Running to the Hills in Preparation for 2012 Armageddon (729 Days to Go)

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    The Doomsday clock to December 21, 2012 has begun, and some are already taking action in hopes they’ll be able to avoid Armageddon:

    Armageddon-fearing pilgrims were flocking to a village deep in the southern French hills after a countdown was started to the end of the world, which stood Thursday at a mere 729 days to go.

    Followers of the Mayan calendar believe the mountain in the Corbieres hills overlooking the village of Bugarach, east of the Pyrenees, was endorsed by aliens as a safe place to survive the demise of civilization.

    The countdown began Tuesday, exactly two years until Dec. 21, 2012 — the movement’s assigned Judgment Day.

    The mythical status bestowed upon the 4,045 foot high rock above Bugarach has inspired legends since the Middle Ages and attracted generations of hikers.

    But the French locals were left bemoaning the sudden deluge of New Age pilgrims, who they accuse of setting up camp in the village to cash in on the fears of impending doom.

    Source: My Fox NY

    While we’re not sure if the world will end in a naturally manifested disaster in 2012, we can’t help but support those who have decided to bug out of cities in anticipation of a doomsday event.

    Like those pilgrims heading to the hills we, too, have a bug out plan – and so should you.

    We’ve previously discussed the possibility of a 2012 Armageddon scenario and the fact that the US government is rapidly  preparing for large scale catastrophe. But preparations aren’t just limited to the US. Russia has also expedited plans to build some 5,000 nuclear bomb shelters in Moscow with a target completion date of about 18 months from now. That, along with the Doomsday Seed Vault which was quickly constructed in recent years, suggests that perhaps someone knows something they’re not sharing with the rest of us.

    The conspiracy behind 2012 doomsday preparations was discussed in a recent Jesse Ventura Consirpacy Theory episode, available for viewing in full below:

    Our view is that a total collapse of the world as we know it may very well come circa 2012, but we believe that it is more likely that the disaster will be man-made as opposed to a naturally occurring event such as a pole shift, which may cause disturbances to Earth’s gravitational and electro-magnetic fields as our planet moves through the galactic ‘dark rift’, which is one of the modern-day scientific theories for what the Mayan 2012 calendar predicts. This theory has been popularized by the documentary The Horizon Project, and has been made available for your viewing below. If you’re interested in the science behind the Hollywood blockbuster 2012, The Horizon Project explains the science behind it and how it may actually happen – without Hollywood special effects:

    Trouble viewing? Click Here For the Google Video

    While we’re not sure if the French hills will provide cover during a complete breakdown in Earth’s crust as predicted by the Horizon Project, one thing’s for sure: If it so happens that we pass through the galactic dark rift and the earth experiences break-up of the crust, then we’re in serious trouble. We’ll likely see large-scale destructive weather events, as well as tidal waves hundreds, perhaps thousands of feet high.

    If this is the case, then any hills, or mountains for that matter, will provide more coverage than flat lands. 90% of the Earth’s population lives close enough to coast lines that in a large scale natural disaster, like that which Horizon Project predicts, the majority of Earth’s population would be nearly wiped out.

    So, we repeat, if weird weather events, massive earthquakes, and electro-magnetic disturbances start occurring, be ready to go to higher ground – either that or the Canadian Shield, which is reportedly the oldest solid rock land mass on Earth and has likely been through many a pole shift without being recycled into the Earth’s crust.

    Whatever the case, SHTFplan will remain vigilant, looking for looming disasters, be they man made or natural, and inform our readers what we think. Whether you bug out or not if the worst were to happen will be up to you. We’ll do our best to keep you up to date in the event the S is about to hit the fan.


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      1. @ Mac
        “…Whatever the case, SHTFplan will remain vigilant, looking for looming disasters, be they man made or natural, and inform our readers what we think..”

        Me and mine give a heartfelt thank you for all you do.  Value and appreciate  the site, information, contributors and posters.  Only 729 days?  Merry Christmas all

      2. I believe 2012 is real, for some reason I have a feeling that something big is going to happen.

      3. From the time Men started walking the Earth, people have felt the end of the world is near.  Some have even killed themselves to avoid the end that never came.

        If something is going to happen it is bigger than me and nothing I do can stop it.  The best I can hope for is to stop it from controlling my thinking too much before it happens.  It also helps to consider that it may be a positive when it happens.

        Maybe, just maybe, most of what is good about us will survive whatever it is, even if I myself do not, while killing off the evil that keeps us down

      4. I am hoping that it’s not the pole shift, just a normal ice age – anybody read “Not By Fire But By Ice” and/or “Magnetic Reversals & Evolutionary Leaps” by Robert Felix (  The first one is scary – the second one you may need to change your clothes!

        I feel that Southern California will have a resurgence in property values when all the Canadians have to move someplace warmer, but then maybe by then the NAU will be in swing and they can just head straight to Mexico.

