North Korea: US Threats Have Made Outbreak Of War ‘An Established Fact’

by | Dec 7, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Experts | 39 comments

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    North Korea is warning the United States that their “threats” in the form of joint military drills with South Korea are making the outbreak of war “an established fact.” Kim Jong-Un’s regime is now saying that war is unavoidable.

    China continues to urge calm between the two heated nations, as two American B-1B heavy bombers joined large-scale combat drills over South Korea on Thursday. These drills are being regarded by North Korea as acts of aggression. According to Reuters,  a spokesman for the North’s foreign ministry blamed the drills and “confrontational warmongering” by U.S. officials for making war inevitable.

    The flights by the B-1B, one of America’s largest strike aircraft, were supposed to be playing a leading role in Washington’s attempts to increase pressure on North Korea to abandon its weapons program. So far, the flights are having the opposite effect on Kim’s tyrannical regime. In September, B-1Bs were among a formation of U.S. military aircraft that flew further north up North Korea’s coast than at any time in the past 17 years, according to the U.S. Pacific Command. That prompted North Korea’s foreign minister, Ri Yong Ho, to warn that the North could shoot down the U.S. bombers even if they did not enter North Korean airspace.

    The remaining question now is: when will the war break out?” the spokesman said late on Wednesday in a statement carried by North Korea’s official KCNA news agency. “We do not wish for a war but shall not hide from it.”

    China, North Korea’s neighbor, and lone major ally, again urged calm and said war was not the answer. “We hope all relevant parties can maintain calm and restraint and take steps to alleviate tensions and not provoke each other,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said in a statement. “The outbreak of war is not in any side’s interest. The ones that will suffer the most are ordinary people.”

    Tensions between the United States and North Korea skyrocketed in recent weeks after the rogue regime launched their most successful missile to date. The missile launch was conducted in defiance of United Nations Security Council resolutions and international condemnation.


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      1. geeze, not again

        • I will give this to Kim: someone stayed awake in English class. They would be EXCELLENT trash talkers in the NBA. Maybe Dennis Rodman has been teaching them?

      2. A good prep item might be a motorized bicycle kit? The stage 4 or good ones have neddle bearings ,produce 3 horsepower and get over 100 miles per gallon while doing 30 miles per hour? Bike berry has some good descriptions.

      3. war wont happen. Rocket man is mad not stupid.
        He knows if he attacks anyone he will be wiped out & have no North Korea left to dictate to.

        • war will happen rocket man is nuts

      4. 10 other “established facts” in Mentally IL Kim Jong Un’s mind:

        1. The moon is made of green cheese
        2.) Dennis Rodman is a statesman
        3.) Unicorns dancing on rainbows inhabit the mountains of NK, continually singing his praises
        5.) His people just LUVVV starvation. Keeps ’em thin and out of diabetic comas
        6.) Kalifornia should merge with NK to create a socialist super-state
        7.) The Commodore 64 he uses in his office is the latest in technology
        8.) Schizophrenia is a good thing in a world leader
        9.) Hilary really did make those cattle futures trades
        10.) Your entry here_________________


        • What he means by that is: “Don’t make me get my ass kicked.”

      5. Utter rubbish….it will never happen.

      6. Maybe it’s time for America to remove themselves from that area.
        That is the logical thing at the moment … but … considering it is America’s Military … it will not do the logical move that it needs to do.

        • Kimchi Phat Phuk’s threats are nothing but big talk and wasted air, unless he formally declares war, which will be game over for fatty.

        • hey kim jung buddy, if i dont pay my taxes the feds declare war on me too and i dont even get my own pleasure brigade like you.

      7. Okay Un-boy – “when?” is right. Light the damned fuse. I’m sick and tired of this verbal b.s/sparring. Someone needs to tan your hide. Just don’t give me your “we don’t wish war” stuff. Without a war, your days are numbered and you know it. So? Advice fat guy – you’d best be finding one hell of a good place to hide. For if it is not war, your own people will get you sooner or later.

      8. The only person who needs to be condemned is Donald Trump, for refusing to negotiate as virtually everyone on the planet knows has to be done.

