Surviving Survivalism – Live the Life! (100% Free eBook Download)

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Do you LOVE America?


    Our friends Dan and Sheila at Surviving Survivalism have made their wildly popular book available for free as an electronic download to anyone who’s interested in learning more about what it takes to really live the prepper and survivalist lifestyle. Like many of us, they lived the suburban life, plugged directly into the system. They eventually unplugged, relocated to rural America and became self sufficient. They’ve built their own home with their bare hands. They produce their own food. They do not rely on the system as we know it to survive – at all. And, they have always been happy to share their knowledge with those looking to get off the grid.

    In addition to extensive information and suggestions covering topics that include developing your land, security, food production, alternative power and everything else you might need to know about living a self reliant lifestyle, Dan and Sheila take extra care to explain the reality of going off-grid.

    Do you really want to disconnect from the system as we know it? To not have to depend on your local grocer for food, your power company for electricity, or your local coffee brew house for your daily cup of Joe?

    Then here’s some advice from the book:

    “Like being at the poker table, to win you must either be all in, or don’t bother playing.”

    To get away from our existing paradigm and dependency, we must change our mindset. Dan and Sheila explain what that means, and then they teach you how to do it.

    The following excerpt is republished with permission from Surviving Survivalism: How to Avoid Survivalism Culture Shock and is available as a free download directly from their web site.

    Many people excuse themselves from self reliance/ survivalism by saying, “I don’t want to live my life in fear,” assuming that we are here in our retreat because we fear the outside world. What they don’t understand is that they are the ones living in fear day in and day out, but in living with it every day, it’s hard to notice.

    Answer this honestly – why do you buckle your seat belt? Is it because you are going to have an accident today and you think it will prevent you from injury? Does it protect you any better than an air bag does? There are times when a seat belt is a detriment to the accident victim. If you are honest, you buckle your seat belt because that is the price you pay to drive on the highways, even city streets, even rural roads, without being stopped and harassed by the local or state police and given an expensive ticket. You fear the consequences of not buckling your seat belt in order to drive or be a passenger on the public roads.

    Why do you not make a joke in the airport? Is it because you have no sense of humor? Or is it because you are afraid that someone will be listening and call the “See something/Say something” hotline?

    We’ve been taught to fear the authorities starting with school days when we were afraid not to finish our homework.

    So who is it who lives in fear? When you truly disconnect from society, that’s when you have lost the fear. When you know that you can depend on yourself, no matter what happens, that’s when you have lost the fear. 

    With the very delicate state of the world – geo-politics, economic collapse, strange weather, threat of war on a global scale set to break out at any moment – the real issue is not selling you on why to do this. The real issue is, will you be one of the rare ones who see the storm coming and prepares or one of those who gets it at the very last minute and sees the need to prepare too late.

    Suffice it to say that no one can or should talk you in to this life style. You are the only one who can do that. But if your reading includes books like this one, then it should be safe to say that you do understand the need to prepare and are looking for ways to accomplish that.

    Get your free copy of this book – no strings attached.

    Whether you are new to preparedness, or a seasoned pro, it’s well worth your time to put this one in your library.

    Click Here to visit Surviving Survivalism

    You can also download this book on your Kindle at


    Follow their Podcasts:


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      1. Awesome! Thanks for sharing this great info.

        • I have not read this book, but it appears to be another self-publishing attempt and the reviews for the Kindle version offered on Amazon are not encouraging:

          “I was disappointed, however, to find that a good 2/3 of the book is quite radical rhetoric and justifications for choosing a sustainable lifestyle and the rest briefly covers some ‘how to’s’ of surviving off the grid. The authors spend a lot of time spewing hatred and distrust of corporate America and modern infrastructure, yet still use the internet to publish their e-book, purchase tools at big box stores or online and admit to using unbleached white flour for baking when they are feeling ‘just too lazy’ to grind the grains.” – Sarah C. Taylor

          The synopsis above criticizes those who say “I do not want to live in fear” attempting to explain that we buckle our seat belts (which I most often do not) because we fear the government. I’ve paid for a lot of seat belt violations because WE THE PEOPLE elected representatives who passed a seat belt law.

          While I am unbelievably prepared, it is no more out of fear than my motivation for buying a memory foam topper for my mattress. About half the world lives on $2 a day. If you have food in your fridge, clothes on your back, a roof over your head and a place to sleep you are already richer than 75% of the world. DO NOT FEAR. The Bible tells us this 365 different times/ways. Those who do have already lost. A coward in a bunker is still a coward.

          • Government Guy ~

            I’d like to step in here with my own review.

            I got this book last year, when they were selling it on their site for $5. I read half of it and immediately wrote to the authors to thank them for the wealth of information that they had put in their book at such a steal of a price, and promptly purchased several more to send as gifts to people that would be receptive.

            Dan and Sheila are inspiring in their quest for complete independence. I’ve never seen anyone walk the walk to the extent that they do.

            They are realistic in that they don’t idealize this off-grid, off-the-beaten-path lifestyle and promote it as being for everyone.

            I have referred back to this book numerous times and would have cheerfully paid $29.95 in a bookstore for it. The value far exceeded what they charged, and now that they are kindly giving the book away, I can’t recommend it more strenuously to those interested in a self-sufficient lifestyle.

            ~ Daisy

            • Apologies for hijacking this thread.

              There is ongoing attacks against our Sheriffs as I write. Enemy objective seems to aim at erroding Our last lines of Constitutional Executives. No time to dawdle on this.

              I’m asking all Constitution loving Patriots to stand in support of our Constitutional Sheriffs across this country. Especially to those Sheriffs who have sounded off in support of our Bill of Rights. Speak with other citizens and with your Oathkeeping local LEOs that we support thier Lawful Authority toward this ends; To Preserve and Defend the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies.

              This goal should be regarded to show strength against unlawful usurpations. Also to minimize confusion amongst the law abiding and squash any shenanigans brought by leftenants of the unlawful one. Do not vacate the moral high ground.

              “Arms discourage and keep the invader and plunderer in awe, and preserve order in the world as well as property… Horrid mischief would ensue were the law-abiding deprived of the use of them.” ― Thomas Paine

              Rev 2:24-29. …But that which ye have already hold fast till I come…

              The Lord is Righteous in Judgement and Grace.
              Standing by in Texas.

              • This is horrible! Thank you so much, “Jesus is Christ”. I feared this would take place: they are trying to do away with anything which poses a challenge to them: THE SHERIFFS AND VETS. I’ve seen videos and newspaper accounts of them basically assassinating vets at their homes… In delaware, a vet who had served 2 terms in Iraq was just sitting outside on his steps doing nothing and was killed by a bunch of cops who appeared out of nowhere and started firing on him with tasers– about 100 tasers killed him… they said they suspected him of selling grass. Same thing occurred with another vet. was at home and pigs (cops) knocked his door in and fired 50 rounds of guns shots at him. Its on the Internet- the video. They are just getting out of hand– more and more blatantly corrupt and openly a police state.

          • Lets try this again…..

            At just over 300 pages, I am excited to get through this publication.

