This Portable Shelter Can Be Set Up In Hours, “Withstand Hurricane Winds, Stronger Than City Hall”

by | Feb 28, 2017 | Emergency Preparedness | 67 comments

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    How quickly could you set up shelter if you were forced out of your home, and had to find a new place to stay right away?

    If normal alternatives don’t fit the situation, you could construct a quick-assembly dome shelter that is designed be as rigid as any conventional building up to code.

    “What we have is a building that goes up as fast as a tent, and once it’s up, it’s stronger than city hall.”

    The man pitching this interesting shelter design foresees its use for emergency medical sites, Red Cross relief, military housing, homeless shelters and refugee camps during a crisis… ironically, it is from a quite dated commercial.

    In principle, it includes pre-fabricated leaves of the dome than can be rapidly pieced together, giving anyone in a SHTF situation, or a rural retreat the ability to create a cabin on demand – with prefab options for doors, windows, solar panels and flooring. If you want them for a longer term, they can stand permanently, and be finished out inside to increase comfort.

    They are even strong enough to bury and blend in with earthen structure to camoflauge, conceal or simply keep your dome hut cool with earth contact.

    It’s unique, and universal shape makes it naturally resistant to natural disasters, including the most severe hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes. And their quick construction offers a shelter that is as strong as normal building, with assembly that is only moderately more complicated than a tent.

    No word on the pricing, but the company will quote one on the website; however there are plenty of designs out there for a DIY approach as well.

    Consider it another tool in your preps, when survival matters above all else, and every resource must maximize the balance between cost and utility. Where simplicity and elegance of design count, it may be a good option.

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      1. In a bug out situation, I doubt anyone will have time for this, let alone having the $$ to invest in it. It looks like all it needs is a target sign and you have yourself a doomed shelter..



          NO FRIED FOODS

          ONLY 1 DESSERT A DAY







          • One meal a day, and snack like a small mammal throughout. Then you’re 90 day supply, (what you can drag in a cart) easily doubles or triples.

            If overweight. Then water and vitamins only, (already proven).

            Tree bark, dandelion roots and pine needle tea, etc. to clean out, keep regular and prevent scurvy. There’s more. Google this stuff, print it out, (or buy a book small enough to carry). Don’t forget a small shovel or a large knife that you wont mind dulling daily.

          • Rhut-Roh, someone went off their meds today.

            If everyone looked like Adonis we’d still have high insurance premiums. It’s about the money, not our health.

            Plus these days, if it’s not fat or aging, it’s the not quite playing with a full deck folks….

            Sometimes they’re ^^^^^^^^ o^b^v^i^o^u^s. 😀

          • @eisencrap…..

            Why don’t you just STFU and mind your own business Tinkerbell?

          • Eisen forgot his meds again and he’s tied up in the basement!

          • LMAO !!! THAT’S THE ACID I KNOW AND LOVE !!! 🙂

            As for the high insurance premiums, health insurers base their premiums on the “group”, while auto insurers base it on YOUR driving record and credit history. Something very wrong with the group idea.

            Now that the Obola Care Mandate has been dropped, skip the health insurance altogether, but keep your auto insurance paid. Manage your own health as you do.

            Diabetes, arthritis, cancer, and alzheimer’s as example’s, can ALL be cured with a proper DIET. The modern medical community is a fucking scam !!! 🙁

            • So if you fall off the roof fook the insurance just pay the 100,000 dollar hospital bill. Good advice Butch!

              • If you can’t keep your balance on the roof you shouldn’t be climbing up there in the first place. Life is full of risks every day, if you wake up; whether you walk out the door or not. The hospital will treat you at the emergency room whether you are insured or not.

                Just wait in line with the all of the ILLEGALS, butch. 🙂

          • Wow!!! … That tropical pacific island that you moved to has a bunch of overweight, diabetic, heart ridden diseased people too?

            Should of done your homework … or better yet … address those people who you reside with than here. I’m sure most people that post up on this board are in decent to better than average health compared to the large part of society overall.

            I agree to a point with you. Prepping is more than buying and building things. Prepping very much applies to health and overall mental preparedness.

            • FTW, he’s FANTASIZING about being on an island. If he’s still talking about ‘land whales’. he’s still somewhere in the US.

            • I thought Hatians were a bunch of skinny lil’ naggers?

          • Eisen aint you got something else to do like iron your mom’s clothes or something.

            • Perhaps it’s too much starch in his panties?

          • DANG, DUDE!!! You must be channeling Michelle Obama with all that nutrition advice.

          • Eisen, stay out of wallyworld if you don’t want to see ‘land whales’.

