Overwhelming Demand: Ruger Suspends All New Firearms Orders: “Incoming Order Rate Exceeds Our Capacity to Rapidly Fulfill These Orders”

by | Mar 22, 2012 | Emergency Preparedness | 215 comments

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    Editor’s Note: Amid a host of concerns that include, but are not limited to, rising crime, a lack of law enforcement during a crisis such as an economic collapse and, most notably, the potential re-election of President Barack Obama for another four years, Americans are stocking up on firearms and ammunition like never before. Last year alone we saw sales of guns in the United States exceed 10,000,000, and according to a recent report some three million Americans are among those preparing for worst case scenarios.

    They are purchasing supplies that include self defense armaments, long-term food storage, and off-grid survival tools. Demand is so high for these essential “post-collapse” survival commodities that in December of 2010 it prompted Mountain House, the largest freeze dried food manufacturer in the world, to delay orders for months at a time. Now, similar to the ammunition shortages leading up to the 2008 Presidential election, Americans are increasingly worried about what may happen to their Second Amendment rights under another Obama term.  This has, once again, led to unprecedented demand. Ammunition shortages in popular calibers, for example, have been reported by numerous sources. Likewise, overwhelming demand for firearms has forced one of the world’s largest gun manufacturers to suspend all new firearms production orders because they simply cannot keep up.

    Via Off Grid Survival:

    After our story on the Rise of the Prepper, we have been inundated with emails from readers telling us how hard it’s becoming for them to obtain certain types of ammo. We also had a reader send us a press release this morning from Ruger.

    Effective Immediately Ruger has stopped accepting Firearms Orders. The Company says that they have had to temporarily suspend the acceptance of new orders after receiving requests for more than one million units.

    Here is the Official Statement form Ruger:

    SOUTHPORT, CT –Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. (NYSE-RGR), announced today that for the first quarter 2012, the Company has received orders for more than one million units. Therefore, the Company has temporarily suspended the acceptance of new orders.

    Chief Executive Officer Michael O. Fifer made the following comments:

    • The Company’s Retailer Programs that were offered from January 1, 2012 through February 29, 2012 were very successful and generated significant orders from retailers to independent wholesale distributors for Ruger firearms.
    • Year-to-date, the independent wholesale distributors placed orders with the Company for more than one million Ruger firearms.
    • Despite the Company’s continuing successful efforts to increase production rates, the incoming order rate exceeds our capacity to rapidly fulfill these orders. Consequently, the Company has temporarily suspended the acceptance of new orders.
    • The Company expects to resume the normal acceptance of orders by the end of May 2012.

    In the Rise of the Prepper article, we warned that with Guns, Gold and Emergency Food all setting record sales numbers we will likely see major shortages hit the marketplace. As people begin to stock up on preparedness related items in response to the coming election cycle, we will likely see nationwide shortages similar to what happened during the elections in 2008. I fear this is only the beginning.


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        • I would really like to know which model has the greatest demand. I sure like their Piston AR platform!

            • … iran has every right to protect itself from Zionist Israeli Jew, British-AmeriKan Oligarchy Banker Imperialistic Thieves! just as you all have a right too protect yourselves and your homes from being robbed by your unsavory druggy alchi thieving neighbors! it is called natural law!!!

              it’s time america stopped being the “bitch” for the Zionist Israeli Jews , AIPAC , SPLC and British Royalty an British Oligarchy Bankers!!!

              soon many 10’s of 1000’s american naive children will die and millions of innocent iranians for the globalists world dominance plans…

              what is your childs life worth???

              what are you willing to do to save your childs life???

              every american adult needs to ask this of themselves…

              there’s is no winners in a WAR! only victims… on both sides… think about that the next time you look upon your child/ children!!!

              what is your childs life worth too you???

              it’s time we took a citizens stand against the illegal IMF NWO.CFR ZIONIST fascist CIA controlled federal government currently steering ameriKa into a GLOBAL THERMAL NUCLEAR WAR!!!

              impeach illegal-alien barry soetoro , recall your NWO UN Luvin corrupt state congress men and women… TAKE BACK FREE AMERICA!!! TODAY!!!

            • The Rise of IRAN:

              Nostradamus says Iran is going to lead the Arab countries in invading Southern Europe (Spain to Greece) after Southern Europe floods.

              Just saying.

            • After reading the first paragraph of your link, I dismissed it as propaganda.

              “Iranian agents have successfully infiltrated American think-tanks, universities, and our political system as part of a plot to keep the United States from attacking the Islamic regime as it continues to expand terrorism worldwide and pursue its nuclear weapons and missile programs.”

              American Thinker is a great name for the web site, though. It is what the uneducated American thinks is going on, and what he is being told to think about Iran.

              I wouldn’t waste time reviewing the crap on that site.

            • I agree GC, that site is unreliable/propaganda. I saw a story on it once, about 5 guys( they claimed to be sovereign citizens) from around fairbanks area arrested for plotting to take out some judge up in ak. I talked to a guy I know from that area, and the word on the street was the plot was a LITTLE bit thicker then that, and sovereign citizenry had little/nothin to do with it. I sat there and thought about his words, then forgot that site existed.

            • GC-BUT you can’t argue with the God given natural rights of ANY man OR nation to defend he/her/its life from an aggressor.@EVERYONE- I know ninao’s delivery offends some, but he is spot on target about war. I dare a single person(except ninao) to explain to me, why our media, and politicians tell me everyday that muslims hate me and call me a infedel, while at the same time, the jewish religion says I am a goy(an animal!the english dictionary does not give full meaning of goy! Why is that?)and the news and politicians say nothing of that. If you say ANYTHING bad about isreal they call you “anti-semetic”. SOMEONE EXPLAIN TO ME ALL POINTS ABOVE!! P.S. Since most arabs are muslims and arabs are semites, are we not being anti-semite if we talk bad about arabs???

            • What a [i]hasbara[/i] joke—a Zionist disguises himself with an Iranian name and then complains that Iranians have infiltrated the US government.

              By advancing such a transparent absurdity the Synagogue of Satan only confirms Judaism’s low opinion of us.

              October 18, 2010 Senior Sephardi Rabbi Ovadia Yosef announces that Gentiles only exist to serve Jews:
              “Goyim were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world – only to serve the People of Israel… In Israel, death has no dominion over them… With gentiles, it will be like any person – they need to die, but [God] will give them longevity. Why? Imagine that one’s donkey would die, they’d lose their money. This is his servant… That’s why he gets a long life, to work well for this Jew. Why are gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap. We will sit like an effendi and eat. That is why gentiles were created.”
              “Yosef: Gentiles exist only to serve Jews” by Jonah Mandel, Jerusalem Post, 10/18/2010

              “Aaron ben Joseph ha-Levi of Barcelona (1235 – c.1290) author of Sefer haHinukh, agrees with Maimonides. He writes: ‘A gentile slave has to be enslaved forever … one of the main reasons being that since the Jewish nation is the elite of the human race and the Jews were chose to worship their creator and to serve before Him they deserve to have slaves to serve them. If they will not have slaves from the midst of the neighboring nations they will have to get slaves from their own midst and they (i.e., the Jewish slaves) will be unable to serve God; therefore we are command to keep gentiles slaves forever …’”
              Judah M. Rosenthal. The Slavery Controversy and Judaism. Conservative Judaism, Volumes 31-32, p.171.

            • yesterday a sheriffs deputy friend of mine told me his Lt had tried to order some 556 ammo.
              He was told by the vendor that the govt had “asked” them and all vendors to sell remaining 556 to the govt and not civilians!
              I have not been able to confirm this but it does make sense and SCARES ME EVEN MORE!!

          • I own an SR-556. really nice firearm. Only criticism is the trigger action. think it’s about 6 pounds. I’m going to drop in a match 3.5 pound trigger eventually. But I’ve put about 1000 rounds through it with no problems at all.

            • have you noticed the comments that need the replies have been shut down by the host site.

          • I would really like to know wich government of the world is making big purchases of ruger handguns. Since google has been wasted for 8-9 weeks I can’t find $HIT!
            (SOPA by the sorporations,china type of censorship) I have only seen a couple of comments from 1-2 people who have noticed these changes in the flow of info on the net, and this concerns me! SOPA died my a$$.

          • It seems that the more articulate and better referenced the criticism of Judaism, the longer the comments stay in “moderation” limbo. I suppose the goal is to marginalize articulate criticism of Judaism’s wickedness in theory and practice.

        • It is a shame that people have forgotten that RUGER PROVIDED TECHNICAL EXPERTISE TO CLINTON FOR THE “ASSAULT WEAPON BAN. Their pay-off then? Their Mini-14 wasn’t banned.

          • Bill Ruger is dead and gone. Ruger is now trying to make up for His transgression.

            • YEP!
              He only allowed 10 round magazines!!!
              That dick even helped Klinton write the gun ban of the 1990’s.
              What a jerk!
              Since he died I have a new found respect for Ruger Firearms, they have really turned it around.

          • “Ammunition shortages in popular calibers, for example, have been reported by numerous sources.”

            Well, I don’t know about that, in my town the store shelves are stocked as well as they have been at any time since before 9/11, or even more-so, so I doubt that.

