Recommendations From the Three Mile Island Recovery Team: How to Survive Nuclear Holocaust

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    When the three mile island nuclear accident happened in March of 1979 Joy Thompson ( was one of the members of the health physics team responsible for initial recovery operations. The accident, which plant owner Metropolitan Edison downplayed by claiming that “everything is under control,” later led to wide-spread evacuations, first with a 5-mile radius evacuation zone being established, and then later a 20-mile evacuation zone. As was the case with the recent Fukushima disaster, those who would be most affected by the spread of dangerous radiation were the last to be told of the seriousness of the disaster. In the case of Three Mile Island, it was well over 24 hours before residents were told to get out. In Fukushima it was days.

    Ms. Thompson contacted us recently to advise us that she and the surviving members of her team have created an easy to follow info-graphic and checklist that can help you to survive a nuclear disaster should you ever be faced with the same emergency as those people living around Three Mile Island.

    While often ignored by most Americans, even on the heels of the ongoing Fukushima nuclear meltdown, the potential for nuclear disasters today is clearly more of a threat than ever before. Despite assurances from reactor manufacturers and plant operators, we’ve seen numerous disasters over the course of the last three decades, and we can be fairly certain that we will have another one in the future.

    If you live anywhere on the east or west coasts, chances are you are close to an existing reactor.

    According to the infographic below, one in three Americans live within 50 miles of a nuclear reactor, and by all accounts, as demonstrated by Fukushima, in the event of disaster this could very well be the  ‘kill radius.’

    Thus, we urge all of our readers to explore the below graphic, as well as the ‘weapons’ and checklist that follow.

    Additionally, if you are ever in an area that has experienced any type of nuclear emergency (be it a reactor meltdown, dirty bomb attack, etc.) we strongly recommend that you evacuate first and ask questions later, because as we saw with Three Mile Island, “everything” is not always under control.

    Don’t wait for the experts on TV to tell you it’s time to go. Just grab your bug out bags, GOOD manuals and go!


    How To Survive A Nuclear Holocaust

    Last year, nuclear meltdowns and multiple explosions at the Fukushima Daiichi reactor complex sent plumes of radioactive contaminants across the northern Japanese countryside. These contaminants were projected in the atmosphere putting the northern hemisphere in danger of hazardous isotopes.

    The events at Fukushima brought into focus the very real danger of a nuclear holocaust. At Best Health Degrees we decided to put together this infographic detailing some practical steps you can take to survive the danger posed by harmful nuclear radiation.

    The Key: to surviving a nuclear holocaust is minimizing exposure to internal and external radiation. You will need some “weapons” to help in this effort.

    The Weapons

    • Duct Tape
    • Mop
    • Water filtered vacuum
    • Sponge
    • Paper towels
    • Plastic bags
    • Sutrdy trash container
    • Hand-held radiation detector

    Survival Checklist

    • Think of nuclear radiation as an invisible layer of dust on all surfaces that needs to be carefully cleaned away and managed
    • Create an air tight seal in your home (duct tape comes in handy)
    • Aggressively clean off surfaces in your home without creating dust (wet wipes and water filtered vacuums)
    • Keep food in clean, sealed containers
    • Clean floor and furniture with water filtered vacuum
    • When you go outside, wear a set of coveralls or a duster over your clothes.
    • Shower every time you come indoors from having spent more than a few minutes outdoors.
    • Use good quality dust masks to cover your mouth and nose, especially when going outdoors
    • Launder sheets, handkerchief masks, outdoor clothing, at least once a day
    • Keep all windows closed even if it’s nice outside) and sealed with duct tape
    • Seal all doors that open to the outside with duct tape.
    • Carry young children while outdoors or going to and from a vehicle.
    • Keep pets indoors as much as possible for the duration.
    • Sleep at least two feet above the floor
    • Keep pots, pans, plates, silverware and utensils in clean cabinets
    • Rinse your cooking utensils, plates, silverware, glassware
    • Rinse the outside of all food cans before opening
    • Do not do anything that can stir up dust (don’t use duster or a normal vacuum)

    Special thanks to Joy Thompson.

    Hat tip Ryan

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    From The Ready Store: IOSAT – Radiation Protection Tablets


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      1. First, ok gang, give it to me !!! 😉

        • Iodized salt is something you should have on hand to consume , so it would block the radiation entering your thyroid and killing you.

          They made this an important point on the tv show Jericho.

          • Unfortunately iodized salt doesn’t have a high enough percentage of iodine. You can purchase potassium iodide caps through Amazon – about $6 for 120 of them. 🙂

            • Thanks Daisy ! 🙂

            • Daisy is right. And children are the ones where it makes a difference. If your over 40 years old and taking KI then your wasting it. Give it to someone younger.

          • Iodide pills* alone isn’t enough to prevent death from radiation poisoning. If the dosage is high enough, you’re gonna die no matter what you swallow.

            The thing about iodide pills is that it prevents certain types of radioactive material (specifically Iodine-131) from causing thyroid cancer. That’s all it does. Well, that and make you puke if you ingest too much of it.

            * (no, not Iodized salt, Potassium Iodide pills. Iodized salt won’t do jack).

            • Potassium Iodide is useful for a person living more in a fallout situation, not for a person who is in the main blast radius ( the rad levels will kill that person regardless ). However, a high percentage of the fallout contains uranium 235, which decays into Iodine 131. Iodine 131 decay causes severe damage to the surroundong tissue because of its low half life and peculiar decay.

          • Wow… iodized salt. That’s funny. Now for some practical advice… yes, potassium iodide tablets will do a lot to protect your thyriod if you are downwind of a nuke. It’s also easy to overdo it with these tablets and you’ll be swimming in iodine and tasting it for weeks.

            Why not buy some of the reasonably priced liquids that typically deliver 1.8mg of elemental iodine per drop? I take a drop every day for better health (yes, the .15mg aka 150mcg RDA is a total joke). It’s my understanding that iodine displaces both chlorine and fluoride in the body, and that’s reason enough to take some.

          • doncha forget the
            ‘lite’ salt, i.e. potas…

            • F-it nevamind, thinking elecl…

          • Yeah, get your KIO3 now so you don’t get jacked later. During the Fukushima Daiichi meltdown, just the mention that radioactive particulate could reach the US and Canada sent KIO3 to record levels. I think the highest price on Ebay went for $1000.00 for one 120 tablet bottle. This is a common item that you should keep at least one bottle per person in your home and stores for around 10 years.

