Stocking Up For Troubled Times, Americans Return to Tradition of “Prepping for the Unforeseen”

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    This article was written by Daniel Barker and originally published at Natural

    Editor’s Comment: Hard times are driving Americans back to thoughts about traditional freedom, and the value of self-reliance. The list of scenarios that could put people’s access to food in jeopardy, cut off power to homes, or stir up unrest and riots is too long to review here. Simply put, this is a time of crisis and instability.

    The powers that be are gaining in wealth at the expense of the many who are being squeezed. Property rights and ownership are being threatened, and the people are once again becoming serfs under a feudal banker regime. The tipping point could be any number of flash points, and independent minded Americans should take a step back from political sh– stirring and prepare to survive without the fragile and broken system that is destined to fail soon enough. Break away from the system on your terms, not as a hyper reaction to sudden emergency. Face the threats, and get prepared.

    Huge increase in U.S. families preparing for catastrophe as prepping goes mainstream

    by Daniel Barker

    Although some still regard prepping to be an activity favored by survivalist “wackos” who fear a cataclysmic Armageddon-style event, more and more American families are beginning to see the value in preparing for a number of possible scenarios in which the stockpiling of food, water and other essentials could prove to be a very wise investment.

    The Oxford Dictionary defines “prepping” (in this usage of the term) as:

    The practice of making active preparations for a possible catastrophic disaster or emergency, typically by stockpiling food, ammunition, and other supplies.

    Prepping runs the gamut from weather events to armageddon

    In practice, prepping can range from simply making sure a household has enough basic supplies to survive a temporary power outage or major weather event – such as a hurricane – to preparing for a long-term crisis, such as a massive power grid failure.

    A lengthy power grid failure lasting for months (or perhaps years) could be conceivably triggered by a serious solar event or even a cyberattack on the nation’s computer-controlled electrical power infrastructure.

    As unlikely as some of those scenarios might seem, they are indeed within the realm of possibility. Other long-term emergencies might include the imposition of martial law due to an economic collapse (which many predict may happen in the very near future) or – god forbid – a nuclear war.

    And although many preppers fear the worst, millions of others simply recognize the wisdom of preparing for the unforeseen in the face of a future which appears to be becoming increasingly dangerous and unpredictable.

    Peculiarly American prepping comes from history of self-reliance

    Prepping does seem to be a peculiarly American phenomenon, and there are perhaps some very good reasons for that. America’s relatively short history is imbued with a tradition of self-reliance based on the realities of surviving in a vast wilderness which often presented formidable challenges, some natural and some man-made.

    Just as America’s preoccupation with firearms – for better or for worse – is based on a historical need for them, so is the population’s tendency to focus on self-preservation, a practice founded on the day-to-day lives of its earliest settlers, who faced many hardships in establishing the nation.

    To survive the harsh winters and other conditions present in the first centuries of the country’s history, Americans learned the hard way that it was necessary to plan ahead and prepare for the unforeseen. An ingrained distrust of governments and authority figures has also contributed to the attitude that it’s better to rely on one’s self than on nature or someone else to provide the essentials for survival.

    This is one of the defining characteristics of the collective American psyche and it explains why so many of its citizens are now beginning to hearken back to the practices of their predecessors who believed, as Benjamin Franklin so aptly put it, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

    Food, water, shelter not amusing to Preppers

    Prevention, in this case, means making sure that one is ready to face events in which the essentials for survival are not available at the local supermarket and where the supply of power or water is no longer something that can be taken for granted.

    In recent years, many Americans have become entirely dependent on the government, while others remember the lessons learned by those who came before them.

    So, while the rest of the world may be tempted to view preppers as a source of amusement or the object of derision and suspicion, there may come a day when it becomes painfully evident that these “wackos” were right all along.

    And in true American fashion, these will be the ones who can survive and be able to impart the value of self-reliance to future generations.

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      1. I’m already forced to pay $250 a month in mandatory insurance. I don’t see what’s so crazy in spending a little bit more on supplies for down the road. Even a squirrel knows how to do that.

        • Not bad. My family gave up on insurance this year. We are going commando. I don’t like it, but they were wanting to extort my family of 6 for $1400/month. That’s alot of jack.

          • Thats why i didnt buy,,
            Somehow my sweety got me on her work policy for 400+/ month
            Last year,,,
            Was the last year of being mainstream,
            From here on out its alt for me

          • I just got insurance for the first time this year. It has a nearly $4,000 deductible and costs around $200 a month. The reason why is that I may need major surgery for an injury soon and the thought of paying it all out of pocket scares me. After this year though, I will probably drop it again as it costs just too much for someone working in the service industry to pay in perpetuity.

            • Winston, please, please, PLEASE look into health share plans. I cannot emphasize enough to everyone here that if you are a non-smoker, don’t do drugs, and minimal alcohol, you can save BIG BUCKS. We use Liberty Health Share, but but just google health share plans and do your research. My wife and I pay $300/month for the two of us, $1k deductible, free annual, free mammograms, colonoscopies, etc.

              b.) Oklahoma is the only state to allow doctors to open their own hospitals. For example, a hip operation that might cost 35k elsewhere is about 7k there. They only take cash, as noted above. Point is, self insurance is do-able. If I needed a hip, e.g., I would fly there and get it done. Medical tourism out of country is also going to be big. I have another post below where I put in the details.

              I get rather frustrated that people are paying thru the nose, many doing the Obunglercare thing, where there is a cheaper, better solution there for just a simple click or web search. Liberty Health Share is here We have been VERY pleased with them

              • TEST,

                Thank you for the link and information.

            • Winston, please, please, PLEASE look into health share plans. I cannot emphasize enough to everyone here that if you are a non-smoker, don’t do drugs, and minimal alcohol, you can save BIG BUCKS. We use Liberty Health Share, but but just google health share plans and do your research. My wife and I pay $300/month for the two of us, $1k deductible, free annual, free mammograms, colonoscopies, etc.

              b.) Oklahoma is the only state to allow doctors to open their own hospitals. For example, a hip operation that might cost 35k elsewhere is about 7k there. They only take cash, as noted above. Point is, self insurance is do-able. If I needed a hip, e.g., I would fly there and get it done. Medical tourism out of country is also going to be big. I have another post below where I put in the details.

              I get rather frustrated that people are paying thru the nose, many doing the Obunglercare thing, where there is a cheaper, better solution there for just a simple click or web search. Liberty Health Share is here We have been VERY pleased with them

            • that is prudent.always save for events.on my checking acc`t ,i drop change off and haven`t tallied it up in yrs now.have no clue what x-tra is in there.
              when katrina hit,water,gas etc could not have been purchased.wasen`t up.i didn`t see any one walking around with a bag of gold to get gas,gas wasen`t to be had.that told me we can`t put faith in gold.
              many more disasters coming.

        • I have decided insurance is for suckers. I paid through the roof for insurance and still had a $5000.00 deductible. Insurance never paid for anything.

          After retiring I dropped the insurance coverage. Yesterday my daughter broke her leg. Dr. visit + x-ray + cast was $265 total with cash. I asked what the charge would be if I had insurance and the clerk said it would be $1500.

          • Again, good deal. We went for a cast on a minimally displaced radius/ulnar fracture. With shitty $6000 ded. We had to pay every penny out of pocket. $4000 bucks. WTF for a cast. Consider yourself lucky.

            • Medical insurance sucks. Odramacare has made it even worse.

              BTW, the stock market, more precisely the DOW has closed under 16,000. The Nasdaq at 4488.
              The one year high was 18350 and 5200, respectively.

              Much attention is put towards these figures, and cumulatively, it looks bad for billions in losses.

              However; the truth is, the markets aren’t even in correction = 10% losses, mode yet. Well, based on the 5200 high of the Nasdaq it is close, as well as the S & P 500.

              But, what the media isn’t telling everyone is that the market is actually strong, when compared to it’s highs of five years ago.
              Compared to then, the Dow is still up nearly 37%. The Nasdaq is still up nearly 50%.

              What is interesting is that the gov is taking a strong look at what is happening, which is basically “lack of confidence” in the state of the union and all the cronies that are in control.
              People are running to more secure positions with their retirement investments. The markets are causing many people, especially those nearing retirement, to loose sleep and focus, on the things that are really important.

              It is nothing to me, personally, because I am totally out of the markets now. We are fully vested in tangible assets, and the preps needed for a return to living like it’s 1800 again.

              Another point, we were told that as the markets declined and the economy sank deeper in recession; that gold and silver would rise respectively, and even go through the roof, by some financial gurus.
              Interestingly, they stay stagnant, and people aren’t running to PM’s.

              • The only insurance that is worth it anymore is dental…

              • I’d say everyone who wanted pm’s got em…. have you not been watching the last four years?

            • Hospital billing is a huge tax fraud.

              That $4,000.00 cast is reduced to insurance companies to $1,800.00 with a copay

              If someone walks into emergency and has no insurance, they are billed the full $4,000. If they can’t pay, which many can’t, the hospital takes a $4,000 loss that reduces their tax burden.

              Wouldn’t it be great if you could inflate all your losses and expenses by a 100% to reduce your taxes?

              Hospitals run two price books, one for losses and one for normal payments, isn’t BIG business wonderful?

              • My son used the emergency room year before last for an appendectomy. Hospital more than happy to work out payments on a MUCH lower bill while the doctor and anesthesiologist both took lower payments. NEGOTIATE!!

              • Price gouging at its worst

            • A buddy of mind discovered his 6000$ deductible was per ocurrence, so far he has paid out over 10k in medical bills for one year NOT including the premiums

              • Kula – always appreciate your posts. However, as noted, there are TWO solutions to this, health share plans ($1k deductible total per year) and Oklahoma Surgery Center.

                I hope you’ll forgive me, but I am getting **very** frustrated reading people complaining here about healthcare when there ARE solutions right in front of their faces.

                As noted we use Liberty Health Share, and are VERY pleased. I got in a bike accident one week after joining them. The “rack rate” for all costs from the hospital was $30k. Our cost? Just the deductible. How do they do it? They don’t pay the rack rate either.

                Seriously, Kula, your friend needs to do some research. As with many others on this site. Most of their turmoil, from what I see, appears self induced.

            • Wouldn’t it be nice to walk into any hospital in your country and say fix me ?

          • My kid was hit by another car, the medical bill was $3400. The other guy was at fault….I wanted to pocket some of the cash for his tuition…I asked the hospital what they would take for Cash….on the spot..they said $2400. I was able to save my kid $1800. Cash is king.

            • Must be new math.

              Old math $3400 – 2400 = 1,000. Still a significant discount, but not 1800.

          • I too pay cash for dentistry and save 40%. I tried it with the Dr’s clinic and they won’t give any discount and refused to be paid until their billing dept. sends me a bill a few weeks later.

          • a person i know just had some serious back surgery and the TWO quotes from two places WITH insurance was
            A- $ 500,000.00
            B- $ 350,000.00
            he found a specialist for CASH , NO insurance $ 32,000.00
            could say more BUT we all know how big a scam it all is!

            • Oklahoma Surgery Center. Doesn’t take Medicate or Medicaid, but charges only 20% of normal costs if you pay cash. Medicare pays 80%, you pay the rest. So, what exactly what are you getting for that other 80%? Nada.

              One site addressing this is at
     but just google the site. Price list I believe is available.

              I don’t mean to sound harsh, but if people are stuck medically *because they refuse to do their own research*, they do not have my sympathies. Yes, some people can’t travel to OK for whatever reason. But the rest? Are people too lazy or stupid to google “Oklahoma Surgery Center????” I seriously don’t get it.

