Predicting The Next Crisis, Programming Behavior: “The Ability To Track Entire Population”

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    This article was written by Brandon Smith and originally published at His site is

    Editor’s Comment: Unless you have gone well out of your way to stay off the grid completely, and out of the regular dealings of society, then you are being tracked, constantly surveilled and monitored – not for misbehavior and criminal activity so much as for behavior, typical activity, mass population movements, and flash points for crisis.

    Good predictions require a complete saturation of data and context. It isn’t enough to see the trouble spots; the system must also understand the behavior of norms and averages. People tend towards astonishingly narrow patterns – travel within a few predictable turns, a short radius, typical purchase patterns, repeated diet and consumption patterns. One study found that just four credit card purchases were enough to identify the purchaser anonymously… just imagine what they can do with an entire footprint of data.

    How Globalists Predict Your Behavior

    by Brandon Smith

    The globalists seem to have an overarching obsession with data collection. As we have seen with revelations from multiple government whistle-blowers, the establishment spends most of its time, energy and manpower collecting information not just on known threats to their supremacy, but information on EVERYONE through FISA-based surveillance protocols. This is because the establishment sees every individual as a potential threat.

    Thus, the system, without warrant, is programmed to collate data from everywhere, not necessarily to be analyzed on the spot, but to be analyzed later in the event that a specific person rises to a level that poses legitimate harm to the globalist power structure.

    There was a time not long ago when this notion was considered “conspiracy theory” by the mainstream, but with multiple exposures from Wikileaks to Edward Snowden it is now common knowledge that the government (and the globalists) spy on us en masse. However, I do not think that many people understand the greater implications or uses for this full spectrum surveillance. This is why you sometimes hear the argument that “if you aren’t doing anything wrong, then you have nothing to worry about…”

    The truth is, mass surveillance is not done merely for the sake of surveillance, and it is certainly not undertaken for the sake of public safety. There is a greater purpose, and it is something the elites crave dearly — the purpose of total and PREDICTIVE information awareness.

    The establishment is not just hoping to observe our present behavior in detail. No, they hope to use today’s data to predict our behavior tomorrow, and at this very moment, they are extremely close to achieving their goal.

    Lets examine some of the methods they use in the pursuit of this goal…

    Internet Macro-Analytics

    Web analytics are used by almost everyone with a website of their own, and Google is a primary source for this data. Through analytics you can easily measure web traffic for a particular site, but also where in the world the traffic is coming from, how long these people are staying on your site, how many of them are new visitors versus regular visitors, how your traffic has increased or decreased over a span of months or years, etc, etc. That said analytics are not just useful to someone with a web-based business or a blog, they are very useful to the establishment. Why? Because they allow the establishment to view the behavior of most of a population at any given time.

    In fact, Eric Schmidt, the former CEO of Google, is notorious for opening his big mouth and letting slip some of the finer intricacies of the establishment’s information war. In 2010 in a videotaped interview with The Atlantic, Schmidt said this:

    “With your permission, you give us more information about you, about your friends, and we can improve the quality of our searches. We don’t need you to type at all. We know where you are. We know where you’ve been. We can more or less know what you’re thinking about.”

    Now, this statement from Schmidt is not entirely true. The use of analytics to know the thought processes of the individual person is nonsensical because, first, individuals can be highly erratic and unpredictable due to emotion, intuition and abrupt changes in psychological dynamic. The elites do not know what you are thinking, yet.

    That said, they do have the tools at their disposal to use what I would call “macro-analytics,” a widely encompassing view of internet traffic, to predict GROUP behavior.

    The ability to track the web habits of an entire population allows the elites to see shifts in social consciousness in real time. For example, I believe this very method was used to predict the shift of the U.S. population and parts of Europe towards a more conservative or “populist” ideal in 2016. Because of this the elites have acted accordingly.

