THESE HISTORIC VIDEOS Show What Ferguson Could Look Like During Martial Law and Unrest

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Soldier stands guard in front of building destroyed by riots in Washington, D.C. following the assassination of MLK. (Image: public domain)

Soldier stands guard in front of building destroyed by riots in Washington, D.C. following the assassination of MLK. (Image: public domain)

Back in 1967, National Guard and Army troops were deployed by Gov. Romney and LBJ to handle race riots in Detroit.

The worst unrest since the Civil War draft riots and until the 1992 Rodney King riots in L.A., chaos in Detroit resulted in 43 dead, 1,189 injured, over 7,200 arrests, and more than 2,000 buildings destroyed, according to Wikipedia.

Much of the disorder, which led to outright martial law, was captured by news cameras and remains available through archive film.

Take a look at just some of the disaster that was 1967 Detroit, and what could be played out again in Ferguson 2014:

The Anti-Media catalogued this, and several other incidents where martial law was implemented in recent decades.

Ultimately, order was only restored at the hands of the National Guard and military-style command-and-control structure.

This time in Ferguson, Gov. Jay Nixon has already preemptively ordered martial law in anticipation of the Darren Wilson grand jury decision and expected riots in protest of a decision not to prosecute the police officer who shot Michael Brown. Of course, riot police have already been used against sometimes violent protesters there since the August shooting incident.

How bad could things get? Take a look at some of the video from past cases where violence and unrest from the public was met with violence and strong-armed tactics by the National Guard, Army troops or police.

Via TheAntiMedia:

The Race Riots: During the 1960s, waves of protest swept the United States for a variety of reasons. The most prominent riots erupted largely due to African-­American frustrations with institutionalized racism, from economic inequality to police injustice. The riots were almost always inspired by relations with police, if not sparked directly by incidents of police abuse. In urban centers across the country, governments relied on armies of cops and the activation of thousands of National Guardsmen to shut down waves of often violent protest and looting.

1965 Watts Riots (L.A.): Race tensions in this infamous Los Angeles neighborhoood ultimately led to 34 deaths, 1,032 injuries, 3,438 arrests, and over $40 million in property damage during six days of rioting, as Wikipedia notes.

Obvious anger fomented after the conspiratorial murder of civil rights leader MLK in April 1968:

Further, following the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King in 1968 (which the FBI may have assisted), African-Americans were outraged and rioted again. This prompted activation of multiple state National Guards and amounted to thousands of troops per city, including Baltimore, Chicago, and Washington, D.C.

In the aftermath, riots erupted in some 125 U.S. cities. Two days after the April 4 assassination, Baltimore rioted for a full week, leading to National Guard, Maryland State Troops and a further request for federal troops:

April 1968 Baltimore Riots (following MLK Assassination): Baltimore, along with Washington, D.C., Chicago, Louisville and Kansas City saw the worst riots.

The Anti-War Movement: In 1968, the trend of dissent against the state continued. This time, it was against the Vietnam War. The National Guard was activated in Chicago, Illinois to shut down protests at the Democratic National Convention, where scorned President Lyndon B. Johnson, had chosen not to seek re-election. Protesters (and eventually, rioters), were discontent with the corruption and warmongering of the leftist faction of the two-­party system and thousands took to the streets. In addition to thousands of police officers who instigated violence, the National Guard helped to put down the dissent and break up the protests.

The 1968 DNC convention riots were a show of extreme force and a media disaster for authorities, as Chicago Mayor Daley unleashed some 23,000 police and National Guard to meet an estimated 10,000 protesters. Police, accused of starting the riot, were witnessed beating a young boy waving a flag, and using an excessive amount of tear gas that ultimately disturbed presidential candidate Hubert Humphrey in a nearby hotel.

