Stalling Economy Threatens Food Supply: “This Perfect Storm Could Cause You to Starve to Death”

by | Jan 13, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness | 183 comments

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      1. So…I just got back from the .99¢ store. Which I see as a barometer and harbinger of what will soon be a reality. Produce stock was nearly depleted.

        Live Free or Die….getting scary out there

        • My dollar stores now carries very few items for just a dollar, even with it all coming out of China and the BDG in the toilet, the store needs to charge more? The store still has a constant flow of customers.

          I find it heart breaking to go to a dollar store at Christmas and see people seriously buying Chrstmas for their family at the dollar store. Obama’s great economy is all lies.

          Listening to Obama’s State of the Union lie-a-thon last night, so disappointing.

          Rellik’s remark about progressive voters starving in the cities, sounds like justice mixed with Darwin.

            • Canadian dollar was at parity with the US Dollar a when oil was $100 per barrel.

              Canadian dollar has lost about 30% since then and is still dropping.

              Canada imports a lot from the US and prices are through the roof while everyone in Canada is getting laid off.

              Canadians are definitely in Crisis, and we could be in the same spot in a matter of months.

              It’s a reminder to double check supplies and buy some bulk quantities for a rainy day, because it’s raining in a lot of places and this storm is contagious.

              In that article seeing a gallon of laundry detergent for $35 CAN is a real eye opener.

              Watching BBC coverage of some of the people in Syria paying hundreds of Euro for a tiny bag of groceries is frightening. A bucket or two of beans and rice plus a few vitamins would have seen them through. People are starting to go hungry around the world like we haven’t seen in our lifetimes. I wish more people were prepped.

              I have bought a few fancy preps because I could, the variety will be a blessing, but damn people a few buckets of beans and rice plus some spices are cheaper than a fist full of Power Ball tickets, and could save your families lives.

              We go through periods when things get scary, we are here again. What we are seeing now isn’t just fear, it’s real. A sobering moment or the perfect wave?

              My Great grandad was in Hawaii when a tsunami struck. From his hotel on a hill he watched hundreds of people gather on a bridge below to watch the wave. They thought they were safe. In an instant literally a thousand souls vanished before his eyes. True story, life is this fragile. Be ready sheeple.

              • Historically the Canadian dollar was worth only 70% of the US dollar. It is just recently when the Canadian government tried to peg it to the USD thru oil that they had their problems. To do this they had to borrow massively and make silly assumptions on how they would pay it back.
                So like usual, the well connected got even more filthy rich and everyone else got stuck with the trillion dollar bill.

                • Historically, the CDN dollar was either par or a bit over par, around $1.05 US. Then they went socialist and it’s value began dropping in the early 1970’s. Not long ago it was around 70 cents as you say, then rose with price of oil.

                  • Canada answers the question why gold and silver.

                    Had Canadians bought gold and silver when their currency was strong, they could now buy nearly 30% more with PM’s than with Canadian cash.

              • Be sure to stock some sprouts in your food pantry. If there was an emergency situation and we couldn’t get to the grocery store, access to fresh fruits and vegetables would be one the first things that would not be available. This would be especially important in the winter months.

                Our bodies need plant enzymes to help digest food. Sprouts can be grown in 3-5 days. They are also high in vitamins and fiber.

                Sprouts can be stored easily, as they take up very little space.

                Sprout seeds expand to many times their size. You only use 2 tablespoons to make a large container of sprouts.

                Alfalfa seed can produce over ten times the seeds weight in sprouts, one pound of alfalfa seed produces 10-14 pounds of sprouts.

                A 5# can of organic alfalfa sprouts is $49.95 and has a shelf life of 10 yrs. plus – unopened, when stored properly. Smaller sizes cost less.

                Organic Alfalfa Sprouting Seeds – 5 Lbs – Resealable Can – Handy Pantry Brand
                (sold at Amazon)

                See more information about sprouts here…
                Sprouts: A Genuine Super Food
                -Off The Grid News dot com

            • That Hedge article was for prices way, way north in Eskimo territory, but still, food prices are rising and Canadian currency is falling. Look for housing to drop, alot there, eventually here too.

              Mac, Great article on the Mesh Communication solution.

              All of you should research Mesh Coms and put one or more on your laptops. There are open source choices that are free. You might want to think about wifi amplifiers and USB flash drives to share files with your neighbors in an emergency.



              Speaking to this article, I just came across a poster on Zero Hedge that pointed out the underhanded globalist bankers creeping around in 1987.

              Our Land: Collateral for the National Debt Our Land

              You can expect starvation if we let them get away with this folks, please pass this on. It all comes from their banking.



              We had better “stop” – “arrest” them or many, if not most will die or be slaves.

              Beyond left and right.

              We are in the beginning of worldwide economic and demographic deflation.

              It is the right thing and the right time to do this.

              * End usury, End privilege. *

              Happy New Year

              – Scout out.

          • Cool! More Dave Hodges. I’m glad that he has been right on every other alarm that he’s erroneously raised. Because instead of reading this story at my desk in my home office, I’m having to read it from a FEMA camp that I got thrown in to when Jade Helm swept in while it was being used as a false flag invasion under UN colors during last summer. Go Dave!!!!!

            • And have you seen Michael Snyder around camp?

            • “Why? Because the credit that is needed to borrow money for the common purpose of shipping to market is greatly diminishing. As shipping and manufacturing continue to crumble, we are going to see shortages in America that we have never seen.”

              Why does it always end up that the “too Big To Fail” banks have their hands in every disaster?

              I don’t, however, believe that a terrorist attack will “The American economy will come to a complete standstill.” It had better be a BIG attack on our infrastructure. I think, as usual, Mr. Hodges is exaggerating…again.

              “My heart breaks for many of my fellow Americans who will never know what hit them and have not prepared.”

              ON THIS, I AGREE.

              “In 2013, Bank of America had a little over one trillion dollars in deposits. The FDIC is guaranteeing the derivatives debt for this bank to the tune of almost $80 trillion dollars. And the entire GDP of the planet is less than the FDIC guarantee. This is a prescription for economic Armageddon.”

              THIS CANNOT BE TAKEN TOO LIGHTLY EITHER. Guaranteeing more than what the entire world has, should get every banker at the top of every bank in the world arrested. The world should pull an ICELAND and prosecute all of the. The Rothschilds should be arrested and tried as global criminal conspirators, and their 700+trillion in stolen assets confiscated and repatriated…JMO

              • Another Hodges article? YAWNNNNNNNNNN! I’ll go back to sleep.

