No Time to Panic: Strategic Survival Expert Joel Skousen Survives Plane Crash

by | Mar 16, 2013 | Emergency Preparedness, Strategic Relocation | 109 comments

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    Former Marine fighter pilot and well known strategic relocation survival expert Joel Skousen ( was flying home from Las Vegas this week when his experimental Glasair I aircraft experienced an unrecoverable problem with the plane’s fuel flow system. According to first responders on the scene the plane was, “completely totaled in the wreck, after flipping and partially detaching the wings.”

    “It’s the first time I’ve done an accident, an engine-out landing to a field,” said Skousen.

    “When I slowed down to put the landing gear down and went to put power back on, to reach speed, it wouldn’t come back up.”

    “As a longtime pilot for many, many years, you read about a lot of accidents,” he said.

    You’re trained to go through these procedures of trying to get that engine restarted, throwing on the pumps, throwing the booster, checking the fuel. And so you really don’t have time to panic because you are going through procedures.

    Skousen was not seriously injured in the crash, receiving only a few cuts and bruises. He was not transported to a hospital.

    “Emotionally, it’s really tough to go through an accident,” Skousen said.

    I’m very blessed. There’s no other way to describe coming out of that with only a couple of scratches.

    Source: KSL Utah

    Images of Mr. Skousen’s mangled aircraft:




    As Joel Skousen himself notes, the accident could have been much worse than it was. Providence and a little bit of ‘luck’ played a significant role in his coming out of this nearly unscathed.

    His efforts in the midst of the emergency, however, should not be downplayed. Having trained as a fighter pilot for years, Skousen is well versed in the procedures required to counter-act such a situation. He had a plan and followed procedures step-by-step, even in the midst of what must have been a very high intensity, high stress environment.

    His training paid off. He didn’t panic. His focus during a far-from-equilibrium crisis no doubt played a role in his surviving the crash, because had he panicked he may have made mistakes that could have led to a completely different set of circumstances.

    Plan. Prepare. Practice. It may save your life.

    Editor’s Note: We’re thankful Mr. Skousen walked away with minor injuries. Thousands of people have benefited greatly from his willingness to share his wisdom and knowledge. We wish him the very best. When asked by reporters what he would do next, Skousen smilingly replied, “I got two more kits in the hanger, build another airplane and go at it again.” It’s a testament to his die-hard spirit. You can visit Joel Skousen’s web site at World Affairs Brief.


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      1. Proper Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance

        The USMC Seven P’s

        • Open forum time lets have some fun.!.

          • And just where is the open forum Mac..?

            We are counting on you..


            • purely an accident, right? no sabotage?

          • I believe the Forum is named after me. I cursed the SHTFPLAN Forum. My bad. Mac?

            • Howdy Iowa! the forum and private messaging system is almost ready… we’re working on some final user interface updates and will hopefully be ready by the end of this month. Thanks, all, for your patience.

        • Red Leader

          Semper Fi!

          Just as my son USMC1STBAT9MAR has always told me over and over again..

          practice drill repeat..til you can do it in your sleep.

          We need more service members contributing here in every aspect of preparations..just as Joel Skousen prevailed.

          Spot on..


          • There’s a quote that goes like this: “Amateurs practice until they get it right. Professionals practice until they can’t get it wrong.”

          • Possee :

            Drink water.


        • Interesting. Back on April 9, 1999 I was in a similar accident in a GlasAir. I was not flying the plane, but was put in the pilot’s seat. We were landing at Gila Bend airport in AZ. A big cross wind came up while we were in a landing environment and blew the wing into the ground causing the plane to cartwheel about 3 times. The pilot had the fuel pushed in to full power (for some reason the NTSP report said the pilot made no attempt to correct the plane in spite of this), but it did not work.

          I got kind of banged up and the back of my head needed stitches, but the cockpit did as it was supposed to and stayed mostly intact like the pics above. I was wearing a five point seat belt and luckily tightened it as we circled the airport.

          An ambulance was called and as a test for concussion they asked me a few simple questions. One in particular was “Who is the president?” It was Clinton at the time and all I could think to say is “that asshole”. LOL!

