Russians to Rapidly Build 5000 Bomb Shelters in Moscow by 2012

by | Nov 12, 2010 | Emergency Preparedness | 49 comments

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    In addition to previous reports that governments are accelerating preparedness plans across the globe, Russia Today reports that 5000 new bomb shelters are being constructed in the capitol city of Moscow.

    (Video Report Can Be Found Below)

    In 2006 the European Union rapidly drew up and deployed plans to build a “Doomsday Seed Vault” to store millions of seeds from countries around the world in case of a catastrophic event. Previous reports suggest that the US Government Is Preparing For Unlikely Events Like War, Catastrophic Collapse of Society, and Even Asteroids. Among the preparations, the US government, like Russia, is building underground bunkers and military bases. The U.S. is reportedly building these bunkers so rapidly, and on such a large scale, that private contractors are unable to acquire materials to build bunkers for individual clients. In recent years we’ve also learned that the US government is one of, if not the largest buyer of survival foods like freeze dried foods and MRE’s for emergency preparedness deployment. We’ve also recently learned that Department of Homeland Security has committed to “regionalizing” supplies across 15 regional emergency supply warehouses.

    According to RT, the official story from government officials is that the bunkers being built in Russia are for the general population and are necessary because there are currently only enough shelters to house about half of Moscow’s 11 million inhabitants. Most of the shelters built before and after World War II are either dilapidated or have been converted into public areas like restaurants.

    Though the bunkers are supposed to be designed to shelter the population in the event of a nuclear attack, government officials say it’s only a precaution and they do not expect such an attack or nuclear outbreak (e.g. Chernobyl) to occur. Neither RT or the Russian government provided estimates for the cost of the facilities. A Popular Mechanics article that reviewed a number of different types of bunkers and building practices had varying prices depending on the type of shelter. Since the proposed Russian bunkers would hold roughly 1000 people each (based on the population count and other details), one could estimate that the lowest price point for a bunker this size, with basic necessities like bathrooms and reserve food for a day or two, may run in the area of around $100,000 – $200,000. This would put a conservative price tag for 5000 shelters anywhere from half a billion to a billion dollars. A significant investment, indeed.

    The question that is likely on the minds of the preparedness community, especially those who have followed the rapid expansion of preparedness initiatives is, “why the haste?”

    Do the European Union, United States, and Russia anticipate some event to occur in the future, or are these measures being taken strictly as precautionary measures – just in case?

    One can only hope that governments are simply being proactive and not actively planning to deal with a catastrophic event unforeseen by the general public, but known to certain elements within emergency planning agencies.

    This and other reports we’ve covered over the last eighteen months should serve as a warning to those who don’t believe a widespread disaster, natural or man-made, can occur.

    If governments are spending billions of dollars on emergency preparations, there’s probably a good reason for it. It could be global stimulus projects during tough economic times, corrupt politicians working contruction deals for their buddies, or maybe they really are planning for a disaster.

    In an age where nuclear war is not supposed to be a threat because of disarmament and unified global governance, it is quite interesting that the Russians are making such a large investment.

    Watch RT Bomb Shelter Report:


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      1. If I really believed that our rulers gave a damn about we serfs, I’d be concerned about what they’re preparing for.  Since know that our betters want to reduce the human vermin crapping up THEIR planet, I’m thinking that the building of these shelters are likely “pork”,  at least in America and probably in Russia too.  The ‘vermin’ hear about this and think “Hey our government has it under control!  What’s Snookie up today?”

        Am I cynical?  You betcha….

      2. The US gov’t has been underground fpr decades now prepairing for an undisclosed event ( ww3, Nibiru,solar flares) Every developed country in the world has. How about the seed vault in Greenland. It’s about time the Russians did. I doubt this is anything new for them. The NSA and CIA moving their headquarters away from DC  ( coastal state ) to Denver and Utah. These prerations and movements are in plain site. Anyone who doesn’t see real cause for concern is REALLY not paying attention.   

