Obamacare Crumbling Before Our Very Eyes: “Excuse For Fully Socialized Healthcare”

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    This article was written by Joshua Krause and originally published at The Daily Sheeple.

    Editor’s Comment: Looking back, we can apply shame and regret to the way that native Americans were treated, for instance, after they were subjugated and forced onto reservation. Soon, it will be the way all the American people are treated – sure, with an over-glaze of technology and smart phones.

    On the reservation. People systematically sicker; shoved into bureaucracy; medicine as a number. Treating symptoms not root causes. Selling chemotherapy and other expensive treatments. Avoiding and suppressing alternative treatments and cures, including medical marijuana. Insurance premiums skyrocketing. Coughing babies, sick people surrounding you in the waiting rooms. Take a number, and don’t look too closely at the tax forms when you have to right down how much you’ve spent on sub-par health coverage in a system literally designed to collapse.

    Obamacare is Falling Apart Before Our Very Eyes

    by Joshua Krause

    One could argue that the Affordable Care Act was Obama’s most successful caper. It certainly left the biggest impact on the lives of Americans, especially when compared to anything else he has done. His economic policies were really just a continuation of his predecessor’s efforts, as were his foreign policies. And he never managed to curtail the Second Amendment in any significant way. The Affordable Care Act is his baby, and it’s probably the only thing he will be remembered for.

    Unless of course it completely crumbles after he leaves office, which is looking more and more likely as time goes on. That’s because Obamacare is so unprofitable for the insurance companies, that many of them are pulling out of the system.

    Participation by insurers in the Obamacare exchanges has already declined by 27 percent since the law took effect. In 2013, just before Obamacare took effect, 395 insurers offered individual market coverage. In 2016, that number dropped to 287, according to an analysis by Ed Haislmaier, a senior research fellow at the Heritage Foundation.

    Haislmaier projects that next year there will be roughly 45 fewer insurers participating in the Obamacare exchanges, a 15 percent decline from the previous year. Haislmaier, who tracks the numbers daily, says the picture will become more clear when insurance arrangements are solidified around the end of October.

    And that isn’t the only problem. There are still millions of people between the ages of 18 and 34 who haven’t signed up. Obamacare desperately needs this demographic to sign up because they have fewer health problems, so their financial contribution will be a net positive for insurance companies. Yet the number of these people who have health insurance is still far below the threshold that Obamacare needs to be viable.

    And as we all know, the Millennial generation is so broke that it’s not in a position to bear the burden of America’s healthcare system. Especially since the cost of health insurance premiums are skyrocketing year after year. So don’t expect young people to pick up the tab anytime soon.

    If the financial well-being of the Millennial generation doesn’t improve, there are really only one of two things that are going to happen in the near future, and they both involve the collapse of Obamacare. Perhaps the Affordable Care Act is going to crumble, and Americans are going to demand that we all go back to a mostly privatized healthcare system, Obama’s legacy be damned.

    On the other hand, if Obamacare falls apart, that event could be used as an excuse to roll out a fully socialized healthcare system. This shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone. Every time socialist policies fail, their socialist engineers double down, and claim that the real problem with their policy, was that it wasn’t socialist enough.

    Which has to make you wonder, was that the plan all along for the Affordable Care Act? To create a semi public healthcare system that was so expensive and so dysfunctional, that the American people would eventually come to despise it? That instead of discarding it, the public would clamor for a system that was even more socialist?

    Perhaps Obama will get to keep his legacy after all.

    Obamacare is Crumbling! Everyone Predicted It! Another Obama Failure!

    This article was written by Joshua Krause and originally published at The Daily Sheeple.

    Joshua Krause is a reporter, writer and researcher at The Daily Sheeple. He was born and raised in the Bay Area and is a freelance writer and author. You can follow Joshua’s reports at Facebook or on his personal Twitter. Joshua’s website is Strange Danger .


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      1. Like any looser. When the scheme to put the wool over some ones eyes it always comes back to bite them in the A$$. Karma’s a Bi#$H.

        • So true, hope it hurts a lot.

          I think we will be seeing a lot more of his schemes come back to bite him in the bu** in the very near future; Americans have had more then enough of him and all his cronies.

          Keeping stacking everyone, my gut is telling my mind something I don’t want to believe here’s hoping I’m wrong.

          • Gov single payer will cost us a total 50% income tax taken out of our paychecks like Great Britain and a sure way to eliminate the rest of the middle class into poverty and a full collapse of our economy when most people are one paycheck from bankruptcy.

