Oregon Rain Man Forced to Destroy Pond: Americans “Not Entitled To Private Property Water Rights”

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    This article was written by Anonymous and originally published at AnonHQ.

    Editor’s Comment: The continued assault against independence and self-sustainability is absolutely eradicating freedom. 2017 would do well to see a resurgence of off grid living and a fight back against the regulatory systems that would restrict how people can live on their own land, and without the need to be dependent upon government or corporations for their livelihood.

    Unless that silent war is curbed, people will find that all the freedom talk on the Internet won’t mean anything to a population that needs its own resources and resilience. Preppers should be particularly wary of areas that have cracked down the hardest.

    Oregon Couple Told They Have No Water Rights, Forced to Destroy Their Own Pond

    by AnonHQ

    Remember the Oregon ‘Rain Man’ or Gary Harrington — who was sent to 30 days in Jackson County Jail and slapped with a $1,500 fine for collecting rainwater on his 170-acre property? He was ordered to breach his dams and drain his ponds that held more than 13 million gallons of water, enough to fill 20 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

    Now, an Oregon couple faces a similar fate as Gary Harrington because the rain belongs to the overbearing government, because corporate greed claims water is not a human right, and because Americans are not entitled to do what they please on their private property.

    The Jackson County Watermaster’s office has told Jon and Sabrina Carey to destroy their 2-acre pond — built 40 years ago, long before they bought the 10-acre property off Butte Falls Highway two and a half years ago — as they don’t have any water rights.

    “I basically bought a lemon. That’s how they explained it to me.”

    The county had no issues with the pond until Jon sought to grow legal medical cannabis on his property. He was then required to produce proof that he had a viable source of water for cannabis cultivation.

    Although the county records clearly show the pond, the Watermaster’s Office claimed the previous owners had not received a permit for the pond so the Careys were now in violation of Oregon regulations — and they would have to shoulder the cost of draining the water. As a result, the Careys stopped using pond water and resorted to trucking in water from Butte Falls for their household and garden needs.


    Since the Medford Water Commission has rights to the watershed around Careys’ property — where Medford’s primary source of water, Big Butte Springs, is located — its staff denied Careys request to adopt the pond and treat it as a municipal water source so that the water could be used for emergency firefighting, wildlife habitat and as an additional source for municipal needs.

    In spite of the government claiming ownership of rainwater as part of the public water supply, it still rejected the Careys’ plea to treat their pond as part of public property. Mail Tribune reports:

    “Water Commission staff found several problems with the Careys’ request, including setting a precedent that could prompt similar requests and weaken state statutes while not meeting the definition of ‘municipal water source’. The staff found it would be very difficult to access the water stored in the pond for municipal reasons, and further monitoring and following up on compliance issues would be difficult and costly for the commission.”

    Careys’ attorney, Sarah Liljefelt, who filed a request with Jackson County to provide the couple a permit to store water, says:

    “The reservoir on Ms. Carey’s property, though small, is one of the largest in the area. In the past, the pond has been used for fire suppression and is accessible to fire trucks from Butte Falls Highway. The pond is an important source of water for beavers, otters, elk, deer, bear, mountain lion, bobcat, bald eagle osprey, great blue heron, snowy egret, Canada geese and the western pond turtle.”

    The couple have agreed to not use the pond water for their household and garden needs and keep the pond for wildlife, fire suppression and for any purpose specified by the Medford Water Commission. They’ve also agreed to reduce the size of the pond from about 12 acre feet of water to 9.2 acre feet; execute an easement to the city of Medfore to flood the property, access the reservoir, and cause the reservoir to be drained any time the city deems necessary; and assume all costs associated with permitting, construction, maintenance and liability. However, the Medford Water Commission is unmoved.

    “I’m terrified right now… I am trying to work with the various government agencies to resolve this issue so the property doesn’t lose one of its most valuable assets. We’re just trying to do it by the rules. I’m trying to cooperate.”