          • And you have no dignity with that filthy mouth. let me guess, you are a millennial that still lives with Mum.

        • Well Well, I looked into these a few years back, and I can give you all the pricing below. I spoke to a distributor/ owner many times, as he was is located here in FL. Or at least the distributor I spoke with. I was considering these and connecting a few together to create a pod. I think they are pretty pricey for what you get. I also considered helping this guy sell these.. But after I bought my BOL Property, I found something much better and cheaper. I also considered spray painting them camo for small foot print from overhead eyeballs in the sky. But if you wanted to transport these up to some remote location and assemble them, it would be OK.

          You want info? Zeus has the info.

          The Intershelter™ Dome Price List:
          Intershelter (20 foot w/one custom door & two windows) $12,500
          Intershelter (14 foot w/one custom door & two windows) $ 7,500
          P2000 Insulation Kit 20’ $2,500
          P2000 Insulation Kit 14’ $1,800
          Custom Color (20 footer) $500
          Custom Color (14 footer) $400
          Custom Door (w/lock, hardware, and installation) $500
          Window (vinyl dual thermo panel) $300
          Crating for Intershelter (crating not needed for bulk orders) $500
          Crating for extra door frame $100
          Crating for extra window frame $100

          Quantity Discount Break Points
          20 ft “Force 5 Dome” 14 ft “Survival Dome”
          1-25 $12,500 1-25 $7,500
          26-100 $12,000 26-100 $7,000
          101-500 $11,500 101-500 $6,500
          501-1,000 $10,500 501-1,000 $6,000
          > 1,000 $ 9,500 > 1,000 $6,000

          • Thanks for posting. I was curious about the price, but couldn’t find it anywhere. Not suprised that it is pricey, but hopefully it is thought provoking nonetheless. Can’t really recommend any one solution, because it’s different for everyone, but there are many potential uses for this, or similar set-ups.

            • Actually not that expensive, especially since it could be dragged on a small trailer to a remote location by an ATV, and set up in hours. I was at the big box home store and they are selling 10′ X 10′ sheds for $6K.

              One competitor is the yurt. Check out
              I stayed in a high end 30′ diameter Yurt, at a mountain resort. It was warm and toasty, and it ain’t no tent.

              Both domes and yurts are extremely energy efficient because of the low surface area to volume ratio. Domes being the most energy efficient.

              • PTPO, I spoke to my cousin at the BOL earlier about the dome and yurt. She’s looking into both. I think I would take either one of them. They’re pricey, but not as pricey as an RV. Sounds like either one would put an RV to shame and for only a fraction of RV price.

                • More on the yurt and domes.

                  Where I stayed in the Yurt was bear country. Management strongly recommended taking the trash out to the bear proof dumpster after every meal prepaired in the little kitchen.

                  The yurt I stayed in: Gaps in the yurt that might allow mice etc in could have been prevented by better attention to detail during assembly. It was assembled on a concrete slab with plumbing built in, all designed to be drained down quickly to winterize and prevent freezing when the heat was off. The skin of the yurt was the more expensive insulated type, it was essentially two layers of heavy plastic, sandwiched around a couple of layers of a heavy Mylar bubble wrap, like the one Home Depot sells for insulating ductwork. Sound travels easily through the walls of the yurt, privacy may be an issue, the lady in the next yurt was a screamer, but luckily he was just a six minute man! The Yurt is one big room, they built a large bathroom that divided it, one outside wall of the bathroom formed a single counter kitchen. The other wall had closets, some locked and secure for maid supplies etc. The range, water heater and stand alone fireplace was all propane powered, small appliances like you find in an RV.

                  I once stayed in an Island ocean front resort, the guest buildings were concrete cylinders with dome tops. They appear to have been designed to be hurricane proof. Strangest thing about a dome or cylinder is the acoustics. There are focal points for sound where you can hear everything said inside even on the first floor from the second floor or room to room. We could hear little from outside even when a storm raged one night.

              • My neighbor has a yurt and it nothing more than a glorified tent full of mice and chislers. You couldn’t give me one of those pieces of shit.

                • The one I was in, was not impervious to critters. However I checked it thoroughly. In the survival space is your your responsibility to choose responsibly.

                  The resort left us breakfast in a basket, you needed to set an alarm clock to collect your food, or it ended up taken by the wildlife. Thus in any revolutionary historical records. Includ food.