        • Word of advice to people starting new jobs… ask how much medical coverage for your family is BEFORE you accept the job. I got screwed seven ways from Sunday to the tune of $1,000.00 per month for my wife and two kids, not including MY coverage, at just over $200.00 a month. Doesn’t include dental, vision etc.

          We literally went from ~$2,500 per year to cover the family to around $15,000.00 per year.

          Seriously… What. The. Fuck. !!??

          • Yep, it bites Obama in the butt, while it eats our ass.

        • bho”care” has NEVER been affordable, and was NEVER intended to be about health, because it is about COMPLETE control.

          bho’s intent is the deliberate destruction of America’s culture, economy and national defense. He never speaks as an American, because as a radical communist mslm who couldn’t care less about America.

      2. It was intentional for the system to crash so the dems could roll out the single payer system. It was planned ahead of time and they knew how it would play out. why read the bill if you already knew it was going to fail?

        • Exactly JIM , single payer = socialized medicine .
          The plan all along , they need a way to cover illegals and immigrant sand dwellers from the middle east , on our backs !
          This wont end well either . Free market competition is the only way health care costs will come down , same for quality .

          • Whats wrong with single payer (or socialized medicine)? You do realize that technically we already have a socialized health care system in place, with the exception of the middle class who are getting screwed royally with health care premiums.

            Making everything about money though it seems is the American way and the health care system is no exception. You can go to 2 different hospitals for the same treatment and get 2 entirely different bills.

            I am all for reigning this madness in, and if it takes single payer to do it then so be it.

            A lot of people work shit jobs because they can’t leave the benefit package behind. This would actually free them to pursue something different.

            BTW hammerhead illegals already get free health care in the good ole’ USA. Wakeup and stop being a parrot for the elite. They are controlling us all with lies and half truths. Start seeing the world for what it really is (you will be sad and disappointed but it is what it is).

            Is our lives really about being born, going to school for 12 years (mandatory), getting married, popping out some kids and dying?

            Think about the restaurants and entertainment they give us – all shallow. All to keep us in our chains as willing slaves and servants. But slaves to what? To whom?

            • Have you heard of the V. A.? Waiting 6 months to be seen,by General physicians..up to 2 years for specialist or chemotherapy. Rats, bed sores, and maggoty wounds. This is what single payer looks like, and it would only get worse once the whole system transformed to the no competition no reason to perform doctors and nurses entrench into .gov jobs.

              “I am all for reigning this madness in, and if it takes single payer to do it then so be it.”

              It is just what they hoped you would say after they…oops guess this Obama care thing just couldn’t work. They knew that you would not have agreed to it straight from private, envy of the world healthcare that let even poor people get world-class healthcare with low premiums and low to zero deductibles. But after this bloodletting and worthless coverage and sky high deductibles you now are primed to accept single payer and love it.

              You must not have ever had a REAL insurance plan like I had as even a janitor in the 1990s. I paid 72 dollars a month for a family of 4 no deductible including dental and vision…And now 586.00 month,with 27% increasee coming in Oct. with 2500 deductible. Yep single payer…yipee free health care for all after the giant tax increases to come yearly.

              • The VA is not an example of single payer. The VA is the government’s way of telling vets that are no longer of use to them for cannon fodder to f-off.

                There are hospitals that are not VA that are like this today also. While some are exemplary many are not.

                The problem is that people do not take pictures and video of these thins and bring them to light via the internet. Public

                shaming is what gets these places to do the right thing. The more people who bring these things out in the open is the only way to stop them. You can by hidden cameras for nothing online, go in and tape what is happening and post.

                Sure it may take time to get the changes made, but by not doing anything you are sure to never see any changes.

              • Waiting 6 months to be seen is common for all new patients. I had to wait that long to see a dermatologist because I was a new patient and did not have a referral.

        • I’ve saved about $40K in costly premiums just by dumping my health Ins back in 2009.

          Not interested in ObamaScare, and NEVER accept ANY Vaccines filled with Globalist poisons. Eat healthy and drink filtered water. Exercise and enjoy life off their scam Grid as much as possible.


          • Wish you luck, don’t get a major disease, you’ll be dead or bankrupt.

            • There are worse things than death, and one of them is being bled to death by insurance premiums that don’t leave any money for living…or maybe that’s the point?

              • When my Ins premiums went from about $300 up to $450, that’s when I cut it off. I refuse to be their sucker. I am in good health, ex athlete, and I know my body well. I mostly had insurance for an accident when I was going on a lot of snow ski trips out west. Researching all the men in my family, grandfathers back 8 generations, including uncles, the average age of death for the guys was 87 YO. So, I have healthy genes.

