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This informative article has been contributed by Survival Pulse.

The signs that a SHTF event is headed to the U.S. have become so overwhelming that I felt a responsibility to write this. In this article, I will talk about economic warning signs that are signaling a collapse. I will touch on the recent government activity that hints they are preparing for something big. I’ll talk about the reality of what might happen in a true crash, and finally provide some basic steps you can take to quickly prepare for what is coming.

Economic Warning Signs

There are so many economic indicators signaling that a crash could be headed our way that I couldn’t possibly begin to cover them in one article. Here are 3 of the major ones.

Interest Rates – The Federal Reserve has been printing money and using it to buy $85 billion dollars worth of government bonds per month. Doing this has artificially kept interest rates low, delaying the complete collapse of our economy. However, many signs indicate that the Federal Reserve is simply inflating the bubble before it bursts. Even mainstream media admits the bubble may already be starting to burst. Regardless of when it happens, a rapid increase in interest rates will likely result. Such an increase would be catastrophic for the economy.

Debt – We have a global debt crisis on our hands the likes of which has never been seen before. We all have seen what happened in Greece, but what happens when bigger countries like the United States can’t pay their debt back? Many experts agree that defaulting on U.S. national debt would be disastrous. The dollar could lose its reserve currency status and rapidly devalue, causing an inflationary collapse.

The scariest part about the debt crisis to me is that there really is no solution to it. Raising taxes and implementing drastic spending cuts would only begin to scratch the surface of our debt problems.

Unemployment – Unemployment numbers have been heavily “massaged” to make it seem like our economy is recovering. As you probably know, those who stop receiving government benefits are no longer considered unemployed even if they still don’t have a job. The truth is that the official unemployment rate is wrong. Furthermore, four out of five U.S. adults struggle with joblessness, are near poverty, or rely on welfare for at least parts of their lives.

Students just graduating college are expected to know more and take a lower pay to compete for entry level jobs. All the while student loan debt is being racked up faster than ever. This Huffington Post article from 2012 explains that only half of recent college grads have a full time job. Does that sounds like a recipe for a booming future economy?

Telling Government Activity

The government has been out of control for a long time. Recently though, the actions they have taken are becoming increasingly blatant. Many would argue that they are preparing for something big to go down in the U.S. Check out what some of our government agencies have been up to below.

NSA – The NSA has been caught spying on Americans. They have been collecting phone records, emails, internet searches, and just about every other type of digital communications that exist. Large companies like Microsoft and Google have played a part in this by handing over our data. The part that really bothers me is that I have yet to meet someone in person who actually approves of this. But this behavior goes on, clearly against the will of the American public.

If it couldn’t get any more outrageous, the guy who let us know about it, Edward Snowden, is being called a terrorist and a spy. Really?!!! In my opinion the government definition of a terrorist has become quite blurry. It’s starting to look like anyone that sticks their neck out for freedom gets their head chopped off.

TSA – You remember, the ones who pat you and your children down at airports? They have now created what they call Visible Intermodal Prevention and Response (VIPR) squads. These VIPR teams patrol sporting events, music festivals, rodeos, highway weigh stations and train terminals with firearms and bulletproof vests.

To top it off, the TSA is now looking to purchase an additional 3.5 million rounds of ammo.

DHS – The Department of Homeland Security has placed an order for more than 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition. 360,000 of which are hollow point bullets made for killing, not training. If you are not familiar with firearms, hollow points are so lethal that they are banned from international warfare. Think about that. We won’t use them on our worst enemy but we have plenty ready for domestic use.

In addition to ammunition, the DHS has been accused of obtaining 2,700 Mine Resistant Armor Protected (MRAP) vehicles. Official response has denied this number, saying that only 16 MRAPs are used nationwide by the DHS. Given the governments track record, it’s not surprising that the official statement has been met with skepticism.

Local Police – Federal agencies like the DHS have been helping fund militarization of local police departments. Many speculate that all the free gear and training actually comes with a price. The price of using that gear against innocent American citizens. If you watched coverage of the door to door raids after the Boston bombing this year, you probably realize that this concern is more than just a conspiracy theory.

What a True Crash Could Look Like

OK, so if a crash is head our way, how bad could it possibly be right? Worse than you think! Here is what you can expect to see even during a short term disaster.

Panic Buying – When the general public finally realizes a disaster is headed their way, necessary items disappear from the shelves before you can blink.

Take for example the recent ammunition shortages in the United States. Out of fear that new legislation might further attack the 2nd amendment, gun owners kept ammo shelves empty for months. Just now we are starting to see ammo become available!

Another great example is hurricane Sandy. The panic buying of massive crowds cleared bread, water, batteries and more from the store shelves ahead of the storm. Many gas stations even ran out of gas!

Supply Chain Interruption – If panic buying isn’t bad enough, some disasters prevent new supplies from being delivered to stores. If stores are closed due to power outages or delivery trucks can’t get to an area, you won’t be seeing any new supplies come in.

Looting and Violence – The truth is that human beings quickly resort to looting and violence without easy access to food, water, and other necessities. It is a survival instinct. People will throw their morals right out the window and will be willing to injure or kill other people for basic items.

Looting was common after hurricane Katrina. With no law enforcement stopping them, expect to defend yourself and your property if you get caught up in a situation like this.

It also didn’t take long for violence to become a problem in the Katrina aftermath. A criminologist was quoted saying “We might not ever know how many people were shot, killed, or whose bodies will never be found.”.

Martial Law – As I mentioned earlier, we have seen a martial law test run in Boston this year. Yet some people are still convinced the government wouldn’t declare martial law in an emergency. Well, they may actually be right. After Katrina they didn’t bother to officially declare martial law! They simply went door to door and confiscated guns.

The police state is here and they are now only waiting for the chance to use all their shiny new gear to kick your door in.

An Easy Plan for Anyone to Start Preparing

Despite the horrors of a shtf event and the warning signs that one might be coming soon, you can still greatly improve your chances of survival. Many individuals avoided all the chaos in both hurricane Katrina and hurricane Sandy by having a simple emergency preparedness plan.

Don’t be a victim of the chaos if/when the time comes. Even having a basic level of preparedness will help you avoid the most dangerous parts of a disaster.

1. Create and Practice an Emergency Plan with Your Loved Ones – The single most important thing you can do is have a plan. It takes very little time and costs nothing. Here are some tips to get you started creating an emergency plan:

  • Decide on an emergency meeting place – Disasters do not wait until you are at home polishing your rifle to happen. What will you do if you are at work and something major happens? Make sure your family members are on the same page so you can quickly re-connect if something goes down.
  • Determine evacuation routes – Come up with a few different routes, preferably avoiding main roads, you can take to leave your meeting location if you are forced to leave the area. Although it is ideal to stay put, it is sometimes safer to leave the area. If you live in a populated area, it could become very difficult to get out once everyone has the same idea.
  • Include extended family and friends in your plan – If a shtf event does occur, you can’t risk being held up waiting for the unprepared. Are you willing to bug out without your parents or your best friend down the road? If not, it is critical to include them in your planning.
  • Have a backup plan – No plan is perfect. Have a backup plan in case something happens that prevents you from executing your original plan.

2. Keep Some Extra Supplies in Stock – Toilet paper, protein bars, water, batteries, feminine products, etc. You don’t have to go out and buy some expensive survival products right away. Start by adding 1 more of everything that you normally keep in stock.

3. Learn Critical Skills – Everyone has their own opinion of which skills are “critical”, but few could argue the importance of these two.

  • Own a Weapon and Know How to Use It – If you find yourself in the middle of a true collapse, there is a good chance you are going to have to deal with increased crime and violence. Being able to defend yourself and your family is a critical skill that you need to know. Learn how to be effective with the most lethal weapon that is legal in your area.
  • Learn Basic Medical Skills – Taking a class on basic medical skills is an important addition to an emergency preparedness plan. A doctor or even an ER visit might not be an option when the time comes.

4. Monitor the News and Be Ready to Act – Being able to calmly and quickly act is your best chance at making it through any disaster. Whether it’s getting last minute supplies or getting out of town before the traffic, you should always be one step ahead of the masses. Stay alert and keep your eyes on alternative news sources.

Preparing Beyond the Basics

Once you have a basic level of preparedness, you can take comfort in knowing that you are already better prepared for a crisis than the vast majority of the general population. Here are some additional steps you can take to further increase your preparedness and chances of survival.

Keep Printed Copies of Advanced Information – If a major long term shtf event occurs, we will all have to rely on our wits and ability to adapt to the change. If you are like me you probably don’t have time right now to learn all the skills to be completely self-reliant during such an event. Keeping some books that teach advanced survival techniques will ensure that you are able to learn the necessary skills should the time come.

Make Small Improvements Regularly – With a basic survival plan in place you can begin learning extra skills that you are interested in at your own pace. There are many websites/blogs available online to give you ideas on becoming more prepared. If you don’t have the time to discover and read through them all, I invite you to check out my website, Survival Pulse, where I read through hundreds of emergency preparedness blogs each day and link to the best articles.


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    1. Peterson

      Lock n’ Load boys!

      • DRD5508

        “The scariest part about the debt crisis to me is that there really is no solution to it”? Really? Sure there is a solution: 1) Get the gov’t out of the business.
        2) Stop sending our jobs overseas.
        3) Stop the gov’t from creating gov’t jobs, aka alphabet organizations.
        4) Stop the gov’t from placing sanctions on American energy, coal, oil, etc..
        5) Stop the gov’t from creating world terror(wars).
        6) Finally, get rid of the bankers.
        Then watch things get right in a hurry.

        • Peterson

          You live under a rock? There is no way we are going to fix this problem without a fight…

          • Mountain Trekker

            Don’t use Anthrax. Trekker Out.

            • Satori

              I think anthrax is ok to use
              if ya put it into a pressure cooker first

              • sixpack

                Maybe they use a pressure cooker to make anthrax.

                • Facebook Page

                  Shoot and just walk away. No fan fare just let them lie where they fall.

                • islander

                  You can only make anthrax in a pressure cooker if its in a back pack near a federal building . I read that on the internet

                • Smokey

                  They closed down the comments section on the MSNBC page with this story. Got a few hundred comments about black punks being worthless, so they shut it down.

                  But with Trayvon, they gathered thousands of anti-white racist comments and let it go on and on.

                • Anonymous

                  Stupid, NOT FUNNY!

              • LSB

                Salt and pepper it after it is done.

                • Peterson

                  You mean 11 herbs and spices right?

                • Gonetoolong

                  Anybody got an envelope? I have a plan.

              • Peterson

                … with how much chicken?

              • clint

                regardless what happens never open your door for them, or most paramount of them all is do not ever give up your guns ever!!!! You will never get them back.

            • Anonymous

              Hey Mac

            • Paranoid

              Are you people nuts? Never say ”
              ANTHRAX” or “BOMB” or “HI JACK”: But especially never, never, ever; list random numbers in groups like this: 6902EO, 208LOB, 4E3OUD, 890AOC, 2W39LG, AV97FR, 09A7L2, 54KLD9, XCU640, UGW45T, I193PL, 20KU72. JGTe37, 99FTWB, BD38KL. GH43ER

              • DRD5508

                Paranoid, are you nuts? Random numbers in groups of 4? Good post Paranoid, ha-ha.

              • Mountain Trekker

                Paranoid, message recieved. Trekker Out. anthrax

          • DRD5508

            Peterson, living under a rock? You yourself admit it can be fixed. Yes, not without a fight but it’ll take a lot of work. The author said there is no solution, that is a defeatest to me. I have felt all along, that tptb are waiting for my generation to be a little bit older so as to be less of a threat.
            But, there is a solution and it begins with God.

            • Peterson

              There is NO WAY in hell we can fix America at this point in time and not have it be a total shit storm. In your original post you left out the other 100 problems that’s wrong with the country and world right now. It’s a little far too late in the game to think that putting people back to work in this country will solve all our problems. STOP listening to the people who tell you they can fix it, this aint Tinker Toys anymore. There isn’t any thing… “deafest” in having a real look at the situation at hand here. One side, or the other in our “torn in two pieces country” is gonna get real pissed off at some point in time in the future and its gonna be Go Time! Everyone getting what they wanted is what drove us to this point, the party is coming to an end. Turn off the Fox News, turn off the radio and stop listening to the idiots telling you they have a plan to fix things and no one is gonna get angry….

              Have a good day and think about all the other problems you failed to bring to the table here.

              • DRD5508

                Pete, don’t get upset. You don’t know me and I don’t listen to news pundints. My points are only a start that I know is a good place to start. The other 100? Probably but if we don’t reign in the gov’t no other points will matter.
                Basically, we all can see areas to change. How about the NEA? Taxation? The UN? Immigration? The Fed Reserve? The list goes on.
                We should all be quite aware of the fact that there is a storm acoming and much blood shed. I face reality, I’m not in control of anything outside of prepping as much as I can. I see light at the end of the tunnel, others like yourself don’t, I accept that without getting angry/upset.
                Be of good cheer, for I have over come the world… John 16:33

                • Peterson

                  No harm no foul….

                  The blood IS gonna have to pour – no way around it at this point in time. When we win our country back…. hopefully we don’t fall into the same trap that put us where we are today.

        • Satori

          there is no solution
          because there is no “problem”
          at least in the eyes of those who have DELIBERATELY
          engineered this so world wide fiscal crisis

          over the last year or so
          I have become totally convinced that there is NOTHING
          accidental about this

          it was planned from the start
          the whole corrupt fraudulent system had hit its peak
          it was going to take a downturn anyway
          the “crisis” is engineered,it is controlled
          the purpose is to extract every single bit of value left
          and transfer it to the top
          look at the statistics
          where is the money FLOWING like an out of control river ?

          the middle class is being destroyed
          soon we will be the “working poor”
          thankful to have a half leaky roof over our heads
          and some watered down soup for dinner

          77% of all new jobs pay $8.30 an hour or less
          ya you heard that right

          you cant have a vibrant middle class on that

          they know the system is crashing
          they are managing the fall
          and when they are through
          they’ll drop it on the floor and it will shatter into a million pieces just like a glass Christmas tree ornament

          the ONLY question left to be answered is WHEN ???

          • sixpack

            There IS a ‘solution’ and it is two-pronged:

            First, we stop paying a private entity to loan us our own money. END THE FEDERAL RESERVE. Period.

            Secondly, we round up the entire global banking cartel and prosecute them. Once the kingpins are in prison, we can restore our monetary system without the impediments created by the banksters.