            Also, Dosimeters are relatively inexpensive and getting a new kit for under $100.00 is totally achievable on Ebay. If you’re into more accurate measurements, a Geiger Counter can be obtained for under $300.00, sometimes better, if you dig. I suggest having both if you live within that 5 mile zone. Why? In the article Fukushima and 3-mile are discussed where many lies are told early on. Do yourself a favor to verify it with your own measurements.

            A lot of people put this type of preparation on the back burner list and some never get to it. Put together your NBC (Nuclear-Biological-Chemical) disaster kit today. That goes for gas masks, Tyvek suits at least, rubber boots, boot covers, chemical gloves and measuring tools. I was able to put together a kit for my family for around $400.00. You have to shop around, but it can be done for relatively little money.

            Finally, just because the article discusses Nuke plants, don’t forget about pandemics and toxic chemicals as well. The NBC kit will have you ready to evacuate your area if faced with possible exposure. Bet hey, chances are, this will never happen in your neck of the woods, right? Right. (Added sarcasm)

            • Why do you people let yourselves be manipulated? There was no leak at Three Mile Island. The plant shutdown as designed. Had the operators followed procedure this would not have happened in the first place. Funny how this event happened just after Fondas anti nuke movie came out. American power plants will not explode. You guys are pathetic. Chem Trails anyone? What a bunch of bozos.

            • John W.,

              You are wrong.

              I am a native Pennsylvanian. At the time of TMI, I was affiliated with PEMA and the new FEMA by way of a local emergency agency.

              TMI did release nuclear material. In fact, the incident turned out to be much worse than MetEd and Thornburgh let on at the time. Can’t panic the masses, you know.

              My task was to coordinate radio support as the entire downwind East Coast was evacuated.

              Those plans were cancelled. Not because the danger had passed and evacuation no longer required. They were cancelled because it was determined impossible.

              How can you move 3,000,000 people in one of the densest populations in the country?

              You can’t. The calculus was clear: staying at home was less risky than sitting helplessly on the Pennsylvania Turnpike or Schuylkill Expressway.

              And those highways were significantly suckier then than today — and today they are still deathtraps waiting to happen.

              Please John W. Take your somewhat understandable but wishful thinking and leave it for the children.

              As a grown man, it is your job to anticipate danger and do what is possible to mitigate its affect on your family.

              Of course, it may be that you are not a grown man. Today, we have many boys that inhabit bodies decrepit with age, so I guess that is possible in your case as well.

            • John W, you are not only incorrect, but your ignorance is showing. I worked on the TMI Unit-2 project as a third-party consulting analyst. I also co-authored a number of the reports on the mass balance of the radionuclides released. The facts are out there, but of course you wouldn’t know that.

          • I have to apologize about the Iodized salt comment. I read it years ago that it would help.

            Thanks Daisy for keeping me on the straight and narrow, I don’t want to pass on bad info.

            Feeling humbled right now.

            • Don’t take it too hard… it’s good to learn these things now, and not when life depends on it.

          • get a bottle of Iodine, paint a sq inch of it on your body some place every couple days, you body will pull out what it needs

          • that’ll get about as much attention with the media as Ron Paul does.

      2. I’m glad we live hundreds of miles from a nuke, however one meltdown on the left coast could send the airborn crap our way.

        • AZ that’s always been my fears living on the east coast. So, the plan will be to head north or south depending on the winds / radius of the radition.

          Love the iodized salt reference EagleDove! Adding that to my SHTF closet immediately.

          • Survivor Mike; Daisy gave me differ info, so check into it, I was probably wrong. 🙂

      3. and don’t believe a damn word they say
        when they tell you how safe these facilities are

        just a sample
        “For example, the owner of the Oconee nuclear plant in South Carolina installed a backup reactor core cooling system in 1983. However, in 2011 – more than a quarter-century later – workers discovered a problem with the system that would have rendered it useless in an accident”

      4. not to worry. the officials have increased the allowable limit after Fukishma. so, everything is lollypops and rainbows now. our government says you can live with lots of radiation and it’s good for you now. lol.

        • Yeah, raw milk may be safe across the board now.

          • the real DK woould never say
            anything so lame

            • asil: Can’t you hear the sarcasm? With the increased rads, the raw milk is “irradiated”.

            • The real DK-Sorry bro
              had a little post-trollanoia
              going on there.
              Pissed about the integrity
              of SHTF-Posters’ being ridiculed.
              Always look forward to what
              the real DK has to say,whether
              i agree or not. 🙂

      5. My tip of the day is go on ebay and get potassium idodide tablets, you get 14 tablets for about 5-8 bucks. at pharmacies there is always a bitch women at them who think she is above the law and cant sell to you which is completly untrue, if they can sell on ebay they can be OTC. THey protect your thyroid from absorbing the metals from the nuke blast that are contaminated. Dont buy the canada ones junk, get the iosat and have a very long exp date. I have seen them sell for over 250 bucks for a pack which you can get for 5-8 bucks now. so stock up and when you can either sell them or use them when it happens. that is my tip of the day. and I hate bitch pharmacists

        • No idea about bitch pharmacists, but the iodide tablets only prevent you from absorbing Iodine 131. Any other heavy metals and you’re on your own.

          • –not you either,OQ?
            Fuck all you Bradfromcostamesatrolls-

            • Nope – that was me.

              (mind the moderation wait… I just swapped to a new email addy).

      6. Im sorry when the japan blast happen they were selling for over 250 bucks for the pack which costs 5-8 bucks now, so if you invest 40 dollars worth your safe or can sell them for big bucks then when they are needed and you cant get them. dont take them now, they can be harmful to your thyroid possibly. wait till they are needed, I want you guys to be safe. take care

        • whoever gave me a thumbs down for that is stupid. Call or email me, I bet your a young idiot. My spelling might be wrong but I was in a hurry. POS punks on here,

          • dang eric, who did you piss off? I thought your comment was a good one.

          • Eric–I am quite sure it was the ‘make big bucks’ statemtent–exploiting for gain will get you a really bad name on this board/forum.
            That’s NOT what we’re about here.


      7. Well either its gonna kill you or not. I dont see godzilla walking around tokyo yet. They had a serious meltdown there almost as bad as you could get. But there arent tails of people grownig tails there or dieing in groups either

        • My son’s Dad comes from an area 70 miles from Chernobyl – he got out FAST and went as far as he could. 2 out of the man’s 3 children have Autism including my own son. Luckily my lad isn’t growing up there, and his affliction is mild.

