Survival Imperative: “Blend In… People Will Hate You Even If You Help Them”

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    The following article has been contributed by Selco of SHTF School, someone who has experienced the worst that humanity has to offer when he faced one year in hell in the midst of the Balkan War during the 1990’s. His experiences and insights, many of which are shared in his Online Survival Course and community forums, will be invaluable should we ever face a similar collapse in the United States. 


    It is OK if you think that government is corrupt and incompetent, I think that too.

    It is OK to have weapon in your home, and will and knowledge to use it, and it is very good if you think that TV is full of crap.

    I think too that S. is gonna hit the fan, and that it makes sense to have bug out location and bug out bag, and lots of cans and ammo.

    So we are clear that we agree that all of the above (and lots more) make perfect sense. But one thing does not make sense and that is to let everyone else know that you are thinking like this.


    Because it makes you different from (great) majority of folks around you, and what should be one of the basic and first imperatives?

    To blend in, to look and be like everyone around you!

    Do not ruin your chances to be safe at home even before SHTF.

    Since last week we have ongoing discussion if survival in urban environment is even possible at all.

    Under some circumstances it is, my experience during war I talk about in my course and how many others survived trapped in cities during war shows it is possible.

    But you have to be prepared and do things right even before any collapse happens. Here are some more important things to keep in mind when you try to fly under radar and increase your chances for survival.

    Survivalist Hate: From nice guy who helps to guilty man

    Did you ever hear of “survivors guilt”? Feeling of being guilty because you survived but many others you know did not. There is something else that can “help” you to not feel that, because it can kill you. It is what I call “survivalist hate” by people around you.

    I often read how people want to help other folks when SHTF, and it is really good, but in reality it works different.

    When SHTF, I mean real SHTF, most of the people will not like you because you are prepared, people will hate you, even if you help them. They will hate you because you are prepared and you have food, water, weapon and shelter for you and your family, and they do not have anything like that.

    I have seen how people robbed man, and his family, torching his house because he had lots of goods (he gave some of that stuff to some folks week before) and by that logic folks said that he knew that S. is going to hit the fan, and he was like guilty for them. People were angry that he prepared but did not tell them.

    This is what you can call “survivalist hate”. Think about it, sentences like “he could have warned us” or “he must have stolen this from somewhere, otherwise he would have not that much”. Do not expect normal logical thinking. It does not happen much in normal times and is less in survival scenarios for most common folks.

    Being a Stranger

    To be stranger in some area, for whatever reason is dangerous thing when SHTF. Let say for example that you move from your country to some other, permanently, and you want to continue to live there. And you are obviously different from people around you because how you look. It is dangerous place to be when SHTF. In some places just because you are from different race people consider you rich.

    Do not be fooled by everyday “ease” now in normal times. You may think that you blend in perfectly, and people like you, you go to the church, contribute to charity etc.

    But when SHTF you are going to see that you are outsider, and in some cases you could be even accused for bad situation, and you could be in danger.

    Of course it is not always going to be like this, but I saw many times people being attacked in SHTF just because they are different. When SHTF people want to look for guilty people for SHTF, and it is easiest to “find” them in people who are different.

    Being a “Smartass”

    Do not be smartass. This is advice also for normal times of course. For example people here (I guess just like everywhere) are completely addicted to retarded TV shows.

    For hours they sit in front of the TV and follow that stuff, and they comment on it everywhere. I never discuss with them my opinion that I do not watch that s..t and that it is retarded.

    For them, they believe I watch it too, I am just like them. Now this may look like stupid nonsense example, but it is only example.

    I go like that with all other things, very very rarely I go into the discussion with people and try to prove that they are wrong. They deserve to live their life like that and it is OK.

    Sometimes when I found man who is worth of “saving” I try to discuss with him my way of living, values, etc. Maybe there is future prepper in him.

    Point of this is to understand: there is no sense in going against majority of people around you, you just gonna stick out like that, attract attention, be smart ass because you are trying to go against majority.

    Just leave them, blend in, look like everyone around you. It is satisfying for your ego to proof other people wrong when you know better, but what do you win? Nothing and most people do not even want to know any truth that does not fit in their world view.

    Visit Selco’s Community Forum to discuss this and other topics

    You can follow Selco’s story at SHTF School and learn how he survived one year in hell. 


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      1. Blending in will be easier when everyone is broke…

        • Good points kind of like keeping your cards close to your chest.

            • Apparently Hussein Obama has decided to openly work with Hamas.

              • Apparently we live in an evil world…

                KILL THE RABBIT!

                • Zombies, which most of the popualtion has become are sh$% stupid. You make yourself as unappealing as possible and they will think you are worse off than them. Get the shaggy clothes, worned out shoes with the holes in the socks, and don’t forget the smell. Yes, people are usually like animals and first react to a stink quicker than anything in sight. This can be ANY bad smell that people find awful. You don’t even have to wear the stench, just have something with you to repel. Those dog repel sprays work with dogs and cats alike. Dumbasses that have live their stupid little lives in a superficial world will be the easiest to fool. Rotten egg stink is one of the strongest repellent. The worst you physically look the better.

                  The main issue is that anyone wants to stay as isolated as possible. ANYONE you come into contact with after SHTF is dangerous. I am not just talking about that they will attack you either. People are going to be full of waking death as in germs. The amount of contagious bacteria infections is going to skyrocket after sanitation and flush toilets are gone. People will not have antibiotics to treat these sicknesses. Viruses are always an issue, but far mopre people are going to be sick with bacteria than anything that they can and will pass on to others, The list of these bacteria illnesses are vast and very frightening. Also people may have come into contact with dangerous chemicals and war type weapons that can be brushed off on you and kill you. It takes only a speck of a nerve gas ON THE SKIN to kill a person. Many people could be walking around with this on their clothes.

                  Best advice, avoid people and animals for some time after SHTF, especially if it war SHTF or other catastrophic event that releases dnagerous toxins that can be passed on through the simplest of contact with someone.

                  • BI, good advice! The guts of this article by Selco pretty much synch with my views of how it will be if it really goes belly up and turns to anarchy.

                    For quite a while any semblance of normal is going to be impossible. You wont be able to safely go outside and tend a garden – in fact, you would probably be better off letting your garden get stripped clean. You can rebuild it later when some semblance of order is restored or the die off is over.

                    You will need to hunker down and ride it out – going out to hunt or forage gets you out of your secure zone and into someone elses, no matter how well armed you may be. It only takes one (un)lucky bullet to take you out and where does that leave your family?

                    Food, water, shelter (and warmth, depending on location), security and some way to take care of waste. It you live on a few acres or out in the boonies these are all much easier to achieve but in the city not so much – but as Selco said, not impossible.

                    One item of OPSEC that was rammed home to me just last weekend. At my retreat I had a few friends come up to go deer hunting and they camped at the far end of my place by the creek, about 600 metres from my shack. I went out at dawn on seemingly a dead calm, cold Autumn morning and could smell the bacon cooking!! I’m starting to think now that there may be a lot of cold meals after TSHTF!

                    Remember, all of us here are just guessing and throwing around “what if” scenarios but this guy Selco has been there, done that, and come out the other side. Anything he wants to say and I’m all ears!!


                  • I look at most Americans and I see fat waddling cattle.

                    I wonder if they were fattened up for the kill, or fattened up to help them survive?

                    I read the account of the Doner party trapped and starving in the Rocky’s. Many died, many survived by eating the dead. Old lady Doner and her daughter were morbidly obese. They survived pretty much on body fat, and by eating bark, grass and leather. Old man Doner starved to death.

                    I wonder how long many could last, just eating a minimalist diet, just enough to keep their digestion system working, but primarily living on body fat?

                  • It already is happening. It happens when communist governments take over countries. Anybody outside the “norm” is either reeducated or outright killed.

                    I was reading an article today about an actress (we will call her “A”) and the author said, “oh, how wonderful, oh, how beautiful.”

                    A reader blogged that she disagreed and did not think that actress A was beautiful and found another actress (whom shall be named “B” and is the antithesis of actress A) to be more beautiful, and expressed her sentiment without insults.

                    Now you would think: “Fluff, meh.” BUT the rotten responses to this person’s simple opinion about whom she found more beautiful were astounding. “How dare you not think she is beautiful.” “I wish we could see YOU because I know YOU are ugly or else you would not have said A was not beautiful.” I would label their myriad responses as a “witch burning.”

                    This is where this country is headed.

                  • So be-informed your telling us to spread shit all over our arms to blend in? lol

                  • @POPT,
                    The Donner party incident was not in the Rockies, it was in the Sierra Nevada mountains. The cannibalism in the Colorado Rockies was Alfred Packer’s bunch of prospectors. Before that it was the Native American Indians in the 4 Corners region. OMG, I’m NOT PC!!!!!!!!!! Yeah, well, been to the site where the archaeologists did the research and found the evidence of cannibalism.

                • Unbelievable but true: A fact about the welfare state you may not believe

                  “Imagine if the federal government not only incentivized the poor to remain poor… but also actively punished those who try to rise out of poverty?

                  It sounds ridiculous… but that’s exactly what the modern welfare system is set up to do. Check out the short video below to see for yourself.

                  Regardless of your political beliefs, it’s sure to open your eyes…”


                  • Eric Holder Announces Task Force To Focus On “Domestic Terrorists”

                    “This whole charade shouldn’t be called “THE WAR ON TERROR.” IT IS ACTUALLY ALL ABOUT KEEPING THE CITIZENRY TERRIFIED. The government loves keeping you in a state of fear so that then they can do anything they want to the little sheep. It should be called “THE WAR ON FREEDOM.” Your freedom.

                    It’s been obvious for quite some time that the so-called “war on terror” is nothing more than a fear-mongering induced power grab; a convenient excuse to strip the citizenry of its civil liberties and humanity. Many commentators, including myself, have predicted for years that the entire counter-terror juggernaut that has been constructed post-9/11 would be ultimately redirected upon the domestic population.”

                    “The concept of the U.S. government viewing the population as the true enemy has been a theme on this site for many years. For some background, I suggest reading the following:

                    -Rep. Steve Cohen Calls Tea Party Republicans “Domestic Enemies” on MSNBC

                    -It’s Official: The FBI Classifies Peaceful American Protestors as “Terrorists”

                    “The reason I chose to highlight these two articles, is that in one case it is the “tea party” being demonized, and in the other it is Occupy Wall Street.

                    It doesn’t matter if the dissent is seen as emanating from the “right” or the “left,” it is DISSENT IN GENERAL which is increasingly being demonized as “DOMESTIC TERRORISM.”


            • I never did quite understand the logic of a BOL. First most people can’t even afford the home their living in, so how can they afford a BOL. Secondly how and when do you decide to head there, most likely by the time you decide to go it will be to late. Thirdly how far away would you go to your BOL, if its close you just as well stay where your at, and if it’s far away by the time you decide to go you’ll probably get caught in the middle, due to traffic jams and lack of fuel. So if you decide to get a BOL you had better give it some serious thought, if you live in a small town you won’t want to move to a larger City and if you live in a larger City you don’t want to move to a smaller town that might be close to a prison, I know in Missourah most prisons are near small towns and probably in other States as well. So if you do want a BOL choose wisely. It will be much easier to blend in where your at. I personally have a place I could bug out to, but it’s 1100 miles away, think I’ll stay right where I’m at. Trekker Out. Semper Paratus!

              • I’ve given the whole BOL a good once over too. The closest one to me is a few hundred miles away…on major Interstates! Not ideal. However, I feel that if I work with what I have, know my place like the back of my hand, I will be better off staying put. For some, that will be the answer.

                • Same here, stay put unless the gov thugs are rounding up people who may have made off color remarks over the years,, way better chance with the devil i know over the one i have yet to meet!

                  • You know, I thought about that too. To me, a BOL is a secondary option ONLY if my primary location becomes uninhabitable, such as enemy on the doorstep, fire or water threat…things like that. Other than that, we are staying put.

              • If I had the money, I’d have a bug out location in NW Wisconsin, about 200 miles away. It would be a cottage on a lake carved by glaciers. A lot of them are only the size of a city block but they’re 30 feet deep and spring fed.

                Yes, the question of when to leave is the big question. I’d have motorcycles. I’d become very familiar with trails and logging roads so I could avoid taking any interstates.

                A good time to leave would be when the government announces a banking holiday or some other major event happens.

                But I don’t have the money so I’m bugging in.

                • I sold a place years ago near the mi / wis line in Mass city mi.
                  Really a bad move , but , life goes on …
                  Northern Mi and Wis is such awsome country !
                  Cant afford it either, so dream on .

                  • Having served a 15 year sentence as a Tier One supplier to GM/Ford, my humble opinion is that the upper part of the lower peninsula is too full of “I’m owed” ex-UAW workers to be anything like a safe haven. As the saying goes: “Been there, seen that, burned the T-shirt in disgust.” The UP is a miserable place in winter, and has a rather short growing season, too.

                  • Old Coach: You are right regarding the union arseholes being up in northern Michigan. You can spot them like lice on a monkey. Their rudeness circles their heads by clouds of sulfur.

                    HOWEVER, since the Great Re-Depression, not so many of them are up here. They lost their shirts; hence, their second homes. In case, many of you didn’t know, it was not uncommon for a blue collar worker on the auto assembly line to earn in excess of 100,000 a year. Their snowmobiles zoom all over your yard every effing winter.

                    Got a friend who swears that his in-law by marriage had somebody punch in and out for him for years at a car company and never got caught.

                    Makes you feel warm and fuzzy that your car payment is like a house payment, eh?

                • A few years back I had my own personal SHTF. I kissed my house goodbye, sold guns, jacked the credit card, and with help put up a small shack cabin thing in northern Wisconsin on some land that I had got a good deal on a while back. No electric, no running water, a sand point well I put in myself, outhouse, and a good wood burner for heat. I used oil lamps for light and sometimes needed flashlights cause out there sometimes it gets really dark at night(no city lights).
                  I’m just a working guy, very low budget. My little bummer in the end turned out to be a good deal. I couldn’t replace this so I hang on to it. I moved away for better work, but am in Minnesota and can take mostly back roads and in several hours or so can be in my bug out location!!!
                  I was a prepper back then and was eating my canned prepper food for lack of money. I learned more about living without electricity and heating with wood. I could do it again but am single, prepper biker women are hard to find.
                  My plans are far from complete, like when to run? etc. I got lucky and am grateful to have a little hidey hole which I’ll wait until after the die off and then I suppose try to figure out how to continue feeding myself and not be somebodys dinner!
                  Prepping never ends.
                  Have a nice night, Stu OUT.

              • A BOL is not necessarily an additional home…it may well be a safe place with family or like minded individuals…and in order to know When to go, we must pay attention to Everything going on ….not just here in the US but ALL over the World….
                Basically, it is an individual decision….IF you Have somewhere to go, go when YOU feel you need to. For those in the cities, Please have/find somewhere to go if/when the need arises. I have thought long and hard about remaining where I am, in order to help those here….but have decided that if my life ends, I wish to have my loved ones nearby….

                • FOB point well taken. I could see where life in a large ctiy could be very dangerous, under a lot of SHTF situations where it maynot be that bad in the hinderlands. A place to go where one could be with Friends or Loved one could come in very handy. Trekker Out. Semper Paratus!

              • Hey Trekker, I guess it depends where you are. If you are in a high rise apartment block in a densely populated area of a large city you are at highest risk. A fire anywhere in the complex and you are in it deep and will probably lose all bar what you can carry.

                Then you are part of the Golden Horde and your life expectancy is pretty short.

                A house out in the burbs or in a small town and you have a much better chance. But lets face it – it’s all a crap shoot. A well stocked retreat out in the boonies gives you some measure of isolation and buffer but how do you defend it short of having a 20 plus strong militia? Then you have a heap of mouths to feed.

                Depends on the scale of the meltdown too – slow slide and surviving in a city is feasible but an instant catastrophe and you have 2-3 days max to gets your ducks in a row before all hell breaks loose.

                Me? I’m big on the retreat idea. Mine is 2 hours away with horrific access – hard core 4×4 only for almost 2 miles and I can block all vehicular access with some strategically dropped trees. Unlimited water, firewood. Got all the stuff to start gardening but wont use it till there is some semblance of normality.

                But, like I said, it’s all a crap shoot. One guy on foot who thought he’d go live off the land in those mountains getting sick of being cold and wet could plant himself at the treeline 300 metres from my shack and pick me off with a 308 when I stepped out in the morning.


                • If I had to live in a highrise, I would learn how to base jump, and have my parachute ready with a light survival pack. Either that or repel equipment…

              • For many of us, our home that we live in is our biggest asset. I could probably afford a cabin out in the woods somewhere, but while I’m hiding out in the woods, what are the zombies doing to my most valuable asset?