            The problem is: we’ve let the banksters get so powerful, that it will cost a lot of lives to carry this plan out…and nobody really wants to step up to the line first.

            • Peterson

              That wouldn’t really do all that much to fix the problem, we’d still have a hell of a civil / world war on our hands to deal with.

              • maddog

                bring on the emp


                • sixpack

                  Unfortunately, the only ones losing technology will be US—the fat cats are all disaster-proof…they have the big bucks to protect their devices, most of us don’t.

              • sixpack

                I disagree, Peterson. Just getting ourselves out from under the bankster’s debt pile will improve things drastically, not to mention the WARS that will no longer be funded by the big banks.

                Regaining control of our own financial security is too important to ignore. Without the banksters control over every aspect of our life, a more normal life can be had. No more occupying foreign countries for their resources, no more ousting of democratically elected govts.

                Just getting OUR fingers out of everybody else’s pie will improve OUR standard of living. Bought off politicians will soon get a lot less rich. How can anyone think any different?

                • Peterson

                  We would still own on the debt, if we default things will go to shit in a hurry. If you are telling yourself it will be blue clear skies beyond once that happens, you are wrong.

                  What is the real debt? 130 trillion or something if you added up ALL the promises this country has made to someone….

                  I wish it was that easy to just uncouple ourselves from the problem. Just aint the case or possible in 2013….

            • Kulafarmer

              We round up all the house, senate, pres, and the rest of these baboons and………..
              Ill leave it up to you,
              Long live the republic.
              Hang the tyrants!

              • Wilson

                I’m reminded of the “out west” practice of: shoot, shovel, and shut up

              • lastmanstanding

                every fucking one of them…no exceptions.

                in fact, everyone from the past that is still breathing.

                • Highspeedloafer

                  I think that’s why my former congress critter retired last year. She is pretty much in hiding now.

                • Tomcat

                  Well, Not EVERYONE…. Just the Politicians, lawyers, judges, bankers, Welfare parasites, …well hell, I guess that is MOST..LOL

              • Anonymous

                Right on Kulafarmer….Why would 310 million people “allow” 545 people (that are all the same) the power to control the lives of everyone. It wouldn’t take much for 5 – 10 million US Citizens to go to Washington and demand the return to the Republic…and to follow only the Constitution. The United States has been under a “communist coup” for some time now. WAKE UP people…prepare to defend yourselves!!!!!!!

              • Peterson

                …. you still have to deal with all the FuckTards who support those bastards. I think we’d run out of rope! LOL

          • grossyi

            This is a replay of the hyperinflationary period of the Weimar Republic. In the book “When Money Dies” the history and events of the period are explained in great detail. Current political and financial events that the world warned Germany against are being replayed on American soil and across the Western world. To get an idea of what a hyperinflationary period looks like (without major political upheaval)read the silverbearcafe about Argentina’s inflationary period at the turn of this century. My biggest concern is the political ramifications of the financial collapse. When the pieces are all picked up what will the political landscape look like? Will we fall back to strict constitutional republic or “progress” to a different alternative. History suggest the latter, history suggest a fascist, tyrannical goverment is on the horizon. I don’t know what the answer is, I am confident that the light at the end of the tunnel is not daylight.

        • JayJay

          DRD–all great suggestions…AFTER the collapse.
          ‘Cause boys and girls, it’s coming.
          This world of entitlement, sending billions to other countries, supporting the military on $45 dollar plastic spoons, providing the ‘life of Riley’ for every fricking public employee upon retirement after 20 years of service(laughing yet???)is NOT sustainable.
          Maranatha!!! translated: Lord, come quickly.

        • RDB

          We are headed for destruction because we have forgotten God. We have the leaders we deserve!

      • Man on the inside

        Basically the same thing we are all saying… What I would like to see posted here now, is information (any information) on how to improve prep. Mr. Salvo… we all love your web site but if you could give some of the newer folks some long term and short term prep info. Not lists… we have those… more info on how to set up a garden (or info on books or sires). Info on how and where to get tactical firearms training. Info on good references on medical training. Learning to hunt… ect. And so on…. Maybe every other article on this stuff and every other article on current events as the world unravels… Keep them coming … just add a few articles with real meat info on how to prep and were to get stuff and training to do so… More are joining and could use the help…. You are one of the number one sites… Lets leverage that to help even more folks… thanks for your site and info….

        • Anonymous

          Get the foxfire series. Its packed full of how to info.

          • Man on the inside

            I have the entire series and yes it is awesome… also get “Dare to Prepare”, and Mr Rawles book…. good stuff.

            • Good Call

              +1 on Dare To Prepare

        • Kettle Moraine

          If you need to know something, just ask. There is such a wide variety of knowledge here that anything you ask for will be answered.

          On a side note. If there was a way after shtf to tell the good ones (preppers) from the bad, let me know. It might not be possible because anything obvious would be a beacon for the unprepped or be a bullseye for the black helicopters. Maybe just have to sit tight and come up with the answer with whomever is left. Just a thought…
          molon labe

          • jerrytbg

            Hey KM…to tell the good from the bad…

            Firm handshake, dry hands, no hesitation…
            Then asks what you know how to do…

            Just my take on what I’d like to see…
            Build on it…gotta be real though.

        • JJsan

          Hey Mac,

          Most of us long time bloggers do have many (no one has all the skills) of the things that Man on the Inside is asking about. But for the newbies, how about a link to older articles? Man, you can also go to and get many of those questions answered. As I understand it, both sites are very friendly to each other and both have great info.

          I think the financial crash cant be to far away. I just dont see how it can continue. Even friends of mine in the PD and Military are prepping now, and many of them used to call me crazy. I just have several years headstart on most of them. Also, even three of my immediate neighbors are now growing gardens with non-GMO food. And these folks used to ridicule me for my “spam closet”. Sometimes I think we are pre-collapse Argentina.

          Keep your powder dry,

          • sixpack

            That is wonderful news…sorely needed right now.

          • Man on the inside

            Survival blog is one of my favorites….

        • JRS

          Click on the “Survival Pulse” link in the OP….there is a treasure trove of info for new preppers there.

          • LSB

            All new hunters need a partner. Someone to show them the ropes, such as boundaries for the hunt, good off road trails, the first gutting, someone to take a picture, and the ole slap on the back for a job well done. Too many hunters use same partners, there should be those willing to mentor the new guy/gal on block. Perhaps some are hesitant because truthfully, some aren’t cut out for it. No one wants to get involved with someone who won’t handle guns in a safe manner or may shoot something that isn’t legal. If you are young, contact a senior citizens center and ask if there is any retired senior who has knowledge of hunting in the area. They may be happy as can be to find a young partner, who could do some of the hauling back to the truck.

        • PenCRNA

          For a resource that will survive grid collapse, I recommend Storey’s “Basic Country Skills”. Also backyard homesteading. Some info is redundant, but not all of it.

          • islander

            I dont know if they are in print anymore but the foxfire books are full of great information . look for them

            • your name here

              I have the full set of Foxfire books. it is a valuable resource.

        • LVGurl

          Been on this site for a while now and have learned many, many things. Thank you all for that. I live in Las Vegas and I know we have an aquifer below us. I know there are public wells around town that are all surrounded by barbed wire but there is a way to get the water below us if we need to. Does anyone know how or what tools to use? I’m pretty sure it’s 50 feet below us.

          • Highspeedloafer

            Here ya go. I haven’t dug the well yet but have all the materials required.

          • Anonymous

            I used this method to drill a well near the coast. It works. You need flowing water to drill… So do it while utilities are still available. Saving big on watering the garden! Cost of well <$100.

        • Wolfie

          I would reccomend going to JWRs survivalblog for that type of information, every article is reader submitted, so there is a very large variety of info. the whole site is archived back 8 years too, so you can search terms.

          I apologize to Mac for plugging another website, and i understand if you screen the comment out. You run a great operation here, i visit everyday, and appreciate the hard work you put in!

        • Dick


          I agree 100% with your idea and I have two recommendations, one question and one request for everyone in response.

          Recommendation 1- go out and get a .22 conversion kit for your weapon of choice so you can get a lot more trigger time with it. I am a huge proponent of dry fire training and practical training but rounds are expensive and where the hole is at on the paper is an honest critique of your skills.

          Recommendation 2- set up a small aquaponics garden in your backyard. Even if you use goldfish you get excellent practical experience, a very interesting hobby and a degree of self sufficiency.

          Question- why are the prices of inverters in solar so different at the same wattage and what makes the difference? I guess two in one.

          Request- obviously MSM is not going to impartially or practically cover the apparent increase of black on white crime in America but if you see this occurring to someone be prepared (mentally, physically and equipped) to put a stop to it. Preferably without the need to continue providing for the punks needs.

          CATI-pressure cooking anthrax

          • Bob

            The difference in inverters may be explained by the quality of power produced. Thungs like computers need a “cleaner” sine wave.

        • Gopher

          Today’s prep is dehydrated sweet corn. I do have a dehydrator, but the oven is easier. Set your oven just over 150. Cut the corn off the cob and spread on a cookie sheet, will be an inch or so thick. I get 2 dozen ears to a large cookie sheet. I usually start after supper and have it in the oven by 8:00. Let it bake/dry overnight or 10-12 hours. Let cool and store in a mason jar. I have a convection oven, if you don’t you may want to stir a couple times. This is really crunchy good! Eat straight as a snack, sprinkle on salads, throw into soups.

          Note this recipe does NOT contain any anthrax :p

          • Highspeedloafer

            I love parched corn.

        • gatheringbird

          Thanks for this article, I totally agree with Man on the Inside, we need more info now than ever before. I find myself on my computer now more than ever looking for info that I might have missed on prepping

        • admin

          MOTI, thanks for your suggestion.

          The resources you mention are definitely out there — the problem we have here is one of organization and it is something we’re working on — trying to make the great info that’s already out there easily accessible.

          In the meantime, let me recommend for anyone looking to get started on what you mention — take a look at the resources there, use the search feature, and also check out the “52 Weeks to Preparedness” — great info.

          Hopefully in September we will have a better structure here for preparedness information and resources, as well as community building and interaction — working with some other folks to get this information out there in an easily digestible manner.

          Thanks all!


      • ItIsWellWithMySoul

        I just read this off Zerohedge which is referring to the Syria chemical warfare. What Do you all think? Will they try to save the economy with a major war?
        In brief: to allow the Untaper once the Taper ends, the US needs to find much more deficit funding needs, and as always there is no place better to achieve this than to spike the contracting spending budget by engaging in war.

      • Forrest

        As far as someone kicking your door down, I was just thinking about this today. If you have a wedge between your door and the wall facing it (hopefully not too far apart), there is no way in heck anyone can kick your door down, no matter how strong they are! All they would get is a very sore leg!

        The same goes for your windows– have a wedge between your top and lower windows, or have other devices so that people cannot lower/raise your window no matter what. Of course, they could always just burn your house down.. no plan is perfect!

        • Cowdoc

          There are better solutions if you think outside the box. Your kind of thinking is very traditional. They will just take a battering ram and knock holes where ever they choose. Sucker them in the entry way of your choice and prepare a welcome party they will never remember. You don’t even have to fire a shot if you bait the trap correctly. Of course this won’t work but once, so you will have to move to the next trap. Think people think! we will be fighting for the very existence of our families and our country. Remember the war of 1812? Jackson lost 12 men with a untrained ragtag army and the Britist lost 4000 men from the best trained army in the world before they surrendered. It will all be about your attitude about not caring who you kill or how you kill them.

      • arizona

        Peterson,you are exactly right,THE RUSSIANS annouced this morning,THEY WILL HAVE FULL CONTROL OF AMERICA BY CHRISTMAS,and all americans will be living in a russian dictatorship,and they also said,anyone resising would be killed or taken to a FEMA DEATH CAMP,and the children were given to the CHINESE to take back to china for slaves,and who would be helping them,along with americas POLICE GANGS,who will be helping them also,WHO WOULD HAVE EVER GUESSED…OBAMA HAS HANDED AMERICA TO THE RUSSIANS,on a silver platter,kiss your ass good by if you won’t fight..OH,and their taking everything you own to………

        • A Christian Man

          Ah, the odor of Bull Crap in the evening!

          Where oh where did you come up with that crap?

        • braveheart

          Arizona and Peterson, the Russians won’t have the manpower to take on 100,000,000 gun owners. They’re only sending a fraction of their army here. Now the Chinese are another story. although they can send more troops than Russia, it will still be only a fraction of their total army. True, they could kill a lot of us, but not all of us. there will be some other nations acting as ‘un peacekeepers’, but they’ll never have enough troops to take us down. plus, they still have to keep a certain percentage of troops at home just in case their own people “get restless”. Let these foreigners come on in. They’ll pay an unacceptable price to try to take us down. It will be “Red Dawn” on steroids.

        • Flaccid Dicktatorship

          Time to move your hobby horse further away from the microwave…it’s pretty obvious you’re baking your brain badly.

          Aren’t things on Planet Earth crappy enough without having to puke up even more fantasies about it?

          • braveheart

            Flaccid Dictatorship, f#$% you!

        • Peterson Kicks Ass


        • REB

          Where’d they announce?… links?…proof?…no?…thought so!

      • durango kidd

        Interest Rates: A point of order here for the discussion. The FED is NOT buying $85 Billion of government bonds every month.

        80% of the money “printed” is used to purchase TOXIC assets (MBS and CDO’s) from the banks (including European banks)and while the FED takes ownership of the toxic assets, the cash is placed in the Member Bank account at the FED as “excess reserves”.

        I hope the FED recycles OUR debt and buys ALL government bonds outstanding. 🙂

        • eeder

          DK, You have a twisted mind. You “want” the government (essentially) to own all debt? It’s own debt? You have a big problem with most common people, don’t you now DK? You think you are getting out with your shirt on? Go engage your employees or whomever it is you suggest we all engage. You are either an imbecile or an evil prick. Now which is it DK?

          • durango kidd

            eeder: The FEDERAL RESERVE is a private corporation of member banks controlled by the Rothschild banking dynasty and its heirs. It IS the NWO.

            It is not the government.

            Once they own ALL American debt it is time to DEFAULT, arrest the MFR’s, and start fresh with NO Debt!