        Patrick Geryl evidently thinks the earth is going to stop turning, the equatorial bulge will disappear (for a short time) and then the earth will start (rotating) the other direction – during the pole shift the crust detaches from the underlying layer – causing the crust to “slide” or be dragged along as the core re-aligns with the new magnetic position.  So – the oceans will flood up over the western coasts…every volcano will go off, and there will be mini-nuclear explosions or ball lightning or something – causing depressions such as the Carolina Bays – and nano-diamonds and carbon to fall from the sky.

        Yes, underground bunkers seem to be called for if such mayhem is on the way…but what if your bunker ends up under one of the new pole locations?

        Really, makes the upcoming economic collapse and Greater Depression seem like a walk in the park on a balmy spring afternoon…or a picnic.

        Felix cites in his book that dinosaurs were found (well their bones) in positions that were indicative of extreme agony, arched backs and tails drawn over the head, as if being electrocuted – and forests were buried in coal – the coal surrounds the petrified tree trunks that were still standing.  Also he writes of ice ages starting really fast – like nine stories of snow falling on the middle of grazing wooly mammoths or dinosaurs and them all scrambling to escape, crushing each other in attempts to climb above the rising snow/ice.

        I fear for the people in Northern Europe – and hope that this is all just conjecture and this crazy weather, all the earthquakes, flooding, volcanoes, etc are just oddly clustered anomalies.

        The web bot reports say this is the year that the next ice age makes it’s debut.

        We’ll be fighting in the streets over food before the ice gets us?  Look at all the crops that are ruined – last year, this year…next year?

        Edgar Steele wrote an article – “The Other Other White Meat” – that’s the scariest thought to me.  He’s in jail on trumped-up charges (to shut him up) so you all should donate $10 (if you can afford it) to pay for his defense.  (no, I do not know him personally, but I appreciate his and articles and his wife (who he is accused of conspiring to have murdered) really needs help to get him freed.

        If this stuff about the magnetic reversal/pole shift/crustal shift is true, then we all need to get vertical!  As in – be on top of the highest mountain in the middle of the biggest continent you can find!

        In the movie, that didn’t even help those in the Himalayas, so the submarine idea is probably best.

        Wanna go in on an ark, anybody?   Where do you get gopher wood?

      5. Just a brain fart
        is it possible TPAB, know the end of the world as we know it is coming, thru some scientific knowledge, or study?

        and because of that knowledge they are creating this economic stuggle and financial problems funding themselfs and the ellite in an effort to survive it , or live it up before it gets here?

        how do we explain the banks still in trouble after the billions given to them? all the states in financial problems(Broke) when they still have resources and tax bases?

        are TPAB in a huge money grab thinking this will give them the upper hand WTSHTF?
        or are they all having the time of their lives with our money as their last ripass party comes to a close?

        some people do believe money will buy them eternal life, or at least happiness until that day comes, you know they type ..the materialistic bastards..doesnt that about sum up the entire powers running each and every government or dictatorship?

        just a thought…sure as hell none of it coming my way

      6. At first I was angry that the elites would do this but after further thought I think I would rather be up on the surface where I would hopefully die quickly.   Us regular people on the surface, depending on the circumstances, would also die quickly while the elites would hunker down in their shelters would possibly die a slow agonizing death.   They would only have enough supplies to last for a given amount of  time and at some point they would have to rely on their survival skills to get them through.  Almost all these people do not have any survival skills.  Their skills all involved the creating wealth and power for themselves through lies and manipulation.  Lawyers, politicans, bankers etc.  Stick all these people together in a confined space and they will rip themselves apart fighting to keep that wealth and power.  The civilians that find themselves down there to support the system will find that they are nothing more than slaves to these people and will find that they will be the first to sacraficed when things get really tough.  Obama needs a liver transplant?  Ed, the cook down in down in section C is compatible.  Harry Reid is going blind,  Jerry in maintenance has just what Harry needs.  These people will then die under unusual circumstances where their organs can then be harvested.   Some day when the shelters are opened up they may find that they all killed each other at first trying to keep their power that they are addicted to, then finally just to survive.
        I can only hope that I have advanced notice of what is comming.  I will then have time to buy my favorite beer, get my lawn chair out and be a witness to TEOTWAWKI.  I will need the beer to keep from crapping all over myself when the end finally comes.
        This story would also make a great movie wouldnt it?

      7. I live in Downtown Los Angeles, I’m still prepping but I know if we were hit by some big catastrophe myself & my family would be kinda screwed because people around me are not prepared. What I think is going to happen in 2012 is a big war or world wide famine because those are the only two events that i see would make people in the US populace crumble and reform to a New World Order.  Remember ” Paranonia is a defense mechanism from those trying to destroy us”.

      8. @ VRF,

        You are thinking like I am.  The Elites, like many citizens who read a greal deal of books – have knowledge of all foreseen events from various books (such as from Nostradamas’ writings and Mayan predictions, etc…) including the Bible and they are capitalizing & acting on these particular events, as well as human fear for their own benefit.  Last night, I was watching Nostradamas and his prediction about the burning twin  towers & 911.  It then suddenly hit me.  Take commonly known human predictions like this that is of public record/info., make it all happen in a senseless/diabolical manner, and then (most)people will never suspect that other evil/self-centered/wealthy/narcsissitic elites who are hell bent on controlling the world actually did it.  It simply becomes believable that the mysterious past prediction(s) that were made many years before did really happen. Thus perpetuating the mystery at a heighten level for 90% of the population.  

