Strategic Relocation: Survival Retreat Strategies For When Something Big Goes Down

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    Editor’s Note: The following guide has been provided by survival and preparedness expert Joel Skousen. It has been contributed for by the Strategic Relocation web site.

    In previous briefs we covered several key aspects of relocation, including How To Position Yourself To Survive A Major TEOTWAWKI Event and The Reality Of Survival Communities and Ready Retreats. There’s also an incredibly insightful guide on the The Gut Wrenching Reality of Bugging Out.

    In this analysis Skousen identifies the key problems facing those living in big cities as they relate to the feasibility of either moving to or maintaining a more remote location outside of highly populated areas. 

    Have you considered the terrain or cover required for perimeter defense? What about the growing climate; will you have the ability to grow food or raise animals in the middle of winter? Where will you get water in hot climates? If you’re not around to watch over your supplies will you bury them or secure them in a basement? All of these are important factors that help make up a whole and complete relocation strategy. 

    Whether you are looking for a permanent homestead outside of the big city or an emergency retreat to which you can escape in the event of a widespread emergency, the following considerations will be invaluable as you search for your perfect property. Whatever your preference, whether it be a mountain retreat, a farming homestead or just a cabin in the woods, it is important to understand the benefits and drawbacks that you’ll face should you ever have to utilize your property as a survival base. 

    Joel Skousen, as always, points us in the right direction and provides some critical guidelines that must be taken into account before you make your move. 

    And when you’re ready to make that move, we strongly recommend that you check out national listings for survival retreat properties at Strategic Relocation.

    It can be a daunting task finding that perfect homestead or retreat – if you have questions we urge you to contact the professionals at Survival Retreat Consulting. This is what they do. Don’t be afraid to reach out to them for assistance.

    Strategic Relocation Briefing: Overview of Retreat Strategies
    By Joel Skousen
    Author, Strategic Relocation and The Secure Home

    SR-logoThe need for a retreat strategy and a physical place to go in a crisis is a core concept of preparedness, and the reason is simple:  Most people live in unsafe major metropolitan areas and can’t relocate because they are tied to a job, and the jobs are tied to the city. Sadly, all metro areas are unsafe simply because hundreds of thousands of people are concentrated in one area and completely dependent on a fragile set supply infrastructure that will someday fail in a major way.

    Even people with a lot of money who still work often can’t afford to live in rural safety full time because of the time, expense and impracticality of commuting long distance to work.  Even if they did choose to do that, the breadwinner(s) is at risk of being trapped in the city at the workplace (or in transit) when something big goes down.

    A popular phrase among preppers is to prepare to “bug-out” (bug-out bag, bug-out vehicle, bug-out location, etc.). It’s not my favorite concept because it implies having to get out of town in a hurry because you got surprised like everyone else by the sudden crisis.  And, that puts you at risk of being caught in the inevitable Katrina-like traffic jams—and you know how that turned out.


    I, for one, want as much advance notice as possible so I don’t get stuck trying to “bug-out” at the last minute.  That’s why I keep track of what’s going on in the world, in detail, and not just from alternative sources, which are often filled with disinformation.  I especially like to track what the Powers That Be are planning for us in their hidden agenda related to global control and the continual wars they create in order to give them the excuse to diminish liberty.  That’s the primary reason why I publish the weekly World Affairs Brief. Any of you can get a free sample copy just by emailing me at “editor” @

    Preparing to bug-out, of course, is better than nothing (and usually the cheapest part of preparing), but you really need someplace to go that is prepared as a retreat, complete with shelter and long-term food and water supplies. That can be as simple as a camp you’ve prepared in advance with buried supplies (a tough go in the winter) or a cabin in the mountains you’ve prepared perhaps together with relatives or like-minded friends, which is a whole different level of expenditure.


    The rural mountain retreat in a forested area is the first thing people think about in a retreat strategy, and it does provide safety from the masses when you select a location not visible from any paved roads and concealed among trees.  But there are two major risks in choosing a remote mountainous location:

    1) You have to be able to get there, and distance and terrain can present a problem.

    2) You must have concealed, hardened basement space for your storage and significant security features on windows, walls and doors to ensure your stockpiles will still be there when you arrive.

    Lonely cabins in the mountains are often targets for theft and break-ins from hunters or others simply taking advantage of the isolated situation where detection of crime is improbable.

    The main disadvantage of the mountain cabin retreat is that such properties are rarely suitable for growing, either because of altitude or rocky, sloped soil.  This is especially true in the West.  In the East most of the mountains are low in enough that altitude is not a problem, but tree shading and sloping rocky soil is.

    So, while the mountain retreat offers great short term retreat safety, it may be a problem during a long-term famine that is very likely during a major social breakdown caused by the grid going down or a nuclear war.  Don’t disregard the war scenario out of hand.  Anyone who is watching the growing aggression of Russia and China can see that this coming threat as a grim future reality, despite the continual denial by government and the establishment media.  But, it is telling that our government (and retired insiders) are making major preparations for nuclear war, so they know something they aren’t telling the rest of us about.

    Stored food supplies are limited depending on how much you can afford and how much secure storage space you have, in a secure location.  The longer the period of social unrest lasts—and it will get worse the longer public services are out of commission—the increased likelihood that your stored supplies will run out and you’ll have to revert to growing food.  Those who are relying upon a suburban garden plot for food during a widespread famine and social unrest will find their efforts overrun with hungry, desperate people stealing food even before it is ripe.


    All of this points to the need for a rural farm retreat is to be able to grow food during the first or second growing season during war or as the result of long term social unrest when urban infrastructure and supplies are halted.  A farm retreat can serve the same purpose as a mountain retreat if it is far enough away from major refugee flows and hidden from view.  That’s harder to do with a farm because farmland requires large sunny open areas and relatively flat land, as well as access to irrigation or well water.  But it can be done.

    One of the most important features to look for in a survival farm is privacy. Good farm land is usually in the proximity of other farms.  Try to find land that has fairly dense forested areas between the fields and any passing roads. Southern Missouri and Southeastern Oklahoma are a couple of the best states for finding prime farmland interspersed with hills and trees. Parts of eastern Kansas also are good.

    In those states the tree cover is mostly deciduous, meaning they lose their leaves in winter, diminishing your privacy.  So, you may have to augment the tree cover with dense bushes or conifer trees that provide cover even in winter.  Fencing and gates are also important to deter entrance, and to give you one more important confirmation that any intruder found on your property just didn’t wander across unimpeded.

    Farms out in the Far West don’t have a lot of tree cover, except in northern Idaho and Montana, where fir and pine trees abound at lower altitudes. And, make sure the farmland comes with irrigation water rights.

    In some of the desert states you even have to have a water right to give up in order to obtain a permit to drill a well for a home and garden. Have the soil tested for fertility and mineral composition. And, avoid land that has GMO crops planted on it—especially the “Round-up Ready” variety.  Round-up pollutes the soil and some of its chemicals permanently bind to soil minerals.  Remediation is costly.

    Check out Strategic Relocation for the latest private listing on farm and mountain retreat land where many new Colorado properties have come on the site and contact Todd Savage to get confidential referrals to Survival Realtors.

    Survival Retreat Consulting: Remember to keep the defensive criteria in mind as you shop around for your property. Sometimes it can be easy to get enchanted with a spectacular stream or beautiful meadow and building spot and not realize that the property may have defensive issues. After you have found that perfect retreat be sure and check out these two informational articles on OPSEC and Retreat Defense.

    Our friends over at Survival Disaster Shelters build many individual components for your safe rooms or shelter and currently have a completed 70-foot long 6 person NBC Bunker ready for delivery and reduced by 20%!

    The shelter comes complete with the following: One self contained subterranean steel shelter 9 foot diameter @ 70 feet long w/ – 75 CFM Lunor air filtration system HEPA & NBC- 1 Emergency egress man-way -*- 2.5 Onan LP generator -*- Battery bank w/ 2 lithium Ion batteries -*- Internal 12 v pressurized water system – *- Closed sanitation system-Internal grey water recycling system for head-*- Communication station with through ports -*- Sleeping bunks for 6 w/ mattresses -*- 1 Gen set exhaust and 1 cabin heater-*- 2 Interior stainless steel reinforced marine hatches with viewing ports- Stainless steel kitchen counter top -*- Kitchen sink with pressurized water pump faucets-*- Magic Chef LPG range-*-Two 12v stand up solar freezer/fridge -*- Dinette booth with table -*- A “Ft. Knox” vault door to a carpeted vault with lighting -*- Bathroom with shower, 9′ head, clothes washer/ringer -*- Shelving through out for food/gear/etc.-*- 1 back up NBC air filtration filter electric/manual.


    Important Reading:

    The Gut Wrenching Reality: One of the Best Bug-Out Strategy Guides You’ll Ever Read

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    The Reality Of Survival Communities and Ready Retreats

    Read Previous Strategic Relocation Briefs


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      1. I’ve read a lot of stories about people who left their supplies at their cabin only to show up and everything was gone.

        Bury them somewhere on your land if you have enough of it. or better yet, if you are next to forestry land, bury it out there (especially a gun and some ammo) if you can. This can serve the dual purpose of keeping your supplies safe from theives and also giving you a back up set of gear in case you have to evacuate your place.

        But the article makes a good point. You had better have a good shovel and some determination if you’re going to be diggin several feet in winter.

        • I will jump in my car rush to the corner store get bread, milk, Diet Coke. AND ALL THE CHOCOLATE BARS THEY HAVE. Then go home.
          If you live in a large town, that’s where you are gong to be. Sorry, but that’s the way it is. Large is defined if you have significant traffic jams after work, thats large, and they will be 100 times worse unless you get out early. If you live in a small town stay there. If you live in Mass, NJ, Conn, NYNY, E.PA ,any of that garbage patch on either coast-MOVE NOW. As far as Bugout locations, If you cannot live there now you cannot live there afterwards. And if you think you are going to be some Davy Crockett living in the woods,if you have never done it, save yourself sometime and pain;just shot yourself.

          • Mac is making coin off the fools!

            • There’s not a damned thing wrong with making an honest buck or two. Only a fool thinks otherwise.

              • sixpack……I agree

                • Me too. I would MUCH rather buy something from someone who is a prepper and knows what is needed, rather than some fast buck artist who doesn’t know a GMO bean from a Heritage bean.

                  Some of the folks who sell silver and gold are good examples. They are not doing this to make a fortune. They are doing it because they believe in it and want people to have REAL money to buy what they need when the time comes that paper money is either worth less or worthless.

                  • MARKETING: Bull Shit with fine print.

                    Example: The XYZ printer: Prints at 80 pages per minute! (The fine print: 80 pages per minute is achieved by placing one letter ‘A’ at 12 pitch type, in the middle of the page)

                    In marketing, there is no such thing as a ‘lie’, only exaggerations!

              • Its called free enterprise and has all the elements of the True American Spirit. Keep Trucking Mac!!

                • I have got to agree with paranoid 100% Unless you live in the outlying suburbs you must do the best you can in your home. That is just the way it is. Hopefully some neighbors will join you but don’t count on it.
                  Most don’t have a place to go and I can assure you that we in the sticks already have enough to hopefully support ourselves but not anyone else. God bless, James

                  • Once I took the red pill (or was it the blue) anyway, when I started prepping I resolved myself to the fact that I would have to make my stand at my home. Not the ideal choice by any means but it is what it is.

                    I would move tomorrow and walk away from the job, etc. But my wife can’t make that decision yet. Actually she won’t make that decision yet. Maybe soon, but i’m not holding my breath.

                    If it all goes to shit …. I figure I will do my best, maybe get some advice from Night Breaker if he happens to travel past my area, and then pray for guidance.


                • Looked to me like the gun store was empty adn wasn’t going to be selling any guns period to anyone….not just to blacks.

            • YMWW, at least Mac Slavo is making an honest living and there’s nothing wrong with that. If a fool wants to be a fool, let he or she go right ahead.

              • Why do you guys continue to feed these trolls? That’s the ONLY reason they stay is because you keep feeding them.

                I guess I shouldn’t waste my breath; even though the people in this community should be held in a little higher regard when it comes to intelligence, you’re still too foolish to realize this basic fact.