            • I agree, Sterling Silver. While I believe there are things to worry about, this article is a load of garbage.

              First, the Baltic Dry Index (BDI) reflects the price one pays to rent a container ship (a freighter). A low BDI reflects diminishing international commerce; it does not cause it. Anyone who understands cause and effect, knows the difference.

              Secondly, America grows its own food. Ships coming here don’t bring much food, just a few specialty items we don’t really need.

              That said, there are things that will cause you to starve: like no job, no welfare from a bankrupted govt, banks closed – meaning no way to transfer money, trucks stop rolling. You get the picture. But low transport and fuel costs are not the problem, they make things cheaper.

        • I was down in Juarez once and got some tortillas at the Everything’s A Peso store. Bad idea. So stale we couldn’t eat them. They did work pretty well for door stoppers though.
          Our local dollar store has some LED flashlights that are great, considering the price. About 3 inches long with a rubber on/off button on the end. They take 3 AAA batteries. Just go elsewhere for some quality batteries and for about $4 you have a dandy little emergency light. I keep a couple of them in the truck, along with the zombie-thumper/maglight.

          • Okie, Check out Harbor Freight. They sell these things in 2 packs for $2.99 (batteries included) and their 20% off coupons seem to be everywhere. The HF flashlights are probably made by the same Chinese kid as the ones from the Dollar store. HF coupons for freebies with any purchase are also common.

          • Do you mean those kool looking metal flashlights that are LED? Be careful…i have bought about 40 of them over the last 7 yrs and soon they all break. They will not light when you press the button. I get real cheap flashlights for a dollar at the Value Hardware store that are regular and not led. They last much longer.

        • Canadian pussy should be getting cheap.

      2. Somehow, Democrats starving in cities doesn’t upset me too much.

        • Rellik, I won’t shed any tears over any libturds starving. I didn’t listen to SOTU BS last night because, 1. haven’t had a TV for a few years and, 2. I would’ve shot my computer had I turned it on.

        • yeah
          cause we all know its only “liberals” that will be going
          hungry ???

          lets put some TRUE conservatives in office
          that will fix things

          Ted Cruz failed to disclose six-figure loan from Goldman Sachs that boosted his first Senate bid

          h ttp://

          there’s more than one turd in the punch bowl

          • and it just keeps getting better

            Florida drops cardiac care safety standards after hospital that failed them donates to Republicans

            ht tp://

            and to add salt to the wound
            there was an article in my morning paper
            with an article about a conservative think tank
            that was complaining that the state sales tax was too low and should be raised so that big business could have their taxes cut again,our sales tax is already 7.5%
            AND we have income tax to pay on top of that !!!

            WTF ???

            • Satori

              I have voted republican all my life. Reason being that it normally meant better morals, more in my paycheck, and smaller government. That has changed dramatically.
              In the last 20 years most of Republicans have become just like Democrats.

              They are all in it together. It will come crashing down on all of them.
              I always vote but now I find that I am always voting for what I consider to be the lesser of two evils. No sense even arguing politics anymore. The bed of crap is already made and we will all have to lay in it.

              • I was a staunch Republican myself for MANY years
                some years ago I registered as an independent
                I just couldn’t tolerate the stench of the Republican party

                • as if the Dems house smells so good?

                  man,it is the classic them against us,, there is no 2 party system.. its the them against us system

                  i would have figured you of all, would know this by now

                • my dad always voted republican. but he died a few years ago, and he has voted strictly democrat ever since.

                • Satori and Mike: An example of two libtard GOP politician scum bums: Paul Ryan and Gov of S.C. witch Nikki Haley- related to Merkel in her thinking, she hates the South trashing all confederate icons, both these idiots pro immigration and pro Muslim resettlement agenda. Many other gop idiots agree with them, is why this country is being flooded with Muzzies. Many quit voting long ago, knowing machines are rigged and politicians are bought off and lie to get in office. Obozo may not get out of office, some say.

              • Mike will vote exclusively democrat after his death. Count on it.

          • And his wife probably got him an employee discount on the interest.

              • SWFA is TASCO with much higher glass. The internals are a little more robust. A good value for a sub $300 scope.

          • Failed to disclose it to whom as required by??

        • Voting for Obama kinda backfired.

          • Ya got that one did ya?

      3. I think this drop in the market could be beneficial. Hopefully, it will result in a 3 – 5 percent deflationary effect to the overall economy.

        Seniors did not get their 3% Social Security adjustment this year. Therefore, theoretically speaking, seniors should be dipping into their preps to offset their 3% loss in revenue (prices actually have gone up 5 – 8%).

        A deflation would certainly help out those on fixed income….both seniors and those on welfare / unemployment, etc.

        • At the grocery store yesterday, 80% ground beef was $5.49 a pound.

          • Holy crap! I’ve been getting it on sale for 2.58 for the 80%. Normally it runs for 3.45.

            • I’ve been paying $3.99, was totally shocked.

          • My 2 grocery stores can be high as that and as low as $3.75 a pound(rarely). When it is high most the time, I buy Boston burger -half ground pork and half ground beef, in fact, it has better taste than the lean hamburger out side of a farmer’s butchered fresh beef.

            If your store doesn’t offer this hybrid ham-burger, get your meat grinder out and grind pork at $1.49 a lb. and mix with hamburger $5.25 a lb. and the cost is $3.37 a pound and save money.

          • I won’t eat regular hamburger any more. For years now, we’ve been hearing about antibiotics, hormones, and animal byproducts being fed to cattle. On top of that, it’s come out that a lot of what is supposed to be discarded — tumors, diseased organs, etc — is tossed in the vats that produce ground beef, sausage, deli meats, etc.

            I pay $7 to $8 a pound for certified grass-fed, no-additive ground beef. I look at it this way: a normal adult male needs only about 4 ounces of protein per day…. so I get four days worth of protein for two bucks a day. I am more than willing to eat a decent home-cooked burger for a measly two dollars.

            As the saying goes — “you can pay the grocer now, or you can pay the doctor later”

            • Someone told me that McDonalds makes their hamburgers out of dead cows!

              • For Thanksgiving, the whole country gets ghoulish and eats the flesh of a dead bird.

                • I draw the line at “long pork” !

