Off-Grid SHTF Survival: Ancient Technology for Refrigeration

by | Sep 25, 2011 | Emergency Preparedness | 116 comments

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    The article has been generously contributed by Tess Pennington of Ready NutritionAfter joining the Dallas chapter of the American Red Cross in 1999 Tess worked as an  Armed Forces Emergency Services Center  specialist and is well versed in emergency and disaster management & response. You can follow her regular updates on PreparednessHomesteading, and a host of other topics at .

    Editor’s Note: We’re always on the look-out for new preparedness strategies and tools. In her latest article, Tess Pennington goes old-school (as in ancient civilizations) with a prepper innovation so cool (literally) that you’ll probably want to head out in the back yard and try it this afternoon. If you’re a preparedness minded individual, then you’ll no doubt appreciate the simplicity and usefulness of  the following technique for off-grid refrigeration. As most of our readers understand, in a collapse, be it natural or man-made, there is a distinct possibility that we may experience a cascading power-failure from which there may be no recovery for the majority of the population for weeks or months at a time. You’ll have no way of keeping short-term perishable food fresh, especially meats. But what if you were able to create a refrigerator out of just sand, water and a couple clay pots, giving you the ability to keep meat cool for a few days at a time? In our view, that could significantly alter your survival preparation plans for the better. In addition to food, for those with critical needs that require refrigeration of medicine, this could be a life saver. This ancient technique is one you’ll want to consider, test, and archive in your personal SHTFplanning and preparedness strategies G.O.O.D. Manual.

    SHTF Survival: Clay Pot Refrigeration
    by Tess Pennington

    Have you ever wondered what our ancestors did without refrigeration? How were they able to prevent their food from spoiling? Some of our ancient civilizations did in fact have refrigeration and used simple items they had on hand to create it.

    The zeer, or clay pot refrigeration keeps food cool (icy cold) without electricity by using evaporative cooling. Essentially, a porous outer earthenware pot, lined with wet sand, contains an inner pot (which can be glazed to prevent penetration by the liquid) within which the food is placed. The evaporation of the outer liquid draws heat from the inner pot.

    In a short or long-term disaster where power is out, knowing essential skills on how to prevent foods from spoiling will help you survive longer and stay healthier. Further, having this simple device can also help you have a diverse diet during a disaster and prolong food fatigue. The best part is that making this device is incredibly cheap, very effective, and doesn’t require any electricity, which is perfect for those disasters where the power is affected and you have no fuel to power your generators.

    All that is needed to create a clay pot refrigerator is two terra cotta pots, one larger than the other, as well as some sand, water, and cloth. To make the “fridge”, you just put one pot inside the other, and fill up the spaces with wet sand, which keeps the inside of the pots cold. You will also need to put a wet towel over the top to keep the warm air and light from getting in.

    Rather than re-inventing the wheel, perhaps we could learn a thing or two from our ancient ancestors. Using what they had available to them, our ancestors seemed to have many of the modern day conveniences we have today.

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      1. I ran across this several months ago and am intending to try it. One thing she mentioned which was not mentioned in the other source I had for this was the use of a NON glazed pot for the outer pot..

        I wonder how this will work in a high humidity environment.. In some place like Texas or Arizona; this would obviously work GREAT.. We’ll giver it a try some day here in So Flo and let you know.

        • Glazed is for the inner pot not the outer. Wouldn’t work without evaporation off the outer pot.

          • I just wanted to share a video that suggests pyramids were ancient power plants and seeks to reveal other secrets around the world like google earth blacked out sites that could have ruins on them…

            Ancient Tomorrow —


        • Speaking for southern AZ (Sonoran Desert, mostly)… The evaporative method of cooling does work pretty well for chilling air or water (think canvas water bags), but the maximum reduction that I’ve been able to realize has been around 30 deg F even with the RH at less than 10%. So if you start off with 110 deg F ambient….

      2. Another thing I will try someday is using clear 1 or 2 liter plastic soda bottles filled with water and one cap full of bleach as a light source. I am pasting a link to a rally good, short vid on the subject. Although there are lots of English vid’s on this subject; the one in the link is the best instructional.. even though it is in Portuguese.. they actually show the visible difference in a room between one 50 watt light bulb and a couple of bottle lights. The difference in light is amazing.