            Ya gotta love my plan even if you only have half a brain! 🙂

      • tonyn

        90 or so states in the union might make a Better Republic !!!!
        The need for more Representation of the Peoples voices may be better served and a Result of better diversity could be the success behind this sort of expansion of states .
        Dang near every state has lots of conservatives who this same way and would like a better voice so why not have 90 states ??? Lets Give them a Little taste of their own Overwhelm the System Medicine !!!
        You remember reading this by Wayne Allen Root about How Obama came to Washington with a Mission that was developed out of his Community of Organizers whose mission is to change the USA and their way was to ” Overwhelm The System ” so it would collapse . So lets turn it around on them and Instead of making a Bigger Bureaucracy we need More Independent representation and that can come with the expansion of states and representatives instead of just Unaccountable Bureaucrats.
        If half the People in the USA demanded this the Power of that many people would be incredible . The Majority of people that do not usually vote I bet would increase if this were attempted to be Instituted .
        The need for more Representation of the Peoples voices may be better served and a Result of better diversity could be the success behind this sort of expansion of states .

        So its time to Shake up the Establishment !!!!!!!!!!!!
        I went to the website in Colorado and saw that my state of Oregon is in the works !!!!!
        This is going to be a Big Deal and make a Lot of Noise !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        I sure Like what This is talking about .

        The 51st State initiative has a website and appeals to the Declaration of Independence as justification for its efforts, writing: When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation. The 51st State website claims that their initiative is simple. “We just want to be left alone to live our lives without heavy-handed restrictions from the state capitol,” read a post on the website. “The concerns of rural Coloradans have been ignored for years,” William Garcia, chairman of the Weld County Commissioners, said in a statement. “The last session was the straw that broke the camel’s back for many people. They want change. They want to be heard.”
        Read more:

      • Janice

        I am truly horrified by the racist comments here. I guess black people are the only ones that do evil. Really?!?!?! Some of you are full of hate and looking for an excuse. There is good and bad in every, every community. So while you are pointing the finger and planning who you will hurt remember there is nothing you can do that can’t be done to you. I really didn’t mean for my comment to go this route. I apologize and offer thoughts of love and happiness to all.
        For being prepared, you don’t have to do everything. Just do something. There is lot’s of great advice on this website.

        • REB


        • Them Guys

          Janice: I agree. Its always that 95+% of Sub Human african animalistic monky minded Blacks who make it so bad for the rest! The Rest being that small 5% or so that are avg regular Good Black folk. Just Americans like we are.

          Its even Worse if the issues are of a jewish nature! There it seems to be that evil racial-supremesist self chozens attitude of the aprox 99+%, that make things look so bad for that rremaining…1% of jewish folk who like most folks here are simply good patriotic Americans.

          You’d tink by now, those small numbers of Both groups, Blacks & Jews, who are the Good ones would step up and Join our side and assist us etc. Especially Blacks because like it or not Reality is that to most whites, blacks seem to look nearly the same. That makes it doubly difficult for whiteys to distinguish Which are those Good 5% balcks in all of society.

          But being able to discern which is which is Paramount to avoidence of “Colloratal Dammage” as the feds call’s it eh.

          An Example, say a White woman gets gang raped by several african sub human ape like savage beasts…Then the Police dept calls the woman in for a Line-Up, so she can ID the rapist guilty ones. Now what is the Usual outcome in every such Black Culprits Line Up events?

          The normal usual outcome is that the Rape Victim woman will tell the cops “Gee you have 20 black savage beasts lined up against a wall, and expect Me to pick out the 3 guilty blacks? How? when they ALL look basically the Same to me!”

          And That Is the honest truth. Most africans look near same to most whiteys. Now If african savage beasts start a Race war against whiteys?…Can you blame white defenders, if due to such uncanny resembelance that most all blacks look the same, that it is almost a Given you will see “some” Good blacks get mistaken for bad?

          So you can see why I say it is so Imperative that those “Good” small few step fwd Now and join Us Prior to the real deadly conflict starts. If they remain in the shadows hidden from us, who can blame whites if indeed there is colloatoral dammage to a few innocents?

          Thanks for bring up this oft discussed delema again here… I agree it needs more discussions so whiteys do not add even More white guilt to an already overwhelming amount of whitey guilt, for fear of causing such inevitable colatoral dammages in any future race war perpetrated by savages against whites.

        • Musashi

          They’re not my family – that’s the difference.

          We have enough problems with our own to deal with. Dealing with the infantile blacks and their assorted self-esteem and I.Q. issues is not on the menu.

    2. 9er Xray

      NASDAQ halts trading for hours. Technical problem? Yea, you bet it is ! BO meetings with “special regulators” uh huh…was technical too…Hmmmm

      Gallup unemployment jumped 7.7% to 8.9%, in 30 days? Hmmmm…

      Pay attention. The lug nuts are coming off the economic wheels.

      • Peterson

        “The lug nuts are coming off the economic wheels.”


        • braveheart

          yeah, Danno, floor it and take the troll with you.

          • Peterson

            Still crying about me being an asshole??? LOL

            Maybe you’ll like me better after I write up a page or two.

      • PO'd Patriot


        Seriously, just received today an additional 500 rounds of 9mm via gunbroker. Next week gonna pick up a few more food grade 55 gallon drums in addition to another 250 gallon poly tank for water storage. Will have the two 250 gal. poly tanks(that I already have) hooked to the downspouts on my steel shop by the weekend. Been drying out veggie seeds on the dash of my old pickup for next years starters. As it gets a little cooler, I’ll be firing up the canner and the dehydrator, making freezer room for this years deer and waterfowl harvest. Gonna try to incubate some of my layer’s eggs for the first time and hatch out some biddies. Much to do. Hope you folks are well.

        • Me here

          Yes, I am suddenly in panic mode, too. (Knew it was close, but dang!)

        • LSB

          You are on a roll…today I’ve been scooping the slimy stuff off some melon seeds to save. Want to save some from my hot peppers too. Guess I had better wear gloves for that. Sounds like you have things under control. Good job…

          • LSB

            Sorry, one more thing. Don’t wash the eggs.

          • t-zulu

            keep milk handy incase it squirts in your eyes lol not fun

        • LSB

          When we use to hatch out our own chicks, we would save the eggs in a egg carton at room temperature. Also you want to turn the carton over each day until you have enough eggs to start up the incubator. That is so exciting to watch the little ones hatch. Our best hatch was about 80%.

          • PO'd Patriot

            Many thanks LSB for the tips. I’m in uncharted waters on the hatching process. I usually don’t wash the eggs for eating unless they’re fouled (poop). I try to leave the “bloom” on them if I can. But I understand now what you mean by not washing them before incubating.

            • wildman

              PO,d not be be a knowitall but if you shop tractor supply. you can get everything you need to hatch chicks, warming lamps, egg turners, and the most important parts the feeders and waters. the egg turners are the greatest as they turn the eggs so they hatch as my better half sometimes doesnt remember to , so when we got this our survival rate went waaay up! have fun tomatos are still on wildman out

        • ready down under

          Know all about the ammo shortages over there but no such problem here. Some gunshops are still running specials on cases (5,000) of 22 for as low as $275Aus – about $US240 – as many as you want. Pick up only though. I picked up another 2 cases and could have bought 10 if I wanted to. No shortage of 38/357/9mm/40/44 but most shops dont carry a real lot but it’s there for the taking if you have a pistol license. Rifle ammo no probs either. Sorry if that makes you grit your teeth.


          • Smokey

            You Diggers are going to have the same problems we’re going to have, just a little bit later, is all.

            Stock up while you can.

          • dave in Id

            Pistol licence? Bwhhhaahaaa.

      • RICH99

        The wheels can’t come off until the second amendment is destroyed……PERIOD!!!!!
        The Georgia false flag yesterday would have been a waste of time along with sandy hook , aurora , etc.

        • rainyday

          If they can make people hungry enough to turn their guns in for food they don’t have to wait to destroy the 2nd amendment. There will still be those of us that have prepared and won’t have to disarm in exchange for food, but I wonder how many of the millions of gun owners in this country will be going hungry and be willing to hand over their guns to feed the family.

          • braveheart

            Rainyday, that’s a damned good question. I agree that sadly some of them will voluntarily disarm, but I do hope that number is as small as possible. I know damned well that i’m prepped and I ain’t giving up squat. braveheart

            • Yohan

              Just watched Under The Dome – and YEP – they wanted everyone to turn in their guns, for everyone’s safety, adn if you volentarilly do if you will get some extra food.

          • Me here

            Wow, scary thought.

          • JayJay

            And then there’s this:
            The Top 4 Reasons Why You’re Not Going to Survive Bugging Out to the Woods
            1.Whose land do you think you’re going to bug out to?
            2.There are VERY few people who have the skills to survive in the wild
            3.It seems like EVERYONE is planning heading to the hills when SHTF. What makes you so special?
            4. You’re not giving animals nearly enough credit …and humans are greedy.

            Despite what a lot of people may believe, animals aren’t stupid. They’ve been surviving without guns, MREs or solar panels a lot longer than we have. Their main instincts revolve around protection and food procurement.

            • dave in Id

              1:forestry. 2:I can. 3:I practice all the time. 4: they have a routine and habits. learn them and wait. The guns are not mainly for the animals. I dont eat MRE’s and dont have solar panels…WTF for? Electricity is a conveniance, not a neccesity. And my spelling sux(public school)Did you know a large percent of the “bounty” wolves in Idaho are trapped (snared)

              • JayJay

                Duck for cover, dave. Those with your skill will not be out there with you.

                • dave in Id

                  There is alot of people here in N IDaho with these skills and much better than mine.

          • two2wisper

            I dont have a gun you took them now feed me .

        • yental

          @Rich99, YOU complain ad nauseam that No one will debate you. Last article, I addressed your “second amendment must be destroyed first” assertion.

          Where is YOUR DEBATE/RESPONSE to the fact that a SIMPLE declaration of MARTIAL LAW can eviscerate the second amendment…along with the ENTIRE Bill of Rights in a single moment???

          Hurricane Katrina aftermath…the existing second amendment was trampled, even though there was no official declaration of MARTIAL LAW: Unless you count the HNIC in NEW ORLEANS as representing a Federal Mandate. (Nobody is gonna be armed but US…try that BS here asshole)

          How about Boston and the complete disregard for the fourth amendment as “storm troopers” go INSANE in an effort to catch ONE LONE PATSY! And the “sheeple cheer” as their rights are trampled over another false flag.

          I tried…but YOU are simply not worth the time!!!!! Nor your new “wingman”, Rich98!

          Twin TROLLS replacing the Twin TOWERS!

          • pissinwiththewind

            sorry yental,

            I saw you already nailed it, after i posted.

            • yental

              THE MORE LIKE MINDS, the better. Glad we are on the same page. I have a fresh pitcher of Anthrax margaritas just waiting…I guess I will have to drink an “extra one” for you.

              Like I needed an excuse! ;)!

              • LSB

                How about some cream cheese/anthrax stuffed hot peppers?

                • ILmom

                  Anthrax stuffed jalapenos sound delish!!!

          • braveheart

            Mac, 2 more dogs have peed on the carpet.

          • RICH99

            So yental if it were that easy then why all the gun false flags ….they wouldn’t be necessary to attempt to destroy the 2nd amendment , goofball!!! They would simply do like you said and declare martial law and I don’t know…what …go house to house in every house in the country and confiscate ……see the problem with YOUR debate is that its absolutely childlike thinking and makes no sense .
            In one breath you mention martial law to evicerate the 2nd amendment and the next breath your talking about gun false flags which are being USED to rally the people and lawmakers to BAN and destroy the 2nd amendment …..make up your mind guy which one is it

        • pissinwiththewind

          Sorry to inform you Rich99,
          that bridge has already been crossed.

          They (TPTB) don’t have to take out the 2nd amendment for the wheels to come off. All it takes is a declaration of “Martial Law” and the sovereignty of the USA is over, and “we the people” are at the mercy of the United Nations.

          No, I don’t like it, but WTF are you or anyone else gonna do besides fade out of the limelight in order to survive. You try to start a revolution and TPTB will have you under lock and key before the next sunset.

          I have too many people depending upon my survival skills and preps to do something foolish like drawing attention to my bug-out location.

          • LSB

            It is my understanding that if martial law is declared, ones life insurance policies are null and void. Does anyone know if I am correct?

            • yental

              “Wars and acts of war” are generally covered under “the exclusions” fine print of all nefarious policies I am aware of.

              Whether my assertion is completely accurate…I don’t know. What does “your gut” tell you?

              “MY gut” says, don’t bank on it. Then again, I am pre-biased against banks/banksters anyway.

              • PO'd Patriot

                So are terrorist acts. If you take on police/military and the government deems you a terrorist, your life insurance policy is null and void. That means your family receives zilch!

                • Smokey

                  So what? Money will be worthless anyway.

              • Bob

                I think “acts of war, declared or undeclared”, as well as “civil unrest” are generally excluded.

            • Kettle Moraine

              In a way you are correct. If martial law is declared, there is a war with someone. At least on paper. War, terrorism, domestic or otherwise, biological or chemical warfare, environmental mishaps, etc. All these things qualify as a way not to cover you with just about any insurance. Unless you opt in and pay for specific riders on your policy.

              Just like our “transparent” government. No one will tell you about this stuff until it’s too late.
              molon labe

            • Patriot One

              LSB, while there are some companies that have a war clause, most don’t. I’m not aware of any clause in a life policy that would void a policy for Marshall law.

              With that said however, if the company is insolvent you have nothing. If the SHTF most policies would likely cancel for non payment. Like I’ve said in many comments if you don’t have it in your possession you have nothing! That goes for anything, ammo, cash, food, gold and guns.

            • Flaccid Dicktatorship

              It isn’t’ listed under Marshal Law, they call it ‘civil insurrection.” That includes riots, civil war, Marshal Law, anarchy and anything else they can think of to avoid paying you for what you’ve been paying them to protect.

              Another great reason why we need a Great Reset at all levels. Get the lamp posts ready.

              • Patriot One

                FD while civil unrest, war and nuclear are often used as an exclusion in property & casualty insurance they are rarely found in life insurance.

          • Kulafarmer

            Why are we at the mercy of anyone, did it ever occur to any of you that things might have to get bloody if we want our country and freedom back,
            If all of you talk of being defeated now, you might as well just go away and on the way turn in your preps at the closest police station,
            Geez, gotta change the direction of that negative shit,

            • LSB

              Thanks everyone. Doesn’t look good.

