The List: A to Z Survival for the Abysmal Times Ahead

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    In a follow-up to his wildly popular article discussing How Horrific It Will Be For The Non-Prepper, contributor ‘Be Informed’ provides SHTFplan readers with an extensive list of preparedness and survival keywords and concepts for beginners and seasoned preppers alike. 

    It seems like no matter how well someone prepares, they inevitably find out they have forgotten something.  That all important item or items that aren’t “remembered”, that merely only have to be mentioned by name to remind a person of what they needed.   Most of the time when someone forgets an article of clothing or other minor object after beginning a vacation they can easily replace it or live without it.  After a calamitous event, however, anything that a person has forgotten to store will likely be be impossible to obtain.  What someone has in their possession at the time of the event is probably the ONLY thing they will be able to get.

    The following list of A to Z survival items and survival related concepts details what one may have simply forgotten because there’s so much to prepare for. Kind of like; “oh yeah, I am glad that something reminded me of what I need”, or “that’s something I never thought of and I will need it”.   Most everyone will, of course, not be able to amass everything on this list, and there will of course be items and ideas not mentioned here, but it should be a good place to start for beginners and seasoned preppers alike.  A person can always add more to any list of their own essential needs, as lists such as this are almost endless.  It should also be realized that no list of survival items and ideas are perfect for any individual, and just because someone has just a portion of what is on it doesn’t mean that they are not prepared.

    The goal here is to have a general inventory of “key words” that have to do with prepping and survival that have very brief descriptions and short reasons behind why they are so important regarding survival preparedness.  The aim is to keep each survival and prepping word or set of words as compact as possible – that is, to not bog down anyone with lengthy explanations that could easily fill an encyclopedia size book.  When the prepper/survivalist sees a word in relation to preparing it can and does trigger an automated response that brings thoughts of whether they need or do not need to do something about it in their own planning.

    This A to Z list of survival should help in that process.


    – Ability and adept – the more skills you have the better.

    – Able bodied – being physically fit helps anyone.

    – Accumulate – tiny amounts eventually add up to a lot.

    – Action – you should not put off what you need to do.

    – Adaptability – to survive people will need to adapt.

    – Advice – there is much good sound advice out there, seek it out.

    – Aftermath – this is what is the longest and most difficult to survive.

    – Air circulation – plan for this in ALL environments.

    – Alcohol – both drinking and rubbing alcohol for sterilizing, wonderful barter items.

    – Alarms – something to alert you to potential hazards

    – Alive – the more supplies someone has to more likely they will say alive.

    – Alone – prepare for this possibility of being completely without anyone around.

    – Altitude – the higher up someone can be within reason to more they can see.

    – Aluminum wrap – uses from wrapping up items to EMP protection to cooking.

    – Ambush – prepare for this possibility when you are venturing outside.

    – Ammunition – for your own firearms to fantastic barter item, get as much as you can.

    – Anarchy – the likely scenario after most wide spread catastrophes, prepare for it.

    – Anemia – something that most be guarded against, preventable with good food.

    – Antennas – any radio needs extension receiving or transmission of weak signals.

    – Antibiotics – natural or synthetic are an absolute must to store up.

    – Aquaculture – consider fish farming, hydroponic vegetable growing if there’s nearby water.

    – Aspirin – pain killer and blood thinners will be high in demand after a disaster.

    – Attitude – keeping an upbeat mood with help those around you.

    – Automobile – everything to keep it running as far as possible, a car first aid kit.


    – Backpacks – make sure these are sturdy and don’t stress out your body.

    – Bags – everything from trash, storage, sandbags, space bags.

    – Baking soda – cooking and many other uses including helping to neutralize acids.

    – Band aids – there will be many cuts that need to be covered up.

    – Barbeque – this can be fire pits, gas grills, or whatever to cook and heat up something.

    – Barrels and baskets – so many uses from water storage to collection of so much you need.

    – Barriers – this is anything such as barbed wire to slow or stop an intruder.

    – Barter – the new business for many that everyone needs to become quite adept at.

    – Batteries – rechargeable are the best batteries but disposable ones are also good to have.

    – Beasts of burden – may be the ONLY way to move anything heavy, the new “horsepower”.

    – Bees – increase the yield of crops and get honey if you can care for them.

    – Beans – so many different varieties with so much fiber and protein to them.

    – Beneficial – try to aim for the better good of yourself and your survival group.

    – Bicycle – actually the bicycle is one of the most efficient vehicles there is.

    – Binoculars – aim for the most “light” gathering models, usually with the larger lenses.

    – Bizarre – prepare yourselves for the ultimate weird and totally unexpected.

    – Blankets – worth their weight many times over.

    – Bleach – probably one of the top survival items that there is.

    – Boats – this can be canoes, kayaks, etc. to transport you and your supplies to safety.

    – Boil – still one the best ways to kill bacteria and other pathogen in water.

    – Booby traps – to protect yourself and your supplies, but watch out for them set by others.

    – Books – there was something that people used before the internet, which were books.

    – Borax – a good cleaner for many items.

    – Bottles – too many uses to mention.

    – Bow and arrows – silent and can be a good alternative to those that cannot get firearms.

    – Boxes – even the cardboard type offers economical ways of storing your supplies.

    – Brackets – consider them to vertically help in stacking of supplies.

    – Brain – your best asset with prepping and survival.

    – Brooms – don’t be without it, especially if you have much disaster debris to clean up.

    – Brushes – everything from hair to paint to scrub brushes, don’t be without them.

    – Budget – always try to put extra items for survival into the family budget, it will be worth it.

    – Bug out and Bug in – think this over a lot before SHTF.

    – Bulk – large items can be cheaper, but some may be too large and can’t be used at once.

    – Bundle – consolidate as much as you can to save space.

    – Bungee cords – good for securing things down, especially when travelling.

    – Bury – still one of the best ways to hide what you consider valuable.

    – Busy – find a way to keep yourself from becoming bore to death after a disaster.

    – Butcher and slaughter – an unpleasant task for many but a skill people should know.


    – Calculations – know how much you have and how long it will last.

    – Calm – the more relaxed you can remain the easier you can handle a true nightmare.

    – Calorie intake – make sure you are getting enough food so you don’t waste away.

    – Camouflage and concealment – one of the top aspects of survival, don’t be seen.

    – Camping – most of what people experience camping can help them in survival.

    – Candles – this is something that you just can’t have enough of.

    – Candy – not much nutrition but can be uplifting and a good barter item.

    – Canned goods – so much comes in cans, even butter and cheese.

    – Canning – excellent economical way of storing food, especially from the garden.

    – Can openers – the manual ones everyone should have lots of.

    – Canteens – still an excellent way of carrying smaller amounts of water.

    – Canvas – clothes that take a beating from the elements and keep on going.

    – Capsules – empty gelatin capsules are good ways of swallowing things that tastes bad.

    – Carbon monoxide detector – battery operated, wise choice to get one.

    – Cash – even cash money will have some use from some merchant willing to take it.

    – Caution – being careful is most of the time the most logical course of action.

    – Caves – being aware of hazards in caves, still can be the safest place to shelter someone.

    – Cereal – not usually a long term survival item, but still not bad for several months storage.

    – Charcoal – wonderful item for cooking as it can be used under primitive conditions.

    – Children – younger people need more care and understanding to get through bad times.

    – Chocolate – has some health properties and is a good sweet to trade things for.

    – Chopping equipment – don’t be without it.

    – Cigarettes – this is something that someone that smokes must have and will barter to get.

    – Circulation – make sure your body gets exercise; sitting around for days is not good.

    – Civil defense – an art almost lost that communities need to begin practicing again, now.

    – Clean – the cleaner you, others and the environment is the less problems you will have.

    – Climate – know where you are or where you are going, understand the climate.

    – Clothes lines and clothes pins – many uses with them.

    – Clothing – don’t forget what you need to wear and keeping your clothes clean as possible.

    – Comfort – don’t forget to include those items that can cheer you up during bad times.

    – Communications- most likely going to be down, people need to prepare for this.

    – Compost – if you plan on growing anything, learn how to compost what you have.

    – Compass – even cheap ones, because this may be the only way to travel around.

    – Condition yourself – try to acclimate yourself to wherever you are or going to.

    – Contagious – there are going to be some very bad germs everywhere, ready yourself.

    – Containers – using your imagination for your needs you will find you need many containers.

    – Contraceptives – even if you have no use for them, many others will and will barter for it.

    – Cookware and cookbooks – simply put, don’t be without them, especially sturdy cookware.

    – Coolers – not just for keeping things cold, can also be used to keep things from freezing.

    – Cooling – evaporative cooling and good air circulation can aid a lot in keeping people cool.

    – Cooperation – everyone in a survival group needs to work together for the group.

    – Cots – even fold up beds to get people off the ground when sleeping or resting.

    – Cotton – very breathable material, cotton balls also have many uses.

    – Couponing – just like money, the more you use the more of something else you can afford.

    – Cutting equipment – like chopping devices, almost a certain survival need.


    – Death and dying – something people must handle after a disaster, prepare for this.

    – Decontamination – it may be necessary to prevent spread of germs and toxins.

    – Defense – something that must be planned for by all in a survival group.

    – Dehydrated food – drying foods with a dehydrator or using the sun, even purchasing it.

    – Denial – some people will continue to deny “it” has happened, something to deal with.

    – Dental care – toothpaste, dental floss, toothbrushes, and others, don’t be without it.

    – Deodorizers – it makes a confined stay much easier when bad smells are not everywhere.

    – Depression and despair – an issue everyone will face either with themselves or others.

    – Detection – you should be able to know what is around you that can harm you.

    – Diapers – any infant in the group needs these, still a very good barter item.

    – Dinnerware – it is awful to have to eat everything without forks, knives, spoons.

