Mainstream Reports: DHS Battens Down the Hatches: “This Could Be All Hell Breaks Loose Day”

by | Oct 28, 2013 | Emergency Preparedness | 445 comments

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    DHS Prepares for Food Stamp Riots

    A few weeks ago we saw what happens when the Electronic Benefit Transfer system is threatened in any way. When access to food stamps went offline for just a few hours, the masses began to panic in what were essentially isolated hot spots where law & order totally broke down.

    This Friday, because of guidelines set forth in the American and Recovery Investment Act, the 48 million Americans receiving nutritional food assistance from the government are going to see cuts to their monthly distributions.

    According to the USDA, the average monthly food benefit for an American family is about $272. Come November 1st, that will be reduced by $36 – or about 13%.

    Now, that may not seem like a big number, until you consider that the people depending on these distributions are already struggling to put food on the table and keep a roof over their heads.

    The government is, in essence, reducing their food availability by 13% overnight.

    Most people aren’t even paying attention, but one organization certainly is, because they know exactly what can happen when you start taking food out of peoples’ mouths.

    (Video follows excerpts)

    November 1st could be a very, very iffy day.

    This could be ‘all hell breaks loose’ day.

    The Department of Homeland Security is spending $80 million on a wrath of armed guards to protect the IRS and other government buildings in New York, not from terrorist threats mind you, but from American citizens because on November 1st the food stamp program is set to start decreasing the amount that is allocated to food stamp recipients… and they’re worried that violence will ensue.

    I guess they’re preparing for the worst…

    If we do not radically change our economy and revamp so that those nearly 50 million people have an opportunity to be liberated from food stamps to get $75, versus $70, versus $65. What these people need is economic opportunity and a good job so they can put food on their own table.

    You know, the slaves had food stamps too. It was called scraps from mazza’s table… we have a crisis within our country right now when you have 50 million people, nearly the entire West Coast, on food stamps.

    That’s the real outrage. 

    While we don’t anticipate any serious riots or violence following the food stamp cut backs, this shows in unambiguous detail what the government and the Department of Homeland Security have been planning for.

    For years they have been simulating the collapse of the U.S. financial system and its after-effects. And their simulations have concluded that any breakdown which leaves people without money, food, or access to government support will lead to widespread violence, looting and riots on the streets of America. The control grid has been put into place to handle what they know is coming.

    Why else would they spend $80 million beefing up security to deal with the blow-back from this relatively minor food stamp cut?

    Because they know what can happen – and they know what WILL happen!

    They’ve spent billions of dollars stockpiling food, guns, ammunition, and militarizing our domestic police forces to deal specifically with riots and mass demonstrations.

    We can pretend that FEMA refugee internment camps don’t exist, but any sensible police state would have designed, built and staffed these facilities well in advance as well.

    The United States government, as well as governments around the world, are fully expecting that the game will soon come to an end and confidence in the entire global economic, financial, monetary and political systems will be lost.

    And when that happens you can be assured that all of those supplies they’ve stockpiled will be used to support their policing efforts, not for the benefit of the people.

    This means you and yours will literally be on your own and left to fend for yourselves.

    It’s time to make and finalize preparations, because these are not the activities of a government expecting peace and stability.

    They are expecting madness and pandemonium, so you’d better have your plans in place, including your food, water, gold, and other supplies that will help you survive when others will be left to deal with the horrific consequences.

    This won’t be a short-term event, but rather, a sustained long-term decline that could potentially affect us for decades – thus we need to be thinking sustainability, and not just prepping for a single isolated emergency.

    You best get ready. The government’s giving us a head’s up on what will soon come to pass.


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      1. When’s the last time you saw someone (besides yourself, if applicable) have a half dozen bags of dried beans, peas, lentils, etc. in their shopping cart? The “poor” need to change their food buying habits.

        • My wife and I walked into a Jack In the box the other day and right there on the front door,
          EBT accepted. We got to looking around and it is accepted everywhere, convince stores, liqueur stores. This program has run amuck amuck amuck!!!

          • Hammerun: That must be a reflection of your State rules. In Arizona, I have heard, that even hot deli food in the supermarket is not allowed.

            Just saying, that’s what I heard. AZ Ready as a retailer isn’t that true? 🙂

            • I know people get tired of hearing this, but November 1 is in the middle of the window in which the moon is dark enough for Israel to attack Iran. Tomorrow to Nov.8.

              I saw that Pissed of Granny seems to think that I am taking sides with Israel in regards to them attacking Iran. HARDLY. Just like forecasting earthquakes I am ONLY trying to forecast an event in which all of our butts are on the line. Earthquakes are far easier to forecast than try to figure out what a country and their leaders are going to do. I am going by the fact that Israel attacks their enemies with major strikes ALWAYS within this 10 day window of a New Moon. Just like earthquakes I am trying to use the past to forecast the future. It doesn’t matter to me the event nor whom is at fault, ONLY that all of us are prepared for it.

              To me a foreign country is just that, if I don;t live there and have no plans to move there then I really don’t think much of what a country thinks. I ONLY care about how this affects ALL of us. I take no favorites with Israel or the other countries that hate them. I try to figure out what they will do by the current events. Unfortunately human beings have a spastic type of patterns that are much more difficult to predict that geophysical and what the Sun is going to do.

              The DHS could be preparing for that geophysical event, such as a mega earthquake or something much worse like a super volcano, maybe something from space that few know about. Then of course this could be nothing but another dry run to test how the response will be from the masses and to see how well the thuds operate. Then their favorite, the old false flag. Yes, false flag to further erode the 2nd Amendment. Hell, to go after the whole Bill Of Rights. The real enemy of the government is the first and second as they both protect the whole stability of every other freedom.

              This is what I feel, as I could be wrong but I don’t think so. Come November 1 nothing will happen. If they are planning a false flag it will come out the blue when few people are expecting it. If it is war in the Middle East. then Nov.3 would be ideal for an Iranian strike. The other thing I could think of that would occur on Nov.1 would be a Friday start of some banking holiday so the weekend could prevent a total stock market crash until Monday of the next week.

              • While the article contains many facts, the premise is ridiculous. You guys are going to have braveheart shitting his pants, as this is the set-off he is predicting. Do you really think after all they have done, that $36 a month is going to set-off riots? This is the slooow boil, like the frog. I have no doubt that SHTF is just around any corner now… but I really do not think it will come down to $36 ebt credit.

