Should Your Kids Know How to Bug Out…from School?

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    This article has been contributed by Daisy Luther of The Organic Prepper and author of The Pantry Primer.


    There are many alarming trends throughout the American public school system, and one of the most unsettling relates to “terror drills.”

    Paul Joseph Watson of Infowars wrote last week about “lockdown drills” run by the DHS:

    The Department of Homeland Security is expanding its operations by running unannounced school lockdown drills, another sign of the federal agency’s encroachment into more areas of Americans’ lives.

    “On Thursday, March 6, a team comprised of ten officials from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office, and the NJ Department of Education’s Safety and Security Task Forces visited Glen Ridge High School to conduct an unannounced school lock-down drill,” reports Georgette Gilmore

    While authorities justify school lockdown drills as necessary exercises to prepare for potential school shootings, the likelihood of one happening is miniscule. Critics have pointed to the fact that the drills achieve little else than traumatizing school children.

    Some have also argued that teaching kids to “shelter in place” rather than evacuate the scene of a shooting is bad advice because it is likely to lead to more casualties. The process of having children submit to armed masked men during school lockdown drills is also contradictory in that it teaches them to behave exactly the same way towards an actual gunman.(source)

    But a quick drill with guns pointed at children is not even the worst of the drills being performed. Another type of drill began occurring in 2012. These are called “evacuation drills” or “relocation drills” and the kids are put on a bus and taken to a location that is not disclosed to parents. Michael Snyder wrote:

    All over the United States, school children are being taken out of their classrooms, put on buses and sent to “alternate locations” during terror drills…In the years since 9/11 and the Columbine school shootings, there has been a concerted effort to make school emergency drills much more “realistic” and much more intense.    Unfortunately, the fact that many of these drills are deeply traumatizing many children does not seem to bother too many people.  Do we really need to have “active shooter” drills where men point guns at our kids and fire blanks at them?  Do we really need to have “relocation drills” where kids are rapidly herded on to buses and told that they must surrender their cell phones because they will not be allowed to call anyone? (source)

    During these drills kids are not allowed to phone their parents and parents are not even allowed to know where their children are in many cases.  In some incidences during which the school forewarns parents about the drill, the parents are told that they cannot pick up their children “for any reason” during the drill.  Many schools now boast of having supplies to keep children at the school for 48 hours in the event of an “emergency” during which time the children will not be released to their parents.

    And it gets even worse. In the name of predictive programming, do you recall a “drill” during which the police took over a school and practiced fighting “angry parents”?  I’ve been plenty annoyed at different schools my daughter has attended, but in no way have I been compelled to attack the school, requiring SWAT teams to defend it against me and my band of likewise irate moms.

    In fact, there’s only one scenario I can imagine in which parents would storm the school to take back their children.  Mac Slavo of SHTFplan wrote about it:

    Let’s consider the circumstances that would have to occur for not one, but two or more parents to lay armed siege to a school.

    There’s only one real scenario that comes to mind, and you’d more than likely have to be a prepper or conspiracy theorist to even contemplate the possibility.

    The schools which our kids attend have “shelter-in-place” emergency procedures that would be enacted in the event of an emergency such as a nuclear, chemical or biological attack. During these emergencies schools are to be locked down with no unofficial access into the buildings until the all-clear has been given. It’s unclear based on district procedures just what the shelter-in-place order means and what steps parents would need to take to get their kids out of school – or whether they could even take their kids out of school based on the emergency.

    But basically, it boils down to this: If there is a widespread emergency, and a school locks down and refuses parental access to children, then and only then could we envision a scenario where parents might take it upon themselves to evacuate their children by force.

    The ‘event’ in question would likely need to be mass scale, or perceived as mass scale, in order for a parent to be so adamant about getting their child out of the school that they would take to armed violence to get them out.

    Is this what police are training for?

    Someone, somewhere obviously thinks there is a legitimate reason for this type of training simulation. (source)

    So when you put all of this together, it’s easy to see the future. The picture this is painting is that one day, a unilateral decision could be made to put our children on a bus, take them to an undisclosed location, and keep them. (Dave Hodges wrote a chilling article about the role of FEMA in these scenarios – you can read it HERE.)

    Should you teach your child to escape?

    Maybe it’s time to teach your child how to bug out from school.

    By no means am I suggesting that this is a legitimate course of action for every child.  Some kids are too young or too prone to panic and poor judgement to safely bug out. Some environments are too dangerous for a young person to take off on his or her own.  Parents have to consider the skills and mindset of their kids before making plans like this. It can definitely be risky, and you have to compare it to the alternative of having your child herded along.

    I have a huge amount of faith in my child. So much so that we have performed some of our own drills.  She attends a part-day advanced science program at a school 13 miles from our home.  She’s a lot more “aware” of events going on in the world than most of her peers because we discuss things like government encroachment and tyranny on a regular basis. She knows that she is not to get on a bus without my prior knowledge and consent.

    If, out of the blue, the teachers just tell students to get on a bus, and there is no compelling reason for them to be doing so, it might be time for your child to use his or her own judgement on whether boarding that conveyance is actually a good idea.

    If you feel that a school bug-out plan is a good idea for your child, here are a few things to consider:

    • If there are younger siblings at the school, your older children will need to plan how to connect with them, and whether or not to abort the bug-out if they can’t connect with the younger ones.
    • You need to set up a primary and secondary rally point where you’ll meet your kids.  This should be within a couple of miles of the school, and it should be a place where your children can stay hidden from the main road. The plan should always be to go to the primary rally point, but if for some reason that is unsafe or unaccessible, there should be a secondary rally point that is reached by a different route.
    • Figure out the route your child will take to get to the rally point.  Practice getting there from the school.  If possible, for reasons of safety and stealth, develop a route that does not use the main road to take them there. Hike or walk this route with your child until they are completely comfortable with it.
    • There are some situations in which evacuation is actually necessary. For example, some places are prone to forest fires and you wouldn’t want your child out on foot in such a scenario.  If the school building were to collapse, it’s obvious the children would be relocated to a safe shelter. This is the point at which your child’s judgement comes into play. It is vital to discuss different scenarios in which evacuation is necessary.

    It is also important that your child have the proper gear to take off on foot, as well as the ability to use all of it.  It’s important to practice things like filtering water in order for a young person to feel confident doing so.

