Navy SEAL Reveals How To Survive The Coming Collapse: “Dust Off Your Preps, It’s Grid Down”

by | Jun 16, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness | 170 comments

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    “There’s no avoiding what is happening now.”

    It is time to dust off the survival equipment, the stored foods and the emergency protocols.

    The conspiracy is no longer being hidden; the plans to dominate the population is open and in motion.

    Economic disaster on this scale has not been seen in many decades, and most of those who are alive now have idea what it will really be like. But it is coming.

    The impact of lost income, of worthless currency, and of piling debt and inaccessible services – where even food is in question – will absolutely change everything and deeply affect the livelihoods of nearly all Americans. Cities will becoming a living hell.

    via the Alex Jones Channel:

    Alex Jones talks with former Navy SEAL Matt Bracken about what you need to survive a “Grid Down” scenario.

    When/if the financial system initiates the next phase of collapse, it will topple over the last dominoes. And even hardworking middle class families will be unable to handle what is happening. For most, it will be a difficult and degrading time.

    Everyday people from all backgrounds are going to be forced to go into literal survival mode and will need all the help they can get just to get by.

    But, as always, those who plan ahead can thrive and survive by knowing the signs and getting ready for the new reality.

    How soon? It doesn’t matter, but it is quite evident that things are moving more quickly than ever before.

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      1. yea,sure,right.

        • I’m sure these ladies were just “preppers” stacking N packing for the coming crash. 🙂

        • Yep, Alexia Jones. Credible source of information. Hes just about as cracked up as Glenda Beck!

          • Our politicians and news media have no idea whats going on or they don’t care, obviously a putz like you doesn’t care either:
            According to information forwarded by a high-ranking Homeland Security official in a border state, Mexican drug traffickers help Islamic terrorists stationed in Mexico cross into the United States to explore targets for future attacks. Such jihadists crossing back and forth across the border include a Kuwaiti named Shaykh Mahmood Omar Khabir, an ISIS operative who lives in the Mexican state of Chihuahua not far from El Paso, Texas. Khabir has trained hundreds of al-Qaida fighters in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Yemen and has lived in Mexico for more than a year. He now concentrates on training men to fight in an ISIS base near Ciudad Juárez, situated in the U.S.-Mexico border region.

            An article appeared in an Italian newspaper in which Khabir brags how easy it is to stake out U.S. targets. He says the border region is so open that he “could get in with a handful of men, and kill thousands of people in Texas or in Arizona in the space of a few hours.”

            The threat is so considerable that Foreign Affairs Secretary Claudia Ruiz, Mexico’s top diplomat, says in the Italian article she doesn’t understand why the Obama administration and the U.S. media are “culpably neglecting this phenomenon,” adding that “this new wave of fundamentalism could have nasty surprises in store for the United States.”


        • Buncha hosers

          • You can Prep all you want, but if you are still living in, or near large mass populated centers and cities, you are just prepping for the Looters. With all your Preps, lets say you got just 24 hours notice to pack all your preps and leave the city, before Martial Law, can you do that? Yep that means abandon your city dwellings and hit the road with all your preps in tow. Can you do that in 24 hours?

            Do you see your weak points here?? In reality, You will have to determine, either to leave 95% of your preps behind and flee and be mobile to save your life. Or you can stay, and die defending your weenie beanies. We will see massive fires, looting and killing in the cities. And when SHTF is in full swing, and food is scarce, the Masses will start emptying out of the cities and into the countryside, looking for food. Are you far enough out there in a defendable position? Got the bridges barricaded with heavy Machinery and piles junk so no one can pass? An snipers in position to shoot passers?

            If you live in the cities and can load a big ass RV with all your preps, you may have a chance if you can get far enough away. If you are driving some little POS car, and try to load all your preps into it, You will be leaving much behind. The look on those frustrated sweating faces, as they drive away, looking at their pile of preps left behind and tears rolling down their faces. All those guns and ammo left behind. Having more than 8 to 10 guns is questionable. You gonna sell an extra gun to someone, so they can shoot you? I think not.

            So this is a wake up call, prepping and still living in the cities is an illusion. Looters will go house to house, and not stop until everything is depleted. They will kill anybody that gets in their way for a meal. You want to get in a gun fight over a box of cornflakes? Or already be out at your BOL, and reading about the Citiots who failed to leave. And read or hear about the daily death tolls mounting. Do you know what dead rotting corpses smell like in the summer heat after a few days?

            Or again, and be smart, and escape the cities now, and find refuge in the boonies and buy some land that is yours. It will take a few years, just to get a good BOL set up. Unless you have a lot of money to buy a ready to go place, do it now and stop procrastinating. Lots of things to consider to create an reliable action plan to escape and survive.

            Fleeing to the country in SHTF and trying to set up a BOL will be nearly impossible for long term sustainment post SHTF. Rural folks will not want you in their areas. And just shoot you, and steal what you got, as you sleep in your cars on the side of the road. As you are now on their turf, they know the country like the backs of their hands, all the choke points and areas to set up an ambush. Country folks go shooting every day and have hundreds of thousands of rounds and carry daily and their daily dress now is Camo clothes.

            It is quite a task to Bug Out now, even in peaceful times, while the shelves are full and the grid is still on. Try doing it with no power or building materials being unavailable, no gasoline available, highways will be murder trails filled with blood. Stores are only stocked up with just in time inventories. Once its gone its gone. 2 is one and 1 is None. Something to consider eh?

            I will say I bugged out and have set up a BOL in the boonies, and after 15 months, I am pretty exhausted with summer coming and daily 90 deg humid heat. I’m pretty Safe, but exhausted. Still do not have my well drilled and still shitting in a bucket. I am putting in a 2x 55 gal drum septic system with drain lines. Note. Prep with at least 2 port-o-toilets buckets and seat lids per person to get you through 2 years. When one fails you got a back up. In SHTF, plan on nothing being available. So start collecting pallets to build an outhouse. And if you don’t have a way to dispose, burry or cover up your waste, flies will be created in masses, and transmit diseases.

            Just in, NATO now claims they have enough info to attack Russia. That is a joke as the NATO Psychopaths are on a suicide mission with Russia and NATO will be wiped out in a few days if they try that stunt. So I say go for it. They need to get spanked and handed their asses.


            • valid points. However, with the economy already shit, many jobs outsourced overseas and hundreds of thousands living paycheck to paycheck, its going to be difficult if not impossible for most people to move away from cities or suburbs. Just my two cents.

            • You are right…

          • LOL!

          • Im just trying to learn what I can as fast as I can. Ive only in the last 2 yrs come to realize whats truly going on and where this countey is headed. I retired in 2015 after being an officer 16 yrs my husband retired after 7 yrs as fireman. We currently travel job to job in construction as sub contractors. We have a few personla defense weapons with a good start on rounds. I need a close knit community one to learn from and hopefully survive with. Im 42 my husband is 51. [email protected]. alot of sound communication here smart folks who seem to see things the way I see them.

        • Red Leader, Red Leader, come in…… can you hear me Red Leader….

          OMG, wiping away the tears, damn that was funny.

          Plus “One Million Points”!

          Sorry but after hyper-inflation from Obamanomics that’s all the credits I have… but hey I hear One Million Points is good for 39 cents off a happy meal that now costs $999,999.99!