                • I doubt it also, but this is just the first one. Brave isn’t stupid, just knows that hindsight is 20-20, but not useful, The first people that panicked on the Titanic ALL got seats.

                  • Outlaw and Paranoid, I just got home a few minutes ago and read your comments. I’ll agree with BI that little if anything will happen on Nov. 1. It would take a total cutoff of EBT for riots to happen. Nobody would be happy over a reduction, but I don’t think riots will start over that. BI, I agree a false-flag is coming but when is anyone’s guess. If I had to bet, I would say Grid Ex on the 13th and 14th. Let’s all hope that won’t be a real-life “American Blackout”. Let DHS come ahead and try something stupid. braveheart

                • with as many kids as my current wife and i have living in our home,,we have gone from 900 bucks in food stamps to 700 in less than 6 months,,,shit happens..nobody is going to riot over 36 bucks… i have worked at my current job for over 12 years and they still wont pay me enough to be able to afford food

                  • well gee perhaps it’s time to muster up some work skills that are useful. loser

                  • It isn’t always a matter of skills. As an example, I am told everyone in your military E-6 and below has to be on food stamps to feed their families, even if they have 10+ years of service behind them.

                    If anyone is the loser it would be you, Not So Much, for letting that shit dribble from your mouth without taking the time to think.

                  • hey not so much, go puff on a PEE PEE,,you know, the one your daddy used to stick up your ass.

                  • The problem is no one wants to tighten their belts. I am not responsible for people who have kids that they can’t and could never afford. If you have them then YOU raise them. I think there should be more people in your household finding a job. These welfare handouts are totally abused. People are getting benefits that equal more then minimum wage. I don’t know about the rest of you but I can’t afford to take care of other families.

                  • @Canadian Vet.

                    I did 10 yrs in the Corps. My final rank was e-6. In zone for e-7 when I left.

                    It’s kinda funny that I was able to buy a house, have a new car. support my family and live 100% off the dole.

                  • think about it
                    I`ll bet they paid you enough to buy a gross of condoms


                  • Did they really think all the free rides would continue once he got elected ? He got your vote and doesn’t need you any more. Most don’t need the hand out. The few that do are going to go hungary or get a job. The one’s that can not work are in deep doo doo. He has already cut some. A little elderly lady getting ready for heart surgery this week was at the Walmart store I was in a week ago. She wanted to buy cottage cheese,the cheapest brand. She would pick it up and put it back. We started a conversation and she said her food stamps had been cut to $35.00 a month. She ended up not buying the cottage cheese. I saw that from a distance.She was clearly in need of help. If I had the money I would have used my cart and hers and had her buy all the food she wanted and paid for it. Unfortunately I couldn’t do it. This lady won’t riot I am sure but will surely be hungry. While the really needy do without the elite and Obama’s family will eat their kobe beef, lobster and bar q ques using air force one to fly to their favorite restaurant to get their meals.

                  • really not just the wont pay the fed has continued to devalue that dollar in your check and even if you had a few bucks in the bank its lost to inflation with .01% interest

                • it might when you consider how many very elderly depend upon that $40 total for the whole month…it is not just the families with kids…there are a whole lotta old folks barely scraping by, that get 8-40 bucks of food stamps cause they live alone and maybe they only get 80 bucks in social security…I have seen this with my own eyes in Memphis tenn. in senior housing.

                  • So now it will be the elderly seniors depending on the food stamps that will set off the riots to bring down America? Not the generational welfare class? I guess this plot just thickens… and gets more ridiculous by the minute…

                  • And you gotta watch out for the ones with canes and walkers. 🙂

                  • The amounts listed in the article are misleading. Granny will not get a $36 cut. That amount is based upon a family of four. Granny will get something like a $11 cut on average. The benefit will drop from $200 to $189. That is more than enough for me to buy food.

                  • the lowest monthly social security is now $1020 a month.

                  • I see this every month when a close family member who worked all her life gets 37$ a month. It is not funny, and there should be some rioting just because this is allowed to happen. All these young, able bodied, lazy, people that wouldnt work if a job smacked them in the face, can draw welfare, and collect food stamps for having kids, when someone who has contributed to society all her life (90yrs) cant get enough to help feed herself. This country should be very ashamed.

                • You are hilarious!

                • Outlaw

                  Logic takes your side of the argument. Agreed!
                  Most would say, $36 bucks come on? Who would go ape-shit over such a small amount?
                  Yet, have not the instigators sometimes used seemingly low key off hand episodes to create a crisis atmosphere, then used the controlled MSM to inflate the fear-porn side of the issue?

                  View it this way, does a 36 dollar reduction show up on the majority sheeple’s radar?
                  Not a chance!

                  Now, throw in a decent amount of agent-provocateur types at the right locations, at the right time, amongst the right genome group & entitlement mindset crowd & what do you have?
                  Division of facts, opinions, induced chaos, conflicting eye witness accounts & opportunity to exploit such, no?
                  Then they run with it.

                  Hail Caesar, divide & conquer is the end-game.

                  Were aware they’ve purchased billions of rounds of one-shot-stop ammo, tens of thousands of select-fire weapons, 2700+ armored mil-spec MRAP vehicles, approx 1500+ carbine caliber survivable mobile checkpoint stations, world class sniper rifles w/ ditto optics and we hear of their intention to utilize both recce & armed drones for domestic use!

                  Sir, w/ all due respect, I’d say someone very high in the chain of command is itching for an excuse to employ all that hardware & manpower in a domestic example of SHOCK & AWE…and soon!
                  So much so, that they’re willing to create the crisis!
                  Because its important to keep the serfs in their place, no?


                  Just out of curiosity, how many here REALLY LOOKED hard at the JBT photo at the top of this article & analyzed it thru the prism of….

                  Hmmmmm, dudes are armored up pretty good!
                  If all I had was a rifle chambered in .22lr what would be my aim point?

                  hint…remember, it usually takes two, to carry a wounded & incapacitated comrade to safety, in the rear.
                  Thus, one shot removes three.

                  Aim small, miss small.

                  • It’s not just $36 reduction to their food stamps – all this money printing has inflated everything and continues to reduce the amount of food that $200+ monthly allotment will buy. The government is crashing in slow motion. The riots are slowly undeway too, a flash mob here, a random attack by ‘teens’ there.

