Prepper Candidate Appeals to “Americans Deeply Concerned About What Is Coming”

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    This article was written by Michael Snyder and originally published at his End of the American Dream website.

    Editor’s Comment: While we face forces that cannot be easily subdued, there is reason still to fight against the system and to stand up for what is right. At the same time, preppers rightfully practice the subtle art of “going gray” and staying off the radar of the powers-that-be. Still, it is worth supporting truly patriotic candidates who are willing to voice the sentiments of real Americans. Perhaps it is possible to do both at the same time. This candidate is trying, but at the local level. Many more like him are needed in every area possible.

    There is a fine line between getting ready for collapse, and trying to avert what is coming. When the system makes peaceful revolution impossible, violence becomes inevitable. And what can’t be saved must be survived…

    Some Preppers Are Getting Ready For The End Of The World, While Others Are Running For Office

    by Michael Snyder

    Deep inside, most of us know that something is coming.  Many of us may not know exactly what it is that is heading our way, but there are millions of Americans that feel so alarmed about what they sense is on the horizon that they are taking extreme measures to get prepared.  Of course the list of potential catastrophic disasters is endless – economic collapse, civil unrest, historic earthquakes, power grid failure, Islamic terror, Hillary getting into the White House, etc.  There are so many things that could bring this country to its knees, and there are lots of preppers out there that are feverishly preparing their homes and their families for doomsday.  But there are others that are taking very different approaches.  As you will see below, some preppers have decided that the best thing to do is to run for office, while others are getting out of the United States completely.

    In this article, I do not intend to tell you which approach is best for you and your family.  In the end, each one of us needs to do what we feel is best for those that we love.  And for many Americans, that means finding a property that is “off the grid” and that is far away from large population centers.  According to, sales of prepper properties are really surging right now…

    Some real estate companies are seeing big increases by specializing in “survivalist properties”—large parcels of rural land with homes targeted specifically to preppers, with full fortification and self-sustainable food and energy options. After all, why not grow your own tomatoes and kale while you wait out the end of the world as we know it?

    For example, sales at American Redoubt Realty, a real estate firm nestled in the heart of prepper country in northern Idaho, are up 50% over the same time last year, says real estate agent Todd Savage, who specializes in such transactions. His clients typically hail from Texas and California.

    For other preppers, just having a home that is “off the grid” is not nearly good enough.  For many, having an underground bunker is the best way to be prepared for when a major catastrophe strikes.  And without a doubt, bunker sales have been skyrocketing in recent years.  The same article quoted above reported that one bunker company down in Utah has actually seen sales nearly triple each year

    Business is also good over at Ultimate Bunker, based on the outskirts of Salt Lake City, where sales have nearly tripled each year since the company opened shop four years ago. General contractor Mike Peters got into bunkers (literally, folks!) after watching the TV show “Doomsday Preppers” on the National Geographic Channel. He was convinced he could build them better.

    His underground shelters start at $59,000 and go way up from there. His top-of-the-line model has areas for raising rabbits and fish. The majority of his sales are in the $500,000 range.

    Other Americans that are deeply concerned about what is coming in our immediate future are taking a different approach.  All across the country, those that belong to the Patriot Movement are taking the plunge into politics and are trying to reform the system from the inside.  The following is an excerpt from an article that was posted by the Guardian earlier today…

    Joseph Rice’s manner is a long way from militia stereotypes. The Patriot Movement leader does not present as a crazed gun nut, nor as a blowhard white supremacist. He’s genial, folksy, and matter-of-fact in laying out his views. But talk to him for long enough, and time and again the Patriot Movement leader returns to what really drives him: land.

    Rice is running for Josephine county commissioner in south-west Oregon, and believes that the federal government’s current role in land management is illegitimate and even tyrannical.

    His campaign is well-advertised around the county and appears well-organised. His growing experience in organising Patriot groups and community watch organisations has polished his skills in retail politics. He’s clearly done a lot of work to make himself politically palatable to conservative rural voters.

    There are yet other preppers that reject both of these approaches.  To these individuals, there is absolutely no hope left for America and they feel the best approach for them and their families is to leave the country for good and never look back.  I personally know several families that have left the U.S. in recent years, and there are many others that are considering it.