          • Thanks PTPO,

            On a serious note, Bracken is the best. I read Western Rifle Shooters Association every day (and SHFT Plan)Bracken posts there frequently. He knows his history.

            As they are fond of saying, “This time we get to be the Indians”.

            • Red Leader,

              “This time we get to be the Indians”

              I think I’ll have that made into a Tee-Shirt.

              You made my day.

              • In giant letters on the back it will say, “Resist!”.

            • Though I like it, just one comment on the “Indians”. That’s an Anglo term. They never referred to themselves as such. The natives here before the country was colonized consisted of many, many tribes. Check this site out:

        • Red leader, if those two dildos had come to my place acting like that, I would’ve given them only one chance to turn around and go away alive. I’ve dealt with would-be home invaders that at least acted serious.

      2. You don’t have to tell me twice!!!!!

        Just finished sighting in my M1A standard match. Sub MOA. with scope. MOA without scope. 100 yards. Worked on my mini’s and my AR’s. Did check on Solar panels, wiring, and batteries, Also just tuned up generators. Cleaned up and worked on Solar ovens. Just received more Saywer water equipment. Did double check on food. At least 2+ years for two. Been talking with the group keeping them abreast of what is going on. Med Check, OK.
        God has bless the garden looks like we will be putting up more veggies. Been seeing more deer in the area also. One of the old corn dries has the lid open, and the Pigeons have made a home there for the last two years up to around 10 or 12 now.

        I believe this guy to be telling the truth. For us Preppers we will be OK. for the rest my God have mercy on their souls. I don’t know what is coming but I can feel it in my bones!!!!!!

        I know I forgot to do something, but that is why we have a group.

        More mags and ammo on its way.

        • Don’t forget to buy more popcorn.

        • Sarge,
          No disrespect, but 100 yards????? That rifle is far more capable than a mere 100 yards. One hundred yards is for 30-30 lever actions. Jack that sight up and reach out there 500 or 600 yards, or more. Match grade will do it if you let it.

          • @Wilson

            What’s the point in shooting out to 600 yards, you’re not at the range. In a TEOTWAWKI event, your’re not going to be shooting out that far.

            • If you won’t shoot beyond 100 yards, you can bet your enemies will.

              • If you’re smart your enemies shouldn’t be able to see you.

          • Wilson you are correct. I have a scope on her that you set at 100 yards, and it will take you out to 600 yards. BDC Scope. That is why you set her at 100 yards. Also the range I’m shooting at is only 100 yards. I have shot her as far as 350 yards using this scope set this way and she hit dead on. The group opened up a bit but not much.


          • I believe he said 100 yards w/ no scope

            • ONV
              You are correct I shot with a scope at 100 yards, and I have a Gen 3 scope mount on her and I can use my open sights also, and I shot at 100 yards with open sights.
              Thanks for bring that out.

              M14/M1A Rule!!!

      3. Sarge, same here. Already did maintenance on my weapons, topped off mags, and checked gun-cleaning supplies and ammo stock. More ammo coming and still stacking other items also. I may be heading back to the BOL sooner than planned. I recommend checking out Matt Bracken’s Trilogy series. Very plausible scenarios and I feel like we’re living in one now.

        • Sounds good BH and Sarge. Been going through packs, got a few more water tight Plano containers in Wally World (fishing tackle isle) for items I wanna keep dry ‘case I slip into a creek. Gettin’ ready to pull the pin on more antibiotics. I’m good on ammo, and got additional gas mask filter cans. Good on food for at least a year. The gennie is ready as well as fuel. Don’t really know how long we’ll last, maybe not longer than a fartin’ spell but I’ll give it my best as I know the rest of the family will.

          • The reason they are so relentless about stealing our guns is they know collapse is coming…

            Like Venezuela, Americans will be starving and protesting like hell! People will realize they have been duped! Hard to shoot desperate, starving people who have guns!!

            • … until they come for your stuff (preps) …

            • Well put anonymous.

          • PO’d Patriot, it’s possible I may have to go back to the BOL sooner than I planned. Things are picking up faster than I thought.

            • OK ‘ol boy keep safe.

            • YUP YUP!

            • Bank of America to layoff 6000 employees and close branches!!! Its definitely coming soon!!! Red flag!!!

              • There’s a BOA in my neighborhood. Lovely.

                • it’s a bad bank anyway, had a couple run-ins with them in years past, and our 4×4 club just had around 8000$ stolen from it by hackers, and they are saying WE got to pay some b/s fees to get made whole again…maybe some checks bounced or sumthin’, because our money was gone…and don’t forget, they were not loaning money to gun shops a couple years or more ago….anti gunners. i say pitch those bitchuz!


          When you first “enter” the site, the server (using FireFox for example), does NOT tell you that it is obtaining your Canvas Image Data. What’s that? It’s something you DO NOT WANT to allow to fall into ANYBODY’s hands.
          This is related to the Panopticlick arghhhhh ….read it here:
          ht tps:// method the EFF exposed, using other information sent by your browser to uniquely identify you, even without access to your IP adress. The vast array of information sent makes it easy to end up with a very unique, thus identifiable, signature.
          In a nutshell, you have all been ID’ed, uniquely “marked” (called ‘tatooed’ in some circles, and are easily identifiable across a wide range of sites). I won’t bother telling you who is keeping track of these ‘minutes’ of info you are supplying them with as I’m sure you can easily guess by now.
          So, even if you are using Windows (anything), don’t surf without using TOR (as it isn’t safe to do so anymore without broadcasting to the world exactly who you are and where you have been, right down to your location, name, home address, telephone number, etc. If you do not mind, ignore all of this. I don’t care either way.
          If THAT isn’t enough info to make a “wise decision”, ignore my post. I’m only here to help, not aggravate, and neither will I argue with an unarmed individual that disagrees in ignorance of the degree of what it means to be “ID’ed and “nailed down” (dammit all).

          You can download it at torproject dot org (and DO USE BIT TORRENT or a similar downloader and all the recommended ‘safeties’ pursuant to it, as is explained on site). On the same site you will find TAILS …which imho is even better, and impossible to “break” as it is PURELY encrypted, and easily ‘busted’ (and leaves nothing on your HDDs either.

          • Bird, the day Mac disappears or the site goes down will be the day we know for sure. I will look at what you’re recommending but it’s probably too late for a lot of us. They already know we we are..freedom is thing of the past.
            And all the gov. agents who “follow orders” we can hope will get what they deserve, one way or the other.
            I wonder what Mac thinks about these things sometimes…how well does he sleep at night??

            • Most everybody on this site is low hanging fruit for the powers to be. If SHTF, these same intel spy people will abandon their posts and flee with their own families. Nobody gives a rats ass.. The elite will be too busy counting their Gold in their hidey holes to worry about a blogger on some fear porn site thousands of miles away telling them F-you. You can be paranoid, and you can be alert. Someplace in between should be safe.

              The FBI has already broken TOR. So… You think you are safe to browse?


            • Understood, just saw it and found it worth mentioning Ketchupondemand. Was a bit overwhelmed by (about everything) when I posted that, and though, to me, it is well worth not be ‘tatted’ …you may be right in that we’ve all been ID’ed (as this info leads to directly to your front door …and that’s a bit too close for me).