                  • may i remind all of you about the tactic taken by the socialist and followers of their leader Alinsky? Ever since woodrow wilson started his progressive agenda they knew it would take time to get the sheeple under their control.That being the case the object was to take an inch and then take a yard always adding to the power for them and taking it from you. This reduction is in the same vein. they gather and say “lets see what kind of reaction we will get from a medium reduction in the EBT benefits we give and then increase that reduction 1 step at a time” Yes this is indeed the frog in the boiling pot scenario. They will keep pushing until they finally are able to get the uprising they are hoping for when they are fully ready for it to happen.
                    On another note always look to what the elites in HOLLYWOOD produce and release to the public.They always give you advanced warning of what is coming by their shows.That is why i looked at the NATGEO show on sunday and realized that this is nothing but another warning of what is coming. Are you prepared? I know a number of you posting here are but there are many others out there who are not simply because they can’t or won’t believe this is really going to happen.Yes the people in control of our government would do anything even harm its citizens to get what they want,be it a false flag;or outright act if they think they could get away with it. good luck to all

                  • Hunter: You and others here seem to be math challenged. The entire DHS has less than 250,000 personnel and this includes the Coast Guard, Customs and Border Protection/ICE, TSA, and Secret Service, and FEMA. The Coast Guard is on America’s main waterways. The Secret Service is busy guarding dignitaries and chasing counterfeiters. Customs and Border Protection personnel are located at the 300+ ports of entry across the U.S. which are at all international airports, seaports, and land boarders. Depending upon which agency we’re talking about, 10-35% of their staff are unarmed support positions. These guys are all busy so who’s going to slap on this riot gear like in the photos ? Maybe the granny-gropers of the TSA. That’s a joke! Maybe it’ll be pencil pushing voucher squad of FEMA. None of these folks are elite paramilitary types, so who’s still worried about some new form of SS showing up? Not me because the facts don’t support it.

                • maybe not the EBT alone- BUT totally unpublicised is how unemployment benefits are being cut back simultaneously- and have been for some time. When the electronic EBT cards went down- so did the unemployment filing services and some have already been with THAT for weeks too. cumulative squeeze will eventually hit a break point.

                  • add to that lack of ‘healthcare’ because hospitals are laying off thousands, doctors are quitting…

                  • figment,
                    that is why ObamaCare was timed for when it was. just in time for the H7N9 bird flu pandemic

                • Braveheart……. LOL!

                  • Anonymous, is there a problem?

                • Yes you are probably right who would riot over something so insignificant in the larger scheme of things. Cough (Rodney King) cough. Probably take something really significant to make something happen like riots (Trayvon Martin) . I think the point is that you dont know what straw will break the camels back. The sinking of the Lusitania, the assassination of arch duke Ferdinand, the sinking of the USS Maine. These all were pretty small events in the grand scheme.

                • O P B
                  I do agree with you guys that $36.00 won’t start a riot, but the TPTB could use it as excuse for some type of a false flag. Man I really hate that I can’t trust my Gov.

                  For the folks that really need it the cut is going to still hurt. For the Zombies/Leaches. I say good. Short story that is true. A school teacher in my group told me a kid came to school with over $35.00 worth of Sinkers Ice Cream bars for the class. When she asked how she got them she told her MY EBT CARD!!! 17 years old two (2) kids, living with her mother, so she gets the card.

                  • Sgt. Dale

                    Have to admit that about everything is going to extremes. Welfare, Taxes, price of food and gas. I agree that measures to correct the abuse can also hurt those who rely on assistance and use it legally. The big attitude is that I feel they are getting over on me and I can not do anything about it. I also understand that recipients can not eat beans and rice forever. It is the arrogance in which they display.
                    In this chess board of the Haves and the Have Nots, nothing is ever talked about the consequences. Lifestyles of having children to increase benefits. The stress placed upon the community resources.
                    Should we have a financial collapse the ones who will hurt the most are the mothers of said children. They will cry out to the Fathers and very little help will be received due to their own survival. I await the sound of hungry children crying. Of course nobody wants to think about that.

                • Outlaw, another point being missed is the rise in the cost of food. EBTs will be less by 13% but the quanity being bought (16oz down to 14.3oz) and the spike in cost, many will be short changed even more. Many will see the loss of maybe even 20-25%, now we’re talking increased frustration of those with EBTs. Will they riot? Don’t know but if the loss of EBT money continues and it is a week or two before Christmas…….?

              • @BI….I always enjoy reading your predictions. However in this case, if you are right, I hope Israel gets hit back really hard since 90 + % of the problems we are facing in the US of A is caused by the dual citizens in that pig farm country of satanic minds.

                • They do not raise pigs.

                  • Right but they are.

                  • Paranoid, you’re slightly incorrect!

                    THEY BREED, DO THEY NOT???

                  • Tactical: SEE My post(scroll down a bit) for info you may enjoy. IE: I posted info on a RT TV news interview, 1/2 hr long, of a Former Israeli IDF Soldier expose that he tells the facts and Truths of just how corrupt israel and its IDF militray agenda truely are. He has a website also with an additional 900+ former IDF soldiers speaking Out to expose israel’s Fanatical insane agendas and how they are trained to Murder harmless innocent palestinians, includeing Christians there too. Best expose info I have yet heard or seen!!

                • Nothing like ignorant bigots to drag a conversation down into the gutter.

                  • ignorant bigots? Wow…..You can’t handle the truth. Study more, read the history. Just ask yourself, who are the main players behind the current economic conditions all over the world.

                  • @Tactical – I handle the truth just fine. I know the Truth, and his name is Jesus Christ.
                    By the way, he’s one of those “pigs” you referred to.
                    Ignorant bigot.

              • Be informed …you did say that about Syria too ….its getting old with the new moon stuff dude !!!!

                • @ RICH99. To tell the truth the waiting for the events in the Middle East have become old with me also. I however cannot live with myself by not alerting people each month to that possibility of an attack and giving that window of time. The people here are worth it to know IF and WHEN it happens. The absolute nightmare that will ensue after such an attack could be the literal start of WW3 and there might not be much time for anyone to act. Remember the video on June 21, Russia: “Syria will be armed with weapons never before seen……..” The vidoe was THE LAST DAY. It was sudden and unexpected start of WW3.

                  Every time Israel has lauched war it has been in this 10 day window. Fox News has an article “Israel issues warning to Iran over nuclear bomb report”. They have been practice long range bombing runs for the past 3 weeks. Yes RICH I agree this is getting old, but in all fairness would you not want to know beforehand what is happening rather than just turn on your TV and see the breaking news between 4-9 PM your time that the Middle east is erupting in a blaze of hell? At least be a little more mentally prepared to at least try to get out of your area before the missiles start flying from all the nuclear powers within a short time thereafter? Don’t you think that others deserve a little bit of heads up warning IF and WHEN this happens, before one of the ultimate SHFT and then some?