                Granted, when the SHTF, if it’s bad enough, perhaps ALL our homes will be lost. But at this point, I think I’d rather bug-in, and try to save my humble-abode, on the chance that things turned around for the better.

                • And right there is the biggest risk factor any of us will ever face. Being wedded to possessions when you lack the ability to retain them and prosper is a sure fire recipe for turning up as worm food.

                  • And having no possessions when you lack the ability to replace them and prosper is an equally sure fire recipe for turning up as worm food.

                    As has been noted numerous times – it’s all a crap shoot.

                • Having a BOL is like riding on the Titanic with a huge inflatable liferaft in your luggage but no mechanical means to air it up: Unless you time it right, can get it out of your luggage, and can get it aired-up quickly enough, it’s worthless. **

                  Thing is this:

                  Unless you get there first, it’s not yours – it will be someone else’s.

                  Unless you time it right, you won’t get there first, you you will have jumped the gun.

                  Unless you’re certain it’s the real SHTF (a full civilizational collapse can take YEARS to happen, kids!), you’ll have burned through your supplies, shorting yourself just in time for the real thing to hit.

                  Long story short? Keep a BOB handy. Have a good BOL in mind, but don’t expect it to be vacant when you get there. Prepare fully to stay where you are – all your (non-cached) stuff is there, and you already know the neighborhood.

                  ** yes, it took 2-1/2 hours to sink, but unless you started huffing and puffing into the air nozzle the very nanosecond that ship met iceberg? You’d never get it aired up in time, or would likely have your half-inflated liferaft stolen by someone stronger and more desperate than you are… and you all hyperventilated and out of breath when they do it.

              • Plan twice, Prep once,
                The Donner party was trapped near lake Tahoe in the Sierras not the Rockies. You can almost see where it happened by now Donner lake from East bound I-80. About ten or so miles from Truckee. They actually could have walked out to the West but chose to stay with their wagons. Not that far to lower elevations and warmer temps. Freezing there seventy or higher down in the valley.

              • Trekker,

                My BOL is also about 1100 miles away. It could end up being a very dangerous trip. Bug in or bug out? Everyone will have to make their won decision when the time comes.

            • Well, even a blind coon will find an acorn once in a while!

              • Yeah, but if he also happens to have no teeth, a lot of good it will do him.

                Poor damned disabled coons anyway.


            • Israel is only our “ally” when they want our money or our men and women to fight their enemies for them.

            • GOOD…..

            • Israel isn’t our ally. Israel is our #1 enemy, and also the biggest threat to every other nation on this planet, pal.


              “The same country has massive nuclear bombs in their basements—and those bombs have the potential to wipe out an entire country.[8] Let us not forget what Israeli military historian Martin Van Cleveld of the Hebrew University said back in 2003:

              “We possess several hundred atomic warheads and rockets and can launch them at targets in all directions, perhaps even at Rome. Most European capitals are targets for our air force.

              “Let me quote General Moshe Dayan: ‘Israel must be like a mad dog, too dangerous to bother.’

              “I consider it all hopeless at this point. We shall have to try to prevent things from coming to that, if at all possible. Our armed forces, however, are not the thirtieth strongest in the world, but rather the second or third.

              “We have the capability to take the world down with us. And I can assure you that that will happen before Israel goes under.”

              • Tucker,
                Another the “Joos did it” moron. How refreshing to know that you finally were able to get a library account and post on the internet.

          • I attract attention, but the reverse kind.

            With my shaggy hair, blue jeans and sweatshirt

            and 5 days unshaven, they give me plenty of

            right-away. Sometimes they even want to throw

            me a buck. OPSEC in plain sight, my friends.

            • My brother just sent me a selfie; I haven’t seen him for three years. He was always skinny, but now looks worse — about 125 pounds, 5’11”.

              His grey beard is down to his chest and his long hair goes down beyond the picture he took. No one will think he has anything. I have lost weight too, down to 113, so I guess we will both look like we are starving.

              • Looks alone are not enough. Behavior will be as important. If you live in a smallish town they gossip down the street is going to notice whether or not you were in the bread line and everyone else will hear about it. Make it look like you’re just as desperate.

                • Prepared Pastor,

                  I live alone, so if I go to the bread line, I will have to leave my house alone. It is a dilemma.

                • They will have complete control with the bread lines. You will stand there all day, for just enough, to make you come back tomarrow and stand in line again. If you think you will be first in line, that would be OK, but then you have to go to the end of the soup line and stand there the rest of the day.
                  I’m not going to stand in line just for show. How do you know if you go get in line today, and you are loaded up on the bus to go to FEMA summer camp.
                  If you come ask me for food, sorry, I do not have any, Do you know where we can get some? That is going to be my response.
                  I agree you will have to let the garden go to sh** for awhile, atleast for a couple of months.
                  Three to four weeks the violense will peak. After that, a major die/kill off. By two to three months, only the prepared and big groups of muraders/gangs should be left. Maybe a few scraglers here and there.
                  Keep prepping, buying and reading books, and keep your mouth shut. Good luck to all.

              • Applying make up and face powder lighter than your normal skin tone can be done in a way to give a sickly look was an idea someone gave me. Get several shirts or tops new or second hand that is a size too large. The main thing is not telling people near you what you have, or even talk about prepping for a meltdown, etc.

                • If epidemics are going around it might not be a good idea to look ill. Might be a good idea to look healthy.

              • Well, that’s great for you guys, but I’m a middle-aged matron with a weight problem that I’ve been fighting a losing battle with for 40 years! What kind of disguise can I use to hide my puppy fat and chubby cheeks? I’ve been working on the fitness thing as a prep for the last five years and its getting better but I’m never going to be a slim model type…it just ain’t happening! Also, while on that note of trying not to stick out….how do you put the genie back in the bottle when you have already opened your big mouth and let most everyone you know at work where you stand politically and prep-wise?? I have tried not to mention anything for the last year but I am sure that there are a few who still remember (and still think I am a crazy extremist)

                • Fat & middle aged? and you had dirrariea of the mouth. Quite simply you very likelywill be part of the 90% who will die. those who are not healthy self reliant, have know how. and don’t have a killer mentality will perish. and just plain luck will determine the fate of many.

                • Dear Northern Cousin,

                  One thing you can do is buy big clothes that look big on you, and that make you look like you lost a lot of weight. Maybe a shirt top that has vertical stripes on it might make you look thinner than you are. Maybe put on white powder to make your face look sort of pale, and sickly. But you have to blend it in a little. You might want to grow your hair longer and let it hang by the sides of your face. It is easy to put the genie back into the bottle, by letting all those whom you have told that you were stocking up on food, but because of the high cost of fuel this winter, and higher utility costs, and increasing medical costs, and increasing prices for food at the store, that you had to eat all of the food you stored away, and are just making it now day-by-day, and might have to start going to the food pantry just to get through the month until you get your paycheck. Tell them with your income now and higher costs, that there is no way that you will ever be able to stock up on emergency food except maybe a three-day supply. Then, humbly ask them if they ever throw out food that has expired that does not need refrigeration, that you would be thankful to have it, because it beats being hungry. Tell them that you went five days without eating last month, and therefore, you are not so proud to ask for some help.

              • Poor people will be killed to. When things go crazy everyone will get a turn.

                • A working class hero is something to be..but to them Master Race Zios you are nothing but another Goyim Animal.

          • Hide in plain sight

          • @ Big Muff

            cards? What cards? 🙂

          • Blending in means wearing worn down clothing, not making a spectacle of yourself, not causing any commotion, doing what it takes to adapt to the surroundings.

            The wife keeps telling me to turn my old tshirts into rags but I wear and keep all of them, holes and all. Aint just the tshirts either. I have old boots and other shoes, old coats and jackets, gloves with holes. Get the picture? Look worn down and poor. Be unassuming. I suggest others do these things too.

        • I hear u on that one.

        • Hard to blend in when you have a cross across your chest and and rifle across your back…

          • First issue. relations between you and your god are your business. God can see your cross under your shirt or inside your heart, so open displays aren’t necessary. Second; you don’t show your back;& you have the rifle in your hand.

            • Kind of hard to blend in (as light) in a dark world. Let your light so shine….

            • When the time of the mark of the beast has come it will no longer be possible to blend in. You will either worship the beast or worship God and all who can see you will know which you chose.

              • Mark of the Beast?

                Many believe it will be some sort of tatoo or marking/implant in the skin.

                Actually, and biblically speaking, it goes much deeper than that. Taking the mark is a “mindset” and lack of understanding. It is a “following” or “worshipping” of the One World System and/or it’s leader, who is none other than Satan playing the role of Christ returned, to “save and rapture”. Forget about a Pre-trib escape. It’s not biblical. Christ only returns “once” and that is after Lucifer has had his little party. Then its over.

                Siding up with any leaders/governments/relatives/neighbors/, and worst of all “churches”, that believe in this One- world,religion,peoples system is a roadmap for destruction from their Creator.

                They can tie you up and tatoo 666 from asshole to appetite, and implant all kinds of chips in your body and it doesn’t mean you have taken the “mark of the beast”.

                It can only happen if one allows themselves to “follow/worship” and take handouts from that system.

                The question then comes forth; “Why would a person need to blend in”? If they haven’t prepared enough by then to stay out of sight, they are probably in for deep shit anyway.

                My motto, “Don’t go looking for trouble, if it finds you, then….Eliminate it!”


          • Get some cheep six pointed zio stars neckless’s like Sarah Palin wears. Ear ring zio stars too. That way if you head south, 50 Million deluded fools will treat you like Royalty!…If they hesitate to kiss your ass after seeing those six pointed zio stars adorning every visible body part?….Remind them only if they bless and worship You, will God then bless america and them.

            You will have 50+ million such deluded fools killing each other off to be fist in a long line waiting to obey your every command… Oh and remember most do not understand orders or commands to obey when spoken in yiddish!

            you Must speak always in english or even ebonics may do but never in yid or it will suffice to confuse them more than they already are(if thats remotly even possible?).

        • Sorry EPPE, but speaking for the State of Wyoming; we have decided not to participate in any mass deprivation or chaos. We export, oil, gas, coal, uranium; wind water and coal electric power: & Beef. We have Dakota wheat on one side, Nebraska corn on the second, and a huge Budweiser Brewery on another.
          We have several nice gun and ammo companies just come in from Colorado, and a liberal around here is a person that thinks you should only own as many guns as can fit in your pickup.

          • BUT! The rest of the county is not like that!

            I’m glad to hear it. Here, for everyone, it Tyler Durden’s asessment of where we are. All my peeps here in the SHTFPlan community know whats coming. If you are confused at all about where we are, this will clear it up:


            We *ARE* coasting towards zero…

            • Oops! Meant “country” not “county”…

            • Thats a good read and oh so true, the things that are celebrated in our ridiculous society today would make the society of the early 1900s gasp, sick, crazy, stupid world we live in these days

            • Hey, Net Ranger–thanks for the link, and nice to hear from you.
              Where ya been??
              Planting a garden???—my raised bed last year got 10-10-10 🙁 and I burned all the plants.
              Was skeptical this year; but moved it away from the bad soil near the hose, planted 4 tomato plants, 2 cucumbers, 2 squash, and 1 bell pepper.
              Couldn’t ask for prettier plants. 🙂
              Ain’t the simple life heaven on earth??

              • J in regards to your question on smoke cured hams below. In the OLD days a ham was smoke cured and would keep for a considerable time. This was significantly due to the outside of the ham getting a “Glaze” on it that the bugs didn’t like. It also resulted in the ham being dried out to the point it was nearly jerky. In this condition It would keep for around a year. Remembering this was done in the fall, and all you were trying to do was keep food till the next harvest season. It was fine. After you cut it, you covered the open part with cloth to keep the bugs out
                The same people 3/4+ cooked the chops and put them in crocks and covered them with hot lard. This would also keep them close to a year. Not what most would do today.
                Another issue is now we “smoke” things much less than they did and call it smoked, when it’s not. This is because drying out would drop the weight and cost more.
                To keep hams for a LONG time they were usually salt and or sugar cured. This process has a million methods people swear by, kind of like what’s the best potato salad recipe. Take your salt (Sugar) dissolve it in water, soak the ham for days/weeks whatever; remove from solution put in tub cover with salt/sugar let moisture come out of meat and dry. etc.
                There are zillions of ways, all one can really say is 100+ years ago everyone had their favorite method and you will just have to find one that you like for what you want to do. Wish I could be of more help.

                • I guess with what livestock are fed today, it wouldn’t be safe then to consider a smoked ham for long term.

                  Thanks, but if no refrigeration, one smoked ham might be a good effort for a few meals.

                  • Sorry but your comment is not meaningful. A smoked ham is fine for food; pigs are fed better today than they used to be. But a purchased smoked ham in most places isn’t smoked enough to do anything. You go somewhere where they are smoking to preserve, not just for show and they will be fine for a year, if hung properly.

          • And in two more weeks we are having one of our annual machine gun and cannon meets. We have two of them in June. Won’t be what you would call a liberal affair.

            • Well that’s blending in.

            • Paranoid,

              Are you serious? Where is the machine gun and canon meet? I am in North Central WY

              • Serious? Heck yea, Cannon\mortar shoot is at the Casper, Shooting Range usually fathers day weekend, has 12-15 cannon and several mortars.
                Cannon\Machine Gun shoot is usually the last weekend in June, about 15 miles out of town towards Medicine Bow. Has to be out in the boonies as they shoot Tank Cannons and 50 Cal there. Also have gasoline and dynamite targets. I sometimes go but don’t take my cannons. (Fire Dept puts on Machine gun shoot)
                Most of the gun stores in town have posters up with the days on them. The one in town is free, the one out of town costs $10 ????. You can rent guns at the Machine gun shoot.

                • Para, Decisions Decisions! Father’s Day weekend, Machine Gun Shoot or Pack Horses Races! Chaos in Wyoming, heck there’s only 1000 Liberals in the whole State. Still trying to figure out where the closest gangs might be, Denver maybe. Trekker Out. “Forgot About The Res”

                  • “THERE IS A 1000 LIBERALS IS THIS STATE”!!!!!! Are you counting people in cars on the interstate? Or counting dead ones?

                • The “(Fire Dept puts on Machine gun shoot)”

                  Why do I sense a bit of fake freedom and liberty in that quote?

                  “You can rent guns at the Machine gun shoot.”

                  But I’ll bet it’s highly regulated by the empire – so you can be free – don’tchya know? Psft.

                  I love -Love- the whole concept, but it seems like a B.S. sucker play of mega proportions to make ‘the people’ think they are still free.

                  • You In the wrong part of the country Boy. Around here the Fire Dept and the police work for us. One of the reasons they do this is they have to be there anyway. We start to many fires, with all the tracer and incendiary rounds. Combined with the dynamite charges and the gasoline it can get very interesting. The people with machine guns come from all over. You want to shoot a 7.62 mini gun, there is usually one there somewhere. Ya, the ATF usually has a booth, but they are not happy folks. This is an open carry state, no permit required.

          • You’ll have chaos in Wyoming the same as everyplace else. Once the electricity is shut off you’ll be in the same boat as everyone else.

            • I’m not here by accident. There are 150 power windmills & One coal fired power plant, in sight: 30 miles away is one of the first BLM power dams in the country. We have a refinery in town, which processes Wyo crude, we have the largest coal reserves in much of the world, and a major gas pipeline thru town Our water supply comes from the river, we have three LARGE reservoirs within 40 miles. There are more cows than people in the state, and our three closet liberals are under constant surveillance. I’d tell you more,but then I’d have to shoot you.

            • Barn Cat

              Why would they shut off the electricity from a power plant that is staffed, fueled and located in the US?

              The type of compensation can be anything and may very well be.

              • Because the fuel will be sold elsewhere at market prices. And the people who work there won’t get enough money to eat because food prices will be so high. The grid will go down long before the average electric bill is $1000 a month.

                • Barn Cat, where I live in Wyoming not everyone is a prepper, but all most everyone has 2 priorities. Fill their freezers with Elk, Deer and/or Antelope meat, and lay up a good supply of firewood. Permits to cut wood on National Forest are cheap and beetle kill timber is plentiful. And many people here have greenhouses. Also clear Mountain streams are near by. SORRY, what am I saying, CHAOS will run rampant in Wyoming. Trekker Out. Freemen Own Guns, Slaves Don’t!

                  • Absolutely right Trek, those coal miners, oilfield trash etc are all going to mine stuff to send out of the country while their wives and kids starve and freeze. Our electric people have no idea how to get power to their own houses etc, etc. It’s going to be horrible here: Lions, tigers and bears, plague, and constant blizzards and Indian attacks. OH MY.

                  • Mountain Trekker–
                    I am not a country girl, but not a city girl either.
                    Teach me about smoked ham.
                    Must cook before eaten or not??
                    Fridge after cutting or not??
                    Long term storage or short term??
                    I remember them in my grandparent’s smoke houses.

