Nukes and Fallout: How to Survive When Others Won’t

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    This article has been generously contributed by Tess Pennington of Ready NutritionAfter joining the Dallas chapter of the American Red Cross in 1999 Tess worked as an  Armed Forces Emergency Services Center  specialist and is well versed in emergency and disaster management & response. You can follow her regular updates on PreparednessHomesteading, and a host of other topics at

    SHTFplan Editor’s Note: Despite the arguments that nuclear energy is a safe way to provide electricity needs for the population, we’ve seen in recent years that, sometimes, things can go horribly wrong. While evacuating and getting as far away from a nuclear disaster is always going to be our best bet, in some cases this becomes impossible. Officials overseeing the crisis may downplay the disaster or fail to alert local residents in time, or by the time the fallout area has been designated it may already be too late to get out. On top of that, any nuclear emergency evacuation alert will be met with mass panic and widespread traffic jams. We need only look at Hurricane evacuations to see how disorderly things can be. With most metropolitan areas having only a few key entry and exit points, there is simply no way to quickly and efficiently move millions of people out of a nuclear fallout zone.

    We simply cannot downplay the threat posed by nuclear power plants, especially considering the sheer number of plants in operation (see map below). It’s a numbers game. In fact, there are numerous nuclear alarms that go off weekly in the United States alone. The San Onofre plant in southern California was recently taken offline due to a catastrophic failure of its generators and other components – it is offline indefinitely. And, at this time, though completely absent from mainstream media, the government is actively  shutting down nuclear plants in the United States as they come up for re-licensing, citing problems with nuclear waste.

    On top of that, we have the proliferation of thousands of nuclear weapons all over the world, with several accounts in recent history suggesting that rogue terror organizations may have deployed suitcase bombs or dirty bombs in the United States. Whether real or imagined, the fact is that an enemy of the people of the United States may have their hands on a nuclear weapon and when the time comes, they may very well use it. Understanding that the threat is real is the first step to preparedness. Learning what you can do in the event of a nuclear event is the next step – and the one that can keep you alive while millions of others panic without an idea of how to deal with the situation. 

    In the article below, Tess Pennington of Ready Nutrition and author of the free weekly series 52 Weeks to Preparedness, puts together a fantastic primer on Nuclear Disaster Preparedness that may save lives if the worst ever happens. Perhaps countless lives could have been saved and the onset of radiation diseases prevented had the Japanese been given access to similar preparedness information.

    Are You Ready Series: Nuclear Disaster Preparedness

    Since the dawn of nuclear weapons, we have always been weary of a trigger happy world leader hastily pushing a nuke detonator. However, according to history the two worst nuclear events that have occurred were accidental. Chernobyl, being the first event, had a fire and explosion that released large quantities of radioactive contamination into the atmosphere, and spread over much of Western USSR and Europe. The second largest nuclear event is the infamous Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster that occurred in 2011.

    Each day we are exposed to nuclear radiation, some naturally and some through un-natural means. Those of us who live close to nuclear power plants are exposed more than others.

    Are You At-Risk?

    Those that live near nuclear power plants should be especially concerned with nuclear disaster preparedness; especially individuals who live in areas where natural disasters (hurricanes, earthquakes and tornadoes) could damage the nuclear facilities. The map below shows all of the nuclear power plants in the U.S.  Many states are areas where natural disasters could quite possibly take out or damage a power plant. Are you ready for this?

    We Are Affected Globally by Radiation

    No matter where radiation leaks or disasters occur, they will affect us globally one way or another and we should be ready for them. Due to the Fukushima nuclear disaster, our food supplies, water sources, and even our health have become affected from the radiation dispersed. Radiation tests conducted since the nuclear disaster in Japan have detected radioactive iodine and cesium in milk, beef and vegetables produced in California (Source). This video is a great source that explains how radiation gets into our food supply.

    According to “Health Ranger” Mike Adams, even growing your own organic produce is no longer enough to guarantee food safety. “Only those who grow food in greenhouses will be largely protected from the fallout.”

    How to Limit Our Exposure to Radiation 

    1. One of the easiest ways to minimize the effects of radiation is knowing where our food comes from and limiting our exposure to radioactive foods and water sources. Keep in mind that foods, especially seafood from the West coast will be the most effected by radiation.
    2. Having an  electroscope that gauges how much radiation you are receiving daily can be a useful tool. A Kearny Fallout Meter can give daily readings of radiation levels in your area.
    3. Thoroughly wash your produce. Despite arguments to the contrary, you can wash radioactive particles off of produce. Clearly if the plant has taken in the radiation through the roots, it is irrevocably tainted. Fallout, however, can be dealt with. Washing your food in baking soda or peeling the skin off is a way to avoid ingesting radiation. Calcium bentonite clay is another natural substance that actually absorbs radiation. Interestingly, calcium bentonite clay has a uniquely strong negative ionic charge. When activated with water it works like a strong magnet, absorbing anything with a positive ionic charge (i.e., toxins, pesticides, radiation). The clay captures these substances and removes them as it is eliminated or washed off.” To wash produce with Bentonite Clay: Mix 1 part Calcium Bentonite Clay to 8 parts of purified water in a large non-metallic bowl. Toss your produce in this clay water, making certain the produce is completely covered, and let it sit for 10 minutes. Rinse well with more purified water.
    4. Also, by adopting an anti-radiation diet can provide natural alternatives to assist the body in ridding itself from exposure. Foods such as kelp, rosemary, spirulina, miso soup and niacin all assist the body in fighting radiation damage.  Other foods that may help in combating radiation sickness are foods that naturally detoxify the body. Foods that are high in potassium such as apples, oranges, pineapples and pomegranates are foods that are also good cancer fighters. Mushrooms are also a food source to add to your anti-radiation diet. Any mushrooms brown or black in color, and especially reishi mushrooms. Foods that are high in antioxidants will also assist your body in ridding itself of radioactive particles. Foods such as green and black teas (make sure that your tea is not from Japan), garlic, cumin, nettles, dandelions, ginseng, lentils, collards and mustard greens are also suggested.
    5. Any food or water stored in sealed containers that have any fallout dust is safe to consume as long as the fallout dust is brushed or rinsed off the outside of the container. Take caution not to allow the fallout dust to get inside the container.
    6. If you are concerned about your water sources, use filtered water in everything, including brushing your teeth and sponge bathing. Purchase a reverse osmosis water filter with extra filtration cartridges. Remember, it is important to replace your filters after multiple uses. Drinking apple cider vinegar can also assist in flushing toxins and  radiation from the body. Baking soda and water is another option as it also flushes radiation and cleans the stomach lining. You can also put baking soda in dish soap, body soap, laundry detergent as the radiation will bind to the baking soda thus  neutralizes it.
    7. Did you know that the Spiderwort plant is Nature’s gieger counter? This plant naturally has very dark purple flowers and when they are exposed to radiation or near an area where radiation is high, the flowers turn pink. Planting these in your yard will be a great way to know if you are taking in excess radiation.
    8. Knowing in advance how much radiation you are  exposed to radiation through natural and un-natural means can help you calculate your annual radiation dose. To find this out, click on the Annual Radiation Calculator.

    What if You Are Exposed to Radioactive Particles?

    Radioactive ionic particles attach themselves to dust floating in the air. Therefore, it can be ingested, inhaled or absorbed through the skin. If you are told to evacuate or bug in due to a nuclear disaster, keep the following points in mind:

    1. If you are driving, keep the car windows and vents closed, and use recirculating air.
    2. Due to the fear of panic and gridlock that will ensue from mass evacuations, most governments will delay mandatory evacuations until the last minute. This will only cause mass confusion and chaos at gas stations, grocery stores and on the streets. The best way to prevent this, is to stay ahead of the crowd and prepare ahead of time.
    3. If told to stay indoors, turn off the air conditioner and other air intakes and go to a basement. Seal basement windows and entrances to prevent fallout from getting inside. If you go outside, you will need to remove your outer clothing before coming inside the shelter.
    4. Likewise, creating a sealed area near the entrance of the shelter will prevent fallout dust from entering. Seal the entryway with blankets, bubble wrap or plastic sheeting to prevent the dust from coming in. Have water and baby shampoo near the entrance to wash and thoroughly rinse any exposed skin and hair. Exposure to fallout radiation does not make you radioactive, but you need to assure that you don’t bring any inside. Some experts suggest having a rain poncho to take on and off when you go outside.
    5. To go a step further, covering the windows wood, then sandbags followed by masonry bricks will create a multi-layered protection against you and radioactive particles.
    6. If you find yourself outdoors when a nuclear blast occurs, duck and cover for 2 minutes. You will first see a blinding light followed by tornado force winds and dangerous. When all danger is gone, seek shelter immediately. Remove your clothing at the door and place in a sealed plastic bag. You can remove 80% of the particles by removing your clothing. Showering immediately following exposure is another way to remove the remaining particles.
    7. If you have signs of radiation on skin soak in a tub of equal parts baking soda, apple cider vinegar and epsom salt. Skin brushing can be very beneficial, because the skin is a primary avenue for detoxification – scrub along with the lungs, kidneys, liver, and colon. An unused vegetable brush would be very helpful with this process.
    8. Getting caught out in the rain can also cause you to have more exposure to radioactive particles. If you do have to go out in the rain, completely cover yourself. Experts are suggesting that if your clothes get wet to take them off and seal them in a plastic bag, immediately shower and change clothing. (The detox bath solution and skin brushing would be good here. If radioactive materials get on your skin, burns and blistering can occur.Note: If you are exposed to radioactive particles, you will also need to get your urine tested for traces of cessium at your local medical center.
    9. When fallout is first anticipated, but has not yet arrived, anyone not already sheltered should begin using their N95 particulate respirator masks and hooded rain ponchos. Everyone should begin taking Potassium Iodide (KI) or Potassium Iodate (KIO3) tablets for thyroid protection against cancer causing radioactive iodine, a major product of nuclear weapons explosions. If no tablets are available, you can topically (on the skin) apply an iodine solution, such as a tincture of iodine or Betadine, for a similar protective effect. (WARNING: Iodine solutions are NEVER to be ingested or swallowed.) Absorption through the skin is not as reliable a dosing method as using the tablets, but tests show that it will still be very effective for most. Do not use if allergic to iodine. If at all possible, inquire of your doctor NOW if there is any reason why anybody in your household should not use KI or KIO3 tablets, or iodine solutions on their skin, in a future nuclear emergency, just to be sure.
      • For adults, paint 8 ml of a 2 percent tincture of Iodine on the abdomen or forearm each day, ideally at least 2 hours prior to possible exposure.
      • For children 3 to 18, but under 150 pounds, only half that amount painted on daily, or 4 ml. For children under 3 but older than a month, half again, or 2 ml.
      • For newborns to 1 month old, half it again, or just 1 ml. (One measuring teaspoon is about 5 ml, if you don’t have a medicine dropper graduated in ml.) If your iodine is stronger than 2%, reduce the dosage accordingly.
    10. When you know that the time to take protective action is approaching, turn off all the utilities into the house, check that everything is sealed up and locked down, and head for the shelter. You should also have near your shelter fire extinguishers and additional tools, building supplies, sheet plastic, staple guns, etc. for sealing any holes from damage. Your basement should already be very well sealed against fallout drifting inside. Now, you’ll need to seal around the last door you use to enter with duct tape all around the edges, especially if it’s a direct to the outside door.
    11. Do not use the telephone unless absolutely necessary. Staying on the phone will congest phone lines making it impossible for others in your area to make or receive calls.