            But who knows, things can change on a dime, kinda like one day an idiot might tell his children to join the military, while the next day he might wise up and say No to His Son Joining the Military:


            YMMV,… unless you ride a Twinkie and hope for what never was.

          • They got paid off some how!! Some military contracts perhaps. Most recently, contracts for the iraq, and afgani police and security forces perhaps? If/when libya stabalizes, I’m sure they will get some contracts there.

          • ~John Q~

            Exactly, sir!

            The icing on the cake was Bill Ruger’s support/endorsement of the high-cap mag ban, included in that legislation.

            • @gunsmith,Q- I think you guys are missing the big picture. CEO’s and corporations DON’T endorse legislation they lose money on. They get paid off somehow. Example A-Some of the banks(that are share holders in the fed now) rallied against the federal reserve act. B-most recently the medical insurance companies were “against” the law that forces us to buy(their product) HEALTH INSURANCE!!!(goes in effect 4-5 years, WE will start paying the taxes for it even earlier). Why would this clown from ruger be supportive of a bill that bans some of his products from the public?????? ANSWER- He gets to sell MORE to the government down the road.

            • Kevin,
              Ruger’s payoff was stated in my post. HIS Mini-14 wasn’t banned. He continued business as usual while prices for his pot metal mouse gun soared to a ridiculous $1,400 or so. He didn’t lose a shekel.

            • JQ- SOMEHOW I wread your statement wrong!! Sorry bout that brother!! I would have just green thumbed ya and moverd on. I appologize!!

            • No worries, Kevin. I don’t take anything here personally. Most of the time you are spot on and, besides, who can be awake in this world and afford to have a thin skin?

          • American rifle manufacturers got the 1968 gun control act passed to prevent the importation of so many WW2 rifles that were laying around all over Europe. Charleton Heston was involved in that, also. Politics makes strange bedfellows.

            • hey fuzzy YA bitch..my 1917 will hit all at 1800 meters…and I WILL bet my seven childrens lives on this info..do the math BITCH! ww1…ALL MY HOUSE SHOOT M 1917…you bitches better run way fast

            • @ Old Fuzzy & Yental

              RIght on all counts!

              The NRA supported GCA ’68 at the behest of manufacturers/advertisers.
              The NRA drove off the late Neal Knox and many hard liner RKBA activists.
              The NRA is gratuitously obsequious to everyone with a badge notwithstanding all the evidence of police abuse and corruption.
              The NRA fails to oppose military adventurism.
              The NRA is the establishment.

              What is Wayne LaPierre’s salary these days? Pushing a half-million per year last time I checked.

          • @ John Q. Public, not to mention what the NRA has done “behind the scenes” to play the “hero” while planting “antigun seeds” via supporting certain congress critters and then begging for additional support ($$$$’s) to “fight” legislation THEY helped write.

            Anyone that still supports the NRA is being played for a CHUMP.

        • kevin, the chinese will never “dump” their treasury holdings. once they have accumulated a certain amount of gold and beef up their military a little more… they will simply abandon the rest of their holdings! hahahaha

          • @eeder-I never said they would. The rabbit hole is a little deeper then you say, but your statement here is part of it.

            • the chinese dont give a fuck about their treasury holdings! its a time game… its nothing… and THEY ARE NET SELLERS! it simply doesnt matter… its actually not that deep of a rabbit hole… its inevitable! has been for at least 20 years!it doesnt matter.. in the end .. they will nto care about some fucking paper they hold when they will have full control anyway!dont assume that america is even half as smart as the chinese… they arent.

            • Oh yeah, its deeper. I’m sorry you don’t see it. Shine a flashlite long enough down the hole, eventually you WILL see it. They are one in the same.

            • no, its not kevin. you are deluded. in the last 30 years, china has become a better place to live and america has become worse.its that simple. dont complicate things so much my friend.the truth is usually right before your eyes.

            • eeder-hmm-your statement got a red thumb and mine didn’t get a green. Looks like the red thumb bandit is back!@everyone-Don’t let grn/red thumbs pre-program your thoughts or opinions!!! The red thumb bandit done struck again!!

            • america (and israel) have become absurd places.. where fairy tale like fiction is constatly paraded and relality has become so blurred, most people are simply unable to see the truth.you see what they want you to see. and you believe it all.. well in your case kevin, you believe some… which is still too much.most of you here simply are not deserving of being free. you have surrendered that right.. and frankly, im not sure you do deserve it.

            • kevin
              they can take thier red thumb and stuff it up their over used asshole.. they can go ahead and make mine click to read… than more people will read THE TRUTH!

            • I don’t. Its quite simple. Your right my statement is diluted. What is happening is a little bit muddier.

            • yes kevin and some shows and advertising have been blacked out with international filler on many of my american channels since yesterday!im on satellite…. the more games they play the more i catch on too their vile filth!im not happy that im right… its not good.. but its true.

            • its only deep when you look down the hole!thats the fucking point!they want you to think its deep.. its deep alright but its filled with shit… you arent focusing on the whole picture… just the deep morass they want you to see!


          • @eeder- I cannot type everything in my brain. I am awake,alive and FREE as much or as more as any other man alive.

            • yes kevin, you are. but i just think you miss a few things economically… its not that im trying to be nasty… these things seem “deep” because you are focusing on too many silly sideshows. the truth is right before your eyes. china and america do not like each other… at least the current ptb of china and america… dont kid yourself into thinking they are in bed togther willingly.. they are not… and what you see is exactly what they want you to see while they pull their sleight of hand. and its their right and its just… america has earned her butt railing. its just. its fair. its right… for the rest of the world. im sorry but it just is.america and israel have done this to themselves. bullies usually go down like this. it is embarrasing to watch.. and sad for people in those countries just trying to live their lives… but its just, its fair, its inevitable.im so sorry kevin.

            • kevin. thats why i thought john huntsman was a decent candidate for president other than his extreme globalist leanings. he had two very valid,strong points though. one, he understands china, how they think and how to deal with them to the best advantage possible for america. two, he is the only candidate that has mentioned something i think is very simple, yet very important and will make politics more fair and not corrupt. TERM LIMITS! not even ron paul mentions this. and if it were up to me it would be the first thing i would implement.

            • eeder-In this discussion, you have not told me anything I do not see allready see. I type with 2 fingers, and I’m getting tired of typing(and we are really,really hijacking the thread big time!! I guess I leave you on agreeing to agree, to agree, to the degree,we agree. Do we disagree? If that makes any sense!! Peace brother!!

            • hazhahahaha… more proof… they JUST STOPPED BLACKING OUT THE ADVERTISING ON MY AMERICAN CHANNELS AFTER TWO DAYS OF FILLING THEM IN WITH INTERNATIONAL SPOTS WHILE IT WAS ON! JUST NOW! after i just posted to keving regarding this a few minutes ago! guys, meaning the fbi or cia or tptb or whomever dimwitted fuck that is assigned to trying to trick me… YOU CANT! YOU ARE PATHETIC! grow wome fucking balls and come face me one on one you NWO COWARDS!ha ahahahaha you should be in prison in a rubber room… you are no longer fit to govern or lead. STEP DOWN EN MASSE NOW!

            • kevin man, i cant make this shit up bro. im serious… i can now get all of the commercials again! coincidence.. hahahaha.. ok maybe…. me no think so tho! the more they try stupid ass shti the more they expose their silly game! and we all pay for this either through taxes or printing of currency thus devaluing our work…. STEP DOWN EN MASSE NOW! we arent falling for the banana in the tailpipe! LIKE JIM JONG KIM FOR THE WORLD BANK! HAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA SORRY BARACK…. A KOREAN GUY CALLED JIM!HAHAHAHAHAHAA OH FUCK , THIS SHIT GETS FUNNIER BY THE MINUTE… YEAH ME AND THE CHINESE ARE REAL FUCKING DIMWITS… UH DUH WE STUPID ..HAHAHAHAHAHA YOU PATHETIC FUCKING SCOUNDRELS!YOU ARE SICK AND HARMFUL TO YOURSELF AND EVERYONE ON THE PLANET… STAND DOWN NOW AND PUT DOWN YOUR PENS AND IPADS AND OTHER TOOLS OF DOMINACE AND GO TAKE A BATH YOU FILTHY NWO SCOUNDRELS. YOU ARE AN EMBARASSMENT TO YOURELVES AND YOUR FAMILIES!

            • if im real lucky they might even let me watch fast money and mad money instead of repeating closing bell with maria bartiromo consecutivley! can i please watch fast money and mad moeny tonight uncle barack… pretty please.. i will eat my spinach! hahahahahaha

            • if im a real good little sheep i might even be able to watch fucking disney again! BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!show me the fairy tales barack! on second thought .. no dont…. you and your fairy friends can examine each others tales and tails… BBAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!

            • eeder- you might shit your pants LAUGHING to hard watching fast money and easy money. I think I had to go wipe once.(hahahahah)

            • kevin & eeder…..

              Enough already.

              Why don’t you two just get a room?

          • I meant “and mad money”

            • i take them with a grain of salt kevin… however i usually do watch them… until of course uncle barack punishes me .. and than wehn im on to his tricks giving me back my baba… give me baba uncy barry… BAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!


