The Three Stages of Crisis – Looking Through the Other Side of Disaster

by | Jun 14, 2012 | Emergency Preparedness | 124 comments

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    This article has been contributed by Tom Chatham, author of The American Dream Lost: Economic Survival Strategy For a New Paradigm. You can visit his web site at Project Chesapeake.

    In every crisis there are three distinct stages that occur to form the complete crisis scenario. Once a crisis occurs, all three stages will be experienced at some level. In preparing for a crisis, you need to be aware of the stages and prepare for each one. A failure to acknowledge any of the stages will cause hardship for those caught up in it. Our ability to foresee danger and take precautionary measures sets us apart from other animals and gives us a distinct advantage when it comes to survivability. We have the ability to create tools and store supplies to see us through the worst of a given situation.

    The first stage of any disaster is the pre-crisis interval when a potential crisis becomes suspect. Some will investigate the potential danger further to deduce its’ ramifications on their lives while others will ignore the potential threat in favor of maintaining the status quo so they will not have to face the reality. Many people have a problem facing a reality that suddenly changes and pushes them out of their comfort zone. To acknowledge a threat is to question the sustainability of that comfort zone and the beliefs that the person holds. Those that acknowledge potential threats widen their comfort zones to encompass the threat and they incorporate that into their beliefs so they can accept a changing reality and adapt to it. Once a person accepts a potential threat as real, they determine how best to protect themselves from it and form a defensive plan to deal with it. The defensive measures are dictated by the type of threat and the resources available to the individual. The defensive measures taken act to enhance the persons’ comfort zone and provides mental clarity when reality suddenly changes. This is why some people handle disasters better than others. Their comfort zone already encompasses the new reality and they are able to comprehend what is happening. Those that prepare during a pre-crisis interval are prepared for radical changes in reality.

    The second stage of disaster is the unfolding crisis itself. This could be short or long in duration depending on the variables involved. An earthquake is relatively quick while a 1930s style depression is very long. The analysis and preparation one makes prior to an event will determine how well the person gets through the situation. Even without all of the necessary items identified by the prior analysis, a prepared person will fare much better than the unprepared due to the fact that their comfort zone will not have been breeched allowing them to make rational decisions in a timely manner. The preparations made during the pre- crisis interval will lead to successful navigation of the crisis and prepare the individual for the final stage.

    The final stage experienced will be the post crisis phase. No matter how bad or long a crisis is, eventually it will end and recovery will begin in some form. A proper evaluation of the potential crisis will provide some insight into what a post crisis reality will require in terms of human and mechanical needs. The recovery effort following a crisis will depend in large part on what preparations were made prior to the crisis to provide infrastructure for the recovery. The failure to plan for a recovery effort will extend the crisis until the necessary situation develops in which recovery can commence. The act of preparation sets the stage for recovery even before the crisis actually happens and can limit how far outside of the comfort zone the crisis extends for unprepared persons. For every person prepared for the crisis, the extent of the crisis will be limited in scope and duration by a proportional amount. Hence, if everyone is prepared for a disaster, the impact will be small and manageable and recovery will be rapid. Many people prepare for disasters but their planning stops at the crisis itself and fails to go beyond it. This can potentially extend the crisis in scale or duration until a majority of the victoms learn to move beyond the crisis and define the new reality they will live in.

    As an example, you may determine that you are at risk of a tornado strike because of your location. Because of this you decide that building an underground shelter to protect your family is a sensible action so you build one. This is where most planning stops. If you believe your family is in danger then the possibility of losing your home is very high also. A complete analysis of the potential danger can lead you to a conclusion that you may also lose your home and leave you without the ability to care for your family. Because of this you may decide to build a more robust shelter and equip it with the ability to house your family for several days and provide for all of their needs. Your post crisis planning will limit the hardship you face and aid in recovery.

    To prepare successfully for crisis, you must look through to the other side of the disaster and determine how to best mold the new reality that will exist and prepare for the disruptions that are likely to occur. A plan to redefine the limits of a new reality will speed the recovery and prevent the lost, hopeless feelings that usually accompany any serious crisis. A failure to plan for the post crisis reality will leave the new limits to be discovered by trial and error and lead to a chaotic transformation rather than a smooth one.


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      1. This is why we are called “preppers”.

        • Say it proudly!

          I used to view the term negatively but now I embrace it.

      2. You can only prepare for what you foresee.

        The greatest problems we will all face will be unforeseen, beyond our comprehension.

        Those in the third stage will probably envy those who died in the first.

        • Just take care of your living problem right now and remove yourself from the mortal coil.

          • You first.

        • GC, for those that aren’t prepared:
          Stage one: denial, it can’t happen here.
          Stage two: shock, what happened?
          Stage three: defeatest mentality-even suicide, can’t get beyond what has happened.

          Most of us won’t be in denial, go throught shock, nor be defeatest. We’ll seek to repair and maintain.