        The Russians and Chinese have recommended a “freeze for freeze” plan to start with: US freezing military maneuvers and NK freezing missile launches. Trump has ignored this.

        The parameters for a diplomatic solution are well-known to anyone who knows the history of this crisis. Trump ignores this, too.

        But no, for Trump this is a land grab, trying to seize six to ten trillion dollars of undeveloped mineral resources in NK with the bogus excuse that NK is a “threat”.

        It’s the Iraq War based on WMD lies all over again. Dumb-ass Trump supporters are as dumb as believers in George W. Bush’s lies.

        • Yup, better go sign your kids up in the military. In fact you better sign up yourself! Get over there and defend our freedom dammit! After all WE ARE UMURIKANS nyuk nyuk nyuk.

        • Bullshit,
          Trump is refusing to be extorted yet again by the north koreans,
          The drill has been norkocommies rattle their sabers and then the US appeases them with food aid and monetary help, then all is quiet for a while, all the while these turds are building nukes etc, and then they do it again and again and again,

          • Why give DPRK anything? Ignore them.

            ‘Non-proliferation’ and ‘containment’ have never worked. Any nation bent of obtaining nuclear weapons has done so. USA did a lot of the leg work by developing the technology. It’s not as though DPRK or Iran are inventing anything. The nuclear genie is out of the bottle. You can’t unring a bell. This is the fatal flaw in the ‘nuclear zero’ pipe dream. The rest of the world can ‘ban’ whatever they want, but if you’re the only nation on Earth that has nukes, what’s the rest of the world aim to do about it?

        • Oh yeah that worked big time for Obama didn’t it. As well as a few of the prior presidents.

        • RSH–
          What’s to negotiate? DPRK knows their nukes keep USA out, so they’ll never give them up (kind of like Americans with the 2A).
          These ‘shows of force’ are for internal consumption. Doesn’t scare DPRK in the least.
          China will never allow a USA puppet in NK, just as USA would never tolerate a Chinese or Russian puppet in Canada or Mexico. We prefer the wussbag government in Canada and the narco-state to the south.
          USA should ‘let DPRK win’. Pull out of SK completely. SK and Japan have the money to defend themselves, but they will never spend it for that as long as USA pays the freight.
          Leaving hurts only our pride. We’re not ‘containing’ China any more than we ‘contained’ USSR. USSR collapsed under it’s own weight. USA didn’t ‘win’ the cold war, USSR just collapsed first. Russia is back, better than ever. Our turn at collapse is coming up any time. Just need the right catalyst to kick things off.

        • If DPRK had mineral wealth, USSR, Russia, or China would have already exploited it.

        • R.S.H.: Evidently you don’t know much about Korean history. When the “Korean Police Action” was started, (thank you UN) General McCarther(sp) wanted to drive the gooks over the Yalu River into China and drive the Communists out of Korea. President Truman fired him and that was the end of that. The Police Action continued until an armistice was signed. Negotiations at the armistice table drug on until NK finally (ha ha ha) agreed to the 38th parallel as a permanent(?) boundary between the 2 countries. Negotiations with the NK regime have been an exercise in futility. The only solution for them is to have SK abandon their government and submit to the NK demands; something like VietNam and you know how well that went, or do you? You really need to wake up while your history instructor is trying to teach REAL history. As for the rest of your post: it doesn’t rate any comment. I guess you better go back and continue drinking your Nobummmmer Kool Aid.

      9. RSH, like that hasn’t already been tried? Trump HAS tried to talk to NK behind the scenes but it’s Porky that refuses to talk. The six-party talks that took place previously were a total wasted effort. They’ve been offered incentives to give up their nuclear program and rejected them. So you tell me what the hell else can Trump do?

        • Braveheart1776

          The US doesn’t invade or overthrow nations with nuclear weapons. Its a great reason for a nation to seek their possession. One just need ask Saddam (who had no WMD) & Gaddafi (who provided the highest standard of living to his citizens and died at the end of a bayonet enema).

          • In the words of David Rockafeller
            “Own nothing, control everything”
            They don’t own us (except massive debt) but they sure as hell control us.