        • Great link Sam! Thanks for posting!

        • I like my coke in a 60watt bottle. And chill it in the flower pot! This stuff is really amazing! Thanks guys.

          • Love it! thanks for the generosity and creativity in these links! Wonderful contribution to others.

      3. thats why i like it if this all unfolds in the fall or winter you can leave it outside or throw it in the snow to keep it fresh. good little article. id like to know how many of you really think power will be out and total craziness is going to happen or is this more scare tatics. im in all support of this website and read it daily. I saw silver tank but I think it will rebound. if it goes down will buy more!

        • Who can say ? But it doesn’t have to be TEOTWAWKI for these things to be handy and save you money..

          I live in hurricane “central”, I have been out of power for about 2 weeks following a bad one before. The floods in the NE knocked out power for some for 4-6 weeks I heard. Tornados, wild fires, etc. Stuff happens..when stuff happens and people aren’t prepared for anything, everything is worse than it had to be.

        • I personally think its all scare tactics !

          • Yes, fear-mongering just to help the flower pot industry flourish!

            C’mon, Rich…

            • Your a douchebag…….my comment had nothing to do with the refrigeration system ! but then again only a douchebag would get the flower pot out of my comment .

          • Go through just ONE serious hurricane that goes directly over your house.. just ONE tornado on your block.. you’ll be scared alright.. but it won’t be a tactic.

            • I agree with Sns, we are the last customers on our power service and the last to be restored to power in hurricanes, trees down etc. Plus you never know… I had a dream this spring that an earthquake in the Madrid zone would be very bad. Thats when I started prepping before I even knew others were doing it.

      4. Just imagine how popular the horse breeders will beater an EMP. Things like this, sand water filtration, and horsies may ride once again.

        • i agree, i wonder how a emp blast may still let your car start if it doesnt fry the computer since i hear it is on tires which not makes it grounded or grounded. I wanted to get a dirt bike racer that has no computer just a kickstart to have if this all unfolds. crazy stuff you learn by hearing others talk.

          • With regards to EMP classes and how EMP will affect certain electrical components, check out EMPact America’s website…lots of interviews and info… The dirt bike is a good idea, as well as 4 wheelers…. The only thing you might need with those is a backup electrical ignition switch, from what I understand…

            • Polaris makes a diesel 4 wheeler. An old Mercedes diesel with mechanical fuel injection would be the best car in a post EMP world. Especially with a hand crank.

        • Well… it’s not that simple (EMP, that is).

          It’s a damned complex formula, and the amount of ‘oomph required to cause a national (let alone global) EMP wipe-out? Let’s just say that nuclear winter would be the least of our worries.

      5. That’s actually pretty slick.

        In more northern climates, refrigeration used to require harvesting ice in the winter, then storing it in huge piles, in a deep enough cave full of sawdust. That was usually sufficient to keep a supply going throughout the summer.

        The ice was sold in 5-lb blocks, and an enterprising person with a big enough saw (and a large nearby cave or huge root cellar) could make a tidy profit.

        • I think there are some old ice caves out south of Bend, OR. Do you know if Ape Caves near Mt St Helens were used for ice?

      6. I had never seen this before (using the clay pots). Same principle as the swamp coolers we had years ago. I’m definitely going to try this one!

      7. There is plenty of sand and water where I live in SW Fl.Would you need cold water ? I have not watched the video yet.

        • Mike: I watched the video last week, I get the newsletter, during the video they stated the outside temp. to be high, and used water from tap, I showed this video to my wife and she Couldnt believe it. Thanks MAC for posting!

      8. This knowledge is invaluable for the extraordinary times we do/will live in.

        I would humbly suggest an additional method involving pykrete. It also makes for an excellent bullet resistant barrier.

        It would behoove one and all to experiment with this concept.

        • with a layer of ceramic tiles moarter in place to the front (facing out) on a 3/4″ piece of plywood that will fit inside the window frame and secured with lag bolts into the window frame , makes for a very solid option for any window. hard to throw a fire bomb thru that window, or even from a respectable distance could even be ballistically sound, even better if you live in a brick home.
          Not that you would put them on now, but having them made to fit would be a smart plan., and in preps

          • Nice idea, but pointless in a mobile home, unless you plan to either take cover against the windows, plate the entire interior of your home with them including the floor, or merely build cubbies to seek cover in. In mobile homes you could build DOWN, if you take my point. Then bullet-proofness would be a nice cellar. Just a thought…. And for those who are fortunate enough not to have to worry about this, I congratulate you.