            • Yep Mac, I rejected the idea of these in my case, beacuse they dont come with any type of floor, and to do it right you would have to pour a large slab of concrete. And I want my structures sitting a few feet off the ground in case of heavy rains. So add that cost on top. These would make for a good hunting shack. Spray foam insulation on the inside walls. Camo it cover it on the outside and it would be cool. I also tbought of a hidden bunker below the slab to hide preps. That doesnt work here in FL with a high water table just a few feet down. Up north or remote areas on high ground would be good. Also good in high winds being a dome. I researched a lot of things and considerations to get me where I am.

          • Wow, sorta spendy eh,,,
            Think a 20′ shipping container would be a cheaper option then do your own doors and windows with steel roll up window covers,,,

            • I like the idea of it being buryable. Could be a great cellar. Or bunker depending. Containers aren’t buryable.

      2. I think I’ll get one of those for a playhouse for the children. In an emergency, we can all play.


        • Exactly! Great idea.
          Of course, you live in CA and it may take months to get all of the permits in order before you can put the shelter up. Sarcasm

        • All you have to do is put a wooden trellis around it and plant grapes or climbing roses. Have you people no imagination what so ever. Come on. There are other domed shaped housing people are building to live in because they provide insulation qualities, and are cheap. So soon expect to see them become more popular and therefore less target prone.


      3. I’m thinking one of those things put up in a isolated location, a “bug out” location, would be quite an invitation for target practice the same way an unattended vehicle left in place in one is.

      4. I find no prices on their website, just a quote request form. This does not make me want to buy…

        Does anybody know what these cost? In single quantity?

        • i believe i read– $9500 plus $800 for shipping

      5. I going to look into one of these. I wonder if it comes in other colors like Brown or Gray. White just yells out here I AM come and get it!


        • Best to do a local variety camo job on anything.. there is no one size fits all when it comes to camo .. like Woodland camo would not work in Alaska .. as desert digital wouldnt work in Tennessee

          • i went to buy some camo the other day….and i couldn’t FIND it.

        • Sarge, I’ll try to talk my cousin into getting one of these for the BOL. we could always use an extra storage building.

            • PO’d,
              Sounds like Venezuela is reaching the canibalism stage. Frightening! That story should be a motivator to anyone considering prepping.

              The government and police are progressed to the stage of being as dangerous as any criminal or marauder.

              Venezuela disarmed their population a decade ago. Unless the military organize a coup, it likely won’t get any better.

              • PTPO, I agree. Venezuela’s only hope now is a coup and take out all the commie trash.

              • the food situation has gotten so bad down there that cannibalization has been reduced to a misdemeanor.

      6. Domes are very energy efficient because of their shape, there are no cold spots. They are also very wind resistant as the wind tends to flow around them since there are no flat spots or roof edges for the wind to catch.

        I would be very interested to know what the R value is of the walls/roof.

        Do they make them in Realtree Camo?

      7. I hope Nancy wets her pant-t’s & has a total meltdown tonight.

      8. Asked for a quote. Can’t wait. Asked for a brown one with the insulation.

        Getting the well done on our BOL/retirement land soon and this would allow us to live there while we built the more permanent home.

      9. Only $18,600 for 314 Sq. Ft. no electric, bath, HVAC or kitchen, but it does come in pretty colors. Not sure if that includes shipping. Why not just go mobile and buy an RV or travel trailer.

        • Well, if that’s true not worth it. Still waiting on my quote for the 20 footer.

          No way in the world it costs even half that to make. Sprayed fiberglass panels? Nope, no way.

        • For about $20 grand you can buy a 12′ x 7′(high) toy trailer ($7,000), outfit a solar system on the roof, ($4,000) and FILL IT with $9,000 worth of PREPS.

          It’s a NO BRAINER !!! 🙂

          • Including a window a/c ($150), water from air machine ($3,000), etc. You must have water, power, heat and cooling, if even for a relatively small space as a refuge from the elements and maybe animals.

            A large tarp or two can shield it from the sun and if you locate to a windy area you can anchor the trailer to the ground like a tent (which) you can also lug around with a trailer; and all your tools. 🙂

            • DK, uh, how many square feet in that trailer?

              • Enough to stash all of your tools, food, preps, and stand up in, while heating and cooling the space electrically by solar cells. We are talking about survival space here that is more than adequate to weather a crisis, that is MOBILE, and relatively cheap.

                You can expand the space outdoors with tarps and tents, or by building an additional shelter once you find a stable environment. I use mine for additional storage and mobile power to augment my 35′ motor home and prep setup, already located at my BOL.

                If I had to relocate from my BOL for any reason, the power, the tools, the gadgets, and the preps go with me. Its a redundant system, designed to be FLEXIBLE enough to ADAPT to the conditions that might arise.