          The birth defects and human suffering in his home town are still horrific. Horrific is the only word I can use for the cancers, (really ODD cancers,) and the sheer range of disabilities the children have. It’s a scary freak show or a geneticists dream depending on your perspective. The MSM doesn’t report this stuff at all, and everyone who had the means/brains to get out did a long time ago.

          For many the suffering will continue for generations and the sicknessness some suffer from make you wish they’d been able to go out with a quick bang years ago.

          Thorium reactors don’t risk this crap happening yet we need uranium to serve the military industrial complex. All new reactors should be Thorium yet the political will isn’t there, even though tpb KNOW the damage chernobyl caused. They just don’t care.

      8. There is a reason I moved to the center of a state with no nuclear reactors. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Another resource is the ‘Nuclear War Survival Skills’ by Cresson Kearny. It is available as a free PDF download all over the web if you do a search.

        I was surprised Potassium Iodide pills were not recommended in the main article since they were distributed to Naval aviation crews flying within 70 miles of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear plant after it melted down. Otherwise, I think it is a very good one.

      9. I cannot substantiate this, and I don’t know in my own mind how much of this can be considered valid, but…

        Talk was the government used HAARP to cause the earthquake, to punish Japan for inventing the water-powered car. This did not sit well at all with the oil cartel. We haven’t heard any more about the water-powered car in the news since the initial report. That should have been big and great news.

        Someone mentioned the TV series Jericho. This TV show is quite a plausible look at what can happen during a national disaster. I’d recommend just buying both seasons. There is a season 3, but it is in comic book form, since the TV networks did not see fit to keep this going. A pity.

        • I loved Jericho. Because it was a hidden message about situation USA is in. (corporatocracy, blatant government misuse of power, private army – what was the name? Blackwater? Ravenwood? whatever…)
          however, the way thermonuclear attack, fallout evasion and effects, and similar technical things were so badly mishandled that it threatened to destroy the show. otherwise it was a very good series…
          one example – people go to the shelter, stay there during the rain which deposits fallout on Jericho and they emerge few hours later after the rain is gone and all is sunny and fine! Sweet Jesus, just don’t do this yourself!!! minimum stay time in shelter after fallout deposit is two weeks, and that is according to Gooberment booklets! so take it at seven weeks and leave it!
          oh oh, and I can’t leave this one out!!!! the vaunted agent Hawkins goes out into the fallout rain with his HazMat suit and moves around hauling that bomb in and out… if there are any preppers that believe that NBC suit protects against radiation, do yourself a favour – shoot yourself before doing something stupid like this – death will be easier at least! gasmask is designed to prevent you from INHALING radioactive particles and NBC suit prevents radioactive particles from clinging to your body, hair or inner clothing so that you can decontaminate easily before going into a safe shelter! radiation is particle/wave and it is either of the three:
          Alfa – doesn’t penetrate even your skin, but can cause problems if it is inhaled/digested, stopped by even a layer of newspaper.
          Beta – penetrates skin, stopped by a layer of aluminium foil…
          Gamma – the nasty bugger! total penetration (hyperbole) stopped by large amounts of heavy material, for more details look up “halving thickness of different materials”
          one more example of such blatant TV/Movie technical adviser stupidity is the movie “The Sum of All Fears” – there they are walking the crater of a nuclear blast with their NBC suits hours after the detonation… utter rubbish… they’d be dead within hours… and they won’t even go into the “hair falls out” phase! they will quickly go into shock and die because of massive internal haemorrhaging and failure of central nervous system.

          • Giurza.
            I can tell you are not the run of the mill prepper. More to the point of being a Realist. One that can think on the move. On the subject of radiation hazards, some would consider this extreme therefore there are few that will discuss the topic. In fact this site has many articles that reach far beyond what the average person would consider casual conversation. I also want to thank all those who partake in the exchange of information for the benefit of all, reguardless if they prep or not.
            Knowledge is King and what we do with that knowledge is the determining factor. I have been doing this for a long time. No! I do not have a bunker. I will share my information for all to debate and scrutinise.
            Thanks for the expedited response.

            • Slingshot, my mate, I raise my hat before you! you are one of the few on this planet, the true 1% that understands the most essential part of survivalism and prepper movement – KNOWLEDGE! I’m so with you on this, my entire policy regarding prepping was always this:
              I’m poor guy, my family was always poor, I was poor, I achieved what I did only through my own work and education and nobody bought my way!… so what to do in order to prepare? Gather knowledge! as much as possible. memorize it, practice it and LIVE IT!!!

          • LOL… Giurza, that’s how I watch many movies, in disbelief, didn’t the screenwriter go to school? Or at least researched the subject? I guess not.
            Oh, wait, I forgot, in this case “duck and cover” is all you need to know… LOL

            • Good one mate! I just got this premonition/vision thing – when I read your post I just saw myself watching all those movies – roman era, medieval wars, WW1, WW2, Modern wars, nuclear wars, apocalypse, etc etc… oh man… all that burden of someone trying to dumb me down…
              tell me Zen Monk, how did WE managed to stay sane and more or less enlightened? 😀

            • We are blessed with the gift of critical thinking, Giurza.
              We don’t just believe everything we hear, we trust only our own research, we pay attention to critical details, we connect the dots and draw our own conclusions.
              It is knowledge, the ability to see the big picture, and the ability to control our ego that makes us semi-enlightened.

              I also suspect that some of us here are information junkies 😀

        • The water powered car again. Sorry, no free lunch (or energy).

      10. I purchased a radiation detector from Professional Equipment for around 400 bucks. That was last April or May. The price has increased notably since then.

      11. First time commenting on here, I think the site is great. I just found this simple yet powerful youtube video about our current system, I think people tend to pay more attention to an attractive woman:

        As for this topic, I’m sure most of you know there is lot’s of great info on ENE News

      12. Throw the lines off of the sailboat, clear from down wind and rinse the deck down with salt water. Head towards the Southern Cross, nice to be making waves. Go fishing.

        • Nice to see my musings are finally sinking in (pun intended)! What most people do not realize is that in a true grid-down situation, the nuclear power plants will most likely not melt down due to safeguards and redundancies designed into the plant. Fukishima melted down because the reactor could not power-down to standby mode before the tsunami washed away the diesel generators which were necessary to operate the cooling pumps while the reactor was powering down.

          The true concern should be the cooling ponds where the spent fuel rods are being stored. These rely on electrical power to provide a constant flow of water to keep the “spent” rods cool. Our beloved leaders, in their infinite wisdom, have consistantly blocked all efforts to build a permanent and secure repository for the reprocessing and storage of spent fuel rods in an inert form. So what we are facing in a grid-down situation is this – the reactors power down per design specifications; the diesel generators run out of fuel and go offline; the cooling ponds stop receiving their flow of cooling water and the water begins to boil away; the spent fuel rods are completely exposed to the air and begin to melt down, releasing radioactive plumes as they do so.