          I was emotionally fragile after surviving an accident like this. Still hard to talk or think about it to this day. Glad to still be here tho…

      2. Now, that’s what I call a credible source of information, surviving an incredible situation.

        • Sarah Palin is an ignorant, opportunistic scumbag. I don’t see anything special in her, I must be missing something.

          • Yeah, you’re missing something, alright.

            • What would that be, Old Coach? Enlighten me!!

              • What does SD stand for? Sore Dick?

                • If you could keep your mouth off of it, perhaps it wouldn’t be sore.

      3. Gottum good panic-control skills—Gottum not so good
        kit-building skills

      4. The first thing I look at in an aircraft is the stall speed with flaps extended, meaning I want to know how fast I will be landing in the event of an engine out. Of course on those days when it’s hot, humid, and you are landing at high elevation (high density altitude), your landing just got a lot faster.

        • he was very lucky to have skills ,because he was lacking the 2 most impotant things to have in a crisis,elevation and air speed ,he had neither ,add to that an expermental aircraft (im guessing a high stall speed )look what happened yesterday down here ,at ft lauderdale same situation ,different out come ,im just a dinasaur ,give me an old piper cub

          • Same here L40 – I still keep a 1970 Cessna Aerobat, but with a Bush conversion (the name libs love to hate) 160hp. Stall in ground effect is SLOW. Still great to see the beauty of the earth on some weekends.

            Safe flying to you and all the other pilots and fellow ex-GI pilots.

        • The first thing I look at in an aircraft is the stall speed with flaps extended

          Or the higher stall speed with flaps retracted! I was flying a Grumman Tiger when the master switch went out. I still had power, but had to land without the (electrically deployed) flaps. The plane seems to float forever in ground effect.

          • Yeah – my dad flew a Tiger, and it was a fast plane…really ‘slick’ and it would keep wanting to fly in ground effect!

            • miracle that eh survived that! wow!

      5. whenever I see the phrase “experimental aircraft”

        I KNOW there’s gonna be trouble !

        • Try starting out in you wanna see scary

          • Trained in ultralights. Didn’t intimidate me the least little bit. The design is statistically safer than a Cessna.

            • with a flight threashold of only 10 yeah right

        • Just ask John Denver. But you will have to wait til you die too.

          • My brother-in-law threw John Denver out of his hanger in Anchorage for expecting free work. Turns out his plane went down because the home-installed main power switch from Radio Shack failed. Too cheap to get an FAA approved part installed by a certified tech. As costs go up most small planes have unapproved parts and are missing maintenance. The >$10k required install of gps tracking equip so the FAA can track all planes will ground a lot of them. I think that becomes required equipment next year.

            • Yah and the GPS tracking device never will work for the bug out sortie!!!

        • Didn’t they all start out as “experimental?”

        • it’s only experimental because it isn’t built by a manufacturer, but built from a kit. this particular airplane has been around for decades.

      6. ….former crash-test dummy, before becoming pilot…..

      7. Started my flight training a few months before 9-11..that really sucked being kicked out of the air for a while. Got back into it when they let us go hard and heavy eneded up buying a 195 HP skyhawk with the continental 6 in it, also had the variable pitch prop.

        Well after flying all over for about 8 years, it ended up costing to dam much to go fuck around, so I ended up selling the plane, its much easier and cheaper to rent when I want to fixed cost, no hangar fee, no annuals etc..

        But like they imply training is the key to survival

        • I’ve trained in every category and class of aircraft there is.

          My favorite is the seaplane.

          My second favorite is the chopper.

          • And once you finish your bullshitting licence course you might make your lies believable

          • HEY! E. _How did ya do in the F_22 RATOR!!?? mm. Saw it in Daytona Air Show ,last year. (was that YOU flying it?)

        • Same sentiment of our old friend; couldn’t afford the insurance.
          He rents too when he wants to visit out of state.