    • A hiking pack (My daughter keeps this  Signpost Outdoor Packable Handy Backpack Foldable Lightweight Travel Bag Daypack – Green in the bottom of her school bag)
    • Comfortable weather-appropriate footwear (winter boots, sneakers, etc.)
    • Water filtration bottle (we use THIS ONE from Berkey)
    • At least one full water bottle, but preferably two
    • Snacks like granola bars or energy bars (Clif Bars are made with good ingredients and are very filling)
    • Weather appropriate clothing (snow gear, light hoodie, gloves, hat for sun or warmth)
    • Fire-starting flint
    • Space blanket
    • First aid kit (band-aids are a must forpotential blisters)
    • Extra socks

    Most of the other gear that you’d prefer your child to have is going to be deemed “dangerous” by the school.  Things like multi-tools, matches or lighters, or self-defense items are frowned upon and can result in anything from suspension by a “zero-tolerance” school system that seems unable to differentiate between a tool and a threat, to felony charges by the overzealous “justice system.” These are things you must take into consideration when choosing items for the emergency kit, and you have to weigh the pros against the cons.

    Will this work for you?

    This is not a plan that will work for every family. Only you can judge whether or not your child or teen can keep a cool enough head to execute a similar plan and use their own judgement in a surprise situation. Only you can assess the immediate environment and decide if it is safer for your student to set out on their own or to go with the staff from the school.

    Do any of you have a simliar plan for your kids? Please share your suggestions in the comments below.

    NOTEThis is not a debate about whether children should be educated at home or via the public school system. This is about a specific situation that affects many families in America who have made the decision to send their children to school based on their own personal circumstances or the availability of special programs.

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      1. Umm, YES!

        This is why my older kids know to head out when and if safe, and when my younger kids know I will pick them up, or mom will pick them up come hell or high water.

        The State can never, and will never shelter in place with my children, ever.

        I work for the local government, I can tell you it will be chaos. Plan now. Thank God my kids are walking distance from home. This is so important.


        Teach your children that adults, that are not family, DO NOT HAVE AUTHORITY!


        • ABSOLUTELY….with some alternate locations besides home.
          Do whatever it takes to escape from the premises. Don’t go get your “whatever” that’s in your locker. Avoid crowds and don’t stand around to see whats going on. Mine always have a few snacks and water. Unfortunately they’ll get busted for having a pocket knife…so make tracks and don’t look back. Have two or three alternate exits if possible with a plan to vamoose from each room you are in during the day.

          • Thank GOD, mine are homeschooled…

            • @ Everyone that has children in schools. One of the most overlooked getting ready for SHTF is just how far away your children are from your home. Thanks to this school bussing of kids to long distances away from their home, WHEN SHTF IF the kids are 30 miles away or something the children are in trouble. Every son or daughter should be walking distance from their home to the school. Every parent should also be able to reach their children without having to travel any type of distance. EMP takes out almost all vechicles for example.

              IF a parent and child cannot reunite with each other because of some BO policy or state policy that ships their child away like some refuge to some school in another county or beyond walking distance back to their home, take them out of the school system like eppe says and home school them. Distance means death in a very bad situation.

              • I would suggest getting a prepaid cell phone with minutes on it and hide/bury it at the rendezvous point. They may not escape with, or be able to use their phone and one call would make all the difference, especially to the parents.

                If it was me, I’d be in charge of making sure the phone battery is charged at the hiding place and extra batteries were available.

                I might try to hide a second phone in my kids stuff, so they could surrender one and retain the hidden one to use as soon as they can…hopefully it isn’t found too.

                • IT IS SO FUCKED UP THAT WE EVEN HAVE TI HAVE THIS DISCUSSION. This, in and of itself, should be enough for people to go drag their representative outside and kick their asses…

                  • If being labeled a domestic terrorist
                    for teaching my kids how to survive
                    is the price I have to pay for their
                    security, then I’m guilty as charged.

                    They are adults now, and the only
                    thing that has changed is that I
                    instruct them in adult survival
                    techniques today.

                    Great subject Daisy, near and dear
                    to my heart.
                    When your house is engulfed in flames,
                    who wouldn’t have taught their kids to
                    smash out an egress window and crawl
                    through it to safety? Survival 101.

                  • When we were kids(in the 50’s) we were indoctrinated to “duck and cover” under our desks should a nuclear attack ensue..

                    Yeah that was f’d up in and of itself as well.

                    Never ever trust the school systems.!!. cesspools and indoctrination center breeding grounds for the compliance to the state..enemy of the family,,enemy of the Constitution, and everything we stand for..

                    Hell, if the system ever found out you had taught your children to be self reliant..oh the horror.

                    Most likely DSS and child services would immediately whisk your kids away under ‘state’ protection..

                    Whatever your choice sure your child fully understands opsec..


                  • sixpack

                    I am with you on that one!

                    The more they get away with, will only embolden them to do more.

                  • Given the state of schools these days, you children shouldn’t be there to begin with. If they are still there, avoid the rush and get them out now.

                  • Sixpack and OutWest, AMEN to your comments. Most likely I’m on lists going back to the Clinton era and I don’t give a shit. I don’t care what kind of label they try to put on me; I already know it’s not legitimate. THERE’S NO LEGITIMATE BASIS FOR ANYTHING ANY OF THE GOVT. AGENCIES DO. I WON’T BE FOLLOWING ANYTHING ANY GOVT. OFFICIAL SAYS AFTER THE BALLOON GOES UP ANYWAY. LET THEM COME AFTER ME. I DON’T CARE.

                • One feature of my son’s ASD is that he’s always been a master escapologist. A few of his tricks

                  1. ALWAYS keep a running log in your head of where the school/nursery caretaker keeps his tools.
                  2. Know at all times where the weaknesses are in the playground fence.
                  3. If you are fast adults won’t notice you slipping thru their legs when they open security doors.
                  4. It’s easier to wiggle under fencing etc than climb over it and you are less likely to be spotted.
                  5.Don’t give even your closest friend the slightest hint of what you plan – no talk, lots of DO.
                  6. Make your choice fast as a light switch and ACT with no hestitation.
                  7. Flooding the bathrooms always distracts the grown ups. (Fire alarms are designed to be hard to reach & grown ups are wise to this trick!)
                  8. If you notice a new lock appear – make it your mission that same day to work out how to defeat it.
                  9. don’t go to your mum’s as that is the first place they’ll look – aim for a friendly adult within walking distance of your home instead, like your local corner shop, favourite Aunty’s house etc, etc.

                  Looking back he gave his schools and nurseries a run for their money. The caretakers ALWAYS knew him by name by the end of the first week. I take the kid to an art gallery and he spends his time sussing out the laser security systems instead of looking at the art.

                • On the same note, take it a step further. Use motorola direct talk cell phones, baofeng radios, or even a cb radio handheld if range/childrens’ skill permits. That way if the cell system is down, your comms are not….

            • Thank GOD, mine are done with “school” and can shoot back.