              I do wish for my bro’s to be slaughtered over what Mac may not be aware of or powerless to prevent (as HE didn’t put it into the server, but his ISP has it in all the servers of the “network” that comprises many prepper sites). I think that’s how we’ve all found our way onto “lists” of various types …and it should scare the hell outta them. Hey, they trained us and we’re just doing what we know AND KEEPING OUR OATHS right? DAMN right!

              Compare it to being camo’ed-and-concealed or standing on “the ridge-line at dawn”… For me, I’m not allowing ID’ing.

              Did anyone get the NRA ALERT this morning speaking of Hitlery and other anti-weapon ppl in DC ‘firing up’ the move to outlaw AR-15s (even though SHE AND THEY have used them for over 30years exclusively, by those that protect her)? It is fine for HER to have them to kill you, but you can’t have ANYTHING “semi-automatic” – – which means we’ll all need to fight using single-shot ‘irons’. Oh ….joy. haha… Ain’t gonna happen on my watch. (Seems unlikely any of these Bills, that may start TODAY (or no later than this week), would be able to sprout wings and fly …but it pisses me off she is allowed to be working with CONGRESS when she is nothing more than a candidate running for office. WTF? She must think or know she’s already “GOT” the seat? NRA may be purposely ‘silently slipping’ info (as in ‘read between the lines, which they do often). Personally, damned if I am going to send in money that only about 10% makes it to fight, the rest is “operating costs” (and 4 million a year for LaPierre’s pocket annually). I do believe that 20years of service was more than enough of an investment to ‘take a stand’ and then follow through with it.

              • Correct …DO NOT WISH for my brothers-in-arms …jeesh I need to check my spellcheck!

              • BOP: I concluded long ago that this site was nothing but a honeypot. Oh well. Too hard to fix stupid.

          • Honestly,
            At this point,
            I could give a rats ass who is following me around, buncha sorry assed lame MFs

          • Been using TOR for years for OPSEC. Didn’t know about the PanOptiClick… Do now


        • Brave
          Heading back to BOL#2 My brother and friend wants to go down to set something up. I’m going back to work on a couple things myself. Taking some items down incase we have to go. If not I’ll use them during hunting season.


      4. I keep dust off regularly, last inventory 50,000 rounds check…

        • 50k rounds? Hot-damn! If those are a ‘mix’ of many, you’ve done very, very well for yourself …and you are going to be the fastest reloader of mags EVER! In The Guinness Book even! lol…


          • I got a box and a half of thurty thurty shells, two boxes of #8 12Ga. bird shot and a 50rd box of 22LR and if that ain’t enough I got a bow and arrow. Trekker Out. Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum!

            • I got a rock garden and a wrist rocket
              Able to knock a ground hogs head in the dirt over 60 yards

              They can have it after I’m dead

              • EOTS they’ll pry that wrist rocket from your “Cold Dead Wrist” after you take out a few of them. Trekker Out.

      5. Transitioning away from all the saved-up modernity is the long-term solution. “SHTF” is only for those who think they can’t do without–and don’t know how to do without–all the modern junk made by Big Business that’s bringing about “SHTF”.

      6. One thing is for sure: there’s no longer even a pretense of amerika being a nation of laws…

        Looks like the the no fly list being tied to gun purchases will be put in effect by the a.g. …
        There’ll be a rush to put white, Christian, conservative males on there asap…

        Hopefully you have what you need by now???

        Now I’m sorry I sold all mine rifles and handguns several months ago…

        It’s pretty apparent we have lost our country…

      7. Leaning towards martial law being implemented now more that ever…

        They have to keep Trump from assuming office…

        • Trump is the sounding of the last trumpet, people.

        • Vet, hey, if it’s gonna be martial law why do we need guns? All the cops and military guys will keep the peace and we’ll be safe, right? Right?? 🙂

          • GOOD LUCK WITH THAT!!!

          • Yeah why do we need guns when we can take theirs ?

      8. Some day there will BE NO government!! But there will be a transition period we all must pass through to get to the other side. And this transition period will be filled with darkness and bloodshed!!

        So its important to do 2 things:

        We need to prepare ahead of time to “conquer the beast”. Copy Putin’s strategy. Did you see how swiftly he conquered the enemy in Syria? He was thoroughly prepared beforehand with unbelievable fire power. He dazzled the world by his swift, decisive, powerful actions! He was thoroughly prepared and when the right time came (For every thing under the sun, there is a time and a season), he acted. Organize, organize, organize!! But don’t let the beast (NSA) catch you!

      9. I live in Calgary AB CA. I seen the effects of the 2013 flood and the Ft McMurray Fires in 2016. While there was a lot of government help and people coming together to help, it opened my eyes to what natural disasters of this size can do. If this or another natural or man made disaster were to affect all of this country or North America or the world it is my opinion that we should all be prepping in a big way to be prepared as much as possible.. We can read about it, watch documentaries or movies, listen to the experts etc., but to live in the midst of these things is a real eye opener. I think we can learn a lot from pioneers, prospectors, trappers, traders and so on. We need to learn to be able to survive as they did with very little and by cooperating and helping one another. Accumulating guns and ammunition has its place but we need the basics like food, water, shelter, fire, clothing etc. How did the Native people and early settlers survive and thrive. Learn as much as you can,collect the basics, stay healthy and in shape. In other words prepare to be self sufficient as much as possible either solely or as a member of a group. Is there a possibility that one of the real dangers is in having a lot of inexperienced people running around with high powered rifles, pistols and shotguns who may end up shooting everything in sight that moves or makes a sound? Firearms are good but they are not the magic answer that we often hear about. I like your page as it contains some good, thought provoking material.

        • Frank

          If there was a few hundred weapons in the room. All the magazines for each weapon and of course all the ammo.
          The problem is it is all mixed up.
          All you had to do is identify, what goes to what.
          Imagine the confusion and the danger of putting the wrong round into the chamber and pulling the trigger.
          Like mixing 20 gage shotgun ammo with 12 gage shotgun ammo.

          • 20g in a 12 is an obvious no go
            Same with trying to stuff a 12 in a 20

            Come on man

        • Mother nature can be way more brutal than any pissant human.
          I prep for natures wrath more so than some crazy man made thing.

      10. why is it so many people here immediately comment section to an article like this with a list of their resources (guns, mags, etc). One guy went so far as to give us a round count on his ammo stash…

        Nice work guys, maybe this weekends prep is to brush up on opsec??

        • I tend to agree. I see a lot of Really tough guys talking about how bad they are, and the cool shit they have. Those guys don’t bother me…. It’s the half whit that comes out of nowhere and gets lucky that worries me.

        • Many do not KNOW what OPSEC stands for, let alone practice any form of it.

          • They will be the first ones to loose said stash.

            • Mines already gone, between the boating accident and having to sell off any hardware to pay the bills im down to a flat of spam and a 8 year old case of greenbeans! Sure hope they load that EBT card soon

              • All I got left is a wrist rocket and a rock garden
                Had to pay off the mortgage so I can stay here till the shit hits

                Can’t shoot 12 guns and 50,000 rounds anyways
                By the 20th round they will have obama’s drones snuff you out

                Plus if your neighbor finds out you have that much shit , he will get two more meals and a blanket for ratting you out

                All I got left is medical bills and a few boxes of rice and my 2.5″ folding knife that’s illegal in NY

      11. Also, this past year I had no refrigerator!!! Very difficult!! I had to throw food away constantly! I cut off few slices of onion and threw the rest away– no fridge! I had a bag of oranges, by the end of the week, most had mildew! I learned to hide tomatoes, etc under the covers in the back bedroom because otherwise, bugs drilled holes through them before I could eat them! so you need to find a way to preserve food!!! Very important!!