      9. just think of all the shovel ready jobs that will be available.

      10. Just a side note:
        If you ever looked into calendar systems and trying to convert historic/foreign ones into western Gregorian calendar, you will be aware there is a large amount of uncertainty.
        So anybody claiming the Mayan prophecy falls exactly on Dec. 21, 2012 is at best guessing…

      11. I was terrified when I saw 2012 and as I read up on the mayan prophecy I got even more terrified-but the Bible says not to set dates that no one knows the day nor hour–so is this really the end?

      12. 1.      @ VRF,
        You are thinking like I am.  The Elites, like many citizens who read a great deal of books – have knowledge of all foreseen events from various books (such as from Nostradamus’ writings and Mayan predictions, etc…) including the Bible and they are capitalizing & acting on these particular events, as well as human fear for their own benefit.  Last night, I was watching Nostradamus and his prediction about the burning twin  towers & 911.  It then suddenly hit me.  Take commonly known human predictions like this that is of public record/info., make it all happen in a senseless/diabolical manner, and then (most)people will never suspect that other evil/self-centered/wealthy/narcissistic elites who are hell bent on controlling the world actually did it.  It simply becomes believable that the mysterious past prediction(s) that were made many years before did really happen. Thus perpetuating the mystery at a heighten level for 90% of the population.  

      13. the elites? i want you all to step back and think. the elites”, “ptb”, etc… are all ‘responsible’ for eveything – the railroads, the internal combustion engine, the integrated circuit, vaccines, advancements of every kind – and you all seem to believe that now “they” want to kill us all off. why? why bother with any of the other stuff, primarily vaccines, and medications, etc… that keep us alive, only to kill us off. can someone explain that paradox to me?
        how many people reading this are on prescription meds (i am)? and of those people, how many are due to ailments that could be CURED by a good diet and exercise (all mine could be)? most diabetics, most heart disease, asthmatics and even some cancers can be eradicated or avoided by your own personal choices. But you blame the “ptb” for corrupting the food, putting fluoride in the water, etc… when you all have CHOICES. i just don’t understand some of you – always in FEAR of things you don’t THINK you can control, but in reality are your own choices. wtf?

      14. i simply can’t believe that all you intelligent bloggers here think you’re all real life  characters in some kind of last chapter edgar alan poe production.

        you all need to get real drunk on real cheap 185 proof  irish booze  and go into a protracted deep sleep   -   then wake up after your cytoplasm and all your cerebral intracytoplasmic organelles are reoriented with a horrible hangover then drop to your knees and pray all day for forgiveness. all this unholy nonsense about some kind of megadisaster is (for lack of a better term) unholy and certainly unscientific. god is beginning to be beyond approach for all of you who believe this spooky alarmist masochistic nonsense.

        the only rift that exists is between your reasoning and reality. the only bipolar readjustment in our futures is psychological not astronomical.

        so heads up and down a couple of irish pints then come back here and report that you have seen the light of reason. the ultimate truth for this is when you get strong inner urges to collect crisp new uncirculated ten dollar bills. when this occurs you will realize that you have achieved salvation and are one with reality and there will be no disaster-  neither astronomical or economic…

      15. A few years ago I spent a few months reading the books of Immanuel Velikovsky which dealt with all sorts of world history and celestial explainations.  His main premise, if I remember it correctly, was that a moon of mars got knocked out of orbit and terrorized the solar system for a long time.  He postulated that it had near misses with earth every six thousand years or something like that and it caused fire and brimstone and pole shifts and such.  He did a lot of research into various civilizations histories that seems to support his theories.  His theories also predicted correctly many things about our solar system that have been proved by nasa.
        Thing is that the wayward moon settled into solar orbit (Venus I think) and so will not be coming back next year.  Oops.
        It is facinating reading.

      16. Ok, Quick google search said Venus only came thru once 3500 years ago and was ejected from Jupiter.  How long is the Mayan calendar anyway.

      17. Comments…..the shit has already hit the fan folks…and the velocity of the crap is picking up speed. for me and mine, we will keep preparing for the worse while taking each day as it comes and dealing with what comes with it. i think that is the best that any individual can do.

      18. Sketch said, “…i want you all to step back and think. the elites”, “ptb”, etc… are all ‘responsible’ for eveything – the railroads, the internal combustion engine, the integrated circuit, vaccines, advancements of every kind…”

        Uh, no, for the most part individuals and the free market created All these things and more.
        The, “Elites” often forcibly took control of them and often put these creations to use in a way that was detrimental to many, i.e. the Plains Indians and the railroad builders who perished, etc..

        “George Stephenson is considered to be the inventor of the first steam locomotive engine for railways… Stephenson was extremely poor growing up and received little formal education.”

        Many average people invented various internal combustion engines.