          This scenario makes vast areas of land far inland become contaminated by radioactivity. An underground bunker with at least a meter of soil above it should be sufficient protection provided there is overpressure and filtration of incoming air. Once again, I will plan to head towards the South Pacific on a bluewater sailboat and sip fruity alcoholic drinks produced by my column still as I lounge on the beach of some deserted atoll waiting for the end to come!

          • Like to scare me to death, somethin’ that big. … An ocean so big it strikes me dumb how anybody can go out there to the unknown with pirates, tsunamis, whales. How do you know which way to go? Doesn’t it scare you knowing the water is that deep?

            • Shirley:

              Tsunamis aren’t a danger in deep water. The danger is when the wave hits shallower water near land.

              Lots of dangers in a long Pacific passage. Lots of danger being most anywhere in a SHTF scenario. People just choose which dangers they want to face. Storms are the worst danger, IMO.

              Navigation is via charts, stars and the sun. This is just a skill and any sailor would be able to navigate, given the tools and knowledge.

            • There will be plenty of pirates on land post SHTF. Pirates will be dependent on fuel to carry out their activities and when it becomes unavailable then their predations will cease. However, if I ran into a pirate I would do the same as if I ran into a land based predator; namely, shoot to kill. They only succeed in their predations because the victims are unarmed and not allowed to fight back. Average depth of the ocean is more than 2 miles but that is kind of like saying “how high is the sky”? When you think about it in relation of depth to width, then the depth becomes miniscule. As far as knowing which way to go, there are charts for navigating and setting a course, a compass is sufficient for rough direction, and celestial navigation is the way to get a high degree of accuracy provided you have a sextant, a cheap digital watch, starry skies, and a degree of knowledge on how to use those things to plot your location. I have a basic understanding of the process and it is a skill which I am working at improving.

              What I am trying to say is that none of the obstacles are insurmountable, and that there will be challenges regardless of what course you choose post SHTF. For me, I would rather face the sea and its dangers than stay on land where one would have to worry about civil war, police thugs, roving gangs, nuclear contamination, hungry neighbors, and biological warfare to name a few.

            • “How do you know which way to go?”

              One should learn these skills before the emergency.

            • Anything over your head is enough. 10′ might as well be 10,000. I’m not sure how likely it is that a whale will attack.

      13. Most people live much closer to “Nukes” than they realize. Reactors, weapons, universities, storage facilities, military bases, test facilities, naval bases, hospitals.

      14. And you must remember when you go to vote, according to Grandpa, they will nuke your weasel. If at all possible don’t take your weasel to the polls.

        • I take my weasel with me everywhere, ’cause you just never know when you’ll need it. I do however, wear special aluminum foil lined underwear just to be on the safe side!

      15. Most of our preps are in the ‘homesteader, sustainable living’ category. Food, water, fuel and such. Stuff that will get used up on a regular basis with or without an emergency.
        There are, however, a few items that fall into the ‘disaster use only’ category. Potassium iodide tablets are one of those. They’re not that expensive (unless you buy them at the Post-Tsunami Hits A Nuke Plant Sale.)
        Another item we’ve spent a couple bucks on is topo maps. We’ll probably never need them, since we rarely plan things like a back-pack hiking trip from Tulsa to Boise. (makes my feet sore just thinking about it) But if we ever need to truly bug WAY out, we’ll be glad we got them. These maps, together with weather charts showing the prevailing winds, would be invaluable if the need to evacuate long distances ever did arise. Of course that also brings up the question- if you’re bugging out of a nuclear disaster zone, can you outrun the radiation? (teacher, how fast can a gamma ray run the 50 yard dash?)

        • Topo maps I can agree to perfectly. A good one also has the advantage of showing you all the alternate roads, so that you’re not stuck on the freeway with the horde.

          For instance, not only do I know where the main roads are, but I know where the logging roads, farm roads, power and gas access roads, etc are. Comes in very handy.

          • As you might suspect I have lots of topo maps. You can buy them all on software (about $50)or individually at your local map store.

            I buy the individual, stand alone for the locations I want and spend the extra money to laminate them. In the end, its cheaper because lamination will preserve them forever.

            After they are laminated, roll them up, face up (so they will lay flat when you look at them) and stick them in a carrier or use PVC pipe to protect them and make many easy to transport.

        • Smokie LOL
          Billy is riding a a blue bike with a basket full of apples. His is peddeling 50 times per minute along a shady path. A gamma ray froma nuclear blast just hit, How fast is Billy travellling?(LOL) I HATED word problems pn math tests. I hope that is an equation I NEVER have to figure out I KNOW I would flunk that math quiz

          • What kind of apples and is it a Schwinn.

            • Half a bushel of granny smiths and it’s a one-speed Huffy. (flat front tire, rusty chain and loose handle bars) Billy hasn’t got as chance!

          • justincase– Billy is now traveling at 187,000 miles per second. you DID say that a nuke just hit nearby, right? the answer was simple.

            • Yep I guess the answere is applesauce

      16. There haven’t been any nuclear disasters worth mentioning in the US. Three Mile Island was vastly overhyped. To hear the liberal media tell it it was Chernobyl. We have nothing to worry about in the US regarding nuclear plants.

        • Barn Cat: While you say we have nothing to worry about, after japan isn’t there just a bit of hesitation before you say that?
          Here is what concerns me. Shutting a reactor down is a long process, not a switch. If there was some unforseen disaster like an earthquake or “terror attack”, it could set off a chain of events like japan in any country. Even ours. That concerns me, and scares me.

        • famous last words. every reactor n the planet needs to be shut down. today, if not sooner.

          • Citizen: I always hesitate to say things like shut them all down because I am not sure what to replace them with. We have coal, but nobody seems excited about a coal power plant, wind doesn’t seem to produce enough within cost margins, I just don’t know. There are entire countries that are almost entirely powered by nuclear.
            I always lean toward more testing so we can control the reaction process 100%, not just manage it. I don’t even know if that is possible.

            • There are safe, meltdown proof reactors that can be built. Unfortunately they dont produce weapons grade plutonium, so they were not pursued as a reactor design alternative. Pebble bed reactors cannot melt down, for example. Fueling with alternatives to uranium, such as thorium, will produce power with a more available file that is much safer. As usual, there are good alternatives that tptb and industry don’t seem to be interested in. The current regime seems to want high energy prices, come hell or high water. There is always talk of “energy independence” or “energy security”, but the things that would actually bring about such a state are NEVER done. Instead rewarding cronys and business as usual, along with a healthy dose of governmental stupidity is what ends up happening.