            Yes, often times “free” downloads have a catch, a motive, a message to sway my thoughts. But in the last 90 minutes, I’ve read numerous pages here and there throughout the book. I ain’t seeing loads of conspiracy theorist wacko stuff, nor much of anything that would warrant the dubious reviews online. I guess not everyone would agree with the authors, but I figure that most any open minded person would probably say most of it makes sense especially if we look at the writing through the prizm of being unplugged from the system, being mostly isolated from modern life.

            Not everything resonated with me, but they weren’t deal breakers. One thing did catch my attention was a short reference inside parentheses and quotes on page 46 to the coming “one world government” – which IMO is not possible; just look at how the EU is working out. Some “TPTB” references… I hate the vague reference, but….ok. As long as the book doesn’t devolve into a paranoid kooky rant, I can deal with it.

            There are good things like some cautionary advice which any solid attorney or real estate expert would give, lots of construction ideas, and pictures. I especially like the use for vinyl billboards. The book nicely summarizes “the system” and how it runs our lives: government, banking, education, corporations, and pop culture. I couldn’t argue with much of it. If you love freedom and liberty as much as our founding fathers, you’d undoubtedly eschew those 5 ugly things of “the system”.

            Yes, the writers are wary of free loaders, posers, scammers, zealots, militia types, and others — again, the writers make perfect sense. Some of the essays I glanced at were a little out there, but they don’t take away from the over common sense I’ve seen so far in the main chapters.

            It’s a great day outside and I have some spring chores to do, but I really look forward to reading this book in its entirety with an open mind as I continue my journey.

          • 2nd time I have read “I don’t use a seatbelt..” the books authors say “does It protect any better than the airbag ?

            With 20 years as an EMT and 20 as a traffic officer ..and 10 years in an ER,,, I tell you yes,, in fact the seatbelt is Necessary to allow the airbag to work correctly.. if you do not wear the belt, the bag will save your face,, as you slid under it,, then folks like me get to,, I have done it often> strap your now doubled back calf to your thigh so as to do no more damage as we remove you,, or we have to cut the brake pedal to free your foot,, , or strap your upside down foot to your calf.. the Doc can deal with straightening it later, but you will never walk the same, if at all…

            • There’s an extremely interesting thing about this little seatbelt conversation. I know 2 people who insist that NOT wearing a seatbelt saved thier lives because their car was broadsided on the dirver’s side. However, the statistics are abundantly clear that a seatbelt is far more likely to save you from serious injury. Of all the places and angles that another car can slam into you, there are very few that make seatbelts dangerous.

              What’s the take home message? There’s a yin and a yang in everything. Everything that’s good can also be bad. While we can’t depend on any absolutes, we can (and should) stack the deck in our favor when dealing with an unknown future.

              Oddly, it reminds me of the decision making process about prepping and strategic relocation. I’m a prepper NOT because a crystal ball gives me a clear vision of the future. I’m not even sure which is more likely – needing my preps or not needing my preps. However, the likelihood of a bleak future is sufficient to lead to the wisdom of prepping, while also allowing the possibility that prepping might turn out to be a waste of time. Which leads to the subject of the ebook – should we bug out to the boonies or continue our lives totally dependent on a fragile infrastructure? I’m still struggling with that one.

          • Did we read the same book? I didn’t come away with the negative impression you did. I saw people who came to realize that they didn’t NEED to live in a city or buy many goods or services from anyone–they learned to grow, build, create, adapt and experiment on their own. The point is, that if something happened, and you couldn’t banish the darkness with a “clapper”, you couldn’t buy gasoline, or even drive a car or fire up a power tool because of a storm, or EMP or other disaster, people like Dan and Sheila won’t panic. They learned to live without dependency on the electrical grid, the food or merchandise distribution networks, A/C or forced air heat. They simply figured out how to live as their great, great grandparents did–when EVERYONE lived that way. I enjoyed their book, and hope to eventually meet them…

      2. Thanks for posting. I am off to download now if I can get it on my sony e-reader.

      3. Tried to downlink this but my screen turns blue each time and I have to rebuke the PC. Is there a way to get this through the mail and the read it on the PC? The internmnet around here has a virus a lot I guess.

        • Rob, not sure about the blue screen issue — I was able to download the PDF without any issues.

          The direct link to that document is:

          You may want to see about updating your Adobe Reader — it may be that an outdated version of the reader is causing issues with it loading? Or, maybe try to pull up that PDF in a different browser.

          Hope that helps.

          • Mac, thanks for pdf of book. I’ll read. I’m ready for the simpler things in life.

            Beam me up Scotty !!!!

          • Tanks, Mac. My son says I need a new computer, the new updating versions wont insert right so they don’t fit on the program disk the way they should. So he says anyway. I’ve hated these things since they made us learn how to enter tractor parts o a screen as if there was something wrong with carbon paper after all thee years. Wen the storms knock the power out they can’t do business and we sit around like frogs on a log.

            • huh ???

              on your computer go to START with your mouse arrow then … click

              1. start
              2. my computer
              3. look for drive c:/
              how much space do you have available on your drive c:/ ???

              if its maxed out all red 100% used – delete or move to alternate storage drives or usb storage drive / thumb drives some of your files you have stored in my documents / downloads to free up space .

              if its not a drive c:/ being full problem , then just download it .

              if you need adobe reader (*.pdf) go to “adobe (dot) com” download the latest reader from their website or look on your computer ops and other cd plastic disks you have for “adobe reader software” load it the reader software from there to your pc computer .

              its very easy to do … try it .


              • to download this book go to the website

                * see attached link below …

                move your mouse arrow to upper right corner of screen

                bottom dark row #2 from top title bar , 2nd icon from right is the ‘download’ icon left click it to download the book !

                try it .


                • My son just gave me one of his computers to use in the meantime. He calls it a “linux box” and says I should just use this from now on. It looks the same to me but it’s about 100 times faster. My boy, he’s never liked Windows and says the Microsoft guy Gates is a communist traitor. If that is so, then I’m going to learn how to use Linux but I can tell I like it better already than my old PC which was a Windows 98 model.

                  • “my old PC which was a Windows 98 model.”

                    Oh dear god in heaven!!!

                • @ Vendetta , That’s a 10-4…..I have 2006 DELL and I had no problem!! AND Thanks for th PDF download! I need all th HELP I can get!!……Preppin at a snails Pace!


                Adobe Reader XI (11.0.02)


                * unclick the mcafee virus crap before downloading .


              • I don’t understand any of what you are saying. Do I have to open up the case to find which one is marked c:/? How do I know if it’s full? Can you weigh it to find out? How much does a full one weigh?

                I think I’ll let my son handle this.

                • A brief history of Linux
                  When Linus Torvalds was studying at the University of Helsinki, he was using a version of the UNIX operating system called ‘Minix’. Linus and other users sent requests for modifications and improvements to Minix’s creator, Andrew Tanenbaum, but he felt that they weren’t necessary. That’s when Linus decided to create his own operating system that would take into account users’ comments and suggestions for improvements.

                  • But he still carries that stupid blanket!

