South Carolina to Remove 1 Million Residents From Hurricane’s Path “Evacuation Isn’t Voluntary”

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    This article was written and originally published at The Daily

    Editor’s Comment: It is clear that every disaster big and small is, on top of the actual emergency at hand, an opportunity for big government to take more control. FEMA’s mega-role in hurricane and disaster relief means a big payday for the insurance companies and the contractors of choice in cases like Hurricane Sandy – which hit the heavily populated East Coast hard.

    Now this southeasterly hurricane will be another opportunity to turn crisis into power. Whether intentional or not, the state South Carolina, as well as Florida, Georgia and North Carolina, are utilizing emergency powers and mandating an evacuation under strict government control. They are opening up the doors to FEMA camps to give relief to these evacuees, and it isn’t clear if things will run smoothly or not. What is clear is that cases of disaster where local residents form informal networks to give aid – as recently seen with the Cajun Navy after the Louisiana floods – have been interfered with by “higher authorities” despite the fact that the locals do a better job.

    Is Mandatory Evacuation of One Million SC Residents for Hurricane Matthew Doubling as a Martial Law Drill?

    by The Daily Sheeple

    As Hurricane Matthew bears down on the East Coast, citizens in Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas are getting prepared but some are being forced under armed guard to evacuate. Florida Gov. Rick Scott is warning it could be the biggest evacuation in Florida state history.

    South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley announced plans this morning to evacuate “designated zones” of what was at first reported as a quarter of a million people within 100 miles of the state’s coastline specifically to Greenville, South Carolina 200 miles inland. It has now been announced South Carolina will evacuate over 1 million people.

    A fleet of 315 school buses from Greenville has been dispatched to retrieve people from Charleston and transport them back to Greenville. The evacuation isn’t voluntary, either.

    According to Greenville Online:

    The evacuations are not labeled mandatory or voluntary anymore, Haley said. “An evacuation is an evacuation.”

    A concerned citizen sent The Daily Sheeple a message that evacuating to Greenville means they are evacuating a million people to a town specifically known to host one of the state’s few known FEMA camps:

    “I was watching Governor Haley’s news conference this morning on evacuation procedures for Hurricane Matthew.  She personally stated her desire to evacuate every citizen within 100 miles of the coast, with the intent to move them to Greenville, SC.

    As you may be aware, there is a known FEMA detention camp in Greenville.  Also, President Obama has set up a “constitution free” zone reaching 100 miles inland from all US coastlines.

    I believe this to be a practice run for an eventual nation-wide declaration of martial law…”


    He is not alone in his concern.

    A quick search reveals that multiple sites across the web list a youth detention camp near Greenville as a FEMA camp.

    There are also theories regarding underground military infrastructure that was built to run through the Greenville-Spartanburg, South Carolina area, with Walmart set up as a staging area.

    In order to further protect the homeland and ensure the safety of it’s citizens in case of nuclear, biological, or chemical attack, a joint venture of the NSA, DOD, MiB, DHS, CICs, DFCS, and BK has been created in order to create an expansive tunnel system throughout the south. These tunnels will also serve as conduits for national defense to rapidly move troops, supplies, and armor throughout the nation between strategic topographical locations. A map of the believed military and government installations affected and connected by this tunnel system: Paulding County, Georgia, is said to be the central location of the project. Yorkville, Georgia is to be a terminus of sorts for the hubs in:

    Anniston, AL
    Raleigh-Durham, NC
    Greenville-Spartanburg, SC
    Macon, GA
    Lookout Mountain, TN
    Lockheed Martin in Marietta, GA

    Wal-Mart’s involvement in the project has not yet been officially commented on, but it is generally perceived that Wal-Marts in these areas are staging areas for the tunnel project.It is to be noted that this project is under a great deal of scrutiny by those who live near the ongoing construction project. Analysts do not believe the project will be available for public use, and will not be publicly acknowledged (rumors of usage by NASA for it’s installation in Huntsville, AL have been found to be true).

    This ties in with several other Walmarts around the country being suddenly shut down last year and all employees laid off with five hours notice for suspicious “plumbing repairs”.

    As mentioned, we all know aa 100-mile Constitution-free zone has been designated around the entire border of the United States, which includes more than half of South Carolina and the entire state of Florida.

