This Underground Survival Community Proves Preppers “Don’t Just Survive, They Thrive”

by | Jan 9, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness | 68 comments

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    This article was written by Amanda Froelich and originally published at TrueActivist.

    Editor’s Comment: Increasingly, society is poised to be separated into two groups – those who are completely vulnerable during a collapse, and those who will be ready to survive.

    The latter group will not just include the wealthy, but also the frugal and prepared type who take nothing for granted, and make extra preparations in case of the worst. While a major catastrophe may not fall upon the country, there are many crisis flashpoints that could strike at any moment – and put entire regions into danger.

    These underground survival communities are everything that cities are not – they are isolated, self-contained and self-sufficient – all great assets during a prolonged disaster that could include rioting, looting and roaming gangs looking for easy targets.

    World’s Largest Survival Community Has 575 Off-Grid Bunkers [Take A Peek]

    By Amanda Froelich

    In an unsuspecting location exists the world’s largest survival community, where doomsday preppers can invest in an eco-friendly bunker for just $25,000.

    In one of the most unassuming locations exists the world’s largest survival community, complete with 575 off-grid doomsday bunkers. Near the southern edge of Edgemont, South Dakota (population 740),  the Vivos xPoint community can be found.

    Survivalists who wish to prepare for the worst can lease an off-grid bunker in a high-security area for $25,000. Additionally, there is a $1,000 per year ground lease that extends for 99 years.

    The survival community was once an Army depot that used to store ammunition and bombs from 1942 to 1967. Now, it exists as a potential refuge located about 100 miles from the “nearest known military nuclear targets.” In the case of WWIII, a zombie apocalypse, or (more likely) an economic collapse, at least 5,000 people can find security while the world falls apart. According to Vivos, each bunker can endure a 500,000-pound internal blast – just to be safe.

    Each bunker, which is approximately 1,800 to 2,400 square feet, is covered by a berm. Inside, residents will find life-sustaining resources, including water which can be acquired via two wells and is stored in reinforced concrete tanks.

    The company claims 10 to 20 people can subsist in a bunker for an entire year. And, those who lease a spot in the community can hire a contractor to outfit the shelter however they please. Additionally, Vivos sells a turnkey shelter.

    Credit: Vivos

    Credit: Vivos

    Tenants of a bunker can choose geothermal heating, solar or wind to provide backup power for a generator, or even a nuclear, biological and chemical (NBC) air filtration system, reports Inhabitat. As the potential for “SHTF” increases, Vivos intends to install a general store, shooting range, hydroponic gardens, horse stables, medical clinic, classroom, and a members-only restaurant. Of course, other planned amenities will likely also be included.

    Credit: Vivos

    In fact, Vivos wants to make sure those who prep ahead don’t just survive, they thrive. The company has suggested creating more shelters to store art, wine, cars, and other fine things of modern life.

    According to Business Insider, the community is presently empty. However, it’s the place one will want to be in the case of impending disaster. And if South Dakota doesn’t seem appealing, Vivos also offers communities in Indiana and Europe.

    This article was written by Amanda Froelich and originally published at TrueActivist.


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      1. Take the free selling tour/research some of it’s good points,then,put those ideas to use and DON’T TELL PEOPLE!

        They have basically even in a remote area just blown their cover,may be fairly defendable ect. but still,this was not the OPSEC you want in a long term hobbit hole!

        • He’s not going to sell many of these unless he blows his OPSEC, though.

        • Can you say, “Little House On The Prairie” ???

          South Dakota will be inundated by water during Earth Changes according to Cayce and others who have described a giant inland sea after the Pole Shift.

          Can you say “Lake Dakota” ???

          Better locations are on the inside of the Cordilleras; the Rocky Mountains in particular. Be there to get there. 🙂

          • durangokidd ,

            from space those look just like a MILITARY ammo storage facility and IF we had a war break out, they would be on a HIT list! anyone who thinks they would be safe there has NO common sense when it comes to this type of thing! NOT to mention that it is now a KNOW site for supplies.

            • Yes it does and other chemical storage sites I have seen in California and outside of Flagstaff in the past.

              Still, the key is that one must be there to get there in a real SHTF Scenario, and some owners may have to travel too far for that to be a useful site: even if “Lake Dakota” never forms.

              I think, ideally, that one must be within 150 miles MAXIMUM of their BOL if they expect to get there before SHTF overtakes them. For me that’s about a quarter of a tank of gas.