                  • So these fellows Linux and Minix copied this UNIX and Linus did what now? Do you do this for a living because this would drive me nuts.

          • …..Got it Mac,Thank you very much.

        • i was also able to download it as well with no problems at all

        • “I have to rebuke the PC”


          verb (used with object)
          1. to express sharp, stern disapproval of; reprove; reprimand

          How’s that working out for you?

      4. Thank you Dan and Sheila!

        • Many thanks, to Dan & Shelia.

          Since Passover, the High Sabbath, (easter-ishtar); I’ve had this rather strange feeling as though my strength of faith was weakening some and more importantly a feeling of dread. Dreading what is coming and also knowing how the world rejected Jesus, it will also reject those of us with faith, more and more.
          That was until I had this dream exactly seven days after Passover, (which was on Tuesday March 26th,coinciding with the Full Moon). I’ll share this very personal and real(at least to me) dream, with my friends here, in hope that it may help when you have doubts and a faltering of faith.

          Dancing with the Devil

          The dream started with me feeling a little scared and alone. I was in a dark place and just enough light to see a figure near me. As it moved around I realized it was Satan himself. He saw my weakness and tried to intimidate me by poking his fingers and arms towards me, but never touching me. I stood up as if to move, and he made a striking gesture and a lightening bolt lit up the earth and area around me and under me with a large boom. I suddenly felt outgunned as I realized the earth and elements around me were scorched and blackened. As I moved around in a circle and realized what had happened around my space, I also realized no damage was done to my person and I was completely intact and actually felt nothing from the blast.

          I decided to move away from the blasted earth and the devil made another arm swinging gesture and another bolt of lightening with an even larger explosion that engulfed me with flames and smoke and the smell of sulfur and burning. He was jumping around making himself look as a dragon with wings and a tail, and looming largely, but I could see that it was a distortion and beneath he was just a man with some tricks. His tricks hadn’t caused harm to me and the only thing singed was my heart; because of my weak, faltering faith, and my dread.

          Feeling stronger, I made a move towards him to get a closer look at this evil thing that has caused, and still is causing, so much confusion and pain in the world. Once again he moved away and caused a large explosion of earth with fire and smoke engulfing me. No damage to my person. A sense of comfort and relief, then realizing I had a force with me stronger than his. Then the dream was over.

          It took me a couple days to absorb and sort it out completely, but my faith was completely “restored”, and the dread is replaced with welcome. Restoration is a mighty big thing when you realize that millions of volts of electricity from the dark side, become, mere fiery darts that glance off the gospel armor of God. I felt like I was encased in a spiritual Faraday cage.

          With a renewal of strength and faith, the king of; lies, hunters of deception, and killers; now, becomes the hunted. With our alignment with the “Ultimate Power”; TPTB and their powers of darkness become weak and useless to control our destiny. As servants of the Heavenly Father, we have the power to “tread on serpents” and we are in a fortress created by the Creator. Never have doubts when you hedge your wager with the Word. With that; They will never leave you or forsake you. Amen.

          • Thank you for your testament Shepherd and Brother. It’s strength to me to see it. Spiritual preps are the most important preps. Blessings.

      5. Thanks, Dan and Sheila, and thanks, Mac, for this lovely gift. It’s an honor to be among people so generous with their knowledge, ideas, and ideals. That’s how I always discern the real survivalists from the posers: the posers are full of greed and secrets and negativity, while the real deals happily share what they’ve learned and what brings them peace of mind and quiet joy.

      6. It is incredible sight to behold when someone goes through a week or so of not having anything because of lack of being prepared. After that week of being at sh^&’s door, these individuals will go right back to their same state of denial and laziness of not preparing. There is a true definition of manure stupid, someone that fails to learn from the same mistake over and over again. While most of the 99% of the population has not gone through a bad personal SHTF event that took everyday needs away, those that have still refuse to learn from it. Some will try for a little while and rapidly lose interest in preparation after a month or so of nothing happening. The dedicated person that prepares is a special individual. The rest of the society are, well……, they don’t get it.

        How difficult is it to throw a couple of cans of food into the shopping basket each time someone goes to the market and put that food into some nice dry corner or closet somewhere? How difficult is it to store up some water for when you need it? How difficult is it to store up those basic everyday needs? I mean, homeless people do this when the handouts dry up for some reason. People waste so much, yet have nothing when they can’t purchase or obtain what they that they waste so much of.

        What is so pathetic is that by the time most people wake up and figure out that, DUH they should have stockpiled something instead of wasting money on some asinine entertainment event, they will be stuck in a hole. More like a sinkhole with the collapse occurring right around them with nothing to grab on to, nothing but a free fall to the dark bottom. Too late, too bad. It surely doesn’t pay to be a dumb ass and not store up for a rainy day, more like a deluge, when it is not that difficult to and so rewarding when you do.

        • Be informed

          Kind of reminds me of a joke: “What is that squishy stuff
          between the toes of an elephant?……Slow natives.”

          I believe we will always have the “quick and the dead”
          scenario to contend with in prepping and survivalism.

        • Spiritual and temporal prepping are intensely personal activities. My parents taught me the less people know about you the better off you are and while I’m NOT doing anything illegal, immoral or crazy, I go about my prepping quietly. I am grateful for helpful sites and honest people, otherwise I couldn’t learn and improve. Thanks to those to provide good links and information!

      7. When that happens to me, I sternly shake my index finger at that cursed computer and in a stern voice say “BAD COMPUTER” I usually have to do that only once and the darn computer obeys and allows the download. I think to print out this info will require a few extra ink cartridges, but what I have read so far this one is definitely a keeper. Thanks for posting it.

      8. Know what’s scary, there’s 2 MSM, and 2nd is as dangerous as the 1st. Maybe more so. Main Stream Media and then the most dangerous, Main Stream Masses. Trekker Out. Don’t be the 2nd!

        • i think what @mt is saying to you all is …

          booga booga ;0P

          BEING A 2ND MSM “main stream media masses” boob tube believing drooling tax debt slave serf ZOMBIE BAD !

          booga booga ;0P




        nwo zog puppet vice prez Biden Calls for a NWO New World Order

        Vice President Joe Biden threw caution to the wind Friday as he shockingly declared, “The affirmative task we have now is to actually create a new world order,” adding yet another admission to an already long list of documented globalist bragging of plans for a centralized, one-world global government.



        • You know Vendetta,

          I have a case of the arse on this NWO. I want to know just where Joe stands in the scheme of things. Where is he in the Pecking Order? Smile up front, stab you in the back, kind of guy.

        • Link please?

          • Just Me ~

            I saw the vid posted on The Daily Sheeple.

            Search up: BREAKING: Joe Biden calls to ‘create a New World Order’

            Direct link to follow

          • @justme

            i did provide it , but it was not posted by @mac

            go to @ ” whatreallyhappened (dot) com ” for the story and NEWS video . ITS 3/4 THE WAY DOWN THE WEBSITE FRONT PAGE .

            it’s very real !!!

            prepare .