              • RICH99

                Relax LSB , this nonsense has been going on for a long time …..this is a BACKDOOR attempt at attacking iran because they failed to provoke iran and they know iran is backing Syria so they are trying to get at iran through Syria but that too will fail because of Russia and china which is why they are trying to destabilize Syria from within and they too will fail just as they did in iran so don’t worry your head with all these articles here ……many of them are sensationalized to trigger emotion. talk to ya next summer for more of the same

          • RICH99

            Good luck getting to your location !!!
            they are not going to allow the wheels to come off the economy with an armed populous….PERIOD !!! there is a reason why japan never attacked the mainland after pearl harbor so don’t tell me how we are at the mercy because the LAST thing they wanna do is get into a gun battle with America , hence all the false flags trying to BAN GUNS …….got it ?????

      • Man on the inside

        And the half shafts are popoing, and she burning oil, and the computor is failing, check engine light is on, the only thing working well is the radio….

    3. Eisenkreuz

      Dont look at looting as something done by “them, the bad guys.” You should have a crowbar, bolt cutters, torch, siphon tube, pump, winch etc. and be ready to do it yourself. Its just a part of survivalism. If a Carrington event happened you be hittin the gas station and the supermarket. If you dont someone else will.

      • braveheart

        “Don’t look at looting as something done by ‘them, the bad guys.'” Eisen, I hope you’re not advising people to become looters. You’ll end up getting someone killed.

        • Eisenkreuz

          SHTF looting wont be confined to mere material things. You can also take the opportunity to own slaves, seize lands, collect a harem, and shoot randomly. Create your own chaos.

          • Smokey

            There’s always going to be someone who takes the opportunity to climb to the top of his local pile of human skulls, but don’t think the rest of us won’t knock you off of there.

            Just because a situation can be termed WROL, Without Rule of Law, doesn’t mean sociopathic behavior is going to be permitted to exist by the rest of the community.

          • Mountain Trekker

            Eisenkraut, do you ever have to stop and laugh, or I guess I should say do you sit and chuckle to yourself, when your writing this BS to get a rise out of all us dummies. Take 2 Anthrax tablets and take a nap. Trekker Out.

        • sixpack

          Once they start killing people and carting others off to FEMA camps, it’s no longer considered ‘looting’, it’s simply scavenging unneeded items. The same thing as taking ammo, weapons and other provisions off of already dead bodies.

          Breaking into govt warehouses and taking items WE paid for, isn’t considered ‘looting’ in my mind…it’s considered ‘justice’.

          • Smokey

            I see you breaking into a Gov’t warehouse and taking items that WE paid for, you will be shot for a looter.

            You want what’s in there, get a position of authority in an election in your community, when it hits the fan. We’ll see our folks get their fair share, but looters are going to be shot.

        • Facebook Page

          At a certan point it isn’t looting it is savaging.

        • durango kidd

          Probably himself. Just saying. 🙂

      • braveheart

        Eisen, what’s gotten into you this time? You don’t normally tell people it’s OK to become looters. You know as well as everyone else here that: 1. the whole idea is to get all of your supplies ahead of time before something happens, and 2. looting is wrong under any circumstances and there is a price tag on such activity. LOOTING IS NOT PART OF SURVIVALISM. IT’S SOMETHING STUPID AND ASININE THAT CAN GET SOMEONE KILLED!!

        • Peterson

          you aren’t 100% correct there Brave. If you NEED something to survive, by all means go ahead and take it. Its a 50/50 mix actually…. survival of the fittest and we all turn into cavemen.

        • OutWest

          Braveheart my friend, Eisenkreuz has a point…..

          In a life or death situation for you and your
          family, survivalism, by it’s very definition,
          knows no rules of engagement.
          Under those circumstances, how could we say we
          will shoot anyone that would harm us, yet deny
          our children life because we held up some moral
          code that no longer exists, to keep us from
          procuring life saving food and medicine for them
          from the very Establishment that forced us into
          the situation in the first place?

          If it’s a jungle. then the law of the jungle says
          fight or die, any way one can to survive.

          Sorry to be so blunt, but it had to be said.
          Any Red Thumbs are only in denial of this fact.

          • braveheart

            OutWest, if a particular place in question like an abandoned warehouse full of supplies is the target in any post-SHTF scenario, then, yes, that would be an exception. If it’s a government warehouse, clean that sucker out. If nothing else get back some of our tax dollars in the form of something we can use for survival. OutWest. I stand corrected. In extreme situations it wouldn’t matter. I’ve had a rotten day and wasn’t thinking clearly enough when I saw Eisen’s post.

            • sixpack

              Just watch out for smokey (above), he’s apparently already promoted himself to guardian of the warehouse…LOL.

              • Smokey

                Now we know who is likely to break into the community food warehouse and help themselves. Go for it, guys, just don’t expect to get away with it.

          • Sigi

            There is also a fine line between salvage and looting. Looting is when there is hope for recovery and every expectation that the rightful owners can return to their property to claim it. Salvage is what you do when the grocery store has lost all power and none will be back on until all of the cold food has spoiled.

            • jerrytbg

              hey BraveHeart…I hope you read sigi’s response…
              It’s what I believe Young Eisen had in mind…
              Am I wrong Y.Eisen?

              • Kulafarmer

                There are a lot of writings that go into detail on this, its called foraging, the rules change as the environment deteriorates, survival of the fittest comes to mind, dont think for a second that someone would hesitate to clean you out of anything useful if you are not around, same goes for stores and dead people, dead folks dont need boots nor guns and ammo soooo…..

              • braveheart

                Jerrytbg, yes, I read sigi’s response. As I responded to OutWest’s response earlier, I wasn’t thinking clearly when I first read Eisen’s post. I was premature in my response to his post and didn’t consider post-SHTF scenarios where all the rules have gone out the window and survival items could be taken from dead bodies, homes, even warehouses where the owners, workers, etc. are possible dead, missing, etc. and there;s little or no chance of them returning to reclaim the property. I acknowledge that under those circumstances it can be justified to take such items; it’s not looting under such circumstances. Never thought I would say this, but I owe Eisen an apology. he was making a valid point and I totally missed it. I stand corrected. braveheart

                • jerrytbg

                  all good from my view…

            • Barn Cat

              No, salvage is when the house next door has been empty for months and the apples are ripe on their apple tree.

          • sixpack

            Outwest, there is always ONE rule of engagement— Protect friends, family and fellow Patriots… everyone in opposition can be fair game.

            • swampratt


            • OutWest

              Sixpack, you are very wise…..
              I want you on my team when
              it all goes down, brave soul

              • sixpack

                I AM ON YOUR TEAM Outwest. The only one who can change that, is YOU.

                • braveheart

                  Sixpack and OutWest, I would be honored to be on your team if that’s OK. braveheart

              • dave in Id

                @ Outwest…She’s quite a Gem. Anyone with half a brain would want someone like her on thier team. Hunt, fish shoot, repair cars and some quick wit to keep you on your toes.

                • sixpack

                  I propose that when the dust clears, some of us get together and drown a few night crawlers…I hear there’s some good fishin’ holes in Idaho. I’ll bring the beer.

          • John_Allen

            Taxation is theft, ultimately at gunpoint. Government has been stealing from productive people always and everywhere for ten thousand years. Your stolen property is being used to hire, train and arm the mercenaries who will be sent to murder you when the proper political vermin says so.

            If I had the skills and been there’s to conduct guerrilla raids on their bases, depots, warehouses, commissaries etc I’d do it in a heartbeat. Not now, but when they’ve decided the Rule of Law and our rights are disposable.

            You do realize several of those executive orders make not just anything you own in terms of food, water, vehicles but YOU PERSONALLY their property for them to do what they please with? But it’s not stealing if the government does it /sarcasm

            Get over the scruple that stealing from the government is stealing because they are so well established, have so many thugs on their payroll to enforce their game.

            You own your life. Your liberty comes from the human ability to reason, make choices and act on them. Your honestly acquired property, it follows, is a physical manifestation of your talent used across time and rewarded by other free people who value what you do more than some quantity of currency.

            Their documents making our liberty and property chattel at their discretion have only as much authority as we recognize. Yeah, if you seriously assert that it will get bloody.

            It’s gonna get bloody anyway before it’s over. Many of us will not survive. If you’re going to go down anyway, go down fighting.

        • Eisenkreuz

          Wrong is a point of view. Is it wrong to do drugs, smuggle, pay a prostitute, not pay taxes, own a business without a license, or drink underage? I dont think so. I can’t wait for SHTF so I can pilage in the style of Genghis Kahn.

          • Smokey

            Yes, it is wrong to do those things.

            Want to play Genghis Khan? Bring your entire Horde with you, we’d like to end this kind of banditry early on so the rest of us can get on with rebuilding.

          • REB

            Everything you listed is a personal decision…free choice of ones self or two consenting people…that last one is taking by force the property of another without their consent…the two can not be compared…GK was evil beyond your imagination…no one to emulate… 🙁

            • t-zulu

              reb what is wrong, is what usa did to the Indians, wrong is what the usa did to the south, and why does it bother me that windows automatically capped the word Indians and not usa hmmmm 1/16 NA by the way

              • REB

                Okay?…what does that have to do with my statement?…if you’ve been here long youll know I had forebears who were Cherokee and Seneca and Scotch-Irish some of whom fought for the Confederacy…I get it!…my statement to Esin had nothing to do with that stuff… 🙁

      • braveheart

        Eisen, please disregard my 2 previous posts questioning your post. I wasn’t thinking clearly enough when I read it. in extreme situations, post-SHTF, WROL, yes, do it. if it’s a government warehouse, i’d hit that faster than anything else. Get some of your tax money back in the form of something for survival.

        • Smokey

          You’ll be hanging from a lamp post along with the other looters.

      • lastmanstanding


      • MadAtchew

        @ Braveheart, Yental and Pissinwiththewind…regarding the two schmuck trolls…Bingo! I want you on my side of the lookout at all times, along with Mac, KYmom, Beinformed, Alex Jones, et al. Hey you Eisencrack, you can stay with the other two provocateurs and rally their false flags on their own time. Serious and like minded “goodhearted” people abound although we are scattered and isolated. We want to stay alive and be around to rebuild. It’s all too easy for anyone to be sucked into lies and deceit for a laugh so THANK YOU to everyone who seeks and maintains truth… “ENGAGE” is such a proper term. To be “disengaged” is like being flaccid…a dead rotten Peter, son.

        OPSEC means little anymore since it seems the all-seeing Eyeboner is upon us whether we like it or not, just smile at your TV set and watch what you say in front of the dishwasher, and so I’ll roll with a few of my thoughts…they seem to think they know them any ways…

        Logarithm Logarithm Logarithm.

        My hope is on a hat rack that there are still some really good people on the inside of the boilermaker as well as the outside and that we can fix things with a few financial resets, a few jail terms and impeachments, a couple more years of stagnation as we roll back the machine into a “butter and bridges” mode and work together as ALL members of the human race should be doing.

        OK, ok…back to reality…

        Anyone who is ready at the drop to start looting will find out the hardest way to dirt how many of us are out “HERE” and quite ready to stand our ground. You think you are going to pick your way from one guy’s shit to the next…that’s a lot of cold or twitching fingers you’ll be prying from those warm barrels. That’s BAD Karma from the start, especially when the world is full of people that will actually help others in need at their worst hour. I’ve told a few to their face…F-ck off with that “take all” attitude because if you joke about it with me you might be plotting it against me in the same breath.

        The idea I take away from the practice of prepping is PEACE…and PROTECTION. This includes peace of mind of all things paramount. Peace because I have a little extra peanut butter and toilet paper and don’t have to squabble and grovel with the masses every time the power goes out. Peace because I know how to apply basic first aid, emergency aid in a pinch, change those socks every few hours and eat lots of raw homegrown garlic, basil and tomatoes, filter my well water, brush without fluoride, avoid doctors, hospitals, elevators, doorknobs, sniffling kids and sniveling idiots alike. Peace because I can make my own pizza and my dogs eat steamed rice and real meat n veggies with those top brand kibbles, peace because I can smile at myself in the mirror knowing I’m doing whatever I can with a shoestring budget, “Pack Rattin’ n MadMaxxin'”(ya’ll heard that one here from me first right here ya’ll here!). Peace because I’m a Type B personality that has a Type A personality to pay for it, physically at the very least, with many technical and trade skills to backup myself and others as needed when the SHTP. Peace because I think money sucks and self-sufficiency is EVERYTHING. That’s Peace. That’s my plan.

        Onward, Engage.
        I stuck my head up out of my hole just the other day when my property was buzzed by a low flying olive drab helio. I like observing aircraft and helicopters are cool as can be, I also respect the military and am grateful for the dedicated service of all oath keepers. I also like my Harley Davidson but I almost digress…I have serious disdain for anyone who would blast such an obnoxious and intimidating noise as the bologna cut drag pipes in my living room as much as the service folks flying that chopper straight line through the neighborhood (at least over my house) at treetop level. I’m at about 500 feet above sea level, the helio was at 600 max. DUDES, you’re scaring my chickens and giving me the squits. I’m running a business here and ya’ll are blasting a residential neighborhood like a practice strafing or something at midday. Look, I know you need to do your business between Mt weather and Quantico and all hush-hush on the rest of your mission, and I know the temptation is there to enjoy a close-up of some of the finest countryside in the world…but dang nab it you are shaking the sheet out of my house as well as my nerves, let alone riling my livestock, waking the baby and grandpaps, the goat’s poopin’ cubed cheese for kriekys! Well…Opsec aside, I called the Provost Marshall to lodge a verbal noise complaint. The desk sergeant who answered my call was pleasant and extremely understanding when I went through my spiel. The candor of his response to my “respectful” complaint was refreshing, and I suspect it is NOT the exception to the rule, although common experience may reveal otherwise. I do have a way of laughing and trying to be funny while complaining to bring levity to my frustrations and a smile to the benefactor of my diatribes. We left it as a “verbal” complaint, and he joked “oh, so you want to stay under the radar? ha ha” as I opted to leave it as a simple and absolutely FRIENDLY engagement from a local human being trying to enjoy what’s left of my fourth amendment. I gave my real name since they had my real number on caller ID and the NSA was listening in real time…so who are any of us kidding at this point on opsec…I just want a lil’ PEACE. He let me vent. I’m on yet another list. The Provost Marshall has not responded, not that I expect him to, and it’s been almost too quiet the past two days. Btw, I have not been sleeping “at night” or at any normal times one would expect either. Peace always seems to come with a price.