              Same thing with googling health share plans. Instead of spending $1,000/month on insurance, we spend $300, for IDENTICAL coverage (1k deductible)

              I see a lot of whining here on this site. I’m sorry, but a lot of the pain is self induced (I understand not all of it; for those of you who fit in this category, my heart does go out to you). But for those of you in the self-induced category, you need to get a clue. Seriously. Googling the two sites above will NOT take an excessive amount of energy or technical know-how. Trust me on that.

              • Kula lives in Hawaii. A hospital plan good only in Oklahoma will not be much use to him nor to the rest of us. The air fare and travel time will cost that much. Part of Obama don’t care also prohibits many doctors and hospitals from accepting cash.

          • Two things:

            a.) If you don’t smoke, don’t do drugs, and drink only moderately, you absolutely MUST google health sharing plans. COBRA for us was $1000 month. This is $300/month. Pretty much identical coverage. We use Liberty Health Share, and are VERY pleased, but there are others.

            b.) Oklahoma is the only state to allow doctors to open their own hospitals. For example, a hip operation that might cost 35k elsewhere is about 7k there. They only take cash, as noted above. Point is, self insurance is do-able. If I needed a hip, e.g., I would fly there and get it done. Medical tourism out of country is also going to be big

          • Better hope you never get a serious illness as you can rack up $300,000 pronto. I’ve had a few heart attacks, they are a good $80,000+ and thats with stints. Throw in a bypass and its easy $150,000 to $200,000.

            Anything really serious can hit a million.

            • But therein lies the problem,
              Maybe folks need to just wake up to reality rather than going deeper in debt to buy yourself a few more months,
              Just sayin

              • People have heart attacks in their twenties. Tell that no one lives forever crap to someone with young kids. You sound like Obama. I want to see how you react when the shoe is on your foot.

            • They are relying on our fear to peddle their shit. I can’t stand the health industry, talk about fucking evil scam artists.

              • You sound like a moron. Rack up a fifty thousand dollar medical bill and laugh that off. Obama has taken a imperfect system that worked fairly well and destroyed it. Just remember they come after you for Medicaid bills and also Medicare if paid through Medicaid.

                • You mean they come after YOUR ESTATE to recoup their losses after you die. They take their money out of whatever they can get from your home or property, savings, etc.

            • That is the beauty of Obamacare. There are no exclusions for pre existing conditions.

              Get cancer? Great, go buy an Obamacare policy and they will pay for it.

              That is why all of the Obamacare exchanges are failing. There is no need to buy insurance before you get a terrible illness. So everybody is waiting until they get cancer then are buying the policies.

            • For fellow readers reference: Oklahoma Surgery Center. Doesn’t take Medicate or Medicaid, but charges only 20% of normal costs if you pay cash. One story here.

              As noted above, we use a health share plan, and are VERY pleased. We get EXACTLY what COBRA would have given us, for 1/3 the price. I have NO idea why people won’t check out these types of plans. There are a bunch, we use Liberty Health Share.

              Look… I slept thru jr. high math class. But even ***I*** can do that kind of math, where $1,000 * .33 = x

          • If your not a home owner you don’t need insurance. If you are and you wind up with a quarter mil racked up in hospital bills, they can and do take peoples’ homes. Not as ruthless as banks, but still bassturds.

            • File a quit claim and re-deed your house to “tenant by the entireties” with both husband and wife (or significant other) as both grantors and grantees.

              They cannot take your house for a bill that is in either person’s name alone if deeded this way. Both own the real estate fully and not separately.

              Do not take credit, car loans or any debt out jointly…do it in one person’s name only. They cannot take your house for separate debt…only joint…but you must file “in the entireties” and not just joint tenancy with survivorship.

              YMMV please consult a lawyer…

              • Bull shit. That would be fraud and not only will you still lose the house but also rack up thousands in legal bills. Medicaid goes back six years for fraudulent transfers. A quit claim deed is pretty much worthless for avoiding bills.





        • Chainsaw I agree wholeheartedly. What I am able to put away each month is nothing more than insurance for an emergency that I hope and pray will never happen.

      2. My mantra for the day:

        I can grow a garden, but not toilet paper.
        I don’t need toilet paper, but I need to eat.
        I can’t eat toilet paper, but I need after I eat.

        • When the toilet paper runs out, I have the materials on hand to install a bidet in the toilet, that is gravity fed and solar heated with a hand valve.

          When the water works is done, a final swipe with a wet towelette, and the job is complete.

          I told the wife she should plan on stocking up on plenty of wash cloths also. You can never have too many in a shtf situation.

          • First, let me say, that is just gross.

            Second, if I had to use a bidet I would have to put a fire hose nozzle on it.

            • @Anon,
              That sounds like something Smokin Okie would say!!!

            • A garden hose with an adjustable nozzle would do as a last resort. Beware of sticky handles. Self infusement of H20 can be most shocking.

          • I got a bidet years ago. Its good for many things besides its intended purpose.

            • For some reason, I am pretty certain I don’t want to know what that means…

            • Makes a great emergency eyewash station.

          • I agree. Old white sheets can be torn up and used for a number of things from bandages to diapers to rags used for cleaning up after one’s business. As for the person that thought your comment was gross, oh well. It probably is. Better than the method used in the desert in the Middle East. One hand for eating and the hand for wiping.

          • Scott Paper says average person uses 16,000 Sq of TP per year; I’m sure if it was a problem that could be cut by 30-40 % call it 10,000. That’s only 10 rolls per year per person. In bulk It’s way less than a $1 a roll. You people are nuts! Spend a few bucks buy a 1000 roll box and have a 100 year supply. First time you wipe your ass with poison Ivy you will know what VALUE is.

            • Yup. TP is cheap compared to the hell of not having it. $50 goes a long way towards sanity and sanitation in a SHTF situation.

            • I use marathon myself.
              I guess that will go in my FBI file. LOL 🙂

          • Indeed, a very practical device! What is it with our fellow Americans’ infatuation with TP? At the end of the month my bidet saves a pile of TP and time. For some reason the device seems to be taboo in the US.

            So the question of the day is: How much head pressure is required in a gravity fed plumbing system to do a proper hose-down of one’s back side?

            • Use one of the large piston type squirt guns like kids use in swimming pools and a poly hose.

            • Take a dump before showering. That takes care of the problem unless you have the shits.

        • I use a Japanese toilet. No paper needed.

          • Do you have one of the washlets that has a sink in the tank and recycles your hand washing water for flushing? I always thought that looked like a great idea.

            • If a grid down event happens, I feel sorry for the people that have basements.. When the flow sewage stops, because no power to the pumps, it will backup in basements first.. Then you may have to move. Due to the raw sewage smell and gasses, then mold will start..

              • We have septic, and a place to put an outhouse. No problems here… 🙂

              • Nemesis;
                There are backwater valves and backflow preventers to avoid these problems.

        • Sorry boy’s….line in the sand for me. GTG for 5+

        • Anyone who tells you that you need toilet paper in SHTF. Never had to ration themselves on one to one and a half pounds of food a day. Your body burns everything to survive. There is no waste. We Americans are so spoiled . We have lost all experience with semi starvation. You can’t eat as much ase you want . You will be on extreme ration or you will run out. Ounce a week you’ll dump black marbles. Like a deer.

        • armageddon,

          On the toilet paper thing if you do not have any do what the arabs do get a water bottle fill it with water warm or cold however you like it. put a few holes in in the top over the water bottle aim a squeeze.

          Think of the money you will save, and you will be a hero.

      3. Only problem is that those who didn’t prep (but went to Disney Land instead)are going to be storming those of us who did prep…

        • That could be a bad idea for them. We’ve been prepping for years so we stocked up on silver a long time ago. Since then are stocks have been in brass and lead.

          • Maddog, that WILL be a bad idea for them if they come to me wanting something. My stocks are also in brass and lead, LOL. Whoever doesn’t prep is inept.

          • Lots and lots of brass and lead and tons of that black grainy stuff that makes things go boom,

        • The only true problem will be that I’ll have so many bodies laid out in the yard, I need to move my garden up wind.

          • Think Trade Jerky.

        • Fallen Ascension,

          This is one of my biggest concerns as well. The people whom we attempt to educate now, including some of my own relatives, seem to find great amusement in the actions of those of us who DO actually prepare for when TSHTF.

          Some of my closest relatives, who don’t live with me, openly laugh at my prepping activities. I fear that they could become some of my greatest immediate threats and dangers in a post SHTF scenario.

          After all, rather than admit that they were wrong, these same people, blinded by their hubris and humiliation, would likely become extremely angry and attempt to simply kill me and take my preps for themselves.

          When the SHTF, I have little doubt that I will need to use extreme measures to ensure my own survival when they show up on my front porch with sheepish and humble smiles on their faces. Behind those fake smiles will be an uncontrollable rage intended to extinguish the source of their humiliation.

          It’s perhaps the saddest and most depressing consideration behind my prepping activities.

          Never underestimate the power of rage and blind hatred, even if those emotions manifest in those closely related to you.

          • AJ: I have had similar reactions from my family. I expect they will show up, eventually. Depends on how bad things get and how broken down. I am on one coast and they are on the other so it could take them some time to reach my location. When they show up I will point them to the shed or give them a tarp and show them where they can sleep, outside. My house, my rules. Those rules mean they work or they don’t eat. They don’t want to work they can leave. They don’t like what I am eating, too bad. I am talking about some of my nieces and nephews and second cousins. They have been raised in a way that would make them a huge burden. Since they have been raised to think they are special snowflakes it would be an uphill climb, and a lot of aggravation, for me to disabuse them of that notion as quickly as possible.

            None of them have ever had a garden. They did not grow up shooting or doing chores as I did. They have not been around large animals like horses or cattle. They don’t know how to use tools in a safe way. Basically just having them around is a liability. Which is why I would be a total jerk to run them off as quickly as possible because to make them useful, and skilled, would take years. Pretty much they only thing they have learned is nothing useful. Sad commentary on my family and this society.

            • Wow! I didn’t know you were related to the Kartrashians! Or is that Lady Kaka or Mahdoona’s family! 😉

            • Philosopher – your relatives who survive the coast-to-coast trip will not be the same people you used to know! Many of the lessons of life you talk about will have been faced and indelibly learned on the trip. If they have survived the nightmare of travelling through zombieland, they might actually be assets!

              • TX: fair enough. If they just drove a car or got on a plane I would be a skeptic. If they actually walked all the way that would change things quite a lot. I know I sound like a hard ass. Yes I am. Which is why I have planned and scrimped and saved to ensure my survival. I am open to inviting in other people if they have skills. It all comes down to your attitude and what you know and what you are willing to learn. It is hard to teach someone that thinks they know everything. For the record, I keep coming back here because I am learning. The day I stop learning is the day I die.

        • They can try, but if i cant have it nobody can and have prepped for that as well

      4. Called in to a Christian radio talk show this week. The topic was “The Real State of The Union”. I told the Host that 8 years ago I was considered a “kook” for being a Survivalist. Now I have many neighbors, friends, and family making preps.

        In the end, only Christ’s Elect will survive.

        • LOL serious? What has Christ done for anyone throughout the times? NOTHING!!!

          • Don’t worry Anon, You probably won’t be one of those who survive

            • There are short term preppers, and there are long term preppers. What a shame to save your life for the short term, and then your soul spends eternity in hell. Think I’ll prep for both. Long term prepping is even easier than short term. Because Jesus Christ paid for the long term, all you have to do is except him as your Lord and Savior. Trekker Out. Jesus is Lord!

              • Nice post MT. Thanks

              • amen brother all short term preps are worthless and unnecessary without christ

          • You got balls pal. You must be a fucking genius. Personally I look around and say there is no way intelligent design was not in play. Therefore taking a chance that I came from lightening striking pond scum and curse God because I’m a fucking superhero is an idea I’m staying a million miles away from. Good luck to pal.