        • Study the Amish. They do not have electric. Consequently, they do not have refrigerators.

          Most folks choose one of two options: go “full Amish” straight from First World America or slide down a bit slower via generators, etc…

          • Uh, maybe at a time they didn’t, but for the most part The Amish are now using ‘limited’ amounts of electricity (depends on which house you go to in the community).
            We chose the way of The Quakers (of New England). Hard as nails with “tried and true” methods of survival that ALL work.

            After all, no work = no foods.

            • Equorial, Could you say more about the Quaker strategy that you mentioned? What methods exactly are you talking about and how can I learn more?

          • Amish won’t allow utility lines on their property, but a little solar plus wind power and high efficiency appliances and they are rocking.

            But…. The also know how to do without.

            • Any thoughts on the difference between a propane or gas powered portable generator. I like the idea that propane stores longer than gasoline and a 100 gllon propane tank don’t take up as much room as that many 5 gallon gas cans. Just wondering about the difference in consumption. Trekker Out.

              • Trekker, generac 5500 lp is a good unit. All the stuff you said, propane shelf life, less space to store etc. is the same thoughts that fueled my move to the propane model. By the way, I have a generac gasoline genny, 7500 watt elect start with only 30 minutes of run time for sale if anyone is interested. Holla. Stay quiet Be smart.

              • MT;
                I know I sound like a broken record on this subject but, if you are handy, look into slow speed diesel gen set. Some run as slow as 650 rpms and even below. They require no electronics as they fire on compression. I have one on a transfer switch that powers the vast majority of our home, 3-4500 kw and consumes about a quart an hour of fuel. There is a cult following all around the globe. The key is slow turning, water cooled diesel engines, mostly single cylinder. Diesel fuel lasts a long time. I have recently burned #2 diesel that was 15 years old with no problems. I like power and wish to have it for a long time after shtf. BTW gas and propane both burn huge amounts of fuel by comparison.

              • When buying a generator, buy a generator that uses the same fuel as your heating system. When you are out of heating fuel, you are screwed in winter anyway.

                If it’s fuel oil, go diesel.
                If you use propane, get a propane run generator.
                If it’s natural gas, go natural gas.

                Note there is asignificant loss of efficiently when generators run on propane or natural gas, but there is also a much longer life and time between oil changes. Also propane or natural gas burn much cleaner and with little CO (carbon monoxide).

                You can get a multi fuel generator that runs on gas, propane or gasoline.

                Make sure you use synthetic oil and have enough for multiple changes.

                I do have a gasoline generator that I keep 30 to 45 gallons of gas on hand for. It is based on a standard B&S engine that demands an oil change every 50 hours, yup that’s like two days continuous use. In a lawn mower it takes an entire summer to run up 50hours of run time at an hour and a half every week.

                • You should have a back up heating plan anyways

                  I got a wood burner and a huge stack of hard wood

                  If my gen goes down due to fuel loss
                  I’m still warm

                  Redundancy is key

              • We have two Generac’s 3750’s that use 20 or 30lb bottles. At 1/2 load a 20lb bottle gives almost 20hrs (and can easily handle “start up” electric motors with capacitors), steady running. In short, propane engines are extremely efficient compared to gasoline or diesel (and as you say it keeps forever).

                Using only what is needed to keep stuff like freezers or “rechargers” topping off, through experimentation with one bottle I estimate you can get about a week or 10-days from a bottle (more if you are thrifty). (They are also very quiet by comparison, and the oil doesn’t get as dirty nearly as fast (cleaner fuel is why).

                You can run a “snake” of electrical lines into your BOL, and tie one into your Power Box using a 50AMP breaker ‘in reverse” (after shutting off your MAIN of course, or you’ll feed the whole neighborhood tied to your transformer (IF you have neighbors that is).

                By comparison, we DID have a Honda that held 11 gallons of gas, and would run 12hrs max delivering 220v, 110 and 12v. The powerhead just couldn’t take it but the engine is still primo.

                Oh, those Generacs have twin oppsing V-2 engines (smooth as could be and call for Mobil-1 synthetic after the breakin oil gets a bit dark (like tea it says)). Cost $700 with tax/shipping and they are built with tires and a handle to easily roll them around where ya want them. Lowes stocks them.

                • Hey Thanks All, for the good info. I heat with propane and have my own 1000 gal. tank, so I figure if the SHTF I can heat my house with wood and refill smaller tanks off my large tank to run my generator. Trekker Out. Mac Great Site!

            • Then I retract …what I read was that The Amish have ‘opened up’ and are using ‘limited devices’ that use electricity. Dunno where I read it, but it was over 2yrs ago…

          • The Amish have been using refrigerators for many years. The refrigerators can be powered by kerosene or propane. The heat of the flame drives the circulation of the coolant.

            When I was growing up in the late 1950s, the first set of encyclopedias we had was Funk & Wagnall, bought one volume at a time at the grocery store. The article on refrigeration had only one illustration, and that was a diagram of how a kerosene refrigerator operated.

          • The Amish DO use fridges, they are Propane powered.

        • Two good sized clay (terracotta) planters, one slightly larger than the other. A bag of sand, some cold water and a towel.
          Place the smaller planter inside the larger one leaving about a 1/2” gap. Carefully pour the sand down into the gap until it just about to the top of the smaller pot. Next pour the water around the planter, over the sand. This will cool the sand turning the clay pots into a cooler/refrigerator of sorts. Next dampen the towel and place it over both pots and this should make things cool enough to keep tomatoes and a few other things cold. From what I understand, the sand will need to be changed out every so often. Maybe it becomes to overly saturated. There are lots of tutorials on youtube and the web. Hope this helps.

      12. We need to read as much as possible about things like permaculture, cobb houses, root cellars, compost toilets, etc because when the government is gone, there will be no more power grids! There will be no more corporate farms. There will be no more welfare.

        There is a very good book– called “12 by 12”. Also, there is an excellent website called, “earthaven”. Read up on Earthaven– check out the videos. Learn how they became independent from the system. Learn about micro- hydro energy. And learn about forming tribes.

        TPTB know they are coming to a close- they know their time is almost up– that’s why they are doing everything they can to try to maintain control.. they won’t be able to. Even Joe Romm– energy consultant for Clinton administration said so– there will BE NO government in the future… prepare, prepare, prepare… And do have gun control—- practice, practice, practice!!

        • Anonymous : Please excuse my ignorance but what does having an existing government have to do with the power grids or corporate farms? The power companies own the power lines and the power stations. Farmers or corporations on the farms and the land. Competition dictates price. If you don’t like the price, don’t buy it. Just because the government has stuck their fingers into everything does not mean we need them to run everything.
          Now, I do agree we need government if we want welfare, but for about 3/4 of the recipients, they need to get a job.

      13. One thing I’d like point out is a lot of the food designed for long term storage isn’t very nutritional. Being in the middle of our own shtf here in Alberta I’ve been forced into my food stocks it’s very very hard to stay full. I’ve been eating canned goods packaged trail meals oatmeal powder milk eggs potato’s it’s not that easy seems I’m eating all the time what I thought was a 6 month supply sure is going down fast fortunately I live alone and my girlfriend feeds me often my only real saving grace is the Buffalo and elk meat I got on my Buffalo hunt I’m by no means starving to death but it was a real eye opener I’ll be changing out my food stores ASAP can anyone recommend high calorie foods that will keep you healthy?
        Keep in mind I can not can stuff (yet) I will make every effort but in the mean time what can one stock up on ?