    Instead of attempting to stop the social changes of the group, they have allowed conservative and sovereignty movements to attain a certain level of political power, while also setting those same movements up for epic failure in the next couple of years. I also predicted this move by the elites in advance before the Brexit Referendum (I will go into more detail on this in my next article).

    The point is, the elites do not necessarily need to spend the incredible amount of energy required to spy on each individual. When people form into ideological groups their behavior becomes much easier to predict. Through macro-analytics, the establishment can simply watch the traffic numbers of conservative and liberty sites to see how quickly a population is adopting that mindset, or abandoning it. They can read these social movements in advance and move to intercept or co-opt.

    Even if everyone in a given population found a way to use the web anonymously, this would do nothing to prevent the establishment from collecting wider analytic data and traffic data.

    The best strategy for defusing this weapon at the fingertips of the elites would be a decentralized internet; an internet in which analytics are not collected or cannot be collected. Whether this can be done using existing internet infrastructure or if it would require the freedom minded to start all over from scratch, I do not know. All I know is that while the existing system is indeed useful to liberty advocates as a means to spread information and to counter disinformation, it is also highly useful to the elites as a means to view and predict mass behavior. It is a trade-off, and it is hard to say who is getting the better part of the trade.

    For the establishment, though, the internet is quickly becoming, for all intents and purposes, the all seeing eye.

    Human Integration With The Internet

    Here is where Eric Schmidt’s claim of Google “knowing what you are thinking” could actually come true. Yet another statement from Schmidt in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter breaks down exactly what a human integration with the web might entail:

    “There will be so many IP addresses… so many devices, sensors, things that you are wearing, things that you are interacting with that you won’t even sense it. … It will be part of your presence all the time. Imagine you walk into a room, and the room is dynamic. And with your permission and all of that, you are interacting with the things going on in the room.”

    Note that Schmidt keeps bringing up the idea that they will have your “permission” to watch your life and actions in such vivid detail. The elites love the idea of consent, but see consent as an unconscious act.  Meaning, they take joy in tricking people into consenting to their own slavery through misinformed participation. Surely, if the average person knew the extent to which their information would be used by the establishment against them they would not consent to a thing. But the elites figure that your ignorance and participation is enough for them.

    Case in point, the “internet of things” which Schmidt is describing, is already here.

    Not only can spy agencies tap into your web activity and your computer microphone and webcam, but also your cell phone activity. This includes the ability to use cell phone GPS to track every move you make in real time. But cell phones can also be activated while turned off (as long as they have battery power), and your conversations can be recorded while you are none-the-wiser.

    The cell phone is also a powerful tool for video surveillance. Cell phone makers are now getting ready to equip products with facial recognition software, allowing organizations like the NSA to not only track you with your own cell phone, but also track you through OTHER people’s cell phones if they happen to capture your face in their own phone camera.  Imagine a world in which the elites have eyes everywhere because nearly everywhere you go someone is holding a cell phone with biometric software.

    New products are even more invasive. Amazon’s latest “Echo” technology, featuring “Alexa,” an app which allows the Echo to interpret your commands via microphone and talk back to you, is essentially a highly sensitive listening device (with digital speech interpretation) which people are paying good money for and willingly centralizing in their homes. This is so Orwellian it is astonishing.

    Though Amazon claims the Echo only records audio for 60 seconds at a time and has refused to give data to the government in two separate instances for use in court prosecutions, the fact is that Amazon does have the data. And, if Amazon has access, then the NSA has access. It is foolish to assume otherwise. The federal pursuit of warrants to gain the data for use in court cases is nothing more than a show designed to normalize the practice of exploiting these devices and make the idea more palatable to the public. If the data can be used to solve a crime, then how can such surveillance be bad, after all?

    What Schmidt envisions, and I think what the globalists envision, are millions of households filled with devices like the Echo. Not only this, but they also envision every human being reliant on the “internet of things” every moment of every day. They want a world in which you can’t accomplish any necessary activity without interacting with the network. They want a world in which everything you say and do is recorded and modeled and profiled. We are not quite there yet, but we are not far off, and if such a world comes to pass, then the elites will, in a sense, be able to predict individual thought and behavior.