                Getting out of the City full of pollution and stress, adds to my life. Off the grid clean living, been drinking filtered water for decades. Lots of crapola in that city scum then call municipal drinking water. I just looked at the water filters I replaced in my reverse Osmosis system and that dark filer confirms the scum in the water.

                Obey your body. Don’t get fleeced.


      3. and likely coming sooner after it’s all govt run, lots of expensive treatments denied to seniors and those with costly medical conditions resulting in a fastly declining life expectancy and even more important for the government; a healthcare system that cuts costs and cuts govt debt; SEE, GOVT HEALTHCARE WAS A GREAT IDEA !

        (unless you are not an elite with good connections).

        • The first time I’m refused treatment due to age,by some bureaucrat, I’m going to start assassinating prominent Democrat politicians and bureaucrats, I don’t really care who it is. I will get away with it. I encourage others to do the same.

          • Rellik, I never signed up for ACA and won’t sign up for whatever replaces it.

            • I’m on VA medical. I earned it.

              • “I’m on VA medical. I earned it.”

                glad to see there is one person here who supports
                government/socialism health care

                • Because of my remote location, all my care generally is done by civilian (non-VA) doctors. My GP mainly acts as a “screener” that refers me to specialists. It is just like a HMO setup.
                  Not much socialized medicine there. VA does some things very well, but is not suitable for families and kids. It is harsh, and very regimented.

                  • paid for by the government
                    just at private providers

                    the VERY essence of

                    wait for it
                    wait for it…

                    OBAMACARE !!!

        • Costly medical conditions like AIDS WILL be covered, in fact, the ban on the emigration to the US of people with AIDS was lifted under America’s gayest prez. Transgender surgery and followup psychatric therapy will ALWAYS be covered.

      4. I remember some years ago I was at a deck party,sitting around a table enjoying a beer or two or three,at the table were a number of businessmen from several different countries,Germany,Australia,England ,Scotland and a couple others I don’t remember
        two things stick in my mind about our conversation,the first was that these foreigners were a whole lot better informed about American politics than ANY US citizen I had ever spoken to,their knowledge of current events was amazing and we had quite the spirited,intelligent discussion
        of course health care came up,everybody gave a quick account of how health care functioned in their individual countries
        I then asked what is probable the stupidest question I have ever asked anyone
        the question was “would any of you trade your system for the US system?”
        to a man they ALL burst out laughing

        • A family friend who is a Nurse Practitioner to a cardiologist took a vacation to Italy. She can speak Italian and got to tour a cardio ward in Italy. She said the care was first class. Just one observation for sure but certainly not a bias one.

      5. Like I would be here, sayin’ what I’m tryin’ to say as though I’m NOT a “normal” person…

        Islam has wrecked Europe.

        It’s also wrecked the UK.

        Please don’t let it wreck the USA.


        • YUUUP!!!!

      6. As a dual US/Canadian citizen, who has lived half my life under Canadian socialized medicine, I could have told you in one tenth of a second what an unmitigated dog’s breakfast Obamacare would be…and still is. interesting, not mentioned by the fascist leftist media, Canada now allows privatized health care per a ruling by the Canadian Supreme Court a half dozen years ago. They woke up… while the fascist left continues careening down a path to Venezuela


        • “A”
          Only a short 5 sec blurb on Fox News about the fighting intensifying in Ukraine.

          Keep you gas cans full, your AMMO, Weapons around, Keep in touch with your group, Food Water and medical supplies ready. SATHTF. (shit about to hit the fan)

            • Say Moderator–been in moderation for a while here. Sgt. Dale might like to see the interactive map so he can keep up with the Ukraine fighting.


      8. I saw Youtube video from back in about 2003 of Mr Obama speaking to union group probably in the Chicago area.

        Here’s a rough quotation from memory:

        “I have always been for Single Payer health care. But you have to realize that we have a system in place here that has been running for decades. Once the process to change over to SP begins, it will take 10 to 15 years to completely phase out the old system.”

        You might say the clock started with the Affordable Care Act – wasn’t it Christmas 2009 ? So we should be there in the 2020 – 25 range….


        • What is a single payer health system?

          Single payer health care is a universal health care system where a “single payer” (fund), rather than private insurers, pays for health care costs.

          Is universal health care the same as Obamacare?