TheAntiMedia notes also the related May 4, 1970 Kent State Massacre, also documented on film:

When that proved, unsurprisingly, to be a short-term solution, protests continued. Three years later at Kent State University, Ohio governor James Rhodes found it appropriate to summon nearly 1,000 National Guardsmen at yet another protest against the ongoing Vietnam War. In the now notorious stand-­off, four university students were murdered by the National Guard (who were called to “keep the peace in a protest for…peace). Eight more were wounded.  The Guard claimed they were returning fire, but no evidence supported that claim.

The Rodney King Riots: In April of 1992,­ police officers were acquitted of the brutal 1991 beating of intoxicated black motorist Rodney King in northern Los Angeles. The verdict defied video evidence and riots broke out across Los Angeles. Nearly 10,000 National Guard troops were called upon to stop the riots and looting. This proved that the government’s tactic of sending in troops to stop violent protests (precipitated by violence and racism by the government) as it had in the 1960s had failed. It also proved that the state refused to learn its lesson.

While there are definitely significant threats to social order that may justify the presence of National Guard and riot police in these past cases, and today in Ferguson, their presence underscores the disconnect between the people of society, who feel pushed into response, and the enforcers/rulers of society, who feel pushed into control and force:

Clearly, governments have a tendency to call in the National Guard when “order” is disturbed.

Even more so, the National Guard is deemed necessary when the people revolt against oppressive treatment from government. Though riots and violence are never preferable, calling in the National Guard to treat symptoms of underlying abuse is like prescribing pills to treat disease without examining diet or lifestyle.

To be clear, the National Guard is often called in when violence erupts, but while it may be effective at stopping that superficial violence (by threatening or using violence), it reliably provides an excuse for the government to ignore the original reasons for that “unrest.”

Regarding Ferguson, TheAntiMedia writes:

Regardless, calling troops in signals that the government has no desire to accommodate the people. Rather, it would prefer to continue perpetuating the problems that led them to summon the Guard in the first place.

For those who want to prepare for possible breakdowns in civil order and any other contingencies that may come up, consider these resources:

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    1. Jersey chainsaw

      I will never understand, why you would riot, and burn your neighbor hood down??

      • Rodster

        Gotta love the cheesy 1950’s sci-fi music and newsreel commentary in the Watts YouTube video. 😆

      • Rodster

        As the Watts video shows. It’s because they are Negros.

      • Nobama

        As Helot said in one of his earlier posts, it’s the only way they know.

      • talon1776

        Because …anarchist are the same as the elite in their approach…they go after a weaker less defended opponent. No Banks are ever robbed in any of these examples. No major utilities are disrupted…say like an oil refinery up in smoke…because the FSA gotta drive dat stolen auto or plug in that stolen iPhone. One guy in the RK video asked the same question you did…why destroy our neighborhood and not take it out on Simi Valley?…because Simi Valley is affluent, mostly white and armed to the teeth.
        Present Day “Caliexico” will still have areas untouched when the SHTF begins…that’s where the Elite live.

        Live Free or Die…but go after meaningful targets

        • Buckhed

          Your comment on Simi is spot on. My parents lived in Simi at the time…my dad had 200 plus weapons..handed some out to the neighbors at that time…no one would have bothered them.

        • Townsaver

          I lived in Simi Valley during the RK trial, and the LA riots. We went up Box Canyon and watched LA burn.

          You are correct. There was zero riots in Simi Valley, because they would have been put down by the residents.

          I saw the video, and I know RK was doped up, but a beating is a beating, and no way the cops should have been acquitted.

          That said, the rioters could care less about RK. What they cared about was free shit. And violence against whitey.

      • FreeSlave

        President Obola has a winning hand.

        Personally, I say “Bring on Joe Biden as POTUS!!” Why? Because I don’t think he can do as much damage to this country as Obola. More importantly, much more importantly, it shows that the government is still able to exercise checks and balances among its three branches to serve the people by impeaching and convicting a lawless President, thereby restoring, at least partially, the faith and trust of the people in the Constitution of the United States and its political leaders.

        But!! Let’s say there’s wild rioting, looting, and arson because they’re mightily displeased with the Grand Jury’s decision. And there is martial law with various law enforcement agencies to combat the lawless rioting. (Which for the record I support).