      4. Canadians Panic As Food Prices Soar On Collapsing Currency

        h ttp://

        “Of course with the layoffs piling up, you can expect more households to fall into the “lower-income” category where they will have to struggle to afford things like $3 cucumbers, $8 cauliflower, and $15 Frosted Flakes. Have a look at the following tweets which underscore just how bad it is in Canada’s grocery aisles.”

        • Those would be bargain prices in Hawaii! When the containers stop coming its 92 hours until the return of cannibalism here.

          • How about fishing?

            • I’ll bet more people in Hawaii own a surf board, than own a fishing pole – Kula, wanna weigh in?

        • “Beware what you ask for because you just might get it”.

          The overall world economy is leveraged to enormous proportions and is extremely sensitive to any gyrations. The greater the order of magnitude of the rock and roll the higher the probability of the deck of cards coming down. Canada’s currency is dependent upon $65 a bbl oil. Interestingly, with the oil peg, the USD gains and although mismanaged as all get out becomes desired because of this connection as $30 buys you 42 gallons of oil or roughly 6,250,000 BTUs of energy. In one fell swoop the USD goes from the bastard child to something coveted and desired.

          I’m unsure how all of this plays out but never underestimate the SOBs making this stuff happen.

          • As I recall, the NWO is predicated on a triad – a ONE world government, a ONE world religion and a ONE world police.

            If this is so, it means that Islam being allowed to take over here, in the middle east ans the EU is NO ACCIDENT. That’s the slotted ONE WORLD RELIGION AS PLANNED.

            The world banks are insured for more than the GDP of the entire planet – I’d say the next bank failure will pretty much hand the assets of the world to the world bank.

            It is no secret that the U.S. thinks it is the world’s police force and enforcement arm.

            I think we can pretty much identify the NWO TRIAD by now. The question is – WHAT CAN BE DONE ABOUT IT, AT THIS POINT? It seems like no one (with even a chance of success) is even trying to do anything BUT Russia.

            My belief is, THIS IS IT. The NWO has every opposing country on the ropes. The free world is in the corner, taking gut punches one after the other, while trying to block the incoming hits with a towel. Our knees are buckling and the room is spinning.

            The sheeple in the stands are on their feet cheering, while the globalists sit up in the crow’s nest, smoking big cigars and smiling…the game is almost over.

            (cue up “EYE OF THE TIGER”)

            • It’s not Islam that is meant to be the one religion: it’s Zionism.

              • There’s a difference??? LOL

        • Those are Victoria prices! If the rest of Canada is paying that now, things are bad.

        • I tend to wonder just where exactly in Canada these prices are. If it is in major metropolitan areas then it is truly scary. However, in the story on Zerohedge it seems that the prices were in the far north of Canada, where prices are normally ludicrous due to logistics. If that’s the case than things may not be as extreme as they seem.

          I am in no way saying that grocery prices have not shot up dramatically in the last year. I am just trying to give an alternate explanation for the apparent doubling or tripling of prices we would normally see in populated areas.

          • I live an hour from Vancouver and go up there a few times a year, I don’t shop for groceries but was thinking this had to be from Yellowknife or somewhere north of 60.

      5. Make sure you got a good set of boning knives, a steel or whetstone, and a good meat saw.

        It’ll soon be back to spear chuckin’ for your eats.

          • DANG, I knew I forgot something – oh well, I’ll have to improvise, adapt, overcome…

      6. The interest on the derivatives debt is exploding faster than we can pay the interest on it and the interest is estimated to be $505 trillion a year.
        Really? If the entire planets GDP is 70 trillion dollars where are the other 435 trillion coming from?
        This must be typo.

        • They will have a powerball lotto and pay it with the proceeds.

        • Nope. It is up to maybe 1.2 quadrillion. It is pretty much fraudulent like when they sold mortgages 5 to 10 times.

          • Gee, I wish I could sell my 1 car 10 times. Each owner would be given a title and keys after making their payment. Then they could argue amongst themselves about who owned the car for how long and when they would drive it. I’d be arrested for FRAUD…Isn’t that about what the banks are doing with the assets of the world?

        • Amazing what digital money can do, isn’t it?

          Paper wealth and paper poverty are the same thing, if you ask me.

      7. WATER- Do you have water storage? Rain catchment, swimming pool water can be purified for drinking.
        FOOD- White rice, Dried beans, Honey, Popcorn all have along shelf life.
        GUNS- A good shotgun, a good Rifle, a good pistol. ( My preferences on these are, Remington 870 12 ga magnum pump, Remington .308 model 700, Colt 1911 45 ACP.)
        Ammo- plenty of ammo, if you live near a place to hunt each bullet represents a possible meal.
        HEIRLOOM SEEDS- seed banks.

        Once you get this in order, start to do your research on other supplies. A lot of work to do and a short time to get it done.

        I’m sure most of the people on this site are prepared, but for the ones that are not, this is a good start.

        P.S.- start spreading out your investments in Silver, Cash, Guns, Real estate, Common coins, Heirloom seed banks, Hand and garden tools.

        • Ammo ammo ammo will be most value with that you cal have aquire all else

      8. Yep, this is something that we preppers know a lot about and someone I know who is a scientist for the zillionth time.

        350,000,000/48 states=50-100,000/5,000W..

        5,000 women will survive and their faith is not looking good over the next 20 years as the environment of the planet changes and becomes inhospitable from nuclear and EMP fallout. That’s what the female workers told hodges that they are pulling out of the city, took their daughter our of his university that Hodges taught at and headed for the hills…
        From what I was told by the scientist, the global population on surface if the planet will be under
        250,000,000. And about less then 1,000,000 females globally. Plus most of the animals doe off from starvation and hunted to extinction then cannibalism sets in..

        250,000,000-48 states =65,000,000÷48=3,000,000/48=?



        • Sounds like I need to be in the sheep ranching biz. The men could have some pleasure till they get hungry enough to eat their new girlfriend lol 😛

          • I’m starting a charity that will give every Muslim male a sheep. Maybe then they will quite raping white women!?!? You think?

            • I will donate to a charity that will castrate and behead ALL muslim men. That should stop it huh?

              • ❤❤❤❤❤

                My sentiments exactly.

        • I am goot at maff to!!

          X-(350000000+gwandma cookies)+(5000 Gubmint Trolls)=H/C/K/S is Retarded

          My Secwet gubmint scientafakist fwend gave me dat equayshun!! I am smert!!!
          YAY ME!!!! I’m good at finger painting an eating cookies toooo!!!!!!! I got a really cool bike with a bell on it and a spongebob helmit to wear to keep my big brain safe!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!
          Guess what?
          I Like turtles!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!