          Unlike ObamaCare which has private and public insurance and private healthcare, a single payer system would have public insurance and private healthcare. Other terms used to describe single payer include: public option, universal health care, national health care, and Medicare-for-all.

          What are the pros and cons of a single payer healthcare system?

          In general, single payer health care means that all medical bills are paid out of a single government-run pool of money. Under this system, all providers are paid at the same rate, and citizens receive the same health benefits, regardless of their ability to pay.

          Single-payer healthcare is a system in which the state, rather than private insurers, pays for all healthcare costs. The actual funding of a “single payer” system comes from all or a portion of the covered population. Although the fund holder is usually the state, some forms of single-payer use a mixed public-private system.

          Well now. I think I’ll stick with my church based Hope Medical Aid Fund. We join with another church in Illinois in taking care of our own. No one ever goes without, from kidney transplants to cancer treatment. Even a child born with massive birth defects, treated by Vandy Children’s Hospital, had ALL the medical bills taken care of within a year of her death.

          • Except don’t get hurt, in a car accident if you are drunk. Don’t get lung cancer if you smoke. Don’t get a STD if you are single. Don’t get a heart attack if you smoke, drink, and don’t exercise.
            Don’t overdose on heroin. Don’t get hurt if you are breaking a law, like speeding.
            I don’t have these problems so church based would work for me, but a lot of the population, would not do so well in a faith based medical insurance system.

            • Yes, well, we just don’t do those sorts of things-that type of risky behavior. It would preclude you from even being a member of the church.

              That may sound harsh to some, but for us it is the only way to walk with the Lord. You know a Christian is the temple of the Holy Spirit.

              1Corin 6:19 What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own?
              20 For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God’s.

          • “Well now. I think I’ll stick with my church based Hope Medical Aid Fund. We join with another church in Illinois in taking care of our own. No one ever goes without, from kidney transplants to cancer treatment. Even a child born with massive birth defects, treated by Vandy Children’s Hospital, had ALL the medical bills taken care of within a year of her death.”

            That seems impossible based on the cost of cancer treatment alone which could range into millions of dollars. The issue that needs to be addressed is the cost of health care which in part is caused by government interference and insurance companies.

            It still baffles me why a hospital or doctor’s office thinks it is OK to charge an uninsured person 200% or more for the same services it provides to the uninsured.

            They try to spew b.s. about how it pays for those that are uninsured but don’t pay, yet I fail to see how. If they make the costs out of reach and unreasonable then even those who want to settle up their bills are unable to. Sure you can get the bill reduced if you haggle enough, but many people don’t have the know how or the energy to do that.

            There are just so many things wrong with the USA and health care costs is just the tip of the iceberg. Yet many are so indoctrinated by false belief systems setup here that they beg the health insurers and medical establishment to keep ripping them off. Just plain crazy is what it is. Crazy.

            • The Church will negotiate with the hospital, doctor, or treatment center to pay IN CASH-they often reduce the price considerably. In this way bills are paid in full in a timely manner and rather quickly.

              • But why do we have to negotiate the payments down anyway? Those who are savvy will get the lower/correct payment and the others will be stuck with the inflated bill. It is just a backwards and unfair business practice. Same as doctors just poking their heads in a patients room and billing them for nothing. Scams everywhere I look. It is not right.

                • Why negotiate? We do that all the time with things.

                  “Whatch ya take for this?” and such.

                  Try it at your next hospital/clinic visit. Tell them you’ll pay cash. My hubby has good insurance and when he had to have a procedure done, THEY told him they would reduce the bill by 25% if he would pay in full- up front -with cash. Course we did!!!

                  Negotiate! Could practice for the coming future SHTF.

            • my last wife was a bill collector for loma linda UMC. it’s common practice to knock HALF off the bill, when you are…i think it’s 60 or 90 days without paying….do it before it goes to collections….it can be discounted MORE than that. i got 20% off my bill at a differnt hospital before i met her, and remember how shocked she was that i paid that much….oh, and when i met her, she said she worked at “charities”……”i get to tell people they don’t have to pay their bill”, she said…..a couple weeks went by, and one day i said..”sooo, they never have to PAY their bill?”…”oh, yes, sometimes they DO have to pay”…….”oh, so yer a BILL collector!”….guess it made her feel better to embellish it.

      9. Installed eyelets to string barbed wire around trees when the need presents itself. Everyday something new that moves us closer to war.

        Steady as she goes!

      10. Bottom Line: Monetary, financial, economic system is unsustainable, crash is inevitable, does not matter now whose next at the helm, too much reckoning to be unwound.