        The national media and people everywhere, including around the globe, are transfixed by this societal meltdown.

        Result? Impeachment (which is the morally right and good thing to do) is now off the table. Why? Because of the threat of a nationwide rioting, looting, and arson because of the loud banshee shrieks of “Racism in America!” that Obama has been impeached.

        If these ungodly Liberals are willing to riot like mad animals over Michael Brown, my goodness, what do you think they’ll be like if Obama is impeached?

        Version 3.0 of “The Planet of the Apes.”

        Hence, Obola is safe in office. Say hello to executive amnesty, continual undermining of our country’s borders, obola outbreaks, continual undermining of our military, more crony liberal capitialism, judicial tyranny, IRS and NSA unaccountability, hideous foreign policy with funding of Islamic militants, ObolaCare foolishness, and more scandals than you can shake your head at.

        In the end all you can say is this:

        Have a Happy Thanksgiving SHTFPlan Preppers!

        • Wink

          Didn’t they hang traitors back in the day?

          • Anonymous

            We are ready!!

      • Orion

        Because they’ve been bred to shit where they eat…

      • buggymak110


        • Marcus

          a smoke detector won’t fire those bullets accurately. May I suggest a rifle instead?

      • cg

        The destroy “their” own neighborhoods because they never built them in the first place.

        They have built NOTHING at all in our country.

        The future does not need these awful animals.

        • Shelly


    2. eppe

      Cocked, locked, and ready to rock…
      Grow eyes in the back of your head, your life will depend on it….

      • Audentis fortuna Iuvat

        Police from everywhere and DHS have been there getting ready for a verdict all week. DHS WILL dictate WHEN that is released…….my point is a cop once told me that ” No crime is ever solved before overtime.”

        • John W.

          I would almost bet that DHS is there to support the rioters against the cops. They (DHS) already refuse to let local cops arrest illegals. This may get interesting. The dumb ass blacks better get more concerned that Obama will be replacing them as the favored minority and they will once again not only be in the back of the bus but riding on the axle. Too funny you dumb shits.

          • the renegade braveheart

            John W., I have similar suspicions about DHS and what their true role is going to be. If a DHS moron tried to interfere with me over anything, he would find himself on the business end of my weapon.

        • Plan twice, prep once

          People should read about the “battle of Blair Mountain” to understand how violent and murderous our government can be when they conspire with private interests.

        • geo

          Well, if that is true, the DHS could not have picked a better time to release the verdict assuming it was their goal to maximize the rioting. Why not release the verdict at 5am when honest people are likely sleeping and those who choose to defend them against the rioters would be coming into daylight?

      • Stan522

        The stakes are different now. In comparison, those were such innocent times as compared to the evil that perviates within our world now. We’ve moved from hidden lies, to open and blatant lies….

      • BJ

        So, correct me if I am wrong, I don’t know a lot about the 67 riot in Detroit…..but the whole 67 Detroit riot was instigated or started from the govt goons raiding a place where people were drinking (selling and buying alcohol)after the time the govt tells them they can’t buy or sell alcohol and without giving the govt money for permission to do so?


      • eppe

        I don’t blame those Blacks in north London for going on a looting rampage….

        How else are they supposed to make a living now Amy Winehouse isn’t buying skag anymore ?.

      • Nobama

        Black Friday is coming a week early this year in Ferguson.

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt

          In the first Kent State Video at the .21 second mark the White Crowd is chanting “The Whole World is Watching.” Just before the Blue Helmet Cops unleashed their barrage of tear gas and clubs.

          • John W.

            Kent State? So? Who cares? If it upsets you so go have a good cry. Those dick head protesters got what was long overdue.

            • Marcus

              seconded. If UC Berkley had shot one of the ridiculous fools using Communist disruption techniques in the late 60’s instead of giving in to the long list of unreasonable “demands”, things would have turned out considerably differently

        • FreeSlave

          “Black Friday is coming a week early this year in Ferguson.”