        • As I have said before….there are far worst things than death

          • Having to live with my mother-in-law comes to mind……

          • What in your opinion is better..suddenly waking up to the cold reality that this is actually happening, and forcing yourself as well as your loved ones to make despicable choices to live, or coping with the idea that it could happen before it does, making preparations to cushion the blow if not see it through fully? yes either choice sucks, but by the time you’re down at to their level with the second choice, Darwinism would have already taken place, by doing so we would be higher in the food chain (if the right choices were taken), those who didn’t, would probably be beaten into violently into submission by mother nature and a harsh reality of a true dog eat dog world (or god forbid since survival would probably demand it, human eat human world). During cases of extreme food shortages, people have resorted to cannibalism, wouldn’t you want to at least save your family from making such a choice? I know I would.

        • Agree God’s Creation. Those that died in the 1st Stage may be envied by those in the Third. You can’t prepare for everything. Believe I know! I used to review Emergency Opns Plans. But having the survival/preparedness mindset will definitely get a person thru the Recovery Stage. Note, those that die in the 1st Stage may be by suicide since they look long term and don’t want to cope or feel that will not be able to.

      3. It seems the government can infinitely put off a crisis. Economically speaking we should have been in a crisis years ago here, but the government has an endless bound of fiat currency.

        The only thing to worry about is WW3.

        • They are postponing the “event”, but not using the time wisely to mitigate or alleviate the underlying problems.
          IMHO, the crisis will be orders of magnitude larger.
          As an example; Smokey says ” Prevent Forest Fires”. So lots of attention is paid to putting out every fire, as if all fire is bad. It is not. Some trees will not release seeds unless they experience fire. It is nature’s way of “clearing out the old and dead, and making way for the new”. When a fire does erupt, it is a catyclism. So much dead wood and underbrush for fuel.
          We have way to much deadwood and underbrush. I foresee a firestorm.

          • your right there will be a firestorm………..maybe in the next 50-100 years POSSIBLY !
            ALL you guys keep saying that this is gonna happen and that is gonna happen but in reality year after year passes without occurrence and why ? because they havce the ability to just print the problems away .
            this is their game and they can and are changing the rules as we go along and you can say whatever you want but YOU ARE WRONG and the past 4 years proves it as will the NEXT 4 YEARS !!

            • Rich99: You could be right, nothing really bad will happen. But if you’re wrong, you’d better be prepared or you will end up on the dust heap of history just like the nay-sayers who died on the Titanic. Being prepared can and should be both fun and educational. It also brings some peace of mind. No one can prepare for everything that could kill us; like gamma ray bursts from a distant star, or a large asteroid, but we can do somethings to prepare for the more likely events like hyper-inflation from to much cash being printed out of thin air and natural disasters. I’ve lived in California, Hawaii, the Phillipines, and Florida. I have always been prepared for, and been through; earthquakes, hurricanes/typhoons ( including Andrew in S. Fla. ), and wild fires. So far so good. Being prepared doesn’t make me invinceable, it just puts me a little ahead of the game of those who don’t or won’t prepare.

        • Tony you are correct TPTB will take the country to war before the dollar collapses, desperation will rule the day. This war will not be a police action it will be a major war, a world war. They will not let go of the reins of power without pulling every last stop. Get ready its coming.





            CHECK EM’ OUT .

            • The usual brain-dead Nazi crap.

          • ITS ALWAYS COMING !! its always coming, every year i hear ITS COMING or SOON ! hahahahahahahahahahahahah
            aliens are coming soon and the sun will burn out soon and pigs will fly soon and i will win a million dollars soon !

            • Congratulations on the upcoming financial windfall! 🙂

            • Rich, then why do you come to these sites if all you do is say it isnt gonna happen. Go on vacation, walk the dog, stick your head in the sand, play in traffic, do something else besides say it isnt gonna happen and I told you so.

            • are you o.k., you sound demented, if you read the blogs they can help you prepare for most desasters, god bless and keep preppeing, it will be 0.k.

            • Rich99: If you don’t believe any thing bad is going to happen, why do visit this website? Do like Jim (another Jim) says; go live your life as if everything will be the same tomorrow, and the day after that, and the day after that, ect.? Buy some stocks, go on a vacation, go back to school, get a life and don’t worry about tomorrow. Or is it that you secretly believe these things we speak about but can’t bring yourself to admit it? You sound to me like a person who is impatient for the ‘other shoe’ to drop-when the real chaos begins. It scares the hell out of you and you can’t stand the waiting. You really come to this site hoping for someone to give you date, place, and the actual event that signals TEOTWAWKI. Well, all you’re going to get is everyones’ best estimate, so live with it and be prepared.

        • There is a lot to worry about besides WWIII.

          National debt
          NDAA and all the other new laws to destroy our rights.
          massive riots
          Friends and family
          economic collapse
          civil war
          job losses
          energy crisis
          Do I have enough ammo?

          I appreciate the article and the reminder it represents.
          I hope all the newcomers to the site are enlightened a little more because of it.

          • Hey highspeed, good list. I could think of a few more things to add to it… and the rest of the readers could turn it into 2 or 3 pages.

          • dont forget homeland and patriot act

        • TONY , thats what these people dont understand …..notice the 12 negative ratings to only 7 positive ratings.
          They can monetize the debt ( print money , bailout , etc . ) till the cows come home and thats exactly what they have done since 2008 BUT these DOOMERS dont understand it.