          • Cant help but chuckle at that

        • radiation is already destroying pacific life due to fuk u shima. with economic collapse WW3 will explode and women will vastly outnumber men after the dead are counted as huge numbers of servicemen die. polygamy will be the norm after that as well as deformities. all because man moved away from his divine centre.

      9. from the above article:

        “…even scripture from Revelations means nothing.”

        Note-It’s one Revelation (not plural)

        It is the (one) Revelation of Christ Jesus.


        • Thanks grandee- I once had to remind a Sunday school teacher to refer to the book by the correct name… which was a little ironic.

      10. if credit dries up
        the trucks STOP

        When Trucks Stop America Stops

        ht tp://

        • And when the trucks stop, my supply of electronics parts from china stops and I will be PISSED! And my job will stop too and I will be disgruntled lol.

        • Let it stop, im cool with that

      11. Well, I’ve put off getting a dozen more #10 cans. Putting in an order tomorrow. I will find a place to put it. This BDI is a serious heads up. Any truckers out there with any input or info as to what is going on with interstate shipments?

        • I order #10s from Provident Pantry. I’m having trouble getting my order from them, that I made in December 2015. I wonder if this has anything to do with that shipping issue…anyone else having similar problems?

          • Sixpack- my vendor said it would take 5 business days to get to me. If that’s true, I’ll post back. They’ve been quick before. 12 cans of Mountain House Italian Steak and Rice at about $28 per.

            • EE told me they were “doing inventory” which was what was taking so long, so I sent them an email yesterday, that said either ship my order or cancel it, but do whichever in the next 24 hours, or I’ll stop payment at that time…

              I just got an email from them with the tracking number in it. Let’s see how long it takes. Thanks for the reply 2isone.

        • I talked to one about week ago and he confirmed that the loads are drying up. This is not a new trend but has been going on for the last 6-8 months, if not longer. All the signs are pointing to a slow down in the global economy, so it’s time to get some preparations in order in case things get rough.

      12. In the last two weeks the Dow is down 1600 points, 364 points. Just today.

        This is serious, it’s not just a few days, it’s now two solid weeks.

        • I just got back from ChinaMart. Shelves are pretty bare BUT spring seeds were out and I bought most of my spring supply. I will actually store them and use from my stash… but I sure enough bought a stack of them. Bought a few other things, but that was awesome to see seeds already in. Won’t start them until March.

          • I’d better get on that, thanks for reminding me Reb.

            • Super Fast (and easy) Way To Start Seeds

              “It reduces the time of seed germination by 70%, and more than doubles the success rate as well!

              I use a lot LESS seeds when starting seeds this way.

              A great way to test and use older seeds…
              “Use up old seeds: If you have seeds that are a few years old, this is a great way to quickly test if they are still alive.

              We have been able to grow healthy plants from cabbage or tomato seeds that are over 5 years old! If you store seeds in a cool and dry place, some can have quite a long life to them!”

              -A piece of rainbow dot com

              • What a great site!! Thanks 🙂

              • University in Israel many years ago successfully sprouted a 2000 year old seed found by archeologists from the plant that provided the Temples holy oil. The plant had been extinct for centuries.

                It’s been years since I read the article, but if anyone can find it, it’s a great plant lovers story full of insight into how seeds work.

                • Extinct Tree Grows New From Ancient Jar of Seeds Unearthed by Archaeologists

                  “Amazingly, the multi-millennial seed did indeed sprout — producing a sapling no one had seen in centuries, becoming the oldest known tree seed to germinate.”

                  “The tree “continues to grow and thrive; In 2011, it even produced its first flower — a heartening sign that the ancient survivor was eager to reproduce.”


              • I keep mine in the freezer because I read this- A world record giant pumpkin and second place pumpkin was grown in Alaska from 10 year old seeds kept in his freezer.

          • Depending on where you live, I would start them sooner. Get some of those peat pots and start germinating them indoors so that they are ready to plant come spring.

          • All new seeds are out in LOWES. I picked through them a couple days ago for the heirloom ones.

      13. How ironic a week ago had a driving thought/feeling to order thoes emergency seed banks packages and so i did got them off amazon i try to follow when i get a strong driving feeling about something its hard to explain and the wife calls me paranoid

        • How ironic a week ago had a strong feeling to buy more toilet paper and then got major diarrhea and boy did that Angel Soft come in handy, strange how that thought about butt wipe just popped in my head.

          • Question is what have you been eating to get diarrhea

        • I just bought cases of elbow macaroni (I can do almost anything with macaroni) and some dehydrated celery chunks. I’ve filled some holes in my preps as well. I bought new blankets, sheets, towels and a blackout curtain for my bedroom window. Now most of my house can be blacked completely out if necessary.

          • The place where I buy seeds usually has the displays up in February. However, last week they were already stocking the shelves with camping gear, ice chests, and beach balls. Mind you, this is during the second week of January in Maine. I can’t help but wonder how many sand pails and citronella candles they’ll sell this month.

      14. How ironic just last week had a strong driving thought to order seed banks off amazon and some more fishmox dont know why just popped in my head

        • How ironic just last week had a strong driving thought to go to the Malibu Starbucks and people watch then go grab a bite at Nobu and saw the Pitt-Jolie fam chowing down, don’t know why just a weird random thought flew into my head about wanting some coffee … ;-/

          • Is this the used to be bruce Jenner and now Caitlin

      15. Short of an ecological / environmental disaster stopping food production the US still has the capacity to feed itself. Yes we import food, we also export it too.

        I don’t see mass starvation here however what I do see is also frightening. Let this all collapse and other nations in the world, food and energy poor with a significant population will attack their neighbor for resources. This is a recipe for WWIII.

        • One thing to notice is that food production does not always equate to people eating. There are a lot of examples on that. Potato Famine, Ukraine, India, etc. In many cases the food is exported while home folks die of starvation. I know I sound like a rant… garden.

        • The only countries who could do us any significant harm militarily, is Russia and China, but neither of those countries seem interested in taking us over.

          We have got to stop propagating that old neocon propaganda BS – WE ARE NOT IN DANGER OF BEING CONQUERED! We never have been. It has all been a huge LIE to justify our military industrial complex expansion and foreign exploits. At least two presidents have tried to warn us about this, Dwight D. Eisenhower and John F. Kennedy come to mind, and we all know what happened to Kennedy.