          • we can always hope

        • On this date:

          In 1775, Patrick Henry delivered an address to the Virginia Provincial Convention in which he is said to have declared, “Give me liberty, or give me death!”

          Read more: http://www.gastongazett.com

          In 1919, Benito Mussolini founded his Fascist political movement in Milan, Italy.

          In 1933, the German Reichstag adopted the Enabling Act, which effectively granted Adolf Hitler dictatorial powers.

          In 1942, the first Japanese-Americans evacuated by the U.S. Army during World War II arrived at the internment camp in Manzanar, Calif.

      1. Looks like the american people are finally starting to wake up, after 50 years of sleep.

        • But only a few are waking up. That’s the problem.

        • and even the ones awakening dont see the full picture.

        • I know this is a piece of crap. Neat concept though.

            • I want one of those!

          • I remember the Calico(?) from a while back. Same basic idea.

        • When you need some more 5.56 or .45 you can take it from the corpses of the police thugs who will be enforcing our enslavement. If you have an issue with my characterization of who will be doing the enslaving then perhaps you are not yet fully awake and need to remove your rose-colored glasses.

          • Funny I was thinking that very thing… need a gun and ammo??? Just Rob a Cop!!! Or a DHS National Police gestapo jack boot Brown Shirt!!!

            … all you need is a couple of rounds to do that!!!

            Welcome everyone to U.N. NWO Fascist Communist reality!!!

            The NEW MARXIST American NIGHTMARE!!!

            … got .45-70???

          • also get a 40 and a 9mm many cops in this area still carry 40’s

            • … just take the fed piggy’s guns! torch the car and body! when you approach the cop sitting in his parked car at night do it from his right rear corner tail light! off too the right side… it’s a blind spot… wear burlap cloth bags on your shoes , approach at a crouch quietly… then do what you gotta do!!!



      2. yeah, I was thinking whats wrong with that? It all seems very normal to me.

      3. I don’t think it’s time to get paranoid yet, but if obama is reelected, you can bet that the push to erode our rights, including gun ownership, will shift into high gear. As if it hasn’t already.
        Two things to remember if he is elected again. One, he won’t be worried about reelection or the possibility of a conservative undoing his policies right away. Two, and this is very important to remember for all preppers, there will be NO lag time from election to oath of office like there was in 2008. He’s already there. And if he wins again, the day after election he’ll hit the ground running to finish off this country. Keep that in mind.
        Not that I think things will automatically crash then, but all the crap we’ve seen for 3 and 1/2 years will immediately ESCALATE. Think more inflation, wild gov spending that makes the previous stuff pale in comparison, gov bureaucracy on steroids and all the rest.
        Much as I think the current crop of republicans is downright pathetic (Ron Paul excepted) we still ought to see this coming election as one of the most important of our liftimes.

        Snowball/Flying Pig 2012

        • with you on the Snowball/Flying Pig 2012 Okie, yes we can!

        • it ain’t a ELECTION… it’s a BIG FRAUD!!! VOTERS are all being lied too and SCAMmed … POLITICAL CORRUPTION at its finest hour!!! BALLOT BOXES ARE BEING INTENTIONALLY OPENLY TAINTED!!! and not a single LAW PIG, has the balls to stop it!!! it wont matter who is in office… if its any one else besides RON PAUL we’re All up the creek, on a FASCIST SLAVE ROWING SHIP! guess who the debt SLAVES are??? the die is set… and the globalists are going for broke at FULL THROTTLE!!!

          only open REVOLUTIONARY CIVIL WAR BATTLE in the streets will change things… people are going to have to bleed to bring about change and banking reform!!!

          people are going to bleed…


          • It certainly isn’t an election..agreed!

            And TPTB are working closely with UN (small arms treaty) to circumvent the 2nd amendment eventually.

            They are testing the waters by running trial balloons across the nation to get “reaction’ scenarios..
            no warrant assaults on vets..death resulting

            constant multiple shootings nationwide

            etc etc.

            Knowing full well that 99% of the agenda is hidden from us..anything is possible at this point and beyond.

            Hell, in plain view they are passing EO’S and laws that outrage us on a daily basis regarding our so called civil liberties and protected rights.

            I can only imagine what is “planned” next.

            Be vigilant..all of you.


          • I recently saw a video of elections in Iran. They had their ballots in a metal box, with pad locks on all 4 corners. What do we got??? PLASTIC boxes with RESEALABLE TAPE(in areas that still use paper) What a joke!!!! P.S. by the way, russia has cameras in some of their voting areas. What do we got???? DIEBOLD, government employees at the polling locations,voter news service, and a PRIVATE COMPANY counting votes!!!!!! What a farce!!!

          • guys nina is absolutely correct… only the people can make it better.. and sadly, they wont. people like john mccain, lindsey “war piggy” grahm , barack obama, that wasserman schulz broad, nancy pelosi, newt gingrich… and many more too numerous to name… these types of filth DO NOT give up easily. they cant survive unless they control… thats the bottom line… they can thrive and do thrive when we constanly fall for their shit and unknowingly , but willingly bend over and submit to them… the people are , at this point, as much to blame as tptb. it is ridiculous to suggest otherwise… most all of you are simply COWARDS.you dont have the guts to make your life and the world a better place… youre sick… you probaly arent fit to be free, sadly.

            • @eeder- you will get carputunnel if you try to type all of the fifth columns names all at once!! The events that are now happening has not touched most here YET, calling people cowards is unfair I believe.

      4. I bought a gun to protect myself and child for fear of the rise in crime due to a possible economic collapse or hyperinflation. I’m more afraid of the government taking firearms away from lawful citizens if an event like that happens. What if they say all firearms must be turned in or are confiscated by authorities? How do I protect myself and child? I read Selco’s blog where he said you’re basically screwed if you live alone.

        • As a “Law Enforcement Officer” (LEO) put it to me? “If they come for our guns, it is to late”

          Meaning: Don’t let it get that far!

          • Use the frog in boiling water analogy again: If you can’t remove guns you do it surreptitiously by passing small laws here and there but not banning outright. As people get accustomed to the new laws you pass more small laws. Before you know it you can’t buy a gun that doesn’t shoot more than one round without reloading. Or expect them to be too expensive from taxation, ditto with ammo so you reduce the overall numbers of firearms owners. As generations pass and kids are slowly indoctrinated into the socialist ideals set forth by public schools and their liberal college professors the numbers of firearms owners will decrease and the number of hoplophobes will increase thereby causing firearms ownership to become more taboo. This will in turn make voluntary confiscations easier and the number of clingers will be so small as to be easily quashed by force.

            Ammo seems to be the Achilles heel of the 2nd Amendment since technically ammunition is not covered by this so expect them to attack this to render firearms ownership moot. They will not ban it outright but what they CAN do is tax it to death or make it a bureaucratic nightmare to buy such as having to register it as a destructive material that requires special licensing to own or use.

            If you all want proof of how successful these small laws are in slowly eroding our 2nd Amendment right look no further than how difficult it is to obtain a MG, suppressor, short barreled anything, or anything that shoots a round over .50 cal, let alone the ammunition for that large gun. The Clinton AW ban cost a lot of Congress reps to lose their seats and once we had more pro-gun reps in office by the time the law sunset, it was not renewed. It was because Congress got flushed out from this that we were able to have this small veil of oppression lifted. Obama vowed he would pass “sensible gun laws” after his 2nd term in office so what those “sensible” laws are is anyone’s guess but remember he does need Congress’s help for this so ensure this election we get just a few more pro-gun politicians to help vote down any anti-gun legislation to prevent it from hitting Butt Hole Odor’s desk.

            • Or I forgot to mention if you want to speed up the regulation process for prohibitions of any sort just create a crisis that will sway public opinion your way.

            • In accord with your comment of “flushing out”, it is going to be difficult to get any anti-collectivists in the federal administration. The attention is focused there and the money is there. On the other hand, it is probably very possible to get sufficient numbers of anti-collectivists in the senate and the house. It makes sense to concentrate on congress, first, then fight the federal administration battle.

              Figure out the logistics so as to commit to fighting the winnable battle. Then, in all probability, there will be a congress who can establish reasonable ground rules to protect the rights that we still have.

        • You need a secret stash of guns and supplies for when the shtf. It wouldn’t hurt to have a few hiding places for you and your stuff.

        • If you can, ignore demands to turn in your guns. If there is door to door confiscation, conceal if you can, or be disarmed. If they were to come for my guns, I feel I would not be alone in opposing confiscation. If one had wind that such an operation was up, it might be better to oppose them by killing them while they were several blocks away instead of waiting to make a stand at your house. It will not be possible for cops to hit every house simultaneously.

          • ~Highspeed & Moon~

            I understand your thinking, but…..in all likelihood its “YOU” personally…they’ll be coming after!!!! They know many will “cache” for redundancy. They are evil & arrogant, but they’re not stupid.

            Therefore, it behooves them to remove/eliminate the “REAL” perceived threat….you & I & the rest of us!

            Hence, the only viable option we have…is to make “THEM” pay dearly for their hubris!!!!!

            Eventually, the bottom feeders who survive & tasked w/ disarming us will….rapidly seek a less hazardous career field!!!