        My point is, there are really good people at all levels of the game, as well as bunches of evil ash-holes lurking about. If you want to meet everyone you know head-on with the attitude that “you’re gonna git mine before I git yours” when that shit hits…and you’re not smiling, being civil and bringing something to the table at the same time, US good folks from all sides of the spectrum are going to wipe your nose on your own ass. You boil all of us into one pot of stew and good will migrate toward good while evil can go to hell!

        Peace yo.
        and smile when you call me that.

        • LSB

          Speaking of airplanes…does anyone know if a light colored plane with a large black square on the underside of each wing have any meaning?

          • Smokey

            Don’t know about that, but even the Vatican has a helicopter now, it just went by, going “Wop, Wop, Wop”.

          • MadAtchew

            That’s likely a pair of cameras behind tinted lexan…I’ve seen a few like that and have wondered myself the same Q. That adds to the daily invasion of privacy we ALL are facing. Google cars on backstreets and low flying aircraft with high-speed HD cams have us all under their wartful eye. I want to water my garden naked in peace dangit! Just me and the stinkbugs.

        • braveheart

          MadAtchew, I’d be glad to join you. braveheart

      • Dick


        If you are looting then that means there are likely others there with prepared to fight you for what you want.
        If you are looting that means your preps were inadequate to sustain you for the emergency.
        In contrast if you are salvaging then in all likelihood the event was so great the whole region you are in has changed and in all likelihood it is time build a community again and repurpose what is available.
        I recommend you prep hard so you don’t have to be out when the looting is happening.


        • MadAtchew


      • Bob

        Your siphon tube may not be very useful. Most modern cars are said to have some anti-siphon device in the filler tube. I hear it’s now somewhat common for theives to just puncture the gas tank. Most are plastic now, so it’s safer for the theif. The extra ground clearance of our SUVs makes it easier. Say what you want, anyone will loot is the situation is desperate enough. Never say never.

        • MadAtchew

          Siphon Tube = West Virginia Credit Card in these here parts!

          Remember Eisencracker, never use a lighter to illuminate your midnight siphoning endeavors when scavenging for, sorry, looting gas in those church parking lots. Bad karma will win and we’ll get to call you “french-fry” for a while until you heal.

          yup…a West Virginia Credit Card! Don’t leave home without one.

          • mountain man 6-1

            MAD AT@ HAHA!! Good advice …years ago there was a real bright fellow ,over here in the hills, that decided the easiest way to get gas out ,of one of the many old cars in his yard,was to use a SHOPVAC !! Needless to say ,he soon looked th ‘Human Torch’ as he ran around th yard!! So if yer gonna steal gas ,use a proven method, or at least yer BRAIN !!……

    4. Shane Vandrell

      Good article….for a noob! Not down talking anyone, but just more of the same. I will say it really does feel like there is something in the air as of late. At this point though you are either awake or asleep. You are prepped or your not. What else is there really to say though. Just P.P. Keep prepping and praying.

      • pissinwiththewind

        Yea, I’m with ya on that P & P part.

        The thing is, there are new people to the site everyday. If repeat info gets another family to wake up and move into high gear, then it is worth repeating.

        I smell it too. I believe we are starting a two year period of tribulation as the world has never seen before.
        Will it culminate into the end of the world as we know it?

        Only God and His Son know for sure.

        As i have said before, the birth pangs of the end of this 2nd Earth age are getting stronger. Will there be a storm and a lull thereafter, or will it keep getting worse for those asleep at the wheel?

        Time will tell. But, it is time for everyone concerned to get their house in order.


        • Sigi

          Get the oil in your lamps!

          That reminds me, I need to go back to the store where they sell the kit to turn wine bottles into oil lamps.

          • sixpack

            You can do that with nothing more than a pocket knife and a length of wick. Choose a short bottle so you don’t need so much wick to reach the fuel and it uses a lot less fuel.

            Take your pocket knife and punch a slit in the cap, just big enough to force the wick through. The idea is to let the fuel burn, without permitting the flame to get below the slit in the cap. Just look at how an oil lamp is made.

            You’ll need to either use a pair of needle nose pliers to adjust the height of the wick, or do it before you light it.

            The easiest lamps to make are using jars like baby food jars, short, glass with a metal lid that fits securely.

            Nix the ‘kits’ and figure it out for yourself, it’s cheaper and turns a lot of otherwise less-than-useful items into useful ones.

            • sixpack

              Oh yeah, just so it was mentioned for safety sake, use narrow or round wicks for smaller bottles. Less heat transfer.

              • LSB

                Has anyone tried making fuses out of cotton crochet thread? Some day I may want to make some homemade fireworks and would need a fuse…

                • sixpack

                  There’s a couple of videos on youtube about that. search for homemade fuses.

                • jerrytbg

                  that’s classified… ucookingnder…

                • Smokey

                  Buy cannon fuse in reels now, put it up in ammo cans in a cool, dry place.

        • Pissed off Granny


    5. Tactical

      What ever is coming won’t be so bad. Just look at the happy faces on MSNBC hosts. They even report stock market crashes with smiles. They even had this young guy in his twenties from some financial firm saying don’t worry, 2014 will be the best year for stocks. This is what I like to see and to hear. However the main question remains…..What the F$##@ these people eat and drink to be able to act like fricking robots? How can they lie with such straight faces regardless of how much they get paid to spread such BS on a day to day basis. Oh well…back to prepping.

      • PO'd Patriot

        They’re just aspiring to become politicians and they are practicing now.

      • maddog

        Tactical, they may believe that TPTB will take them along or at least allow them to live if they feed the masses bullshit. Fact is history shows the use-full idiots will be the first to go. I for one won’t hesitate to move them out of the way.

    6. BadAmerican

      Bank Holiday coming to a town near you?

      …hmmm…where is my party hat….

      “I like the way the line runs up the back of your stocking” —-Everybody Wants Some–Van Halen



      • Sigi

        The UK’s summer bank holiday is this weekend, FWIW.

    7. Comeonmakemyday

      watch the US 10yr Treasury Yields, if they go over 3.0% it’s coming.

      • Sigi

        2.91 as of today.

    8. Archangel

      Speaking of DHS, Police Militarization, Martial Law, etc…..Anyone wanna guess why all of a sudden the State of Connecticut (the “LIVE FREE OR DIE STATE”)was awarded a MRAP (Armored Vehicle) for police use earlier this year? (around April 2013)

      Maybe it was just a late Christmas “gift” or “re-payment” from Santa Obama for some sort of “staged event” that took place in Connecticut around say……December 14th, 2012??

      Connect the dots.

      Things are starting to unravel

      • Peterson

        Sounds like they are going to be fighin’ the Green Mountain Boys over there in Vermont.

      • CO Beach

        New Hampshire is the Live Free or Die state, Connecticut’s is Qui transtulit sustinet; Latin “He who transplanted sustains”. Or maybe it’s now He who bows down get’s an MRAP.

        • braveheart

          Connecticut is communist just like Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

          • Jenn

            In defense of my insanely law-happy state (MA), we’re not Communists, we just have A LOT of people living in a very small area. Unfortunately, the only way we can all live in postage stamp size states is to have zillions of rules (most of which are incredibly restrictive). It’s the only way any of us sardines can live so closely together. And, as our state’s population grows, even more laws will be necessary. (And how I hope we move out of here before then. I am so sick of seeing and hearing people, and being on Logan Airport’s flight path. Plane headlights wake me up at night. I hate it.)

        • Archangel

          My Bad…you are correct CO!!!…However the rest of the facts are true. CT DID receive an MRAP in April 2013

          I hope that I am wrong that this event was staged, however Talking to friends (who are also LEOs) several have spent considerable time reviewing the tapes of the police scanners and video footage of the man running thru the woods and how he was treated after the arrest. Their opinion of the situation GREATLY DIFFERS from that of the MSM Narrative.

          • PenCRNA

            Anyone else in CT….Cromwell Walmart has .270′ .40, .380, .30-06, 7mm, boat loads of 12g and Maybe 2 dozen boxes .223.

      • mike

        Uhhhh…better go back and learn the 50 states….Connecticut is the Constitution State….New Hampshire is the “live free or die” state

    9. knightindullarmor

      a quick google search turned up the NY Times article regarding the nasdaq incident. it’s back up after about 3 hours of down time.

      i think one commenter to the article said it best – having a major stock network go down for a few hours, but then come back online makes the stock market look more durable. when ‘the big one’ hits, folks won’t realize it until after a day or two has passed that the market is not going to recover.

      in my opinion, the whole thing was a calculated measure to say ‘see we got this covered’ to the unsuspecting public. and it makes total sense. that way when the nasdaq, dow, etc… go down for good, the elites have a day or so to bug out before the general public realizes that it’s not coming back up. they can get to their b.o.l.’s (away from the big cities) before the general public gets the idea and clogs the exits.

      • Me here

        I have to concur on this.

      • Emily

        @ kinghtindullarmor-
        I also noticed the nasdaq was down today for a few hours.
        Your view point is interesting.
        I wonder why it went down , but I am sure the mundane masses will never know.

    10. preppermo

      Am I alone in the fact that what is coming is scaring the S$#T out of me? Even with all the preparations I have taken in the past 3 years. Yes, I am new to prepping, but relocated from the city as I opened my eyes in 2008. I pray to God that what we fear is coming doesn’t happen. But I am honestly scared about what will happen when store shelves empty. I don’t know… We all know what will happen, but I am so afraid. How do you all deal with it?

      • braveheart

        Preppermo, welcome aboard, and you’re not alone in being fearful about what’s coming. we all have our own fears, but we can’t let those fears control us. to answer your question about how to deal with it, just keep on living your life as you normally do, continue with your prepping and get everything you can possibly get right up until the last minute, whenever that will be. I hope you have guns and ammo to protect your loved ones and supplies from those who have not prepped. after the balloon goes up, there will be such people who will try to turn other people’s homes into their “supermarkets”. Any other questions just feel free to ask. We’ll be glad to help any way we can. keep prepping and best wishes. braveheart

      • Tactical


        If anyone is telling you that he or she is not fearful of what is happening and the uncertain future, they are not telling you the truth. However DON’T LEAVE IN CONSTANT STATE OF FEAR. Such will destroy your ability to deal with what may come your way. I was in an analysis/paralysis mode for long time and it didn’t help me to resolve a damn thing. Now I just prep as much as humanly possible for my family and the rest will be at god’s discretion. Stay strong.

        • Tactical

          TYPO correction… “DON’T LIVE” NOT “DON’T LEAVE”. Some how I was thinking how can I LEAVE this crap we call it society and typed it that way.

      • JAS

        You aren’t alone. Even though I consider myself ready for about anything that comes my way, I keep looking at my grand daughters and wondering what is in store for them. They will be OK while I am alive, but what happens after I am gone. I have taught them to shoot and try to quietly teach them other things without scaring them out of their minds. I just hope that we somehow get the cork back in this bottle and stave off the total collapse that appears to be coming.

      • maddog

        preppermo, been prepping for years. The more prepared you become your fear will change to concern. Knowledge is the key to taking care of yourself and family. The more you learn the more confident you will be.

      • Me here

        Nope, you are not alone. I combat the fear by realizing that I will need to be flexible and adapt to changing situations. It helps to read books put out by people who have been through this before.

      • Sigi

        My relationship with God through His Son Jesus Christ helps me deal with the fear. If I don’t make it I know where I am going, where my family and most of my friends are going too. Meanwhile I believe that what little prepping I can manage is more to keep my hands busy than to rely on for survivial, but I do what I can and I add to my knowledge base and skills as well (since I cannot have a 35-year deep fallout shelter/ rural retreat).

      • Them Guys

        PrepperMo: I Deal with it usually by slapping the crap out of the wife and kiddies!(NOT! dont even have a wife nor kids!)

        • Barn Cat

          You have to go next door for that!

      • Barn Cat

        When I first woke up I didn’t sleep well for a couple of weeks. Since then, God has given me peace. I know almost everyone I know will die. It’s something I’ve had to get used to. We have guns but I live in town. There are hundreds of people within one square mile of where I live. We’re going to cover the windows from the inside and act like nobody lives here but I wonder how long that will work.

      • JoeRepublic

        I was going to respond with some long winded essay about how to deal with it. Instead, let me just say we all deal with fears from time to time. Once you realize the only thing you can have any effect on is yourself and possibly those you love, you can give up the rest of the horseshit and move on. There is no saving this system. It will end at some point, in fact, it is ending now. At some point you’ve just got to say, “fuck it” and realize you will end too some day.

        Enjoy what you have now as best you can. Prepare for the inevitable disaster on the horizon. Until then, stay informed but do not dwell on the fear.

        “I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.” -Frank Herbert

        • Gopher

          Not Frank. A Bene Gessert mantra.

          • JoeRepublic

            Frank Herbert wrote the book. Frank Herbert.

      • thedamhasaholeinit

        If the food stops flowing, the situation may become very unpleasant indeed. Without a lot of redundant explanation, the key here is food – water – protection, stock up.
        ” And in the last days it shall be, God declares, that I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh, and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams ”
        Do not be scared, you are blessed, you have received and accepted Gods message(s), even though you may not know you have.
        God has many means by which to deliver his message(s), message(s) for which some people will accept and some will reject, maybe even without realizing they did one or the other.
        Keep prepping, stay vigilant & have a positive attitude !!

      • PO'd Patriot

        Some of us here are close friends with John Daniels.

        • eagle eye

          I get on better with his brother Jack. 😉

      • patientmomma

        Is there anyone or any group brave enough or smart enough to do something with this information (assuming it is legitimate)?

        • PenCRNA

          If this is legitimate, we need a lynch mob

        • PenCRNA

          If this is legitimate, we need a lynch mob

        • JoeRepublic

          It is legitimate. All verified through and through. The problem is, most don’t know about it and most are too stupid to understand the implications of it. I mean, come on, most people cannot even understand how the Federal Reserve robs them through complete fiat money creation and that’s been around 100 years now. Never mind discussing Modern Money Mechanics with them. This ‘End Game Memo’ will be just as meaningless to the droids at large, sadly.

          Henry Ford once said some shit about these scumbag bankster thieves back in the day, “It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.”

          And therein lies the quandary, or should I say outright fucking conundrum. People don’t understand because they don’t take the time to understand because they don’t want to or care to. Expect little to come of this absolutely outrageous crime exposure. The farm animals are far too busy with sports statistics, their failing fucking 401k non-plans and watching television.

    11. Dave

      THIS event; when it finally comes about and does happen; is going to be worse than most people can imagine. No power; No Gas; No Food. Extended period of time; no more western civilization = NO MORE UNITED STATES.

