*Short Film* The Economic Collapse

by | May 11, 2010 | Emergency Preparedness | 15 comments

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    Rudy Avizius of End the Illusion gives us a view of the first ten days of what it might be like if the US Dollar were to ever collapse in his short film The Economic Collapse.

    This film depicts a situation similar to what we discussed in Hyperinflationary Depression – No Way of Avoiding Financial Armageddon and What is Money When the System Collapses?

    Watch at Youtube: Part 1 , Part 2


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      1. Comments…..Although NO ONE can predict exactly how bad things might get, we need to take all “Reasonable” scenarios in to account.  The question is not whether or not the collapse is going to happen, but when.  This too is just a speculation, as those in control still do retain a certain amount of ability to “Control” this fall [within reason].  But make no mistake, we all need to prepare ourselves for some type of change that is coming here sooner rather then later…Stop, Breathe & THINK!!!  Our future is in our hands.

      2. Shoot… that embed is a playlist so it should have auto-cycled to part 2. Am adding direct Youtube links now. Thanks Willie.

      3. Well this movie has scared the beejesus out of me. i live in new york city and when this happens it will become Mogadishu overnight. I try to convince my parents that America is about to collapse but they do not want to hear it. I guess my only options when this happens is die,join a gang,or try to organize a neighborhood militia.
        The movie brings up the issue that is important. martial law. There is not enough man power to implement martial law,so when the shtf America will be like Somalia,Iraq,and Yugoslavia all in one.

      4. Right on Mardochee…..they simply do not have the manpower or the will amongst the groups they would need to implement martial law to ever be able to pull it off. That’s why they try to control us with fear because they know force won’t work.  They most certainly may try, hoping we comply like the Jews did or other oppressed people of history, but if we don’t comply, they could never pull it off.

        I know the arguments will begin from those who fear martial law so I will leave this thought for those to think about before formulating their argument. We have the largest armed force in the world in the armed American citizenry, bigger than all the military’s of the world COMBINED.  If even 10% of “us” decide not to comply, they are done.  You will have at least half the military take “our” side for the finishing touch.

        Any attempt at martial law would probably usher in the civil war so many of us have been postulating here.  It will be very ugly, but boot on throat governmental enacted  martial law will never work here.

        The only technology (which is what those who fear martial law say will trump “us”) that could stop us is biological or nuclear.  Are they psychotic enough to use either of those?  Maybe…..

      5. I keep seeing folks saying, “They don’t have enough troops for martial law”, but every story I’ve been reading a year or so is about foreign troops drilling on american soil. They already have a deal with the soviets to provide troops, I’m sure china will too. Once Nixon closed the Gold window he began setting aside national park land and began the Environmental Protection Agency. Which was a cover for setting aside land rich in resources in exchange for foreign loans etc. Instead of Gold flowing overseas, the rights to our land did. You don’t think they’ll come and protect their investments?!!!!

      6. sorry about that –

        Was going to say that I think I’ll find my old copy of Red Dawn. That show scared the cr*p out of me when it came out…what scares me now is how prophetic it was!!!!!!!

      7. granny, you can check it out online for free (though, the person who put it on YouTube modified the subtitles when the Russian’s talk, and it’s actually kind of amusing):

        LINK to part 1 : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BPNfWFbiCOQ

        Also, if you haven’t yet, check out the trailer to Red Dawn 2010:


        I don’t care what anybody says — Red Dawn is top 10 greatest of all time for me.

      8. Melvin….if foreign troops invade then they would probably face 75% or more of the armed citizenry.  They may very well try, especially if they think we have been sufficiently weakened, i.e taking sides during a civil war, but if they just outright invade as in a Red Dawn scenario, it will end badly for them, unless of course they resort to bio or nukes ( & EMP) first then MAYBE they have a chance .   Realistically, they would have to have an amazingly paralyzing unconventional first strike  to even remotely consider sending in troops.  NO way they could hide the fact that an invasion was planned.  Even an EMP attack that shut down most of the US would not be enough, plenty of  Naval and overseas intelligence gathering would still be in place to warn us.

        Soviets couldn’t take down Afghanistan nor we N. Vietnam.  Our citizen “army” is vastly larger than either of the others.  Also, I think the amount of foreign troops that were  claimed to have been “trained” here was vastly exaggerated, but maybe necessarily to scare people. If there were contingents of foreign troops stationed here, you would be hearing it from more sources than Alex Jones.  Its good to have chicken littles on this though because it is too serious to not be alert to such a threat, as improbable as it may be.