          • While it is true that the Fed can pay an infinite amount of money for any and all purposes, what it can’t do is guarantee its value. It is very likely (impossible at this point to stop) that the dollar’s value will plummet soon and plummet faster than ever. There is a breaking point coming for the common worker and how he can sustain himself with his paycheck. Once the breaking point is reached, the Fed won’t have a herd of sheep to accept their actions and it will all go south very quickly. RICH99, even you can see it is coming. Admit it. No one (who isn’t a shill) is that blind.

            Question for you RICH99: Do you think the S has HTF in Argentina? What year do you think it happened? How long did it take for the Argentines to even understand it had happened? If you lived there, would you know the SHTF?

          • Rich99: Maybe they can monetize the debt until the cows come home, but the faster they print, the sooner the cows get here. They CANNOT put it off forever!

        • The more they pospone the worse the crisis will be when it hits.
          During the first Great Depression, at least people knew how to grow gardens, cook from scratch, make do, and make it last. Today’s generation is proud of the fact they cannot cook. I had a roommate once that was proud that they did not have to know how to use a manual can opener because they had an electric one. Can you imagine someone that cannot figure out a can opener dealing with life without fast food. When the economic crisis hits, its going to be a really bad day.

          • David Nash – I couldn’t agree more.

            As parents we can ensure our kids have the critical thinking, problem solving and CORE life skills to ensure they can rebuild once we are gone. From simple stuff like how to prepare a meal & what a vegetable looks like on the plant to more complex stuff such as comms minus an igadget like morse code.

            Sadly for many of us we won’t live to see what comes after the crisis, it will be our children who are left to survive as best they can in the aftermath.

        • It can’t be postponed indefinitely. The dollar is losing value rapidly and a lot of countries have made agreements to trade in their own currencies. Other countries are afraid to abandon the dollar. Saddam Hussein quit the petro-dollar and Iraq was invaded. I’m sure a lot of countries would like to leave the dollar but they’re afraid of the consequences. I don’t see how the dollar survives another year as the world reserve currency.

        • Tony and others: Stash your cash now in a fireproof container. See Jim Rawls website article about bank holiday 20 reasons, etc. Several EU countries are having bank runs now. Draw cash out, leave enough to pay bills. Most SS, 401’s for retirees, and workers wages are direct deposit now days. Also get cash back at stores, another way to stash the cash. Buy what you need, downsize, sell unneeded stuff, and pay off debts. Stay low key, blend in. Voting and any political activity at this point is wasted. Listen to Steve Quayle tonight 6CT, Also go to: and tune in to Greg’s show on revelation radio, hagmann show for vital updates.

          • I’m not concerned with paying off debts. It’s better to have what you need now and worry about the bills later. You need to get fully prepared very soon if you’re not already. I think it hits the fan this fall.

        • Yes. A red swan!.
          Chinesse floating on Russian fuel (in subs). I fear a major WWIII also. Feels like it already begun in many ways (Middle East).

          I do like the article. Many good points. Good points for the intellectually inclined.

      4. Gods Creation….

        Great post, completely agree.

        • Shutup dipshit.

          • Again, you first.

          • Omegaman, go play in the street.

      5. Society and innovation (not against either) has made man weak and depleted our instincts, the one human attribute that would fortify the human reaction of the stages of crisis. I believe much of it’s been done deliberately, we psychologist who believe humans have no need for the fight or flight response because we’ve become civilized and have police.

        I look at it this way. If I find a wolf pup in the wilderness bring it home and beat the instinct out of it is it still a wolf, or is it now just a dog?

        We’ve been being trained for decades to not be ready for a crisis; the Gov has been beating us with one law after another and of course we now have NDAA.

        Me I can’t be trained, I stay grounded in three things God, nature and instinct.

        • Correction
          we have psychologist who believe humans have no need for the fight or flight response because we’ve become civilized and have police.

          • Yes and the police are why I have honed my fight or flight response as of late

      6. If you are not prepping, you are just inepting…

        • If you’re not prepared, you won’t be spared.

          If you’re not ready, you’ll be in some cannibal’s spaghetti.

          If you’re not stocked, your world will get rocked.

          If you fail to plan, you’re a dead man.

          • if you fail to plan you plan to fail

            • If you plan to fail, you failed to plan.

          • stockpile lead or wind up dead

      7. This is a nice article and why people must prepare because it is coming from likely many angles, one thing leads to another. Just out Steve Quayle’s site, it sure surprised me with this red screen: I thought I had missed the news and Israel had finally attacked Iran, it is right now in the window between June 14-24 when the skies are dark enough at night.

        There are so many different end of the civilization events that are ready to break right now, and a good course of action is to simply prepare for the end of civilization, no matter how it happens. If you can prepare for specific events like fallout protection after WW3, this just makes you that much better preapred.

        The one item that I disagree with is that all crisis events have a recovery period. I can think of many of actual end of the world scenarioes in which there is no recovery, just an end. Like the sun going nova, a planetary object large enough to turn the Earth into a new asteroid belt. I suppose there would be a recovery period for this side of the galaxy but the planet and humans and all life form would be vaporizied. Still I liked the article.

        I look at it this way, the more prepared someone is for a specific true SHTF event, the foundation is there for other SHTF events that will likely come. Other preparations seem to fall in line when someone actually makes the effort to start preparing for a “bad” event. If someone is prepping for a supervolcano they are going to have the supplies and necessasry know how to deal much better, thousands of times better, with a nuclear war or some total economic collapse than someone that has not prepared and lives in la la land. Prepare and then prepare some more.