          • How about having a stash somewhere that your child can get to for the items that the school consider dangerous

        • If you can get your kids out of the school system. Our kids went to private school or where home schooled. I made it VERY CLEAR with my attorney present that if I came to pick up my kids and they were not allowed to leave with me the lawsuit would bankrupt the school. I let them know that I understood that I some instances the school would evacuate my kids to protect them but that it better be made DAM CLEAR on where I was to pick them up. If your kids are in public school:
          1. CELL PHONE. With you and the misses on speed dial. If this needs to be covert due to school policies then have them bring it during a football game or at the beginning of school during parent orientation day. Full silence the phone and it is to be hid in the locker. Buy two batteries and they bring a fresh one each day.
          2. Bug out bag: with all of the things listed in this article. Update and inspect MONTHLY.
          3. Martial arts training: The real kind like MMA or Krav Maga. If forced to get on a bus they need to know how to “punch and run”. Also improvised weapon training. (just watch “Kick ASS” and take a page from “Hit Girl”).
          4. Long distance running training: Most teachers are not up to running two miles… make sure your kid is.
          5. Multiple rally points: You get your butt their ASAP. Learn how to effectively drive efficiently and quickly. Yes a Bondurant course is very pricey but I have been through two of them over the last Four decades. Priceless training. Get a trusted LEO to teach you some things… whatever. These are your kids. Know how to save them.
          6. Find other parents of like mind so kids at the school can work together in teams. Remember the “FORM TEAMS” thing I keep harpen on. It works for kids too.
          Our Public schools have become government indoctrination centers and nothing more. Love your children and teach them to respect you so you can save them when the time comes. And on the subject of “FORM TEAMS’: our team has kids in public school. Most of those kids have my and many members of our teams numbers. We can’t pick up the kids but we can sure tail the busses and report and direct. Things are getting very interesting so eyes up and PRAY, PLAN, PREP, FORM TEAMS.

          • there’s another way to learn how to drive FAST! get with a local autocross/slalom club and start racing. i have been to several schools put on by these organisations(usually have one once a year), and they are quite good when it comes to teaching you to drive fast. many instructors will be picked from the “fastest drivers” group. for a hundred or two you get a full day, or sometimes two days of on course and classroom techniques. i couldn’t have won my autocross championship without those schools! and while on the subject of driving…what about driving “off the trail”? when the SHTF, there will be many roads closed and you better know how to drive “around” those closed roads. a great way to do that is joining your local 4×4 club too. a few years ago i had too many passengers for my rubicon, so i asked my 4×4 club members if they minded dragging me and my wifes 2wheeldrive nissan titan through the “tough spots” on our run through the desert. so i loaded up all 6 of us and went along with them. long story short, i never even got strapped ONCE, in 50 or so miles through the desert. proper tire pressure and driving skill is VERY important. only once did i have to stack a couple rocks to get across a small ditch across the road, which is why i started recommending 2, 6×6 boards 3 or 4 feet long in you rigs to be able to cross those types of obstacles easier(even for just jumping a 8 inch high curb). i don’t think MOST people give much thought to being able to get around when it all goes south. detailed maps, tow strap(not chain),and a way to attach that tow strap to BOTH vehicles, tool kit with basic stuff, air compressor will come in mighty handy!

            • Mr doom you’re exactly rightI just didn’t want my post very very long you should know how to off road and don’t forget ATVs are very good for this too and yes autocrossing is absolutely awesome its a poor man’s way of learning to drive a race car there plenty of guys out there and gals it will be happy to help train you and teach you. When I lived in San Diego they had a great club there that met at Jack Murphy Stadium and it was a lot of fun. I have also trained all of my kidswith the skill sets the time they were 14 on. Very good point MrDoom.

              • yup on san diego, man…you must have known the cadenheads if you raced there…legends.

        • Good point, “Teach your kids that adults. that are not family, DO NOT HAVE Authority.” That is so so true! We have to teach our kids right from wrong and corruption and communtiy and rules that big government do not follow so they can understand. I’m being serious here what can we do?? DO we get crazy and go all braveheart or march to the house or what. I talk to people everywhere and they all can’t stand Obama and what’s going on.
          I’m afraid someone that wants to change things will be labeled as a terrorist and will be spinned like no other on the news saying a unstable individual attacked a “certain interest.”

          You do one wrong thing and take and STEAL all your weapons or whatever you have from the slightest sign of any aggression. I believe the police are the ones that need to be “shaked down and come back to reality with common sense” more than ever. They ticket and arrest people to get their Quota so they can get their promotion or seen as a freedom savior of America. It’s sad. We know there are few good ones and I thank you for what you do, but you corrupt bastards and you know who you are go to hell, you have no honor or dignity within yourself. Your brainwashed from the academy.

          Was listening to MR jones today and had a guy on about the stock market. He was saying around May June that we are in big trouble and its going to drop. I have none in the market just your thoughts gang.

          • Clint, I’m glad I don’t have kids to worry about. Can’t dispute anything you’ve said. I’ve got nothing in the market either. My investments are my preps. That’s the only market I care about.

          • clint hospo.

            Once laws were written to protect the law abiding people. Now they protect the criminal. I assure you if they will do these things to our children, It Is Criminal.

            But if you beat his ass, you go to jail.
            If you kill them, you go to jail.

            You can not get rid of these dingbats. The law protects them. They hang around and nothing is done. You can be label a racist an extremist, a nut case because you disagree with them or their agenda. Threaten you with child protection agency and dream up all sort of law crap to do to you.


            More people equals more assholes, equals more shit you have to put up with, and the shit never stops.

            • Slingshot, I know everything you say is true, but if the POS wants to get froggy, let him/her jump and I will respond in my own self-defense AND THAT IS MY RIGHT. Anyone who wants to try to punish me for self-defense will also have a fight on their hands. I never submit to such people. I don’t care what the circumstances are. MOLON LABE braveheart

          • Agree to the point. You don’t want 5 and 6 Year olds not listening to an adult there’s a fine line and its not easy as I’m raising two young boys. There’s going to be times when a adult might be trying to help a child so that type of thing might confuse the snot out of a young child. I said in a earlier comment that I was scared to home school just because of my history of learning. I learn by doing not sitting in a classroom. I did graduate high school thank God for the electrical trade. Senior year I got out of school at 10:30am and went to work at a local supply house. I worked my ass off and made it to the top in sales in the company. Now I’m the stay at home dad. My buddies send me mothers day cards on mothers day now. So anyway I talked to the wife last night and she has also thought about home schooling so we are going to look into it. She’s the opposite of mean went to college got a degree and owns a successful business. Does anyone have any suggestions where to start. I do live in the great commie state of Mass. And no I’m Not moving I plan to fight for what I believe in when the time comes.

        • I thank God I do not have very young children…but, if I did….I would homeschool them…and they would Know the drill if anything abnormal should occur…I would not trust any school to have my child’s best interests at heart in any shtf situation….

        • Townsaver, although I don’t have kids, I agree with your strategy for dealing with such a situation. When I was in public school, I also received some “homeschooling” to counteract the propaganda the public school was feeding me. I’ve never had blind, unquestioning faith in anyone or anything. I know how to think for myself and read between the lines to separate the truth from the lies. I’ve been in more fights in school and suspended for self-defense more times than I want to remember, but I don’t regret my decisions.