          That was punny as hell!

      • BJ

        ht tp://–politics.html

        Maybe the next false flag is coming up in the event of another dead prez?

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt

          President Biden, Reminds me of President Johnson. lol

      • WhoWuddaThunkIt

        There is a big difference when you look at blacks from the 60’s and the Blacks here today.

        Blacks in the 60’s – Wore normal clothes, dress hats, walked normal, talked fairly normal, pants up to their waist with a belt, and they were normal weight and proportions.

        Blacks in 2014 – Hoodies, walk like monkeys, pants half down their asses, no belt, Teal ball caps wre sideways, talking ebonics, and they are 3 times over normal weight and asses 3′ to 4′ Ft wide. What a wonderful thing Free Housing, Welfare and EBT Food Stamps has done to help this tribe progress in our country.

        • Anonymous

          WWTI, LOL I never thought a 32 inch doorway could be a choke point. I can hear it now… ” oh Lordy, no!”

      • WhoWuddaThunkIt

        Yeah eppe, watch for spill out of Atlanta looking for easier targets. I never seen so many blacks ever in one place, than in Atlanta. Even the Airport down in the tunnel is pretty spooky- literally, eyeballs glowing.

      • maddog

        If you live close you may want to prep for EMP as well. Kiev just found out the hard way. The meteor over Russia may not have been a meteor after all. See link below:

        h tp://

    3. Enemy of the State

      Still being lied to about the Detroit Riots by the government

      So we will be lied to about this one too..guaranteed

      • John W.

        Detroit riots? Lied to? Really? In what way? There were millions of witnesses. So just how are we being lied to. You need to get your voices under control. I know about the after hours club and the cops were dicks but the riots were stupid.

    4. WhoWuddaThunkIt

      Let er’ Rip!!

    5. Enemy of the State

      I personally dug a 38 bullet out of a Mortar Joint in the Willis Street generating plant building , while doing a brick tuck pointing job on that facility In DET- Riot

      it was very mangled , but we all knew what it was

    6. WhoWuddaThunkIt

      MOSCOW, November 18 (Sputnik) — Russia has updated its legislation to allow civilians to carry firearms for self-defense, according to an amended decree on lethal weapons that appeared Tuesday on the official database of Russian laws and legal documents.

      The previous edition only allowed using licensed firearms on special occasions, such as hunting, sports events and shooting training courses. The new amendment says that firearms can also be (now) carried “for self-defense purposes.” (I think it now includes short barrel)

      Until now, Russian laws permitted the civil population to carry two types of weapons: lethal ones such as shotguns and rifles for hunting and shooting sports, and so-called non-lethal trauma guns firing rubber bullets for personal protection only.

    7. GOD

      Yes, let freedom ring across the inner-city democrat ghettos!

    8. Basstard

      They’ll announce the verdict this weekend for sure to take the pressure off Bro-Bamma’s amnesty crap. And conservative America will just sit back and eat his shit again. To comfortable and lazy to get up and do something. Our forefathers would be ashamed . They risked everything for an idea. I’m ashamed because I am so passionate about my country but I too, sit and watch. Any Ideas or should we just watch?

      • talon1776

        The Patriot as well as Americans in general are being incrementalize and soon minimalized to the point of being a noneffective deterrent. These events are taking place in locations that are easily manipulated.,then ultimately crushed. One house at a time is the approach here…because they may have presumed that there is not going to be an offensive from the Patriot for reasoned you stated…but the worse reason of all is Complacency. But here’s the rub…those elite early round victories are short lived and they know it. News blackouts and broadcast such as POSOTUS is not going to be relevant because millions of us will already know that its ON. It will be a bloodbath…but we will prevail.

        Live Free or Die…lock..load…click

        • talon1776

          Mr. Bill says: Comment ID: 3271112 If I can paraphrase Patton; “You don’t win a war by dying for your [cause], you win a war by making some poor bastard die for his.”