    And I do find it very interesting to note that the mainstream media is reporting that record numbers of Americans are renouncing their citizenship in early 2016…

    It seems crazy to call it the ‘New Normal’, but once again, record numbers of Americans are renouncing citizenship. Every three months, the Treasury Department publicly names individuals who renounced. It is surely more about FATCA, the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act enacted in 2010,  than it is about politics. Still, numbers are flying, with one poll saying that 1 in 4 Americans would consider leaving if Trump is elected. Others claim they will leave if Hillary is elected.

    Of course it isn’t just preppers that are getting out while the getting is good.

    A few weeks ago, I wrote about how the city of Chicago lost approximately 3,000 millionaires last year alone.  Many among the elite have the same kinds of concerns that many ordinary Americans do, and they are relocating while they are still able to do so.

    In the end, I cannot tell you which approach is best for you and your family.  And there are some that are mixing all three approaches.  For example, there are some people out there that have already moved their families away from the big cities, but they are still trying to make a difference the best way that they can, but they are also ready to leave the country entirely when that becomes necessary.

    And of course there are many others out there that wonder what all of the fuss is about.  Millions upon millions of Americans still have complete and total faith in the system and in our leadership, and they believe that the greatest days of America are still ahead of us.

    So what about you?

    What do you think?


    This article was written by Michael Snyder and originally published at his End of the American Dream website.

    *About the author: Michael Snyder is the founder and publisher of End Of The American Dream. Michael’s controversial new book about Bible prophecy entitled “The Rapture Verdict” is available in paperback and for the Kindle on*


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      1. I can attest to trying to finding property. I’m starting to think that I’m not going to find what I’m looking for, before TSHTF!!! I’m still looking. It’s OK if I don’t I can always go to My brother house, and survive just fine. I live too close to a Nuke Plant so I know I have to leave where I’m at right now.


        • More and more people are waking up. Sometimes I will start conversations with complete strangers and ask innocuous but probing questions to see what their perspectives are. As of late there are more people that seem to be attuned to what is going on. As for me I’ll just keep doing what I’ve been doing. This past weekend my son and I were down in the woods constructing a long-term shelter and building an inground rocket stove (Oven). I not only feel obligated to teach my son these things, I just love doing it.

          • Good for you! Most people I know think that having maybe three months of food is sufficient “until FEMA shows up” and do absolutely nothing to prepare their children. I did, however, meet a couple at a garage sale in central Oregon awhile back were was doing everything they could to prepare their 10 yo daughter. Her dad was even teaching her how to trap, skin and tan hides. I wish there were more people out there that took their parenting responsibilities as serious as they are and you. Hooray for you!

            • When “FEMA shows up”, those store-bought “preppers” will be headed to FEMA’s concentration camps where “Arbeit Macht Frei” (“Work Makes you Free”–the ominous sign over the front of Nazi concentration camps) to keep the elites free and in power over the masses, their permanent slave labor, segregated from family and re-indoctrinated to produce for the elitist State like the current billion of coolies that make all that’s “Made in China” for us to empower our masters by purchasing from them.

              • As they say, you can lead a horse to water but you can NOT make it drink. It is not my responsibility to show those who think they already have everything under control that there may be room for improvement. Especially when they are armed with such a strong ego. All anyone can do at that point is wish them the best, say a little prayer for their future safety and then go back to taking care of your own business.

          • Lots of land in central MS near the pearl river. Off highway 25. Heavily wooded. If you just used the old logging road in, and built deep in the property none would be wiser. My dads well is only 75′ deep on a hill side, grandpaw hit water at 10′. Lots of deer, rabbit, and the pearl has great fishing. I see for sale signs all up and down hwy 25.

        • Sgt.:

          My suggestion (only a suggestion) is either look at Nova Scotia or As you know, I am a dual US/Canadian citizen. Here’s the key points (which might help others here)

          1.) The Canadian dollar (aka the “loonie” is down now. 77 cents last I looked, due to the oil crunch and the election of socialist ignoramus Boy Wonder Trudeau (my wife’s cousin was his nanny, poor girl!). Point is, you will get good value with possible exchange rate appreciation.

          2.) I recommend Nova Scotia because it is moderated by the Gulf Stream – I think average high in Jan. around freezing, and not hot in summer. Well watered, lots of rural property – but you do have Halifax if you need big city services. Halifax is not giant (I guess around a 1/2 million, but the cultural centre for the whole region, two universities, major airport, etc. So… you get all the benefits of a big city (legacy of its importance in the past) without paying the price of a big city. And guess what? If there is a meltdown, all the socialist nuts are not going to run north, nor the giant city Toronto or Montreal types east. It is also accessible by boat.