      8. Maybe he was trying to land in Galt’s Gulch and missed?

      9. Out here in Western Iowa as in many parts of the country we have crop dusters flying at various times of the year. To watch those guys or gals, fixed wing or helicopter, it is amazing. We have lots of groves of trees, power lines, towers. They are up an down, up an down. “BALLS OF STEEL”

        Used my root cellar this season for the first time ever. Temperature was 39 degrees down their today. Potatoes kept nice, apples good, sweet potatoes didn’t make it. Ate the squash. Most of it was put in Oct. Nov. time frame. Still some snow on ground. Soil froze hard as a rock. Winter dies hard up here.

        From the North Coast: Stay Brave

        • Is the root celler just a 6 ft. hole or does it actually have a structure?

          • Big E
            Built in 1948 it’s poured concrete roof, sides, floor, and steps leading down. 3 shelves on one side, 2 on the other. Shelves are pored concrete. Size maybe 7×10 ft. This was built back in the day when canning was still big. I live on a farm site. Original house burned down 1950. 20 years it sat empty. Figured I better do something with it. Tornado’s, fallout, food storage, I would say 9ft deep, 2 ft dirt over the roof.

        • I spent some down time in Anchorage Ak a few years ago and watched Bush Pilots landing and taking off on a small lake in the city….unbelievable!…drop those planes almost straight down into the water and then take off almost the same way…just missing the tops of buildings/trees at the edges of the water…they have my respect!

        • High Noon..what is it with sweet potatoes?
          My husband’s acquaintance lost his also in a root cellar; gotten the same time as mine.
          Mine are still fine and I kept them in a cool closet in the storage room(just a bedroom turned storage room) and had them since October.
          Go figure.

          • sweet potatoes need to be stored around 60 degrees to keep. too cold and they wont last well. we are still eating sweets from september and very few have sprouted yet.

            • Howdy kimintn,

              I HAVE a queation on ther sweets…when they go bad is it an issue of the ‘flesh’ going bad or more of a fungsal issue…IYHO?


            • I think your right. The cellar really doesn’t even get above 50 in the summer. I’s about 9 ft deep. (2 ft. of dirt over the top) Built in 1948. Pretty nice.

      10. Just watched Palin’s CPAC speech. She’s really hot for an old lady.

        • She’s an idiot!!

          • SD Mule: And what’s you’re point? None of the crop of folks running, with an exception or two, in the last 50 years has been anything like smart. They’re all run-of-the-mill folks. All presidents have had a group of ‘handlers’ know as the “kitchen cabinet” who make most of the policy decisions. If you’re looking for the “Philospher Kings” Plato spoke about, all I can say is “Good Luck”! Besides, Palin is really hot looking, she can hunt and fish with the best of them, and seems friendly enough. I don’t see much down side to that. Hell, she could be my outdoor buddy anytime. You want brains, get someone from MIT or Cal Tech.

            • Thank you for illustrating why the usa is heading for third world status. Your acceptance of a mediocre at best candidate because they satisfy some physical desire as opposed to having the qualifications,ability, and intellect to do the work required says it all. You’re making it easy on the “owners” of this country. They create an image, package it up, sell it on TV, and you can’t wait to “buy in”. They take the thinking out of it and people fall right in line. George Carlin was right, there are some stupid motherfu..ers in this country. Check out George Carlin on you-tube.

              • @ SD…..And if she was elected , she could (or would ) QUIT ,if she didn’t LIKE IT !! mm

          • She’s not a total idiot. She’s a really nice person.

        • You are such a pig – you thoroughly disgust me.

      11. I was in a minor plane crash in Australia. We hit the runway so hard my seatbelt snapped and I bashed my head off the roof of the plane. The blood poured out of me.

        Of course it was a woman pilot.

      12. YOUR RETREAT!

        Will the retreat hold all of the people who are likely to use it?

        Does the retreat provide inherent protection from nuclear,
        biological, and chemical threats?

        Is water available independent of any municipal supply or source?

        Do I know how I will preserve my food?

        Have I identified how I will heat and cook?

        Is it possible to safely store food, clothing, explosives, guns,
        and ammunition at the retreat?

