There’s an Economic Collapse Coming to This Country – Plan Now

by | Dec 7, 2010 | Emergency Preparedness | 90 comments

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    Given that food prices are on the verge of a massive upward explosion akin to the recent rise in silver over the course of the last twelve months from $14 per ounce to over $30 an ounce, we thought it important to share the following video from one of our favorite Youtube publishers SGTbull07.

    This is a featured video of the week over at Schaef Report, and we highly recommend you give it a view. A brief but very important consideration excerpted from the video:

    Upon checking out [at the local grocery store], the gal asked me what I was doing with so much food, and I said “there’s an economic collapse coming to this country, plan now.” And, she laughed. She actually thought that was funny.

    Here’s the point: there are people out there that we can’t help and don’t want to help themselves. But as for the rest of us, buy storable food now.

    It remains cheap at this very moment in time despite the meteoric rise in the price of wheat…sugar…corn…along with most other commodities.

    Buy food now for storage – this instant. Go tonight, tomorrow – buy food in any amount you are able to buy it. Just as silver was cheap one year ago at $14.32 an ounce, food is cheap today compared to what it will cost one year hence.

    Watch the video:

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      1. I get strange looks and comments at the grocery also. This time of year I respond by saying that this is for “donations”. I do not tell them that this is a donation into MY food bank. 

      2. I just say it shopping for the month.

      3. You know….I used to think that I was happy to be born to this generation verses 100 years ago because things were so tough back then. I used to think that it would be terrible to live without the modern conveincences of life….indoor plumbing… etc but now it wished it were the other way around. I believe that we will come full circle and what was will be again…..only with much pain and suffering by the masses. 

      4. i watched mr. bernanke on t.v. and i have to say this gentleman looked very nervous. i mean like he was really shaken up by something(s) and had a lot of trouble hiding it. i must confess i think bernanke is hiding facts from us.

        to me this is very troublesome and i’m gonna get some more new crisp uncirculated ten dollar bills for my shoebox…

      5. I sure wouldn’t tell any one about my prep/food storage, not  
        even store clerks or casual talk.  It just sets you up. One person said it was for a church group, when asked.   I have extra’s but I’m not a hard core prepper.  As mentioned in the other comment, if you go overboard w/preps like some I knew, it ends up with someone throwing it out. I remember when the food storage craze hit in the early 80’s and books were published about collapse  then. Now thirty years later it’s the same old story.  I had a grain mill, others had wood stoves for cooking, we bought food from the Mormon church and mail ordered dehydrated canned goods.  The two couples that got me started then are dead.  One  had guns of all types, every prep there was to be had, and his two kids dumped/sold the whole thing.   No telling how much money was wasted and all that  could have paid for a grandkid’s college.

      6. Comments…..I just see all this prep stuff as another type of insurance. We spend hunderds, if not thousands, of dollars a year on things like home owners and auto insurance and generally never have to make a claim and collect on it.  To me  this is just another type of cheap insurance I hope I never have to use.

      7. shop at midnight is my solution/suggestion…..

      8. Comments…..The theme expressed in Laura’s message this morning is the reasons my food preps are not made with #10 cans or the five gallon pails of foodstuffs hidden away in your home waiting for the “collapse”.   
             In my home all foodstuffs are in  standard grocery store size containers.  The are used daily and rotated.   Then replaced always with an eye for the longest expiration date. 
             This same use and replace with longest exp’ date applies to such items as batteries, sanitary products, even ammunition.
             Nothing is “stored away” for the unknown day in the future.   Yes, my children will determine what to and how to dispose of all my worldly posessions.  The  ‘hardgoods’  will be in well kept used condition for easy sale.  The food will be current and suitable for use or donation.   Living frugaly,  there are monies for grankids educations too.  Be Well

      9. Comments…..Tina said:
        I get strange looks and comments at the grocery also. This time of year I respond by saying that this is for “donations”. I do not tell them that this is a donation into MY food bank.

        I do the same thing Tina.  I was in a store yesterday that normally is well stocked, but not yesterday. Lots of empty spaces on the shelf.  It’s the first of the month, but that was 6 days ago and the shelves haven’t been restocked or people are watching Glenn Beck and doing what he says – store food.

        Every time I stock up on food, I sometimes wonder if I’m a bit wacked out on doing what I’m doing.  We shall see.  ITSHTF, I’ll be patting myself on the back.  If things continue on and we get out of this without too much trouble, then charity will love me.  But I have that gut feeling that we aren’t getting out of this without some hurts.

        Start thinking about that garden, buy seeds and fertilizer while it’s cheap.  Good luck to everyone.

        And thanks Mac for the video and for your website.

      10. Laura,

        You could make the exact same argument for ANY kind of insurance ( life, health, home, car )…..if you never have a disaster, most all of it was wasted money as well.