      • CO Beach

        If it does play out like you think, then we’ll truly be Free. I hope yall are prepared. I’m still working on it (are you ever truly finished?), but am better off than 99% of the US.

      • Luther

        So very true, most of us who plan, prep and prepare are going to be shocked. We’ll just be ready and hopefully trained.

        Ah, feels good to be back, been just hanging low for a while.

      • JayJay

        It’s gonna be ‘One Second After’…all should read that book; you read it??
        Then give it to someone that hasn’t.
        I did. And I paid shipping!!!

        • braveheart

          JayJay, there was a voice back in 1976 that advised me to become a prepper. it was the voice of mrs braveheart just 1 month after we tied the knot. I’ve never regretted the decision. braveheart

        • braveheart

          JayJay, I have read “One Second After”. That was one tough book to read. Nobody could read it without getting emotional. The saddest part was when the guy’s daughter died. braveheart

    12. Anonymous

      A large corona mass ejection that was facing the Earth happened Tuesday at about 4:30am EDT.

      Obama held a meeting with head big Banksters, FDIC, and other money people Tuesday.

      Trading is disrupted on NASDAC Thursday.

      It takes about 2 days for the solar particles to reach Earth.

      Could this be the start of something big???

      • Tactical

        OB has his own Large corona mass ejection and doing fine destroying things. No need for the sun to do it.

      • A Christian Man

        For your info that LARGE Corona Mass was ejected driectly away from Earth on Tuesday. It has a large BS factor when you quote things that haven’t happened. Check Space Weather web-sight, If you don’t believe me. BTW it takes almost three days for it to reach the Earth, and it would have been a large event but not disabling in nature to our electrical grids.

        • Bob

          I thought the CME arrival time depended upon the nature of the event and what was ejected. i.e, radiation travels faster than matter.

    13. Just Observing

      Well, trying to do my part, spending what I have left in savings. Expensive trip to town today was for:

      A complete extra set of electronics for my solar power system in case of EMP/CME. Two Outback 3500w inverters, two 80amp charge controllers, and a HUB to connect them together…and a couple of galvanized trash cans to store it them in. 5 grand +

      New woodstove at Northern Tool. High efficiency, gassifier type, BIGGEST firebox they have, to replace an old one I have. 1 grand

      AND a Rikon meat bandsaw, also from Northern Tool, to cut meat at home. Been doing it for years with a handsaw, this will simply make life easier. 650 bucks.

      Savings is 7 grand lighter, but at least they can’t Cyprus it…..they’ll have to send an actual truck !

      • eagle eye

        going to the local hardware store next week to buy an *$89 small chain saw, filled with vege oil it makes real short work of breaking down beef carcases while they are on the gimble. Once split in two the rest can be done with a hand saw or a recip saw.

        It is bloody hard to get a bandsaw big enough to split a beef carcase, and fingers don;’t last long if you slip.

        • JRS

          Hey, that’s a good tip eagle eye… using cooking oil in the oiler. I bet that works slicker than shit.

          Old timers use an axe.

        • Just Observing

          Chainsaw will work, we use a Dewalt electric sawsall with a long blade. The band saw isn’t for splitting a carcass, (even the pro’s use slightly larger version of my Dewalt for carcass splitting ) it’s for cutting steaks and chops to nice even thickness, and process larger cuts into nice roasts, and such.

          Yes, you can do it with a hand meat saw….been doing that for years, but a band saw makes it a nice, neat, professional looking cut….in addition to being a lot faster.

    14. swampratt

      When I see a rainbow flag flying at the white house
      then I know its about over just a little humor

      • Smokey

        We’re going to see a rainbow flag flying over Seattle next year, the two candidates for Mayor are a much-despised green incumbent who wants to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour, and a homosexual whose claim to suitability for Mayor of a city of 500,000 is being homosexual.

        • swampratt

          BOB that’s correct slaves were muslim that was seen in
          the movie ROOTS the movie was intended to convert them

    15. Smokey

      Generator is on the list for early next year, already set up the gas line and electrical panels for it.

    16. TimTheCrusader

      I’m convinced SHTF will happen because of a dollar collapse. Eventually some country will get sick of losing wealth by holding dollars. They’ll dump them, and eventually everyone else will, too.

      • sixpack

        When the rest of the world finally gets sick and tired of this shit, I pray they just take it out on Pennsylvania avenue and leave the rest of us alone.

        • BlueH20

          @sixpack, take some comfort in remembering that the Egyptians held up signs calling Obama a dictator and a fascist while telling us they love the American people.

          The NYSE was hit later on today after the NASDAQ. Maybe payback for that worm we sent the Iranians? Maybe they’ll just target the banksters and the pols.

          • sixpack

            right back at ’em!

    17. AU_Battle

      It amazes me how main street so badly want’s to have use believe that the economy is improving and will keep improving and that 2014 will be the best year yet since the financial melt down of 2008. With so many of the major companies reporting lower ernings and downgrading there future growth forcasts I don’t know how they can come to thier rosy economic forcasts. I get the feeling sometimes that I’m living in the twilite zone. If big Ben polles the plug on QE it won’t be because the economy is in great shape. He will pole the plug because He has to before it creates a major fincial melt down that he believes will be worse than the melt down after he stops QE. So witch choice is the best one keep QE going or stop QE? I don’t think it matters. He bought the one percenters and the Federal Government the time they needed to get thier things in order befor the Big Crash. October this year? maybe.

      • JayJay

        Oh, come on folks.
        Why would the Idiots actually warn us?
        Total panic and not one thing left on any shelves at any stores.
        Gas stations backed up miles.
        Talk about a bank run?? It would be ‘the’ biggest evah!!
        And who of us would pay our bills??
        Warning us will only accelerate the collapse.

        If that little voice told you years ago to get gas, generator, food, medical supplies, 0° sleeping bags, laundry equipment, new bicycle tires, wood/coal burning stove, solar oven, coleman camper stove, chain saw, brake bleeder, mason jars, cases and cases of vitamins, vitamin C crystals, fish mox forte…just maybe you are one of the chosen.
        I know I am.

        • Bob

          The banksters have diversified. Now many of the fights and bank runs will be a ATMs. Sooo many more convient locations for the customer.

        • mountain man 6-1

          HUH….JJ….ya forgot th ANTHRAX !!

      • sixpack

        Ben will only pull the plug when the wealth of the elites becomes threatened…not until.

        • Barn Cat

          The elites won’t be threatened. 98% of the population is asleep. In the meantime, they’re stealing $85 billion worth of mortgages every month.

    18. jim in Va.

      The dots are starting to connect. Finance problems,race problems,shortages,inflation,overseas problems…. Who is in charge?

      • maddog

        ocommie is in charge


      • 10mm

        Satan and his henchmen.

      • Luther

        Probably some guy who thinks he’s God!

      • Carrying the Fire

        Can you say, “SATAN”, in your best church lady voice

    19. Satori

      Nowhere to Hide

      “John: Sure. The war against privacy is to make sure that you don’t keep anything hidden when the global government funding crises hit a head. They are going to need ALL the money they can get their hands on, and make no mistake, you will be “bailed in”. That goes for Americans as well as Europeans. What happened in Cyprus was a test run.

      Mark: I agree 100%. People have to wake up. Your financial survival, your ability to put food in your children’s mouths and a roof over their head is ultimately what is at stake. If everyone just sits back and ignores this government criminality we are all going to pay the price. When is enough, enough?

      What people don’t realize is that if governments continue to run amock, spending, regulating, “spying”, they WILL destroy the global economy. Forget the dramatic scenarios of locking everyone up, that’s sensationalist stuff. The real deal here is economic destruction as a result of this “war” against – everything.”


      • Bob

        For those wo fear confiscation of supplies: Yes it will be attemped, but people will not hand things over so easily when they realize their very survival is at stake. Those who have already surrendered their weapons will be easy targets. Amazing how many fools are so eager to give the governmant a monopoly on violent, deadly force

        • Bob

          re: Syrian chemical weapons

          The atrocities committed upon Americans by the present American government will make both sides in the Syrian conflict look like rank ameteurs.

    20. y99

      Most of us on this site understand that we are dealing with a when not if scenario, we are treading on a path of losing our country and way of life which we have treasured but we must remember much of it has been through psychological manipulation and a belief that our laws and constitution would protected us.

      We’ve made the mistake of trusting in government that has become so corrupt it’s beyond imagination, what lies in store is catastrophe on a scale the world has never seen.

      Missing from this article is the psychology that has brought us to this point, some points are made based on reaction but not the psychological solution. The survival of civilization, depends on the individuals awareness of what connects us to the past, present and what future we want for our children and grandchildren.

      We must be conscious of God because that is being connected to all things, we must have self-knowledge in who we are as people so we can prepare for the worst, we must remember that we have the instinct to see the best and worst in man, the insight into how our own action will affect the future.

      • braveheart

        Y99, spot on analysis. Truer words were never spoken.

    21. M

      Have some stencils and spraypaint ready too go.

      paint hoarder on all your asshole neighbors homes )

      • LSB

        Or foodbank…

    22. Carrying the Fire

      To overthrow Communism History has proven that it takes a Revolution. Sometimes it’s a soft one like what happened in Europe in the 1980’s, sometimes not.

      Most people don’t know this, but there was armed resistance in Poland and The Ukraine into the 1950’s against the Soviets re-taking them post WWII.

      It is obvious that BHO and his troops are getting ready for a violent response to whatever he has planned.

      Instead of preparing to survive whatever is coming, we should go on offense and prepare for our own re-take America, REVOLUTION.

      Then WE pick the time and place that it will occur, not the Communists.

    23. Barn Cat

      I expect total chaos. No electricity, public water, electricity, police, or fire protection. I expect at least 250 million Americans to die during the first year alone. It will be the biggest disaster in world history up to that time.

      One thing that concerns me is all the people who know we’re prepping. People who I tried to wake up who might think I owe them something after it hits the fan. People who might want me to take in their kids if I can’t take them in. I don’t plan on opening the door for anyone unless I hear the voice of God in my mind telling me to do so.

      And yes, I might as well say it. I think it’s happening this fall.

    24. Satori

      this would be funny if it wasn’t so f_cking sad

      White House: Syria’s Assad is ‘one of the worst tyrants’ of modern era

      these guys wanna go to war so bad they’re wetting themselves

      and what do ya wanna bet that Obama/Bush have killed a hell of a lot more people than Assad ever dreamed of ?

      they are REALLY ginning things up
      there’s gonna be a war one way or the other

    25. KY Mom


      What is error 404?

      • yental

        One before 403, and one after 405!

        Sorry to appear “flippant” but I can “feel” one of those “moods” coming on.

        404 is usually related to a “server not found” indication, or something closely related to that definition. No ill intent…INTENDED! Sometimes, simply “refreshing the page” will solve the problem…sometimes not.

        • yental

          Wow, one AFTER 403, and one BEFORE 405! Long day!

          • tired of ny bs

            Count much lol

      • Barn Cat

        It’s a server error. You weren’t able to connect to the website.

    26. Too many MBAs

      A while back I had the chance to return to school.
      All my friends went for MBAs and thought the mgt. road would be gold.

      They all got fired.

      I chose programming and actually get some shit done.
      Adding real value…just just a meeting sitter.

      My rules..
      Always be real.
      Keep learning
      If the “herd” goes right… fucking better go left!!!
      Keep your secrets of how you do things..just that…a secret.
      Survival of the fittest these days.
      Never mouth off…and keep your cool.
      Just keep plugging…yesterday is just that…yesterday…todays’s new day
      to learn and deploy new things.

      Finally… The United States is collapsing.
      Everyone knows this.
      Millions will be bitching about not having jobs.

      Time to start your own company and work seven days a week…non stop.
      That’s what it will take… eat, sleep, work…rinse repeat.

      Hide all your money in metals….they will steal everything from you and inflation is their game.

      saving up for a nice harley from some dead boomer.
      There will be some benefits from being behind the largest national age wave disaster in modern times. They will leave behind nice homes, cars and toys.

      So work hard today…then buy things cheap from this nasty selfish generation.
      Who will plant flowers on their graves?
      NOT ME!!



      They both trashed our great country.

      Good luck.

      • LSB

        It sounds to me like you are pointing to my age group. I’m 63. I definitely am not spoiled. Having 9 siblings took care of that. We have worked very hard for what we have. We have helped many people, still are. Lumping age groups together, saying something negative or positive is just stupid. All age groups have their good and bad.

        • Orwellian States

          Amen. I did not grow up in wealth —– had my first job at 14. After college I worked 44 years before retirement. Now I’m sitting in new mountain home on 50 acres with 20 kw standby, food, garden, guns and ammo to spare, etc. Perhaps a little to remote as I killed two copperheads in last three weeks.

      • Barn Cat

        Racism, sexism, and ageism are all just as ugly. You’re way too blind for someone who pretends to be smart. I see people as individuals and not as members of groups.

    27. Satori

      this is what is coming

      The Great Transformation: From the Welfare State to the Imperial Police State

      “Unlike the manufacturing sector, financial capital does not need a population of educated, healthy and productive workers. Its own ‘labor force’ is composed of a small educated elite of speculators, analysts, traders and brokers at the top and middle levels and a small army of ‘contract’ office sweepers, secretaries and menial workers at the bottom. They have their own ‘invisible’ army of domestic servants, cooks, caterers, gardeners and nannies devoid of any ‘Social Security’, health coverage and pension plans. And the financial sector has its own private networks of doctors and clinics, schools, communications systems and messengers, estates and clubs, and security agencies and body guards; it needs not an educated, skilled public sector; and it certainly does not want national wealth to support high quality public health and educational systems. It has no interest in supporting this mass of public institutions which it views as an obstacle to ‘freeing up’ vast amounts of public wealth for speculation. In other words, the dominant sector of capital has no objection to ‘Homeland Security’; indeed it shares many sentiments with the proponents of the police state and supports shrinking the welfare state. It is concerned about lowering taxes on finance capital and increasing Federal bail-out funds for Wall Street while controlling the impoverished citizenry.”

      • Two Buckets

        They dont even need ifrastructure like roads, because they can get anywhere in private jet & helicopter & should the situation arise for them to use the road network they get chauffeured around in top of the range mercedes, lexus, toyota or range rover suv’s that can manage potholes in v8 comfort & style

    28. RickInOregon

      I’m not a warrior, I’m a mellowed middle aged husband and father that has a homesteaders lifestyle that enjoys fishing and bow hunting. As long as the collapse is an economic event and not a shooting event, I’ll be ok. If it’s a shooting event, I’m pretty much toast as I’m not in the best condition of my life, my ears are ringing and my eye site is going down hill. Perfect candidate for cannon fodder. My wife is in worst physical condition than I am. Reality sucks but it is what it is.