          The only danger WE are in, is from our illegal regime changes and CIA color revolutions in other countries. The world is waking up and realizing that our government has been bombing, blackmailing, bribing and bullying the rest of the world for decades, if not more than a century.

          WE are not more civilized than the rest of the world. We just believe we are. It’s how we justify going over and murdering populations of unarmed people in their own country, while pretending that WE own the high road. Our “exceptionalist” attitudes is what puts us in danger.

          The waking world just wants us to STOP interfering in their affairs…if we refuse, then whatever happens is ON US.

          But not because we have so much “bounty” that the rest of the world covets what we have, shortage or not. That’s just another neocon lie.

          Hell, the factual truth is, Russia has us beat 10 times over on fresh water reserves, fossil fuels and arable land – what could we possibly have, that the Russians would believe was worth risking Armageddon to take from us?

          PLEASE, everybody, fight back against generations of brainwashing, and win the war for your own mind.

          • Sixpack

            You are correct. I have never feared being conquered from without. We are our own worst enemy like Rome. We are conquering ourselves from within.

        • We grow soybeans feed corn and wheat and oats and all is gmo

          • Godsoldier, I did not think oats were yet GMO. Howl long have you been growing them? Thanks.

      16. Been thinking about getting some of the kerosene metal lamps at walmart they are 8 bucks or 12 so thats cheap enough and 5 gal kerosene would go along ways i have some of the pretty glass ones for in the house but may need light out side or easy to carry and not break easy could light up a perimiter just by makeing tall shepard hooks to hang them on gonna have to guard yourgarden and cant shoot what you cant see

        • Be careful of cheap metal lamps, they leak a LOT! Better off with a dietz lantern or glass lamp.

          • If you do get cheap lanterns then silicone the hell out of the bottom seam BEFORE using it.

        • GS: I keep the large-wick oil lamps on my mantle year round. If you burn them inside it is worth spending extra money for the finer oil which is expensive. I paid $22 for 100 ounces, 3 quarts 4 ounces. Worth it because I don’t like the smell, or smoke, of kerosene burned inside.

          You may want to check the quality of those outdoor lamps. And the cost for replacement glass and wicks. The glass is pretty thin and if that breaks or you use up your wick the lamp is useless. I have used them inside a small cabin and the smell is pretty strong. (81 square foot cabin). They are easier to light and use than the old-style Coleman propane lanterns but they are not as bright. I would recommend you buy two, one for inside and one for outside and see how long the wick lasts and how they weather before buying more. Yard sales are a good place to shop too.

        • Instead of Kerosene, splurge on lamp oil for household use. The light is much brighter for the same amount of oil burned and the soot is much less.

          For outdoors, Kerosene is fine.

          • Yea thats the plan i have 6 fancy glass ones for in the house and the metal ones would be for out side

          • Already have 6 bottles of lamp oil the kerosene would be for out doors

            • I’ve got about six lamps and at least a dozen chimneys, they’re pretty fragile. Found a lunch sack of wicks at a yard sale, got them for a dollar. Trimming the wicks right is important, or they smoke and burn poorly.

      17. Not looking good,get the goods now,won’t be able to get there later.

        • Jim

          If it really starts getting bad and you need anything just give me a yell. I will do whatever I can.

          • Mike, no I’m good just telling those less prepared to do so. Thanks for the proffered help,I’ve got friends nearby that will stand together when the time comes. I’m here between Front Royal and Winchester. Whereabout are located?

            • Jim,
              I’m due East of you both-PWC. Communications elec-tech by trade and training, Ham operator too. If I can be of help with some stuff, I’ll do my best to assist.
              Be well, stay warm, be safe

              • Cat

                Thanks for the offer. The offer is extended to you as well. I am an operations shift supervisor at a power station. We may have a few things in common. Just ask if anything is ever needed. I am south of Charlottesville.

              • Thanks Cat..I used to live in Lakeridge… too crowded so moved west.

            • I am south of Charlottesville on the river. Surrounded by friends and family. It is always good to have options and you can never have enough friends.

          • Also in VA here and on my own which I don’t like. Guess I’ll have to find a very quiet BOL and hole up for a while when the SHTF. heh, guess I don’t have to ever worry about retirement.

            • Yahooie if you are close to me let me know. I also have friends in Oath Keepers that you may want to try to meet. Different regions all over the state.

              • Mike, Thanks for the reply. I’m in south Fairfax County. I like the idea of meeting some Oath Keepers but I thought it was a male only organization. I’m female. I know I need to be away from where I live now; need to fix up the house and sell it. Haven’t decided where to head yet but have a few ideas and will check them out come spring. (More due to lack of daylight than poor weather.) Being able to converse with others with similar thinking might clarify things a lot.

      18. Go to Amazon and copy/paste this in: Relefree Portable 6LED Hand-up Crank Dynamo Solar Camping Bivouac Camp Lantern Light Lamp -it requires no batteries ever, has a hand crank or use solar charger on top, 4 of them grouped together give enough light to see what you are eating and cooking, and they have a bail for carrying multiples out to the barn. One caveat, shipping is slow, I think they hold orders til the factory has enough to make a run, but they are great!

        • they are half price at the moment. got me some!

      19. Genius your right about the trucks stopping. If that happens you won’t be able to get petroleum for heat or gas for cars. You won’t get you meds from the pharmacy or food either. Anyway I got an oil lamp not the metal one you can carry from handle. The one that sits on a table with a glass bottom. Got it free so took it. got a box of candles the scented kind which is a bummer but hey they are waiting in a pinch. Those little solar lights that you can get at Wally’s that go along the sidewalk are cheap and multi use they run on a rechargeable AA comes with them. Get a bunch they are cheap. They put them out in the spring. Get a bag of powdered pool shock there is a formula to make your own bleach to make water safe to drink. 1bag is more than you will ever need really. Get a cast iron Dutch oven it will last longer than you and can sit right in the fire coals. Cooks anything too. Recommend a camp fire grate too they sell in camping section at Wally’s. Gas grill with side burner to use for cooking. As many 20lb grill bottles as you can store safely if you get the rhino ones just make sure valve is good. Had one leak out the fuel didn’t get my $s worth. If you refill your own they seem to last longer because they are filled more. Get cheap twine and metal tomato stakes a good spade and hoe. Get a roll of cheap wire fencing and some bailing wire so you can pen in a garden to keep animals out. If you decide you don’t need a fence the fencing roll can be used to make cages for rabbits or chickens. Wheelbarrel with a flat free tire. Steel 55 gal drum for burning trash. Even if you don’t use this stuff now having it will put you way ahead.