        I DO have both types of preps…..ones we used daily, rotate and restock, and then that which is “deep storage”……buckets of mylar bagged, O2 stabilized grains, 50-60 cases of Mt. House freeze dried #10 cans ( “best if used by” date of 2032 ).  I spent maybe 10k on those items over the last 5-8 years…if I were to add up the premiums I’ve paid on various OTHER insurances during that time period, it would be 2-3 times that.  I can tell you those insurance premiums WERE totally wasted, as I haven’t had claims… remains to be seen whether my deep storage insurance will play out the same way, but I tell ya what……I sleep better at night will ALL my insurances.

        Your mileage may vary.

      11. Comments…..mushroom

        i watched mr. bernanke on t.v. and i have to say this gentleman looked very nervous. i mean like he was really shaken up by something(s) and had a lot of trouble hiding it. i must confess i think bernanke is hiding facts from us.
        to me this is very troublesome and i’m gonna get some more new crisp uncirculated ten dollar bills for my shoebox…
        Mushroom – STOP you’re scaring me!  LOL!  I have a wad of $5 bills – I think I’ll swap some $100’s that I have for some $10.00.  I have silver – but I can’t eat that.

      12. I just tell them it is none of their business.  I gave up  a long time ago trying to help those who are unwilling to listen, which is anyone who does not bring up the subject to you.

        Ignorance is bliss, but I prefer happiness in the real world by being as self sufficient as possible.

      13. I would give your silver away if I was you.  But I’m not and I’m glad.

      14. Tina,

        My first big bying was from a small super market near my house. Due to the “crisis” the poor guy was forced to close down his small grocery store; economies of scale they call it.
        Anyway, he is a friend of my father in law and he told him that he was selling the goods 30% down.
        I took my wife and we bought as many corned beef cans as we could. We also bought tuna cans, corn, and fruits in sirup.
        As we passed through the door, the poor guy was staring at us with wide open eyes.
        My next step, as the crisis deepens, is to buy dog food like Mad Max 🙂
        We gathered our olives last sunday. While there, my uncle told me how he preserves potatoes for at least a year. They use big baskets stored in a dark place, but they also use some white powder to prevent potatoes from becoming green (this is not good). I’m trying to find the exact translation from the Greek word for this powder; as soon as i have it i’ll post it.


      15. I’ve been doing pretty good at rotating stock, I figure it’s what a business might do, it’s a strategic move to hold more inventory than is required for “just in time” use.

        Of the small number of items that do slip by and expire, I set them in a box. They are most likely still good, just not as good. So when someone begs me for food, this is the box I will consider giving them.

      16. Just how bad is it going to get here in the United States? Everyone has an opinion, but who actually knows? Anyone out there got an accurate crystal ball that they are reading? I think not.

        The opposite extremes are either 1) that our wonderful leaders actually know what they are doing, all will be better soon and that happy days are almost here again or 2) that we are headed straight towards a ‘Mad Max’ or a ‘Road’ type of scenario. I personally think that our reality will be somewhere in the middle between the two extremes.

        We do have some interesting times headed our way in the next year. God Bless and good luck to all.


        Gods Creation
        December 7th, 2010 at 11:13 am
        I just tell them it is none of their business.  I gave up  a long time ago trying to help those who are unwilling to listen, which is anyone who does not bring up the subject to you.
        agreed, that is The ONLY way to be 🙂

      18. I’ve just been buying regular sized canned goods and go through and use the oldest first. I don’t intend to go overboard, I just look at it as a way to fight inflation. Buy it now while it is cheaper and the pain won’t be so bad in the long run.

      19. I agree fully with mt. mike!  Yes, I just buy standard grocery items; no dehydrated mail order any more. Got rid of the grain mill decades ago, as we ar e not grain eaters except millet.  Buy multigrain bread from a local bakery.   Get lots of Bush’s baked beans, canned meats, salmon, chili, etc and of course the hygeine/soap item.  Black sheep: Yes, I agree and I have basically given up on mankind. The few friends we have are like minded,  We’ve  no time for morons and shallow lazy people.

      20. I agree with everyone regarding the need to acquire food. The prices in my area continue to increase. I would rather have the problem with food going bad before I eat it than having no food at all.
        And don’t forget vitamins, aspirin, first aid ointments, rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, petroleum jelly, candles, matches,,,. The day is coming when the cheap stuff won’t be cheap anymore. Good Luck To All.

      21. No “financial collapse” coming people, but inflation by a thousand cuts. Everything is cheaper now than it will be. Please set aside some long term food (grain) storage. I do see a day when it will be needed by someone even if you are dead.

        We are in the Last Days. How long these days last, I don’t know, but I do know the worse is yet to come. But not before inflation by a thousand cuts. And collapse will come from an Act of God, not Bernanke.

      22. I don’t see any MadMax scenario, I would imagine that we’ll have something similar to what Argentina had, severe inflation, lots of cutbacks on welfare, unecessary wars and a serious reduction in living standards for the working classes.
        I say bring it on, we need to scale back the scope and cost of government and pay for that which we want without incurring debt again like the old days.