              I never have less than half a tank of gas in my BOV. 🙂

          • No doubt he won’t be there. I have been inside many of these ammo bunkers in recent years and they are good structures. Especially in dry climates and nearly all of this type(above ground)are in dry climates. There are hundreds near where I live. But they are also well known. Kinda like going on TV and telling and showing the world all your shit and exactly where to find it ?

            As I often mention how many can run a mile without a heart attack ? and what is actually important as well as practical and real ?

          • Cayce had a lot of stuff quite right. But some not so much according to his own time lines. Interestingly his earth changes stuff does tie in with science today and the recognition of earth movements and crustal movement in recent years. It apparently all boils down to certain elevations world wide and what areas have the most movement. Science is now starting to realizes this has all happened in the past more than once. So it is a cyclical thing according to the forces of our solar system or perhaps the universe as well. Specifically our sun as far as earth is concerned. Not something I imagine we can prep for or plan for in any way when all is said and done. If you are in a place with a lot of movement, it is just the end. And since it is not as simple as the plates and also about extreme gravity forces, I will not concern myself one iota.

            Been pondering taking another winter, three day 50 mile hike. Lots of snow and cold conditions. I saw some awesome snow shoes for very reasonable recently. Anybody else notice how cheap ammo,firearms and prepper junk is getting, along with free shipping ? Many prepper business and site failures on the way. a major change of such is things is already in motion.

        • The prepper community needs to ESTABLISH A FUCKING HAM RADIO BAND PLAN FOR SHTF


          • Unorganized is better, anything organized is prone to infiltration, small scale ok, random rotation and constantly changing alphanumeric code with constantly changing band is better, its all still able to be listened in on but if it is not static is best

            • YOU are absolutely correct!!

            • Nailbanger, you ‘nailed’ it again. If you want to maintain OPSEC, stay unorganized.

          • Eisenkreutz,

            As much as I would love for that to happen, there are so many things to go wrong, namely criminal elements from Uncle Sam and his alphabet soup agencies wanting to be in on the fun.

            Decentralized, is the way to go.

      2. Looks very interesting but….
        I am not sure about being out in the wide open plains with absolutely no cover other than the ground around you. I remember my grandmother talking about living in something like that in the Indian Territories back in the late 1800s. Communication between the bunkers would be an important asset.

        Louisiana Eagle

        • good points eagle, out in the open it wouldn’t take long before someone got the idea and ability to crack one of those open like a pecan.

        • Very Dumb. Article: “Tenants of a bunker can choose geothermal heating, solar or wind to provide backup power for a generator, or even a nuclear, biological and chemical (NBC) air filtration system, reports Inhabitat.”

          **OK, so you are hiding in your bunker and some invader start shooting holes on your solar panels or wind turbines, or cut the power cords and steals your panels and windmill. How long will you sit in the dark before you come out and try to repair it? Or even defend it, which makes these overpriced Pump and Dump Bunkers Obsolete from the get go.

          These Bunkers reminds me of all the wacky airplane inventions in the late 1800’s before the fixed wings came about. Like tying Feathers onto your Arms and jumping off building roofs, flapping your arms, as you hit the pavement. Splatttttt!!!!

          • Oh so you are just going to stat digging down for the GEO Thermal Heat that is trapped 5 miles down. How many shovels and wheel barrels will you need to do that? Or add to the Cost? lmfao!! Many live in an illusion and have Really Bog Dreams. I get this feeling some dope inherited a few million dollars and decided to buy some Government foreclosed property on the cheap and trying to develop it. Like buying an old rusty Missile silo. You know how friggin cold it gets up there in S. Dakota? Like Minus -50 for months.

            Reminds me of the late comedian screamer Sam Kinison, who talked about solving world hunger. he said, “You know, for decades we have been sending food out in the middle of the dessert of Ethiopia to feed these people.” “Hey, I have an Idea,… Move to where the fucking food is.” “Pack your shit and move!!!” Get some Uhauls and all move at the same time to where the fucking food is!!!”

            • Rich people had to expatriate, to start functional businesses, and foreign countries no longer what to be dependent / aligned with us.

              This country is liable to be one of the hungry ones.

              Assuming that you make the journey, why should they treat you any better than you have treated them.

        • Laeagle, agreed. The Dakotas are too far north and way too cold anyway. Give me the mountains of north GA any day. Climate is much better and plenty of cover, not to mention a lifetime supply of firewood.

      3. I think this guy could sell refrigerators to Eskimos.

        Get back to us on this in a while.

        There’s an identical complex in Hermiston, Oregon. It’s still being used for munitions, though. Another down near Flagstaff, Arizona.

        • A tough life without a fan in the shitter.