                Oh well, carry on dancing around the trolls giving them what they want. They really do appreciate it.

                • YMWW is most definitely not a troll, if you’ve been around for any real length of time, you should know this. Just because someone says something we don’t like or agree with…DOES NOT MAKE THEM FIT THE DEFINITION OF A TROLL, PAID OR OTHERWISE.

                  • No, ymww is most definitely a troll!

          • Once I the early 2000’s I was living in Baltimore city and there was about 3 feet of snow (uncharacteristic). EVERYTHING was gone from the store shelves and the roads were impassable.

            I was and Eagle Scout at the time but had not much supplies; somewhere between sheeple and prepper was I.

            In several days’ time I took my food supplies down to the very end of my rope. After that there has never been a circumstance when I didn’t have plenty of food at hand; even when driving in the car I have some bins in the trunk which are stashed.

            • Acid, You know if you were an Eagle Scout, and previous a Boy Scout your Motto Was “Be Prepared.” In today’s times, that’s a sign you are a Terrorist, if you stock up on supplies. Kids used to be able to carry boy scout pocket knives back when. Today, kids would be suspended from school and arrested if they carry a pocket knife.

              Can you believe in the UK today they are now banning pointy knives? Sheeple have turned in over 800+ knives with this new program. The TP2B today want us totally helpless, with no tools or supplies, and totally dependent on them for our existence.

              Remember 90+% of the population still has less than 3 days of food stocked up at home. A sudden collapse of any sort, will be all out anarchy. Keep Prepping!!

              • In school 1970 in took my 22 rifle to school on the bus to the class room and gave a demonstration on how to take apart and clean your gun. Un supervised.
                You would think it was an innocent time,not really, the detroit riots, Vietnam war,hurst ,Manson ,drugs and hippies. Politicians were being shot. Some thing changed…

                • Very thought provoking Wolverine

                  • My question is: when did it change?

                    I’m younger than a lot of the regular posters here, but most of the things you describe I did as well. I grew up in the 80’s and 90’s. I still remember my grandfather giving me my first knife for scouts. I carried it daily.

                    When did the fear become so prevalent in our country? I’m guilty of that fear as well. I can remember being 6 or 7 and leaving the house on my bike and riding maybe 2 miles away to play baseball or whatever. The only rules I had were to be home before dark.

                    I couldn’t imagine letting my son (now 6) do that. Is it the easy access of information? Now all the evil in the world is front and center? It’s always been there.


                • My grandfathers high school had a rifle team. Kids took their 22s to school with them and left them with the PE coach.

                  • See back in the 1970’s and earlier we were all considered on the same Team Americans. The Israeli indoctrination has brainwashed the Cops to consider all civilians as the enemy. Its a sick world the Joo media and Hollywood teaching people Gutter life. Its a big conspiracy to divide and conquer turning all Americans against one another to rat and destroy each other. Sick basturds. The enemy already infilrrated our country.

                  • See back in the 1970’s and earlier we were all considered on the same “Team Americans.” The Israeli indoctrination has brainwashed the Cops to consider all civilians as the enemy. Its a sick world the Joos and their MSMedia and Hollywood teaching people Gutter life. Its a big conspiracy to divide and conquer turning all Americans against one another to rat and destroy each other. Sick basturds. The enemy already infilrrated our country.

                • My High School (Heritage High, Conyers, GA) had an indoor .22 rifle range, for JROTC. I shot in that range every week when I was in JROTC.

                  Fast forward to May 20, 1999, in that same school (less the range and JROTC program anymore), some POS shot six kids.

                  Yeah Wolverine, sadly, something has changed. Too many things have changed, for the worse. And they’re not done.

            • Good comment, Acid. Sometimes a near-miss can be a real learning experience to those who pay attention. Unfortunately, our nation is populated largely by those who are reactive rather than proactive. We see this ALL the time whenever a hurricane threatens a populated area. People do nothing until the storm is virtually at their doors and THEN they race out to the stores to clean off the shelves… and not a moment before then. This same pathetic behavior gets repeated over and over, so it is pretty clear that these folks are not learning anything from their near-miss situations.

              Those of us who were once into scouting know that “BE PREPARED” is not just the scout motto, it is plain good common sense. All of us should have at least 2 weeks worth of food and water stored in our homes for an emergency… and more if at all possible. Add to that any meds you need, flashlights, radios, extra batteries, extra blankets, TP, some form of protection, and some way to get heat and cook food. There are many more things that could be added to this kind of list but this is a decent place to start. The main thing is to acquire the mindset of someone who isn’t dependent on government or any other nanny to care for them when trouble arrives.

          • Thanks man, needed a good laugh!

        • I would build a larger dog house that you can lift up on hunges and have a hidden 3 ft space under the dog house to hide supplies. Build your cabin with hidd void spaces in the walls for a pantry or hiding rifles and ammo boxes. Build a hidden hatch door in a closet floor wil a ladder leading to your crawlspace with sand bags for storage and shooting positions outward. Get creative. Make your hidden spaces also animal proof with wire mesh.

          • Heads up folks! The nuke negotiations with Iran has a TEN YEAR “sunset clause”. If in the final treaty that time frame is reduced to SEVEN YEARS then you have 3.5 years to get right with Jesus.

            Just saying. If not, maybe until 2030. 🙂

            • Dogtown Reservoir. 🙂

              • The durango kidd is an idiot!

                • YMWW, you are mistaken.

                • Never truer words spoken YMWW.

                  • If the Iran nuke treaty has a ten year “sunset” clause, does that mean Iran figures it will take them that long to develop really good nuclear weapons?

                    • Yeah Iran has been the warhawks Boogie man for decades. All to fill their coffers with needless war toys at our expense. Facts are Iran has not attacked any other country in like 150 years. Just more propaganda Fear BS.

                  • BJ, you and YMWW are both mistaken.

                    • I been seeing the kidds BS posts for four years now, the only mistake was reading a single one of them.

                • YMWW: Hey! Asswipe! Where you been hiding? I’ve been missing you!!! 🙂

                  • Hey DK:

                    Q: How many voters does it take to change a light bulb?

                    A: None. Because voters can’t change anything.

                    • YMWW: If that were true, if voters cannot change anything, the liberals would have swept the House and Senate and imposed gun control on US.

                      Do your homework. 🙂

                    • @ the durango kidd

                      Is that why Obamacare will never be repealed?

                      Is that why Obama’s executive order on amnesty will stand?

                      Because the “Republicans” now control both houses of congress.

                      BTW: The “liberals” controlled the presidency and both houses of congress from January 2009 until January 2011. Where is the “imposed gun control on US?”

                      You’re a silly little man DK.

                      “Do your homework.”

                  • DK, still living in your mom’s basement?

                    • Yes, and its rent free!!! 🙂

                    • Not quite Nobama. DK’s mom’s house being located in north Scottsdale Arizona most likely has no basement.

                      He’s probably out in the tack room with an internet connection and a cheap Chinese mail-order hooker (and he claims to be against globalization).

                      “… and its rent free!!!”

                    • YMWW: Sorry no tack room. Horses are not allowed on the golf course. 🙁

                      But I do board my horse with a vet friend in the Rio Verde area. He’s a 7 year old, 17 hand grey Appy gelding, with the name of “Smokey” and I take him north with me every summer.

                      Smokey and the Bandit (Durango Kidd), get it??? 🙂

              • Hmm. Downtown? 12 miles from town..

            • DK, what do you mean by “to get right with” a dead man?

              • Pick up a bible, read the Gospels, then read Revelation.

                Even If you don’t believe, you will still know to what DK is referring.

                • Ah yes, bible, found it in the fiction section.

                  • Cult section next to Charlie Manson and the sisters of Satan.

              • Nobama: Just because Jesus is invisible it doesn’t mean He isn’t real. Dark matter and dark energy is invisble, but science knows they exist. Gravity is invisble but we know it exists. Radio, television, x-rays, gamma rays, and wi-fi are all invisible; yet we know they are real and can view their effects.

                There are at least 10 other dimensions, mathematically proven by super computer, as required for quantum string theory to be factual. Jesus lives in them too. 🙂

                If the nuke agreement currently being hashed out with Iran is a seven year agreement, it COULD be the long awaited, and ill fated seven year peace agreement annotated in Revelation, that ushers in the antichrist and Armageddon.

                If not seven years, then we can expect a war between Israel and Iran, that will eventually conclude in a seven year peace treaty prior to Armageddon; thus my idea of 2030 as being a likely time since there is much that must transpire first, including the rebuilding of the Third temple WITH the installation of the Daily Sacrifice: which sacrifice, the anti-Christ takes away.

                Do your homework. You too BJ. 🙂

                • Kind of like a child’s invisable play friend. Time to grow up skippy DK. No Santa Clause either. In SHTF you will be happy to get a few lumps of coal to heat your house with.

                  • Wind and solar all the way!!! 🙂

                • thank you DK !

                  • I do what I can. 😉

            • DK; Israel will take care of that. they will probably take out Iran’s nuclear facilities for their own survival.

              • JIV: Yes I have been expecting that for some time. Time is running out for Israel. Ten years gives Iran, Russia, and even China the necessary time to compete with the US Military with other than nuclear weapons.

                When Israel strikes, I expect gold to triple to $3500 from here, sometime next year.

                Its a buying opportunity My Peeps. Maybe your last one. ;-(

              • Israelis are cowards, never put any boots on the ground in Iraq or Anghanistan. However Iran said they could wipe Israel off the map in 11 days. I wish they would, they would be world heros.

                • Yes, Israel should be fighting its own wars, as should Iraq, Afghanistan, Europe and Asia.

                  Not one more American should die for Europe. It is almost 600 million strong now, free and technically literate. They need to be paying for their own defense. 🙂

                  • Actually DK I can think of at least several hundred that I’d find no problem with them dropping dead for America.

                    • I think all the Christians should go on a big mission through the Middle East to fight against Islam. That would be a worthy cause for all.

                      Then any remaining should go on another mission to West Africa to show them your love. Another great cause.

                      Don’t worry, Jesus will save you for sure cause the bible says so.

                    • Yes its like the Cops fighting the Negros in Ferguson. Love to watch them both beat the sh!t out each other. Poetic justice and a win for the rest of us. Keep the idiots all busy.

            • We can surely count on Iran to strictly adhere to any ‘agreement’. After all, muslimes would never lie to ‘infidels’ Iran probably already has a working bomb. Was that NK’s third test or Iran’s first? Iran is just trying to build enough to discourage any attempt to destroy them.

            • OK….DK…

              You get credit for making an attempt to understand the bible prophecies, but you fail miserably.

              Where does the bible say anything about a so-called “man’s doctrine” of a Seven Year Peace Treaty?
              It doesn’t, and you have to do a lot of bending and twisting of the word to come to that conclusion.

              The “confirmation of the Covenant” is, with no mistake, a reference to the “Abrahamic/Jacob, permanent covenant given by God Almighty to the 12 original tribes of Israel. There is no allowance for twisting the 70 weeks of Daniel into a seven year Peace agreement with Muslims, nor fake Jews. That confirmation has already been established and confirmed. Too much to explain here and now.

              A Temple has to be rebuilt before the return of Christ so there can be a return to “daily/animal, sacrifices; that will be taken away by the antichrist. Bull Caca!

              Christ became the one and final sacrifice, that replaced the “Daily/blood sacrifice” once and for all. The “taking away of the daily sacrifice” is in reference to Christ’s death and Resurrection and as a marker, or time stamp by God, to set the timetable for the end times. Thus a fulfillment of the seventy weeks of Daniel’s/God’s prophecy. It has nothing to do with a “return” to animal sacrifices.

              Fact….There will be no Jewish Temple rebuilt before the end of this age and the return of Christ. There will be plans and intentions but the Jewry within Israel’s government is fake and therefore a “Holy Temple” with animal sacrifices will not exist.

              There is a new Millennial Temple coming in Jerusalem at the site of the “Defiled” Land where the Dome of the Rock exists. The earth will open up when Christ returns and swallow all that fake god, Allah shit, up into the bowels of the earth, never to be again.

