Russia Readies Back-up System For Potentially Explosive “Split With International Banking System”

by | Mar 24, 2017 | Aftermath, Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness | 31 comments

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    Vladimir Putin Examines Gold at Russia's Central Depository

    The grand order of things could be undergoing some major overhauls.

    To put it more bluntly, a war to reset the global financial order is about to be unleashed.

    Preparations inside Russia are being made in case the ultimate banking sanctions are placed on them, cutting off commerce inside the all-encompassing Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecomm SWIFT system – which runs credit, debt, and banking card transactions across a real time global network.

    As it would be doled out by the banking elites, the price for misbehavior at the Kremlin could be ostracization from this global commerce vehicle.

    But that isn’t the end of the story… Putin is readying his people to divorce from the international banking system altogether, and start over with a nationalistic platform, backed by thousands of tons of gold, and growing alliances with Europe, China and the BRICS nations, the Middle East and several emerging powers.

    A major attempt to bring Russia under heel could result in the greatest schism the global system of finance has ever seen. Then what?

    via Russia Insider:

    Russia has successfully developed and implemented an alternative should it be excluded from international banking systems, according to a recent report.

    As far as western sanctions go, by far Russia’s largest vulnerability is in its banking sector, which for better or for worse is tied to the hip with international banking.

    If Russia wishes to maintain the status quo, there’s not much that can be done about this dependency. But shortly after sanctions were announced in 2014, Moscow set out to prepare for the worst-case scenario: being cut off from the Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) system. 

    In layman’s terms, SWIFT allows for fast and (allegedly) secure international financial transfers. In fifty years when you are able to use your Bank of America debit card on the Moon (for a low fee of 2,000 moon rubles), it will be because of SWIFT or a system similar to it.

    There are two issues surrounding SWIFT “cut-off” for Russia: 1. Is it likely to happen? and 2. Is Russia prepared for it?

    …cutting Russia from SWIFT would be a disaster.

    According to Nowotny:

    Such a move “we would see as very problematic because it could perhaps undermine confidence in this system,” the governor of Austria’s central bank told reporters… Of course, this hasn’t stopped Europe and Washington from threatening to pull the SWIFT plug.

    While it isn’t clear if this is going to happen, threats have been made since the beginning of the issues with Crimea and Ukraine.

    And as a result, Putin has overseen the creation of a survival plan from which it could grow stronger. As RT reports:

    “There were threats that we can be disconnected from SWIFT. We have finished working on our own payment system, and if something happens, all operations in SWIFT format will work inside the country. We have created an alternative,” Nabiullina said at a meeting with President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday.

    She also added that 90 percent of ATMs in Russia are ready to accept the Mir payment system, a domestic version of Visa and MasterCard.

    Izvestia daily reported that as of January 2016, 330 Russian banks had been connected to the SWIFT alternative, the system for transfer of financial messages (SPFS).


    The central bank’s website says the system was established “as an alternative channel for interbank cooperation with the aim of ensuring the guaranteed and uninterrupted provision of services for the transmission of electronic messages on financial transactions.”

    Will there be economic wars, or outright World War III? Nobody knows for sure, but things could get very tense very quickly. Already, loose allegations are flying at an unprecedented rate. Somebody wants to egg this thing on.

    Russia under Putin has seen a significant challenge to a world order that has, for some time, been ultimately controlled by the central banking elite.

    The Rothschild presence in Russia has been challenged; Soros-front NGOs have been kicked out, and it seems that only all out war will ever settle these power plays for the dominance or death of the U.S. petrodollar, which is ultimately controlled by the same few hands that steer and control the central banks of nearly all the world’s nations. Only by stealth and monotony have these activities remained in the shadows.

    Indeed, the only countries left on the map which have not yielded to yoke of the central bank are the countries that are most at threat of being drawn into war:


    – Iran

    – North Korea

    – Cuba

    With that list so close to complete, a reversal could be a real blow to global order, and to maintaining orderly deposits.