        About the only way that we’ll ever see a MadMax existence is if we have an EMP attack that brings down the grid for a few months (beyond a nightmare!), or a few dirty bombs/suitcase nukes detonated in several cities at the same time which would most likely be by Israel as a false flag op to get us to detsroy all of the ME.

      23. I do believe a “mad max” scenario is coming eventually as the world dissolves into chaos from earth changes. But I think that is some years away and is caused by a pole shift which is about 500,000 years overdue; or a EMP from the Sun which is about 50 years overdue.

        These events are game changers. Nations will realign, populations will migrate, hunger and starvation widespread. IE The Marshall Islands have 60,000 inhabitants that are beginning to think about relocation as the sea rises. What happens in South Asia when Bangladesh  wants to relocate?

      24. Actually, there is an ice age coming…according to some – and what kind of winter are we having so far – oops, it’s only FALL!

      25. Living here in the uk and living through the year 2000 fuel protests started me thinking it would be better to have more food in reserve, i’m currently running a months to six weeks of food in reserve, i have a 1000 litre water tank in safe storage ready to fill from the tap when required, two small solar panels and two large batteries and an inverter to power the freezer/heating if power were to fail, i have a larger garden and can grow food during the summer but not much grows here in the winter especially as the weather is at the moment (-10 c) and -4c daytime, however the food has been very useful during our heavy snow i’ve only needed to go out once for a loaf of bread in nearly two weeks. i’m not sur whats around the corner but somethings sure to turn up.

      26. Could this video’s goal be to pump PSLV?

      27. Got Security?
        Got Guns?

        If you have no access to firearms, currently, heed this warning: Your SHTFPlan *MUST* include something to protect whats yours. They *WILL* come for your stuff. They = bad people or government people. If you have at least *A* gun, you have a chance. If you don’t, you’re toast.

        One gun is all you really need. Oh, you can do better with multiple guns but one 12 gauge pump action shotgun with a 24″ barrel and a full choke is an excellent start. Its not the best but its 100x better than nothing. Add to it 100rnds of 1 1/4 of #6 shot and 100rnds of 1 1/4 of #4 shot and you’re good to go. Take a couple boxes of shells and go to a friends house in the country and shoot some stuff up.

        After you’re done, oil it up and stuff it in a closet somewhere. Remember its there.

        Improvements can be made if you intend to arm yourself, however, that first step is crucial. Additional arms would offer flexibility and backup and increased capability. I’ve written several articles outlining the outfitting of people in urban, suburban, semi-rural, rural and wasteland situations. If you need advice feel free to contact me at [email protected]

        In the coming chaos you’ll thank your Creator for having the good sense to listen to me. I’m 49 years old and I believe that anyone that doesn’t have a gun within reach in the next two years will suffer greatly. Just remember:

        “Those who beat their swords into plowshares will plow for those who don’t!”

        It is the way of this world and it is why the founders gave us the second amendment. Get the food. Get the gun. One is not much good without the other. No gun, you lose the food. No food, you can’t eat the gun.

        May the Creator of the universe smile on your life!


      28. You know there was more than one Mad Max film.

        The first film was very different from Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome.

        The first film, while not a good film, was a possible realistic setting for any nation or locality.

        Mad Max Beyond thunderdome is a whole nother kind of situation.

        So when I hear or read people saying, “It’s not going to be like Mad Max.” I have to wonder if they know diddly because in many areas life is already like the first Mad Max film.

        The economy is still pretty good where I’m at, yet there are still guys (and some women, shockingly) standing on the off ramps to the Interstate hyway holding signs asking for help of some kind.

        How did they get there?
        Someday I might come across one that would be worth helping out, perhaps,… possibly.

      29. Comments….. @ mushroom, why don’t you give Bernanke some of your wore out $10 bills, and you can keep the crisp ones for yourself.  surely you don’t keep the old ones??

      30. Many good points here today. Being prepared isnt a fad,it has been at times in the past and to some people thats all it ever will be,but what Im saying is it shouldnt be. Being prepared has to be a way of life,not somethime you just “try” for awhile and then get rid of…trouble will come when you least think it will,not usually when you are looking for it.
        I dont “prep” per sae I live this way,as a “back to the lander” type I grew up on a farm almost from birth,my people were for lack of a better term”hillbillys” who knew how to make do or do without and I was blessed to learn these ways at an early age.
        I left the farm for a spell in my younger years to chase the big money,money I used to buy my land (that I bought)when I was 17,woke up one day out of debt and sick of the “rat-race” so I went home,home to the land I bought,built a cabin put in a garden got a cow and all the other critters and made a few bucks now and then “off the books” even took a paying job now and again,married my lady,raised a couple good kids who had to try their hand at the rat race and are now starting to turn toward home themselves.
        Im not saying its easy but its a good life,knowing Im ready for anything and knowing that my kids WILL NOT throw all my efforts away but will absorb them into their own lives and that if anything happens in the day to day of my family I can(and have) stocked their fridges and fixed their cars with stuff I have stashed,its not for everyone,Im not trying to sell anyone on it,just on the idea that life is what you make it and not just what life tries to tell you it is,sometimes you have to slap life in the chops and dictate to it,some of you know what Im saying and some will never get it but thats okay,just keep on living,loving and laughing…prepare for the worst but dont stop living just because some greedy SOBs out there are messing with us,I hope this helps someone…..”Live free or die tryin” Thanks! 🙂