        Can the location be secured now before it is actually manned
        during the collapse?

        Does it have adequate facilities? Can all these people wash
        occasionally? Will the toilets work?

        Can the retreat be obscured and hidden, now and after the
        fighting starts?

        Do any neighbors or friends outside of those who will be using
        the retreat know of its existence?

        Have I devised a workable defense plan?

        Can the area be patrolled?

        Is the retreat actually defensible or am I just kidding myself?

        Can the approaches be mined and guarded?

        Do I have the proper equipment to guard them?

        Is the retreat in an area where I can raise a garden, scrounge,
        and generally set up a viable existence after the collapse?

        Do I have a library in the retreat?

        Is the library good enough to provide the information needed
        after the collapse? If not, what books do I still need?

        Do I have adequate amounts of everything to implement my mine
        field and mantrap plans for the retreat, given a fair and honest
        evaluation of what I will probably have to face?

        What about medical supplies and information? Have I got that

        Have I provided for nuclear/biological monitoring? Do I have
        Geiger counters, dosimeters, etc.?

        Do I have decontamination suits so at least some of my people can
        leave the retreat to guard, patrol, and take care of outside

        Have I made plans to keep hordes of people from coming anywhere
        near my area?

        Have I evaluated my people and attempted to fit them into the
        various duties the best way possible?

        Am I psychologically equipped to defend my retreat? Can I
        actually shoot intruders?

        Does everyone know which situations will actually trigger the
        defense plan and when to set off the mines and explosives and
        start shooting?

        Do I have a stock of barter goods? Are they properly stored?

        Do I know how everyone will get to the retreat? Do that have a
        least one alternative contingency plan for getting to the
        retreat, preferably two?

        Have I evaluated the various thread possibilities and then made
        realistic plans to counter them, especially the nonconfrontive,
        nonmilitary threats?

        Are the immediate approaches to my retreat such that they can be
        made impassable by booby traps or just plain physical means?

        Do I know how much time it will take to close the approaches and
        who will be in charge of this job?

        Do I have a battle plan that fits everyone into the defense

        Do I know the warning signs that will indicate that it is time to
        put my retreat plan into operation?

        Do I have the correct guns and enough ammunition or have I been
        swept away by the armament gurus into believing tons of hardware
        can replace the right amount of the proper equipment?

        Have I planned for retreat communications?

        Do I know what means and material the enemy will have at his
        disposal or even who the enemy is, in a realistic sense?

        Have I put together a psychological plan to keep people away and
        discourage them if they do attack?

        Have I planned for special medical/dietary needs of the group?

        Have I taken care of my group’s current medical/dental
        requirements so these won’t be of immediate concern after the

        Do I know how to handle explosives safely?

        . . . reload ammunition?

        . . . operate and repair guns?

        Am I skilled in using alternative means of transportation?

        Am I highly motivated and self-confident?

        Do I know my home territory?

        Have I tried to look at defeating my retreat from the eyes of an

        Is the retreat adequately stocked with tools and utensils for use
        in the new economy?

        Do I know where to get the consumable items we will need such as
        light bulbs, grease, oil, toilet paper, soap, canning lids, salt,
        needles, and thread? Have I thought about these items in terms
        of my retreat?

        Are fires a danger? If so, what can I do to counter that threat?

        Is blast a danger? Will my retreat withstand an explosion?

        Can I properly evaluate situations? Am I prone to hysteria or

        Do I have a continuing survival training program?

        Have I studied other collapsed societies and how people are

        Have I made plans to defend against heavy equipment such as tanks
        and helicopters, if that becomes necessary?

        Is it possible for attackers to sneak up on my retreat unseen, or
        more importantly, for them to detect my retreat without exposing

        Do I know how to use fish, game, and wild plants in my area?

        Do I know how to garden in my area?

        Do I have a post collapse skill I can use during the readjustment?

        Do I know how the actual retreat will be ventilated? What about

        NOMI EVER____KTLTW

      13. ~~~Skousen smilingly replied, “I got two more kits in the hanger, build another airplane and go at it again~~~

        I don’t think I’ll be flying with Joel—capiche????