        As Lincoln said”America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves. ”

        Mac,…right there with you on Red Dawn,  huge influence on my life, can’t wait for 2010, it was filmed 10 miles away from where I live here in MI. I didn’t find that out until it was done,  I wish I had known earlier as I would have tried my damnedest to get in as an extra

      9. Its time to move to the final phase. I guess I’ll be spending my weekend moving supplies, equipment, extra vehicles and tools to the retreat location. Funny thing, I’v been trying to sell that house for 2 years. I guess God knew I would need it. God help us when the Fiat system falls apart. I’m not sure we will even need a trigger to set the whole thing off. I think its just going to collapse under its own wieght.

        Mac do you have a private email for questions I don’t want to ask in a public forum? If your the administrator you have my email.

      10. If you and your family haven’t already started to prepare for that which lies ahead of our poor country in the very future ….. then your window of opportunity is growing smaller with each day that goes by. Now, what with being unemployed or underemployed, many folks don’t have much disposable income after meeting their monthly expenses.

        Whatever happens, it’s obvious that the congress critters and the senatorial sapsuckers are becoming very worried ……. about their own futures. I think that they are starting to visualize the angry villigers headed their way bearing tourches and pitch-forks!

        God Bless and the best of luck to all. We are going to need it ….. soon!

      11. Willie your right again. What nation on their right mind will send foreign troops to America,especially an America that is bankrupt and the law of the gun is the rule of the land. Don’t you guys think when our dollar collapse that these foreign troops homeland will have civil unrest especially China.  We have a massive supply of guns and a large nation. So no foreign troops will come because it will suicide.  America is going to descend into what the native Americans were. Rival tribes that have endless war with another except we have artillery,assault rifles,machine guns and hatred amongst races. As I’ve said before America will be Somalia x10,000. It will be a bloody mess when this happens. America is going to descend into chaos,and will never recover from it.

      12. Just last weekend I finished installing my pitcher pump onto an old sprinkler well.
        I also have a gravity water filter to make certain that it’s clean.
        I also have probably a year’s worth of food(freezedried,etc,seeds).
        I also have 6 bottles of propane,a coleman stove along with a few oil lamps and about 2 gallons of oil.
        I could lose all of my utilities(water,electric) and still be somewhat comfortable in my home(I live in FL so there’s no worry about freezing)
        As for guns and ammo?,DON’T EVEN ASK,you know the answer.

      13. Comments….. Why are we not out there right now before this happens is beyond my understanding. Though i see this happening before my very eyes and know that everything said here is fact. So an inevitable collapse is coming and there is no longer anything we can do to stop it. Those that caused this will hide in their hobbles and abandone the rest of us like a sinking ship. At the hight of this collapse when we finally decide to round up those responsible for this mess, they will be nowhere to be found. Being as such we will all blame each other for not doing anything about it. We will especially be looking for those that have prepared and have food, fuel, water, batteries, generators etc. These will be where many of us will direct our anger, because they knew and we will acuse them of knowing but
        not telling the rest of us what was happening. they will say “you knew cause you have obviously prepared”. Even when those like myself who had known have told people about it we would allways be 
        disagreed with or chalked up to some wacko conspiracy nut. I have told many family members and friends about my fears and concerns 
        but have allways been met with such hostility like it is somehow my 
        falt. Even if those that do agree that there is a good chance of a collapse they would allways think there would be alot of warning before anything bad happened. Then there are those that know but are just afraid to even talk about it. When i think of all these people 
        who really should know better but still sat back and waited for the inevitable destruction of 300 million of us Americans because of a few 100 thousand wealthy, greedy or selfish individuals. 
        so i say this once again; what are we waiting for to happen before we decide to act? or have we all just given up on ourselves and each other? cause if we have and the shadow government has succeeded in creating a dumbed down, afraid, materialistic and ignorant group of 
        mostly sheeple where there are so few of us who see the nation for what it really is. I was hoping that when everyone realized what is happening they would stand against the tyrannous shadow government but i don’t believe that anymore. So i have no faith whatsoever in my fellow americans and i only think God can save us now. I will pray for your souls because that is all you have left without 
        action. Try to remain civilized no matter how bad the adversity. Goodluck all and God bless you !!!!!!!!!!!
        He who has known and did nothing in the shadow of destruction is as bad as those that have led us here!

        You can lead a horse to water but its up to the horse from there on!

      14. Comments….. For any of you who think that a foreign power would need to invade us during our collapse. They would have to be plenty foolish to do that and face many armed people just looking for somewhere to focus their anger on. They would be better off waiting 1 year to 6 months then 40% to 60% of us would be dead through starvation, gang wars or civil wars. not to mention a lack of medical attention or supplies. after a year or two there would be maybe 50 million people left. probably alot of them sick, suffering from malnutrition or complete starvation. Most would probably just surrender just hoping to be fed and or be given decent medical attention. They might even look like humanitarians in the eyes of the world so get the idea of being attacked with our pants down out of your head. I think we probably have more to fear from our own government then anyone else.
        God help us to perish quickly and suffer little if and when these things come to pass.
        Good luck and God bless you all!

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