    If Russia moves to drop their central bank, or if they are locked out of the global SWIFT system, it will mean a thudding silence, an unprecedented reversal in the concentration of power.

    Russia has prepared to create its own SWIFT-style system as a back up system, that while it is not yet up and running, could one day rival the primary system, and which could provide a meaningful alternative for dissenters and tax evaders alike.

    But be aware that behind the scenes, even with this massive and explosive changes in the works, those who control the finances are well aware of the shifts that are taking place, and are in position to reassert their leverage over humanity through new systems, and new centers of power.

    Curiously, it cannot be denied that Russia has been a player in the international framework that has been erected. They have been equal partners in covert research and experimentation, and for all the animosity with the U.S., it has also played a willing dance partner for much of what has been going on during the past century.

    Vladimir Putin has delicately and masterfully navigated these boundaries, yet he too is woven into the larger fabric. Like George H.W. Bush and the CIA, Putin is a product of the KGB, and remains permanently tied to it.

    A monetary power this total does not lose power overnight – and they are not above jumping ship. Only a truly decentralized, private currencies based on mutually beneficial terms for individuals and communities could dissipate that power, and that will not come as easily.

    Is the tide turning?

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      1. The US should be doing the same,tell the fed/central banks ect. to stuff it,tis gonna crash,lets at least do it on our terms!

        • Warchild:

          Absolutely !!!

          Way to go, Putin. His ATMs are prepared if the Central Bank pulls the plug. Now, that’s
          prepping !!!!!!!

          __ ? __

          • what all needs to consider is that, the world banks are controlled by the NWO and every time in the past when another country has tried to pull out, they did something to that country, killed the president or started a war etc. etc. example is Gaddafi he started his own currency and they killed him for it and used a different excuses for it, there were other things he did as well, BOTTOM line is when Russia and China and a few others start there own currency this could lead the world war 3 depending on how the rest of the worlds countries get involved. this might be the catalyst for it.

            • Libya didn’t have nukes. Things get complicated when you can threaten the NWO gang with being the overlords of a smoldering ash heap.

        • Im already switching over by accumulating mass amounts of .999 Fine Silver, 1 Oz Rounds. Its the new money off their financial grid. States like Idahor and Arazona are also preparung to switch by eliminating any taxes on Gold and Silver. Its all going up in value. Silver@ $17.76/ Oz Fri close. Buy low sell high. Or are you going to eait until its $30 an Oz? Only fools procrastinate, delay and ponder. Smart preppers act ahead of time.

          • Might want to add some pre-64 silver dimes to that. For small transactions. Also 1/10 oz. fractional gold coins for portability and larger transactions.

            • pre-65. . .

          • I add to my stash of rounds frequently.
            Mostly lead copper and brass .

          • What good are one ounce pieces? Say silver does hit 50-100$ an ounce, … who the hell you gonna trade em with?! What are you going to give up an ounce for a loaf of bread? Get US junk silver you can get it at cost, about, and then you can get dimes 1/10, and quarters 1/4 ounce and trade that food for your food when this all goes, mark of the beast digital on our asses.
            Be warned and be aware! God.Bless ALL!

            • I’m surprised your article didn’t mention the BRICS financial alliance consisting of Brazil, Russia, India, China, So. Africa & dozens of smaller countries. They have their own investment bank-AIIB. And China has already created an alternative to SWIFT, called CHP (I think that’s the acronym).

              Russia & China are allied & for several years have been scarfing gold like there’s no tomorrow. China is rumored to have 80-100K tons! China became part of the IMF basket of currencies in Sept. last year.

              So clearly there’s a pivot to the East, away from the financial hegemony of the corrupt US Rothschild bankers. Americans best be prepared in case there are hard times.

          • You people that fantasize about PMs are just being ridiculous.

            People that fantasize too much will be among the first that perish after it all collapses.