        • Pasta, rice, salt, spices, honey and multi-vitamins. It might be kind of a boring diet but it’ll keep you going for a long time.

          • Pasta and rice are fine but remember your body breaks them down into simple and complex sugars – – thus you have two sources of sugar listed (and honey to boot ..which digests down to about the same). Are you a hummingbird? lol… Just funning you… Add beans (for the protein iffin you can’t find red meat or fish). Apple Cider Vinegar is good for more than I have room to list. Garlic cures about everything “infectious’ (topical or within you, but NOT “all-inclusive” by any means). One-A-Day vitamins are worthless as you cannot digest anything other than the outside ‘red-stuff’ (Centrum Silver works very well – one every three days is all I can handle of it). Canned veggies just can’t be beat, especially if they are from your own canning and pressure cooker. (Gotta love those)!

            And where did “no government” come from? Something happen I didn’t read back on?
            We are already “under” an illegal-as-hell system of government led by an illegal president and administration that is forsaking all laws of government, and that’s why we are facing the horrors that we are preparing for. There are so very few preppers I fear for the greater majority and their end days, which appear to be dead ahead, but I hope I am wrong, wrong wrong (though my body and soul are saying get down, get down, get down and stay there until they have all passed).

            • I’d like to recommend a very healthy pasta:It’s called Banza and it’s sold at Whole Foods. It’s made with chickpeas and tastes like regular pasta!! It’s delicious. Has 25 grams of protein and 13 grams of fiber!Low glycemic. It just takes a little longer to boil than regular pasta.

          • Don’t forget the beans, beans are protein.

            You can forgo a lot of meat, but beans can fill in a lot of dietary holes. Dried but living beans can be more nutritious than freeze dried whatever.

            Bean sprouts, even wheat berries can be sprouted, for the advantage of a fresh vegetable totally out of season. Seeds (including dried beans) are a great resource that properly stored are good for up to 15 years.

            Beans, rice, some freeze dried Chicken, plus the right spices….. Heaven!

          • Beans and rice will fill the belly up. Pasta too. Will last over ten yrs if kept in plastic buckets. My pasta lasted 14 yrs and was good and i ate it. It was the y2k food.

        • Ab, were you able to keep any tallow from the buffs? Pemmican is the way to go, light and done right will last a good while. I’m not sure about how healthy it is however. But the body does need fat, especially that of a grass fed animal.

          • Patriot and others,

            Deer, when in the fall, the larger of them have what I was taught to call “back-strap”, a ‘string’ of fat sitting atop the spine running nearly the entire length of the spine. The thicker it is, the better it is to add to everything for “what ails ya” and all that. Every ‘body’ needs a bit of fat to go with all else in order to function and digest properly, and to get max energy out of what you CAN get for food. You can ‘treat it like beef-jerky’ if times are hard and eat it that-a-way too. Greasy as hell but it will sustain life indefinitely. Don’t bother trying to use it for making candles …you’ll end up eating them as the fat has more nutrition tucked away in it (for the deer’s “hard times”), than all the other fat they have for the same purpose. (We “rip it off’ and freeze it until wanted/needed). Most hunters have no ‘eye’ for it so it is usually free.

            • Back Strap won’t be treated like Jerky at my house and I’ll make no candles with it. Back Strap is one of the best cuts of meat on a herbivore. This is one hunter that has an eye for it, and I’ll take all I can get for free. Trekker Out. Prime Cut Of Meat!

          • Lol I didn’t keep any tallow. And pemican is quite disgusting I’ve eaten a fair bit of it. No shortage of game up here. Just money and work. (Wanna see what Hillary will do)? Look up here to what premier Rachel Notley has done in just 18 months were under a complete socialist system. The real unemployment here is about 35%. I used to drive oil tanker I know literally 100s of people NO ONE has a job. We’re all getting employment insurance witch pays about 2g a month enough to scrap by for now but not much else.
            We just passed that carbon tax did anyone read the fine print noooooooooo the bill isn’t just a tax it gives the government the right to set up a task force to enforce compliancy chapter 3 States they have the right to enter your home or business take fuel samples documents software hardware only on grounds of suspicion look it up folks Alberta carbon bill chapter 3 search seizure.

        • Vitamins? That’s the fastest as you are right. Freeze-dried stuff has no vitamins and will NOT “fill ya up”.

        • Beaver, this is a recommendation that you might try, it’s not for everyone but you cannot deny the food value.
          Brewer’s yeast also called nutritional yeast . The name brands can be expensive, ridiculous even. (Look at the food value panel on the name brands for an idea of their content)
          But if you have a big grocery store that sells grains, oats, raisins, etc. in bulk they probably will have nutritional yeast.
          It’s as good or better than storing multi vitamins. 17 amino acids, potassium, magnesium (and much more) and is near 50% protein. Try finding that much in beef..not.
          Originally it came from the process of beer brewing but now most of it is grown on sugar beets.
          It stores well and since vitamins have very little oversight control on what you’re actually paying for, it’s a no brainer.
          It can be bitter but some brands are better than others, and the only way I can recommend it is in a glass of orange juice.

          • I sprinkle the nutritional yeast on popcorn. yummy. I never tried brewers yeast, but bet it would work.

        • Plant some butternut squash plants. Squash will store for months in your cellar lots of vitamins and good stuff in them.

          • I read that can pumpkin is very good for vitamin A.

      14. new converts to the 2nd amendment !!!

        West Hollywood Inundated With AMAZING Pro-Gun, Pro-Gay Posters

        h p://

        • Hey, good on them! Its about time, welcome!

      15. I am so glad I came upon SHTF way back when and had sense enough to read the articles and all the comments or we would have never bought our BOL and moved to it last spring. We are happy here on the mountain and have everything we can in place, yes there are some things we would like to have but for the most part we’re good. You here on this site can be proud of yourselves as you all were my guide and inspiration.

        Anon. you are right a lot of folks think they have to have the latest, not so as long as you have the basics you will be fine if you make it so.

        If we didn’t make the move last spring it would have never happened as DH’s health has really gone down hill this year and although he is able to get around here OK, a move like we made would have never been possible today. I’m just thankful for the nudge you all gave us.

        Our garden is really growing as are the weeds all the rain was a big “help”, I weed every morning and never seem to catch up but I’m looking forward to canning season as I didn’t get to do much last year and my 2014 canning is just about done in.

        Again thanks to all of you we’re good

        • Ugh, weeding is the bane of gardening. But all’s forgotten when you pop open that MB jar for chow time.

        • Copy that mallardhen, after reading here complimented with tons of prepping YT videos, it became crystal clear to prep and get out of the cities. It takes time to get into position to do move, and get relocated to a safer area. First off, sell all your needless non prepping items to the rest of the non-prepping Sheeple, to raise more money to buy a secure BOL Location. Sell all that needless stuff now, while you still can or prepare to abandon it. It will be useless in SHTF.


        • Ditto,,
          Reading this and other sites got me moving away from a push push farming enterprise more into just homesteading,,, much more enjoyable and much more self sufficient, still learning but wont be as far behind when the time comes and need to go full bore.