            N.O. ;0p

            • Globalism, the tearing down of national borders and sovereignty, makes about as much sense as blocking open the fire doors in a building or blocking open the hatches in the watertight bulkheads in a ship. Yes, you can move around more quickly, but the first fire in an office will burn down the entire building, and the first breached compartment will sink the entire ship. Indeed we have already seen this principle at work, as it was the tearing down of economic borders by the globalists that allowed Wall Street’s mortgage-back securities fraud of the 2000s to drag the whole world into a financial crisis that appears to be unstoppable. Indeed the looting of savings accounts to prop up that global bank system is on the same moral level as the First Class passengers on Titanic grabbing all of the life boats for themselves, and demonstrates just how dire the situation created by the globalists is!

              So we should not be listening to globalists any longer.

              We should allow common sense to prevail. To save the building from burning, we need MORE fire doors. To save the ship from sinking, we need the watertight bulkheads to be sealed. And to save the world economy, we need not one government but a thousand small nations, each taking care of their own, with no one nation or bank able to bring down civilization as a whole.


              • If the pompous snobs on Titanic had let the third class passengers help, many more people would have lived, including more first classers. The third classers would have had the sense to take off wooden doors, tables, etc and use them to float. The illiterates in third class could easily see (without an engineering degree) “This F—— boat is gonna’ sink”.


          Seriously, Vendetta, STFU.

        • Hey, look at me! I CAN PULL SHIT FROM MY ASS!!! Pretty amazing, huh?


          How do you know it’s unprecedented? BECAUSE I SAY IT IS, THAT’S HOW!!!


          Um, I mean, I sure do admire you readers of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion for how open-minded you are.

      10. People buy insurance because they are preparing (prepping) for an event that may happen (their home burns down) or will certainly happen (they get sick and/or die). The odds of a severe economic event is far more likely than my housing burning down. My insurance premiums (food, PM’s) are also refundable since I need to eat and gold never becomes 100% worthless.

      11. This is wonderful! Thanks to all!!!!

        What a great present!

      12. Whether by design or accident. America is being deindustrialized. That means going back to the farm, so to speak.

        In this day and age with modern techniques. You can easily be self sufficient in the food department. Dehydrated and canned foods. Chickens, Rabbits, and Goats. You can have a good variety of food.

        With some planning you can be off grid. Using energy efficient devices. And still have some technological luxuries and free time.

        The greatest thing, 100% of your labor goes to yourself. Not with portions eaten up by your government, employer, bank, etc. IMHO, I think even the middle class employee is losing 50% of their income in all taxes combined.

        I fear for the Chinese when automation leaves 100’s of Millions out of work. Will suck to be them.

        Sierra Dave

        • The problem with going back to the farm, is who can afford it? Not only is the land expensive (and you need a lot of cash or credit to get it), but you’ll need a shelter on it, and you’ll need some tools city-dwellers don’t keep under the bed…like stuff for getting a well up and running.

          Then, between the people who already own land, and considering the rate that the government is turning land to “national” or “protected” land, or outright seizing it altogether, there isn’t much hope for most of us to ever realize that dream, as nice as it is.

          And right now there is plentiful game in a lot of places, but the more people who start hunting to eat, the less there will be to hunt. Sorry, but there really are just so many rabbits to go around.

          • If we have a complete collapse of society. There will be a huge die off and lots of free land. I have been looking through Realtor dot com and have a list. I WILL upgrade from my 1.5 acre place to something bigger.

            I recommend bank owned properties as I wouldn’t want the real owners to show up. I’m honorable enough to not take someones property. When the banks collapse and are no longer legal entities. There will be plenty of free land.

            MAKE A LIST NOW! Update it weekly.

            Sierra Dave

          • You can grow your own food on a very small piece of land. You can also form a co-op. There are plenty of ways to do it. Don’t give up.

        • Sadly, Dave, they have not done anything to improve the conditions within their own country…..they have the sanitation which relates to the 14th century….their air quality is lethal and they allow the dead bodies of diseased animals to merely be put into a river …..what did these animals die of? And why pollute a river which is a water supply? Bottom line…..they need to either clean up their country or expand to another country….
          hope they have not picked this one….I would be willing to bet they will not be welcomed warmly….

          • I know it’s bad over there. Via Satellite, we estimate 30-40% of Californias’ air pollution comes from China. You can see articles in Japan about the air pollution coming from China. Some is sand, most is not.

            When government and industry are one. You have environmental disasters.

            I prognosticate that when the pollution is so bad, they won’t fear the government bullets. That could be now considering they DO have widespread protests. Revolution will happen, probably followed by economic collapse.

            Sierra Dave

      13. “The world breaks everyone and afterward many are strong in the broken places.

        But those that will not break it kills.

        It kills the very good and the very gentle and the very brave impartially.

        If you are none of these you can be sure it will kill you too but there will be no special hurry.”

        Ernest Hemingway

        • Do not go gentle into that good night — Dylan Thomas

          Woof, Sir, woof


          • @BA … Respect ! ;0)

            whaddup prepper dawg !?

            N.O. ;0P

            • @NinaO:

              Honing my skills
              Taking cheap thrills
              Tough till it kills
              ..fer reals…lol.

              It is officially dune buggy weather, and I’m tearing it up 24/7.

              …I’ll see you on the beach……BA.

      14. Louse write, it reads like a 300 page blog post with little meat and non licensed clip art.

        Get a book on backyard farming and a book on rustic living and you have better teachings.

        Shoot, teaching to live without refridgeration, when it only takes 300w max start wattage for a 10.7cf, means one doesn’t know how to research all options.. heck the same 300w setup can run a led 40″ and a ps3… you dont need to plan to live caveman…….you just need a plan to live. Weve been off grid for 6 months with less info this pdf is spitting. This sites front page is better packed

      15. well I havent posted for quite a while. As I am one of those people considered a prepper by some a nut by others, and just somewhere in between by my own family. For me in my mind off the grid would be great esp with all the info out there and now this to add. However do remember for us married folks if mamma iant in then it aint happening. With that said when we have had our power outages this winter she does count on me for food preps, flashlights, etc. Sometimes change is a gradual thing and the more smaller changes you can make each day a person can wein themselves off and possibly get their partner to buy in. Anyway thanks everyone for fighting the good fight but dont forget to enjoy each day as it could be your last no matter what your level of prepping is. God bless and ya’ll take care.

      16. “Like being at the poker table, to win you must either be all in, or don’t bother playing.”


        Whole lot of folks ‘playing’ at this stuff.

        “Bugout bags”…every time I hear that, I have to ask “And do WHAT then ? ” It’s a “REFUGEE BAG”….and you’re gonna get what the typical refugee has gotten for all of time…and it ain’t pretty.

        “I’ve got 3 months ( or 4,5,6, ) stored….we’re in better shape than the neighbors”.

        Yep. Until it runs out.

        If you actually need to use any extended amount of stored food, then the odds are the whole distribution system has collapsed and is NEVER coming back ( or at least many, many years )because the folks that used to run it are dead. What that means is you better have a couple YEARS worth stored, and hope the heck you can get food raising figured out before that stash runs out.