        • Daisy rails about things like this, but insists on keeping her kid in public schools.

        • Being that the first thing that is done is to lock down all the doors good luck with them getting out. Unless they jump out a window or steal a key they are going to stay there.

      2. Grandkids are instructed to dial “Poppy”.

        He’ll be in quick, snatch’em and out.

        Hot if necessary. They already know the mantra…

        “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

      3. Yes.
        When I was a kid I use to walk the railroad tracks to school and back. Knowing alternative routes between points “A” and “B” means you are not confined to traveling on roads. You can even have caches of food/supplies along the way. My grandsons know that “Pat & Charlie” will get you where you want to go.
        Good luck everyone.

      4. Parents should have bugged out their kids from these, indoctrination centers, long ago. Do people that post here “really” have the kids in the present education system?

        I know there are a few exceptions, e.g. homeschooling and charter schools and a few ‘other” schools, but for the vast majority, they’re mind altering prisons; down right terrifying.

        • Yes, our kids are in the free daycare centers, as mom and dad are productive people. Not all of us can be in the 1%, so we have to actually work for our needs.

          So many of you speak from the “you should know better” mind set. Please understand that many are new to this method of thinking, and should be encouraged not discouraged.

          We are not the minority anymore, and there is no need to hide. Try not to be what is viewed as “paranoid” and move towards knowledge and common sense. Move us away from the fringe into the center, which is where most of us are.

          We love our family, and do what we can to survive. Release the religious or political dogma, and survive.

          I am not denouncing anything or any belief. Listen to truth. This message is universal, through all beliefs.

          Love of family is pure, universal, and the truth of existence. Look in the eye of your grandchildren and you will understand.

          • Then I encourage you to think outside the box. Family, and the education of ones child, goes hand and hand. Why have a child, if they end up going of to a “school” where they are taught to turn against “family”?

            The problem is, today, debt dictates ones priorities. And if many if not most Americans are living pay check to pay check then parents of children who are attending the indoctrination centers (that I mentioned) feel they have no choice, and will justify, in their minds, that these schools are better than nothing. Or, how can I home school my child if both of us (parents) have to work? Well, one doesn’t have to be in the “1%” to home school. But debt is now so common, the norm, that Americans have defaulted to the “public school” system, as a matter of fact.

            Why is it that middle class and lower class families are able to home school their children? Ask them how they do it. ALmost every family that I have met that home school, is a powerful unit, a “whole” family, where their children are calmer, happier, more intelligent and filled with a special quality that seems to be missing in most families today.

            • Our kids never saw the inside of a public scholl… They were homeschooled or christian private schooled. It took a lot of sacrifice but it was worth it.

              • Catholic schools are almost as bad as government schools.

          • It occurs to me that one possible option for those who need to work to provide for their families (and thus can’t homeschool) would be to get a job IN THE SCHOOL YOUR CHILD ATTENDS.

            Even if it’s only a minimum wage job in the lunch room, you would be present to help your child and maybe your child’s friends escape.

            That might be possible for a few. Another option would be to make friends with someone who works in your child’s school — GOOD friends. Do him or her lots of favors and keep his/her cell phone number handy. Another option would be to get a job close to your child’s school, so you are nearby when the SHTF. I am so glad my daughter and grandson are grown.

          • Well said. I would love to home school my children but I’m being 100 percent honest that it scares me since I would be the one doing it and I had trouble in school I’m not stupid but not book smart I have to do something to learn it. That’s really the only thing stopping me from doing so.

            • There are a myriad online schools out there nowadays for those scared of teaching themselves 100%

              My lad is turning out to be gifted at science – no way could I teach him at the level that excites him so I use an online school in order to ensure he gets access to a specialist teacher. From next school year I’ll add a foreign language for the same reason.

              Khan academy is hard to beat for math tuition & totally free via youtube(at this point I’ll admit it’s me using it to refresh my rusty brain!)

        • Govt sanctioned brain laundromats…nothing more!

          Very timely article Miss Daisy!

      5. People, our society is getting weird. Something is being planned. It is kind of like reading Shirley Jackson’s ‘The Lottery’. or Twight-light Zone, or whatever. All I can say is live, love your family, and be ready. And I cannot define what ‘Be Ready’ means….

        • I have that feeling too. Something major is comming and we are all on edge it seems. I’m not worried I’m just curious what is going to happen tomorrow. Gas is going up and food is supposed to go up even more. Iran and Russia are going to start some crap from Israel. You want to hear a good one. We did some training for a program we have to do called Export compliance to countries. Basically a contractor or a company in America cannot DENY Israel for anything or parts (guns,explosives,training,planes or whatever). I think that is funny we can deny business to any country in the world but Israel. I would like to hear you answers on that!! That is a fact!! What the hell. I guess when you have Jews(nothing against them) in the house and senate controlling our military and all contrators to do whatever they need. It’s nuts. Only country we can’t do business with is Sudan.

          • Clint, I feel something is coming also, just don’t know when. Interesting what you said about Israel.

          • Yes Ugly and C.H. something is brewing, big time and about to explode, on so many levels. But to tell you the truth, it’s overdue and I feel some form of relief that finally, the two sides are forming for all two see. The key is to know what side to align oneself with. I believe one has to really jump outside their preprogrammed boxes (minds) to discern the real from the unreal. We’re going to see multiple wars taking place and we’re not talking just tanks and fighters, but “Mind Fields” around every corner, whether that might be on the internet or browsing in the grocery store.

            This is No Drill.

            • EA , agreed “mind fields” .
              Theres alotta propaganda poppin up all over the net , and as for grocery stores , just look at the headlines of some of the magazines in the checkout lanes.
              Socialism is on the rise in a big way.

        • So right Ugly – something that isn’t going to be nice is bubbling away and I don’t know what it ultimately will be. Wont be pleasant though will it?

          Luckily, my kids are now in the 20’s and live close. I can scoop ’em up and be gone in minutes in a truck that will survive all bar a direct hit from something big. My grandchild is about to turn one so it will be a few years yet before Grandpa might have to collect from school, and quite frankly I believe “it” will have gone belly up by then.


          • Why put the grandchild in an indoctrination center? You watch the grandchild during the day and the parents can homeschool on nights and weekends.

            • That would be ideal Leslie Anne but circumstances just don’t permit that. And my Grandaughter is not yet one year old so there is a bit of a buffer there. We all still have to work while closely watching events as they unfold. Plan A is to stay in place until it is apparent this is “it” then activate Plan B which is to get the hell outta here and head for the retreat. If we “save time and panic early” we wont have jobs to come back to if it was a false alarm and that will cause massive hardship as jobs are getting a bit harder to find here in Aussie now.

