Safety First: 5 Ways To Prevent A Burglary While You Aren’t At Home

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    This article was originally published by Sara Tipton at Tess Pennington’s Ready Nutrition. 

    It’s already difficult enough for some who live in dangerous cities to protect their property while at home, but it’s even more difficult when you’re away. There are a few things you can do though, to prepare your property for an extended absence – but first, you must think like a burglar.

    In a previous article on the subject, an MSNBC affiliate out of Atlanta sent letters to 86 people who had gone to prison for burglary and asked them a variety of questions about their crimes. Their answers could tell you a lot about how to protect your home from this crime. What they told reporters included the following:

    • Don’t advertise what you own. One burglar admitted to looking for homes that had cars with NRA bumper stickers, which would indicate that there are plenty of guns to steal there.
    • Burglars don’t just look in obvious places. If they feel safe, they’ll tear everything up looking for hidden valuables.
    • The best time to break into a house was between 12:30 and 2:30, because it’s rare for both kids or adults to be home at that time period.
    • Not all burglars are intimidated by security alarm signs and cameras, and many admitted to knowing how to disable alarms. Some suggested that cameras would indicate that there are valuables in the home.
    • As you might expect, burglars are terrified of large dog breeds.
    • Burglars aren’t typically killers. They don’t want to a serious confrontation with a homeowner, so any sign that someone is home is a deterrent.

    5 Ways To Prevent A Burglary While You Aren’t At Home

    Going on a long and much-needed vacation is a time to reset our minds and alleviate the anxieties of everyday life. But that can all be for naught if we come to an invasive theft and damages to our personal property. Based on the tips provided by criminals who are doing the time for burglary, making the following changes to your security can make a big difference and keep your home safe from being targeted while you are gone.

    1. Have Someone Check Your House Daily

    Having someone come by and actually park in your driveway can be a burglar deterrent. Most thieves won’t come inside in broad daylight when they know someone is there. Don’t ask this person (whether it’s a neighbor or a friend or a family member) to do chores unless you are offering some kind of compensation – that can come off as rude. If they have to drive over, make sure you offer compensation for their time, especially if you need some plants watered or pets cared for. But just see if they’ll periodically glance over and make sure the house is still locked tight and the front door isn’t standing wide open, for example.

    2. Install Timers on Your Lights

    A dark house night after night is a telltale signal to burglars that you are away for an extended amount of time. Set your outside lights and a few inside lights in a few rooms to come on before it gets dark and obvious. This will give the illusion that random lights on inside a house can portray that someone is home. Choose random rooms that you illuminate if you can and change which rooms light up which nights. If the same rooms are lit up at exactly the same time, this can be a green light for the bad guys.  Try to set the indoor lights to go off at a random time, like 9:52 pm instead of at exactly 9:30. You don’t want lights that turn on at exactly 7 pm and turn off at 10 pm every night; if someone is watching the neighborhood, and your house, in particular, they’ll notice. Some timer models even pair with your smartphone so you can turn certain outlets on and off at will. (Note that many security systems offer this feature as well.)

    Similarly, if you leave your blinds open, don’t close them when you leave. A burglar is sure to notice that your home has been shuttered for days on end when you normally let a lot of light in. Some blinds can be put on timers too now, and like your lights, you may be able to operate them from your smartphone.

    3. Pay Someone to Mow the Lawn

    Unkept lawns are often a giveaway that the homeowner has not been home in several days. That goes for snow removal as well. In the summer, find a neighbor kid, family member, friend, or landscaping company to mow your lawn and make sure you pay them to do so. The safety of your property is worth it! In the winter, do the same with clearing your driveway and sidewalks of snow.

    4. Make Sure You Have Good Insurance Coverage

    Although this won’t actually prevent a burglary, it’ll cover you if the worst happens. If you aren’t’ sure what your homeowner’s insurance covers, call your agent and ask some questions. If you rent and don’t have renters insurance, consider picking some up to cover your personal belongings. The homeowner’s policy will often only cover damages done to the house you’re renting and if a burglar takes your TV you could be left replacing it yourself. If you feel like it and can swing the extra cost, boost your coverage before you leave.  We upped ours several years ago when we were gone for six weeks and ended up just leaving that policy in place because it added more peace of mind.  This may not help some, but not stressing while we were away and relaxing is worth the added cost to us.

    5. Beware of What is Posted on Social Media

    Internet safety is a must in this day and age. This one often slips people’s minds because posting that picture of their kid on the beach in Hawaii seconds after it’s taken has become commonplace. But doing so can alert sketchy characters to the fact that your family is sunning themselves in Hawaii, and there’s an open invite to terrorize your property. Consider hanging onto your photos and posting a few once you’ve returned home. The kids will still be just as cute as they were a week ago, I promise!

    Don’t just stop at these safety measures, make it even more difficult for the bad guys to break in by layering your security. Here are 5 more measures you could add to beef up your home security plan.

    Keeping your home safe should always be at the forefront of your mind. Take a look around your home and look for vulnerable spots and accessible entry points. Start making a home security plan using these suggestions and mitigate your chances of being burglarized while you’re away.