                    Anyone of this knowledgeably community can jump right in.

                  • If you knew the supplies I have stocked in 5 years, I’d be worthy of your family’s company(in other words, I’d pull my weight)—I’d love it, but it’s just too far for me and Gene.
                    I’m a plus health wise; him, not so much. 🙁
                    I’d leave everything here and bring a trailer full of food and stuff(lots of stuff)with 2 trucks full in a New York minute!! 🙂
                    We do be a little short on ammo, but that’s all we be short on.

                  • It is said that, “Freemen Own Guns, Slaves Don’t!”
                    How-freaking-ever, it ain’t true.

                    I keep thinking of the title, “And They Thought They Were Free”

                    It applies in spades today.

                    The most well armed slave, is still a slave.
                    They’ve gotchya coming and going.
                    It’s all the worse cause you don’t see it. And no one can convince you otherwise. Just like down on the Plantation after The (so-called) Civil War.

                  • JayJay we never smoked our hams, as a kid growing up my Dad always sugar cured the hams and shoulders. Sugar curing makes for much better hams. But thats just my opinion. Do a google search and I’m sure you can get much better advice than I can give. Trekker Out.

                  • A freezer full of antelope meat won’t help you once the electricity goes off. Wild game will disappear quickly once everyone is hunting for it.

                • Wyoming fuel is being sold cheap/sent to the fucking chins to cover the interest on the money that we owe them.

                • Barn Cat

                  What elsewhere? That elsewhere that lost all of their wealth with a dollar collapse and printed their own fiat currency in abundance? That elsewhere with no military worth a damn that will be fighting its neighbors over food and resources? Civilized Europe that with the exception of just a few nations in northern Europe that manufacture ultra high quality goods selling to the super rich is in worse shape then us? Maybe China that has a debt bomb of its own? In your event who feeds the MIC that the power elite need to maintain their rule? Do the State Governors just roll over or is it more likely that they form new nations within an old nation? History shows this to be the most likely event. The best one can do is be in these places.

                  Things will get worse but were not going back to the stone age.

                • Sounds like another poster here has fallen for the words of wisdom from that “Maria Divine mercy” chick eh.

              • “Why would they shut off the electricity from a power plant that is staffed, fueled and located in the US?”

                Maybe the fact that the Chinese are trying to steal as much of our land as they can get, to build SOLAR PANEL FACTORY/FARMS ON, is a clue.

                I’m beginning to wonder if that big domestic solar industry failure a few years ago, wasn’t really TORPEDOED intentionally, so that the Chinese could move in on it later.

                I’ve said this many times over the years— No country should ever allow foreign investors to own or invest in any part of its land, infrastructure or industry …EVER. Everything on OUR SOIL should be owned by AMERICANS. No dual citizens, no banksters and no foreign conglomerates should ever get control of our assets. Period.

                Failing to adhere to this rule, is why we now have to fight the Chinese for the food on our plates, the water under our land and the energy we need.

                • sixpack wrote, “No country should ever allow foreign investors to own or invest in any part of its land, infrastructure or industry …EVER. Everything on OUR SOIL should be owned by AMERICANS. No dual citizens, no banksters and no foreign conglomerates should ever get control of our assets. Period.”

                  Spoken like a true Nationalist.

                  I’m guessing you’d want a totalitarian police state to monitor every financial transaction to make sure this Never happens?

                  Funny, your use of the word, “our”.

                  Nothing outside The State?
                  Everything ‘For’ The State?
                  Is that what you’re saying, here?

                  • No, you’re wrong. It’s

                    Nothing outside The Country?
                    Everything ‘For’ The PEOPLE?

                    That’s what I’m saying.

                    BTW, how was that Bilderberg meeting?

                  • Sixpack,

                    I understand that in some countries, you have to be a citizen to own land.

                    However, in Wyoming, aliens have the same rights to own property as citizens. It is actually a provision in our Constitution. (Section 029.)

                    Note: In looking for the appropriate section above, I found a number of things in the Wyoming Constitution that appear to be in direct conflict with the way the Federal Government is operating:

                    Section 007, No absolute arbitrary power over the lives, liberty and property of freeman,

                    Section 024, right of citizens to bear arms in defense of themselves and of the state shall not be denied. (Nothing here about a militia.)

                    Section 025, The military shall ever be in strict subordination to the civil power.

                    Section 031, Control of Water. Water being essential to industrial prosperity, of limited amount, and easy of diversion from its natural channels, its control must be in the state….

                    Section 032, Eminent Domain. Private property shall not be taken for private use.

                    Section 036. Rights not enumerated reserved to people.

                    And Section 001 which includes: [the people] have at all times an inalienable and indefeasible right to alter, reform or abolish the government in such manner as they may think proper.

                    I would love to see Dr. Taylor Haynes elected governor just to see if he could change the relationship of Wyoming to the United States as he wants to do.

          • I like it! Good post, 20 thumbs up!

          • Wyoming sounds like a great State to relocate to!!!!

            • What about water? Not only for drinking but for growing crops? Bad idea.

              • Wyoming is not garden friendly. Short growing season and can have freezes in July. Would not plan on anything you grow. Also Elk, deer and bears will eat just about everything.

          • Dear Paranoid,

            Let me know when you can smoke whatever plant you want in the State of Wyoming without repercussions, then perhaps I’ll think you’re a bit free of the empire and its minions.

            Til then, don’t act so high and mighty. The state owns your body in the State of Wyoming, too.

            • Helot not speaking for Paranoid but please stay where your at, in Wyoming we like to keep our brain and air clear. When the Schumer Hits The Fan, we don’t want to be in never never land. Wouldn’t it be great to be free of the Empire but be a slave to drugs? Oh I forgot, what you smoke ain’t a drug, it’s just something you can’t leave alone. Trekker Out.

            • Laughing all the way. I can smoke anything I want. I’m not stupid enough to want to smoke anything. Watching my mom die of lung cancer from smoking was an interesting two years. Hope you like it. No income tax here.

              • Both my parents were killed by tobacco, as was my husband. Now my daughter is having health problem from the same. As for pot, there is evidence that it lowers your IQ. Who wants that!

                As for water, mountain areas have lots of clear streams. I live near two rivers (Big Horn River and Greybull River.) I worry more about a flood than I do a drought. However, some areas of Wyoming have little water, you have to choose your location carefully.

                • Can I come live with you?

                  I spent some time around Cody, and the Shoshone River. I love that area.

                  My friend is talking about wanting to move to Oregon. I can have her drop me off on the way.

                  I make a mean biscuit and gravy breakfast, as well as a perfectly grilled ribeye.

                  Hope you like fish. I fish for anything that taste good, especially trout, walleye, and crappies.

                  Oh, btw; will be needing a dependable pickup truck and small boat; jonboat will work. Please send picture of boat and pickup truck. Ha! Ha!

                • Daisy,

                  My sis was one of those die hard smokers and that is what she did. Lung cancer that spread to her brain. radiation is a nasty treatment that did little good. Very painful. Only thing good for her it was quick. Still it was hard to watch.

            • Helot sounds like another troll so he can move on.

            • Helot is the daily troll sent to piss everyone off. Probably the same guy as yourmotheriswrong

          • Paranoid,
            For now. Did your governor not just complain about wanting bunches more third world people to be sent to the state? Something about some diversity BS.

            • AHHH This is Wyo; who cares what the Gov says? Haven’t bothered to talk to this one. Last one was an OK guy. Likely we will dump this one.

        • We that are prepared can and will fend off all that hate us with the shitload of weapons and ammo we have acquired.

          • How about a drone strike? Being serious here. This should be on the topic of things to discuss. Hackers should be worth their weight in food,gold,ammo…take your pick if they can hack one of those doo hicky’s.

        • Yeah, when SHTF, you want to dress down, smear dirt on your face, grow a beard un-groomed and look semi-homeless and not aggressive or a threat. Scavenge with caution. And get your night vision capabilities in order. Move at night.

          • Yep, mimic those around you in appearance and demeanor. Keep your head down and stay as invisible as possible.

          • LOL !!!
            Smear dirt on your face ?????
            Just because yer broke , dont mean ya gotta be filthy !

            • If there is no water for cleaning up, yeah, letting your hygiene go (to some extent) would be good OPSEC.

              • If you can find enough drinking water to survive you can find an extra cup to clean up with. Putting dirt on your face is a bad idea.

          • night vision.. no power, no batteries recharged, no night vision toys. Learn to use your natural night vision and use shotguns.

        • From what u said then I should be invisible

          • I don’t think anyone who saw me, would mistake me for somebody that has anything of value…I’m already “blended in.”

            • Where are all these destitute cashless homeless dirty faced folks that have $3000 Nite vision capabilities located at?

        • The Five Rules of Preparedness

          Rule No. 1 – Keep your mouth shut.
          Rule No. 2 – Loose lips sink ships.
          Rule No. 3 – Shut your piehole.
          Rule No. 4 – Don’t let your mouth get your family hurt. Rule No. 5 – Shut the hell up

      2. Great advice. For all of you posting all about your preps on the CIA website known as Facebook, you had better knock it off. The cops and Feds regularly use this info to raid people in complete violation of our rights which of course they are trying to eliminate. Beware folks.

        • Booboo you know what I would do if I was the CIA or NSA, think they call them false store fronts. Anywho, I would start up a survival blog and post articles and then let people make comments without even having to use a real email address. You would soon know what people have to say and even what many think without even making a comment. Ever try and vote twice on a comment. it usually won’t let you, point being, the computer knows who you are, so with the Tech that the NSA has they most likely can even followup on how you vote and then without you saying a word they know your thoughts on any given subject. I could be wrong, I have been before. Trekker Out. Ain’t Technology Great!

          • “Ever try and vote twice on a comment. it usually won’t let you, point being, the computer knows who you are”

            What servers use to identify users is their IP address. If you want to change that, just turn off your DSL/wireless router once in a while. When it comes back on, it re-establishes another IP address for you. This, however, is NOT how the NSA identifies you.

            It is much more difficult to change a MAC address.

            “A media access control address (MAC address) is a unique identifier assigned to network interfaces for communications on the physical network segment. MAC addresses are used as a network address for most IEEE 802 network technologies, including Ethernet. Logically, MAC addresses are used in the media access control protocol sublayer of the OSI reference model.

            MAC addresses are most often assigned by the manufacturer of a network interface controller (NIC) and are stored in its hardware, such as the card’s read-only memory or some other firmware mechanism. If assigned by the manufacturer, a MAC address usually encodes the manufacturer’s registered identification number and may be referred to as the burned-in address (BIA). It may also be known as an Ethernet hardware address (EHA), hardware address or physical address.”


            • Some people have been trying to find a practical way around that for years…

            • sixpack thanks for the info, although most of it is well over my head. And I really don’t try and vote more than once on most comments but as you say I have an IP address and I’m sure that the NSA can Identify who we are and as I said, they not only know what we say but also what we think just by our votes. Next to God, no one knows you, like the NSA. Trekker Out.

              • “Next to God, no one knows you, like the NSA.”

                PERFECTLY stated.

      3. Just act like Schultz …”I know noothhhing…I saw noothhing”…

        Kinda like what Obummer’s doing in the white house. 😉

      4. Hard to fake hungry when you’re fat like me.

        • Oh, I know it! Time to get lean and mean…just don’t let it show too much!

      5. Already started with me. I’m the only one in my apartment complex putting food away and stocking water. I don’t talk about my plans, but I know the neighbors have been watching. Not one has taken any interest in helping themselves, always someone else they’re depending on. And I do feel bad for being this way, but I’ve put a lot of $ into prepping, money I could have spent elsewhere. Example? Neighbors spending money and wasting water on growing pretty flowers instead of food. ’nuff said.

        • plant some pretty flowers for yourself…the edible ones. your neighbors won’t know the difference.

          • marigolds


          • Absolutely! That’s what I’m planning.

        • REAL gardeners know how to do both flowers and veggies. And herbs. And fruit. And sprouts.

          Speaking of blending in, grow POTATOES in your backyard! The tops look like weeds, and all but maybe 3% of the people around will be completely clueless that its edible

          • Just don’t let them SEE YOU harvest…

            • 4 red thumbs on this?


              Do you 4 really think that just because a “gimme dat” doesn’t recognize a potato plant, that they won’t recognize A POTATO if you pull it out of the ground in front of them?

              Oh, I forgot—you’re thumbing ME, not the comment, trying to highjack Mac’s site into your own personal hater forum…

              • Sounds like some paranoid feelin’s have been wounded.

          • Dear SonOfSam,

            Instead of potatoes, try sweet potatoes? They are Paleo and Primal and they won’t inflammatory your biological system like regular potatoes will.

            Just a thought. Do what you will.

            • I don’t think sweet potatoes grow here in Zone 4. Need warmer clime

        • Blend in, plant some flowers. Shut up about the rest.

        • yeah my neighbors think they’re just going to come to my place when crap hits the fan nobody will stock up on anything around here!not sure how I’m gonna handle that.

      6. But I’m just a raggedy man anyway…

        To blend in I would have elevate my lifestyle. Nope.

        “Some gotta win, some gotta lose. Goodtime Charlie’s got the blues.”

      7. Another SUPERB post Selco. I see many of the same points in the corporate working environment and when I was a minority in school growing up.

        I think about my neighbors and who I could count on if SHTF. Some are ex-military but might be prejudice against my race. Others seem very nice but I wonder how things would pan out if SHTF. Many are Christians; so, I hope they’d stay Christian if SHTF. ????

        • When “THE” SHTF, how will you know real Christians from the fakers?

          • Easy! them Fake christians will remain deluded, and be the ones assisting the zionist jews when the time comes to round up Real christian folks so they, the zionist jews and bolshevik jews can resume what was first begun in russia 1918. When their Grand parent bolshevik jewdeokommies invented communism, became the soviet bolsheviks and mass exterminated about 250+ million whiteys christian folks in Russia and a Dozen other eastern bloc nations.

            Thats the parts of real history not taught to amerikwans.

            Because americas entire MSM’s, and Talmudvision(TV) and newspapers and hollywood is owned and controled by the grand kid jewdeo zio bolsheviks…And if they ever allowed amerikwans to learn of such true history and the evil role as mass murderers played by their tribe, it would put to an end fast all of the current status of the worlds biggest and only Victims that ever matters by said tribal jewdeo kommies.

            Even the dumbest downed illiterates in the usa today are at least capable of quickly determining that anybody guilty of mass exterminating close to a Third of a BILLION innocent, mostly White and Christian folks. And then whinning and crying constantly about a Fabled six million others from their tribe being the Only victims folks ever hears about…Must be up to some type of No-Good, and/or liars or simply evil personafied, or are all of the above combined!

            Hence why the amerikwans can Never, Ever be allowed to learn of such true history so the jewdeo bolshevik kommies plans can proceed unhindered untill america becomes what Russia did. And america will not have another 95 years afterwards to rebuild again like today Russia has been doing. If amerikwans allow the jewdeobolshevik soviets to fullfill their nefarious evils upon their lands as done in Russia prior…it is all over for the whole world at that point.

            What else did anybody think the tribe meant by their holiest talmudic teachings of “Kill even the Best of the Goyim gentiles”?

        • Sounds like you are a black man? If so, if you are a practicing Christian, are moral in your actions, self-respecting, self-sufficient and hard working, no one will care if you are black, white, red or yellow.

        • AnotherGreatOne wrote, “Many are Christians; so, I hope they’d stay Christian if SHTF. ????”

          Throughout this whole article and in the comments I’ve been thinking about this other article:

          ‘The Hunger Games and Christian Non-Violence’ – By Ellen Finnigan

          “Staying Christian” has a whole new meaning for me now.

          I’m suddenly reminded of the, “Christian Love” I got in the form of a death threat from Durango “Krugman” Kid for voicing my opinion in favor of freedom and liberty in spite of the empire and those who whoreship the military. …And this is just online… whoa, when SHTF, things’ll be 10X worse. The Uber-nationalist will be something to be Very wary of. No matter what shade you are.

          • helot: Just like I’ve said before, most folks, and this especially includes DK, are not Christians. Maybe he never claimed to be, I don’t know, but you can spot a phony by what and how they say things, especially when the disagree with them. Phonies always get angry, make threats, and often use bad language.

      8. Thats the same reason I tell people to keep your business off social networking sites. Lay low and blend in until it’s go time…..

        Probably will never be “go time” because they will conquer this country without a single shot. The generations that love liberty will pass away and the next generation could careless about freedom.

        The schools teach them what the state wants them to learn and this next generation will give up all freedom in the name of security.

        Face it, this thing has to end sometime so it’s best to stay right with GOD and enjoy the blessings you have.

        • And they are many!!! 🙂

        • Indy Colts wrote, “Lay low and blend in until it’s go time…..

