 7 to 19 days after exposure to the airborne virus, fever appears, with back pain, vomiting, malaise, headache; in 2-3 days, blisters and scabs appear. Death usually occurs in 30 to 50% of cases, or higher for flat or hemorrhagic types. Survivors may be scarred or blinded for life. Beyond immediate vaccination, there is no effective therapy. Antibiotics are not helpful.

        Pneumonic Plague: (Yersinia pasties bacteria). After 1-6 days, may produce high fever, chills, headache, coughing up blood, and blood poisoning. Usually fatal unless treated within 12-24 hours of first symptoms; death comes from respiratory failure, shock, bleeding.

        Inhalational Anthrax.: Imagine opening a letter and reading: “This letter is contaminated with anthrax bacteria. You’re dead!” The FBI reports many such threats in the US, usually false. Historically anthrax has most often been contracted from hides of cattle, sheep, goats, and horses through scratches in the handler’s skin. Where offensively released as an aerosol, anthrax spores (rather than the live bacteria Bacillus anthraces) incubate for 1-6 days, and produce fever, malaise, and fatigue, with severe respiratory distress. By the time these symptoms appear, treatment is not helpful and death occurs within 36 hours from blood poisoning. There is no evidence of direct person-to-person spread of inhalational anthrax.

        Keep the FAITH


        Many children accidentally absorb poison, yet few parents know of
        this simple universal antidote. You should have it home.
        2 part of wood charcoal pulverized (you can also use burned
        toast, yet the toast must be totally carbonized & pulverised)

        Then add 1 part of magnesia milk & 1 part of very strong tea.

        If your child has swallowed a toxic product, give him as FAST as
        you can in a little bit of water at least 2 table spoon of this

        How does it work: If the poison is metallic or alkaline, the
        tannic acid contained in the tea will neutralize it.If the poison
        is acid, the magnesia will neutralize it.The wood charcoal even at
        very little dose, can absorb very strong quantities of toxic.

        When you have given the antidote & call doctor,
        you have 3 things to do;

        1: Discover the nature of the poison, keep the bottle or the
        box so that the doctor can quickly identify it.

        2: Except in case where the child had taken soap or some
        alkaline presenting burns around the mouth, make him vomit.
        To do this; the best procedure is to give him, a glass of
        milk in which you have mix a full broken egg (no shell).

        When he has drunk this mixture, trust one finger in his throat.

        3: Give him another antidote mixture dose.

        4: Act quickly, some toxic can bring death in 5 min. Usually the
        Doctor is not equipped to treat poisoning home, so bring the
        child to the nearest hospital, after having used the
        Universal Antidote.

        Keep the FAITH

        • Thanks! I copied this off and taped it to the refrigerator, respository for all things important to know.

      53. Many people are underestimating the level of stupid that is out there.

        I don’t ever underestimate it. I am surrounded by it on a daily basis.,0,4320826.story

        People called 911 in Fairfield CT because the cable had an outage during “Breaking Bad”. Cable was out for about six hours. Ours was as well, but we never once considered calling 911. We just found other stuff to do.

        You can’t make this stuff up.

      54. Pressure cooker was the word for last week.

        Anthrax is the word for this week

        The word for next week is…?

        • Commies

          • Sorry Commie hater, the word Commies for word of the week won’t work, that wouldn’t raise a red flag, everybody at the NSA would just think you were talking to them. Anthrax is still the word. Trekker Out.

      55. BI, What’s up with this?

        Since records began in 1776, the people of Youngstown, Ohio, had never experienced an earthquake. However, from January 2011 to February of last year, 109 tremors were recorded and new research published in the journal in Geophysical Research-Solid Earth points to shale fracking as a possible culprit.

        • centralvalleybusinesstimes com/stories/001/?ID=24028

        • @ Shootit. Technically this is really not true as the entire state of Ohio was shaken three times when the New Madrid broke in 1811 and 1812. A nearby earthquake an area can go hundreds of years without even a 2 pointer, especially in the center of a plate. Fracking will absolutely cause earthquakes, just look at Oklahoma. The economic benefits usually far outweigh the seismic downfalls though. I think the largest earthquake they can say was a result of fracking was a 5.5 in Oklahoma. Natural gas is a massive energy resource that the U.S. needs. Natural gas can run a lot of what oil and coal does with a fraction of the pollution.