    Symptoms of Radiation Sickness Include:

    • Bleeding from the nose, mouth, gums, and rectum
    • Bloody stool
    • Bruising
    • Confusion
    • Dehydration
    • Diarrhea
    • Fainting
    • Fatigue
    • Fever
    • Hair loss
    • Inflammation of exposed areas (redness, tenderness, swelling, bleeding)
    • Mouth ulcers
    • Nausea and vomiting
    • Open sores on the skin
    • Skin burns (redness, blistering)
    • Sloughing of skin
    • Ulcers in the esophagus, stomach or intestines
    • Vomiting blood
    • Weakness

    Preparing for an Imminent Nuke Attack

    If you are told to evacuate or bug in place due to nuclear attack or nuclear leak disaster, keep in mind that this type of disaster is survivable.  Even though it is difficult preparing for this sort of disaster, you can put some preparations in place. Many of the preparedness items are similar to the ones needed for other disasters.

    You will of course need:

    • Two week supply of food and water
    • Medical supplies
    • Sanitation supplies
    • Emergency lighting sources
    • Heat sources
    • Emergency communications (at least a hand-crank or short-wave radio)
    Refer to the 52-Weeks to Preparedness List for emergency list suggestions.

    However, you will need additional supplies pertinent to a nuclear disaster. Some of these items include:

    • Geiger counter
    • Kearny fallout meter
    • Potassium Iodate (KI03) tablets for all family or group members
    • Apple cider vinegar flushes radiation out of the body
    • Baking soda
    • Ingestible bentonite clay
    • Nuke suit
    • Duct tape
    • N95 particulate respirator masks
    • Hooded rain ponchos for all family or group members
    • Home air filter
    • Soap, sponges and/or bristled brush (vegetable scrubbing brush)
    • Gas masks with extra filters
    • Filtered ventilation system, powered with manually-powered back up
    • A nuclear shelter that has an entrance designed to reduce fallout exposure.

    The thought of nuclear disasters is not something we like to think about. However, in order to be ready for these types of disasters means you have to believe that the possibility of a threat is there. It is possible to survive a nuclear disaster and fallout, but you must be prepared. Having all of your items prepared and in place before the disaster will keep your family or group safe and ready to bunker in more quickly.

    Also from Tess Pennington: Prepping on the Cheap: The $5 a Week Shopping Challenge

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        • “””Whether real or imagined, the fact is that an enemy of the people of the United States may have their hands on a nuclear weapon and when the time comes, they may very well use it.”””

          The fact is, the enemies of the People of the united States have their hands on thousands of nuclear weapons. They are being stored by the US military all over the country, for our protection of course.

          I believe they probably intend to use them right before the People string them up, hence all of the American Nazi’s such as Bush, and his banking criminal cohorts have purchased large tracts of land in South America.

          It is their “belief” that the fallout will stop at the Equator and they will be safe. It is my belief that Nature will ensure their destruction through unintended consequences and the planet will become barren for decades or centuries. Humanity may disappear forever.

          If these weapons are used against us, there will be no safe place unless you are in one of the underground cities of the perpetrators. I would rather die.

          If the blast does not kill you immediately, you will die an early from cancer or other disease caused by the radiation, no matter what else you do or how much food you have stored.

          When they come out of their holes, there will be nothing left to enjoy. Acid rain will kill everything, in both hemispheres, and make every resource unusable if it survives. Only then will the elite morons understand the Earth is a single sphere, not two hemispheres.

          Prepare for the nuclear attack by taking satisfaction that these elite idiots have ruined the planet for themselves, while relieving you of suffering they will try to cause if they don’t nuke us.

          • poetic justice would be, they go down to S.A. to thier little havens, and get bit by a poisonous snake or frog before any shit ever hits the fan, hahahhah

            • Good show everyone should listen to.

              Here is how to protect yourself and your property from the fraud and transfer TITLE of the property to yourself.

              For everything you own, including all cars, guns, your house, etc., sell it to yourself BACK INTO THE COMMON LAW.

              To do that, simply create a Bill of Sale describing the items EXACTLY, show payment tendered in a number of “Silver Dollars or other Lawful Money”. You sign as the seller in agency by adding the designation of Agent after your corporate signature. Add a line stating that the Bill of Sale transfers FULL LAWFUL TITLE and all rights of ownership into the common law under your name.

              Also, NEVER leave your home with no money. ALWAYS carry around 5 silver dollars and 0 FRN’s. NEVER carry proof that the US corp owns you or your car, such as a license of driving privilege or a plate which is state property along with whatever it is attached to.

              It is time to stop fearing these fraudsters and become what you are supposed to be, and what the allow you to be. The US corp, as stated on the show, can regulate IT’s property anywhere.

              Are you it’s property? Is your car? Is your gun?

              Only you can decide. If you want to own your property and have FULL LAWFUL TITLE, you have to make it happen. Now you know how.

            • GC,
              Wife asked me to ask you (and I agree) for us visual people, can you upload or show something with fake names just exactly what these documents would look like?

          • With a handle like “God’s Creation”, one would think he would have a little more common sense about earthly destruction and end times biblical teachings.

            His comment,….” and the planet will become barren for decades or centuries. Humanity may disappear forever.”….
            cannot hold merit if one believes in what we are told by the creator.

            Yes, there will be destruction and earthquakes. Possibly even some nuclear events. Neither will completely destroy the planet or mankind. There will be great loss of flesh life in the near future. There will be destruction and burning. Even while still on the earth Himself, Christ told His Disciples to not marvel at all of mens handiwork and buildings around Jerusalem, for a time will come when there will “not be one stone left atop another”. There will be a cleansing of the Temple Mount and all of Jerusalem. His Holy site has been desecrated by peoples that have been misled through a “false religion” and the site will be further desecrated by the “desolator” himself just before the return of Christ.

            God gave the earth and it’s inhabitants a promise after the flood of Noah. There will always be hot & cold, and planting and harvesting upon the earth and the rainbow was a sign unto all as that covenant.

            Friends, don’t let anyone deceive you or try to fearmonger about the earth becoming a radioactive heap of destruction. God is still on the Holy Throne and only He will allow the amount of destruction that is necessary to try to awaken the lost sheep to the truth.

            God has said, “Vengeance is mine” and when He pours it out, there will be plenty to go around. But only to those that are non-believers and haven’t studied His letter to us. The time is coming soon and Obama or Romney won’t be able to save the lost when it starts. Now they will lead you to believe they can if you will just give up your guns and Bibles and take this digital mark to show your allegience to “their” system, but it is a hoax and short lived faux freedom.

          • Gods Creation: You’re still stuck in the early 1980’s with Carl Sagan and some others who warned of a nuclear winter and death by acid rain. Well, that was bad science because they skewed the numbers and ignored certain data. In 1986 Scientists at the National Center for Atmospheric Research showed that this senario was almost impossible, and it was discreditied, disappering from the international debate scene. Science backed by verifiable facts, not hyperbole backed by fear, is the basis of sound decision making. The most likely scenario is a dirty bomb or a small nuclear devise detonated in some city, perhaps even a few. As long as you don’t live too near a large or medium size city, you’ll be fine. If you do, you better have a plan for protection and for getting out fast. You can live your life in fear based on unsubstantiated rumors and bad science, or you can make some sound decisions based on the most reliable scientific evidence and intelligence available. Your way of thinking leads to inaction and almost certain death in any attack, at least mine offers a chance at survival.

            • Gregory, I don’t live in fear. One day my body will die and my soul will depart this Earth. How and when that happens does not matter to me. It will be on His time frame no matter what else I do.

              “”” In 1986 Scientists at the National Center for Atmospheric Research showed that this senario was almost impossible, and it was discreditied, disappering from the international debate scene.”””

              It is “almost” impossible, perhaps, but not if these idiots detonate 100 hi powered nuclear bombs in major cities spread out over the entire country or the northern hemisphere in general, because their best minds say it is almost impossible. If it was not possible, then all of those underground bunkers would not be needed for the moles to hide in.

              The food chain migrates all over the planet, and with them will likely bring high levels of radiation along for the ride with unknowable effects. That is beyond the control of the “controllers”. Perhaps Fukushima will shed more light on that over the next 50 to 100 years, if they never get the radiation stopped.

              I don’t know what would happen, and nobody else knows for sure either. Science backed by untested hypothesis is likely not as reliable as some believe.

              Doctors used to recommend the health benefits of certain brands of cigarettes (for money, of course). Their “science” was not right, although nicotine itself DOES have health benefits if not smoked. It would likely eradicate Alzheimer’s and some other diseases.

              In fact, many things science believed to be correct at one time have been proven wrong. It may take decades for the truth to be known after the fact, and by then it may be too late to do anything about it.

              My way of thinking leads me to do exactly as you say. get away from it if possible to do so. I merely suggest that is may not be possible, at lest for long term survival, especially in a full scale attack with the most destructive technology available and at the fingertips of criminals.

              The least likely scenario, in my opinion, is a small nuclear bomb, or a dirty bomb. Those would be easily survivable for most people. But those who would detonate a nuclear bomb are seeking TOTAL destruction of 90% or more of the People.

              They may get that and more in their hubris and arrogance.

              You may well be right, that that does not guarantee that I am wrong about the possibilities.

        • Don’t ever forget the old nuclear maxim regarding protection from radiation: shielding ( barriers to stop the radiation) , distance (from the threat), and time (breakdown of the radioactive particles)

          • God’s Creation: I’m not sure you understood the point. The point is even IF, and that’s the biggest word in the English language, both side had a major exchange, like the one you are describing, that a nuclear winter and death from acid rain wasn’t going to happen. There would a lot of death but that would be from the blast first, then the burns from the fireball and ensuing firestorms. Those in the immedicate area who were exposed to gamma radiation would also die, but as in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, many more died from blast injuries due to lack of basic medical help as in any bombing, nuclear or conventional. Many deaths also occured due to lack of good water and poor santiation. These will be the causes of long term illness and death that will come if there ever is a large nuceal war, not from radiation. Those cities in Japan were washed down, radioactive metal and dirt removed, and the people moved right back in are there to this day. There’s not going to be some radioactive cloud circling the Earth as in the movie “On the Beach” where everyone eventually dies. That has been shown to be scientifically impossible because of the half-life of radiation deminishing to neglible rates after just two weeks. Geez, I thought you were stuck in the 80’s, hell man, you’re stuck in the late 50’s early 60’s beliving in MAD (Mutual Assured Destruction). Yeah, I remember that nonesense too, ‘duck-and-cover’, bombshelters, and the Cuban missle crisis (I was in 4th grade at the time). It all came to nothing and so will your doomsday fantasy. And Mad Max and The Day After are also just movies.