    The couple recently received support from firefighting agencies that need the water for wildfires. A letter from the Oregon Department of Forestry to the Water Commission supported retaining the reservoir to help suppress wildfires and provide enough water for a multiday operation. Neal Laugle, state aviation manager for ODF, wrote:

    “I would like to urge the Medford Water Commission to consider keeping the reservoir in place at its current capacity for the purpose of providing a long-term water source for wildland firefighting. Without the water, it could increase the length of a wildfire fight and could lead to more destructive wildfires.”


    AnonHQ is an independent and investigative news organization run by people of the Anonymous collective. Our goal here is to bring the people of the world important, modern daily news regarding topics from around the globe.

    h/t The Daily Sheeple

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      1. It’s time for some govt. officials to experience “accidents”. No nanny-state type would say such a thing to any of my relatives if he/she didn’t want anything bad to happen to them. Govt. officials are full of shit.

        • In some areas with out-of-control police, these bad guys have experienced “accidents” until their worst behavior was reigned in. Non-verbal communication can be a wonderful, appropriate tool.

          • Thewaybackispayback, welcome aboard, and I totally agree. That’s eventually coming for the entire nation. We won’t have any other choice. BTW, you have an interesting moniker.

          • Obama Seized Enough Land and Water in 8 Years to Cover Texas Three Times

            01-06-2017 • mrctv.org by Brittany M. Hughes
            In a move ignored by the liberal media last week, Obama unilaterally seized more than 1.3 million acres from Utah to establish the Bears Ears Monument, preserving it at the behest of conservationist groups and Native American tribes who claimed the land was sacred. Utah’s state legislature, however, opposed the unilateral land grab across party lines, with many speculating that Obama’s move is the latest in an attempt to limit efforts from incoming President Donald Trump to expand domestic energy production.

            Obama also claimed 300,000 acres in Clark County, Nevada, as the Gold Butte National Monument, effectively closing the area off to future development for uranium mining, oil drilling or natural gas production.

            While it’s certainly nothing new, Obama’s habit of unilaterally confiscating land has ramped up heading into the final stretch of his presidency. In the eight years he’s been in office, President Obama has seized more than 553 million acres of land and water (roughly 865,000 square miles) and placed it under federal ownership and control – enough square mileage to cover the entire state of Texas more than three times over.

            • !.3 million acres, what in the world are they going to do with that. I’m surprised that enough people have not had enough yet. Like what was said about, silence convet’s a lot and accidents happen.

              • Well where did the money come from to purchase all this land?

          • as a kid i grew up in Oregon and I watched as LIBERALS from Kalifornication, moved to and RUINED that state with there own idiot thoughts, they took over the leadership of many agencies, they drove up the price of real estate and property taxes and forever changed the laws, I saw a family friend who had 15 acres and owned for many years find out his well had been put 3 ft. onto a vacant piece of land. Then a Kali person bought it and sued him and took his well instead of working out a deal, those people had lived there for years like 30, I moved away at 18 and never looked back and ALL i hear from my relatives who live there is how bad it is!! it is a VERY pretty state and shame for it to have been ruined by libtards!!

            • apache54. That is why it is extremely important to get a Land survey done, so when someone tries to encroach on your property, you can sue the hell out of them. Also when you know your boundaries and property line, you put up a fence 6 inches on your side of the property line, so you own the fence as well.

              Here is a great example, when I bought the property for my BOL, a couple of years ago there was no current survey on record. I had one done, and it took the surveyors about 25 hours to do it, it was a hard one including lake and canal property. And I paid $550 for it. The listing said X number of acres. After the survey was done, I gained a full 1.1 acres more of land than the listing said. That decreased my cost per acre. At the closing after we closed, I told the Realtor how many acres it came out to be on the survey. She had a blank stare. Priceless Funny. The sellers were not present, so that was swept under the table I’m sure.