                  • BI, the post night before last from Peuget Sound alerting us that THREE Trident Nuclear submarines and LOTS of boats flanking them were leaving & heading out to sea was enough to make me sit up and pay attention. Normal activity is one doing a swap with one out in the water. You keep on reminding’s stuff like that that keeps me coming back to this site. Not only for articles but the knowledge from smart people. Comments from idiots are gonna happen because they exist.

                  • Gone2hilo

                    If that post about the Boomer Subs is true, that is not good.

                  • Keep saying what you will, BI. I read your comments with interest and I have learned much from them.

                  • @Be Informed

                    I second what you said, not that it needs to be seconded. You are absolutely right. We appreciate your insight and thoughtfulness in sharing your observations on the matter. The thoughtful, prescient, and observing eyes of human-kind have been watching events in that region now for over 3000 years. It doesn’t matter which side you are on, when war breaks out in the middleeast this time, it will involve the whole world in one way or the other. There will be no escaping (perhaps in the Redoubt?) There will be two sides and each one of us will probably have to choose sides. Father will turn against son, and mother will turn against daughter. Lines will be drawn even in this community or preppers. The consequences are not going to be pretty.

                  • Bi
                    Ditto to what the gang is saying,
                    I for one find it fascinating your theories on the interconnectedness of the earthquakes,
                    It always made me sort of go Huh? When seizmologists would say two quakes were not connected???
                    How the hell could they not be connected! We live on a big ball every releaae of energy has an equal response somewhere!
                    The submarine thing is curious, would support a repositioning, my guess is that subs would be utilized heavily if there was an attack on Iran, do any of you think for a minute that BO and his newly installed military leaders would give a crap about asking permission from congress? If subs were used there is denyability too, ishrahell might start the bombing but i bet the war mongers would gladly hit them simultaneously then sink back into the water to wait. There is also the issue of waterways, iran has said they would close down the waterways in their proximity, subs have the capability of countering and destroying any craft that moves!
                    Anyway, keep it coming BI

              • What do we have to worry about on American blackout Obama asked for help from foreign countries and all transformers unexploded after 10 days.3 x class flares in 3 days,and the spots are getting more lined up for earth bound cmes.

              • I agree with your premise in part. This $80 Million is not spent because they really believe people will riot because of food stamps; that is just their excuse. They are planning for some other event, possibly war with Iran. There are so many other possibilities hanging out there that I am not sure which they are preparing for, but think it’s a good time to pay close attention to what is going on and to be ready for anything in the next month or two.

                • if they were so eager for a false flag to justify martial law- the one and only thing to do it- uncontested by even folks on this blog- would be a catastrophic explosion of FUKUSHIMA fuel pool with 14,000X the rads of Hiroshima released. the singular, truly global world ELE of legend. Even WW3 would be more localized to region etc.
                  Fukushima destruciton of northern hemisphere would even have me and you heeding govt orders. nothing else would: all other F Flags would generate plenty of resistance. maybe that is what the preps are for. if thats the case, they’ll need alot more than $80M as the chaos and panic will indeed be extreme.

                • The Most Logical assumption at this point is to: Consider that not every fed worker in every agency is a bad evil guy. Many are true patriotic folks like You. Not all fed agency are planning evil bad things against their own folks in usa.

                  Perhaps logic should dictate at least till we see otherwise, that the main reason the feds have bought more ammos etc is incase the several Million Gangbangers, mainly of the african and mexican races nationwide, within about 50,000 seperate violence Prone Gangs, go ape shit during any event. Even a natural weather type events.

                  What will most american citizens who Are Law abiders etc think if such an event leads to all out looting and rioting by most or Every gangbanger nationwide, and the fed govnt and police simply allow it to go on without doing anything to Halt it? That Is their main job afterall. To Protect Your rights. especially from a million or more gangbangers going ape shit in Your areas.

                  AS FOR EBT CUTS: A couple single retired folks near here have told me they were being cut from orig ebt amounts of $107 per month(NOT $200 or more as some think) down to for month of Oct, $101 and as of November untill January 2015 new Lower ebt is down to $90 per month.

                  Funny almost everybody that complains of old folks who get EBT’s for now only $90 per month, never ever complain of all the massive foriegn aid cash to 150+ nations. And the FEW who do complain of foriegn cash payouts usually just complain if its paid to muslim or enemy nations,(enemys as per fox 24/7 geeking everybody up).

                  Yet “Most” of those folks are happy and content to see israel with only aprox 6.5 million jewish folks there, getting way More cash per yr than any other nation, even africa for example where many more millions starve.

                  What can Your state do with that $3 Billion Cash per yr israel gets? PLUS God alone besides state dept and pentagon knows how many More Billions cash per year israel gets in arms and weaponery etc/ plus several Trillion since 9/11 which is 99.99999% Certain now was Caused BY israel/mossad/zionists jews. Spent for Phony Wars.

                  I know I know. As long as FOX news, Glen Beck, and many pastors keeps spewing how israel is our best friends and allies than its all fine and Kosher right.

                  Untill one researches All facts about Khazar jews/israel imposters etc. That takes Focus though. Focus and a true desire for real factual truths.

                  It seems many preppers are becomeing more like a Cult of sorts lately. Every Day, every dark moon week, every sneeze or cough and oh no this Must be it! And if its not? Then we will keep searching every nook and cranny for any “Hint” of any posibility that we can spin. twist or mold into a RED ALERT!…As if somehow they want it to occure so they can say “We were correct”!

                  I do not know about others here but I for one HOPE we never see a true collapse or meltdown or martial law scenarios. You who think its cool or good, or are under wishfull ideas that you is who gets to “Rebuild” america after you survive etc…If Russia communisim 1918 lasted 70+ yrs…This time around is likly to last that long or never end. Carefull what you wish for folks. You may Get it! But things may Not turn out as you percieve even with 20 yrs of preps stashed away and enough ammo to overtake central america in 3 days flat.

                  Seems like barely 10% here speak of community assisting and going it as a group. The other 90% rather hide in a cave or basement and “wait” for the all clear signals. Or emerge now or then to begin shooting all within Range.

                  It sounds like they are becomeing a Cult. Hope they do not get like Jim Jones folks did!! Koolaide time for everyone!