            Silver and gold are NOT money. You won’t be prancing around with pockets full of silver or gold coins going on spending sprees after TSHTF. Doing so will just get you dead.

            And face-value “junk silver” pre-65 coins. What is that 1964 dime worth to anyone post-apocalypse? Any average joe schmuck will tell you it’s worth 10 cents, nothing more, without a care about it’s date or metal content. Got ten of those 1964 dimes in your pocket? Good you get $1 worth of bread. Got ten 2016 dimes in your pocket? For those you also get $1 worth of bread.

            While I do occasionally buy some PM, it’s simply to add to my estate for normal times. Post-SHTF, it is useless.

            Get real people.

      2. I’m about as prepped as I hope to be and still stacking. I’m still getting everything I can while these FRN’s will still buy something. It’s a safe bet that at some point cash will be banned here in the US and something else will be implemented. I think we all know what that ‘something else’ will be and I won’t have any part of it. That’s when I’ll go to ground. Think of what could’ve happened had that terror attack in London taken place in the financial district, i.e., CITY OF LONDON, BANK OF ENGLAND, ROTHSCHILDS.

        • Let’s see now, Putin has shelters for most of his people, is prepping them for bank collapse, promotes open carry of firearms, etc. And he is an enemy? Sounds a lot better than the plans they have for us!

          • Genius, Christian Russians rule Russia, Christian Americans do not rule America and have no say whatever!!!

      3. So Putin and company turn out to be PREPPERS? Amazing.

        • Brave.
          Very good point.


      4. NO, it will be a platinum-based money system. Russia and China, with huge investment by Muslim countries, mine the most platinum, which is used in the electric grid, industry, and in “global warming” prevention.

      5. The petro-dollar is doomed… its all math and history.. multiple quadrillions in derivatives that no one knows what is even being bought and sold dozens of times… to see what is coming just research Weimar Republic or Zimbabwe… economic collapse is going to happen… just a matter of time… the looters are not finished wiping out everyone yet.. But once there isnt anything left to steal it is gonna go down fast.

      6. I expect Russians will fair much better than most mind controlled Americans. Heck, if SHTF the crying will be almost intolerable. You will hear it for miles!

        Update: That judge in Hawaii says he is going to double down on those cheap imports, GREAT!

        Of Interest: Spent some time viewing the Stack and Packs in CA. Agenda 21 in full swing there. The units are designed with SMART everything so you are spied on totally. Half million dollars for your own cage!
        For everyone else not in a stack and pack they are using code enforcement to gain access to your home and property.
        Per the plan, they will code your property to devalue it and take it as unsuitable/condemn and throw you out!
        Some of the videos were pretty funny, they ran the inspectors off… see youtube; grindall61, etc..
        Know what to look for as this may be creeping in your way.

      7. Bitcoin:
        Bitcoin can utterly destroy the banking system. If Russia suddenly adopted a crypto currency outside the control of any gov, i.e. can be trusted by everyone world wide, like bitcoin, then no sanction in the world would have any effect on them.

      8. That America was better suited to the free enterprise system than to the government payroll system is clear to see. Despairing of any other solution we have thrown all our problems and a good share of our liberties into the lap of the government. Free enterprise was the best provider of happiness and prosperity and without it you see what we have become. The creature from Jekyll Island ripped our Constitution from our hands and thus we sit on them as we watch others maneuver around the quagmire of Global Bankerism to become what we once were. They remember, we do not. Putin is the bad guy because he showed the Rothschild bankers and the Soros NGO’s the door and they desperately do not want Putin and Trump to agree on this or anything for that matter. When central bankers take the cash away we are done. That is when a milestone becomes a millstone masquerading as a gravestone. When enterprise isn’t free neither are you. We are rudderless without truth, audit the FED and make America believe again.

        • “No man is more hopelessly enslaved than the man that falsely believes he is free.”

          • So true Genius.


      9. While the next system based on SDRs is the globalist plans in which they use the residual debt from the collapse of the existing monetary system to enslave all nations like Greece; but there is another way.