      1. Great Article…but one thing I have come to realize is that I simply can not prepare for every case senerio. Prepare to the best of your ability and if that is not good enought….well then….it’s been real!!

        • Exactly.

          It’s one thing to prepare for general outcomes and against those things which are probable (as opposed to possible).

          It’s another thing entirely to prepare for an outbreak of the 28-days-later virus, or other really, really non-likely events.

          Strangely enough, I count nuclear warfare and EMPs and the like as firmly in the possible-but-not-probable category. Sure, it *can* happen. Sure, there is a chance of every nuclear power plant on the planet going ‘splodey all at once. However, the odds are so frickin’ low that they really don’t bear mentioning.

          Even the most likely scenario – civilization collapses, nuke plants are untended, things begin going wrong, etc? Okay, it’s a possibility, but one would think that since most civilizational collapses are somewhat slow affairs, most (not all, most) of these plants would be shut down by human hands (or by automated systems) long before they are halted by a meltdown.

          Finally, preparing for one disaster may hinder your preps for others, in terms of money, time, skills learned, and things like that. You only have so much time and money to spend on this prepping stuff. You might gain master expertise in anti-radiation prepping and mitigation, but what good will that do you if there’s no nuclear meltdown or explosion?

          Long story short – you can only prepare for so much… aim for the more likely things, and you’ll most likely do just fine. This may have been a concern in the 1980’s, but today? Not so much.

          • or you could decide very early on to relocate as far as possible from likely sources, and thus reduce your likely exposure and the required preps

            • Possible, though most folks are already living in such a place.

            • Relocate? Fukashima is still pumping radioactive fall out into the atmosphere, that’s drifting across the Pacific to the US. Instead of worrying about incoming nukes, I’d be more concerned about the daily dose you’re already getting, and have been getting for 18 months. Don’t you guys get any news coverage??

          • Actually, I think we are closer to Thermo nuclear war than any time in history. I don’t know why you think it is so unlikely. Especially considering the psychos running the asylum.
            Having said that, I have to agree with others on here that i wouldn’t particulary want to live in a nuclear wasteland (which most of the USofA would become).Know one wants to die a slow horrible death whether it be radiation sickness, or starvation. Even if I survivved it would be miserable to watch those that I love get sick and die around me.

          • OddQuestioner,I do have to agree with you that it is certainly difficult to adequately prepare fully for every contigency, however, I would look a little more closely at the odds of a nuclear war scenario in the near future. Take for example, the news that Russia is in the process of adding 5,000 NEW nuclear fallout shelters for their general public. Now, for a country that has bigger fish to fry with their economy also struggling, I would wonder why they would allocate such a large amount of their budget to this exercise. Might it be because they have their own agenda, notwithstanding anything that the nwo masters have planned, which might not altogether flow in with their plans? Might they not be planning their own agenda for world hegemony by a unilateral first strike, leaving America and Western Europe on their knees and ripe for destruction? Don’t forget China; she, too, has her own agenda and she is arming to the teeth in order to claim back Tawiwan and dominate the far east, with a beady eye on the rest of southeast asia. Within ten years she will be a dominant world class armed force to be reckoned with, on land and sea. If I had the money, and I don’t I would be building the best shelter I could for my family. As it is, I have to settle for the cheaper items and make do, like most of us. I’m hoping the wits God gave me will supply to make up the shortfall in the pocket!

        • I want to add something to my statement above. We all get so caught up on prepping for the unimaginable, the worst case scenario, the SHTF so worried about dying that we sometimes forget how to live.

          We need to stop for a minute to enjoy what time we have left on the earth. Enjoy the warm of sunshine on your face or the sweet smell of grass after a afternoon rain. We need to spend time with our children….remember this is going to be the “good ole days” for them.

          Prep the best you can and leave the rest to God. There are worst things in this life than death…..

          • I agree Tina, lots of worse things than death. This is probably something I won’t be prepared for either. Dang, I live in NC, anybody here will be toast in a meltdown or a nuke attack. For the most part, it has been fun.

          • Tina,

            Everything you say is true and there certainly are worst things in this life than death.

            Take the breath of the new dawn and
            make it part of you. It will give you strength.


            The following quote, I have posted before but perhaps it will help some put things in perspective. I awoke with such a foreboding feeling today, I try to brush it off with inspirational reading.

            What is life? It is the flash of a firefly in the night. It is the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime. It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset.


            We tend to make such a big deal out of things that may happen when we should make a truly big deal out of what we are blessed with on a daily basis. Our children, grandchildren and all children are looking to us for comfort and security, regardless of what we are afraid of. We must be brave and happy to be alive for them because their happiness lies within us. Fighting, worrying, anticipating and concentrating on everything but them, is not the right way to live, nor is it fair to the innocent children. Until they go off into the world on their own, we are the teachers.

            • We travel our roads of life focusing on the big things to only learn much too late-it was the little things that mattered.

          • So true.

        • Thanks for the article and the additional tidbits to add to the ever encreasing prep list.

        • Really, a great article? I for one thinks this is one of the most f@$%#ked up articles I have ever read here. Wash you veggies before you eat them…before your eyes fall out and your fingers fall off. If the fallout gets into the root system of your vegetables how you gonna know? I know, the tomatoes will start talking to you like the apple trees on the Wizard of OZ movie. What a hoot for an article!What a waste of time and print!

          • It would only work for the immediate harvest if you were aware that fallout did in fact land on your fruit and vegys.
            Chernobyl survivors said that washing washing washing was very important.
            although I am thinking …
            shouldn’t you be wearing a hazmat suit to do that?

          • PO’d P, I agree with that assessment of the article.

            The dumbest thing was that you can wash the fallout dust off your canned foods. If there is fallout dust raining from the sky, you will be dead.

            “””Any food or water stored in sealed containers that have any fallout dust is safe to consume as long as the fallout dust is brushed or rinsed off the outside of the container. Take caution not to allow the fallout dust to get inside the container.”””

            I guess Mac has to post something or else we would stop coming. Nobody is perfect, but all in all Mac does a good service for us so I can let this one slide.

            • GC, In hindsight I might have been a little brash/terse in my assessment of the article. I really wasn’t aware that it was Tess Pennington (wasn’t payin’ attention) and didn’t mean no slight towards Mac or Tess. I don’t know, I guess I’m starting to feel a little “crowded” by the amount of doom and gloom and maybe a repreive from these sites are in order. Gonna hit the range this weekend with some friends and dial up some long distant shooting real soon. Maybe that will work out some kinks.
              Have care.

            • Taking a breather is the best thing. I like being aware but realize I personally cant change the future. If I could then there would not have been body scanners in airports or people named Snookie.

      2. I’ll be the FIRST to survive biatches!

        • Do you feel McFoolish now?

      3. I follow the mantra of ‘store what I use and use what I store.’ These supplies, however, I hope to never use. I hope my children find them when I am old and make fun of me.

        • I like your approach, Prepared Pastor!

        • My children all ready do. But they now why it is all where it is for a reason. And they say it keeps me out of the way so. For me it is one of my hobbies.

      4. Great article!

        I found the links for the Annual Radiation calculator and the Kearny Fallout Meter very interseting.

        Thank you!

        • LOL…that should be ‘interesting’

          • Duck and Cover. That’s my plan in a Nuke situation!

            (more like grab your ankles and kiss you a$$ goodbye!)

      5. Bill – “Honey, let’s go shopping”

        Sarah – “What, are you sick? Shopping, you hate shopping, what are we going shopping for?”

        Bill – “oh you know, his and hers nuke fallout suits, edible clay, potassium iodide tabs,a nano-particle HEPA whole house air filtration system, and oh, some twizzlers”.

        Meanwhile, Dateline Japan – insects developing mutations at twice the expected rate after exposure to Fuka rad.

        We are so Fuka’d.

        • goldnguns….hahahah!!!! I liked that! I just subbed my name and my husband’s in that conversation!

      6. There more i learn about what is going to take place, the more I wish I had not brought all three of my guns on that canoe with me when I went hunting last year. Damn, canoe flipped over now I do not own a single firearm.

        • Never put all your eggs in one canoe.

          • Or all your guns… dammit!

          • because eggs don’t float either…

      7. The Radiation Network ( is a near real-time view of radiation levels around the US and other locations (Any # on the map less than 100 is okay).

        • Hey thanks for that.

          • Manipulated data.
            When they heard there was radiation in the milk in Idaho in MARCH OF 2011 Their solution was to turn off the monitors and move the rad net equipment out of the state.

        • Does the government supply the info to this site? If thats the case, the levels are probably triple what the map tells you!
          Short story; I work in nuclear power stations for maintenance shutdowns. I ran into a good friend of mine who works for the plant I was in at the time. I had just been given my dosimeters and was on my way to check in at my employer when he stopped me and told me that the meters they give us outage workers are (his words) “shit”, and he would try to get me one of the good ones that the plant gives its personel. He did get me a better dosimeter but told me not to get caught with it. I hid it and compared its readings to the “shit” ones they give us po folk and …well, I refuse to work at anymore nuclear power plants ever again. True story.

          • Yeah check Japan, the highest reading is 14 CPM, sure seems awful low considering what happened

            • Honey, your positively glowing. What’s your secret?

            • That glowing complexion and illuminating hair is from using all those beauty products that are manufactured in California. The Fukishima rain has gotten into almost everything up and down the Pacific US coast.

              I told the little woman to pay attention when buying produce and make sure it doesn’t come from Calif., but as most women, she buys on looks. We had glow in the dark strawberries for days. I’ve been using the CA grown Zuchinnis to hang in bushes around the corn field to keep the coons at bay. I caught one mesmerized by the dangling vegg as though he had gotten stoned after eating some of the neighbor’s pot plants and was staring at a lava lamp.

        • Radiation Network is a joke that gives no useful data. Counts per Minute is meaningless without providing additional data that is not being disclosed (e.g. alpha or beta particle; element detected; instrument used with its accuracy and calibration details; how the measurement was taken such as on the ground vs 3′ above the source). 100 CPM of Cesnium 137 is not the same as 100 CPM of an iodine isotope.