    Hurricane Matthew isn’t a joke, but at 5 a.m. this morning, the projection shifted east, meaning the hurricane will likely still hit South Carolina but with less force than previously thought. It is being reported that it will hit as a category 2, possibly 3 at this time.

    Gov. Haley, however, isn’t playing around, which is good or bad depending on how you look at it. Watch the press conference below.

    The state of emergency was already declared and the National Guard was already been activated days in advance, and again, they have removed the words “voluntary” and “mandatory” from the equation all together. People aren’t being given a choice. They are being forced. Haley did not specifically discuss where all the Charleston residents bused into Greenville on 315 buses would be going once they got there.

    The governor also discusses how police and national guard will be lining the highway to give an armed escort to evacuees, including 700 “traffic control points” set up and “comfort stations” where people can go to the bathroom or get water as they are evacuated… under armed guard.

    “You’ll see lots of law enforcement officers as well as guards,” she warned South Carolina residents.

    Sure sounds like martial law, doesn’t it?

    Kind of interesting on the timing too, considering Russia is currently overtly holding a civil defense drill that involves 40 million of its residents… Makes you wonder if the government would even tell us of their concerns about potential war here in America, or if they would just use natural events like this to run a drill without causing a widespread panic. Likely we’d be kept in the dark on a “need-to-know” basis like we have been as citizens of this country ever since World War II.

    Meanwhile grocery store shelves are being stripped of storable foods and water throughout the potential hurricane landfall areas, and home supply stores like Home Depot are running out of plywood, generators, and propane because people are not prepared.

    This article was written and originally published at The Daily


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      1. I saw this earlier at the daily sheeple. LOL! So they think they can really get a million people to evacuate? Yeah right! And I’m bringing JFK back from the dead. [SARCASM OFF]. It will be interesting to see how this turns out.

        • Pick a time and place…

        • Its October now, is Brave Guy in N GA at his Cuz’s Back Yard campsite yet? Just up the road from terminus. lol


          • Here is some legitimate Intel. The NOAA Weather Map and where Hurricane Matthew is at now, and predicted direction of travel.

            ht tp://

            ~WWTI… Marriage is like a hurricane, lots of sucking and blowing in the beginning, and in the end somebody looses a house.

            • A certain poster mentions ‘sucking and blowing’? He sucks and blows hot air like a politician. LOL!

            • Only in your life, maybe you are the problem.
              Too stupid to figure that one out wwti???

              • Been watching the bitching unfold over the past couple months. Wanted to point out to both of you we may all be different people with different methods or values, but we are ALL on the short end of the stick and we are ALL interested in making the best of whats coming. Chill the f*ck out and remember who the REAL enemy is. Infighting gets us nowhere.

                • Sadly, you have not been on this site as long as eppe, nor braveheart. I have been on a heck of a lot longer than the atheist and Jesus hater wwti/WTF.

                  he is the culprit, and in for a heap of hurt someday soon. Not from anyone on this site, or even in a flesh body; but, from his maker. eppe has been very gracious in offering the olive branch, where I am not so gracious to a slimy snake swamp rat.

                  Maybe he gets to try out his little raft or waders, in the next few days. Gators will be voracious eaters, and snakes will be ill as hornets.

                  Everyone reaps what they sow.

                  • Good to hear from you again, my brother.
                    Pretty bad when I cannot even post without getting jumped.
                    I have one thing to say to who wudda sucked it…


                  • Been here years, just don’t run my mouth much. Regardless, its been getting worse. Just thought I’d give it a shot adding some perspective.

                    “Everyone reaps what they sow.”
                    well that’s the bottom line 🙂

        • i agree its bullshit, no one can force you to leave your home, at least not here, not while im alive.

          • Lucas Felkel would beg to differ if he were alive… Supposedly pointed a gun at the cops according to the only survivors of the altercation (ie the cops.). sounds more to me like he wasn’t following orders.

            “A motorist in South Carolina’s Berkeley County was shot and killed by deputies during an altercation over an evacuation route.

            Lucas M. Felkel of Moncks Corner, 35, came to a check point, knocked down some traffic cones and sped off. Sheriff Duane Lewis said when deputies caught up with the driver a few miles away he pointed a gun at them and started shooting.”