      16. Back again. Wow …what the hey happened in the meantime here? Holy moley Batman.

        Those who live near Wink, TX already know, but those those who do not, the two sinkholes have begun widening once again, (due to the pumping out of LOTS of crude oil). The holes are now visible from aircraft at 38,000ft ….and that’s not good I suppose. The info is on Yahoo! at the moment…

        NO, regarding Putin, I have not found anything more than what I heard shortly before posting it last time I was here…but I know I’m not crazy as my wife heard it too. I dunno what to think but wish I’d just shut up about it …which is why I added the disclaimer.

        Anonymous. Why not use the old-fashioned type ‘icebox’. Made of folded ‘body metal’ (tin), riveted or nailed to a wooden frame and ice goes into the top, steadily melts allowing cold air to fall onto whatever you are trying to keep cool. You can build one in an hour or two at most, and keeping the door shut HARD (plus foam insulation) are the top two priorities. Those who do not have one may consider making one for “last resort” measures. (Snow can be hard-packed into ice and kept below-ground in summer pack in sawdust). If you are in the north you know how to cut out ice-blocks to store in the same for use in such an icebox.
        Again, an old trick of The Quakers from long, long ago. They lived through the stuff that would kill the greater majority of Americans today, if not the whole world (mostly). Alaskans use these things all the time.
        Oh …don’t forget a tiny hole at the bottom and a bucket, …the drain? heheh… One-inch lattice-work works fine as a base/pallet to keep stuff off the bottom, out of the water, maybe ‘set on a bit of ‘risers’ (bricks in the corners).

        • Equorial : If you don’t live in the North, or live where it does not snow to much, where would you get ice for your ice box ( after TSHTF )? Not being a smart a$$, being for real.

          • What about the backyard fridge.The pot in a pot ,wet sand between,evaporation cooled.Cold well water a plus
            Maniac –out

          • I’m in North Carolina, in the hills. The mountain tops are where I go to “hard-pack” snow into wooden boxes (to make big ice cubes), and then drag two or three back (hey, it’s all downhill and on ‘log skids’). For now, we’ve got fuel to use an ATV ….but when the fuel expends to a dry tank, I’m unsure if my tired old ass would be able to climb to the snow line or not.
            Every once in a while, the shallow water here will freeze and we’ll grab it up and toss it into the ‘sawdust hole’ and pack it. So far we’ve never needed anything we’ve gathered (it was just for practice to see how long would it last and could I pull it off by myself).
            In Maine, we’d saw the ice in cubes right out of the lakes and then pack them (using ‘large-toothed’ old lumber ‘rippers’).

      17. Whether you buy into the story that economic collapse in America is around the corner, or if you believe it is hype designed to get you to buy products you don’t need, and keep you too busy to accomplish your goals, keep this in mind; growing your own food from nonGMO seeds and making you own flour from berries insures your family won’t be contaminated by unhealthy ingredients in your food. Having rabbits as pets for your children now can also be a way to insure that you would have meat even if prices go up or your job prospects go down.

        You don’t have to go to extremes. But really, what is the harm in being prepared for a temporary power outage. Will you come to a bad end if you have some rice and beans in your pantry.

        • B from CA.

          The learning curve is gong to be horrible for those who do no preparation.
          Also what may work for one person may not work for another. Trial and Error. How many items that I have purchased and does not live up to specs.

          There is too much speculative information flooding the news and that has the tendency to jerk us around a bit. So when they talk about Defcon level its Blah Blah Blah.

          • The learning curve is going to be brutal, especially for those with a green thumb that never grow anything. I hear it all of the time. If TSHTF, they will plant a garden then. I’ll bet that they will be eating out of it in a week.

            • Fishandmud

              Second year on a garden. First year did pretty good and learned a few tricks. Compost and tilling the soil. Then weed prevention. Installed a watering system and because of the hot sun have shade screening. Wife loves it and get my mind off things. Oh I do agree they better give it a go before it goes south. Cabbage, Green Peppers, Broccoli, tomatoes, peas, onions, string beans and eggplant. Lots of eggplant. I Read that cabbage and broccoli can resprout off the stem after harvest. Well it appears that it can. Sure looks weird.
              Lots of eggplant. Three plants with a total of 22 eggplant fruit. Still has more blossums to go. Very hearty plant.

              • Anon:
                With those vegtables may I make a few suggestions:
                Eggplant parmigiana using homemade tomato sauce
                Peppers with onions tomatoes Italian sausage garlic eggs
                For tomato sauce, cook peeled tomatoes (blanch and peel)
                Add oxtails sausage and large meatballs to the sauce
                Make lasagna with the meat sauce
                Use Ricotta (Italian cottage cheese)
                Fresh Mozzarella (recipe for making from milk-Google)
                Home made mozzarella just for fun, and learn very available

            • Anon and Fish&mud:

              We all had to start at the right time for us. Some experts claimed the system would implode in 2025, others as far away as 2030. Things do seem to have accelerated so it could come as early as a few months or a year or two. I don’t try to talk to people too much about dates and all the possible problems. But I latch on to something concrete. I have a family member who is into nutrition. He told me eating steal cut oats is good for weight management. I suggested he buy a 25lb. bag of Bob’s Red because it won the award (organic). He is interested in saving money. So, I suggested that he would save since buying in the store you can only get a little bag. I’m Hoping once he starts to shop this way it will make him more susceptible to further prodding toward preparedness.
              I buy fruit or nut tree(s) as gifts.
              Some people need to be manipulated. If you try to force your ideas on them, they resent it. Sometimes these people are too important to you to just give up on. Trust me. It breaks my heart to think that they’ll succumb because they failed to recognize the fragility of the present situation.

      18. I told you all over a year about a dred lock uprising and you guys may have taught I was bullshiting.. now we are seeing things that even got me thinking..i am getting more Breneke..70 caliber slugs steal penetrators.for my 590 least now you guys know why I was worried about my bug our bag fail last year.

        Where the phuck is Genius, haven’t seen or heard from him lately.. a hope he is alive and well.


        • HCKS
          That slug is devastating. But you should have some 00 Buck or #4 buck. Believe me they devastating at close range. Under 50 yards.


        • HCKS, thanks for the tip on Breneke .70 cal. I’ll look for some myself. I’ve also been wondering about Genius. If I don’t find the breneke, I can still get more 00 buck and #4 buck. Like Sarge said, nothing can survive that within 50 yards.

        • HCKS, kindly post up where you get your Breneke slugs. Regards, MM

      19. Yah
        Big “G” where are you????

        We don’t always agree, but that is fine. You make me think!!!


      20. Buy more paper. Print more books. Somebody said libraries might be closed during wood.

      21. Genuis said awhile back he would be working on his place in nowhere(canada I think!)and would only if able drop in when he could get a hit while in town for supplies/what have you,hence,not too worried about the little nut!He is probably having a drink out on the deck getting the joint ready for the end of the world party!

        Sarge,asked before but then had to travel so not sure of answer if there was one.Why a AR in pistol length and since you already stated you had em figure ain’t breaking opsec.I was led to understand if say shorter then say 11″ without a suppressor would not cycle well,add a suppressor and you lose the advantage of short weapon.I have seen em in 7.5″lenghts and was wondering how they get anuff pressure on their own to cycle with such a short gas run,your thoughts on em appreciated.