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      1. Street cred or, for white people,
        in the nicest way humanly possible…
        while kicking up a heel and leaving a pinky out…
        you can play “Rule, Britannia!”song…
        butcher an animal, out in the open. Split firewood, in a quiet, serious manner, as though you are an executioner.

        • I spent a morning taking out a storm damaged tree at a neighbors house.

          I’m walking home with my chain saw, big boots, work gloves, hard hat with face shield. Another neighbor walking by, looked at me covered in grime and sweat and said I scared the crap out of her.

          So yeah thumbs up to the carry an axe and look like you know how to use it image. I am the guy the neighbor call to move that 300 pound safe, even if they are half my age.

          • I must add, if ever I lacked the strength, I have found I only need a bit of prayer and faith. The lord has always given me the strength to do anything that would help those who need it most.

            And alway, give the glory to God.

          • Independent agency always looks criminal to the statists.

            With nosy neighbors, social lessers, and other aggressive housepets, they have to know that you can, if you want to.

            Not a word needs to be spoken about this, or a finger lifted in anger.

      2. The biggest factor in preventing burglaries is your choice of location and neighbors.

        • White people and white flight is followed by white replacement. Then, your next bug-in location gets overrun, too.

          This line of discussion never seems like something pleasant to dwell upon, and, quickly, there is no one and nothing left.

        • MG,
          Where do deer hunters go?
          They go were the deer are.

          * Rats mostly hunt at night. But some two legged rats hunt while you are at work or school during the day. (That is when the illegal Mexicans robbed us.)
          * Rats often travel in packs with other rats. Beware of groups.
          * Rats can be cute and charming. Be careful who you allow into your life or home.
          * Rats are oportunistic feeders. Always seeking opportunity. Always watching and observing. (You can see their eyes look around and the wheels turning in their small brains. Always up to no good.)
          * Rats are sneaky, stealthy, quick. Rats can climb, slither under tight spaces. So you must have imagination to predict their possible actions. Criminal Rats do not think like you and I. Don’t underestimate a rats ability to get into things.
          * Most modern homes are NO real protection by Design and Intent. The authorities WANT you vulnerable and exposed.

          Your neighborhood might be nice.
          But if the train station, public transportation nearby, then you are at extreme risk. Just because you are far away from the hood. The politicians want the rats to have easy access to you. In my city they have even decriminalised shoplifting. Giving rats free pilfering rights to your business.

          Home Selection for you:
          Never buy a house next to a public space such as a park, bus station/stop, train station, school, bars/liqour store, convienence store, hotels, etc. Corner houses, like ours,seem to be bad/targeted. So choose your area and home carefully. But no place is really safe.

          * Don’t advertise new stuff with boxes on street for trash pickup. Rats are always watching.
          * Don’t appear to have something that a rat might want.
          – I would never wear a Rolex in public. Dress down. No one has ever robbed me of my cheap $12 Casio plastic digital watch.
          – No one has ever jacked me for my cheap, pay by month flip phone.
          -No one has ever car jacked, my beat to hell appearing truck. A truck in clean pristine mechanical condition under the hood. No fancy wheels. No Lift kit. AM radio. I often leave it unlocked so the rats won’t break the window glass out.
          – No I do NOT allow the wife or daughters to drive a flashy Mercedes or BMW. Don’t draw attention to yourself.

          These solutions are not for everyone. But in my mind, getting killed by rats, that politicians and judges allow out on streets, is just stupid. Baltimore USA is second most dangerous city in the world. Right behind crime rate of the country Honduras.
          I lived in Baltimore. Baltimore is over run with rats BECAUSE of the Politicians, DA, and Judges.

          And to you big ego wise guys that think a gun protects you. In the real world the rats often get the drop on you. Draw from the drop and you Die.

          Note: You always win a firefight if you Never get in a firefight. Don’t bring trouble into your life because of ego and flash. Make good thoughtful decisions.

          By the way. My neighbors in bad neighbor hood were much nicer, reliable, helpful, than the stuck up suburb “successful” that now surround my family. We got burgled in the nice quite neighborhood. Not in the rat hood.

          We are living in Last Days of Traditional American Values and Freedoms. Tech Monopoly and Politicians are destroying and taking EVERYTHING that matters. Are your comments censored here? Mine are.

      3. About 98% of the time there is always someone at my home so I don’t worry too much.
        As for that other 2% I have good neighbors that watch out for us.

      4. If you want to be criminal about this, find the most likely scam artist, nearby, and tell him, he is conscripted, now.

      5. Another infromercial.

        NONE of Sara’s tips will prevent as home burglary.

        Bullshit is contained in the title of this shitpiece.

        But be sure to click the link in the story. These links in the stories make SHTFPLAN.COM total bullshit garbage. Fear fear fear money money money

      6. #6-Don’t have anyone feed the Rottweilers while you’re gone.

        • Illegal Mexicans killed our dogs before robbing our home.

        • You can see Anglin’s latest video without the blurring, but you can’t un-see it.

      7. I could solve the crime issue easily. First offence for burglary, a brutal thrashing by cane. Second offence, a pinky removed. Third offence, chop they’re hands off. Sounds reasonable to me.

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