        • Some will not evacuate. I am in a hurricane area 90 mi N. of Panama City, Fl. I know from experience, some will not leave their houses for various reasons: looting, handicapped, elderly with pets, and other excuses. They have that right to stay home.

        • The article does say lots of “Armed guards, and police”. That sounds pretty forced to me. Are they going to shoot you if you do not want to go where they are taking you?

      2. Eppe, glad to see you back. Now we both share the same “mortal enemy”. I don’t have to name him. if you’ve noticed, he’s mouthing off about me now. I’d love to see Mac ban him, so we’ll see. On time and place, well…..once I get back to GA and get a few things in order, I hope to make that happen. Would be great to meet with one of the ‘regulars’. I know I NEVER want to meet ‘you-know-who’. No love lost there. LOL! Take care.

        • Be well sir, just let me know.
          Your choice…

        • WWTI, I challenge you to try to prove me or Eppe to be liars. YOU CAN’T PROVE SHIT. SO GO BACK TO YOUR CRACKPIPE.

        • Brave would be welcomed at my bol.
          Pricks like you would be terminated quickly.
          Why do you have to lie about me constantly???
          Get a life…

          • Rebel Son, now you can see why.
            Wwti is like a hemmoriod, if he comes down and then leaves, it is okay.
            But when he just hangs around, just a pain in the ass…

            • Eppe, WWTI is only one reason I keep ‘Preparation H’ in stock. LOL!

            • some people you just cant reach

              so.. i say F em

          • B’heart and Eppe: Just another reason I never subscribe to any websites : troll freaks, leftist jerks. A really bad one for trolls is: allnewspipline, theconomiccollapseblog, alex jones, etc. I may read them on occasion linked from another blog. I called someone a leftist pro Muslim freak and got banned from: all newspipeline, this site is loaded with idiots.

            • When you know someone is a troll who because they don’t like what someone post. and cant add any sudstantial reply. They resort to trying to discredit the poster. The best thing is to ignore them. Don’t read their post. Everyone the site should ignore them. Don’t give them any attention.

        • Remember Brave, he has more than one moniker here, and also in addition sometimes posts as one of the ‘anon’ or ‘anonymous’ posters, probably from different IP addresses.

          He’s jealous because he doesn’t have a BOL and also can’t deal with anyone who doesn’t agree with his views and he attacks anyone who disagrees.

          These kind of people are like cockroaches, hard to get rid of.

          WhoWTF stated in an earlier this year post (using boyo and Talon, and one other I forget at the moment) that he didn’t have a BOL and having one is a bunch of bs…. so there’s that. Just ignore his posts. After a period of
          “no response” and “no attention” the troll leaves.

        • I second the motion – wish MAC would BAN that freak who lives to attack people on this site. Brave and Eppe, lots of us are in YOUR corner. Stay strong!

      3. Bullshit..the Governor advised that folks leave. If you didn’t then you were left to your own devices . They aren’t forcing people out !

        • BUCKHED, that’s my take too. A million people forcibly removed? I think not.

      4. Certainly a drill for how and whether they can get whole states to surrender to concentration camps. Once captured, revolt is not an option. In a “lockdown” roundup, everyone will be sequestered to separate, far-away camps from loved ones or anyone else with whom collaboration for escape could be conspired by inmates. Collaboration must be BEFORE being captured and, must be to render forces unable to capture or force anything.

      5. No longer trying to evacuate one million. Two hundred fifty thousand, a more manageable number.

        The sounding efficiency and planning are good for people in those areas. The fact that no one, or at least very few people, trust government, period. And with good reason.

        Wishing it all turns out well for all concerned.

        __? ??⛺️?

        • People on the E. coast of Fla need to go west to the Fl. W. coast and get a motel or stay with friends. A friend near Orlando is headed to Tampa to be with son for several days. It is a long road out of Fla from way down S. Fla, besides gas is running out in some places. Wouldn’t live down there myself. Wall to wall people packed in incl Tampa/St Pete and every year gets more packed.

      6. B from CA, I also wish the best for everyone in that region. I’ll bet a dollar to a doughnut they don’t even get 100000 evacuated. Someone was REALLY dreaming when they come up with a MILLION.