            • If u think u can secure a mobile home in a SHTF situation, I’ll be by later to collect what’s left.

      9. I’m definitely giving this a whirl!

        Most of our outages have been in the winter, so refrigeration has not been an issue.

        Heat is our big concern. We rent and have no fireplace. I have a Little Buddy heater and some propane for potential outages. Does anybody have other, safer heating ideas? I worry about the Carbon Monoxide poisoning risk.

        • We have a tent and sleeping bags on hand for a no heat type emergency. It won’t keep the pipes from freezing, but for a short term problem it will at least keep us warm.

          • I, too, would suggest some hard core cold weather sleeping bags… You can score a 0 degree or better bag for $150 or so at bass pro shops or other camping retailers

            • Here’s the best ones made Mac:


              Used mine in the service then bought one for all family members. Green insert down to 30ish % with both green and black -35% Waterproof Gortex outer shell.

              Love mine

              • that’s awesome! We spent about $125 – $175 on the bags we bought and at $230 this definitely looks like a good deal… I am going with one of these when I upgrade and hand off my current bag to another family member. Thanks for the link!

        • The My Buddy heater is supposed to be equipped with an oxygen sensor that will shut it off if need be. I never trusted it. I would get in the fartsack then turn it off. I always made sure I could reach it in the morning without having to get out.

          You can buy a hose that will allow you to run your heater from 20# bottle as opposed to the little Coleman units.

          • POA – I have that attachment and the 20 pounders. Even with a battery operated CO detector, I’m uneasy. Also, storing a dozen of those big propane canisters adds a little adrenaline rush to my day!

            It would suck to die of stupidity instead of cold. I keep thinking there has to be a better method.

            • Well I use something like this:


              I have the stove pipe come out the back wall. That way I can tarp the top and the snow just slides off as long as I’ve got the stove going. I keep two chainsaws and several splitting wedges so I can go into the backwoods and stay fairly comy. My tent & frame weighs about 200# and the stove I have is about 80#.

              We’ve stayed in it in abou 15 degrees with 2 feet of snow. I’d be worried about having to be in it in real bad weather though.

            • kerosene, as in kerosene heater,lamps,water heater,or an alternative use for kerosene could be a Flame Fougasse,or molotov cocktail.

          • Good idea not to trust the sensor. Who wants to bet their life on an electronic device, especially one made in China?

        • When the grid goes down, us people that live in Florida will be just as screwed, if not worse than the people in northern climates. Without AC and Raid Fla will go back to being a swamp in no time. The heat here is unbearable and the mosquitoes and vast amount of other insects and reptiles will make this place a living hell. People might consider Florida paradise, but let me tell you, that attitude will quickly change when the SHTF. I know, I work outside in this state.

          • Wasn’t FL largely uninhabited until the 20th cantury?

            • Pretty much until the advent of AC. Think of our aging population and there is a awful die-off in the making here. You can however acclimate sooner than you think if your in decent shape and in the right frame of mind.

              The wife would not be happy though.

            • Yep!

          • Mike c: I live near Sarasota, where ya at?

            • Yo Copout, I’m your neighbor in Venice. You know, old people live in Sarasota and their parents live in Venice ?

        • The Little Buddy radiant heater was designed to use indoors, tents, vans, etc. It’s vent free and comes with an oxygen depletion sensor, but do crack a window, tent flap air hole or don’t use in air tight conditions. It wouldn’t hurt to have a battery operated CO detector (I got one from Ace for $20 bucks and it is LOUD.) You can use it with the 1# or #5 LP bottles.

          It’s auto turn off if tipped over or pilot goes out or low oxygen sensed. Given it’s portability and cost, I think it is a good choice over other LP units in your setting. I’ve used one in my van since they first came out and damn glad I had one.