        • The recovery period following the collapse of Rome was one thousand years delayed, with the Renaissance and age of enlightenment. I won’t live to see it but for the sake of all others I hope the collapse leads to new, democratic, libertarian society.

        • cmon now , if you really listen to anything steve quayle says then you are a true sucker .
          I clearly remember this same thing happeneing around thanksgiving of 2010 .
          They are correct when they say there is a sucker born any minute and when nothing happens he will simply say that its was the exposure of there plan that prevented them from carrying it out. that sure covers all his angles doesnt it …….this has scam written all over it .
          when this crisis doesnt happen you can simply wait for the next scam to come around and you can do this year after year just like has been happening.

          • Rich99: I agree about Steve Q (and many other hosts on other networks who sell stuff). I DO NOT send money or buy stuff from these guys; I buy out of grocery stores in my area, Sam’s, etc. This is why so many people who know facts, refuse to prep much; too many “cry wolfs” since before y2k. I’m a light prepper..I know folks who were heavy preppers who died in last decade, all their stuff was thrown out/donated. Buy local and buy what you normally would eat. Long term foods? upchuck; I’d rather starve!

        • BI, that’s some pretty intense stuff from Quayle.

          • @ RICH99 and ScoutMotto. I search the web for all sorts of information. I do admit that Quayle and other sites put on some outrageous material, but many times Steve Quayle has linked articles from this site to his web site. Before it is News also has some crazy articles, but there are some good ones also. Sifting through and finding the truth is difficult, especially with the news sites, but it is worth it when you find the truth. Besides Steve Quayle is into precious metal exchange and survival preparedness, that makes him a pretty all right person in my book.

            • Oh, I’m not knocking it. It’s simply a higher caliber than I am accustomed to.

        • Yes! I’ve been printing things out IN HARD COPY, like morse code charts, radiation do’s and don’ts, photos of edible plants and the text that goes with them, maps and first-aid/medical information that I might forget. I’ve made a 3-ring binder full of this stuff, and add to it as I find it. My logic is, in a SHTF event, my computer may be useless, but I can still READ the notebook!

      8. Some people love to belabor the simple and obvious – like the author of this article. Now, tell us something we don’t know.

        • It was a good post. There are still people out there coming to this site for the first time, or new to prepping. While obvious to most that visit here, it is still a reminder and a point of view that someone may not have thought of.

      9. 1,2,3



        0=prepare for crisis.

        • No 0. No 3.

          • NO.


            3=deep doodoo

            basic math and sequence of events



            simple math of countries we are bombing right now-
            sesame street version(say the number kids)

            (eight)8-syria(yes we are there)
            (nine)9-iran(yes we are there)

            More math.

            Countries we have in the past/are f^cked over in the past/f^cking over now,by exporting our inflation,bombing,dictating to,ect,ect,ect,ect, and ect.

            North Korea
            Sri Lanka
            Saudi Arabia
            United Arab Emirates
            Bosnia and Herzegovina
            Czech Republic
            San Marino
            Dominican Republic
            El Salvador
            Republic of the Congo
            Democratic Republic of the Congo
            South Africa
            South Sudan
            Fiji(“radiation is good for you”- ann coulter)

            Our “friends”


            I love math.

            • If we are fucking over China then why do they get all of our manufacturing jobs while all we get out of it issome cheap plastic Wal-mart shit?

            • anonymous. why do nt you tell us you sick spying snooping fool.go to hell jack.

            • For a little history on how the US fucked China you have to go back too WWII. The Japanese looted China’s riches and when the US helped China push the Japanese out and eventually defeated them, they confiscated all the gold, diamonds, silver, etc. They refused to give China’s share back(Golden Lily treasure) and supposedly gave them some worthless Fed bonds instead.This loot, along with Nazi loot became what is known as the Black Eagle Trust Fund. This has funded covert CIA ops and the take down of the Soviet Union, etc, etc since WWII. It was also a prime reason for the Twin Towers coming down and the attack on the Pentagon.Search Black Eagle Trust Fund for some great reading on how much gold is really behind the scenes.

            • @ANON-China bought into the bundled morgages,bundled student loans,fanni,fredi, treasuries, and we export our inflation to them. We F^CKED em(which I enjoy seeing).

              The point of that post is-


      10. It’s an exercise to eliminate variables and replace them with constants you can rely upon. A most important variable to survival is the people around you. If the vast majority of folks around you share a goodly spirit, then no matter the adversity, transition back to normalcy will be quickened with greater efficiency and less pain for all involved. Nonchalant depravities, alien ideologies, hatred, all manner of evil prevalences is a cause that the “love of many shall wax cold”. Most in this generation will empower the ruthless silver tongued. Despite very well planned preps, many will be wasted in the coming chastisement.

        The Lord is Righteous.
        Standing by in Texas.

        • We live in an evil world where MAYBE 5% or 10% of the population are Christians. Most of them are babies. They’re biblically illiterate and very worldly. They are some of the people who will be very, very sorry when they have to kill you for your food.

        • Barn Cat,

          I hope they bring some good gear, like thermal optics or gen4 NVGs, with them for me to pick up after the dust settles. 😉

          The Lord is Righteous.
          Standing by in Texas.

