Prepare to Defend Yourself with Extreme Brutality

by | Sep 27, 2011 | Emergency Preparedness, Gerald Celente | 211 comments

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    One minute your minding your own business walking out of the grocery store, the next minute you’re confronted by an individual or individuals who would do you harm. Are you mentality and physically prepared to act quickly and without remorse?

    Most of our readers will never go out into public seeking a confrontation. But there is no doubt that trouble will find some of us. Take, for example, Mark LaVelle, a suburban dad and father of four, who was recently attacked by a mob that kicked in his door and beat him while his wife and kids watched and listened from the second floor of their home. He and his family were at the mercy of their attackers:

    ABOUT 11 P.M. on Sept. 9, dozens of youths with bats and pipes descended on a tidy residential area of Port Richmond looking for white teens who allegedly had attacked an African-American kid at Stokely Playground a couple of hours earlier.

    Two fearful white teens spotted Mark LaVelle on Indiana Avenue near Belgrade Street and asked for help. Suddenly, the mob appeared. LaVelle, who said that he didn’t know the two kids, who looked to be 13 or 14, ran with them into his nearby house.

    ” ‘We got you, you white mother——-!’ ” LaVelle said he heard someone yell in the “mob” of black and Hispanic youths.

    With the two teens hiding in the house, LaVelle, 5 feet 10, 220 pounds, a well-known sports-league organizer and coach in the community, went outside to try to calm the angry mob.

    They were standing on his steps. One shouted, ” ‘Something’s going to happen now!’ ”

    But the attackers pounded on his front windows and kicked his wooden door so hard, it flew open and some of them entered his house.

    “The first guy hits me with a pipe. The second guy knocks me in the face. All I’m hearing is my wife and kids screaming,” said LaVelle, who feared that the next time they saw him, he would be in a casket.

    He said that he was able to push the attackers out the door, but then a third man – who had a gun – tried to extend his arm. LaVelle grabbed onto the gunman’s lower arm and shoulder so he couldn’t raise the weapon. Then, police sirens screamed in the neighborhood, and the mob turned and ran.

    Mr. LaVelle’s experience should be a warning to us all. You may not be looking for it, but sometimes trouble will find you. If you are not prepared to deal with it, then there is a distinct possibility that you’ll end up in a casket, as LaVelle feared when he was being attacked.

    To be sure, Mr. LaVelle made a mistake in the heat of the moment by trying to quell the crowd when emergency responders had been called and were on their way. Unless the police are unavailable due to wide spread chaos, there is no reason you should attempt to confront a mob of rabid dogs while your defenseless family is in your home.

    Nonetheless, this situation and the many other similar instances we’ve be exposed to over our lifetimes are proof positive that if you’re not readily assessing threats around you it could prove fatal.

    In his Spring 2011 Trends Journal trend forecaster Gerald Celente provides subscribers some key insights in Mental Conditioning for Self-Defense, Security, and Survival from his long-time self defense trainer Bradley J. Steiner. Among a host of fantastic self defense tips, Professor Steiner discusses the “combat color code” – something we strongly urge you to implement in your daily routine, especially when out in public venues. While some might call it paranoid, we suggest that paranoia is a self defense mechanism, and Professor Steiner’s combat color code will help to put threats into perspective, which helps to reduce stress, anxiety and fear because your aware of your surroundings:

    You must be attack minded. This means always being prepared for the moment when you need to attack. There is a practical “combat color code” that helps develop the habit of setting the mind. Colors easily allow you to remember where on the scale of awareness you should be.

    WHITE: Unready. Unprepared. Avoid being “mentally in white,” except when you are in a place that is entirely under your control, and you are with people you know and trust.

    YELLOW: Relaxed and alert. This means that whenever you are out and about in the world, you are always aware and alert to what is going on around you, and to anyone who is physically near you. (Try this next time you’re outfor a walk or in the supermarket. Staying aware and alert is much more difficult than you might imagine.) Commit to living in “Yellow.”

    ORANGE: Alarm. In Yellow you say to yourself: “This fellow is approaching me”; in Orange you say: “I may have to take this guy off the count.” In Orange you are ready to go! Your physical demeanor does not change, and thus you provoke and telegraph nothing. But you’ve set yourself so that any indication of physical violence will trip your wire, and you will snap into . . .

    RED: Attack! And this is exactly what you do. The danger is clear and imminent, and you go.

    99.9% of the time you will be in the white, yellow or orange color code levels. But once you’ve determined a Red Alert scenario – and it will likely happen automatically within a very short time frame measured in milliseconds  – there should be no stopping you.

    Once the conflict turns red, all bets are off and you must act with speed, confidence, efficiency and extreme brutality.

    The only way you’ll be able to achieve this is with the proper training, not just at your local gun range or karate dojo, but through personal examination and “war-gaming” of scenarios. Professor Steiner continues:

    Training your psyche as well as your body to deal with emergencies is certainly the best and perhaps the only effective way to prepare for the looming global socio-economicturmoil. Acquiring the confidence that accompanies survival skills allows you to protect your loved ones, as well.

    There is a saying that “toughtimes never last, but tough people do.” Too many think that “tough” means merely physically tough. That is just a part of it. Often, in adult life, the mentally toughest win — even in a physical fight. And there can be no doubt that when confronting and preparing for hard times there is very little that will assist you more than conditioning your mind for serious combat — acquiring the warrior’s mindset. Even if you never have to use it! Young and old possess the potential to learn enough to adequately defend themselves. Women may not be as strong as men, but through proper training they can acquire the capacity to disable a much larger and stronger attacker. No one need be an expert, and no one needs to be in his or her physical prime in order to be able to protect himself in an emergency.

    You must assume that any attack on your person or your family is unpredictable. You have no way of knowing the intentions of the person who has chosen to be aggressive and physically confront you. Are they intending to just push you? Punch you? Kill you? Always assume the worst case scenario, and as such, respond in kind. Anyone who is willing to aggressively attack you without provocation must be assumed to be mentally unstable and capable of going all the way. You must be willing to go all the way as well.

    One key point we want to make is that when engaged in a confrontation of this nature, you can no longer act defensively. You must, at this point, become the attacker.

    If you have a concealed firearm, use it. If no firearm is available, use any weapon that is available – a stick, rock, bottle, lamp, keys, even a rolled up newspaper – because it is better to attack with a weapon than to fight empty handed. As Professor Steiner suggests, you should only resort to fighting with your feet and hands if those are the only weapons you have available.

    But if you happen to only have hands and feet when the confrontation starts you need to be thinking in terms of maximum damage – gouge eyes, tear ears, rip hair, hyper-extend a knee with below-the-waist kicks, break an elbow, spear hand attacks to the neck – essentially utilizing any technique that will rapidly disable the enemy with the most crushing blow available. Keep in mind you may be dealing with multiple attackers, so you will need to act fast as you shift from one threat to the next, so each strike should be measured and targeted at vital areas.

    All rules should go out the window in a self defense situation. Here’s an example:

    Police say a woman had just finished praying at St. John’s Church at Atlantic Street when she was approached by a man Thursday night while exiting out a side door.

    Stamford police captain Richie Conklin says the man asked if he could hug the woman.
    When she said no, he allegedly knocked her down and then grabbed and attempted to rape her.

    “During that attack, he stuck his tongue into her mouth and she bit off a large portion of his tongue, which we recovered at the crime scene,” said Conklin. “There was an extreme amount of blood at the scene.”

    Conklin says it was a big chunk.

    The attacker was nabbed by police when he turned up seeking medical aid at a walk-in clinic in Stamford.

    One thing is for sure – the attacker never saw it coming. Brutal. Effective. Life saving.

    While having the right mindset is certainly important, it wouldn’t hurt to acquire training in the weapons mentioned above (including your hands and feet!). Head to the range regularly because shooting accuracy is a depreciating skill. Spending one to two hours weekly in a self defense class utilizing weapons training, as well as open hand techniques, will certainly increase your chances of survival during a confrontation. One recommendation in this regard is to seek out true self defense classes, as opposed to “sport” style fighting. You are not interested in scoring points in a competition. What you want is “battlefield application” – the kind of techniques that have been tried, tested and survived for centuries on battlefields throughout the world.

    Above all, be prepared to face brutality by responding in kind – with overwhelming brutality that will surprise, disarm and neutralize the threat with extreme prejudice. You must be ready to take it all the way – your life and the safety of your family may depend on it.


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        haha, you old, fat morons who have spent your whole lives trying to screw over minorities are showing your stripes. a classic case of freudian projection if i ever saw one.

        • so how much do you guys make? Is it by the post or by the hour?

          • Cshellz, on that note there’s some interesting stuff from SGT Bull about his web site comments and Youtube comments just getting pounded recently, which makes one wonder if these are coordinated, paid attacks on some of the alt news sites out there… He tracked the IP’s down and turns out they were all originating from BofA… (That’s not where Sam above is from)

            Professional commenting and forum posting seem to be shovel ready government jobs these days 🙂

            • About 3 weeks ago I noticed all the ridiculous name calling and attacks that made no sense what so ever. I figured out that there was a group that seemed to make anything that wasn’t msm as wrong and ridicule it(probably democrats since that seems to be their forte lol). I just want one of them to share 😀 Is this an office job w/ bennies or are they working out of their home and paid by the comment?

              Does our big brother and big sister really think that the American people are so dumb and gullible that all it takes to change our mind is ridicule? Do individual commentators really think that name calling is all it takes to make a person into a sheep? Dumb-asses. No wonder the leaders are taking our country to hell…

              • Yep, obamabot shills for the left copy what they have always done, steal people’s right to free speech. John 10:10 says that the devil came to “Steal, kill and destroy”. That’s his motif. He always steals, that’s how you can tell he’s their guiding spirit.

            • Funny you post this, I have noticed here and other websites, forums. An increase in mindless pointless attacks. No real replys, just your a racist or fat white guy type remarks. If you notice there are never any facts presented just the same whinning. i beleive the true colors are being shown by the urban youths and paid mouth pieces who go around making the same your racist statments. They are old and no longer hold any weight.