          Probably will never be “go time” because they will conquer this country without a single shot. The generations that love liberty will pass away and the next generation could careless about freedom.”

          Isn’t that All The More reason to speak Up Now?
          … To go out kicking and screaming?

          If they will conquer this country without a single shot, why go silently into that good night?

          What’s that line? (crap I’m murdering it here) It’s better to have lived, than to have not, or to have lived as a silent wimp. …Ya, something like that.

          Anyway, Have you heard about The Fourth Turning?

          It’s kind of like how every generation does things their parents can’t stand. Think: Bell bottom jeans, Michael Jackson moon-walking shoes, and tattoos or nose piercings.

          The next generation might just surprise us all and come out swinging in favor of liberty and freedom?

          Time will tell, I guess?

          In the meantime, if they kill me for speaking up for liberty and freedom, I can’t think of a better…. ack! They Got me!

          – We Will Return To Your Regularly Scheduled Programming –

          • @Helot

            You can choose to screem at every person you see of the injustice taking place in this country. I choose to live my life without fear. If the BS is brought to my doorstep, then I will act.

            Telling everyone your intentions and views is not always a smart thing. I believe and trust in GOD and do not fear the changes that take place because I know this must occur for me to go to my heavenly home.

            I have lived the live of being angry with every inmoral thing I see and it made me a unhappy, angry person. I choose to live a different way because being angry at the gov ernment,NWO etc… doesn’t enrich my life. I assure you I’m no “WIMP” and it I’m backed into a corner, I will come out like an angry wolf. Every man has to choose his own path for his family and I have choosen mine. I wish you the best for the path you have choosen.

      9. Selco has many good tips over on his SHTFschool site, would be worth it to check it out.

        I have seen some say that you should ‘wear oversize’ and loose-fitting clothing to make it look like you’ve lost weight due to hunger. That only works for a short while. When you are truly starving, your face gets very thin and your eye sockets start showing more. You won’t be fooling anyone with a full, round face and baggy clothes. If anything, you will just look more appetizing to the cannibals.

        Maybe keep your amount of contact low and do so in low light conditions. I still say getting out of the cities/suburbs is your best chance at survival, period. The more hunger deranged zombies you have around you, the smaller your odds of survival are. It really is a numbers game.

        • Socrates, I highly recommend Selco’s site to everyone. Selco is the real deal. He won’t BS anyone.

      10. As soon as TSHTF go to your neighbors begging and every time you see them ask for something. Consider it, “the best defense is a good offense”.

        • Im thinking burn em all out and kill them off before they get me, buncha libtards anyway, had one tell me “we have a real good president now and he will make it all ok”
          Like i said before, cant fix stupid!

          • Kulafarmer wrote, “Im thinking burn em all out and kill them off before they get me”

            Then, you’ve become them.

        • I don’t think I would advise knocking on anyone’s door in a SHTF, one might end up getting shot or worse, put into a stew pot.

      11. I have heard too many times, “if things go wrong, I’ll just go to your house”. Whenever I hear that I want to put my nose up to theirs and yell at the top of my lungs “look, moron, I’m trying to get you to do the responsible thing and save your own life and the life of your family. In the possible scenario I’m talking about, I will be too busy trying to save my own family and I will not have the time, resources, and interest in saving people like you who make the choice to bury their head in the sand. We’re not talking about you becoming Rambo, Mac Slavo, or anyone else. I’m talking about a few common sense precautions like dried & canned food, water, a way to treat more water, and home protection. $200-300 can set you up better than 98% of the population.” At some point OPSEC trumps the desire to help clueless friends.

        For anyone who needs further convincing, go to You Tube and search for “Twilight Zone The Shelter” and watch the 24 minute video. Many of you have seen this in the past but if you haven’t, it is a shocking wake-up call about what happens when people fear for their lives.

        • A two pack a day smoker blows $300 dollars a month up in smoke… That could have provided a lot of preps.

          Others can be considered resources on a case by case basis, i.e. “…if anyone is not willing to work, then he is not to eat, either.” 2 Thessalonians 3:10 I don’t always want to be the one to tote the 7 gallon container down to the creek for more water. So, in a limited way, I plan on vetting the potential resources that show up to see if they can be useful contributors to help the group survive. I have more how to books than I have food or the ability to accomplish everything all by my lonesome. Most food you have to rotate anyhow. If the group does well, more eat well. If the group does poorly, then we all suffer more. Good organization with a well established chain of command, and swift effective discipline for those who cause trouble will be needed. The Bielski Partisans chronicled in the movie Defiance provide good role models who, like Selco, lived through a real SHTF scenario.

          If when the SHTF occurs with the dissemination of the mark of the beast, no one who has the mark of the beast will be allowed into the group I’ll be a part of. Those who do not have the mark of the beast will be vetted and tested to see how useful and how much info they will be given on a need to know basis doled out in increments. Go to the creek and bring back some water and we might be able to find some non-appealing oatmeal to let you have a meal along with the rest of us. It gets better from there, or worse depending on performance.

          What is seen on the surface should by no means resemble the reality of what lies below. Plus, most of us probably have more firearms than we can use by ourselves, so good resources provide more combatants should it be necessary.

          Yes, for those who have been able to form a group pre SHTF, my hat is off to you. But, it would still be nice to accumulate some low level workers to do the less pleasant chores as the SHTF progresses.

          p.s. I’ll check out “The Shelter” I’d rather have information and not need it, than need information and not have it. Thanks!

          • Roll my own , out of pocket cost less than 25 dollars a month

        • Prepper, welcome aboard, and I hear you loud and clear. I stopped trying to talk to people a few years ago about what’s coming. Stupid is as stupid does and there’s no cure for it. I’ve got a good supply of everything built up now and still adding to it. I’m only responsible for me and my own, NOT ANYONE ELSE. I’ve always taken responsibility for my own well-being, NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR OTHERS. If other people refuse to take responsibility for their own well-being, then tough shit. Don’t come to me looking for any handouts after the balloon goes up.

        • Right on, Prepper…too many out there not listening to words of wisdom, it makes me wonder why I waste my breath trying to tell them things are not going to get any better.

          Another thing – in the Bible, there is a parable about 10 virgins, all sleeping until the announcement goes out that the bridegroom is coming. 5 of the virgins were preppers….had some oil for their lamps stored. 5 of them were idiots….no oil with them. The 5 that were wise (preppers, if you will) said to the foolish ones (common idiots)when they asked the preppers for some oil, “go and get your own oil! There’s not enough for us and you.” While the fools were trying to get some oil, the bridegroom came and the door was shut. The foolish ones were left out in the cold.

          Could it be that Jesus was telling us to prepare for the future that just might be coming? Wise…fool….which one is that neighbor or friend who thinks they can just come to your house and survive?

          Take care of your own… like Prepper said “At some point OPSEC trumps the desire to help clueless friends.”

        • I ONCE, had some folks from church tell us, they were coming to our house in the event of SHTF. I calmly, politely and lovingly (hey, we were in church) that they would die at the bottom of the hill along with everyone else who “invited” themselves over.
          Haven’t heard of anyone wanting to invite themselves over for a long time now….

        • “Whenever I hear that I want to put my nose up to theirs and yell at the top of my lungs “look, moron, I’m trying to get you to do the responsible thing and save your own life…”

          I’ve tried that…didn’t work. These types are usually thick skulled globalists, posing as liberals, with shiat in their ears.

      12. Bill Cosby:

        “I’m 83 and I’m Tired”

        I’m 83. Except for brief period in the 50’s when I was doing my National Service, I’ve Worked hard since I was 17. Except for some serious health challenges, I put in 50-hour weeks, and didn’t call in sick in nearly 40 years. I made a reasonable salary, but I didn’t inherit my job or my income, and I worked to get where I am. Given the economy, it looks As though retirement was a bad idea, and I’m tired. Very tired.

        I’m tired of being told that I have to “spread the wealth” to people who don’t have my Work ethic. I’m tired of being told the government will take the money I earned, by force if necessary, and give it to people too lazy to earn it.

        I’m tired of being told that Islam is a “Religion of Peace,” when every day I can read dozens of stories of Muslim men killing their sisters, wives and daughters for their family “honor”; of Muslims rioting over some slight offense; of Muslims murdering Christian and Jews because they aren’t “believers”; of Muslims burning schools for girls; of Muslims stoning teenage rape victims to death for “adultery”; of Muslims mutilating the genitals of little girls; all in the
        Name of Allah, because the Qur’an and Shari’a law tells them to.

        I’m tired of being told that out of “tolerance for other cultures” we must let Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries use our oil money to fund mosques and madrassa Islamic schools to preach hate in Australia , New Zealand, UK, America and Canada, while no one from these countries are allowed to fund a church, synagogue or religious school in Saudi Arabia or any other Arab country to teach love and tolerance.

        I’m tired of being told I must lower my living standard to fight global
        warming, which no one is allowed to debate.

        I’m tired of being told that drug addicts have a disease, and I must help support and treat them, and pay for the damage they do. Did a giant germ rush out of a dark alley, grab them, and stuff white powder up their noses or stick a needle in their arm while they tried to fight It off?

        I’m tired of hearing wealthy athletes, entertainers and politicians of all parties talking about innocent mistakes, stupid mistakes or youthful mistakes, when we all know they think their only mistake was getting caught. I’m tired of people with a sense of entitlement, rich or poor.

        I’m really tired of people who don’t take responsibility for their lives and actions. I’m tired of hearing them blame the government, or discrimination or big-whatever for their problems.

        I’m also tired and fed up with seeing young men and women in their teens and early 20’s be-deck them selves in tattoos and face studs, thereby making themselves un-employable and claiming money from the Government.

        Yes, I’m damn tired. But I’m also glad to be 83. Because, mostly, I’m not going to have to see the world these people are making. I’m just sorry for my granddaughter and their children. Thank God I’m on the way out and not on the way in.

        This is your chance to make a difference.

        • Absolute agreement. Only request is; try to stick around long enough to take at least one or two of the SOB’s with you. We need to show the young punks how to go in style.

          • Paranoid,
            I really hope that your post is just trash talk, otherwise it’s a really crappy goal to have my brother.

            • I’m with you paranoid – at the end of my street are a bunch of 3rd generation welfare parasites living in a Gubbmint house that looks like a garbage tip. The cops are at their place almost daily and most of them over 18 have already been to jail. When TSHTF, if there is no law and order at all, these are the dirtbags who will be robbing little old ladies. If you take any of them out the world will be a better place immediately, wont it?


            • I AGREE Taking 1-2 with you is a crappy goal. 20-30 is far better. But you should leave some for other people. Greed is a sin. But you have to balance that with the wish to make the world a better place, so: “Kill them all and let God Sort them out”. Whiny wishful thinking and lazy cowardice got us here, it won’t get us out.

              • Paranoid, your last sentence is about as true as it gets my friend!!


              • As I said before, tolerance and compromise have killed the foundation of liberty and justice in this nation.
                Let’s get back to intolerance and I will not compromise.
                Not now, not ever–I ‘stand my ground’ attitude.
                And yes, that includes you, the church!!!

                Gene says I have no friends because I am so damn judgmental.
                No, I don’t settle for just any standard.
                To be my friend and associate, you must have high ones as I maintain even in this corrupt society today.

                • J in my response to your question about smoked meat; I neglected to answer your question of: Does smoked meat need to be cooked. Answer to that is a very precise: Yes, No, but mostly no; but you sometimes you should; anyway. (Got that?) Historically, pork in the US had to be cooked. (So does Polar Bear,for the same reason; by the way, do not eat Polar Bear liver, it can be toxic, but that’s another issue) Hogs sometimes contained a parasite that people could catch because pigs were fed garbage.
                  Now all garbage fed to pigs is cooked, so I doubt any Doc in the country has ever seen the problem. On the other hand, smoked or salted bacon is terrible. if you don’t cook it. If I remember correctly you only have to cook pork to a little below 140 deg to kill the bug and that’s very pink. Once again depending on the process you can kill the bugs during curing but in the US you may have never seen a ham that was not cooked as part of it’s cure. Clear as mud right? (And soak salt cured ham in water to get the salt out.) Beef you can just eat. If that answer doesn’t drive you to a book I don’t know what will

                  • Hey Para, I like my Polar Bear Medium Rare. And I’ve eaten the liver out of every Polar Bear that I’ve killed with no bad effects. It seems global warming has killed off most of the Polar Bears in the Absaroka’s, still a few around Two Oceans Lake, that’s probably because that’s one of the few lakes in Wyoming that still has a good population of seals. Man that weed has killed to many brain cells. Trekker Out. Freemen Own Guns, But Most Slaves Don’t!

                  • Mountain Trekker, polar bear liver contains huge quantities of preformed Vitamin A. Human beings require 5,000 to 10,000 IU of Vitamin A per day. Toxicity can occur with as little as 25,000 per day over a few weeks. Polar bear liver contains 14,000 – 25,000 IU of Vitamin A PER GRAM! That is 1,400,000 – 2,500,000 per 3 1/2 oz. serving. Please limit your intake. We don’t want to lose you!!

                  • Thanks Daisy, I’ll try and cut back on that Polar Bear liver. But they keep coming around and I just can’t resist shooting them. Are there many around Greybull? Trekker Out.

                  • No Trekker.

                    No white ones, no brown ones. just black. We have also had mountain lions in town a few times since I moved here 5 years ago. Are lions good to eat

                  • Sorry, Trekker,

                    I didn’t fully read your post before I replied. That was very FUNNY, and I almost missed it. Thanks for your update. I had forgotten you live in WY

                  • Daisy, I buy a Lion tag every year and a friend of mine has cat Hounds but I have never killed a lion and have never eaten one, but jokes aside they say it is the other white meat. But if I ever get one I will try it out. Many people kill black bears and discard the meat which is a sad thing because bear is very good eating. Trekker Out.

                • “As I said before, tolerance and compromise have killed the foundation of liberty and justice in this nation.”

                  I respectfully disagree.

                  I believe that TOLERANCE AND COMPROMISE FOR THE WRONG DIFFERENCES is what has destroyed us.

                  As Christians, we are commanded to be TOLERANT OF OTHERS, to judge others as we would have them judge us…but that idea has been bastardized and craftily co-opted to mean that we should tolerate crime, murder of the unborn, homosexuality and other amoral behaviors like shari’a law.

                  COMPROMISE has been turned on it’s head too. To “compromise” used to mean to work out and live with those little differences in life— IT DOES NOT MEAN WE HAVE TO GIVE UP OUR BELIEFS, as we’re being told it means!

                  Like everything in this sorry-assed world, the true meanings of the words “tolerance” and “compromise” have been distorted to fit an agenda. DON’T LOSE SIGHT OF THAT FACT.

                  Don’t let them take away our humanity with semantics and lies. We all know what those two words mean—hold on to that.

              • Dear Paranoid,

                Congratulations, you have officially become just like your overlords, “so: “Kill them all and let God Sort them out”

                Just never-mind how The Fed helped to enable the Dollars to be spread out and given to those people as if they were cats attracted to a can of cat food set out on a doorstep at night. No, no point in thinking, just “Kill them all and let God Sort them out”… Psft.

                Your comments are Very disappointing and lacking in thought. Contemplate, man. Contemplate.

                • Why thank you. Considering our overloards own the vast majority of all the good stuff on the planet; now that I’m like them, hopefully they will let me into their little club. Lets face it; a Billionaire must be doing something right.
                  As for your little rant, a fairly no account individual once said: “Judge not, least you be judged.” I’m glad you out rank him and figure you should judge me. Well if the SHTF and you come my way, I’ll be happy to judge you. So all fair.

        • The above sounds good, but Bill Cosby never wrote it. He’s actually on the left side of the fence on most issues.

          Here’s a quote (Sept 2011) from Mr. Cosby’s website:

          “If you got the BOGUS email, it’s time to hit DELETE!

          “There’s an email floating around — entitled “I’m 76 (or 83) and tired” — purportedly sent by me. I did not write the email, I did not send the email, I’m not 76, and I don’t subscribe to the ugly views expressed in the email. We are coming up to an important anniversary on Sunday, which is a day when we should all come together. Whoever wrote this email is not thinking about our country, or what is important. If you get the email, it’s time to hit DELETE.


          • Eagle, ever notice how you always get emails from friends about how patriotic and good on work ethics and loaded with Coservative thought some known Liberal is and how they made this certain speach. These Libs undoubtly have some very good PR people to make this crap up, and also many people buy it and pass it on. Trekker Out. I Know I Have!

            • On that note, as good as Jamie Foxx thinks he is, he lost many on this night:
              He said the event was “like church” and asked the audience to “give honor to God and our Lord and Savior Barack Obama.”
              I stopped even renting his films from Netflix.

        • Eppe, I’m tired of the jews who have destroyed this country and our economy through the fractional reserve banking of the Federal Reserve.