        And then food raising….another hoot.

        “I’ve got packs of heirloom seeds put away”….

        Not “I saved my seed from last year’s garden”, because they’ve NEVER RAISED A DADGUM garden….maybe a container grown tomato or two, but never had to actually go turn up ground and make it produce…..and have no clue what it takes to fight clay, bugs, water problems ( too much, too little ), and THEN how to preserve any of it if they did manage to raise it ( a whole nuther can of worms ).

        Haven’t read the book yet, but the author’s statement about either get in the game ALL THE WAY, or don’t bother playing is spot on, IMHO.

        And there are a whole lot of people out there “playing”….and fooling themselves into a false sense of security.

        • @ TnAndy.

          “Running With The Devil”, By Van Halen.

          Plenty out there with false security but is false security better than nothing? I would think so. We all have our strong suits and gardening is not mine for sure.
          Having a, “Brown Thumb”, I have to rely on storage. Recognise your short falls and work around them.

          I used to wish I was 25 years younger and knew what I know now. Then I thought I would just have to live thru 25 more years of crap. Figuring there are more better years past and fewer crappy ahead, I will stay where I am and do the best I can. Playing the percentages.;0)

          • WOW! slingshot.

            Just saw your post and it hit me like a pebble from a slingshot.

            “Running with the Devil” was just like, ‘deja vu’, after just posting my dream about “Dancing with the Devil”.

            Great minds think alike. LOL! Your handle reminds me of growing up as a little kid, when I had a slingshot my grandpa made for me. He used mountain Rhodadendron as the frame and two pieces of an old inner tube and a piece of leather shoe tongue for the sling.

            I slung many of small stones at objects until i got pretty good and then a big snow storm came. Ouside the porch, we had thrown some bread scraps and the birds were flying in and pecking away. i went to the toy box and found a marble for my slingshot. The snowbird on a bush never knew what hit him. I was proud, but saddend by the little helpless bird lying in the snow. I never shot at another bird with it. I did kill many of the “cat birds” eating the cherries from granny and pa’s big sweet cherry trees, with my bb gun. Got a nickel for everyone i brought down. Oh, the memories of youth.

            • @Don’t Tread.

              This is strange. I did not read your post before I wrote mine.

        • “I’ve got 3 months ( or 4,5,6, ) stored….we’re in better shape than the neighbors”.

          Yep. Until it runs out.
          This is the one that just irks me.
          Okay, you have 3 months; or even 6 months.
          Then there is a really bad drought in your state. No farming…or even worse things can happen than no rain.
          How about the next 6 months when that garden doesn’t come in—–AND let us not neglect the solid fact, we can not survive from a garden…Did you say you grow flour and meal and chicken broth and simple black pepper and salt?
          I didn’t think so.
          I hear ya TnAndy…yeah, I hear ya.
          Think like there will never be a grocery again, then run with it!!!

      17. Good Morning!
        Don’t sell them short too fast. Some sheeple are waking up. Yesterday I went to the flea market to sell what military/camping gear I have collected over a few months. I keep a record of past sales of what I sold and how many pieces and I can tell that survival, camping and military gear sales are up six fold. Coleman stoves, ammo cans, mess kits, military medical bag, Mil. packs, canteens with cups, mil.first aid kits, flack jacket assorted mag pouches ALICE and MOLLE. Mil.90 degree flashlights, and a few used
        AR-15, 30rd mags. My prices were way under what the Army/Navy store and gun shows sell. I do make a profit but I’m not going to gouge.
        The conversations were terrific as many WAR VETS. stoppped and looked at the gear and I got to learn a few things.

        • @Slingshot:

          Agreed Sir.

          Pri-G, Pri-D, and kerosene are in short supply around these parts. Someone besides just me is buying it up.

          Old boy up the street was on the beach demonstrating water distillation, and the importance of alternative sources of fresh drinking water. I found out that he is an earnest prepper, made a new connection, and a friend.

          I more frequently teach people on the wharf how to crab.

          …independence can be addictive…..

          Best to you and yours.

          …..there is no spoon…………BA.

      18. I moved to an old abandoned farmhouse on 200acres in 1979 and installed a huge wood heater before cold weather hit . Located a dairy farm and got all the rotted manure I could haul for free . Got a couple of goats from a flea market . Added some free game hens that were the hardest things to round up.
        Put in raised beds made from an old brick chimney . Bought a pressure canner .
        Nothing was easy . But it can be done if hard work is not a problem .

        • My spring prep..
          I’m creating a hot bed.

          Raised planter with sliding glass double pane doors.
          Heater cable…some extra lights
          wax pistons for vent.

          It will cost about $400.
          But then I have a lifetime of greens to eat…zero ecoli worries.

      19. Yea, sad to say I’m not quite all in. I am prepared to be, but I still like to use modern conveniences. When the supply lines break it will be very difficult to survive long term. Everything we use is made with fossil fuels. I like my chainsaw and log splitter. I would rather use my rototiller than shovel to make garden. If you’re not out in front with your gardening you could starve. Bugs and blight. The cabbage worms will eat the leaves off your brassica in 2 days unless you know how to get them in check. I’ve had blight the last two springs with all the rain we got.

        • Those free ranging hens ate all the bugs I ever had any problems with JRS . I even added a 4’x25′ chicken wire cage outta 1x4s to put on those raised beds after stripping the plants after harvest . It was lightweight and easy to move .A hinged door and a handful of scratch feed brought them in for several hours . never had a grub problem .
          Sold eggs and traded them . Same with veggies . Goats ate all the brush and composted the solid plant fiber . The hard work was not easy .
          Neighter was shoveling manare . But the rewards were ever so sweet .

          • 22Mission…I have a flock too…but you have to keep them out of the garden or you won’t have ANYTHING to eat. I have a fence around to keep out rabbits but I had to put some bird netting around to keep the girls out after I planted. It’s funny…I clipped their wings twice but them buggers can fly- hop higher than you would believe.

            • Had a woven wire fence around all the beds JRS . You are right about keeping them out most of the time .
              However, after harvest I started letting them in . The bugs just disappeared .
              And the scratching and digging helped mix in those extra spatters of manure .
              I also fed the chickens and goats the extra produce . Worked wonderfully well .
              Picture perfect spring day outside . If only the chemtrails were not already hazing over that blue sky from this morning .
              The evil that walks among us today must end .

      20. I agree that being off the grid has a lot of positive things going for it, especially in a time when evidence of impending collapse is all around us. The dilemma is though, that we go from being young and strong, to gradually turning old and frail as we age. So it seems to me that ideally one would need to be part of a community that is constantly being replenished by new generations in the way of the Amish or the Mennonites. Our winters up here in Canada are brutal, and while a strong 30 year old could cut enough firewood the same could not be said for an ailing 70 year old. Comments?

        • Spent 8 years in Canada . Six in Newfoundland where I owned a house . So I do know those Canadian winters . Will never forget either .
          But yes, I agree community is a necessity. Absolutely hands down .
          I’m mostly just sorry the young of today seem to care less when it comes to lifeskills .
          Could not interest any of mine in learning any woods lore .