        • Braveheart1776,

          I am thinking it is a test to see how many people will comply to what they were ordered to do. good to see that many NOT obey, yes there is always areas where it is better to leave, but that is NOT for everyone. wishing well for all who are in peril!

          • Apache54, I agree about it being a test. I also agree with making your own decisions for yourself. In FL you are better off evacuating if possible. The whole state of FL is flat and floods easily. Best wishes to everyone there.

      7. Incredible as it may seem, but I was actually able to see that man in the background that was wearing camouflage. Many average sheeple were probably startled when he stepped forward to speak!

        Sorry but can I ask why, when this kind of announcement is made, they seem to need someone on the stage dressed in military camo?

        I thinks we are supposed to be ascared! Is this some kind of conditioning to accept US military as police on US soil?, which of course would be completely unconstitutional

        Thank god we can use the Internet to find out what we are supposed to do……. Last time a hurricane hit my area the Internet wasn’t even a hisssssss. The Internet as the emergency communications system is just stupid, it’s one of the first things to go down in a disaster, and the last things to come back.

        Just saying, a small generator and a Dish Network receiver is more reliable. I had that working the very next morning. Internet was restored about a day after power, and that took twelve days.

        • PTPO, the same thought crossed my mind when the ‘soldier’ came up to speak. I don’t follow orders from anyone.

        • Probably a National guard commander in charge of some of the evacuations. They are at sea level, need to get away from storm surge otherwise they could end up shark food.

          • Yup his desert camouflage will be very effective in South Carolina.

      8. Bummer,, but will be interesting to watch gubbermint response, see if they are still as slow and stupid as Katrina,,,

      9. around here
        emergency vehicles stop running when winds hit 45mph
        then yer on your own

        you don’t evac
        and get in trouble
        then Darwin comes and carries you away

        nobody is FORCED to leave ,they’re not drug out of their homes,they aren’t forced out at gunpoint
        but LEO takes their names and gets #’s for next of kin

        • Satori.. Oh so around your area, if an Emergency Vehicle traveled faster than 45 MPH, they shut down because of the wind? WOW. You’re so smart.

          ~WWTI… Throw that on the pile of other stooped stuff being said here.

          • Um reading is fundamental… so is comprehension

            try it

            he said when WINDS GET TO 45 MPH..not the dam emergency vehicle

            jeeze dude are you really that thick?

            if you have ever driven a large flat sided vehicle in direct cross winds of over 45 .. you really have your hands full .. some have even been blown over

            get with it man

        • Could be getting names and numbers of people who do not like/will not comply with the government. Makes it easier to track down strong willed, freedom loving people later on.

      10. Got to see that. Comedy tv. Bet they will not show it on tv

      11. So much for free will eh?

        One of my best friends lives in LA and he says every time they get an evacuation “order” because of hurricanes, his family stays put.

        However, he also says the pressure local LEO’s put on them to leave has been getting intense. Says it’s been getting progressively worse over the last few evacuations and now comments are being made about how soon it won’t be an option to “disobey” evacuation orders.

        “Disobey”??? WTH?

        • I really dont get why people answer their doors to them

          its NOT required

          • Rebel Son, damn right. You can make your own decision about whether to answer your door. You don’t have any obligation to any govt. employee.

      12. Yeah, more “alleged FEMA Camp” tripe. The WalMart “underground center has long ago been proven false, as has the Greenville “youth detention center” location.
        No governmental agency, municipal, state nor federal can pull off the “relocation” of “all coastal residents”. There is NO governmental agency that is anywhere near that efficient.
        Ever been to a DMV office? Any federal office? The idea that public employees will all of a sudden be willing to work for the good of their tax paying bosses is laughable on its face. Not going to happen in South Carolina, nor anywehre else.
        Gov. Hayley, just doesn’t want to end up like that retard former NOLA-mope-Mayor, Ray ” I’m a dipshit” asshat.

      13. Heard this on ABC radio news yesterday.
        “The Carolinas issued the Hurricane Warning, and told people to have 2 – 3 days of food and water on hand. People were calling 911 because they did not have 2 – 3 days of food and water”

        I do believe the estimates that 90% will die when the trucks stop rolling.