        • Wow… first it’s iodine misperceptions, now it’s Three Mile Island misperceptions. Overhyped? The plant DID INDEED come extrememly close to an explosion that would have equalled or exceeded Fukushima. It took years to figure out just how very close it came.

        • BC: The greatest danger to US from nuclear energy is not the plants, although they do represent a significant risk because most of them are built along major fault lines.

          Sad but true.

          The real danger to US is from spent fuel. It takes 10,000 years for the n-waste from a typical nuke plant to decay enough to render it non-lethal.

          It takes 1,000 years for that n-waste to decay enough to render it non-lethal if that n-waste is from breeder reactor.

          So even “third generation design” n-plants (based upon a superior Chinese design) would generate unacceptable levels of risk fro US if released into the environment.

          The operation of n-plants currently provide energy at a rate that is cheaper than wind, solar, or tidal, when you add in storage costs the price zooms way past alt fuels; even though WE haven’t achieved mass production and mass distribution of the latest alt technology.

          Nuke plants are a waste of time and money and produce a product that is lethal to all living things. Its a no-brainer:

          No Nukes!

          • Get off the wind,solar thing already! Reprocess fuel.

            • Tori: Tell me all about “reprocessing”. How many times can you “reprocess”? Ok, then what?Just use it for n-weapons?

              Forget Three Mile Island people, check into the Hanford Nuclear waste site. It is out of control and turning the ground water into poison in the NW.

              Originally, the estimate to clean it up was 8 BILLION dollars (if they knew how, they don’t). The estimate now is $14 BILLION dollars; again, if they knew how. They don’t.

              Get a clue Tori you are brain dead!Financially n-plants DO NOT PENCIL!!!

      17. I just went nuclear in the bathroom.

        My wife is mad.


      18. Distance.

        If Uncle Sam could not handle Katrina forget about a China Syndrome at your local nuke plant.

        Grab what you can in 5 minuets and leave the area. Having a preplanned route without bottlenecks and some motels off the beaten path would be useful.

        If it’s nuclear war the best thing to do is stay put and do the following.

        1. Close all your windows
        2. Proceed to the lowest point of your home
        3. Bend over
        4. Kiss your ass goodby

        • As soon as you hear the rumour, run. (The official msm and the government will tell you only after it’s too late).

          Just get the hell out of the area, as fast as you can by whatever means necessary, (ignore national borders, possessions etc they aren’t what’s important). Don’t stop till an ocean gets in your way, even then find a way to get across at least one. At that point see a doctor.

          The approach my ex partner and his family took. He’s still here, many of his school friends who delayed/stayed aren’t.

      19. I hope the experts handle nuclear power a hell of lot more carefully than they handle dangerous viruses

        “As reported by multiple sources during March of 2009, including the Times of India, vaccines contaminated with deadly live H5N1 avian flu virus were distributed to 18 countries in December 2008 by a lab at an Austrian branch of Baxter. By chance the batch was first tested on ferrets in the Czech Republic, before being shipped out for injection into humans. The ferrets all died and the shocking discovery was made.

        Czech newspapers immediately questioned whether the events were part of a conspiracy to deliberately provoke a pandemic, following up on accusations already made by health officials in other countries.

        Initially, Baxter attempted to stonewall questions by invoking “trade secrets” and refused to reveal how the vaccines were contaminated with H5N1. Later Baxter said it was an accident. However, the probability of mixing a live virus biological weapon with vaccine material by accident is virtually impossible.

      20. Potassium idodide tablets in the aforementioned scenario would be like water to a thirsty man in a desert. Just imagine what you could barter for in such a scenario.

        • Bartering based on Fear? Now Highspeed, you may have just found a niche for putting all those moldy Bens into something “really” tangible. Might be better than gold in a meltdown scenario. Californians were cleaning off the shelfs for anything iodine just after the Fuke episode. From what I remember, you’re near me in relation to the Queen City here in NC. Maybe we could start an underground co-op? LOL. Lake Norman is just 35 miles from my place.

          • Thanks Ruth Good info.

      21. It is the hundreds of tons of xenon, strontium, plutonium and iodine release that makes Fukushima the worst release in history, not the cesium. However, because xenon and iodine are so short lived, and because strontium and plutonium is so costly to detect,they were able to cover up and misrepresent those figures in the media.

        One hot particle of plutonium in your lungs, brain, stomach and you are a cancer making machine. Absolutely best thing to take to remove heavy radioactive metals from your body is zeolite or bentonite clay. 1 tablespoon daily in a cup of reverse osmosis filtered water and you will significantly decrease your risk of one of these deadly and long living radioisotopes taking root in your body. Everyone in the know has been taking zeolite, bentonite clay or both daily since Fukushima blew it’s toxic load into the jet stream. Fukushima is still emitting radiation and the Pacific ocean will never be the same. Don’t eat fish from the Pacific ocean.

        • I stopped buy canned tuna after Fukushima, nobody told me, just a feeling.

          I read somewhere that in the 50s mothers painted the soles of their children’s feet with tincture of iodine. I told my mom and she said that she did that too. I recently read that you need to paint on 8 ml to get the proper dosage. Anybody with more info?

          Where does one find/buy zeolite or bentonite clay?

          • Oops, just read further down the page, Giurza’s post.

          • BTW, Diana, I noticed one thing – after Fukushima happened I found new food stuff to buy. salmon from the North Pacific… isn’t it wonderful? those bastards just dumbed the possibly contaminated fish to the third world countries. we used to have only farmed salmon for sale here in Lithuania, and we all know what kind of nasty stuff that is – GMO (fast growing salmon) and plus they are fed some really nasty crap… and suddenly we find freezed salmon from pacific, full nature grown stuff, truly wonderful 😀
            so, in this Brave New Wordl, one has to watch world events, connect them together and be ware of anything that corporations might pull on us! food, medicine, vaccines, products of any kind… I know many that would not have connected these facts because they don’t know how global wind patterns look like, they don’t even know where Japan or north pacific are situated…
            the sad story of dumbing down and depopulation… the true cause for the reduction of us, the useless eaters, is our own ignorance and inaction!

            • Giurza,

              My dad’s family were once Lithuanians. Sveikas!

     has a recent post on Lithuanian academic studies of the Fuku fallout. Might want to surf over there and check it out.