          Talking earthquakes, the Mid Atlantic Ridge is alive the past week. This is just about the highest level of earthquakes in different spots I have seen in such a short period of time. I have a list of areas in which are very prone in the next two weeks for a major quake. Some of these places have been hit over and over in the past by major quakes after this activity on the Mid Atlantic Ridge’s same exact areas decades ago.

          New Guinea, highest chance of a big earthquake
          Southern Mexico to Panama
          Eastern Russia to central Japan
          Far western Alaska
          Northern Argentina to Bolivia
          Peru to Ecuador
          Eastern Iran to Pakistan
          Burma to southern China
          Java and southern Indonesia
          Samoa to Soloman Islands

          These are the only areas that seem to be targeted this time

          • Thanks.

            I think you need to start a Futures Market where you buy and sell earthquakes. You could be a earthquake market fund manager. 😉

          • We’re in both the Bowling Green fault system and the Fort Wayne Rift sections. The largest earthquake (I think) in our area was a 5.3 back in the 1930s, off the Anna fault, so Ohio definitely has earthquakes. None since we’ve moved here, but a small feeder of the Anna Fault goes through our pasture. I’m more concerned about what it will do our well than anything else, although it might topple our fireplace chimney. Thanks for the insight, B.I.!

      56. “Somebody told us Wall Street fell,
        But we were so poor that we couldn’t tell,
        Cotton was short, but the weeds were tall,
        But Mr Roosevelt was gonna save us all.”

        The collapse is a slow moving train, Slowly boiling this frog. Sometimes you can be so poor that most of the collapse will just drift right past you because you are used to it on a daily basis. Scraping by just to put a little food on the table and getting to work the next day. It is good practice and we will endure with a little prepping to boot. I know how to hunt out fruit trees in the neiborhood that the people just let hit the ground and rot. Makes for canned fruit, preserves, jellies, syrups with some effort, sugar, and canning jars.
        Think outside the box!
        God Bless you all.

      57. How many different words can I make out of the word ANTHRAX? 1. ax 2. ant 3. than 4. rat 5. tan 6. hat 7. rant 8. nat 9. tax 10.

        • art, tar,

        • Seems that anthrax is a very versatile tool, I mean word! Trekker Out.

      58. @ LSB. You can also make the words; taxa, aha, tar, art, tarn, hart, out of the word anthrax. I cheated, like the U.S. government does all the time, I used a Spelling Ace for the other words.

        • Well this wasn’t the one I wanted to come up but I’ll try again…….

        • Click on “Man commands flock of sheep”. Funny!

        • Commies won’t impeach bommie. Commies rule.

      59. Outrageous !!! They are infiltrating our government.

        Now we know why nothing was sent to Benghazi to save our people, and left to die !!!

        Huma Abedin, a Muslim and wife of Anthony Weiner, is facing her own
        troubles — less salacious than her husband’s, but potentially more severe.

        On June 13, Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, wrote her and Secretary of State
        John Kerry asking why Huma Abedin, the deputy chief of staff at the State
        Department under former Secretary Hillary Clinton, was granted status as a
        “special government employee” after the birth of her son. That title
        allowed her to work from home as a part-time consultant to State, earning
        $135,000 as a government employee — while also earning $355,000 as a
        consultant for Teneo, where former President Bill Clinton is a board member.