        • We have everything you’ve listed except the barrel. I better get busy!

          • One ‘idea’ that you may find as useful as I have is taking that 55 gallon drum (torch off one end of course), and then place a few firebrick (or anything fireproof and essentially flat a few inches above the bottom (to create a ‘draft’ ….then shoot as many .22 holes or whatever turns ya on (several beneath the internal grid to ‘suck air’) and lots on the sides to ‘suck air’ (this makes for a great and complete burn). For the past 15yrs I’ve burnt all trash in about three cans now (they rust/burn out quickly), and only need to (literally) dump them out (or haul to the dump) once annually. Of course, DO NOT TORCH ANYTHING THAT HELD AN UNKNOWN!! You’ll go KaBoom!! (Though there are not many, make sure you do not elect to burn anything within a ‘galvanized’ trash can (the gasses could easily kill you during ‘first use’). You only want a steel-55gal-drum. Period.
            I live back in the woods ya see. My woman and the kittys and the dogs and me. We can skin a buck, we can run a trot line and a country boy can survive. (Hank Jr.)

            • Make your first burn at night, or the neighbors will turn you in for the smoke. Barrel paint is pretty smokey!

      20. Genius you ain’t kidding, they probably would eat the women. If the German leader can being tens of thousands if men raping women an d girls in Germany then this tells us that the elite don’t give a rats ass about people in general.. on Evan only imagine what they have planned for us over here..since they brought in over 30,000 guillotine.. to use on us.. one state governor tried to pass a firing squad law and did manage to get the guillotine legalized in his state as the method of execution.. think I am kidding just so a search. I bring up some of the most sickest topics, yet factual. This way I keep buying more ammo every month because when they bring those soldiers to my area, they will pay a horrific price at My hands..i will be merciless when I kill them..I am not the kind of guy that ask myself before getting shot by a firing squad, as to why I didn’t fight, and I don’t let soldiers gang bang my woman in front of me either because my body will be found in my area or the streets with over 40 rounds of. 50 cal and 7.62.embedded in my head an body..welcome to Texas



        Agency ass clown trolls..of the month of January….

        Conti divide.
        Angry Beaver.

        Molon labe.

      21. People don’t seem to realize that they can easily go three weeks or more without any food.

        It’s a fasting period that helps the body deal
        with toxins, etc.

        Of course water is needed daily.

        I don’t know why people think they’ll die if they go a mere few days without food.

        • And the three weeks is shown in all sorts of television programming. Naked and Afraid is one of them.

        • Bob – I know that for a fact, as I lived it and will share here my personal story, FWIW. This wasn’t planned, nor was it my choice, but a few years ago I went 8 consecutive days without any food at all. None. Not even a crumb. The suffering I endured was quite horrendous.

          I was in critical condition in the hospital with massive internal bleeding (BP 60/40, weight down from the usual 125 to 95 lbs) and I was in such bad shape they couldn’t even give me a feeding tube. I was conscious the whole time and in fact rarely slept through these 8 days because I was starving and feared I might die if I fell asleep. I was hydrated with an IV as I couldn’t even sip water/ice chips, that’s how deathly sick I was.

          On the 9th day I was finally able to eat/drink very small amounts and was discharged on the 10th day. The following day, my first day home, I woke up and was amazed that I never felt better. I hadn’t felt like that since I was 10.

          I thought the healing process would take longer. I had the energy of a healthy, young child who gets out of bed in the morning and is bouncing around the house all day. I was stunned about that, running around like the energizer bunny. Every morning I woke up after only 5-6 hrs sleep and literally bounced out of the bed, instead of the usual hitting the snooze button and curling up in my comforter, like I had always done previously. It was amazing.

          But then I gradually started eating normal again (healthy foods and not overeating, but still eating 3x a day with occasional snacking) and after a few months went right back to my old self. So I know what you’re talking about.

          But I wouldn’t try this at home as I was in a controlled environment with round-the-clock ICU medical staff tending to me. I was also unable to move or get out of bed as I also had a concussion and couldn’t balance myself to walk. So I wasn’t burning up energy either and had no access to food anyway, even if I could have held it down. Being that sick and knocking on deaths door I had zero desire to eat even a cracker, or take a sip of water.

          At the end of the 3rd day, right around 36 hrs of no food at all, some psychological changes took place and to my surprise I started accepting that I may not eat again for a very long time. All of my senses were heightened and I could sense things and hear conversations down the hall I normally wouldn’t have been able to hear.

          I don’t know why that happened, or why at exactly 36 hrs I totally accepted my situation, but I did. In other words, for some reason 36 hrs into this nightmare was when I suddenly accepted my situation and stopped crying and fighting it. I stopped asking the staff when it would end and when would I get better. I became quiet and still, but was still very conscious of everything, including the psychological and physical pain of the starvation.

          Until then I had never gone more than 24 hrs without food because of a stomach flu. I wasn’t begging the hospital staff for food because I knew I couldn’t keep it down for more than a minute and that eating/drinking anything would only make matters much worse. But, I do know what you are saying Bob, as the ‘before and after’ difference was phenomenol, like night and day. Can’t even describe it.

          If I could suffer through this again I would go through a cleansing fast, but since I can eat and have regular access to food I know I wouldn’t last more than a day without going off the fast. The suffering was really bad but the end result was it saved my life and for almost 6 months afterwards I had the energy of a young, healthy child. It was one hell of an experience.

        • Bob

          I have never understood why people act the way they do in just a 3 day power outage. They go crazy. Maybe it is just in the city. Where I live it is no big deal. Have been without power for two weeks before. Kids and wife got on my nerves because it was in a big ice storm. That was the only issue we had. I wonder if people even know you can dump a five gallon bucket of water in the back of the toilet to flush it.
          It is like people lose there minds and have no common sense anymore. Just think our grandparents had no electricity or indoor plumbing.
          What the hell happened to people.

          • we handed our kids everything, and by the time they were teenagers, they thought they were entitled to anything and everything…the US created a monster, and the monster is consuming U.S. as we speak….we goin’ DOWN, homey!…start teaching american kids how to work, save, respect, learn, and we will get back to greatness…if you WON’T, then sleep in that bed you’ve made, america(ns)!