        “Samuel Brown was an English engineer and inventor credited with developing one of the earliest examples of an internal combustion engine, during the early 19th century… Brown formed a company to produce engines… The company was unsuccessful…” Wikki

        “Jack Kilby was sitting alone at Texas Instruments… hired only a couple of months earlier and so he wasn’t able to take vacation time when practically everyone else did… Kilby had built a working model, and on February 6, Texas Instruments filed a patent. Their first “Solid Circuit” the size of a pencil point,…”

        The point being, even if there were a major catastrophe, individuals would strive to advance, they would be the source of hope and inspiration, not the, “Elites” and that’s not what the, “Elites” want.

        “Vaccination efforts have been met with some controversy since their inception, on scientific, ethical, political, medical safety, religious, and other grounds. In rare cases [or not so rare?] vaccinations can injure people…” Wikki

        So maybe vaccines aren’t such a good thing afterall?
        The same with modern medicine, they’re already killing us off:

        “…Somehow, the mainstream continues to ignore the fact that the drug pushers in the corporatist pharmaceutical state, who make billions by pushing their patented, omnipotent dope on the conditioned masses, kill far more people than those folks who sell illicit drugs.” Karen De Coster

        So why would anyone think the “Elites” have the best interest of the public in mind when they do anything?

        When you say, “…always in FEAR of things you don’t THINK you can control, but in reality are your own choices.” it seems that sometimes that ability to be in control is taken away.
        Don’t you read about parents being forced to have their children vaccinated?
        Don’t you know about the food safety bill and it’s implications?
        And on and on…
        The, “Elites” are on the march to remove your ability to have control in every area often using a calamity as the springboard to advance control.

      19. I’m very glad the elite will save themselves.  I will need “game” to hunt when the food runs out.  Think about it.  Well fed elite emerge from their bunkers among many “skinnies”..some should survive.  We’ll it’s BBQ time for the NWO folks.  Yum!  ha.    I’m being funny here…but I wouldn’t blink at the concept of doing this if there was no food.  I’d just sit outside the bunker door..mud up the air intakes…sooner or later they would have to come out.  Skunks from a hole!  Funny…imagine this all went down…if their bunker fell in…not worth the effort to save them.

      20. Enslave the elite…human cattle farts.

      21. Most of you folks are bright and know in your gut that several things are NOT right; hence need to focuse on (1) food and water; (2) guns and ammo; and (3) gold and silver.

      22. Howdy Mac…
        As far as the elites making underground shelters for themselves in the event of some apocalypse… good!  Let those horrible people bury themselves!  I hope they stay down there!

        End times? I’ve been in the whole new age thing for decades. I really believe that December 21, 2012 date is really about closing off this age and the opening of the next age. We’re already seeing stuff breaking down, and it will likely get a lot worse before it gets better.  I mean, look, the gulf stream has slowed down to the point where Europe is friggin’ freezing to death, the old world order of the banks is breaking down (silver, anyone?) and our own government is sliding into decline just like every major empire before it…. British, Nazi, French, Roman, etc.

        Yeah, we’re all prepping, which brings us peace and helps us function from a standpoint of strength by removing a few variables. 

      23. We might not have to wait for 2012 for disaster ……. try the financial crisis of 2011……………….. coming soon to life near you soon?????????

      24. Take a look at this. I know this isn’t fabricated because
        I have been observing this for about a month, and have
        witnessed many of these anomalies. Links for the USGS
        site are in the drop down menu so you can see for yourself.

      25. @ Clark – “So maybe vaccines aren’t such a good thing afterall?
        The same with modern medicine, they’re already killing us off:”

        tell me clark – how many scourges have killed off hundreds of thousands of people in the last 100 years? 1? tell me how many people had polio then vs. now. smallpox? chicken pox? measles? whooping cough? meningitis? tell me how many lives have been saved because of them.
        You say everything that man has developed has been hijacked? you can’t pick and choose the things that fit YOUR agenda. the puzzle piece fits or it doesn’t. the ‘elites’ can not on one hand ‘give’ us vaccines, then try to kill us. using YOUR logic, the ‘elites’ didn’t exist until the bankers took over – a key flaw in that conspiracy as the ‘elites’ are supposed to have existed since the beginning of time, or some such nonsense. perhaps that is the problem – the word ‘elites’ need to be replaced with ‘banksters’.

        While i agree with the last line of your post (if ‘elites’ is changed to ‘banksters’), i see the rest of it as paranoia gone too far, as there is no real definition of who the ‘elites’ are even comprised of. people with more money than you? more power? either way, you underestimate yourselves.

      26. clark, thank you for bringing up and showing the reality..the TPAB didnt come up with anything, but how to steal from the masses..and pin their names to it, as a huge pat on their own back,,
        Here is sonething to ponder folks..

        why would some one use Billions of dollars to campaign for a 400,ooo$ a year job? especially if there was this much shit to go along with it, if there wasnt a huge pay out for them in the end, or while in office..’
        when was the last time the FED was audited? when was the last time we knew the fiancial stability of our presidents and former presidents..when have we ever known the truth about any high ranking individuals financial standing..not some made up bullshit…no one spends Billions to get a 400G job with all those one.
        wake up ! their all on the take.

