Tin Foil House: Russian Man Builds 2012 Doomsday Capsule

by | Dec 26, 2010 | Emergency Preparedness | 15 comments

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    As 2012 approaches we’ll see many more inventions and strategies for surviving what many believe to be the 2012 apocalypse.

    One such invention is a doomsday capsule designed by a self-proclaimed Russian genius. According to the inventor, the capsule is capable of surviving anything that Earth’s passage through the galactic dark rift may throw at it.

    Forget tin foil hats – this is the ultimate tin foil house:

    • Four layers of insulation
    • Can roll down hills and land upside down without being damaged
    • Earthquake-proof
    • Lava-proof
    • EMP and geo-magnetic storm proof
    • Contains an on board air purification system
    • Capable of housing four people for up to 40 days.

    RT Video Report:


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      1. Probably lined with crisp $10 bills too, so they can buy any item that they may need after the collapse…

        Mike F.

      2. For 80000 not a bad idea   are the plans for sale somewhere

      3. … and during extreme high temperatures, the roof expands as the occupants begin popping .

      4. Comments…..If I recall, there’s another guy down in the desert who has a similar thing going.  He sells the space though.  I’ll see if I can find the story. IIRC, it was a bit pricey for the average person.

      5. “Can roll down hills and land upside down without being damaged”

        If it is water tight, it seems like people in hurricane and tsunami areas should have them then they wouldn’ t need to evacuate?

      6. my idea is for a styrofoam boat-house – self-righting and coated with some kind of radioactive shielding – with a built in desalinator and such – figure if it’s really bad  (a la Patrick Geryl) then you will be needing to float for a while…

      7. Comments…..Does he take credit cards?? I want two of em…they actually sound like a useful thing to have…Now, water proofing them would be a good idea…perhaps something like tupperware could be used in their construction…AND if the guy would put wheels on the bottom, I think he could make a fortune selling these as camping trailers…just think of it..take one of these babies along with you when you bug out.just tow it behind your car  (lawn tractor for that matter)….could be a neat thing even if you just want to go camping…However, just in case, you also need to bring the artificial butter flavoring just in case you are inside when the EMP happens

      8. Goldenfoxx, that looks pretty interesting. Stock that bar properly, and we can all stick it out for eons! Don’t forget the Jack. I like the Jack.  🙂

        And Michelle, I just happened to watch the History Channel DVD on Nostradamus and 2012. I think I saw it before, but it was an interesting refresher. Lawrence Joseph certainly has one of the darker views out there, also.

        But I found it interesting, the last quatrain they touched on, had to do with our financial situation. A subject that wouldn’t have meant quite as much when the video first came out, I’d guess. It was that, “The people would burn their money in the streets”, or set fire to their paper. Something to that effect. Certainly suggesting the hyperinflation now looming? Interesting. It’s probably on You Tube also. Worth a look.

      9. I wouldn’t want to be inside that thing if it rolled down a hill.  It may survive but what about the occupants.   Does it come with seat belts?

        Hi Bill.

      10. There is something similar being reconstructed in Kansas.
        There is this guy who buys old missile silos and turns them into underground bunkers for wealthy families.
        I saw it on the Jessy Ventura consp.theory about 2012
        It’s a bit far from Crete but i pressume that you could search about it 🙂


      11. Comments…..    @Mike F.
         hey Mike, you took the words right out of my mouth. They do need to be crisp though.  regular ten dollar bills don’t work as good.

      12. It can roll down hills and float, but is it bullet-proof?
        Gotta be one of the silliest things I’ve seen in awhile.

      13. Seriously for 80000 dollars. Almost any underground structure would be more survivable as long as you are well above the water table and you wouldn’t have to worry about rolling down a hill.

      14. As a genetic descendant of a long line of German inventors, I can state unequivocally that at best, this devout worshiper of the Rube Goldberg Technical Ministry of End-Times Survival, has merely reassigned his Reaper queue number from #189700643 to #394076543.

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