        Read the whole article:

        Her mother, Dr. Saleha Mahmood Abedin is one of the founding members of
        the Muslim Sisterhood, and more importantly the long-time chairperson of
        the “International Islamic Committee for Woman and Child” (IICWC), which
        wants to impose Sharia law on Egypt, and eventually, the West.
        Can anyone see why this woman might want to stand by her idiot husband and
        get him elected as Mayor of New York? This would give Muslim terrorist
        sympathizers inside access to the largest city in America and a major
        in-road to affecting the politics and laws of our country; all while this
        idiot is off playing fantasy games online and choking his chicken. No
        wonder she doesn’t care about what he is doing! Her long-term goal is to
        provide access to our government to Muslin terrorist organizations. * These
        people will stop at nothing to take us down!*

        Read the whole story:

        Keep the FAITH

      60. Judge Says Courts Must Accept Shariah Influence

        “An Oklahoma constitutional amendment barring the state’s courts from weighing or using Shariah law was struck down in federal court. How can a law written to protect the Constitution be unconstitutional?”

        Investors dot com

          • Talmudic influence is far more pervasive than sharia is or ever will be.

        • KY, Commies do what ever they want and the courts are full of commies, just like the rest of the country.

        • Anything hostile to the constitution is NOT protected by it…and sharia and the judge be damned!

      61. India On The Verge Of Financial Collapse
        Tuesday, August 20, 2013 5:42

        (Before It’s News)
        India’s financial woes are rapidly approaching the critical stage. The rupee has depreciated by 44% in the past two years and hit a record low against the US dollar on Monday. The stock market is plunging, bond yields are nudging 10% and capital is flooding out of the country.

        What happens when it does reach that critical stage? Not like they can just print more money and bail out their institutions right? One thing they could do thats always an option is go to war. The one economic sure thing. Whether your a winner or a loser. There is alot of money to be made from war. –Mort

        I believe this is what the whole world is looking at GO TO WAR! When they do, the vast majority of the people of this world will DIE.

        Keep the FAITH

        • Mort @ BIN is a fear porn jackass and has NO credible links for his info. Alot of his headlines have a question mark at the end to cover his ass. Same as Zen and Pamela.


        For them to perceive the advantage of defeating the enemy, they must also have their rewards.

        All war is based on deception.

        The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.

        Regard your soldiers as your children, and they will follow you into the deepest valleys; look on them as your own beloved sons, and they will stand by you even unto DEATH.

        Remember the CHINESE want to DIG A GRAVE for the WHOLE WORLD, but THEM!

        Keep the FAITH

      63. Most who peruse these pages are part of the choir you are preaching to. If there is truly a catastrophic economic collapse half to two thirds of the US population will be dead within a year due to the age old causes. Disease, Famine, and Violence. The ones of us left will rebuild a better country in the aftermath. While tragic this is how the natural world works. Natural selection will select out the unprepared and clueless. After such an event the giant nation states will be history. They will be replaced with a bunch of much smaller entities. All you can do for now is live your life and it it happens shift over to survival mode.

      64. Chabad even puts their “kill the best of the Gentiles” to action, seeing to the death of this Gentile.

        “If we see that a Gentile’s life is in danger, we should not save him.” (Mishneh Torah, Hilchot Avodah Kochavim, 10:1)
        and so they dumped this dying man off their property without even calling an ambulance:

        Connect the dots:
        (1) what Chabad teaches about killing Gentiles &
        (2) what the Chabadniks did—they dumped a dying man off their property, a man who had celebrated Purim with them. They didn’t call an ambulance. They let the Gentile die, EXACTLY as their Master Race creed teaches.

      65. Russian Army Indicates ‘Cyber-Force’ Plan Underway
        © Fotolia/ jamdesign
        17:57 20/08/2013

        MOSCOW, August 20 (RIA Novosti) – A senior Russian military official indicated Tuesday that Russia is in the process of setting up a special force for cyber warfare, tentatively confirming earlier reports citing defense sector officials.
        “If such work is being done, it means it’s probably needed. Everything will be done by deadlines defined by [Defense] Minister [Sergei Shoigu], and you’ll know about it when it’s done,” Shoigu’s deputy Oleg Ostapenko said.
        Plans to create a military cyber-force were first announced last fall by Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin. A military source told RIA Novosti in July on condition of anonymity that these new troops will come into being by 2014.
        Shoigu has also previously spoken about the Russian military’s “hunt” for computer programmers. The head of the recently-created Foundation for Advanced Military Research – a state-run R&D agency similar to America’s DARPA, which specializes in cutting-edge military research – said Monday that “cyber warfare” was one of his agency’s main priorities and called the Internet a potential “theater of war.”