      27. Comments…..@sketch…you sound a little bitter.  I was in a coma for a month because of Lipitor…how many diseases today are caused by modern medicine?  Big Pharm doesn’t give a rats a$$ what you put in your body.   How many people has aids killed?  We have a few scourges worldwide right now also…the CDC has admitted that flu vaccines are worthless and do nothing to prevent the common flu…and so forth…

      28. I don’t think that I am going to worry very much about what may or may not happen to the world in the later days of the year 2012 until we get into the year of 2012. I have a feeling that we are going to have our hands full with just getting through the year right ahead of us, 2011, before we start worrying about 2012.

        Is it just me, or have you also noticed that people all around us suddenly seem to be going ‘bat-shit-crazy’ at the slightest provication? Hell, there are neighborhoods here in South Florida where there are actual gunfights in the streets almost every night.

        What happens when the AFDC funds stop being deposited to bank acounts? What about if the electronic food stamp benefit card no longer no longer gets a monthly credit balance addition? No balance on the card ….. the food in your shopping cart doesn’t check out! What’s that you say? The county hospital will no longer accept my medicaid card for free medical treatment? They can’t do that!!!

        The cities and the states are broke. Soon you will see them declaring bankruptcy and then see them attempt to ditch their public employee pension/retirement fund obligations. Boy!!! Are there going to be a whole bunch of really pissed-off retired former state and municipal workers who just got screwed out of what they thought were their supposedly ‘guaranteed’  retirement pension benefits??? Or What!!!!

        My family and I have stocked up on popcorn and other assorted ‘munchies’. We believe that there’s a show getting ready to get started out there unlike anything that most folk can imagine. 2011???? Coming soon to a neighborhood ….. a neighborhood very near you!!!

      29. if  I can be one of the last ones to go,  fine with me just knowing ALL humans are gone. 

        But it ain’t gona happen, the same crap will go on as ususal .

      30. We all die. Some sooner, some later. I know people very close to me who most likely won’t live to see next year because of incurable cancers, etc.. I just visited a guy with major health problems who will be homeless in the next few weeks as the bank takes his house–he also has his teenage son living with him. He’s waiting on his S.S.I. application to get approved, but even with that it’s going to be very difficult situation. He may not live to see his first check because of his health situation. His attitude is positive and he’s not afraid. He does his best day by day with what he has to work with.
        I mention these things as an example and reminder. Do your best with each day. Give as much as you get, maybe a little extra. Stay close to the ONE who put us all here. Of course you plan as best as you can for yourself and those close to you, but no one knows when it’s time to go–or how. Don’t be overly anxious or fearful concerning future events. Take a lesson from many around us who KNOW they have just a short time left (Because of incurable cancer, incurable liver diseases, etc. etc..)–live, give and love the best you can. When you breath your last, trust that there’s something better waiting.
        December 2012? Polar Shifts? Monster tidal waves? I’ve got no control over that sort of stuff. I prepare for the things I might be able to influence (Severe inflation, bad guys, food shortages, power outages, etc). We live far enough away from a major city, we have a nice garden, we do the food storage thing and have the means and skill to protect ourselves.
        If you are as prepared as you can be and have your priorities right you shouldn’t be overly afraid of whatever comes. We all die (It’s how we go out that can be very important). We especially don’t want to see harm or death come to those we love and care about.
        Our attitude through the “best of times and the worst of times“ is one very important thing that we CAN control–and it doesn’t cost anything.
        Hang in there. Don’t forget those who are facing their catastrophes and “SHTF” scenarios right now.

        December 23rd, 2010 at 6:30 pm

        You know, I was just reminded of a scripture that reads even those in underground hiding will be found and punished..(paraphrasing of course)

        I sincerely have believed for a long time the trillions stolen have been used to build cities underground..and that’s my final answer.

      32. @VRF and Annonymous –

        what you bring up has absolutely NOTHING to do with the idea of the “elites”. what you all are talking about is political and corporate corruption. Not some GRAND PLAN that evil spirits have for us. YES, big pharma is a farce – but 9 times out of 10 (maybe 10 times out of 10) you HAVE A CHOICE!!!! to use or not to use big pharma’s wares – get your cholesterol under control with homeopathy or acupuncture or (shhhh) DIET and EXERCISE!!!! YES – only power hungry people spend millions for a $400k job. what are YOU doing about it aside from bitching that you ‘can’t do anything about it’? And most of that is relatively recent history – in just the past 100 years or so to where it effects everyone on the scale that it does today.

        standard ideas about some sort of ‘ptb’ go back hundreds if not thousands of year – depending on which whack job has more time on his hands.

        if you want to bring up big pharma thats fine – but you just shirked your own responsibility so you can blame someone else. As for the politics – WTF are you doing about it? who are you calling or writing to? whats the name of your website? when was the last traffic camera you smashed or spray painted?(non-violent) at least McVeigh did something with his beliefs – no matter how much i agree with his approach (violent). bitch and moan all you like, but in the end, its your own damned faults and no amount of finger pointing or denial will absolve you of your own responsibilities. the PTB are not the problem. its YOUR APATHY at what you see going on around you. You’re so upset, sitting there crying “Whoa is me! won’t SOMEONE DO SOMETHING??!?!?!?” why not YOU? otherwise you’re just blaming a company (big pharma) for not coming up with a cure to fix YOUR disease – even though it helps tens of thousands of other people. that makes NO DAMNED SENSE. thats actually quite SELFISH. you’ve been left out in the cold. now who’s bitter?