          • The youth of today, for the most part, have no idea what hard work is like. If they were not raised on a farm or working ranch, most would probably shrivel up and die if things went completely 1800’s again.

            Thank God, I was partially raised on a little working homestead with a garden plot about half an acre. My grandparents were poor but made do with hard work and knowledge of “the old ways” of survival.

            I won’t get into details because it would result into a small book. I will hit on the one main thing that Chris Paleo mentioned; firewood. Those same grandparents, had a wood fired cook stove and a big steel heater in the main room of a three bedroom house. There was no alternate heat. Granny did have an electric range and oven but was only used on the 95-100 degree summer days. We lived in the mountains and winters in the 50s and 60s were colder than now.

            Pa never owned a chainsaw. All his wood was cut with an ax and bow-saw. One thing that helped was the availability of slab piles. For those that don’t have a clue what that is; it is the outside cuts from logs that has the bark on it. Way back then, the majority of sawmilling was done on the land where the trees were cut from. In our neck of the woods, it was first come first serve on slab piles. We hauled many of loads from the old logging roads back to the home stead on back of an old pickup truck.

            Pa never used much hickory or locust slabs cause it was too much work to cut up the small pieces with the old one man bow saw. Hardly a day went by where he didn’t work in wood. Right up till he got too sick from stomach cancer and died in his mid seventies. They claimed it was from drinking the heavyily ironed water from the 600 ft. deep well, but I believe it was more likely from the dipping snuff that he and granny used everyday of their adult lives.

            I was the only grandkid that lived next door or anywhere nearby to them so i was expected to help. Between helping them and my other grandparents that lived up the road a couple miles, I developed hardend callus hands by the age of eight. When my cousins would brag about their ball playing skills from being on a team at school, I only could brag about my callus hands and ask if they could cut their palms below the fingers, with a knife, and not bleed. I would literally cut into the skin to prove I had the most callus hands of all, and not a drop of blood. They could not attempt such a feat. The old man that operated the general store would embarass some of the local men by insinuating they were lazy and didn’t work hard. To prove it, he would get me to show my hands and compare. I can’t count the times he would rare back and laugh like hell when this 10 year old boy had thicker callus hands than many of the twenty and thirty somethings. I didn’t think that much of it, but it was a big deal to him. People seldom used gloves when working back then. People seldom work without them now.

            There will be a time when the old ways of living will be a necessity, rather than a novelty or a choice.

        • The Amish are having huge trouble with horrific birth defects due to inbreeding. Where in the Bible does it say “Shun the outside world and marry your cousin”?

        • My wife found something on the internet that I might have to try. It’s called a rocket stove mass heater. Go to and you can see diagrams and lots of videos. It’s like an outdoor rocket stove for cooking, except it’s indoors and the exhaust is piped through a large mass in the house to radiate heat. The proponents say you can heat for an entire winter on just 1/2 cord of wood. It also can burn twigs or downed limbs.

          I have some firebricks, so I might try building one in my greenhouse. I have a hard time heating it.

        • Getting old ain’t for sissies. If one is lucky they stay healthy and one day just don’t wake up. Might upset the twenty year old next to you but she will get over it.

      21. PS, Amish-like but with a defensive mind-set. In a WROL world pacifists run the danger of being victims.

        • Chris…I have quite a few Amish neighbors. Don’t think they won’t defend their families. And they are armed with rifles since they like to hunt…not ARs or AKs however a 300 win mag or 30.06 can work too.

          • Likewise here. The Amish sold a gun to my dh and expressed his will to protect his family with the others he kept.
            They will not be overrun by one or two–however, an army of UN soldiers could do it with no problem.
            But they, like many here, know where our real home is.

      22. No argument here on the goal of going “all in” on sustainable, off-grid living, to the extent you can make that happen. However, I wouldn’t mind sitting down at the poker table with these two if that is also their philosophy in Texas Hold’Em. 😀

      23. It is a hard truth to accept, but many will be surprised who would survive WROL (without rule of law) and who will perish. As recent history shows, farms would be early targets for looting in an era if food insecurity.

        Skills will trump stuff by a factor of ten. I’ve met many through my prison ministry that are not even allowed to own a gun, yet with as many firearms as people in the U.S. they will have no trouble acquiring one and no qualms about slaughtering those tending crops, cutting trees, or just using the outhouse.

        Predators doing drive-by recon and using Google maps are already planning where they will hit when the time comes. Being too isolated could be second only to being stuck in the city in the initial stages of a socioeconomic collapse. The strongest will survive the cities to battle it out with the subsistence farmers. Those who win may not be able to operate a farm so will abandon it and move on.

        Follow the example of early American settlers who initially clustered together in villages for mutual protection. Cropland outside of town only needs to be guarded for a few short months during the growing season.

        • If you are bugging in. Now is the time to map out all approaches. All the spots people would hide behind as they attack. Ditches, cars, trees, etc. Get a 200 foot tape and measure out distances.

          Consider booby trapping any approach. Totally illegal with rule of law. But post collapse, a flash bang rigged to go off behind a shed that the bad guys are behind. And then attack while they’re disoriented. OR some worse device triggered from your home.

          Tie some small colored banners to a line. And if someone passes through the area, the flag gets moved. Alerting you of scouts.

          Sierra Dave

        • As recent history shows, farms would be early targets for looting in an era if food insecurity.
          Which in my mind is where that extra ammo will be needed–and guards on shifts.
          Hey, give me a bounty of your produce, and I’m in for the third shift—I don’t sleep well, why not??

          • Yes! That’s the way . Community and trading amongst each other . Food is always on demand . And so will be security .

        • The only way to survive is a place where several families of on elarge on all share the work and security functions. Numbers will be important.

          • It takes a village.

      24. I do not personally wear a seat belt becuase i fear the authorities. I do not prep becuase I fear the authorities. I do both becuase I fear all the idiots that are either on the road beside me, live near me, or some unknown event ocurs.


        I propose we create our own “world order”.
        Create a bank for preppers….based on silver.
        Our own everything…
        Food pantries, right from the farm to the table.
        Our own self sufficiency.

        We buy ammo in build and keep our own private and group local armories.

        We have our own real estate group projects.

        All Christian based….

        Our own business groups…

        I’m currently brining together many people into my own network…teaching them how to build up teams of people….band together….

        That is the evolution of prepping…
        We all drop this “bunker” mentality and we begin a global network.
        With the US constitution and the bible leading the way.

        I’ll get you started…

        Here’s the hosting provider….

        They host dot net nuke.
        It’s a codeless way of creating a content mgt. database.
        There’s many modules one can plug in.

        This would let many create a communication layer.
        It also does portals.
        One database running many web sites.

        Here’s a concept…

        A new bank where all the loaned money is backed by silver.
        We would have a generational focus.
        Where we focus on the education and well being of the next generation.

        We might “mushroom” family farm projects.
        Where the bank would buy up farms…then structure a mini economy.
        One family would run the barn, another would run the egg production.

        We cut the Federal Reserve right out of the loop.