            • “How we burned in the prison camps later thinking: What would things have been like if every police operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive? If during periods of mass arrests people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever was at hand? The organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt.”
              — Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Nobel Prize winner and author of The Gulag Archipelago, who spent 11 years in Soviet concentration camps.

            • Me? I’m just a single mom in a small tract home. I didn’t even want a gun but I can’t ignore the high crime rates that go along with everything else. I read about that young mother with an infant baby who had lost her husband from cancer on Christmas Day. 2 armed men tried to break in. She had a gun and shot the first one when he busted the door.

            • @ginger- as a new gun owner, make sure you practice,practice,and practice. Learn how to use it, and if kids old enough, teach them also, so they respect the power of guns. Search-“teen shooting(or skeet maybee) champion shoots intruders”. Great feel good story.

            • That county in the country in Oklahoma probably has a low crime rate to this day.

            • Gunsmith, You are right, there will be retribution for the sins of the Gov’t. And I believe there will be times when we shoot first and question later, but I still see the need for secret hidey holes and places to run to. Ginger is obviously new to the whole prepper thing and just needs a little encouragement.

              An untrained female living alone with a child has reason to WORRY. I am glad she is at least thinking thru these scenarios.

            • Ginger: Practice assembling and disassembling your weapon blind folded and in the dark. Learn to recognize each part by touch.

              Always lay the parts out before you in the same way when breaking it down, then reverse the process when you reassemble.

              Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

            • @Gunsmith, the quote from Walt K. below says it all. We can do nothing to stop “those” who intend to comply with a “voluntary request/demand” to surrender firearms. Those so inclined will comply.

              That will then leave the rest of us with the “iffy scenario”. When it is no longer “voluntary” and is “announced” that it will be “enforced” with house-to-house intimidation…ACTION by the rest of us must follow IMMEDIATELY. At THAT point in time no one should be hiding firearms…THEY should start using them. And as Moon has indicated, long before your front door is the next one to receive the KNOCK.

              While I continue to hope it doesn’t playout this way…IF it does, ALL THOSE POTENTIAL ENFORCERS must become instant domestic enemies and “targets of opportunity”. NOTHING LESS will stop the insanity.

              The sooner WE impress upon THEM the need to “rapidly seek a less hazardous career field”, the sooner this atrocity ends. This action will require a “cast-iron” fortitude and resolve from all of us, but anything less will be “pissing-in-the-wind”.

            • ~Walt K~

              Thumbs up to you!

              I read Solzhenitsyn’s “Gulag…..back in high school. That quote of his is permanently etched on most synapses inside my head…as is Jesus Christ’s/Thomas Jefferson’s/Henry Lee’s/James Madison’s/Patrick Henry’s/Stonewall Jackson’s & manifold others! Call it, internal cranium graffiti…writ large!!!!!


              ~@ Highspeed~

              Agreed pal! I gave you a green check! We’re on the same page…I have planned for the contingency, of the farm being raided while I’m out!

              I will have access to multiple “QUALITY” resources(widely dispersed), with which I will extract…..payback/vengeance!!!!

              Hardcore??? Well….yeah!

              You see, ~Net Ranger’s~ posts took me down the “Sovereign Man” concept researching path…& I discovered that I’m already infected w/ that benevolent/beneficial bug.

              —-Thanks ~NR~…if we ever cross paths…the beers are on my dime!!!!!!!—-


              ~@ Yental~

              Sir, one thing I have noticed, having read all your posts….you have been 100% “consistent”!!! Your thinking/logic has been rock solid!!! You have my respect.

              Regarding strategy/tactics per immediate pro-active measures described/outlined in your post………I am in complete agreement!!!!

              ….to which I would posit, that it would benefit all, if the “talented & intelligent” types here, refrained from the hunker down & hide mindset and instead…..used the tremendous “BACK-GROUND NOISE” that will occur (per your scenario) as cover and begin actively HUNTING those political/banking/NWO protected species types who are responsible for the destruction of our Constitution/our Country/our Civilization & by extension…our progeny’s future!!!!

              You & a handful of others here, see clearly………that ultimately, we’re gonna have to FIGHT!!!!! There is no other way out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              Good post, sir!!!

            • @Gunsmith,

              There is nothing I would like more than to go on a safari during SHTF for those responsible for the mess we are in. I have a mental list of those I would SOS if I had the fortune to cross paths after SHTF has started. As much as I would love to hunt down those SOBs, I have a family to look after and I will not be looking for trouble. Most likely, trouble will come looking for all of us who have prepared, and I forsee having to kill nosy neighbors and thuggish LEOs looking to confiscate resources on behalf of the local sheriff. All that would change if something were to happen to a family member; I would then actively be looking for trouble with no bag limit.

              I see a civil war as being highly likely; there are those who feel they need to control everyone and everything, and those who just want to be left alone. Those who want to be left alone are in the minority, and they are being pushed and provoked a little more every day. The elites are pushing this; a confrontation would serve their interests. I feel the ultimate motivation behind every other motive is extermination of excess population, and anything which moves humanity towards this goal is what the elites are after. Whether a civil war results in the vanquishment of those who wish to control, or those wanting liberty are defeated, the final act will be extermination. Our numbers will be drastically culled, most likely through man-made disease, and the world as we know it will be gone forever. I intend to be far away at someplace peaceful and quiet before the final act commences.

            • ~Moon~ (@ 21:58hrs)

              Respect here, sir!!! Understand & copy that!

              There are no judgmental insinuations per your decision making process, on my end.
              As we’re obligated by our ‘CREATOR’, to first defend kith & kin……..thus, many of my posts/opinions are referenced for/from the future of my grand-children.

              I’ve taught my children the best I could….I’ve endeavored to pass on as many skill-sets/knowledge/life-truths as they were able to absorb.

              …but, reflecting upon my own ‘educational training’ I received/absorbed from my father/grand-father…..I can honestly say…I wish I’d paid closer attention to every word they uttered!!!!!!!!!

              Hindsight is indeed, 20-20!!!!

            • @ Walt,

              Let’s not forget where Solzhenitsyn placed the blame in Two Hundred Years Together: Jews and the Soviet Union. Don’t hold your breath that you will ever see that book published in English.




              Here’s a worthy history in English:
              Dr. E. Michael Jones, The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit and Its Impact on World History, ISBN 9780929891071, available at http://www.culturewars.com/

        • Much the same as they outlawed gold ownership in the 30’s IT WON’T WORK. I don’t believe they will go house to house to confiscate weapons and if they try to outlaw them they WILL be ignored. Only the uninformed will turn in their weapons. Buy your long guns privately and no paper trail. They may try an end run with ammo bans so stock up now.Lose the registered ones in a canoe accident.

          • Funny thing happened on the way to the range the other day. I was in such a hurry I forgot I had laid my “registered” auto on the roof of the car and somewhere in between it fell off. Someone must have found it in the road, because I searched for two days and have come up empty-handed. “Well, just what about the gun you purchased in 1995 serial #********* at Packin’ Heat Gun Shop?” Yea, I went on this canoe trip and………………….

        • You’ll turn your gun in, ginger? I was just talking to my wifey about this scenario. If they come for the guns, I’ll pack her and the kiddies up and send them off to a safe place. Because the fighting is about to start. I think gun confiscation is a trigger point. Pun intended. 🙂


        • When California enacted their assault rifle ban some years back and announced that everyone needed to turn theirs in ……. something like seven people in the entire state actually complied with this order!

          I doubt very much that the citizens of the United States are prepared to put up with much more ‘crap’ from their government. Nobody that I know will tell me that they trust our government government to actually act in our best interest. That’s sad.

          • California – you mean northern mexico

          • MadMarkie: You are misinformed. No one had to turn in anything. They just had to register them and no one could buy any after that.

        • I have said before, There are 64 “leo’s” from my neck of the woods, that live in a town 110 miles away in another state. I didn’t have the heart to tell one of them that his badge won’t get him past what that states national guard has planned(if shtf) for the bottle necks. These “leo’s” better wake up to the fact that they and their families are not any more important then you, me,us, and ours. The situation will hit them and there’s as hard and bad as us and ours!!!!!!!

          • Yep–we are aware of their arrogance involving that ‘badge’ legacy.
            It will take a few ‘casualties’ to get the real picture across.
            It’ll happen, I think.

        • Confiscation you say ? forget it. They cannot or are unwilling to even control the borders. The cartels/criminals will just smuggle in full auto military weapons to those who want them. It will never work.

      5. I would hope it is that people are wising up, finally and getting themselves as armed as possible. Still this is just one company that could have simply under-performed in their manufacturing, it happens all the time with companies. I would like to see some records on other companies before I become too overly enthusiastic. I sure hope that the ammunition storages are an indicator of people also wising up.

        What I truly hope is that newbies are finally deciding to get themselves some protection and some of these sharp increases are not just people adding to their own stockpiles. Let’s hope those that have never had a firearm are now buying into their more survivable future.

        • ever heard of the million gun challenge their the first manufacturer to be on track to put out a million guns in one year that’s never been done by anyone so no their not falling short theres just that much demand google it that’s million gun challenge

          • @ rollie. What I want to see are people that have not owned any firearms purchasing their survival future, this would be mega cool. If people that already have many firearms are simply adding to their stockpile then the numbers are kind of skewed. I know someone that has over 300 guns and adds to their supply often.