          Mine is mounted (using the screw holes in back) on a hinged lower cabinet door which allows for it to be directed to the area most needed. I use a latch that keeps it secured. In higher elevations (over 9000 ft) I find have to use fireplace lighter to “prime” it.

          To keep the chill off, because I have solar and wind, I have used infra red heat bulbs. There are solar units for under $200 now and I have been picking up 750 watt inverters from Sam’s for $19 each. Those and a 12v battery will not only keep the chill off, but allow you to use a crock pot (Sam’s has a three crock pot unit for $40 bucks- cook rice, beans and cornbread all at same time)

          • Try cooking with it using a single 12v battery, you will be sorely dissapointed.

            • Yes, you can. I have been it doing it for over twenty years. On the van I have mounted on top a (20 year old) 45 watt panel. I have one 12v Trojan battery dedicated to the van “house” section using one of those $19 750 watt inverters.

              There is a dual(2)crock pot unit of 270 watts. (Could use the 3 unit one of 405 watts, but space is the issue). It also covers the interior lights and a stereo. Heat is the Mr Buddy and I have a butane one burner which I seldom use.

              The crock pot is set up that I can travel and cook in it or even just keep water hot. I have another single crock pot (old style) that has an insert to bake cakes or bread. The UL sticker labels it at 75-150 watts. I’m no where near overloading the inverter or running out of power even on the cloudy, rainy or snowy days – cause even in gloom, you are still getting a charge, even though it’s less then sunny days.

              Of course I had Plan B – which was a 12v extension cord attached to the house battery that I could plug into the cigarette lighter when traveling and use the engine alternator to recharge the battery – but never needed it.

          • Better make sure your inverters are the true sine wave type for fridges, freezers and some electronics. They don’t like to run very well on modified sine wave ones. Which are usually those cheap ones. Although light bulbs should work just fine.

            • You are right, but the $19 unit works well for the purpose I described for an emergency situation -infra red lights and crock pots and allows those with limited means a way to look at solar as an option.

              I have a later post on where I upgrade to a better quality inverter which is also sold at Camping World and how it can be used. I was thinking for those not familiar with what solar can do and maybe later how it all comes together, it would be an introduction.

              I know when I started looking at solar, I was overwhelmed with all the tech talk until a really great guy took me through it step by step – the first step was he asked if I had a crock pot and when I said yes he had this solar panel with legs and an extension cord and a small inverter.

              He set the panel and inverter outside, ran the extension cord into my motor home and plugged it into the crock pot and said go cook something and he’d be back the next day.

              That was my first step towards becoming a dealer and installer of 12v solar systems on motor homes and travel trailers.

              My own 4500w inverter system is half true sine and half modified using Heart products (have some of the primo early stuff that is shielded against EMPs) but it took baby steps getting there.

        • I’m pretty sure that the Mr.Heater Buddy will turn itself off if the CO level is elevated. The ceramic element where the propane is burned acts like a catalytic converter and the CO produced by combustion is minimal.

        • wood burners,pellet burners at tractor supply

          • Pellet burners – can they use anything other then pellets in a SHTF situation? Thinking logs, coal, branches etc???

      10. Off to Home Depot…thanks for the great idea! 🙂

      11. I am going to try this!! Great idea.

      12. Prepare as best you can is what I tell people. After all that will hit the fan who knows what one will be able to do and what one will need?

        Trust God to provide the rest by using your skills and your mind along with lots of prayer. It also doesn’t hurt to be in tune and involved with like minded people if you are so blessed. Unfortunately, I am not. But even alone I put my all my trust and faith in God as best I can right along with doing what I can now, and thinking of the same for when SHTF.

        • better store up on antibiotics…tractor supply kv pet supplies…don’t buy anything from sams club costco bj’s and farmer’s markets…flea market have cheap supplies,vegetables…

      13. I plan to let my ex wife move back in after the crash and use her icy cold stare for keeping things refrigerated.

        • You were married to my mother in law ????

        • Doesn’t she have a plug in outlet…

          • That reminds me of a joke I heard way back when:

            Guy goes into the dept. store to the Exchange Desk.
            ‘What can I exchange here?’
            ‘Anything at all’ says the young woman behind the counter.
            You mean I can exchange anything I want?’
            ‘Absolutely, sir. ANYTHING!’
            ‘Ok then. My wife is 40 years old. I’d like to exchange her for two 20s’
            ‘I could do that, but I can tell by looking at you, you’re not wired for 220!’