            • Belief is a wise wager. Granted that faith cannot be proved, what harm will come to you if you gamble on its truth and it proves false? If you gain, you gain all; if you lose, you lose nothing. Wager, then, without hesitation, that He exists.

              Blaise Pascal

          • Not sure about you but someone else is definitely taking care of me,
            In spite of my best efforts to ruin my life somehow it always works out good,
            The good Lord is the only possible explanation i can think of

          • For starters, you own your very existence to Him.

          • Just because you are a mocker doesn’t prove a thing. Mock at your own risk.

          • Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ died on the cross so that we could have salvation. May you find Jesus and keep him in your heart anon. God bless everyone on here.

        • Depends on what you call the end. If you think being a Christian will save you from the general mayhem,you are in grave error. All the *bad* people will not magically go away.They never did in the Bible, or in history.

          • No they won’t but that doesn’t mean as a Christian I won’t send a “bad” guy to hell.

          • “Fear not he who can kill your flesh body, but He who can kill your soul.”

            • it’s reality when you have eyes to see and ears to hear…

        • Seminole Wind, a CHRISTIAN radio host said you were a ‘kook’? I would’ve told him that’s what libturds call me.

        • Not trying to be an ass but do you have Christ’s ear? Did he enlighten you on who will be the one left in the field and the other taken away?. My advise and I give it in a brotherly fashion is this….see to your house first.

          • Sorry Seminole Wind, disregard the above post. Had to read your post two-three times to get what you’re trying to say. Hard sometimes to understand the ‘tone’ of typed words.

        • Well, everyone will have eternal existence but only the elect will want it. As for eschatology, it all depends on which possible scenario plays out. I hope the pre-trib model is correct but fear post-trib. I’d rather like to avoid the tribulation period if it is God’s will.

          • Sorry Winston Smith, pre-trib Rapture IS a LIE/false teaching! No Christians alive will escape tribulations in the coming days (i.e. the 7 Seals), for Jesus said in John 16:33 “These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.” (KJV). Rapture is for the escape from the Wrath of God, i.e. the 7 trumpets & the 7 bowls – Great Tribulations. Be prepared spiritually – check out this site:

      5. I was thinking about prepping and the coming collapse and remembered the 1980s. In the 1980s a lot of movies were about the Russians and nuclear war.

        I have seen lots of movies and tv shows about collapse and financial SHTF.

        Apparently a lot of people are thinking about collapse.

      6. In a short time frame after the collapse so much stuff will just be up for grabs homes cars garages full of tools and sheds and storage facilities people will die off faster than can be burried my great grandfather owned a roofing company in chicago back when the spanish flu hit he was gone from home staying at the cemetary for 2 weeks building caskets pine boxes that was just the flu so imagine 10 x that to the 2nd power

        • It will be far worse than any movie or what you can imagine…

          The veneer of civilization is pretty thin and let a dad not be able to provide food/water and you had better be awake…

          What will initially kill a lot of people is they will still think the “rules” still apply…

        • It all depends on what kind of collapse we see and how bad it is. In many scenarios, the rule of law would still exist and it would just be very tough times. Think Cuba’s “special economic period” and you’ll get the idea. Hyperinflation (modern day Venezuela and Zimbabwe, and almost Russia under sanctions) also usually preserves the corrupt government that caused it in the first place but things for the average person become chaotic, to say the least.I tend to think we will most likely see something in between a total chaotic WROL scenario and a modern Cuba scenario if it is only economic. If the government becomes even stupider than normal though, I wouldn’t rule out a civil war as it may be the only way to preserve basic human rights like free speech, privacy and firearms ownership.

          • Fernando Aguirre’s Surviving Argentina website is VERY instructive in this regard.

            So there isn’t a TEOTWAWKI event, but just a grinding devolution into poverty that the Frankfurt School/ Gramsci/ Alinsky wanted. What then? This is what happened in Argentina, and why Ferfal’s site, the Modern Survivalist, is so helpful.

            Our battle is one of the pen, not the sword. Leave the violence to the leftists, who MURDERED over 100 million last century, per Oxford Univ. Press book The Black Book of Communism.

            I know it is frustrating, but we must by all means try to communicate winsomely, perspicaciously and cogently. There ARE a lot of people waking up, even if only slowly and one by one.

            • Don’t worry. I am not advocating for violence and am not looking for it.

      7. People can see with their own lying eyes what is going on around them.

        Rampant crime and drug use, random murder and mayhem, terrorism, racial animosity, illegal immigration without hindrance, powerful gangs, corruption in government, corporate greed, the visible devolution of western civilization. No lesser words can describe what is happening.

        Upheaval and chaos could be on the horizon, some folks are getting ready, some more than others.

        Just look at firearm sales and carry permit numbers, hundreds of thousands of people are arming themselves. That’s the first step, they’ll look at the rest of the preparation next.

        • @smokey

          True that! Before the War of Northern Aggression started (1st Am Civil War) many in The South had formed Militias, as they saw what was coming.

          I believe the ” Great gun buying binge” is similar!

          • Thank, SW. But here’s the thing. The South still lost. That is why, while I strongly support the 2nd Amendment, the real battle is one of education and information dissemination, not force. The battle is non-violent, and one of the pen, not the sword. We must communicate perspicaciously, cogently and winsomely – if we do we will win.

            • TEST- How ya doing???

              I always enjoy your posts…

              The difference here may be that the guberment finds itself in a position where it is forced to act/react to maintain it’s existence…

              EMP, economic collapse, the fall of the petro dollar, ISIS in our borders, a Russian nuclear attach, a China invasion, obola declares himself the righteous ruler of the homeland for life… who knows what could happen???

              I also agree with SMOKEY, “…hundreds of thousands of people are arming themselves. That’s the first step, they’ll look at the rest of the preparation next”…

              It’s good to talk with others who view the world from different angles as I learned long ago, sometimes I miss the gorilla in the room, even when he’s sitting in my lap…

              • 1st Vet. You are correct. And that is why I support the 2nd Amendment, which is what is was originally intended for – as a force de frappe, or force de dissuasion. Essentially, this was the model France had in the Cold War (you can google the terms) – French military basically said, yes, we know the USSR can take us in a conventional war. We know they can nuke us and destroy us. HOWEVER, are they willing to exchange 40 – 50 Russian cities for France? In the same vein, there are certain people, aka TBTB, that have to be wondering (and YOU would be best to answer this) how many in the military will actively oppose some – what basically amounts to – a communist/Fabian socialist putsch? How many will military will simply remain in their barracks? I have a nephew just out of the Marine, and my neighbor and good friend here in the Socialist People’s Thugocracy of IL. is a former Marine and recently retired IL state trooper, who was very senior. Neither of them would support some quasi-commie takeover. Please see Sheriff Mack’s, the Constitutional Sheriff’s association, which is an alliance of sheriff’s dedicated to the constitution.

                So, yes, you are correct. The 2nd Amendment is exactly as DEMOCRAT Vice President Hubert Humphrey said:

                “The right of the citizens to bear arms is just one more guarantee against arbitrary government, one more safeguard against the tyranny which now appears remote in America, but which historically has proved to be always possible.” –Vice President Hubert H. Humphrey (1911-1978)

                Extra Credit:
                “Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom; it is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves.” –British Prime Minister William Pitt (1759-1806)

                “A new study shows that 60% of young Americans plan to buy firearms. The other 40% were confused, saying they thought they were free under Obamacare.” –Fred Thompson

        • Countrywide low/poor/no values in the citizens of the US = inability for a person to move around in daylight without getting our fucking heads taken off by some asswipe with a 30-06 from 200 yards. I will be keeping a low profile for as long as possible when it goes down. We have a very untrustworthy populace to deal with at this time. Many think nothing of ending a life in the name of their own personal survival. Not looking forward to the future.

          • Me neither friend: but the die off when it commences will be hard and fast…

            A 33% die off in 30 days in urban areas would not surprise me at all…

            Where we would be at in 90 days could be anyone’s guess…

            • Its going to be bad, imagine if monday morning is the kickoff,,,,

              • Kulafarmer

                Martin Luther King Day is Monday?

            • 1vet.

              The first 90 days will be crucial in the survival
              world. The first 30 days people will try to gather items. Sixty days into the reset, medical problems set in
              motion. Reaching 90 days, panic sets in on the normal bias. The next 90 days might become the Wild West.

              I watch and listen to what people say and do. You can see, I am going to get mine, attitude. Quick to anger. Who obeys traffic laws. Everyone going like hell. Crime and murder. Wait till the SNAP money stops. Banks have a Holiday. Food shortages and hunger become more prevalent.

              All what I say is a rehash of what we ALL have been saying.

              The only control we have had is what we do to prepare. We can’t control when it happens even as we see the signs of trouble ahead.

              What the PTB can not see is how bad IT CAN RALLY GET and backfire on them. A pissed of person with a LONG Memory so to speak.

              • What You Should Do If Someone Dies
                ◦Document the event, date, time and day of week
                ◦Where did the death take place
                ◦Actual number of victims and fatalities
                ◦Location of bodies
                ◦Accessibility of the disaster site
                ◦Location of holding area for dead bodies
                ◦Estimate the time it took to recover the bodies
                ◦Conditions of bodies
                ◦Presumed identity
                ◦List any potential hazards you encountered at the site
                ◦Document the weather conditions
                ◦List the people involved in recovering the bodies

                • Just Shoot, Shovel and Shut the Hell Up. No Documentation Required!!


                • areyouready?

                  Good one.

                  Dead Bodies? What I do depends on whether they were friend or foe. Friendlies or the less fortunate I would do what I could with what you stated. Otherwise. Hmmmm.

                  Disease major concern.

                • That’s what the compost pile is for! Make fertilizer out of them.

          • +1
            IMHO, there will be absolutely no reason to go anywhere beyond my neighborhood.

            • No kidding, for 30 days we’re going to need to be hunkered down with the squad on the neighborhood frontier. No reason to leave the secured area.

              • That’s it. I am not leaving my shit behind unless I get burned out. Which I can see this is entirely possible. Bugging in here and hope my neighbors/friends will pull together.

                • G.T.L.- you’re spot on about being burned out!!!

                  I have acreage here and will have my caches out if that happens. We have a rock house with metal roof too…

                  My several neighbors are my fall back position and I do not expect to be fighting alone should it come to that…

                  It’s not that this is what I want-I just don’t see how amerika is going to keep it together???

      8. Been stockpiling food, ammo, and supplies since I bought this house back in the late 1980’s, way before it was ‘fashionable’. Some, including other family members thought I was nuts. Until the power went out for weeks in a winter storm in the early 90’s. Guess who moved in with us for a month? Daughter and son in law. But did they learn? Noooo…same thing happened a few years later. Guess who moved in…again… And not to belabor the point, after the 4th longterm power outage, they finally ‘got it’. They are self sufficient now. A couple years ago, we experienced the same thing once again. Freezing cold, no power, no water, no lights, and guess who came over for food, warmth etc… the neighbors who thought I was a loon. But I was a warm, well fed loon. Yes, I fed them too for a week. But this time I had their rapt attention, since I was also storing some of their insulin to keep it from spoiling. There are only 11 houses here on top of the mountain, and now every single one has a supply of food storage, ammo, water etc… and when we lost power once again, last year, I was mighty lonely, because they were all self sufficient. But I’m not looked at as the nut down the road anymore. Anyway, we have a very well prepped neighborhood which can be a self sustaining ‘compound’ for a long time on this mountaintop. And yes, they are good and trusty neighbors.

        • Mountain man your post is an inspiration. Thank you greatly for posting your experience.

          • Thank you sir. I appreciate the positive response.