            A really fantasitc million gun challenge would be to get one million new gun owners, someone that doesn’t own a firearm. I am just not sure about these numbers yet… It does look encouraging when someone looks at it right off the bat. Like weather records or any type of statisitcs, one needs to get the actual facts before becoming too exuberant though.

            I also hope with new gun sales that people continue to stock up on the many other survival supplies that will definitely be needed. I am sure you are like the vast majority of people visiting this site, you feel like something huge is coming and we all don’t have much more time to get ready for it and the time to act is now.

            • I totally agree with you as I have over 50 weapons with 2000 rounds per caliber, I cannot carry or use anything near that, my thoughts are this; Friends that I trust will get rifle and handgun with ammo for my back etc. This way, when the real SHTF occurs, more people with guns than anticipated…. A small community can stop/slow any charging foe for a few minutes to shoot, move, and communicate. Remember, allies are someone you require for acheiving a specific goal, not a trusted individual. Always keep your eyes moving front to rear and left to right. Best of luck to all in the future!!!!!!!!

      6. To survive the coming Shit-Storm “and it is coming”….. remember the three G’s Gold, Guns and Grub….If you want to Survive.

        • I like the 3 G’s. I also have a motto, N.H.E. NEVER HAVE ENOUGH. I don’t know anyone that can ever say truthfully that they will ever have enough of ammunition, food, water, toilet paper, money to purchase supplies, etc., etc., etc. Eventually everything can run out, and the more you have when human civilization goes into the crapper, the better.

          One of the possibly fatal issues that people make is to STOP at a certain level of preparedness, such as two weeks, a couple of months of supplies and then not even add a little bit to this SET limit. This is a bad move. It never hurts to add an extra box of ammo, an extra case of water, some more cans of food, to what you have stored when you can financially do so. Never Have Enough (N.H.E).

      7. Now, seriously, ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ, motherf***ers!

        We have something to greet you with!!!


      8. ALL this is doing is WAKING people up FASTER to the FACT AMERIKA is a actual GLOBALISTS BANKER U.N. EUGENICS CONTROLLED FASCIST TAX DEBT SLAVE PRISON STATE… and has been one a long time SINCE 1913!


        It’s time too make America a FREE REPUBLIC AGAIN!!! FOR ALL PEOPLES!!!

        Arm Up Stock Up Prepare… it’s coming.

        • Word!


          Alex [Jones], is that you ? Fess up now.

        • True when you say, “…it’s coming.” But actually, I’d say it’s already in motion.

        • A revolutionary civil war is not a good idea. A good idea may be just to “dump D.C.” It seems timely for secession and a lot more logical.

          • Agreed, but I don’t see any believable indications that this “extremely logical” option will be implemented by even ONE STATE, much less enough STATES to IMPRESS TPTB that THEIR GAME is over.

        • This is exactly what the government wants is for all of us to fight in the streets and kill each other when we all should be doing it to them and ONLY them. NO government can defeat a UNITED people.

          • It should be obvious that Obama and guys like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are doing their very best right now to foment a race war, using the death of that young man in Florida to get it started.

            That is their strategy….divide and conquer.

            Get us shooting at each other….create the crisis for Obama to use to declare martial law…start the confiscations and NDAA kidnappings.

            All they need right now is a reason.

      9. Folks are finally looking at the financial numbers, realizing that America and much of the rest of the world is totally insolvent, and they’re saying “Holy S#@!”.

        When I first seriously looked at the fiscal numbers in early 2009, I lost track of how many times I said those words out loud among other colorful expletives.

        The government is clearly nervous and is moving its pieces around the chess board, and the one thing the government hates doing is moving chess pieces around lest the public figures out that something is not quite right and begins to take preparatory measures to protect themselves before the vampiric bankers can bleed the last ounce of blood dry.

        • Yep, Highroller, “totally insolvent”. To put America’s debt into perspective, check these figures out: In 2000 the US accounting office said we had a “surplus” of about 236 billion dollars. If the debt stopped growing immediately, and we started showing a profit/surplus of that 236 billion annually to pay off the accumulated debt and to break even; it would take 66 years. Last year the US debt accumulated at about 2.5 million dollars every minute. And to think I was beginning to worry about a $200.00 credit card balance. (for ammo)LOL.

          • @ don’t-tread, The US (and global) Keynesian monetary system is based on ever expanding debt in order to produce interest which in turn creates liquidity. I’ll refrain from referring to the dollar as money since it is only back by the intangible “good faith credit of the US” and not tangible gold. The government cannot show a surplus ever again in real terms. If it does show a surplus it’s not real, it cannot be real. It will solely be for theatrics to silence public outrage about government spending. Thanks for the information.

            • I totally agree!

      10. Yeah man, I’m so glad I secured my brass, lead and steel when I did. There are a few wants I still have, like a nice PSL-54c, or a Romanian Draco, or maybe even that Russian VEPR I’ve been eyeballin, but I have what I need. For those getting in the game late, don’t let that stop you. The bandwagon has plenty of room. No telling for sure where all this shit is leading, but I think many of us have a real good idea.

      11. They can’t go door to door to confiscate guns.They would be losing more federal agents than they could replace fast enough. I agree with one of the other posts I read on this sight ,that there would be some kind of law that states that you are to turn in your guns and ammo by such and such date, and if you get caught with them after that date,you would lose your left nut.When you run out of nuts you are deported back to Mexico.

        • any american that would cower to a demand like that will deserve the bullet the government will place between their eyes.

          it still comes down to ” come for my left nut , and loose both of yours in the process”..feel lucky?

          • VRF..I agree. My saying is; you may get a steak dinner out of my ass but I’ll get a baloney sandwich out of yours. Let ’em come… it’s gonna cost ’em.

          • No bullet between the eyes. Slow death in camp FEMA.

          • Amen!

        • I don’t think that I would want to be a member of the ‘ghetto police force’ on the day that they receive the order to go door-to-door asking/demanding that folks turn over their firearms.

          • ~Mad Markie~

            TPTB are not worried about the ghetto gang-banger types. They’ll simply quarantine the hoods & starve their asses out!!!!!

            But they’re worried about the type of folks found here, at this site (for example)!!!!

            (meaning)…intelligent, courageous, free thinking folks who…..(–govt forbid)–…exchange info, data, news, ideas, procedures, methods & opinions!!!!!!!!


            ———-Thinking exercise recommendation————–

            1.) Always…always…always…put yourself in the “shoes/position” of the oppressor & ask yourself:…..”How would I solve this (any given) problem, if given the task to do so???????????”

            2.) Discard the concept of honor & Christian compassion while thinking & adapt/embrace a malevolent mindset (if you can).

            …You’ll be surprised at how quickly the answer(s) come to you…

            FYI…answers = govt actions/programs/schemes!!!


            Good thought provoking post, sir!!!! Thumbs up!!!!

            • Yo Gunsmith –

              I really wasn’t referring to a ghetto that you would find in any large US city. I was referring to the Jewish police force that controlled the Warsaw Ghetto for the Nazis during WWII.

              These assholes lived in special walled compounds, ate well, they and their families had warm houses, good clothes, medical attention, etc. And ALL they had to do was to oppress their own people and deliver a certain number of other Jews on a daily basis for transport “East”.

              Their ‘final reward’ came when the Jewish resistance finally rose against the Nazis. The very first thing that the SS did was to line the Ghetto Police Force, and their families up against the walls of their compounds and summarily shoot them all.

              So much for sucking the PTB’s collective dick for these folks and their precious families. This sort of a situation never turns out well for those doing the sucking. History will keep on repeating itself until humanity destroys the world.

      12. What are the people in charge of, scared of? Another one of the (few) indirect jobs programs that works. Thanks bo, thunder thighs, eric.

      13. Revolution in the streets? How many of the NWO FASCIST ELITE PIGS are going make themselves easy targets in the “streets”? Zero. I would guess the number of NWOFEPs who are and have been orchestrating this financial takeover is less than 1000. I’m not including US Congess in my estimate because they’ve been played like everyone else (that doesn’t eliminate them as targets nor excuse their participation in the destruction of our Constitution IMHO). It seems going to battle w LEO’s, National Guard or even the military is essentially the same as killing the messenger. The global elite banking group will remain untouched and undeterred no matter how many of their messengers, enforcers or civilians become casualties. A violent revolution is probably the most effective way to demonstrate opposition to TPTB but may not accomplish anything else or at least what needs to be done. A more complicated less violent and subtle approach which will take longer but will stand a greater chance of succeeding is an economic revolution. What i mean by that is to hit the enemy where theyll feel it the most=financially. Stop feeding the beast by using credit cards, financing homes and cars, investing on Wall Street, paying income taxes (flat tax makes more sense), stop buying shit in general (barter, grow your own, build/make your own, raise/educate your own etc), become a self-sufficient individual who doesn’t rely on any govt assistance THEN work on trying to replace every incumbent polititian or judge currently in office (there are a few exceptions) with individuals whose agendas aren’t self serving and anti constutional. Given the enormous number of uneducated, ignorant or illegal individuals sucking on the govt tit not to mention election fraud etc it might be too little too late for any political change to take place but the borrowing spending aspect of things can happen regardless and maybe there are enough aware individuals to make an impact and set an example for others one household at a time. Yes, it would be difficult for most Americans to do but it may be our only hope.