      3. I’ve been in an evacuation center twice (hurricanes) crammed with total strangers and noise; no privacy.   No way I’d ever go to any  shelter again and live like an animal.  Better off killed from the blast or a bio weapon, etc.   Anyone reading who ever had to spend night (s) in a shelter would agree.

      4. Those shelters are for nothing.  Those who enter them will be just as dead mentally as those who physically die outside of them.

        They may serve to help ease the worries of the politicians who believe they will survive whatever is coming in them.  God will take me when He is ready, not when the government says.  I will take what He gives me from the outside.

      5. pm,

        About the CIA moving to Denver, i searched a bit in the web. I found some articles dated 2005, stating that some CIA operations may relocate to Denver. Nothing sure or positive.
        Is there any other link you may have, which provides more details?


      6. Don’t tell me that the Mayan’s (a superstitious bunch of human sacrificing Indians) could foretell our demise when they didn’t even see their own demise.
        The day after the winter solstice, 2112, there will be bills in the mail and many people trying to get rid of a serious hangover.

      7. The Ruskies are smarter than that.  That’s just “temporary housing” in Moscow when the shtf.  They have a little more real estate than just that.  Their GDP/deficit along with Argentina is the lowest in the world being they both defulted a few years back.

      8. it is a good idea for our most highly sophisticated and educated citizens like ceo’s, politicians, clergy and military be in a position to exclusively pass dna into new generations following a calamity. think of the enormous benefit this would be to the resultant genetic pool to be free of inferior strains. in essence, this shelter plan could produce a genetic bottleneck allowing only the progeny of the best members of our society to continue onward into a glorious future.

        god bless america -the most magnificent country ever devised. may the best of us progress into the future devoid of free-loaders, dope addicts on medicaid   and social security riff-raff…

        • I am all for natural selection, but let me remind you that money does not make a man.

        • also consider that without someone to acquire food none of the above would live long. In the end those who are not capable of surviving by natural selection may also have been excessively weakened due to sheer bad luck. That said luck is random and can not rightly be considered something to make genetics more worthwhile. Also many or all of the people you listed are deceptive or pacifist so that doesn’t say a lot about survival if the rest of the people die. Food runs out eventually as do electricity fuel and water. Even air will go byebye as filters clog and replacements run low. In the end a shelter is just the beginning of the struggle to survive and those that depend on others to do their work will only hold their community back in this event.

      9. Plum Island Island Animal Disease Center owned by DHS s moving to Kansas from just off New York for no reason.

      10. Man… my utube ai’nt workin.Is my service provider *ucked up or anybody else also is experiencing this prob?

        • no problem here in Oregon

      11. M’room:  Politicians and clergy dna I wouldn’t trust.  The politician scum and the clergy (most all) don’t stand for anything solid, and live off the labor of others…they are bought off and  bow to the elitist agendas of the  CFR and WCC, etc.  CEO’s, scientists, engineers,  med. Drs, any high IQ people, with ideal physical  traits (free of genetic diseases) dna is ideal.  I’m glad I have lived during the best times in this country’s history.  Those days are over and done.

      12. Comments…..laura m.
        November 12th, 2010 at 1:23 pm
        I’ve been in an evacuation center twice (hurricanes) crammed with total strangers and noise; no privacy.   No way I’d ever go to any  shelter again and live like an animal.  Better off killed from the blast or a bio weapon, etc.   Anyone reading who ever had to spend night (s) in a shelter would agree.
        Just ask those who just got off the Carnival Splendor ship that was adrift with crappy food, no crappers, hot water or electricity.  The stories are horrific!  I imagine this is how it would be in a bomb shelter.

      13. Yes, they are lucky to be alive, surviving the Carnival Cruise.  They actually made them eat Spam & Pop Tarts.  That’s horrific!  No hot water & the pool was closed.  The HORROR!  And, they get a free future cruise with transportation.  “It was absolutely deplorable,” passenger Marquis Horace said. At one point, the ship ran out of food, he said, and “they started making mayo sandwiches.” I would sue, sue, sue.  Who took the strawberries?