      13. Keep an extremely low profile, tell no one anything at all. Be that “weirdo” in your neighborhood people stay away from, act like your home is haunted, etc. You will survive a lot longer.

        • Yes, be quiet… odorless… and unseen…

        • Hui–I’m already that weirdo people in my neighborhood stay away from!! 🙂

        • I recommend everyone go to read Selco’s web page “One year in Hell” If anyone hasn’t read it, its the best SHTF info around. shtfschool (dot) com

          When you wrote “Be that Weirdo in your neighborhood it reminded me of a an article Selco wrote about a man who would go out and find people who were killed horribly and place them around the area where he lived giving the impression that “Someone” has laid waste to these marauders. While insanitary, unhealthy and most likely was a horrible stench it worked for him as he was left alone.

      14. Blending in is just another form of camouflage. All terrain, areas and regions are different and the mask you wear should reflect the area and conditions you find yourself in.

        Good advice if you can maintain it, me like most on here believe that teams and or larger families with the foresight to prepare, and are organized to protect what’s there’s will be the best shield. The lone survivalist (Gunman) made prevalent in so many books and movies is less likely to survive unless he heads for the hills and lives as a hermit, a man alone even with camouflage will just look like prey.

        • …not from over a shoulder, or the business end of a .308…

          • Well I can see one of my personal trolls is following me—where’s the other three? POG, is that you?

            • Why would you believe it is me red-thumbing your posts Sixpack.

              You give yourself far more credit than you deserve.

              If I agree with your posts, and there are many, I give you a thumbs up. If I disagree with your post I just move on.

              Pretty small of you to think I am one of your red thumb fans. Cant have everyone in love with any of us at all times. Shame on you Sixpack, thought you were bigger than your comment…….

              • Yeah, okay. Remember that link to that “red water” site? When I asked you not to send me links like to that site that they shut down for fraud, because I don’t believe “algeal bloom” is a sign of the end times from Revelations?

                Remember you emailed me back and very angrily told me not to email you anymore?

                I’ve had a red thumb problem ever since. That’s why I ASKED if it was you. If a person will stop speaking to someone because they don’t agree on EVERY POINT— I could see a person like that following me around with a perpetual red thumb.

                I was actually hoping I was wrong, but I won’t know until I ask…will I? Thanks for the response.

                …and I don’t need any “credit”. I give all of that to God.

                • Now I’m done with making this site a personal thing.

                • Sixpack:

                  Lets just set the record straight. The article I forwarded to you had been sent to me by another Oregonian who posts once in a while on this site. I did not take the time to research it (my mistake) and I forwarded it to several of my email contacts including you. I did NOT blind copy my contacts so when you received that email from me, instead of just writing your scathing remarks about “not sending any more trash to you” you also cc’d your remarks to my contacts.

                  Because you say you are a computer guru I am going to believe you did that on purpose. All you would have needed to do was an email to me saying the article and its author are frauds,POG, and suggest I contact anyone I emailed that article to and let them know the article was not true.

                  When you decided to send that scathing email to my contacts, that to me, is a breech of trust. And my email back to you said only “Enough, take me off your email list”. I believe most people would have reacted the same way.

                  As far as redthumbers go; at one point you stated they really was a badge of honor. Have you changed your mind? I get more than my share of redthumbers, are you one of them sixpack. I never have expected any/all here to agree with my posts, as you succintly posted to Themguys, “Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one”.

                  It matters not to me who the redthumbers are sixpack; and I will remain curious why it bothers you so much. Dont much care for the way you decide to “air your personal problems” but that was your choice.

      15. Here’s a posting from Manos back in 2011.

        Nice refresher from one who has also been there when the SHTF.

        h t tp://

        manos says:
        Comment ID: 281122

        December 6, 2011 at 3:42 pm


        Since September, 15 billion euros fled from the banks.
        Two things are happening:

        1. People withdraw their last savings keeping them safe elsewhere.
        2. People are using their last saving to pay all those taxes implemented by the socio-fascist government.

        We are talking for plain people like you and me. The rich ones, had their savings sent to Swiss, since January of 2010.

        Finally the Greek banks are collapsing. It’s a matter of weeks. They already firing personnel, reducing expenses, closing down branches, selling assets, and selling affiliated banks in other countries.
        The government has given the Greek banks around 120 billion in cash and/or guarantees.

        There is no bank run, in the Gerald Celente’s point of view. But rather a slow decaying process of the banking system.
        But now you can feel the hate, anger, and disgust of the people, every day and in every place.

        Today i gave a box full of my precious supplies for a family in my daughter’s school. Their 4th grade boy, faded in school last Friday. He was hungry since last Tuesday. Both parents are unemployed and their last money were given for the electricity bill.

        My opinion is that the boom is close.

        Be safe, pray for us.

        • Has anyone heard from Manos recently?

        • Herein lies the problem: “2. People are using their last saving to pay all those taxes implemented by the socio-fascist government.”

          WHY The Hell would they do that?

          It’s like paying the bully for Not beating you up? WTH?

          I guess when I see headlines like, “People are Not using their last saving to pay all those taxes implemented by the socio-fascist government.”

          It’s then I’ll know that people have wised up.

          Fuck ’em, and feed ’em fish heads.

      16. At West Point Obama told us, to the applause of West Point cadets, that “American exceptionalism” is a doctrine that justifies whatever Washington does. If Washington violates domestic and international law by torturing “detainees” or violates the Nuremberg standard by invading countries that have undertaken no hostile action against the US or its allies, “exceptionalism” is the priest’s blessing that absolves Washington’s sins against the law and international norms. Washington’s crimes are transformed into Washington’s affirmation of the rule of law.

        Absorb that, now think that over really really good..

        now does that sound like a persons opinion that represents what you want from our government and our president?

        doesnt this tell you exactly what they think about us, and what they will do no matter how wrong it is and whom it may hurt or kill?

        if you arnt ready to fight for your life with every fiber of your soul after understanding where we stand, than your already dead

        • Actions indeed. In the 21st century “American exceptionalism” has destroyed seven countries in whole or in part. Millions of people are dead, maimed, and displaced, and all of this criminal destruction is evidence of Washington’s reaffirmation of international norms and the rule of law. Destruction and murder are merely collateral damage from Washington’s affirmation of international norms.

          “American exceptionalism” also means that US presidents can lie through their teeth and misrepresent those they choose to demonize.

          • sorry VRF , but American exceptionalism speaks to the fact that we have a bill of rights that aserts that all men are free and equal and that government DOES NOT have certain rights .
            No other country on earth has such a document.
            THAT is why America is exceptional.
            Gross over reach by wannabe totalitarian dictators has nothing to do with it.

            • You are speaking in the past tense, hammerhead.

              What once was but no longer exists, only as a

              faint memory (Bill of Rights) by a few old gaffers

              that fought for that distinction with their very

              blood, now find the Constitution and Bill of Rights

              were written in water.

              American Exceptionalism and it’s fraternal twin,

              the American Dream, were a utopian concept that

              has been crushed under the weight of it’s own

              idealistic enthusiasm.

              • NOPE , Defiant , I disagree.
                Whole the sleeping masses have allowed the Bill of Rights and constitution to be usurped by “a long train of offenses” , I believe that the pendulum will one day soon swing back .
                Dont give up on yer country just yet.
                I firmly believe that there will be an awakening soon .

                Traitors WILL be rekoned with in good time.
                Have faith and patience.

                • WHILE not whole , nice typin .

                • Don’t get me wrong hammerhead, I will never

                  forsake my country, but I can’t share your

                  optimism with a criminal government getting

                  what it deserves from a population of lemmings

                  only too willing to throw themselves over the

                  cliff in silent subservience to the masters

                  that butter their bread.

                  Nonetheless though, I applaud your grit, sir.

                • From the other end of the planet, there is a phrase we use directed at those who talk a lot but fail to deliver:

                  Piss, or get off the pot.

                  The time for talk is over for Americans who think as you do.

                  Act, or be dammed.

            • hammerhead

              That Bill of Rights is being continuously eroded to the point of evisceration. Its a great document. Too bad we don’t follow it.

            • “but American exceptionalism speaks to the fact that we have a bill of rights that aserts that all men are free and equal and that government DOES NOT have certain rights .
              No other country on earth has such a document.
              THAT is why America is exceptional.”

              I’m assuming you’re referring to “The English Bill of Rights” and “Magna Carta” which Canada also has along with its founders England.

              The U.S. government is cut from the same filthy cloth that every other government on earth is cut from.

          • @ VRF
            So fuck’n move to Mexico asshole! You’re either part of the problem, or part of the solution!

            Really, America does not need winey crybabies, we have enough. MOVE!

            • Educated Sinner, you neocons are part of the problem. You’re in the same sewer with the libturds. BTW, the good people are NOT babies, they are REAL PEOPLE who love this country and are standing up and fighting tyranny. What about you? if you accept the neocon propaganda as gospel without questioning it, then you can’t possibly be “educated”.

            • You are a hypocrite………..and a coward. First you blast another man about his truthful, accurate and spot on comments telling him he’s “either part of the problem or the solution” and then you let someone run out of the store with a basket fulla shit when you had it in your power to stop them……….you move to mexico, sissy, gun and all………….lol……yawn.

              • YAWN. you’re just another troll, so go f#$% yourself!

                • Stay classy there queerheart!…lol

            • Yes, we do have enough whiney babies; they are in the white house, the administration, and congress.

              • The correct spelling is, ‘whiner babies’.

                They’re everywhere, like the damn gnats.

                I think maybe that in the 1980’s they’d be known as pussies or cry-babies, or wussies, I’m not sure, as such as they are were not very common back then, it’s as if they are a different people. Wholly alien. Pussies, cry-babies, and wussies is a step up for them. Imho.
                I don’t know HOw they can look themselves in the fookin’ mirror.

          • “American exceptionalism”: Is just Code Talk for “we No longer go by the us const Restraints imposed uopn Fed govnt…Instead we have decided to go by the rules of Talmudic Judaism, which as Christ Himself declared are works of the devil Satan. Because instead of Gods words and Laws, Talmudic Judaics go by their Own Rules and Laws of Men. Which turns everything one can think of Upside down, Inside out, left means right, Good is evil while evils are now good…And jews gets to be the Only “Master Race” owners and rulers of the entire planet called earth, and also own and control all it contains from natural resources, cash, banks, fed govnt’s and ends up to even fully Own and control all the Goyims allowed to still remain alive…But…Only goys who agree to be ruled as Slaves to a jew.

            Weclome folks! to the New and Improved…

            Jewnited Snakes of Amerikwans….

            Naysayers that doubt this…Go ask a few neocon repub elected officials that have sold their Souls to Satan, and their services to Satans Kids aka zionist jewish Master Race Talmudics.

        • I am guessing you guys would have rolled over after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

          • Pearl Harbor was a false flag. They knew it was coming and did nothing about it, just like GW Bush on 911 who knew Jihad was going to fly planes into tall buildings. How convenient to be out of DC, reading My Pet Goat, knowing the disaster coming and doing nothing about it.

            • @ Who Wudda Thunkit that you are a Numb Skull

              Right, and 9/11 was done by Bush/Cheney, we never landed on the Moon, and Dick Cheney also shot Kennedy.

              Oh, your Shrink called and said to start taking your meds!

              • Hey ED Sinner, Really you need to brush up on your 911 Facts. Look Up Building #7 how it fell all on its lonesome. Here are the 10 main warning Bush Knew about Terrorist Attacks. Just saying….
                While Pres. Bush did not inherit the 9/11 attacks, he did inherent plenty of security intelligence that pointed not just to an attack by Al Qaeda, but that they would hijack airplanes to fly into the Pentagon and World Trade Center.

                1. The National Security Agency’s electronic spy network system provided a warning that Islamic terrorists may be planning to hijack a commercial plane to use against America. This warning was provided in June 2001. And the warning indicated that the target of the hijacked planes were iconic architectural structures that represented American evil. This particular warning is particularly troubling in light of Condoleezza Rice’s statement about nobody predicting 9/11 since she is quoted thusly: “It is highly likely that a significant Al Qaeda attack is in the near future.” CIA Director George Tenet tested the limits of crying wolf by becoming so frantic about the report that people started avoiding and ignoring him.

                2. Clinton appointee Richard Clark, the top counterterrorism expert in the Bush administration, informed several agency heads in a White House meeting held on July 5, 2001 that something truly monumental and disastrous was being planned by Al Qaeda and that it was going to happen soon. Each of those agencies was immediately put on high alert. Each of those agencies went off high alert after a couple of weeks.

                3. Another piece of evidence that makes Condi Rice’s “nobody could have predicted” statement….troubling. On August 6, 2001, members of the CIA met with George W. Bush personally to inform him that Al Qaeda planned to hijack commercial jets and attack within the United States. After the 9/11 attacks, the Bush administration decided not to release the information that this meeting had taken place. It only became public when CBS investigated and broke the story, thus placing Rice in a considerably uncomfortable situation. The White House responded by having Ari Fleischer lie about the title of the briefing memo. Fleischer said the title of the memo was “Bin Laden Determined to Strike the United States.” The actual title was more ominous by virtue of the one word that Fleischer left out: Bin Laden Determined to Strike In the United States.”

                4. Russia. Israel. Egypt. Morocco. Jordan. The intelligence agencies of all these countries warned US spies in the weeks leading to 9/11 that a large-scale attack against the United States could happen very soon. Warnings included information such as the attacks were being planned for late summer or early fall and that the targets of the attack might be located in New York City.

                5. As far back as 1993, intelligence agencies-one of which Condoleezza Rice was head of at the time of the 9/11 attacks-had issued a study that predicted terrorist hijacking of planes to be used in simultaneous attacks in multiple cities against targets representing American culture.

                6. Yet another piece of evidence that Condoleezza Rice was either totally unprepared and unfit to head the National Security Agency or that she is one of the coolest liars in American history. In 1995 police in the Philippines discovered plans by Al Qaeda that involved either exploding US jets in the air or hijacking them and flying them into the Pentagon and…the World Trade Center.

                7. Terrorism experts met with security officials employed by the FAA in 1998. The topic? How to deal with terrorists flying planes into the Pentagon and World Trade Center. Again, this is what the head of the National Security Agency told the world immediately following the events of 9/11: “I don’t think anybody could have predicted that these people would take an airplane and slam it into the World Trade Center.”

                8. 1999. The National Intelligence Council issues a warning that Osama Bin Laden might be training his terrorist operatives to hijack planes and fly them into the White House or Pentagon.

                9. The Pentagon held a drill in late 2000 that simulated what the response would be….to a plane crashing into the enormous building.

                10. As part of the transition from the outgoing Clinton administration to the incoming Bush administration, the new team was informed by the old team that the number one security threat facing America was Al Qaeda sleeper cells inside the United States. Part of the Clinton strategy to deal with this threat was to attack Al Qaeda. The Bush administration, deciding that the threat wasn’t immediate enough, abandoned the Clinton plan entirely so that they could come up with a plan of their own for dealing with Al Qaeda. The date of the Bush administration’s very first Cabinet-level meeting on the subject of terrorism: September 4, 2001.

              • You are embarassing yourself. However, If you add “Un” before “educated” I might cut you some slack. Pearl Harbor was a “false flag,” even the History channel admitted in one of their doc’s that we knew it was coming. BTW..this is old news. If you like, I can suggest some very good books on the topic and then you can change your moniker to “somewhat” educated.

              • I feel certain there is a nearby rock you can crawl back under DUMBASS!

              • Dick Cheney did not shoot Kennedy but he damn sure has ate dinner with those involved.

              • Educ sinner: Your obviously a troll. The moon landing was staged in the Nevada or Calif. desert to look real. Read up on it. There was a TV doc. on the fake moon landing promoted during the cold war. Other things were staged by gov. allowing 9/11, pearl harbor, and JFK was killed by a gov hit for exposing the Fed Reserve needing an audit and Cuban missile crises threat. There are plenty of trolls on websites like this and you’re one for sure.

                • Moon landing real. JFK, no doubt about it a coup, numerous reasons. Pearl Harbor, took a sucker punch on purpose to fight Germany.

              • Your NOT very educated by the content of your post.

              • Educated Sinner sounds like a neocon. You may be a sinner, but you’re NOT educated if you believe the neocon propaganda.

          • George, you guessed wrong.

        • VRF

          You see the US Navy commercial with the Aircraft Carrier sailing the ocean with the punchline; “The US Navy a GLOBAL FORCE for good”?

          They are making no bones about their intent.

          • I don’t watch TV anymore, “a GLOBAL FORCE for good” ? Whoa, and people don’t get the obvious contradiction?
            Or, should I say, many of the TV watching populace are amazingly stupid. ?

            “a GLOBAL FORCE for good” …and people swallow that shit?