              Like most preppers, except for a lucky few who can and do live at their retreats, we are in situ until it hits the fan. In a year, or two at most, I will be semi retired with a home based business and living at the retreat so being ready for “it” will be a lot easier.


      6. They SHOULD know and practice. Problem is, the police state is busy ‘locking down’ the schools so that none can escape. Seems some are even resorting to RFID Proximity cards that can ‘track’ you through the school and grounds as well. ‘They’ say it cuts down on truancy and tardiness. Sure it does.

        Was hotly contested in a Texas school recently as the child attending the school refused to wear the tracking ID card. Easy enough to thwart- wrap in aluminum foil and toss in garbage can. Leave school grounds post haste and don’t look back!

        • As far as the rfid cards go, I’d suggest putting them someplace that would suggest that the kids are still on campus – maybe ditch the unshielded cards in an unpopular library book, in the library.

          The longer they are searching for them on campus, the farther away the kids can get before a search for them outside the school starts.

        • Socrates, kudos to that kid for refusing the RFID chip. That’s one kid who sounds like he’s ahead of 99% of the rest. I won’t take a f#$%ing RFID chip for any reason.

          • RFID chips are nothing but mark of the beast devices. People are not elk or some tagged shark or something. RFID chips when they “TRY” to put them into people’s skulls or deeply into their organs or something are nothing but government BORG type of control. Science fiction is becoming science fact. That is what is frightening as hell. RFID chips are straight from hell.

            • Speaking of RFID chips. Read a scary book called “The Cattle” by Greg M. Sarwa.

            • I know some of you guys don’t have plastic. But a lot of people me included have debit card. Could our debit cards have the chip already in them.

            • BI,
              In a lot of cases, SciFi is a leak, either intentional or unplanned of existing science fact. e.g. Star Trek; I watched that collectivist drivel when I was a kid and was fascinated by the hi-tech gagetry. I asked my dad if we would ever have those kind of things and he said, “We’ve had them for years.” I didn’t understand this enigmatic statement until recently–> Anthony Sanchez’ interview with a “Colonel X”.

        • Don’t tell them to shield it or stash it on campus. Tell them to stash it in another kid’s backpack when they’re not looking that’s getting on the same bus they’re supposed to be on. It’ll take longer for them to look for your kid because the electronic headcount will be correct. Gotta think outside the box people! If the pattern looks normal to them, they won’t look too hard for an aberration until your child has gotten away. If they have to scan them when they get on and off the bus, teach them sleight-of-hand to switch theirs with another kid’s, then ditch that one. That way, they’re initially going to be looking for the wrong kid. Might only buy 30 seconds, but every second counts.

      7. Sorry to say this but if something occurs, children WILL NOT have a say as to where they go.. Want your children safe? Home school is the only way to go…and, sadly, that may not ensure their safety…When your children are a way to re-educate YOU, anything goes. Breaks my heart to say it, but that is the way I see it now…

      8. Parents & Grandparents get the kids out of this Matrix before its too late!
        “Children is the currency of Tyranny”

      9. It’s time to homeschool your children.

        • okay, so Ron Paul didn’t follow the establishment talking points (AGAIN) and they retaliated with ANOTHER hit piece…nothing new here.

          • Ron Paul was part of the establishment for decades. Why do you worship that fool?

            • Who said I worship Ron Paul? That’s all you rate for a response. I don’t wanna play.

        • So sick of you ignorant paulbots and you’re insanity

      10. ultimately this is a parents #1 responsibility – PROTECTING THEIR CHILDREN FROM ALL ENEMIES FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC !

        if things are so messed up in your area that the schools are on lock down and your kids are being kidnapped by the zog amerika fedgov stategov zio-jews DHS and taken to camp fema … your kids shouldn’t be in school to begin with – period .


        • Thank you!
          And remember people, they can be successful with their dictatorship as long as they KNOW damned well that MOST people will submit. Ever wonder why they are so brazen? Because people won’t use their power to shut them down by standing up to them en masse.


        teaching your children to bug-out from school can be more dangerous to/ for them than them staying in school or going to a alternative safe zone established by the school .

        child sex predators will prey upon anyone they perceive weak , in distress and confused which makes them easy marks .

        to just tell you kids young children to flee to the woods and hike home puts them at a great risks of many threats , some of those threats are their own class mates .

        do you really want your 13 year old daughter running around in the woods in a pre-teen young wolf pack with her fellow sex hormone super charged young adult male class mates who are known druggies , sex pervs and juvenile delinquents ???

        i sure as hell don’t !!! ;0p bleh

        *this is a topic that should be discussed as a organized parent community group of concerned school parents with the schools principle and local county sheriff . who can organize stranger danger safety protocols in organized community meetings that all agree upon for the safety sake of the children of the schools .

        the children safety comes first , safety from themselves , the other students , predatory staff , predatory law enforcement and sex predator strangers dangers .

        if you love your child get involved with a REAL BUG-OUT FROM SCHOOL PLAN , TALK TO YOUR CHILD’S SCHOOL AND LOCAL LAW ENFORCEMENT !!!



        • YEP , I have always said that it is important to be active in the community. When everyone LOCALLY is on the same page alot of this BS aint gonna happen.
          Then again i suppose the real big cities dont care about parents or community , they only worship big government.

          I would worry if my kids went to school in NY or Chicago.

      12. Doctor Strangelove – Doomsday Machine




        • Go back to your Nazi rally, you moron.

          • no … i don’t wanna ;0p


            Remember the ‘Samson Option’?

            Israel says they have nuclear missiles aimed at cities all over Europe, which they curiously and insanely regard as ‘hostile’, this being the preferred choice of target of the Israeli Air Force. Israel routinely calls the USA ‘anti-semitic’ too. Does anything strike you a being a little odd about that? Like what the hell are we fighting for Israel for? If you want to do something to protect your security, address the issue of the Samson Option every day to your media and to all others till that threat is properly dealt with. Demand that it be the topmost issue from amongst all others until those Israeli nukes are confiscated. That is the only threat the whole world faces, not Iraq, not Afghanistan, not Libya, not Iran or any other nation, but Israel, the gangster bully boys.


            • Israel has a right to self protection; they will not allow another Shoah without fighting tooth and nail this time.

            • Israel has a right to self protection — They will not allow another SHOAH and they will not be duped as Europe and the US by “political correctness” and all the other flapdoodle that has made self defense called phobic or profiling. An antelope profiles lions and leopards in order to survive. When today’s human does the same thing he is accused of prejudicial thinking. Well, nuts to all that.

