The Shadow Government Blackmails Everyone (Why Voting Doesn’t Matter)

by | Oct 1, 2015 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness | 57 comments



This article and video were created by James Corbett and originally published at his Corbett Report website.

Editor’s Comment: The important decisions are not made by presidents or legislators of either party. They are instructed on policy by their advisors, who hand down decisions made by special interest groups, studies, and calculations formulated by “experts.”

This is a major part of why nothing ever changes – for real – despite the promises of candidates, reformers and “fresh faces.” Like the old faces of oligarchy and burgeoning dynasty (the Jebs and Hillarys of the world), these political tools read the script they are given, and respond to fact presented by appointees who are never elected, and continue in the government industrial complex that has usurped our constitutional republic.

The Shadow Government Blackmails Everyone (Why Voting Doesn’t Matter)

by James Corbett

Even if you ignore the immorality of statism and the tyranny of the majority, anyone who believes that voting actually matters is simply ignorant of the deep state and how it uses its intelligence apparatus to monitor and blackmail everyone in a position of political power. sElection 2016 will change nothing.

This article and video were created by James Corbett and originally published at his Corbett Report website.

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    1. eppe

      Sad where this country is headed….

      • orn

        And that’s no joke!

        • Genius

          Well no shit Sherlock! How has voting worked out for you the last 100 years? The only way things will ever change is when the poople learn the word NO!

          • Plan twice, prep once

            Literally less than 5% of the people I ever vote for win.

            Yeah it’s scary!

            Yet when I speak logically about politics to people they pretty much universally agree with me, then elections always come out the opposite.

            • durangokidd

              If voting didn’t matter, each political party would not be willing to spend $100 million for a single Senate seat and One Billion Dollars for POTUS.

              Follow the money. 🙁

              • egore

                I think what Corbett is saying is that voting may determine who is elected but will not change the policies of government. That comes from a higher pay grade. That is what is scary about recording all internet and telephone conversations. Not that they are listening but that the info is available when it is needed to influence an outcome. It’s why this paradigm is beyond fixing.

                • FTW

                  “If voting made a difference, they wouldn’t let us do it”~~~Mark Twain

              • yourmotherwaswrong

                Voting doesn’t matter (not anymore)!

                Elections serve a purpose: to give Boobus Americanus the illusion of democracy. That illusion costs money, especially when the campaigning charade lasts upwards of two years.

                Elections are a tacky propaganda show; reality TV for dummies!

                Corporations, banks and the people who control those institutions (see: The Trilateral Commission) dictate government policy; not the voters.

                If voting really mattered, the PTB wouldn’t allow you to engage in it.

              • Buck Farak

                They are fighting over who signs the checks. How some of th emoney get s distributed. Although they may control the overall process, there are still competing interests on who and how much they steal.

              • Marcus

                It matters to them yes, they get the money the benefits. Then they have to pay back the people that put them there and nothing changes.

      • Acid Etch


      • sixpack

        At least 10 dead in shooting at Umpqua Community College in Oregon — Shooter, a 20-year-old male, among those killed, police say

        ht tp://

        This isn’t a GUN problem, it’s a MUSLIM problem! He lined them all up jihad style, the christians he shot in the head, the rest in the leg….HAVE WE HAD ENOUGH YET?

        • Richard Head

          What you wanna bet Six that the sumbitch is a muslim. They as of yet haven’t released his name, but are saying that he was having people stand up and state their religion. The slow walking they (media) are doing on the name release, is what is going to cause me to not be surprised when it comes out that his name is allahu mumed ohsaakbar. Who knows? Guess we’ll find out soon.

          Gun control saves lives people 😉

          • sixpack

            THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT I SAID! As soon as I realized the media only gave the guy’s age, when I saw the MO, I KNEW it was a muslim attack, and oblahblah doesn’t want that news to get out.

            I say we go to those militant camps, line them all up and just X2 to the head—forget the Q & A.

          • sixpack

            Here’s an update

            ht tp://

        • Tacoma

          I have had enough..Being 78 yrs old and waiting for someone young enough to lead.Have a suggestion.

      • Jesus speaks to me

        So predictable!

    2. Anonymous

      So if voting doesn’t matter it makes no difference that Obama was elected instead of someone else?

      And it will make no difference if Hillary or Trump or Carson or Sanders is elected this time?