            Force that good, good and hard? On all the lands. Yeesh.

          • Yep, I completely got the message

            • also
              that part where they say
              “will follow the orders of those above us”

              blindly im sure

      17. Have your own crew ready to go when necessary. Beg for food and other goods like those around you. I’m over weight so I’ll just go on a diet and get to the food when I’ve lost enough. If you leave go at night where you’ll be less seen or heard. Be prepared to defend yourself and have backup and alternate routes or plans. If you know you are leaving for good you might as well burn the place down(renters ignore).

        • Frank Jim in Va.

          If any of my neighbors ever abandon their homes, I plan to practice some “fire therapy” on them, after picking them clean of course.

          • I’m torn on this topic. Leave them vacant and you might get some not so good squatters. Or worse, people use them to attack from.

            The best bet is to get a prepper group and then have them move into them to form a community.

            I hate to have to be feeding people. But there is strength in numbers.

            Get enough Rice and beans and you can feed people until crops come in. $17 for a 50 pound bag of rice. A few hundred Dollars can keep a group fed for a few months. Add in seed and hope it works out

            • Why are you torn, Sierra Dave?

              It’s not your property.
              You don’t own it.
              Why do you want to project yourself onto whom ever occupies it?
              Would you want your neighbors to do that to you?
              “The best bet is to get a prepper group and then have them move into them” As if you were The Great Decider?

              Ya know, you sound like the gooberment when you say, “Or worse, people use them to attack from.”

              As if people who move into a house generally have that as a plan? Especially when SHTF?

              All I can say is, I think maybe I’d really Not like having you as a neighbor.

              • If we have a complete collapse. The banks no longer exist. Then no-one owns said property.

                If we have a 90% die off. Again, no one owns said property.

                Yes. After a collapse. I DO become the great decider. You on the other hand will passively let bad people move into an area. I’d rather be active and coordinate good people into a community.

                Good luck helot.

                • As long as I or my heirs are still alive no matter if the banks don’t exist or 90% die off. I will still own my property. And I wont tolerate thieves Or squatters. If I catch someone taking that which doesn’t belong to them ill hang them. might have to shoot them first? That is the only way to make sure they don’t do that no more times. any way no matter what happens the Ten Commandments will still apply and fully half of them deal with the taking of that which does not belong to you. That’s my decision. Ill take care of me & mine without being a thief or destroying the property of others.

      18. Have your own crew ready to go when necessary. Beg for food and other goods like those around you. I’m over weight so I’ll just go on a diet and get to the food when I’ve lost enough. If you leave go at night where you’ll be less seen or heard. Be prepared to defend yourself and have backup and alternate routes or plans. If you know you are leaving for good you might as well burn the place down(renters ignore).

        • RE: “If you know you are leaving for good you might as well burn the place down”

          Reminds me of the final episode of ‘The Little House on the Prairie’ where they dynamited the town rather than give it up to the swindlers.

          • If it ever comes down to me having to leave my place ill burn it as I leave. A portion of the food I have cashed is poisoned. It might be the person who did survive from taking & using my stuff that takes me or mine out. Making use of preps you did not procure on your own is theft. I have no sympathy for a thief.

      19. After all the planning, prepping, educating one’s self and hopefully others to various survival disciplines,we will never know what we will do until we’re that situation. Murphy’s Law; “If anything will go wrong, it will” (paraphrased). All we can do is to do the best we can with what we’ve got and keep our eyes on the Lord.

      20. Really cool idea for a pretty secure com setup. Spread the word on this. For just under $200 can get 5 radios, upgraded antennas, connector cable and an omni directional antenna that got over 15 mile range.

        Part 1 Video

        Part 2 Video

        Boosted Antenna Video, 15 mile plus range

      21. ***OFF TOPIC***

        Sorry, but noticed a lot of activity at Yellowstone recently and wondered what Be Informed thought of that.

        They have already had (2) Magnitude 3+ on June 3rd (today) and one on May 31st. To me the fairly shallow depth coupled with increased frequency indicates magma flow. Yes/ No?

        Also, some other Earthquake Prognosticator type is saying the US will be hit with a major earthquake in June or July this year. (will look for/find link) Hope it’s not Yellowstone area!

      22. Selco has some good advice. I believe in keeping a low profile when it is possible. There is something on the horizon of our future that will not permit some of us to keep a low profile. Those who do keep a low profile and blend in will have way more serious concerns for their future.
        1). “Then they will deliver you to tribulation, and will kill you, and you will be hated by all nations because of My name.” Matthew 24:9
        2). “For then there will be a great tribulation, such as has not occurred since the beginning of the world until now, nor ever will.” Matthew 24:21
        3). “And he causes all, the small and the great, and the rich and the poor, and the free men and the slaves, to be given a mark on their right hand or on their forehead, and he provides that no one will be able to buy or to sell, except the one who has the mark, either the name of the beast or the number of his name.” Revelation 13:16,17
        If you want to blend in with the majority of others you will have to take this mark!, but if you do take this mark to blend in with everyone else this is what you have to look forward to: “…If anyone worships the beast and his image, and receives a mark on his forehead or on his hand, he also will drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is mixed in full strength in the cup of His anger; and he will be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels and in the presence of the Lamb. And the smoke of their torment goes up forever and ever; they have no rest day and night, those who worship the beast and his image, and whoever receives the mark of his name.” Revelation 14:9-11
        So, the salient question is “whether or not the Bible is really true”. If it is really true, then there will be a time to not blend in with the majority. It will not be easy though due to the intense pressure to blend in and the demonization of those who don’t blend in by accepting the mark of the beast.
        There is much speculation that the mark of the beast will be some values neutral RFID chip and require a cashless society. I once believed a cashless society would be necessary, but I no longer believe that because of events that have happened that precede the widespread dissemination of the mark of the beast, i.e. Super Bowl could nix Arizona if it doesn’t back off anti-gay law Colorado baker to stop making wedding cakes after losing discrimination case New Mexico photographer loses third round of gay discrimination case The above links show those who would be prohibited from selling if they do not agree to sell services to those whose lifestyle violates there conscience. Below is a link to a business that will refuse to allow those to buy who support that law that protects a business from violating its owners conscience:
        Pizzeria Reserves Right to Ban Lawmakers After Anti-Gay Bill So, the only thing that is necessary is a visible mark that shows whether or not a person is for or against the beast. The absence of the mark shows all who are against the beast. The presence of a mark shows all those who are for the beast, and none of them will want your cash money if you do not have the mark!
        So, there will be a time in the future of the world that it will not be wise to blend in with the majority. Otherwise, Selco’s advise is excellent except for when the time of the mark of the beast has come.
        All men eventually die. It is just a matter of when and how.
        Jesus said, “Do not fear those who kill the body but are unable to kill the soul; but rather fear Him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.” Matthew 10:28
        Paul said, “Therefore, take up the full armor of God, so that you will be able to resist in the evil day, and having done everything, to stand firm.” Ephesians 6:13
        Therefore, make sure your spiritual preps are in order too! Blend in to the extent that it does not cost you your soul! “For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul? Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul?” Matthew 16:26

        Expect to be demonized, ridiculed, and blamed if you do not accept the mark of the beast. Find out just how far the stage has already been set by reading “The Criminalization of Christianity” It is coming! Probably sooner than we would like.

        And also know that “… the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but wanting to have their ears tickled, they will accumulate for themselves teachers in accordance to their own desires” 2 Timothy 4:3 has arrived: New Book Explores an Evangelical’s Acceptance of Same-Sex Marriage

        Keep the faith! Prep so that you may endure to the end while not losing your soul!

        the Wild Goose

        • The Wild Goose. Cool post, cool nic.

          This stands out for me:

          “So, there will be a time in the future of the world that it will not be wise to blend in with the majority. Otherwise, Selco’s advise is excellent except for when the time of the mark of the beast has come.
          All men eventually die. It is just a matter of when and how.”

      23. Hide on plain sight, be seen but not seen, look like all the others. A zebra in a herd zebra is not easily spotted , a rino in a herd of zebra well…..While on the move ( unless all out war) everything will need to be hidden until needed…..from the eyes on the ground and in the air….

      24. and just to let you know how close we have come to nuclear war

        SECRETS OF THE DEAD: The Man Who Saved The World

        “”The Man Who Saved The World” tells the unsung story of Soviet naval officer Vasili Arkhipov, the Brigade Chief of Staff on submarine B-59, who refused to fire a nuclear missile and saved the world from World War III and nuclear disaster.”

        mad men and sociopaths rule the world

      25. I posted this earlier today, but it is worth repeating.

        I live in a small town with a very low crime rate. Yesterday I’m standing in the Check Out line at Loewe’s Garden Center and two guys run past the Cashier with a kart filled up with fertilizer, tomato plants, vegie seeds ect., without paying.

        Although I had a J Frame Smith in my pocket, I didn’t move, as it wasn’t worth getting shot by two 20 year old thugs over some Miracle Grow.

        When people are willing to risk going to jail over a garden, you know that they are getting hungry!

        • Tough guys with guns aint WORRIED about getting shot, sissies are………………you should trade your J frame for pepper spray and a whistle… Cant be a hero and a coward in the same breath.

        • ES I can see it now, man goes to prison for shooting two teenagers stealing tomato plants.

        • Or more likely, someone they know who has a flea market booth, wants the garden supplies and will pay them half price (or less) for what they got. In the 1980’s, people stole Roundup by the cart loads, DVD’s, perfumes, levi 501s and OTC pain medications to sell to flea markets and Asian stores. They paid 33 cents on the dollar, and resold the items at enough of a discount to draw customers.

          The cart was probably filled more with expensive products, partially concealed with less expensive items to make it appear they were shopping, and not “shoplifting.”

          Any police officer on here should know what I’m talking about.

          • sixpack wrote, “Any police officer on here should know what I’m talking about.”

            Again, spoken like a true Nationalist.

            I only hope you wise up to how your position is contrary to your own freedom and liberty.
            Have you ever spent any time over at Will Grigg’s blog?

            Also, you got something against the free market? It seems that way with how you frame flea markets. Why is that? There’s probably someone, somewhere, who sells stuff in a flea market that just felt like you left a big smear across their cheek with that post.

            One other thing: ‘Any police officer on here’… should quit their stinkin’ job and quit serving the empire.

            • Helot. What other name do you use on here?

              As for your “free market” remark, SINCE WHEN IS SHOPLIFTING RINGS CONSIDERED “FREE MARKET”?

              As far as how I frame flea markets, shut up because you obviously don’t know what you’re talking about. I ran a flea market booth for years. I know exactly what goes on there, first hand. You have no idea how many fraud detectives end up there scanning SKUs on merchandise looking for stolen stuff.

              Had you read anything in the last 20 years, you might know that some of the biggest theft rings in recent history ran their merchandise through flea markets. No, I’m not going to go looking for links, because I don’t have to prove anything to someone who won’t do their own homework.

              the other huge black market was selling 501s to Asia through—wait for it—FLEA MARKETS.

              Both were BILLION DOLLAR THEFT RINGS, a few of which ended up being prosecuted under the RICO act.

              Go crawl back under your rock and leave me alone…or at least use your usual screen name.

      26. That’s the whole reason for prepping – to be able to avoid the chaos and the crowds that know doubt will be storming the stores, warehouses, food and beverage trucks, pharmacies, etc.

        That way the main focus is keeping your home and surroundings guarded and protected.

        “As for me and my family, we will trust in the Lord”. PEACE!

      27. Socrates-his name is David Nabhan and he wrote a book about predicting earthquakes.

        “Mr Nabhan says that there has never been a new idea in science that wasn’t accepted without a fight and claims the next earthquake will happen on July 12 and September 9, between 4:45 to 7:55 a.m. or p.m.

        In his book, Mr Nabhan lists every tremor powerful enough to have caused fatalities within a 70 mile radius of Los Angeles’ city center, struck Southern California between 1933 and 1994.

        He states that every one of them occurred either within a tight 3 hour window at dawn or a corresponding time interval at dusk.

        Two thirds of those events also took place not only either at dawn or dusk, but within 36 hours of the precise instant of new or full moon phases.
        Pattern: Two thirds of recent earthquake events took place not only either at dawn or dusk, but within 36 hours of the new or full moon phases

        Pattern: Two thirds of recent earthquake events took place not only either at dawn or dusk, but within 36 hours of the new or full moon phases.”

        • @Anonymous

        • @Anonymous

        • @Anonymous

          Yep. That’s the guy, thanks. I have been following the Supici0us Observers channel on You Tube for a long time as well. His channel (Ben Davidson- another real smart guy) also makes the correlation between Sun, Moon and Earth bound earthquake activities. Check out his channel if you get a chance. Thanks for the info!

      28. love blending in !

        while most of the country is getting in worse shape, i’m getting in better shape and increasing my assets every day. the longer we go without a collapse, the more i’ll be able to sit and watch everyone panic on what they brought on themselves. anything outside a direct attack will just be another car wreck to watch.

        • @ Lena,
          I love madly, will you have my children? (sarcasm)

          Really, great post, great attitude!

          • thanks.

            it was painful for me for a while to accept the country i thought so much of, is not going to be what it used to be; ever again. but now i’ve accepted that, i’m doing my best to avoid being part of the downfall and i’m going to enjoy watching those that brought it on; live with the cosequences; they are coming on a bit more every day.

            and i’m still deciding if i want to bring kids into this world, its not going to get better for a long time.

            • @ Lena

              WE are this country. We, the People. As long as you or I or anyone on this forum lives and breathes and thinks as freely as we do, then America lives. That is the ultimate point of what we do, or at least, what I do: to keep America alive, no matter how badly the bankster scum want to snuff us out and crush our spirit. That is why we MUST survive, against all odds and in defiance of all terror.

              As for having children: I have already raised three. And my new wife wants some of our own. Don’t wait for a “good” time to have children; it is your children who will make your time here good.

              • Amen to that. Despite a rocky marriage that ended in divorce after 21 years, having my children ( at home) training them and homeschooling them and watching them grow up into mature independent thinking adults who will be a benefit when the stuff hits the fan( the youngest spent 6 years in the Navy doing dirty deeds for the US govt) has been the joy of my life. To see how they have developed, has been worth the time I spent married to their father. It’s something that cannot be taken away from me. Please don’t wait too long, because female fertility starts to go downhill around the mid 30’s. Had I waited to start when most women start today, I would probably not have had any, as I have a history of miscarriage….children well raised are a joy and delight, and the more, the merrier!

            • RE: “and i’m still deciding if i want to bring kids into this world”

              Do it.

              You might (likely will) regret it later if you don’t.

              Teach them to be mighty, and to be freedomistas.

              Home-school their ass, but just do it. I implore you.

        • lena–you are spot on. Regardless of the level of preparedness, if you have room, one can always use a case of mushrooms, tomato sauce, or olives when found on sale.

      29. There are people who knew we prep but none of them live in our neighborhood. When we’re on the verge of SHTF I’ll be getting ready to put plywood in front of our windows from the inside. With the drapes shut, no one will know we’re blocking indoor light from being seen outside. Nobody will know we have a year’s supply of food and water in our house either. People who try to break in will find out that we’re armed. I don’t look forward to having to defend my life and my property but I have to be prepared for it.

        Our situation will be different than Selco’s because nobody will be dropping food from airplanes to keep people alive. The most dangerous time after it hits the fan will be the first couple of weeks when nobody has food. After that it will get safer as more and more people die. I expect mass suicides.

        • Barn Cat wrote, “Nobody will know we have a year’s supply of food and water in our house either.”

          Well, except the NSA, and whomever they decide to tell.

          But they’re not keeping track, …. right?

          Anyway, I wonder if church members will make food drops via drones? That’d shake things up a bit, maybe?

        • Ok so your inside your home with your plywood covering the windows. All it takes is a Molotov cocktail and you will be forced outside where you can be shot. I would advise you make a trap door in the floor and dig a escape tunnel.

      30. According to Rt and Dailymail UK, you now have two weeks to prepare for a massive strike-back cyber attack. This new malware is called “GAMEOVER ZEUS“, and it can lock you out of your computer and demand a ransom that you must pay to get your computer back from the hackers. The whole time while you’re panicking about what to do the malware is snooping through your financial records, pictures, music, and videos. Also the US government admitted “at least one police force has been forced to pay this ransom to release sensitive files” as well as the US government there are approximately according to both sources 15,000 users who have already been affected in the UK. This comes as the markets are about to begin “the four days that could rock uneasy markets”, not to mention the end of the Bilderberg meeting 2014. Along with the Illuminati in the Bilderberg meeting saying that the global economy is on the verge of a collapse. The reason for these four days can be seen below from MarketWatch.

        • km: I have nothing on my computer anyone would want. I don’t do online purchases unless it’s a prepaid card linked to pay pal. No banking either. Folks, click and clean and C clean right after checking bank balances. Have anti virus installed and do backups regularly. Online bill paying is too risky.