      14. O/T but you go girl

        Sarah Palin served up a generous helping of conservative red meat today, comparing President Obama to white-collar criminal Bernie Madoff, mocking New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg for his support of a jumbo soda ban and criticizing the GOP’s post-election attempt at “putting a fresh coat of rhetorical paint on our party” rather than focusing on “restoring the trust of the American people.”

        On the final day of the Conservative Political Action Conference just outside Washington, D.C., Palin delivered one of the most well-received speeches of a weekend that has featured such Republican luminaries as Mitt Romney, Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio. Pausing numerous times for standing ovations, she reserved particular vitriol for President Obama.

        “He is considered a good politician,” the former vice presidential nominee said, referring to Obama, “which is like saying Bernie Madoff was a good salesmen. The difference being, the president is using our money.”

        She exhorted him to “step away from the teleprompter and do your job.”

        • ~~~mocking New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg for his support of a jumbo soda ban and criticizing the GOP’s post-election attempt at “putting a fresh coat of rhetorical paint on our party” rather than focusing on “restoring the trust of the American people.”~~~

          Amen, like we really need to be focusing on a damn supersized soda at this moment when many can’t even buy mac and cheese, the 3/$1 kind??

        • Palin wouldn’t do anything differently than Obama is doing if she were the president. She’s just prettier.

          • She’d bowl a hell of a lot better.

            • And she DOES know which end of the shotgun to point!!

              • Plus, she has a husband that can fish, drive, shoot, feed a dog, and eat without a taste tester.

        • Obama may be a criminal, a dictator, etc. but at least he has brains… that fruitcake wouldnt make good anythingW@

        • Republican luminaries??? Now that’s funny!!

      15. How’s the saying go? An optimist invented the airplane…a pessimist invented the parachute. Glad he’s OK.

      16. Skill, but also a lot of luck goes into not having life threatening injuries whenever you fall out of the sky. Being very prepared mentally is so important when something like this happens on the ground and while impacting the ground at various angles and speeds.

        New Guinea, Mexico, southern Japan, and South America is starting to rumble like it should because of the the movement of the Australian, Antarctic, and African plates as indicated by the Indian Ocean Triple Junction quake. There is a high probability of a major earthquake by at least March 30, but probably by March 27. It is always kind of amazing how you have a quake in a certain spot like here in the Indian Ocean, and then you either have a large earthquake very quickly afterwards or a bunch of moderate quakes in the same spots there were hit before.

        The plates are actually fairly predictable if you can establish where the sequences of earthquakes go from these plate boundaries. When you have three plates interacting with each other like this, you can get some real big shakers like twice before here with a couple of huge earthquakes. 8.6 and 8.6/8.7 are very large and an indication whenever there is an earthquake on this section of the Indian Ocean Triple Junction that something massive could be coming. This time is no different, and these areas mentioned should be on alert for something quite large. The first stages of motion have started up a lot as of today.

        • I’m giving serious consideration to buying a globe…no joke…
          Because I’m getting to understand and standard charts aren’t cutting it…

          Good job…BI…

          • me too!

        • Howdy BI, thanks for the update. In your opinion did the 4.5 in Lake County California releieve the pressure on the San Andreas which ff I remember correctly you said was locked up? Thanks,

      17. Glad to see he’s OK. I’ve got no desire to fly anymore. Truth be known, I’d shy away from cruise ships too.

        • I fly meself and cruise in my own sailboat. Freedom.

      18. BI,
        This is an obvious question…and serious one…
        Can you buy a globe with the plate boundaries accentuated?

        • @ jerrytbg. I have never seen a globe of such, but what I have done is put a little sticker about 1/8 of an inch on every earthquake over 4.5 and right now I have most of the plate boundaries on the globe. It is very interesting as I took a tape measurer and went around the globe from the Indian Ocean Triple Junction south around the Antarctica and up the globe north of this and it passed right through Mexico. The point from the Junction point northwest as the Australian plate runs, and it passes through New Guinea. Take the African plate and continue northeast and it passes through southern Japan. This is likely why when the Junction gets an earthquake these places are hit later with a big quake.