      11. hindsight is always 20/20…it is a good thing to play the “what if” game and prepare best ya can for the what ifs.

      12. Not too concerned… there is far more “good guys” than “bad guys” in the huge pool of active duty and veteran military people in the U.S. They, along with tens of millions of American gun owners are the 8 billion pound gorilla that are routinely ignored in so many SHTF equations.

        • toomany- did you see those ‘flying saucer’ drones they are sending out? Looks like they wow and pow us…

        • Not to mention the others whose skills will come in handy along the way, like med techs, carpenters, “mechanics” of all stripes, gardeners and even electrical workers and communications techs who might help us get a grip on what’s happening. We may need the guns at first, but everyone will have their moment to contribute. That’s called “working together”.

      13. The BIGGEST obstacle for any long term survival and thriving beyond crisis is deep populace fragmentation, or to put it in layman’s terms – a total lack of unipolar team effort to solve anything.

        Its all “individual this” and “individual that”, as preached on TV and Mass Media, etc. A culture of Facebook and Twitter narcissism and having an inept young generation of iPad junkies who don’t know how to change a flat tire.

        We have more people on drugs and in jails than any other nation on earth, and thus without human factor and teams, the long term survival of the nation may not at all be possible.

        • Morning All

          Good points made by all, with the exception of Omegaman.

          All major disasters cause death and disease and in the aftermath these things have to be dealt with. We all know that prepping is about planning as well as stocking and I think it would be wise for us all to at least have an idea of how we would deal with these issues post event. The three D’s go hand in hand, disaster, disease and death, the situation dictates it, it is the way it is and where disaster goes the other two follow. It is something we will all have to face yet something rarely mentioned or discussed.

          Take care

          • Morning Burt

            As everyone conjectures possible scenarios unfolding..none of us have,nor will, experience of what is coming..

            Systemic collapse in any nation that has been totally insulated from reality..will be a nightmare for most.

            The warning bells have been ringing for years..and a few are listening..and a few more are waking up each day.

            Witness what manos has described to us in is a slow,anguishing deterioration of the economic structure with the culmination of layoffs,pay-cuts,austerity,riots.protests,inflation,shortage of basic goods and services,,and ultimately bank runs..

            The same scenario is now occurring throughout Spain and Italy as we speak.
            Oanda a major FX trader is suspending all customer trading ahead of the Greek election this June 17th as their analyst believe a major financial collapse is possible.
            Other financial institutions are readying for a possible collapse..

            Should we follow their lead..or at least pay heed to the money makers internal decisions..?

            I’m not sure exactly..but something is amiss..everyone can feel it ,that is alive, and following the geo political maneuvers.

            Hang in there Burt..

            The ride is about to get rough..


            • Possee

              I agree, I had a video sent to me this morning that explained it very well. Scary stuff.

              I agree we cannot see what is coming but that feeling is there, even the local sheep here are feeling something, but as we say, cannot put their finger on it. It is like a sense of foreboding. That something is coming around the corner but you cannot quite see it yet, just feel the vibrations and hear the noise ifit is making.

              Stay safe, take care

            • Sorry to digress, but has anyone heard from Manos? Continuing to remember Manos and his family in my prayers.

          • Good morning Burt! 🙂

            • Eagledove

              Morning my love…how are you?

              Take care

          • Burt

            Couldn’t make this stuff up..

            Today’s financial headlines…

            World economies prepare for panic after Greek polls(Reuters)

            Central Banks Warn Greek-Led Euro Stress Threatens World

            “A Matter Of Life And Death”: The Collapsing Greek Health-Care System Is In Critical Condition

            • Possee

              Tell me about it.

              Moody’s have downgraded some Dutch and Belgian banks today, the rumour mill says Slovakia is going under and Cyprus are going back to the Russians for more money.

              Just another day in paradise.

              Take care

          • Burt; doing fine.,but hot. Going out to do some yard work here in a little bit.

            Take care and enjoy your day ! 🙂

      14. I dont care how much you prep, nobodys safe from whats coming. Got Christ???

        • No, he’s got me.

          • By the balls?

      15. This is an excellent article and accurate. I don’t read novels, but was encouraged to read “One Second After” by a business associate and like minded individual as myself. What I gleaned from this book are possible situations, and/or scenario/scenarios of just what can/might/coule develop in an all out disaster of the worst sort. It was worth the read.

        • Great book. Only problem I had with it was that the nuclear reactors melting down was not even mentioned.

          The reality of the emp situation would be far worse then in that book.

          N. America would be a waste land.

          • Here in Oregon, we’ve been detecting radiation from Fukishima for months. 15,000 times the normal levels in some spots. Hypothyroidism is on the rise, yet when you go in to the doctors, all they seem to want to do is NUKE YOU with various tests using radioactive dyes—I wonder how many of us will LIVE LONG ENOUGH for the coming SHTF!

        • One of the lines that stuck with me from that book was when the major character chided himself for not stockpiling some food for a disaster. Even a 50 pound bag of rice would have meant more survival.