      33. 2012 is real, there’s no way it’s going to fizzle out to nothing like the Y2K scare did there’s just wayyy too much surrounding it and too many things that have started to unfold for it to go down as a miss. The question really is more of a ‘what’ will happen not ‘if’ it will.

        Too much to speculate it honestly can keep one up at night trying to figure out wtf is going to happen, as followers of my site will tell you that’s a problem that’s plagued me for the past two years or so. I was always somewhat of a ‘night owl’ but since I found out about 2012 it’s been absolutely ridiculous.

        I think the solar storms coming complemented with the gigantic holes NASA recently found in our magnetosphere spells a lot of danger for us, and would explain perfectly why the elite are digging themselves in underground survival bunkers. I’ve heard reports (god knows if they’re true) that if these solar storms are bad enough with our ‘shields down’ temperatures could reach up to 180 degrees F, some reports even going as far as 280-300 degrees F. the only way you’re escaping heat like that is by going underground, I doubt they’d be digging underground if they were worried about massive floodings or tsunamis, that would just be one giant watery grave for all the elite asses.

        Nibiru is an interesting one too, no signs of visibility yet and if we cant see it by summer of 2011 I think it’s safe to throw it out as a non possibility. I have very little doubt there is a planet X, infact NASA has already confirmed there’s a 10th planet in our solar system, a little rare fact barely everyone knows because NASA kept this discovery rather quiet, can’t imagine why…

      34. d’OH!!!!

        that line should read “no matter how much i DISagree with his approach”

      35. d’OH!!!!

        that line should read “no matter how much i DISagree with his approach”

        maybe i should blame Mr. Slavo for not having an ‘edit’ option…

      36. Merry Christmas everyone…even you Mushy.

      37. Merry Christmas! Enjoy the Spirit of the Season everyone!

        Times are tough and they will get a lot tougher for some. Pray, meditate, adapt and make what changes you need to make to
        position you and yours for the New Year and the coming changes.

        A few people here mentioned cancer problems. I ran across an alternate cure for various cancers. Seems that a mix of maple sugar and baking soda or baking powder can’t remember now. Google it.

        A small study was done by a European doctor after one woman in a family of many was the only one that didn’t come down with breast cancer. The only difference was this difference in her diet.

        Hope it helps somebody.

        According to some modern day prophets, and conforming to N prediction of water, water, everywhere at the end of the age, in a letter to his son; the Canadian Shield, dry now will be wet.

        Look at the string of lakes, bays, and Great Lakes on a map and you can easily visualize how a melting polar cap could flood these low lying areas. This is also consistant with cayce prediction’s for Earth Changes.

        Dr. Frank Baranowski, an old friend now deseased, was an expert in the paranormal before it was ever fashionable. He told me to get above 5,000 feet if you live in California. Just saying. Get out of LA.

        Frank knew his shit! Google Frank.

      38. Hey all…Have a Blessed Christmas season and may 2011 turn out well for all of us,take time to count the blessings,the little things….rest your minds and bodies for a spell,the trouble will still be there when you get back ,Merry Christmas!


        And what have YOU done and succeeded with Sketch?
        and I think you mised MY point..but thats ok..Merry Christmas anyways

      40. Comments….. Alright you Sci-fi fans …. I’ll give you 100:1 odds that this is just another Y2K fiasco led by the same kinds of  lunatics.   Think about it – If it Doesn’t happen, you give me $1; If it does happen, I’ll give you $100.  Any takers?   

      41. Mayan calendar predicted the end of materialism, not the end of the world. Please wake up, if you think that this is about some armageddon. Research the Vedas please. The world will not end for another 427.000 years at least, we have just completed 5,000 years of a 432,000 year cycle, called Kaliyuga. These scriptures even predicted the coming of Buddha from 4000 years ago, Bhagavad Gita is the book that will solve your problems. It was Einstein, Gandhi, Emerson, and Thoreau’s favorite books also..

      42. @VRF –

        I can honestly say that I’ve reached every single goal I’ve made for myself so far (with the exception of 2). currently the only exceptions being my paramedic qualification – my FT job & family time don’t allow me the 2,000 hours to take the class, and EMS is volunteer, so I can live with being ‘only’ an EMT, oh, and I haven’t hit the powerball yet.

        As for the other stuff, i vote with my feet and wallet. if the gov’t does someting I don’t agree with, I avoid it like the plague (i.e. TSA, etc…). if it comes to a point where I need to be frisked to leave my house, then I’ll have to deal with that problem when it gets here.

        take care of yourselves, everyone. drunk drivers, bad drivers and crazy people abound on the roads this time of year.

      43. Merry Christmas to all.  I know it is not the best of times, but maybe this will make us all remember the season and appreciate what we do have more.