    Countering The Surveillance Grid

    In my next article I will be outlining more methods for countering establishment intrusions into your life. Not only that, but I will also be explaining how you can turn the tables and predict the behavior of the elites.

    In the meantime, the best solution to the problem is to distance one’s self from the grid wherever possible. This means doing simple things, like leaving your cell phone at home when it is not really necessary. I grew up in an era without cell phones. Trust me, we got by just fine without them.

    It also means being more present-minded on the technology in your home and what it does. Do you really need your webcam overlooking your house all day long? Does your computer really need to be operating every second? Do you really need to take pictures of your entire life and post them on Facebook? Can you not limit your desire for every new gadget that happens to come along?

    Humanity needs a healthy distance from technology. This doesn’t mean we go back to using a horse and buggy, but it does mean there is wisdom in moderation. Mass surveillance potential by the establishment is not just a threat to people who might be “up to no good”; it is a threat to everyone. For the ability to predict a population’s behavior makes that population highly controllable. NO ONE is morally benevolent enough to be trusted with that kind of power. Anyone deliberately seeking to obtain such power should be treated with the utmost suspicion. Only the worst of men desire the means to intrude on the lives and minds of men.

    This article was written by Brandon Smith and originally published at His site is


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      1. Globalists don’t predict behavior, they control behavior.

        • Could not of said it better!!!!

          • I *was* going to comment, but since “they” already know what I was going to say, I guess no need to write it here.

            But… SAME TO YOU, fella!

        • “Ignore the man behind the curtain!”

        • They predict it with the intent to control it. The are generally successful in the overall direction but its occasional deviation throws them a curve ball on occasion. The technology they use to direct the world is also being used to inform the masses of their meddling. People around the world are becoming more distrustful of large centers of power. They might not know who or why but they damn sure gave the feeling that something is wrong and they don’t control anything.

        • They will control it ONLY insofar as we allow them – generally through inertia, cowardice and intellectual laziness.

      2. If you are not awake to this end goal of the Globalist Corporatist Fascist psychopaths carrying out the on-going American Holocaust by chemical culling in the Police State hell on earth of damned and doomed America, I pray that you are not reproducing and bringing children into this treasonous Police State nightmare you cowards refuse to see metastasizing right in front of your dumbed down toxic dump faces.

        • I have repeatedly told my grand daughter since she was ten yrs old to not have children when she grows up as the gov will stick a poisoned needle in the babies arm and some day perhaps take the child away. So what does she do? Grows up and has a baby at age 19 and pumped full of poison vaccines. I give up. And about the phones. I don’t have a smart phone. I have one of those real cheap pay as you go Trach phones. I keep it in the car in case i need it for a tow. I don’t have a web cam…what’s that?! And i have headphones plugged into the computer all the time. At times i will mute the sound as a friend a long time ago told me to do that so “they” can’t listen in. I don’t have any techy gadgets and i never ever go on Facebk Twitter or any other social sites. Yeah, i do post here….and i don’t care what they read. I am old and won’t be around much longer anyway…….

          • Oh, i also don’t have cable tv….never watch it in fact. I never got the digital converter box. Guess i am too old for this new century!

        • Praise Kek brother

          Chaos is here. Prepare for a total internet shutdown tomorrow

          Good luck

          • Got ammo?

            • Got
              Cubic yards of ammo brother

        • “battlefield Texas”? If it weren’t for the global on board new mexico, Arizona would happily watch yer west.

        • HCKS
          Got the Ram ready, I can head to just about anywhere in less that 24 hrs. To back You folks up. Rifles/pistols ready. 50 Cal ammo cans full of loaded mags. Night vision, and other equipment.

          That is if I’m not at full blow battle here in the Soviet Socialist Republic of Illinois.