      16. Not only should we prepare for all stages of any possible “crisis”; but, we most importantly, should be prepared for the three stages of the “locust army”. Most people don’t have a clue who or what it consists of. It is none other than the army of “fallen angels”. They are the truly evil ones that are coming back to earth with Satan to do his handy-work. I’ll share a little of some work I have done regarding this: Locust Stages: 1.Gnawer (slowly nibbling or eroding away at) 2. Swarmer ( to evolve with ability to fly and cover large areas) 3. Devourer ( ability to prey upon and eat up ravenously) I believe we have past the first stage of the locust as it relates to end times and the four dynasties. We have seen all four slowly being eaten down from what they were originally designed to accomplish. Each dynasty has taken a turn, away from God and his Laws.
        Joe 2:25
        And I will restore to you the years that the locust hath eaten, the cankerworm, and the caterpiller, and the palmerworm, my great army which I sent among you.

        Pro 30:14
        [There is] a generation, whose teeth [are as] swords, and their jaw teeth [as] knives, to devour the poor from off the earth, and the needy from [among] men.

        Dan 8:23
        ¶ And in the latter time of their kingdom, when the transgressors are come to the full, a king of fierce countenance, and understanding dark sentences, shall stand up.

        Dan 8:25
        And through his policy also he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand; and he shall magnify [himself] in his heart, and by peace shall destroy many:….
        I also believe we are now in the second stage of the locust; the locust being the evil spirits of Satan and his angels that will soon return to this earth. Their spirits are being ramped up to tempt and swarm over the unknowing and uncaring souls of those living for themselves and this flesh world. These evil spirits are given the power to hurt those that do not have the “seal” of God “in” their foreheads. We shall soon see the “locust army” (Satan’s angels,the fallen ones) here on earth; … de facto, in their spirit(much like flesh) bodies. They’ll be giving and taking in marriage “as in the days of Noah”. This will be the time of “devouring”…..
        v 9:3
        And there came out of the smoke locusts upon the earth: and unto them was given power, as the scorpions of the earth have power.
        Rev 9:5
        And to them it was given that they should not kill them, but that they should be tormented five months:

      17. I’ve been through one hurricane, several tornadoes, and countless fires when I was a firefighter. I’ve seen people stay in crises mode waiting for their environment to change as warned about in this article, but I’ve also seen people go prematurely into a post-crises phase and fail miserably. A good example of this in survivalism might be attempting to farm in the midst of total chaos when the prudent person would be laying low and living off food storage and what they could forage and/or hunt instead of trying to survive with a hoe in one hand and a rifle in the other. That narrative makes great fiction, but history shows otherwise.

        This article is also a good argument for precious metals. ‘You can’t eat silver’ assumes the world will always be in emergency mode. If we accept there will be a rebuilding, we must also accept their will be a medium of exchange and precious metals is the only one I can think of that has lasted through the decline and fall of many empires.

        • PP;
          You and I seem to have seen our fair share of “bad” situations, I can even throw in being slightly zapped by lightning twice, meaning not being hit directly by the bolt, just by leaning up against a metal door frame when bolt struck 50 feet away. Went numb for sixty minutes on one half of body, scared me bad. Also fell out of a tree while deer hunting, the top rung of a wood built stand gave way and fell 24 feet onto my back. YHWH must have a reason for me to survive these.

          • @ eppe,

            I have been protected and spared by YHWH too. Our Father in heaven is a merciful God. The best we can do is stay spirtually and physically ready for what comes our way…..

            ~~ Peewee’s mom

      18. Ok. Off topic, but has anyone tried to get on survivalblog? Is it under attack again? Or, did they just kick me off?








        CHECK EM’ OUT .


        SEE YOU ALL THERE !!!

        • i second what nina says. why dont you bilderbuggers come and get me. FUCKING HOMOS .. EAT SHIT AND CEASE TO EXIST.. you are existential threats to the world. you must go to prison or cease to exist.

        • For once, I agree with your post and have wondered many days….
          these pukes helping TPTB destroying our world and nation– have they not thought this through?? When they come for ‘us’, will ‘they’ pass them by??
          How naive (or stupid) to think that this totalitarian existence will be good for their children and grandchildren or that there’s some special exemption list that they’re on.
          If anything, showing their willingness to adhere to their wishes, beliefs, and demands so easily without question surely puts them on a ‘kill’ list, for they were easy to convince, and that doesn’t show much character or forethought.
          Rant off….for now.

      20. Several years ago, I went thru my small disaster which doesnt compare to what Manos or many people around the world has went thru.
        To make a long story short., my electricity went out for 5 days and had to make do with out the comforts of everyday life.
        The thing that I remember till this day was.., it was like being in a daze for the first couple days , because it was, maybe, a small shock to my senses. But eventually got myself in order and plugged away.

        This event changed my reality and perception of my surroundings during that time. I couldn’t imagine what kind of shock I would get if I went thru a huge disaster.

        Keep prepping. 🙂

      21. Change is inevitable, in whatever form it takes. Gradual, sudden…it will always happen. Look at Civilizations that have vanished, some in the blink of an eye (Pompeii), some over a period of time.

        Some localized disaster, tornado/hurricane/blizzard/earthquake, some a World War.

        End of Times? Man has been postulating that a long time, WWI, WWII….was that the end of times? No…lots of change though.

        According to my beliefs, no one can know the time, not even the angels. IS it coming? Yes, we can be assured that some day some time…but today, probably not.