          • that way the shit can never hit the fan

            guaranteed safety

          • Want to survive well off the land? Go buy a few 40 Lb bags of cracked corn from a feed store, and also pick up a few metal garbage cans with tight lids to store it in. I also use bungee cords to secure the lids on tight.

            I sprinkle out a few hand fulls of cracked corn first thing in the AM and a few hours before dark here. This AM I counted 21 Doves, and 13 Squirrels out there feeding off the buffet. In the summer months I have Turkeys bring in flocks of 13 to 16 Turkeys daily who know this spot as a Guaranteed Go TO feeding place. You can do the same with setting up a deer feeder, or food plot. I do all of this just yards from my cottage door in the yard. And I can sit behind my front porch blind to observe or use it as a hunting perch.

            The fish I caught from my lake last week, after I clean them I dumped the guts in the canal to attract alligators. If you stay consistent, in feeding the wild life, they will keep coming back daily. At night a few raccoons come in and lick the ground where the corn scraps were. I will set up a live trap tonight to catch just one. I built a post with a T on it as a game hanging station.

            I will also try my hand at skinning the Raccoon hide and see how that goes. Salt the skin down and let it sit for a few days then come back and clean the flesh out. Lots of great Vids on fur trapping and hide preparation. Some make a living at selling hides.

            I will do this, just for the fun of it and experience, and building another skill set. I am going to pick up some onions, carrots, potatoes today to prepare with the coon dinner for tomorrow. Also acquire live box traps in your mix of Homestead items. Helps with pests or food acquiring. Build these skill Sets now, for post SHTF when you really will need them. Also learn from video, how to remove the scent glands in Raccoons, so the food does not taste gamey. I am building a lean too trap cage with a pull stick to catch some doves. They look good and plump this winter here in FL. Probably from eating all the corn.

            Keep prepping, including skills.

            • Soothe same with squirrels fat little burgers fatten them up with peanut lots of protein

              • Processed peanuts cause mange. Only raw peanuts.

      4. I thought I saw a picture of young Will Robinson on the wall. Danger! Danger!

        • Headstones……no charge.

      5. In a true shtf event where you or anybody else no longer has any worry about rules and law and instead are worried about how to survive and feed your kids. With a back hoe and a couple of hours every one of these can be peeled open either by one of those who bought one and beat you to yours or by the locals who know they are there. If you aren’t there when the event begins it wont be there when you get there…

      6. Does the bunker come with a shovel. If one were to take a look, about a stones throw to the west, there’s this big natural feature known as the Yellowstone super-volcano. A big enough earthquake in the right place or a large enough meteor/asteroid in the right place could set it off. Or, it could let go on it’s own. Or, a nuke hitting in the right place. It may not happen for a couple thousand years, or it could happen next week. As close as those bunkers are, they would find themselves under about 30 feet of ash. Good luck if that happens.

      7. Places like this make me think of the end of the Dirty Dozen.

      8. Just hope you have three days warning before (fill in the blank) drops a mess of nukes on the US so that you have time to get to South Dakota! And if (fill in the blank) drops enough nukes to get to any place besides the East and West Coast, then the entire US infrastructure dies. And in that case – do you really want to be in a community of well armed strangers who probably put more money into fancy trucks and weapons than in things like food?

        And finally – while South Dakota is ‘warmer’ than North Dakota – there have not been many stories of the DAPL protests recently. Is it the -30 temps or the 50 mph winds or waist high snow?

      9. Living in a hobbit hole sounds great until your hobbit hole is an object of desire. As long as it is considered a dirty hole by neighbor’s you will do fine. If neighbor’s think you have some high priced goods hidden in that hobbit hold, watch out. Not so good.

        I am a long-term fan of Tolkien. Love the idea. But low profile or you just ruined your life expectancy.

        This company is great at marketing. There is a big diff between marketing an idea and living it. I recommend the Wool Series by Hugh Howey.

        • Philosopher, I take my chances above ground all the time. I’ll take my BOL cabin over a bunker anytime.

      10. i wonder what kinds of chemicals/weapons/radiated things were stored in there….and are you SURE the chinks won’t look at the satellite photos and say…..TARRRGET!….aside from that, it’s a steal.

        • We have a smaller one here near Akron. Everyone knows that the enemies know where they are, and an ammo dump is going to be a TARGET. Have they updated their info that it is no longer an ammo dump? You gonna bet your life on it?