          2.) If you look at a potential EMP strike over the centre of the US (most likely, but who knows!) N.S is completely unaffected

          3.) Muslim population is almost zero.

          4.) With Halifax, you do have medical care, arts, as noted the universities, etc. Lots of nature just outside the city.

          5.) You can get your money outside of the US, in case some litigious jerk wants to sue you. And while the police state will track if you have a bank acct over $10k, land is not tracked. Essentially, you have a non-reportable bank acct.

          6.) Much of Canada is in a housing price boom, prices are ridiculous. The Maritimes, however, are not. You aren’t chasing prices. Americans can buy property with zero issues.

          7.) Prince Edward Island might also be an option. Very fertile, very small island, very low population. However, it is very anti-business (not a worry, presumably, after a collapse). Might be an option. Won’t be a lot of people streaming to PEI or NS after a collapse, IMHO.

          8.) We bought our property through I have no association with, but did have a good experience. They’ve been around 100 years, so have a history. They sell rural land all over Canada. The only issue is that property is valued by “comps” – well… how do you know what the price is of x property when it is really unique, and nothing around like it, as is the case with every property they sell (there are some “kinda” comps, of course, not not like a home in suburbia, where price discovery is assisted via that means).

          Just my thoughts. Maybe this will help someone!

          One other thought: Hillary is a fraud and a crook. Just sayin….

          • Test , and Sgt
            I can back up Test on the company Dignam out of Canada. I live in Tx but bought 80 acres of land from them . Very good people to work with ! My land is in northern onterio Canada. I just recently got some land in Oklahoma much closer to me . Southeastern Oklahoma land company.
            Or I can sell you my land in Canada

          • But can you own a gun there?

            • That area of Canada, also was the area of the last big Solar Flare Impulse that knocked out most of NE Canada. No power, then what in winter? Freeze? No thanks.

              People, you have to think. Where is the ideal place to live with no power, if you had to, or ideal mild temperatures in the winter? I am in Florida, orig from Wisc. Winter snow climates, are just one big long dreary Suck Bowl for suckers. I would never move back north, never. That’s where all the death will be, when this sucked hits the fan. The masses are not close to being prepared to live without electric, or back up heat full time for a winter. You got 6 cords of wood split and stacked up, ready to go every year for winter?


              • WTF. I don’t understand. You mean solar flares are targeting NS? My point was about EMP, not solar flares. I also pointed out that winters are actually quite moderate. Moreover, how are you going to cool yourself when it is 100 F with 100% humidity. There is REASON why FL was not heavily populated until modern A/C. And besides, there is no poor weather, only poor clothing. Worse, your southern climes are already crime infested. Just wait until there is a melt down, or worse.

                I must admit, I do get quite tired of the whining about winter. Google the number of people who die from hypothermia in Canada. It’s close to zero, unless you are engaged in outdoor sports.

                Gun laws are worse, yes. But the death will be in your dear FL., with roving gangs, heat strokes, mosquitoes that dwarf those of the north, all kinds of societal problems, including Muslim (where the 9/11 flyers trained) etc. So enjoy yourself when things implode. Or not. I wouldn’t be caught dead in FL. in a disaster.

                And of yeah. Enjoy the hurricanes, tornadoes and mosquito transmitted diseases, such as chagas. The number that die from hurricanes as opposed to a non-extreme sports (e.g., mountain climbing) is probably a thousand to one. Enjoy the MASSIVE gang and crime epidemic there.

          • I understand that Canadian gun laws are fairly harsh…

            • Yeah, I think you’d need firearms just for the mosquitoes and biting flies in Nova Scotia’s summer.

              • ❤ ❤ ❤

        • I have a location and could use a few more able bodies. Only requirement is that thy provide their own resources and work for the common good of the group. I just dont know how to contact such people nor how to vet them. any ideas?

          • Hip,would say only folks you know or at least folks others with you know,the stranger thing tough though it breaks down and you find mutually beneficial relationships with others forged in fire,well,you work with em.
            I would be wary accepting your invitation,as I do not know you.You could easily have my goods ect. inside the circle and get labor out of me and then when things go south take me out.I am not saying you would do this but tis the case both ways from either side,hence,stick with those you know but you meet other groups perhaps work together without giving away too much of your own selves that could cost you in hard times.