      31. I visit state prepper sites–the word is spreading lots of online co. are back-ordered and they aren’t getting their orders like usual–takes longer…well, what does that tell you??


        oil lamps, fuel for those, and don’t forget wicks…
        some way to cook like a Coleman burner and fuel…water purifier or a Berkey…or alum, or pool shock to make bleach to purify water..don’t use bleach for purifier–learned that from a Navy man in charge of all the water onboard.

      33. Here it is folks…

      34. Search    for some nice looking kerosene stoves. Don’t rely on electricity completely.

      35. Comments… the northeast mississippi area food prices are increasing and there are some things that have disappeared from the shelves never to be seen again-sams no longer carry many food items they used to carry. and hancocks fabric store as well as walmart fabric are short on some supplies such as muslin. in most retail stores,  what is in supply is quickly rising in price. so yes, buy now while you can, but also buy stuff for the future and not for today…as in storable foodstuffs that come in cans and jars!  also, oil is up to 90$ a barrel so you know ya better stock up on gas as well.

      36. Michelle: There may be an ice age coming, but we may still be in the last one! Three million years ago, Greenland was free of its icecap and had been THAT way for the previous 50 million years.

        Or it may be that the last ice age is still ending

      37. In 1972 I went with my roomates to the grocery store Safeway in Dallas only to find the shelves bare I mean BARE NOTHING THERE U could buy some soaps but food was gne . It was a truckers strike that made those shelves bare. The government made them go back to work & 2 weeks later food dwindled in. Believe what u want but when the government gets involved. BEND OVER GREASE UP THEIR COMING TO SCREW U. But u have to believe what u want. if u r under the age of 50 I feel sorry for u because it’s too late if u aren’t pre pared. Several old timers are prepared for years now. Pull your head out & get with it. Buy seed learn gardening even in pots but learn something besides opening a can. I know people that feed 50 -75 everyday with a simple garden. plant 10 times what u can eat. Trade for silver Wake up sheeples.

      38. Comments…..@ REB
         We would all be lucky to be able to live a more sustainable, simplier lifestyle as you have been able to. I am envious of the country life, as I also have lived in the country at one time. it is definelty a lifestyle change, with both hard work, and a slower pace of life, but one learns a lot about themselves that’s hard to put in words.
             I think that with the country life, a person gets to see both the simplicity, and the complexity of life at the same time. I think you guys know what I mean.  Anyway, my hat’s off to you REB, for your lifestly change.  Good luck.

      39. Comments…..I live in the country.  I have been stocking up every summer for years.  But the past couple of years I have added much more to my canning and food storage.  I also, have added a semi-automatic rifle and lots of ammo, but I do need to get more medical supplies in.  I’ll be working on that this winter.  I have sewing supplies, cloths, shoes, extra fabric and sewing implements.

        If I don’t use the stuff in the next couple of years, I will go through it before I die.

        I’d rather be prepared then caught with my pants down. 

      40. Thanks greaseman! good luck to you too!

      41. REB…Thanks so much for your time and reply. No…These are brand new , never used thick buckets you can “seal” in the beginning $3 or so at Lowes my husband found. He told me not to stress over it because evry “kit” is also vacuumed sealed inside the bucket as well. I have them packed so each one has the staples (flour,sugar,rice, corn meal, pasta, powder milk, and such  in proportions to last a few mos. so I can keep the remainder buckets with an unbroken seal to use as I need them. My canned stuff does not need this extra protection…so I’m good! Feel better now! :0  J ust getting home from work. I am a nurse and would worry about anything that may “harm” anyone as far as “toxins.” But …hey… I appreciate everyone’s advice and input. Best of luck to ALL of us!

      42. Caryn…Ive noticed the same trend up here in these Pa. hills,seems like after wally world drove everybody and their brother out of business they are now cutting alot of what they did carry.I dont go there much but on a recent visit I found they had totally changed the layout and eliminated alot of stuff while raising prices,darn ’em!

      43. Ok so I don’t hang out with many old people to ask but I was wondering if anyone knows when toiletpaper was invented?  I have been thinking that if things get real bad and you didn’t have toilet paper what would you wipe with?  Seriously, a stick?  A rock?  A tree?  The ground?  How good of a job would those things do?  Probably have a chronic dingleberry itch, you know?  I know sounds sick, right?  So I went out and have bought 3 big packs of good TP.  The last one about 2 months after the first and it was $4 more expensive from the same store.  Now I live alone but am now afraid that when things get bad that my ex-wife will want to come back and the two girls and God knowe who else.  Do you know how much TP women use???  I’ll be so mad if they use all of my TP because I honestly don’t want to wipe my ass with a stick especially after being the one with the forthought to stock up in the first place.  I’m serious!