        Keep the FAITH

      66. Israel is warning its citizens not to travel to a long list of countries, and if they are there already, to come back home. They are anticipating terrorist attacks sometime during the first two weeks of September, including 9-11.

        anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax

      67. Terrorists ‘aim to hit Israeli, Jewish targets worldwide’ in coming weeks

        “Counter-Terror Bureau issues strident warning, citing ‘concrete, very high’ threats in numerous countries”

        (from the Times of Israel)
        posted on Drudge Report

      68. Buy some sturdy bicycles or small to midsize scooters or motorcycles. After the collapse you can barter what you don’t need. Good for escapes or infiltration.

      69. The statistics you cite in regards to financial preparedness are simply amazing. Sure, a lot of people have some debt, house, car etc., that is not too uncommon, but to see that they have not at least stacked away at least 3 months of savings to cover things in they are in a bind is amazing.

      70. Them Guys,Pissinwiththewind,guyinID, etc.

        Nice to hear from you who have educated yourself far beyond the sheeple level. I have not decided that the knowledge we have about the kenites, zionists, sons of satan, etc. are a blessing or a curse. I have known these truths since the 1960’s and it seems a heavy load to carry…..particularly to try to convince friends and relatives to find the truth for themselves and prepare for what is in store for America.

        For the beginners “Under the Sign of the Scorpion” by Juri Lina (you can download this and read it free) is a good start. Also as mentioned above Benjamin Freedman’s articles are very enlightening.

        If you are interested in the Kenites and cain’s lineage a good place to go for an inclusive education is Also any info about the Khazars will let you know who is running the one world order show.

        I wrote a comment on the Glen Beck story. He is allowed to continue because his “they and them” never points out that “they and them” are international jews that think they are going to eventually own this world. It is not believeable with all his ed-u-kation that Beck does not know the truth. He proudly has many awards from the jewish community. The Lord will have a the final say about Beck. He may have a special “pressure cooker” in store for him at the pearly gates.

        The zionists are going to run this circus for a little while longer until the Lord has has his fill. I believe that we are living Revelations NOW and things are only going to get worse……hard to imagine isn’t it.

        I, also, live near HWY 20, Oregon. Sure would like to meet someone who knows the truth. Let me know how you think that could be accomplished.

        Pray for America

        • @ granny..I really dont care which jews or phoney politicians that are the PTB. I focus my efforts at learning trades and prepping to stay alive. While someone is reading and researching how the past PTB have ruined this country, I study on gardening, nuke fallout, shelters, game trails, fuels etc.

          • That is where my interest lies also.

        • Howdy, po’d Granny.

          Thanks for the shout out. I find it very interesting to learn all we can about the truths that our Heavenly Father puts before us and wants us to learn and know.

          Very,very, few, know the truth of what happened in the Garden, much less what happened in the “first” Heaven & Earth age. Most don’t believe there was a first Age. Most don’t believe in the Serpent’s (Satan’s) seed with Eve. They call it a “heresy”.

          I’d say about 95% of so-called christians believe in a pre-tribulation rapture, even though it isn’t biblical and the word “rapture” isn’t in the bible. What a shame that the truths of God’s word has been fogged by the doctrines and teachings of the “traditions of man”.

          I could go on, but I must digress.

          I wish we were closer, but I’m on a mountain top in the Mid-Atlantic. I have always wanted to visit Oregon; especially the Klamath Lake area, since i have been taking Klamath Lake Blue Green Algae capsules for the past fifteen years. I love it.

          Anyways, feel free to email me at, mctread(at) I have lots of info I am willing to share about how close to the end, I believe, we are.
          Also, I’ve been working on a new project concerning the Nephilim, Giants on the Earth(Geber), and connections to the Neanderthals,CroMagnun, and Sasquatch beings.


      71. Not sure if this has been mentioned before but I highly recommend growing microgreens, especially sunflower sprouts. They’re inexpensive, you can grow them quickly & year round. They pack a lot of nutrients in small quantities.