          • Advertise online for internships. Check with local community college(s) and trade schools.

            The problem with a commune is it falls apart because there is no legal structure in place. Without getting some type of reward for your labor people will pass through but not stay because any long-term investment is not profitable to that person.

          • The key problem is that most individuals who are of a mindset to be in the prepping movement are hardcore individualists. Meaning that you can easily wind up with a camp full of chiefs and no braves. Your best bet is to try and make a marriage of equals, so to speak, with others who are in the same position as you and form a mutual assistance pact. Otherwise, in a total collapse situation (which I find not to be the most likely scenario), where private property that exists as yours because of a government document from a government that no longer exists is challenged, those same individuals could well kick you off your own property. If they did, the only way to take it back will be by force as no government agency will exist to help you. Of course, this is all just theoretical.

            As for the best people to plan a compound with, for me that would be friends and relatives that I already know well, trust, and work well with in normal times. I would try to find people who are not overly emotional in their approach to life and who tend to take a more pragmatic approach. This way there will be less of a constant struggle for leadership and more of a chance for leading by consensus. I would also prefer people over 30 years of age if possible as young males tend to be too hormonally driven and will try too often to usurp authority.

            • I tried to stat a group with about 20 people 10 years ago. We got a really good deal on a old hotel with high concrete walls around the whole place. It was located as a hunting camp and didnt get much traffic. We even came up with a constitution and rules. It was to be ran like a business and the rooms rented when we didnt need it. It looked like a good investment. However no one could get along. Everyone had their own pet peeve and after a year the whole thing broke down and everyone wanted out.

              • Not surprised.

                • I really enjoy being Solo at my BOL. Peace and quiet.. Nobody’s bitching, no snooping, nothing missing, I am always right, and the job gets done. If there is a failure its my own fault. I accept the responsibility and challenge. And I’m pretty proud, I did it all myself. That is OPSEC. And a 6ft tall barbed wire fence, so no snoopy neighbors dropping by, to snoop at my operation. No trespassing, enforced by rule 12g. Its off a Private rural subdivision, one way in and one way out, private road, off a dirt road and then 2 locked gates, just to get to my entrance to the property. I am the last property at the end of the road.. Surrounded by 3 sides water, with gators. You can’t see anything from the first locked gate, and barely anything at the 2nd gate. That’s OPSEC.


          • My bug out location is gonna be wherever I lay my head. Mobility will be the key to survival. IMHO. Learn how to survive assuming you will have to move frequently.

          • We’re already told to “work for the common good”. That’s what “it takes a village” is all about. Most of the people seem to have had enough of that.

        • Yeah, we’re looking too. Not alot of good propertys in the area. I can see that stupid nuke plant from my front deck!

        • Sarge, I can also attest to that. And I was searching through county auctions until I made the arrangement with family to move in with one of them back in April 2013. If it wasn’t for that arrangement, Braveheart most likely would’ve been stuck in the concrete jungle.

        • There are lots of prepper properties out there. $2K to $10K per acre in most southern states.

          First thing to do, is sell half the useless crap you have in your house, while you still can recoup some cash. All your big bulky useless furniture you will not need, Most all your Wall art, half of all your kitchen gadgets, that are not even close to practical out in a BOL location. Time to do a Major downsize. Time to have a big Estate /Yard Sale and raise more tax free cash to buy your property. You need to do this ASAP right now, while buyers still have jobs. Otherwise you will find yourself abandoning these useless items.

          Next, Get the hell out of Commie States like IL & Michigan, NY, etc that will be hit the hardest economically in a collapse. Also get the Hell out of the Northern climate unless you have 20 Acres of woods to heat your stove, and you love to chop wood half your life to feed it. I’ve seen 10 acres stripped of timber for stove heat up in Wisc. Try a more modest climate, Like Way South.. GA, FL, Alabama, Carolina’s but no farther north than North Carolina. Anything west of the Mississippi, you are going to be F*cked. No water and full of tornadoes, wild fires and drought, & illegals pouring across the borders. North like KY and Tenn, you deal with Madrid fault, earth quakes, and cloudy days that will not make solar that ideal. Redoubt will vanish once Yellowstone blows. Idiots!! You need a warmer Sunny State for off the grid living.