          • Is Big Al Capone still running the show up there??

            Bootleggers and Badmen..

            The State where you can watch the Judge take envelopes stuffed with cash right in the courtroom at his bench. Thump!!! Went the heavy envelope. I figure $5K. Then my case was up next. ha. Just hire the right local Dago Attys to pay off the Irish Judges. Its all about the money info, not the offense.

        • Well, Friday should be quite interesting. Got the popcorn ready?

      3. Chaos has been unleashed upon this earth

        Hope y’all have stocked up accordingly

        Prepare for an internet shutdown tomorrow

        If I’m wrong I’ll hop on here and eat crow

        • Captain Crunch

          Don’t sweat the small stuff, Capt. Crunch.

          We have all eaten some Crunch Berries in our time. ;0)

        • Captain Crunch, I knew a guy in the Army in the early ’80s that took that name as his call sign…from Oregon.

        • If you dip it in a nice spicy breadding then fry it up, almost anything tastes good,,,,
          Just sayin bud

          • Even road kill? 🙂

        • Prepare for an internet shutdown tomorrow. I hope so that means I won’t have to work, because all of our computers at the PD is hooked up to the internet.

          What make you think 01/14/17 is going to be the day the Net goes down?

          I hope not I’ve got another member of the team 12Ga. coming in around Wed. or Thurs.

          If I’m wrong (on the internet) I’ll hop on here and eat crow, It taste like Chicken!


          • What’s up with the 14th? or Saturday??

            Today being Friday the 13th, thought something bad might go down today.

            Well, so long as they leave my sewing machine alone, I’m good.

            Winter months are sewing months. Make all my own stuff, except coats.

            • That Big Coon in the Live Trap this AM, went on the grill today, taters, onions, celery, carrots, @350 degs for 2.5 Hrs. The Hyde looks great, full thick, January Pelt. Skinned it out, salted it down. Will stretch it, tack it in the next few days. Some great Vids on all of this. Find and remove the scent glands when skinning. Deboned it after cooking it, and will hickory smoke it tomorrow, and a few friends coming over for beers and BBQ Sandwiches. Full Belly Nt Nt.

            • I have two backups for my computerized sewing machine. One is an old mechanical 40 years old now and the other is an old treadle with lots of attachments.

              Your are right about winter is great for sewing. So relaxing and end up with clothing that actually fits. I’ve made a couple coats and they aren’t hard. Only a couple because they last so long. LOL

              Have not tried making underclothes. That’s my next thing to attempt. Tired of the high cost for certain unmentionables and they seldom fit well even if I find something close.

          • Sgt read it on /pol/

          • Ok Sgt, how’s that crow tasting now?

        • What sorta info you have that has tomorrow as the day, the feminazis marching?

        • I hope it can wait until Saturday night. I’m in the middle of a massive MP3 and FLAC download that won’t be finished until then. I’m getting fills for my collection of early jazz, blues, and country.

        • Late Thursday night, there was a widespread outage for AT&T cell phones. Saw it on Conspiracy Outpost. Didn’t believe it so I pulled out my phone. Sure enough, it could not get a signal. While the time was correct, the weather said it was snowing but it was actually 62 degrees outside.

          Something is definitely afoot.

          • When the forecast says snow, and it’s 3 million degrees and mushroom clouds everywhere, then you know something is wrong.


        STEP ONE-Assassinate John F Kennedy letting all future Presidents know who really controls the Corporatist Fascist Police State hell on earth of damned and doomed America.

        STEP TWO-Take GENOCIDAL Corporatist Fascist control of the food supply. Get now obese disease ridden toxic dump Americans hooked on HIGHLY ADDICTING HFCS/processed sugar loaded and Endocrine Disrupting Chemical filled GMO Fake Food Garbage. This will dumb them down, make them disease ridden, and dying early of everything, so they will run to the treasonous OATHBREAKING drunken bum Big Pharma shill whores in the white coats, who call themselves American doctors. The victims of the American Holocaust and Chemical Culling will scream and beg for what they believe is the solution to all their health woes- the Big Pharma “SNAKE OIL”, not knowing that the poisonous toxic garbage will further destroy their good gut bacteria and weaken them even more, but very slowly so everything else is blamed, like genetics or lack of exercise.