            • Butcrack

              I already have. My kids were taught respect from the beginning. They were also taught that you must work for what you need and want. They were taught to be a man and provide for the family. They had chores to do from a very early age. Nothing wrong with a good spanking either.
              I am proud of my kids who are now young men. My son with cerebral palsy had his own responsibilities as well. He is a man in this family.

              • i tip my hat to you. i was thinking today about how when i was born(61y/o), there was a disconnect. some of my generation took the bait, and bought everything on credit, let their kids grow up watching the electronic babysitter, didn’t teach them a work ethic, and just generally ignored their responsibility of raising them. i suppose they were too busy watching the TV themselves. but others took after their mothers and fathers that raised their kids with a strong work ethic..taught them to be self-sufficient, how to be thrifty, how to invest and save…my last wife was one of those former. she couldn’t pick a good piece of fruit or vegetable at the store. she always spent her paycheck before it arrived, let her kids fail miserably at school…it was like i had a fifth child….i was married to her for a year, when her daughter brought home a report card that said she was behind in reading FOUR YEARS!. she was in 5th grade, reading at first grade level…and when i insisted she have her tested to see what was wrong with her, she listened to her liberal principal, and said no, it will destroy her self-esteem…so she let her go 4 more years…then FIVE grades behind, before she had her tested and found what was wrong…probly too late…that’s when i divorced her..i could no longer let her teach my OWN KIDS, in my own house, that i was stupid for being thrifty, for insisting they do homework, for making them have a savings account. it was a house divided. somewhere, we had diverged from what our parents had taught us. it seems to me that anyone older than 60 or so was the last of a long line of the “old guard”…those that had good morals and work ethic…i know there’s exceptions, but overall we got a lot of boneheads out there any more…parents just don’t feel like they need to teach their kids consequences…they give them everything…without working for it, so they’re entitled….most can’t even balance a checkbook, or make a homecooked meal…

        • True. Any anorexic could tell you that is true.

      22. Durango Kidd…….I know we are In potential deflationary spiral, but, a shortage of dollars means inflation. Right?

        .zerohedge dot com/news/2016-01-13/how-china-almost-ran-out-physical-dollars

        • It’s a real mess, none of the trillions in QE money ever trickled down to the common folk, Obama made sure of that. The velocity of money in the private sector is still flank snails pace.

          Massive money printing is normally inflationary, but little of that money actually got into the economy, nore did it effect the velocity of money.

          We have never seen this kind of Federal Foolishness in economics, thus no one can predict where it will take us, or who will be on the hook for the debt these clowns have rung up.

          Some how they always want to take money from the common American to finance the foolishness of the rich elite. Sorry but we can’t afford it!

          • I gotcha on that but China was exchanging for physical dollars, I’m assuming to trade in. Won’t that increase velocity of the currency?

        • I think the Chinese are cashing in treasuries to pay off dollar denominated debt.

          When debt is paid the dollars are destroyed…poof…one debt and one asset simultaneously destroyed. It is deflationary.

          That’s the way a debt based monetary system works. One person’s savings is another’s debt. If all debt were paid off all money would be destroyed.

      23. $3 dukes and $7 cauliflower

        .zerohedge dot com/news/2016-01-13/canadians-panic-food-prices-soar-collapsing-currency

      24. Ole Dave “Chicken Little” Hodges just may finally be right about something. Just goes to show you, even a blind squirrel gets a nut once in a while.

      25. The Asian markets are tanking now. Look for the Dow to drop a lot in the morning.

        I’m glad I don’t have anything in the markets.

        • Good, its about time it corrected

      26. Bob how much energy are you gonna have after almost 3 weeks without calories. Sure it can be done but it’s gonna suck having your belly hurt and being weak. Dont know how much you’ve studied the subject of survival but the facts are your gonna need calories to have energy needed save your ass. Naked and afraid is a joke these shows the producers probably sneak energy bars to them. It’s tv folks reality is so much different. Don’t know 1person who fasted 3 weeks. Not saying it can’t be done just never seen it done with only water. Anything other than water would be cheating IMO. Having to fast like this is a last resort thing. Personally I’ve gone a whole day myself without eating felt like shit and wanted to pass out due to blood sugar being low possibly. This is dangerous folks I wouldn’t mess around playing the starvation game. Just put some food back. Worst case scenario you’ll have to seriously ration it. Better than nothing in your belly.

      27. The fact is the situation of too many taking parasites and too few making producers isn’t sustainable. and no elected official will practice fiscal responsibility. So we also don’t have any hope of a political or ballot box solution. So its eventually going to crash. Why wait? I would just as soon quit procrastinating. It will be quite the adventure. I could care less about those who didn’t store food. And their innocent children carry the same liberal dumbass gene they have. Who needs them? Remember this in every case where the SHTF the one thing the survivors stated they wish they had more of was food. Not weapons & bulletts. Not gold & silver. Not fuel. Not survival gear. Food was the one thing. If you take meds you better have a good supply of those also. And three weeks of starving might purge a humans body. However their mental state will suffer greatly. They will become irrational and make stupid wrong decisions. They will be paranoid and frightened. About the same as a druggie without his fix. And let,s not to forget the reason they where starving in the first place. They where & are dumbass parasite sheeple who believe everything the media tells them. Let them die. Survival of the fittest will eventually weed them out anyway.

        • Good, I’m getting old and can’t wait to meet my maker, so to speak. We will go back to the days when humans didn’t outlast their teeth.

      28. Gold and silver will have no meaning. Buy food,water,medical supplies,guns and of course a precious metal, lead!!!

        • Amen ammo ammo ammo

      29. Baltic Dry Index 394,00 13/01

      30. Actually during the Great Depression and WWII there were food shortages and rationing. Anyone here old enough to remember the food cards you could trade in for sugar, potatoes, flour? We will see that again, government controlled, only worse this time.

        • I just had a conversation with an old guy the other motning about that stuff, he was telling me how they used to trade home made booze and local style foods with the GIs for gas and tires and stuff, how the food they had was all either traded for or grown in their yard, and that they really couldnt buy anything because there wasnt much they could afford if it was available, back then the folks didnt drive half way across the island to go to the store like we do regularly, is no big deal now and taken for granted, they used to have small comunity stores in almost all the little towns, most were an odd mixture of dry goodsand sundries and occasional canned foods, more often than not folks would meet up there and talk though, different times, good times, in spite of the overall situation. Back then folks who were doing what we do were the norm and patriots were common. Now if you are a patriot who is capable of taking care of yourself you are labled a nutjob, i cant wait for these stupid people to be put in their place and starve, will serve them right.