        It’s time we get prepping out of the basement
        and into a well organized system.

        I’ll give thumbs up to the Mormans.
        These folks have their shit together.

        • They’ll probably be next on the hit list of TPTB… Anything that threatens the NWO/TPTB always gets torn down.

        • The concept is great! The ideology is motivating and inviting. The reality is more likely to be played out in a movie than in real time.

          Why do I say such a thing about something i would love to be a part of? In all reality, TPTB would have no problem labeling the group/community as a “terrorist organization” and using the lame stream media to spew the propaganda around enough for the world to accept their “slaughter tactics” towards the group.

          History has proven it usually happens that way. TPTB have no conscience about killing innocent children and defenseless old folks.

          The next problem i see would be leadership. In any situation outside a pre 19th century, Native american Indian tribe, there would always be some sort of power struggle and confrontations.

          The scenario you describe has merit on an isolated island somewhere, or on another continent perhaps, but I don’t see the US gov allowing it to fly.

          I’ll just hold out for the King of Kings and Lord of Lords for my survival community.

        • Let’s say you create a Christian-based community. One day a starving child shows up and asks for help, but the child is not a Christian. Do you turn the kid away? And what happens if non-Christians form a nearby community and have information and abilities that you lack. Are you going to refuse to deal with them? Just asking….

          I have a bunch of friends who are non-Christians and who are members of the SCA, an organization that recreates all the old techniques for living, from making your own liquor to making your own protective clothing. I’ve gotten a lot of great hands-on lessons from them. Seems to me that ignoring people who are not part of your “sect” is stupid and non-productive.

          • sharonsj, I agree with you. I’ve learned more survival skills from non-Christians and find some of them more trustworthy than my supposed brothers. I haven’t found very many Christians prepping either. Of course they are being taught that they’ll be raptured out; “don’t worry be happy”.
            I’ll feed as many in need as possible, in the name of Jesus. He fed a multitude and they didn’t follow Him.

      26. More about my new prep…

        I work at a large company.
        I’m an IT guy.

        I’m building a crew of men that will be a complete in-house service company.
        We’ll keep our place in business.
        In time…. we’ll partner with our company and spin-off a larger version of what we are doing. At that point, the founding members will get equity.
        If they don’t want to play ball..we’ll break off on our own or
        partner with other companies or seek venture capital funding.

        Master your career…then build teams of men/women that work as a family/crew/unit.

        Notice I did not use the word “team”.
        Teams are bullshit.
        People switch teams all the time and jump to other companies.

        My approach is like the old style mafia family.
        Once you are in…you are in for life.
        We have your back.

        A crew.

        A small fast moving team that has proven work skills can outperform many.

        We’re like the navy seal team of business.

        Full Automation.

        That’s what we do….
        Smart systems.

        No matter what you do…
        Even if you are just the Janitor of Walmart…
        Start building your own crew. Be the people that mgt. turn to…
        Get the bugs out….refine your processes…then
        you seek your own company and everyone gets equity.

        With everything crashing…this is our place in history.

        People are scared and running with a crew makes them feel better.

        We run the company….and act as a service company to mgt.



        There you go guys… THAT IS THE NEXT PREP…

        Book to read: John C. Maxwell.
        The 21 Irrefutable laws of leadership.

        Questions: Who do you have influence with?
        Who follows you? Who are you mentoring and leading.
        Who mentors you?

      27. @ JustOneGuy. I need your expertise on the solar angle of the geophysical part of the planet. There have been about a dozen earthquakes on the eastern section of the Scotia plate since March 11, and the ONLY plate that would cause this would be the South American plate ramming against it. The northern portion of the Scotia plate is like the San Andreas as it slides opposite to the South American plate. IF that section was ready to go then you would see some activity above and below it, nothing. It is all on the eastern portion.

        To those that are unfamiliar with the Scotia plate, it a small plate in the shape of a cumcumber that is pressed between the South American plate and the Antarctic plate, southeast of the Falkland Islands. The eastern section of it is a thrust zone in which the southern tip of the South American plate is pushing against it. This area has had earthquakes of 4.6 to 5.9 hit at most sections of it since March 11. This shows that the South American plate is on the move. This on top of the Nazca plate also on the move, several earthquakes on the western portions of it last week make for an extremely dangerous combination.

        When someone looks at the Andes mountains you see these peaks, many over 20,000 feet jet up off the western coast of South America, you can see what happens when two plates collide west to east and east to west. The Scotia plate is going through the same on a much lesser scale, but shows that the South America plate is moving, and this with indication of the Nazca plate moving means real bad news. When the Nazca plate has earthquakes around the Easter Island region 100% of the time within 30 days a large quake occurs, and 90% of the time by 15 days. The Nazca plate ended this on March 30, that means 15 days later is April 14, and 30 days later April 29 deadlines.

        It should be realized that the largest earthquake ever recorded was 9.5 down in Chile in 1960, so these plates are capable of throwing off some true monsters. This is what it happening right now, all indications point to something quite big coming. The danger zone would be either Mexico to Chile OR a 7.5-8.5 down in the Scotia plate region, South Sandwich Islands. More likely South to Central America. Why should anyone that doesn’t have relatives down there care? Because the southern push of these plates can and have lead to earthquakes further north of them, namely the California to the Northwest.

        JustOneGuy. What are you picking up on your end with the Sun? You mentioned that LACK of solar activity leads to increase earthquake activity. Other than sun spot 1711, on space weather it looks real spotty with low activity. The aurora activity has been real limited other than the high latitudes like in Iceland. In your opinion from the solar activity or the lack of it, does this massive earthquake down in the Americas sound like an inevitability like I think it is? Hope you and everyone else is having a nice Sunday.

      28. Have any of you guys been open carrying?

        • E
          I don’t personally open carry myself because it tends to
          scare the wits out of the general population which isn’t
          my intent to do. Besides, they often call the cops and I
          don’t need to hassle with that.

          But the biggest reason I don’t open carry is because it
          ruins my OPSEC, and I like cruisin’ beneath the radar

        • OPEN CARRY OPEN CARRY, Yes I open carry, 7 days a week, every where except to Church on Sunday. Tired of everyone using excuses not to open carry. A right not used, will be lost. Why do you think the Police stop people that open carry, because they are few and far between, just like fine gold,999.9 won’t open carry. Be proud, Strap em on, and get out there. Stop making me, look like an eccentric. Can’t believe it, but I’ve seen more women than men doing open carry here in Wyoming. Trekker Out.

      29. “The world is my oyster”.

        Have to agree with BI there is plenty of waste and a throw away society. A friend of mine worked for the sanitation dept and rode the garbage truck. The stuff he used to bring to camp. Old radio but it still worked. A cooker,clamp on lights,folding chairs and table. His next store neighbor had a generator that he was tire of screwing with, called him up to get it. Spark plug, change of oil and gas, new air and fuel filter and now he has a 5k generator that runs fine.
        Those in low budget hunt camps that have cook sheds have cabinets that were set out on the curb from an UPGRADE or remodeling of a home. Maybe a gas stove or two.
        I don’t know how much cut plywood I have taken to camp along with angle iron and 2×4 studs for building hunt stands.
        Now to decide whether I am a hoarder or a garbage picker. ;0)

        • Awesome slingshot…I am a scavenger myself. Most of my animal coops and runs and most of my workshop cabinets are second hand “dumpster diving” and jobsite finds. Then again, I am a skinflint…lol…I even straighten old nails.