        STEP THREE(DISTRACTION)-Get Americans addicted to EVERYTHING, especially ALCOHOL and PORN, mindless entertainment, “bread and circuses” sporting events, and “above all gambling, or everything George Orwell told us the psychopaths would do, so they just followed the Prophet Orwell’s plan.

        STEP FOUR-Get complete control of the Corporate Media, which was done decades ago, and now includes treasonous criminal run Fox News and ALL other Corporate Media

        STEP FIVE(DIVIDE AND CONQUER)-No need for anything more to say about this strategy of the GENOCIDAL Corporatist Fascist treasonous psychopaths. The evidence now is everywhere around us in Police State hell on earth collapsing America, it was accomplished long ago also.

        STEP SIX(FINAL DESTRUCTION OF THE US CONSTITUTION)-Completed after the False Flag psychopath ran 911 US Intelligence Agency terrorist attacks on our own citizens, with treasonous subversive actions like the Patriot Act and the continuous NDAA Act after act. I must say convincing the dumbed down toxic dump population of American fascist boot licking COWARDS that an old man in a cave with a TRS 80 Computer carried out the 911 Attacks, it will make the American population of cowards go down in history as the most ignorant population of dumbed down boot licking cowards the world has ever seen, and it was all because of the poisonous toxic food, water, vaccines, and other tools of the American Holocaust and Chemical CULLING!!!!

        STEP SIX-All the dumbed down toxic dump cowardly fascist boot licking American SLAVES will line up with the children the COWARDS should of NEVER had for forced RFID Chipping, and the turning in of all their weapons….anyone who does not comply will be hunted down and killed, it is that simple!!!

        GOOD LUCK

        • Step Seven- Oops,…Did not count on Donald J Trump being elected, Now everything in the last 65 years the tribe worked for, just went down the shitter. Pre 65 property lines in Palestine, no more occupation, Netanyahu indictment coming. The Jewish Jihad False Flags will still keep coming. However, Well Armed Americans will shoot them.

          **Armed Civilian shoots and killed Perp, who shot a Cop then got into a struggle on the side of the road with him. Armed Civilian pulled over and popped a cap into the Perp’s ass killing him, and saving Cops life.

          Are you prepared to respond in kind with your tools?

          • My tools are a spading fork, shovel, and Organic Homemade Compost now-they are all I need to stop the genocidal psychopaths who hijacked our government and food supply long ago, and I am out using those tools EVERYDAY to help get the disease ridden American population healthy Organic REAL FOOD!!!

        • Wow.You are so correct. Scary to see it in print tho cuz it’s exactly what has happened….and we didn’t even know it!

      5. And

      6. This is getting fun…

      7. Orwell would stand in awe.

        • Orwell truly was a Prophet who gave the Globalist Corporatist fascist genocidal psychopaths their current playbook. They love being so open, knowing the dumbed down disease ridden American cowards will do as MILLIONS and MILLIONS of other cowards throughout human history, who whored out their children’s HEALTH, FREEDOMS, and FUTURE to genocidal treasonous psychopath monsters. Just more human history repeating itself…get to Step 5 of the Awakening in the current Apocalypse, and you will understand why the totalitarian apocalypse horror repeats itself over and over again.

        • I like my semi auto with ported choke tube, the recoil is manageable and minimal and the cycle is much faster, the porting keeps muzzle rise minimal to regain target quickly, the extended magazine gives a much better reserve plus the red dot is a simple point and pull op,

      8. The first thing they will do is fetch a list of registered owners and hold early morning “collections”.

        They may also shut down traffic by turning out a few concrete dividers and setup check points.