              • I think you folks who say $36 is too small to set off riots don’t understand how social explosions often go. Look what followed with the self-immolation of just ONE street vendor in Tunisia in December, 2010. Many attribute the entire thrust of the Arab Spring to that one event.

                Social explosions are the human equivalent of sand grains added to a pile of sand. It is not the last INDIVIDUAL grain that is significant, it is the fingers of instability that run throughout the pile that makes it collapse with the last grain. Same with this. If someone marches himself down to the WIC, SNAP or EBT office, throws a rock through the window, gets MACEd or SWATted, you would have plenty of fuel to start a fire based on it.

                No one here–including me–has any idea what it is that will set it off. All I know is every passing day, every new outrage that is reported and every new oppressive tactic that is tried, brings us closer to that explosion.

                When that last grain is added to the pile and the whole thing gives, it may be something so small it is not even noticed at first.

                Don’t be looking up at the sky waiting for the unreported asteroid to hurtle out of the night sky. That’s a good way for some goober to walk up and kick the hell out of your nuts. Just be ready at ALL TIMES because it can happen at any moment now.

              • YOUR POST.Quote
                ‘The DHS could be preparing for that geophysical event, such as a mega earthquake or something much worse like a super volcano.
                I’m sorry BI. There are a lot of people who respect you, and your views,information and opinion’s. I was one of them. Not any more…False prophet comes to mind.
                I cannot put my finger on it, but i know it!!!. I’m not in your camp or nearby . for me it’s a premonition.
                Regards, kaynine.

                • I cant quite understand what could be soo polarizing about BI’s attempt to make known his theories about what what COULD possibly happen.. seems like some dont understand the words “COULD HAPPEN”, and seem to mistake it for “WILL HAPPEN”..

                  he’s been so open about his basis in his theories, which is basically about patterns or history, and twasnt like he was misrepresenting about receiving feeds or information from some mystical source..

                  at any rate, id like to interpose my admiration, and gratitude for guys like BI, who go out of their way doing research on things they deem to be important for people who wanna be forewarned..

                • @ kaynine. If I know of very large earthquake(s) coming, most likely so does the government as they have super computers that can digest enormous amounts of data and can monitor stress points. The government most likely is preparing for something. I cannot figure out the government or what they are doing. Am I not allowed a wild guess and specualtion like anyone else on the site to what the government is up to?

              • Heres ANOTHER: TV Special you can watch its 1/2 hr long.

                It First aired on Monday,10-28-13 at RT TV News on the “Sophie And Co.” show special. VERY EYE Opening!!

                There is also a website owned By a former israeli IDF soldier, I cannot recall his webiste name now, but RT TV News just yesterday had him on an interview the entire 1/2 hr show. It was the “Sophie and Co.” show at RT tv.

                That former IDF israel soldier explained that his webiste has Over 900 other former IDF soldiers, who like himself, are speaking out to Expose the total lunatic mentlity taught to every israeli jew from birth. IE: That everybody in Palestine is out to “get a jew” and stab a jew in the back etc. Including palestinian kids and even Babies!

                It is basically the same mindset they are all taught to believe, that all non jewish goyim gentiles are evil nazis and out to get those always 100% innocent jews who never ever do any wrongs to others. It causes a permanant state of Paraniod Psyhcotic behaviors and mindset in them.

                That former IDF guy was spot on and was describing the Many times his superiors/leaders of israel keep ordering idf soldiers into palestineian tarritory for NO other reasons, other than to jump out of military vehicles, begin to shoot guns into the air, and create a mass state of fear against totally innocent downtrodden palestinian folks.

                He said some idf are so brainwashed they hope and watch for some kid to sneek close and toss a rock at the soldiers. Then they jump at their big chance to actually shoot and kill a 5-6yr old kid, who is trowing a rock at idf soldiers, because the soldiers last time destroyed the kids home and killed his mom and dad etc.

                He described in Much detail how one time his own Commanding officer on scene spotted a small child observing their army vehicles etc on the street below, from a rooftop 2nd floor the child was at. His commanding officer fired a warning shot to scare the child, when child failed to move off rooftop, his second shot was aimed directly at the childs stomach! The IDF guy says the Only issue of concern for his leader officer that did the shooting was if his superiors back at HQ are going to punish him etc!..But the former idf guy says all the idf troops there assured the officer not to worry as none ever gets punished for shooting and Killing innocent palestinians even small kids.(some of usa’s best pals and allies?!!).

                It is nice to see that at least 900+ former IDF israeli soldiers have awakened from former brainwashings, much like some usa military has recently, and are speaking out and maintaining a website dedicated to outting such false attacks upon innocents be they in palestine or iraq or South Carolina!

                It proves that sooner or later Truth shall always conquer Lies and propagandized falsehoods.

                Everybody who aint as yet jewized up on whats REALLY going down inside Israel, and the Real actual truths of just how terribly so many totally innocent Palestinians, and that Includes Christians, aprox 400,000 christians there if I recall correct,are constantly treated so badly,even being murdered by IDF soldiers for the Fun and Sport of Killing humans who harmed nobody etc.

                Should consider that 1/2 Hr. Spent viewing and listening to that former israeli idf soldier, just may perhaps be far better spent time as compared to wasting 2 full hrs viewing more NatGeo propagandas designed to make preppers appear as Buffons and Imbecills.

                Plus if I recall correctly, RT or that former idf guy show his website address on that interview so you can also go read some of the other 900+ former israeli soldiers speak out to reveal the Truth and Facts that never ever shall be seen on FOX or CNN type msm tv.

                I must say in all honesty, that former IDF soldier was so, so convinceing and truthfull, that perhaps even pastor John Hagee himself would have new revelations at how wrong headed his ministery is by his pro israel pro jew teachings, which of course are all based on the same basic falshoods you’d expect from fox and cnn msm’s.

                One particular interview part that really hits home with concerning truths, is when that former idf soldier began to describe his struggles in trying to get his own parents, who also live in and were raised(I think parents were also born and raised in israel as was the idf soldier guy), to believe their son is telling the parents the true facts and what’s really the israel and idf miliraty agenda, as well as what drives it based on false beliefs that all non jews target jews because, jews are always so innocent of any wrong doings. So far his parents refuse to budge and accept their son knows from personal experience, and is man enough to admit and tell others of it all. Overall one of the absolute Best ever expose’s of reality of inside of israel and palestine you will never likly hear anywheres else, as long as the current zionist jewish culprits owns usa-MSM’s.