              Read it and weep in Ezekiel Chapter 40 thru 48.
              Just after the Russian led federation Army gets crushed at the battlefield of Hamangog/Alaska, and the final battle in Israel of Armageddon, the Temple will be constructed for all eternity with the throne of Christ, the King of Kings, and Lord of Lords, to reside there.

              Confirmation….Last verse of Ezekiel….

              Eze 48:35 It was round about eighteen thousand measures: and the name of the city from that day shall be, The LORD is there.

              One thousand years or so later, the Throne of God will be brought down from the Heavens and God, Himself, will “Oversee” the Great, White Throne Judgment, from His Holy Temple. Every knee will bow! True Christians get rewards and garments, Evildoers get the Lake of Fire where their souls are “blotted” out….gone…even the memory of them is gone. (Some are needing to be removed from my mind right now.)

              This is the “only”, strategic relocation site, i am concerned with.


              • PWTW:

                I am looking forward to DK’s comment to your post. It is obvious his “bending and twisting” is another far fetched fairy tale like the ‘red heifer’.

                Great post PWTW….keep them coming.

                • Thanks, Granny!

                  Truth and understanding is a wonderful thing. When you have been blessed with such, it is easy to see right thru the “doctrines of man”, that is easily disputed through God’s amazing Word.

                  I was a believer of the twisted words and ignorant teachers for many years until i opened my heart and prayed for truth and understanding. I had to forget everything i had heard and learned from man for thirty years and start fresh, from the beginning. i don’t blame the good meaning old timey preachers. Some did the best that they could and loved all their congregations, but simply put, a lot of them were uneducated and ignorant of God’s “total” plan. may God bless the one’s that try.

                  If a person doesn’t have the “beginnings”, and the answer to “why” we are in the flesh and in the world, understood; then the rest of the Word doesn’t really fit together in pieces, to make the large picture puzzle that it is.

                  It is rather simple, “if” one is taught right about the beginning and leaves all of man’s doctrines and falsehoods out of the picture. The KJV is a good book and a pretty good translation, but it has loopholes, mistranslations, and shortcomings, for various reasons.

                  Short of learning the Hebrew/Aramaic and Greek language, and obtaining copies of the early texts/manuscripts; an easy way to learn is from a scholar that did all that work for us.
                  Dr. EW Bullinger completed a fantastic study tool with the Companion Bible. No it isn’t an easy read like the New Living Version, Bible; but it is as close as we can get to the original manuscripts and the true meanings of the written word of God. And parts are not totally changed and leaving a loss of the true meaning like the NLV & NLT, etc. It takes some practice and patience for the average person to get the flow and breakdown of his work, but it is possible, even without too much of an education. Not many 80 year olds that only finished eighth grade are going to get it; especially if they have been indoctrinated thru most of their lives. But that is OK. God doesn’t condemn a person for being slow or uneducated. They may pay a small price but will have a better chance to learn truth during the Millennium. That is why it takes a thousand years. Some still won’t get it though. Bullinger’s work in the appendixes are easily read and gives a much clearer understanding of important topics.

                  The online version is available at…

                  just add the http://www

                  I want to make a very important point that shows how the mistranslation of even just one word can lead to misunderstanding and the teachings of men’s doctrines.

                  Genesis 1: 2 And the earth was without form,…..

                  The word “was” tends to cause one to think back to the “very” beginning, and believe that God created a void and dark earth at first. Wrong, because He created the Earth to be “inhabited” from the start.
                  However, when properly translated, the english word “became”, in place of “was”, fits perfectly for the beginning of this time/age/2nd Heaven and Earth Age, that we are living in.

                  It then makes one question, why and how did the earth “become” void and without form, if it was not that way previously. The answers to those questions are simple. Because of the overthrow by Satan and by getting a third of God’s children to follow him during the “first” heaven and earth age/dinosaur period/man in spirit bodies not flesh; we then can start to see why He/God destroyed (thru massive continent shifts/Asteroids/floods/then Ice Ages), that “First Earth Age and began this current age; that is just about at the end of it’s run/time.

                  When all souls that were created and lived during the first heaven and Earth Age, have been born, from above/ thru the waters/bag of waters/Amniotic fluid/flesh bodies; then it will be completed and the end will come about, of this age. Yes, being aborted before breathing open air does count, and those souls went back to the Father that gave it life upon conception. Cheated out of the possibility of gaining salvation in the flesh and experiencing the pleasures and joys, as well as the disappointments of a worldly life. But, they have the Millennium, and will have the chance to meet their “killers” face to face,as well as secure their eternal existence. The Millennial Reign won’t be all happy times for some. They will have to finally face the music from their past decisions and deeds, that have not been forgiven for. No forgiveness can be given for murder/homicide, until the “victim” is present, in a court provided by the Lord and King, of Eternity, Jesus Christ. It will happen friends. Get ready. Get prepped.


                  • And then God invented Science, History, Physics, Chemistry, Astrology, Anthropology, Archeology, Carbon Dating, and a Brain for Man to think for himself. Some of you need to expand your library beyond the Group Bible Verses Cult. You folks are really holding the rest of us back here.

                  • A New Discovery in Religion: There has been a Massive Mistake Discovered, when the Bible was Originally Printed. There is a major word in the Bible that was written backwards. And this is a very Important and significant find.

                    When you see in your own life, who gives you unconditional love, endless happiness, then cheers you up in your saddest and lowest moments in life. It is your Dog. And it has been discovered that the word God was mistakenly printed backwards and suppose to be spelled Dog. It’s your Dog that provides you all happiness and fills in the missing voids in your life. So start worshiping and treating Fido back kindly.

              • PWTW: You are free to interpret your bible as you desire. So am I. I don’t believe a word you said. 🙂

                • Its my cult and I can run it any way I want !!! 🙂

                  • You are right about that! dk

                    It’s your sorry ass that is on the firing line, not mine.
                    If you “don’t believe one word”, than you are dumber than i thought.

                    You and wwti can hold hands with eisenturd as you all three jump off the bottomless cliff.

                    Have a good trip, good buddies.

                    • He isn’t dumber than I though 😉

          • WWT ,
            Outdoor barbecue pit made of Brick with a concealed room below ground under the fire pit slab ,
            Water proofed below grade set on a pea gravel bed on sand for drainage .

            You guys see this on survival blog ? ( link below )


            The comments are priceless .

            This is what we are up against if it all goes to sh*t in the next 48 hours. Now is not the time to drop villigence , got night vision? Supressors ? Combat mindset ? Neighborhood watch?

            Will post again today if nothing happens , have to sleep sometime , will be on night OP again , things are really tense , thank god this location has WI-FI

            At the tip of the spear on the front lines

            Semper Fi 8541

            • Here’s a great smokehouse plan


              Might have to build one of these when I get to MS.

            • Facebook? Now there’s an individual OPSEC disaster. Same with WiFi. Open book to all your log in data and search habits. LoL

        • Your first comment reminded me of that Rawles book Patriots, where the young guy is snow bound and starving to death over an entire winter but he never opened one can in a fully stocked cabin because it wasn’t his. He even replaced all the firewood he used in the Spring. Yeah, that would be my first priority in SHTF

        • Avoid GMO and where crops have had Round Up used.


          That is about as stupid as stupid can be.


      2. I will head for the swamplands and look for fish and alligators!

        Louisiana Eagle flying high over the Atchafala

        • Build a treehouse in the remote swamp that you get to by kayak. High enough above the gators and snakes.

      3. I keep repeating this: Find a place where people successfully lived pre-technology – say 1900 or earlier.

        The other thing to know is that subsistence farming is brutally labor intensive. Youth, vigor, stamina, knowledge, etc., all essential or you will fail.

        • Im here then, our property was already a farm in the late 1800s

          • If you are not there…. Well it may be 2 late.

            • Someone here has been saying “Be there to get there” on this site for years. Who was that masked man? 🙂

              • The idea of ‘bugging out just before ‘it’ happens’ is idiocy.

                • I am curious as to how you came up with that moniker…shi-thead?

                  Several years ago, the little woman and I were watching the local news and a woman, very fat and very black, was telling about some neighborhood crime being committed in Winston Salem NC, where a lot of blacks reside.

                  She made a reference to her daughter, and the news reporter interviewed her and her name appeared on the screen…”Shithead” pronounced Shi-thead.

                  We laughed our asses off.

                  Just this past summer, the little woman was at a Dr’s office in Winston Salem where she has been goin for years and all the staff (all white females) were just goofing off and telling stories about black girls names and such.

                  The little woman told about the Shithead story and a nurse said…”OMG you are not gonna believe this”.

                  She went on to say that she was working in a hospital there in W.S., and this girl named Shi thead, gave birth to twins. This young black woman gave them wierd names.

                  One was “O ranjello” and the other “Le manjello”, The nurse said she asked her what the unique names meant and Shithead said, they didn’t mean anything, she said she named them after orange and lemon jello.

                  What a hoot!

                  • LOL, we had a young man named Shithead come in and get stayed about 20 years ago in MS. one of the docs SWEARS when he was in residency that a black woman named her daughter syphyllis….Si-Phyllis Tey told her what it meant when spelled out and she didn’t care. She thought it was pretty. Only a parasite would think a name for the clap, drip or other std was pretty.

                    • Saw a blip on tv about a black mom having a fit because a new teacher couldn’t figure out her daughters name.

                      La-a. Ladasha.

                    • OMG POG!

                      One of our ENT surgeons went to evaluation a pt in the ED with the name. He called her La-ahh…the mother went ape shit.

                      The stupidity must be in the genes.

                    • POG even my Cuz would know that. La-a, the dash not be silent.

                  • When I was in Grade School the was only one black family with kids at the school. B oil y and a gitl. Names Chester Ball and Crystal Ball. Then I had as great uncle Harry Ball. Like who would be so cruel to name a kid that? And be teased his whole life.

          • Kula. Then Capt Cook arrived with his GMO Seeds.

        • Old Coach. The Places that people were successful Pre-1900 are now the population centers in the US. Farmland and homesteads then, are now the suburbs with thousands of houses build just 10 Ft apart sad to say.

          The best places today are remote on a map where there are few roads and a good fresh water source and defendable.

          • Only slightly true. Large parts of all the eastern states out to the Mississippi are still quite rural, and were being farmed in 1900. If you go to New England, you will see stone walls threading through the woods everywhere. Those once enclosed fields and pastures. In the 1800s the farmers went to the cities and their farms have returned to the state of nature. Can’t blame ’em. I grew up there, and know how hard farming was on that rocky soil, with a short growing season and poor transportation.

            Where I am now, the process isn’t even done yet. It’s easy to find old farmsteads going for auction, as long as you get past 30-40 miles from the smaller cities, (100 for the big ones) and at least 20 miles from any Interstate. Family farming started here about 1810 to 1820, and many such farms still lived on into the ’70s. But that generation is dying off, and their kids and grandkids choose to live in a city somewhere.

            One other key feature is to be in the “coulee country” near the big rivers, where the land is cut up by feeder streams. Industrial farming avoids this land, because the large fields they prefer are impossible. I spent 3 years of weekends checking out places in WV, KY, IN, and southeast Ohio before I picked one out. The whole Appalachian chain has great possibilities too, down into Georgia. I’ve seen it all. A world you city-dwellers don’t even know exists.

            Best ones are on gravel two-tracks off tertiary roads off secondary roads off primary roads off some Interstate exit. God may know they’re there, but nobody else does. These places have water, tillable soil, decent growing season, woodlots, pasture, game, privacy, and usually even serviceable structures.

            • @Old Coach
              This artical and his others never touch the subject of locals. Like you said: A world you city-dwellers don’t even know exists.

              People go blindly into these parts, maybe using some real estate hack to get there or maybe not. Some buy a hunk of land for a BOL but dont realize who or what the locals are. Best to know your neighbors and understand you aint ever going to be one of them. So whats the point?

              Most have heard of the Hatfield and McCoy feud and laugh it off. It was real, still going too. Theres big groups of settler families in all these parts you mention that dont take kindly to city folks coming in. It aint as easy as finding some link referral and putting some cash down to buy in. Shameful that these articals never include the local culture and traditions that keep these locals tight while you wonder why your not one of them. Whos wanting to or prepared to fight a new enemy just to keep your ground?