              I thought maybe there lives are so pathetic they need to attack others over the computer to make themseleves feel better.

              Over the last month it has increased, here too if anyone hasn’t noticed.

            • Thanks Mac for keeping us informed. I’ll be pulling my money out of BofA.








            • I’m fairly certain that nearly all the comments on this post are either just a handful of people or one person arguing with his/herself on both sides in order to drag the conversation in the direction of race war. Race has nothing to do with it at all.

        • Sam, It just so happens that one of the stories excerpted above involved people of different races. The report itself is a current event, so I chose to use it as an example. For me, the color of the people involved is irrelevant to the general point of the article, which was to bring to light the speed, unpredictability and brutality of an unprovoked attack.

          The color of someone who chooses to attack unprovoked makes absolutely no difference as to what the severity of the response should be from the one being victimized.



          • you could not have said it any better.

          • Mac, speaking of color, what is green for? I didn’t see that listed in the citation, just white, yellow, orange and red-or is yellow supposed to be green? 🙂

            • woops! my bad and thanks for pointing that out… I changed that green to yellow… I think i must have had a flashback to the old DHS color-code system pre-programming I experienced in the years following 9/11…

          • While color should be of no issue, you would have to be a blind person to not see that multiple black communities of youths have been “packing,” as I call it, in order to harm other races. My family consists of 1/3 blacks, 1/3 whites, and 1/3 hispanic, with some Native American and Filipino throw in, so I really do not care if you call me a racist…that old “sticks and stones” adage, and that “offensive” movement does NOT work on me –.what is going on is wrong on all levels. And for anyone to keep using that “poor me, my great-great-great-great-great grand-daddy was a slave” is a bunch of crap. There are very few ethic groups around that do not have some type of “being slaves” in their history…Native Americans come to mind, yet you do not see Native American packs beating people up. And don’t plead that it’s poverty causing the problem, because, again, some of the Native American bands have some of the deepest poverty problems.

            What should be of interest is that during times like these, most nationalities band together and become very aggressive and nationalistic. Why would we expect any different INSIDE America’s borders? Whatever is coming is going to be the most hideous conflagration ever known to man.

            As an aside, I am finding that more and more morons have been typing verbal-attack-type comments on various prepping websites; case in point, the first two comments. Makes me wonder.

          • Good post Mac as it is in real time and agree it isn’t about race, although there will be those that will only focus on the skin color.

            The NRA deadly force training will come in handy and my mentors drilled in me to always be aware of one’s surroundings, especially being a woman.

          • BUT this was race related and we are not a part of eric_my people_holder’s bunch of bs artists either.

        • I’m a white guy who has up to a few weeks ago felt the same way that Sam does, but then three weeks ago i was riding my bike and a group of black kids ran up to me and knocked me off my bike and started beating me. In my state we have concealed carry permits. The next time one of those little ass holes try to go it again there going to get a FMJ in there ass.

          • forhead…!.2x’s and once in the chest

            in the ass means their story will be told in court..and you can bet it will be a lie and a bunch of crying woah is me shit..

            dont play games with the threat..take it out

            • That’s right. Dead men tell no tales. To the responding officer, ” He / They said they were going to kill me”. End of story.

            • You better make sure you can get a jury to believe that because I am here to tell you that the DA will be sure to pick 12 anti-gun individuals. And the DA’s who have a “score to settle” and are dam good at their game will come fully armed. Pardon the pun. I dont care what the law is in your state or what “case study” of this or that individual was, in the real world, the law happens in that courtroom ON that day. You pull the trigger, you better be dam sure you know what you are doing and you better be able to keep your mouth shut until your lawyer arrives before you dig yourself a hole. “Putting 2 in them” might sound great right now, sitting at your computer, but I would like to see how you actually handle it if you are given that opportunity. I for one would rue the day I have had to take a life. I don’t care how much of a scumbag they are or what there crime has been in the past. No disrepesct intended, but the reality of pulling the trigger is a lot different. You’d better hope you can handle it. As a CC holder, I make dam sure every time I go out.

            • 100% agreed with GC. While I don’t doubt that I can do what I have to do, it’s something to take very seriously and with full awareness that there may be severe legal repercussions.

            • GC, I agree 100%.

              While I hope and pray I never have to take someones life I am always prepared to do so. I have ran thru the mental exercises so many times I can just about puke thinking about it. That said if it comes down to the perp or me….well unlucky them.

              I was charged by a bear about a decade ago. Fortunately I had a rifle and bear season was open. The bitches skin hangs on a wall in the house. I know how I mentally react to this type of situation and I am satisfied with my preperation.

            • Daisy: Do the crime do the crime. What is the sentence for assault with a folding pudding spoon in Canada?

              All that talk of pudding has made me hungry. Time for dinner!

            • Durango: The sentence is apparently a 3-day suspension from school. *shakes head*

            • Whoooot! There it is!!!!! You got it nailed.
              One witness for the grand jury. Case closed. Justifiable or Praiseworthy homicide to paraphrase Judge Roy Bean.
              I am not your social worker, case worker, grandmama, mama auntie or other petting enabler. I work for every penny i everhad. I would feed you if you asked me nicely and toold me you were hungry…..
              But…..attack me and learn the reality that has escaped you all your life. Attack one of my loved ones and you won’t even have time to register what happens. You will just be gone.
              I am not your victim. If you back me into a corner, I will put you in the ground.
              Life is boogerbear. If you choose to live this trash liofestyle you have already made SOMEONE ELSE’S descision to remove you from the equation as a negative. i do not want to hear about yo po’ Mama or your daddy who runt off. It is irrelevant. It does bnot matter nor do you when you proffer vioence to me for no reason other than your mindless existence as trained by the enablers and sacvum of DC who have created you and your last 5 generations since LBJ’s Great Society farce. From Duplex to rusty red dirt trailer park to stinking urine halled tenements or projects. You had beter learn some basic decency and respect for others. Call US legion for we are many./ Our forefathers fought the Vikings, Huns, Romans, Turks, Babylonians, British ( X2), French, each other and Germans (X2), Japs, Koreans, Chinese, ( X2) Vietnamese, assorted Arabs tribes who offered violence ( remember the Gastes of Vienna 1683-used to be a good website before the domain name expired) and basically everybody else in wsetern Civ who opposed their freedoms, liberty and threratebned theior life, way of lifves and loved ones. You young hippity hoppity man…are not even a sppedbump in the things I really wowry about late at night. You are easily betsed based on nothing else but your limited intellect and your inanae victimhood that evaporates in the face of what you really fear and that which you fear to attempt to acchieve-a real man opf prinxiple with responsibility, poise, suficient bravado to back one’s play and the confidence that comes from knowing ones path is right. As those very goblins read this we can marvel at their unintelligibility as they strive to grasp the very concept. Don’t tread on me. believe that, no matter what…AND when the police take y gun to process it and inspect i as evidence and make sure it has no weird ammo or filed down sears and stuff-I won’t mind. I have another.

          • Our “justice system” takes a dim view of armed self-defense and comes down with both feet on the perp at every opportunity. Count on being drug through court, demonized, and having numerous people testiify about how “that remarkable young man” was “turning his life around”.

            • Don’t be all gloom and doom. Castle Doctrine is spreading. And in some states, it extends beyond your property. I don’t know what state Guy lives in, but if it’s TX and he has a carry permit, he can assume his life is in danger and take the @ssholes out. If charges are filed against him by some lib POS DA, he’ll have a legion of attorneys working pro bono and the NRA with him in court. HIS attorneys get a say in the jury as well. DAs can’t “pack the jury”.
              Read the NRA’s “America’s 1st Freedom”. They have a section called “Armed Citizen”, where they give examples of people using a gun in self defense. Often, there’s a quote from the cop saying the perp deserved it.
              Get a carry permit. Don’t be afraid to use it. The ‘mob’ comes for you some day, you’ll be glad to be able to defend yourself with more than words.
              Better yet, get the heck out of the inner cities. They’re about ready to explode anyway.

              Have a great day!

          • Hey God’s Cremation, You must not be in Florida! Because you DEFINITELY don’t have a clue as to how it works here!

            Our SD laws and castle doctrine does a very good job of protecting your right to stay alive. As long as you are justified (truly) in your actions – You won’t find a prosecutor or grand jury that will return a bill on you. Everybody knows what’s up with crime and assaults down here. Hell, even a lot of the libtard democrats down here are pro self-defense amazingly enough!…at least the ones that count!

            If you feel your life is truly in danger and the evidence/scenario supports it…the perp ends up dead, you end up with a “no bill” and the family can cry “My baby dint do Nuffin'” all day long but guess what? THEY CAN’T SUE! THEY HAVE NO LEGAL RECOURSE FOR ANYTHING!

            We have what’s called the “Stand your ground” Law here!
            You may defend yourself from physical assault ANYWHERE you have the right to be in public!

            This ain’t “Up North” where the ant-gun, anti-self defense pu$$ies run the show!

            I will give all of you one piece of advice though and that is this; if you find yourself in one of these unfortunate scenario’s, all you tell the cops is that you were coming from “A” to “B” when the perp approached and comitted the threatening act at which point you drew your weapon and (and this is the important part) shot & you kept shooting until YOU FELT the threat was averted. NEVER SAY YOU SHOT TO KILL! After that, tell them you will be happy to discuss it further AFTER you have called/retained council but, for now this is all you have to say and you feel sick and your chest is tight “please call an ambulance as you would like to be checked out! Most likely, this will actually be true after a life threatening event such as this. Conversation over!