              So know what you are buying and selling ad get a survey. Cheap-ass Idiots make mistakes. I also needed to know where the full easement area of the road access was to my property, so I would not be driving on my neighbors property, since my land is landlocked and surrounded by water. If anybody bitched where I was driving, I could point out the stone markers, and say F-you.

            • Kalifornitcators are a peculiar group. They have totally fouled their home state, so they leave to other areas and immediately try to do the same to their new environs. I saw it in Colorado.

              I think we need a special hunting season for these mutant humans. The longer the season, the better.

        • Agree. This is one case where I would post no trespassing signs on my property and shoot anyone trying to take rainwater that fell on my land. Next they will try and say you can’t capture sunlight that falls on your land for use in solar cells to produce electricity. This issue is worth posting those signs and shooting anyone who trespasses.
          It also reminds me of what happened years ago before satellite tv encrypted their signals. They beamed unscrambled signals down to earth and when techno types built receivers they could receive tv for free. The satellite people tried to sue and lost because as one engineer put it “what falls in my backyard is mine to do with as I please”. I say “rain” falls in that same category. This concept is worth dying over…..

      2. Yeah, right. Guess all of our ancestors walked around all dehydrated and dried up because there was no water before governments, corporations, businesses were created. TG that they were finally created so that people back then could have a drink, wash up, water their gardens, etc.

        Know one way to tell what a natural right is? Did people use it before governments were created. The WATER belongs to the people, NOT to those who serve within our governments, definitely not to any agency – governmental or not. They created the apparatus that carries the water to us with OUR tax dollars, and occasionally our labor. The water does NOT belong to them, the use of it is a NATURAL RIGHT of the people – ponds, washing, gardening, etc.

        What does the words Natural Right mean under OUR legitimate government? It means, as in the case of water, when there is a drought, it is the corporations and government that gets cut back first. Even to the point of being shut down before a single American is denied the use of water.

        Those that serve within our government may ask if we will cut back on our usage, but they have NO lawful authority for anything else. That is in writing, unless you were stupid enough to give that authority to your state by amending your state’s Constitution.

        Why do you people NOT READ THE US CONSTITUTION, your own state’s Constitution and bother to learn what those who serve within our governments are ALLOWED in writing to do – and if it is not found within the US Constitution or your state’s Constitution, then it is forbidden to those who serve within our governments, state and federal. Those are the contracts that ALL who serve within our governments are under, and they are also REQUIRED to be Oath bound to those documents – to support and defend them, NOT to destroy them.

        Wake Up!

        • This man should have shot, killed and buried the first government scum that set foot on his property.

          • I had a similar thought. The adage, “You can’t fight city hall” comes to mind. However, it appears that may well be what we will have to do.

            • Ordinary Joe, there’s ALWAYS a way to ‘fight city hall’, aka ‘unconventional means’.

          • Then get a like minded group to kill every single one that comes after that one

        • My answer is that when there is a flood, sue the government for the damages caused by “their water”. You will all of a sudden see that it is no longer the governments problem. Since when does the government own everything and make the citizens sharecroppers?

        • You see the Country Club Golf Courses in the Cities need that water. These people need a better Lawyer. They need to uncover all the dirt on the politicians pushing this. Dont get mad, get even, Get creative. Think people.. Think.

        • Cal, truer words were never spoken. Very good post.

        • Prior appropriation bro…been that way in OR for a looooong time now.

      3. Who is going to have the kahunas to stand up to thosegovernment bullies?

      4. This is an old story, but an important glimpse into the workings of the ultimate goal, absolute total control.

        They want us dependent on them, the J*w (elite) PTB, for the air we breathe.


        • B from CA – And that is why Hitler kicked them out of Germany as well as another hundred other countries to acted the same way over the last few centuries. Their pattern of infiltration and destroy, like parasites feeding off their hosts. And why Russia’s V. Putin removed all Tribe Members from any and all meaningful Government Positions. Which is why their (((Tribe))) Media and political shills like senile penile John McCain and Lindsey Graham wants the US to go to war with Russia.