              The entire Northern Hemisphere is polluted with hot particles, mainly in the 3km + above ground range, but by now it’s thoroughly mixed and evenly distributed.

              The Southern Hemisphere did not escape either, as there are enough transequatorial wind currents to bleed off hot particles to the South Pacific/Australasia. Who knows where it will end, but enough made it to the upper atmosphere that we can enjoy radioactive rain for a long, long time.

              And things were just starting to cool down from the above-ground testing of the Cold War.

              Lucky us.

          • Diana—Kitty litter has a good source of bentonite clay. spray water on kitty litter and use the clay that “puffs up”. that’s bentonite.. it swells to 50 times it’s volume. cheap, too. 42 pounds for $12 @ costco.

      22. Good morning,

        I suggest you see an ’80s movie, called “The day after”. Many of you will remember it.
        I believe it shows the real thing. What i remember, is how many people died without been able to react; in the streets, inside buildings, in stadiums, hospitals, super-markets.
        So what are the chances that we get caught with our pants down?
        I only wish that we don’t live to see such a thing.

        Be safe guys.

        • I remember that movie, Manos. I also remember a companion movie called “Threads.” Both were foreboding.

        • It is available in its entirety on YouTube.

      23. Say this to yourself in that deep, gravely, rock concert announcer voice::

        Saturday, June 23rd, it’s the concert event of the year! The Civic Center Auditorium will EXPLODE with the earth-shaking sound of…THE NUCLEAR WEASELS! A special one-night-only appearance from the LOUDEST BAND ON THE PLANET! The Nuclear Weasels will be rockin’ the house with their mind-numbing heavy metal glory!
        Don’t miss the number one hits like (cue music) Mushroom Clouds To Heaven…Glow In The Dark Lovin’…Hiroshima Homecoming…and the multi platinum smash- Deep Fried Baked And Blasted! The Nuclear Weasels, live in concert! With special guests- The Microwave Chipmunks, and The Geiger Counter Blues Band! The NUCLEAR WEASELS! June 23rd at the Civic Center Auditorium. Tickets available at the box office and at

        The show is almost 4 months away and I’m already scalping tickets if anybody’s interested. Might even consider bartering for some duct tape or iodine tablets. cheers- okie

      24. Sorry folks, but I’m not buying all this hype about nuclear energy being safe. I don’t care about a job that pays fifty bucks an hour at a nuke site over my peace of mind and safety. There is no safe radiation, or levels of it. The big question I have is this. If there are so many intelligent scientist in the world; how come no one has come up with a safe and secure way to “harness” the energy put off by the “spent” fuel rods??? Maybe I’m missing something here; but, why can’t they make a containment system that can be dropped into a big river bed, and use the steam off the system to generate more electricity? Moving water requires no pumps; just a regulation of the amount of flow. Anyone got any ideas?

      25. As someone who was outside working within 2 miles of TMI when they had their “incident”, I can only say that the people in charge of informing the public will ALWAYS downplay the situation. We were listening to the radio when they announced that TMI may have released some radiation. Although there was no immidiate danger to the public, people were advised to stay indoors and listen to the radio. We stopped working and went inside for a while until someone noticed there were no windows installed in the building. The boss said call it a day and go home. Couple of us stood around and drank a few beers until we got chased off the job site. If I recall correctly this was Friday and we didn’t realize how serious it was until over the weekend. Thankfully, I lived 50 miles upwind from TMI so I was OK. I was young then but I recommend everyone GOOD as soon as you know if any nuclear plant has a situation. When they tell you to leave it may already be too late.

      26. I see that there are still dangerous levels of misconceptions about taking Iodine preparations against EMERGENCY accidents or Nuclear War… I will share a small bit from my compendium that I have put together for my family. it took a lot of time and effort to assemble all the relevant data, so please appreciate the fact that I’m sharing…
        (I would have sent it to Mac, but he doesn’t post my articles 🙂 no offence meant, Mac, I know you’re busy as hell)
        Internal radiation poisoning occurs when radioactive particles find their way into the body via food or breathing. Especially threatening is the case of radioactive iodine which after entering the body will be accumulated in the thyroid. In order to protect against this particular isotope one needs to take iodine preparations 1h to 24h prior to possible radioactive contamination. The stable iodine will saturate thyroid gland and prevent radioactive iodine I-131 from being absorbed into thyroid. One dose of iodine will protect the thyroid for 24 hours before being processed out. Adults older than 40 years are not recommended taking iodine preparations, because its side effects might overshadow its protective qualities. USING IODINE PREPARATIONS DOES NOT PROTECT AGAINST OTHER RADIOACTIVE ISOTOPES THUS ONE HAS TO USE OTHER PROTECTIVE MEANS AS WELL SUCH AS – DISTANCE, COVER AND TIME. Iodine preparations should be dosed as follows:
        – Adults less then 40 yr old (including pregnant women and feeding mothers) and teens 13-16 yr old take 130 mg potassium iodide or 170 mg potassium iodate. Pills are usually include 125 mg or 250 mg. If the pill weights 125 mg – take it whole, if 250 mg – half the pill. It is a full adult daily dose.
        – Children from 3 to 12 yr old should be given 65 mg potassium iodide or 85 mg potassium iodate. It is a half (1/2) of an adult daily dose.
        – Infants from 1 month to 3 yr old should be given 30-35 mg potassium iodide or 40-45 mg potassium iodate. It is one quarter (1/4) of an adult daily dose
        – Newborns younger than 1 month should be given 15 mg potassium iodide or 20 mg potassium iodate. It is one eighth (1/8) of an adult daily dose.
        Saturated solution of potassium iodide (SSKI) – if you happen to have potassium iodide in its pure crystalline form use this prescription – dissolve potassium iodide crystals in the room temperature water until no further crystals dissolve, this means that solution is now saturated. It is assumed that such solution has 1000 mg of KI (potassium iodide) per 1 ml of liquid. Because SSKI is viscous liquid, it is normally assumed that 1 ml of SSKI holds 15 drops as opposed to 20 drops per 1 ml of plain water. Thus one adult daily dose of SSKI is 2 drops of saturated potassium iodide solution. This solution is extremely bitter and should be dripped on a bit of sugar or a little ball of bread and only then taken orally.
        Tincture of iodine (the one used for disinfecting small wounds) is not a valid source for protection against radioactive iodine. However when lacking other sources this tincture should be used. WARNING – DO NOT take iodine tincture orally!!! It is applicable only on the skin! Should be used at least 2 hours prior to possible radioactive contamination. Dose it accordingly:
        Adult daily dose – 8 ml of 2% tincture smear on the skin in the are of stomach or forearm.
        Children 3-18 yr old, weight no more than 70 kg – half the adult daily dose (4 ml) daily.
        Children younger than 3 yr old yet older than 1 month – one quarter of the adult daily dose (2 ml) daily.
        Newborn infants – one eighth of the adult daily dose (1 ml) daily.
        If the iodine tincture is stronger or weaker than 2% – one should alter daily doses accordingly.
        All the above dosage of iodine is meant ONLY for the purpose of EMERGENCY such as Nuclear War or Nuclear Power Plant Meltdown! Normal daily doses of iodine when it is taken as a supplement for one’s diet are hundred times smaller. Thus this emergency dosage can provoke side effects – acne, loss of appetite, irritated bowl symptom (especially during first days when your body tries to adjust to increased intake of iodine). Stronger symptoms (one should consult medic after appearance thereof) may include: fever, weakness, undue tiredness, swelling in the area of neck or throat, sores in the mouth, rash, nausea, vomiting, stomach aches, irregular heart rate, numbness and/or tingling in arms and/or legs, metal taste in the mouth. If medic or doctor is not available and said symptoms appear, one should discontinue the intake of iodine preparations at once. Such person should be protected from possible intake of radioactive iodine through air or ingestion of food/water (gasmask, not using unfiltered/undistilled water, not ingesting milk and other dairy products, not using other possibly contaminated food)