      9. Prepping may have gone somewhat mainstream however many in the mainstream simply are not very good at survival regardless of resources available to them

        Kind of like when a buddy of mine floated down a river to hike back when we went through a camping area there were several people there camping they thought ahead to bring a full quart size of lighter fluid but after they quickly burnt up that lighter fluid they still had cold wet firewood. While me and a buddy were a mile or so up river started our fire with a flint steel and so everything was warm and dry in about a hour

        • They will starve when their 1 month of potato chips run out.

          • 1 month???

            you’re an optimist!!!

          • No Cheetos, no peace.

      10. OREGON UPDATE: Just came from the morning press conference. Spoke with the RT Moscow reporter who spoke with Lavoy after the main conference. He told me as he told Lavoy he has already spoke with 40 people in town who have been intimidated into not speaking out, and even he said this is going to be VERY VERY BIG what is happening here with the criminal corruption.

        • Ron:

          One thing about it, Ron, Burns is a small enough town that it will be easy to separate the sheep from the goats.

          I would imagine the town will never heal from the intimidation and scare tactics of the feds/blm/govt agents. Truth be told residents there have more to fear from the feds and their alphabet agencies than from any of the protestors.

          When a huge percent of the peoples livelihood there depends on fed money, one way or another, it is hard to discern the truth of the situation.

          I went to the protest in Burns to support the Hammonds and was dismayed at the lack of participation/concern for the Hammonds by the townspeople until I found out what percentage of the town depends on the feds for their next meal.

          No matter what side you take on what happened in Burns, the real story lurking there is what the govt goons can do to you and yours if theft of your land/resources is on their agenda.

          May God grant some peace to the Hammond family. Thanks to all who have signed the redress petition.

          • I live in a small town in Wyoming. We have all sorts of very expensive state and fed financed projects that seem to always go to the same few people who just happen to be in the government of family of the government.
            Most people work for these guys or their families so it is hard to get them voted out.
            I keep real quiet about what I have and act like I have nothing but when SHTF there is going to be problems because these people live far beyond their means, have no preps and are used to getting what they want.

            • You see this here too, all the fat cats who got in trouble in 08 seem to be in government or closely connected to it,
              Have a feeling we will have to eradicate these tyrants before they try to take everybodies property

          • The town is waking up daily now, the light is being shown on the corruption

          • The real story is the uranium that a foreign globalist Corporation known as Uranium One wants to get a hold of, and Uranium One is owned by a Russian oligarch piece of filthy shit.


            • Just signed now. Took me 30 seconds. Thanks so much for your post. This is why this site is so helpful

          • The sheep and goats are already being separated in Oregon. This one was VERY encouraging, where Fire Dept. Chief quits, calling out the scam going on About 12 min.

        • Ron,
          How do you thin the Oregon standoff will play out?

          What do you predict is going to happen based on what you have seen there?

          • I see the corruption and truth being exposed everyday here, so still not sure, but this is getting much, much, much bigger than Burns. Lavoy and the others have spoken to a good sheriff in a neighboring county, so we will see.

            • Usually when corruption is exposed the government becomes more tyrannical in stamping down dissent.

              • They still have time

                Didn’t they just take a mans trailer home
                I’m sure the thuggery is just on hold til they feel the propaganda for their perceived high moral grounds has worked
                Than it will end , possibly violently
                Only because the Fed Coats will follow their masters and collect their check

                • My son took the video of them removing the man’s trailer. He will be posting other happenings on his youtube channel at DALLAS AHRENS

              • https ://

                They are waiting on their propaganda to work

                The media is owned , and the truth of things will get skewed

      11. “Break away from the system under your own terms, instead of a hyperactive reaction to sudden emergency.” Of all the countless articles I ever read about the necessity of prepping, that phrase has more wisdom than all the others combined. I can only speak for myself, but maybe you fall into the same category: Being an oil field worker, and suffering through all the ups and downs of the last 30 years, I have never been able to have one day under my own terms. It was always a buyout, a layoff, a forced transfer, or reduction in work hours. “Break away from the system on our own terms.” That’s good stuff. Own and won have the same letters, we just need to rearrange them a little. So maybe if we break away on our own terms then we have already won.

        • That is what I did. I quit running after my career and bought 5 acres. I want to live with less so I can be more free. Tiny house, big garden, thrift stores, no debt.

          • Doing the same thing myself this year. Semi-retiring at 53. Growing veggies and doing a lot of reloading.

      12. People all over the planet are prepping if they can. Thinks look bad. The longer out the better.

        • Rebecca, I hope it holds off a while longer but I’m not holding my breath on that. My first contact with what we today call prepping was during the Cuban Missile Crisis. I was only 5 years old at that time. My older brother and I helped our Dad build a bomb shelter in our basement and stocked it with food, water, medical supplies, etc. I didn’t thin it about it again until a good many years later when I met the woman who would become my wife. She was a nurse and sold me on the idea of prepping. I have never regretted it since then. I won’t apologize to anyone for it. People can call me ‘kook’ or whatever; it doesn’t matter. I now I can handle whatever curveballs life throws at me. I’ve had many a personal SHTF event and survived each and every one of them by myself. I never went asking government or anyone else for help. I am a survivor. Today’s generation would fall apart if their smartphones quit working. People are just not what they ought to be or used to be. The younger generation, with a small percentage of exceptions, will be toast.

          • I see it all the time, people will be lost without their electronic ‘gadgets’. When my granddaughter (11 years old) is at her house, she is always on her ‘pad’ but as soon as she comes over to Pop-Pop’s house (2-3 times a week) she becomes ‘survivor girl’ . Outside and with me all the time. She never even touches her gadgets. She spends the day shooting her bow and arrow, or camping in her tent, or fishing and is learning how to be self sufficient and she loves every minute of it. (So do I) This spring she put 16 arrows in a row in a bulls eye on her target. She told me last week she now wants to learn to hunt…that’s my girl! Her mom however (my daughter) may or may not actually survive a shtf scenario…unless she has her makeup and hairspray, but there is always hope…

            • PMM: a good reason to have cards and boards games. I grew up playing cards and board games. I keep a copy of Hoyle’s Rule Book on hand and a pack of cards, a cribbage board, a backgammon board, checkers, chess and monopoly. I remember playing monopoly with a cousin for hours and hours day after day. I grew up learning cribbage and gin rummy and we would sometimes play for pennies but I don’t come from a family that gambled so never learned the gambling card games.

          • No one is asking for an apology about people who prep. I normally just say fuck you when people make fun of me.

          • Braveheart, my family hunted, fished, gardened, had chickens, canned, froze food. I have never considered any other way even though I lived in the city and did not hunt or fish. It will help get you through hard times. I have never seen it this bad before. Walmart claiming it will open more stores to make up the closings is likely hype to soften the stock market reaction. They are hurting.
            I am scared, no doubt about it. I hope for the best and keep prepping. I have always kept a one year food supply. I am expanding my garden this year. I decided to put growing shelves and grow lights in my extra bedroom this week. I like fresh vegetables all year.
            Still, people will have no food and no income. That is extreme.

            • Rebecca, I have a 3-year supply at my cousin’s BOL and still stacking. I have another trip there scheduled for March bet I have the feeling I may have to go sooner. That depends on events and I don’t like the way things are looking now. the land my relatives have in north GA has been kept in the same family since colonial times. they all learned the same skills you mentioned from the earliest possible age, especially firearms use. any one of them is a better shot than I am. a lot of what I know about prepping I learned from them. Once I get to the BOL I’ll still have more to learn about homesteading but at least I’ll be out of the city and my chances of survival go way up. They have lived in the mountains all their lives. except for an occasional trip to a city for supplies or a gun show/prepper show, they stay out of cities all they can. I’ve noticed fewer employees in the wallyworlds in my area for the past 6 months and knew they had to be in some kind of trouble. The post-SHTF era will be horrific. Once I bugout, the BOL is where I’m staying. No more urban areas for me from that point on.

      13. Gave each sibling a Get Home bag for Christmas with items like water filter, knife, fire starters, multi-tools, first aid kits, and all the other stuff needed. I figured they may not like it as a Christmas gift, but I felt better knowing they had those items. Turns out they were all thrilled to have them! They live too great a distance from me and think I am over anxious on this topic, but I still try to get them on board. I thank the Lord each day that my spouse and I are on the same page.

        • DAMed.

          Did the same thing last Christmas. I think they were put off at first, but as we went thru the items, I think they caught on.

          God is good. We are going to need Him more than ever sooner than later.

          God Bless…


      14. In regards to prepping it’s better to be safe then sorry. If you watch TV or Internet you can see what’s happening just to list a few: high unemployment, businesses closing at record number, terrorism, illegal immigration with no end in sight, government spending like there is no tomorrow, tock market so far in 2016 is negative (it could fall blow 10,000 or crash all to gather), and food, rent, cars are all are all going u[ up and away.

        A GREAT DEPRESSION is just around the corner and it could be worse then the last one. The Government and people have too much outstanding credit and banks are still sending out credit card applications offering point or rewards. Car title loans are going to hit a lot of people and they will lose their cars.

        God Bless America during these trouble times

        • My grandmother told me a story of the Great Depression. She said that in her down there was a “dead mans curve.”

          In one year there were 49 cars that lost control and flew off the cliff. All 49 drivers were able to jump to safety at the last second.

          There had never been an accident in that curve in history before the depression.

          • Butte Montana had a version of the dead man curve you speak of. It was an urban renewal project called BURN. Several commercial building started on fire spontaneously and soon after the copper mine shut down. It was all fun and games until a shoe store caught fire and their mascot and draw was a monkey. He died in one of the many fires. RIP monkey.

        • Southener-

          It WILL be worse than the last depression, because we no longer have the foundations that we had after the depression era. Completely different mindset. Completely different values, completely different country.

          Our Grandparents for the most part came out of the great depression with self reliance. Many in the younger generation of today will look toward the government for help, because that is what they have been taught in government schools.

          The way I see prepping is we are buying low, prices will only go up from here. All of it can be used sooner or later, its a win win.

          P.S. My guess is that we are getting close. I teach my Niece and Nephew about gardening, fire building every chance I get. Soon I will get them a bow and start with that, by the time they are 10 I will have them shooting a 22LR.

        • S.- I don’t think people are going to give those cars up. There aren’t enough repo guys to do the job when all these loans hit the skids. That will be a major part of the descent into WROL. A lot of those vehicles will end up “stolen”… that is, by a friend and stashed in a barn somewhere.

      15. Ron Ahrens, please elaborate more on the findings., i dont have squat on the new details yet. According to what we saw in that video, the FBI got thier asses handed to them, but whats taken place now is the real question?



        When the people fear the government, you have tyrany. When the govement fears the people, you have freedom.

        Thomas Jefferson

        First secretary of state & 3 president of the
        United States.

        • Just follow Pete Santilli and you will see it live and you can make your own mind up.

      16. Read link guys, and listen to the Video. It’s not a wonder why the Banks have ordered survival Kits to lock themsleves into the banks until the Un troops come to take out the customers by force in the streets, now i can believe this one. Because it’s the likely senario.



      17. survivalist “wackos?”

        Yeah and chanting “Yes we can/Yes we have no bananas” as some ignorant leftist student, who now collectively owe $1.1 TRILLION is “normal.”

        “Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, and one bye one.”

        – Charles McKay, 1812-1889, Scottish author of the still excellent to read Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds.

        *****************This email was sent from my $1,000 “free” Obamaphone. Sign up at yourself at EVERYONE qualifies (even your dog)!
        “PhreePhonesPhorEveryone” is a division of the U.S. Dept. of ObamaPhones and the U.S. Dept. of Sphelling, and is a paid for by “everyone else.”

        • Garbage, save your money.
          Better than nothing but real limited in effectiveness,
          PVS14 gen 3 filmless is your minimum starting point

        • What’s your intended use? Video camera, GPS receiver? Rifle scope?