          The tide has changed. Americans have woken up. The Neocons and Neoliberalcons are loosing their grip of War Fraud putting America into massive debt to fund these bogus wars. Donald Trump Gets it and chooses peace with Russia.

          Goldman Confronts Protesters Inside New York Headquarters
          01-05-2017 • https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-11-10
          Protesters yelled chants and waved signs in the lobby of Goldman Sachs Group Inc.’s New York headquarters Wednesday in opposition to the firm’s growing influence in President-elect Donald Trump’s administration.

          About 40 protesters entered Goldman’s lobby and were ejected, in some cases physically, according to a statement from New York Communities for Change, a social- and economic-justice advocacy group. Roughly half that number of people can been seen participating in a video of the rally posted on Facebook.

          The activists criticized Goldman’s role in the U.S. housing crisis and the long history of its former executives taking senior posts in government. The video shows protesters shouting, holding banners and blocking turnstiles in the lobby. An officer can be seen confiscating a black banner with the words “Government Sachs,” and later he pushes some protesters through an open door.

          **I also suggest Boycotting all Jews Businesses. That means cut your Cable TV Cord and the Lie TV. Why would you or anyone subscribe to Zionist Lie TV?

      5. Lots of lucky when your dealing with those boot licking scum sucking psychopath government agencies. I bet if this pond was on my Cuz’s property he would feed them some brass and lead nutrients, and they better bring along some body bags with there dozers, because they may be burying bodies instead of cutting dams.

        • Hi SYBIL.

      6. Can’t have water but you can have WEED?????

        • Looking for another way to get rid of your US Cash? Take a trip to Mexico. With Ford canceling a $1 Bil Auto plant in Mexico, the Mexican Paso slipped further south in Value to the US Dollar.

          “The Mexican peso slid again Wednesday, with the Bank of Mexico’s 48-hour interbank exchange rate for the currency weakening from 21.05 to the U.S. dollar to 21.52 at the close.”

          After the last big trashing of the Old Mexican Peso in the 1980’s this New Peso stayed at about 10 to 1 for many years in competing with the US Dollar. But now that Mex Peso has been cut in half again. When I was in Cozumel and Cancun last time, a buddy and I went out for a Big steak dinner. Steaks were going for about $4 each.

          So now you could probably get a Big Steak and a Lobster dinner for about $8 US Dollars. Tip back some Coronas and belly up. Live like a King. Also a possible place to retire of live cheap. Rent a Mexican Villa for $300 a month complete with a Maid to clean it. Car insurance $20 to $30 a month. Health Care, really cheap as well. Learn Spanish.

          And NO DurangoKiddy, the Mexican Peso is not pegged to the US Dollar either, nor is the Chinese Juan. They are all “compared” to each other, on The Currency Foreign Exchange Market which fluctuates daily, as all currencies are fluid in values up and down to other currencies. That’s why there are currency wars.

          Link to Foreign Exchange Mkt data. http://www.xe.com/currencyconverter/

        • Sgt. Dale,
          Of course you can have WEED, it makes you MORE controllable,that is the agenda!! all who survive will be slaves to the NWO!! it IS only a matter of time before civil war breaks out, it will start on a small scale by someone who has had enough and it will be squashed quickly and then there will more and more and more until actual war is ongoing and sides are drawn!! all i can say is DEATH to all scumbags!!I have always HOPED things would improve and all i see is it going downhill faster and faster!!

      7. The gov doesn’t care about your cooperation.

        The gov wants you dead

        Plain and simple

      8. Just like with the ObamaCare individual mandate, you refuse to pay the fine.

        RESIST, preferably with firearms in hand.

      9. This is the stupidest thing I have heard of in a long time. What ever happened to basic freedoms? Why did these people let a jack assed bunch of idiots take away their water rights? Everyone in that area needs to reaffirm the idea that we have a constitution and rights granted by such. Get rid of the bastards once and for all!!