        • there can be spell errors or unclear parts, because I just translated it from Lithuanian since I saw the need for this kind of info…
          if there are any questions, please post them and I will try to answer them

          • “there can be spelling errors”…
            damn, I suck… I know… sorry sorry… I’m still better than BarryO ain’t I? 😀

          • Giurza
            You have done some excellent research. To add, some people are allergic to iodine and ingestion can be fatal. Topical application should be done with caution.
            Your thoughts on the application of 10% povidone-iodine solution.

            Appreciate your time and effort. And education.

            • Thanx Slingshot!
              I’m not a pharmacist but I do believe that povidone-iodine solution comes under same name as iodine tincture, do remember that you wrote 10% solution, that is way above 2% which is mentioned in my compendium, thus you will have to recalculate dosage accordingly.
              10% is 5 times stronger than 2% thus dosage should be 5 times weaker.

            • no, povidone-iodine solution is not the same as tincture, my bad, I just checked it!…
              you should ask someone with pharma background if povidone does not inhibit iodine absorbtion through skin. I do believe that it doesn’t but it needs to be checked…

            • I just read Wiki on povidone-iodine…
              it apears that this solution is not acceptable as I-131 prevention. Here’s the quote:
              “These deficiencies were overcome by the discovery and use of PVP-I, in which the iodine is carried in a complexed form and the concentration of free iodine is very low.”
              So – DO NOT USE POVIDONE-IODINE SOLUTION FOR RADIOACTIVE IODINE PREVENTION!!!! it is not providing enough free iodine to be absorbed through skin

        • How about a sentence or two that promotes/details the health benefits of taking a few milligrams a day?

          • Hi TmfC, I would love to, but you see, I’m kind of opposed to taking any pills if you are not sick… what I do instead is to have as balanced diet as possible. besides I practice what one can call – autoregulating diet. I eat what I crave. I have stopped eating crap long ago and my body is now more or less purged, so it is able to decide for itself what it needs. sometimes it is a crave for garlic, sometimes for chocolate (the good one – 85% cocoa and 100% organic – expensive as hell, but I eat it probably 1-2 times a year) and sometimes it’s kelp!
            But I saw you post something on that. you could post a whole article on the topic. I must say I’d be very grateful for such info.
            Either way – a balanced diet (be it from good food or from pills, but mark my words – I do not condone pills!) is the biggest health precaution, prevention against diseases and also a great insurance for the rough times ahead

      27. It could have been worse. You could live in Denver.
        “During the course of the accident, approximately 2.5 million curies of radioactive noble gases and 15 curies of radioiodines were released.” This resulted in an average dose of 1.4 mrem to the two million people near the plant. The report compared this with the additional 80 mrem per year received from living in a high altitude city such as Denver.
        ~ Rogovin report

      28. I’m about 37-40 mi from one plant. How much danger does that put me in?

        • matt
          about the same amount of danger and distance i am from one of these…. ALOT.

        • Prevailing winds for each season? Proximity to cooling water? On own land or renting?

      29. I live within 25 miles of 3 nukes. I have worked at 2 of them. I build scaffold for refuelings and outages and in my opinion nukes are nowhere near safe. We are not allowed to move in any area unless we have a company liason with us. They show us a path to our work site and if you step off of that path, you are immediatly terminated because there are exposed radiation sources all over the place. There are puddles of radioactive water from leaky valves all over the place. Its nothing to see leaking steam pipes and valves. The last time I worked in a nuke, I brought my own dosimeter because I didn’t trust the ones that the company provided. I hid under my space-suit and compared it to the company issued POS they give us and was mortified when I saw how much higher my real meter was reading. The exposure suits they issue us are supposed to shield us from everything but gamma rays so my dosimeter under my suit shouldn’t have read anything but it sure did. I quit that job and will never work in another nuke.

      30. MOPP suit with rubber boots/gloves. Full face mask with filters and you could blend right in! My husband dresses up in adult costumes. He has a white painter’s suit for this scenario in the bedroom.

        Dark Vader is #3.

      31. Dirty bombs and Fukashima are NOT nuclear holocaust. If we ever have a nuclear war, and that is looking more likely everyday, THAT will be nuclear holocaust. If you are within 10-20 miles of ground zero of a nuke; no worries you will die immediately or within days. If you are within 40-200 miles of the downwind plume without a real fallout shelter you will die in days to a few weeks. If you are outside of that plume and don’t have a reasonable fallout shelter to stay in for 7 weeks or so you will have a 50:50 chance of dying in months to a few years. That is you can be 200 miles from a nuclear bomb blast and NOT within the big plume of really dangerous fallout and if you do not shelter for 7 weeks the radiation will probably kill you anyway. THAT is what a nuclear holocaust will look like.

        If you are feeling confident that you are safe because the nearest target/big city is far from your home then understand this: once that first salvo of nukes go off it is likely that all forms of electronic control will malfunction and subsequent missiles will not hit their intended target and will be off by hundreds of miles. You can live in the middle of Northern Canada and still be hit by a wayward nuke. Once this genie is out of the bottle all rules will change and all bets are off.