        Have faith, be prudent and prepare, for me it is Hurricanes, whether local or global….lol. We can do what we can and let the changes occur, after all, we are highly adaptable…those that are not, will suffer, not to say we will not, we all may have difficult times. Lessening it’s impact and the safety of my loved ones are paramount. Recovery is prudent and I look at that also, in whatever fashion that happens. IT may be as simple as losing a job…having the means to exist…then finding a new job, whatever that may be, I’m a Piping Designer and Equipment Layout guy, 30 years plus in Heavy Industry…did I sit on my hiney and collect unemployment playing X-box? No, I planted and took care of 6 different gardens and lessened our bills by growing all vegetables and fruit during that time, worked my hiney off. Eventually found another job.
        SHTF, we will be ok, tough, yes…but alive, depends on the will of God and how well we are prepped. I hope for the best and prep for the worst…

        Some peeps think I’m crazy, so did they think the same of Noah…lol…when my conscience tells me to prepare, I do. I was created in a certain way and there is a reason…

        God Bless All,
        Terry W. Reed

      22. Prepare for what?
        Tidal wave, world war 3 etc?

      23. There are two kinds of preppers: good, decent, blue collar people who simply cannot afford to prep for every possible scenario, and the ruling elite who have us pay for their lavish COG. There are two things these diverse groups have in common: No one can possibly foresee every potential threat and no one can predict what the geographic, political, and environmental landscape will look like after the event. My theory is, whatever the event may be, at some point in history, it will be seen as The Great Equalizer.

        • Not all preppers are blue collar. I’m not and the ones I know are not. I know some who are middle class, some who are upper class (not elite, just very comfortable due to their hard work).

          But I’ll agree, by in large, they are ALL good & decent people.

          • Mr. Blutarsky, you are of course correct. I posted per my own experience without thinking of the broader population.

      24. We’re in the pre-crisis phase now, obviously. We’ll see the collapse of dollar, mass anarchy, and mass starvation. Phase 3 will be when the sheeple all die, the gangs have killed each other off and the US has become part of a global government.

      25. Words from our 3rd President –

        “Peace is that brief glorious moment in history when everybody stands around reloading”. –Thomas Jefferson

      26. You can ignore reality..but you cannot ignore the consequences of reality-Ayn Rand

      27. Kind of like the 5 stages of grief.

        1. Denial (where 90% of America lives)
        2. Anger
        3. Bargaining
        4. Depression
        5. Acceptance

        I vacillate between stages 2, 3 & 5.

        Sometimes I am so angry at those who have done this to us! Are they clueless or evil or both?

        Sometimes I hope a knight on a white horse will ride in & fix it.

        Then I realize they are not coming and it is what it is… I prepare for what is to come, knowing I can’t do a darn thing to stop it.

        • @ Mr. Blutarsky

          I agree, I too am at stage 2,3, & 5.

          Quote: “Are they clueless or evil or both?”

          Evil! This has been planned for a long time and even spoke of in the book of Daniel and Revelations. (well whats coming with it anyways)

          Quote: “Sometimes I hope a knight on a white horse will ride in & fix it.”

          Rest assured, there is. We just have to have faith and prep to hold out until He returns. =)

      28. Burt,

        No balls omegaman did not hang around for long.

        What happened? Did Lee from La take care of the Trolling Sphincter once called omegaman?

        Y’all Beware!Take good care.

      29. Military drone mistaken for UFO on D.C.’s Capital Beltway

        Here is something..”They” said never existed..

        but they lie and we all know this, yet never make them pay for their lies to us..

        so are we to be thinking that most if not all the UFO sightings were just a drone like this..watching our every move..and im talking many many years aog and up until now that the real story is coming to light, that is if your able to see thru the curtain..nothing like re-inforcing the reasons we dont trust them.

        link below if you dont feel like looking it up

      30. We only think we are prepared? Lets just take a small fire fight. When your Ricky Recruit 17-21 years old, USMC or any other US Military service you think your prepared, but your never prepared. Your well equipped and have a brave attitude, but not prepared for the blood, guts and smells of battle.

        Fast forward, your now 30,40,50,60,70 years old you can no longer jump that 4 foot fence in a single bound and forget the six foot fence with barbed wire. See my point here?

        Most of us here are planning to be prepared. We have the supplies. We have the equipment. We have the know how, hell we even have the weapons of war and experienced battle before. All this will give us an edge, but I’m telling you, you won’t be prepared.

        Life experience at 50 something, last weekend as a matter of fact. I decided to re-zero all my iron sights to 50 yards on my 5.56’s, my range is covered, but out doors. By the time I got home 3 hours later I was dehydrated, even though I drank 32 oz’s of water and could feel the concussion to my brain after only 120 rounds and my eyes took 24 hours to recover.

        The next time you think you prepared throw a 35 lbs. dumbbell in a messenger bag and carry it around with you all day. That my friends is close to the weight of a standard M1A, 10 magazines and 500 rounds of ammo load out. I made it 3 miles in 51 minutes and was spent for a day. I’m prepared; Yeah right.

        A better statement will be we’re planning for unknown physical, mental, emotional and spiritaul stresses, but we’re not prepared. Good luck to all.

        Test yourselves, it does you no good to think your prepared to hump 10 miles a day, but can only do 3.