            • Yep. You nailed it too. We don’t need no more Yankees coming down here telling us how they doi n Ohio or Joisy.
              Jeeez. Youse guy got guns. Yep, I can walk down my street at 10 PM in total confidende im myself. my neighbors and my laws.
              After , of course, I have to shoot the bad guy ( I Really really never hope to see tghis happen ) I WILL call 911, I will make sure the first thing on the tape is my fear for my liofe before I hit the go button on that `1911A1, I will explain my attempts to staunch the bleeding, I will ID myself by clothing and physical description to the dispatcher ans I will NOT be holding my weapon when they arrive. I will holding my backup and my badge.
              I know this owrks. You should research and learn how to cover yourself if you cannot avoid the use of deadly force. The more you do or can do to avert that use, the better it looks for you as the investigation continues.ALso….. I Used X brand of ammo cause the local police use that for efective one shot astops, I shot twice because that is how I was trianed ( the double tap) I carry ther ____ because that is what the local Police carry and id reliable, effective and safe to use…and YES I meant to shoot. Never try to backtrack and turna justifiable ashooting into an accident. Just go to th nearest prison and chain yourself to the fence. IF They read you your rights….take them. If not they just want to know what happened. Do not risk a prosecution cause you want to be understood. Rights = shut the f*ck up abnd get me my lawyer. IF they chanrge you then…..they were gonna charge you asnyway and now you have nt hung yourself by some cop who may have an agenda. I have asked a lot of people “what happened” first and told them I want to know first. THAT is why I haven;’t read you your rights yet. Off the record. That is bvery frequently done especially if it is random violence without any personal connectioon or drama attached. Rest assured your life will probably change but through it all remember you are NOT the one in the body bag. There is no second place to that.

          • Why FMJ? Damn ineffective. Get hollow point.

            • OK thought I was replying to the guy who got knocked off his bike. Oh, and never say anything to the cops. Just ask for your lawyer.

        • Consider these perspectives from a black man I admire. In this article about Hating White People there’s more descriptions of similar attacks:

          America’s New Racists

          “Most racist assaults are committed by blacks. … Racist black attacks are not only against whites but also against Asians. … These racist attacks can, at least in part, be attributed to the black elite, who have a vested interest in racial paranoia.”

          Race and Economics

          “How might one explain yesteryear’s lower black unemployment and greater labor force participation? The usual academic, civil rights or media racial discrimination explanation for black/white socio-economic differences just wouldn’t hold up.”

          Is Profiling Racist?

          “Not every choice based on race represents racism and if you think so, you risk misidentifying and confusing human behavior. The Rev. Jesse Jackson once said, “There is nothing more painful for me at this stage in my life than to walk down the street and hear footsteps and start thinking about robbery — then look around and see somebody white and feel relieved.””

        • You cannot be this stupid, right?

        • Sam, i take solace in the fact that you likely won’t last long after a collapse happens. I’m betting that you will be among the looting masses. But who knows, you may yet pull your head out of your ass.

        • dont you get sand in your ears when you do that?

          • nope—something a lot nastier.

        • You…..Sam, are obviously a punk Negro.

        • thee biggest racists I have seen in my life time is black racism against whites if truth be told…..and I don’t believe in racism no matter what direction it is coming from or going to.

        • 48% of all murders and 56% of all sexual assaults are committed by 3% of the population (black males) according to DOJ/FBI stats. Blacks are not “coming” to hurt people, they already are, you fool!

          • “Tha’s cause we ain’t got nary job”.

        • Freudian slip,you do talk crap ,keep takeing your tablets,

        • Green eggs & spam sam!


          • He should have opened fire when they actually penetrated the door. While on the phone with 911. He would have bnt have had to worry he may been seen the next time in a coffin that way. I answer my door with a Colt, Glock 9m/m ( mod 26) or S%W 44 special Mod 624-back pocket. Neighbors, family and friends don;’t think shit about it. If you come to my door I do not care what you may think. I often put my badge on my belt right next to a nice nickeled 1911 series 70. If it’s the guy who offeres to cut down the dead tree, ior someone wanting to cut the grass. I dfon;’t unduly alrm them that way. I look out before I open it anyway. I recntly saw 3 disenfranchised urban yutes. full hoodies up in summer. approach my neighbor’s door in classi c bumrush formation. One by the mailbox on the street, on bottom of porch steps and one at the door. I knew that had the wrong house cauase next door to him on the other side HAD BEEBN a little dope whore. All the thugs came in and out all the tiome there. SHe was trading good for dope. Her grandparetns are incredibly stupid enablers. They had no idea what was in their house while they slept. Stole he grandma’s gun to pay for dope she owed money for. Her mam is a hooker in Fla. Her daddy ( 40 something) looked like a trailer park hiphop with his tired old hiphop clothing ( 40+ now!) driving a pos car leeching of his parents wearing hislittle backwards hat and busting l;oud rap out the window of his car while his trailer park girlfriend wth 3 colors hair and 4 inch presson nails in her quickmart uniform and him would fought in the driveway. Reqal dickheads who will probably end up dead from the trash their grandaughter has trailed thru the neighborhood and entertained in the basement den while the dumbass 60 somethings slpet theu the run up to their own potential murders.
            Anyway i watched them that warm day hoodies up and all knowing something was bad wrong-they had the qrong house!!! And luckily for my stupid neighbor Jerry…….he didn’t hear them cause he is mos’ deaf. When I called hi later and tried to explain to him what had almost happened it was like discussing E=MC@ with a cow. He reassured me that the .38 by his bed in the nightstand was suffieicnent to protect his household fully knowing he was too stupid ( but but …but this is_______) mentality to begin to grasp. I told him OK. Next time I se them coming ON FOOT w/o a car 16-19 yoa. I WOULD NOT STAND IN MY BACK DOOR UNDER COVER OF MY SCEENED IN PORCH IN THE DARK WITH A WINCHESTER SINCE HE HAD IT SO UNDER CONTROL. HE STILL DON’T UNDERSTAND WHAT ALMOST HAPPENED. I do. I would have won if they’d ben one more house off in their navigation. This is the real world. This is not supposed to happen in my neighborhood. I guess that would have helped his family get over his and his equally stupid wife’s deaths all the more easily. I thought Forrest Gump was a derivatively stupid movie ( except for the school guy getting to do Sally Feilds) but “Stupid is as Stupid Does seem to apply here and elsewhere. Word to the wise is sufficent.

        • I agree! When publishers get into race baiting, it’s usually a sign they are running out of things to write about…
          lets stick to the Economy falling apart as we speak, there’s enough to write about for the next two decades without resorting to race baiting.
          Crimes by so called goodie two shoe whities in Canada are rising just as fast as they are rising in USA.
          White trash is every where in USA.
          Canada is nooooo exception and is crime ridden with racism. Oh by the way Canada would suffer greatly if the USA collapses.

          • Canada’s suffering would occur because the economy is based on “exporting” goods and services.

            The goods and services sold to the US would obviously take a dive, however, the goods and services sold to other countries that still have a decent economy would be untouched. Some branches of companies that are headquartered in the US would still be able to remain open (think Ford, Chrysler, GM, Wal-Mart, Dominion Foods, etc.)as long as Canada’s economy allows people to continue purchasing. Here, they consider those to be “North American” companies, rather than simply “American” companies.

            The racism I have seen in Canada is directed more towards the Native North Americans (I think that is the politically correct term these days) than anyone else. Not that it couldn’t happen but you really don’t see too many groups of thugs running around Ontario. Crime is very low here.

            • I’m not exactly sure how I was being saintly, but, hey, thanks for noticing!

              *polishes halo*

        • Is this anti-white Sam the same “Sam” who attacks those opposed to Israeli atrocities against brown people in Gaza and the West Bank? Funny how he’s all for the black and brown folks attacking whites here in the USA, but has no sympathy for browns (or blacks) where “his” people are concerned. His kind are usually like that, though. Zionists have a very distinct smell.

          • Haha!!!!!
            They do don’t they 🙂

        • Sam, you little pantywaist obama sniffing fag, come around me and I’ll show you what a old white man will do to you. You will beg for the day to end you sniveling little brat, go eat some more of your government cheeze.


        • Black people(the ignorant ones), accuse white people of what they themselves practice every day (racism). Minorities, particularly blacks, have been taught by their parents to “get it from the man.” The Black leaders(race pimps) stir this red-rick crap up as well and brainwash their followers and blacks are ignorant enough to believe it. I don’t believe black people are coming to hurt me, and I am white. Why? Because that is ignorant. By the way Sam, minorities commit more crime by percentage and a higher disproportionate amount relative to their population, that is a cold hard fact. But you will probably just say white people made them do it. Don’t drink the Kool-aid… wake up and sniff reality.

        • The time is coming where the parasite class will be exterminated like the cockroaches they are. Payback is a real bitch. May God have mercy on you because I will not.

        • Im not old or fat, but I am a moron and I’ve never known anyone who has made an effort to screw over ‘minorities’. The closest answer I can come to is it’s a way for the true racists to justify their hate. It’s kind of hard to take those who cry racism serious when I’ve never witnessed it. What I should take serious is the threats from those who try and justify their actions.

        • What’s in the box. What’s in the box. What’s in the box. The first black hearted a-hole who tries to take my scalp. That’s what’s in the box……

        • Notice nobody talked about the white mob that attacked the Black kid.

          BOTH mobs of either race were scum. White folks STILL have way more to fear from White attackers than Black attackers.

        • Go back over to DU where you belong, troll.

      2. Hey sam take a step back, if large group of any kind of people are currently on the uptick attacking people. Then I would be on the out look for them. If it was a roaming band of neon green four year olds, with water guns, guess what I would keep a look out. And race baiting wasn’t the point of the article, just be ready to protect yourself and family. Would you have felt better if it was white people attacking, Asians, Hispanic. At what point would ot not be race baiting. I say your guilty of race baiting, you are the one setting up the race issue. How dare you make it about race. People are people, Martin Luther King said judge a man by the content of his character, not the color of his skin. So let’s do it, if a group comes at me with pipes and are staged to hurt me, it’s a the contents of the character that would be judge, not the color. Believe,

        And before you say I’m anything but a black individual, and that’s why I wrote this, think about the content of my character first!

        • yes and I’s pick out the chocolate coverd M&Ms turn them up side down and eatem

      3. A prediction: This is the beginning of the new world. A world where European Americans will openly defend themselves with force against the dark barbarian hordes. For years the liberals have whined and moaned about the poor underclass and how we need to share what’s ours with them. Poor, pitiful people. They need help….food stamps, loans, mortgages, affirmative action, headstart, ad nauseum.