          There are plenty of intruments available that will measure in RADs accurately in millionths of a RAD.

      8. This is the link to the old civil defense manuals on line for surviving a Nuclear War.
        Back when they cared about if the population were to go forward living.

        I especially liked the chapters on Food and Water.
        Click on the links to the left for any topic.

        I learned the basics of the basics that we need, how to sprout with minimal water and how many calories are lost in the process, however, the vitamin C that is gained is worth it!

        I was introduced to the Bucket Stove, and cooking with minimal fuel. Even pieces of Paper rolled into ‘logs’ and fed into the fire every 30 seconds!
        Later that lead me to the internet and You Tube for info on Rocket stoves, – little smoke, small flames etc.
        AND Then I learned about fireless cooking, with Hay boxes or apple bushel baskets insulated with newspaper and towels, or laundry baskets wrapped up in sleeping bags.
        I actually found a stainless steel cooker on Craigs list last year. I think they are called ISO cookers? It looks like a crock pot.

        Search through Amazon for a company that sells out of print books, can’t remember the name right now and I am not home at present. I bought one of them on The Fireless Methods of Cooking!

        One could literally boil their food 5-15 minutes and then wrap it up and seal it away from people with no cooking smells!
        Check it out!
        I have been wanting to write an article on fireless cooking for a different blog but have just been to busy with the garden and all.

      9. The next person that tells me nuclear power is “safe” or “clean” is getting punched in the nose.

        • Nuclear power is “safe” and “clean”, go ahead tough guy, I’s dare ya!……ouch!

        • When I used to work in the nuke plants, they would escort you to your work area and there would be a line of tape on the floor that you had to follow to avoid any hot spots ( leaky valve or pipe) or just plain normal high dose area. You are watched at all times by liasons, walk anywhere but that tape line and you are fired immediatly! There is nothing safe about nuclear power!

      10. Ahh, the ultimate prize of voting… The self destruction of man. Beautiful isnt it?

      11. WHO CARES, we are F.U.B.A.R already. Lets just get on with it!!!

      12. I think that the map of plants is outdated. There is only one plant in Washington and I don’t think there are any in Oregon anymore.
        Just the waste that has been left behind for Homer to babysit.

        Green house’s!! They at least slow down the fallout that comes with the rain.
        Rebar and plastic – here is what I beleive is the best plastic you can buy for one.

        Nice older couple in Nebraska that have AMAZING growing results! And lots of good ideas in their catalog.

        There is also a link online for 50 mile evacuations for power plants. Many of them in the east over lap.
        ALL plants ‘normally’ leak by virtue of their day to day operations.
        But this is an acceptable risk that the government has no problem taking with our lives.

        • The other two are experimental reactors. Very small but they are there. They are not always in use. But who knows

        • Greetings everyone, the chinquapin crop looks to be a bumper one this year. When I threw the dart and it landed in the pineywoods region, thats where I headed after leaving vacationland. Its funny, I had come full circle this was home. One of my fondest memories growing up was waiting for chinquapins to ripen, which usually was a bit after the black walnuts had fallen. If youre not familiar with this nut the only.way I can describe it is its the macadamia nut of the south. Most of the tree were wiped out due to a blight, but just so happens I found a pocket, that survived. For the past 6 years I have painstakingly gathered seeds and learned the trick to germinating and cultivating this wonderful nut tree. As for this article, nuclear disasters, nuclear weapons, nuclear power equates to something that could hand us a man made ELE ( extinction level event). I try not to think that way. In a BOL I have sunken a 53 foot shipping container to a depth of 10 ft. fitted with air exchangers, its purpose isnt for a atomic disaster but I guess it could get one by for a little while. Much is happening on our planet, there seems a confluence of forces , manmade and natural, that has lined itself up against humanity. We have primordial instincts that propel us to survive and procreate, that is hardwired into our genetic makeup. So no matter the circumstances continue with Godspeed, continue to prep, continue to stay alert. Try to achieve a certain level of invisibility. Our survival depends on it.

        • The reactor in St. Helens Oregon has been deactivated for many years. I lived in St. Johns, about 15 miles from it.

        • The plant they show in southern Maine has been closed and dismantled for years now….

      13. Hey, I saw all those movies as a kid and know what radiation can do. Like Giant Ants that eat L.A.!

        Is it 2012 of 1956….I’m so confused?

      14. In reality it’d be better to be a ‘ground zero’ I suppose if one of those plants were to ever blow.

      15. I have no interest in surviving a nuke accident or attack. What possible good could come from living in a radiated world? I can die now, or months from now, or even a couple years from now. Life will be tough, but a damn sight tougher trying to live in a spoiled world, with bone cancer, renal failure, blindness and a host of other ailments. I think I’ll pass.

        • I agree SWIFT
          I would rather not live than have to spend all my days underground, and for what?

        • Come on Swift, where’s your spirit of adventure? What’s a few 3rd. degree burns? It’s not the burns that usually kill ya, it’s the post burn infections.

          What was the name of the comedy about nuclear war, “Fail Safe?”….still cracks me up.

          • Is Dr Strange love. Fail Safe is the scary one that to easily could become true.

        • Exactly my point above. What quality of life would it be? I’d rather be with my Maker!

          • So when you get there you can say I gave up. Please take care of me.

            • No smart ass! The point is there would be NO QUALITY of life here, and 100% perfection there! It’s evident you have NO freakin’ clue so just blow!

            • In most religions it is a sin for giving up on this life. So how will you explain that attitude to your God. Your are suppose to fight until the fight in you is no more. Not a second sooner. Your comment and reaction is a person looking for the easy way out. Shame on you using the religious card.

            • LOL! You’re a moron. Sorry to say, but it’s the truth. Don’t pretend to know about something that you have no clue about. It’s evident you’re a confused and angry little guy. It’s OK, I understand. Plus there is no shame on looking forward to the day that one will be in Paradise. At least NOT in the Christian realm. I don’t know which false ‘god’ you worship, but by your confused and unintelligent answer, I can tell you it’s NOT the One true God.

              Have a great day FB, after all, even those who think they know something about everything deserve a good day once in a while. 😉

            • Looking forward to it is good. But giving up on this life takes the keys away from you in the Christian faith. The one true God does look poorly upon those ideas. So it is you who needs to refresh your mind on Christian values.

            • Looking forward to it is good. But giving up on this life takes the keys away from you in the Christian faith. The one true God does look poorly upon those ideas. So it is you who needs to refresh your mind on Christian values.

            • You will be looked at for how you use your gift of Free Will.

        • Swift….this was my point exactly when I said there are far worst things than death.

          And I’m with you Anonymous…..I think I’d rather be at ground ZERO than live in a post-nuke world.

          • Wishing for it is one thing but what will you do when your God choices it wanted you to survive. Maybe you are still being tested.

            • God does not take away your salvation just because you “gave” up. Read your scripture.

      16. The big Question is.. Why would one want to live in a world that is no longer worth fighting for Or viable enough to strive in?

        Prepare a hot bath.. Tune in some nice classical music .. Get comfortable .. Relax..Then Open your vanes and say.. “On to the next world.. This one is is done..So Here I come” !!!

        Nuclear aftermath is genetically a real Mess.. It’s Not worth the plight to
        Attempt to adapt to it.. Life would never be the same..

      17. OQ, We all sincerely hope you’re right about no nuclear event taking place here in the US; nobody wants to face that. However, experience has taught me we should be prepare for ALL contingencies. When I was 5 years old, my older brother helped our dad build a bomb shelter in our basement because some Russian lunatic named Nikita Khruschev parked a dozen nuclear ICBMs in my wife’s homeland of Cuba in 1962. In October, 1973, we went back into that same shelter during the Yom Kippur war in the Middle East because the Russians were threatening to intervene in that war. Twice in my lifetime we’ve been only a breath away from nuclear war, so nobody can honestly tell me it can’t happen. I hope it never happens like everyone else, but with the enemies we face today, I’m afraid it may happen eventually. To PO, I wish you would reconsider your post about this article; these are things I’ve known since the Cuban Missile Crisis. Kudos to Ms. Pennington for this article; spot on. I hopeeveryone will take her advice dead seriosly. Take care and keep prepping.

      18. If/when we have a nuclear event happen just remember these few words, they’ll help.


        Lighten up already. Some of us old farts have been hearing this crap since 2nd the 1950’s. No one in our family slept a wink during the Cuban Missle Crisis. If it happens….IT HAPPENS…..forget about it!

        • to each his own

          I’m going out kicking,screaming,biting and scratching !!!!

          • satori, I admire your grit. The truth is I was deflecting my emotions. As a child who actually did the duck and cover drill in grade school, I’ve been frightened beyond belief of a nuclear war/event all of my life.

            I would guess that a bunch of us old “Cold War” era seniors feel the same way.

            If anyone makes it, I hope that it’s you.

        • Yea…the ole duck under your desk….that should save you in the event of a nuke missle strike.

          Even in 2nd grade that didn’t make sense to me.

      19. SHTFPLAN COLLAPSE Last Crumb :

        Look Around Yourself … when your last crumb in your cupboard is inhaled and your stomach is growling and your throat is parched … what are you going to do ???

        “EAT THE RICH !”

        *** look around you preppers it is those who would have you be their goyim gentile Carbon Credit Tax Debt Slaves that are prepared the most , Living Large on your blood sweat tears and in the know for what is coming !!!

        Politicians Senators Congressmen Governors Bankers Stock-Traders Higher-Management Military-Officers Law-Enforcement CIA FBI NSA DHS VA FedGov-Employee’s Re-tired Blue-Blood Government Officials All Living Large on your Suffering as you and your families starve to death DIE !!!

        “THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU!” they call you goyim gentile cockroaches! You are BUGS to them to be crushed at will!

        “EAT THE RICH!”

        coming soon to AmeriKa prepare … UN NWO Martial Law Day 2012.

        Predator or Prey of the UN NWO Bankers the choice is Yours!


        • You are McVeigh waiting to happen. Loser!

          • Perhaps you need to do your research on McVeigh. Poser!

            • Daisy, do you really think that this insane person is worth defending?…Is it that you feel sorry for him, or something else?
              Even you have to admitt that he appears unbalanced.

              Do you see some of your own crazy in his CRAZY?

              No need to answer, but I would like for you to think about this abit. Why are you drawn to crazies, loners, and losers?

            • Fuck off bitch! Don’t fuck with me! You and that fucking Nina are nuts. So stick your research up your ass!

            • (*) ~ I believe that he makes some good contributions and provides some really interesting links. Abrasively put forth, but still some very thought provoking information. Also, isn’t it a bit much for someone to actually make up a username that includes someone else’s username? Seems excessive. 🙂

              non-NWO ~ your eloquence is only exceeded by your lack of information. But hey, thanks for your observations regarding my sanity – it means a LOT coming from you!