      • Sigi

        Sorry to hear that. Have you tried any supplements for the tinitus? I can’t recall the mineral that’s helpful- I learned about it shortly after my dad died and wished he could have tried it since it bothered him so badly. if you can tame the ringing it can help post TEOTWAWKI when you will want your ears to be at their best.

      • sixpack

        Maybe you and your should do what I do, focus not on what you CAN’T do, but what you CAN do.

        I can’t run, but I can sit quietly and wait.
        What I can’t do, I can teach.
        If I don’t know, I can find out.

        Together, with your wife, you have combined assets.

        You are NOT simply “cannon fodder”.

        • RickInOregon

          Thanks for the suggestions. Quoting a movie line “A man’s got to know his limitations”. I have enough life experience to have gained some insight to my limitations and enough wisdom to not fool myself with what I’m not.

          As for the tinnitus, maybe I should look into natural remedies for the symptoms and see if I can grow my own herbs to help it out. That is the homesteaders way.

          • BlueH20


            Shooting without protection can cause the tinnitus, but sometimes it is as simple as a wax buildup. There is a cheap OTC earwax removal kit with a gentle peroxide and a syringe to rinse with. Just follow the directions. It helped me during a bad episode. Didn’t completely get rid of it, but it went down several notches.

            Don’t use regular peroxide. It is too harsh.

          • kimintn

            @rick look into flax seed oil or omega3 oil. if you are taking too much they can cause tinnitus. if you aren’t taking them, try flax seed oil as it can clear tinnitus up. a lot of the natural remedies are like that. also, your excursions are always a good read. i used to fish for tarpon back in florida but seems all the ponds around here have chum-size fish!

          • sixpack

            Smart meters can easily cause tinnitus, startpage “smart meters hazards”, if you have one.

            Put up an aluminum foil barrier between your area and the meters. In my case, it was on my living room wall. It stopped my tinnitus and my headaches went away within less than 24 hours.

            NOTE: No need for a tin foil hat,LOL, a square about 4 feet by 4 feet on the wall should suffice.

            I’m not kidding about the foil on the wall. I put mine under the drywall where it can’t be seen, since we had to replace some drywall anyway.

            Your blood pressure will drop, your eyesight will get better, your headaches will disappear along with the ringing in the ears.

      • Sookie sookie

        Cut wheat from your diet. Tinnitus is often caused by an intolerance to gluten. I know several who overcame it that way.

      • lastmanstanding

        Rick, tell me another fish story…

        “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

        • RickInOregon

          I will never roll over and quit, it’s not my way.

          The last fishing trip I went on wasn’t very productive. I took my boat out with one crew. We ran offshore on a flat ocean at 30 knots and made good time to the plan”A” spot. There was good water color and a nice temperature break. We put out four troll rods and two hand lines and trolled around for an hour with no bites. We then headed west, stopping and fishing at every spot that looked fishy. We hit waypoints that I’ve saved over the years and we couldn’t pick up a fish. We ended up farther off shore than I’ve ever taken my boat and still got skunked. It was still a great day on the water, the sun came out, the ocean stayed flat all day and we seen a whale breaching over and over, whale spouts in a lot of places and we had a whale surface about 30 feet in front of my boat. I’ve never seen in one day so much whale sign.

          The talk back at dockside is that a huge biomass of squid have shown up and the tuna are staying down and gorging themselves. We weren’t the only boat to get skunked that day.

          I’m going to try again this weekend only I’m going to drop crab traps first then fish the inner reefs for some lingcod and rock fish before I head offshore for some tuna.

          • sixpack

            On another ‘nature’ not, I FINALLY SAW A HONEY BEE TODAY! I haven’t seen one so far this whole year, until today. Made me happy for a few moments.

            Amazing how such a simple thing as seeing a bee, can bring a smile in these days…

            • sixpack

              “nature NOTE”

          • PO'd Patriot

            Squid and whales are fleeing the radioactive plumes coming from Fukushima.

          • eagle eye

            Quit my sales rep job two weeks ago and got work on a farm across the valley from my place. Wildllife sightings so far, platypus in the dams and creeks, hare, fattest bastard I have ever seen and I nearly stepped on him, and just about shit myself. Wombat on the beef block, wedgetail eagles surfing the slopes, and hundreds of sulphur crested cockatoos, hiding from the shitty weather in the pine trees

            My reasoning for job changing are to be closer to home if anything happens, get an active job so I don’t wind up fat, unfit and unhappy, and to do something I really enjoy. 150hp 4wd tractors on slippery sloping ground are a challenge but far more fun than purchasing officers who are trying to screw the price down. Pulling calves out of wet and cold cows in the mud, not so much. Its funny but even that does not feel like work.

            The added bonus is that I can watch my house while I work.

            • LSB

              Don’t you like pulling calves? I love helping with my baby goats. When the face first appears, I wipe down the nose and mouth areas so they don’t inhale the fluid. Once I do that usually the eyes open up and start looking around. It is so funny to see, just that front face area shows with the eyes going side to side like they are saying, get me the hell out of here. Life doesn’t get much better than that.

    29. Be informed

      I am not sure if I am right or not about this, but I feel that when whatever happens it is going to be a surprise type event. Whether it is staged like a false flag that will still use the startling suddenness of it take most people off guard. It could be an event that man has no control over, and might have no idea is coming. IF it is an economic crash without some hard core physical event to kindle it going, then I think it will also be very sudden. I could see a quick free fall and then an extended banking holiday. I still feel that it will be a physical event that gets everything going.

      Like I was suggesting in the previous article, it doesn’t matter what it is that causes a collapse of society. As long as people prepare and put away what they need everyday, they will have a far better chance of weathering the storm.

      I think we are all guilty of some sort of bias towards what we think will bring about the so called end. Doomsday Preppers on National Geographic used this, and then the program tried to make preppers look as absurd as possible by giving FALSE slanted odds on their event they were waiting for. Many people feel it is economic, others feel a world wide pandemic, or Yellowstone, planet tilting on its axis, solar EMP, war, climate change, and too many others to list. I personally feel that world war, a super virus, and solar EMP are on the top three. I of course could be dead wrong. Doesn’t matter what it is that ends civilization.

      Everyone should be preparing for one simple concept, no specific event necessarily, just for “GOING WITHOUT WHAT SOCIETY HAS PROVIDED”. Too many times people like RICH99 and others see an economic event never manifesting itself, or something like a terrorist attack never occurring. Then this broad paintbrush is wiped across the prepper/survivalist across everywhere as being doomers and unrealistic with life. Prepare for SHTF, period, whatever that may be.

      I can with anyone that doubts how important it is to prepare look at an area anywhere on the planet and show a weather event, geophysical calamity, or something even manmade in which their area can and has been hit. No person is safe anywhere on the planet Earth. Other areas such as cities are more vulnerable, but event the most remote place can and will be nailed by something. Fire for one is probably one of the most likely culprit anywhere on the planet that has the most far reaching destructive power, other than on some ice cap or some water soaked refuge. The point is that every last person should be putting away for “THE EVENT” that affects them.

      • yental

        BP accidentally on purpose contamination of Gulf of Mexico salt dome containing/housing “frozen methane”…now being released via “hot oil” and seawater. Straight line connection to Bayou Corne expanding, bubbling sinkhole in Louisiana, and “straight line connection” with the New Madrid fault zone via the Mississippi river.

        Seems like something more than coincidence in my “tin foil hatted mind”. I don’t like the potential, or the odds.

        • Be informed

          @ yental. Anytime you disturb any type of balance there are consequences. How much is what is in question here. Even though the worst oil spill ever would not even begin to comapre to what is under the Gulf. The old cork out of the champagne bottle could be more of a concern here than anything. With supervolcanoes it only takes an opening large enough to cause a cascading type of effect that leads to much pressure and material being released.

          British Petroleum could have lead that balance out of the bottle, but it could also be something that is going to gradually balance itself. Sometimes events like this can counterbalance themselves on the same level and same time frame as the catalyst event. On the other hand, like the Long Beach earthquake of 1933, the drilling of oil along the Signal Hill region was thought to cause the breaking of the Newport Inglewood fault many decades before it was suppose to. The break occurred about 12 miles south of Signal Hill but was thought that the constant taking of oil from the ground caused a type of rebound effect on the fault. Imbalances like this can trigger faults, like the dams that are often constructed right on top of faults. IF all the miles of ice suddenly melted off of Antarctica the continent would be shaking all over the place for centuries.

          I would say that some of the earthquakes in southern Alabama are a connection with the New Madrid. If there is this type of crustal settling from the New Madrid’s ancient connection to the Gulf, then yes it is possible that what British Petroleum did and is doing will have disasterous results. It could even trigger something in the Gulf that then sets off the New Madrid. I call them British Petroleum instead of BP because they don’t deserve any respect for the catastrophe they caused to the coastline and the people’s income that depends on that coastline to live.

      • Cowdoc

        BI, as one of the most level headed and articulate contributers to this site, I would appreciate it if you would get past the event crisis and post a plan of action for us in advance of the event. We need some action plan senarios that we could adapt to our situation when all contact via internet and cell phone is suspended. Without a plan we are quickly defeated one at a time. We need a call to arms alert to present a unified resistence. I know many people that I would trust, but we need to know what signals our need to come together for a common defense. Soon Please.

        • old guy

          I know vey few who would pass the foxhole test. My motto is DTA. Don’t Trust Anyone. Think back to the 1880,s the mountain men Trappers. they went into hostile indian territory alone or with just one partner. The Indians where survivalist group,s good at foraging & fighting. yet germ warfare ( for example a blanket infected with smallpox) wiped them out. Even gerinimo was forced to surrender .Why fight a unwinnable war? Our government has been fighting unwinnable wars since WWII. Face the fact Our Republic is pretty much gone. Its over the USA is in decline there Isnt any political fix. A revolution wont fix anything. We are on the same path as the Soviet Union. Where gonna have something trigger the govt to declare Marshall Law. They will cause civil disobedience. Some states will try to secede from the union. That will erupt into civil war, race war, and ethnic cleansing. The nation will become several smaller ountries.

          • DRD5508

            old guy, good insight. Thanks for the thoughts and history.

    30. braveheart

      Good evening, BI, and once again, you’re right on target. I have the same feeling about what’s coming, that we’ll all be caught off guard. Doesn’t matter what triggers it; I still think there will be a series of events bringing on the collapse. My prepping is continuing as my resources allow. The article from yesterday truly reinforced my feeling of something in the air. braveheart

    31. Yohan

      Drudge headline – “Cramer: WE NEED A DISASTER PLAN”

    32. Ugly


      Just keep the prepping as simple as possible. Remember, the economic collapse will not be a luxury, but that of survival mode. Remember the basics:

      .social interaction

      For me, 90% of my stuff will be boring but also healthy?

      .dehyed potato flakes
      .freezer filled in Fall with corn and meat for 6 months
      .water filter
      .water storage
      .knowledge of ‘wild’ edible plants
      .supplies, such as hygiene stuff, medical, tools, etc

      I am going to keep it redundant but simple. I’d rather have 20 5-gallon buckets of beans, than 20 5-gallon buckets of 10 different stuff.

      Good luck….

      • JayJay

        Not me…macaroni and pasta cook in 15 minutes and add that to lots of stuff like canned tomatoes, steamed vegetables..UM–Um good.
        Beans?? not cooked in 20 minutes.
        I have cases of tomatoes, dehydrated tomatoes, and buckets of macaroni and pasta.
        Oh, 576 ramen noodles—I like it!!

        • ILmom

          Beans can cook in an hour in a pressure cooker.

          • Cat

            Cook the beans, dehydrate them, store them. Ready in 15-20 minutes when needed

      • RickInOregon


        Today I canned up a dozen pint jars of beef. It was on sale, two for the price of one. Being that I do a lot of canning, every time I go into one of our local everything stores I pick up a couple of boxes of canning lids. I have enough on the shelf that I could go a year without buying any more. I figure that they will also make a good barter item and with the right wheeling and dealing they may help to put more food on my shelf. You bring me your jars and produce, I will use my pressure canner, rocket stove and lids, we split the finished product.

        • Ugly

          RickInOregon. You and JayJay and others are advanced preppers. I’m a idiot. I’m not the brightest fish in the sea, therefore I must prep with simplicity. I’m afraid if I canned goods, I would die of botulism on the first can.

          Therefore, I leave canning to the experts.

          But, I did eat some cattails the other day. Not too bad.

          Yeah, I may have to take your offer. I live in Pocatello and from your writings I am guessing you are in the Newport or Astoria area. Maybe we can meet half way and I’ll bring the produce and you can can it professionally. Maybe Juntura or Hampton?

          Oregon is beautiful.

          Go Ducks. Go PRE!!!!

          Thanks and good luck.

          • JayJay

            Ugly–water bath can some things.
            I water bath canned veg/beef soup, cabbage/beef soup, ground beef. Fruits and green beans I’ve done for 40 years.
            Anything pickled can be water bath canned.
            Tried to get all that ground beef from the freezer.
            I look every week at my canned goods.
            Haven’t lost one yet–and it will be cooked for over 10 minutes before serving.
            The Amish do it this way. Why can’t we??
            I ate my last can of green beans last summer water bath canned in 1992–yep–20 years ago.

            • JayJay

              Oh, one note:
              I did cook my beef before canning it with my other ingredients.

            • Ugly


              Thanks for input and advice. Someday I’ll be a seasoned prepper. As of now, it is mostly #10 cans, 5 gallon buckets, seeds, and canned goods such as Campbells. Yes, I also have Top Ramen.

              Keep prepping and keep sharing your thoughts. Someday, our freedom of speech will be gone.

              • KY Mom

                Try dehydrating some vegetables. It is very easy. I have a Nesco American Harvest dehydrator. It is a low cost model, but does the job. Just follow the instructions. The dehydrated food takes up little space to store.

        • LSB

          Many years ago I did that, canned tuna to split. I think it was about 500 lbs of work.

    33. Former Cal Girl

      Sitting here with my Dad in his final hours I cannot help but be grateful he will not be around to see what is coming. To the very end our family has tried to be faithful to each other and my Dad will not die alone. He has taught me well and my husband and I will carry on. As I stated the other day our most recent prep has been getting in shape, losing weight and eating more homegrown food. So far I am down 15 lbs and feeling great. Walking as much as I can everyday. Hubby is doing better than me and hopes to bag our own turkey for Thanksgiving. As I have said before if we can do it anyone can.