    – Disease – this is going to be rampant everywhere, take precautions for this.

    – Dishes and glasses – plates, bowls, glasses and cups from eating and drinking.

    – Disinfectant – to prevent disease and sickness, from hand sanitizers to sprays.

    – Disguise – try to hide yourself by also your retreat the best you can from others.

    – Diversity – don’t put all your eggs in one basket; have back up plans and places.

    – Dogs – for guarding and watching along with companionship to consider.

    – Downwind – try not to be downwind with any smells that alert others to what you have.

    – Dust pans – mini shovels, sturdy enough to help collect debris and dirt and dust.


    – Eye glasses – extra prescription glasses for those that need it, sunglasses for glare.

    – Ear and eye protection – loud noises can deafen and loose particles can blind.

    – Economical – being frugal has many advantages as everything lasts longer.

    – Edible – find out in your area everything you can that is eatable and safe.

    – Educate – continue to find out as much as you can about everything about survival.

    – Eggs – can be raised yourself and/or found in nests around your area, good protein.

    – Electricity – can be generated from wind, water, solar, or other means.

    – Emergency kits – many on the market or you can build one yourself.

    – EMP – electro-magnetic-pulse – guard against it, Faraday cages for one.

    – Entertainment – especially for children, games, something to break up boredom.

    – Entrances – everywhere something can get in is a potential danger spot, guard them.

    – Envelopes – storage of records, papers, information, seeds, many others.

    – Environment – know it well wherever you are.

    – Epsom Salts – one of the best items for infections and cleansing.

    – Escape – having plans to get out of situations is wise.

    – Experience – the more someone can get the more natural problem solving comes.

    – Extra – that little more that is added to what someone considers adequate enough.


    – Faith – no matter what someone believes, this higher power can give strength to people.

    – Fallout and bomb shelter – these structures are excellent for other disasters.

    – Farming and harvest equipment – if you plan to grow crops you need these tools.

    – Favorite foods – the more enjoyable some of the food you have, the stressful it will be.

    – Fear and panic – it is likely to be intense with almost everyone, prepare now for it.

    – Feminine needs – without these bacteria septic problems can develop with women.

    – Fiber – constipation is something no one needs to go through on top of a disaster.

    – Files – there is much that needs to be kept, like medical records, safe and accessible.

    – Filters – from water to coffee to anything, filters are needed for much.

    – Fire – know how to start one and maintain one.

    – Firearms – the more the better.

    – First aid kit – the more elaborate the kit is the more people you can treat with quality care.

    – Fishing – knowing how to fish well will be a survival skill most can use for food.

    – Fishing equipment – everything that goes with it, fishing line also “has many other uses.

    – Flashlights – LED, it just seems like you can never have enough.

    – Flour – almost everyone can use flour and a lot of it.

    – Focus – one of the most important survival traits.

    – Food – store it and then store more.

    – Footwear- different terrains mean different shoes, boots, socks, and foot padding.

    – Four food groups – the more balanced someone’s diet is the less health problems.

    – Four wheel drive – if you can get it or know someone trustworthy with you, do it.

    – Forage – like the animals that make their living off it, become an expert at this.

    – Forest – consideration, most people have one nearby, good place to hide and find food.

    – Free – a prepper philosophy, never to pass up an opportunity to get usable things for free.

    – Freeze dried foods – can be expensive, but are lightweight and very convenient.

    – Fruit – never forget to try to get some fruit in your diet, edible berries are in nature.

    – Fuel, fuel storage – gas, propane, whatever powers machines are nice to have in reserve.

    – Funnels – makes pouring liquids and even powders so much easier into containers.


    – Garage sales – estate sales, auctions, flea markets, to get good survival items cheaper.

    – Garbage and trash – find safe ways of disposing of it before it becomes a big problem.

    – Garden tools – planning to grow food even on small scale, you will need these.

    – Gathering – like foraging, there is plenty in the outdoors that can be collected.

    – Glue and adhesives – people will need to stick many items back together.

    – Germs – they are everywhere and will spread rapidly with everything dead and dying.

    – Gloves – not just for warmth, also for hand protection from picking up sharp objects.

    – Gold – even when it seems like no money is accepted, someone will accept gold.

    – Grains – might be harder to obtain after a wide spread disaster, good item to store.

    – Grain mill, manual – when you have grains you likely will have to mill them down for use.

    – Grief and sorrow – expect to lose those around you; family, friends, neighbors.

    – Guard – what some group may have to do 24 hours a day, animals can help in the duty.

    – Gun – stun guns, air guns, hand guns, shot guns, can’t go wrong with more self defense.


    – Hardware – everything from screws to nails, just look at your local hardware store.

    – Hats – the head is the one part of the body that some people forget needs protecting.

    – Hatchets, axes – if a person only gets one chopping tool, let it be an ax of some sort.

    – Health – this is essential to keep someone going, much attention must be given to this.

    – Heat – almost every place gets cool enough to be uncomfortable, take this into account.

    – Healing – the more you have available, the quicker anyone is sick is going to heal.

    – HEPA air filters – there will be a lot of air toxins, filtering that air is important if you can.

    – Herbs – can help cure ailments and make food taste much better.

    – Hide and hideout – many people will need to hide to stay alive for awhile.

    – Hoist – makes lifting something heavy much easier.

    – Holsters – a lot easier to carry fire arms or other self defense on your body.

    – Honey – can be stored almost forever, many uses like treating bee and wasps stings.

    – Hope – what having survival supplies gives people.

    – Horticulture – learn as much about growing food as possible.

    – Humidity – a very important factor with dehydration and staying warmer in the cold.

    – Hydrogen peroxide – still one of the best first aid remedies there is.

    – Hygiene- preventative health care, the cleaner your body is the less chance of illness.


    – Ideas – always look for new ones to help your survival and preparing, they are out there.

    – Illness – the faster someone deals with sickness the less drastic it will be, don’t let it go.

    – Immune System – the stronger it is the stronger and more likely to fight off becoming sick.

    – Improvise – be inventive and find solutions, this takes practice.

    – Improvement – always the goal is to make your preparedness better, more survivable.

    – Insect repellent – this is an item that everyone will be so thankful to have.

    – Instant food products – much of this is sold in the supermarket, it is easy and lightweight.

    – Insulation – learning how to use insulation on a person and a place is so important.

    – Insurance – this is all that you have stored up, real tangible life insurance.

    – Intuition – this is using your wits and that something that tells you it is wrong or right.

    – Inverter – with 12 volt batteries you can power small devices that are plugged in.

    – Iodized salt – this is a necessary nutrient that keeps a person alive, don’t be without it.

    – Isolation – probably the best idea in most situations, less competition for what remains.

    – Itch remedies – there are plenty of things that are going to make you itch a lot.


    – Jack of all trades – may be no one to fix what breaks, become diverse at repair work.

    – Jacks – a good jack that can lift your car quickly to fix it makes practical sense to have.

    – Jackets and coats – all weather, especially water repellent, and heavy jackets for the cold.

    – Jerry-rig it – people will need to come up with all sorts of contraptions and be good at it.

    – Judgment – always use good judgment and think before you leap and make decisions.

    – Juice – nutrition can be obtained through canned and bottled juices, good item to store.


    – Kindling – know how to collect and what to look for to start a fire.

    – Kitchenware – there are many utensils to make cooking a lot easier.

    – Knives – including machetes, folding, for cutting foods, try to have all kinds.

    – Knowledge – the more you know and can retain, the more likely you will survive.


    – Ladders – most forget about this one, folding and compact ladders are a good choice.

    – Lanterns – battery operated, gas or other fuel, even wind up, are nice sources of light.

    – Laundry accessories – probably no washing machines, clothes should still be washed.

    – Lawlessness – don’t depend on the police to protect you, it likely won’t happen.

    – Liberty – your freedom depends on not selling yourself to someone else to eat.

    – Lifeline – your supplies and what you can make, find, trade for, etc. is your lifeline.

    – Light – don’t take for granted that there will always be light, well stock anti-dark supplies.

    – Lighters, lighter fluid – without chemical help, wet conditions make it hard to start a fire.

    – Liquid – not just water can hydrate a person, other liquids such as milk, juice, others can.

    – Livestock – eventually survivors are going to be keeping animals for food, learn how to.

    – Loss – people need to ready themselves for some loss of something dear to them.


    – Magnesium fire starters – a survival item that gets a lot of use for minimum money spent.

    – Magnifying glass – every survival kit needs at least one of these.

    – Maps – probably forget about GPS, the old fashioned maps to know where you are going.

    – Masks – gas, respiratory both (N-95 and N-100), your lungs and breathing need protection.

    – Matches – paper and wood types, this is something that everyone must have.

    – Measuring devices – weight, distance, size, and people still will have to know how big it is.

    – Meat – even vegetarians might have to eat some form of meat, have meats available.

    – Meat grinder – one tool that will be much appreciated to own.

    – Mechanical know how – repair work on any machine still working is inevitable.

    – Medical knowledge and medical equipment – all too important.

    – Metallurgy – people that can weld and shape metal will be a lot better off.

    – Meticulous – well organized preparation and supplies saves time and effort.

    – Milk – in cans, powdered form, or dairy cows and other mammals such as goats.

    – Minerals – proper nutrition and very survival depends on humans getting enough minerals.

    – Mirrors – for signaling, but also for seeing where the eyes can’t such as behind you.

    – Mobile – people may have to remain moving with hopefully your supplies going with you.

    – Modify – as situations change your plans will also likely change, be ready for this.

    – Money – whatever someone else will accept in payment, precious metals still rule.

    – MRE’s or meals ready to eat – these keep for many years and are quite handy.

    – Multi-tools – small enough to carry and so many uses all in a fold up device.