        Now those same liberals are going to be watching while those poor people rape and pillage in their neighborhoods, as the govmint benefits are cut progressively and the “lifestyle” poor don’t know how to do (or want to learn) anything productive to obtain what they need. They will attack the white suburbs. And eventually, even the liberals will take no more. Then, the shit really hits the fan.

        • wardoc,

          France is going to deal with the concequences of their “liberal” society.
          Muslims will revolt very soon and the French will never know where it came from.

          • Almost every northern european nation has accepted open border policies with the muslim world. Radical islam will have its way with these nations in due time thanks to the open willingness of the socialist elite liberals.

        • What SHOULD enrage blacks is what modern liberals have done to the black family.

        • You’re a pathetic would be armchair racist. I’m trying to figure out if you’re more hilarious or pathetic.

          Most folks getting foreclosed upon are WHITES. Most white rape victims have a white rapist. In your world those foreclosed white folks are going to rape those near the. You guessed it…they’ll rape whit folks. They’ll kill white folks. They’ll rob white folks.

          Your idiotic fascination with people of color will only make that white criminals job easier when victimizing you.


        • SEMPER FI MARINE ! And watch your 6!

        • DEVIL DOGS!

      5. Race has little to do with it. Fear and 55 million homes possessing firearms is all you need to realize that when SHTF all bets are off and it will be survival of the fittest (and that means smartest too). Those who can evade the violence will be the best off, but those who can dispatch of it quickly and move on will be ok too.

        Besides how can you ignore that “race” might be part of the equation? I can see hispanics, blacks, asians and whites all gathering together to defend themselves, take for themselves and survive.

        • We did that in 92 near LA. We gathered in the Mexican neighbors garage…Whites, Blacks and Mexicans and planned how we were going to defend our little corner of the world.

      6. That’s why I love the .45 ACP, it’s a judge, jury, and executioner all rolled into one.

        • +45 !

        • And it doesn’t profile!

        • I’m ex-military / infantry as well, but I have to say I like 22LR. You can carry thousands and high velocity. Many fatal shootings of the past have been from 22LR handguns and rifles. Goes in and makes an erratic path at high speed and exits no where near a straight line from entrance. Ruger 10/22 with big wide shotgun scope. I love it !

          • I agree totally JT-FL. I love my older marlins I have. Two of the exact model, I am in the process of looking for a third. If one goes down, it becomes spare parts for the other two.

          • I have a stainless 10/22. It is one of my favorite rifles. Second only to Mr. Noveske.

          • I shot a bird out of the sky with my 1022 this summer. My buddy about pooped his drawers, LOL.

          • I’ve been teaching my daughter to shoot with a Savage 64. Her shooting has been spot on since she first picked up the gun. She has been reading on prepping and told me she read a .22lr is not a good self defense gun. I figure 10 round magazine, 3 or 4 in the skull and he ain’t gonna bother anyone ever again. Next.

          • Right on…been telling people this for years and alot of them have done so….22 knocks deer flat as well as small game…and one in the head/troat will drop any govt thug…just sayin..

          • JT-FL:

            Good point. I’m a kinda-convert to the .22LR too. I bought my wife a 10/22 w/ x3 25 round mags last month. She loves it.
            I carry God’s battle rifle. The M1-A. No better .308 says ‘hello’ better IMHO.


          • yeah but it mucks up the barrel if you get the cheap ammo. Keep having to clean the stoopid thing in the middle of range practice.

        • You are not the only person that believes this line of thinking!

        • God made different races–Smith & Wesson made them equal..not the Supreme Court!!

      7. In your box with the color codes, you have 2 typos…dangeris and fellowis…also, just below that box, you mention color code green, which is not one of the colors explained in the box.

        • Thanks… the copy/paste of the excerpt from a PDF caused the typos (and of course, my 1st grade editing skills might be partially responsible 🙂 )… the “green” reference has been fixed.

      8. we know where its coming from mostly..its higher than any other “group” and its been a proven statistic ,
        weather they want to own up to it or not, the proof is in the pudding

        and its no secret when it started and who’s the problem..

        its all over the internet if you care to look for it, and its not a bunch of Bullshit either the statistics are there and the proof is there and if you get up off the couch and go out into the world you will see it unless you are the type to burry your head in the sand.

        problem is , people are too afraid to take matters into their own hands because the courts and law enforcement has made it so the victims are made into the problem, rather than the other way around.

        If a bunch of these types got killed in their acts and the ones defending themselfs were vindicated and respected for it, than things might change, slowly but in the right direction

        An armed society is a polite society..I doubt if any of the local thugs in my area would even want to mess with me if they knew i was packing..thats why the packing with out advertising is so important..its your game changer, and the element of surprise has changed to your side , when you choose to deliver it.

        My daughter wont be a victim either, she will be trained and packing too..women have it way worse then men in most cases..they need to be able to defend themselfs with out worring about a fucked up state prosecuting them for defending themselfs from someone who is more then likely on the catch and release programm we have in this country for violent perps.

        • But that situation has happened and he was vindicated—the elderly man who shot burglars at his neighbors’??
          The 911 rep kept telling him to put the weapon down or somewhat—well, the nation pretty much supported the actions of that man–that is what we need more of.
          Yes, an armed society is a polite society…let’s keep it that way.
          Packing without advertising—oh, now there, I think all should sport it–might make a lot more of the weasles with weapons looking for victims think twice if half were armed. JMO…VRF.

        • Who is ‘we’?

      9. Best self-defense course for women?

        Best handgun and handgun course for women?

        • My wife is a fan of Krav Maga — it’s got an easy learning curve and gets right into the meat and potatoes of dealing with the most common attacks you’ll face — guns attacks, knife attacks, etc.

          For handgun courses, check out your local gun range — they will likely have a basic course. Some even have the more advanced ‘tactical’ and home defense courses. Usually around $200 – $300 per course.

          • I have looked and can’t find a trainer or training facility around here where I am for Krav Maga…sure wish I could

            • Try Kali Silat if Krav Maga training is not available. Kali Silat is brutal and lethal if used for self defense. These two are non-sporting martial arts that teach you how to maim and kill. Kali is Filipino. Silat is Indonesian. Both use extensive training with sticks, knives and other weapons.

            • BJ:

              ANYTHING is better than NOTHING. If you see an intro course to Kung Fu at your local rec center, take it. My wife just registered my five year old for Kung Fu last week. If you wait to take the ‘perfect’ self-defense class, you’ll end up taking no self-defense classes. Get out there and find SOMETHING and learn it well.

              Good hunting,

        • If you’ve got the bucks to go…Front Site in Nevada. I took a course with some of their instructors before they got to Front Site…One helluva fun weekend. Shot about 1000 rounds thru my Sig.

          Oh, .45 vs .357 vs 9mm vs .380 vs .22…… The best gun for a gunfight is the one you have in your hand when you need it.

          • “The best gun for a gunfight is the one you have in your hand when you need it”.
            POA, I like that!

        • Appleseed rifle training – they have a ladies class.

      10. also when they make the courts and the lawyers and prosecutors Civily liable for those they release back into society..than you will see things change, until that (never) happens..
        Lock and Load my friends,

        • Agree.

      11. Points to remember:

        If someone is in your face and you don’t want to hurt them; just take your finger and poke / push in the “hollow” spot beneath their adam’s apple, HARD. No matter how big they are; they will back up. It will probably piss them off when they realized they were manhandled by one finger; so be ready to hurt them.

        Any soft part of the body is a valid and easy strike point. The eyes are prime as is the throat, nose, solar plexis ( right below the breast bone, but above the mass of stomach muscles ). The groin area is well known and most attackers will automatically prepare to protect it. But few think of their knees or the tops of their feet. The top of a foot is always vulnurable if they are standing. One good stomp and they are not going to be chasing you, at least not without a limp. Most people stand lock kneed.. a good strong kick at the top of the knee, pushing backwards or at the side of a knee if VERY painful.

        Their fingers and thumbs are vulnurable as well.. all the strength in a finger or thumb is directed towards grasping something.. bending it backwards is very easy and very painful.

        Reaching around the back of a persons head and grabbing a handfull of hair at the front hairline and pulling back hard is almost guarenteed to open the throat area up to a fist, forearm or even the edge of a palm. A strong hit to the throat will at a minimum incapacitate an attacker for a few minutes.

        Running is always better than fighting; but only if you win the race. Just a brief strike in the right area can insure that you will win the race.

        • Forgot one thing.. if they are striking at you; you don’t have to duck and cover.. you want to keep your eyes on them. You don’t need to stop their blow; you only need to “deflect” the trajectory. Few people have the presence of mind and skill to redirect a blow mid delivery. Even a slight circular motion “slap” at a incoming fist will deflect it enough to miss it’s intended target.

          It takes a lot of energy to deliver a blow, it takes a lots of energy ( and pain ) to receive a blow; deflecting a blow requires very little strength or effort and after only a few attempts; the attacker will either tire, relent or get frustrated and try to rush / grab you making him off balance and again, easy to deflect and avoid.

        • Also never cease your awareness. Someone should have never gotten into your face to begin with. If someone is approaching you with attitude and hard words you are allowed to assume they mean violence to you and you do not have to back down. You may even use lethal force if you feel your life is threatened. At least in the state of Florida. He said he was going to kill me, officer. Part of survival is not being in those situations or places to begin with. Most certainly no one is getting in my face as I’ll be backing up drawing my blade which I hand forged just for this occasion. By that time it’s too late to be getting your gun out from under your shirt / holster.

        • Reaching around the back of a persons head and grabbing a handfull of hair at the front hairline and pulling back hard is almost guarenteed to open the throat area up to a fist, forearm or even the edge of a palm. A strong hit to the throat will at a minimum incapacitate an attacker for a few minutes

          Ain’t got no hair…neener, neener, LOL.

          • in that case, two fingers up the nostrils work just as well.. booger finger. 😉

        • Think of the edge of a hard shoe sole raked down your shin. Not a lot of real damage, but it hurts like he**.