      • J. Roy

        Condolences. Stay strong for Dad.

        • mike prince

          Ditto on the condolences. Just went thru it with my father last year. You will be blessed.

      • old guy

        I know its illegal but in a survival situation place soaked corn on fishhooks to catch turkeys.

      • Tactical

        @Former Cal Girl,

        You and your dad are in our prayers. Really sorry for what you are going through even though this is part of the normal life cycle for all of us bit it is always difficult. Stay Strong and take care of your family. God bless you all.

      • JayJay

        Cal Girl–you are in my prayers.
        I, like you, am grateful my mom and dad aren’t seeing this mess our world is in, too.

      • braveheart

        Former Cal Girl, my condolences and I’ll keep you in my prayers. I lost my mother to breast cancer right after Obama first got into the White House. i’m grateful she’s not around to see what that monkey and his minions are doing to our country. my Dad is still alive, but he’s a heart patient. When the balloon goes up, he won’t be able to get his meds anymore. I’m in good health myself, not on any meds or any of that crap. I think I’ll make it LONG after the balloon has gone up, if not ALL the way. braveheart

      • RickInOregon

        Sorry to hear about your Dad. Please except my condolences.

      • Former Cal Girl

        Thanks everyone. What a great community we have here. It’s all good though Dad is a W WWII and Korea vet. He has fought the good fight and will now go home to be with the Lord. His future is much brighter than ours.

        • DRD5508


        • KY Mom

          Former Cal Girl,

          Condolences and prayers for you and you family.

          KY Mom

      • Smokey

        Condolences for your loss.

      • REB

        May peace keep you and yours through this difficult time…

      • Central TX Mom

        I am so sorry for your loss. Try to stay strong and sending prayers your way.

    34. ready down under

      I follow the situation in the US very closely believing “it” will most likely start there and spread. Few things in our favour here in Australia though. Apart from petrol we are pretty much self sufficient in what really matters and of course TPTB will seize control of fuel supplies much like they did after WW2 and ration them, if in fact there is any left after “essential” services get theirs. Also, we have 23 million people in an area the size of your lower 48, 90% of those concentrated in the cities along the Eastern and Southern coasts. Lots of space inbetween where prepped families and individuals can drop out and ride out the worst of it. Not saying we will be immune from anarchy or lesser civil unrest coz we wont, but it will be a lot easier to provide for 23 mill than over 300 coz we are resource and agriculture rich. I really feel for you guys. We will both go through our own “One Second After” scenarios, and neither will be pretty, but I’m guessing what’ll happen there will be really bad. Been to the US a few times and really love the place (I mean “real” America, not LA, Phoenix or even Portland) and have friends there, most of whom are not really awake at all. I hope all fellow preppers, “the Family”, come out the other side safe and well.


      • Ugly


        You are right. America is in serious trouble, and civil unrest is not far behind. Glad you live in a ‘better’ area. We The People will soon find out what a misery-index is.

        Thanks for your kind words and good luck too.

      • Smokey

        We’ll get through it, so will you folks.

      • DRD5508

        down under, thanks.

      • REB

        Back at ya…America will be fine all we gotta do is get rid of the tyrants…Im sure you Aussies will do just fine too….

    35. Realtime Prep

      The stench of the worlds atrocities, and the foulness of the worlds words have filled the heavens! The time of reckoning is almost upon us. You do not have to judge others for they will be judged! Tend to your family, open your heart. Be at peace for if you are truly worthy, you shall not suffer!


    36. Thorin

      Fantastic article! Thank you for posting!

    37. Sheepdog

      Nothing happens in D.C. by accident, Obamacare is designed to fail. My HR guy says there aren’t any providers in the exchanges yet, United Healthcare (the biggest)says they won’t play. It is going to fail.

      Using this example, everything this government does is supposed to fail. Blame the country, dishearten the populace, make them clamor for solutions. Does the north american union ring a bell?

      Do you really think that the southern border is left unprotected for no reason? Do you really think that all this internal security is setup to protect us from muslim terrorists? Do you really think the intimidation at the airport is for your protection? Do you think peace officers became law enforcement by accident? I could go on and on…

      They will destroy this Republic, proclaim the Constitution null and void and in the ashes of the United States, comes the NWO. I know these creatures will seek to destroy any and all of us here on this site. Those of us who believe in Natural Rights are to be liquidated. We offer resistance to the those who seek to destroy the free thinker, the individual, the rebel, the loner.

      I want to survive but in what kind of reality? I will not be disarmed, I will not conform to the “new matrix”. I will not comply with the collective. I am sanquine to the fact of my certain death for I am determined to die well. It is my children for whom I am concerned, for whose survival I will fight like a honey badger and protect like a sheepdog, for whom my wife and I have prepared.

      We are all responsible for the disintegration of this nation, our individual parts large and small. Look in the mirror to lay blame, I know I do. Where do we go from here? How do we conduct ourselves? I chose to follow the path of our Lord Jesus Christ, may His Light guide us to peace and true justice.

    38. Anonymous

      The doors of Hell have been opened! Pray-up, Stock-up and Buck up. There is no turning back!

    39. Repent.

      The doors of Hell have been opened. Pray-UP, Stock-Up and Buck-Up! There is no turning back!

    40. Anonymous

      *I Am Shorty*

    41. Shootit

      Does everyone remember the story about Cowboys and Indians? Over the decades I thought it might end up being Cowboys and the Russians. After Regan(The Cowboy)handled the Russians things were good. After 9/11 it seemed like it was going to be Cowboys and Muslim’s. Now it seems like it may be Cowboys and the CORP. Could it have been the CORP all along? Whoever it is and what ever their motive is…… they will have to play Cowboys!

      “A Country Boy Will Survive!”

    42. thedamhasaholeinit

      Get out of the city or stay put ? if shtf
      Can it get worse than this evacuation video ?
      How dangerous is a city to be in ? if shtf
      What circumstances would cause people to leave ?
      1st minute of video.
      Did you watch the Video, now rewatch the video & think about Food & Water at the same time.
      Our world is very fragile, this is no place for children to be playing with matches.

    43. Be informed

      @ Cowdoc. You make an excellent point, it might take awhile to come up with a concrete set of ideas on what you said. I will give it a shot. In your life if you have something that will benefit others and you don’t use it, the waste can be quite profound. It sure seems like the time is running out fast doesn’t it? I will begin working on this approach, it will take much thought to make it work correctly. I will try.

      • eagle eye

        BI, if you are doing it right you will have your own local network of people you trust. Those local networks will overlap, and it is that overlap which allows word to spread. It helps to live in a rural environment where people are naturally prepared, and are generally competent at looking after themselves. (If you do not have a local network of like minded people you are far less prepared than is required. No one can stay awake forever, regardless of how much ammo or food they have stashed)

        My networks have certainly benefited from 18 months spent as a sales rep in my wider region. That job choice was a bonus, but once the aim had been achieved its down side was too great.
        Never discount the bush telegraph. My father sold his farm in the middle of the Nth Island of NZ, my brother was shearing at the bottom of the Sth Island, and knew about the sale within less than 4 hours of the handshake. When the time comes the word will spread, faster than anyone expects. Especially as everyone, even the sheep, is on edge and waiting for something to happen. The danger is that people might jump at shadows.

        • old guy

          Its those who you mistakenly think you can trust who will stab you in the back. they will turn on you very quickly. no group gets along for very long. they always get to bickering & fighting. family is the worst look how siblings fight after the parents die! Add to this fact the hardship and scarcity of desired items and its never gonna work amaicabily. I can sleep without worry. my dogs sleep very lightly and they are awake and barking at anything amiss. and as long as I feed and pet them they are loyal. And those dogs will certainly bite you if you threaten me and mine. Just climb the fence and you will wish you hadn’t. Those dogs can eat the scraps & leftovers bad food that would make a human sick.

      • Cowdoc

        BI, Thanks for your attention. I get the feeling that many people that post on this site just do it for amusement and self gradification. There are many people who read the site for serious information though and they don’t post. All these people and myself will really appreciate your efforts. It may not be popular with some on the site, but I will pray for your success.

      • JayJay

        In ‘one second after’, the dead were buried in the golf course. In the cities, what will be done with these bodies??

    44. Rancher

      I do not agree with all the above stated…

      As a truly serious prepper I do not and will not consider teaming up with non preppers in a real crisis event. Family and friends included. Period.

      We did not prepare ourselves to endure just to be eaten out of house and home by non preppers. Plus what will the wipe their butts with as they have zero of anything… What part of zero do you not get? If you plan for that why are you even prepping? I have asked certain family and friends to begin reading the tea leaves and to set aside funds and prep over many years and over a decade now but noooo it is a fools errand to them.

      Sow and reap baby. I am sowing and will refuse others to reap from my efforts as well. You best be teaming up with like prepped folks and walk away from and leave behind the non prepped out family and friends. Also if you do not have a turn key ready to man and operate location to go to then it is all for not as well.

      So are you really a serious prepper much like a pioneer going west with one wagon of supplies or are you a day tripper hoping and wishing a few fish can feed several people for a few months. You are not Jesus and even Jesus did that just…for one meal.

      • JayJay

        Rancher–we are warned.
        I Timothy 5:8….Anyone who does not provide for their relatives, and especially for their own household, has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.
        We are the Noahs; he didn’t hesitate when the Lord shut him in.
        Amen, brother Rancher, Amen.

    45. Too many MBAs

      I don’t care about any of this shit. I have work to do.
      I’m outta here.

      I advice you..after you are prepped…to then forget about it all.
      There’s nothing you can do.

      So.. focus on your career…
      You just might do very well and be watching all this shit go down
      from the safely of a nice island or mountain home.


    46. cabinfever

      I cannot prep. My husband thinks it’s more important t o upgrade our boat and buy a golf cart and new home bar. Plus we live near a nuclear power plant. If the power/electricity stops, that’s all she wrote. I am doomed. All I can do is ask Jesus to watch over. He’s in deep denial. His boss is wide awake and he’s listened but deep down he just cannot face reality. Something wicked happens this fall I think.

    47. old guy

      I agree with Rancher. Those who think they don’t have to prep because someone else will do it for them wont get anything from me. There likely the same parasite takers who don’t think they need to produce because someone else will produce for them. My preps wont be redistributed to the non preppers. I heard a guy state that if he ran out of food he will just kill someone elses cows. If I catch someone eating a cow or anything that isn’t theirs ill try to hang them. Probably have to shoot them first? That’s the only way to make 100% shure that they don’t do that no more times. I wont tolerate thievery. Those who believe they can bug out to the rural countryside are mistaken. Most of us country folks feel they aren’t welcome in our back yards. It may be several hundred acres big but it is still private property a backyard. tress passers wont be tolerated. I we are to survive we gotta take a hard line. If I take care of me and mine and everyone else does the same their wont be a need for frontier justice. Even my relatives wont be welcome to my preps.

      • BillybonesIII

        Hey old guy, I’m likely older than you.
        With your philosophy, won’t we have a wonderful world?

        • old guy

          Billy you can think & do whatever you wish & want. Your the one who has to live with the results. Wonderful world? where have you been? Life isn’t fair Nothing can make life be fair. You cant vote moral correctness. The magnitude and duration of what is coming is unprecedented. I think 90% of the population will die a untimely horrible death. Its the meanest craftiest best prepared folks with Know How & Self Reliance that will live. and they will need to be lucky. Im old and my life don’t matter much. Its my grandchildren who I prep for. I want my DNA to live on through their offspring.I don’t force them to partake with prepping. I don’t tell them gloom & doom stories. When they come here we play and have fun. The playing includes things like shooting the rifle fishing and building things like the tree house.

    48. BillybonesIII

      The beginning of the end was at the conclusion of WW2.
      Now, it’s too late.
      All the guns and ammo anyone can store up is “too little too late”
      Confidence on the gun on your hip or the rifle in your hand is pure Hollywood (please excuse my expletive)bullshit and nothing less. Guns are for hunting, target practice or killing people!
      These people pushing food storage and guns etc are selling BOOKS people. Got that Holly Deyo?
      Preparedness and food storage and weapons tells me one thing. You are thinking of yourself and you’ll kill to defend your food and property.
      That’s not what Jesus taught and I don’t see anything in the Bible covering that!

    49. old guy

      Well billy I guess you can count on jesus. My grandchildren can count on me. One Question did Noah let all those who didn’t help build the Ark come aboard?

    50. Top Bug Out Bag List

      We’ve been seeing these signs for months now. It’s coming and soon. What is amazing is the interaction on the comments of this blog. Incredible the wealth of knowledge that can be taken just from there.

    51. Henry

      Don’t worry Obama should run-off at the mouth Trayvon style anytime now, on racial issues, Obama will be heard. If America is going to hell in a handbasket, he views it a job well done!

    52. Chimera

      Hello ALL long time reader/first time poster. First, I’d like say that I appreciate and thank each and every one of you for the insight and knowledge you all share. I have been “Awake” since about 2010 and just noticed things in a lot of different aspects of our lives in this country were OFF. I hooked up with end times-type reporting on Youtube, InfoWars, Economic Collapse, and found SHTF Plan. Knowledge is indded power so I try to do my due dilligence and keep my finger on the pulse of the goings on in this great country we live in. IThe USA IS great; it is certain individuals that have brought her to where we are not. THEY (tptb) are the real problem. Anyway, just a short intro-I’ll be around….

    53. Gordon Barlow

      And, importantly, be ready to get out of the country you’re living in, without delay, when the S begins to HTF there. Have a foreign bolt-hole in mind, and have the means to get there and live there. For US citizens, Central America is the most convenient region, but there are plenty of others. On my blog (no, it’s not a survival blog!) I posted two brief essays last September called “Looking for boltholes”. Stuff like that is worth reading for a general viewpoint, but there are dozens of websites that go into more detail. Find them, read them, and consider doing what they recommend doing.

    54. KY Mom

      If you already have a garden, collect and save the seeds. Clean your seeds and spread them out to dry, label them properly and store them in secure containers in a cool, dark, dry place.

      Tips for saving seeds in this article. Error 404 won’t let me post it here. (?)

      Direct link below.

    55. Freeze Dry Guy

      The economic catastrophes you’ve mentioned above are definitely alarming. It is good to know these things ahead of time so people can prepare for it. It’s much easier to prepare on something that you already have an idea.

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