      44. Thrift stores have been great sources of insulated work shirts ($2.50-$4) and durable insulated canvas work coats ($9-$16).  One had a 50% off sale on household goods, so the kerosene lamp I found cost a whole dollar.  The 80-something old lady behind me in the checkout said the lamp was a good idea with all the crazy things going on this year.  Didn’t want to tell her it made an even dozen at home.

        Maybe it will get bad, maybe it won’t.  Looking at the generally dumb public while out and about, my money is on “It will get NASTY.”  If nothing happens then worst case, I spent some money on durable goods.  However, the consequences of doing nothing and then having a collapse will be LETHAL.  What do they say?  Better safe than…

      45. Donna…glad to help,sounds like you have a system that will work well for you,good luck to you & yours too!

      46. I’ve tried to inform as many as I can to get prepared and I get all kinds of responses from “I can’t afford to buy like that to looks as if I am crazy (In a nice way… because people do like me) I try to tell especially those with young children but for the most part I am one of a few…VERY few.  It has already helped me out a great deal because I have seen an increase in prices as much as 30% in the groceries since I started so none of my efforts have been wasted, Not one penny! I about to stop trying to convince people any more to get prepared. It is a win win situation! Either way I hope I am proven to be wrong. I so hope that is the case.

      47. “Our middle class is our strength. We are the world’s powerhouse, and we need to maintain it. No more can we let a currency manipulation from the Federal Reserve and World Banks hold us back. We don’t need the fed, we don’t need debt. We need REAL.” – Joshua Gamen

      48. They have made it illegal to “hoard” food and water.  They can bust in and seize extra stores.  they will arrest anyone paying in precious metals (except the elite).  DO you think this is the one area they havent thought up a contingency control for? 

      49. If you are limited with your income…First.. get a good supply of food and water  (using as you go and restocking as needed) Then think of sanitary supplies (toilet paper, p towels, soaps inc dish soap, baby wipes (not too much..they get old and dry out but I guess you can add water to them)  Third…. medical kit including aspirin, ibuprofen,echannaciea, air borne(generic is just as good) H2O2, rubbiging alcohol,nausea/diarrhea medication,ginger capsules (good for nausea and more) , a supply of prescription meds if need for life sustaining purposes,(do whatever it takes to get an extra supply) Stock with expiration date as late as you can find. Some don’t expire until 2013. If you can continue with stocking add…Oil lamps ,a way to cook wihout power, away to heat without power. Take baby steps. Do without what you don’t need and put your money “invest” in survival means. You will use most of it anyway. It is a win win situation.

      50. This is interesting:

        “The U.S. Mint was set to begin releasing the 2010 “America the Beautiful” five-ounce silver bullion coins,…

        … 165,000… 0.999-fine silver bullion coins…  some dealers were reportedly being offered “double spot value” during the weekend.

        The bullion coins… a diameter of three inches and bear no mint mark. The value of the bullion coin is based on the commodity it contains.

        The large-format coins—so called when coins are five ounces or larger—are the first of their kind for the U.S. government,…

        Making the hefty coins required the U.S. Mint to spend $2.2 million for a coining press made by Graebener in Germany…”

        from the online WSJ


        @Steve Most of the world doesn’t have TP.  They use water.  I’m amused by the so-called “hard-core” preparers who can’t live without TP.  Best Regards. Jay  “Paper or Water with that, Sir?”

      52. @ REB –

        This is what ‘Wally-World’ and Home Depot do wherever they open a new store. They have ALWAYS researched the prices of the other stores operating in the immediate area. So they always open their new store with prices lower than their competition; even if they are selling below their actual cost. They use their profits from their huge network of other stores to finance this. Then, once they have driven their immediate competition out of business, the prices go back up. In many cases the prices go up beyond what their Mom & Pop competition used to charge.
        Buy local, support Mom & Pop or someday soon the Chinese will own the United States. The one nice thing about the coming economic collapse is that we get to hear the Chinese scream in anguish when we can no longer afford to buy their cheaply made, inferior quality, led paint contaminated, slave labor produced  products.

      53. All of the 5 oz’ers are on hold Clark.  Those premiums & the distribution are silly but I would like one of the proofs when they come out.  I agree Steve!  Sounds like your doing right Mona.  Stay prepared, even with your pants down.  You are crazy Donna with a 2nd head growing out of your neck.  You are thinking & you are trying to help somebody else think.  I know I’m crazy!  Had a customer come in last week that was commenting on the price of everything including food.  Told her she should store some away & how.  She said her 41 yr old son said the same thing & asked me why.  She did mention after she listened for a while that she seen a man with 3 LARGE bags of rice in his shopping cart the last time she was at grocery store before Thanksgiving.  Said that she thought to herself that he must reallllly like rice.  She is just starting to put the dots together…. 