      14. Wow mushroom, I had a whole bunch of things to say but there is no way I could surpass that comment.  I hope you sir, are one of the few, that can add to the genetic pool to help move us into the (glorious) future!

      15. If Russia keeps supplying Iran with nuclear fuel,  they will need those bomb shelters.

        If Iran uses a nuke on Israel,  Israel has repeatedly said,  that it will not be just Iran,  whom  they  retaliate,  with their own nukes.

        Israel blames Europe and Russia for Iran, and the ME,  problems.

        If Barry (liar), had kept his campaign  promises,  we would already have our soldiers, home and out of  Iraq and Afghanistan…….just saying.

      16. Way back there in my wild and misspent youth, there was a period of time, 20 years, when I worked for one of the major military defense contractors. Hell, I even had me one of those so-called ‘high-level-security-clearances’! What do you want to bet that I couldn’t get cleared for one of those suckers today??

        The average citizen has absolutely NO idea some of the stuff that their government and military has been up to with their tax dollars.
        Go ahead and google DUMB, deep underground military bases. They have been building these bad boys for years and years. Some of them are so large that they actually have subway trains and people movers to get from one part of the complex to another.
        Only God alone knows what they have hidden down there. I do know that there isn’t a place reserved for my family and I down there in case of some disaster situation. Our money was used to construct this crap, but we don’t begin to qualify for admission. Who woulda thunk it?

        • You were never in the military, so quit talking out your a55. Nobody, with a security clearance refers to an underground base as “DUMB.” Nobody(w/security clearance), is dumb enough in the first place to mention anything. Consequences outweigh the reward. Pure blasphemy! What was your classification? What UOB site were you at?

          PS: Pretending to be a Veteran is a federal offense.

      17. Tom: Russia didn’t default because “W” kept the price of oil artificial high to save Russia financially. The American taxpayer saved and paid for the Russian economy through higher gasoline prices.

        You don’t think “W” would let the bankster gangsters take the hit do you?

      18. Not sure where we are going with this DK but Russia defaulted because R. R. out spent them, we controlled the medium of exchange & they tried keeping up & over spent, among a “few” reasons.  Who is “W”? 

      19. Sounds to me like I need to relocate to Switzerland. 

        Something I would like to point out too- all the people who think “superior” people like scientists, doctors, the wealthy, etc., should be given priority to preserve the genetics or whatever else- have you considered that by the time most people reach this level of education and prestige, they are too old to (healthfully) give birth, thus making it useless to only save the middle aged upper class.

      20. Ok Tom, you are going back to Reagan and the Soviet Union. I thought you meant the Russian financial crisis during George W Bush’s early Presidency.

      21. DK, I figure the Soviet went bankrupt when they busted up & lost their satellite countries even though a country can’t go bankrupt, but their money did & the wall came down.  They couldn’t feed their people but they were spending even more on their military.  Sounds a little familiar in the future, huh?  When in Rome, act Roman.

      22. Scott, did you watch Silence of the Sheep?

      23. Comments….. Russia`s history shows that their elites have no
        problem, when it comes about opressing their people. If ratios
        will be the next norm, those are food warehouses. Protesters will recall their old USSR memories, stay in line and grab the goodies
        Some mixture of ghetto and gulag style.

      24. Using Russia Today as a news source is quite laughable.

      25. Oh yes, I can vividly imagine ‘living’ amongst the great unwashed
        in a shelter……Jose and Maria, with their 4 screaming babies, unable to speak English, in their 3×3 allotted space, next to mine…
        on my north side, a 3×3 plot allotted to Dashan and Koesha, who
        just can’t seem keep themselves apart, constantly having noisy
        sex under the blanket….Abdul,  on my east quadrant,  hasn’t
        bathed in the 2 weeks prior to the ‘event’, and the odor is un-
        bearable…..hmmm,  then their’s Grandma Jenkins, over there,
        as I look across the faces of ignorance and stupidity….she used
        to rely on ‘Depends’, but, alas, the shelter forgot to stock these,
        so she lies in her own excrement….oh yes, the list goes on…….