        • Ill just toss it and call it macaroni,,,

        • Just one more reason to NOT conduct online banking, bill paying, etc.
          Point received?

        • Gameover Zeus, or whatever they’re calling the newest iteration, has been around for a long time. I helped an elderly friend of mine who got hit with it late last year. I had to completely reformat her hard drive and reinstall everything on it, all over again.

          THAT IS A GOVERNMENT HACK. It was created to find out if they could completely take over any computer, anywhere, any time despite firewalls and anti-virus software.

          I’m told that it is the test precursor to a complete computer takeover by the govt.

          I suggest keeping a complete backup of your entire system and files on a DVD…or two. There is software that will help you do this, and reinstall your backup system files again.

      31. Obama Uses Bergdahl to Distract Disastrous EPA Regulations

        Capital Journal Daybreak: The Secret Deal Behind Sgt. Bergdahl’s Release | EPA Sets Big Cuts for Power Plants’ Emissions

        “EPA TO SEEK 30% CUT IN EMISSIONS: The Environmental Protection Agency will propose mandating power plants cut carbon-dioxide emissions by 30% by 2030 from levels of 25 years earlier. That ambitious target … the first-ever attempt at limiting such pollution…”

        • As we always say: “WATCH THE OTHER HAND”.

      32. Just read on MSN that Eric Hold and has ordered the DOJ to rebuild The Domestic Terror Task Force. FYI, the 1st. one was formed after the Oklahoma City bombings.

        Holder sites an “Increased Risk” of attacks coming from within the U.S. but won’t go beyond that.


        (So what does he know that we don’t?) NOMI

        • E S , What eric pecker holder aint sayin , is that HE is the domestic terror threat that we should look out for .

        • ES
          I saw that also, glad you posted it. We are the intended targets of an organization like this, especially under the control of this dictatorial administration that works daily to push the American people into some new form of global slavery that they will call a new form of freedom.

          The pace of late has taken an up-tick, as if they fear people waking up and that is something they cannot allow.

        • He aint talking about you, unless poking out your chest, talkin tough and bluffing is on the list…..cowering behind some woman or child is not on the list either……lol….you are safe.

          • Hey Yawn…come here, come on boy…good dog.

      33. I almost told my daughters boyfriend about what I had hidden, lucky for me he couldn’t hide who he was long enough. I heard him making comments about how he and his Dad had plans to raid preppers. If I see that happening there will be a couple of accidents, because not only did I see their cards I know their weakness now too.

        • Good looking out…

      34. Here in Tucson we have power out. No gas stations open,grocery stores closed.Prep,prep,prep.

        • What’s going on in Tucson ? We are buying a few acres a few miles outside of that area…

      35. When SHTF, be like everyone else and don’t wipe it from your face. Just put on a big, s**t eating grin.

        • Burt Gummer.

          I love it! Hahahahahahaha!

          Nothing wrong here. Let me call the President.

      36. Los Angeles Earthquakes are Increasing, But Scientists Unsure What It Means

        what does it mean ???

        get the hell out while you can ???

        and the slow crash continues

        Half of Americans can’t afford their house

        buh bye middle class
        it was nice knowin’ ya

        • As I understand it, Mt. Hood here in Oregon has increased it’s activity and is no longer considered “dormant”… I live at the base of an active volcano…great. One more thing you can’t defeat with preps, you can only get out of it’s way.

      37. I caint blend.. I was born purty and then got better…

        • :-)) Me too!

      38. My granddaddy would say somebody’s gotta take these peckerwoods out behind he woodshed. Really. He’s 94 and tickled pink when I told him I got 3 years worth of laundry detergent or $12. Turns out its gonna go further than that. Only 2/3 way through first batch (of 3) and I made It 1 year ago. He gets all upst watching faux news day in and day out wondering what he hell happened to his country.

        • You want faux news? Try CNN, NBC, ABC and CBS

      39. For most with homes, get a few fire extinguishers if you can, fires will be burning everywhere. a BOL is not a good option in most cases. You know your home better than anyone. If I walked into your home and your protecting it, I would not know the corners or the layout for some homes so I would easily be able to be shot by you. That fraction of a sec for me to try and find someone is all it takes to make a kill in your advantage. Its just common sense.

        • I can easily move around my home in complete darkness…an intruder can’t.

      40. This really should get your “gray matter” to churning, even if you are an Obama fan. I wouldn’t want my hero to be made out to be a liar, would you?

        For all you “anti-Fox News” folks, none of this information came from Fox. All of it can be verified from legitimate sources (Wikipedia, the Kapiolani hospital website itself, and a good history book, as noted herein). It is very easy for someone to check out.

        4 Simple Questions

        1. Back in 1961 people of color were called ‘Negroes.’ So how can the Obama ‘birth certificate’ state he is “African-American” when the term
        wasn’t even used at that time ?

        2. The birth certificate that the White House released lists Obama’s birth as August 4, 1961 & Lists Barack Hussein Obama as his father. No big deal, Right ? At the time of Obama’s birth, it also shows that his
        father is aged 25 years old, and that Obama’s father was born in “Kenya , East Africa “.

        This wouldn’t seem like anything of concern, except the fact that Kenya did not even exist until 1963, two whole years after Obama’s birth, and 27 years after his father’s birth. How could Obama’s father
        have been born in a country that did not yet Exist? Up and until Kenya was formed in 1963, it was known as the “British East Africa Protectorate”. (check it below) (

        3. On the Birth Certificate released by the White House, the listed place of birth is “Kapi’olani Maternity & Gynecological Hospital”.
        This cannot be, because the hospital(s) in question in 1961 were called “KauiKeolani Children’s Hospital” and “Kapi’olani Maternity Home”, Respectively.

        The name did not change to Kapi’olani Maternity & Gynecological Hospital until 1978, when these two hospitals merged.
        How can this particular name of the hospital be on a birth certificate dated 1961 if this name had not yet been applied to it until 1978 ?
        (CHECK IT BELOW)

        Why hasn’t this been discussed in the major media ?

        4. Perhaps a clue comes from Obama’s book on his father. He states how proud he is of his father fighting in WW II. I’m not a math genius, so I may need some help from you. Barack Obama’s “birth certificate” says his father was 25 years old in 1961 when Obama was born. That should have put his father’s date of birth approximately 1936-if my math
        holds (Honest! I did That without a calculator!!!) Now we need a non-revised history book-one that hasn’t been altered to satisfy the author’s goals-to verify that WW II was basically between 1939 and
        1945. Just how many 3 year olds fight in Wars? Even in the latest stages of WW II his father wouldn’t have been more than 9 years old.
        Does that mean that Mr. Obama is a liar, or simply chooses to alter the facts to satisfy his imagination or political purposes ?

      41. Ok things are def ramping up. Look at the 2 following stories, put them together and you’ll see the immediate danger.

        FAA Set To Approve ‘Limited’ Commercial Drone Use In US Skies

        Citing “tangible economic benefits,” the FAA has decided that the current prohibitions against commercial uses of drones in US skies can be lifted. As WSJ reports, Federal regulators said they are considering exempting a handful of companies working for the film and television industry with proposed rules for small drones are expected to be issued by the end of the year, though they aren’t likely to become final until 2015 or later. While law-enforcement agencies already can rely on procedures to obtain FAA approval to fly some of the largest models in designated airspace, this shift by the FAA opens the door to the thousands of drones expected to plague US skies in the next few years.

        Eric Holder Announces Task Force To Focus On “Domestic Terrorists”

        It’s been obvious for quite some time that the so-called “war on terror” is nothing more than a fear-mongering induced power grab; a convenient excuse to strip the citizenry of its civil liberties and humanity. Many commentators, including myself, have predicted for years that the entire counter-terror juggernaut that has been constructed post-9/11 would be ultimately redirected upon the domestic population. Snowden’s heroic whistleblowing has already proven without a doubt that the government spy apparatus (along with tech company complicity) has been zeroed in on the domestic population for quite some time, but is the situation about to escalate? Are the feds so fearful of their own people, they are about to focus all their counter-terror energy on U.S. citizens? It appears so.

      42. In sum, Selco is warning us against all the non-thinking “Yes we can/Yes we have no bananas” chanters

      43. How did we get here, into this mess? The Fabian socialists, and vile leftists like Antonio Gramsci who told the leftists not to take on the US militarily, but to destroy its culture (hel-LO, Hollyweird). Here is Charleton Heston’s comment on it:

        “Modern media fills the cultural airwaves with a mist of anesthesia, so that principle and values are slowly desensitized to the coming onslaught. The new culture arrives on the heels of this propaganda. It simply moves in and takes over, like slipping a find new glove over a numbed hand. The outcome of the war is just as devastating, but without bombs bursting , twisted bodies to bury, or rubble to rebuild. A new class, a different culture, simply takes over.

      44. Will say this here and now and anyone out there can take this to the bank.
        I guarandamtee you; I’d gladly feed and take care of anyone out there near me and Gene(there isn’t much I don’t have here) AND their family that could bring ammo and guns to help keep us safe.
        God as my witness, it is the only concern I have at this moment. There is just me and Gene and there is no way I’d trust these selfish, self-absorbed, self-centered, self-involved, self-seeking, self-serving bunch of pansies on this street to get in out of the rain let alone help in any useful way.

        • I know how you feel. JayJay. I’m similar to that here.

      45. Hells Bells I’m already hated by some, just because I’m a LEO. I am use to it.

        When TSHTF, I will already know how to act. Heavily armed with back-up. 308, 12Ga, 45ACP.

        No matter what I still plan on helping when I can. Please don’t take my kindness as weakness, If you do you might get to meet Jesus soon than you want.

        For all my friends here PLEASE watch your 6!!!!


        • Sgt. Dale, you sure you don’t want to move to southern Ky?
          Some mighty pretty land around here.

          I promise to keep my intake of hemp oil to a minimum, but those anti-cancer qualities make me glad to take daily.:-)

          • Jay Jay
            The hemp oil for cancer is one thing, just like alcohol. If used for medical reasons I have no problem with that.
            But to be used to get stoned on. Now that is where I have a problem!
            If you have seen what I have seen in the last 30 years because of drugs and alcohol, you would know where I was coming from.

            • Sgt. Dale says, “But to be used to get stoned on. Now that is where I have a problem!”

              Right! Because The State owns your body, and no one can determine what goes in it. You’ll enforce that to the point of death.
              I guess that makes you a monster.

              Pluck a plant that grows alongside any Illinois roadside and Sgt. Dale will be there to blow your brains out if you refuse to obey his commands to send you to jail and pay a big fine to pay his salary. He’s joined at the hip with the empire.

              What a wonderful world.

              • Helot
                Youth is so smart.
                Helot knowledge is a wonderful thing! Too bad you have none!
                I can see that you are just another troll!
                I will not waist my time with you. I hope you make it through the coming SHTF.
                I wish I would have read this remark before I responded to your remark below!

                • Sarge…

                  The war on drugs and the war on poverty are both failed policies that should be eliminated.

                  Who is the victim when a man puts drugs into his body? Himself? There is NO crime. Without another separate victim there can be no crime.

                  So, you say crimes are committed under the influence of controlled substances? Well then, prosecute the crimes that have victims and let the so-called victimless crimes alone.

                  Drugs do not cause crimes…I know this from personal experience on the other side of the “thin blue line”.
                  Violent criminals are that way without drugs.

                  You say this is your job and what you are good at…you need money. Yep, just “doing as I’m told” for the almighty dollar.

                  Can’t you see your job simply enforces the power of the TPTB that you rail against? That you are contributing to the police state this country has become? Please take the red pill (no, it’s not a controlled substance} and escape from the matrix.

                  • JRS you make a good point. Yes the guy who put the drugs into his body dose pay for the drugs and then pays for the damage he dose to his body.

                  • Hmmm…the taxpayer pays all that for YOU, too.

                  • JRS
                    You are correct. The Tax payers will until I die.
                    I have worked almost 30 years now for them. How many years have the JUNKIES given?
                    You want to pay for the Junkies, Leaches, and Zombies you go right ahead. As for me SCREW THEM!

              • All cops are parasitic in that they produce nothing. some present or future producer must be robbed (taxed) in order for the parasites to be funded. The majority of LEOS are immoral corrupt and just plain no good bullies. I wouldn’t trust a LEO at all.

            • I have seen it –my sister is a drug addict of 40 years.
              Nuff said.
              Make it legal. Get the dealers away from the back alley and street corners.
              Close the border and stop CIA bringing in 500 billion each year.
              Tax it; legalize it.
              Put doctors out of the drug business.
              Stop filling our prisons with someone caught smoking a marijuana cigarette and letting murderers go.
              There are just so many aspects to this legalizing marijuana than most want to debate.
              I know this—if Gene was battling cancer with all his other ailments, he should have the right for relief from pain.
              I will never change my view on that.

            • Sgt: I was a student during the 1960-1970 and I have started to look at most drugs from another angle; and I recommend it. How many A-holes do you know that would still be alive if they had not taken drugs; and how much worse would it be if they were still here? IMHO drugs and street gangs shooting each other, along with aids maybe the only things that have kept the US going.

              • PARA:
                Very good POINT!!!!!
                Answer TOO Many!!!!

          • JayJay wrote, “I promise to keep my intake of hemp oil to a minimum, but those anti-cancer qualities make me glad to take daily.:-)”

            Gawd, that’s pathetic. Could you grovel any more lower than that?

            Reason number 99 as to why The War Against Some Drugs is just friggin’ insane. And, why cops are bastards for being cops.

        • Why won’t you quit your job Mr. LEO Sgt. Dale?

          Why do you continue to serve the empire?

          Have you read the article, ‘A Country Where Police Burn Infants in Their Cribs’?

          Do you know that, “This is at least the third episode in which a SWAT team has burned a child during a night-time raid”?

          Why do you ride with them? …To continue to do so, there’s no way you can call yourself ‘good’.

          • helot
            When I became a Peace Officer back in the 80’s we were known as Peace Officers. Now we are know as LEO’s.
            I’m 60 years old now and I need to make some money to make ends meet. This is what I’m good at, and what I know!

            I also am in a job right know where I see thing and hear things that I can pass on to you folks for your safety.

            We can talk about a lot of bad things that happens when LEO’s do their jobs. But remember they are doing their jobs like drug raids in the middle of the night because it is the safest time for THEM to do so. They are doing these raids because the adult in the house are breaking the Law. The LEO’s did not put the child in harms way the adults in the house did.

            You said the third episode of a child being burnt to death. I can tell you we have had almost 190 days go by in 2014 and only three have died, this is a shame, but there have been over 4,000 raid ran to this date.

            Yes there are going to be some bad things happen, and the guys on that team are more than likely sick about the deaths. Yes there might be some that are not. THERE IS ALWAYS SOME BAD IN EVERY GROUP! Law Enforcement is no exception.
            Helot I hope I answered your ?’s

            • Ya, “The LEO’s did not put the child in harms way the adults in the house did.”

              Just like they talk about in that link, as the Nazis said, “What horrible things the victim made me go through”: blah blah blah, buncha fascist gooberment loving B.s.

              I’d expected better but you’re just a whiner baby stuck on a gooberment tit it seems.

              You say you were a “peace officer” back in the 80’s? Hell, if you’d a said 1970’s I’d give you a pass, but 1980’s no way. Cops then were just bust heads, pass out the fine and let ’em bleed.

              At any rate, IF you were a “peace officer” (which might in many circles be respectable) you sure as heck can’t be one Now, and you need to quit – Pronto – to maintain any shred of respectability.

              See also, ‘Catholics Still Not Catching on With Catching Fire’ By Ellen Finnigan

              But, you won’t quit. Because you see nothing wrong with this statement: “I can tell you we have had almost 190 days go by in 2014 and only three have died, this is a shame, but there have been over 4,000 raid ran to this date.”

              4,000 bull shit raids. Tack that on to the 80,000 raids done nationally. That’s a whole lot of bullshit going on and a buncha money grubbers rubbing their hands together in a Very sickening way.

              Just Love your part in the ever growing american police state? You’re just doing your part to make North America be just like the U.S.S.R.?

              • Helot,

                You have to forgive poor sgt.dale. Read his previous ramblings and you’ll quickly understand that he’s just a sanctimonious, religious nutcase prick who thinks he’s the right hand of Christ. I love his previous posts where he says ” Well, I guess it’s my Christian duty to give someone a days worth of food and water if they come to me starving, but the next day I’ll shoot ’em by gawd!”