      54. Comments…..There are many benefits to living  rural. My wife and I live in the hills of SW Va. For the past several years we have stockpiled many different items ranging from food, medical, fuel (in many forms, wood, oil , gas and pellets) weapons and ammo. Folks, the one’s who are not taking this economy/world serious is setting themselves up for much hurt.

        I am fortunate to have a backhoe. Just recenctly, I have began excavating tunnels running from the house and all out building. 
        Many of the tunnels have caches of dried and canned foods as well as firearms and ammo. Clearly, I am not trying to overthrow anything, this is for pure protection and survival from the onslaught of people that WILL COME.

        If any of you think this is crazy, if you are old enough, back in the early days of the 60’s, when everyone, even the gov’t, began to build fallout shelters, well today, they are called survival shelters. Face it, houses built today are nowhere as strong as they once were. Just recently a local home was robbed, know how they did it? They took an electric chainsaw, powered by the home’s outdoor plugin and they cut through the vinyl siding into the house.

        The problem with hiring a contractor to do this for you is that they know where it is located and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out the reason.

        Work together families, church or natural, but most definately prepare. And if it doesn’t happen, then you got a great place for the kids or grandkids to play.  

      55. Can someone tell me if the bill did in fact pass forcing the 1099 forms for gold transactions over $600.  I thought it was suppose to start in 2012??

      56. DDR, that is extreme & I’m jealous.

      57. Oh..forgot! Honey is a must have on hand. Good for a lot of things. I still have honey in canning jars my dad had a supply of before he died dated 1989 to 1991. Still looks perfect. My siblings said they were “afraid” of it. Been eating it for almost 20 years and it’s fine. Never made me or anyone else sick. Guess dad knew what he was talking about! Thanks DAD! :0)

      58. Comments….. Steve:  In regards to your TP and your ex showing up at your door, simply ration it out.  Give your ex and girls a roll each and tell them it’s got to last them a week.  They’ll learn to use less fast.  Or better yet, tell them not to come to the party empty handed.

      59. I went to the grocery store last week and spent $200.00 on what normally would cost me around $140.00.  Inflation is really starting to take effect.

      60. Comments…..Followup to my earlier post.
        Several of my family that also frequent this site, picked out my comments.  I felt I need to explain just a ways farther. During the Vietnam war, I was stationed near Da nang. I saw so many tunnels that runs criss crossing the country. I was not a tunnel rat, I went in after the exterminating.

        I will give the vietcong one thing, they were definately imaginative. Since then, I have read stories of B52’s bombing everthing into hell, yet, below, the tunnels were never damaged.


        honey lasts thousands of years and is a natural antibiotic

      62. Thanks DDR, my uncle was over there on a BB.  My boss was patching up the Leather Necks “in the shit”. 

      63. Big ground, little “foot print” theory.

      64. We bought more silver (morgan silver dollars) from suisse america 2 weeks ago and they have failed to deliver it.  Prior, we received within 2 days.  I think there is shortage of silver and they are having to hunt it down.  Today, I will go to the store, stock up on essentials and fill up my gas tank.  S i a t h t f  people!

      65. MadMarkie….you got that right! Wally sold out the country on alot of things,I am no fan of theirs. I read labels,if it says china (and a few other places) I just dont need it bad enough to give my money to the enemy,I just look around for an alternative,or second hand one,or make something that works if possible.

        Anybody else getting slammed with all this “global warming”? We have steady snow for 8 days now and have about 3 ft on the ground locally and much more just a few miles north,highs in low 20s and low teens at night,theyre talking single digits next week,and its only Dec.!

      66. REB: Sometimes when items are “out” its because WM is switching vendors, and the item will be back on the shelf in a week or so. This is particularly true with its Great Value brand.

        T shirt weather here.

      67. I am blessed with the men in my life! Spouse and son in military.  Was beginning to feel a bit foolish stocking up on food..water…etc. They are so protective of me and don’t want me to worry. I asked them if I was getting “crazy” over the supplies I have.  Was informed today to “Calm down Mom” They have had a plan all along. God has blessed us! :0)

      68. REB…. I know somebody in Greenland who know’s for a  fact the ice is getting THICKER and much more of it! They do not understand this “The ice is melting away…global warming theory”. FYI  D

      69. I salute your men Donna.  God bless you & the people that take care of you.  Most of the military are my real HERO’s. 

      70. Donna; Whether an ice age is coming or not (yes, Michelle, I have been to that site before but do not agree with the analysis) I cannot say. Neither can anyone else.

        It is a scientific fact that the polar caps are melting and breaking up, including Greenland. There is a satellite photo at showing an ice berg 4 times the size of Manhatten Island that has recently broken off of Greenland. Even larger breaks are happening in Antarctica.