      10. We really need to start seeing articles headlined”Homeowner kills govt. stooges thieving on their property,on a daily basis.

      11. There was a thread on this probably a month ago. I’d have to look. A lot of this rehashing of the same threads. Bottom line if I have to break the law to stay hydrated and have water then so be it.

      12. What are the eight most feared words for any bureaucrat or public official? “Thank you, but we don’t need your help.”

      13. If I was him I’d call environmental management and tell them the gov wants the pond filled in. They will cum right out cause it’s illegal to back fill wetlands. Use their own game against them. Sit back and watch the beaurocracy fuck up like it does all the time.

        • The case is the statue of limitations has run out sice this is a 40 YO lake now, and a complete eco sustem is now dependent on the lake. Like I said they need a better Atty like an evironmental Atty. Like Robert Kennedy JR. Also im sure there are some sacred Indian buriel grounds in the area where they want the lake breached. Know the rules to win the game. Think people tbink..

      14. The time has come for total non-compliance

        Tell them to go fūck themselves with a pineapple. Have your pond. Deal in cash or gold and silver. Charge them a per day fine for inconvenience to your time. Bill at $150/hr

        • Here is another Reason the “Alleged Russian Hack” into the DNC Computer systems is a “Bogus Phony Claim.” Because it never happened, and the FBI knows it. First order into any FBI investigation of a computer hack, is finding the digital footprint inside a computer’s server and track it back to the source.

          The FBI Never Asked For Access To Hacked Computer Servers
          01-06-2017 • buzzfeed.com by Ali Watkins
          The FBI did not examine the servers of the Democratic National Committee before issuing a report attributing the sweeping cyberintrusion to Russia-backed hackers, BuzzFeed News has learned.

          Six months after the FBI first said it was investigating the hack of the Democratic National Committee’s computer network, the bureau has still not requested access to the hacked servers, a DNC spokesman said. No US government entity has run an independent forensic analysis on the system, one US intelligence official told BuzzFeed News.

          “The DNC had several meetings with representatives of the FBI’s Cyber Division and its Washington (DC) Field Office, the Department of Justice’s National Security Division, and U.S. Attorney’s Offices, and it responded to a variety of requests for cooperation, but the FBI never requested access to the DNC’s computer servers,” Eric Walker, the DNC’s deputy communications director, told BuzzFeed News in an email.

          ***And why President Donald J Trump is going to do this Come Jan 20th 2017:

          Trump Plans to Shrink, Reorganize CIA, Other Intel Agencies
          01-06-2017 • AntiWar.com by Jason Ditz
          Deals on the exact nature of the changes are still being sorted out, but President-elect Donald Trump reportedly plans to revamp multiple US intelligence agencies, particularly the CIA and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, with a primary goal of shrinking them considerably.

          Those familiar with the plans say they believe that the US intelligence community is “completely politicized,” and that the various intelligence agencies need to be “slimmed down,” and restructured in how they interact.

          The Office of the Director of National Intelligence appears to be a particular target, with Trump apparently believing that the office is driving efforts by the outgoing Democratic administration to accuse Russia of “hacking the election,” trying to portray Trump’s election as the result of interference.

          Despite the FBI being the ones initially ordered to investigate the accusations, the CIA is also seen playing a significant role in this narrative, coming out after the election to claim they had concluded that Russia had deliberately tried to influence the outcome of the US election in favor of Trump.

          **Trump needs to flush the Political Hacks on the Govn’t Dole out of the Swamp. You see these political hacks in the FBI and CIA need a boogie man in order to keep their financial funding positions flush with Cashola.

          These political hacks know full well they will not have a Job with World peace. Thus False Flags, Patsys for Jihad, and false intel helps keeps their jobs. Drain the Swamp Trumpster!!

          Trump also requested all the Names of persons in the EPA pushing the Global Warming Hoax. Expect your Pink Slips come Jan 20th also.

          There is so much great news coming up Jan 20th, stay tuned in. The political hacks are frightened as they will get their penis’s wacked off.