    9. Kevin2

      Responsible governments that put their citizens rights above everything else aren’t faced with riots. The topical issue here is a singular police shooting when the underlying cause is chronic and often has many components.

      • Enemy of the State

        Hammer..Meet Nail Head! Million thumbs UP!
        Dam Kevin2 thats a home run I couldnt have said it better

        “Responsible governments that put their citizens rights above everything else aren’t faced with riots.”

        key word


        Responsible governments are also not attempting to take rights away from their citizens either , or trying very dam hard to subvert every one of them

        very astute observation and should be shoved down their throats on a daily basis until the succumb

        • Stolz Vorfahren

          Our Government CAN NOT be responsible since it is not a Government by the people and for the people.

          As long as the so called Government is selected and formed by Multi National Corps. and criminal banking cartels expect the responsibility to be toward protecting their interests and nothing else.

        • hammerhead

          OUCH , ENEMY yer killin me .LOL
          My father in law was a rookie cop in 67 , he was sent to help out in detroit and said he had to learn damn fast .
          I wouldnt enjoy that on my first month of employment , thats for sure.

          • WhoWuddaThunkIt

            My Father (White Man) was on a fire Dept up in Wisc, and I remember him telling me back in the 60’s when the riots were going on, that he was going to refuse to turn fire hoses on the Blacks. That was also a tactic, to push back the crowds in Detroit. Maybe that is why the Fire Dept is respected still today, as they are more humanitarian and will not participate in Law enforcement activities. Even in drug overdoses, when I was a FF, I would see drugs all the time, but it was not our job to police the people or turn anybody in. And why Firefighters have more respect in most all communities. Cause we are always there to help not arrest people. We did have a responsibility to report, when we saw domestic or child abuse.

            That is one thing about Respect, you can’t demand respect, as it is always earned. Something our Military or our War-hawk politicians still haven’t learned yet today.

            • Indy Colts

              You better watch it around here saying fireman get respect. In one post I was accused of being a government terrorist because the fire department is a government establishment.

              • Townsaver

                I’ll go ahead a say it.

                You are an overpaid lazy hose roller.

                Go wash your truck.

                Oh and if you are EMS, that means E.arn M.oney while S.leeping.

                OK, got my troll out for the day!

            • Illini Warrior

              Around here all the volunteer fireman are also police auxiliary …. the action plan calls for them to ride the rigs with their weapons and switch over to fighting fires if any rioting arsonist SOBs get thru the defense lines…

              Sprinkling water on rioters only make them grow ….

          • Enemy of the State

            I bet
            and I wouldnt have wanted to be in anyones shoes during those riots for sure

            yeah we found all kinds of evidence of those riots in the side of many buildings in the Det-Riot city

            I was Born and raised in that area and got the hell out of there back in 89

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt

          Governments or leaders that do the right thing have no fear of their citizens. I see another arrest at the Whitehouse grounds. A man wandering, and had a vehicle parked a few blocks away with a rifle and ammo and was mumbling something like the people of Iowa or Indiana sent me here. I can’t remember which state specifically I think one of those.

          • NorthGeorgiaIdiotsCousin

            You know that old boy was ready for a revolution. He had a thurty-thurty and 2 boxes of ammo. Ain’t nobody got any business with 40 shells, he had to be lookin for trouble. You only need one shell for deer huntin.

            • NorthGeorgiaIdiotsCousin

              Now I think that was a real false flag. They just want to ban lever actions. Now that really makes me and Cuz mad, Oh I fergot he’s only got a 30cal.carbine.

              • the renegade braveheart

                NGIC, I have some others I never mentioned. I’m full of surprises.

                • NorthGeorgiaIdiotsCousin

                  Your a good man Cuz.

      • John Stiner

        I think that is rather incorrect. In other countries they are quick to use deadly force and people stop looting real fast. America’s response is always to contain the riots in a perimeter and wait for it to burn itself out.