            • Anytime you crazy stupid bitch!

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            choose someone else to compare me too. like ummmmmmmm the unibomber. except i’m more A constitutional patriotic PISSED OFF FreeMan American VETERAN , WHO KNOWS THE TRUTH OF WHATS GOIN ON and i prefer using a .45-70 rifle TO KILL AMERIKAN TRAITORS.

            ;0p i don’t work for the zionist jooo fascists freemason nwo fedgov cia nsa fbi irs commies … i will soon be huntin them though … ON UN NWO AMERIKAN MARTIAL LAW DAY 2012 … that i can definitely guarantee you !!!


            get your facts straight.

            read a puckin book … DUMMY.


            • Ah, then you just proved that you are a male, not a female like you’ve lied about being. Very telling about you and your mindless babble and the ilk who like to follow you here. You all are just a bunch of fucked up liars, deviants and losers!

            • “ummmmmm … who said i was a chick ???”

              wtf! corksuckers! can’t trust no one no more!!!

              You mean i’m really a CHICK – WTF !!!



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              yur’ a dummy and i’m sure some day you’ll be rewarded GREATLY by the UN NWO FOR BEING SO IGNORANT OF THE TRUTH AND FACTS!

              till then … ;0P pssszzt

              jog on dimtard.


          • Wow, non-NWO – all of that pent-up rage simply cannot be healthy. Perhaps you should search for a calming hobby. I’ve heard things like needlepoint or weaving can really calm the mind. I’m rather concerned about the state of your blood pressure.

            It’s kind of interesting to me that YOU are calling ME crazy when YOU are the one ranting and name-calling.

            Do feel free to continue calling me names, perhaps even throw in a threat or two if you’re really feeling hostile, but you’ll have to pardon me if I disengage from the conversation.

            • Daisy

              Why quit when you’re ahead? Lol I have never heard someone call you that before, it’s usually reserved for me lol.

              Nina…imitation is the greatest form of flattery, and as he stole your name I can only think he admires you greatly but is too scared to admit it.

              Non NWO I am female, just so you dn’t think I am lying should we meet in the future.

              Take care

      20. I don’t want to discourage people from eating a healthier anti radiation diet but let me tell you what happened to me.
        After FUKU, I immediately gave up milk and mushrooms. The lower you eat on the food chain the further you are away from absorbing higher levels of ingested radiation particles. (and I do not eat a lot of meat.)
        Mushrooms and moss are radiation magnets! In fact Mushrooms could save the world. There is actually a book with a similar name to that, put out by a mushroom expert.
        They could literally absorb radiation from the soil in mass amounts and then be buried in appropriate hazard waste areas after being harvested in Hazmat suits. Probably not going to happen though.
        I started taking kelp, spirulina and chlorella after Fuku. It almost killed me. (even though I have lots of pre- Fuku bottles of supplements.) Good luck finding them now!
        I went to have a tooth pulled and my dentist refused because my blood pressure was 185/125!!!
        I quit the supplements and in a few days my pressure dropped over 40 points. I knew something did not feel right, but until then, I did not know what it was.
        I had at one point started taking baking soda every morning, because reports show that it flushes uranium out of kidneys. It also takes a lot of useful minerals with it and also contains more salt!
        However the organic apple cider vinegar, the one with the ‘mother’ in it has helped to lower my blood pressure even more and it supposedly neutralizes the ph of a body to closer to alkaline. Cancer grows on an acidic system. You know those acidic things some of us like, – sugar, coffee, alcohol…

        This is a problem that is very difficult to counter-act, but we have to accept the fact that this poison is going to be around a long long time.
        We can pretend it does not effect us but I remember when cancer was ‘new’. It is the norm these days.
        Live life now, these are the good ole days.

        • I lowered my formerly high blood pressure from 212/108 to a comfortable 125/79 using aloe vera capsules, potassium supplements and D3. I am disabled and inactive, so my blood had literally turned to ‘sludge’. A heart can’t pump Elmer’s glue very easily, and what I took for 6 weeks reversed that process, lowering my BP naturally. Natural herbs and supplements saved me from a life time of being dependent on pharmaceuticals. Accordingly, my doctor was speechless…

          • Another good supplement for helping to lower BP and cholesterol, is “L-Arginine”. It helps the stimulation of nitric oxide in the blood, which helps the blood flow. Like a sluggish or stagnant stream, it can’t support good life. With a free flowing or rushing,aerated stream it will better support life.

      21. Mac,

        Did you get my e-mail?
        about calling out those who have spoken out against our right to protect ourselfs?
        the “Published List”?

      22. @smokin okie…OT… Well,well,well…It looks like you are becoming a web sensation.I saw that Patty Lewis at Rural Revolution has your “Faraday Cage” story You may be getting “too big for your britches”

        • Thanks JRS. I didn’t realize I was almost famous! Soon as I get my new Barack Obama Signature Series autopen, I’m gonna sell autographs. (3 for a nickel on ebay) 🙂

          • Smokin

            Can I have your autograph? Pleeeeezzzeeeee I dont know any other famous people.

            Take care

      23. I’m always amazed at peeps that say “heck, I don’t want to protect / save / blah,blah,blah my sorry behind; I’d rather just be one of the first to die off”. My wee thinking is yep, if you were lucky enough to be at ground zero and you are alive one moment, dead the next breath. Alas, what if you had to suffer through this ‘death’ for days. (heck, what’s a day or two or five or thirty – not much until you’ve watch someone die of cancer with all that medical-fraud can provide)…
        Be it nuke sickness, starvation from lack of food or water or a seriously infected tooth that can’t be tended to properly… tick, tock, tick, tock can seem like forever.
        Boo, now ya’ll have ruined my perfectly good mood LOL! Where’s Smokin’Okie to my rescue???
        Carry on ~ you know what ya gotta do. ~..~

      24. I have limited resources. If I’m in radiation’s way, I guess I’m just fucked.

        • Iowa

          No, you’re not. Even soil, if thick enough can put a barrier between you and radiation. Half lives of the radioactive materials vary enormously, some you only need to be holed up for 8 days, 10 to be sure. Do some reading, check it out it may be very worthwhile.

          Take care

      25. Great article, Tess!

        I know that sometimes in a horrible disaster taking a little step, like washing your food, for example, might seem like spitting in the ocean for all the difference it makes. But I would MUCH RATHER have some positive actions to focus on than sit there waiting to die.

        I would rather understand the process of what is going on than have the entire thing be completely unknown to me.

        And I would rather fight it every single step of the way, and maybe, just maybe, protect my kids and give them a chance to survive. I won’t go easily, if I can help it at all.

      26. Now that I’m on the correct article for my comment…

        It was only a month after Fukushima happened that I started shopping for a decent radiation detector. Not long after that, I bought enough iodine tablets for three months, perhaps longer. We just never know.

      27. Every weapon known has been used in warfare other than the hydrogen bomb. Every weapon available in a true war has always been used in the past. A true war is one in which someone with a mass of nuclear weapons is on the losing end and looking to be conquered uses their special weapons. World war 3 will be fought with every weapon that we have yet to hear about and H-bombs.

        The fact about nuclear war is that it is survivable. People have been taught that World War 3 is the end of world and the end of life, NOT TRUE. There are areas all over the planet in which radiation will have very little impact on life there. Because of the convection of the planet’s air, between 10 degrees north and 10 degrees south very little radioactive fallout will come down there. The air is constantly rising and spreading out towards the poles, this is the way the planet cools itself. If this did not happen the equator regions would be 150 degrees in many spots away from the coastline.

        Areas around 50 degrees south would be also okay for any fallout, not too many that are not wind blown islands, but these are pretty safe. Even islands where the wind is not directly circulated from the main fallout clouds will be safe, there are many of these microclimates around.

        The most dangerous areas will be at around 30 degrees north and to a lesser degree but still dangerous 30 degrees south. The air currents here catch up with the rotation of the planet and the air falls. This is why at 30 degrees from the equator you have deserts, when air falls it compresses and heats up and ultimately dries up. At around 30 degrees will be the worst spots for fallout.

        Here’s the thing about radiation. The rule of 7. After just 7 hours there is 10 times less radiation, then after 7×7= 49 hours there is 100 times less radiation. 2 days x 7 = a little over 2 weeks there is 1000 times less radiation. About 14-15 weeks there is 10000 times less radiation. Yes time does heal the planet. Granted that strontium and cesium have long half lives, but this is with soil that has been contaminated, it is not in the air like during the opening days of salvos that will be launched to start WW3.

        There is also something else to consider in regards to nuclear war, the maximum destructive power of a nuke. MOST targets will be known as soft targets, this means targets that don’t require ground bursts such as harden missile silos or other fortified military institutions. This means that most sides will use air bursts that maximize the explosive power of a nuke. Air bursts produce little fallout and ionized materials that becomes fallout. The real dangers zones will be downwind where hardened military targets were hit with ground bursts. Most areas will NOT receieve extremely lethal dosages of radiation. Even areas that do, the lethal dosages will drop to where someone can go outside for limited time after about 2-4 weeks.

        I will say there is the possibility of some a$$hole country actually using doomsday weapons on the enemy and “salting” nuclear bombs to kill all life around a target. This is simply encasing a nuclear bomb in cobalt or other material that when detonated releases a death dust of extremely highly charged ionized particles from something like cobalt. It has been estimated that only 300 cobalt bombs used could kill almost all life on the planet, even the cockroaches. For some country to do this would be beyond insane as they would killing themselves in the long run.

        In all likelihood all sides will exhaust most of their nuclear weapons, but it is not nearly as bad as the movies portray it. The actually temperature of the planet would actually drop by much more if a super volcano blew its lid than if all the nuclear weapons were exploded that the world had. Fallout, if some nut doesn’t salt nuclear weapons will not be nearly as bad as most movies and the general notion of nuclear war will be. Even if the entire U.S. where ground bursted, which no general would be stupid enough to order because of wasting what they have, there would be safe zones to go and live.

        The real way to survive a nuclear war is to gain as much knowledge as possible about it. Shielding yourself is essential. Anyone behind or under even 4 feet of soil is not going to have much to worry about as long as the air coming in is filtered or even diverted. Those air vents you see on fallout shelters are shaped like that for a reason. The more mass someone can put between them and the outside the better. Fukushima can be made completely safe with less than 20 feet of sand for example from the radiation reaching the air.

        Again there are areas around the country that because of their location and the time of year just will not receive much if any radiation from fallout even in a fullscale nuclear war. Much of western Oregon for example will be fairly safe because of air currents and lack of hardened targets from where the air will be coming from. The real areas of danger will be east of the rockies because of the all the harderen missile silos in the center of the country that will be hit with ground bursts. Even some of these areas will be hit and miss depending on which direction the wind is blowing.