        Suppose you survive the first, second, third… salvo of nukes and all is quiet, what then? Will the water be safe to drink? Will food that you grow be safe to eat? When the wind blows will any dust you inhale/ingest be safe? The answer is mostly, NO! If you somehow, against all odds, do not absorb a large enough dose of radiation in the first months to a year to kill you it is likely that in the years following a nuclear war that you will absorb enough radiation from your water, food and the air you breath to kill you, or make you suffer from debilitating illness.

        • How appropriate is your moniker, “GoneWithTheWind”, for this subject. The above article is no more helpful than the “Duck and Cover” teachings of the sixties and in 1963, we came very close to doing it.
          The general public is ignorant of the destruction of a nuclear blast and for the most part unprepared. Let alone would they understand the degree of magnitude of the Hiroshima bomb blast and a Hydrogen bomb blast.
          The delivery of these weapons by Air burst, Surface burst and Underwater. Air is the most destructive. Surface puts more material into the air followed by Underwater with the least contamination.
          You can be sure that many do not understand half life of nuclear material or the effect of Gamma, Beta and X-Rays and your exposure to them. Kind of like being cooked in a microwave oven.
          I do agree with all you have said in your comment. We have been living in the “Mutual Assured Destruction” world for sometime with more warheads to destroy the world many times over. “Normal Bias” at its best.
          Except for a dirty bomb or Powerplant meltdown, I have read we have less than 30 minutes before we feel the incoming warheads.
          So, Remember folks, Duck and Cover!

      32. I spoke with a woman from Poland who lived there in 1986, when Chernobyl happenend, and was pregnant with her first child at that time. She worried then about the unborn child and she and her family immigrated to the US in 1990. She developed thyroid cancer in the early 1990s, in her 20s, but is ok after having surgery. Her child is ok too, so far, at the age of 25. I’ve read that the accident has led to 25,000 deaths in the area surrounding Chernobyl and that farmland as far away as Wales (UK) is contaminated and unusable.

        • We all, everyone in the world, carry a bit of Chernobyl with us.

        • The actual death toll from Chernobyl was very small and primarily limited to those first responders/firemen. There were a larger number of people who developed radiation related illness but most of them were treated effecively and lived. Chernobyl was a disaster but not even close to as serious as a single nuclear weapon. The radioactivity detected in other countries or for that matter many miles from Chernobyl is a testiment to our ability to detict minute amounts of radiation and not an indication of a serious radiation problem as a result of the Chernobyl accident. You could probably go to Chernobyl today and live the rest of your life and even eat food grown there. There is radiation but not enough to kill you or make you ill. The Fukushima accident released far less radiation then Chernobyl and will be more of a political or economic disaster then a “nuclear” disaster.

          What you need to understand about the enormous capacity of a nuclear weapon to kill it is a million or perhaps even a billion times more deadly then a simple reactor accident. If you set off a nuke in a unpopulated area and two minutes after the nuke had exploded moved a million people within 20 miles of ground zero all million of them would die within a few weeks as a result of a massive dose of radiation. If it were possible to move all 7 billion people into that same place at that same time then all 7 billion people would die. If you did the same thing at fukushima or Chernobyl not one person would die from radiation. The thing to understand about radiation is that time, distance, and shielding are everything. In general most radioactive fallout from a nuclear weapon will degrade to an “acceptable” level within a couple of months. There are some isotopes that will remain radioactive for very long periods of time but you are unlikely to encounter them in the concentrations necessary to cause you real harm. So in general in the example above you could place an individual or a million people within 20 miles of ground zero 7 weeks after the nuke was detonated and although there would be radioactivity it would not kill them.

          The bottom line is you must be shielded from deadly fallout after a nuke and you must remain shielded for a couple of months and the further you are from a nuclear detonation the better.

          • You’ve read the Chernobyl propaganda and believed the hype. I’ll repeat what you said to my son’s neurologist and watch him laugh.

      33. The death toll from Chernobyl is far higher than 25K. Political regime changes in the region and the fact the 100mile radius crosses several countries means it’s been easy for the MSM to massage the figures.

        Deaths under 40 from cancers noone’s ever seen before weren’t counted. The figures of Non- Ukraine dead weren’t counted. The under 5’s weren’t counted. The over 45’s weren’t counted etc, etc. Deaths 1 or 2 years after the disaster weren’t counted. Chernobyl’s geo-political position made it easy to smooth over in the MSM.

        I think a more truthful picture may eventually emerge from Japan (not that they aren’t trying to play it down!). This is mostly because of Japan’s economic clout.

      34. the answers to everything are simple, Shut down all the reactors. Ban the use of vehicles 2 days a week.Ban the use of ele lights 2 nights a week. better a little now than all in the future.It’s time the world slowed down and lived longer.

      35. The Three Mile Island Report stated that at one point the reactor was ‘in danger of an uncontrolled rapid disassembly’. They were not going to say ‘She’s about to blow.Run for your lives.’
        Never Never Never belive the Government.

      36. I don’t know if all that information is important to know or not.
        I say that knowing there was a man who lived through two atomic blasts at ground zero in Japan yet he lived a long life and only died recently. YMMV?

      37. Many/most residents of Nagasaki and Hiroshima who survied the initial blast lived long lives. Two points to remember: 1) Both blasts were “clean” blasts. They were detonated above the city and not at ground level. This kept the fallout to a minimum and the radiation dissipated relatively quickly.
        2) Both bombs were small, tiny in fact by today’s standards. If we have a nuclear war the bombs used will typically be 1000 times larger then the one dropped on Hiroshima. Probably many will be ground level blasts which will create massive amount of radioactive material that will rain down for hundreds of miles.

        • What if TPTB have been holding off on doing anything about the nuke processing in Iran because they want more fallout? If the steering jet stream and the wind currents are just right to lay down radioactivity clouds over Indonesia and Asia, they could have controlled chaos and de-population at the same time. Allowing Iran to build up massive amounts of nuke materials, and then blow it all to hell anyway, doesn’t really make any sense; unless, that has been the plan all along. Just thinkin’ outside the box.

          • Generally fallout is a problem within a short distance from a nuclear explosion. The larger particles fall out of the sky fairly quickly and the smaller particles tend to not be as “hot”. We have the ability to detect radioactivity in such tiny amounts that there is always some radiation and this allows people to scare you with claims of deadly radiation. It is unlikely that anything in Iran will cause a fallout problem for other countries.

      38. Just buy a foil umbrella you bunch of fuckin retards, or just take your magic pills. please…..

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