        • that is a good point for the ones that never experienced this. you get physically tired and mentally and will have to sleep at some point. you could be robbed during this point and if all hell breaks out people will try to steal from anything and everyone. But you are totally correct on what you said and how you said that.

        • There is a lot of truth to your post. But, constant work, exercise, or training will make a difference. I have a neighbor up the road who is decades older than I, at 86. He still goes out and gets on his Massey Ferguson tractor and works. His double barrel Lefever shotgun sits by the door for anything he doesn’t like, which is a lot! Can he (or I) jump a four foot fence? Nope! But we can crawl under it. And, we do have an advantage, we both know our best years are long gone and we are not afraid of dying, or taking someone with us.(Whichever way we go.)

          • What’s that saying??
            Don’t argue with an old person; they can’t fight and don’t mind shooting you.

        • Thanks for all your comments. I’m sure of two things. If I have to fight for my country again, I will. Second, I’m sure it will shake me to my core and I’ll be just as scared, if not more then the first time.

          In the bigger scheme of things, maybe a box of Depends might not be a bad idea for the first week. Prepared, you know??

      31. wow, there is a lot of talk here on this one… i have a few things to say… regardless what happens when the shtf we are foolish to think that any of us are prepared for the worse case scenario and yet what i read in scripture (the Bible)tells me that people will continue to do the things that they do like get up and go to work, try to pay the bills and all those things that we are accostume to doing because there is no choice. then i look at the battle for Jerusalem in the days of Hezakiah and see what he did for the people, he was a prepper.. look it up.. yet everything still collapsed at a later time and with all this i have come to realize that when i ignore my relationship with Yeshua aka Jesus then the worry and uncertainty will soon follow, because there is no security in what we do because we dont have any control, Yeshua does!!!!! only He can see us thru it all


        • deano—Did you watch the video, The Harbinger??
          Inspiring; and he connected the dots.
          Try it.

          • Jay Jay
            no i havent seen it, i have heard some about the book and what i have heard is inline with what i see in the world today and all the events that are going on

      32. @ Patriot One Thank you and you got it on in bull eye’s! Us older guys who know what it feel like when you hear that pop and feel the wind on your check as a round pass by KNOW. What has carried me this far is knowing that I’m already dead, just waiting for it to catch up to me. Me and mine are prepared as much as we can, if you want to call it prepare. We know Christ and try to live the way we should,has as for everything else we will take as it comes our way, what ever that maybe. One thing is for sure we are going to live FREE and DIE FREE

        • Amen to that, Copperhead. It’s good to see people like you,deano, and JayJay come to this site with comments of faith. There are many of us, but sad to say there are many many more that are just the opposite. Their priorities are all wrong and the mention of Christianity,Bible prophecy, or God the Father and Jesus the Saviour gets them all defensive and agitated. The truth is that the # One priority should be having the right heart and mindset. Along with that part of prepping comes the storing up of essentials. I wouldn’t want to depend upon man or the government to take care of me when SHTF. I can’t even depend upon myself “without” my Heavenly Father steering my movements and thoughts. God Bless us, especially the over fifty and feeling like eighty crowd.

      33. I recently quit prepping for an event. Now all I do is stockpile long term food as an investment. Each week we go to sam’s club to find either slightly higer prices or less weight per package. Yesterday I sold a differential out of my mustang that I had built a plywood box over. Disassembled the box and now have about another 25 square feet of wall space to add more shelves to add more food.

      34. This morning it was reported that Russia is sending troops to Syria.

        There’s reports that China and Iran will be willing to get involved.

        Things are going to be very interesting over the weekend.

      35. RICH99 you have demonstrated your lack of understanding of economics.

      36. Reply to Ryan..Had no success accessing JWR also. Regards Crafty.

      37. Pascal’s Gambit Ladies and Gentlemen, Pascal’s Gambit:

        The Gambit relied on two what if’s, his more famous being religion and God:

        What if God Did Not Exist:
        1. You believe, live a devout life preach (NOT CRUSADE) the bible, you die and nothing happens.
        2. You do not believe, live a careless life, doing whatever you felt, you die and nothing happens.

        What if God DID Exist:
        1. You believe, live a devout life, preach the bible, you die, you face judgement and then proceed to heaven.
        2. You do not believe, live a careless life, doing whatever you felt, you die and you go to hell.

        Examine the consequences of believing vs not believing in both cases and apply that to SHTF Methodology:

        What if the S Doesn’t HTF
        1. You Prep, the S doesn’t HTF, and you accumulate a large stockpile of supplies that will never fully be utilized because of that constant fear. However if times get financially hard, you could have preps you could salvage depending on what you collected/bought.
        2. You Don’t Prep, the S doesn’t HTF, and life goes on.
        What if SHTF:
        1. You Prep, the SHTF, and you save your family a headache.
        2. You say Fuck it, and wake up to a new reality and are at the mercy of your talents, and whatever you’d be willing to do/sacrifice to live.

        Take the cost vs value of both circumstances and weigh them all, 1/2 nothing will happen, 1/4 it will and you’ll be better, and 1/4 you’re screwed….

        It’s simple, there’s preppers who can be considered paranoid, and everyone else. Like my dad always said, “I’d rather people tell you I’m paranoid than dead”

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