                You should be able to eaisily Find this 1/2 hr long interview at RT tv news’ website, listed under “Sophie And Co.” archived stuff. A MUST SEE! Finnally real Inside info Truth and From a former IDF-Isreali Soldier who is speaking out, and has a website of his own with an Additional 900+ Former IDF soldiers also speaking Out on what really is israli govnt/militray agendas, and how IDF soldiers are trained to view gentile palestinian’s, as well as ALL gentiles, as no big deal and Okay to Murder for Sport! Fun! and Country!

                This interview is especially Great info for delusional israel-firsters, and israel/jew defenders/supporters who think its somehow good policy to be that way!

                Real Christians Knows that God won’t ever “Bless” any such unquestionable defence or support of ANY group/race/religion of people. Perhaps this 1/2 hr interview of former IDF soldier will convince them.

                • Thanks Them Guys as always. I guess the red thumbs are in full support of such criminal minds and the green thumbs are are bigots.

                • How exactly do you reconcile your automatic and rabid hatred of Jews and support of Christ?

                  Hows that workin out in your shriveled little mind?

                  • Not so much: again Lives up to his/her screen name in Spades! IE: if you had a clue what Jesus himself is quoted of haveing stated about Talmudic Pharise’s AND ALL of their Judaic talmudic followers, all who rejected and still today reject Christ and all He taught etc. Then you would never make such asinine statements nor ask such idiotic questions.

                    It is folks like YOU who are filled with Hatred. Hatred of everyone that refuses to automatically toe the “jewish” and state of israel lines. Yet never do You supply any true counter debate nor any proof we are wrong on all we say regards to Khazar fake jews, zionist jews and state of israel.

                    You obviously are in the camp that’s brainwashed by phony pastors today…OR, the camp whom are jewish or married to a jewish person. Because those Two camps just about covers 99.9999% of all who unquestionably defend and support all issues jewish, or always reject all facts and truths to continue such Mindless defense regardless even if it is a Jew or ex military IDF, 900+ of IDF soldiers! Who supply such factual truth info.

                    Not so much You are a typical fool idiot that always calls every person Jews hate for speaking truths, an antisemite or hater.

                    If you knew one iota of what Jesus and all 12 apostles stated on these jew issues, or even ever compared New Testement christianity to babylonian talmudic judaisim, you would know that one teaches Love, Kindness, Charity for others even those Unlike You.

                    While the Other belief system teaches abject hatered of ALL Non jews aka goyim gentiles of all sorts and races etc. It also teaches that for jewish persons it is a VIRTUE to Steal from, Lie to, and even Kill gentiles and the ONLY times its not a good Virtue is if that thief jew or liar or killer of gentiles gets Caught, so as to make things reflect badly upon jews in general!

                    In other words as long as jews are fairly certain they can get away with Mistreating gentiles by Lies-Thefts-Swindles-Scams-and even to Kill gentile goyims…Then thats all good and a VIRTUE to be Proud of!

                    And foolsih idiots like YOU defend and support it all fully without question and all based on they are of a certain race or religious beliefs!

                    Last I heard Your methods are posterboy definitions of a true Bigot and racist as well as abject idiotic Fool.

                  • So you’re not gonna answer the question dumbshit?

                    Christ was a Jew. Period.

                  • “Last I heard Your methods are posterboy definitions of a true Bigot and racist as well as abject idiotic Fool”

                    Me!? WTF are you talking about? Dude, ease up on that crack pipe because you’re delusional as hell.

                    You’re the half-wit that finds a jew, black or brown person to hate under every rock and around every corner.

                    I tell you what, I’ll make you a bet. You run off and find one single statement BY ME where I said I hated jews, black people or brown people, I’ll send you $1000.

                    Wen you cant find it, go fuck yourself and never come back to this site.

                    Sorry bitch, I dont judge based on race.

                    Fucking moron.

                • “That former IDF israel soldier explained that his webiste has Over 900 other former IDF soldiers, who like himself, are speaking out to Expose the total lunatic mentlity taught to every israeli jew from birth. IE: That everybody in Palestine is out to “get a jew” and stab a jew in the back etc. Including palestinian kids and even Babies!”

                  they are taught this because it is true. you must be unbelieveably ignorant not to recognize that the only goal of palestinians is to eradicate israel and the jews. The.Only.Goal. and while israel may not be entirely innocent (who is?), they have always been on the defensive in my lifetime and for many years before. i, for one, wish they would truly go on the offensive and take care of the issue once and for all. but, alas, that isn’t in the Plan.

                  • You are another FOX TV jewsih issues brainwashed fool if you believe all you wrote. Or if you believe that every TV news show seen with aprox 90+% Jewish reporters, advisors, experts(?) etc etc are ever going to tell you the real facts and truth!

                    I suppose you also believe over 900 former IDF soldiers who still reside in as do their families, inside of state of Israel, are going to risk total rejection by most all jewish folks there and abroad, simply due to they are now Bored?…or are just makeing it all Up?

                    I’d wager your main base of israel or jewish info is based on FOX TV shows, Or, Pastors such as John Hagee-fanitacal teacher of falsehoods galore on these issues…OR from BOTH sources.

                    Yutube also is filled with many videos filmed Inside palestine that expose how badly americans have been so Lied to by every major MSM newspaper and TV like CNN-NBC-FOX-ET AL regarding these issues. Incase You ever desire real truth. Try some Khazar research as a good start.

              • i love israel and this beloved country has nothing to worry about, God is in control. thank you Jesus

              • Believe me folks, DHS is aware of current and pending Earth Changes. And YES, they are preparing as best as they can, for the survival of the American Government in anticipation of these coming CHANGES.

                I promise you. DHS is aware of the coming Earth Changes. 🙂

              • In November, TEPCO will begin the very scary process of removing the spent fuel rods at Fukashima nuclear facility. Ordinarily, they would have robotic instruments to do this and it would be computer guided because it is such an extremely dangerous chore. However, the robotic instruments and computers were crushed/destroyed during the earthquake/tsunami of 2011. So it must be done by hand. Its a very delicate operation–if one fuel rod touches the other, well, just say goodbye to your neighbors and family! (around 1,500 of them have to be removed!)

                For more info., go to Mike Ruppert Lifeboat hour website.

                • Bibi won’t blink. 🙁

            • One of these days the government is going to kick
              a powder keg down the road instead of the familiar
              and often quoted can.

