New Zealand Braces For ‘Super Gonorrhea’: It’s A Matter Of ‘WHEN, Not If’

by | Apr 23, 2018 | Emergency Preparedness | 29 comments

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    The island nation of New Zealand is bracing itself for what scientists are calling “super gonorrhea.”  They say it is not a matter of ‘if’ the nation will be impacted by the disease, but a matter of ‘when.’

    A historically resistant strain of gonorrhea has made its way from South East Asia to the United Kingdom and Australia, and experts are warning New Zealand will be struck next by the antibiotic-resistant super-bug gonorrhea strain. It’s in Eastern Australia, and it’s in Queensland, Australia, so those in New Zealand are rightly concerned.

    Last month, it was reported a British man had contracted what was dubbed the world’s ‘worst ever’ case of gonorrhea, that he picked up in southeast Asia. It was the first documented case of the sexually transmitted infection that could not be cured with a combination of standard antibiotics. England’s public health agency even launched an “incident response” after discovering more cases of gonorrhea recently that are resistant to nearly all antibiotics currently available.

    So, how long will it be before it makes its way to New Zealand? According to Family Planning’s Christine Roke, “if it isn’t here now, it will be very soon.” Auckland University associate professor of infectious diseases Mark Thomas agrees, telling Morning Report it’s “almost certain” there will be cases within the next year or two. It’s simply a matter of “who has sex with who,” he said.

    Gonorrhea is caused by the Neisseria gonorrhoeae bacteria. The symptoms of the disease are difficult for men to live with, so most know fairly soon if they’ve contracted the infection. Symptoms can include discolored discharge, stomach pain, various forms of bleeding from the genitalia, discharge or bleeding from the anus and, for the fellas, sore testes. Women often are unaware of an infection, as it normally infects the cervix, which has no sensation. Occasionally you may also get a dry throat if you’ve contracted the bacteria.  Normally, it has been easily treated with antibiotics, however, this new strain, appears to be resistant.

    “The problem with gonorrhea is it’s a very wily bug,” says Roke. “And it’s able to mutate very easily. This leads to developing resistance.” Thomas agreed, adding that it is entirely possible that within the next ten years, humanity will run out of drugs to treat the bacteria. Roke also says that with international travel at the levels it is these days, it’s only a matter of time before someone smuggles the gonorrhea bacteria unintentionally into the country. As invasive as customs can be, New Zealand is not exactly screening for this stuff at the border.

    Thomas said the current test for gonorrhea does not determine if the usual treatment of an injection antibiotic and two oral antibiotic pills will work. He said more resistant strains will require hospitals to administer the necessary antibiotics.


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      1. sniff sniff

        • Keep IT in your pants, OR rap that thing!?1

      2. The late Richard Prior did a comedy skit about, “They got clap in Vietnam that scares the shit out of penicillin”. “Come on up in here Penna, I got something for your ass”.

      3. Aids was created in a Lab.

        This antibiotic resistant std could also have been created as biological warfare. It is easily deniable because we have been warned for years about the possibility of diseases mutating and becoming resistant to antibiotics because of their over use.

        Just say no and don’t be a ho.


        • B: Exactly, too many trollops and anxious men wanting to hook up it seems, way less commitments today. Can’t feel sorry for them. More cervical cancer also which was rare decades ago.

          • Marie:

            The increase in Cervical Cancer is linked to viruses in vaccines during the 1950’s polio scare when children received monkey kidneys with viruses in the vaccinations. STDs cause infertility and Cancer as well, but are by no means the only cause. Lack of Iodine in the diet also leads to Cancers of the breast, ovaries, and cervical cancer in women and breast and testes in men.

            Careful what you eat. (Pun intended.)


          • You are correct. Immorality is how this will spread easily. Sad that it is as dangerous as it is, but if people would live as GOD intended. these things would not happen. But, People might want to have Oil of Oregano, Lemon Balm, Olive Leaf Extract, Elderberry Extract, Beta Glucan in their medicine cabinets. Research all of these. My wife and I and our kids have taken them for years, at the first sign of illness, saved one of my dogs from Rattlesnake bite using Oil of Oregano and Vitamin C. research people for the coming times.