        • I don’t own an AR but have reloaded in the past. If you load with Unique or Bullseye ( fast burning powder ), you could possibly shorten down the barrel and still get the weapon to cycle and have decent ballistics.

          • FaM
            Bullseye “no” burns too fast. Tried this in a mini and had major problems. Also you have to use a buffer because the powder lays flat in the casing.

            Unique will work but you have to use a buffer.
            It is also very dirty.


            • How about Norma 202?

              • “BoP”
                I can’t find any specs in my books using Norma 202. I’ll have to do some more research on that one. If I don’t get back to you. It means I didn’t find anything.

                There are some great Folks here that just might be able to answer the ? for us.


        • Warchild Dammit:

          Might have an answer for you.

          What I have found is it is all in the spring. What I have found out from others is you use a Carbine buffer tube and a light weight spring. Mine function great.

          Loads I’m shooting are loaded 748 WW, Exterminator, Varget. Just at or around 2575/2600 fps, from a 18 in barrel. All other loads are commercial.

          This weapon is what I carry in my squad car. Short compact with the firepower of a M4 that most other guys carry. Much easier to do building searches with.

          At 50 yards I can hit a 2″ group all day long. Remember it is only a 7.5″ barrel. She is a bit loud.

          Used it the other day ground hog hunting shot one at 75′ Hit it with a reload that I make with a 55 Gr. Soft Point. Small hole in. Blow a 2″ hole on the other side.

          I got one of them from Hardend Arms. Great company with great Customer Service. Had a problem firing and not cycling. Then had problem not ejecting. Made one call and they told me to send it in. NO Charge. They did some work on it like the spring and a fix on the ejector. As of today I have run about 200 rounds through her and she hasn’t missed a lick. My second one is from KMTactical. put it together and have not had any trouble. It shoot just as good. My wife took it away from me now she is using it.

          In my book this is something a Prepper could use in his bug out bag or close quarter combat. Just another tool to use to survive with. Remember 1 is none and 2 is 1. That is why I have at least two of everything.

          I have a M17s Bullpup very good close quarter gun. Had to do some work on it because it would get hot after around 100 rounds. Had my brother-in-law take it to the shop he works at and do some modifications on the stock, put some more holes in it for air to keep it cool. So far it works she starts getting hot after around 250 to 300 round. Like most AR’s. Looking at a Trevor.

          Hope this answered your question.


          • Thanks for rundown Sarge,using a light spring assume(?)one would use a light buffer?I was looking at this as a friend wanted to do this actually with his .300,small barreled uppers made for em but was really wondering about cycling ect.,worked would say would make a great pack gun/under small jacket gun.

          • Sgt. That M17 looks pretty sweet, Pricey but a nice tool.


      22. yeah yeah, been hearing about the collapse sine 1979. Here we are.
        Spend your money for nothing. If anything ever happens there will be no survivors, so build those bunkers, fools. All this is to separate you from your money.

      23. Heard on the news that IS will hit San Diego next. I’m looking at hiding my guns for awhile.More ammo,water,food,etc. Hiding just about everything…….

      24. Any thoughts on ammo stash for AR’s? I never feel like I have enough.

        • Richard,send it to me/can think of plenty of places to stash!

          I would say beyond the home would have some perhaps cached weather tight in lands close to you/where you hope you might end up if you can get there things go very wrong.I would say each one different but perhaps a business renting a storage unit if away from large crowds that would scavenge them/perhaps you have some shooting friends/family on a tight budget that would lay some in for you if you trust them well enuff,the more ready the better.You going to do stashes would also have some magazines related to stash there if you have extra,you don’t,get some.I would also if you carry in vehicle whether pistol or rifle have a few hundred rounds stashed,things go very wrong on the road would want it,of course,you also have a travel backpack at least with some calorie bars/basic med stuff/ect.,right?!

        • As much as you can afford.

      25. Well it is Amazing that the CIA is using their Proxy Boogiemen Army called ISIS to set up attacks here in the USA. Question. Why hasn’t the US dis-banned the CIA? Why do they get any funding?….as all they are, are shit stirrers. The entire US Government is in shambles with no leadership. The looting of the US by the elite continues. Its all downhill. Later we will look back and call today the good ol’ days.


        • Just had on TV how many Islamic maniacs Obozo has let into the country since he got in. He has built up quite an army, now all he is doing is waiting for the right time to give the order and we’ll all be in for a fire fight in all four corners of the country. I believe it’s going to happen all at once.Got enough weapons and ammo but my family thinks I’m crazy for stocking up!War is coming folks and that right soon. Keep yer powder dry.

      26. eppe’s grilled maple onions
        Large sweet onion, peel outer layer, quarter, place in alum foil, pour some maple syrup on, seal up foil, grill for 30 min.
        Vidallia with Cracker barrel syrup is killer.
        Your tounge will beat the top of your head to get to it….

        • EPPE
          Good Lord that sounds good. have to try it.

          • Have done it with regular onions, okay, but sweet is best.
            Amazing what one can grill with in foil.
            Sealing up is the key, steam produced flavors it well. Deer camp trick.
            Like a dessert, but addictive…

            • And clean up is a snap…

      27. Forget weeding the garden I put down grass clippings about 2 inches or so thick this when watered over keeps the moisture in the soil better the grass breaks down feeding plants. The key to keeping weeds down is not to let the sun reach the soil. Weeds won’t germinate and you won’t have to remove them. Make sure your soil is compost rich before putting down the grass clippings. It’s working well for me so far. I use rabbit shit to fertilize can’t over do it with rabbit shit so I’m told. I’ve never had problems. Got a wood chipper to grind down tree branches fire ash old veggies brown leaves. All good shit. There is worms the size of snakes in my garden. Never seen them that big. I do not take soil samples or any of that. I just talked with people and watched you tube vids and experimented. If you don’t have the soil prepared it won’t be ready for your plants. It’s all about the soil IMO. Pruning plants and training them up trellises. You don’t wanna dump some seeds and cross fingers hoping you will get a suitable yield come shtf. The survival garden needs to be easy as possible your gonna need to do other things like splitting wood for heat and cooking. Mulch the garden to keep the weeds down and water less. Try for not using any store bought fertilizers or pesticides. They might not be available and you will not wanna put up$ for that. Use heirloom seeds you can collect the seeds and never have to buy seeds anymore.

        • I have a barrel turn compost full of kitchen waste and chicken droppings and last yrs leaves cooking as we speak.

          I also mulch to keep moisture in and weeds out. Excellent way to garden and the mulch is later turned under to build up the soil.

          gardening is an ongoing learning process and fun to boot! I’m going to hate being too old to play in the dirt.

        • Oh, i wanted to say that i think we are having a drought here in Western NY. Extremely dry. Rained tonite for 20 min. and last time was almost a month ago. I usually take a bath once a wk, but can’t now. Worried abt the well. Will go to city in few days to visit my friend and take a bath there!! Have to ration the duks water. Only to drink, none to bathe in. They won’t go in dirty water.

      28. wow

        the FBI had one red flag after another about this guy
        and they F_CKED up and 50 people died

        Gun Shop Reported ‘Suspicious’ Omar Mateen to FBI

        h ttp://

      29. I have so many ?’s about Orlando wonder what/if anything the truth.The one I do not get is the 3 hour roughly lag time,this guy shot folks/hostages dead meat and folks bleeding out,why the wait?!