          I wonder if a place like the National Geographic site or some University would sell such a globe. You can always get an old globe at a garage sale and kind of eye where the plate boundaries are and take a knife and scrap the plates into it, or some ceramic type paint and mark it in that way. You will see a totally different world when you see what is going on with the planet on a three dimensional scale. We are all too use to see life on a flat scale to understand what is really going on.

          • I was just thinking. You give us all this information for free. You should give me a call and I bet we could sell this to the corp. for billions. It would be a change for them, could be a hard sell, but they did buy GM?

            • What I mean about the hard sell is that the corp. buys crap. You have something of great value.

          • @ BI,

            A site called Worldwideglobes has two models that just might do the trick…
            One is called the “Geographer” , you can write on it with a dry marker… um
            The other is the “Atlantis”, it has raised and indented relief.
            Doesn’t label the boundaries but does show them. Double um…

            I only have room for one …
            As simple a decision you would think this should be… it’s not ! ha-ha 🙂

          • Thanks BI…

            • I don’t know if going to come back and ck but…
              I did see this but haven’t contacted them yet…
              Thanks for taking the time…

      19. Planes land all the time without engine power, it’s call a glider. Every airplane has a best glide speed. Stick and rudder, stick and rudder. It can be done with any aircraft.
        Commercial airline pilot 25 years.

        • What if it’s fly-by-wire and you lose ALL power? Propulsion and electric…
          I’ll check for that answer in the AM…I’m running late.

        • A manhole cover has a best glide speed too, but I wouldn’t want to glide land on one.

          • Manhole covers do not have wings! Airplanes are certified to a certain dynamic and directional stability in some way. Yes even experimental aircraft. Unless of course there is some structural damage.

          • my father was a pilot ,used to fly sundown patrol along the coast for the civil air patrol ,he always said of the jet airliners that you could fly a barn door if you put enough power on it ,scared the hell out of me ,and i wouldnt fly in them (stuck with the small ones) then he gets older and starts flying in the commercial jets ,DAMN traitor !

            • he always said of the jet airliners that you could fly a barn door if you put enough power on it

              I think that statement is more true of jet fighters, which are bricks with tiny wings, than of jet airliners, which actually have a decent glide ratio if engine power is lost.

              • true ,although i might feel a little better if they would provide me with an ejection seat and chute on the airliner ,ha ha

        • Why do they only have a single cable in the Cessna steering system?

        • You have a better chance of surviving a helicopter crash than an airplane crash.

          • statistics show otherwise

      20. Scratch that…I found one

        • Where???

      21. Be Informed, what do you think about possible tsunami on eastern coast of U.S.? Think it could happen?

        Also, the volcanoes in Italy a few days ago– were they outstanding in strength?

        Also, isn’t this very unusual– all the quakes, etc. lately?


        • @ Grasshopper. A tsunami on the east coast has happened countless times before and will again, but it is not from the Canary Islands like so many think. The amount of land that would go into the ocean to cause a mega tsunami at 3500 miles away would have to be moving at the speed of an atypical asteroid and be the size of something much larger than the dinosaur killer 65 million years ago. The amount of mass of the islands is tiny even if the whole island went into the ocean. This is because it would go into the ocean at a very slow speed. No kinetic energy behind it. People have thoight that the waves would continue undisturbed like in fiber optics, but the resistance of the ocean would dimish such a wave within a couple hundred miles or a few hundred miles at best.

          So what caused these Atlantic seaboard tsunamis? Likely the Caribbean plate moving, especially more so on the eastern flank. There are other fault zones off of New Jersey, Virginia, North Carolina, etc. that could generate limited size tsunamis, but most likely these have occurred from the Caribbean plate. Another very likely source are asteroids. The oceans get hit all the time, and the frequency of those big enough to cause a tsunami increase over hundreds or thousands of years. I would be very worried about the Caribbean plate as the eastern portion of it last broke around 1400 AD. 600 years is a long time for the pressure to build up on oceanic crust.