    – Multivitamins – an excellent supplement to what you might not be getting in foods.


    – Nasal spray – especially saline solution, one of the best ways of cleaning out the sinuses.

    – Native – become as familiar as a native to any new area as possible.

    – Nature – try to live off it as much as you can, as it is renewable.

    – Navigation – learn how to use landmarks, the sun, and the stars to guide you around.

    – Necessities – prioritize what you need the most; try to stock up on these items the most.

    – Nest egg – what you have stored and can immediately be made available to you.

    – Never – as in never should you stop stocking up when you can and have the room to.

    – News – try to keep yourself as updated as you can, you don’t want to be caught off guard.

    – Newspaper – good kindling and insulation, also good for wrapping things with.

    – Nighttime – plan for the darkness and the fact that many predators stalk those at night.

    – Night vision equipment – being able to see more at night gives anyone an advantage.

    – Noise – try your best to keep any sound to the minimum and sound travels far and away.

    – Noise makers – whistles, horns, anything with sharp piercing decibels are a defense.

    – Nutrition – EVERY survival food supply should take this essential need in consideration.

    – Nuts – high protein and excellent calorie counts, plus they keep usable for longer times.


    – Observation – obtain as much as you can perceive; sight, sound, smell, feel, taste.

    – Oil – all sorts for; cooking, heating, lamps, lubrication, and many other uses.

    – Open-minded – often someone to move on anything has to be open to it first.

    – Organization – uses color coding, numbers, anything to know what you have.

    – Out of the way – the outback and away from high density populations are good options.

    – Outdoors – something anyone may have to live and deal with, learn how to live it.

    – Outline – any good survival plan has a well defined structured summary of what to do.

    – Oxygen – many safe places lack air for all the people, these needs to be addressed.

    – Oven – it can be a solar, brick, gas, wood, Dutch, an oven is an excellent survival tool.


    – Padlocks – can at very least slow down a thief or intruder from getting in.

    – Pantry – a full pantry is one of the most secure feelings.

    – Paper – people will need to write down information, write down without computers.

    – Paper towels – here is an item that filters, cleans up messes, so many uses.

    – Parachute cord – paracord is extremely strong and thin enough for many, many uses.

    – Paraffin – for making candles with and for sealing off foods with wax such as cheeses.

    – Pasta – long shelf life and can be combined with lots of different foods.

    – Pectin – for fruit preserves and other foods, also quite effective controlling diarrhea.

    – Pencils and pens – what people will need when there are no modern electronics left.

    – Pepper spray – non-lethal stopping power, especially for areas that prohibit firearms.

    – Pest control – so necessary to control disease, every survival supply needs some.

    – Pet preparation – for those with pets, they need to have food and needs stockpiled.

    – Pharmaceuticals – the drug stores will be closed and ransacked.

    – Physically fit – the more in shape your body is the more you can take and act.

    – Pins – safety and regular straight pins for fastening objects.

    – Plant life – know what you can eat and can’t and the medicinal benefits of plants.

    – Platinum – still one of the precious metals that can be used to purchase what you need.

    – Potassium iodine (iodide) – after radiation starts this must be used to protect the thyroid.

    – Preserving – using pressure cookers, fermentation pots, pickling, drying, etc.

    – Protection – absolutely essential, consider all sorts of weapons and defensive training.

    – Psychology – people around someone are going to freak out and have to be helped.

    – Pumps – to get liquids to where you need them to go, non-electric hand pumps especially.

    – PVC piping – this to hide your valuables vertically in the ground, with watertight lids.


    – Quagmire – try never to get bogged down anywhere that is no longer safe to be.

    – Quality – you usually get what you paid for, the better quality usually the longer it lasts.

    – Quantity – the more you have, the longer you will last before times become desperate.

    – Quarantine – a sign put up with this on it can and does deter people from your place.

    – Quick action – the more rapid you can move, the quicker you can establish safety.

    – Quiet – as little noise as possible as sound will travel much distance.

    – Quik clot hemostatic agent – this is something that can stop bleeding from deep wounds.


    – Radiation knowledge – detection and knowing how to shield yourself from it.

    – Radios – shortwave and conventional may be the ONLY way to get information and news.

    – Raingear – everything to keep someone dry, excessive moisture leads to skin problems.

    – Ration – every survival plan should have a way of dividing up food and supplies.

    – Razors – in all forms, the sharper the better in many cases for cutting things.

    – Recovery – the more prepared someone is the more likely they will be part of the recovery.

    – Refrigeration – even without electricity you can keep things cold, ice house is one way.

    – Reload – sporting goods still will not be around; your ammunition might be used quickly.

    – Remedies – there are natural and manmade ones that can lives, read up of them.

    – Replacement parts – spare parts are so valuable, especially when there are no stores.

    – Replenish – always try to replace what supplies you use while you still can.

    – Rescue – don’t expect to be saved for indefinite amounts of time, be well prepared.

    – Rice – one food that can be bought and stored in large bulk.

    – Rifle – every firearm stockpile needs one or more, high powered air rifles are good also.

    – Risk management – know what endangers you and your groups and act accordingly.

    – Rope – different strands and strengths for different projects.

    – Rotate – can be difficult but it is so worth it to keep what should be fresh when you need it.


    – Sacrifice – some of this is necessary to accumulate supplies to survive for tomorrow.

    – Safety – always aim for the safest path for everyone in you survival group.

    – Sales – always look for anything to alert you to when you can save money on survival.

    – Salt – even bags of rock salt will be very high in demand where salt is not readily around.

    – Salvage – there are many very usable parts in what others would consider junk.

    – Sanitation – much effort MUST be contributed to this essential survival necessity.

    – Scarce – what was once plentiful will be little or nothing in supply, stock up before this.

    – Scarves – for tying down things, along with being used for neck and head covering.

    – Scavenge and scrounge – learn to see what you can use for later just lying around.

    – Science and math – problems are easier to solve with good science and math know how.

    – Scissors – small to large, cutting is usually made easier with sharp scissors.

    – Screens – keep out insects, sieve things, metal screen can be used to protect from EMP.

    – Sealers – all sorts of uses but especially to plug leaks.

    – Security – always look for ways to better secure yourself and what you have.

    – Seeds – if you plan to grow anything, get good quality seeds and airtight protect them.

    – Seriousness – never underestimate just how horrible a disaster can become.

    – Sewing equipment – thread, needles, etc., and possibly even a manual sewing machine.

    – Shade – direct sunlight can drive up the temperature a lot; think about the issue of shade.

    – Shampoo – your hair needs to be cleaned occasionally when there is extra water to do so.

    – Sharpeners – cutting equipment that is sharp cuts down on time and effort cutting things.

    – Shields – armor, barriers, anything to safeguard against projectiles and other threats.

    – Shoe laces – nice to have when shoes laces on shoes and boots wear out.

    – Shooting range – become as proficient with your firearms as you can, practice a lot.

    – Shovels – all sizes and very necessary, don’t forget show shovels are not just for snow.

    – Shower – good way to stay clean, camping solar showers type bags or make it yourself.

    – Signaling devices – flags, mirrors, noise, bright lights, anything to get attention.

    – Silver – a precious metal that is going to be accepted by some merchant.

    – Siphon – getting liquids to where you need it.

    – Siren- air horns, anything to create a lot of sudden noise.

    – Skin care – so many different irritants that can cause skin problems, how aliments stored.

    – Sleep aids – natural and others can also help with depression.

    – Soap – try to aim for anti-bacterial based soaps, learn how to make your own soap.

    – Soil – know it well before attempting to grow crops.

    – Solar power – from cookers to recharging to immediate power, something to consider.

    – Soup – good way of adding what you have to make a meal, also canned soups.

    – Space – know how much space you have to work with people and supplies.

    – Sponges – use for cleaning and for sponge baths when there is little water.

    – Storage – try to make it airtight and cool and dry as possible.

    – Stoves – many are on the market, people can build their own out of scrape supplies.

    – Stress – find out beforehand the best way to help people in your group how to handle it.

    – Suddenness – so many disasters come on without warning and instantly, get ready for this.

    – Sugar – this has to be one of the top items used and sought after by others.

    – Sun – think about angles when planting, times between sunrise and sunset, etc.

    – Surprise – few people deal with the unexpected unless they ready themselves for it.

    – Survival stores – they are going to sell most of what you’re going to need, check them out.


    – Tables – folding and sturdy enough to hold some weight and not wobbly.

    – Tape – from duct to masking to scotch and others, don’t be without it.

    – Tarpaulins (tarps) – can be used to collect water, cover things, and many other uses.

    – Tenderizer – really tough meat needs this, medical uses also.

    – Tents – try to go with canvas, other tents rip too easily.

    – Thermal protection – hot pads, guards against flames, anything to prevent being burned.

    – Thermometers – to tell someone’s temperature, to tell any temperature.

    – Thrifty – getting good used survival supplies when you can at cheap prices.

    – Ties – especially plastic ties that lock, ties help keep objects bundled together and in place.

    – Tinder – know where to look for tinder and what to look for to help start a fire.

    – Tires – having extra tires for your escape vehicle is a good idea and a tire inflating pump.

    – Toilet – chemical toilet, composting toilet, anything to safely dispose of human waste.

    – Toilet paper – the more you have the better, easily also a top barter item.

    – Tomato related – tomato sauce and pieces is so versatile with cooking, have lots of it.

    – Tools – everything you get will help someone fix something.

    – Topography – know how to read a topographic map and know the terrain you in.

    – Toughness – times are going to be really tough, try to become mentally durable.

    – Towels – you may not be able to do much wash, having extra towels will help.

    – Toxins – there will be plenty after most disasters and must be avoided if at all possible.

    – Trailers – both livable and those that allow you to move your supplies.

    – Transmitters – whatever you can use to get your message out; CB, ham, whatever.

