This Year’s Flu Vaccine Is Ineffective Again: ‘This Will Be A Pretty Bad Flu Season’

by | Nov 9, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Experts | 27 comments

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    Medical officials are sounding the alarm that this year’s flu season could be a bad one. Although it’s early, they have already noticed that the vaccine created is going to be mostly ineffective.

    According to CNN, last year’s seasonal flu vaccine effectiveness was just 42%. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimated those results.  That’s better than other years’ vaccines too.  Even if vaccinated, people had very little protection against the flu anyway and it’s causing concern.

    Each year before flu season begins, a vaccine is made based on whichever virus strains are expected to circulate. The selected seed strains are distributed to vaccine manufacturers, which produce their formulations and make them available to healthcare professionals before the season begins. During the 2015-16 season, vaccine effectiveness was 47%, but for the 2014-15 season, effectiveness was just 19%, according to the CDC. While the overall effectiveness of last season’s vaccine was 42%, it was only 34% effective against the H3N2 viruses that dominated the season.

    The limited effectiveness in last year’s vaccine was due to a mutation that occurred in the influenza A (H3N2) vaccine strain, according to a study published Monday in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. This vaccine mutation resulted from an egg-based manufacturing process commonly used today.  And this year’s vaccine is also far less than perfect, said Scott Hensley, author of the new study and an associate professor at the University of Pennsylvania. Add to that, he said, “this could end up being a pretty bad flu season.”

    Although it’s too early to speculate which viruses will become dominant in the United States over the course of the coming flu season, Hensley said, “but it’s starting to look like it will be H3 viruses.” H3 viruses are influenza A viruses. “There are the A group of viruses and the B groups,” said Dr. William Schaffner, an infectious disease specialist at Vanderbilt University. “The A groups are the ones that usually are responsible for large epidemics … whereas the B flu strains usually smolder along. They always cause illness — it can be just as severe as the A strains — but they don’t produce large outbreaks.”

    Even though the flu shot isn’t effective, Hensley is still pushing people to get vaccinated saying it’s still the best chance you’ve got, but warnings that the vaccine is not effective are not really convincing people to get vaccinated.  Why pay for a shot just to get the flu anyway?

    Making a better vaccine isn’t going to happen soon either.  “Most of the infrastructure to produce vaccines in the US is based on chicken eggs,” Hensley said. There are good reasons for this, including the fact that egg-based propagation allows manufacturers to quickly produce large quantities of vaccine. Though egg adaptations have always been a problem, beginning last year, it had become a “huge problem,” he said. “As soon as you try to grow this virus in eggs, within a few hours, the virus will acquire this kind of mutation.”

    This is not an easy problem to fix, he said. To produce vaccines in cells means “a very expensive process for companies to just change their overall manufacturing process,” Hensley explained. “You can’t really do that on the drop of a dime.”


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      1. Is this when all the militant vaxxer fascists demand that all these people be removed from society until the egregious threat has passed?

      2. All this pain from the ineffective vaccine and all one needs do is start elderberry syrup/tablet regime early in September to enhance the immune system.
        Add vitamin A and you are covered for most anything in the air.
        Lots of folks are just too lazy to do this.
        Oh, make your own antibacterial wash with a few vitamin E tablets, drops of rosemary oil, and water. Shake well before using.
        Better than store bought antibacterial soaps with all those cancer-causing chemicals.

        • yes

      3. Temporarily removing the infected from society is not evil. It is prudent. Common sense.

      4. So happens I’m allergic to only one thing on the planet – absolutely nothing else – egg-yolk-based vaccines. Something in the manufacturing process just doesn’t fit with me. And before someone asks or thinks it,… no, I’m not at all allergic to eggs. Why the sharing? There is something deep-down basically flawed with the majority process used to manufacture vaccines. Above and beyond any political or whatever agenda you may have, I’d warn all to just say ‘no’ to these vaccines.

      5. Its a 2-fer for big pharma. You pay them for the vaccine, still get the flu and pay for Tami-flu. Win Win for them. Duh. NEVER get vaccinations.

      6. Its a 2-fer for big pharma. You pay them for the vaccine, still get the flu and pay for Tami-flu. Win Win for them. Duh. NEVER get vaccinations.

        • It was real funny when the research came out by I wanna say merk, that tamiflu was just as effective as tylenol (acetameniphen).

      7. Willing guinea pigs, look at the ingredients. Any different than 100 years ago when tonic snake oil salesmen roamed the streets with a cure for whatever ails.

        • Literally, just look at it before they inject you,,, looks like automotive paint, since when was that a good thing to inject into your shoulder?

      8. I am a physician, first off, so take that for what it is worth. ~50% protection is where we live with the flu shot, due to the need to predict a year ahead of time and the rapid mutation rate for this virus. I grow my own elderberries and turmeric and agree with using these whenever needed, but I also recommend the flu shot. We have the preservative free at my office, which is a nice plus, and it is available nationwide in that form. Not one I browbeat people about unless they are asthmatic or immunocompromised or in one of the high-risk groups. And before it starts, no I am not a “pharma shill,” we actually lose money giving vaccines. I am a science based provider, and the science is well established on vaccines.