          • JRS.

            Beware of the curse! Throw something away and you will be at LOWE’S, buying it next week.

            • Back in the 80’s I remember seeing a front bumber plate that read, “If you ain’t country, you ain’t shit”!

              I always thought about making one that read; “If you ain’t got a junk pile, you ain’t country”!

              If you built a working lawn tractor, from parts and pieces, you dug from your backyard junk pile; you just might be a shade tree working redneck.

        • His “next store neighbor”?? My chuckle for the day – after shaking my head, that is.

      30. my thanks to Mack and the authors for making their collection of info available… much may well be redundant, or nnever before seen… either way, information is good, more informatin is better

      31. To each, his own. I had their site bookmarked for awhile last year, think it was something they had to say about recruiting new folks for their retreat that turned me away. Could be mistaken. I pulled down the pdf, searched on acouple topics to find out their retirement and medical care plans. Eeh. If they don’t have kids willing to help them in 20-30 years, guessing it’s going to fall on society to do it.

        I prefer to live on the fence between nothing much and something terrible happening. Preparing for both, but I’m not going “all in” on either one. If I get pushed off to either side, just want a soft spot to land. Barry McGuire (and many others) thought we were on the Eve of Destruction 50 years ago, but it hasn’t happened yet. Have to prep for a long retirement too, and be prepared to pay your own way through it. It’s not the next generations job to do it.

      32. Barring a natural disaster, or someone like little round man doing something stupid, here’s my take on the U. S. collapse.

        September or October 2014, if it looks like the Dems will not take the House and or keep the Senate, it is game over. If they look like they will take the house and keep the Senate, then look at September or October 2016, this is when it will start the Hunger Games. Again barring natural or stupid happenings the Mid-Term Elections, for me are the key to anything happening.

        This is the way I see things unfolding at the present time. Do not stop your preparations by no means; continue like it is your last day to do so.

        Keep the FAITH

        • Yeah, Hi-n-Dry, I skimmed the book. One of the chapter titles asks, “Its 2012-Is it too late?”, my answer, its 2013, and yes it is too late to completely restructure your lives, move to the wilderness and learn to live ‘off grid’ or ‘off-the-land’ as the crazy Boomers used to say. I saw bazillions of them try and miserably fail as a child in the early ’70s; I saw a few more people try and fail b/c of Y2K (I knew that Y2K wasn’t going to be a problem btw. I did planning and testing on the ‘Y2K Bug’ during the late ’90s. Companies started tackling the problem around ’95 and put billions into it up until 2000. And there were really only a few problems in the end.)

          The only people I saw successfully live ‘off grid’ were the very elderly who had lived that way their entire lives and who were still alive when I was a boy. In fact my eldest great aunt and uncle who were born around the turn of the century, not Y2K but Y19H, they lived that way all their lives and both died around 1980. They were both as tough as a couple of old pine knots.

          It could be done but it would take MANY years and a WHOLE BUNCH of money.

          Alternatively you could use an iron will and resolve to do it or die trying. But do you have a wife? Talk about bugging out! 99,999,999 of 1 million women will ‘bug out’ on you during the middle of the night when the going gets tough. Then she’ll immediately collude with the worst types she can find to divorce you and get ‘her half’. In any case, 99,999,999 of 1 million men with kids (even with iron personal resolve) will ‘bug out’ when they see what living on what a neophyte can eek from the land can do to their children.

          There probably isn’t enough time to move and reestablish yourself within a modern context, much less enough time to learn all you need to know and get everything together to live ‘off grid’ and provide even enough to live on. You are where you are, you’d best use the time and energy you have to figuring out how to survive wherever you are.

          I think it was Von Clausewitz who said ‘Insanity in individuals is something rare – but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule.’ Clearly the epoch we entered into about 15 years ago is completely INSANE, and the temptation is to lose your head. Don’t!

        • I’m looking hard for something major to happen on or near the first blood moon period in April, 2014. I believe an escalating of world events will follow right thru till the last blood moon of the period, in late September 2015.

          The fall 2014 election may have some affect, but I think the escalation of events (most likely war in the Middle East) will happen, no matter the outcome.

          I’m prepared either way and see things as happening on an exponential scale from now on out. The wake up alarm was sounded in 2008 and the world slept right thru it.

      33. Must be a good day for reading… just came across excellent book called, “A Being Darkly Wise” by John Atcheson. A novel about survival. Couldn’t stop reading it until they ended the little bit of free pages.

      34. MY TAKE ON THE U.S. COLLAPSE? I’d say we better have things in place by the new year. If it ain’t collapsed by then, that is.

      35. G-H-, I don’t have a crystal ball, but America’s financial system has been in a downward accelerating spiral since ’08. I wouldn’t give myself until the end of the year. It could crash tomorrow, at the end of the year, in two years… all I’m sure of is that it will crash. And I expect sooner rather than later.

        I just try to value every day and use every day to prepare. In reality no one knows exactly whats on the way. I make plans for what I think might happen, but try to make my preps flexible enough to be useful in a variety of crises.

        • It will hold together until the 2014 elections. The Dems want the House so they can install tyranny legally. If they don’t take it then before the next house is seated things will probably get interesting.

      36. Joe Biden calls for New World Order:

        This just reminds us why, though there’s no lack of people who desire world domination, there’s also no credibility to the conspiracy theories about them. Thing is, for every bunch who wants a New World Order (with them at the top, naturally), they inevitably have someone like Joe Biden on their team.

      37. Sorry, but that book was awful.

        Better stuff free on the web.

        • That’s because Dan and Shiela are not all that. They talk a good talk but get their income from scamming folks. They are under investigation by Catron, Co. Sheriffs office for a rash of thefts in the area. They have never had a garden. They buy all their food from a local grocery store. They use a gas powered generator for power. They are NOT self sufficient. They are just scammers. They have ripped off many people. Be careful with these people.

      38. looks like the liberals are out in force thumbing everyone down today. wonder what these bottom feeders will do when it really hits the fan…

      39. The FREE download for what it’s FREE! Anybody that complains about that price…well you have some serious issues. Maybe Oblamacare will take care of that for you, good luck with that.

        On another more serious note- Did the ‘balloon just go up’? Bueller? Anyone?

        Some pretty heavy reading on missile preps and chess piece moves over on Steve Quails site. Again, draw your own conclusions… but I’m working late this week on getting last minute stuff ready…we may be out of time .

      40. Wow, just finished the pdf. Spot on.

      41. Every time I try to download I get a message that says: “File not Found” even directly from their site. Any suggestions?

        • trimman, please shoot an email over to sheila and dan via the site’s contact form. they should be able to send you in the right direction. thanks!

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