        Prepare for the worse and be grateful for every day till then to get even better squared away first.

        It’ll likely be so bad so quickly that most would give their right arm to turn back the clock even just two weeks, to have better prepped for their now suffering families. Don’t be that guy.

        – Shane

      11. yeah
        about the “free market” thingy

        just ANOTHER in a LONG LONG line of examples

        EpiPen’s 500% Price Hike Leaves Patients Scrambling

        h ttp://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/epipens-500-percent-price-hike-leaves-patients-scrambling_us_57b60b2ae4b03d5136871ec9?section=&

        and let me tell you about the chemotherapy drug
        that costs $135,000 a year …

        • I wonder how many EpiPens Hitler’s handler has? Probably stocked up on them for free.

          • should read “Hitlery”, but you all know what I mean.
            Been a long day.

            • yes, we knew, but thanks for correcting it…that shows you at least TRY to be legible, unlike some others on here….I appreciate your contributions.

      12. What type of medical coverage does Congress have?


        • anon– They have the best insurance that our taxes will buy them.

      13. Even the leftist Supreme Court of Canada (whose staff I have done computer training for) ruled in June, 2005 bans on private health insurance are unconstitutional, viz. “The prohibition on obtaining private health insurance…. Is not constitutional where the public system fails to deliver reasonable service.”

        There’s a reason this ruling occurred: the system is failing the people (and is bankrupt). And now Obumbler and team have gone and created an even **worse** system in the USA, which will be **less** compassionate. BTW, private health care clinics are currently opening up in Canada at a rate of about one per week in one report I read, though I think that is an over-estimate.

        Google “Section 3403 of healthcare bill,” if you want corroboration of the statement below: Beginning on page 1,000 of the measure, Section 3403 reads in part: “… it shall not be in order in the Senate or the House of Representatives to consider any bill, resolution, amendment or conference report that would repeal or otherwise change this subsection.” I.e., even if you want to democratically get rid of this monstrosity, we can’t. So says the Red Queen Nancy and Dirty Harry Reid. I guess as Nancy said, we “had to read the bill to find out what is in it.

      14. AHHHHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Obama

      15. Damn sure not what we have!I pay $250 a week,that’s my half!
        Anon. Love the eyelets,my buddy uses 25# and fishhooks,nasty!THEY aren’t going to like the south much!
        Maniac –out

        • LaManiac

          You mean the Billy Barb Wire? I haven’t started on that. It’s in storage. All I have to say is that they better not fall down.

      16. I would actually prefer 100% nationalization/single party payer health care over the system we have now.

        Look at what you have in a private market system. Policies that don’t cover anything. Companies that look for any possible excuse not to pay a claim. Insurance executives and agents who have their three-martini lunches at the local strip club subsidized by you, the policy-holder. What have you really gotten in return for your money? From what I can see, NOTHING.

        I look at nationalization/single payer this way: if I’m going to have taxes taken out of my paycheck every week, I have the right to demand something in return for my money. In this country, a person who works for a living has the right to demand an acceptable standard of living; to me, that starts with being able to pull your card out of your wallet at the doctor’s office or hospital and know you will not be denied treatment or coverage, along with knowing that you already paid for it with your taxes.

        What will become of all these now-unemployed insurance executives, adjusters, and agents? There’s plenty of sidewalks with plenty of dog crap they could scrape off with a toothbrush.

      17. In the last few weeks there was an interesting interface between Aetna, Humana and the Dept. of Justice. I read about it on (gasp!) the Huffington Post. Of course, other news sources are carrying this story. Bottom line is Obamacare is washed up.

      18. Older people will be shunted aside with little or no respect. We paid into the system for years,worked hard,obeyed the rules and we’ll be put at the back of the line under single payer. There will be no incentive under govt. healthcare or sense of urgency. The ranks of healthcare workers will diminish and people will die. Look at VA healthcare. Talk to Canadiens and Brits and see what they experience. The only healthcare you will get thats decent is what you pay cold hard cash for.

      19. Its over.

      20. Single payer health system? Lock and load!

      21. Had a subscription to Consumer Reports. One month they had a Q & A interview about the affordable care act with obama. Called them and cancelled the magazine subscription.

        • You really showed them.

        • i tip my hat to you, jimbo!

      22. Obama could just expand medical/Medicare.

      23. Obozocare was designed to fail so they could use that failure as an excuse to bring in single payer which was their ultimate objective from the start. Those of us who were awake saw this coming and the liberals knew it all along. So this should surprise nobody.

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