        • Plan and prep,have never even heard of much less used said optic.I personally do not want one with net connections ect.What are you looking to do with said scope/what type of rifle would be able to recommend a few I have used personally if applicable to your needs.

          You do buy please after using give a field report of said optic,would be interested in hearing how it turns out,good luck with whatever you end up buying.

        • Should have been clearer in my reply. There’s a lot of circuitry in this that is going to be worthless in an EMP or solar event, or a weatherseal failure. Much of the features appear to be just about worthless. You need real-time analog knowledge of your location on a map, not later that day when you get to the laptop that may or may not work.

          If you want night vision, it’s expensive. A night monocular is good enough for searching out stuff. The field of view on a riflescope is too small for area search, you’re using valuable time for the wrong reason.

          Good dawn/dusk scopes can be had for $200 or so, the Leupold VX 1 or II comes to mind.

          I can’t comment on the quality of the scope seals or build, I’ve not used one of these.

        • Would advise against a trick scope like that ATN X-Sight.

          Trijicon ACOG is the way to go. Costs a little more but worth every penny. Live long and prosper.

          • If’n ya wanna scope your AR, the ACOG is the best.

            ..that said, if you have a .30cal. or bigger…take a long hard look at a Shepard scope.

        • Last comment.

          NV is up to 150 yards. If engagement at 150 yards is a good idea for you, OK, but seems to me you want to push that out a bit. No one is invisible once the shooting starts at 150 yards, muzzle flash is the aim point.

          • Wow, lots of great remarks.

            I’d love a night vision scope, almost no night scopes work well during the day, this one does so there’s no need to carry two sets of optics.

            The 150 yard limit is huge for night vision. You need to spend huge to beat it, reviews say it’ll go further with a better IR illumination or a moonlit night.

            When I searched for night vision, a wide zoom range was rare to imposible to find. The 5 to 18 zoom is very wide. I like zooms, zoom out and find something, zoom in and see where your rounds are hitting.

            EMP, yeah I intend to store it in a safe place. My steel gun safe qualifies as EMP proof, and it can stay on a rifle there. EMP, in a shtf event, wouldn’t it be nice to be the only one in the county with working night-vision?

            Some of the extra goodies it has are a waste, recording practice at the range could be useful. I assume the blue tooth can be shut off. The one shot scope zero function is amazing.

            I found it while shopping for a Night-vision scope, I’d love a high end thermal scope, they are just not in the budget. Rather than another grand or two or three in a scope, I’d rather a bigger food stash that a fraction of a flur scope costs.

            This scope could never compete with what the Feds issue, but in most SHTF situations, your threat is from throngs of ill equipped desperate people, or your trying to take some game in the dark, very good for pig hunting, not so good if a high tech night time swat team comes a knocking, but it’s still a huge force multiplier.

            • Shoot a fed and take their scope 🙂

              • And armor, and M4 and mags, and use his comms to listen, plus use the gear off his buddies as spares,,,,

                • 308 at close range goes through all but the very best armor.

                  I also like high amplification hearing protection. To hear like a dog is another force multiplier.

              • “Shoot a Fed”.
                You fucking provoking agent.

              • And their shades. They always wear the coolest shades,they’re a dead give away. Trekker Out.

        • My opinion
          keep it simple

          Technology is a double edged sword

        • So the scope in question takes an illuminator to use night vision. Hmmmm…So the same light you use could also be seen like a beacon in the night by anyone using any type of night vision. I prefer passive IR scope with no illumination requirements. They are pricey unfortunately.

          • Rednek101,

            I did more reading, some sellers package it with an IR Illuminator. It doesn’t have an illuminator built in.

            It apparently has great night vision abilities, but there needs to be some light. How much light a night scope needs is the big question, some reviewers comment that this one is better than generation 1 and 2 scopes, but it can’t compete with any but the cheapest modern thermal scopes.

            A good IR illuminator is a great accessory per people that like to hunt wild pigs and coyote at night. It makes the scope work as well on a moonless overcast night as it does on a clear bright moonlit night.

            As you try to reach out longer distances it’ll want a bit more light.

            An alternative to a mounted IR light source, one could buy a 12 pack of solar yard lights and change the White LED’s out for IR LED’s, place them strategically a distance from your house. They will light up distant objects and not necessarily give you away. Suddenly any night vision will work better, be it cameras, goggles or scopes.

      18. My mother used to always say “it’s better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it’. That has stuck with me all my life. Mom grew up during the last depression. She knew what hardship really was. For years, I tried to prep, even before it was popular but my then-husband didn’t believe in it. He would remove any extra food, toilet paper, etc I may have on hand and give it away or simply throw it away. He even said that he believes the government will take care of him. When I got my freedom papers, prepping went into high gear and, today, I think my son and I can handle most things that come our way. My ex has even tried to talk me out of the two guns I got from the divorce. He still doesn’t get it. Glad we’re half a continent away now!

        • Smart lady,,,

        • Don’t give them to him. He can buy his own.

          • Growing up, I always wanted a lever-action 22. I got baby dolls and tea sets instead. (Mom wanted a princess. She got a tomboy!) After I left home, I finally got the rifle I’d always wanted, a Winchester 9422. Later I acquired a 30-30 that matched the 22 perfectly. It disappeared. My husband had sold it. A few years before our divorce, he bought 30-30 knock-off to replace the original. Those are the two guns he wants but will never get his hands on again.

            Today, I am racked with arthritis, so bugging out and trekking the wilderness is not a option. My only line of defense is fire-power. At least I can still handle a gun.

            • Nubmaeme

              Firepower! You got that right. Six months from now you might have had a problem and any one of us will be defending our homes and the option of high tailing to the great outdoors has been denied for what ever reason.

              The first questionable people I think I will encounter are those who failed to prep and the Raiders. Similar to Katrina. Fairly organized but aggressive. The government will come for your guns and supplies mostly in the light of day to show they have the LEGAL RIGHT to take your gear.

              I do think the government will sit back and let us fight it out for a time among ourselves. Lots of intell to be observed and gathered.

              We can all become the Grey Man but sooner or later they will come. They will seek out the PRESUMED weak. Let them thing that way.
              As I have said before, Some is better than none. A few simple Gadgets could make those raiders move on down the road. Should they encounter a gadget I want them to say, “Ah Shit, motherfucker” as they grimace in pain.
              I betting they have never encountered the gadget before and thought the area was safe to enter.

              What are the chances of them wearing light sole shoes or sneakers? Hint.

              I think of these items because I will be “Standing Alone” and that is how I prep.

        • You do know he’ll probably show up at your house at the first sign of trouble right? That kidult mentality still needs Mummy to take care of them and if Gov won’t fill their role they oft times confuse themselves with the children we gave birth to and attempt to roll back under our kitchen tables. Add in a dash of chauvinism, a pinch of emotional blackmail via the kids and splash of stupidity and you got yourself a potential problem on your hands. If you refuse to help him he’s likely to bring all manner of foolishness to your door.

          Seen it happen to decent women just once too often, so watch yourself OK?

          Note- I’m not dissing all men here, just the damn foolish metrosexual, kidult ones. I’m also well aware of the number of utterly useless females that are about.

      19. A line from Bill Paxton in Twister: “It’s not coming, it’s already here”.
        Finish as much preparing as you can now, time is very short. Good luck to all out there that plan to bug out.

        We The Few!!

      20. OREGON UPDATE: Lavoy Fimicum and other patriots got word about FBI cameras being installed around, so they drove miles out and tore them all down. Lavoy looked into one and said “the spying stops here” and threw the camera down. Several news agencies on scene filmed the event, Drones are still flying around.

      21. Walmart in my area has got a good compliment of veggy seeds as well as herbs. Some are hybrid some are heirloom. Use the hybrid which can do real well(bounty wise) for those learning. Don’t save those seeds. Only save those seeds that are heirloom. Keep distance between heirloom planting and hybrid plants to keep cross pollinating between the two from occurring. There’s a learning curve. Get Started!

        • I spent half an hour at Walmart looking at the new seeds in. I bought 6 types, but have lots of seeds at home. Bought some pickling cucumbers which I have been out of for a while. I am expanding my garden this year… I plan to up the canning and freezing.

          • Get yourself a really good dehydrator, like an Excalibur. Dehydrated foods keep longer than canned or frozen and are not as susceptible to temperature changes. We pack our dried foods in canning jars with oxygen absorbers and then vacuum seal them. That’s another item I find indispensable – a vacuum sealer. Everything we freeze is vacuumed sealed too. No worry about freezer burn that way.

            • I do the same. Just got into a storage bucket that I stored 5 years ago. Beans were not hard. Boiled for 2 minutes. Let set for 2 Hrs. Drain. Add more water, and about a tablespoon of vegetable oil. Pressure cooked for about 8 mTinutes. Result was nicely cooked and not squishey beans. Great for salad. You could cook them longer for softer beans.
              The Excalibur is an excellent dehydrator. After using several other types I can tell you it is a good value.

              Country Girl

      22. Coworker had some internal bleeding turns out it was from a stomach ulcer. Checked into local hospital emergency room. Local hospital(in the boonies)decided to transfer her to a big city hospital so they flew her by air ambulance, about a 1 hour flight. She was released from the big city hospital two days later after tests diagnosed the ulcer.

        Cost of emergency room visit, approx one hour stay $7000. Cost for 1 hour plane ride to city hospital, $50,000. The bills for the 2 day stay in the city hospital and the doctors that worked on her have not yet come in the mail.

        She was told that her obamacare would not cover any portion of the air ambulance cost.

        This single person works full time for $10 an hour with no benefits and pays over $300 a month for an obamacare silver plan. When the doctor bills start coming in there will be no money to pay them.

        • Helicopter ambulances are a racket.

          A friends elderly father, with a DNR (do not resuscitate order) on file at the nursing home has chest pains. Per procedure they put him in an ambulance with a certified copy of the DNR in the hands of the ambulance crew. While they drive and are just 15 minutes from the hospital he takes a turn for the worse. The driver decides to call for a helicopter ambulance, the helicopter arrives 20 minutes later, lands on road, takes him to a different hospital 20 minutes away by air. He dies a half a state away, the family gets a bill for $87,000.00 for the helicopter ride their dad’s corpse took.

          Insurance didn’t cover it!

          Yeah these people are this corrupt.

          • Plan Twice, for some of us that live in remote areas, helicopter service is all we have. And yes it is a ripoff. Trekker Out. Better Than Nothing!

            • And I’ll bet those HA’s charge a far more reasonable rate.

            • Plan Thrice, count on Twice, as One is none.

          • Id let that debt ride

            Tell them to send the bill to the one that took the ride

            Bless that family
            Sorry to hear of your loss

      23. It IS hard to ‘wrap your mind around’ that 90% of folks have ‘no clue’ there is anything amiss …yet many that are among that 90% have never had anything, and apparently never will.
        As for the mind-numbing number of Americans purchasing arms/ammo …wow.

        Something is up and it’s going to be nastier than anyone can imagine lest you’ve already seen full-combat w/REAL ‘blood & guts’. I ain’t lookin’ forward to it, yet I’m tired of awaiting “it” too.

      24. finish up those little chores you intended to do to be prepared. Its coming fast now and time is running out.

        • Yeah, like picking up some of this. Go to OATHAMMO dot com. Look up tango all copper frangible projectules for pistol ammo. They just came out with a 12g Brass cased all coper expanding 1.2 OZ slug that expands out to a 2.5″ inch wide spanking upon impact. Either live or die. Its pretty simple math here.

      25. I would be more then willing to tire much longer and wait,mentally and goods wise pretty good shape till I find out what I missed.That said,would rather just go thru items I use at a slow pace and get tired waiting!