              Dont matter what your intent is, they dont like you and you aint welcome. Your an invader, you intruded. Locals have hundreds of years on you and yours. You aint welcome to most. You got what they never had but bought your way into the land once owned in one of their families. Got melungeons, Cherokee, Guineas, and more. Some would know them as mulatoes, redbones, and other half-breeds. Not to slight there blood or family lines but to point it out. You aint kin, you aint local, your city. These folks resent the money you earned. They think you and yours will push them out, change there ways. Most times theyre right.

              • You may find when you buy some remote woodlands that the locals have been using your land as their hunting grounds and nobody ever complained, or letting their animals graze on your land. Are their set fence boundary areas. Then when you see signs of footprints up on your land you start posting it as No trespassing, thus the locals see you as their enemy and start messing with you. How do you defend your new rules and laws you decide on your property? I think before you ever purchase any larger land tracts you need to go talk with all the locals, and adjoining neighbors, and ask them if there are any trouble makers in the areas, as there may be set alliances out there. Understand their local politics, as they will tell you the rules they been living under for generations. You may be able to work a deal out if you let them hunt occasionally on your property, and to let you know in advance for permission and in turn they may help you out in certain ways,or borrow a tractor and wagon for hauling fire wood, etc. Unless you are a rich guy and can hire everybody out and have all the tools, you could depend on your neighbors to all pict in to help each other. Give your help first to build your own alliances. It is much better to avoid land disputes ahead of time than just start posting your property. My nephew bought 100+ acres up in Wisconsin and is finding out people are riding their horses across his property. Want to piss them off build a fence and post it. They may just be riding to get to some other land they also own. Talk before fight. Calgagus is right though, as rural folks don’t usually take kindly to new green city slicker folks upsetting their rural apple cart. One sure thing is to clearly know your property lines and sometimes you need to draw the line. If you talk to then bargain, like say OK you want to ride across my land, you bring your tractor and wagon over here and help me process 4 cords of wood, and that creates a trade. Then both can be a win win deal. No tit for tat out there, as it may take a Sheriff a half days drive to come to your aid.

              • How right you are. Very perceptive. My home town in Mass. got over-run by suburbanization in the ’50s and ’60s, so I’ve been on the “local folks” side of that equation. My Dad sold up and fled in 1973. Couldn’t take any more.

                I got lucky with my BOL choice. Within a week of my first moving in full-time a local farmer was at my door asking could he still use my pasture, and the loading chute in the barn. Sure. Instant friend, and one who is a pillar of the community, so I’m sure word got out that I was OK. (And it keeps my land under the ag use tax rates!)

                Then a couple of years ago I advertised a rifle for sale, and the buyer was the county sheriff! We talked guns and local history for quite a while. He lives nearby. Once again, I’m sure word was passed around.

                Then I helped an old couple who had a flat at the end of my driveway, and the lady got to talking about who had built my house, and how it had been run down and abandoned by a previous owner, and how they were glad to see someone take it over and take care of it again. I was respectful of the history, (it actually fascinates me anyway), and I ended up with a standing invite to their home.

                Land in a community and bring your arrogant city persona with you, however, and you’re toast.

                • You know we talk about neighbors. A new couple moved in next door, and each yard is seperated with a 6 ft wooden fence. His back neighbors dog. Big dog some how broke through the fence. He asks me, Should I call the Police? I said, No how about go over to their house and tell them their dog broke the fence and is getting out. I swear people have no communication skills or coping mechanisms. Like when a couple breaks up and one just sends the other a text. Life is getting so impersonal these days.

              • We have a saying. What is the difference between a Yankee and a Damm Yankee/ A Yankee comes to the Ozarks and visits spends some money. They state its nice but I don’t want to live here and they leave. We can tolerate them. A Damm Yankee visits and stays because they think they like it. And as soon as they settle in they try to change it to be like where they came from. Their battle cry is that not the way we did it up north. They think they are so much smarter then us stupid ignorant hillbillies. They state they will show up how it is supposed to be done. It never dawns on them that we never asked them to show us anything. After a time even the most stubborn thick skinned ones give up. they usually go away broke and leave with their tail between their legs. The cry because somehow stupid ignorant uneducated hillbillies who don’t know how to live wouldn’t listen to them. I relocated a little over a 100 miles west of where I grew up. And even I wouldn’t have been accepted except My surname is one of the 10 most common the county. I did all the genaolagy search and can tell how I was kin to them. Calgagus is correct a newbee will out like a sore thump. and those outsiders are considered fair game. Bugging out here would not be any safer than where your at.

                • It’s funny to me, in a way, but hubby and I have had no problems getting to know the natives here. I can appreciate their forebears’ sacrifices, as I was previously married to a “mountain person” and current hubby was a native of another state…we have learned from them and are always trying to learn how they did things here….and they are very helpful. We don’t want to change them, because they know how to get the most out of the land here, farming, raising animals, etc. a treasure trove of information!

                • Up in Maine they have a saying:

                  “If it’s called tourist season, why can’t we shoot them?”

                  • Here in Florida we have lots of Tourist. I wish there was No Bag Limit sometimes. We have a saying. “Just leave your money and go home.”

        • Old Coach. No single BOL location is ideal. If you really go back a few centuries as to where the best BOL are, I would refer back the the Native Americans which were mostly transient, depending on the seasons. During spawning they would go to the rivers and catch fish, in the fall they would travel into the woods and harvest maple syrup. They would follow the herds, then cure the meat, and move hundreds of miles on to the next location. With their bug out bags and they would cache their tools in each of those location sites, where they could retrieve them for that particular season’s next harvest or dependent on that type of food at that location. They would pack their tents and head out with families in tow. The problem today is every river in America is polluted, and too many fences and roads to block our travels, and permits and licenses to hunt or fish. But read some old info on the Amer Natives and how they made it through each season. Good Prepper survival info.

            • Romantic claptrap. See following post.

            • Instead of calling Natives Amer’s transient, I would say they were Nomads with a seasonal plan.

          • Somewhere I recently saw a good study on how futile “living off the land” really is. Did the math – how many calories you need for a highly active life, (2500+ daily), how much “wild food” you have to catch, clean and eat to maintain body weight. Not pretty. The aboriginal lifestyle in America needed square miles of area to sustain one tribe of a few dozen individuals. Starvation was a constant threat. In colonial America one big source of conflict was the abos stealing food from white farmers’ fields. “Indian Summer” as description for a warm period in late November/early December came into being because that’s when the abos did the most stealing. They stole because it was easier than “doing their own thing.” Kinda like another population group we all have come to hate.

            • OLD Coach. SO who stole who’s land first when they invaded, then squatted on the Native’s most fertile lands, and hunting grounds, then killed all the Game? You been watching too many John Wayne Movies. lol

              OC- You sound like today’s idiots, when people just defending their homeland, (Afghanie’s or Iraqi’s) you then call them terrorists. What would you do if a heavily armed gang of thugs started squatting on your land and killed off your wild life in the area? Then did No knock warrants on your door at 3AM? Would you then Serve them annual Turkey Dinner in celebration? Another Annual American Holiday full of BS and Fraud coming up here next Thursday. Talk about Propaganda. Ask a Native American what they think about Thanksgiving? That’s a wake up call to reality. Most American Holidays are based on Fraud. Columbus Day? Veterans Day? Easter? Christmas? Presidents Day? lol Celebrating Fraud and Genocide.

              • WWTI, you beat me to it lol. 90% of holidays are based on lies and bullshit. Invite a native to thanksgiving see how they feel. Don’t forget to celebrate your independence on july 4th! I can’t believe people never question this shit. Let’s have question everything day! Problem is only .01% of people would celbrate it 🙁

                • The American Population has been so dumbed and numbed down and mentally deprived from the Truth about most anything. They now just question the truth, as if it some sort of scandal. How can any society function based on myth? Welcome to F-uped America. Land of Micky Mouse, Rap Music, Jerry Springer, Religion and blind Patriotism.

              • What flavor was that gallon of Koolaid you drank?

                • It’s called TRUTHAID, you should try it sometime. Or just keep doing and thinking as the rest of the sheep. If the flock celebrates it, it must be true huh? Ha ha ha

                  • That’s what Jim Jones told his followers too. Drink this Truthaid, and you will see the truth. The truth being that you die from drinking the Truthaid.

              • Thanksgiving is widely known as a time of family gathering around, and all giving thanks to the Creator for the bountiful living they had during the year.

                We gather and “personally” give thanks because my Dad has never been a good christian leader or teacher. Hopefully he gives thanks and talks to God, but he has never done it openly.

                I feel sorry for those that have no family to share with. Even if that family is like mine and dysfunctional somewhat. We do enjoy good food and conversation, and haven’t had any fights at holidays…yet.

                I invited a friend of mine to come have Thanksgiving celebration with our family because they are an outcast at their families home, and have no other place to go. It is a time to put differences aside and show some compassion and reach out.
                As much as i despise an atheist, a faggot, and an idiot,
                I would invite wwti,ass’ed itch, and durango kidd over for Thanksgiving dinner, if they lived nearby and didn’t have any people to share a few hours with. I would ask them to check all their bad/negative/insulting, comments at the door and just pick them up on the way out. That is who i am.

                I can seperate the “worldly person” from the “God’s lonely children” person, for a few hours, as long as that person is non-violent. At least long enough to let them see that true christianity does give hope for anyone that has a soul and conscience.

                Thanksgiving is much more about acknowledgement of a Heavenly Father, than it is about turkey and stuffing.

                It is never too late to make that connection as long as one is still breathing. There will be a Heavenly father connection, for sure. One can do it now, or have no choice in doing it later. The latter is not going to be a fun meeting.

                Hope all that have family can put any differences aside for a few hours and remember that we are all in this thing together and soon there will be no Thanksgiving or Christmas celebrations.

                There will be some celebrations much, much, better, on the horizon, after the storm passes with the wind.

                • Wow, what a post 🙂

        • Good luck farming a small plot with the wild boars and deer.

          • That’s called a bait food plot to draw the piggys and deer into for Harvest.. Like Food Stamps for idiots. Throw a salt block out there. Like a Free Jello Truck for Negros.

      4. He says “you’ll have to revert to growing food” like it’s something to be avoided.

        • You may be surprised to find out how difficult it is to grow even half of your own food. Are you doing it now?

          Even experienced gardeners with good soil occasionally have crop failures. Something to think about.

          • I am a farmer and crop failures happen to the most experienced. Make sure you have seeds from a reputable supplier. I also keep on hand 20 or 30 bags of potting soil, sand and of course manure. If you live in an area that is high in acidic soil keep extra lime on hand. However unless you know how to can this food in jars once the season is over you will die of hunger. Learn how to store your food!

            • +1 on reputable seed supplier. My corn crop this year wouldn’t keep a chicken alive over the winter, due to terrible germination rate.

              • Coach, Last year in one night a family of raccoons wiped out my entire corn crop that I was growing for canning, ate lots of green beans for a year. Ya just never know when your raising your own food, some years are better than others.

                • Yup, had that happen, too. Set up some motion sensor alarms and floodlights, and applied some 55 grain justice to the perps, but I still lost a lot of corn.

                  Deer are a serious menace, too. I see fences 8 feet high around some folks’ gardens hereabouts.

                  Woodchucks ate all my beans as soon as they got their heads above ground one year. Gourmet woodchucks, eatin’ bean sprouts! Cost them their lives, however. More 55 grain justice.

                  Cabbage worm is rampant. I have to put shade cloth over my whole patch to keep the cute little white flutterby that lays the eggs off ’em.

                  City folks think farmers are dumb hicks. Fact is that dirt farmers have to be as smart and well educated as your college grad to make a living, and that doesn’t even begin to count all the law and regulation they have to put up with.

              • Old Coach, I also planted a small 14 x 16 ft plot, with bags of new soil, with shit Home depot seeds, and crappy city water, and all that came up was one pot of string beans for one dinner.

                I have my good heirloom seeds packed away. I ended up taking most of the seeds back to Home depot for a full refund.