      IMO, thinking it makes no difference is in error. You can vote the establishment candidates and they will probably be the same, but you can also vote for the candidates the Elite want to fail and the elections will make a difference.

      As for me? Don’t blame me, I voted for Kodos.

      • Richard Head


        It’s my opinion that YES voting doesn’t matter. They will INSTALL who they want. The only difference is method. Obama has waged war via proxies and lies. Republicans wage war via troops and lies. Either way don’t really matter, I’m beginning to think. The sad fact is….We are citizens of a country that is being controlled by THE MOST EVIL people that have ever walked this earth. God help us all. Get ready to make your guns talk. Pray for all God’s people, and all good people

        • sixpack

      • Cerberus

        It does not matter who you vote for, the government still gets in.

    3. Kulafarmer

      101 reasons why i am working as hard as i can to be a non participant in the system…

      • sixpack

        “The Shadow Government Blackmails Everyone (Why Voting Doesn’t Matter)”

        I SAID THIS OVER 2 DECADES AGO. i POSTED IT IN COMMENTS HERE ON SHTF, several years ago. But voting does matter. It’s a form of non-submission to the shadow govt. On day, the vote will be so overwhelming and they’ll install their next puppet anyway, and the people will open their eyes.

        I refuse to just let them take it without even a whimper.

      • Rellik

        I agree with you about the government part of the system. But there is a loosely regulated private part that does work. If more people knew of those protocols, we all might be better off.
        In any event I keep prepping. But I’m doing it in a VA provided custom fitted knee brace. Balance the good with the bad. Fight the bad and support the good.

    4. Richard Head

      I hate that this and the previous article are going to dampen the discussion on what I believe is the most important article, the one 2 down about the Russian and American intervention in Syria. I was looking forward to a discussion on that topic. Oh well…….I’m sure that situation will soon give us all plenty of stuff to talk about. But in the mean time we can give a shit about how voting no longer matters

      • Richard Head

        Since this article really don’t matter, I feel I need to let everyone know I am currently grillin and smoking one of the biggest angus sirloins you’ve ever seen in your life (on sale 4.99lb) and 8 boneless pork rib end chops (the best most tender pork chops you can eat). While also drinkin cold beer and watching the rain. And obviously typing on the computer talking to yall, for some reason I chose to bring the puter outside with me tonight. Anyways…

        just thought I’d let you know, I’m still not sure why…I guess the cold beer could have something to do with it 😉 Hope everyone is having a great night. Good Lord be with us all in the future. Man I get sentimental sometimes 🙂

        • Menzoberranzan

          Sounds great. Much better than what the muslim trash eat and do.

        • PO'd Patriot

          Good on you RH. My favorite pastime is doing exactly what you’re doing now. Cheers!

    5. Acid Etch

      All bills involving taxing and spending must originate in the house per the constitution.

      Jack Lew says the US is broke as of next month.

      Is this why Boehner is retiring?

      Does he know S will HTF?

      It’s really abnormal for a politician to voluntarily abdicate their power unless it’s to avoid an insurmountable scandal.

      Earlier this month the Trumpler said the US should take more Syrians. Now he says he’d send them back.

      In 2012 Trump supported amnesty. Now he wants to build the wall.

      Cant you dumbasses see that Trump is a fucking flake? He’s posturing like he has backbone. That’s what he fucking lacks the most!

      You know the beautiful French Riviera and Italian Riviera? All those beautiful towers and walls and forts?


    6. Jim in Va.

      Only voting that matters is at the local level.

      • Anonymous

        Even that doesnt matter when there are so many stupid people with no clue as to reality of what politicians do.

        • Richard Head

          Jim is right, and you as well (anon) are right. But that’s the point, those same stupid people you speak of are the pricks that don’t vote but once every four years. We have to get more involved locally, otherwise we no longer have state gov’ts and states rights. We have turned into a federal oligarchy

          If the south would’ve won we’d of had it made ;)…..sing it hank

      • Rellik

        I keep in close contact with my council critter.
        She has even spend an hour meeting me in person
        in a public place and offered to buy me coffee.
        (they do have discretionary funds).
        Even locally, there is a “power” structure.
        I like Kulafarmer’s idea of near anarchy.

    7. talon1776

      On the topic about the Syria gig…I posted…submitted and it never got posted. It was on this very topic…
      Let me also add..that voting on any level doesn’t matter…local or otherwise…just look at Kalifornia or Hawaii for your anecdotal evidence…or any other bootlicking state…looking at you Illinois!