        “Everybody stay calm. Stay in your homes. The “authorities” are working on it. Stay tuned to this channel for further instructions.” Bahhhhhh.

        “Hey, Dad! Check out this cool truck with the large radar dish on it driving down the street!”

        “Why are they wearing blue helmets?”

        “Who could be banging at the door? And at this time?”

        Of course, I just watch too many movies, right?

        • Nope, not too many movies.

          Sounds like “Red Dawn”.

          Besides, a lot of things in movies & TV have come to pass in reality.

      9. Just checked. Facebook is working for me. Not sure if that was a hack or a “test”. (I stopped using it a long time ago). Now I guess it will be the digital canary? When the comms go down…

        Stay frosty.

      10. “Humanity needs a healthy distance from technology. This doesn’t mean we go back to using a horse and buggy, but it does mean there is wisdom in moderation.”

        Well said – Technology is great, but … when it often overly consumes peoples lives on a daily basis in abundance.

        Is the day when people start losing their basic knowledge, creativity, and fundamentals of doing things with their own hands.

        Like a drunkard who can’t put the bottle down, is like a moron who can’t keep their face out of their cell phone all day.

        It’s called: abuse

        • Exactly, and some times “progress” means going back to what worked before the American Holocaust and Chemical Culling began decades ago, with Monsanto Round-Up Ready GMO Genocidal pestilence on the human race and their good gut bacteria!!!

      11. “Like a drunkard who can’t put the bottle down, is like a moron who can’t keep their face out of their cell phone all day.”

        So true. See it all the time.

        Don’t forget the fluoridated drinking water, (a trick the Nazi used to keep prisoners docile). Use a water filter and put down the phone, that ” why am I tired all the time” goes away.

      12. In my opinion, Herr Schmidt-hund is one of the few people on the planet more disgusting than Geo. Sorazz.

        So… their algorithms are going to predict my next steps… when they can’t get next week’s weather right?

        And to those of you still using fascist Farcebook, may I suggest you reconsider?

      13. Being a member of the Mennonite community, I love that occasional horse and buggy ride.

        If I was younger, I’d go back 🙂

      14. “There will be so many IP addresses… so many devices, sensors, things that you are wearing, things that you are interacting with that you won’t even sense it. … It will be part of your presence all the time. Imagine you walk into a room, and the room is dynamic. And with your permission and all of that, you are interacting with the things going on in the room.”

        This is why I have no cell phones, no television, no wireless anything. No camera or microphone on my PC, and zero “smart” anything. And I never will. I hate this garbage.

        These arrogant tech assholes make me sick. I’d like to punch their smug faces. Repeatedly.

        • Bob. You sound kool and smart. I bet you are older like me? Or if you are younger you are way ahead of your peers in smarts. Refreshing to know there are people like you in this horrble tech world.

      15. so really the best way to NOT be tracked is NOT TO USE THE NET AT ALL

      16. Which devices in my home should I blow my whistle or airhorn into? With a little luck, I might put out someone’s hearing before they lock me up!