      12. Mac,

        Look for NRA courses. My husband and I are NRA pistol instructors. For newbies you can spend a day getting comfortable with guns, going to the range and preparing to take your CHL exam for $100. We are in Texas, but there are NRA instructors all over the United States.

        • Thanks Jo, this will be helpful for those looking to get some training.

          • Mac,

            NRA also has Personal Protection inside the home and Personal protection outside the home. The primary difference is that outside the home, you WILL be drawing from a holster and a handbag and firing. You will also fire from various angles and while moving. Classes usually run < $300 (each instructor sets the price) for each class.

            For those who do NOT want a firearm, NRA also has Refuse to be a Victim which deals with passive means of protection (i.e. locks, attitudes, structures, etc).

            The NRA website has more

            • Excellent info. Thank you for sharing!

      13. URP – quote from an Iranian Admiral.. they are known to have advanced submarines..

        “Like the arrogant powers that are present near our marine borders, we will also have a powerful presence close to American marine borders,” the head of the Navy, Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari said, according to the official IRNA news agency.

        • I think the p3’s & small boys would be all over them for some good 24/7 training on rush’s junk export. Would be a matter of time before they needed some parts after the long trip. Liberty or add to collection at bottom of c?

        • They have OK diesel attack subs. No ‘boomers’. They pose a small threat to our Navy and a serious threat to int’l shipping.

          Iran is going to make sure there’s another war in the Middle East soon. When they get nukes, their neighborhood is going to get real interesting.

          Have a great day,

          • The only underwater threat they hold is a kiester shot in their own back yard which is very dangerous with any electric. Food, fuel, parts & support will hurt them anywhere else. Open sea water with no land in sight? They might be afraid.

      14. Suburban area? I’m originally from inner city Philadelphia. Port Richmond is about as far from suburban as it gets. It’s not the worst neighborhood in Philadelphia, but you can fit about 12 Kensington houses inside a big single suburban home. Also, this was entirely about race. Philadelphia is quickly becoming a third world country. Glad i GTFO to central Oregon.

      15. I’m gonna try to avoid using and race cards in this reply but it may sound like it though. So, I do apaologize to anyone I offend in advanced.

        The reason we are seeing black and hispanic gangs emerging into a higher level of criminals is due to the changing economy. Up till the massive farm corps of today, nearly 50% of the population had farms and migrant farm workers consisted of mainly black.

        Here in apple country I witnessed the turn from black to hispanic and now to Hatian farm hands. As the farms get more automated and less workers are needed the blacks and hispanics started to look for other jobs.

        The whites moved out of the cities and into suburbs while blacks and hispanic moved into the city. The facorty jobs that white people held had also vansihed leaving black and hispanics with little jobs oppertunities.

        Some went to college and got good paying jobs but the majority of young black and now hispanic males find they make more money selling drugs on the street.

        The gangs are a offshoot from the drug enterprise. Must keep in mind the blacks and hispanics are not gonna give up making hundreds of dollars in a week to go work at McDonald’s for min wage and to be honest I don’t blame them.

        The economy in the drug trade is really good right now. Matter of fact it’s so good the hispanics have migrated to the cities and given up working long hours on a farm for next to nothing.

        The illegals that are coming here are not coming here to get a job at Walmart but rather the drug trade and gangs.

        Currently we are in another movement of races. Young whites are seen by blacks as the upper middle class even though in reality the middle class is fading. They wouldn’t be attacking whites unless they feel like whites are a threat.

        I don’t see a lot of white druglords (mainly just redneck pot growers) but if this depression forces once middle class white americans into the cities for drug dealings…it will be seen as comption and a threat. Especially since blacks and hispanics tend to believe if they rob or attack a white they will get a more harsher prison sentance.

        So, right now the blacks and hispanics will want to make the whites fear coming into the cities (and they have succeeded) to protect thier drug dealing areas.

        Racism is and always has been seeded in economics. It still is just this economic reality happens to be the drug trade.

        • It’s funny, recently two friends and I went to Baltimore to catch a night baseball game. Afterwards we hit up a few bars/clubs in the area. Around 1am leaving the club the three of us (2 white males and 1 Asian male) were walking down the block only to be offered drugs 4 times, sex once and at the end of the very same block was a city cop in his patrol car not giving a damn at all. As we continued on to the parking garage around the corner on the opposite side of the road was a group of about 25 black – mostly men and women. The very first thought in my mind was “flash mob”. Was that racist of me or cautious? My mind immediately scanned the area for “quick escape” routes. I started thinking how my friends would react if we were attacked. I couldn’t just leave them. As we walked toward the group (still opposite side) we came to a cross walk and they crossed to our side making an already tense situation worse. I reached in my pocket and maneuvered a key in between my fingers thinking I’m not going down without a fight.

          They passed without incident but it definitely got me thinking about putting myself in that situation in the first place. That’s what I get for being in downtown Baltimore at 1am. I don’t think of myself as racist, but had that been a crowd of 25 white kids I certainly would have not been as apprehensive – and that bothers me.

          • Why Arkaden??…is stating known behavioral facts racism??
            Okay—dh has a problem with blacks.
            I asked once in the town in Tn, which was 50% blacks, why?
            He asked me if a black girl walking our street would make it to the end??? without incident? without harm? without insult?
            Answer, yes.
            Then, would a white girl walking a black neighborhood make it to the end??? without incident?? without harm?? without insult???
            I saw the light!

          • Thing is flash mobs aside…blacks in the hood KNOW that an attack on a white person who is not there for drugs means IMMEDIATE capture by police. Read about that incident when. A mob of white teens beat a 49 year old black man getting off work senseless. Then one teen boy and two girls came back and ran him over with. A truck as he was trying to stand up. Killed him. They did it because they thought they could get away with it. His a name was James Anderson . They thought he was homeless…he wasn’t. Prosecutors were trying to see if the kids were involved in other attacks on blacks. They’d have gotten away with it if it weren’t caught on the hotels video surveillance camera.

            As a white person you have way more to fear from other whites than blacks and Hispanics.

        • While I can agree with some points you make, I have to say that I grew up in Detroit on Six Mile and Evergreen…my family finally moved away when 9 out of 10 houses on our block were boarded up. I was just talking to a white kid who recently moved away from D-town. While talking with him, I asked him how life was for him while in D-town. He said he was left pretty much alone. The biggest point he made is that no matter what the economic background, the black kids always preferred to talk and act like street hoods. He stated it used to make him laugh when the neighborhood doctor’s kids and other rich black people’s kids would talk and act ghetto. So it has nothing to do with “upper middle class” against “poor” black children at all, but has everything to do with the fact of “whitey” and “power-thrill highs.”

          I have to say that it is NOT the black elders that are causing the problems. They are some of the coolest, most amazing people I have ever met, but it IS the current generation. Do ya think Hollywood has anything to do with that?…not to mention the disrespect that gets taught by singers and sports players.

          The real ironic thing is that educated blacks do not want their children hanging around the ghetto-type hoods, and so they too move out when the “hoods” move in. Can you picture Pres. Obama letting hoods hang out with his girls?

          Lack of jobs and severe economic depression is cutting across all ethnic groups, but I haven’t seen or read about too many other ethnic groups mobbing and packing. When has the Asian or the Native American communities last had a real good mob steal-and-dash adventure?

          And while you don’t think there are a lot of white druglords, you just aren’t looking in the right places. You would never step foot in an Appalachian marijuana field. We got plenty of it where I currently live. This county is actually known for the drug trade. The only difference is that between the white, black, and Hispanic drug lords, the Hispanics have the backing and helpful assistance of our Federal Government, including a nice supply of weapons.

          • he may not let his girls hang out in the hood, but we know he can sure talk it when he wants to! lol

          • rachel and KB

            Critical thinking on both parts. Good posts, the bottom line is we all need to be prepared and aware as what’s heading our way will not go gently into the night.

          • Thanks to obama and the atf thugs.

        • Yes Rachel, you are right, its all about economics and economics is all aboput education. It won’t get any better for any youngsters without education, only worse.

          The key to escaping poverty and an economy with fewer opportunity is education. the contraction won’t last forever. The PTB do not want young people today to get an education. They want to keep them dumb and dependent on the corp.

          Watch carefully and you can see that propaganda emerging from the LSM and from globalists on the Internet and in forums like this one.

          If the lame stream media is pushing lack of education, saying that kids do not need to go to college today, you can bet its because they do not want YOU, or YOU, or YOU, competing with their kids who WILL go to college, for the fewer positions that will be available in the USA as globalism expands.

          Now is a great time for kids to borrow dollars that will dramatically erode in value over time with double digit inflation to get a professional degree, if they want one.

          Use the time wisely folks.

          • manos wrote on another thread, “a 39 y.o. woman, mother of two kids, commited suicide because of debts”

            Durango Kidd responded, “Many people in India who took micro finance loans have also committed suicide this year when they couldn’t repay less than a thousand dollars (USD).”

            Hmm, and yet you still write this: “Now is a great time for kids to borrow dollars”

            It seems like you’re missing a connection.
            A Big one.

            #12 One-third of all college graduates end up taking jobs that don’t even require college degrees.

            #13 In the United States today, there are more than 100,000 janitors that have college degrees.

            #14 In the United States today, 317,000 waiters and waitresses have college degrees.

            #15 In the United States today, approximately 365,000 cashiers have college degrees.

            #16 In the United States today, 24.5 percent of all retail salespersons have a college degree.

            The Mad as Hell Generation: 20 Reasons Why Millions of Americans Under the Age of 30 Are Giving Up on the U.S. Economy


            • Clark: Yeah Clark it is a GREAT time for kids who want to be PROFESSIONALS and MANAGERS rather than slave laborers at $10 /hr, to borrow money for college.

              They can pay the loans back with inflated dollars, or even HYPER-INFLATED DOLLARS! 🙂 That’s econ 101, dumbshit, but you wouldn’t know because YOU don’t know SHIT about economics. You have proven that over and over again.