      Watch this video from a Great American and you will see why…
      Ht tp:\\…washington

      Stay tuned for more false flags to distract from the real crisis…ECONOMIC COLLAPSE!
      Even that horses ass Jack Lew says we’re gonna be broke in a month

      Live Free(on your feet) or Die(on your knees)

      • Genius

        We were broke in 1933. The federal reserve, spreading debt and death since 1933. Voting is just a stupid dog and pony show to make you think you have a choice. If you want a vote that matters try starving the beast and learning the word NO!

        • Genius

          oops, since 1913

          • talon1776

            Here,here G!
            Perhaps it could go back a little further to the war of northern aggression and Lincoln’s unconstitutional fleecing of the Republic…but I whole heartedly agree on all your post!

            Live Free or Die…hang’em high!

    8. B from CA

      I knew that their is a shadow. The blackmail is made easier by people’s erroneous belief in patient-doctor confidentiality. It never existed. Psychiatry in all its forms is an attempt to extract your secrets. Your friends may be spying on you. Your neighbors may be spying on you. Your children’s teachers may be pumping your children for dirt on you.

      Traps are created so you can be blackmailed out of a job if you are competing for one. Most of the time you won’t even know.

      If you keep your business to yourself, don’t cheat on your spouse, don’t say anything bad about anybody else; stay away from minors and working girls or boys, it makes their ability to undermine you much more difficult. Remember they created things like pornography and other vices in order to take you and your families money then use the info to destroy you.

      • sixpack

        The blackmail is made easier by the fact that they know every freaking thing we do, say or think. Every facet of our lives is for their pleasure. THAT is why the surveillance state is harder to get rid of than any other—because they already have the goods on EVERYONE.

        Sometimes, they sit on it for decades, only to pull it out at the most opportune moment. All of congress, the upper echelon military, the white house and every other important seat of govt is scared of what they might have on them. It they’ve ever done anything they don’t want known, they’re toast…when the right time comes.

        I’m waiting to see if they can pull anything important up on Trump. If they can’t then he’s my man! I don’t think they’ve found anything on Rand Paul either…yet.

        I want to vote for he who cannot be bought or blackmailed. So far, that list is pretty short. I’ll have to wait until it’s closer to the elections when the globalists are desperate.

    9. Kelsey

      Acid Etch(ole),

      Were you born stupid or did you just get that way somehow? You seem unable to stay on topic. Start your own blog somewhere and quit messing this one up. You’ve never added anything of value.

    10. Kevin2

      In the end, boiling it down it goes like this.

      Piss and moan about:

      The Economy
      Foreign Affairs
      Gun Laws
      Plenty More


      NRA ILA guide

      Voting only matters when its has a significant enough percentage to influence an election and it’s consistent. Blue collar industrial workers laid off because of NAFTA, China Free Trade who also lost their life savings because of abandoning Glass Steagall still love Clinton. There was no organization to let them know what Politician did what and organize them into a voting block. They’re not consistent and organized.

      The Second Amendment people can put a 10% voting block in anti gun districts. This is not an insignificant number when the candidate wins by 14%.

    11. shmuck

      In the last debate Jeb at one point said “when I am elected president “

    12. TickTock

      Wonder what TPTB have on those two schitstains Bitch McConnell and John Boner?

    13. Houst/cypress/Katy/shtf

      Talon, you hit the nail on its head. Watch to see what happens once the economy crashes. Remember we didn’t feel it in 2008, we felt the blow back in March and April of the following year 2009. What kind of surprise awaits us. Watch and see how Texas cancels the calapse. We will have a new Golden rule in our state. People are
      Halling ass to Texas daily, weekly up to 10,000 people a month. I am already feeling the heat in my business but have infrastructure and made some changes, I already did my resetting two yrs ago which resulted in my homelessness during my economic reset, to make my business more hardened and in compliance in my city. I made business dealings forcing people to work with me because they have to. I only do business with very high profile people..



      • talon1776

        You know it HCKS!
        BTW…your post have been extremely insightful to me since you began unveiling the lies and I am grateful.
        Be well brother…be well

        Live Free or Die…the truth is a revolutionary act!

      • FTW

        “People are
        Halling ass to Texas daily, weekly up to 10,000 people a month.”