        People should never think that nuclear war is unsurvivable as this is exactly what those in the government wants people to think. Civil defense was based on the citizen surviving, and the government found out that this meant self sufficiency and lack of need of the government. It is really no coincidence that the U.S. government has discouraged civil defense and allowed the masses to become totally depended on daily fill ups at walmart. IF there was a strong civil defense in this country there would be people prepping and be ready and a hell of less depended on the government. People are so dependant that they will line up at the camps to get in and receive their walmart rations and their RFID tags when true SHTF in the grandest fashion.

        No one should allow the disinformation of nuclear war being unsurvivable, IT IS. It will be more difficult than most survival situation, but it is survivable. The more you know about it, the better your chances will be. The best advice I can possiby give is to get BOOKS on nuclear survival, and there are some really good ones out there. Information over the internet is not going to be nearly as good, and more cumbersome to absorp the knowlegde of. One of the basic foundations of prepping is exactly the cornerstones of surviving nuclear war, and that is having enough food, water, and everyday necessities which preppers already do. It is really just expanding on what preppers already do. Don’t let the government or media tell you that survival after World War 3 is impossible or pointless, they are feeding you trash.

        • The US deliberately overstated the effects of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki blasts AND misrepresented destruction from the fire storm that started hours after the blast in certain residential areas where all of the structures were tightly packed together and made from wood and paper as blast effects from the initial blast wave of the bomb. The goal was to scare the Soviets. Reality is the vast majority will survive the bomb blast and most of them could live through the fallout IF they know what to do and do it immediately following the blast.

          • @ Dr. Richard. There is a reason that there is a Dr. in front of Richard, you know what you are talking about. There are ass monkeys like (*) that would have someone believe that a 1 mega ton hydrogen bomb will destroy 100 times as much mass as a 10 kiloton bomb because 1 mega ton is 1000 kilotons and is 100 times larger than 10 kilotons. The cube root law of mathematics knows different. As you know, mass is 3 dimensions and therefore a blast takes up those 3 dimensions. Therefore you take the cube root of 100 which is 4.64.

            A one mega ton bomb will destroy 4.64 times as much as a 10 kiloton bomb, not 100 times like those in the government and media will have everyone belief. Much hype over nuclear war is just that. It will be hell, but preppers can survive it, just as they can survive other SHTF events. Those that would have preppers believe otherwise would have someone give up trying to survive many other SHTF events. They want preppers to lose and give up.

        • @Uninformed, you are the longest winded S.O.B. on the planet earth. Problem is, most of your garbage shows such a low intellect that it’s only fit as reading material for apes. As usual, you are not informed about any thing.

          Do us all a favor, look up the word Bore and the term “Stuffed Shirt” then look into a mirror.

          • @ Asterisk. I write to try to help people, the people are worth it on this site to survive. Trying to survive is just that, for each different situation requires a different approach. I have learned much and simply wish to share it to try to save those that are worth it before SHTF. ONLY someone too moronic would not find science about survival not interesting. I admit that sometimes I ramble, but I try to help others to learn something that they might or might not have known.

            I must have really hit a nerve with you about the government trying to feed everyone the misnomer about survival after a nuclear war or anything SHTF. Listen jackass, because your comment is coming exactly from the liberal BO (obama) democratic (donkey) let the government take care of you level. Your defeatist attitude is exactly what those in control and power love. You say survival after a nuclear war is impossible, so does 99% of the population in regards to ANY survival.

            Listen up, go get yourself a picture of obama (BO) and joe biden and play a few rounds of pocket pool and your attitude about survival and putting down people that prepare and try to learn as much about the world as possible, might change. (*) must stand for love obama and the NWO, and worship the UN and all those that would have preppers believe that they have already lost before even trying.

            • BI, I hate to say it, but I couldn’t agree more. The more I watch the weather, the more I think the Mayan’s might have been on to something. An economic collapse I can handle, a massive earthquake or volcano is a whole nother event to handle… Thanks again for the updates, I’m watching them with you!!!

              Good luck!!!

          • Dear (*),

            If you don’t have anything nice to say, take a flying leap.

          • Look up ring worm children too…

            • Pin worms Children are often infected with pin worms in group settings such as classrooms, playgrounds, and child care centers. Pin worms are spread in one way, from the anus to the mouth. Since children typically do not wash their hands properly, pin worms are able to spread quickly where children touch shared items like toys, food, drinks, bedding, and other articles. Pin worms are not spread through pets.

            • @Anonymous
              I said RING worms NOT pin worms,
              And if you were to look it up you would find –
              “The ringworm affair refers to circumstances involving at least 20,000 Israeli individuals, particularly children, who were treated between 1948 and 1960 for tinea capitis (ringworm) with ionizing radiation to the head area. This population was composed mostly of newly arrived immigrants from North Africa and the Middle East.[1] An estimated 200,000 children worldwide received X-ray treatment.
              It is claimed up to 6000 children died as a result of this treatment.

        • BI ~ This is off-topic, but I noticed a whole lot of seismic activity the last few days, and I know this is an interest of yours – any thoughts on the reason for this sudden spate?

          ~ D

        • @Be informed
          How about that 7.6 in Russia?

          • Slick ~ there were 5+s all over the place too – Taiwan, Iran, Cali, a LOT of activity!

            • Another 5+ in Iran five minutes go

              Take care

          • @ Daisy and Slick. That 7.7 was a deep focus earthquake at 626 km deep. It was assumed for the 20th century that deep focus quakes could not be over 6.9 as is stated in college texts. It was assumed that anything this deep could not build up the pressure because that deep is so hot that rock mass behaves like molasses and could not build up the tension to have anything this big. There have been 2 earthquakes 7.5+ in the past few years this deep, in Peru at 8.1, and this one last night at 7.7.

            The Pacific plate must be undergoing tremendous pressure to cause such a deep buckling under the Asia plate to have such a magnitude of this size. The 8.1 in Peru was a result of the Nazca plate that was tiny in comparison to the Pacific plate and one could see this happening here. The Pacific plate is another story though, it is huge and to undergo such a pressure build up this deep it really quite amazing. New Zealand is at a junction point between the Pacific plate, the Australian plate, and the Antarctica plate and undergoing much of this pressure from the Pacific plate. 4 volcanoes have already gone off here, and Mt. Taupo is a super volcano here and recorded the 5th largest eruption on record. Something to watch.

            On the article on August 11 I gave a number of places to watch, one of them was the Kamachatka area which is where the 7.7 earthquake just occurred, as areas to beware of large earthquakes coming. Anyone with a globe and charting earthquakes can do what I am doing and see the focal points of energy that point towards areas prone to bigger earthquakes.

        • That rule of seven relates to specific types of above ground or ground blasts.
          The initial fall out will be more, Gamma, but there is this far more deadlier one called Alpha that hangs around in the atmosphere and stratosphere and continuously falls out in rain and snow over generations…
          and then in between there is the beta.
          We are not dealing with a singular thing here.
          Each radionuclide, be it iodine, caesium, cobalt, radon, uranium, plutonium and all there sister degenerates, fall into those three types of radiation and choose to pollute at their will!
          However, it is still survivable…

          If I am outside of a blast or dirty bomb,
          and still alive,
          and my house filled up with dust,
          I would don my mask and raincoat and seal my sleeves with rubber bands or duck tape and start decontaminating a room at a time, (and then myself after,)
          and dust my cans off,
          because even if you do not want to live through it,
          What if you do?
          Thank you Satori for reminding me to go kicking, biting and screaming!

          • @ HalfKin. I am very aware of the other radionuclide and their half lives. I just don’t want anyone to think that this type of SHTF is not survivable, because it is. There are characters out there that would go on and on about how it is pointless to even try to make it through a nuclear war, they would implant someone with hopelessness. The government wants to do just this, wants everyone to depend totally on them to survive, live and breathe. This is why I brought up several places that fallout will be at a bare minimum.

            I listened to one of the most renouned climatologists in the country hour after hour about the safest locations and what and where to go to avoid fallout after a nuclear war. 10 degrees north to 10 degrees south is one of the best places to be. Also about air currents and circulation, microclimates, and more. I learned much about controlling germs as well in regards to the way germs can ride on the tinest wisp of air.

            The fact is that the planet has remarkable recuperative powers and will heal. The actually blast ratio to actually space of the atmosphere is very little. There will be hot spots that will be a nightmare. There will also be areas untouched. Humans will survive a nuclear war, I am not saying it won’t be tough though, but SHTF events are tough. The real killer that any life forms has to worry about is the germ. Viruses scare me a lot more than fallout, because viruses hunt down hosts. Fallout is a poison that can be dealed with easier, like many other contaminants and toxins.

            I just never want preppers/survivalists to think that any SHTF event is hopeless and give up before even trying. This is what those in control want and need, and have gotten in 99% of the population. A prepper always is better off than the non-prepper in so many ways.

            • True that – to your last sentence,
              And I am glad that you are very aware of the other radionuclide and their half lives.

              But just as one can not predict the day and the time,
              one can not foretell which areas will be the worst.
              In Chernobyl one field would be a hot spot and the one next door not so much,
              Rain outs.
              In our little polluted neck of the planet are several very diverse Micro-climates,
              Therefore there is still hope.

            • @ HalfKin. Really what I was trying to say is that preppers can make it, just the fact that people prepare says much about them. The government has made it seem like it is pointless to prepare for even earthquakes, volcanoes, economic collapses, EMP’s, war, etc., etc. They take the hope out of someone so they will not have the aspirations to prepare, so your only hope is what the state can do for you. I have seen so much slanted against true science about nuclear war it is amazing. These “people” had a 50 mega ton H-bomb taking out the entire state of Colorado like some iron asteroid that is about 3 football fields big hitting the state. Something this size would be about 3000 mega tons.

              I have looked at half lives and it is frightening as hell. But what is sad is that someone will just give up and say it is hopeless, period, without even considering how they could possibly make it through it. Life forms throughout history of this planet have survived through worse situations than a nuclear war and not had 1/1000 the intelligence or the creative wisdom that of the typical prepper.

            • All of the nuclear effects are survivable as long as you are not in the immediate blast zone and immediately seek shelter from fallout — simply moving into a basement and lying down against the bottom of a wall can be enough to make the difference between living and dying. The real threats that will do the most damage are 14-21+ days later — the economic damage; the inevitable destruction of supply chains; famine; normally easily cured disease that becomes fatal due to the destruction of medical supply chains and facilities; civil unrest; etc. Most non-prepper types will survive the first 14-21 days but will be done in by these effects long before any cancers show up 20+ years later.