      13. Ya think? Da@#@#. They should learn and know how to bug out from anywhere that is not their home.

      14. Now, I am NOT suggesting you teach your kids to do anything dangerous or illegal, but…

        Do your children know where the main power box (fuse or breaker box) is in their building? Can they safely trip a main breaker?
        Do they know how to start fires? Indoors and out? Do they know that many school items are flammable? Including homework assignments, report cards and old gym socks? (the fumes from a burning gym sock would probably be considered a bio weapon, so maybe you ought to skip that)
        Can they produce a blood-curdling scream continuously at 95 decibels or more? Have them practice over at a friends house, not yours.
        Do they know which car the principal drives? Get a similar model and have them practice hot-wiring it.
        Can they drive a bus? A big yellow one?
        Have them practice code-talking to friends in teenager-ese. No one over 30 can understand it. (‘sup man? yo mamma got dem itchy bars on da flea blanket?)
        To escape a lock down, do they have the necessary skills to create a diversion? Such as a small explosion in the computer lab? This technique will send the cops scurrying and they may be able to bug out in the opposite direction.
        If they do bust loose from the lock down, do they know how to travel unnoticed in a crowd while getting to the rally point? Stuff an ‘I Love Obama’ t-shirt in their bag just in case. They’ll blend right in with the sheep.

        Do NOT teach or encourage any dangerous techniques to your children. Practice on nieces, nephews, or neighbor kids first***

        • smokieokie – you been spending time with my lad?

          (realises just WHY he’s so keen on that electronics correspondance course).

      15. Lots of folks in the patriot & prepper crowds are veterans. Anyone looked at the divorce rate among military personnel? Hint – its higher than the 50% national average. Lots of us veteran patriots have joint custody and/or regular visitation with our kids, but have another non_prepper, non-oathsworn parent to contend with. And Lord knows if that person were reasonable and communication with them was easy, we wouldnt have divorced them in the first place. So… our former spouses have a say in what school our kids attend. Often more say than we do because if we were to try and discuss something like prepping or shtf with them, they would use it as a weapon to limit our custody/visitation with our children. I hate the idea that they could try & kidnap my kid. But for now, im stuck with a kid in public school.

        • Knight , There are also those of us who have a spouse that absolutely in NOway will ever accept that anything is wrong anywhere and that everything will always be perfectly fine , INSPITE of all the proof presented .

          So when it comes to public schools , what could go wrong?
          Even after common core was introduced (mind numbing) and confrontations with openly socialist administrators, everything is still gonna be fine , UGGGH !

      16. Absolutely! I used to do it all the time. A bunch of us used to head for the school parking lot after second period, jump in our cars and haul ass for a buddy’s gravel pit (filled with Bass and Bluegill) drink beer and fish the afternoon away. Or we’d head down to Wye Island bridge with some babes and dive off the bridge and drink some beer. I remember the night moves……..

      17. oh WOW! an article for parents on teaching their kids how to escape from achool! i LOVE this site!! where were you guys in 1982?

        i think most of the advice in this article is decently on-point. it’s a good starting spot for things to think about.

        further thoughts:

        a water filter, space blanket, fire-starting flint, & first aid kit sounds a bit over the top to me. unless you live in rural montana & expect your kids to traverse wilderness or extreme distance to get home.

        how far is it from home anyways? elementary schools are usually closest. high schools are notably further off. hs is where you can expect the thirty mile trek across the county.

        get topographical map and explore options for how your kids would get home. these options should avoid main roads as much as possible. walk each of your approved routes together with your kids a couple of times on weekends so you get idea of what they will encounter and so your kids get comfortable & know what to expect with the travel routes.

        schools routinely block access to kids’ bikes to keep them from skipping out during the day. this would be a certainty in a chaos scenario. make sure your kids know that even approaching the bike rack is a certain bust. make sure they understand that they will need to walk or run away from school without their wheels.

        the above paragraph applies to students’ cars in high school parking lots. make sure your older sons & daughters know to walk or run too.

        depending on what’s going on, your kids may not have access to coat racks or lockers either.

        commenters talked about burying cell phones & such along the escape routes. that does not sound practical to me. most schools have a ton of hiding places. if any sort of bug out bag or supply stash is to be kept at your kids’ school, these hiding places are what you & your kids need to search out.

        speaking of cell phones, charge it by night at home. in parents’ room so you know it got done & so you know they get enough sleep at night. a cell phone that’s fully charged in the morning should have sufficient charge by day’s end.

        school is a rather inappropriate place to use a cell phone to begin with. most of us are old enough that we did not have them at all and we made it ok. survival without a cell phone is an ancient skill as worthy of passing on to the next generation as the skills of shooting & canning food. teach your kids to power their phone OFF & to keep it in their deepest pocket THE ENTIRE DAY until after dismissal, and after they are off the school premises.

        schools will likely seize cell phones from students in a chaos scenario. if your kid has never been seen using their cell phone, teachers may believe them when they say they don’t have one. similarly, consider giving your kid a second dummy cell phone that they can simply hand over if it’s demanded of them.

        make sure your kids *always* wear footwear they can comfortably walk the entire way home in. not crocs. not canvas converse (God love ’em…). not pumps. not those gel things. not heels. real footwear. sneakers: yes. runners: yes. hikers: yes. boots: yes. make sure it fits properly.

        cold feet with blisters are most unwelcome while walking X miles home from a school emergency. make sure *any* footwear they get fits snugly with no rubbing/friction and is weather-appropriate. make sure your kids wear socks with them. we all know it looks cooler than ***k without socks, but help them understand the socks are for safety.

        like i had mentioned above, your kids will likely be denied access to their lockers, which means they won’t have access to winter coats & such. this can be a serious concern in winter climes. see link below.

        School fire alarm leaves teen with frostbite; freshman spent 10 minutes oudoors in wet bathing suit

        with school administrators willing to let kids suffer frostbite for a small scale fire alarm, you may do well to figure out climate appropriate clothing they can wear/carry inside the school all the time, without dragging their winter coat about. flannel shirts, flannel lined pants & wool socks might not save your kid from frostbite if they have to escape on a day it’s minus ten out, but it will give them a much better chance than otherwise.

        also make sure clothing is not so tight they can’t run/walk in them or saggy loose that any cop can simply grab them. clothing should be versatile enough for your kids to function comfortably throughout a normal school day as well as walk X miles home.

        clothing is a sensitive spot with many teens. you will likely have better luck if you make them understand this is so they can more easily **escape from school** in a (real) emergency.

        where are the hiding places and additional exits within the school itself? this can be for the purpose of hiding any supplies, hiding oneself, and escaping the building. if your kids are unsure of where this stuff is, tell them to ask the stoners. the stoners always know.

        can the windows be opened & jumped out of? jumping out is ok for ground level windows. jumping out of anything from the second floor up risks immobilizing injury and should only be attempted in extreme scenarios such as shooter in building.

        how far and how fast can your kids run? the below link is a comic version of why your kids should be able to run a comfortable mile. just know that in a real chaos scenario, not just security, but actual police will likely be there in large numbers, complete with cars & motorcycles. (again, teach your kids to stay off the main roads…)