      14. “Where they taking you Ma?” “Well son they’d be taking us to Camp FEMA”. “Gonna let us take a nice warm shower when we get there and unlimber from the bus”. “Can’t wait”.

      15. Patriot,don’t forget the welcome to camp cake you will receive.Those big containers folks say are multi body caskets just cake molds!As for the dormitory hermetically sealed doors,they are for your personal comfort!

      16. I definetly wouldn’t go on a gov bus to a FEMA camp. The gov failed in Katrina and will fail to provide proper shelter. Glad I don’t live in the path of this storm. It’s gotta be a drill by FEMA. Don’t trust the gov to look out for you they fail everytime. Of course there will be sheep that get on the bus. I will take my chances in any scenario over getting on the bus. Just have the stuff you need to be on your own.

        • Never

          i REPEAT
          NEVER get on a bus with government plates

          I guarantee they wont get me to leave .. even if they do find me

          this aint my first rodeo.. wont be my last

      17. Has anybody watched the video with Gov Haley and noticed the sign-language guy on the right? Can anyone confirm that he is actually signing what she’s saying?

        I ask because what he’s doing looks absolutely bizarre, he’s motionless for long periods and then nodding his head a lot, and making hand-motions that sure don’t LOOK like American Sign Language…

        • Yes, he is for real. I can read what he is saying. He finger spells the word Charleston, and I understood about 80% of what he was saying. In ASL many of the short words are left out, like is, of, the, etc. just the meat of the conversation is signed.

      18. That guy doing the sign language though lol…

      19. We had a flood and FEMA showed up after the rains stopped I was on my own anyway in the throws of disaster. Once you step on the bus your rights are gone and the gov owns you.

      20. If you are in S. Carolina or affected areas: DO NOT GET ON THE BUS!

        If some one from the government says they’re there to help you, they’re not! You are not safe, no matter how nice the place they’re telling you is, no matter many people are around telling you how safe you’ll be, no matter what you think, you are not safe being at a government ran facility.

        Remember Katrina, no one was allowed to leave, and people raped, killed, and left to starve at that arena. All it takes is one time, and its over!

      21. People for gods sake don’t go to the damn camps!!!!!!

      22. Oooh boy.. What if, imagine, if the nuke fears we currently harbour come to fruition, by someone somehow dropping a nuke into the storm?

        I’m not American but if shit flies, my country will do its best to aid you.

        • I said the exact same thing last night, great minds think alike

        • good time to strike when our attention is elsewhere/ distracted
          i am a patriot

        • Thank you. We appreciate it. 🙂

      23. Good Morning SHTF PLAN Preppers.

        “Are You Ready For This?”, (Play the Music)

        Yes sir, Shit is about to hit the fan for plenty of Floridians. Myself included. It’s headed to the east. It’s headed to the West. Now the storm is going to do a loop and come back for a second run on the state.
        The coast is going to take a beating and they are talking about 125 MPH winds. Now what is real funny is they want you to think that 50 to 75mph “Sustained” winds is O.K. Inland. Like the real danger is over. Well we had rain for the past couple of days and the ground is soaked. How about those trees uprooting, Hmmmm. Many will find out what the saying “The Wind and The Tide”, means.
        Lots of people have hit the road to go inland. The surge and high tide will formidable. Twenty five ft. waves with, at this time, 5 to eight ft. of surge on top. Those that live along the St. Johns will to prep for flooding.
        I expect to lose power. I am on the low income are so we are at the bottom of the list to get power restored.

      24. We are fearing a random nuke attack, what if someone somehow managed to get one inside the hurricane?

      25. Yorkville GA is a sleepy West Georgia town with one state highway (GA 101) passing through it. I suggest you look at the sat map of the whole area around Y’ville to see if there is any improved structure that would be designed to pen or house 1000s of people.

        I don’t see it. See what you can find…


      26. Nobody tells me that I must evacuate my home….it is my decision. If “they” try to forcibly eject me from my home, without an arrest warrant….”they” will be shot on site.!!!!

        • J, same with me and my family. We make our own decisions on what to do.