      28. One correction to the article – the Kearny Fallout Meter is an improvised (low accuracy) way of measuring large doses of gamma radiation. It has some utility for nuclear war scenarios when you do not have a properly calibrated high range survey meter but is absolutely useless for a nuclear reactor meltdown outside of a few locations inside the damaged plants (e.g. at Fukushima or Chernobyl). For nuclear reactor meltdown scenarios, you need an accurate geiger counter capable of measuring alpha, beta, and gamma radiation in millionths of a RAD. Typical background radiation is 15 to 50 millionths of a RAD depending on your location. We are seeing radiation from Fukushima in range of 1/100 to 1/1000 of a RAD — the danger is not gamma rays from nuclear detonations but alpha and beta particles that don’t generate much gamma radiation but that act like miniture cancer causing nuclear bombs at the cellular level when you breath or injest them.

        • That’s what I was trying to say,
          I guess I should have read further.
          Thank you Dr.

      29. Perhaps if this author had correctly listed fukushima as the biggest radiation release of all time instead of as #2 behind cherynoble I could have taken it more seriously. As it stands she seems to have bought the NRC line that the only radiation worth measuring is air release and the ongoing insane amount that fuku has leaked into the pacific counts for nothing.

        But fine let’s pretend we survive the nuclear incident. Great for us. Simply google some pics from cherynoble or fallujah about birth defects and hold onto your lunch. Genetic damage is the truly frightening part of nuclear power/war and simply spells the end of complex life on earth.

        So if you are waking up to the truly frightening facts about nuclear energy perhaps we can gain some new members on the no more nukes team. For in all major shtf scenarios unless power and people can stay “online” and onsite at the 100 plus nuke plants here in america we are well and truly f@cked.

        Enjoy life because untill we can shut them all down and get the waste stored in a safe and stable fashion we ALL have a perpetual sword of damacles poised over us. There is no reset button for humanity until the nuke madness ends.

        • Agree Hill Hermit

      30. Im probably 40 miles as the crow flies from a nuke plant..
        my plan stick my head between my legs and kiss my ass good bye.

        at least its not in denial like during the 50’s and early 60’s where they told you to hide under your school desk..
        what a bunch of rubes

        • I guess your name says it all,
          Actually I am joking,
          But it does fit your comment…

          • Haha it does, doesnt it?

        • Haha.. don’t feel too bad, I can see one out my door, and am about 40 miles away from another. In fact if I drew a 100 mile radius around my house, I’d pick up several.

          For this reason, I don’t even bother with nuke preps other than KIO3. Worst possible place in the country as far as that’s concerned.

        • The duck and cover routine from the 50s and 60s was specificly taught to get kids away from windows and to minimize injuries from flying glass and other debrie in the outer edges of the blast zone (1 PSI and lower) that would result from windows being shattered. It would not save you at ground zero but it would save you in the outer edges of the blast where the over pressures are less than 1 PSI but greater than zero. This was mostly mocked but there was sound logic for the advice even if the Burt the Turtle training movie was kind of corny.

        • U.S. Nuclear Accidents:


          * Research Facilities
          * Power Plants
          * Bombs and Bombers
          * Submarines and Ships
          * Nuclear Bomb Tests and Testing Facilities
          * Processing, Storage, Shipping, and Disposal

          They dropped an un-detonated bomb on a family back east, I think it was one of the Carolinas,
          And there is still a live one embedded in the soil in Georgia.
          interesting read…

      31. Will the earth not be totally poisoned and contaminated in an all out nuclear exchange ? Remember , every nation on earth is targeted by one of the big three powers ( US , Russia , China )If so , your not going to survive or perhaps want to with what is left . Just sayin

      32. Those who are interested in knowing what they eat and what they are being exposed to might want to get a radiation detector. A good one on the market is Radiation Alert, the “Inspector”. Readings taken from people (not government) give cause for concern. Organic foods from CA are showing much higher than average readings, as are salmon and tuna. Both salmon and tuna spend time in the Japanese waters. Foods grown in the west have been exposed to radiation in the rainfall. Most of this info has been blacked out here in the US.

        • Make sure to get proper training with it , as most people dont realize that radiation detectors can also get contaminated and give false readings . NEVER touch anything directly with the device .

      33. In the event of radioactive fallout, there is at least one thing that can help.


        It can make you very flexible and will greatly assist with your being able to properly bend way over and kiss your ass goodbye.

        Anything else is probably beyond the average person’s resources. I know its beyond mine.

        • nThats just it . IN an all out nuclear war …….dont worry about it , if your local plant melts down you MIGHT get enough warning to get the hell out …….if not ,your chances of not being contaminated are pretty low .

      34. Unless you have a jet at your place, and can fly it, you will have to glow in the dark like the rest of us. For me there is no way to get out of town when it happens, so it is all over and take your lumps. I for one would not want to live in the world after a total nuke war period. That is why I want the very first one to hit me in the top of the head right off. Even if you can make it through one what is life going to be like after, not a bed of rose’s I’ll tell you right now. So I’ll stay put and live what life I have left right where I am. Remember we can not live for ever, and how we go is not up to us.
        copperhead out

      35. Most future nuke casualties will later be seen by all as having been easily avoidable, if only more had not thought it futile to prep for nukes, thus never bothering to try to learn how.

        Read 2 page article; “The Good News About Nuclear Destruction!” at…

        – Shane

      36. Funny, as I was going thru the comments, just came on the local news that there are mutant butterflies around the nuke plant in Japan. Said its the first signs that life forms are being effected. Really? Took you that long to figure that out!

      37. I’m not sure that you can use spiderworts as an indicator of radiation. I have had them in my yard for years, and if you grow enough of them, you get colors anywhere from deep blue to light blue and pure white, deep purple to light purple, and shades of pink. Right now, most of what I have are deep purple and pure white.

      38. This link – Annual Radiation Calculator – from the article should have included:
        How many times do you put a cell phone to your head everyday?
        Do you have a smart meter attached to your house?

        look up the book called:
        Cellular Telephone Russian Roulette by Robert C Kane.

        He developed the technology for Motorola and the died of brain tumors after writing this book.

        I found 6 used copies on Amazon starting at $102!!!
        There is a PDF out there too if you look.
        All 128 pages of it.

        • Here is the final two pages of Robert C Kane’s book called
          Cellular Telephone – Russian Roulette – copyright 2001
          “Many of the problems of the industry could have been avoided
          had the influences of the scientific researchers superseded
          those of the product marketers. But the industry chose to ignore researchers who were providing unfavorable answers. The
          industry instead organized a broad and comprehensive public
          relations campaign to persuade users of portable cellular
          telephones that the operation was safe. The cellular telephone
          industry engaged in the business of preaching a “belief
          Never mind that the most current research findings report DNA damage to brain tissue as a result of exposure to
          radiofrequency radiation.
          Never mind that recent conferences, sponsored by the
          cellular telephone industry manufacturers and service
          providers, were dominated by reports of research findings that
          show that most of the energy radiating from the portable cell
          phones is absorbed in a small region of the user’s brain.
          The CTIA representatives tell industry insiders that a
          scientists are very dangerous and if the scientific process
          is used the scientists would come back with more questions
          than answers, which is very risky. This information comes as
          part of a series of CTIA seminars held to teach cellular industry people how to wage the public relations battle for the minds of the public. This is termed research by press release or research by public relations instead of good old-fashioned scientific research.
          Of course, research by press release is more
          predictable than the laboratory research, which could provide
          embarrassing evidence of biological hazards.
          However, owners of portable cellular telephones are
          now warned that if they are concerned about the radiation then
          they should limit their use to the shortest time possible and
          completely avoid use except for emergency situations. Is it
          possible that by now even the manufacturers of these “hightech”
          wonder devices and their association spokesmen are
          prepared to admit that they may have unleashed the next
          unseen plague on humanity? Probably not—there are still too
          many executives and managers looking for their next
          promotion and continuing their long careers.
          The cellular telephone industry is the observer, or
          spectator, at a game. The game includes about 200 million
          participants. It is nothing less than cellular telephone Russian roulette.
          The only difference is that with regular Russian roulette the results are immediate. You know immediately if you’re a loser or not. With the cellular telephone Russian roulette you may not know for years if you are the loser. You may not know of a brain tumor until five or ten years after the day you “lost” at the game.
          You pick up the phone, once, twice, ten times a day—or
          only a few times a month. But each and every time you’re gambling that “this time” won’t be the occasion
          when the radiation causes irreparable damage to your brain. It
          only takes a seemingly small trauma at a very small location to result in tissue damage, DNA damage, or chromosome
          This nonscientific industry experiment using the general
          population is unique in the history of humanity. Never before
          has such a large “guinea pig” experiment been performed. Even
          the government experiments with nuclear radiation only
          exposed a few thousand uninformed people. This bold
          experiment may expose virtually the entire segment of the
          population that can afford to operate the high-tech portables.
          It is cellular telephone Russian roulette.
          Go ahead and make the call. Do you feel lucky today?”

          The original book was 235 pages, I found it in a PDF format and saved it to 140 pages.
          Something more to think about.
          I do not own one.

      39. Off topic here, sorry…but did you all see that Soros just got out of all major banks?

        I fear we don’t have much time left.

        The National Weather Service putting out orders for 46,000 rounds of .40 hollow points. You have to be one bad weather forecaster to believe you need that much protection!!

        Crazy times and much skullduggery is afoot!

        Keep preppin and God Bless!!

      40. I stopped by the other day to visit my nutty neighbor Bubba. He said he was going to build a home made geiger counter. I was reluctant to stay, since his projects usually end with threats of lawsuits or, at least, fire trucks in his front yard. Still, he’s sometimes good for a laugh, so I hung around.
        We went into the house to scrounge for building supplies. When he told his wife, Juleen, what he was doing, she jumped in front of him and put up her hands like she was protecting her kids from a mugger.
        “Don’t you dare TOUCH my new microwave. And don’t lay a finger on my curling iron, the tv, or Junior’s xBox. And if you even LOOK at the satellite dish I’ll skin you!” she warned him.
        He assured her he wouldn’t and she grudgingly let him pass. We went to his hall closet and found a big box of junk and took it to the garage.
        “What’s this?’ I asked, holding up a cordless drill with a hubcap welded on the end.
        “Oh, that, it was supposed to be a psycho…a psychic…a mind readin’ thing, but it didn’t work. No real side effects, though. Juniors hair eventually grew back.”
        “And what about this?” I asked, removing a bent two foot long aluminum tube with scorched playing cards taped to one end and a busted Christmas ornament on the other.
        “That was gonna be a rocket propelled grenade…or maybe an anti-aircraft missile. I forget which. It almost worked, too. Except for the test firing when it went through Juleen’s car windshield. Other than that, I practically had all the bugs worked out.”
        I held up a mass of twisted plastic and metal from the box. It appeared to be a battered cassette tape player with burned pipe cleaner wires protruding from odd angles. There was also part of an old car jumper cable set soldered to one side. The whole thing looked like it had been baked in an oven. “What in the world is this?”
        Bubba stared at it for a long moment. The his eyes went misty as he began to reminisce. “Wow! I’d forgotten all about that! It’s my very first project.” He looked lost in the memories. “It was a spy radio to intercept signals from the CIA. I tested it on Thanksgiving day in 1991.”
        I seemed to remember that day as well, but my recollections were a bit different than his. We’d had a city wide blackout and several exploding transformers at the substation.
        Bubba continued, “I remember how I boosted the antenna by tying it into the house wiring. It picked up radio traffic from all over the place.” He was smiling to himself.
        What I remembered was having to put up his whole family for a month while they scrubbed the smoke damage from their house.
        Bubba went on, completely lost in his memories, “It worked almost perfectly. Got signals from Australia and everything!” He was euphoric now. “And the way it sort of glowed when I plugged it in…it was great!”
        I had a brief flashback of the unit of National Gaurdsmen who trampled through our neighborhood for three days. And the constant hum of television news helicopters overhead. I tapped him on the shoulder, shaking him from his reverie.
        “Say, Bubba, old pal. Why don’t we build the geiger counter later. There’s a bowling tournament tonight and I’ll pay both our entrance fees. Plus, I’m buyng all the beer! Whatdaya say?”