      72. I’ve learned from this post that prepping is not only for natural calamities or disasters. It can also be applied financially. You have great tips here Michael. Thank you for sharing your insightful thoughts about financial preparation.

      73. On the Lighter side.

        Woke up one morning and turned on the T.V. to find that a major war was started in the Middle East… Went to the kitchen to put on the coffee pot. Come back to the living room and “Breaking News”. The Stock Market took a nose dive! I go to get my 9 year old bourbon. Again passing the T.V. another “Breaking News” . Major department stores looted. People steal wide screen T.V.’s and sneakers for survival tools. Coffee’s ready. Pour Bourbon into coffee. Get smokes. Turn up sound on T.V. and go out on back deck. Sunny day. Clear Blue skies. Notice some fireballs moving high overhead. News man is saying something of Nuclear Attack. Light up a smoke and take a puff. Strange rumbling beneath my feet. Drink high test coffee. Last transmission from T.V. George Bush is flying to his ranch in Paraguay and Obama is taking another Vacation.

      74. Hey Be Informed, I noticed the earthquake map today is only showing three quakes above 3.0,worldwide.
        Rare. Tension is building up somewhere.

        • The border patrol are practicing full auto at the range down the road. Im going down there and get the brass from them. will report back.

          • Well, it was the CBP. Customs border patrol which are a different breed of mentality from the regular BP. The CBP I met (about 6) are dickheads. They picked up thier brass and wouldnt give me any. I got dirty looks because I open carry. I still got about a hundred 223 and 40 brass. I was keeping a eye on the portly 3 guys as I knew bending over for brass (ammo kind) was something they didnt want to do.

            • Open carry at the firing range has got to be about the most innocuous of sights.

      75. Snyder doesn’t seem to think that the dollar is going anywhere in the next economic storm. He thinks Foss’s idea of storing cash and short term treasuries is a good idea. So the next downturn will be measurably steeper than the one we had starting at the end of 08. It would seem that I weathered the last economic storm quite well by acquiring precious metals beforehand. I’m still stacking with as much enthusiasm as I have ever had.

      76. Heres some random things to purchase off the top of my head.

        Ammo. It is 10%-20% over pre panic, but once the wars start you won’t be able to get it. Get it while you can.

        The solar kits at harbor freight are on sale right now for $139 which is worth taking a look at. If the grid goes down having even just one of these will be a lifesaver.

        Also they have some wireless driveway alert for $15 right now at harbor freight which you can place around your house incase people are sneaking around your yard when shtf. I plan to place these near my doors to give me a heads up.

        Another thing you can buy is the GE window alarms for each window, and you can also make trip alarms out of them with trip wire attached in your yard. They are $10 for 2 at amazon, and i believe they limit you to 6 per order.

        One last thing is the 10 pack of “High-Security Sliding Window Locks”. $4.44 amazon. Worth buying at least 20 of those and locking your windows. For around $8.88 you can pick up 20. Very much worth it.

        50 pounds of play sand in plastic bags is around $3 at home depot or lowes. You can stack these against your doors, walls, windows etc, and these will help stop kick ins, and also stray bullets.

        2×4 boards at home depot or lowes along with screws or nails. You can board up your windows, doors, and make it very difficult for people to get in. You can get these anywhere from $2 to $8 a board depending on if it’s treated or not. I believe untreated you can burn if you need to but it’s not recommended to burn treated wood. Also you may want to get them to cut it to size, and find your studs in your walls beforehand so you get it cut right.

        If you want to make gel fuel to cook or keep warm. You can do this yourself a lot cheaper than the cost the emergency places charge. You need either 91% or 99% isopropyl alcohol, calcium carbonate(limestone by product), and vinegar(cheap at costco). When you mix the vinegar with the calcium carbonate you get calcium acetate which is what you mix with the alcohol to create the final gel product which you can then store. (this will save you a ton of money, and will be an extremely valuable skill to have).

        Most of the stuff above is pretty cheap, and right now this stuff is available. If the economy tanks I can see last minute shoppers buying all this stuff up for their own security so don’t be that guy.

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