        • docoso,
          Interesting. I was conned into taking the flu shot 2 times in my life due to working in healthcare. Once in the 80’s and then a few years ago. When I took the flu shots I got the flu. I have cured myself with certain herbs and homeopathic remedies. I lost hearing in one ear due to a cold/sinus issue. I was told the only cure was prescription antibiotics. I eventually found the right herb which I took for several days. Cleared up the hearing problem without a visit to the M.D. I’ve been in the natural cure gig for a long time. There is one very safe common herb that will kill all types of bacteria and viruses. I avoid Big Pharma at all costs.

        • @docosc, My understanding is that there’s several strains of flu out there. The vaccine we are given is for the one we have a greater % of catching.

          • I’m not a doctor. There are many flu strains, I wanna say that the flu shots they make every year are effective against 4 strains. Flu shots are one of the few vaccines that still contain ‘thimerosal’ which is nearly half mercury by molecular weight. In my humble opinion the flu shots are the biggest false preventative with detrimental effects that are pushed on such a massive scale.

      9. And by the way, Tamiflu is pretty close to worthless. Just FYI.

      10. Yeah the science is well established on vaccines. They are full of poisons and detrimental to human health. Money for quackery flowing like a raging flood. The entire medical system is a ripoff fraud with chemical poison pushed for massive profit while natural healing was never a part of the learning education. Shameful Dr. Frankenstein.

      11. I saw a commercial for flu shots in August. I suspected something was up due to the early hype.

      12. This is why I don’t get one. VA tries to sell me every year, but now thanks.

        • “VA tries to sell me every year”.
          I just did my yearly trip to my VA doctor,
          They did their usual and asked if I wanted a flu
          shot, I always say no, but I if said yes they would
          not charge me for the shot. It is free.
          I co-pay to see the doctor, as I’m not disabled
          enough to get everything free, but all my other
          VA shots eg. Tetanus have been free.

      13. You know, the Gov’t messes up everything under the god damn sun it touches (just like blacks). The sorry, clown ass Gov’t would mess up a wet-dream if you let them. . .

      14. The effectiveness of the vaccine can be increased if you strengthen the immune system with the right kind of prebiotic (fiber) and/or probiotics. The only bacteria which seems to increase the effectiveness is lactobacillus plantarum CECT7315 and CECT7316. The research study showed that it increased immunoglobuin production in elderly people given a flu shot. I intend to take the flu shot and take a probiotic combination of bacteria and a fiber supplement based on pectin. Pectin is highly fermentable. Foods such as elderberry sometimes are found to feed the microbiota and increase anti-viral strains of bacteria. Wash your hands often and use a hand sanitizer. Try to avoid touching your face with your hands. Good luck!

      15. “The effectiveness of the vaccine can be increased if you strengthen the immune system with the right kind of prebiotic (fiber) and/or probiotics.”

        Sorry … but there is absolutely NO scientific study or data that suggests flu shots actually work! The flu shots actually deplete a persons immune system.

        Want to stay healthy? A person has to eat healthy and at least have some kind of weekly exercise routine. When it warm outside … soak up the sunshine into your skin … its the best Vitamin D a person can get.

        I’ve been cold/flu free for over 18 years.
        Simply by providing a healthy diet an exercise

      16. Doctors try to get me to take the flu shot every year and I “just say no.”

        I haven’t had one since 1976, and I haven’t had the flu either.

        I’m in the high risk category, so I just avoid crowds as much as possible.

      17. The source for the study was You can do research on any subject using the search feature. The study title is “Lactobacillus plantarum CECT7315 and CECT7316 stimulate immunoglobulin production after influenze vaccination for the elderly”. You can examine the entire study or just the abstract. There are studies that are critical of how the vaccines are prepared. Whether you have the flu shot is an individual decision that each of us have to make.

      18. This year I’m putting essential oils in a small glass bowl with some maple wood shavings to get the fragrance from the oil in the air. The oil has cinnamon,clove,lemon,rosemary,and eucalyptus oils in it. It is very strong and kills airborne bacteria and its an antiseptic.Its called Miracle Oil from health food stores or from Dr. Ron Greene in Montana. 406-822-7776. My wife works in a public school and its a germ factory in the winter. This oil was used by grave robbers centuries ago to keep them from catching the plague that was killing thousands.

      19. What the hell. We got way too much fuckin shit spreading. You got Black Death and Marburg spreading in Africa. Then we got hepatitis a,drug resistant tb, then meningitis here. Now were being told flu seasons gonna be bad this year.

      20. An ineffective flu shot that doesn’t work is defective. Demand the money back for the worthless vaccine.

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