        ……We came in last in the tournament. Didn’t get home til after midnight. The bowling and beer cost me over $60. I figure it’s the best money I ever spent.

      41. the politicians, and the government stiffs will survive a nuke fall out..I know this because i read somewhere that cockroaches are not affected by radiation

          • Cockroaches do not attempt to portray themselves as anything other than cockroaches. Politicians on the other hand attempt to portray themselves as public servants. Cockroaches are far more honest than politicians.

            I could be wrong but it’s just my personal observation.

      42. Suck on this Obama

        WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A group of former U.S. intelligence and Special Forces operatives is set to launch a media campaign, including TV ads, that scolds President Barack Obama for taking credit for the killing of Osama bin Laden and argues that high-level leaks are endangering American lives.

        Leaders of the group, the Special Operations OPSEC Education Fund Inc, say it is nonpartisan and unconnected to any political party or presidential campaign. It is registered as a so-called social welfare group, which means its primary purpose is to further the common good and its political activities should be secondary.

        In the past, military exploits have been turned against presidential candidates by outside groups, most famously the Swift Boat ads in 2004 that questioned Democratic nominee John Kerry’s Vietnam War service.

        The OPSEC group says it is not political and aims to save American lives. Its first public salvo is a 22-minute film that includes criticism of Obama and his administration. The film, to be released on Wednesday, was seen in advance by Reuters.

        “Mr. President, you did not kill Osama bin Laden, America did. The work that the American military has done killed Osama bin Laden. You did not,” Ben Smith, identified as a Navy SEAL, says in the film.

        “As a citizen, it is my civic duty to tell the president to stop leaking information to the enemy,” Smith continues. “It will get Americans killed.”

        nice to know or have some comfort of who’s side they could be on if it comes down to our armed forces on our streets

      43. thread drift time

        more and more people are waking up
        this is not good for TPTB
        they WILL RESORT TO VIOLENCE AND FORCE when the propaganda fails

        “This lie cannot be maintained and, my fellow Americans, you have to realize it by now. The international elite, having failed via manipulation and deception, will now turn toward strong arm violence to maintain control.”

        the police state is rapidly developing and evolving
        controls are becoming tighter and tighter everyday
        more and more draconian laws are being passed as we speak

      44. Better worry bout Obama’s EPA shutting down the nuke plants and coal fired generation facilities, and the horde up North not having power this winter, and us down South not being able to afford it!

      45. Nuclear disasters are a possibility but economic collapse is a 100% certainty. Don’t prepare for the first one until you’re prepared for the second one.

      46. Now the Social Security Adm. just ordered 174,000 rounds of 357sig 125gr JHP. Now all of you tell me what the F-CK is going on. they want it delivered in 60 days. Talking time is over, we have to stop this B S now. We need to force their hand on this, but again that maybe what they want, I don’t know. What I do know is this, it is not looking good for the HOME TEAM. Thats just my thoughts

      47. As someone who grew up during the 80s and remembers all the movies/tv shows about nuclear war its the one thing that terrifies me because I believe I cant protect my children from the effects of nuclear attack or the aftermath. My second point would be that I feel we are closer now to worldwide conflict than we have been in a long time and Im afraid to say and I mean no disrespect to anyone that I think many U.S. citizens dont realise the American govt is viewed as the bully in the playground and the most likely to trigger a nuclear exchange. Finally I think its worth speaking to someone that works at a nuclear facility to allay any fears as their safety procedures and contingency plans can be much better than you think. I know thats true here in the UK, the media tend to sensationalise the smallest incident. Nuclear power stations and the emergency services have well rehearsed plans to deal with any radiation leaks,emp attacks and the grid going down due to solar storms etc. That said every family should have their own shelter in place/bug out plans prepared in advance for any eventuality.

        • lisaloolibell,

          The United States is not the threat, we are not the “bully in the playground” as you stated. We are the ones who pay for all the catastrophes, we are the ones who sacrifice our men and women to make a safer world, we are the ones who the world turns to when they need a strong hand, or financial aid. You are spewing propaganda and the sad part is, if it were not for the United States of America, you would be under an oppressive regime and never know what it was like to be free. Our dictator president has already gone on the apology tour because he is a socialist, progressive, New World Order monster. He will be unseated soon and perhaps in time we will regain the respect we earned and deserve, once again. Your fear should be directed towards Iran, North Korea, Russia and China.

          • Ohcumgache ~

            I pretty much always agree with you, and you made some very good points in your comment. However, Lisaloolibell is accurate about how the US is perceived in other places.

            As for the “bullying” how do you think people in Iraq and Afghanistan feel about the US “freeing them” when the alleged freedom means that their kids are born with birth defects over DU weapons, just as one example?

            And it isn’t really the fault of the soldiers, many of whom deserve a great deal of respect. It is the fault of the leadership, the powers that be, that go to war to support Israel, that go to war to support the oil dollar, that go to war because someone, somewhere, has crossed our radar and is not complying with the American agenda.

            I’ve traveled a lot, and lived in many places, and sadly, the reputation of Americans is not a positive one.

            • @Daisy

              “Be nice to America, or we’ll bring democracy to your country”

            • Daisy,

              I agree with much of what you say, however we can not discount all of the good that the United States has done for this world. I personally do not care what the world thinks of the United States, I do know that we will always be called on to provide financial aid and help, regardless of what they think of us and we will always come through. I am a proud American.

              I will not get into the Israel situation because I have my personal views and they will not mesh with yours. I respect your opinions and thank you for the input.

            • And if they knew they’d be killed in unfriendly fire while shopping for lettuce, would they want that ‘freedom’ the U.S. is giving, and include rebuilding all the cities torn to smithereens by providing that ‘freedom’??
              Gotta ask yourself–was it worth it?

            • @
              The reason most nations “hate” us is because of our projected life styles via television/hollywood. To put it simply; They are jealous over us. How come millions, from all nationalities, try to get in to our country every year; they “envy” our perceived freedoms and lifestyles. To most of them, it looks like the land “flowing with milk and honey”. And compared to living in a war torn country in Africa that has no clean water, a few skinny goats, and barely enough sticks for a campfire; it is utopia.

              Now, back to the topic. You hit the nail on the head when you talked about trying to protect your children from radiation. Everyone with children should prepare for nuclear fallout as best as they can afford. I would. All my children are grown and own their own. It is their responsibility to do what they can to protect their children. As for me and the little woman. We are prepared for any and all disasters short of a full blown radioactive waste land. We are ready for the next Heaven and Earth Age. We both agree that we won’t lie around and watch each other waste away in pain and misery just because some “man” has said you will go to HELL for taking your own life. Bullshit! The only unforgiveable sin written in the bible is Blaspheming of the holy spirit. That sin can only be commited by dis-allowing the spirit to “speak” through you when and if you are one of the hold outs for taking the “mark” or allegience to the NWO. If you are one of God’s “elect” and are brought up before “council”(The NWO council with antichrist at the helm), and refuse to let the holy spirit do your talking, then and only then, have you committed the un-pardonable sin. Peace and safety for you and your children.

          • my intention was not to offend or upset anyone, my comments were not in any way meant as an insult to the american people. I was merely stating the perception of the U.S. govt and military outside of America is that they have been responsible for starting numerous wars particularly in recent years and that they are prepared to use nuclear weapons. I have a number of family members currently serving and also went to the various beaches in Normandy myself on the 60th anniversary of D-day to pay my respects to the fallen and to the U.S. veterans and thank them for their contribution during WW2.

            • I just hope those that have a beef with “americans” or more correctly the USA..should not take it out on the small guys, we the people are obviously not running the show..its the power hungry big heads that they need to be pissed at..we the average citizen just want the same thing most people around the world want, peace, a good job, shelter and ability to thrive and love our children and grow old enough to see our grand kids grow.

              im not over their telling them how to live..just because some stuffed suit here, backed by a crooked government thinks that countries resources are more important than the human factor, doesnt make me the bad guy

          • we are not the “bully in the playground”

            Tell that to all the countries of late losing their ‘dictators’ (by the U.S.’s definition), to learn they have been stripped of whatever resource they had.
            That’s why it’s called ‘nation building’.

      48. Oblamer/Biden NOPE AND CHAINS

        • I loved that story.

      49. There are currently 4 live nukes lost in the US from previously downed planes. No idea if these could ever degrade and go off but they are there in major populated areas of our society.

        Add this to the list of people who just don’t like us and you have a really nasty mixture of potential disasters.

      50. There is a nice little simulator on the internet available showing what happens when your hometown or any other city gets nuked. It works with Google maps and has pressure, thermal and fall out included. You can choose anything from a the Nagasaki bomb to the Tsar Bomba.

        Be safe!

      51. It looks like I am again last with an opinion. By the time we know that there is a nuclear issue most of us will be dead. The article is interesting but who has the resorces to prepair for it. I AM ABOUT BROKE JUST TRYING TO PREPARE FOR ALL THE BAD POSSIBILITIES THAT COULD HAPPEN. Trying my best to protect my loved ones from what is coming but sometimes it depresses me but God is good.

      52. My only question is who on the street will make change for gold when the SHTF? No one! I’ve been trying to up my ammo as best I can lately. Where will silver play in when this all happens? Not much talk about silver these days, does anyone know anything about large purchases of this metal?

      53. Fukushima = the SECOND largest nuclear event, eh?


        like some placebo pill for the terminally stupid.

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