        Detroit Rock City – Escape From School

        make sure they regularly have at least five to ten dollars in singles. depending on what’s going on, your kids have a far better chance of being allowed to chill in a 7-11 if they buy a hotdog than if they walk in & just stand there w their hands in their pockets.

        if the school is too far from home, what are meeting points for your kids to regroup, wait for siblings, or wait for you? just as travel routes should be away from the main streets, so should meeting points.

        are there any parks, business or stores that might work as meeting point? a mall *might* be ideal, so long as their own security are not idiots, a mall has restrooms, food court & water fountains. many parks will have the same -minus the food court. smaller businesses such as convenience stores & fast food places may work, especially if you can make some prior arrangement with management.

        the take refuge & camp at local business route may work in something that’s going on just at the school itself: shooter, fire, evacuation. it won’t work if there is citywide power outage, riots, or other pandemonium scenario because those businesses will likely be closed too. this is where it’s important to know: what exactly are you planning ahead for?

        judgement calls can get tricky for your kids. evacuating the school without parental approval is appropriate for scenarios like the 2007 wildfires in southern california. shelter in place is appropriate for events like the may 2013 F5 tornado in moore, oklahoma. talk this stuff through with your kids as best as you can, in a way that’s appropriate for their ages, without freaking them out.

        finally, resources for those considering homeschooling:

        Teenage Liberation Handbook by Grace Llewellyn
        how to quit high school and get real life & education

      18. ooops! final point: school ids.

        your kids’ school ids probably have RFID (Radio Frequency ID) chips in them. this is the mark of the beast kind of stuff schools so gleefully embrace so they can ‘reduce truancy’.

        this means the school will know exactly where in the building your kid, or your kid’s school id is.

        so as part of any escape from school, make sure your kids know to get rid of their school id. whether they give it to another kid, stick it into a text book, or throw it above the ceiling tiles next to the dead squirrel from last fall…

        make sure they know to ditch their school id if they have to ditch the school.

        • An excellent and thoughtful post MarkF.

          A suggestion – a small 2-way radio in your kids bag. If your kid is on the run and their cellphone has been confiscated or doesn’t work and you are out there looking for him/her you can sweep the area between school and home on a pre arranged channel. Of course you have a 2-way in every car as well as portables right – I do!

          They can be 200 yards from you and you’d never find them – but call continually until you make contact, they can tell you where they are and you can scoop ’em up and be on your way!

          I also suggest alkaline or lithium batteries, not the rechargables most 2-ways are supplied with. Better batteries will have a longer shelf and service life and a much reduced self discharge rate. WTSHTF is not the time to find out those cheap rechargables have self discharged to the point of uselessness.


      19. Without a second thought and perhaps how to escape the FEMA holding area.

        Also……………….how to scream holy terror demanding to be released to parents……………..make them sorry they ever met your child………..

        have a nice day

        • Lol. My daughter actually did what you said twice. One time they tried to put her on the bus even though i had called and sent a note stating she was being picked by a uncle. She started screaming and hitting. She went totally crazy and they called me because the situation and I told them that she was correct and she was not to be on the buse. Second time the school was locked down due a threat of tornado and I went to pick her up before it went full fledge lock down. They tried to stop me, i yelled for my daughter and she racked the teacher that was trying to hold her back and than I had the janitor try and grab which failed and warned him if laid one finger on me i than would have the right to kick his ass. I also called the school board president and the local sheirf. Needless to say the other parents had no problem picking their kids up

      20. When teachers have small children singing songs praising Obama, you know the country is about done.

        Your children will turn you in to the authorities.

      21. .gov is a cancer.
        Someone tell me ONE .gov agency that has ever been disbanded or shut down. Just one.
        And every day, they have to grow, or dream new rules to justify their existence. It is a growing parasite, gradually consuming the host. Adding more staff wherever and whenever possible. Paying salary, pension and benefits conceived out of the public eye. With no constraints, such as those imposed on private business by market forces. Private has to produce and profit or die. These parasites just take what they want, for the children,of course.
        ” It’s a club, and you ain’t fukin’ in it” to paraphrase the late social commentator Carlin.

        As an example; I was amazed to learn, and it made perfect sense, this explanation, how the BATF and the NFA rules where instituted in the mid 30’s. At the beginning of prohibition, there were only some 500 ATF “revenue” agents to enforce the new law. The “LAW” was the primary driver for the violence we read about of that era. Where it not for the profits of illegal liquor, the mobsters would not have been at war. Just like drug gangs today. Who can argue that most of the shootings are by and between drug users and sellers?
        At the repeal of Prohibition, there where over 10,000 agents on the payroll, that agency having grown exponentially to enforce bad law. What shall they do? Should the powers downsize this formidable police agency? Hmmmm….. What… To… Do…??
        Well, guns. Gangsters use guns. Machine guns. And silencers ( $2.00 affairs that could be purchased at any hardware store. How nice would plinking be if we could use these today?)
        The law didn’t ban these devices, per se…. But taxed them at $200.00 . Now $200.00 today isn’t much, but in 1934, when a gun was $10.00 or so, well it might as well been $20,000.00.
        And this story can keep going to today, but you get the point. Once gov sets up an agency, it never goes away. Oh, and did you catch the little “tax” scheme in the ditty above? Some things never change, huh?

        So this story is about schools. So they tore down Sandy Hook, and are building a new school. I get that, kinda. But $65 million? For a glorified daycare? Public schools are the biggest racket and in your face money sucking, brainwashing institution in the country. “. But it’s for the children” . How quaint. How perfect. No, it’s for the top heavy buerocracy, overpaid and overstaffed administrators, school construction racket. And this is not an argument that the average teacher is over paid. Some do really well, and some not quite so. But public schools do suck money like vacuums. And very little seems to make it to the classroom for the children and the good teachers. But there is plenty for administration.

        And they only answer to the problem of parasite government that my part public, part parochial pea brain can conceive, is that it has to fail. System crash. No fixing. No reorganizing. Let this mother fucker burn to the lug nuts, and start over. No sense now in asking how we got to this point. Doesn’t matter to me. No Dem vs. Repub. No rich vs. poor. We need a hard reset.

      22. Yeah…I can just see my kids starting a riot at school as they try to bug out from a fire drill because they assumed it was what this article is talking about. Pretty sure that’s why most people choose to deal with a situation AS it arises. My kids shouldn’t have to make that choice… and wont.

      23. a better question might be “should they be in(public) school at all?”

      24. crying…as a grandmother this is the saddest it’s come to in America. The children… Oldest grandson bucked the system, left, got GED and has moved on. The others are….in it. Nothing I can do there but pray. So I do and pray hard.