        HCKS – I don’t doubt that people are relocating to Texas … but… up to 10,000 a month??? Seems a bit extreme and possibly a slightly exaggerated number. Can you or anybody confirm “said” this migration crisis that Texas is receiving?

        You make it sound like it is a good thing that people are flooding to Texas. This my friend is a huge mistake on your part if you think it’s good.

        Let’s say for the sake of the matter that 10,000 people are coming to Texas a month. Something says to me that a large portion of them are not like you and I.
        I would not be welcoming this “invasion” that is coming into your State. In fact, I would be very much concerned for my own well-being if that was happening in my home State.

    14. Mr Smith

      Lets call a spade a spade, it’s the money from our jewish ran banking system that runs the world with a little bit of blackmail and murder along the way.

      Money makes the world turn, not votes and the next boss will be on the same payroll as the last boss.

      We are so rich due to the bankers that we kiss arse, work like slaves just to buy (NOT OWN) a mud hut on ground that we the people owned in the first place.

      You spend 40 years working like a slave to rent a bit of ground to build a home on and then pay taxes on the land if you like but i think a better plan is to take to the streets and hand out a little bit of justice to these bankers, job will get done a lot faster than 40 years me thinks.

    15. Jon

      Another Muslim off his Med’s.
      Oh Wait, they are All off their Med’s.
      How else to you explain killing innocent people, raping young boys, selling little girls as sex slaves.

    16. Barn Cat

      Actually, the NSA scandal shows why voting DOES matter. Does anybody think Ron Paul would use NSA information to blackmail people? Obama has no integrity. Other people do. Or they at least have SOME integrity.

      The NSA knows everything about you. Not only you but your spouse, your friends, and all their families. You could be blackmailed by threats to your kid’s best friend or your best friend’s kid. It wouldn’t have to be directly aimed at you or a member of your family.

      • GrandpaSpeaks

        I agree Barn Cat. Integrity is like virginity, either you have it, or you don’t. It doesn’t come and go. “Some integrity” is like saying she is a little pregnant. “I am going to have integrity today, but not tomorrow”. It doesn’t work like that. Integrity is so scarce we don’t even recognize it anymore and if we do it is immediately stomped into oblivion. It is extinct and will stay that way as long as we reward and champion corruption. Greed is the desire, corruption is the method and today is the result. We all witnessed the stomping of Ron Paul’s integrity. Integrity gives guidance and expectations to human interaction. The only expectation from greed is that it will always be there. Just like the tyrant will always be there. Integrity holds both in abeyance. During this final push for control of the World’s remaining resources that feeling in your guts is integrity fossilizing.

    17. B from CA

      I just watched the video with the retired FBI man. OMG he said there are 83 kidnappings everyday. 900,000. Is that even possible? If he spoke even some truth and some fiction which sometimes is how the truth is hidden OMG. I know about this myself but personal. omg omg

      Don’t let your kids walk home alone from school. Have them play in the back yard instead of the front yard. Don’t leave toys in the front yard. Perps drive by looking for houses where children live. Be careful of public restrooms. Don’t send little boys in alone. OMG. This tape brings back a lot of bad stuff. He must have made a mistake. There is no way that 900,000 kids are kidnapped every year unless that includes kids who aren’t returned on time after parental visit. But then he also gave figure of 100,000. What is 83 times 365? Less than 30,000. Whew but still if there is even 83 kidnappings a year that is OMG too much. I don’t know what to think but I know for a fact that if there is one kid kidnapped and that one kid is your kid that is OMG too
      Fricken Many Kids getting KIDNAPPED. $$$$. talks and bull shit is bull shit.

    18. No Name Defense

      Well, I have been a voting skeptic for sometime now. I really perked up when that imposter Barry Soetero was re elected for a second term. I thought NO way this jackass will get a second term. Wrong! So in November 2016 if that corrupt, lying, liberal commie Hitlery is appointed I mean elected president then I will be convinced beyond any doubt that the fix was already in.

    19. Anonymous

      Ok – the elections are controlled by the NWO Globalist luciferians and you should not waste your time paying attention to the smoke and mirrors show….. unless you like being ignorant….

    20. Choctaw Warrior

      A friend of mine was a Secret Service agent for 29 years and he told me to quit voting .He said the elites picked who they wanted to be President of USA INC. The USA is a Corporation and not a Country and we do not own it.

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