Outbreak Alert: Several Experimental Drugs To Be Tested On People In Congo

by | May 30, 2018 | Emergency Preparedness, Experts | 11 comments

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    The outbreak of Ebola in Congo is beginning to look even scarier for those infected.  Authorities are now saying they intend to test several more experimental drugs on human beings in the area.

    Last week, SHTFPlan reported that the experimental Ebola vaccine will be used immediately as health official attempt to mitigate the spread of the virus. More than 400 people have been vaccinated with the experimental vaccine and more than 800 contacts traced in the city of Mbandaka in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Use of the experimental vaccine, known as rVSV-ZEBOV, will now spread to the more rural regions of Iboko and Bikoro where the majority of cases have occurred, reported CNN. 

    Ebola hemorrhagic fever, seen mostly only in Africa, is one of the world’s most feared diseases. It begins with flu-like symptoms, followed by bloody diarrhea and vomiting. Days later, some victims begin bleeding through the nose, mouth, and eyes. Depending on the strain of the Ebola virus, it can kill up to 90% of victims. There is no cure for Ebola. The virus is spread through direct contact with the blood or secretions of an infected person. –SHTFPlan

    Vaccination began in the urban setting of Mbandaka to “prevent an urban outbreak” as well as further spread along the nearby Congo river, to reduce “risk through the interior of DRC and surrounding countries,” Dr. Peter Salama, the deputy director-general of the World Health Organization’s Health Emergencies Program said Tuesday.

    “Mbandaka is relatively safeguarded at the moment,” he said, adding that officials “haven’t seen an explosive increase in cases” and the teams have reason to “cautiously optimistic.” Salama did confirm the outbreak spread to Mbandaka after two brothers visited Bikoro to attend a funeral and traveled back to the city.

    Salama said there have, so far, been 54 cases of Ebola reported in Congo, which unfortunately includes 25 deaths. Thirty-five of those case have been confirmed with laboratory tests. He also added that 47 of the cases were in the more rural regions of Bikoro and Iboko where control efforts will now be focused. “That’s where the next phase of vaccination must go.”

    But the vaccine is still experimental, meaning it has never been tested on humans before. Of course, now, five additional experimental drugs designed to treat the Ebola virus, including ZMapp and Remdesivir, have now arrived in the country and will be trialed under strict experimental research protocols, Salama said.

    This means they will have to be used as part of a clinical trial, with ethical review and informed patient consent. Officials expect to get formal approval for delivery of the potentially deadly drugs in the coming days.


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      1. Its just the next step in the evolving of the world depopulation virus they need to get going. Its called desensitization of the virus to known natural human immunity response. The virus is being evolved unlike they can do in a lab cus in a lab it is limited and controlled with limited environmental and exposure to human immune response. Also the virus will be exposed to any non standard protical treatment such as home remedies. They are creating in a giant petri dish and the congo is an area where easily controlled and cleaned up you could say. They want something that will depopulate fast and thoroughly with no exception and no advoidance. Will it be in all the water sources due to nature of hemorrhage of blood ? Just release and sit back. Zombie virus in nature due to bleeding on the brain? Basic instinct stomach pain from hemorrhage = need desire to eat

        • Introduce rabies and you got a winner!!!bunch of insane bleeding everywhere fookers only good thing is wont have to count on head shots to kill just watch out for the blood mist and splatter droplets. …

          • Wait! We must test it on apes first. Valerie Jarrett and Obama are available.

            • 7.62, we’ve got libturds everywhere who could be ‘volunteers’, LOL.

      2. CDC = Center for Disease Control

        OR is it the

        Center for Disease Creation ?????


      3. If it is being tested in Africa….who gives a dam.

        • Just testing there gonna use here.

      4. The whole damn state is goin’ apey.

      5. Another reason to become a hermit, like we needed one.

      6. Americans are getting too uppity thinking they are worth more than a lousy meager short existence. Getting rid of these always hands out scumbag lowlife beggars is the right of the intellectually wealthy by the grace of God leaders over the common rats of society, The nerve of these sob’s rejecting big pharma medical death squad dictates and FDA slow kill gmo elimination science. Kill them all! Amen.

      7. Also, you, here, have the ‘right to try’.

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