        • @The optimist

          I agree with your statements. Every step we make towards self-sufficiency, that is every step off of the government dependency teet. It’s time to quit the breast feeding and grow up America. I see too many people wasting money on McDonald’s and Starbucks, it sickens me that people waste money on this kibble day in and day out. This is the country of the free and home of the brave, not the prison of the poor and enslaved. Grow a garden, go fishing, build a solar array if possible, install a rain catching system, buy some guns and then lose them in a canoeing accident, doing anything is better than doing nothing. Speak the truth, no matter how your voice trembles. Don’t idly stand by as this country is taken down, stand up for what you believe in and what our fore fathers fought for.

        • it’s time time get out the GUILLOTINE dust em” off and oil em” up me thinks… i volunteer to wear the cute black executioner hoody and pull the rope handle… “CHHHHUUUUNK!!!”


        • I agree with everything you just said but honestly believe before that can happen the progressives and their idiot followers will need to be taken out, otherwise we will be sitting here debating this until we are wiped out.

      14. When the SHTF the cops will get out of their uniforms real fast and go home.

        • Sorry to say it’s true. The few LEO types I’ve met (socially only, thank goodness) certainly fit that description. Altruistic they are not. Self-centered, and lazy they are. Not to mention their love of committing violence on their fellow citizens, which seems to have motivated them to become LEOs in the first place. Most will do whatever their bureaucratic minders tell them to do, and I expect that many will become leaders of the battalions of scavengers we will face when it really, really hits the fan. Sorry, but there it is, folks.

          • I know the Chief of Police from my little home town: This is how he describes Police: 1/3 are just regular guys doing a job, 1/3 are really good guys who really want to help people’ and do an honest job. 1/3 are ego nuts who want to carry a gun and tell people what they have to do. His job as Chief is to figure out who the last are and fire them. Unfortunately they go to the large cities where they can get away with it.

      15. One subject in the “why we go to war” discussions always just talk about the dollar, oil, and the natural resources of the conquered nation. Writing an earlier comment about iraqi police forces buying ruger firearms, it finaly hit me(I’m slow, I’m on the little bus of thought,always thinking war is about the dollar)). Perhaps these wars of conquest are really about forcing nations(and subsidizing) them to buy expensive american products. A sick form of bailouts for the corporations of america perhaps???

        • That’s called the Military-Industrial Complex Kevin, and it has been going on since WWII. It actually got started with the Civil War, but they didn’t get it perfected until the arms manufacturing ramped up to take on Germany and Japan. Eisenhower warned us about it. So did Smedley Butler. So did George Orwell. We also have a Prison-Industrial Complex, Pharmaceutical-Industrial Complex, etc., to go along with that.

      16. Each of the 72 virginians in heaven will have a ruger!

        • The only virgins that will be waiting on “those” believing that crap, will be ‘Virgin Goats’. That is their preferred meat, isn’t it?

          • Sorry, No virgin Goats left in M.E, countries

      17. Hey ..its O/T but anyone out this way feel this?
        USGS: Micro-quake near Wis. city bothered by booms.

        Look it up on AP

        • … the underground BOOMS in wisconsin are the CIA FEDS setting off nukes / bombs under ground … they’re trying to set off a MAJOR EARTH QUAKE from the great lakes all the way to the gulf of mexico … look up New Madrid fault.

          • lovely nina, just one more thing for me to worry about.

          • Where do you get your Drugs? I’d like a batch. reality is so dull

        • VRF..this is happening in so many places; I’ve read in the last few months several accounts of ‘noises’.
          The answer, by many smarter than this country bumpkin, is that the earth surface is moving, scraping the underneath layers against each other, and the liquid and other movements are making sounds.(paraphrased, but you get the picture)
          Why?? you ask.
          Because the poles are moving and rearranging areas on our earth big time.

          • yup..I get it..I was just putting it up here for others to “get it”

      18. God Bless the United States Militia!

      19. IMF NWO.CFR ANTI-CHRIST says:
        “there’s is no winners in a WAR!”

        ARE no winners you boob, ARE. OTOH there were winners in 1776.

      20. LOVE my mini-14!!!!!

        Learn how to reload, it’s cheaper and components don’t seem to suffer the same chronic shortages that factory ammo does, at least in my experience.

        • My father and I went to the gun store yesterday to buy dies and components for several calibers which he owns. Out of everything. Dies have been flying off the shelves, bullets are almost impossible to get, according to the owner. I also bought a lower receiver for an M4; a birthday gift for wife but that is another story. Have another month to assemble the rest of the components for her gift. Forget about buying dies or bullets for .223. I have been scavenging buttloads of brass from the range everytime I go, so I have plenty of fired .223 cases for whenever I find dies.

          I have to agree about the economics of reloading and the (general) availability of components. In my mind, primers are the lynchpin of being able to use any caliber post SHTF. Bullets can be cast from any source of lead, powder can be homemade black powder if need be, or someone with a good knowledge of chemistry and some raw materials can make some smokeless powder, but primers really cannot be substituted. The precursor chemicals needed for the primers are impossible to aquire due to the Patriot Act, and it is not really a job for a home chemist anyway. An expedient primer can be made from strike anywhere match tips but those are almost impossible to find as well. Seems the PTB have their bases covered.

      21. Where do you think it will all start, US,Europe,Uk?

        From where I am I cannot think that your Government would be stupid enough to try and take on a few million armed and severely pissed off citizens….who in their right mind would do that?

        From what I read about gun ownership in the US, and the numbers of weapons sold last year alone, armed citizens must far outnumber official guns…are these people suicidal or just plain stupid?

        On the other hand maybe I am not fully understanding what is happening over there. In which case apologies for my ignorance.

        Take care

        • @ burt
          1st off there are way to many privately owned guns in this counrty for them to take them, and to many areas that will fight as an army of its own and stand against the government.. that would be civil war

          2nd yes they are that stupid

          and where will it start? it started in france yesterday with the order from sarkozy that if any one in france visits a web site of terrerists or hate groups then its jail time…


        • Hi Burt: To be honest; getting rid of guns is a liberal dream, For awhile from about the 1930s to the 60s. It was conceivably possible. Yeah, we had a lot of guns, but the people trusted the gov and some progress was made. But then we got Johnson as a Pres (DEM) then Nixon (REP) and the people started to figure out both sides were nothing but a bunch of crooks. Now? Good lord the public has so many guns. I as a gun nut cannot believe it. I no longer care about new laws. The Country is hip deep in guns. The anti gun people have shot themselves. hey got “assault rifles” outlawed some places; but their definition had so many holes in it that the people just stocked up, Then they did the same with high capacity magazines, so people stocked up, then that ban expired and people really stocked up. Then Ammo Because we were concerned about BO for two years we were short people bought TONS they still are, the whole country is awash in guns and ammo. I’m not a big stockpiler and even I have enough for 100 years.

      22. More proof that if you wait to long to prep, the item you want may no longer be on the shelf. Thank God so many Americans are waking up though!

        Kick it into high gear folks. (I know, I know, I’m preaching to the choir on here……)

        • *too long* (been a long week)

      23. Need AMMO online at ammoman.com!!! he’s got ammo online at great prices and super service!!!

      24. Ironically, here you have overwhelming demand for products that are and always have been second-rate or even third rate. If you’re considering a Ruger, be warned that what you get will be a gun “kit”. It will have to be dismantled and rebuilt, often replacing poorly engineered and/or poorly made parts with others from the aftermarket, before you have a gun that is even close to being equal to a gun bought 40 years ago from S&W, Colt, Winchester or Remington.

      25. Maybe the Obama administration should give them a half a trillion bucks so they can expand. It would be a hell of a lot better investment then Solyndra was.

      26. Funny how everyone always talks about Ruger and Bill Ruger sucking up to the Clinton High Mag. Ban, but never remember what Smith and Wession did, and what they got out of it. Did they not do the same thing? yeah, and what did they get out of it? They got Government contracts…that is why if I were to ever own a weapon, it would never be a S&W..just my thoughts

      27. I’ve been trying to get a Ruger model 1911 for a year. Can’t get one,they are allocated, plus the price is cheap which really ups the demand. Ruger hit on a gold mine but can’t keep up.

      28. Firearms…I grew up with them. They are a tool and like many tools, they all have their own purpose. In a wilderness area, we hunted and fished for our protein. We trapped for fur and the income provided.

        Every firearm I ever sold, I regretted. I do not not get rid of anything anymore. I have tools for any game in the lower 48 states and other areas as well. Short range, long range shots, upland birds and waterfowling, varmint/predator, utility 22’s and plinkers, target tools for fun and accuracy study. I learned how to reload shotgun shells as a 10 year old, in my 20’s I learned metallic cartridge reloading/handloading. Now I can make my own ammo for rifle pistol and shotgun in most popular guages and calibers.

        My wife loves to target shoot, that is a good thing. We have whiled away many an hour, trying to outdo one another at 75 yards with a 25 yard air rifle target. Where the scoring increments on the bullseye are 1/8″.
        It is fun.

        For self defense we rely on numerous handguns but these are also fun to target shoot with. My wife has a CHL. She did well at the class, I shot 3 points off a perfect score.