                So for all the time and work of building that it was total failure, except for a good learning experience. However I did have about a dozen tomato plants that provided a few months of tomatoes for salads, etc. But don’t count on any untested garden to sustain you. Test your skills, during the good times, and see what happens, as I did in my experiment. No Water Mellon like the photo on the seed package, or peppers, or squash or carrots only 1 inch thick and 1 inch long that looked like Frankenstein plant with a half dozen shoots. I also built a full chicken wire mesh cage on all sides and top to keep the animals and birds out.

                So now I know with that garden experiment, here in Florida, and put my efforts in stocking up on canned veggies that will keep for 3 yrs. Also buy canned meats like salmon that will keep for 5+ years. Garden Failure could be for many reasons, bad seeds, bad germination, bad water, bad soil mix.

                My 75+ year old Uncle who was a Midwest Farmer most of his life. Recently told me, that Farmers are the Biggest Gamblers on the planet. What happens if you have a drought? Locusts? lol

          • Farming can be difficult, no doubt, and crop failures for various reasons are not at all unknown. My great grand parents knew this, so planted huge gardens every year. Some of it was bartered for other things. Some was eaten fresh and the rest was dried, canned, or salted to preserve it. They canned up enough food to last a couple of years, always eating the older food as time passed. If a crop failed, they still had a year’s worth of food to try again next season. If a neighbor had crop trouble, everyone donated enough food to them to make it through the winter. When they could, they paid that back, knowing that those kind enough to lend them food might be in desperate need of it themselves soon enough. Those were hard times and it took hard people and neighborly cooperation to make it through them. By the grace of God and their iron constitutions, they did… for the most part. When they didn’t, well, that’s why they went to church on Sundays.

            • The Tradition of the Church mostly back when in rural areas were the meeting place to exchange information. That’s is why Religion is more traditional in the Midwestern and Southern Bible Belts. Kids in the Midwest joined groups like FFA -Future Farmers of America, and 4H clubs, and where they could display their production at County Fairs to win a contest or sell that fat breeder hog or cow. Kids today are not taught those worthy skills, they are taught propaganda garbage. Encourage kids to take those shop classes, like Welding, or carpentry, and wood working and learn how to use tools. I had a pretty good Auto Mechanics class, but today you need to buy the specialized tools to fix anything or the computer for diagnosis. No more points or plugs or understanding engine timing, or the order of the cylinders firing. Its all plug and play now.

            • There’s an old, old English saying:

              One for the blackbird
              One for the mouse
              One for the rabbit
              One for the house

              • Good one OC.

            • Sounds like you came from a good and wise family Mag Man.

          • @ Mr.Bill : I have been gardening all of my life. When I was a kid it sucked, and I said I’ll never do that on my own. Then they gave me my own 10×10 piece of dirt to do what ever I wanted to do. Guess what I did with that dirt. Yea, started my own garden. I now have 3 1/4 acres. 3 gardens, 50 fruit and nut trees ( not all producing yet ), and working on my pig, cow, goat, and lamb pen. Hunt deer in my back yard. With all of that, the wife goes grocery shopping every week, without fail. I have had people come up to me and say that their garden produces more than they could ever eat. I tell them to quit useing store bought fertilizers, no more watering except with a bucket, and no store bought pesticides. Now tell me how much you are producing. That is how we garden. It is hard sometimes, but we do pretty decent. I have been gardening this way for 6 – 8 years now. Starting to get my soil in pretty good shape. The point is, you will need atleast 10 acres per couple in your group to survive. Lots of canning jars with a ton of lids ( DON’T FORGET EXTRA LIDS ), a good smoker, sun dehydrator and if you have electric, a vacuum sealer. People need to start now, while WallyWorld is still open, to figure out the does and don’t of gardening, and foraging. Good luck to you and yours.

            • ps : I forgot, we are working on getting bees and rabbits too.

          • We have been gardening & raising livestock for all our lives. And we at best only are able to produce 80% of what we eat. We once had lots of bees. Now its difficult just to keep a couple of hives. This year the pecans & chestnuts didn’t produce anything. Squirrl are scarce. The big black snakes kept getting our setting hens eggs and hatching chicks. I killed a half dozen snakes. So we are going to need to use a incubator to replenish the chicken flock. Its all a gamble there are no guarantees.

          • We have been gardening & raising livestock for all our lives. And we at best only are able to produce 80% of what we eat. We once had lots of bees. Now its difficult just to keep a couple of hives. This year the pecans & chestnuts didn’t produce anything. Squirrl are scarce. The big black snakes kept getting our setting hens eggs and hatching chicks. I killed a half dozen snakes. So we are going to need to use a incubator to replenish the chicken flock. Its all a gamble there are no guarantees.

      5. So does anyone know where warchild is at. Hope he is ok

        • War is doing some work where internet is spotty. He emailed me Thursday, and told me to let yall know all is good. Just will be out of the loop for a while. Good to have email from some of us here at the plan. No virus either…

          • Ya I was wondering about him too. Glad he is ok, but I have no one to pawn off my federal ammo too. WC if you can read this and tshtf meet me at the deck for the party 🙂

            • Hey Genius,
              I’ll take WC’s share while he is gone, strictly for safe keeping.


          • Thank you eppe. Good to hear. I thought about asking you.

            • For those who remember another veteran of shtf..


              contacted me last night…

              sent some pix of his olive grove harvest

              appears they harvested some serious quantities

              He and family are in the eternal struggle over in Greece.but have managed to persevere despite it all..


              • Thanks for letting us know. Glad they are persevering. Cool on the olive harvest 🙂

                • Posse;
                  Glad manos is ok. Tell him to stop back here once in a while.


      6. We already bugged out, here in southwest Idaho. We are just trying to figure out if its time to string the concertina wire. If I lived in a big city, I would be thinking about selling out and moving to someplace more conducive to a longer life span. IMO we are teetering on the edge. Like the dog said when the train ran over his tail, “It won’t be long, now”.

        • For once, Skousen wrote a decent article that I can agree with up to a point. I’ll be bugging out to north GA when the time comes. All my family are concentrated in one ten-square-mile area. they all have homesteads; livestock, gardens, know how to hunt, fish, forage, etc. They grew up in the prepper lifestyle. most of what I know I learned from them. There will probably be more for me to learn once I get there. I’ve already got most of my supplies at my cousin’s BOL so I won’t have too much to move once I finally bug out. Once I get there, I’ll be bugging in. Braveheart will spend his final days there.

          • Brave:

            Off topic but ….

            Wonder what those Eastern US voters who supported their “fine” politicians and glowbull warming think now that they can hardly dig out of their homes because of all that snow.

            Some forked tongued politician must be out their trying to convince them that that snow is not “cold”.

            And Brave…

            Check out Rappaports nomorefakenews for an up to date espose of Al Sharptongue. His history is worth a looksee, mafia figure, FBI informant, and now an advisor to the communists who are running our government.

            How low can we go?

            • Holder of the Dry Vagina:

              It’s irrelevant whether global warming exists or not. We are trashing the environment and overbreeding and our present trajectory is unsustainable. We all need to buy local, buy infrequently, and buy high quality.


              • Ass’ed Itch their has only been one case of overbreeding in all of history, and I’m sure you wouldn’t remember it, because it took place around 9 months before you were born. Trekker Out.

                • Trekker, Maybe is was a case of imbreeding or cross breeding. ha. Bad germination. woof woof!!

              • Acid , how about using a filter on some of your comments. I know you like the shock value of some less than classy remarks, but some of us share the info on this site with others in the hope of getting them on board.

            • POG, I’ve traveled through that part of the East Coast in winter so I’m familiar with the climate there. I spent 7 years in the Florida section of the east coast. On Al Sharpton, he’s just one of the biggest black scammers and race pimps in the US. Jesse Jackson used to be the no. 1 but he’s semi-retired so Sharpton is the no. 1 now. He supposedly owes the IRS $5,000,000 in back taxes and the IRS can’t touch him because he has political protection from the NAACP, Democratic Party, etc. The only solution for someone like Sharpton would be for someone to take him out.

              • The IRS will take Sharpton out $5 mil tax debt.

            • POG

              I’m afraid we’ll go much much lower before all is said and done

              Prepare accordingly


          • Yes Cuz we taught you well! Even though you are a little dense, we will try and teach you more when you get here. But I must say, that your not only a Braveheart but your also have a GoodHeart! We Love You Man. Bet you don’t even know which Cousin this is.

            • NGIC, quit smoking weed, that’s your downfall. You’re just an idiot.

          • RG, I think Skousen has been reading our feed back comments over the last few months, and has adapted more back to reality of the average prepper. I want to check out a few of his helpful links. Such as:

            After you have found that perfect retreat be sure and check out these two informational articles on OPSEC and Retreat Defense. See the links in the article above.

            • WWTI, I’ve had my own reservations about Skousen for quite awhile. I heard him interviewed on Alex Jones’ show once last year and even then something told me to beware of this guy.

              • braveheart

                I avoid Jones like the plague..

                He’s but a parody of himself

                and like you..always enjoyed Bill Cooper..
                Nearly everything he discussed/wrote has come to fruition years later.

                watch out for that storm system mid week…


                • Possee, AMEN about Jones. At one time, I listened to him just on occasion on shortwave, but I started having reservations about him myself. It’s a damned shame what TPTB did to William Cooper. He was always a straight shooter.

          • Brave: Don’t wait too long. Just get there so you can be a blessing to your extended family and have productive, peaceful years. You deserve it.

        • It is not time to string the wire. all that does is tell someone you have prepped and have some thing to steal. OPSEC if you believe this is required; perhaps you are in wrong place, If you must, just put in posts, regular barbed wire and some chicken wire. A few chickens aren’t a bad idea, and you can have a lot of the work done under good cover. With a little practice you can do the real stuff very quickly after TSHTF.

      7. I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again. The loner living in the woods is going to become a predator against the rural dwellers in the area, and be hunted down and killed for it.

        Find a small town and think area defense, not your house, but the entire town and adjoining croplands. Get some leadership skills, it’s going to take 300 and more people to defend an area. Think roadblocks, chokepoints, alliances, small unit tactics, communications, and what it takes to keep a company or two of people on the job.

        • I dont disagree with your plan on defence.
          But where am i gonna find 300 people?
          LMAO , I would hafta cover half the county !

          • Smokey I have given this a lot of thought, particularly on the roadblocks and checkpoints. I live in a place where there is not a lot of access and some good choke points, but once you start studying it, you realize there are more ways in than you thought, and it will take a number of people to seal them off. Need more people with sniper skills also, to cover those working the roadblocks. Trekker Out

            • Just come on into Casper. We have enough wind power to run the town within 30 miles, a refinery, a coal plant 20 miles south of town, a hydroplant 50 miles West of town, A river in town, and all the oil and gas lines come into town. And more cows than people in 100 miles. Nebraska and Kansas are still going to grow corn and wheat.
              Yes, it is possible we could go completely “Mad Max” but far more likely is the “Food Stamps” and such go down and most things where real people live, mostly continue.

            • I think on your property, set up some defensible cover positions with a shallow trench and sand bags, with brush piles in front for concealment near those choke points. Set these up at fence lines as lazy people tend will follow fence lines, and that makes a good kill zone if needed as they will play follow the leader. And then a few similar various retreat positions. You don’t want to be trapped in your house if the shooting starts. Besides getting your house windows shot out, you are better off mobile with ammo boxes stashed in those hidden pre-set defensible positions.

              • One of the best anti-trespasser barriers there is is a nice thicket of wild blackberries. 15-20 feet of that will deter all but the most aggressive intruder and he will not be coming in quietly. Also makes a good food and drink source for some delicious jams, jellies, pies, and wine. Such a hedge also can be good for concealment of your property.

            • Trekker, you’re right, it takes sealed chokepoints, roving patrols everywhere else, sentries, reaction units, communications, command structure, planning, discipline, and manpower.

          • Hammerhead, half the County is the general idea.

            I’d much rather defend my town at the blocked bridge over the river leading to it, with a couple hundred people, than wait until the bad guys showed up at my neighbor’s place across the street.

            • If things go badly, be prepared to fall back and blow the bridge.

              • REF: 41MagMan

                I have been reading the last few posts…..Damn, is everyone watching the Series ” Jericho ” while they are typing ???