            • 220 or 240, what ever! 220’s are foreign models @ 50 hurtz, don’t it? 24 volt DC or 36 works more better 4 me.

            • Well, I’m certainly wired for 2 20.. one phase at a time..

            • how about coolers….

        • That’s fuckin hilarious…I can relate except she isn’t my ex ! Hahahaha

          • His name is J.R and he finally got released from county woohooo I’m partying tonight…. 🙂

        • Leave it to preppers to come up with unique innovations!

        • Is that you Gene???

        • Now that is quick witted and funny, That kind of an attitude will help in a time of SHTF.

        • Your ex wife and my ex-husband could be good for food management. Between her icy gaze and his hothead behavior, you could freeze and cook.

      14. Great info! will definitely try this one out!

      15. thanks for the clay pot refrigeration idea and WOW on the two-liter coke bottle lights!

        • No doubt…the coke lights are great…so simple, and staring us right in the face, and without that video we may never have though of it…. Probably hundreds of innovations out there just like it that we haven’t conceptualized yet due to our own lack of imagination. Necessity is the mother of all invention, they say….

      16. This is great stuff. The kind of thing we all need to know about. I need to get some sand.

        Thanks Mac!

        • I hope to add some more of this kind of stuff going forward…definitely worth our time to explore these kinds of ideas…. All the kudos on this one should go to Tess over at and the science guy for putting together a great video. I love ancient technologies and this one rates right up there with the Baghdad battery for me…

          • Mac – you mentioned a topic I’d love to see covered.. a modern day equivalent to the Baghdad battery..

        • anonymous

          That’s a great price on blemished solar panels. You could put a decent start up set using one of their 225w solar panels @ $352 plus they had a Xantrex X-Power 1500 12v inverter for $162. Add a 8D 12v battery (forklift type) @ about $200 plus a $30 charge controller and you are in emergency generator striking range without the fuel and maintenance costs.

          What could you run with a set up like that? Look at the appliance’s UL sticker which has the amounts of watts it consumes.

          The three crock pot unit previously referenced uses 405 watts. My AM/FM cassette playing radio 10 watts, phone charger 5 watts, computer 150 watts, energy saver deep freezer 400 watts and two lamps using 75 watt light bulbs. That adds up to 970 watts on a 1200 watt inverter. This doesn’t max out the inverter and allows for “phantom load” use like radios consume more power at higher volume.

          In my daily usage, my inverters have a 4500 watt capability which include the above and additional usage of another freezer, refrigerator and clothes washer and dryer, along with a bread maker 405 watts, dehydrators (4)(25- 50 watts, 6 gallon evaporator cooler 180 watts and 5 indoor areo (vegetables grown in water) kitchen counter gardens at 42 watts each.

          Because of the power drain, I do not use things with high energy consumption or heating elements like a coffee pot or electrical heater – the clothes dryer being the exception and that set up is the apartment size stackable.

          Heating, including water heater is propane. And not everything is running at the same time when you are calculating usage. There were times when I had a smaller set up I would unplug this to run that scenario.

      17. The other examples of this that I’ve seen use much larger pots and a lot more sand around them. His being able to get into the solid 50’s when it was 90 out is pretty impressive. I would think that larger pots would provide a greater cooling effect as would having the rag of a cap only covering the inner pot.. but I will try this at some point and report..

      18. I think the best part of innovations like these is their simplicity. Thanks again, Mac. And Tess.
        I’ll soon be visiting relatives at the old homestead and maybe some of the folks there can teach me a few things as well, about off-grid living. If I find anything worthwhile, I’ll pass it along in the upcoming ‘News from Lake Okie-Be-Gone’ It ought to be an interesting family reunion, Uncle Zeek AND his hound dog were recently arrested! I’m anxious to hear his side of the story…(Zeek’s, that is, I’m not fluent in hound)

      19. URP – but related to the Frenchy-French limiting cash gold purchases.. see pasted article regarding China..

        “China, already the world’s second largest bullion consumer, has installed the country’s first gold vending machine in a busy shopping district in Beijing, state media said on Sunday.
        Shoppers in the popular Wangfujing Street can insert cash or use a bank card to withdraw gold bars or coins of various weights based on market prices, the People’s Daily said on its website.