                That said, be there to get there. 🙂

                • Its about 80 square feet. 🙂

      10. Ok. Let’s just imagine and play the scenario out here. (Because I’m thinking other things), Anyway:

        Bugging out is the last resort.

        First. Bugging out will be an emergent issue, and little time to carry a portable shelter. Even so, you’ll need a truck and an EMP or road block. It will be whatever you can carry.

        Second. Everyone thinks this is going to be a lone wolf scenario in the fruitful hills or endless prairy. ((BUZZER!)) Wrong!

        Take one look at tent communities and refugee camps. Rape, rob and pillage everyone one of them, (including disease). How many of them are going to show up with only a cell phone and hand shake? These areas will be prime targets for ______, (fill the blank). Especially if you have kids. Avoid! If the wife or a family member thinks otherwise, good luck to him or her.

        Second. Watch a few of those tsunami videos, with the hills full of people watching as their communities get completely destroyed and carried away. Then think fire, attack, etc. All the same. There’s no going back. What then? In those cases, you’ll be one out of 100 with a BOB, (unless you’ve buried one earlier). You next move is to MOVE! Don’t hang around. Put some distance before it all sinks in.

        Alternatively, you should have established a team, or identify with like minded folks and leave together. It would be nice to have enough folks to form a two man rotating watch for sleep, (Assign a two man watch to ensure no funny business, each watches the other to ensure each doesn’t steal your gear and run off).

        In short, such temporary shelters don’t mix well with conditions of an effective, efficient and timely bug out solution.

        We now return you to your regular programming.

        • Stick with the tents. Arab/Hebrew sheep herders (nomads) knew how to live on the move.

          • So did the Cowboys and Indians.

            • You nailed it Faux! Either you stay home with your Preps or get to your BoL early. You won’t be hauling much after the S hits the fan. I am becoming more of a fan of storing an unconstructed shelter and preps at my BoL, hiding it well, and hoping that no one will find it – or at least not with enough tools to break into my storage. Any unattended building will be spotted and cleaned out unless it is deep in the woods.

      11. My ‘quote’:

        InterShelter is the missing link that has bridged the gap between tents and stick built houses or trailers. They have the portability and ease of construction of a tent, yet once erected are stronger than a stick built house and have actually passed residential building code requirements. They are earthquake proof, hurricane proof and virtually fireproof.

        The price of a single 20′ dome is $12,500. We are offering a $1,000 discount per unit with promo code INTERAK through the month of March. We offer the P2000 Insulation Kit for $2,500, and the Ground Floor Systems floor for $2,500. The standard color for the 20′ dome is white. The price for a custom color is $500. Our factory is currently located in Dundee Oregon so the shipping fees would originate from there.

      12. I want to share my yurt with a beautiful Mongolian woman. Anyone know any good
        Mongolian mail order bride websites? I’ll pay her daddy off with a whole herd of yaks. 🙂

        • Sounds like a plan, she probably has more prepping skills under her belt than any of us can imagine.

        • why don’tcha just go down to the low self-esteem support group at the local hospital? those girls are an easy pickup. uh ohhh, i THINK i mighta wrote that out loud?

          • BCOD

            I don’t have a self esteem problem, “Buttcrack” .

      13. I need to look into getting one of those. I like the sandbag house design with reinforced concrete, and I plan on usein concert blocks with steal beams to prevent. 50 cal with a thin layer of steal on the inside in my room quarters.

        Residential bullshit homes by Investors trying to make a buck is useless cardboard boxes. Basically crap to house and contain the wonder slaves in thr city areas, to support banker money. Those days are over for me.. I am heading to bum fuck nowhere. No car payments. No rent. No mortgage payments, no tax.. Fuck all the bankers. Fuck them for what they stand for and fuck them all..


        • No tax? Hmmmm

      14. how long do these last?
        Are they INSULATED?

      15. The 20’er encompasses 414 s.f. and the 14’er 154s.f..
        Yep that’s pricey.

        Some tents will withstand a 130+mph wind but will they withstand the projectiles that come with it? That’s always the question and I’m not seeing any impact claims.

        So the idea came from a dated commercial?
        I remember a Union Carbide commercial where these guys in hazmat suits would inflate this big honkin dome shaped ballon and then spray it with some expanding mystery chemical. Once the chemical hardened they would saw out the door and the commercial would end with the big voice announcer guy saying ” From The Minds At Union Carbide”.

        I lived for those Union Carbide 21 st Century films. They were the Shiite.
        That’s back when we believed that by the year 2000 we were all going to be riding around in spaceships like the Jetsons. Yeah right…

        Anyway Union Carbide made some far out claims back then.
        ht tps://

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