          It will take years to clear areas and prep it to plant a garden, and you need to have that protected, large fencing from Animals that are just as hungry as you. I am not wasting any time planting any garden, but maybe some tomato plants and spices next year when I have time. Buying Raw land, will take a Good year to get set up. For me being Solo, It will take 2 years to get all my infrastructure in place. Well & septic is still on the list. Get started today. Stop wasting time. Besides Shelter first, then get your solar system set up, so you have electric to run power tools to build the rest. Next is plumbing a septic. The last thing you do is dig your well with a raised Cistern water catch. You can’t add water to your buildings, unless you have your drains and septic built and in place. It all comes in order, and takes a while doing it on the cheap, but doing it right with quality, it will last for many years. I am buying bottled water yet, and is yet fairly convenient and still cheap. You need water for hydration, cooking, doing dishes and hygiene. I boil water with propane for coffee, doing dishes, and cleaning up.

          Just pick a State and search for land/ acres with water access for sale and start looking at whats out there. I am in the position, with my BOL, that after a few years if I want to sell it or flip it, I will make good money. People who don’t know how to do this hard work, clearing land, setting up a homestead or are not handy or too old, will pay a big premium for the full set-up BOL property.

          I don’t see any need for an underground bunker, unless you live in a mass population center for a quick temporary escape like for a Tornado, otherwise long term, it may become your potential tomb, as your property is over run by hungry hordes. So pick a more remote and rural safer area. I would rather be above ground fighting to protect all my property, than hiding like a coward in a dark bunker eating beenie weenies. How the hell do you power that below ground bunker? Solar or wind power above ground gives away your bunker position anyways, and the hoards will steal your panels and battery bank while you are below, then what? Where do you hide your vehicles while you hide below? Makes no sense. You come up for air and all your stuff is stolen. No thanks, its a dumb idea.

          The sooner you get out of the cities and start building relationships in the country, and knowing your neighbors the better off you will be. Rural people already know how to survive in the wild without conveniences. Very clever and innovative people in the country. Sure, they look like stoopid dorks, dress poorly, many uneducated, some toothless, but they are hard workers, have a great heart and they sure know the area for fishing, hunting, and trading info and resourceful. Lots of fresh air in the country. And the nature is amazing. Had a nice Doe come by here last night at dusk.

          You can dream all you want, and talk talk talk about a BOL, but get busy doing it, or face the music when it all goes down. I can not imagine people having to abandon most of your preps to escape the onslaught in the cities. They will die clutching their flat screens. So prepare to move now, and do it now in relatively peaceful times. I sold my overpriced house in the city, the first day I listed it for sale by owner, Got nearly a full price offer. I was then out of there in 45 days just after the closing. I should have sold even more of my city house items, as I am way downsized from my city house. I still have a storage in the city for crap like 3 TV’s King size bed, etc.. That begins to eat my cash up too after a year or more.. So sell it now while you still can. Its just stuff. Learn from my experience. I started selling stuff several years before I did move.. And still have left overs with no place for the stuff. Just saying.

          Time to get on the stick and be proactive while you still can. Your life depends on that. Failure is not an option, if you want to survive whats coming.


      2. “Millions upon millions of Americans still have complete and total faith in the system and in our leadership, and they believe that the greatest days of America are still ahead of us.”

        I wouldn’t be a prepper if I believed that.

        • Wonder what they are smoking it must be really something.

          Has anyone thought Ozark Mountains?

      3. Believe nothing. Think. Compare. Act accordingly.

        • Observer

          My phrase for what comes from official sources. “I have a core unwavering belief; I don’t”.

          • I read about 2 hours a day, everyday. The more I know, the more I realize how naive I was. The propaganda and indoctrination never stop. It’s worse than the old Soviet Union propaganda. With the technology today, the government only has to throw a switch and the real dictatorship kicks in. Everything is is place.

            • Yep. I am the same way. I read a lot of news. At this point only about 10% is shown in the MSM and sometimes that takes a few days, a few weeks, or a few months.

              No wonder only 6% of the US population trusts the media. Nothing but lies and propaganda.

      4. I’m not going nowhere. I believe the waiting is about to end and we are going to find out how our plans will work out.
        I will listen to reason and what people have to say when things go south. I will not put up with any bullshit and people are going to do things and say things and want YOU to Do as I say, Not as I do. That my friends is not going to happen.