        Each withdrawal is capped at 2.5 kilograms (5.5 pounds) or one million yuan (about $156,500) worth of gold, the report said.

        Gold vending machines already exist in Britain, the United States, the Middle East and Europe.

        The machine was launched Saturday by the Beijing Agricultural Commercial Bank and a gold trading company, the report said.

        They plan to install an unspecified number of machines in secure locations such as gold shops and upmarket private clubs.

        Gold is often used as a hedge against inflation and the machines could prove popular among Chinese consumers looking for a convenient way to safeguard their cash amid rising prices.

        Chinese consumer demand for gold soared 27 percent year-on-year to 579.5 tonnes in 2010, according to the World Gold Council.

        India, the world’s top consumer, saw a 66 percent increase to 963.1 tonnes. ”

        Found on drudgereport DOT com as a link to Breitbart DOT com

      20. The sea monkeys are gett’in spanked! Market is open…

        • I had a prophetic vision. Or a dream…no, better make that a halucination. Anyway, I saw a ship steaming into Hong Kong. The city was beautiful. Next, I was far beyond the city, climbing high into the mountains on a narrow trail. Hours passed. The mist hung on the mountains. At a bend in the trail there was a huge metallic box with two openings. A small one shaped like a funnel and a larger one below it.
          A sign on the box said: ‘Place true wealth into this receptacle and in return you shall be given all that is required for happiness in life. The wisdom of the ages shall deliver her uttermost blessings. (no refunds)’
          I wondered what that meant. Would I recieve a book or something with the works of the great philosophers? An ancient scroll or parchment with the answers to all of humanities problems? Perhaps even some new, profound wisdom, never revealed before? I was excited just thinking about the possibilities!
          I dug in my pocket and found two quarters. I put them in the funnel but they dropped out into the bigger hole. I looked in my wallet and found several bills. I tried a dollar, it fell back out like the quarters. I tried a 100 yen note- same thing. Then a Canadian dollar, a euro, francs, lira and many other currencies- all with the same result. I was getting frantic, thinking I would miss this incredible opportunity.
          I looked at the sign again. The words ‘true wealth’ caught my eye and I remembered that I had a small gold coin stashed in my left sock. I got the coin and dropped it in. There was a hollow grating noise inside the box, then a clicking sound. I was giddy with anticipation of the great wonders about to be revealed!
          Suddenly, into the large hole, slid a 12 oz can of Dr. Pepper. I took it out. It was very cold. Wrapped around the can was a yellow post it note, held on with a rubber band since the can was sweating with condensation.
          On the note was written: “A lesser fool believes that fiat paper is money. A greater fool believes that money can buy true happiness. You are both.(and wash your socks!)”
          Feeling angry and disappointed, like I’d just paid way too much for a fortune cookie, I started back down the trail. After a few minutes I noticed something written on the back of the little note.
          It said “The best things in life truly are free. See the sunrise. Hear the laughter of a child. Gently touch the hand of your beloved. Smell the jasmine and the rose. Look into the eyes of a trusted friend. Behold The Mountains!….and the stars…and Dream”
          By the time I got back to the ship, I realized what an incredible bargain it was! And the Dr. Pepper stayed frosty cold to the last drop!

          • No dungaree liberty or A&W Rootbeer?

          • Thanks.. very wise words

          • Great Stuff!!!

      21. How could it possibly work very well? Look at the physics involved. A root cellar would work much better.

      22. This is incredible!

        I recently purchased a cabin in in the mountains with no electricity.

        I am going to try this out…I will try to make one about double this size, hopefully it will work just as well.

        Thanks Mac!

        • Hey thanks. I’m gonna check it out.

          Actually, when you think about the little thing known as “economy of scale” there could possibly be enough pizza for Moore AND Rosie Odonnell. 🙂

      23. Unmentioned so far is the need to keep any swamp cooler in the shade and in a breeze. Without those two factors the efficiency goes WAY down.