    – Traps – this can be for animals and for people also, much caution here must be taken.

    – Trouble – expect this when you have something someone desperate needs.


    – Ultimate goal – is should be to have everything you need or most of it, good goal to aim for.

    – Underground – survival may depend on as much mass between you and the outside.

    – Underwear – long johns can keep a person warm; keep underwear as clean as possible.

    – Unique – each survival group and their planning and what they have.

    – Unity – an important issue that people should get along well in any survival group.

    – Universal – the more adaptable parts are the easier to fix devices it will be.

    – Update – like on a computer, try to keep yourself updated about what is happening.

    – Upwind – try to remain upwind from any potential threat to you.


    – Valleys and depressions – is where cold air sinks, water collects rapidly, be careful here.

    – Value – always look for the best possible value on anything.

    – Valves – for controlling air, gas, and liquid flows, having spare ones is a very good idea.

    – Vaporizer – this can save someone having breathing problems.

    – Vault – a secure fireproof safe(s) for what cannot be replaced, like your firearms.

    – Vegetables – in cans, growing them and finding them, a high priority for any survival.

    – Vehicles – anything that can move you and your supplies.

    – Venomous animals – no treatment at medical facilities, something to be very wary about.

    – Vinegar – every survival plan needs vinegar, for treating people to cleaning to much more.

    – Vitamins – people need to get enough vitamins or they develop life threatening illnesses.


    – Wagons – can help move a lot, not just a child’s toy.

    – Warmth – everyone needs to be kept warm enough, supplies should address this.

    – Washboard – one of the items that everyone should have, it works.

    – Waste – something that piles up and leads to vermin and disease, and must be dealt with.

    – Watches and clocks – wind up are best, you will still need to know the time.

    – Water – make sure you have access to a dependable constant source, no matter what.

    – Watertight – the more moisture you can keep out the longer your supplies will remain.

    – Weaknesses – attempt to find them and fix them as fast as you can.

    – Weapons – on top of the obvious, use your imagination for some other effective ones.

    – Weather – learn how to forecast it with a decent degree of accuracy, get a barometer.

    – Weather proving – hold back as much of the outside elements as possible.

    – Wells – one way of having a possible dependable source of water.

    – Wheat – where you get your bread from.

    – Wind break – something to think about to reduce the cold and severe weather.

    – Windows – one of the most vulnerable part of any survival retreat, need to be secured.

    – Wipes – so convenient and makes clean up so much more efficient.

    – Wood – dried wood is still one of the best and most obtainable sources of fuel there is.

    – Wringer – makes clothes easier to dry out after they have been washed.


    – Xenophobia – survival is going to mean being leery of others that want what you have.


    – Yardage and yarn – fabric to make clothes, blankets, coverings, and other needs.

    – Year round planning – a survival plan should take into account all days of the year.

    – Yeast – bread and other baking will sometimes need yeast to help it rise.


    – Zeal or enthusiasm – people that know their prepping is all worth it, a good uplifting feeling.

    – Zero hour – the time in which you hunker down and wait it out in safety of your place.

    – Zipper and zip lock bags – a true necessity for keeping items dry, clean, and airtight.

    – Zones – know exactly where your best individual survival chances will be at.

    Also see: How Horrific Will It Be For The Non-Prepper?


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      1. Great piece to read..

        Let’s hope for the best..

        • I guess all these OBESE humans in the world will not have to worry about extra pounds 6 months after the collapse happens….

          • eppe,

            The problem of obesity is not caused by “too much food.”

            The problem is nutritional deficiency and metabolic syndrome, very often caused by poverty, but also by ignorance: the worst, most obesity-causing foods are the cheapest, full of HFCS, sugar, cheap rancid soy and corn oils, and full of chemicals and fillers to make them taste good. Almost ALL processed and packaged foods fall into this category. Most people who are obese are either uneducated about nutrition, or simply cannot afford to buy good meats, good fats, and un-chemically-sprayed, non-GMO vegetables.

            Gary Taubes has an excellent book (Good Calories, Bad Calories) which meticulously documents the science. He additionally documents what has happened even in African countries where the people are starving and living on handouts of wheat and rice: it is startlingly common to see starving children with obese mothers. This has absolutely nothing to do with those women eating too much. Both the women and the children are nutritionally deficient.

            Anyone serious about their own nutritional survival and keeping their wits about them in an emergency would do well to learn exactly how their own biochemical processes really work. I for one, would never think of wasting a single cent on food that will not truly sustain me or my family. This is why, after some storage of dry goods such as rice/beans/etc, I focus most of my efforts on raising, butchering, sometimes buying, and then canning meat from chickens, rabbits, deer, pigs, and beef. I also consider the raw milk (I make cheese too) and the eggs from my chickens to be some of the highest quality sustainable food I can muster.

            • I actually read that book in 2008, a really good book on what our “idea” of good food is totally wrong, promoted by the mass media. What I was trying to convey was that when humans do not have “bad” food to eat, ie. fast food, junk food, tainted food, and they have to get to the basics, their weight will drop. The United States has one of the highest rate of obesity, which is a shame, but look at the facts.
              Genetics play a cruel hand for some, I have seen many who try and try to lose weight and cannot achieve that goal. Your point is well taken, and I hope that the rest of the world will get in shape and eat smartly.
              Most of the diseases (arthritis, heart problems, etc.)
              could be solved with what they intake. Native Americans would fast for two or more days to let the toxins get out without putting more back in, correcting the problem in their own bodies. Read “Back to Eden” by Jethro Kloss, and see that what Taubes is saying is not new, only rehashed.
              P.S. I never said “too much food”.

        • Toilet paper is a waste! It is better to use rags and wash cloths instead. Why waste all that storage space for something you will end up throwing out? The wash cloths can be cleaned and used over and over again. What happens if you have to “bug out?” Carry rolls and rolls of TP? I would rather use the space that the T.P. would take up and use that space for storage of food stuffs or something just as critical. Also forgot to add tobacco to the list, a great barter item. After all, it was one of the first “monies” used in North America!

          • I tend to agree, but since I am outnumbered by the women not stocking it risks death by gunshot wound. Besides, I want to ease them into the transition to living in a third-world country. I only carry one roll in my BOB and the normal amount at home, but if I do need to bug out to my BOL, there will be plenty waiting there in what will become the hen house.

            I do not smoke so will not be storing tobacco, but you did inspire the idea to store some tobacco seeds.

          • most of the world uses water.

      2. Wow thats a lot of “stuff’ I will never be ready.

        • I think if you have just some of the items listed, and are aware of the concepts Be Informed brings up, that you will be more prepared than 99% of the population. The list is a great place to start and great for creating prioritization sub lists.

          None of us can ever be ready for everything, but we can certainly increase our odds of surviving and thriving.

          • Fantastic list, thanks. But remember OPSEC; When you buy, use cash, don’t have anything sent to your house if you can avoid i (nosey neighbors and mailmen); get a mail drop like UPS because their addresses are like those of a business. Oh, and put a business name on it if you can. Shop at different locations; don’t let anyone see you buy too many cases of anything. Use different mail order companies as well for this and other reasons. And TELL NO ONE of your preps; if others don’t get it by now, they never will, and this includes family. Hold extra for them but say nothing, time is running out and the last thing any of us needs is for some government busybodies poking around. And never have all of your goods in the same place-too easy to get it all taken away. Good luck!

            • We’re prepping for my son, his future wife, and their baby that’s on the way. We can’t prep for anyone else. Sure, I could give one of my relatives a box of dry cereal and a gallon of water but that won’t change anything. After it hits the fan I’m not even opening the door to see who it is. I’ve already told friends, relatives, and church people to prepare for the coming collapse. After it happens it’s gonna be too late.

            • Great Article Mac. Don’t forget to hoard some toilet paper :-)!

          • You forgot Tampons Mac.

            • Old Crow – The list includes “feminine needs”. I’m just a guy but I think that covers it.

            • That probably falls under “Feminine Needs.”

            • Whoops. Guess I should keep reading the replies.

            • They’re not only for feminine use…..!

            • You can use tampons to plug up gunshot wounds.

            • little joke for ya

              how do u embarrass an archeologist?
              hand him a used tampon and ask him which period its from

          • Little birdie says, the usurper in charge of the WH, says QEIII begins this Sunday. Status Quo must be maintained at all cost till elections are over. America and it’s people are to be left hung out to dry.

            I say we our well pass all the BS QE’s, they have been adding zeros after zeros to all the banks under the elites control.

            Like Mac says, a little is better than nothing. Most do not have the means to have a secluded place to bug out to, so make sure to prioritize your items for if and when you have to leave in a hurry. You cannot take it all with you, plus you may not be able to return to get what is left behind.

            Just remember, there is bound to be things laying around throughout your jurney if and when it comes to that. Keep a positive mind for the best, but be prepped for the worst!

            B Aware, B Awake, B Alive

        • its a good thing I watched mCgyver when I was a kid

          • See that is a nice shot at humor, You are able to do it. Rich to add in the end we the few will need to work together no matter what happen in the furture.

          • There is a McGyver fan website detailing all the jerry-rigs he did and whether they would actually work or not.

      3. Thanks for the list. The more localization and preparedness we have in ourselves, our families and communities, the easier the transition to a new paradigm will be. There will be bumps, massive bumps, but increased resiliency equals increased opportunities for success. Prepare, prepare, prepare.

        Gold Leader standing by.

        • Absolutely! Well Said GL!

      4. Just yesterday I ordered aomething I had overlooked…correction, one of several items I have overlooked.
        Activated charcoal for my first aid kits, both pills and powder. It could save the life of a poisoning victim, makes a great poultice as well.
        This site has been a godsend, constantly reminding me to check and recheck, given my resources and abilities.