      31. Starve the freeloading parasites I say. Can’t go wrong with having a lot of food. You need to have the right balance of supplies to make it through this train wreck coming. I will be going around acting like I’m starving just to keep the hungry hordes away. Anyway baby catcher poke holes in the drum about 10 inches or so from the bottom so air can get in to help completely incinerate trash. Some metal tight knit screen to cover top to keep ash from flying. Don’t burn plastics just paper trash and that is most trash. Plastics are toxic when burned. You could build incinerator out of old reclaimed bricks look under free on craigslist. I don’t buy seeds or use them my garden just keeps sprouting in the spring so I dig up the healthy plants put them aside then till the whole garden and replant the plants how I want them. It works just throw the veggies that you don’t eat back into the garden at end of summer growing season and cover with leaves and grass clippings. Keep moist and let the worms do their job. I’m no gardener don’t know anything really but am able to grow more than I need. I go out and tend my small garden every few days or so weeding and using twine and stakes to keep things growing healthy. Hadn’t grown a garden since I was a kid. It’s not that hard really. Just gotta keep bugs and animals away and keep the fruit off the ground so it don’t cause rot.

      32. I agree with Reverend Galileo, America will see a another GREAT DEPRESSION except it will be worst this go around..within the next twelve months you will see the stock market go below 10,000 or crash…I can’t wait for the next election and see who gets elected with all their promises. God Bless America..

      33. REV! lol…. ” ….outlast their teeth.” (What a hoot)! lol…. But,…

        As for your description of how things were during TGD or WW2 with such “itty bitty” rations of food and WOW was there ever a ‘black market’ for virtually anything (to include food if you had the bucks, but of course).
        May God bless you Reverend.

      34. If suburbia would stop maintaining the Kentucky Blue Grass lawn and adjacent plant life to impress the neighbors and put in half of the effort on a garden the amount of food produced would be incredible. The victory garden of WWII was never meant to grow an great amount of food but was intend to be a moral (spelling?) booster. It ended up goring 20% of all the US vegetables.

      35. Yeah ….back to having life-expectancy measured UNDER three decades (23yo – 33yo) would become the new ‘norm’ for longevity. (For all the same reasons as past ‘collapses’ have wrought …plagues, disease, pestilence, attrition, filth, rotting corpses ‘decorating’ inner cities like decorations, NO meds to speak of except ‘wild’ ones that most know NOTHING about (you’d think those in peril of running out of meds would seek out an alternative …if at all possible). Most every medication has been derived from a multitude of plants/flowers/barks/roots, etc. 90% of which you can grow within your home (year-round given the right climate).
        Final Thought: Perhaps you should forego using fencing around your garden and put up an electrified 12 foot razor-wire fence …to keep out the people. This could happen as early as THIS COMING SUMMER >>>but I’m not an alarmist, I just love living …so ignore me.

      36. Kevin – – I think you meant ‘morale’? No biggie anyway…

        • I did.

          Well you get the idea anyway.

      37. The DOW is down again this morning. The past 10 days have seen a significant drop, down nearly 1600 points.

        Some good advice in this article.

        How to Survive a Stock Market Crash
        The Organic Prepper

      38. Friend of mine up in Canada paid $10 for one small box of Cheerios yesterday!

        • Yeah, but it’s Canadian money, so not ‘real’ money. HA!

          Except for him.

      39. Wow. Hey any one here ever vaccume pack oats (oatmeal) or corn meal into bricks like coffee comes any way to do flour

      40. Use pantie hose maby

      41. Lots of “Could” and “Maybe” and the cost of goods like food could rise again to make it profitable to ship goods again.

        We could hope that Russia nukes Israel and then ask the bankers how they want to collect on the $80tr we owe them and rip up our bank repayment sheets and keep our property we were paying interest payments on.

        Remove the money used to bribe our politicians and things for the public and not just the jewish banking elite might start to get fixed but we are going to be in for a bit of pain one way or another.

        I say that the risk is worth the rewards but if you want to remain a debt-slave then keep playing the game you are playing and await your turn to be taken to the market.

      42. Coffee filter as barrier to keep from sucking up flour ect

      43. Just got back from walmart. I wonder who is in the know. Most of the augason farms stuff was cleared out, except for two cans powdered eggs, few cans of artificial beef and chicken and one can powdered butter. The bags of Augason stuff was cleared out too. Went over to get some water and all of them were gone except for the walmart brand. First time I’ve ever seen it cleared out like this. Who knows.

      44. I just got back from a seed buying trip at Walmart… I hate going to that store. But, I made the most out of it and shopped for other things. I was pretty shocked at what I found, or rather, didn’t find.
        Someone cleaned out their entire supply of iodized salt in the regular size. I could only find iodized salt in the small table sized combos. The bottled water aisle was almost completely empty- checked outside, pretty blue sky… no plague reported. There is a certain product we use; a ready bag rice made by Uncle Ben’s that is almost MRE like. You zap it in a microwave for 90 seconds and you have two servings of rice. It could be heated just as easily in the bag by submerging it in warm water. All the basic flavors we use were completely gone off the shelves. I should have checked the bleach aisle… when Ebola emerged in Dallas in 2014, you could not find a large bleach bottle in the stores. Stocking problem? Maybe. Probably. But I have never seen the water aisle like that EVER, except before or after a hurricane.
        Promise- I wasn’t looking for any conspiracy situations when I walked in for my non-gmo seeds, which BTW I found in the very back corner of the garden center still enveloped in their shipping cardboard. I had to break open the tabs to get the seed out. Got some great zucchini and tomato seeds to go with my onions. Going to start some seeds in front of a sliding glass door tomorrow.
        We’ve also had a flurry of helicopter traffic over the past 4 days. Military convoys of 2-3 copters with a chinook accompanying.

      45. More Fear-Porn from Hodges. It never ends with this guy. He constantly has to up the ante for the next scary scenario that is JUST around the corner. Of couse, his dire “predictions” never come true. But it doesn’t matter with fear-mongers like Hodges.

        But is doesn’t matter with Hodges and people of his ilk. He counts on people forgetting his dire predictions and by then he’ll move onto some other spooky prediction. He reminds me of Steve Quayle who lost all credibility with me nearly fifteen years ago when he peddled his fear-porn on his website and radio show.


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