        Glaciers all over the world are melting: Alaska, California, Alps, Himilayas, Kilimanjaro in Africa.  Tundra in the northern latitudes are thawing, threatening to release enormous amounts of methane into the atmosphere. The pictures tell the story.

        Human have not caused this warming anymore than we caused the ice age before the last one over 600 million years ago. neither did we cause the warming periods in between those periods of ice. We have certainly not cause the warming of the entire solar system which is also occuring as we write. Humans are here to observe and record the changes.

        Another ice age will certainly occur, but not before the last one ends: which is what all of the melting is about. Until then there will be water world and populations around the world will have to migrate. This will cause conflicts, and food shortages.  These are the last days. That’s why we are preppers.

        Teriakyi Beef Jerky anyone?

      71. Donna,my remark about “global warming” was with my tongue firmly in my cheek,…:) I agree with those Greenland people you mentioned,there is no “warming”(except in congress and related venues 🙂
        I have lost most of my tree crops(apples peaches,cherries,grapes ect) to freezes here in late May and early June ….4 out of the last 5 years…I grew up here around these trees(the apples) and maybe once before in my life did that ever happen…wish it would get warmer,its really blowing out side and piling up!
        Also on a side note they had record lows way down in Cancun where all those global warming blowhards are stealing our rights and money drafting another agreement,happens (almost) every time…maybe God has a sense of humor!

      72. REB: These earth changes, including unusual lows in some places may be a symptom of the coming pole shift. But do not doubt for a moment that the earth is warming, it is; but not because of US. The pictures tell the story and the evidence is overwhelming. Its just not US!

        Frankly I am much more concerned with the effects of global warming than I am about inflation. Tiny Bangladesh has 500,000 people crowed into an area that is always swamped by high seas. What happens when they want to relocate to escape the encroaching sea?

        What happens to one million people in greater Miami? Tampa? Charelston? Ft Lauderdale? Washington DC? NYC? Baltimore? Boston?

        It will be ugly!

      73. Durango Kidd ,Rebb and others….The earth changes all the time. Warming…cooling. It is life. It is nature. I think we all agree. “Circle of Life” so to speak…but as you say …NOT MAN MADE!….or caused by man. No way… No how. Somebody  is making a lot of money off this global warming sh____!!!!!!!

      74. Anon: SHTF Times commented on global warming today. The UN wants a fund with $100 billion EVERY year to “combat” global warming!

      75. Wow, everyone is getting ready for the SHTF. Few are posting anything about afterwards. Your supplies will run out. Your stash of valuables will hit bottom. What’cha gonna do?

        Folks you need to be thinking about business ventures for after the SHTF. I’ve seen several postings about toilet paper and its value as a barter good. Good for you. But have you ever looked into recycling cellulose products into toilet paper? It is soooo easy to do with virtually no investment. Paper is just felted cellulose.

        After SHTF and the dust settles, here are some business ventures that have potential. Food, water, fuel, simple luxuries such as TP and make-up, freight hauling and information. Don’t forget repair work and simple manufacturing of repair parts. Then there is the junk dealer: he stocks the odd manufactured goods that someone always needs sooner or later to repair the whatis and gizmos. Consider used auto parts. If the auto wrecking business wasn’t so lucrative, do you really think the junkers would pay the high costs for Hollander and Mitchells interchange manuals? Think about it from the tax aspects such as property taxes on acres of junked cars.

        Granted, any area can only support so many junkyards. I trotted this out as an example of businesses that succeed during economic downturns. Big gardens provide the possibility of surplus for trading. What if the water mains get shut off? How you gonna deliver 200# of potatoes without transportation? Can everyone repair their most needed tools? What about that odd piece needed to repair your tools? What about tool sharpening businesses?

        Do as you will. Opportunities will always exist. Commerce is what stabilizes society. Wars are fought over resources, rarely ideology. Commerce moves surplus resources to areas of scarcity and reduces the possibility of  conflict.

        Depending on civil unrest and consequent loss of life, many manufactured goods will be available to be scrounged. Scrounged goods will tie us over for awhile, but not indefinitely.

        One prospect I’m into is becoming the new angel investor. Current angels provide start-up capital for new ventures. Imagine afterwards. If I can make a cart so someone else can transport goods locally, I can either sell the cart or rent it to them. I save home-grown garden seeds. I work metal and wood. I have the armstrong tools for cutting and hauling firewood.

        Today these abilities and tools only have value to me, but what about after the SHTF. Long ago I learned that the path to wealth was owning and operating a business. I chose low-tech and under the current regulatory regime and massive distribution networks, my business models aren’t viable. Any long-term shortages will change that.

      76. There are people right here we can’t help. What you propose to do is to retreat. That won’t work in a long run. You can only store so much food and supplies. We either move forward boldly are kiss kansas bye-bye.

        America has one last chance – “The Nuclear Option”

        Read “Common Sense 3.1” at ( ) 

      77. Steve asked, “I have been thinking that if things get real bad and you didn’t have toilet paper what would you wipe with?”

        Answer, a small sponge.