              When that happens, the DHS will find out that their
              drills and training don’t amount to a pinch of salt.

              There’s a world of difference between the clubbing
              of a peacenik sit-in and a country wide riot where
              hungry people with blood in their eye won’t take no
              for an answer.

              Silly politicians, hungry sheep become wolves.

              • +1

              • There is also a big difference between them going around terrorizing citizens and the citizens taking up arms against them and basically going bat shit crazy and blowing holes in anything that even looks like a three letter alphabet soup operator. Will be like the oh so successful wars they are waging in say Afganistan, yea, they are really making headway there,,,,,

                • Kulafarmer, I’m with you about defending yourself against anyone with bad intentions toward you, but I’m not ‘going off the reservation’ until I know for sure that it’s full-blown SHTF. If we’re facing a situation that is recoverable, it will be essential to have self-restraint UNLESS you’re in an extreme situation, then most likely I’ll have to ‘go off the reservation’ to survive. We won’t know how it will turn out until we go through it. Iraq and Afghanistan were nothing but “Vietnam In The Desert”, braveheart

                  • Im withyou on that one, i prefer just picking my kale and being left alone,
                    So alphabet soup,,, leave me alone!

                  • You missed another AA meet BH…!

              • I think the old timers might be the ones that are finally set off by something, some catalyst, some minor insult that blows up. A lot of those guys are still pissed about what happened at Ruby Ridge and Waco.

              • And cops taste like chicken!!!

                • nope. pork.

                  • Actually i think its somewhere between bald eagle and baby seal!

                  • nope like shit!

              • nothing that lazer beams, sound canons, microwaves, F16s and a few drone missile strikes cant handle. wake up

              • Sid
                It’s that I disagree with you, but. What the Gov. is going to do is put the sheeple in the FEMA camps. Most of them will come from the big cities. They have not prepared! The Gov. will come after gun owners & Preppers to try and restrick the armed rebellion that they know is coming. The gov. will have little area to work from like the cities, and the Patrios will have to go into them to free those Patriots that they have taken into custody, thus starting a civl war.
                AIM SMALL MISS SMALL

            • Hey DK, nice to hear from you. Being a retailer that accepts EBT, it is my understanding that certain restaurants are allowed to take EBT as payment. The thinking behind this is that “homeless” and “disabled” people receiving EBT bennies should be allowed to get a hot meal. The rules state that the person must prove they are homeless or disabled to get this particular benefit and the particular establishment has been approved by USDA to process the EBT even though they do not meet the “other” EBT acceptance requirements as I do as a retail store. The question for me and I’m sure others is that how do you show you are homeless? You know damn well most of the approved establishments don’t give a rats ass if the person is homeless or not, especially in this economy. A sale is a sale to them. As for my place, I can only sell “cold” items such as deli sandwiches and such. Now here’s a kicker. That person who buys that sandwich cold, pays for it with EBT can then nuke it and have a “hot” sandwich and that is OK. Here is how dumb the rules are. They can buy crushed ice but not block ice, or, they can buy a Starbucks cold ice coffee but not hot coffee we just brewed. Hope this helps with everyones understanding of a screwed up system that needs to go away.

              • AZ,in my hometown, the homeless aren’t even able to get foodstamps because they have no bills!(No Utility or rent bills)! Plus, the people who do get foodstamps are NOT ALLOWED to buy hot foods.

            • Arizona does have some restrictions, but what difference does it make? Between those working under the table, those illegally in the country or both, the whole system in AZ is broken. They spend so much on subsidizing illegal aliens, AZ has one of, if not the lowest unemployment caps in the country.

              You want to know how bad it is? I know someone that worked at DES for a while. She quit because of all the corruption she saw and didn’t want to be part of it.

              Among other things, she was told by her supervisor (Mexican-American woman)to give full benefits to people that my friend knew were illegal aliens and to ask any questions. But this same supervisor told her to give an American-born-and-raised woman the absolute minimum benefits possible. When she asked why, the supervisor flat out told her “Well, she’s White, she doesn’t need it as much.” THAT is the reality of how screwed up it is at DES in Arizona. She saw this kind of thing going on every day and that’s why she left.

              Not to mention how liberal administrators and politicians have made certain that case workers have no enforcement power whatsoever! Even when they know for a fact that fraud is going on and they are not allowed to report it! I know one case worker that was visiting a client’s house and during the visit the little girl looked at her and said, “But that’s not my mommy’s name” (illegal with stolen or fake ID) but the case worker had no recourse. Great system, eh?

              Now I’m sure someone is going to label me a racist because when faced with the unpleasant truth, liberals and pro-immigration types automatically go that route. Don’t bother. You’ll only embarrass yourself.

            • No DK, the food stamp program here is just a bad. Every gas station has an EBT sign. There’s a wallyworld next to my work in Tolleson that carries Auguson Farms that I make a weekly trip to. There’s an EBT sign hanging directly above the snow crab. Good times.

            • The fast food lobbiests didn’t want their clients to miss out on the the big bucks. Fast food joints in Illinois can accept EBT cards.

            • Here in Pennsylvania, you cannot use food stamps to buy hot foods. But I think there is a program to allow some people (perhaps the elderly or those unable to cook?) to use them in fast-food restaurants. If so, I bet McDonald’s paid a lot of lobby money to politicians for that one.

            • In California I can fill my cart with candy but cannot buy any hot, prepared food like a chicken, etc. They started with the fast food chains because a lot of people do not have a place to cook food but now it’s out of control.

          • Just a clarification on this. The EBT card handles multiple programs. To the best of my knowledge Food Stamps, regardless of state, cannot be used for anything other than groceries, defined as foods you have to cook yourself. Yes there are questionable purchases, with all the steak and lobster I’ve heard about, and yes, prepared but uncooked pizza like Papa Murphy’s qualifies, which I actually disagree with. But people are not buying liquor, televisions, fast food, etc. with Food Stamps.

            What they are doing is using their welfare payments which are also placed on the EBT card. This can be used for anything whatsoever, including cash withdrawals (drugs? hookers?). So while people may be using their EBT cards to buy crazy things, this is not actually part of the Food Stamp program.

            Having said that, there is nothing that annoys me more than seeing an EBT cart filled with crap. If you are desperate enough to take stolen money (which is what it is, why mince words?) have enough self-respect to use it for its intended use instead of trying to live it up like a good little peon. I’ve known both types of EBT holders, and the one with rice, noodles, and beans in their cart has more respect from me than the soda and chips crowd. The first suggests a genuine need from somebody trying to stretch their dollar. The second looks like somebody who doesn’t need that stolen money.