      17. Question? Or comment….
        If Obummer federally deemed the internet critical infrasturcture and a basic right (so he or another demoncrat can give free wireless data as part of the welfare package), and we MUST consent to google and others (like apple) then shouldn’t we have the right to request all the data they collect and exactly how they used it? Even if it is a foia request and only for a 24 hour period. I feel if everyone knew exactly how much and how many times per day they are tracked and exactly what happens (with that data throughout that 24 hours would be shocking.) Imagine at 6am, your alarm clock goes off and your smart tv watches you. Your shower radio tracks you, your fit bit too. Then your coffee maker, fridge, other kitchen appliances including yournthermostat and other tv’s and the amazon echo. Then your cell phone, car phone, sirius radio, gps and onstar as well. Then at work all your employers electronics do to. Then, for lunch with clients other peoples cell phones and places of business with cctv and security cameras and smart tvs and other electronics at the eatery. Upon traveling and entering the hotel, they too track you and share that. Your key card also tracks you via rfid and every time you use it to enter anywhere in the hotel. The shows you watch in your room and all internet via wifi is tracked……All to sell you more shit you do not need and build a profile of lifestyle and threat matrix. Then when you decide to run for govt office the elites know exactly the threat to them you are or if you will vote their way. If you are an enemy they will set you up for social injustice (fake affairs, smear campaigns etc). There will be no chance to beat or outwit them if you are under age 20 today. Game over before it started. Never trust anyone under 25! If they are elected it is because the elites want them there! My kids will never have freedoms like we did and they will never know what they are missing. Their normal will be disgusting. I predict a war on the elderly in 25 years as we will only be the ones with understanding, knowledge, and expertise of what freedom really is……..I fear Trump is a shill even though as much as I root for him and have last hopes he can delay things a little longer…..the war on cash is real and coming soon, then your freedom is done for. One flip of a switch, your life is over, and you will be relegated to eating garbage to survive while being hunted like a rodent. No cash, no assets, bankrupt, no job, no way to feed yourself. Bartering is illegal and feeding homeless is a crime. You are dead and won’t know it. Feudalism is the next stage like 500-1500 (Middle Ages). Socialist will cheer, patriots will revolt. Then everyone eventually revolts; always have, always will because you cannot fix stupid and human are dumb and repeat the exact same mistakes. Godspeed.

      18. To have everybody in the population tracked, the gov. needs 10 million workers and 100’s of billions of dollars with equipment, computers, and tech savvy just to see what they are doing. Won’t happen. And staying away from any tracking device like cell phones and large urban areas with cameras at every corner, and paying cash is the best to stay hidden for those who are singling you out. A real DUH!

      19. White European people are going to become extinct if they do not start having babies right away. It is your duty to preserve your beautiful race and culture. The European man has given the world all that we have. Science and technology were developed by the genius of white European inventors. Yes, there are fools who want to misuse these gifts. As they are merely control freaks and lack creativity, these so called “elites” are nobody worth worrying yourself over. To hell with them. There are just a few of them, and they are made of the same flesh and blood as the rest of us.

        Stop watching television completely. You don’t need to know what is going on in the world from somebody whose motives are suspect, to say the least. Get a pen pal in other Countries and other States within the U.S. Communicate by regular mail. Make friends with long distance truck drivers. Go to a truck stop. Get your information from people you know. Keep it real.

        When people think that these good for nothings who collect data, only want to stop crime, realize this; competition is a crime. They want to keep the general public down. If they open a hamburger joint on street A and you open a better hamburger joint on street B; you are a criminal who is stealing their business. They will destroy you any way they can. They’ll go after your family. They will use whatever information they have. So keep your loved ones safe. And use cash when ever you can.

        But then be happy and have a real love and a real big family and lots of children. Because that is what the “elites” want to stop. That is why they create and promote perversion, inter-racial sex, drugs, drunkeness, gambling, porno; everything but healthy stable families. Get married. Stay married. Have your own team.


      20. Whenever you log in to post comments with social media that is proof of what your thoughts are. Anything you say will be held against you for no apparent reason. It could be anything. Do not post anything on social media.

        Cell phones are digital tracking devices for slaves. Everyone is the N word now just like KK. Use an older cell phone with 3G network. The masses of slaves are herded onto 4 and 5G.

        Here’s an interesting site for you to browse at your leisure.

        If your battery cant be removed from your cell phone then use a different cell phone. Your conversations can be monitored when the cell phone is powered off. Work around to that. Remove battery. Surveillance needs electricity to function.

        When will the slaves be free ? That’s up to you. The amount of tyranny you have is the amount of tyranny you will put up with.

      21. The sheep herder uses dogs. The cowboy uses horses to herd his cows. The magicians use technology and deception to herd the domesticated human herd.

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