      5. Excellent,the more in public folks are the more hearts and minds can wake up and perhaps work with.I do believe this countries best times ahead of us,will just be a long/probably multi-generation slog of 4th gen warfare to get there.Just try and do the right thing when it breaks down and when you can without risking yourself/loved ones help others,even those who did not wake up until in their face,we need all the help we can muster and some folks when awakened will find reserves of strength they did not know they had,you see this time and again from ordinary folks in wars/natural disasters ect.,does not just bring out the worst in people but also the best in others,gonna be a interesting time.

      6. I believe, but my family doesn’t. I’m doing what I can. However, I am also a Christian, so I have to believe that HE is still in control.

        • Just do whatever you can WW. I went from totally unprepared last summer to having water, food, barter goods and protection at this point in time. I do not believe you have to have 7 years of supplies … but the parable of the 10 virgins is pretty clear that preparation is part of our faith-
          What I did was set a schedule and made a place for supplies. If you make an organized place, it will be easy to rotate through items and have it be just part of normal life. Then, you won’t catch as much grief for it. Believe me, your family will be happy to have the food when the banks are closed or the power goes down.

          • With the exception of protection, I have been preparing my whole life…several power outages have made my family “come around ” a bit, but they still label me and unite in their general derision directed at me. They think me a downer.

          • Miracles as in the days of Moses . The true believers are prepping . This is about getting rid of the Tares. You do not help the Tares. No matter who they are to you. Isn’t that obvious?

            • I live with the tares, no choice. Husband and two children that I raised right, but he and the world turned wrong.

              • WW I’m praying for you and your family. My two children were turned away by the world for a time but now are following the Lord and are getting prepared. Keep praying.

                • MS Farmer, thank you so much for your prayers. The prayers of the faithful, avail much. I pray too as do many of my friends. Already, I see changes in my adult daughter, so I am hopeful. My son just turned 18, and is very much against me and my beliefs.

      7. I hope lots of people become politically active. When just a few people are interested in current events, political goings on, law, and practical things like science, nutrition, medicine and history/philosophy, etc.; things get left to the ones who bother to stay abreast. It doesn’t take a genius but it does take a sober, thoughtful, intelligent population in order to remain free. Don’t get dumbed down. Push yourself intellectually. Demand from yourself continuous growth, continuous study. Don’t leave leadership up to others. Lead by example first. Become the person you most admire. That’s right. If you don’t like yourself, change what you don’t like. Self respect keeps a person from accepting unacceptable conditions. You may be where you want to be, but still improve every day.

        • LMAO !
          I sit on both planning and zoning boards here , i’m the kook that makes everyone roll their eyes when i speak my opinion.
          My personal goal has been to educate fellow members about the strings attached to grants and government funded projects.
          Living in an Agenda 21 “no go “red zone has made me determined not to accept funds or grants that lead to Fed Gov control.
          Proud to say i have made many aware and even enlightened , albeit through kicking and screaming , lol !
          So , i say get involved and stick to it and dont wear Infowars tshirts to meetings , hahaha .

          • Hammerhead, the BOL I go to and where all the family lives is in one of those ‘no go’ zones, but we don’t care. In post-SHTF, I’ll be with the family there and we ‘NO GO’ away from our homes. Outsiders ‘NO GO’ into our area if they want to live.

      8. Think I’ll, for the most part, stay put where I am, unless hubby passes from the scene. Then I’d go further south where we have 21 families spread out around an even smaller town USA than where I’m at presently.

        Right now, the Mayor lives on one side. A park Ranger on the other. The pharmacist behind me. TBI two doors down the street. The retired police chief next door to him.

        Feel fairly safe for now.

      9. I have absolutely no influence on my husband. We live in a McMansion on a golf course that was a foreclosure that he had to have. We spent money fixing it up and got it for such a good deal that we will never be upside down. But big whoop. He has toys and just bought a bigger boat that needed some TCL. We could have bought a little cabin in the woods. He says it would do no good to have one because unless you got to it beforehand, someone would get there first. So I live with the reality that I am to enjoy these things as long as I can. That’s all I have. I have to trust the Lord. It is what it is.