            Anyone here ever tried a common law pure trust? It works on that principal too.


      10. I am about sick and tired of the fat, gay pogo stick and all of this shit talking.

      11. It’s really really really really inevitable this time! Really! No this time I actually mean it!

        … see you see Trump playing “the role that always worked for him” (aka intimidating employees).

        … I’m seeing fatty pulling the same shit.

        We’re not going to cower like starving parasite-riddled cult members at your asinine proclamations, fat boy.

        Really I mean it this time really!

        K. Shells. Seoul. Nothing’s happening fatso…

      12. Here’s what you do.

        Negotiate with them. Sell the farm. Look scared. Look like you’re a weak turd like Obama did. Play up domestic problems or some fucking thing or other.

        Send them a lot of money. Apologize. Grovel. Look like a complete fucking asswipe.

        Keep this up for about 18 to 24 months.

        Then release the most virulent weaponized plague you have ever cooked up into their food chain (such as it is).

        You don’t go at this like mano-a-mano. You pull a fucking Palpatine.

      13. I thought the people on this site would be informed since I take it you’re prepared for SHTF. Of all the comments I just read, I swear you idiots just came from watching CNBC. NK isn’t a threat. They’re free to test their missiles. Oh, but it flies over Japan? Where the fuck do you want it to fly? Up north to another country? To launch to water it HAS to go over Japan, numb-nuts. Military drills are provoking, what if it was the other way around? If I got in your face and swang at the air around your face, it’s not a fight unless I actually hit you, right?

        • You swing at the air around my face and i will hit you so hard youll be shitting teeth

          • If you get up

          • that is kinda what trump is saying to kim jong unstable

        • hey dick, if you had a neighbor that promised to attack your family but was curently busy reloading 30-06 ammo to attack you with after he had just killed his friends and family to stay in power would you believe him. maybe your women will become part of his pleasure brigade and service denis rodman?

          • And that’s exactly what the US is doing, provoking. NK is the armed neighbor saying “don’t fuck with me”. News comes out and says “NK missile capable of hitting Washington!” Frankly I don’t see a problem with that. Matter a fact their missile can hit anywhere in the world, but “Washington” sounds better. Leave them the fuck alone and address the problems in the economy. Oh wait, they need a scapegoat away from the central banker’s clusterfuck and need to take us to war to divert attention away from them. I guess it makes sense to provoke NK then, carry on.

        • so if someone shoots at the air around your face then it is not a fight unless the bullet hits you in the eye i guess. in that case a person with that definition would lose every fight. you are as dumb as an NRA member.

          • I never said that dumbfuck. We’re the ones punching the air around NK’s face. Reading comprehension isn’t your strong point.

      14. For North Korea, the Korean War has never fully ended. Their goal it to absorb South Korea. Kim Jong Un is the third generation of leaders trying to do this and has been raised to hate the US, the major obstacle to “unifying Korea”. The government of South Korea is perceived as a puppet state. If China ever gave the go-ahead to deal with North Korea, Trump would deal with North Korea. The more capable the North Koreans become in delivering serious harm to the American homeland, the less that is true. The North Koreans understand this and are pushing forward as fast as they can. They fear retaliation, their greatest concern is with our ability to intercept their missiles. They cannot produce nuclear-armed icbms in sufficient numbers to overcome this (maybe). What is more dangerous is their sharing their knowledge with nations that are anti-USA.

        • The Korean war never ended for any of the participants. If Trump wants to attack DPRK, no congressional or UN approval is needed. Kind of looks like we intentionally left the door open just a crack.

      15. Famous Last Statements:

        “. . .and maybe we can negotiate with Mr. Hitler”

        Neville Chamberlain
        PM Britain 1938

        First rule of diplomacy is–You can’t work a deal with a crazy f()k#r. You look stupid and encourage Mr. CF.

        Be patient, wait for as long is reasonable, and hope that his army puts his head on a pike before you are forced by circumstances to act!

      16. fatso is just a douchebag trying to feed his endless ego. I say they go to war and see who incurs the greatest losses. trump, keep up the good work. it’s paying off

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