        Sponge salespersons and sponge hunters (?) might do well in the future.

        Also, contrary to what Durango Kidd wrote about the melting glaciers, I keep coming across comments and articles which show they are expanding.
        One of us is wrong, and I don’t think it’s me.

        Glacier Meltdown: Another Scientific Scandal Involving the IPCC Climate Research Group

        Himalayan Glaciers Not Melting

        Just the Facts, Jack.

      78. Once the SHTF there will be no business ventures!! This is the big one, this is the one that will lead us into the New World order. People will be persecuted if they even try to be free.


        water, Clark, water.  Most of the world doesn’t have small sponges.

      80. Clark: I suppose large ice sheets are not breaking away from either Antarctica or Greenland either? The pictures tell the story, son.

      81. Most people in kansa (out in the country) will probably do just fine.

      82. There are 7 Holy Feasts Days of GOD, 4 in the spring and 3 in the fall. Jesus Christ fullfilled the first 4: 1)Feast of Passover (crucifiction), 2)Feast of Unleavened Bread (dead for 3 days), 3)Feast of First Fruits (risen from the dead) and 4)Feast of Pentecost (giving of Holy Spirit). The last 3 come in the fall and are 5)Feast of Trumpets (warning of Wrath of GOD on unrepentent world to come on Judgement Day), 6)Feast of Atonement/Judgement (Judgement Day) and 7)Feast of Tabernacles (GOD dwells with mankind bodily in Christ Jesus).

        Anyway, it’s interesting that in 2008 on the eve of Feast of Trumpets, the stock market crashed by the largest number of points in its 200+ year history by 777 points (GOD’s number of perfection). The stock market bell didn’t ring for the first and only time ever. Could it be a warning of impending judgement from GOD for what was coming? Me thinks so.

      83. Of course the glaciers are melting.  This is a naturally occurring global warming just like the last one glaciers melt.  These glaciers are not eternal they were all formed to the size they were by the naturally occurring global cooling that occurred 450 years ago.  These are natural cycles.  They can and do affect man but they are not controllable by man.  Global warming cycles are great for most living things especially humans.  The climate will change and we will enter a global cooling and that will cause great sufferring and death for humans and animals alike.  Enjoy the warm cycle while you can… 

      84. David Wilcock: Order to stock up. Top insider employees of the US government, being told this plan (or some version of it) is about to be implemented, have been ordered to stock up on freeze-dried food and consumables.In order to make this quick and easy to do, such goods are apparently now being featured in the central “new product” aisle in Wal-Marts across America.
        If I remember correctly, the minimum recommendation for storage is six months.
        Whole grains such as brown rice, quinoa and millet, two or three varieties of dried beans, flour, sugar, salt, spices, superfoods like spirulina powder, cooking oil and a series of dehydrated vegetable and meat items are apparently the top recommendations — as well as stored water and water purification systems, and seeds for planting food crops.
        The insiders’ research shows that only four percent of the general public are actually buying the dehydrated food items, despite them being offered at below wholesale prices — much lower than retailers on ‘truth’ websites are selling them for.
        The other 96 percent are being bought by government / corporate / military employees who have been tipped off.
        The products are also made with high-quality organic produce, pesticide-free, and are therefore actually healthy to eat — great quality and cheaper than regular food!
        I never thought I’d tell people to go to Wal-Mart for any reason, but I’m just sharing with you what’s being reported. They can’t keep a lid on this because everyone is being told the “Big One” is about to hit. And, a Mock Invasion is about to happen! Bless You All~

      85. Comments…..What Mock Invasion?

      86. Well, here we are just over one year on. Everything has moved sideways. No big traumas. No big solutions.

        You might want to refresh your stored food supplies. The oils spoil and should be replaced (You can save them to serve as organic bug/mildew killers.)

        Gold/silver remain the same price. Some are warning of serious deflation rather than the other way around, with gold settling at about $700.

        In other words, we are the little guys in this — the 99ers — and we haven’t a clue what to expect or how to prepare. Give the people in your family hugs. Treat yourself and others with kindness. Be a good neighbor and friend. Live happily until you die. Happy New 2012 to you all.

      87. Here we are in septemeber 14 2012 and Chairman Ben Bernanke Earlier Thursday announced it plans to buy $40 billion a month in mortgage-backed securities, in a policy known as QE3. The economy would be weak enough for continued low interest rate until 2015. The unemployment rates continue to rise and bernanke, along with other economist warns that if we don’t do anything about 2013’s fiscal cliff,that is spending cuts and tax increases would bring dire consequences to the economy at the begining of 2013. On top of this, global instability, violence, and protest persists in lybia, followed by its spread to other u.s embassy in middle east after the death of an American embassador. Furthermore, We are literally on the brink of a war with Iran. Massive drought increases the price of food in America, TSA beingroutinely in many events. Many Americans are waking up to a harsh reality and are realizing the reason for the immenent collapse. George soros warns aboutthe global economy for fall 2012.

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