      10. I live in Nova Scotia. You’d be surprised at how much rural real estate has been bought up in the past several years. Many of the properties are summer homes and are definitely owned by the wealthy, on beaches cream of the crop. But there have been numerous purchases of old farmsteads from years ago that still have dug wells(along with the drilled one) outhouses, root cellars and ice houses and fields that once helped produce food for the once thousands of people that used to live in these old communities. Nova Scotia has an active seed trade, fishing, hunting, forests farmland and is suited perfectly for wind, solar water turbines and even tidal power. These industries are flourishing and other than my dads generation who grew up on hard times and grew up being prepared for even worse conditions, the younger generations are Ecoconscious and alternative energy savvy, they love their toys and haven’t even bothered to get a PAL license to buy a long rifle or shotgun just in case. My wife son and I go about our business getting the things needed should power or civil unrest happen and our land is more than enough to provide enough food and hunting n fishing opportunities so we’re more ready than most, but for serious planners now is time for yas to come on up to gods country. They even mentioned it as a safe zone in the movie WWZ, so something is right about it. Lol ?

        • That is one of the problems with Canada,
          a PAL license.

      11. I live in a 55 and over community and its amazing how many people are prepping and arming up. I think us older folk who have been around the block see something coming down the pike and are getting ready for it. There are experts here in many disciplines,docs,military,police and on and on that will benefit the community. we often discuss what is happening around us and what to prepare for. there is one way in and one way out and we are situated on a lake which is spring fed and full of fish and much game in the area. We are better off than most.

        • I had a conversation with a long distance truck driver and he said people all over were stocking up for coming hard times. It seems that the prepper mind set may not be all that radical after all.

      12. I would not want to be the Last man on Earth.
        I think I would rather share my spoiled food with other survivors.

      13. Hubby and I got invited to join a local III% group. My friend basically told us the reason he stays in is so he can keep an eye one one or two rabble rousers who are known to get to know people find out what they have and steal it. Somehow so far they have managed to not get caught. We play dumb about preps. Just carry on about loving to shoot and pissed off at ‘the Man’ lots of great folks in this group though… Physicians, gun store owner and pharmacists. Folks you need to know when shtf.

        • Joining a local shooting range is a good way to get to know like-minded folks. But always be careful. I agree. I usually throw out that I have camping gear and keep my fuel tank topped off. A hint for those that are awake to notice.

      14. brother in law has 60acres about a 40 min ride from me. The land borders a state forest. I’ve tried to talk to him about building a nice retreat and even offered to come and labor. It’s perfect he has the tractor to do the bull work. He doesn’t have any interest in anything but drinking. It’s a shame he’s so sauced he don’t care. You think him being a veteran of gulf war he’d understand nope. This would be an excellent bugout locale. I’ve given up on trying to get others on board. I just do what I can for my family.

        • Ass,tis a shame.I do not know what your brothers time in the gulf was nor his general state of mind beforehand but tis obvious he is suffering severe depression/self medicating in a bad way with booze.Despite it’s problems the VA has good folks and patients that could help your brother/perhaps a vet group local,try and seek out some help and leave the contact info . for your brother,your brother is family and this is something that may when he is ready help.Tis frustrating as hell at times but had a friend who saw/did some tough things in combat,was living on/off couach for a year,did what I suggested to you for him.I am glad to say witht he help of many friends/vets group support/a good doc and staff at V.A. has been doing well for years for most part,good luck!

      15. I look at property regularly and have for several years. There are sites that specialize in so called survival is or prepping properties. The properties are almost always listed on the rmls also. It is difficult to tell who buys the property and their motive. No doubt there are preppers who buy and no doubt there are other types of buyers. So when the article states they are prepper properties it’s misleading. The second issue is Snyder quotes the fact sales are up 50 percent. What are the raw numbers? If the numbers were high and therefore supported his views, Snyder would list the numbers and not just as a percentage.
        Snyder also states 3000 millionaires left Chicago. I’m sure some leave due to living conditions. I would also look at other factors. How many left for better jobs, how many left due to the company moving headquarters and how many left due to wanting to live in warmer climates. Millionaires tend to be older and retiring in huge numbers. Having a net worth over one million including your home and retirement accounts really isn’t that hard to do.
        Snyder is a hack and frustrating. I would think there really aren’t many preppers as a percentage of the population. People or sheeple as they are often called here don’t have the brains to prep and certainly don’t want to consider negative potential threats.

      16. Lots still for sale at Almost Heaven Subdivision Kamiah ID.

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