      26. One of my favorite essays, available as a small book, is “Self Reliance” by Ralph Waldo Emerson. Still an excellent treatise after all these years.

        • Self Reliance is probably banned on leftist campuses today as a “micro-aggression.”

          Frankfurt School/Antonio Gramsci indeed!

      27. Slingshot,
        Did you see the conviction of Brian Hutcher to 10 years for threatening to kill Obama because it was his Constitutional duty? He posted it online 2 times. He lived in his van and had a slingshot.
        I have a slingshot and plan to practice with it when better weather hits. Snowing and windy at the moment. Didn’t David take Goliath out with a slingshot? I was thinking rabbits myself.

        • Rebecca,

          Great post. Not for you, but for other readers the following, I see people regularly threaten Oblunder on line.

          It’s so sad, the stupid ones that do it, end up like this poor sap in prison or worse, turned into the Feds tool, assuming they have value. The rest are government trolls trying to insight more stupid people into making similar threats. Imagine two snakes each other’s tails. I actually saw this once for real, it’s goss, and a life changing image.

          If people want the FBI to initiate a file on them, just write a letter to the president. They’ll be watching forever after.

          Carefull what you say on the phone, even land lines, computers are listening. They look at key words, and score your conversations. Too many high score conversations and you’re on the list. After listening to OBlunders state of the onion speech, it had many layers, just like an onion, and bitching to others about it, millions are now on the list.

          To others that read this, take warning, like they said in the former Soviet Union, the walls have ears. You may live in America, but it isn’t 1999 any more.

          • Better advice was never given.

            I see the threats and the LEO provocateurs on here all the time.

            Watch what you say. The hills have eyes.

      28. Rebecca

        You can say a lot of things about the President but you can cause yourself some trouble if you go overboard. I rather he leave the Presidency unscathed and go out to Hawaii.

        Sorry Kulafarmer ;0(

        Have invested in a wrist rocket and a smaller slingshot.
        I am going to try small hex nuts as I can grip the projectile better than a round ball in the patch.

        Been working on a reusable metal torch using fat lighter. Also a pepper/wasp spray trip wire dispencer.

        Three types of gadgets

        Those for the defensive.
        Those for the Offensive.
        Those that will make life a little easier for you.

        I have been reading the comments and see the communications subject has again been a topic of interest.

        If things continue as they are then time is short.

        • Slingshot,
          I was pretty shocked about the conviction, mainly because it was a slingshot. Slingshot is a serious weapon, and quiet, but not what I would think of for an assassination, more like small game hunting. I have been thinking about hex nuts. I just bought the sling shot before our blizzard and the weather is so cold and windy I haven’t practiced yet. I will.

          • Rebecca

            Have a few pump air rifles and co2 pistols. Brought a few conibear traps and some frog gigging points. Snares are another skill I am perfecting. Have two compound bows. Now that is what I have to practice. I am close to a swamp and a river so food gathering is a major skill to accomplish.

            Swamp Cabbage anyone?

        • Yea, i have a bad feeling about where his new home will be

        • I love the handle hexnut.

          I’m really LMAO. Really, I may switch, and it’s so much easier to type!

        • I love the handle hexnut.

          I’m really LMAO. Really, I may switch, and it’s so much easier to type!

          • There I said it twice…….

            Ok it as an accident Mac, I did double tap it.

            It’s still making me laugh!

        • He’s not going to Hawaii. He’s going to be UN Secretary General. How much trouble can he cause us there?

      29. Already done the easy prep work like buying and storing stuff. Now working on the really hard prepping of knowledge acquisition and changing body type from average to hardened.

      30. Ron ahrens..thank you for that video Jesus sh…..t, the SHTF event horizon has commensed.



        Mac was sent or us by God alighty himself..shtf is everything.

      31. Food processing

        Reciprocating saw. Bone Bow Saw. Good boning knife set. Slaughter house type cleaver. Pruning shears, large and small. Sharpening stones and files. Butcher block.

      32. My inlaws sit on 5 acres of land in Montana. She’s a school teacher and he is retired. They keep approximately 2 weeks at a time of grocery in the house, with a few frozen steaks thrown up into the freezer for a special occasion. They have a small garden, that yields a few dozen canned goods in their pantry after giving away most to neighbors. They do not own any guns. They are not hunters. They don’t know the first thing about hunting and processing meat.

        My FIL mostly sits around watching CNN all day long. Mother in law crochets cute blankets and plays sudoku. They continue to keep money in the stock market, even though they lost a great deal in 2008. They are THE most asleep people I’ve ever seen in my life. God love them, they are good people but they believe everything CNN says, believe in their doctors.. believe in the dozens of prescription meds they are on.

        My husband went down over Christmas, sat down and had a talk with his dad and tried to open their eyes up and they both thought we were nuts. My husband asked my FIL what they were going to do if something happens and he gets all the way to town and the food is gone. He just threw his head back and laughed. They don’t think stuff like that will happen, and they are not worried.

        So, we’re prepping for his mom and dad too. Any time they give us canned goods from their garden, we put it aside for them too. There’s only so much you can do to warn your family. They will not be laughing when they are starving. They will be thank you repeatedly because you had presence of mind to put it aside and think sensibly.

        • I understand your frustration. I went through pretty much the same thing with my ex. And I have a brother who calls my son and me ‘conspiracy nuts’. Like your in-laws, he believes whatever the mainstream media tells him. Some people refuse to open their eyes because they do not want to see the light and know the truth. It’s too frightening for them. They want to be the proverbial ostrich with its head in the sand. Hopefully, when the time comes, your in-laws will be thankful that you cared enough for them to provide for them in their time of need. As for my brother, well, I can’t even get him out of the city where he lives. He thinks he is safe there!

        • Mountain- it is a good thing you are doing, even if it strains your resources a bit. 5 acres in Montana is a blessing! I would love to have that acreage here where I live. Great buffer. They could be so ahead of the game. I hope they think about your husband’s words.

        • Have a friend that is the same way.

          He is now seventy, and filthy rich. His wife, a distant relative, died over a year ago, still in her sixties. The doctor’s had her on too many medications. I think it was mainly because she had the best insurance possible and plenty of cash.
          Her husband continually reminded her to take her meds…especially her expensive cholesterol ones. They are one of the most harsh on the liver because of the toxicity. She never drank alcohol, but her liver just finally couldn’t handle the overload any longer and quit, so she died within days of going in to the hospital.

          Many people put too much faith in their Doctors and the medical establishment, when they need more faith in their Maker.

          My friend now keeps about three days worth of food in the house. He lives near town and fast food. A millionaire that buys the two sausage biscuits for 3 bucks so he can eat one for breakfast and the other for lunch….to save money. Sits around the house all day and watches the stock market reports(his money) and news. He will never change, and doesn’t believe the whole economic system will crash.

          When I asked him about meeting another woman, he says, ” my wife is too jealous for me to do that”. When I tried to explain that she doesn’t see you nor care what is going on, on earth; he got mad and said that wasn’t in the bible, and he could feel her presence. Well, you can’t fix stupid, so i just leave him to his own ideas of living, and just talk about the old days.

      33. Just a reminder for every one on those manuals most can be found in printable PDF. Everything you can think of from basic survival to advanced counter intelligence. Complete manuals on all vehicals and weapons platforms. From operation to repair
        Also I’d like to bring attention to a video I seen years ago I found it on u tube IRON MOUNTAIN A BLUEPRINT FOR TYRANNY.
        check it out it really ties a lot of shit together.

      34. Yup I have read it a couple times through the years. Makes perfect sense and explains a LOT.

        • I came across it back in the early 90s its long and a bit dry but worth the time to watch a few times. Have to admit its been accurate 100% right to the day

      35. I can hardly wait till im sitting here munching on my Spam musubi while all the people who called me nuts for being a prepper are fighting over scraps in some government food line

        • We have always used real potatoes, but ran out a week or so ago and had never used instant mashed potatoes but had some in our preps, so I got them out, they were Great Value, Wal Mart store brand and the Best Buy date was 8-9-2013 so didn’t know what to expect. When I opened them they weren’t even in a pack, just loose in the cardboard carton, but fixed them up for supper and couldn’t believe how good they still were. So point being, if they were vacuum packed, they would probably be good for many years. I also have never used powdered milk but have stored it and when it got really old just threw it out, but I guess it would last a really long time also if vacuum packed. Trekker Out.

          • Yes, vacuum seal this product – will last quite a while. You could make it up and then put a chunky soup on top, preferably one that you canned but a store brand would work also. It would make a hearty meal. Also, you can make a potatoe soup with the potatoe buds and even use your powdered milk. Spice it up with some chili peppers and cheese. We often add a can of chopped clams.

          • Instant mashed potatoes can also be canned.

            Put dry flakes in glass canning jar.
            Put in oven, uncovered.
            Bake at 200* for two-four hours.
            Remove and put lid and ring on.

            I have some from 2 yr ago. Haven’t taste tested yet, but other dry foods (oatmeal, beans, rice, etc) I’ve canned have passed the taste test.

          • Grandee has a good method for dry canning but if you don’t want to or can’t use heat for something, then a vacuum sealer is the way to go. I swear by them. You can also use oxygen absorbers to achieve a vacuum seal without using heat. Fill your canning jars with whatever you are storing, prepare your lids just like you would for canning by boiling them so the seal is soft, quickly drop in an oxygen absorber and slap on a lid and ring. The absorber will actually cause the jar to seal. You have to work quickly when using oxygen absorbers and you have to keep them sealed in a container that is air tight and able to hold a vacuum. The only thing I have not been able to store is flour. Vacuum sealed or not, I lost over 50 pounds of flour because it became rancid due to the oils in the wheat. Now I store the whole wheat kernels and will grind it as I need it. My son converted an old exercise bike to power the grinder. It’s kind of fun and quicker grinding wheat this way instead of cranking away by hand.

            • Dear Nubmaeme: I would love any recommendations for a good vacuum sealer. Not looking for a “bargain” — just 99% reliability & 100% quality. I keep finding ones that work for 3 months, or high-priced models with some cheap attachment that breaks soon after purchase. Someone once wrote that, if you get the bags, a simple iron will do the job if it’s done properly. Again, I would be very grateful to you and any other readers for recommendations based on solid experience. A thousand thanks. Feel free to send to my E-mail, as my access to sites such as these are largely limited by the public library hours.(Donald)

              • we’ve had a cabela’s commercial vac-u-sealer for about 4 yrs and its going strong!! we vac-seal everything!

          • Instant mashed ain’t half bad. Add some fresh chopped parsley, onion and garlic. Alternate with bacon bits, and cheese.

            I buy the big double pack and freeze it for a week. It kills many critters that climb in the box at the factory and extends the listed shelf life.

            Make potato pancakes, shepards pie yum!

            If I had disaster warning to make one last trip to the big box bulk store, extra boxes of potato flakes would be in my cart. Normally I keep enough on hand to rotate and use before expiration.

      36. There’s really nothing here. We’re told prepping has gone mainstream but there’s no source for that information.

      37. I wrote the following comment on another blog, but I think it is appropriate here as well….

        A criticial thing to think about having in your preps should SHTF occur….

        One of the most important pieces of equipment I have is a previous generation iPad. It is a 64GB model and there are virtually no applications on it except iBooks and Kindle Apps to maximize storage capacity.

        It’s loaded with PDF versions of ALL of our important documents like birth certs, marriage licenses, financial records, deeds, titles, insurance, taxes, and other records which have all been scanned and converted to PDF’s.

        Additionally, I have hundreds of books, both fiction and non-fiction like survival manuals, cookbooks, gardening books, woodworking, DIY, and other related material in PDF or Kindle Book forms. It is my reference library and document storage system. The iPad, when not being loaded with new documents is ALWAYS in a Faraday Cage designed for that one purpose alone.