      26. Russia bounced back quicker than the U.S. ever would!  Those people know the difinition of tangible product/hard asset.  Along with Argentina & a U.S. banker.  The dollar will collapse then new money will come about.  Books about history but not history books is where it waits to tell the story for those that want to learn.  Some places you have to read between the lines.

      27. I’m not going to defend RT anymore than I would ABC, MSNBC, or Fox. They all have their agenda and they all are pushing their own line of propaganda. None of it is good for Americans.

        Personally, I don’t think NIA looked very good in this interview and their methodology was never fully explained.  Yeah, bread might cost $23 a loaf in ten years if there is a CME or Pole Shift, but aggregate demand would be smaller, very quickly, as well as supplies in those events. Since the 70’s the price of oil has been doubling every ten years. There is your inflation yardstick.

        $23 a loaf? That was a fool’s guess.

      28. I actually have lived in Russia…When you walk down the streets there you see something you will never again see in America..real honest to goodness capitalism…a totally free wanna do something..just do red tape or BS..if a law is in your way a small bribe and it is gone..There is an energy there..the place is alive and stuff is being built, infrastructure is being built, there is a healthy culture with manners and respect..Kids there go to school to learn…and are kicked out if they forget that..moms and dads raise their children and spank their rears when they get out of line or in any way shame their families.. government officials are crooks and liers..but everybody there is smart enough to accept that and to move on without them as part of the solution..too bad our country is too damn dumb to figure it out…Russia has cash to burn..(mostly rapidly devaluing US dollars) so why not spend it..its down to use it or loose it.. the only thing Russia is actually short of is people…their population is in decline..that is why they are paying BIG bonuses to women to have lots of why would they not want to invest a little into protection of their people?  Too bad life is so damn cheap here that the government and their masters in wall street only look at the people here as a resource to be milked for revenues..until we are no longer useful or to the solent green processing plants..

      29. If Russia is so wonderful why are russians voting with their bodies for national suicide by not reproducing?

      30. good question..Russia is only now finally recovering and growing after 20 years of economic dispair..(about as long as the soon to happen economic reality check that the US is falling into in my opinion) is the answer..For 20 years, it was too expensive to raise a family for most Russians, so they did without. Now, the number of 18 to 30 year olds (family making age)  there is far smaller than Russia really needs to support an aging population…
        However, another view is this..third world hellhole countries have the highest birth does having lots of babies make a nation rich?…um….NO… quite the opposite in reality. When people spend their money on babies, they have less to save and invest in building up any kind of industrial, manufacturing or productive enterprises..So more babies = less economy and less babies = richer people with a better economy.. The majority of Russians today lived through the bad years and they are afraid to be poor again..Thus, they will have a lot more money in their pockets and a lot more freedom to live better lifestyles with only one child..not a dozen..the government there is offering to pay the difference for people who would like to have more, there are not many takers..even for effectively FREE CHILDREN since the government will pay for the extras.  Here in the USA, if the government offered to pay all the expenses to have and raise kids, there would be lots of takers…does this mean that the USA has a third world mindset? Or is it that too many Americans feel comfortable recieving money that is taken out of the pockets of other citizens in the old redistribution of wealth game… Sorry, the USA is actually in many ways more socialistic than I ever dreamed it could ever become…Kind of hard to recognize her anymore it seems..

      31. What is truly remarkable to me is that no one commented on the fact that he didn’t answer the question as to why.

        There is ZERO chance of nukes being the issue. No one is going to NUKE anyone. That said, what is the reason. “Because there aren’t enough” is not a reason. There isn’t enough food, or jobs either but there isn’t a two year push to solve that problem. There haven’t been enough for YEARS, so why now? Why start today if in the 70’s or 80’s or 90’s when war was just around every corner was this not done?