        I highly reccommend practice, practice, practice. Regardless of what you shoot. Even go so far as “pattern” your shotgun. Take a very large piece of cardboard or paper and check the pattern your particular tool throws at various yardages. Even more critical when shooting slugs. I have one 20 guage rifled slug shotgun with a scope that I would feel completely comfortable shooting a large game animal out to 75 yards, maybe a bit further. This is not what I reccommend for the average person unless you practice, practice practice.

        Remember, with anything, practice safety, know the ten commandments of gun safety, teach your children to respect firearms and how and when they can use them.

        Firearms are not all about defense, although they certainly are good for it. They can be fun!

        There is nothing like the feeling of putting several shots inside a dime at 100 yards, or even several shots through the same hole. OF course, optics, ammo and the right tool along with practice, practice, practice.


        • ~Terry~

          -(quote)- There is nothing like the feeling of putting several shots inside a dime at 100 yards, or even several shots through the same hole. OF course, optics, ammo and the right tool along with practice, practice, practice. -(unquote)-

          Ditto brother!!!

          The best shot I ever made, was w/ a 30-06 (Ackley improved) built on a SAKO action w/ a Hart barrel & a customized McMillan stock w/ a high $$$ (German) Khales scope (4.5 x 14 x 50 w/ a 30mm tube)…..I wasted an egg, sitting on a golf tee in a bale of hay, at 450yds on the first shot & the golf tee remained in the bale!!!

          BTW…used IMR-4350 & 190SMK.

          Yeah, I’ll readily admit it….lady luck was enamored w/ me that day!!!

          Still, I had serious bragging rights amongst those assembled for a while!

      29. Um


        wake up people

        Federal Judge Slaps FBI for Continuing OKC Bombing Cover-Up

      30. Gee I wonder why??? Could it be the Racist Liberals are trying to whip up a Firestorm in Sanford Florida? Just look at the case of Martin/Zimmerman.

        Zimmerman’s statement and that of an eye witness say Martin was on top of Zimmerman beating him. Self defense is why he was not arrested. The liberals are trying to repeal the Florida Stand your Ground law. Did you know Martin was 6’2″? Did you know he was on a 5 day suspension from school?

        The government could care less about Martin, they have an agenda! If they were worried about young blacks, why are they not up in Chicage protesting the 49 shootings on St. Patties day. There were many documented racial slurs in those cases.

        Look who’s talking and think about all the alligations they have made in the past. Remember the Beer Summit, remember Tuanna B. in the NC rape claim.

        The government has gone wild and that’s why gun sales are through the roof. We are in a WROL situation, the Constitution means nothing, which means the law means nothing.

        Rackem, stackem and packem, the government is trying to start a rece war.

        • Patriot One, a cursory look at “crime” statistics tells us that the race war is already in progress, in a very one-sided way, and has been for DECADES.

          Obongo and Eric “My People” Holder are now looking forward to the second Obongo administration, when their gloves will come OFF as far as Whitey is concerned.

          I would not be surprised if many of the Amerikan regime’s bulk purchases of small arms are destined for private “security” companies that are already under government contract to provide “security” in federally subsidized housing — no, I don’t mean Blackwater/Xe, but rather those companies that are owned and operated by none other than the Nation of Islam.

          Having been caught arming Mexican drug gangs, Obongo and Holder can be counted on to arm “their” people for Bill Ayer’s long dreamed-of confrontation with Whitey. Picture the Bloods and the Cripps up-armed and designated as deputies of federal law enforcement, and you can certainly see where it could lead. Of course, Holder will prosecute only Whites in any open “race war” situation (those who attempt to defend themselves from murder and mayhem, that is).

          Here’s yet another casualty report from the long-simmering Amerikan race war, ignored by the Amerikan press in contrast to the massive coverage of dat po’ yut’ in Florida, Trayvon — note that it was reported in BRITAIN, even though it involves an atrocity committed against an elderly White couple in Oklahoma:

          “Couple met and married within a month and stayed together for 65 years… only to be parted after home invader beat wife to death…”


          If these were MY Parents, you would be reading about ME in the papers, I assure you.

          • Blacks are too watered down now. They have white Moms. Just the ghetto zombies will come out. If WROL….just put out a sign for FREE whatever then go the other way.

            Of course I’m speaking of a situation of WROL and mass murder in the streets….then it’s survival of the best.


            Yeah, getting tired of the white black thing.

            Strange how the whites won’t rally together. The NWO boys have them branded as Nazis Skin heads if they rally.

            In time this will all back fire…as in WROL….times….. shtf will be an opportunity time for all races to settle the score.

            Best to stay out of things.

        • I like how they only show pictures of when the guy was about 12. Make him look like the victim.

          • And the so called conservative media is doing the same thing. I have not seen one report that states what Zimmerman and the eye witness have said. This is a black show to scare whites into never questioning this administration and the media is in on it. If it’s like this now imagine if he get reelected.

      31. Springfield armory makes one hell of a weapon thee m1a may I suggest that people look in to one

        • Gonzo

          The M1A/M14 is legendary, in my opinion one of the best battle rifles ever made. I think everyone should have 2 M1A’s, but if you can afford to buy one or two, I would recommend you only buy models with the factory extended top rail. One of the only draw backs to the M1A is the optic mounts seem to always shoot loose. The extended rail will not shoot loose.

          • Check out Basset Machine for M1A optics mounts. They are a lot easier to install (as in seconds)as compared to what Sprinfield supplies. They are also very stable…

          • Yes thank you I own one,found out the hard way on the optics. every time I bring her out to the range silence falls and respect is given the the weapon.I’ll look into the extended rail.Thank you SIR.

          • Yes thanks I own one very nice to shoot,I took her shooting one day and had a police department practicing on the next range,they were in a school circle getting instructions,silence fell I looked over and all(10)of them took notice.Thanks for the info I’ll look into a rail system

            • Changing out the top rail with Springfield cost around $695.

        • Yes I have 3: 2,’03-06, and a 1911 45 what are you talking about?

      32. 100,000,000+ million and growing. I wonder if those in power are starting to see that us common folk are beginning are own preperations for a takeover of government. I am afraid to see what kind of carnage and death my 2 young sons under the age of 4 may end up seeing in the coming years. Prepare well my freinds.

        • Taking over the government – – not a good idea.

          When you think about government, there is no logic for a city in the eastern USA to effectively administrate 300,000,0000 people spread from “sea to shining sea”. All that those people can do is make noise and laws; they do that, you know!

          The fights will be on local levels and the effective actions are secession state by state. And it’s about something that’s too big not to fall. Frankly, it is amazing that the federal system has held up as long as it has. Maybe it’s because the original 13 states had some coherence. But when the federal system got bigger, that coherence almost broke. Now staying in one piece is much more illogical – it’s all about force, which is running out.

          • Go 22 ruger 10 22. cheap, light and ammo is cheap.

            Anyone who puts down such a gun for the avg. guy should understand the lethality of such a gun… I’d rather have 500 rounds than just a few. Imagine getting stung by 500 bees. The gun is lethal at over 400 yards.

        • If there is a more concerted effort to take guns afoot, most of the idiots now cheering for it will want one. Dumb schmucks can’t see that they are as expendable as the rest of us.

        • Actually it’s over 200,000,000 guns. How much over, no one knows.

        • Just bought a 22 for my kid….a training rifle. I feel the military will turn on the NWO boys when the currency crashes. Bad times are coming. Prep up. I still want to know exactly who are the NWO. I keep hearing the bilderberg members and the CFR and the like.

      33. Here is an opportunity to go after BO.

        We the People Demand a Full Scale Investigation into the Eligibility Requirements of President Obama to be President and to run again for a second term.
        21,572 Letters and Emails Sent So Far – SIGN THE PETITION

        March 23, 2012
        WE the People demand that the House and Senate launch Immediately a FULL scale Investigation into President Obama’s eligibilty to be President of the United States and his eligibility to run for office for a second term. It is time you do your jobs,. We Demand to know “Do you support the Constitution of the United States and the People”. The American people deserve to know the truth, if President Obama is eligible and it is YOUR JOBS TO FIND OUT. House Speaker Boehner we will be waiting to hear from you. Senator Reid we will be waitng to hear from you. United We Stand Divided We Fall: Dakota

        http://www.petition2congress dot com/6251/we-people-demand-full-scale-investigation-eligability-requirement/

        You can sign the petition going to the link above change dot to (.) Damn you think they would have at least run spell check!

        Y’all Beware!

        • Hey Y’all, I signed it, though I doubt it will do any good, but you never know.

      34. Sorry – go to Alex Jones web site (infowars dot com) scroll down to CONSTITUTION & LAW article and link are there.

        Y’all Beware! My flub.

      35. this is strange. USA has weapons everywhere, yet wonder why innocent US citizens are shot dead in USA.
        The answer is that everyone has guns.
        The United Kingdom has strict gun laws & has very few gun crimes committed by registered firearm owners.
        The answer for the USA is to stop gun ownership unless you have a legitimate use for it, then perhaps teh HIGH USA murder rate may fall.

        • ha ah aha ha ha….

        • Disarament has NEVER led to mass killings of citizens, has it?