        Sketch – the problem with your theory of dealing with it when it gets here is that by the time it gets to everyone in every walk of life, it will be too late to stop.  Its kind of like your teeth.  If you wait until they hurt to brush them, its too late.  Same principle in Nazi Germany or Cold War Russia.  The “regular” folk didn’t stand up when it was the Jews or Gypsies, but when it got to them, it was too late.

        The time to stop a bully or a thief is as soon as you realize they are a bully or a thief.

      44. Well than Sketch, with out you knowing me, you judged me..
        I too have reached many goals set for myself and than some.
        I own and run a large construction and maintenance company.

        I employ many people, and havent even reached the Century mark yet on  my age.

        I am very active in my government as a voter,Volenteer. Also a property owner in two seperate communities,and involved in the Business climate of both communities.

        Active in my childs school, and am even a well known person to the school staff as a friend.
        also have many friends and family that are active in the police and fire of these two communities, they know what it is to be an “oath keeper”

        I am also a very accomplished Builder of machines, Cars, (Hot Rods) Motorcycles, and repair of mechanical devices. all with an Engineering degree, and an Architectual Degree, and in the process of learninng Spanish to futher my abilities in other countries. I have traveled to South America and am planning on doing business down there in the very near future..

        I’d like to say the DHS and TSA can kiss my ass, but Im a private pilot too, and own a small 4 place aircraft, that i use for work. Its just not that simple

        My plate is not full,I have not reached every goal and never will  until im dead..
        I havent even listed my government skills, or military  ones, i was taught by them.
        but i really dont come on here to toot my own horn.
        I come on here to help, and to learn more.
        I dont like to lay myself out on the internet, its not safe anymore to put out your abilities, or skills. They are better left to hold for the possibility of need for survival.

        bless the holidays to you and yours and all on here, we the people need to stick together more, and not try to fet out peoples views and attack each other, thats not really what this place is about
        we all have our own way to look at these world problems, none of us are 100% right or 100% on the mark..but we still bring it up to each other in an effort to help widen our view on what is going on around us

      45. “In sociology as in general usage, the elite is a group of relatively small size, that is dominant within a large society, having a privileged status perceived as being envied by others of a lower line of order.

        The elite at the top of the social strata almost invariably puts it in a position of leadership, whether it be expected or volunteered, and often subjects the holders of elite status to pressure to maintain that leadership position as part of status.”- Wikki

        Sketch said, “the puzzle piece fits or it doesn’t. the ‘elites’ can not on one hand ‘give’ us vaccines, then try to kill us.”

        Sometimes the puzzle isn’t what it appears to be.

        And, yes, the ‘elites’ can on one hand ‘give’ us vaccines, then try to kill us:

        Also, how many lives are ended or maimed after receiving vaccines for illnesses that haven’t been on the continent for a very long time?

        For example, there are mandatory vaccine programs for illnesses that have been wiped off the continent of South America, so why do they get them?

        Another example is polio, it’s not as clear cut as you make it out to be:

        “The virus next enters the bloodstream, and the patient makes antibodies against it. In most cases, this stops the progression of the virus…

        Ironically, before the 1900s, immunity was acquired primarily during infancy because sanitation conditions were poor and efforts at sewage and water treatment were primitive.

        Paradoxically, when sanitation improved, infants were no longer exposed at an age when they were protected, so they did not develop antibodies to the viruses.

        But, there was a problem with the original Salk vaccine. The vaccine actually induced 260 cases of poliomyelitis, including 10 deaths…

        Between 1980 and 1990, cases averaged 8 per year, and most of those were induced by vaccination!” –

        “The polio death rate was decreasing on its own before the vaccine was introduced, and there is no credible scientific evidence that the vaccine caused polio to disappear. Cases of polio increased after mass inoculations.

        POLIO DEFINITION FRAUD:… If you object to polio vaccination, and you get polio–it is usually called “polio.” If you have been vaccinated and you get “polio”, it is called meningitis(2).” –

        I’m sure there are other examples for the list you gave, but I hope you get the point?

      46. Nostradamas was SOOO vague in his predictions we can make a lot of his predictions fit a lot of events.  Lets not even note the fact that 90%+ of his predictions never came true in a marked way.  He is actually one of the worst guys because he has thousands of predictions of which few have hit.

        There is also no Mayan predictions that I’ve ever seen.  They used pictographs and we’re just assuming we know what they mean.  We have even less to go on then Egyptian pictographs and we figure we’re only semi-sure of what they mean.  So it’s just what we think they said.  Also my friend said his professor was saying that based on what he’s seen it was Dec 2010 not 2012 when their calendar ends.  It’s like Y2K, it was actually 2001 when it rolled over not 2000. 

        I remember fixing code back then for it, people freaking out and preparing for the end.  Thankfully, being in the trenches I knew it was bogus.  I worked at an ISP up in Canada and we had people cancel their subscription (remember dialup internet?!  Woohoo, flashback!  I’ll have a nightmare tonight I’m sure) saying we were not ready.  Since we only used Linux who’s date issue was something like 2030 (at the time it was a LONG ways off) they canceled even though we were prepared.