        • Activated carbon is one item that is often overlooked… We happened to pick some up a couple months back at Pet Smart for the purpose of building an off-grid water filter experiment with the kids. It’s cheap, and like you said, can save lives in an emergency.

          • Activated charcoal is essential for chemtrails detox, especially dogs which are more vulnerable than us.

        • And today, at the 400 mile yard sale through Ky, I found $1 reading glasses to add to the few I have; and another cast iron skillet like new(insert smiley face here).
          I was constantly searching for prepping needs today.
          Go figure!!

      5. Great article, Be Informed! You are living up to your name!!!


      6. If I cover my hed up with blanket can you make it go away?

        • Make what go away? There’s nothing to see here! Move along, move along!

      7. One more thing. Deep cover, from the absolute bloodbath/shitstorm that is going to happen, starting Monday when the market opens. I can’t see how it will be avoided. This is going to be effing messy. If the FED pulls a QE3, PMs are going to be a moon shot, hope you got some.

        • @Hammer— Oh, its starting AGAIN this monday?
          Precious metals ta da MOON AGAIN> ? Thats 1296 times in the last two years….Gerald Celente….. the end is near! The end is near!

          • It’s coming eventually. The dollar will be worth 0 therefore gold and silver will be incredibly expensive in terms of dollars. Not because gold and silver are more valuable but because the dollar will become worthless. Laugh all you want. I have my savings in PMs. You should too.

            • barncat, theres just one small problem with your theory, when the dollar is worth zero (which it will) gold and silver will have no value in dollars. the value will be debateable however you couldnt pay any amount of dollars to get any gold or silver.

            • Eeder – You said gold and silver will have no value in dollars. That’s perfectly fine with me because I don’t want no stinkin dollars. I want to buy the stuff that people with dollars are unable to get: water, food, gasoline, gardening supplies, etc. In a hyperinflationary scenario, precious metals become the defacto currency.

            • ok, well youre the one that said they would be worth alot in dollars when it goes to zero. you arent making sense.

            • eeder

              Regardless of the dollar value per gold unit when push comes to shove you will get that side of beef and some fuel if available with that gold.

              My friends wife is from Belarus and is in her late 40s. When the USSR fell apart so did their economy. They had for practical purposes useless money. Gold and to a lesser degree silver (which was uncommon there according to her) became the currency of choice. She said people would buy a piano that never knew how to play it because it held value better than the money.

          • Especially as FTSE not open on Monday due to the Jubilee crap that is going on.

            That’s another boatload of money the government has spent that it didn’t have to, money that old have gone into creating jobs.

            Makes me sick

            Take care

            • Burt the Brit

              I just stumbled upon one of your fellow countrymen on the net by the name of David Icke. He says some very interesting things.

            • David Icke is wrong. He is a new ager. Something I used to be. He is one of the bad guys. The New Age is part of the plan too.

        • Hammerun: I’ve heard late June in QE disscussions. Have you heard otherwise? Most are agreed that another round is coming though. Not only will metals shoot up but all commodities will reflect a lower dollar. Oil, beef, pork(had to include that one for the feds) everything tangible will see an increase.

          • I have heard the same thing, in late June. But Helo Ben and Turbo Tim could pull this off at any time, anything as not to make His Highness’ look like a “smuck”. But that being said, I have been Yacking for the 12 to 14 months something significant is going to happen here in the US before July 2012. Engineered and steered by the sitting Administration, IE; Obama and clan. Dip shit and chief aint sitting so good and he knows it, something has to happen to get him to look like a prophet again or he is going to lose this election.
            ENTER; Rahm Emanuel, “Never let a Crises go to waste” and here it is for your pleasure. They are going to run this till the dog pukes, they have nothing else to go on. It’s been stated and verified that approximately 50% of this country’s population is on some kind of Government dole. Obama and ILK are thinking, as far as they are concerned, these are bought and paid for votes and in some cases, they’re probably be right but I’m hoping this is going to backfire on them. My thought is that there is more of a personal pride mentality left in this country from hard work and making a living for one’s self rather than laying around watching Desperate Housewives and eating BonBons waiting for a check.
            Without a doubt QE3,4,5 will do nothing but inflate the dollar cause hyperinflation and kill any savings you have. That’s how they intend on getting away from “The China Debt” to inflate their way out of it. Gold and Silver have been the baseline for monetary systems for millennia and will continue to be so here no matter what Op-pundits say. This just doesn’t fit into their overall plan. I’ll leave what they have in mind up to you and your own beliefs, we all have to pay for our own dictions. I just refuse to be lead around by the nose by somebody like Obama. He aint got nothing in my game, “fuck him!!”

            • I am really trying to track this right now. I know I am threading the needle here but I have been waiting to buy another 300 gallons of diesel for the pump price to reflect the drop in crude. Late next week I will have no choice but to order it. Also trying to decide if I should buy dyed or road diesel. Will use it either way but would be nice to run trucks on it without getting a tank dipped and a huge fine.
              The second they make an announcement about QE prices will increase.
              Also on a side note. A friend at the sporting store told me that his ammo suppliers already warned him of price increases in late summer.

      8. Awesome, well thought out list!

        If you have even 1/10th of those ideas covered, you will be in better shape than most people when SHTF.

      9. I am grateful for this list, especially because it appears to be thorough and precise, yet also generalized. I plan to study this list in detail and also print out a copy to retain. This is a list to “think on”. Thanks!

      10. RON PAUL/MIKE BOST 2012

        • Eeder: I tried to search for Greenspan speeches. Nothing found. Do you have any other info on when or where I can find more info on it? Also what is going on with MSM? I don’t watch those channels anymore with the exception of Euopean financial on bloomberg late night. Can you elaborate?

          • saddle up, they are reporting real news, financial news, they are not pushing stocks on the people, they are becoming critical of government, its fairly obvious if you tune in once in a while to get a feel for what they are pushing. and i just see a change. also stupid shows are starting to mention the constitution, its somewhat subtle and geared tosheeple, but its there. i will try and google it but if you check financial news, like cnbc, its on there. i think its sometihng of a speech with ben bernanake. it has the potential to be quite serious, based on some things greenspan has been saying the past few years. basically admitting how screwed up things are. frankly i dont mind alan greenspan and he had a self imposed gold standard at first as fed chief. in 1995, he caved to congress and went the opposite from what he had done in the past.alan greenspan started this depression in 1995 and he can end it now by coming out and exposing the weaknesses. it shall be very interesting to see what happens. again i will google it to see what comes up for me as each person on the internet gets a different search result tailored to them by the tptb and google for the same query.

            • saddle up, i will try and find out more about this greenspan thing. its something to do with the fed and bernanke. i cant locate it now. though he was on tv on friday however this is not what im referring to.

      11. Be Informed,

        Great List!!! Thank you!!!

      12. Diatomaceous Earth is another good item to stock – so many uses from food storage, insect control in garden, gets rid of bed bugs to safe worming of people and many animals – such as dogs and more.

        Be sure to get FOOD GRADE Diatomaceous Earth. This is sold at many feed stores.

        I received this in an email. Please note – I do not have horses, so I have never tried this.

        Off Grid Worm Recipe for Horses

        We’ve been worming “off the grid” for a while now. The mixture we have used was 40% pumpkin/sunflower seeds, 30% tobacco leaves (loose pipe tobacco from the store works) and the rest parsley flakes and garlic. It filled up a gallon ice cream bucket and we wormed over 20 horses with it.

        Through my own research I’ve learned that intestinal worms release from the stomach and intestinal lining during the full moon to breed. If you use a mixture such as we use or others, the rough texture of the mixture scrapes the worms away and right out of the horses. It is much cheaper than conventional worming, which can run up to $8/tube every 60 days.

        And the horse manure isn’t contaminated by the chemicals in the tube wormer. We use the horse manure as fertilizer, as a lot of people do. But what most people don’t know or don’t think about is that horse manure tainted with worming medication is also tainted and will kill the good worms in the soil once the manure is on the ground.

          • @KY Mom

            +1 on diatomaceous earth – has lots of use in a SHTF scenario – regarding using on livestock as a wormer, did but stopped using it as an internal wormer on my dwarf goats – reason – DE kills insects by drying them up –

            Great for outside use – use sparingly as can kill beneficial insects too – when used internally, the worms are in a moist and warm environment and DE can’t do it’s thing – come in contact with the insect, lacerate the bugs exoskeleton, absorb the body fluids and cause it to die from dehydration.

            I found an excellent alternative at Molly’s Herbals – uses wormwood and garlic and other natural ingredients – can be used by animals and humans. She does an excellent job on her site explaining the why and how. Hope you will check it out. Stores great!

            • also check out “basic H” from shaklee. a little goes a loooonnnngggg ways.

        • If anyone’s looking…20 lb. bag @ TSC for $8.
          Hope this helps.

        • Diat. Earth is fantastic — we keep it in the large 50 pound bags for livestock. It will work topically, too, to rid an animal of mites or other obnoxious bugs.

          I use D.E. in the garden, too, as an organic pest control. It’s used to “dust” the plant leaves.

          I have heard testimony of people ingesting small daily doses of D.E. to reduce their cholesterol. I would caution someone to do serious research beforehand but if there are no prescription meds and the D.E. is available, and it has been proven to lower cholesterol, why not?

          One precaution, though: D.E. should not be inhaled (even accidentally while applying it as a dusting powder) as it can be very abrasive internally (the lungs).

          • I had lots of ants on the deck box on the back porch; sprinkled DE; in 10 minutes all ants were gone.