        • The last four mass killings have been done by registered gun owners, the last 8 family murders by gun have been done by registered gun owners

        • You are the worst kind of moron. There are very few killings committed by registered gun owners in the US. Gun death statistics in the US referenced by morons like you always include suicides. Take away the deaths by suicide and the thug-on-thug violence, and the gun death figures are negligable. Hope you enjoy your stay in Camp FEMA.

        • Hmmm……what high murder rate? what a tard!

      36. Quote of the Day

        “We’re not moving toward Hitler-type fascism, but we’re moving toward a softer fascism: Loss of civil liberties, corporations running the show, big government in bed with big business. So you have the military-industrial complex, you have the medical-industrial complex, you have the financial industry, you have the communications industry. They go to Washington and spend hundreds of millions of dollars. “That’s where the control is. I call that a soft form of fascism — something that’s very dangerous.”

        Ron Paul – 2007

      37. barry soetoro is a FRAUD!!!

        THIS MESSAGE IS FOR THE DHS< FBI< CIA< NSA< FEDS… we all know who you work for IMF NWO.CFR ZIONISTS FASCISTS and what it is your doing to AMERICA… and we know who/ WHAT your Puppet boss is…

        barack obama was birthed in KENYA by a known female CIA AGENT working under contract for the Gestapo Fascist AMERIKAN CIA! Kenya at the time was a BRITISH territory!

        making our imf nwo cfr zionist cia fascist puppet prez barry soetoro aka obsama barack obama a

        Who grew up in Indonesia with a Cross-Dressin Dude Nanny who showed barry all kinds of special things… which is why barry is a Switch Hitter and likes to hang out with Rham Emanuel in Gay bath houses in Chicago so much!!!

        Just ask his gay lover … eeeeer I mean his Personal White House Trainer/ Boy friend Reggie Luv!!!

        Your ALL bein' Lied too … it's as simple as that!

        AmeriKa is on BIG FASCIST LIE!!!

        Has been since 1913!

        BARRY SOETORO aka OBSAMA BARACK OBAMA is a illegal-alien… an illegal cia puppet prez!!!

        Wake up Everyone and Smell the FASCISM!!!

        Then go out and buy yourself a Rifle and a good Pistol!!!

        Cause it's coming… REVOLUTION!!!


        • “Revolution”…it has been cooking for awhile now and smells like it is ready to serve. It may actually taste more like “Civil War” initially, but I think maybe we are all about to “sit down at the dinner table” and find out if we are eating “shit-on-a-shingle” or some “juicy NWO prime rib(s)”.

          Anyone else “feeling hungry”?!?

        • You are so damn right, you’re scaring the newbies. LOL. I think you are a brave individual and you get a thumbs up…….. Now, remember a few weeks ago when ole O-bum-my-ho was spouting off about, how he would do this and that during his next four and a half years. He was so pompous about it, I think he had just got the “heads up” that TPTB were gonna let him keep the title of “commander and thief” for another term. I also think if he were to need it; because of people getting their head out of the sand and turning against him, he has the go ahead to start chaos and declare martial law, whereby he would remain in charge. I sincerely hope it doesn’t go down this way, but if so, I won’t be surprised. The chaos may get started way before next fall.

      38. Knife crime is an increasing problem in the UK & too many young hoodlums own a dog that acts as a weapon. Dog = weapon has become standard practice.


        Our police are being authorised to use more and more force against us if needed from tazars (which are NOT safe!) to nerve gas.

        Don’t kid yourself – when shtf in the UK most of us will be unarmed sitting ducks for whatever the gangs or the ptb throw at us.

        The Florida lad is a sad victim of a propaganda campaign to ensure the US citizenry remains too divided to mount an effective defence. The ptb learned from Iceland and will allow the same thing to happen with the much larger prize of the US.

          • Wrap yourself in tin foil. Same effect. Not kidding. Just need to short out the electric field.

      39. Hell ya I signed the Petition. Thank you for the link.

        • Me too-thousandth…

      40. revolvers are 19th century technology….Ruger, the ultimate AWB sellout has no place on the battlefield of the future.

      41. I’m a prepper because I plan to survive future deprivations, violence and depredations from the violent and the unprepared in the event of an economic collapse or an environmental disaster on an act-of-God like scale (along with my family).

        I want to be a good citizen, a good neighbor, provide charity (within reason) and protect my family and my street from looters, rapists, vandals and other criminal activity until some form of order is restored.

        Much of this board is apparently focused on preparing to fight federally-backed police and military forces in the event of a weapons confiscation attempt by Obama’s regime…

        Let’s be clear here folks….fighting the USG IS NOT a survival strategy…it’s a suicide strategy. But if the manchurian-candidate, mystery man, non-American Obama and his leftist liberal racist muslim marxist scumbags want to take out the prepper community who just want to live free under the articles of the U.S. Constitution….then we’re all THREE PERCENTERS NOW.

        Y’all need to decide what you will do if Obama and his police-state is really stupid enough to declare war on the lawfully gun-owning population of the United States of America.

        I know what I’ll be driven to do….it’s better to die on your feet than live on your knees.

        • I’m with ya,D & T’s. A coward dies a thousand deaths, a brave soldier only dies once.

          • Better as George Patton said: Stay alive, let the Germans die for their country

        • ~D-n-T~

          Yep, I gave you another thumbs up! Excellent post!

          The only point where we diverge in philosophy is relative to…..

          -(quote)- “Let’s be clear here folks….fighting the USG IS NOT a survival strategy…it’s a suicide strategy.” -(unquote)-

          …to a degree, you are correct!


          Yet with respect to your opinion……I think most folks see fighting the USG as taking on the military combat arms units, in a straight up fight. Which would indeed be a daunting/impossible mission, to be sure!!!

          …as an alternative OPFOR mission scenario….let’s suppose a mere 3% of the (“talented”) population were to target the political/banking powers-that-be, from the federal & on down to the state & local level.

          …assume many patriots were financially incapable of long distance travel to certain ‘target rich’ environments & thus decided to adopt a ‘resource denial’ operational mindset w/ regards to regime central (DC) & its controllers…..(the NYC/Wall Street crowd).

          …suppose RR tracks/trains/barges/semi-trucks, the lifeline of the enemy, started taking rounds in their engine compartments/blocks(***), fuel tanks/hulls &/or RR tracks were sabotaged (often), in very remote locations etc…etc.

          …suppose the manifold petroleum(products) pipes/pumping stations stretching from Houston Tx to the liberal Northeast were given a serious (time delay ignition) homemade ‘THERMITE’ treatment!

          …suppose the sub-station electrical grid power X-formers just outside & inside regime central, were to receive several rounds(each) of 147gr steel-core/.30cal AP rounds in the middle of a July/August heat wave!

          Can you envision rioting/looting/mayhem from the +70% minority population therein?
          Can you imagine the federal resources it would consume for the USG to protect itself & its political hacks in govt/congress?

          …suppose at each & every episode/event….someone left a small booklet copy of the Constitution/BoR where, scribble across the cover via a ‘sharpie’, were the words……..”DON’T TREAD ON ME”!!!!

          …suppose the regime had a huge percentage of its ‘combat arms manpower’ deployed overseas &/or occupied via unnecessary foreign wars/police actions.

          …suppose they only possessed enough ‘manpower’ to ‘GREEN-ZONE’ DC & NYC & the few FR MINTS spread across the country.

          …suppose some fed reserve directors got ‘long distance’ lead poisoning…& ditto for the Gold-in-my-sacks bigwigs.

          …suppose various members of the Council on Foreign Relations/Bildeburgers/Club of Rome etc…etc, ended up on a slab, visiting the coroner.

          …suppose many large foreign investors/investment houses became overly concerned about unfolding events here & pulled their accounts/investments from the stock exchange because, in their opinion, we’re no longer a safe investment location!!!

          …think A-symmetrical warfare, sir! The Constitution says & its framers often repeated…that the ultimate power, is in the hands of the people(that’s us)!!!

          …the problem is…..most are oblivious to that simple fact or, they’re too afraid to accept the responsibility that is inherent to acknowledging it!!!


          Think outside ‘their’ box ~DnT~…..the future of your wife & children may depend on it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


          (***)…am not advocating the targeting of innocent truckers/train drivers/river-rats etc…

          …this being a hypothetical scenario/mental exercise…am merely pointing out fundamental guerrilla warfare strategy/tactics.

          GOOD NIGHT ALL & GOD BLESS!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Thanks Gunsmith….I am seeing things far differently following your lengthy list of plausible hypotheticals…

            For sure the SHTF situation will be a fluid one…and my hand would be forced by attempted weapons/food confiscation by the authorities…perhaps I might be able to give DHS a few stink-pumps before they cancel my warranty after all….

            If they force me out of my feathered nest then like any other veteran I am capable of doing much before they can put me down like a rabid animal..

        • When they declare martial law….do NOT turn in your guns.

      42. Poor little Trayvon. Turns out little Trayvon is 6’3″. And the pic of him is 5 years old. On Trayvons facebook page the real Trayvon can be seen flashing gang signs. The shooter has a broken nose and head injuries from little Trayvon attacking him. MSM is Marxist.

      43. Does this mean my .38 Ruger is worth 3 times what I paid for it?

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