      24. Very interesting on the clay pot fridge. But unless you get the temp down to 40º, the food will spoil. The food danger zone where bacteria can multiply is 40º-140º. Once food is exposed to air, it must remain outside of that temp range. If it gets to that range, you have 4 hours before bacteria start to multiply to either cook it above 140º or refrigerate it.

        I wonder if anyone has done the testing and/or the math to know the optimum ratio of size of pots to sand and water content. I’m sure any size would do, but the ratio of the pot volumes and the volumes of water and sand I’m sure are important if you want to reach colder temps than 50º.

        • very good point and question – cause the idea is pretty terrific.

      25. 🙂 the joke of the day! 🙂

        Granny’s Condom

        Two old ladies were outside their nursing home, having a smoke, when it started to rain. One of the ladies pulled out a condom, cut off the end, put it over her cigarette, and continued smoking.

        Lady 1: What’s that?

        Lady 2: A condom. This way my cigarette doesn’t get wet.

        Lady 1: Where did you get it?

        Lady 2: You can get them at any drugstore.

        The next day, Lady 1 hobbles herself into the local drugstore and announces to the pharmacist that she wants a box of condoms.

        The guy, obviously embarrassed, looks at her kind of strangely (she is, after all, over 80 years of age), but very delicately asks what brand she prefers.

        Lady 1: Doesn’t matter son, as long as it fits a Camel.
        The pharmacist fainted

        • ROFLMAO…….. **chocking and spitting coffee through my nose***

          Thanks Bloddy I have to clean off my keyboard….

          +2 on the dirty joke side 😉

      26. One hump or two?

      27. Here’s an interesting quote that I read ina mainstream news article about the occupation of Ghaddafi’s hometown in Libya. This is one of the residents of the city:

        “Appeals were made yesterday in the streets and mosques for urgent help. There is also a dangerous shortage of blood at hospitals for the wounded … and a shortage of foodstuffs. Drinking water is completely unavailable in some areas in Tripoli.”

        Crestani said the items needed included dressing materials, external fixators for treating fractures, anaesthetics, antibiotics and tetanus vaccine, but also drugs for chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and cancer.

        “The shortage of fuel and electricity has also crippled hospitals’ ability to keep health services running.”

        This is a real world situation that just underlines the need to prep.

      28. Daisy: Yeah, Daffy Gaddaffi should have prepped, no doubt about it!

        • Don’t be rotten, Durango. 😀 I’m not talking about him – I’m talking about the poor people trapped there under martial law.

          It just struck me that the things these people were talking about are all the things we prep for. It makes me feel less crazy for having 135 2 litre bottles of water in my attic!

          • Daisy: 135 two liter bottles of water? Are you nuts?! 🙂

            • Well, yeah, but isn’t being nuts beside the point???

              2 liter bottles are easy to get for free – I bring 4 home from the shop every day – so I just wash ’em and fill them up with clean water.

            • Daisy: Just having a little fun with you. Yeah its a great idea. I have some filters. Real cheap from Home Depot. And they are portable in case I “bug out”.

              You can get a one for $12 dollars at HD, that will clean 7500 gallons at Dogtown Reservoir.

              So if you have a wild source of water that must be tamed you can run it through some cloth and sand before using the filter. Try SHTF WATER for some info.

              I do save 3 liter soda bottles and throw them into a black plastic garbage bag. Empty of course. They are easier to carry that way. 🙂

              Where about in Canada do you live? Is that close to the US border? Is it top secret? Can you tell me without killing me?

            • DK – I’m only 15 minutes from the US border at Niagara Falls. Beautiful country – it’s Canada’s version of Napa Valley’s Wine Country. While I like being very close to the US, being in a border town is always concerning during times of upheaval.

              You are safe since I’m in Canada and my access to weapons is limited. 😉

          • Daisy: I have been to Viagra Falls. It is very pretty country but a little humid for me.

            Are you the maid of the mists?

            • Now my secret is out. Thanks a lot.

          • Don’t forget to put 2 drops of bleach in each bottle.

            • Thank you- it’s done!

      29. Not sure if this was mentioned or not, but the double pot method only works in areas of low humidity. After all, the water has to evaporate!

      30. another great idea.

      31. Use three pots with same method and see the results.

      32. Sam not Sam

        AMAZING light link. Thank you 🙂

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