      13. If you like them or need them (watch dog, horses), don`t forget your pets and animals in preparation plans.

        • Viking: Agreed, I have started buying dry dog food for my dogs to blend in with other animal scraps thanks to the dilligent reminding from 95 LB K-9. At $30.00 a bag it adds up. All the loyalty they have given me, the very least I can do is spend a couple hundred dollars on their food. Horses: extra shoes, nippers, rasps, hobbles. People would be amazed at how fast a horse gets ouchy on rocky or dry sand ground. Some people think hobbling a horse is cruel, but consider this, if you were the horse would you rather be tied up or hobbled and grazing. Hay is going to get expensive again out west this year, would love to be a seller at $300/ton but this year is all being stacked.

          • I saw this and had to share. At least there are some uses for this nuisance. Cows and horses eat it. Now they have recipes for people to eat it.

            Kudzu: ‘Vine that ate the South’ is also good eating


            • Yes, Kudzu is edible and since it grows so darn rampantly around here, it is gonna stay a secret among foragers. Shhh….don’t tell any Zombies….

            • I have a kudzu cookbook. Salads, greens, jelly, etc.

          • thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!

            • You are welcome! 🙂

        • The Minute I finished “One Second After” I went out and bought 200 lbs of Dog Food. And then vacuum sealed 150 pounds of it. I’m not going to ruin the book for those of you who haven’t read it. Eye opening scenario about what happens to your poor pooch if you don’t have food for them also. As my heart belongs to Einstein the Welsh Cardiagan corgi,Pet food is on my list every week.

      14. We don’t call America the home of the brave for nothing!
        It takes guts to want to survive what we’re prepping for!

        A little known fact about eggs, wild or store bought-
        the membrane inside the shell makes a great band aide for blisters-peel it off and apply it like a plaster-I’ve tired it and think it even heals the blister faster.

        • and honey is also great for healing burns!

          • Also sugar for wounds, skin ulcers and burns. Antibacterial, inhibits growth of microorganisms,soaks up moisture, reduces swelling and helps with scarring. Use after there has been no bleeding for 24 hours.

            Third world people don’t have access to the over the counter products we do – in a SHTF situation, neither may we. While the internet is up, been gathering and experimenting with these alternatives.

            Sugar has been a long time third world remedy and recently the “civilized” world has “discovered” the benefits and jumped on the band wagon with all types of studies and trials by universities and hospitals.

            I find Tess Pennington of Ready Nutrition here on Mac’s site is a great resource and has some excellent articles on health and medical including links to e-books/manuals.

            One of my favorites is the Where There Is No Doctor – a village health care handbook – My next to download will be the one on mid wifery by the same doctor. Great SHTF how to reference guides, well written and free (I’m out of ink again.)

      15. Great list and it’s good to have the knowledge, but not necessarily all the stuff. Focus on good quality basics and Bug Out Gear because you may just have to abandon everything else.

      16. You need a year’s supply of food and water. You need a way to heat your home and cook your food without electricity. I prefer kerosene heaters and stoves. You need guns and ammo to protect yourself. You need toilets. I plan on using five gallon buckets with snap-on toilet seats, garbage bags to line them, and kitty litter to cover the smell. If there’s a foreclosed home in the area we going to use it to store our poop bags and garbage. We’re in the process of getting plastic 55 gallon barrels to hold extra water to flush toilets. (We already have 1500 gallons of drinking water.) I don’t like the idea of storing propane. One cylinder could leak and your house would go off like a bomb.

        • BC: Why not dig an old fashioned shithouse. Then all you need is a couple bags of lime.

          • I live in town. I don’t want to do anything that makes my house look occupied. After it hits the fan it’s not going to be safe to go outside for months. I plan on dumping my garbage and poop in the middle of the night. I have night vision goggles for that purpose.

        • “If there’s a foreclosed home in the area we going to use it to store our poop bags and garbage.”

          Now that was funny, thanks!

        • score a plastic shit know the potable toilets for constuction sites and fairs..

          they break down into 4 walls a roof and the basin..easy to store..heck even out side under a tarp..they are cheap.
          and you can use what ever method of waste management you choose in it.
          the women will be eternally greatful they dont have to squat over a 5 gallon pail out in the open or behind jome jacked up curtain

          • VRF: Had to laugh when I read that because my first thought was you could use it as barter tool to someone that has been crapping in a bucket and carrying it around.
            I am telling anyone that plans on crapping in a bucket, I have done that for weeks at a time. It isn’t a pleasant experience I want to repeat. Sure as I am sitting here one of those plastic bags tears open and then the fun begins. Short term it’s a fine idea but have something long term planned as well.

            • Crapping in a bucket is, in my experience, the most civilized way to crap.

              You use fresh dirt to “flush” (cover your masterpiece). It’s nicer smelling than most water toilets.

              Piss does NOT go in there. Piss goes in a jug for application to trees, etc. Piss messes up a humanure toilet. Just shit and dirt. Piss would turn it into a smelly mess.

              THIS is what amazes me the most, that people have no idea of how to deal with their own solid and liquid waste.

          • I am almost embarrassed to ask this but I honestly do not know the answer so here goes. If you have a septic tank and water, can you continue to use your bathroom?

            • Your toilet will continue to work if you have a septic tank and enough water to flush it. It will last for years without needing a pump out, depending on how many people are using it.

            • At some point, you will have to pump it out or something.

              And, just in case you don’t have the luxury of sticking around, as long as you have your e-tool, and something to wipe with, you’ll be OK.

            • just Me: As The Wife of a Master Plumber I reccommend: a tablespoon of yeast down the toilet monthly feeds the good bacteria. Good bacteria counts can signifigantly cut down on the need for a septic pumping. Also, No bleach in the septic. ever. grey water (washing machines) should be pumped to the yard (trees like it).

            • i know a lot of people that don’t have or need their septic tanks pumped, if u do a good job of only flushing the waste and minimal paper and use some liquid bacteria like rid-ex you can go indefinitely. I’ve not had to pump mine in the 8 years i’ve lived here and don’t seem to be having any build up

        • If there is a vacant home in my area, it’s going to be used to shelter a good family who needs it, they will be added security, skills and knowledge, and workers to the community. Not about to waste a good dwelling to store our waste when a hole in the ground will do nicely.

          • What good will shelter do when everybody is starving? There will be massive numbers of murder/suicides. Most homes will be unoccupied or filled with dead people within 90 days of the collapse. Every city in America will be a ghost town within 6 months to a year.

      17. Man, that’s a lot to go through!

        Here, I wrote this program for going through the list and making your own prioritized list from the original non-prioritized list. It restarts where you left off and saves changes upon exit. The higher priority items for you migrate to the top of the list.

        • Quantum Bubbler, thank you for the file link.

          ****ADMIN NOTE****
          As our readers may be suspicious of a ZIP file download posted on the internet I performed multiple virus, malware and trojan scans on this file to ensure it is safe to use.

          Kaspersky Lab Pure 2.0 detected no threats.

          Multiple Online File Scanners found this file to be free of threats:

 (you can enter the above URL for a direct scan of this file)

          Avast Online Scanner:

          ****End ADMIN NOTE****

      18. Thank You, KY Mom! Diatomaceous Earth it is, today. Knew theres a reason I come here……

        • Kent,

          Glad I could help. 🙂

          Take care!
          KY Mom

      19. It’s a good idea to intentionally obtain items which are multi-use. It cuts down on both weight and space. My plan is buggin’ in because we already live out in the hills but if we *need* to GTFO, my plan is to travel light and fast the old way.

      20. What!
        No Brass, and No lead? and no gun powder? or primers..daum WTF?
        that list sucks

        • @ VRF. Sorry you didn’t like that list, but I truly tried to consolidate some of the items so the list was not too overwhelming for the reader as under reload would be the gun powder, primers, brass, copper, lead, etc. I think I had 440 items when I finished this and that is a lot. I literally went through the Webster Dictionary, all 858 pages of it and wrote down each word I thought could be useful in alphabetic order. Afterwards I found even more and had to squeeze them into between the other key words. It was easier to sit quietly and hand write them out.

          I also found that if I left out things out that the people out there would kind of find it fun to add their own ideas and become creative. This way everyone could have a hand in making an even better list. I am just one person with many ideas, but all the rest of the good minds out there can add much to this and build the rest of what we all need from this foundation.

          VRF, do you have any other ideas that can be added to this? Does anyone else have some more items to add?

          • I call my approach “frontier tactical”.

            In the event something catastrophic occurs which will reduce us to pre-industrial times, IMO we need to look at how folks on the frontier got by.

            Now mind you, I’m not saying sell your AR-15 and buy a black powder Hawken and trade in your camo BDU’s for buckskins. No. We have some great technology in our age… but don’t forget The Old Ways.

            “Frontier Tactical” is mixing the best of the old with the best of the new.

            I am adept at making fire with flint & steel and I can use the friction method but it doesn’t mean I don’t carry a couple of Bic lighters. I’ve been flintknapping since 1984 and I can make my own arrows and spears but I won’t be leaving the AR-15 at home. I know how to use knives and tomahawks as both tools and weapons but I’ll be taking along my modern multi-tool.

            That’s the concept.

            Remember the most useful resource is your own mind and your own abilities.

          • I was just razzing ya..its hard to put across sarc. in text..To be honest its a good list..i just had to jab ya.

          • Be informed, Thanks for all of the info. This is the kind of article I like most. It is impossible to think of everything, this helps greatly.

            I am big on canning my own food. Dont forget the jars, lids and rings. Jars are rings are re-usable so plenty of lids. I have 2000. My biggest long term preps are seeds, fertilizer, and odd things to barter. Duct tape, oil lamps, chicken wire, any piece of wood I can store.
            Tools of all kinds, especially a hack saw. Extra locks, hasps and hinges for when things get broken and they will. My neighbor and I are building a couple of deer stands for the neighborhood watch program. “See something, shoot something!