        Remember when the US took over Iraq and the citizens were looting everything. All the Iraquies were saying, “hey, shoot those people and the riots will stop.”

        Ferguson will flare out of control because the police will do nothing. The citizens caught inside will suffer the most.

      • the renegade braveheart

        Kevin2, that’s one of the best posts I’ve ever seen anywhere. You should win some kind of prize for it. “Responsible government” is the key phrase. If we had one of those, that would eliminate so many problems. This is one time I miss the thumbs feature.

      • BJ

        ” The topical issue here is a singular police shooting when the underlying cause is chronic and often has many components.”

        PERFECTLY STATED…thank you!

    10. MasterDerp

      Gather 100 orphans.
      Drop them into the riot area.
      Each one is trained to go up to a black guy and simply ask, “Daddy?”.
      Riot clears up in a matter of hours.
      No lives lost. Crisis averted.

      • FreeSlave

        Dang! Getting me to LOL at things I probably shouldn’t be laughing at.

    11. Jim in Va.

      Kevin got it right. The government fears the people.

    12. swinging richard

      I hope the investigation reveals the truth about what happened. I hope the people of Ferguson can accept the findings one way or another. There is no need for rioting or looting regardless of the findings. One family was impacted by the actions of their son, not the entire black community.

      • hammerhead

        RICHARD – TEN THUMBS UP , great comment.

    13. Illini Warrior

      Just love the young idiots that keep quoting all kinds of supposed restrictions on using regular US military troops to work domestic riots ….

      The 82nd Airborne, called in for the 1968 Detroit Riots, came within hours of deploying heavy weapons and taking down entire buildings …. the sniping was that bad

      Nobody hardly remembers the Central LA Riots in 1992 much less the 1960’s problems …. you know what historians say about wars and their cause(s) …. it just may be the time for people to get their own generational taste

    14. Anita Sweater

      False flag. Let us all pray that the race baitors are seen for who they truly are and the good people of Missouri do not allow themselves to be used for creating the chaos for their false flag.

      • snake eater

        I think what is going to happen will make every picture shown here look like a picnic,,,also think it will spread very fast to other areas


        • AJ

          Yes, the violence will most likely be widespread, possibly even rising to the level of ethnic cleansing. This may be the spark that lights the fuse for Civil War II in the USSA. Time to “hunker down” and dig in. If you reside in or near an area with high concentrations of racial minorities, you may want to resupply on any last-minute food stocks and preps.

    15. WhoWuddaThunkIt

      This Article could be called “Why do Monkeys go Apeshit in the Congo via USA?

    16. Kulafarmer

      and most of these events were in a time when people were a lot more polite and reserved,,,Now we have absolute garbage roaming around.

      • Nobama

        Today’s engineered society, designed by TPTB, powered by EBT, WIC, SNAP, Obolaphones, rap, NAACP, BET, JET, UNCF, Jesse, Sharpton, Holder….

    17. Mr. Bill

      If I can paraphrase Patton; “You don’t win a war by dying for your [cause], you win a war by making some poor bastard die for his.”

      • hammerhead

        Patton was too smart for his own good.
        I guess thats why they killed him.

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt

          Gen George Patton died in a car accident Dec 1945 in Europe, when the 1938 Cadillac staff car he was riding in was stopped at a railroad crossing, and was accidentally hit by an duce and a half army truck that turned lost its brakes. The cars collided and Patton hit his head and broke his neck, paralyzing him from the neck down and died about 12 days later of a heart attack. I don’t see any conspiracy on this one. It was an accident.

          • WhoWuddaThunkIt

            And according to Hammerhead Col. Klink, he has never had an escape. And Sgt Shultz confirms, “I see nothing!!”

            • hammerhead

              There are alot of conflicting stories as to how the “accident” happened .
              But he was at odds with the POTUS at the time and was going to run in the next presidential race against him.
              So i call conspiracy.
              Patton was a very smart , staright shooter and very popular with the folks . nobody wanted him to run.