              It doesn’t surprise me that you would post a link to LOU ROCKWALL since you are both fucking globalists trying to sell America Illegal Immigration, and FREE TRADE, while looking to pursuade Americans to opt out of college, life, and their government.

              These are the views and designs of the NWO Globalists. WE understand that. You are a FUCKING SHILL for LOU ROCKWALL and LOU ROCKWALL is a FUCKING SHILL for the Queen and her GB’s.

              Please send him my post. Anytime he wants to debate the pros and cons of the issue directly I would be happy to accommodate him. 🙂

            • DK, you’re really strange

            • Yup, just ignore the facts.

              BoA loves you for your effort.

            • “Dominant New World Order Social Theme: There is nothing to do but grit your teeth and soldier on. Children will need the opportunity to go to the best colleges in order to get a foothold in life. It is all very expensive but certainly worth it.”

              See: The Daily Bell, A Modest Proposal on Expensive Child-Rearing

            • Clark: How is it that you always post the NWO propaganda line of “No education” from people who themselves have degrees? 🙂

              I find it rather ironic and very revealing that you support FREE TRADE, illegal immigration, and no education; when We know that FREE TRADE is managed trade and managed to the benfit of the GB’s;

              when WE know that illegal immigration is the strategy of the US Chamber of Commerce to suppress American worker wages for their member firms;

              and when WE know that “no college education” is the new NWO mantra to dumb down OUR kids so they cannot develop any independence from the economic fuedalism of the Gangatser Banksters or compete with their progeny on a level playing field and make any serious money.

              That is why the cost of a college education has soared, to make it affordable for the wealthy, but not necessarily for the talented. And only the kids of the wealthy will be able to afford it. Its called “pulling the ladder up”.

              A smart kid and their parents will recognize that now is a great time to borrow SOME money and repay that low cost loan with rapidly depreciating dollars (double digit inflation).

              The average debt of a college grad is less that $50k. Thats also the starting salary for MBA’s. Science majors get a lot more.

              You didn’t have what it takes to make it, thats why you dropped out. Thats why you live in your mother’s basement with one hand collecting farts and the other on your game boy. It takes grit to succeed. You don’t have it. You have a loser mentality.

              I have seen your type before. I was born on the other side of the tracks. I just refused to stay there. One of my friends in high school was just like you; coddled by mummy and daddy.

              When he went to college all of his costs were paid by his parents. He didn’t even have to do his own laundry, he sent it out to be washed or cleaned. He had everything, including a new convertable and money to burn. He lasted less than a year.

              The last time I saw him he told me he was passing out brooms from a supply closet for the local utility making $10 hour and it was a “gravy job”.

              Hows that “ad sense” money working out for you? 🙂

            • Like I said, Durango Kidd, Just ignore the facts.

              It must make you feel good to make stuff up about me and act as if you might know me when you don’t. You cannot help yourself I suppose, it’s a common characteristic of an Imperial Christian. That, and using straw-men.

              And Phuleeze, “the new NWO mantra to dumb down OUR kids so they cannot develop” is called, the education establishment.
              Also, notice your collective use of the term, “OUR” since when are they all your children? You do that a lot, the NWO types do too.

              Time after time I’ve shown you examples of People who are successful without a college education. Only the NWO types believe a college education is a requirement for success, that seems to be you too.

              “The average debt of a college grad”… We’ve been through this use of the term average before. There is no, “average”. There are Only individuals.

              From The Guardian:

              Wall Street protesters: over-educated, under-employed and angry

              “We have a president who tells us to do the right thing, to go to school, to get a better life, but I’m not getting a better life. I am a new college graduate and I have $50,000 of college debt built up while studying business management at Berkeley. I can’t find a job to pay it off.”

              Don’t you suppose repaying “that low cost loan with rapidly depreciating dollars” might prove to be difficult with double digit inflation?

              You’re missing a connection, A Big one. Several.

        • Rachel, I asume yer white nd so am I, but where u been hiding?
          Ever watch “current” on TV?
          Ever hear of the oxycontin express?
          White America from the Virginias to Fla. Purchasing oxy in Florida pain clinics and dealing them out of thier trailer parks for thousands.yeah its the blacks nhispanics alright, nd the whites n the cute little grannies and grandfathers, an the Rush Limbars all trying to make ends met in this ruff economy.

        • Thank you. Racism is seeded in economics. I’d only add that it’s not blacks or Hispanics who want to keep whites out…it’s the gangs who want to keep other gangs/competition out.

          Thanks for a thoughtful response.

      16. Defended my life & my family while being on the right side of a tactical 870. Thank God for Ilion, NY. I will not hesitate. I know what death looks like & smells like. Respect is all I need. I ask nothing from you.

      17. I think, culturally speaking, we’ve done our children a disservice. We’ve taught them to turn the other cheek, just walk away from an argument, “just because someone else does it, that doesn’t make it right.”

        Most of our kids are woefully unprepared to develop an attitude that allows them to go on the offensive. We’ve trained that out of them with “respectable” behavior and sending them to school to be trained not to fight back, not to come across as agressive and have the words “ZERO TOLERANCE” drilled into their heads.

        My 10 year old daughter recently got suspended from school for taking a camping tool (which looks like a pocket knife but has a dull knife, a fork and a spoon)with which to eat her lunch. (FTR, I told her she was not allowed to take it.)

        I got a phone call from the principal to come and pick her up because she had brought a “weapon” to school. This was on my voicemail with no further info. Imagine my surprise when I arrived at the school to discover it was her camping tool.

        Me: “Was she brandishing the knife at someone?”
        Principal: “Actually it was the spoon.”
        Me: “She was brandishing a spoon?”
        Principal: “Not exactly brandishing it.”
        Me: “Then what was she doing with it?”
        Principal: “Well, um, she was eating her pudding.”

        How absolutely terrifying for her victims.

        • Daisy

          Good post and comment. Politically correct and zero tolerance has feminized our men and will be the death of Liberty and our Constitution because words and events are what the progressives say they mean. Control the words and events and they win.

          I like this site because the men posters are – well, manly men. They say what they mean and mean what they say. It’s not lost given the current arm chair techie generation.

          • Wow thanks LH…I’m glad your here.

            Better than the men are men and the sheeple are scared.

            • Ahhh, I mean SHEEP.

        • I’ll bet they never look at pudding in the same light ever again–poor babies!!

          • “I have a folding spoon and I’m not afraid to use it!”

            • +1

            • I have a concealed spork permit.

        • Daisy: Was it white or dark pudding?

          • *shudder*

            Chocolate. Jello brand. That’s very ominous, I know.

            • Used to do a little spooning when I was an unbridled lad.

        • All joking aside, my daughter missed THREE DAYS of school over this. She was horribly embarassed because it was the very first time she has ever been in trouble at school – she’s exceptionally well-behaved.

          Sadly, our kids are being brainwashed to not resist, no matter what the impetus is. They are punished for standing up for themselves, for saying “no” to unfairness or mistreatment and for sticking up for other, weaker kids. When they are grown, how can we expect them to think critically and react appropriately?

          • Public school is designed to make both the child AND the parent realize that the state reigns supreme.

            If you want your children to think you MUST be their primary educator.

            • POA – you are absolutely correct. I tell my girls to question everything and everyone, even me. Not to be disrespectful, but to form your own opinion – don’t let other people feed you an opinion which you regurgitate as your own.

              Sometimes, the whole “question everything” theory kinda backfires on me. 😮

      18. There is strength in numbers. Go grocery shopping with a group (preferably armed) under the SHTF situation. Thugs tend to go after the weak. If they know your group will fight back and has the capability of doing it effectively they seek an easier target. Under a SHTF situation never leave home alone.

        Was that Port Richmond Philadelphia? At one time that was a decent area. Played many a half ball game on those streets with my cousins in the 1960s. There were still a lot of Polish immigrants and their children still living there then.

        • “Go grocery shopping with a group”


      19. I don’t carry a concealed gun but we do own shotguns. I wouldn’t hesitate to shoot someone who broke in to attack me or my family.

      20. I’ll always remember a story a neighbor told me about how she was jumped by 10 or so folks who were going to kick her ass. She grabbed a bottle, broke it off and flipped out on them, screaming she was going to kill them all and to bring it on. Faced by an obviously crazy person they decided to go elsewhere in search of a victim. Even thugs don’t like to mess with crazy people because you never know what they’ll do.

        • Great point! In a crazy situation you want to be the craziest guy in the room! When confronted by multiple attackers you want to be as overwhelming brutal with your first counter attack target as possible. When his cohorts see you gouge out an eyeball or crack an arm in half they’ll think twice about coming at you.

          • I always think of Mel Gibson in the first Lethal Weapon movie – that crazy look he got on his face. THAT is the expression you want to have if you are cornered. Make people decide there is no telling what the crazy chick (or dude) is going to do and an altercation is just not worthwhile.

        • Years ago I lived in So. Cal. One night about 2AM there was a real loud pounding on my front door. Unfortunately at the time I only owned one pistol, a S&W model 6904 9mm, which just happened to be locked in my truck which was locked in the garage. On each side of the front door were narrow windows that we had decided to leave without any treatments. (curtains, etc.) The landing from the stairs was right in behind the front door so anyone on the front porch could see me when I came down the stairs. Looking through the windows I saw about 6 young, black males standing on my front porch. I knew that they could see me and if I tried to make a dash for the garage they’d have been through the door before I ever got near the gun. Well I am not a real big guy but considerably bigger than any one of those kids. (5-11, 240#)

          I yanked that front door open and went outside in my skivvys yelling “what the hell are you doing waking me at two AM? Are you looking for an a$$ whipping?!!”

          One of them said they must’ve got the wrong house and I, very loudly, confirmed that fact and they took off running.

          The neighbor behind me was a correctional officer and he said I handled it perfectly. Had I done anything else I would’ve been sliced, stabbed & possibly shot.

          I can tell you POA sleeps with a Glock close by and several pieces stashed for easy access. Not going to ever push my luck again.

        • Remember how King David feigned insanity to get out of a bad situatiin. Mussed up his hair, hung his mouth open, began drooling on purpose, etc.