                • No we just read Max Velocities Book ” Contact ! Tactical manual for post collapse survival
                  If you have the time and money get his training , he the real deal , walks the walk and talks the talk.

                  Semper Fi 8541

        • I’ve spent considerable time with several neighbors over the years hunting, fishing, working on shit and carousing and I would actually trust two of them more than my one brother.

          Cooperation is fine, but I sure would hope their old ladies and mine don’t get close enough to compare stories too much…the dogs would have to find a new home.

          • I know what you mean about “trusting your brother”.

            I have three half brothers that are about stupid. They will be about as much use in a SHTF situation as tits on a boar hog. In fact they will probably be a hinderance.

            My one full brother is iffy. It will depend which one of him, shows up on a particular day.

            He has been a pothead for 40 years, albeit a daily timeclock punching one, but is moody as hell. Sometimes when he is high he is jovial, sometimes when he is not, his other face shows up and he is argumentative and confrontational over mi-nute things.

            His split personality has become more manifested and personafied over the years with his continued THC ingestion. he has no close friends and tends to irritate most folks after a while.

            I won’t take chances with idiots and lunatics in my camp, i don’t care if they are blood relatives.

            Give me a couple young people with common sense, that haven’t been indoctrinated, damaged and liberalized, and I can teach them how to survive anything.

            • Passin, that description you gave sounds something like acid/eisenturd.

              • Yep, the “sybil syndrome” seems prevalent in both.

        • Want to stay safe, Find those BOL areas that the folks proudly wave their Confederate Flags. Most likely they won’t put up with any of this Negro uprising or looting crap period. And you can be 99.9% sure they are heavily armed and know how to use them. And have been waiting and preparing 160 years for revenge of the south.

          • Think and ponder this for a moment. What if the South had Won the US Civil War back in the 1860’s? How would life in the USA be different today? Anybody’s thoughts on that?

            • Teah. We’d all have to eat grits, chickpeas and greens. Boy would that suck.

      8. LOL , Ive been “bugged out” right a home my whole life and never knew it until i started reading this stuff.
        So i guess i,ll just stay home.

      9. The verdict in Ferguson will be released on Dec. 1, 2014 IMHO. It very well may be another date that will go down in infamy. Folks work on your defenses where you are going to make your stand, load your mags, place your weapons where needed and carry side arm and MBR at all-time never I mean NEVER be no more than an arm’s length from your MBR. Be safe and like the Sgt. says aim small/miss small.

        MTCFMF!! RIP America.

        • Copperhead, I saw something earlier where the announcement would be made Monday. Where did you hear Dec. 1?

          • This is part of the Psy-ops, as the agitators blew their wads for this weekend. If I was the Cops or the State I would wait till like Wednesday to announce, when the town is less empty again. I bet the LEO’s got lists of everybody who checked into local hotels within 30 miles of Fergy this weekend for the big show, that never happened yet, and running background checks with Drivers license or credit cards from the hotels. Never underestimate the depth of the Feds. Bait and switch the Grand Jury Announcement Date. All to wear the crowds down. It appears Fox News reported that The Cop is going to be charged. Leak or Psyop??

            • If a black cop had shot a white street tough, would we even be having this conversation? Probably not. Most whites would likely say, “The stupid SOB deserved it”, and that would be the end of it.

            • More Ferguson Govn’t Psyopps is that the President and his crew tells the Hoodies to stay the course with race baiters like Al Sharpton and Black Panthers, then they set up the KKK with support of the Cops. They are setting this whole Ferguson up as a Race War, to conquer and divide so they can then justify Martial Law and Gun confiscation. Want to really protest Ferguson. Boycott all protests and watch the Government dwindle twisting on the sidelines all armored out and nobody shows up. Then demand the Police State of Military hardware be dismantled. Ferguson Race War is a PsyOpps Trap. The MSM is here too ginning up the Fuel for the fire.

          • RBH: What I feel when, if earlier then it will be. I basing it on this Holiday week, so if it dose go down this week it will only be more intensive, but HELL IS HELL. Again this week people will still travel and that will put more at risk of harm. With this bunch who knows.
            Be safe my friend.

            MTCFMF!! RIP America.

          • RBH: Just one of my hunches.

            MTCFMF!! RIP America.

            • Copperhead, just think of what could happen if they waited until Black Friday to make the announcement. Now THAT would really be something.

        • I am surprised they didn’t release anything yesterday…I guess I thought wrong….LoL

          Reports have it that they will reconvene on Monday. I guess they are going to drag it out as long as possible. Maybe they don’t have a decision yet ?? Which might be good since the cops have been saying since day one that he was 35′ away when he fired the shots, yet SUV where it began is known to of been 148′ away…..yet cop was in fear for his life.

          Who knows

          • school has been cancelled for Monday and Tuesday. they requested advance notice. Could be evidence has all been heard. All that is left is a vote by the jury. Might not take too long for that. My money is on Tuesday at the latest. They also could be playing Thanksgiving Holiday in their favor to keep the crowds down. who doesn’t want o be home for Thanksgiving!

            • I don’t think it will amount too as much as it is being hyped.

              I sure hope the jury heard the evidence of distances between the dead thug, the cop and the SUV (starting point) correctly.

              • I think if there is any violence it will be met with a major smackdown

          • BJ, How fast can a Thug run, when just seconds earlier assaulted the Cop in his cop car, then you say the Hoodie was 35 Ft away. So how fast can a Black run a sprint of 35 Ft? 2 to 3 seconds?

            Here is a Fact – NFL Player Chris Johnson with a 40 yard dash time of a 4.24. That’s 120 Ft in 4.24 seconds. Now take 1/3 of that 120 Ft time of 40 Ft or with just 35 Ft. And how fast can the Thug again be on top of the Cop? 1 to 2 seconds? The Smart Cop used his 9MM with 1300 Ft per second firepower to take the Black kid out.

            Remember 4.2 seconds for a NFL runner to cover 120Ft. How fast can you draw your weapon aim and pull the trigger? Less than 4.2 seconds? Start practicing people, those who hesitate will be taking a permanent dirt nap.

            • He was a 300 lb gorilla, remember everyone here saying that? 300 lb gorilla that was probably out of shape from inactivity and smoking cigs/weed and drinking. He was also in flip flops…but you’d know that already had you of checked out Satori’s link he posted.

              Also, there is more than one explanation of the autopsy as far as bullet entry wounds on the dead thug.

              You’re seriously going to try and use the argument of a trained and in shape professional athlete running a distance in a period of time and compare that to the thug. Especially after everything that’s been said in a negative manner about the thug, his size and type of person he was……meaning most likely a low life thug and not healthy or in shape….ya can’t have it both ways….unless you all just like to spin things to always work in your favor.

            • I didnt say he was 35′ away, the cops said that.

              Do you even know much about the incident or you just glad he was shot because he was a thug? You should know some facts about the case before going off about it.

              Now there is evidence that says the SUV, starting point, was 148′ away from dead thug. Which means a lot as far as the story of “cop was in fear for his life.”

              Go back and click on the link Satori posted and at least give it a look.

          • What they could do is say the Cop was assinated, then put him in a witness protection program, change his name and relocate him. Case closed in Fergy.

      10. Try to find a BOL more than 1 full gas tank away from any major city. Get to know your rural neighbors and put together a mutual aid life line out there. Most anybody in rural area should help eachother with projects to build trust. Mount a hidden trail cam at your driveway road gate

        • @ WWTI : The problem with rural America is, if you don’t already live there, or have lived there your whole life, your screwed. The locals will not accept you, will not help you, and will probably take everything you have when TSHTF. If you get into the right place, they will wave at you when you drive by, but they still will not except or trust you. I know alot of you on this site are going to argue that fact, but how many of yall trust outsiders.

          • No argument here. That is exactly how a lot of small town folks act. Yes, there are always exceptions but that’s just what they are… exceptions. Most of them will not know you and because of that will not trust you. They will always think that you are up to something. Still, a small rural town will be about as good as it gets after the SHTF.

            • @fishandmud
              Your right. I made a comment on this subject.
              Got a few new houses in my parts and these idiots dont blend in, they cause trouble. None of them is part of the core group we have and none of them will be trusted. City folks stand out and think theyll change everything to fit into what they want. Dont work that way.

              • Calgagus and others;
                I guess I understand your point, but from my perspective if I move to “your” town, I don’t want to be accepted or trusted. I could care less about that. All I want it to be left the fuck alone.

                You can talk about me and my family, I don’t care. I’m not moving there to change “your” town or make friends. I have plenty of friends. I’m there to be alone.


          • Ref: Fishandmud…

            Your post is exactly right….I grew up in Mid State Alabama….Won a Free trip to Vietnam…and never really went back home…I grew up with a lot of those people…..Had a ton of close wonderful friends then..but that was THEN …My younger Brother stayed there…If not for him those people would not even speak and when do go to visit I can still feel that they are checking me out …and for them that could take a long time….Very pleasant and good people but ” MAJOR ” trust issues….and I think it will be like that anywhere you go that you don’t have major family already in place….This…. let’s just move to “Green Acres ” stuff ain’t what some people think it is.

            • I think anybody moving out to the rural areas, need to blend in with the local folks, dress the same in coveralls and work boots, and be kind and listen instead of talk.

              Don’t be going into town in your Yellow SUV, new Nike tennis shoes and flashing your cash around, demanding service, and stating you have a college degree, and insist your way is better, even though it is. lol When I moved to Florida from the Midwest, (Motivated with a Type A personality), I quickly figured out people down here don’t move or think so fast down here, could be the warm heat or could be the lead weights they sucked on, from their bait cast nets.

              Funny story, I got into salt water fishing here, and was first learning how to throw a cast net for collecting bait fish. This Red neck comes up as he saw me struggling somewhat in the surf. He said here let me show you, which he demonstrated throwing the net out a few times. Part of the net you bite on then release, to create a wider cast as it lays out on the water. I will never forget this part: He says in his Red Neck Twang strait face, “When you bite the outer net don’t put the lead weight in your mouth, cause that will make you stoopid!!” Funny Sh!t Mon. Welcome to Florida. 20+ year later I don’t see too much slowness, now thinking I too have slowed down and am one too.

              • Where in Florida are you located????

              • They ain’t slow they’ve learned to live and die in 3/4 time.

      11. Yes…homesteading on a serious scale is a not for the faint of heart..lots of failure prior to success..slow progress towards efficiency…it does evolve into pleasant routine eventually though…i do believe i am more content with my existence than ever before, dont comment often but will chime in here…


        • From experience,
          You can be successful for years, then all of a sudden something changes and screws an entire season or crop,

      12. This is how stupid and full of shit feminists really are:

        Jenna Jameson:

        “Most girls get their first experience in gonzo films – in which they’re taken to a crappy studio apartment in Mission Hills and penetrated in every hole possible by some abusive asshole who thinks her name is Bitch.”

        Jenna Jameson: *marries a UFC fighter and known douchelord who beats the shit out of her, then calls 911 for domestic abuse and takes to twitter to complain about not being able to find a nice guy and how horrible men are*

        Women are brainless idiots who just need to be dominated to be happy. Feminists are all fat bitches making up false rape stories to get attention; they all secretly want to be alphaed.

        • AE:

          Where is Darren Wilson when we REALLY need him?

          • Granny,

            You mean to tell me my rock hard body, large penis, and dominant personality don’t do anything for you?

            • AE you must be referring to that little flap of skin covering your mangina. Rock hard body and dominant personality translated,= Wimpy Slob.

              • POG would kick your punk little ass. I’d lay gold on it.

                • Assed-Itch has been told that the average sized man-tool is just under five inches at the erect stage.

                  He can probably muster up five and one-half inches on a good day and this gives him his male superiority complex he pronounces daily. Leather studded undies and all.

                  He can’t satisfy a real woman with that puney prick so he is a fan of the sphincter orfice that can make him feel more like he’s doing something besides tickleing a man-sized box.

                  Get over your disgusting self Ass’d bitch, and leave old granny women alone. They will shove a Hurry-cane up that overstretched poot shoot of yours and it won’t be handle first.

                  • Acid has posted more than once that he swings both ways.