        Orlando is not a tiny town,they must have hrt trained personal there,why the wait and whose decision was it?I will be royally pissed we find out it was someone not on scene calling the shots as to when to hit and not left solely to the folks on scene.I bet a lot more lives would have been saved they hit quick and got to the folks bleeding out.That said,I wonder if it even really happened and if it did was another govt. flag operation,way too much BS to go all around on this one.

        • The ones who told them to stand down are probably the same ones who told the military to stand down at Bengazi.

        • Yeah me too!! I wondered about the police waiting THREE damn hours before they went in to help!!! WHY??? And no mention of that on the news!!!

          • when SECONDS count, a cop is only HOURS away.

        • Thanks! On it.

        • I just shake my head. How much more is the government hiding on the Orlando shooter.

      30. More to come, just wait for it,,,i feel that were are in SHTF times at the present!
        added 20 more cases of top Ramon to the supplies more ammo a bunch more….i carry every i go, looking over my shoulder…staying away from walmart im going to be 71 on saturday,prepared and ready for anything!
        SGT USMC 1966-72

      31. Seems like a whole lot of fishy info coming out about the cozy relations between the Mateens and Hillary/B-ho.

      32. My non-believer, non-prepper husband has started looking into buying a set of mules trained to pull a wagon…he says he wants to learn how to drive a team, to take a wagon to the mountains for trail rides (along with our current approach of horses and pack mules)…all I can think of is WOW transportation and the ability to haul stuff when everything falls apart and we can’t get fuel…we live in a rural area in the Redoubt, and I’m most concerned about getting cut off all from services and supplies for an extended period of time. Other preps I’ve been somewhat discreetly working on since 2011.

        Someone just posted about cooking sweet onions on the grill. This week, I’m taking grade school kids on three different outdoor adventures activities…all involving hiking, being in the outdoors, and cooking food outdoors in a variety of ways…a small way of helping a few families learn survival skills via their kids. The kids have definitely have learned that heavy duty foil is a great, versatile item for outdoor cooking!

      33. WD
        What I’m about to write isn’t P.C., but I don’t care about being P.C.

        I think one of the reasons it took so long for them to roll was the FEAR of getting blood on them. They more than likely suited up with protection, because the were afraid of getting HIV or AIDS. I know that one of the Ambulance services I worked on had a code for a subject with AIDS/HIV and we used a different protocol with them.


        • Wow. I never even thought of that, about the police being afraid to go in cuz of Aids. Wow.

      34. I listen to the liberal talk radio. The liberals are totally on board with the agenda. They fail to understand the gun debate from the other perspective their opinions are based on less guns equals less murder. While there is some truth in that. It’s just don’t make sense so called assault style weapons have been widely proliferated. A ban on them would do nothing as criminals would never let them go. You cannot open Pandora’s box then put everything back in it. It just don’t work that way. The nuclear bomb has been invented and just because they wanna reduce the amount of them is not gonna happen. Other nations want them for defense or just political leverage. If these as they say military style guns were never allowed to the public and there were very few if any out there in the community then their argument would make sense as we would all have equal firepower. But a pump gun revolver bolt or lever gun don’t hold a stick to a semi auto. A ban on these guns would do absolutely nothing to stop evil people from murdering innocents. The second amendment was written when we had muskets argument hold no weight. Those were the weapons of the time. Semiauto guns are the tools of modern times. It don’t matter what gun a perp has you cannot argue with a man holding a gun. They have a real problem admitting this guy was a terrorist because this will force them to take their eye off gun control bills and admit they should be going after the savages. They won’t do this ever because they are anti war cowards. They negotiate from a point of weakness except when it comes to Americans constitutional right to bear. But if someone wanted to put restrictions on free speech they would be all up in arms. The constitution has to stand in full of the republic will collapse which is what the left wants. If you argue with them your being a wise guy.

      35. Hey Mac.

        Your new article is gone into that loop stuff.

        They must be keeping tabs on you.

      36. Well,would say once again,a big city.Sure,have precautions like you should any accident ect. but you telling me they can’t mask up/get whatever they need to minimize risk on quick?!I would say if not then they suck as a swat/hrt team what have you and are better off raiding raw milk farms/pot growers/flash banging babies!They are if they can’t do this(don’t know their training/maybe they can quickly/they are untrained idiots at that point).

        There is nothing un pc about protecting ones self but you choose a job that will put you in harms way and have a country that seems hell bent on not letting citizens fight back,well…..,get the hell to work(or do the citizens a favor and quit).

      37. Still having problems getting to the new article.

        I’m telling you all that this informational interruption only strengthens my distrust of government.
        Might be the server but this crap happens too often when an article hits a nerve.

        Good Job there, Rorinon for the info.

      38. Got a GREAT tip from a fellow lady farmer yesterday.. Get a piece of old carpet, a black plastic concrete mixing pan, and tie a rope to the carpet to pull it. Saturate the carpet with round-up using the mixing pan, drag carpet over weeds next to veggie beds or rows.

        Be sure to buy some packets of trace minerals from to mix with triple 15. Get a used copy of “Diet for a Small Planet” and read it for combining grains and legumes to get all 10 essential amino acids in each meal.

        This year we’ve some 17,000 sq feet in veggies. You name, it we grow it. For those with enough growing season, plant field peas. The deer and bunny rabbits leave them alone. We only grow pole beans on horse fences as the yield is much better than bush beans. This year we are trying “Goliath” field corn as a possible support for pole beans. Our best yielding shelly pole bean is the heirloom Turkey Craw. Our best yielding field pea is whipporwill.

        Now… consider a set of radio networked Mr. Beams LED night motion detector lights. One goes, they ALL light up. We will have 8 of these set up at the farm.

      39. Anon,has come up quickly for me earlier and for s7g’s tried again and no problem.I will say I have not been able to get to site Gates Of Vienna for over 3 weeks,guess isp blocking but even with isp changes cannot get to it,pissing me off.

      40. “Everyone”is an expert and continue to give their personal advise. But you are the one that will ultimately make the life and death decisions, not the experts. Begin to think and visualize your bugging out situation: ask serious logical questions: Such as the following for example:
        Where are you going- how long to get there- Will fuel be available-do you have sufficient fuel to get there- how long will your stored food last- what food and necessities are you missing-What will I be doing once I reach my destination- Do I have weapons- How will I use them- do I have medicine that will last until civilized society is reestablished-if ever- What do I do when the www is shut down and cell phones no long work-When there is NO fuel or automobile parts? The questions continue and are different for each person/family. Can you think? Now is the time to consider realistically your options and logically consider the step by step process for surviving. What are your skills? Lastly, “we are going to trust God that all will end well.” Do you trust God now? Are your prayers ever answered? Do you even know how to pray? Remember, faith without works (answers) is dead! Faith in your faith is superstition, you will die. The word ‘believe’ means ‘to give ones self totally into the care of another’. The Bible, with all it does not contain, does give the answer to God taking care of you-that is his goal for every man. He is the only answer- you have wasted most of your life surviving on your own- now the judgment- all of you plans and stored food will not save you. Don’t you understand that ‘being saved’means to be ‘saved’from the world? Now the world is crashing down and you have not been ‘saved’. It is not too late- the doors remain open- it only takes a moment- you need to ‘believe’ as defined above.

      41. All my debt is in dollars so if they crash the dollar they will get NOTHING!!

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