              • the renegade braveheart

                Hammerhead, most people forget that Patton played a role in the attack on the “Bonus Army”, Washington DC, 1932. Gen. DOUGLAS MACARTHUR was Chief Of Staff at that time. DWIGHT D. EISENHAUER AND OMAR N. BRADLEY were also involved. I lost a couple of relatives in that atrocity. Sorry, I can’t view any of them as heros, but they do qualify as war criminals.

    18. Sinner

      Check out Cliff Kincaid’s recent article at the “Renew America” site. According to Kincaid’s sources in the FBI & DHS, there are ISIS and other assets from outside the U.S. working with the Ferguson resistance.

      “Stay the Course” Emperor B.H. Obullshit 11/2014

      • BJ

        That’s why I replied to Night Breaker with this two days ago.

        BJ says:
        Comment ID: 3269508
        November 17, 2014 at 9:12 pm

        “agitation incitement involved” as in outside of Ferguson, or outside the country?

    19. Jhonnycomelately

      Interesting, this GJ announcement may actually come today. Just hours before the HNIC will hold a press conference to announce his plans as concern the ‘illegal alien’ situation. A press conference that the mainstream media doesn’t seem to want to participate in.
      Must not be ‘newsworthy’.

    20. Sgt. Dale

      For the rioters it is all fun and games, until someone gets hurt, and I hope it is a rioter. Jesse, Al, and the rest of the race baiters walking out of there bleeding might also be a good thing!!!!
      AIM SMALL MISS SMALL, and keep shooting!!!!

    21. colt triarii

      Great article. Its also useful, and timely, to consider what happens in Concentration Camps:

      1. British camps in South Africa to imprison Boer families

      The native ethnic Dutch settler population of South Africa were exceedingly talented at guerilla warfare against the British.

      So the British imprisoned their families, who were killed by poor sanitation and disease.

      Lesson learned, poor sanitation in a concentration camp will kill more efficiently than combat.

      2. US Internment camps against the Japanese in WW2-

      Note I used the term “internment camps”, not concentration camps, as they were treated well.

      Nonetheless, the way they were imprisoned is instructive for gun owners, and other groups deemed “undesirable”.

      US Census data, which was promised to be confidential by law, was used by the FBI to make lists and round up the Japanese Americans.

      3. Nazi extermination camps

      Jews were funneled from one deception to another, ending in gas showers.

      The last ditch, desperate resistance in the Warsaw ghetto is instructive as a pattern for resistance to unbridled full military assault with artillery and mortars an urban environment

      • John Stiner

        My father had a high school teacher that was imprisoned in one of the camps. He said it was no different than living in dorms at the college. The gov paid for his college degree when he went to the camp. His family ran a business in the camps, He never spoke negatively about them.

    22. skeptic

      As usual, off topic but I would like to see others reflections on this. I just got finished listening to a tape on a financial network. If I heard the comment,(with that being said} once, I heard it twelve times. It is not in any way descriptive and merely a filler which I guess at some time sounded very scholarly. Much like a while ago (at the end of the day}. I am going to make it a point not to use buzz words. Instead of {My name is Bubba, at the end of the day I still have a truck). I will try to stick with (My name is Bubba. I have a truck.
      I can’t be the only one who hates this. I think Gruber is an arrogant prick but he may be correct about us. There, now I can start my day.

    23. GEO-LITHIC

      Ha Its to cold for a good riot! wait till summer If they really want to keep violence low make the call at 3:30 am in the middle of the next snowstorm what’s the hurry when so much could be at stake

    24. Satori

      The Falcon Can No Longer Hear the Falconer

      “Disillusioned with the pillaging and predation of our supposed leaders who have circled away from all constraint, we in the center that cannot hold can only watch things fall apart as the orderly universe operated by the few at the expense of the many dissolves (in Aldous Huxley’s phrase) into a world of planless incoherence. ”

      “Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;”

      “the centre CANNOT hold”…..