      21. Anonymous: Every day for the past ten years, Francesca here’s been giving me a large black coffee- except today she gives me a large black coffee and it has sugar in it. Alotta sugar. I just came back to complain.
        Crook: Say what, sucka?
        Anonymous: Well, we’re not just gonna let you walk out of here.
        Crook: Who’se we sucka?
        Anonymous: [slowly drawing his .44 Magnum] Smith and Wesson… and me.
        .44 Magnum: [Speaks}
        Shop owner: Clean up on station two!

        • @Anonymous

          Harry Callahan (er, .44 Magnum) was/is my hero too! You “made my day”!!! ;^)))

        • “And ya gotta ask… you feel lucky?..Well, do ya PUNK”?

        • Was that 16 or 17? In all of this excitment I kinda lost track myself.

      22. We all bleed red……

        One of the trauma rules – “all bleeding eventually stops”

      23. Well hell if someone wants to play the race card, let them. A lawyer once told me ” When you have evidence, argue the evidence. When you have facts, argue the facts. When you neither, pound the table.” Seems to me alot of race card players are pounding the table. Just showing and proving how fucking stupid they are. The worst racists I have ever met were black women. Just saying.

      24. This article should serve as a lesson to all you guys (and gals) who have “conceal and carry” permits, yet never think to take the gun out of the safe.

        Always carry!


      25. Good luck….remember you always fall back onto your lowest level of training. That shiny new .45 may make you feel safe but if you have not had any training you will have another thing coming when the SHTF. And watching a few YOUTUBE clips and going to the range a few times does not count as formal training.

      26. I can only imagine how bad things will be post-SHTF given that our youth are so willing to commit such acts in “normal” society as it is.

        • Ain’t that the truth.

      27. I think it’s time to cue up Bad Moon Rising….by CCR


      29. Hey Everyone,

        I have been lurking on this site for a year or so now. I started prepping about 18 months ago and I have finally convinced my wife to get on board with prepping. I have about a year’s worth of food for my family and I have the following guns’s and ammunition. My question is, do I have enough ammunition for when the SHTF? I would think that ammunition/guns would be a good bartering tool so I have made it a priority to put aside $300 per month towards guns/ammo. Please let me know your thoughts on what I have started to aquire and what you would improve on. Thanks.

        Caliber Quantity
        .22 2,850
        .223 3,000
        .306 88
        .300 3
        .380 ACP 350
        .357 240
        .410 80
        12 Gauge 300
        12 Gauge Slugs 10
        .40 SW 1,000

        .22 Long Rifle w/scope
        .22 Pistol
        (2) AR15’s
        (2) .306 rifles
        (1).357 Revolver Pistol
        (2) .380ACP
        .410 Shotgun
        12 Gauge Shotgun
        (1)Springfield 40 XD Pistol

        • Might want to beef up the ammo somewhat.

        • Just, you need to up your .22 and .223 to 5000 rounds each before any other calibers. Then, depending on what SHTF scenario you favor, work on the .308 (or 30/06?) and 12 guage.

          I’d start with the .223 in case lots, the .22 you can pick up brick by brick over time.

        • You’ve got enough pistol ammo. Depends on where you live and if/what you plan on hunting. I’ve got plenty of water fowl here, so I’ve got a crap load of shot for the shotguns. If you can deer hunt, I’d start loading up on the .306 and .300.
          You can casually load up on .22LR. Bricks are cheap.
          And I agree with the case lots of .223.
          If you’re in a suburban environment and envision some close quarters crap, I’d get some 00 buck too.

          Late for work,

      30. In the first place the new laws in texas provide for shooting them,and as many as you can,as soon as they cross the line with the no tresspassing sign. No questions no statements,and no rebuttle. Period. It’s amazing how a crowd can be disbursed after dropping 70% of them to the ground in seconds.I have told many of my students-“It is not the size or powerfulness of your weapon,it is your willingness to use it that will decide who is left alive..”Fear is your greatest friend in battle and your worst enemy” Whoever fears–looses.

        • -”It is not the size or powerfulness of your weapon,it is your willingness to use it that will decide who is left alive..”

          I like that!

      31. I think of what and where I am at all time’s .It’s not about race it’s about safety.When in a store or eating out.I like to see what is going on a good seat facing the entrance.I want to see who is coming in the door.If I’m picking up some food stuff’s.I look down where I want to go I move slowly looking around me.In today’s world,I believe this is a good thing to do.Not something crazy.I want myself and my famliy to be safe.Just taking a few moment’s in time can save a life.I think it’s worth it!

        • BE AWARE OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS – ’nuff said.

      32. Don’t you understand what I’m trying to say…
        And can’t you feel the fears that I’m feelin today…
        If the button is pushed theres no runnin away…
        There will be no one to save with the world in a grave…
        Take a look around you boy, it’s bound to scare you boy,
        And you tell me over & over & over again my friend, that you don’t believe that we are on the eve of distruction..
        Yea, my blood so mad, feels like coagulation,
        I’m sittin here just contimplatin
        I can’t twist the truth , it knows no regulation,
        Hand full of Senators don’t pass legislation,
        And marches alone can’t bring integration,
        when human respect is disentigratin
        This whole crazy world is just too frustratin…
        And you tell me over & over & over again my friend, that you don’t believe we are on the eve of destruction….
        Barry McGuire
        From the 60’s ….rather prophetic ?

        Montgomery County, Texas

        • @ Random

          I grew up in Conroe, if your handle is an indication of your age w/prolly went to high school together. That’s such so weird, lol. May Yahweh(God) bless you in your preps. 🙂

      33. I have had to draw down on two thugs at 3:30 in the morning. Nothing like the sound of a round being pumped into a shotgun to change a bad guys mind. Fortunatly for them, they chose wisely and laid down spread eagle till the cops arrived. One step forward towards me and they were toast. I was mentally ready for it but glad I didn’t have to pull the trigger. Would have platterd blood all over my recently washed car!

      34. Shotguns do tend to command respect. We have a couple Mossburg 500 Pump shotguns. There is nothing that has such a “clunky” action as a Mossburg. At 3AM when you cycle the pump to chamber a round…..if the bad guys have a half an ounce of brains…they are not staying around to see what happens next. Plus…if you live in
        a subdivision where the houses are close together…you don’t have to worry about killing your neighbor in has bed. I figure that if the shotgun scares the bad guys away….then it has done it’s job. I don’t have to replace drywall, & repaint…..or have the cops here for hours filling out reports about the dead guys….
        My sone e-mailed me some info on a new shotgun coming out…I think it held 12 rounds + one in the chamber. I think it was a Kel-Tec & was going to be around $800.00 or so. It looked pretty wicked. Here is the link :
        Be safe Y’all !
        Montgomery County Texas

        • Daisy

          I just love that sound – it's music to my ears.

      35. 12 guage
        I recently was at Academy Sporting Goods here in Houston Texas…& found a new Winchester 12 Guage load. They are packaged as PDX1 12 Defender. Has a 1oz Rifled slug backed up by 3 plated 00 Buck Pellets ! Comes in a 2-3/4 shell rated at 1150 Velocity. Made in USA !! I’m going to be replacing some doors….so I might use a couple of the old doors to do some penetration tests. Has anyone tested these rounds ?
        Montgomery County Texas

        • Centurion also makes a 12 gauge shell that holds a .65 caliber lead ball with ( I believe five) 00buck pellets surrounding it. The hull is a white/transparent plastic and the contents are visible and awsome looking. They can be found online @ Sportsman Guide.

          • Buck and ball, one of the most effective loads ever for the smoothbore muskets that dominated the Civil War battlefields. Still works.

            • I would recommend the Winchester 8 pellet reduced recoil OO buckshot shotshell for home defense if buckshot is OK in your mind. It has a beautifully tight pattern and it is quite easy to manage the recoil.

              While the slug or ball combinations mentioned by others would be devastating, I worry about too much penetration.

      36. After reading the comments, I think maybe People should be aware of how prosecutors behave afterwards as described in the article below, it’s probably not what you’d expect.

        Also, there’s a description of a gruesome self-defense option an unarmed woman completed as a last ditch effort. I’m just not sure I could’ve done it.
        Plus, did you know a Florida guy was sentenced to prison for shooting over the head of a teenager he tried to get out of his house?

        It’s probably worth your while to read the NYTimes article linked here:

        The Police State Abolishes the Trial

      37. Just for shits and giggles, you all might want to pick up a gas mask or two for yourselves and family. I have several of the Finnish masks that I picked up on line a couple of years ago for about 10 bucks. Each came with their own pouches. All of the family members have been versed in putting them on and checking the seal. They are of good quality and I also purchased the adapters for a couple of bucks each to allow the American canisters to be used. YMMV.JM2CW

      38. one good elbow strike to the jaw of an attacker….be it horizontally or vertically applied will always be a game-changer in an assault….to get space to use it try head butting the nose or the vererable booger strike.

        What is a booger strike??

        You ram your finger up your attacker’s nostril with all the strength you have crushing all the tiny little turbinate bones within and causing his eyes to water (long fingernails and big rocks on rings make this even more effective)…just make sure you don’t have a finger in his (or her) mouth because this technique will cause so much instant pain they could bite your finger off.

        Then give him that elbow strike to the jaw and run like hell.

      39. RT, i would urge you to look at the centurion defense rounds. 1 .65 ball with 6 buckshot behind it. 2 3/4 shell and 1300 fps iirc. The ball will go through a free standing 2×12 at 50 yards with a 12 in diameter spread on the buckshot. Pretty accurate for an oversized bb gun:)

      40. I would have killed as many of those kids as possible. Why? Because even if I had punched one, while they were in the midst of a violent home invasion, I’d have gone to jail. If I’m going to jail either way then it better be for something good – like gunning down 10 punks while they’re in the midst of a home invasion.

      41. On the use of a Conceal Carry License or Concealed Handgun License, I strongly urge the readers to check out,

        It is insurance for the use of a CCL or CHL, well worth the $130 a year retainer. It is run by Lawyers who carry and believe in the 2nd Ammendment.