        Crypto currency (replacing swift) along with vault gold storage (replacing debt based savings) is a 100% private and international monetary system. One that all the nations that have excess energy to sell are going to want vs another round of excess IOUs leading to the next collapse after the coming on.

        Crypto currency volatility is only a problem for those that hold it for a duration longer than required to make the transaction. Currency is not for savings but to clear trade. A gold is only volatile if you don’t consider it the ideal reference point to value all other things of real value. So its not gold changing value as much as the stuff you can exchange it for going up or down in value based on market forces relative to gold. Just mentally replace the dollar as the reference point for gold and you’ll get it. Having lost 97% of its purchasing power in less than 100 years makes a dollar a poor reference point wouldn’t you say?

        Gold is a better, more international and individually neutral reference point than the currency controlled by the international banking cartel that use inflation followed by deflation as pump to extract wealth from the people the created in the first place.

        First they bid up the prices on real things and make debt widely available to purchase them, then the lower the rate of new currency generation, thus not providing enough new currency to pay the interest due on all that debt, thus causing defaults, picking up real assets for pennies on the dollars. Rinse and repeat.

        Money Masters is Great Video on this subject done by Bill Still

        Without the money power we are not citizens but subjects.

      10. As the German government, under Hitler, threw the Rothschild banking family out of Germany which began what was known, worldwide, as the “German Miracle” also guaranteed World War 2, Putin’s throwing out of the Rothschild VIRUS in Russia will create the great economic powerhouse of Europe but alas…,also guarantee World War 3!If justice existed in the USA, the Fed would be ended and the building it exist’s in would be bulldozed and it’s very numerous WHORES in Washington, D.C., shot dead for the Traitors they are!!! This will not happen and as they did in WW1 and WW2, we shall march along, under our glorious flag, sacrificing millions and then hundreds of millions for this Goddamned Banking System, which not one soul in ten million knows the first thing about

      11. The last leader to go against the money changers was JFK. He issued the treasury note bypassing the federal reserve note. You can see what happened to him his brother his son and his sons wife and friend? I guess Jesus started it all by whiping the money changers out of the temple. And you know what happened to him? Adolf Hitler threw the money changers out of Germany and you know what happened to him and the German people? Mess with the money changers and you can see what you get? Rev. 19:15. Will be pay back. As in Matthew 13:24? Can’t wait to watch them burn.

      12. JUST CHEAP ADVICE,get ready for WAR,get all your preps ready,get your women and kids ready,and TELL ALL THE GOVERNMENT to go screw themselves,CODE ENFORCEMENT coming and destroying gardens in cities all across america,MAYBE they rather have a Bullet in their head instead,TRUMP CAN’T SAVE A COUNTRY OF BRAINDEAD FOOLS,if you don’t see that by now..your one of them………..

      13. The NWO architects are preparing the foundations for One World Currency and despite the WW3 rhetoric, Russia & China are included.

      14. The U.S. is destined to fail and the vast majority of citizens just act like sheep and say”Yes a Masta’

      15. Aug 14, 2016 Russia will abandon the US Dollar – Putin, 2011

        The US government holds the largest amount of debt in the world; at $19 trillion, it is guaranteed by nothing more than fiat money. By contrast, Russia is the top buyer of gold in the world today, steadily increasing its reserves over the past 15 years.

      16. I’m surprised your article didn’t mention the BRICS financial alliance, consisting of Brazil, Russia, India, China, So. Africa & dozens of smaller countries. They have their own investment bank-AIIB. And China has already created an alternative to SWIFT, called CHP (I think that’s the acronym).

        Russia & China are allied & have been scarfing gold like there’s no tomorrow. China is rumored to have 80-100K tons! China became part of the IMF basket of currencies in Sept. last year.

        So, IMO there’s a pivot to the East, away from the financial hegemony of the corrupt US Rothschild bankers. Americans best be prepared, there may be hard times ahead.

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