        If it becomes necessary in a grid-down situation, I can charge it with either small solar panels, or with my BioLite Camp Stove (If you don’t know what that is, run right now to and check out their amazingly great products).

        I am assured with this system that in the event of a total grid-down, bugout, or other situation, my family will always have its most important records, photos (digital photos are also backed up on an external 2TB drive) and reading material, both for entertainment and survival, close at hand.


        • Nice post. Smart man. Thanks

      38. Today I am again headed out to the Flea Market to look for force multipliers.

        Prep Tip.

        In the hunting section at Wal-Mart. They are called, “Hothands” chemical warmers. All different sizes and have some pads for your feet and toes. They heat for several hours. Nice for keeping your hands warm in cold weather. They should be going on sale. Have a few years on expiration dates. The body warmers can be put in your sleeping bag or jacket. I picked up a few bags. Fifty cents for each warmer. Ten/twenty to the pack depending what you buy. Just open, shake it and in about 15 to 20 minutes you have heat. Might be nice to have in you car bag, traveling along the roads of SNOW.

        • I picked up a couple boxes of hot hands yesterday at Costco. $12.99 a box- contains 40 pairs..

        • Hot Hands work great. It’s amazing how warm you feel when your hands are warm. I used them when I was still working. As a 3rd shift worker, winter nights were cold because the home office would greatly reduce the heat in the store (in summer, little to no air conditioning!). I’d put them in my pockets and would stay warm all night no matter how cold the store got.

        • I have some of those in a small go-bag I keep in my vehicle and that I take when out hiking, just in case that hike lasts longer than I thought. There were some cool refillable hand warmers that you can refill in the Sundance catalog a few years ago. It uses lighter fluid and didn’t cost that much. I bought two and keep them in my kit too. I like things you can reuse over and over again and that are not just disposable so there are other options than the single-use hand warmers.

      39. To all here. Take care to protect yourselves and love ones from this new ZIKA Virus. This may be what brings the lock down that we all believe is coming. It is expected to come up from South America, through Central America and reach Texas by summer.

        I guess the Doomsday Prepper Preparing for a Pandemic looks like she has a lot of sense now.

        Take care all


      40. Another Prep Tip.


        The price of gas is down and they are saying that it is going lower. Might be time to get a few extra gas cans for storage and some gas stabilizer. The lower price is nice but what happens when it rises again? People going to make a run on gas cans. Keep your car/truck gas tanks levels up so you can easily top them off. Remember they are also a storage tank so you need a siphon hose THAT WORKS!

      41. does anybody have any input on how “they” would be confiscating food/water/weapons?

        I mean, if I have weeks of water/food in a closet, will they find it during a collapse or martial law event?
        do they knock and ask?
        do they knock and search?
        could I just park my truck down the road and act like nobody lives at my house anymore?

        • At this point nobody really knows,
          We can look at the aftermath of the Boston bombing, and what happened after Katrina,
          Something to keep in mind is that even the info put out on these sites is sensationalized and also info is cherry picked for effect.
          The reality is it depends hugely on your location and the situation.
          If we had a murderer on the loose in my neighborhood, i would let the cops look if they wanted to and find out how i could help, the reality is that Boston thing was a much smaller operation than we are being fed, and the teams did do house to house in a small area,
          Same thing with Katrina, small area and isolated incidence.
          Im not saying it cant or wont happen but lifes too short to be worried your going to be searched in every drawer if something goes awry. The reality is TPTB can barely keep the lid on things in the best of times, if things go awry and badly awry they will quickly be overwhelmed.
          If we have foreign troops, ie UN Peacekeepers, now thats a game changer, personally ill be damned if some foreign anything is coming into my neighborhood searching homes, they will be engaged with extreme prejiduce with whatever means possible

        • Triggy, it’s hard to say just how they plan on doing it. Personally, I don’t see how they can. There are a lot more of us than there are of them. It just isn’t logistically feasible. To try to answer your last question, if your house looks like no one lives there, my guess is, if they try anything at all, they’ll target it first to see if anything of value has been left behind. Unless you’re in a city or its surrounding suburb, you shouldn’t have many problems. This country is simply too big, there are too many of us in too many places, spread out over too much land for them to even attempt it on any kind of scale. None of us true patriots will roll over, play dead, and let them have their way with us. Besides, who’s going to do it anyway? There’s a growing fifth column in our military and they want to be able to come home someday. Foreign troops know we’re heavily armed and they know that a man fighting for his home can be a more fierce warrior than trained soldiers and, once again, there’s not enough of them. Local police/sheriffs won’t put their families in harm’s way by attacking the folks in their communities. When you know the police and their families and where they live, they’re not going to take the chance of retribution from the locals. Just remain alert. Keep your head down, your eyes and ears open, and your powder dry. Talking confiscation and actually doing it is two different things. I see it as a scare tactic from a government that is itself scared of its people and what they will do when pushed into a corner. You don’t mess with a junk yard dog on his own turf.

        • trig,
          “they would be confiscating” in several possible ways, but if you see similar “searches” for suspects, (or no suspect, aka a setup) like we saw after the Boston marathon, house to house, everyone shelter in place (so you can be easier abused, stolen from, etc.),
          LOCK DOWN: be already gone.

          Yes, they will find it in your closet.
          No knock, no ask.
          Search, yes.
          Maybe, try to make it like no one lives there, good luck. Might work for a few minutes.

        • triggy

          People will rat you out if they know you have preps. Especially if you do not share with those who failed to prepare.

          What are you going to do or have in place to keep them from taking what you have?

          How do you keep them from entering your home?

        • Triggy- I think the best route to bug in is to have one or two safe areas in your house. We have three in our house… we built it like that 2 years ago. One area is a tornado, shooting safe area lined with cinder block. We use it as a closet. It has a solid wood door and a dedicated lock- but it’s meant to be a diversion if things got very bad. We would leave a few things in there and make them think we’d vacated… they would think they hit the jackpot and move on hopefully. The other areas are disguised- that’s all I’ll say about that. But if I were retrofitting an existing house, I would build a false wall at the back of a closet for canned foods. It just needs to be deep enough to hold the largest can- and stack from ceiling to floor. I’ve seen people do this inside their walls by just replacing the sheetrock. With old paneling, it would be a cinch.
          You would also need to hide or leave. Anyone coming for your food wouldn’t care if you lived or died, and they might consider killing you a mercy after they took your supplies.

        • It all depends on their motives, what is there game.

          The extreme is genocide through starvation. Read about Holodomor famine. The Russians went house to house, took everyone’s guns, food, cut down fruit trees, burned fields. The purpose was to eliminate the population. It was a genocide, millions died.

          The nature of stored food is; a years worth for 2, feeds 4 for 6 months, or 12 for 2 weeks. The effort for the government to steal a preppers food isn’t worth it, It would only be of value as terrorism!

          Collecting guns, really tough, many would resist. Many will seemingly comply, but still be armed, there are a lot of guns out there.

          If their goal is a coupe, they need to remove resistance. That’s potentially tens of millions of Americans including active and former military, police and a ton of pissed off citizens.

          There is the progressive agenda where they just want millions to parish to save the planet from too many humans, this is the most likely, for this they create a catastrophe and let people kill each other off, fighting over scraps in a manufactured food crisis. While the elite stand aside in protected zones saying “wasn’t me”! They may not even bother collecting guns that will kill more people faster. They just need to create the disaster and kept feeding the fires.

          Last of all, the inevitable stupid crash. Due to greed and stupidity, the powers that shouldn’t be create a huge debt bubble and lose control and everything crashes. They think wars will fix it, because that’s what their grandad did. The world ends up in depression, and ultimately a global war. A protracted depression destroys many, makes others desperate. The government takes more power and attacks their imagined enemies, the people. More people get killed in their wars.

          In all these scenarios lots of people die. Those that are prepared have a chance.

      42. To help out your muzzle flash I have Smith Vortex Flash Hider and for me they cut down on flash around 95%+ great with night vision scopes.

      43. We have always tried to cover all our bases with our prepping and like to think we have done a good job. I do wish there was a network set up to acquire prescription medications without using the system.

        • maybe you could talk to your doctor and get “free samples” of meds.

      44. RonAhrens..thanks for that post your right about that..Oregan is literally the last straw to let the elite Muslim united nations know that the line is now drawn.. see are running breaking their ass, tripping over furniture and other crap running to the underground bases..gee I owner what scared them..looks like what scientist told us is true..I talk to him face to face this my sleep will not take place on Sunday night. I already told my girlfriend that she will learn this weekend why I role the way I she can start pressing the trigger at the range and quit the, oh my God crap ever time she fires my rifle ..women..



        Scientist, eh?

      45. Just to clear the air..i have agreed to end the passing match going with me, angry Beaver and conti- divide..qualifying on SHTF is stringent brutal process..

        Beaver. Welcome to the board..

        Beaver I heard that Canada had begun calapse 4 months ago from my oil comp recruiter buddy.. how bad is the situation because if those labels are correct, the ones we saw on he photos it…We dont have sh…T on you city so let us know how bad things have gotten because you post make it sound like thing are cool. It looks like you are literally in SHTF…crime up. big time. 65% increase in armed robbery, hone invasion, bank robbery, etc just in the last month…let us know what you hear and see..yes I have PHD in doom and gloom.. you got the floor..

        Just heard even more crazy sh…T firm Hawk last night that a chines cameo jet just landed in Texas with chi-coms.. oh you boys just got here, we are going to tear up you phuckers when you role into my area..cant wait to get some white girls, eh.



        Agency ass clown super moderator.

        • Forgot to till you this to…
          Scientificist fwend is super smert!! Grandma said we can have sleepover today!!! YAY!!! We gonna drink lots of grape pop and eat jelly beans and gwandma cookies!!! YAY!!! After dat he gonna help me build new girl fwend out of a five gallon bucket, a plunger, and my old pool floaties!!!! YAY!!! She gonna be my new bunker babe and ima teach her lots of “man” stuff like cookin beans, shootin my nerf guns, and the best place to hide boogers!!!! YAY!!!
          I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it!!!!
          YAY for me!!!! YAY for science!!!!
          I love gwandma!!!! Ima eat a million cookies!!!
          3500000000+gwandma/scientificist fwend= cookies in my tummy!!!!!!!

      46. Force Multiplier.

        When the price is right you buy. Have been buying Multi Tools to use as trade items. Price $1.00 at the Flea Market.

      47. Anyway slingshot is right get another gas can if you can stor it safely just keep rotating it into your car and refilling at least every 6months I don’t use stabil just rotate to keep fresh gas on hand. Use a piece of masking tape and a sharpie. Write the date you filled the can on the tape and wrap it around the handle of can. It’s what I do works fine. Propane is different you don’t gotta worry. Another thing to get is a padded coverall for the cold weather. I got mine at bass pro it’s real tree camo cost me about $120 but it’s warm as hell I can be out in zero and be warm. I realize it’s a little bit of $ but it really kicks ass at keeping you warm plus the camo is excellent. Have had it for 2 winters I keep it in my truck and use it at work. Used when I worked nites it would go down to zero regularly. So cold fuel filters in trucks would freeze. Hands down the best piece of cold weather gear I’ve got. I learned how miserable it is when your freezing your ass off for a 12 hour shift 5 days a week. Didn’t have the coveralls suit and suffered for it big time. Dealing with the cold for a couple hours with a heavy coat is different than for hours on end. You need to trap the body heat in as much as possible. When we’d go inside I’d just take it off and roll it up. It looks like a log that fits in a grocery store bag nicely. Try one on and bend over to touch your toes if it is digging up your ass you need a size up. It should fit loosely. The bib ones are nice but I feel the coveralls are better. I’d make sure you got one of these before shtf. If you live in Florida disregard your problems will be different.