        • wicked I’m sorry I must DISAGREE with you. The fact of the matter is that the chance of nuclear war is GREATER NOW than it was in the 1950’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. We have many new players part of the nuclear club, such as North Korea, India, Pakistan, and soon Iran. If the U.S, attacked Syria and Syria and Iran retaliate against Israel with hundreds of missiles strikes, what do you think Israel will do. Wave a white flag and say uncle ? They will retaliate massively against Syria and Iran. And might even invoke their so called SAMSON OPTION. What do you think Russia will do ?? What happens if Iran retaliates against the U.S. navy and sinks a ship. What would the USa do. What would the USA do if Russia directly confronts them in the Mediterranean sea and there’s an exchange of fire. I can guarantee you it won’t be long before either Russia, the USA, and Israel break out the tactical nuclear weapons and start using them. Example of this was the Georgian Ossetian War of 2008. I refer you to this article Also read the United States Nuclear Posture Review . According to the NPR nuclear weapons are now considered first strike offensive weapons. The Russian have similarly followed suit. So the chance of a nuclear confrontation is again pushed closer than ever before. MAD no longer holds true since the cold war and arms race is over and its not just the USA and Russia, there’s many other nuclear armed countries now. There’s absolutely no doubt in my mind that if a Major Middle Eastern war gets started and escalates, whoever ends up losing is the country most likely to start using nuclear weapons. russian even has said in speeches last year and in 2011 that the risk of a regional conflict escalating to the use of nuclear weapons is very high. That said is very …very difficult to say with absolution and conviction that “no one is going to nuke anyone” When you have Russia mentioning nuclear weapon use and sending 11 ships off the coast of Syria and China sending ships to the Mediterranean sea, and also have China saying that they will protect Iran even if it causes World War 3. This is a real serious situation not to be downplayed as rhetoric or bluffing.

      32. When the air raid sirens go off…..and the people move to these shelters, and locked in……….then will the gas be released.
        Game Over.

        ‘We wont be fooled, again…’

      33. Comments…..sleepingOne.
        Your comment put a chill down my spine.
        Very few governments in history have wanted to save there population.Only themselves and there order.

      34. Those bunkers are laughable. All an attacker has to do to defeat them is explode their bombs closer to the ground:

        What’s moronic is that we own weapons like this and yet still lecture each other on morality. Let’s drop the pretence, eh? Our leaders are evil bastards who are quite prepared to incinerate civilisation to get what they want, and we’re quite happy to go along with it too.

      35. I will build giant mouse traps and put it outside the shelter doors…what I catch..I will eat.  Eat the Illuminati!  ha.  Fools.

      36. Soilent green baby!   If the elite do a planned depopulation…they’d better stay in their shelters.  There’s plenty of folks that are prepped up better than some of these folks.  When the SHTF….when they come out…we’ll be waiting for them.  WE will enslave them.   The workers bees having the “queen” as their slave.  Cross hairs don’t discriminate.

      37. @Max Hardwood, and there is Max, a former child molestor and serial masturbator, day dreaming of the days when he had access to a computer. Kiddie porn was favorite. As he sat in his cubicle, he wonders if he could sneak across to the next isle to watch little Amy play. At that moment he remembered how he nearly got castrated my an inmate after they found out what he was serving time for.

      38. Add all the problems of the world together and something is about to break. US in both political and economic turmoil, Egypt falling apart.  High Solar Flare activity, food prices soaring…  what next

      39. Dave: “Whats next?” You say “Whats next?” try he is a scream!


      41. Why dont we build proyect our selfs from nukes.and this stupid people of the outer side that dont like us because they worship satan

      42. Let build something. We got to survie too live america today not tommorow

      43. Man this is a load of shit! I’m just a busser no skills except for boxing and sk8ting so I could see why they wouldn’t want me in a shelter but I don’t mind ill block their fucking air vents and say “come to butt head” I also like how the bush family is investing heavly into water…. yeah those dicks are planing to fuck us even harder now I guess ill just buy some survival gear and walk into the wild when tshtf.

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