            • AE:

              Barring all that AE, it is your PEA BRAIN that would be the stumbling block.

              • Granny, the only kind of woman acid might get is one with the same-size brain.

            • @ AE granny is a dried up old hag. Hasn’t had a hard dick in so long she doesn’t remember what they are used for. ha-ha

        • Real relevant Acid….real relevant.

          • Acid is thinking out loud again, with his twisted off topics,…..not sure what to call it. ADD- Attention Deficit Disease?

            Then all the sudden his brain click in and says something sensible. Just be aware of all the types of people we will run into out there post SHTF. Watch your backs and watch your women with strangers.

            • WWTI speaking of disease, I asked my Doctor “Doc what are we going to do about this dangerous virus from Africa? And he said “I don’t know, he has two more years in office” Trekker Out. I Stole That Line!

      13. we’ve been in our b o l for the past 20 years. We have made firm conections with our neighbors and towns peopel. We feel very blessed to be able to live here and hope that our children will be able to make the 350 mile trek when the shtf.

      14. They will riot no matter what the verdict is. Holder already stated he will convict if the grand jury doesn’t? This is was planned and orchestrated to pick up where Trayvon left off!! There is no bug-out because DC is planting illegals is every town usa! Welcome to the invasion!

        • If I was Darren Wilson and officially cleared by the grand jury, I would then take myself and my family into hiding and be armed to the teeth. I wouldn’t let feds or anyone else take me.

        • No need to run anywhere anyway, it will be better to become a total pain in the ass to the tyrants in your own AO even if you cant go back to your own home ever again,
          You should already know uour home area better than the back of your hand, all the nooks crannies bridges and hides,

          • Kula, that is where Google Maps terrain feature comes in to find those trails and alternative routes to or from your area. Also to spot hidden fresh water holes for resupply on the route. Ever check to see if there are any hidden caves behind those hundreds of waterfalls?

            • Mhmm
              Its amazing what you find when you walk through the wild.

        • Ref: Km Says:

          Hegelian Dialectic….The theory has worked for centuries….and now our Goobermint is taking it to all new heights !!!

        • Never let a good crisis go to waste. Ron Emanuel-Now Chicago Mayor

      15. We are IN our “bug-out location” and we are not moving any place else. I don’t concern myself with the false-god-of-fear-called-the-golden-hordes, simply because they are NOT prepared and will be stuck in the major metro areas where they will indeed perish at some point. Making “assumptions” is for fiction and screen writers, NOT, for those seeking to be as self-reliant as possible. While I “understand” Skousen has a horse in the “strategic relocation” race, a lot of his information appears to be from other open sources, and not from personal research or even personal visits to his suggested locales. I’ve been/lived in many of the areas he advises against, especially in Northern California(not the Bay area) and Skousen’s descriptions of those areas do not match at all the reality of those areas, geographically, climate, or water, forested areas, or the mountains and foothill areas. So, I do take his suggestions with a large grain of salt, but some of his advice is still sound for the uninitiated.

        • Just a thought: When going into a rural areas, find a nice local breakfast diner to visit frequently, sit down and just listen to all the conversations going on. You will quickly learn the locals pressures and stresses going on. A good pool of local gossip and politics. Same with hardware stores and feed stores. Read the locals bulletin boards for meeting, or subjects of the area. Local paper, flea markets.

          • WWTI to bad you seem to be so Anti-Christian, but a little advice for people moving to a new area. No better and quicker way to meet people than to visit a few of the local churches, particularly the Baptist they’re almost always pro-gun and have a high percentage of hunters as members. Trekker Out. Free Men Own Guns, Slaves Don’t!

            • MT – I was raised a Christian, I am just calling you folks out to think about your brainwashed Religious belief systems based mostly on tradition over generations, than any facts of any substance which tries to convince you this is the way it is.. How about you stand up in Church and debate the preacher of the BS he preaches. Ask him if he can bring any body forward who has been granted ever lasting life. And if God was so Smart why does he beg for your money every Sunday? Is he unemployed? Tell God to go get a Job and be somebody and stop begging for your money!! Religion is Socialist Communism. Dupe or Steal from other to Give to the Lazy!

              Most people just sit there in church getting lectured and fed spooned Babble BS, and then do a few sing alongs, thinking they are somehow going to be saved. Or the more money you give, the better chance God will love you. Its all a big CON. That’s called Sheeple and Fleecing the Gullible Flock.

          • The ladies can go visit the local beauty shops and just listen to all the gossip in the whole town. lol Nobody knows more gossip that your Hair Dresser. I have asked some of the women hair dressers I have dated before, what are the things women say? I also asked her as a percentage “how many married women cheat on their husbands?” She clearly said 80%. That’s right Guys “WAKE UP” 80% of Married Woman Cheat, strait from a hairdresser.

            There are some of the benefits of living in larger cities, you are visibly invisible, and nobody gives a shit what you do.

        • TP, I’ve been suspicious of Skousen myself for a long time. Especially his description of the Appalachians. I’ve been going to the southern Appalachians where my family is since the 60s and know damned well that area is more than feasible for survival. My family has owned land in north GA since the early 1800s, so that’s multiple generations who were raised in the prepper lifestyle. That is where I’m going when the time comes and I’ll spend my final years there.

      16. Test

        computer crashed

      17. It is really sad. That policeman will never be able to work in his field again. I wish he and his family well.
        I also wish the Brown family well. His parents are asking that there be no rioting.

      18. Issa subpoenas Gruber for Dec. 9.

        Try the bastards for criminal fraud.

        • What did Gruber do? Sounds like he did his job. Try the whole american govt for all sorts of sedition charges and hangem all. The Grubers of the world aren’t worth the time of day.

          Go after the big dogs and their handlers, leave the small stuff alone, they have a way of taking care of themselves.

          • Plea bargain with Gruber for solid info to convict the big Fish. (As if we didn’t have enough already, I know…)

      19. “Sometimes it can be easy to get enchanted with a spectacular stream or beautiful meadow and building spot and not realize that the property may have defensive issues.”

        It is entirely possible that ALL BOLs have “defensive issues”, given that we do not know what scenario will confront us when the SHTF. The trick may well be to make the best of what we have, where we have it. No, it won’t be perfect but then damned little is perfect this side of Heaven.

        • Sometimes “Cheap Land” is cheap for a reason. On the Gulf Coast, North of Tampa FL for the next 4 counties is prone for Sink Holes. It is just a water shed basin to the Gulf and very sandy silt sediment. Then the Municipalities pump the dissolved oxygenated grey water back down using Deep Well injection and that oxygenated water then corrodes the Karst Limestone which further weakens the terrain causing collapses. Some people built homes on what was a lake one day, and then a sink hole opens up and the entire lake drains out overnight, leaving a muddy depression full of dead fish. So factor all the considerations when buying land or property. You want to live near a river or lake, have the water tested before you buy. Or maybe they are building a big highway in a few years across your perspective land. Caveat Emptor – Buyer Beware.

      20. Well, it has been a long time but now have to question some of our contributors… Let me start with those who are discussing catching animals. We don’t catch them, we shoot them. If you want to impress me, catch a deer. Then we move to “growing your own” is challenging. No kidding! For those of us who have been doing it for years, please tell us something we don’t already know… Gardens are hard but beneficial. If you don’t own a canner, you are about to miss the boat. Can the veggies and the deer you catch (sic). I seen posts about the large garden and the bartering that goes with it. Thank you: someone who lives in the real country… The bottom line, those concrete dwellers who think it is as easy as going to Lowe’s to get their seedlings may have a hard row to hoe. You will not be able to survive on the food you “catch” or the food you grow. However, there is good news: do some research on “heirloom” seeds (my favorite is Seedsavers) and buy some seeds. The time is right to start them in your concrete house and then put them on your balcony when the weather breaks. You will have peppers (or whatever you choose) or you will know that you need some practice at farming… Fix it now or I will gladly trade your ammo for a peck of tomatoes (Heirloom of course). Second to none…

        • Something else,
          Its easy to get seeds to sprout,
          Can the person grow them to harvest? Some to produce seed? Do they understand biennials? Perennials? Annuals?
          Ok so you have a pressure canner, when the propane is gone, can you get a fire going and keep it going that will run your canner for the full cycle? (Hint*** you might want a big ass canner because you will have a hell of a time canning enough batches to cover your food needs for 8?10? Months of no harvest?)

        • Second to None. For being more productive trapping of snaring animals is a force multiplier and more stealthy that “Bang Bang!!” all over the forest scaring anything living away from you for thousands of yards. Obviously you have never been in the woods. Part of hunting is depending on stealth to bag your critters. Traps and Snares are far more productive that blowing the animal in half to get less meat and not giving away your position to anyone with in a mile away. At least take up Bow hunting if you like to shoot things.

      21. Nearly everyone here has inside intel to when the final shtf will start and beat the panic of the sheep?

        I think not..

        We,the populace, will be the last to know..

        Besides.they have much more wealth to extract from all of us before all is said and done…

        and as far as nukes are concerned..


        Look..the entire nasa/shuttle program was all close space weaponry installs…..with technology at least 25-30 years ahead of our commonplace knowledge

        Nukes are obsolete…. they were developed in the 1940’s..

        and the only time ever they were utilized was at Nagasaki and Hiroshima..again some 60 plus years ago..

        As far as an Iran/Israel nuclear exchange occurring…I seriously doubt it..

        Iran is the last vestige of outside the petro dollar nations that we’ve yet been able to infiltrate,subvert,or destabilize.

        Much akin to China and North Korea..

        I’d personally be more concerned with what our own so called government is up to..on a daily basis..

        Prepare accordingly


        • You are 1000% correct. Anyone believing the govt and media hype that has been going on for years and years about Iran isn’t seeing clearly. It’s about the dollar and who isn’t on board yet with the international bankers yet.

          Heck the Farsi translation of imanutjobs speech saying they wanted to wipe israel off the map was about as correct as hussein having WMD’s.

          • BJ

            It’s unfortunate for those who choose to believe govt stats aka/propaganda on one side yet totally rebuke their stats on other issues..
            It’s all bullshit..

            Most don’t even know that the Iranians are Persians ,,,not Arabs..

            The last time we meddled with Iran was way back to the Shah of Iran..a state dept puppet..

            Oh well

            Guess ignorance is bliss

            Thanks for the comment back

            Look forward to more


          • BJ: If you do not believe that Israel will strike Iran, I suggest you check the Bible Code. It’s in there. 🙁

            • Show me where I said israel won’t strike Iran.

              kidd fails AGAIN



              • And again!!! I have failed a million times and learned from each failure. I have no fear of failure. I embrace it!!!

                That’s why I am where I am at today and why you are where you are at today. The difference is that your mind is not open to change or possibilities other than your own narrow thoughts. 🙂

                • DK, I think I hear your mommy calling for you to go upstairs to eat your Spaghetti-Os.

                  • Nobama: It “my maypo” you fucking moron!!! Get it straight shit for brains!!! 🙂

                • Nice attempt to misdirect and deflect, spin doctor.

                  Show me where I said I don’t believe Israel will strike Iran.

                  • BJ: I never said that you “do not believe that Israel will strike Iran”. I said “IF you do not believe ….. ”

                    Learn to read and comprehend you fucking moron!!! 🙂

            • The Bible code is hogwash and was debunked 20 or more years ago.

              I hate to burst your bubble, but you can take almost any long book and find words the same way. The Amazing Randi pointed it out when the Bible code stuff first came out. I sent him an email showing how I had found interesting stuff “encoded” in the text of “Moby Dick.” And that was in the first section of text I tested.

              Hebrew has fewer letters than English, so there’s an even greater chance of discovering coincidental occurrences of words when you skip a given number of letters.

              • Much agreed Archivist.

                Bible Code would have to align with the words as they were originally written in the Hebrew or Greek, in order to have any validity.

                It was just a bunch of hype to make money off of. if there is a code of any kind, it isn’t for our benefit. God is not the author of confusion.

                DK has finally proven what i had suspected. but not actually 100% wanted to believe about him.

                He has finally opened his mouth two, too many times under this Skousen article and shown he is without a doubt a fool, rather than keep his mouth shut and be assumed a fool.