      25. I remember the first day I took my children to school was the first day that I regretted it was out of town; it was 9/11 and I was so traumatized, I spent the entire morning sitting in their playground on the picnic bench, afraid to leave them. Fast forward to today and they are now at university, the one is in town here in her own place so that is less of a worry but my youngest is out of town, though within a 40 minute drive (not too bad). I gave her a bug out bag the day she left for college and told her to stash it in her closet. I explained to her to head out for home if a crisis occurs and to keep off the main roads. It would probably take her a day and a half to get back in good weather. I also made sure that her and her house buddies have enough food in the house to last a month or so if they are stuck there. You know students, always hard up for money and looking for food! It is a constant source of concern for me but hopefully the friends she lives with would come with her as several live back here in this town. Oh, and the schooling? Well, we took them out after two years to homeschool and I never looked back; best thing I ever did!

      26. Well this is certainly interesting. Not saying it means anything, but it is interesting in light of other world events.

        “We have received passengers’ background checks from all countries apart from Ukraine and Russia,” he told reporters. There were two Ukrainians and one Russian on the plane.”

      27. One of the ways the government will disarm the populace is to take their children or grandchildren hostage and force people to turn in their guns to get them back. And will you be allowed to leave after that?

      28. The “?” should your kids have a bug out plan?
        Not only yes but HELL YES!!!!
        Don’t limit it to just school.
        Think outside the box. School, Church, the mall, theater, any where there is a group of people. But not just limiting to groups of people.
        When the bubble burst they should have a plan of action to return to home or where ever you have set up for TSHTF.
        Depending the child/young adult you might even have a stash they can go to, to get a weapons food water clothing. Your call. I know I would.
        Here is why! Have you ever seen a young girl in the mall? Enough said. They might be forced out in the cold from any of they above. You know as well as I that there will be Zombies, Thugs and Leaches taking advantage of what is happening so that is where the weapons come in. Have you ever seen a teen not hungry? With food they might not think at that time to look for or take the time to look for food. This way they can head straight to the bug out location.
        All of what I’m writing is more for the NEWBEE’S Most of us here already know what I’m talking about.

      29. I told my kids when they were younger that if they heard the school was going into lockdown, to quietly slip out the door and leave (or try to) no matter what the school said to them and walk home – home being just down the hill. (If there weren’t a shooter in the building)

        Now the worry is they are either grown/married/with child far far away or an hour and a half away (and across the Mississippi River at college)…I asked the college age son if he would try to get home if something happened…he said he wasn’t confident he could get across the river if that were the case. 🙁

      30. Oh for God’s sake, what do people have against terror drills? The first fire drill probably freaked people out too, until they got used to the dammed things.

      31. For those parents who might need a little help with behavioral challenges.

        Please note that I’m talking about REAL problems here like high functioning autism, or genuine learning difficulties, not what to do with a spoilt brat!!!!!!

        Certain atypical behaviors have their uses in a world that wants to turn our sons into mindless worker slave drones.

        However some behaviors NEED sorting from a prepping perspective – a tendency to brag for instance, could mean your oh so careful OPSEC is totally blown in the school playground.

      32. I won’t guarantee anything or that one plan will work for everyone but the good thing is many adults are less likely to see children with a sophisticated plan or as a threat. Most schools I’ve seen have places to hide and areas that are either not locked or not locked during school hours, low fences by the perimeter that can be easily hopped over, an adjacent small park that’s technically outside of school grounds, or a secluded open back gate across a field that goes into a neighborhood. Should be anywhere from just a few hundred yards or a few hundred feet of moving behind enemy lines. Teachers K-12 will always usher the students together somewhere and will do head counts to see if there’s any unaccounted for because they can’t keep an eye on everyone at once. Know the signs, have an exit strategy, timing is everything, know the two shortest escape routes, have two rally points and rendezvous points at home plus at least one other quiet area. The greatest weapon is the one between the ears. Confusion, disorder, diversions, distractions, and excuses can be advantageous. Keep out of sight, ascertain the situation, move fast, and travel light. Distraction or no, advance at all costs and make a clean getaway. This means no excess weight because things that don’t have an actual usefulness for the situation will slow you down. I’d rather they carry a dust mask or half mask with a P100 filtration preferably containing active charcoal, it’s less conspicuous than a gas mask. If your kids are packed with gear for such an event, they should be able to carry everything on their person while ditching the backpack and other unneeded stuff. Recommend that they carry only the basic necessities like water, a snack, and the thermal blanket depending on the weather and climate. A fire starter would be useful for cold weather conditions but the wrong fire can attract attention if spotted. Slip any RFID tracking devices on someone else, leave it, or leave it somewhere that could be a potential hiding place.

        Cell phones can be confiscated and may not work if the service is down or due to a power outage. Use a two or three way radio faraday shielded with new batteries, two specified channels primary and secondary, talk in a code that can’t be deciphered even if someone’s listening in and keep it short. The radio must have a silent operation, volume control, a range of at least 24 miles, and a minimum of at least 20 channels. Should be able to talk to each other if they’re nearby. If cell phones are not confiscated in a relocation to an undisclosed location, let someone else hold it and hide it in their shoe. They can surrender their own phone if they have one. It’ll increase their chances of being found by GPS tracking.

        In case your kids forget the plan, give them a map that has only they know how to read or directions hidden somewhere. Like a binder with a peeling corner that’s taped over but has directions written underneath.

        -White Fox

      33. All public schools are required to submit an evacuAtion plan to home land security(DHS) for evacuation plans. Why are school personnel not allowed to tell parents where the Evacuation site is located. Why are parents separated from their children until they are given to their parents. Why is DHS involved in public education. Why all the secrecy. Who gives schools the authority to kidnap our children without our permission or knowledge. All schools get permission slips signed by parents before taking students on field trips. Why do the schools and dhs think they can keep parents away from their children These questions need to be answered by DHS and the department of education

      34. i have recently become a guardian of a sixteen yr. old and soon we are gonna have a seven mile practice hike from the school grounds. we already have a safe rally point but until this article by daisy i just did not give it much thought. thanks daisy!

      35. a few years ago, my daughter’s high school had this drill. I knew nothing about it, until I happened upon a group of buses heading to the local beach. I texted her, asked if she had a field trip I’d forgotten about? She replied they were on a drill, and she had lied about not having a cell phone so she could contact me. No parents were alerted to the fact that there would be a drill and their children would be taken away!! I sat in the parking lot next to the buses and followed them back to school, so I knew where my child was at least for the rest of the day!

      36. Ok People here goes!!!….1 out of 95 comments on here besides the one I am making knows what happens in emergency situations arise at any educational institution. All and I mean ALL schools go to lock down status. NO ONE LEAVES NO ONE ENTERS PERIOD! If you as a parent shows up throwing a fit to get your child, you will be arrested. Think about are the one who put those people in charge of your children.

        • When it comes to lock down at my kids school I have friends that are bus drivers and work in the office so I get early warning. They went in lock due a crazy guy running from the cops. I got my daughter out before they did lock down.

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