    25. KY Mom


      “President Barack Obama’s unilateral amnesty will quickly add as many foreign workers to the nation’s legal labor force as the total number of new jobs created by his economy since 2009.

      The plans, expected to be announced late Nov. 20, will distribute five million work permits to illegal immigrants, and also create a new inflow of foreign college graduates for prestigious salaried jobs, according to press reports.

      Obama has already provided or promised almost one million extra work permits to foreigners, while his economy has only added six million jobs since 2009.”

      The Daily Caller
      posted on Drudge Report

    26. DMONIC

      My question is- WHO CARES?

      All of us will be safely indoors, weapons ready (damn that boating accident!) and willing to use them. All the primates will be out in the streets. For fun, some of us might throw some tear gas grenades into the wild pack of savages, but for the most part the intelligent people will be safe and secure. Let these assholes burn their cities. WE have insurance if anything should happen, they don’t! Cart them away to FEMA camps! bwahahahahaha!

      • Shelly

        Great post!






      YOU TOO JESUS…………

    28. markinaz

      brings back vivid memoirs.
      I was born and raised in Detroit Michigan in 1961, first six years of my life where spent @ 8 Mile en Hull St, 8 miles from Downtown Detroit. first day of martial law my family stood on our front lawn watched the half tracks loaded with Nation Guard troops drive right in front of our house down our street. We could see the smoke and smell it from downtown. My father looked at his watch and then looked down to me and said, “Curfew is now in effect, it is now time to go inside”. My family and I got inside the house. My dad secured the door locks and checked all the windows. He got a big ole ax handle, turned on the news sat down and we watched it on the tv.
      6 years old and yes I remember, I had experienced it first hand. I am prepared, ready and not afraid.

      • Enemy of the State

        Born in 63 dont really recall much on the riots ,, but it must have been something to be around as a kid

    29. Woogie

      Police allowed the Rodney King riot to go on without much, if any resistence, and it didn’t stop them causing $1 billion in damages and 50 deaths. You let these riots take their course without resistence from military riot control, the damages show greater damage and deaths.

      We don’t have nationalized racism like the 60’s. Ferguson was just one white cop to according to more than a half-dozen unnamed black witnesses that conincide with the officers account, who defended himself when attacked by a huge black man who just robbed a store. Any indictment of the white officer should be based on evidence, and it doesn’t look good for the prosecuters.

      No one would be protesting if the officer was black so it is not about police brutality. There is no racial oppression here against blacks. I suspect highly that any riots committed would be from poor black people wanting more money and stuff and misdirected and misguided anger to use Furguson as an excuse to express their own racism against whites and those better off than they are. IF the government is to solve any underlying racial hate against whites, it has to start in the white house. Unfortunately they ARE the agitators creating destruction in redistribution of wealth and intentially dividing our country racially.

    30. Wonder Bread

      If I’m not mistaken there are protests being planned in over 80 cities around the U.S. for the Ferg verdict. While the cities are listed in social media (see daily sheeple as an example), many of those cities are located in the 100 mile constitution free zone that goes around the U.S. (That zone is where all constitutional rights are suspended)

      If things are to get out of hand in those areas I wonder what would happen?

    31. chow

      I’m actually exited that riot could occur over the weekend. I sure would like to see chaos and civilians start to shoot back against the so called law enforcement. Perhaps this is the start of what we’ve been preparing the collapse of the economy and reset so we can start over for the better instead of this debt driven economy and tyranny of our elected leader who has ignored the constitution and pass whatever laws he wants by executive order.

      • Shelly

        If there is no immediate plan put in place for your fresh start, it will NEVER work. Your happiness about civilians shooting on LEOs is disturbing, ignorant and selfish.

    32. Joe

      Obamas new country, death and destruction.

    33. Boy(with a capital B)

      I know: Let’s get 3 boatloads of us white people together and sail to Africa. Make friends with the natives so they will show us how to survive in that land. Then we’ll put them on reservations and steal the rest of their land. From then on, refer to THEM as savages! The Bible says that “Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.”

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