      11. One of these would be great at my BOL#2 in the Ozarks. Put all of these together in the wide open I don’t think so.

        Grant it you can grow a garden, but the growing season is short. What are they using to keep warm and cool. I know that they are under ground but they still will need something. Solar or Wind set ups would be about the only thing. No wood around to burn. (Buffalo Chips)???

        How would set up a defense of the area? A sniper or two shooting anything that tries to come out of the doors. The all point the same way. I didn’t see a back door, escape hatch/route.

        As Laeagle said they need some type of communication set up.

        Well I guess they didn’t tell us everything that they have planned. So maybe everything I wrote about they have an answer?

        • If I recall correctly, the Ozarks while beautiful and full of caves, also “enjoys” a significantly lower elevation than the surrounding states and will also likely be inundated by Lake Dakota which supposedly will stretch from the Dakotas through Missouri.

          Branson will be underwater. 🙁

        • Dammit Sarge, don’t ask hard questions or point that stuff out! The Unicorns will run away and the rainbow will evaporate 🙁

          • But ya, That has got to be one of the stupidest things I have ever seen. No cover, all bunched up, no solar, no escape, no defense, no storage, no brains….

            • Oh shit, it just dawned on me! IT WAS BUILT BY AND FOR LIBERALS! Wheeewww, that explains it 🙂

            • No way out the door when the snow drifts over it 10′ deep

        • i don’t know about there, but here in so cal, 3000 ft elevation, usually when you get more than 2 feet underground, you end up with a constant 56*…pretty much all over so cal. i can throw on a sweater and be very happy at 56.

        • Sorta stupid to use old military munitions bunkers huh,,,,
          Most likely had DU rounds stored in them and some military prick is snickering as his buddies show him this article

          • Nailbanger, the article said they were used for that only from the 40s to the 60s. I don’t think DU munitions came out until the 90s, if I remember correctly.

      12. Riiiiigggghhht,,

      13. I’ll pass, poor location.

      14. If you’re going to go that scale I’m thinking abandoned underground copper mine at least 1000 ‘ below surface… A fully self contained ventilation system is doable ….correction a fully self contained ventilation system is doable in CAD model.
        What’s the fawkin diffrents… forget about it…

      15. ht tps://
        7000′ better yet ….

      16. That’s a LOT of money for a GRAVE!!!

      17. Dakota plains? That’s tanker country. No thanks, better location that’s hidden is preferred.

      18. Those are for pussy cowards who plundered America.

      19. Tombs of the great kings to be discovered by the next race of humans 8,000 years from now.

      20. 500,000-pound internal blast

        ok so,, whats the EXTERNAL BLAST rating?

        thats what freaking counts ..

        • Oh and that vent stack .. yeah keep that just the way it is … hehehhehe..dopes

      21. why buy into this and Not doing something about these fuckers who are causing this problem NOW while we are still above ground is beyond me

        yeah dont fight now while you can .. just go hide in a hole that they will put your grave marker over.. when its over

        • Bingo,,,
          If you ask me a bunker is just a tomb

      22. They look like graves to me.

      23. Yep, directly downwind from the fixed target US Minute Men ICBM missile silos, that’s a great location.

        John Wayne was right, ‘Life is hard. It is even harder if you are stupid.’

      24. To high up north, it will all be covered with the next ice age…soon.

      25. That bunker in the photo has those cheap Wal-Mart plastic chairs that will break and hurt you before long. Wood or metal chairs are the same size and will last a lifetime.

        • Archivist, come to think of it, that same picture has been in some other articles here about bunkers. I’ll also take wood or metal chairs anytime.

      26. Anything that keeps attackers out also keeps you in.

      27. This place is a Tankers wet dream!

      28. I have seen these “shelters” less than a year ago when scouting a good bug out location. Every single bunker I saw had large cracks. Large sections of dirt had eroded from each bunker leaving the concrete open to the elements. Two of the bunkers had begun to collapse on themself revealed the rebar was pencil thickness and on a two foot grid. The roof/ceiling is only 6 inches thick. The floors are four inch thick with no rebar or steel supports at all. I know this from seeing the floors totally buckled in several bunkers. These were designed and built to protect the outside from an accidental internal blast from the stored munitions. They were never designed to house people. PLEASE do your own research before writing any checks.

      29. I would go mad in such a place. Except for the hydroponic garden, there’s really nothing to do but be entertained. I need to do some sort of productive work (dusting someone else’s bunker does not count) like minding the animals (okay I only have a pet at the moment) or sewing, knitting, etc. When something happens to cause a power failure (like a storm), I have fun; not bored like most of my neighbors. I’m unplugged from modern demands. I feel free! …unless I have to shovel 3 feet of snow. hehehe

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