          The volcanoes increasing in Italy are the result of the African plate and a likely symptom of the plate on the move. I would watch more towards Greece and the eastern mediterrean Sea more than anything right now, as the Arabian plate is way overdue for some very large earthquakes on it western portions of it.

          There are more earthquakes lately, know why? Everytime before a very large earthquake the planet kind of gears up for it. Much energy is being thrown in many directions away from the source of the future break and must go somewhere. These are part of the reason you are seeing so many quakes all over the place in so many different spots. It is also because the plates are getting ready for the movement as they are the cause behind it. You will likely not see anything but microquakes around the future site of the large earthquake, but instead moderate quakes around it. Yes, there is very likely a large quake coming, maybe this time even a mega quake.

      22. Did someone intentionally sabotage his fuel system? He was just on the Alex Jones show on Friday.

        • Yeah, it was a great interview! I saw that!

      23. Got a bit of pic time in a 150, 172, Archer, Warrior all vfr. Also flew a J3, Citabria, Schweitzer two place sailplane, but not as pilot in command (just as a freeloader!) even got a ride as ‘crew’ on a flight in a hot air balloon. Thank the Lord no crashes. Could I handle an emergency? Dunno, mate. You never know till the chips are down.

        Oh yeah, jumped from a Cessna 180 twice back in the day. Had nightmares after that second static line jump.

      24. From what looks like a landing on flat ground, I’m wondering why the plane came apart like that. Some sign that he caught a wingtip maybe, but still. . . .

        • I believe the Glasair has either tricycle or tail dragger fixed landing gear. It looks like a plowed field so probably the gear caught up in the rough and didn’t roll through pitching the nose into the dirt. Seems he was pretty lucky not to be hurt.

      25. maybe not an accident at all……..

      26. I am a chemical operator at a large plant here in Tennessee. We are always training here and have procedures for everyting. We watch videos of what has happened at other plants around the world to what went wrong and how to prevent that from happening here. The same thing applies here becuase you never know when you might have a line plug, burst, loss of power, river water, inert gas, etc etc etc. The lives you can effect is not just your own but potentially thousands if it all goes wrong. You must be prepared.
        On a daily note, how many times have you had to make a quick split decision driving down the road becuase of a deer, a drunk driver, a blown tire, etc. I can think of other things such as a house fire, medical emergency, severe weather, etc that can happen. If you dont take time to think and prepare about it now, you may be dead tommorrow. Always keep your head up and alert because you never know when SHTF just landed in your lap.

      27. Congratulations on walking away from the accident. Insurance will deal with the physical loss. The important thing here was that you were able to use your available skills to save your life period. Damage to pride over how you could have avoided the physical loss altogether washes away with time. You did have some wonderful luck considering how the cockpit was torn open the way it was from the pictures.

        • Good for him! My aunt, uncle, and cousin died when their plane crashed last year. He was trying for an emergency landing and hit trees. He had almost made to the field. My uncle was crazy anal so it was just a freak equipment failure.

          • They should outlaw private planes. There is an accident almost everyday. Mostly the
            Accidents involve the lack of maintenance that the average aircraft owner cant afford
            Even though it is required. Pilot error is also a problem . Almost never a commercial crash.

      28. Isn’t it strange that all people who speak sense about an upcoming life ahead of us are having aircraft accidents, heart attacks and committing suicide ?

      29. Glad he is o.k. training is important but having a good head and reacting is also very important. My husbands partner at work another guy in a car walked up to his car and opened it. He was slow pulling his gun the passenger didn’t call the police and the guy followed him even after he pulled his gun and told him to go back to his car. he then drove to a police station and the guy followed him for another ten minutes to it and then pulled away. Calling 911 and letting him following giving the car description and area they were headed would have been the best thing to do. this happen to another person and calling the police they showed up and locked the guy up just for harassment and acting like he had a gun at an intersection. The second person would do better to survive. you should see the road rage even against ambulances, police, firetrucks. last week the fire engine got the finger on the way to a fire and the guy wouldn’t get out of the way. crazy what people do.

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