          • I will also add, the DNC may not want to give up their Computer servers to the FBI because the FBI will uncover more Dirt and Crimes on the DNC we don’t even know about yet, including many more emails of election fraud. Its a double edged sword, and the DNC losses either way. Pathetic really, and the waste of US Tax Dollars, spent on this fake incident. The DNC needs to be charged with “Falsely reporting a crime.” I think they call it “Obstruction of Justice.”

      15. Its all about control and money. They either fine you or tax you! Some jurisdictions won’t let you collect rainwater from your roof and tax you for runoff from your driveway or parking lot. Go figure!

        • Ah, yes. The Maryland rainwater law. I think they have or had one that was called the flush tax, too. Pretty state to drive through though.

      16. S&B 00 buck $80/250 rnds at midway

      17. “We have heard of the impious doctrine in the old world, that the people were made for kings, not kings for the people. Is the same doctrine to be revived in the new, in another shape — that the solid happiness of the people is to be sacrificed to the views of political institutions of a different form?”

        —James Madison (1788)

      18. This is why “Agenda 21” and “Agenda 2030” needs to be stopped now.
        They plan to kick everyone off their rural land, one farm at a time. Then you will be forced into mega cites where you can be watched and controlled.
        Time for everyone to stand up and say NO to the NWO Agenda!

        • “where you can be watched and controlled.” And exterminated.

      19. Someone has plans for the property and getting rid of the pond would lower the price. There is more to this than just bureaucratic incompetence. Follow the money.

      20. The “Watermaster’s Office?”
        Next up: “Lemonade Stand Enforcement Office.”
        What is Oregon and the country coming to?
        Those who said it’s about power and zero freedom are correct.
        Several years ago there was a small company producing bottled water in Oregon called “Oregon Rain” and it was popular.
        It vanished from the stores after a short run and I never did find out what happened to it.
        The Watermaster’s Office was probably created to kill it.

      21. This slavery has to end right here.

        The King does not own the rain water, no matter what the King believes, thinks, or wants.

        The King castrates his slaves by stealing their water. The King denies your right to life by stealing your water, without which you cannot grow food, which makes you dependent upon the King.

        Water theft by the King is slavery The King lets you live on his land. Pay the taxes to the King and you may stay. But you cannot use the rainwater which falls freely from the sky,or the King will put you in prison.

        Organize your land owners first. Build a large organization and be aware that the state will send in people to create problems. You need a power base, and organization is essential.

      22. It’s a GLORIOUS DAY for the GOVERNMENT ( SARCASM )

      23. Find a Snowy Owl. Shoot it. Take it to a good taxidermist. Stick it in a tree near the pond. Take some photos showing the bird and the pond. Sorry water guys – can’t destroy Snowy Owl habitat!

        • Norseman, Better try a darter snail relocation to the lake, or some sort of tortoise that burrows at the banks of the lake. You would be charged with shooting an endangers species like a Snowy Owl. No worry, for sure you will make the videos of the dumbest criminal list.

          After 40 years it has become a natural preserve which nature depends on it (Grandfathered). Here in FL, when they drilled a Nuke Plant Cooling tanks in Crystal River, and it cracked, they had to take the plant off line. But since the endangered Manatees used that warm water to breed when the plant was producing power, the Nuke plant still was required to keep the water heated to preserve the environment they unnaturally created for the Manatee.

          I said this already, these people need to get a better Atty who knows what the hell he it doing, and find that friggin loophole before their lake gets destroyed. Do your homework people, never accept a word from some government employee. Go look the law up yourself and or get an Atty who can do this for you.

      24. Russia influencing US elections? How hypocritical – or ignorant – is the left? Re. that “Russia influenced the US elections” meme:

        First, there was Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and her outed shenanigans getting Bernie Sanders out of the way (over which she was forced to resign, while Podesta escaped the justice due him over the same thing). No word from the left on that, of course.