      27. here in The Republic of Horry: Bugging In nuff said

      28. I was in an evacuation. Rule one is . Don’t get on the highway. The backed up cars you will die from exhaust fumes. The surface roads were empty. All highway gas stations were out of gas . Not many surface road gas stations were open . But the open ones had gas. The stores were out of gas cans. All motels are full. Get out early drive as far as you can . Be ready to sleep in your car. In a truck stop parking lot. Waiting for gas to be delivered. The trick is to plan a vacation at the first talk of hurricane. Go camping a couple hundred miles away.

      29. Gotta find me first to try and force me to evacuate

        and im sure they are way too busy with those complying to bother with me

      30. In a 4 year period there were 1 million background checks done here in S.C. for a population of a little more than 4 million folks . That means there was a minimum of 1 million guns purchased . We are probably on of the heaviest armed populations in the Nation . Recently myself and 4 other friends got together between us we had over 100 firearms . One of the group is one of the top rated 3 gun shooters in the country and two of us were former military.

        What does all of this mean….forced relocation here in S.C. would be a bloody mess .Remember South Carolinian’s don’t like being told what to do . You piss us off and we fight back

      31. Remember Katrina. This may be the reaction that is to strong for the situation. Tough to gauge the correct response.

      32. If you are forced to evacuate why not leave before your are forced onto a bus and taken where you do not want to go? Seems like the thing to do is pack up and leave NOW heading West to anywhere.

      33. I heard the MSM say that a Swiss rescue team was on standby to help. ODD is that like having the UN here ???

      34. I live in Greenville SC, where are these FEMA camps supposed to be? I will personally check them out if anyone supplies the locations.

      35. How much you wanna bet they’ll use this as an opportunity to declare martial law?

      36. And how many even know that there are FEMA detention camps? I am thinking that like my wife she insists if it were true you would read about it in your morning paper, or at least see it in the nightly news. I am unable to convince her that time is short and scary!

      37. I forgot to mention the “Constitution zone? HUH what is that again? How can they do that?

      38. Two miles from the beach in SC. Still here. I did see a fire truck slowly roll by. They noticed my front door open but did not stop. We will stay unless it looks like a direct hit. Anything less than 60 mph winds will not be a problem. Generator tested sat, food on the shelf and plenty of barley and hops flavored water on ice. Bring it.

        • 500 feet from the beach enjoying a nice afternoon . everything under control. Talked with me city connection and the city is scrambling not sure who to keep on stand-by.

      39. I wonder if the heavy rains/flooding from the hurricane will also exacerbate Florida’s sinkhole problem.

      40. 2 miles and a direct hit,nice knowin ya,I’d haul ass! Good luck though:-)

      41. After all is said and done in FL, if MainstreamMedia reports during the immediate aftermath of Florida’s hit that all totaled a million people were safely evacuated and brought to safe camps with plenty of food and water for all, I am not going to believe them and will know it’s a ruse to lead those in coastal states north of FL to assume that’s the safe way to go, so they too follow suit. Not buying it. Careful what you believe, over half of MSnews is pure bs.

      42. This story is total BS. I live in Aiken county, 110 miles from the coast, it IS THE END of the EVAC zone. They cancelled school to open them up as shelters, including hundreds of stalls for horses since Aiken county is the winter stabling for the top tracks up North. Last count on the Augusta noon news was 175K evacuees, so far. We are forecast for what would be a summer thunderstorm…..up to 30mph wind, 1.5″ rain.

      43. School buses are leaving Greenville to go to the coast – I can confirm that – I work in Greenville and many parents are having a hissy-fit because they have to drive their children to school.

        I am curious where these bussed in people will be staying…

        I would NEVER leave my home, on a bus to go hundreds of miles from my residence…nope…

      44. Drudge pointed out they are fudging the numbers on the Hurricane farce.

        Making it like, climate change is OUT OF CONTROL. But guess who really is out of control? Your gubmint.

        That is why those up there are trying to make it like they are GAWD and you better HELL listen to what they are a say’n.

        Sorry, my ears are plugged. Been shooting my rifle and practicing my 2nd Amendment.

      45. As one in the sights of Matthew, I can state this article is pure bullshit. The authorities have to much legitimate business to attend to to deal with paranoid delusionals. BTW, when things go bad, these same morons who have not evacuated will be screaming the loudest that the gubment did not do enough for them. I have seen it happen over and over again.

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