        They are going National or at least starting with the States that have reciprocity with Texas.

        There is NO “retreat law” in Texas.

        • This shouldnt even be an shouldnt even need this..just another way for a blood sucking lawyer to fill his pockets

          if you blast a perp, you should be honored, not messed with in our so called legal system..this mind set needs to change, and any perp shooting chasing lawyers need to take a step back and understand no man should have to pay because he defended himself or his family..Period!

      42. They want us to destroy each other. The race baiting is to cause division “Divide and Conquer”. I have learned living around black people that many of them are better people than whites that I have known. That said, much of the differences and troubles caused between races is cultural, not racial. Diffrent music, family plight and history, slang and lanquage differences, moral differences etc. etc…. These tend to cause more problems than just the color of one’s skin.

        Try to judge people from the inside out.

        • Unfortunately for your theory, trying to judge the good from the bad while they’re stealing your car, (happened to me), stabbing your babysitter, (also happened to me), shoplifting from your retail store, (happened to me countless times), or holding your store up at gunpoint, (happened to my assistant manager),is a futile exercise. That stuff all happened in Cambridge MA; supposedly an upscale community with excellent “race relations”, and that was in the ’70s. Has anything improved in 30 years?

          • If you were the victim of black criminals that often then you’re the exception. STILL not an excuse to be racist. Just say you for no good reason don’t like blacks. The vast majority of white crime victims have been at the hands of white criminals.

      43. @ Peewee’s Mom
        I live about 30 minutes from Conroe….but did not go to school there. I’m a Damn Yankee…who ended up in Texas 14 years ago when my job up in Pittsburgh PA went away…
        While Pittsburgh will always be homne….I do love Texas & all the folks in my neighborhood are wonderful. We are out in what used to be the country….but the city folks keep moving in & wanting to build shopping malls & bstrip centers….They are cutting down all the trees….Hell we moved out here to get away from all that stuff……if that is what they want I wish they would stay in the city where they belong !

        @ PO’d Patriot : Thx for the info on the Sportsman guide loads…I will check ’em out. Also appreciate the gas mask info. That is one of the things on my list that I had not located a source for yet.

        @ Fatty : Thx for the Centurion 12 guage info. That sounds like a pretty decent round. I will see if I can find some here in the Houston area.

        @ Terry W. Reed : Thx for the Texas CHL info. I will take a look at it. The Castle Law in texas is a good thing. In your home, vehicle, or place of business…you have no requirement to retreat from a criminal’s attack. You can stand your ground & defend Life & Liberty from criminal attack. It should be that way everywhere…..but I’m sure that the lawyers don’t want to see that happen !
        God Bless Texas
        Montgomery County Texas

      44. I have had it with the phony covering up of black on white racial crimes. Here is a simple test anyone can take. You have just gotten off work, it is dark. You exit the exact front center of the building. You car is at the exact rear center of the building. You look left, and there are 6 young black men standing on the corner. You look right, and there are 6 young white men standing on that corner. Which way to you go? Every honest person I asked eventually says, “To the right, of course.”. Your own answer will reveal if you are an honest person, or one who is too afraid of being labelled “racist” to even be honest with yourself. Thank you Mac for this great site! And, yes, by far even most black folks choose right.

        • any more today, this is what I would do, either walk back into the building because all buildings have a back door, and go to my car that way..

          or unlatch the safety on my 40 cal. and walk to my car any dam way i want to..I also cary an extra magazine

          bet you didnt count on this answer , did ya?

          • Hey VRF, you also weaseled out of an honest answer. The scenario did not allow for a back door. And, sure if we were packing, no problem. But I wonder what you would really do…..

      45. i live in cfalls columbia falls montana , it’s ALL white… and the locals here are straight up whiskey tango’s trailer trash , the town is over run by alcoholic’s , methheads and potheads … every weekend someone is stabbed, assaulted, and raped in the town limits , it’s listed weekly in the local paper’s police blotter , whats really disturbing is how much child sexual abuse exists here and everyone is afrid to report of it or even report of being robbed by their own meth head neighbors… due to local harassmet and vandalism and aggressive stalking threats against good decent folks just trying to live decent lives here. So folks it’s not racial… it’s economical… is what I’m sayin’ the Unemployment rate here is 15% and climbing… property crime here in the flathead valley is exploding and the local poice and sheriff department simply don’t have the man power to control it!

        welcome to the NWO future of america… arm up stock up prepare… it’s just gonna get worse from here.

        • Bingo!

        • Aren’t you lucky, here in my city there is one to two black people that get shot every night. Most are DRT.

      46. This reminds me of a discussion on YouTube about small caliber pistols. Are you really ready to shoot someone in the heart, neck, or face to defend your life? New Hampshire just passed a new deadly force law that allows for more defense and less (if any) “duty to retreat” from an attacker. How silly is the whole “duty to retreat” thing anyway? While busy getting attacked you are supposed to think to run away… so someone can stab or shoot you in the back?

        • Retreat from a confrontation that is about to spiral upward to violence is a verty good idea. Mistyaken machismo has gotten many people into trouble for fights they could have backed out of. Even if you don’t have to “give ground” it is a better choice is you can with complete safety. No matter how criminally righ you are it could avoid a suit in places where the commie assed liberal frat boy upperclasw hite guilt judges will give them your first born child in a suit. QWIthdraw if feasible and still call 911 to reprt th incident. You have nade a record of your attemopt to avoid the problem and actually avoiding it. Then if the perp follows or continues it…you have teken steps to wothdraw. I woukld prefer it to useing the deasdy force. For immediate attacks like flash mobs, you don’t have that luxury. Any shottomg that you don’t have to be in is by far the best,. 2nd choice is the one you can’t avoid but trhat you still win. 3rd id losing

      47. I grew up in CF Mont. In the late sixties early seventies. Used to be a great place to live. Low crime great fishing and good schools. Too bad it’s overun with creepers now. Living in an ideal place now. When I say backwater I mean backwater. Sorry can’t say where it is. Good luck and Godspeed everyone. It’s coming for people with eyes that see.

      48. Some have suggested that a person might fire a few warning shots and if that doesn’t scare them away and you feel they mean to do you bodily harm and they force their way into your home shoot them until they stop attacking.

        • Warning shots only prepare an aggressor for the next confrontation. Shoot to kill. You only need one side of the story.

      49. Not everybody lives in a large urban area (and the police there asre NOT going to take a bulletr for you – they are only there to take down a report). All this nonsense about Race makes no sense – a criminal assault is a criminal assault and a victim is a victim (more often these days a dead one, since dead people can’t testify against their attackers).

        Make light of this if you will, my fellow Yuppies in your guarded suburbs or condos. Yuck it up real good! And it’s true that the world isn’t conspiringt to do you in. But don’t forget that you’ll bleed out just as quickly as the guy who lives under a freeeway overpass.

      50. If you have to pull out your gun–shoot–Never pull a gun unless it is a life threatening event.

        • Yes, but no. I did and I got the jump. I’m living proof. Ever look up the barrel of a 12 gauge. I was looking down right side of the bead site with my finger on the creep. I would tend to say that you are right 99% of the time. Good advice hh.

        • AAAAAAAANT! If the threat subsides and you still shoot, you will probably get charged. Shithead sympathizers as witnesses is a big enough problem w/o taking that chance. If the threat subsides…or ths thug says ” I’m through with it” or says anytghing cconcilliatorty you beter walk or run away. W./o the immediate threat of deadly force or force from say multiple persons you are begging for it all to blow up in your face. Case in point the classic case of shooting after the other has attempted to diengage from the confrontation and the shooter saying he had no chance but to shoot and then bang……they find 3 buckshot in the palms of the perps hand. Case closed…prison is coming now…. probation if you are lucky or a judges son…. There ain’t no getting around that. Evidence that you cannot copntemplate can bite service station security tape etc Unseen wwitnesses. I won’t try to hunt that dog. It has sent manympeople to prison when evidence or witnesses turned up that showed the perpetrator had tried to walk away or otherwise disengage from the conflict.

      51. Clearly Lap Goch, the Welsh form of self defence is called for here.
        It’s extremely effective.
        The idea is that you mortally wound your vicious assailant BEFORE the idea of attacking you has actually occurred to them.
        It can make you rather unpopular with your friends however

      52. And while you morons run around wasting time arguing about which race is to blame for the other’s problems THIS time, the people who don’t give a damn about any color but green are stockpiling ammunition because everybody who doesn’t represent green is considered the wrong color and will be dealt with accordingly.

        To whomever the latest White guy is who truly believes that dragging out some “honorable Black guy” who’s said just what Whites so inclined need to hear to validate their bassackawards hatred, I can tell you. Nothing is going to hurt worse than friendly fire. And if people such as yourself who continue to obfuscate the real problems and create further division don’t clue in quickly? Continue to be part of the problem? When the SHTF for real, you will be solved. By one side or the other. Imagine your surprise when the hand on the baton that is beating the crap out of your loved ones is a White one. And it likely will be.

        To whomever was talking about Blacks “massing” for criminal activity and racial attacks? Cowards ALWAYS mass. From the 1600’s to the 1960’s those cowards were White. Pick up a history book friends. Cowardice is nothing new to criminals, and color is not on the application form. You need to be prepared to consider anyone, of any race, who is not a friend, an enemy. You need to start realizing that not everyone your color is a friend. You need to start realizing that not everyone of another color is your enemy. And you need to do it NOW.

        You’re on a site, and a thread, purporting to tell you how to defend yourselves in the coming chaos. Let me tell you that bickering like self absorbed toddlers about why you’re superior to the man in the foxhole next to you is about the best way there is to get both of your heads blown off. And knowing brain dead Americans, it’ll happen with both of their backs turned towards their real enemies. There are actually people I’m hearing from on these sites with pride so far out in front of intelligence that I swear they’d get shot because the guy in front of them of a different race wasn’t “good enough” to take their bullet.

        Get it figured out fast. There are those of us who no longer have time for this kind of crap and will consider those who put this in the way of what’s important to be no better than the enemy.

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