        “Barack Obama’s promise to transform America was too modest. He is transforming the whole world before our eyes. Do you see it yet?”
        – Michael Goodwin, New York Post, March 22, 2015)

        Per Canada Free Press – which I trust a thousand times more than CNN, MSNBC, PBS etc. As a dual US/Canadian citizen, I read CFP regularly:

        “Fresh out of the Israel election, where they failed to dump Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in spite of millions of dollars, top Obama campaign experts are still in Canada working to topple our staunchly pro-Israel, Christian, conservative prime minister. *******Why is the Obama campaign team working Canada? … In Canada, Obama’s campaign team is guiding the election campaigns of both the Liberals and the NDP: “Justin Trudeau’s Liberals have quietly been getting regular advice from Jennifer O’Malley Dillon, Barack Obama’s deputy campaign manager in the last U.S. presidential campaign. (Globe & Mail, Dec. 26, 2014) “Somewhat more openly, Tom Mulcair’s New Democrats have been receiving guidance from Jeremy Bird, who was Mr. Obama’s national field director.**** Apparently, for the fascist left, overt, blatant and aggressive actions in recent Canadian elections was just dandy….

        And CFP re. Obama’s meddling in Israeli elections (the issue here is not Zionism, so please dispense with the Jew hatred on this one):
        “President Obama’s role during the Israeli elections was larger than reported, according to a pollster for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party. (The Hill, March 22, 2015) “What was not well reported in the American media is that President Obama and his allies were playing in the election to defeat Prime Minister Netanyahu,” John McLaughlin, a Republican strategist, said in an interview on John Catsimatidis’s “The Cats Roundtable” radio show broadcast Sunday on AM 970 in New York. “There was money moving that included taxpayer U.S. dollars, through non-profit organizations. And there were various liberal groups in the United States that were raising millions to fund a campaign called V15 against Prime Minister Netanyahu,” McLaughlin said. “He noted that the effort to oust Netanyahu was guided by former Obama political operative Jeremy Bird, who “set up an Obama for America-like organization in Israel called V15 that was running extremely negative ads against the prime minister.” “The ads hurt Netanyahu in the polls, said McLaughlin, who added the Israeli leader rebounded after delivering a speech to Congress early this month, prompting more critical V15 ads.”

      25. This is how bureaucrats drain swamps.


      27. The taxman wants it all little “o” stole the Bundy ranch to put it in a preserve. In only 8 short he has stolen more land than Texas 3 times. We have heard about water theft for many years. A chip here a crack there, now the theft is blatant. Divide and conquer, because we didn’t’T band together for every cause or theft they took more and more a chip at a time. We have to remember the people and the protest have probably well paid and promoted with free bail. When we were only 3tril in debt I remember “h” went to China and was shown shaking Chinese hand I could not help thinking “what did that witch have to say for China to tackle our debt. What could she promise? Rocky Mountains? Tptb probably already have our country divided as spoils, can anybody say northcom? Aztlan?
        We have to stay strong as Americans, the raiders are already here. Who was ready to drop all to help the natives, who dropped all for the unborn all those years ago. If we could have looked through that charade for what it was, the lies won big-time, the media told us the truth *Right!! We the people have finally woken up. Spread the truth, wake the children and the neighbors. We were lulled into complicity, while they poisoned,sterilized,and dumbed down our tender little snowflakes, and programmed our progeny for slavery and helplessness. Are we headed for the beginning of the end or the end of the beginning. Swords sharp powder dry

      28. Since we are a nation of, for and by the people,
        then it follows:
        If the people don’t own it, neither does the government.

      29. back in the real world, this is just the way western water law has worked for the last 150 years. the old, original settlers claimed senior rights to water in these dry states and wrote those rights into the state constitutions and laws when their territories became states.
        the laws like the one that tripped up this gent in oregon were not passed by commies, socialists or “nannycrats”. they were passed by the early settlers of western states on the “first-in-time-first-in-right principle. similar laws are in force throughout the west. learn some history folks.

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