          • I think fingernail files & fingernail clippers are essential. Keeping your nails trimmed will help with germs/hygiene. One less way to get sick. Biting your own nails to keep them short, will only be a sure way to get seriously ill.

      21. Another item you require is LUCK .The more preps the less luck .Regards Crafty.

      22. THis is an amazing website! If you want to know ANYTHING about foraging, this is the place to do it!

      23. Bibles and Jesus

        Trust in the Lord in all your ways and lean not on your own understand

      24. yikes! now that i read the list i am so unprepared….sigh

      25. Everyone. Thank you for looking at this list and the nice comments. It really took awhile to write down everything, and I know I missed much. Everyone out there is worth it though, and it is extremely personally rewarding to think that with what I know and can come up with just might make a difference in people’s lives after SHTF and then some. This list is a good foundation to start with and hopefully will remind everyone of the certain item or items that they forgot to store. Something is on the horizon and we are getting closer each day to it.

        Please everyone, if you have an item or idea that can add to this please send it in. Every last bit of survival info we can all get the more all of us have a better chance of making it through what is coming. I am so amazed at the shear brilliant minds out there and all the unusual never thought of ideas that pop up. That is what makes this site so extremely valuable to everyone.

        Thank you Mac for putting this on, I hope it truly helps everyone to add those items to their survival stockpiles that they have forgotten about before it is too late.

      26. Be informed,

        I have seen that in any great undertaking it is not enough for a man to depend simply upon himself.

        -Lone Man (Isna-la-wica)(Teton Sioux)

        Thank you for taking the time to make such a thoughtful list and sharing it with others.

      27. Hey all, here is something that I was shown recently by a friend that I think many of the mechanically inclined here might be able to find some uses for.

        Believe it or not at one time FEMA actually tried to be helpful, this is circa WWII and the guy that gave this to me showed me pics of generators he has built using this with a lawnmower engine to power a genie at his house. Hope it helps

        • Another useful tidbit that I have recently ran across is how to make biomass briquettes that can be used for heating, cooking, or to power something like the gasifier that is decribed in the pdf linked to my last post. I plan on building one of these in the next few weeks when I get the spare time.

      28. One important thing to keep in mind is that 97% of the population will not be prepared. That means that anyone who is just a little bit prepared will be far ahead of many others. So, when you start feeling dejected that you haven’t done enough, just think of the masses who have done nothing. Of course, you will have to deal with some of those zombies, but first thing first.

        -I call those that are unprepared Zombies because zombies have no high level brain function, all they know how to do is to eat… others.-

        • So true RedGreen The Zombies are already being let out of their cages, or should I call them cannibals. The man in Miami that was attacked and had part of his face eaten off is just one of several instances in local media.

          We have no news on TV media. It is all lies, and I mean 99% of it. All We The People have is each other & few will help when the SHTF

      29. Nope, not gonna use this list. Instead, I will buy celebrity magazines so I have something to read while my head is buried in the sand.

        • …..And you can use ’em for toilet paper.

      30. Great read many, many things to consider getting, but me and mine we are keeping as basic as we can. No fancy stuff because it is back to the down right base of living. As long as you can stay warm, dry ,and food is all you need. But you also have to have medical, and defense. Pick up pool bleach in the dry form will last a long time and has a high amount of bleach. Learn what and how to use herbs and such for meds. example willow bark for asprin. Also water softner salt in grandular form, great barter item. Remember it may only be you and yours to rely on. and for us is a BIBLE
        Live Free

      31. Great list, Be Informed. At first read, I thought you’d left out the most important prepping item of all. I scanned the list for (S) shine, (C) corn squeezins, (G) good ole mountain dew, (W) white lightnin’, (B) bugtussle boomarang, (R) rumatiz medicine, everything I could think of. And I couldn’t find it anywhere. Then, it dawned on me…most people just call it (A) alcohol! You remembered! Bless your heart!

        • Mountain Dew.

          Now I know you really are an Okie…

      32. ARTICLE Forgot to mention that using less technology will be beneficial when a disaster occurs as you will not be so dependent on technology.
        I am trying to live without the internet & it is hard. However it is amazing how many small shops sell goods LOCALLY for a reasonable price.

        • Those small shops won’t be open. Amazon sells lots of survival. Items. Buy a camping coffeepot!

      33. I lived without electricity and running water for a while and I found that oil lamps worked good for light. You have to turn the wick down till it looks like its going to go out then turn it down a little more, then it will get brite and not smoke. I actually saw some people with the smokey wick setting and I turned it to “correct” and they were suprised! Also the cheap lamp oil at wal mart worked better than the more spendy stuff,go figure? Chap stick or burts bees is one of the things I’d add if its not on there, I read it kinda quickly and might have missed something. Sunscreen or old fashioned longsleeve shirts and a boonie style hat? I am lucky in that I have a place to bug out to. I just hope my truck will be running(solar induced EMP?). When I get to my shack its gonna be time to HIDE! Let the die off happen. Not many people that I know are the prepper type nor do they seem open to it so I just don’t talk much about it to them kind anymore. Thankyou for the interesting site and I hope that me being hear don’t put me on THERE radar?:(

      34. I got bored with the list half way through the “A’s”

      35. Best list I

      36. hahaha are you kidding!! YOU MIGHT AS WELL BUY A WAL-MART!!!an hide it in your basement

      37. Looking for an answer;

        If you would to purchase gasoline in an approved container, and store it in a shaded area. How long would it stay good.
        And, are any of those additives, for extended gasoline life any good. Any suggestions, to one better than the other.
        Most of my equipment operates on gasoline but would like to store it in small containers. Using different sites for storage.

        • My cousin started a tractor with 30 yr old gasoline back in the 80’s so there’s always a chance.
          I use STP additives in my 170,000 miles old minivan who’s had a hard Chgo life outdoors year round and the lines don’t freeze up-so, it works for me to spend a few xtra bucks on it.

        • I suggest you purchase only pure gas (no corn ethanol) for storing..and use Stabil.
          Our generator wouldn’t start the 7th or 8th month (I started it each month as suggested) and we bartered a tiller to get it fixed.
          I still believe gook from the non-pure gas was the problem.
          We now use only pure gas in all our equipment.

          • Jay Jay

            Consider PRI – for gas or diesel – “…stored fuel is one of the weakest links in disaster preparedness. It’s estimated that more than half of the power generator failures that occur in emergencies are caused by fuel degradation…”

            This stuff works and I notice Pleasant Hill Grain just started carrying it – had to go to Camping World for mine.

            PRI Fuel Stabilizer Benefits for Gas or Diesel
            RESTORES DEGRADED FUELS – (me for emphasis -IT Does!)
            Keeps gasoline refinery fresh for years
            Stabilizes E10 fuel for up to 12 months
            Enhances lubricity
            Improves power output
            Contains no alcohol
            Protects O-rings and seals
            Guards against fuel pump wear
            Maintains carbon free fuel injectors
            Provides fuel economies of 8-to-15%
            Improves power output and engine performance
            Prevents carbon build-up in all engines
            Extends engine overhaul intervals
            Recommended by marine engine dealers

            • LadyHawk,

              Thank you for this information. I have never purchased any of this. Do you know how long the stabilizer will store? One year or five years?

            • Okay!! Gander Mt?????

          • Be sure to turn off the fuel and let power equipment run until the lines are purged to prevent problems if you will not be using them for a while. My Coleman generator is twenty years old and I store its gasoline for up to a year in sealed plastic gas cans (prevents evaporation) with no additives. I also do this with my mower, garden tiller, etc. and have never needed fuel related repairs.

        • Have starter fluid handy. The first thing ‘bad’ gas will not do is start an engine, but it will run an engine. The butane is the first to leave the mixture. Starter fluid can get it going and from there bad gas is good to go.

      38. Another great(if a tiny bit overlapping) article Mac!
        It’s a civilized discussion like this that keeps me coming back.No “flamers”,”Hollywood trolls” and the “suits” can’t claim we’re “revolutionaries” trying to overthrow the current system.I’m just trying to prep to survive the decline of was a good(if slightly flawed) form of government(Republic)into something that seems to resemble a modern Godless Nazi-Fascist Oligarchy.Services for the general good are declining at a ever-faster clip.Medical services are getting worse,and lets not discuss the “free markets”.I expect that not even the gilded gates of iron will protect the 1%,no matter what delusions they harbor.The Bible tells us as much with “they’ll be throwing their gold and silver into the streets”.A 20 year old truck with a hitch and a good cable and a hook can ruin the UBER-RICH’s day when it comes to security.We hope things may improve(with Ron Paul they just might!),but with these discussions and prepping we can at least outlive the “sheeple” and the 1%.Perhaps even start over,if need be.
        A few personal thoughts

        • Ron Paul 2012!

      39. Okay, great list. But here is something to think about. Lets say you are able to accumulate everything on the list. Have you practiced using these things? I just got home from an eight day “practice”. Basically I have access to a rural cabin in the nearby mountains. No electricity, running water or “fancy” indoor plumbing. Its a good way to figure out what you absolutely have to have, and what you can do without.

        Not only that but all the stockpiling won’t do you a bit of good if you don’t know how to prepare and/or cook it. If you really want to prep, go live off the grid for a few days or weeks if you can. It’ll help arrange your priorities.

        • If you go to food storage made easy dot NET the girls have all kinds of “dry run” suggestions. They also run a “drill” for a week (ususally in Sept) with a different scenario each day, and you can read about the past year’s drills. Very helpful, thought provoking and a good way to get the family to practice things like no power, etc.

        • @ Looks like this and Hate and Peace

          My new motto:

          Racists come in all colors and they are like ass holes. We all have them and they all smell.

          These are hate u tubes for what purpose? What a waste of time.

          • Your motto has a lot of truth.

          • why? why? why?

            A perfectly great thread by Be Informed on – wait for it – prepping.