                When you read the true thoughts of these phony assholes, you know all this crap about being ” good Christians” is nothing more than their feeble hillbilly attempts at self delusion, which have become quite successful, based on being honed on a lifetime of practice. They love to refer to the coming of the ” Golden Hoard”, as in ” ever’bodies out to GIT me!” 95% of these posters here are over 60 with one foot in the grave already, so they’re in a desperate race for society to collapse SOMEHOW before they die so they can squawk, ” See, I TOLD you so!”. Fuck, I’ll take my chances with the golden hoard anytime over these paranoid nutjobs.

                • Bob Z

                  “Fuck, I’ll take my chances with the golden hoard anytime over these paranoid nutjobs”.

                  Please do.

                • Bob Z
                  As you can see you have 6 thumbs down.
                  Your youth will bite you in the ass when TSHTF!
                  Yes my Christian duty is to help the helpless. But my Bigger duty as a Christian is to help my Family FIRST.
                  I will help them only one time and send them on their way. You will not help them once!
                  Yes If they return they turn into Leaches and Zombies, I will have to protect my family.
                  Bob Z this will be the only time I respond to you.
                  You can’t talk to someone that is so un-educated about life!
                  When you grow up, come back, and maybe we will talk to you!

                  • Thanks for proving all I said about you saarjint hillrod. I hope a large band of angry negroes ” GET ” you and yours big time and really slowly, a hypocrite like you deserves it real slow.

            • Thank, Sgt Dale. I have a very good neighbor and friend, also very conservative, who is a just retired IL. state trooper. Great man, very concerned about Constitutional rights, etc. I have a great respect for the police, in general – most of the them are good people, doing a difficult job. The downside, of course, is that now many are being co-opted by the left, and being militarized (that door to door search during the Boston Marathon search disgusted me – I would have refused to have left my home without them producing a warrant), so I have concerns there. But it is not a one size fits all, with bad police, good police, and a range in between. More importantly is the **erosion** of rights that the police are mandated to enforce. And as the public – bad eggs excepted – we can’t blame the messenger (the police); rather, we need to get involved with the politics BEHIND what the police can and cannot do. And yes, I darn well AM a Tea Party member for that reason,and proud of it.

              My question for you is this: What do you think of no-knock raids? Aren’t they unConstitutional? Don’t they risk people firing at the police, given that people wouldn’t know if it was not a home invasion or not? It sure seems Stasi-like to me! Now, I do understand that police need to be safe – the few times I have been pulled over on the highway, I always turn on my dome light, keep my hands on the wheel, etc., so the policeman knows he is safe – I do this out of courtesy and as a fellow human being, not as a suck up. However, these no-knock raids really disturb me, even if they do help the police safety, etc. It is a slippery slope!

              Anyhow, am glad you remain in the police force. We need people like you who apparently have a respect for the Constitution, and a concern for rights in general (otherwise you wouldn’t be on this site). But… comments on that no-knock thing would be appreciated, as it seems very disturbing on a constitutional basis.

              • DD
                DD if you are NEWBEE welcome. If not welcome any way!
                I answered that several times, but I will be happy to do it again.

                I’m 100% against them. I believe more people will be hurt. and they don’t have to be. LEO’s and Bad guys.
                Some Turd in a black robe believes that they are Constitutional. I believe he/she is DEAD WRONG!

      46. BTW, folks, for those of you looking for a BOL, have you considered Nova Scotia? If you are American, you can buy land with none of the reporting requirements you would have if you opened a bank acct. NS is just off the Gulf Stream, so it’s really not too cold in the winter (Halifax ave. high in January is around freezing). Halifax is around a half million people, with two universities and an international airport. Inland is good farmland in many areas, lots of lakes and rivers. I own property in Cape Breton. Easy access in good times, and golden hordes are NOT going to go that direction in bad times. Interestingly, if you look at a map of areas EMP attacks might impact, NS is totally off the map. Even better, while most think Canada is in a housing bubble, the Maritime provinces are NOT, so prices are decent. Yes, if SHTF, you will have to get there, but it is an easy drive from places like NY, Boston, etc. (of course, if you are a leftist living in these states, you should remain where you are – after all, YOU are the cause of the disaster, and should remain to eat your cooking). Just a thought….

        • You make Nova Scotia sound Very nice, DD. Makes me want to go there.

          Such a contrast to the cops bashing heads thoughts.

          Do the cops bash the heads of a lot of people up there?

          Can I pick a Dandelion and smoke it without getting pounded on by a cop up there?

          Winter was Hell here this year, so it was enticing to read that “NS is just off the Gulf Stream, so it’s really not too cold in the winter”. Ha!-What is “not too cold”?

          Anyway, I wonder, are you a Realtor? When you say, “Even better, while most think Canada is in a housing bubble, the Maritime provinces are NOT, so prices are decent.” I wonder, are you familiar with

          Some of the guys there say that housing is 250% overvalued just about Everywhere, especially in Canada. Are you saying that housing prices there are 250% lower than everywhere else?
          Because, to me, right now seems like the second absolute worst time to buy, ever.

          Or, as a guy over at says, “Why buy now when you can rent for far more than half the price of buying”?

          • Re. the police in Canada, all of the western world is tending towards fascism, so that is a problem. I have never had an interaction with the police in the US or Canada, other than a ticket, so I really can’t comment factually as to the police brutality issue – however, my sense is that it is a lot less, though I can cite statistics or speak from experience.

            No, I am not a realtor at all. I work automating hospitals. Relative to prices, you can go to the well done Canadian site, and get prices around the country, or just google the topic. While absurd prices can always get more absurd (cf. Keynes’ “The market can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent”), I think not only is the clear consensus that the Canadian market is frothy, prices are so high, could you really afford something unless you have money to burn? In most major areas, probably not. Now, I can tell you this: I bought from – they sell rural property, and have been around for 100 years. I have absolutely zero involvement with them other than purchasing from them, and got what I think was a reasonable deal. The nice thing about this group is that if you want to buy rural retreat property, that is exactly what they sell – virtually all of it raw property in rural areas. Of course, do your own diligence before buying! On area we looked at with them was Manitoulin Island, in Lake Huron No “where’s the water in a crisis” problems there, unless you are far inland. There is one bridge to the island, and it is not heavily populated. Dignam sells properties there, too.

            Re. temps, Halifax ave temp is 32°F to 29°F over the course of January, exceeding 45°F or dropping below 16°F only one day in ten. I suppose is you are from Florida, this could be an issue, but to be honest, this is really pretty benign. Cape Breton where I own property is colder, but not by a lot. In sum, it ain’t Belize. On the other hand, Europeans and lived there for hundreds of years before modern central heating with little problem. The other benefit is that the summers are NOT hot.

            I just submit this as a suggestion. The issue is **getting there** if there were ever a crisis. On other hand, it if beautiful, cheap, you have access to a major city for airport, education, etc., yet – at least in Cape Breton – you are not going to have zombie hordes coming that direction, as the distance is too far 3 – 4 hrs from Halifax, and there is just no reason to target the area.

            Anyhow, just a suggestion. We are very happy with where we are, whom we bought from, and the location. The only negative I can see is that the land is not as fertile as elsewhere in Cape Breton, though NS proper has some good land). And as for the cold, as the Russians say, “there is no poor weather, only poor clothing.” If you simply DRESS for it, these temps are easily dealt with.

            • DD

              I find Canadians so polite that if your cops were brutal I can imagine them saying sorry between blows with a night stick.

              Seriously I find your government far more responsible than the US and your gold fund PHYS is government regulated and audited while the US equivalent GLD is not regulated and leveraged.

              You could use a Second Amendment though and some warmer weather.

        • Speaking of Freedom, and helot thinks he might like it in NS but many years ago when I was in the Navy we had liberty call in Halifax NS. And if I might say, of all the places I went on Liberty, Halifax NS was the very worse. The only liquor stores was owned by the Empire as helot would say. But they might tolerate his smoking the dandelions. But what a waste of a good food source. We’ll miss you helot, Bye! Trekker Out.

      47. Tuesday’s article/post at Dave Hodges’ site [] about the coming massive food shortages is terribly frightening.

        A worldwide famine is coming and was prophesied in 2012-2013 to Maria. Hodges’ article is the “proof”.

        Add to that currency collapse and you will have massive chaos.

        Buy food now that you can s t r e t c h.

        – the Lone Ranger

        “Feed the man [person] dying of hunger because if you have not fed him, you have killed him.”
        – Gratian

        “As long as you do it to the least of your sisters and brothers, you have done it unto me.”
        – Christ in the Gospels

        • And then we have this one:
          Anyone who does not provide for their relatives, and especially for their own household, has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever……I Timothy 5:8

      48. I am set up as mobil as possible. Even before the term prepper became common, and all the recent history that made many prep came up. When I was a kid I was a survival nut. At 10 I would go weeks at a time to the woods, with one can of beans, and a canteen. Knife, gun, oiled tarp, rope, and a wool blanket. All stuffed in a duffle bag. It had a pouch with a few essentials. Matches, mess kit, ammo,, tooth brush, soap, fish hooks and string, oh and a can of sardines. I stayed mobil, lived off the land. I also kept away from people, all of Selcos advice is good. I just hope it is never needed. I don’t think my wife and kids would like my copperhead stew, or turtle stew, or rabbit with polk and wild onion.

        • There is nothing wrong with rabbit with polk and wild onion.

          • sixpack wrote, “There is nothing wrong with rabbit with polk and wild onion.”

            See, that’s why I don’t understand your support for the empire. How can a person who says such a thing support the empire? I just don’t get that.

        • Dang, Logicrazy. You’d a been cool person to know back then. In youth.
          “At 10 I would go weeks at a time to the woods, with one can of beans, and a canteen. Knife, gun, oiled tarp, rope, and a wool blanket.”… Way cool.

          You write, “I don’t think my wife and kids would like my copperhead stew, or turtle stew, or rabbit with polk and wild onion.”

          Ha! What wife would? (Maybe, The Golden ones?) ….Anyway, work on the kids. Jmho.

          • Boy are you gullible. Lies that sound unbelievable no matter how cool are still lies. Its a poor parent that would let a 10 year old go for week,s at a time in the woods. Think about it when something sounds to good to be true is usually is false.

      49. .. a 97 Dodge Ram 2500 conversion and a 96 Jeep Cherokee in the driveway would signal low income or lack of assets.

        We don’t blend with the rest of our neighborhood..nearly every household has a 2012 or newer vehicle(s) in their driveways..and not bought and paid for..

        The many stepford wives ,and their napoleon complex husbands, walk all their pedigree dogs down the street as if it was showtime for the kennel club..and then tout off to the local pub for a quick gmo laced meal.Then they hurry home to glare at their wall mounted devices to be entertained and programmed for a daily dose of bread and circus..

        When the school bus empties out..all the govt indoctrinated children march down the street transfixed to their electronic devices..unaware of the world around them..

        Yes, we are indeed not one of the proles…


      50. I believe that helping others is the right thing to do. It doesn’t matter whether I am right and they are wrong or if they are right and I am wrong. I believe helping is the right thing. During times of crisis we are at our best when we help others. If you are fearful of the consequences of helping, then perhaps you should consider offering aid anonymously.

      51. Eric Holder Announces Task Force To Focus On “Domestic Terrorists”

        “It’s been obvious for quite some time that the so-called “war on terror” is nothing more than a fear-mongering induced power grab”

        “The concept of the U.S. government viewing the population as the true enemy has been a theme on this site for many years. For some background, I suggest reading the following:

        Rep. Steve Cohen Calls Tea Party Republicans “Domestic Enemies” on MSNBC

        It’s Official: The FBI Classifies Peaceful American Protestors as “Terrorists”

        The reason I chose to highlight these two articles, is that in one case it is the “tea party” being demonized, and in the other it is Occupy Wall Street. It doesn’t matter if the dissent is seen as emanating from the “right” or the “left,” it is dissent in general which is increasingly being demonized as “domestic terrorism.”

        • That’s one of the good things about eastern NC. There is water everywhere. You can hardly drive a mile without crossing water. If you want a well drilled, the drillers don’t have to look for a good spot, because anywhere you drill hits water. And it rains so much, you can collect all the rainwater you want.

          We have city water, well water, rainfall, and I own to the centerline of the swamp out back.

        • This is stage one in taking the young people of Baltimore to the camps en masse. Instead of a yellow star on the coats of the Jews this is blatant restriction of freedom based upon having a young face.

          No I do NOT support gangs of feral youths misbehaving, but there are existing laws in place which adequately deal with any criminal activity as judged by any right thinking person. Walking the family dog, or popping down the street to check on Granny at lunch time, or while Mum puts the baby to bed should not automatically result in a young person’s criminalisation, (and subsequent right to bear arms for life?).

          More removal of parental rights imho because the nanny state knows better than you do how to raise your child. Remember this is the age group that is capable of critical thinking for themselves – the very developmental stage critical age when what parents say should be where the buck stops. It makes explicit who has the real power in the home to youth and it’s not Mum & Dad. The boot of oppression is right in people’s faces, and kicking in the front door of their family home.

          Normally I say to homeschool if at all possible, now I’m begging parents in Baltimore to relocate! If normalcy bias allows the parents of Baltimore to ignore how serious this is, then words fail me.

        • This is stage one in taking the young people of Baltimore to the camps en masse. Instead of a yellow star on the coats of the Jews this is blatant restriction of freedom based upon having a young face.

          No I do NOT support gangs of feral youths misbehaving, but there are existing laws in place which adequately deal with any criminal activity as judged by any right thinking person. Walking the family dog, or popping down the street to check on Granny at lunch time, or while Mum puts the baby to bed should not automatically result in a young person’s criminalisation, (and subsequent right to bear arms for life?).

          More removal of parental rights imho because the nanny state knows better than you do how to raise your child. Remember this is the age group that is capable of critical thinking for themselves – the very developmental stage critical age when what parents say should be where the buck stops. It makes explicit who has the real power in the home to youth and it’s not Mum & Dad. The boot of oppression is right in people’s faces, and kicking in the front door of their family home.

          Normally I say to homeschool if at all possible, now I’m begging parents in Baltimore to relocate! If normalcy bias allows the parents of Baltimore to ignore how serious this is, then words fail me.

      52. Blend in. Look weak and vulnerable. Play the decoy game with the looters. When they approach, surprise! Suck on this! .357 mag right in the mug. And I don’t even play video games.

      53. cognitive dissonance will get you dead

        Do You Have A Plan B? “This Is Not A Consequence-Free Environment”

        “Human beings have a natural tendency to ignore obvious warning signs and take the path of least resistance. It’s a much simpler prospect to stick our heads in the sand than to acknowledge uncomfortable truths and risks.”

        Normalcy Bias: It’s All in Your Head

        • Santori

          What is interesting is that they don’t even attempt to hide their actions. That is telling.

      54. The odds are no matter what we do most folks will perish in a real SHTF situation. We simply are not equipped mentally ,physically or have enough Know How and hoarded goods to make it. I think 90% will perish and many who live will wish they where dead. It aint gonna be a picnic. It will be a Root Hawg or die no holds barred survival of the fittest, meanest & luckiest. Many times it will be a kill or be killed choice.

      55. blend in, fuck that.

        folks will learn real fast after tshtf that some preppers are best to be left alone or you might just end up on their diner plate.

      56. “Keeping up with the Jones’s” has been the goal of Americans for decades. This foolishness was done by appearing wealthier than you actually were. It was accomplished with both financial mismanagement and debt. It was dramatized in the 1930s when poor people attempted to dress well in suit, tie and hat while having an empty stomach and manifested itself with the McMansions of late.

        I think a new era is coming where it will not only be fashionable to look poor but it will be a matter of survival. The fancy clothes and especially jewelry will invite attack. This being said I see an opportunity for a business. I’ll call it poor camouflage. In 30 days, you yes you can look like your just making it in your completely upgraded comfortable 93 Impala that looks like crap but underneath its a bulletproof 2014 Mercedes. Along with our stained but mink lined denim overcoat you can safely travel your city and pull into your gated community.

        When life hands you lemons you make lemonade.

        • As Kwai Chang Caine said, “A wise man walks with his head bowed low”.

          • If your goal is to live a cowards life for along time I suppose he’s right. Everyone likes an ass kisser, almost. But as for me; I will not look for trouble, I will avoid it if possible, But I will stand with my eyes up, had my hand steady. If trouble comes, so be it. As a better man said: “I’d rather die on my feet than live on my knees.”

            • If I can defuse potential violence with words and an apology even if its not warranted if it costs me nothing so be it. Its the sticks and stones saying in practice.

              Run if you can; fight if you must. Too many people depend upon me being alive and not in prison.

      57. You can hide, blend, pray, cry, it will not matter. When your friends and family are under the gun or starving, someone will sell you out.

        you can try to hide in a hole in the ground, or think your going to run into the woods with the other 5 million starving people with guns thinking they are hunters. Perhaps band together with a few friends and be shiny targets for the real threats like MS13 Hell Angels ect.

        Personally I am hoping like hell this works out, and I can save as many of you as possible.

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