        But paranoia is paranoia.  Once you’re afraid, logic is hard to come by it seems.  Preparing for any specific event seems kinda narrow minded.  I prepare for a multitude of events (natural and man made, current Earthquakes, I do live in the Pacific NW and economic collapse).  Those actually pretty much overlap, except the earthquake could do damage to my house I suppose.  An earthquake would likely bring people together so defense would be much less of a concern while in an economic collapse it would be nation wide with likely no Federal support so defense becomes quite important.

        Ahhh OpenOffice, how I love thee, so easy to do each foreseeable problem and then compare the common elements, you’ll find the difference is actually minor between them.

        Living your life in fear is pointless.  Plan as best you can, and deal with what happens.  Adapt and overcome.  Preparation is mostly mental anyways.

      47. >>>“Dave
        December 24th, 2010 at 9:07 am
        Take a look at this. I know this isn’t fabricated because
        I have been observing this for about a month, and have
        witnessed many of these anomalies. Links for the USGS
        site are in the drop down menu so you can see for yourself.”<<<
        Earthquakes of this particular nature would be symptomatic of a nano ‘black hole’ having gravitated to the center of the Earth and the process of accreating the matter of the planet.
        CERN admits black hole ripped in space by Large Hadron Collider
        by Rich Bowden – Apr 1 2009, 04:03
        A spokesperson for the European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN) has confirmed the fears of many in the scientific world after revealing that the reason for the sudden closure of the Large Hadron Collider, the world’s most expensive physics experiment, was not due to “technical problems” as previously stated, but because its controversial particle collisions have sensationally rendered a “tiny black hole” in the fabric of space. …. [CONT]
        See: ‘The CERN black hole’ animated video of the accreation process of the entire Earth…
        Perhaps this is the explanation why SETI’s search of the universe for extraterrestrial life over the decades has been devoid of results. Logical technological progression of any civilization would develop a ‘Hadron’ type collider prior to the development of vast inter planetary transport.
        POOF!!! Each and every time…

      48. Good Day,

        I work for the PeaceJam Foundation and we have been working with Mayan Nobel Peace Laureate Rigoberta Menchu Tum for 15 years.

        We recently completed a documentary called 2012: The True Mayan Prophecy (49 minutes) and it features actual Mayans including Rigoberta Menchu Tum – the 1992 Nobel Peace Laureate. Everyone puts words in Mayan’s mouths but what did they really say? Not only do we have Rigoberta delivering the truth, but her Elders and Shamans, too. The doc also features the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu speaking of what 2012 will bring us. Answers can be found here

        Each view of this documentary costs USD $1.99. In this country one cannot buy a Big Mac for that price. The money raised will benefit the PeaceJam Foundation and the Rigoberta Menchu Tum Foundation.

        Or you can watch Sting and his friends discuss 2012 for USD $30.

        Can you let your readership know about this?


      49. Right now, you can get two Big Macs for $3.00 which makes them $1.50 each. just saying.

        Personally, I prefer two all beef patties, special sauce, cheese, lettuce, on a seasame seed bun to paying for information and understanding that is readily available for those willing to do a little research. To me, there is something unsavory about people trying to profit from the fear of others.

      50. 2 things, first off I’m hungry for a big mac right now so thanks a lot Durango Kidd and secondly I couldn’t agree more the people who are trying to make a profit off of ‘2012 doomsday’ piss me right off…they’re the ones making it tough for the people who really think 2012 is something we should be looking at to sound like a credible threat. Everyone on the world is jumping on to 2012 websites right now, almost all of them trying to get you to buy their book on whats going to happen or how to survive it I myself felt too guilty keeping the ‘2012 extreme files’ for sale even at $5 it felt like people would see it as a scam and dislodge my credibility so I found a way to give it to the subscribers of my website for free.

        Regardless of that rant the point was it’s a shame so many people are trying to do that, if you’ve got a website like ‘’ that has people contributing their time for free just to debunk it all not looking to make a buck it’s going to look really bad when every other opponent out there comes out with this outrageous claim to try to get you to buy their book or whatever the hell they’re selling. People are taking advantage of a bad scenario and trying to profit off of it, I think the latest post on worldwidewakeupNOW ‘Worldwide Wakeup Call: 2012 Believers, Skeptics, Debunkers, and ‘Prophets’ Listen Up‘ puts everything into perspective nicely

      51. well now that i’ve gone through the pages , not one, but many including the book by john major jenkins and other writers, it shocks me that we were born in this time. its a cycle, its a phase of change , for the old ones to go, starting a new civilisation. i live in Nepal, and am truly a beleiver of the 2012 apocalypse,. as per some datas i’ve heard that the mountains will sink(Patrick Geryl), well that can also be. i would love if u would help me with some other points cause mostly the internet stuff has been read by me.. thank u.. i hope i get my reply

      52. “NO looting’ Sen = dai JP vs
        Katrina ’05 ppl shot at choppers flying by.
        see web for risk of tsunami: if part of
        HA, Canary isle falls off, etc


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