            But no – the race baiter haters have to show up and spoil the party. What crap!

            • That’s why I like the fact that the comments are rated. I can just see the negative ratings and not waste time on them.

            • @QB

              Agree – these haven’t been rated yet and so far I’m the only thumbs down

              If these are not kids, trolls or paid agitators then they are weasels and cowards. They definitely have no balls cause they can’t even use their “real” monikers. Are these the type of conniving ass wipes one wants watching one’s back in SHTF?

        • I think many have turned into fearful liberal pussies. I won’t lay down for some liberal puke who want to impose his will on me or my family. Glad that little girl is being trained up. This guy is a real jerk to say “Exterminate the whites”. Anybody who thumbs down someone standing up to this has been brainwashed and a liberal puke. Please leave America. If a white person said what he said….the media would be all over it. I don’t think we’ll ever have a race war…but there will be those who have it out.

      40. Folks….the founding fathers would love to watch this video if they were alive today.

        Peace to all.
        Bad guys….what out.
        ps. Just bought my 15 year old gal a ruger 10 22.

        I really laugh at the prior post of the black dude who said they should exterminate the white race. Where’s the media on that one? I just want everyone to know….you have no worries with the race war crap you keep hearing. I’m a white dude and my upstairs neighbor is a nice black gent and my best two friends are black. Don’t be sucked into that gents hate. Just know that there are millions of people who live in peace. They are well armed and trained to respond to any threats to their families. It’s why America will always be free. Peace to all.

        • @ Looks like this and Hate and Peace

          For those that know me and my comments, I’m adding another saying:

          Racists come in all colors (and disguises) and they are like ass holes. We all have them and they all smell.

          No matter how much lipstick you put on those pig videos they are still race baiting and a waste of time.

      41. Not to be morbid, But this is going to be like the old saying, I dont have to run faster than the bear to stay alive, I just have to run faster than you. The first month of an all out collapse will most likely kill 10-20% of the population…those disabled and or relying on o2 or insulin and the like, very sad but true. in the next 2 months people that were healthy but unprepared will die of the disease and unhealthy conditions that a few million corpses will propagate. After 6 months, a population decline of half of the entire population will make available much useful survival material left for those that are left.

      42. Great article Be Informed!!! you outdid yourself once again!
        thumbs up on cigarettes too. I don’t smoke, neither does my missus, so when I stuffed 10 cigarette packets down our Get Out Food Box, she went – “WHAT???” then I told her how I used to have cigarettes on hand when out in the field during my military training. I always used cigarettes for trading stuff.
        Tip1: don’t trade away the whole packet! always brake it up and use single cigarettes as coins. just make sure they don’t dry over.
        Tip2:if they are dry, put a slice of cucumber in the packet (if you have it, otherwise any other rehydration technique should do it) also, if cigarettes are very dry, don’t take the cigarettes out with their butts up – tobacco will fall out.
        Tip3:Don’t trade them right after the SHTF. wait 3-4 weeks. You’ll see a large increase in their value… talk about a deflation on that front 🙂

        • @ Giurza. You bring up an absolutely excellent point about waiting to trade what you have. People when they become desperate will trade for anything. It reminds me of that Twilight Zone episode in which two crooks were trying to make it through the desert with their gold. One crook lost his water bottle, and the other crook just kept raising the price of getting to drink his water. One bar of gold = one drink. Then one bar of gold = one swallow. At the end they discovered that humans had discovered a way of manufacturing gold and it was worthless. The concept though is there.

          I would hate to have to feed into someone’s addiction, but in a survival situation it WORKS. People need that fix and if they have ammunition, food, water filters or water, fuel, whatever that you need, do it. If their needs are to have that smoke or drink, and your needs are to power your generator with the fuel they have, then the barter system works for both parties. Whatever works the best for you.

          Giurza, I bet you wife must have thought you were one of those secret chain smokers or something. After you explined it to her, I am sure she said to herself, that’s a good idea. Just look at how valuable cigarettes are in prison, sometimes having them have saved inmates’ lives that have had them.

      43. you all are awsome, i am proud to be an american because of you.

      44. Wow,damn great list and it lets you know just what the score is when it comes down to it so if everyone takes a look,it can do no harm as that “bad feeling”thruout the land is definitely starting to pick up speed. And once again,I cannot stress enough that YOU MUST STAY UNDER THE RADAR,for”eyes”are out there and you don’t want all your business known. As the dollar continually gets devalued,now is the time to get all you need cause nobody knows how the yuan,yen,rennimibi or any other currency will play out,but one thing is certain:TIMES ARE ACHANGING,and no matter who wins the election,WE,the people cannot look for TPTB to do much of anything in our favor. KY MOM,BARN CAT,VRF,BeINFORMED,SaddleUp,and all the rest of you guys,keep on giving thoughts&ideas cause it does a world of good to all. BE GOOD&GOD BLESS.

      45. What? No Zombies?

        • @ WyoGuy. Oops, left one out and I had it written down on the paper I was using, too much material in tiny writings. Probably left out a couple of others to.

      46. R for Racking a 12 gauge shotgun. The sound has been “documented” to scare the bad guys away more than any other sound. Didn’t ya know?

      47. Great list!! Really making me think and relaize some stuff.

      48. ” H ” How to do books….You can find them at most used and new bookstores as well as garage sales. There is most likely a how to do book for whatever you want to accomplish on your own. Most often than not the methods applied are timeless in being effective and if for anything a good referral from time to time. A very valuable asset to add to ones library. Also a must for helping in the aiding for survival.

      49. One thing that will be invaluable for clean storage is glass containers. I saw “canning”, “canned goods”, and “containers”. Maybe I overlooked something, but, glass containers are a must for our storage. I don’t mean, just canning jars. We have limited, secure storage areas at our bugout location and to protect our investment of rice/beans, etc., we use every size of glass containers “with metal lids” as we can find. Plastic lids are OK but if kept in a shed or barn, some sort of metal covering is important to keep mice and raccoons from chewing in to. What a shame to invest so much into storing foodstuffs and then find that rats have chewed their way into your containers. Just sayin’.

      50. Good list to use as a reference for survival items to acquire. Have some stuff already. Thanks for the list.

      51. It would pay to learn the difference between upwind and downwind. The list compiler got those two wrong, and that could turn into dead wrong in some situations.

        If you are upwind, this means that your scent will be carried to someone who is downwind. If you’re downwind, you may be able to detect somebody or something that is upwind.

      52. A friend gave me the link for a site to order glasses. Good prices. I ordered some glasses and they arrived in a week. I am very pleased.

        Zenni Optical (

        You must have a current glasses prescription and need to know the Pupillary Distance (often called the P.D.) to order glasses.

        The next time you get an eye exam, ask the optometrist to write down the P.D. on your prescription. (They often won’t voluntarily write down your P.D., unless you ask.) Tell them you have a friend in the optical business.

        Glasses have become very expensive. These prices are much lower. Check it out! Get new glasses (or a backup pair) for you or a family member.

        Direct link below…

      53. One critical item that is often forgotten is baby wipes and a few gallons of Witch Hazel. During the Hurricanes in Florida in 2004 we had 4 disastrous ones in a row.

        No power for over 3 weeks. Only form of bathing was baby wipes and Witch Hazel and it worked very well.

        Witch Hazel will purify and cleanse the skin of all dirt and bacteria, yet is gentle. It was a blessing to have had it on hand.

        I buy the either baby wipe varieties from Dollar stores or cosmetic wipes as they come in smaller packaging and do not “dry out” as fast as large boxes.

        Also chlorine tablets were very beneficial for livestock waterers as stale water grows dangerous bacteria.

        Dried Beans came in handy in soups over the fire because we had no power. My dogs did fine on bean soups as we had no way to get them dog food. Also gave them rice.

      54. some ideas to be cost effect, a dish soap bottle clean out WELL can be used to rinse well after going potty (females) sea sponges and choldren diapers for a monthly femal issue. hey it is not kotex but a cost effective option, our grandamas did it so can we. a wagon used for behind the lawn mower is lightweight and can be rigged pretty easily with a handle to lug belongings on foot if needed, kids included! Share some ideas people. We talk alot about stuff but let us share some penny pinching ideas and HOW we do it! Sharing is caring….cost effective protection ideas, underground dwelling ideas, especialll for thos with a high water table? long term lighting? Gardeing with bad soil ideas….let us come togehter and help one another. The bottle near the potty is a modified version of the French tiolette. Not tooo bad of an idea. Spiderwart flower changes color when detects radiation. Get a book from 1994 I think readers digest how to use anything….GREAT read and alot of ideas. even tells ya how to use garbage bags, milk cartons etc for MANY useful and fun things. A wealth of ideas in this book. read and had it looong before prepping. Any organizing ideas with limited space? How to make a hiding room on a budget let’s get the idea ball rolling. I will try and think and share some more. Oh and bed risers are a GREAT space saving thing you can put ALOT of stuff under just a twin bed…

      55. WOW, I have several checklists, and this is a good one. Now I have to see how much of this stuff I have. good job ob this one.

      56. qe will be done over and over until the next world war. the ptb cannot risk too much of an uprising from the little people, so the status quo will continue. all assets will rise! get some!

      57. I used to carry a gas stove with a few fuel canisters in my emergency bag until I found my new stove. It’s the 180 Stove from an American company. I ordered the larger 180 STOVE and absolutely love it! They makes their products in the U.S., which is very important in my opinion, and their stuff is top quality. Give them a look if you’re looking for a stove for your emergency bag.

      58. Aw, this was an extremely nice post. Finding the time
        and actual effort to create a good article…
        but what can I say… I put things off a lot and don’t seem to get anything done.

      59. Campside coffee pot

        Whole coffee beans. Crank style coffee grinder

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