      4. I got VD from a girl once back in the early 90s. When I got sick and found out what I had, the next day she came back to my place wanting to do it. I took one whiff of her she smelled like she just got finished screwing someone else, so I threw the bitch out of my bed and told her to get the f#$% out of my life. She gives me VD, then cheats on me giving the other guy the same shit, and still expects to be in my life? NO WAY, JOSE!

        • Braveheart; As bad as std’s are you were lucky that’s all she gave you..I was a pathological rescuer in my 20’s and 30’s and thought I could turn a whore into a housewife.Needless to say I was constantly cheated on,lied to,and ripped off..It wasn’t until I started thinking with my other head that things improved.There’s still good,honest,loyal women out there,but their becoming rare..To be fair,same goes for men..

        • Wow. Thanks for sharing.

      5. This is what happens when ALL the sheep on the island are nervous.

        • If these governments keep importing cultural enrichment in the form of bestiality practitioners, what else could possibly go wrong?

      6. Another good reason for being chaste. Seems like more and more reasons are arising;they are arising faster than new antibiotics. If you want an active sex life with multiple partners, practice safe sex. The favorite pick-up line won’t be “What’s your sign?” but rather “When was your last blood test?”.

      7. Well now, when we all begin to say ” ‘F’ those damned Chinese/Thai/Viets/Cambos…..” we need to rethink. Ain’t no pussy worth that super-G. Got a radical solution – find a nice girl/woman, remain monogamous. Enjoy a good relationship. ‘course, that’s getting pretty damned hard to do anymore isn’t it? All b.s. aside, this very thing is one reason the muzzies insist on the Sharia law. Just remember, if you ain’t the ‘only one’, you’re doing it with every guy who (literally) came before ya.

        • Heartless: Agree for the younger folks. I know several elderly widow gals who got a cat to snuggle, no control freaks around like with some older women who remarry men who want meals on time, shirts ironed etc. (who the H irons anything today?) so why would women 60 plus want to be chained? duh. Older men want housemaids, cooks. Companionship ideal w/o marriage for elders, so make that clear before you become friends.

      8. Zip up that flap, don’t get the clap.

        • Don’t part them curtains if you don’t want the hurtin’s.

      9. Heartless, the muzzies need to go home with their sharia law and all the other Islamic bs.

        • TDBh, oh – no argument there buddy. I was just pointing out the fact that short of both genders being honest with one another, faithful and …… hell, a bit picky about just what they crawl into the sack with, the only real solution is almost total control in some fashion. Believe me, I sure don’t admire the muzzie way. But it is understandable. Though it has led to interbreeding across their entire culture. The stats on that are fact. From ‘Global distribution of consanguinuity…’: “There is an important cluster of countries with high levels of consanguinity observed in most communities of North Africa, the Middle East and Western Asia, a transverse belt that runs from Pakistan and Afghanistan in the east to Morocco in the west, and also in South India, with intra-familial unions collectively accounting for 20−50+% of all marriages. Noticeably, many Arab countries display some of the highest rates of consanguineous marriages” – and that my friend is why they are insane.

      10. Them robot dolls are gonna take off now!

        • And unlike Stormy Daniels, robot sex dolls come with a mute button, pause button and on off switch.

      11. There is a reason for evrything
        I wonder what it is in this case —Humm

      12. The good thing is that I’m too old to worry about this. The bad thing is that I’m too old to worry about this.

        • Fritz;
          I like your style. I’m also an oldie. I had the good fortune of hooking up with some beautiful women in my life and the thought of them all going away would be heartbreaking. Jury is still out here.

          • anon: Yep, same here. The Army took me around the world and there were some days back then that we weren’t always busy bombing something. Sigh, the memories of a man in his old age are the deeds of a man in his prime. Godspeed.

      13. SMV goes to zero, when the safety seal is broken, like with anything soilable

      14. I am surprised this hasn’t made its way to Hollywood yet.

      15. Attack of the Indonesian gobstoppers.

      16. The worst societies are the most hypocritical ones. Having lived and worked around the world, I can make the following observations about sex and people:

        – in Islamic countries people still have a lot of sex, they just do it in different ways. The women become experts at anal sex, handjobs and blowjobs to preserve their virginity. The men get little boys as ‘boyfriends’ who must be available for anal sex and oral.
        – in Hindu societies rape of little girls and young women is common. Even gang rapes in villages are used as a kind of whacky sex legal system to punish transgressers.

        Each to their own …

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