      48. Anyone stocking up on cans’o’whoop-ass?

        • Mountain House doesn’t carry those;-)

        • Got about 1500 of em lol several sizes 30-06 .303 30-30 17hmr lol should suit my purposes

      49. Made a Sam’s trip today. It’s a 45 minute trip out so we try to maximize our purchasing when we go. The goal today was bulk toilet paper and bulk wine. If we go out, we’ll go out happy;) 24 bottles of red, 24 bottles of KJ chardonnay- two mega packs of Northern. We’re ready!
        But seriously, this Sam’s was way better stocked than our Walmart was the other day. Took some advice here and bought up spices and multiple bags of coffee. Soaps, toothpaste and cleaning products also got replenished.
        Someone recently made an observation that Wells Fargo was only letting ATM customers take out $200 at a time. We stopped at our bank’s ATM and got $500 out, so it seems to be business as usual – at least this weekend. I really think that by the time we see shortages at local stores, it will be to late to stock up on neccessities. You will be labeled a hoarder if you try to do what we did today. The ice is getting real thin.

      50. What’s up to every single one, it’s actually a pleasant for me to pay
        a quick visit this web site, it contains priceless

      51. I’m a Brit as you all know, and Mum grew up during rationing here. What a lot of people don’t realise is that our working classes were healthier AFTER rationing was introduced than before, simply because for the first time many could afford enough of the right nutrients.

        Something that’s fun to practice with kids (esp if like me you home educate – as preppers are you sure you should still be using public schools?) is living of WW2 rations now for a month or two. For adults it’s a really good way of checking you can actually live comfortably on your preps without getting too grumpy and to stock up if you find that actually perhaps you are a little short in a specific area. For kids it’s a way of introducing a concept in a way that won’t totally blow your OPSEC when they chat to their friends, and of ensuring that if the worst happens you aren’t dealing with spoilt brats, making everyone’s temper fray & life seem harder than it needs to be.

        Realistically stretching out that supplies is gonna be a factor and this is a fun way to practice how, while the shops still have supplies on the shelves.

        Our garden update – as you know the weather’s not been grand here of late but I’ve worked out that wind is gonna be my food garden’s main foe going forward, with slugs coming in a close second. Am giving serious consideration to switching up the bantam chickens for ducks to deal with the slug issue- just not overly keen on the taste of duck eggs compared to chickens.
        Our berry bushes and rasbberry canes are now in situ & I’m waiting for a break in the rain to create some raised veggie beds. I do worry about running out of time for our garden as it’s a site that had been left totally unkempt for 16 years before we moved in 18 months ago, so the soil needs lots of improvement. Luckily our compost and wormery are both looking good so hoping this our first year of growing veggies properly at this site will be a reasonable one. I estimate it takes 5-7 years to really get a food garden well established & worry we’ll run out of time.

        Wartime recipes

        How much was a standard adult ration?

        For the kids (& some dumb adults!) homework help on the what’s & whys of rationing and its implementation.
        Have a look on youtube too for an old TV show called “Dad’s army” it’s old fashioned family comedy of the sort that doesn’t make you blush with shame but does help bring that era in our history to life for children.

        When you’ve done the WW2 rationing exercise with the children and teens in your family move onto “Little House on the Prairie” but this time talk through the hard winters the family endured and try and get the kids talking about how to avoid suffering the same fate. Get ahold of some of the recipes and try them out together! – perfect preppers fare in many cases! The old TV shows are sweet to watch together as a family, but to get a sense of how tough life really was you really need to get your kids actually reading the books and discussing them with you as they go.

        In a bad situation during shtf you may potentially need all the adults in the house on defence duty while the kids cook or perform other chores – so please don’t shield them from having a go now, while any ingredients wasted as they make their inevitable silly mistakes learning won’t mean you all starve. teaching them life skills is being a responsible parent in these uncertain times.

        We need to find ways to pass on skills and get our kids to understand why we prep without blowing OPSEC or scaring them without due cause. Hopefully above gives you a few ideas.

        • Reminds me of “Monty Pythons Flying Circus” singing about spam. Much of England lived on spam shipped from the US during WWII.

          It really is dreadful stuff, but for war babies that grew up on it, they learned to love it and continued eating it after the war.

          Vegemite from Australia is interesting condiment, made primarily from Brewers yeast (basically the sediment left after making beer), vegetables, spices etc, it’s surprisingly healthy and keeps unopened for a long time, though it’s high in salt.

          Australia and New Zeland have a few interesting products for preppers including Red Feather canned butter and Bega canned cheese. There are a fair number of people that live in the middle of nowhere in both countries without refrigeration, or at least very limited. Thus many canned items we Americans always buy fresh. They can be pricy being shipped so far but the quality is high.

          If you have a few of these it can provide a change from eating a regular diet of long term stored foods.

        • LLM: actually if you are planting on fallow land this may be a blessing in disguise! I would be thrilled that no one had lived on the land and then you can be certain the soil is cleaner that if it had been used in the past and you don’t know what people have used on the soil.

          When planting seedlings there are a number of things you can do to ensure that your vegetable garden does well: you can dig in manure, chicken manure can run hot but if you mix it into the soil it should be fine. Peat moss or hay or another type of organic matter is excellent as the fiber holds water.

          When planting seedlings, for example tomatoes, I always added in some powdered milk or broken eggshells and you can also mix in various minerals in the bottom of the hole while planting.

          Slugs are an issue where I live as well. There is diatomaceous earth you can buy and spread around which is far less toxic than snail and slug baits which can poison pets! I have also heard about using copper tape / tubing as the slugs don’t crawl over it. Free-range chickens or ducks sounds like the best solution or simply plant extra and know that part will be lost. The biggest issue for a vegetable garden is water but it sounds like that is not an issue, except for too much water!

          I have a recipe for an old WWII recipe from the days of rationing, it is simple and you can add more things if you have them but the basic soup is excellent on its own and even better on the second or third day after rewarding. (The recipe uses canned items because they were cheaper and easier to get during the WWII rations in the US than fresh). It is enough for four people or one person can chill and reheat for a few days.

          One can of creamed corn
          One can of evaporated milk
          Potatoes (any kind, cubed, about 2 cups but more if you have them)
          Onion, one medium onion, about 1 cup diced
          Butter, about 2 or 3 tablespoons for the onion (or bacon grease, olive oil, or any other kind of fat)

          Sauté the diced onion in butter and season with salt and pepper. Add in cold water, enough to cover the diced potatoes. Cook together until the potatoes are tender. (I often replace the water with chicken stock as well). When potatoes are tender add in the creamed corn and evaporated milk. Heat through and season to taste with salt and pepper.

          Certainly you can throw in bones or use bacon or add in ham or any other kind of meat or even fish or clams.

          This is a simple recipe and easy to make and tastes very good even if you have no meat.

      52. The wife and I are prepping every day.
        We just added 1500 rds of 22’s because my other fell in to a hole after the last earth quake.
        She just added some more silver, And I just got the money to get my socom, I messed with one using it in CQB, it worked great. It had an M4 style stock on it. Worked as good as my LAR8 16″ barrel that fell into the hole.
        Wife just picked up more beans, and we both got a years worth of Vitamins.
        Prepping for the Shit to come. I can say yes!


      53. We, my wife and I have been prepping for the STHTF now for some time.

        We keep adding Ammo, Silver, Beans, Vitamins, and water purification. Just to name a few things. We will be in good shape for at least two years. But we do realize that when TSHTF everything will change. And we might not have enough stuff.



        WATCH That video, here the facts listen to the bas ass music..Patriot dawn rising.



        Ron Ahrens..

        Ron AHRENS gets my SHTF approval for balls of steal award.

      55. Excuse my spell check cluster phuckup. That video certainly gets the point across with seen really bad ass music..if you haven’t watched it yet, you need to.



        Patriot dawn rising.

      56. Question: since beans are ‘alive’, should they be shrinkwrapped or stored without oxygen?

      57. All this prep is great but Obama signed the bill which gives him control over all resources – food, agriculture, water, plants etc, in an emergency or crisis. In other words, the state will simply take control of ALL resources….yes that includes preppers.

      58. I’m going to pass this along in case it’s of any help for an emergency.

        I came down with a bad tooth infection and couldn’t afford to go to the dr right away. So, I took the opportunity to test out something natural.

        Boil 2 cups of water
        Steep 1 tablespoon of dried oregano leaves for 30 min
        Sip a cup of this every 2 hours and make more when you run out. You can stir in honey for taste.

        To my surprise, this worked just as good as oil of oregano. I took it every 2 hrs for the first 4 days, then every 4 hrs for another 6 days just to be sure I was cleared up.

        I’ve tested out many natural things over the past two years for various infections, strep, dental, ear etc. The most potent and fast acting I’ve come across for us is raw garlic and oregano. Together, they are power houses. We also keep fish meds for the (ahem) fish, aside in case we need some mainstream antibiotics.

        • Herbs are very powerful medicine. Oil of cloves is also excellent for toothaches. The oregano has more antibiotic properties than cloves which is more for pain. Having the infection that you did, you were right to use the oregano.

          When I was 15, I started having bouts of a mysterious illness. No one could figure out what it was until I was 32. A Rheumatologist I was seeing for osteoarthritis recognized the history and symptoms and I was finally diagnosed with Sjogren’s Syndrome, another autoimmune disease. I was so bad at that time that the doctor told me that by the time I was 35 I would either be in a wheelchair or dead. That very night, I started making an herbal tea with anything I had that was green and leafy. I don’t know why I chose just those herbs. It was almost like I was guided to them. In three days, the Dr could measure a difference in me. When I told him what I had done, he could tell me what each herb did but wrote a big question mark in my records. That was in 1984.

          Since then, I have refined the herbs down to using an Italian Seasoning blend with oregano, marjoram, thyme, basil, rosemary and sage. I either make my own or buy the Tone’s brand from Sam’s. I have found that it helps with colds and pneumonia somewhat along with fishmox. In 2005, I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis on top of everything else. The herbal tea helps with the pain because it reduces the inflammation.

          Natural and herbal medicines are areas frequently overlooked by preppers. There is so much to learn it can be overwhelming but it is well worth one’s time. I’ll soon be 64. If it were not for the herbs I used back in the 80’s and have continued to use since then, I probably wouldn’t be here today.

        • Good advice Mountain,

          People should look up the three best Lyme’s disease antibiotics and make sure the have enough for a 45 day round for a couple people. Lyme’s disease is now endemic in half the country and is spreading. If the SHTF people will be spending a lot more time outside foraging, hunting, etc.

          Check out the fish antibiotics sources, it would be real bad if your fish got Lyme’s Disease.

      59. Lonelonmum I looked over the wartime recipes link you posted. I grew up on some of this stuff. The bread pudding sticks out the most. I loved it with raisins. My mother worked miracles with very little. We never went without though. We used to pick on her frugality but now as I’m older I realize what she was trying to accomplish. I remember her handing me a shovel and saying don’t come in till this is turned over. It was an area that should’ve been tilled due to its size but we didn’t have a machine. People nowadays don’t know what hard work is.

      60. Maybe if the sheeple would quit sucking up the toxic food tossed to us as good, GMO’s HFCS,factory farmed garbage, quit with the pill for every ill this drugged nation has become, look up in the sky once and a while and demand the toxic chem-trails be stopped because were are sick and tired of being used as a science experiment and trust the money WE have earned and saved is safe from our own government. Maybe then the sheeple wouldn’t be stampeding their ass off the cliff? Wake the Flock Up!

      61. I hope Daniel Barker is correct that Americans are waking up. Personally, I just don’t see it happening.

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