                Anyone following his advice is walking over thin ice. i think i would have better ways to spend my time, than trying to convince folks here that i was some kind of a genius economic guru, if i were him, and had all the millions he claims to have made.

                Just sayin’

          • OK BJ – Here you go… Israel will be eliminated.

            Ahmadinejad frequently talks about how Israel should be eliminated or “wiped off the map.”

            At a 2006 conference held in Iran in support of Palestinians he said: “The existence of the Zionist regime is tantamount to an imposition of an unending and unrestrained threat so that none of the nations and Islamic countries of the region and beyond can feel secure from its threat.”

            • If zionist Israel was to dare to attack Islamic republic Iran ,Could Iran wipe Israel out in 11 days legally?
              I mean in a war situation could they wipe out the zionist empire of Israel without facing war crimes?

              Video – Ahmadinejad wants to wipe Israel off the map

              • So becaude a youtube video has him speaking and words on a screen…how do you knwo the Farsi translation is correct?

                I believe that he was mis translated and probably on purpose in regards to “wipe Israel off the map.”

                I know that may come as hard to swallow, it did me up until 4 years ago. The govt and their whores in the media do one heluva a job brainwashing the masses with repitive mantras.

                “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

                Joseph Geobbels

      22. Folks when it goes down and the violence starts and it will, look out for one tactic that will be used DRIVE BY SHOOTINGS, these are preferred and they are going to happen all over the country. The Governments undercover agents will more than likely fire the first shot to start the maylee. You can bet that said Government will blame militias/ survivalists as the ones that fired first. This will be played to the hilt by the Governments A$$ KISSERS (MSM) and the Government itself. Everything after the LE Officer took out the man has been planned for a to blame survivalist’s and gun owns in general WE MUST BAN GUNS and get the guns out the people’s hands. The media blitz will be like nothing seen before; DISARM the PUBLIC (will be their battle cry), is the only thing to do. Folks the cross hairs are being trained squarely at us now and the death of America is imminent. Resist with all your might and give no quarter. Things are about to get very, very ugly soon IMHO!

        MTCFMF!! RIP America.

      23. It was reported that 90% of terrorist Attacks have occurred in these countries in order of attacks.

        1 Iraq 9.556
        2 Pakistan 9.049
        3 Afghanistan 8.669
        4 India 8.147
        5 Yemen 7.305
        6 Somalia 7.244

        Coincidence – Also where the US Military seems to occupy besides India.

        Also 90% of all Terrorist attacks in the US were provoked by NON-Muslims.

        ** Makes me wonder what is the purpose of the DHS is, besides wasting Tax Payer money and ginning up a Race Riot in Ferguson to justify their existence.

        • Spot on post WWTI

        • Everything we do/are provokes Muslims. Just being alive and Christian (or Jewish) is plenty, as far as they are concerned. If you are Sunni, being a Shia is enough, and vice versa.

          Young Muslim men have it tough. First of all they’re the product of 1400 years of inbreeding. Second, because Muslims allow polygamy, only 25% of males will ever,/i> get laid without they capture some infidel woman and rape her. Which is why, when they haven’t got an infidel woman, adult males rape little boys. Wanna speculate on what percentage of Jihadis were raped when they were children? The sky’s the limit.

          Best thing we could do for them is complete the development of low-cost robotic prostitutes.

          • Sorry for the excess italics. Funky shift key on this antediluvian flaptop I’m using.

          • Let us have a link to your post, Coach. You must want people to think your posts are truthful so where did you dig up this jewel?

          • Old Coach, How about Christians and Jews not occupy Muslim Countries and be good neighbors, and stop trying to steal their Oil.

            Just think and ponder on this for a moment. If the US would have just went to Iraq and Bought $7 Trillion worth of Oil instead of spending it on War, Killing, Genocide and Hell and displacement if the Iraqi people, we would be far ahead in the end. As all we got was more in debt, higher costs of Oil, and tens of thousands of Veterans maimed and crippled for life or dead. We could have spent $7 Trillion on Bridges, Ports and US Infrastructure including expansion of Solar Energy, as the World would be knocking on our door right now for the technology, and our people would be fully employed, fat and happy again.

            WWTI for President.

            • WWTI:

              I do not support the Muslim religion or belief anymore than I don’t support the Jew religion of the Talmud.

              Compare destroyers with destroyers:

              Index to the Talmud unmasked


            • We tried not occupying Iraq after Gulf War One. Didn’t work out so well, did it?

              If we bought $7B worth of oil from Saddam, what would he have done with the money? Wouldn’t have been building mansions for his poor citizens. We’ve bought billions of $$ worth of oil from the Saudias, and what do they do with it? Build themselves palaces, enslave Filipina housemaids, and invent and fund Al Queda.

              Does reality ever enter your world at all?

      24. One thing the article does not mention in looking for property in a retreat are the “natural” resources for food, heating, and water, and doesn’t say to stay away from areas prone to tornadoes, drought, severe earthquakes, flooding, and hurricanes.

        There won’t be crop or home insurance when shtf and you may be hit more than once with one disaster after another. I live in my retreat where there’s productive land, a garden spot, plenty of wild food, a rural area, with forested cover, and is not affected by these regular disasters. That is what I looked for, and that is where I chose to live.

        If you want a safer place to live or retreat to, look at all possibilities.

      25. U.S. officers mourn losing their 1st Ebola patient

        MONROVIA, Liberia — “A cluster of American uniformed officers gathered in the sticky heat this week to say a prayer for a dead Liberian nurse, the first loss to Ebola at the only U.S. government-operated clinic in West Africa.”

        “The Public Health Service is one of the nation’s seven uniformed services with members who carry military ranks and wear uniforms similar to those of the U.S. Coast Guard. They often are sent to domestic and international health disasters.

        This is the first time Public Health Service members have operated an Ebola clinic. All 69 workers here are volunteers.”

        “When President Obama announced in September he was sending U.S. troops to Liberia, it was with the caveat that NONE would DIRECTLY TREAT PATIENTS infected with EBOLA, which has killed 3,000 in this country.”

        USA Today dot com

      26. C’mon Mac, you know better than to talk this pie in the sky shit! 99% will likely have to bug in and better plan accordingly. This shit is for amateurs who think they are going somewhere!

        • Hell, 80% will die within weeks at worst and months at best,
          Never mind live through a collapse and then bug out

      27. For a good history of bugging out read about Stillwells walking out of Burma in WWII. He had to retreat from the Japanese and the Burmese were pro Japanese so he walked over jungle mtn ranges with his party of 500. He picked up small groups of nurses and other troops including a mule train which saved his bacon for hauling supplies. He was too big to attack by the Burmese tribes who preyed on weaker parties. Food was expensive at best when available. The allies forces collapsed in chaos at the trail head with riots and pillaging. He maintained discipline and made a fantastic march through the jungle to India. At the trail head the bodies of abandoned wounded were still there at the end of WWII causing a scandel for the British Many did not survive in other parties due to lack of food and hostile locals. Even in the Philipines where Americans took to the buck wheat local natives often tried to attack them for their guns and ammo. In a SHTF event locals would have to be considered hostile to anyone traveling to a retreat. Guns and ammo would be real draw for bandits.

      28. One of the most important things to do is to put yourself into the shoes of the non-prepper – not the helpless ones – but the ones with guns. Then imagine a pack of such non-preppers. This is your biggest worry from day 3 through about 3 months. They will block streets and roads, making travel dangerous. They will shoot their way into and loot every weakly defended store, house or farm. They will lay siege to any well defended locations and will try to pick you off. If they find you, you will die. The only two ways to get past month 3 are to be very very very well hidden, or to be part of a larger defensible community. After taking your neighbor’s farm, they will torture anyone still alive and learn anything that your neighbors know about you. No crops or gardens will be safe for the first 3 months – they will check them regularly. After month 3, fuel will become too scarce, so the looters will be unable to check rural areas. It is at that time that your remote homestead will become a relatively safe place to live and to grow food or livestock.

      29. From SQ website:

        As long as we insist on maintaining the “moral high ground” we will NEVER
        win the war on terrorism ! We’re in a conflict in which we absolutely INSIST
        in playing by the rules against a maniacal group who have NO rules !

        Rattlesnake Logic….

        After the Boston bombing the news
        media spent days and weeks trying to
        determine why these men did what they did. They want to know what America
        did (!) to make these brothers so angry with us. They want to know why these
        men were not arrested before they did something so terrible. The media is in
        a tizzy about this new era of homegrown radicals and about why and how they
        can live among us and still hate us.

        A friend of mine from Texas explained
        it all to me: “Here in west Texas, I
        have rattlesnakes on my place, living among us. I have killed a rattlesnake
        on the front porch. I have killed a rattlesnake on the back porch. I have
        killed rattlesnakes in the barn, in the
        shop and on the driveway. In fact, I
        kill every rattlesnake I encounter.

        I kill rattlesnakes because I know a rattlesnake will bite me and inject me
        with poison. I don’t stop to wonder
        WHY a rattlesnake will bite me; I know
        it WILL bite me because it’s a rattlesnake and that’s what rattlesnakes do.
        I don’t try to reason with a rattlesnake or have a “meaningful dialogue”with it. I just kill it. I don’t try to get to know the rattlesnake better so I can find a way to live with the rattlesnakes and convince them not to biteme. I just kill them. I don’t quiz a rattlesnake to see if I can find out
        where the other snakes are, because
        (a) it won’t tell me and (b) I already know they live on my place. So, I
        just kill the rattlesnake and move on to
        the next one.

        I don’t look for ways I might be able to change the rattlesnake to a
        non-poisonous rat snake…I just kill it.
        Oh, and on occasion, I accidentally kill
        a rat snake because I thought it was a rattlesnake at the time. Also, I know for every rattlesnake I kill, two more are lurking out there in the brush. In my lifetime I will never be able to rid my
        place of rattlesnakes.

        Do I fear them ? Not really. Do I respect what they can do to me and my
        family ? Yes !!! And because of that respect, I give them the fair justice they
        deserve….I kill them…As a country, we should start giving more thought to the fact that these jihadists’ are telling the world their goal is to kill Americans and destroy our way of life. They have just posted two graphic videos on the internet
        showing them beheading Americans.
        They are serious. They are exactly like the
        Rattlesnakes I have been speaking about.
        It is high time for us to start acting accordingly !

        I love this country. It’s the damn government I’m afraid of !!!

        Look who’s new in the White House !

        MUSLIM: Arif Alikhan, Assistant Secretary for Policy Development for the U.S.
        Department of Homeland Security

        MUSLIM: Mohammed Elibiary, Homeland Security Adviser

        MUSLIM: Rashad Hussain, Special Envoy to the Organization of the Islamic

        MUSLIM: Salam al-Marayati, Obama Adviser and founder of the Muslim Public Affairs Council and is its current executive director

        MUSLIM: Imam Mohamed Magid, Obama’s Sharia Czar from the Islamic Society of North America Eboo Patel, Advisory Council on Faith-Based Neighbourhood

        This is flat-out scary !

        The Foxes are now Officially living in the hen house… ANONYMOUS

        MTCFMF!! RIP America.

      30. its interesting how so many folks today are getting their Karmic payback in this life lately. I had a guy who stole some stuff from me. I knew who did it. Had enough proof. However I just confronted him and told him I will live without it and you will have to live with it. And guess what It bothered him so much He dropped dead of a heart attack the next week! he was 52 years old. That’s the second time someone who stole from me had died after I told them I knew and they would have to live with it. Now the actor Bill Cosby seems to be getting his just desserts? I think he is guilty . He settled out of court years ago. and that many women cant all be lying?

      31. Mac;Yet another false flag option over about malware that the DHS is blaming on Russia,China!That could take down our infrastructure! I think its a great article for debate?
        What is your Opinion?

      32. Anybody see the walking Dead Last night? Cities will be a living Hell.

      33. Finally saw FOX news criticize a Republican. Turns out Congressman Rogers(R) put out a phony report on Bengazi. The report made it look like the Obama admin did nothing wrong. Rogers wife has a $10 Billion security contract with the US. Some of it is in Libya. He didn’t want her to lose that contract.

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