            • In SC I know kids use EBT to buy dreadlocks. It falls under health and beauty!

              • how exactly does one buy a dreadlock? dreads are dirty, stuck together hair. You mean hair extensions?

            • Folks may not be buying liquor and cigs with food stamps, that’s why they sell them for cheap so they can. Come on. You can even find them on craigslist.

              I’m not denying old folks their food. I’m talking about able bodied people who are incented not to work and be denied personal growth.

            • Dante, the easiest way “they” convert EBT to cash is asking people in the parking lot of the grocery store if that person will give them $50, “they” will go in the store with them and “buy” $100 worth of groceries on their EBT card. Have had it happen to me.

              Try calling the EBT fraud hotline sometime. What a joke. Been there, done that.

              • A store owner in Tennessee served years in the pen for just that.
                He got caught–or someone turned him in.

              • What if suppose that for the next fed election cycle, 2014 mid terms, everybody got a chance to Vote for ONE of TWO choices. And what if the two choices were #1= Vote yes for EBT as it is today…OR Vote instead a Yes vote to Keep Paying every single usa Fed Tax dollars from every taxpayer, to continue paying Zionist jewish Banksters cabals the aprox 3/4th of a Trillion dollars per year on the Usury Interst fed govnt Owes said bankster cabals for the “Privilidge” to borrow the dollars we ALREADY Own?

                What if you Had to pick ONE. Whats worse? EBT’s or swindler scamming jewish banksters and their cabals shafting america by loaning us cash dollars we already Own and we never needed any middle man banksters when the us treasury dept can Print dollars debt and intrest free.

                I too get pissed by free loaders on ebt. But them bankster cabals free load way worse and even 99% of so called economy money experts websites Never mentions or questions this Usury intrest swidnle system.

                ps: If all forms istrest/usury were ended, and replaced by Debt free and intrest free Cash printed dollars. Then every american would pay so little in taxes, even a minimum wage earner could be very prosperous in due time. Higher wage earners could be very prosperous within the first 6 mo to one years time.

                And our overall economy would flourish with so much more money avail to spend by all folks.

                Soon, very soon, the full years intrest paid to bankster cabals will be a full one Trillion dollars intrest. Picture that instead divided between the 50 states to fix roads etc. Or paid Back to every taxpayer in Full for every cent paid in fed tax weekly. Plus add in every cent spent for foriegn aid cash to near every nation. America could become the most updated modern nation of all nations.

                And the ONLY group to suffer a loss would be a few hundred jewish zio banksters who already have Trillions of personal wealth. End of the FED yes a good start. Let me know when Ron Paul ET AL promote also an End of all Intrest usury and I too will get excited to vote etc.

                • Gotta agree with you 100% Them Guys. I dislike both groups you mention. A choice between those two is no choice at all!

                  • AZ Ready: Exactly correct you are. But consider that if we did away fully with usury intrest that has been verrified as an invention of swindler scam banksters that began, in modern eras, with the Rothschilds family and spread outwards to now include about 300 top banksters ruleing the world basically.

                    Then all that taxpayer cash we saved every year can Hire so many folks to rebuild a much needed rebuilding nationwide of litterally all/every infrastructures we have in america today. Roads-Failing Overpass and Bridges-ELEC Grids-New Power generations by updated cleaner new plants etc etc.

                    And after a massive nationwide Hireing efforts, there will be almost ZERO folks who truly Need EBT or other welfare help.

                    We also will need Insist every Illeagle from Every nation they came here from be sent home packing. ZERO Jobs for NON citizens and absolutely ZERO amnestys for ANY illeagles mexican or others than mexican.

                    We can fix-Repair-Update-IMPROVE-America and Prospertiy for All folks that desires it. I believe Most, even ghetto welfare folks would Love such opertunity for well paid jobs. And Jobs that also Improve their OWN nation and fellow citizens lives etc.

                    Thats what can happen. “IF” like germany did we first BOOT Out or arrest and Jail usury intrest bankster cabals and all associated with them. If or if not that means we boot jewish banksters out? oh well eh. I say even if IRISH or Germans or Polacks or frenchmen, if its corrupt swindler banksters?…BOOT or JAIL em all.

                    That abe lincoln and JFK Both printed dollars by Side stepping jewish fed res banksters and did so debt and intrest FREE dollars created, and BOTH Lincoln and JFK got whacked within a few Months after, Proves that IS the right correct path to printing dollars and creating national wealth and prosperity like none ever seen prior…Except for a 5yr time frame in 1930’s Germany when They copied Abe Lincolns “Greenback Dollars” Plans.

                    Dollars backed By Labor worked and products and services created. It snowballs to create More National and Local jobs due to consumers has way more to spend etc.

                    And equals an entire usa nation thats NOT a single Cent in debt!

                    Look at dollars and fed res etc as if its a Dope deal for Tons of weed. You Know who the Main weed dealer cabals and Growers are. Now you can A=Buy Direct from dope dealer growers cabals, OR, B= You rather go thru a Midleman dealer and Pay Twice as much so middlemen gets Their pay!….No sane operator will pick plan B.

                    Yet america does just That plan B only its money deals and payouts to middlemen zio jew banksters. Banksters who do it for ONE main reason, so They can eventually Own and Control a NWO run BY Them and their croonys and enablers etc. What makes more sense? Their methods since 1913? or what I wrote of here?

            • Maybe laws in your State are different but in CA, “EBT accepted here” is on the door of all fast food restaurants

            • stolen money, my ass. wake up traitor. feeding the citizens is NOT theft. taxes by the trillion going to banker bailouts and military profiteers IS.

              • “feeding the citizens is NOT theft”

                It is when you take MY money to do it. Thief.

              • Charity is providing the needy with money/food/supplies out of the goodness in your heart.

                Extracting money from people under threat of punishment so it can be given to another is theft, regardless if that money ends up in the pocket of banker or a pauper.

                I am not saying Assistance Programs should be completely done away with. I do think they should belong to the states and not the federal government. I also think that these programs aren’t really working unless their goal was to foster a dependence mindset, in which case they are working brilliantly.

          • corpco always wins…boycott the mfer’s like I do.

            If everyone just walked away from them, they would be done.

            When someone uses ebt a Mc corpco…you and I pay.

            I hope there exit from earth is violent and painful.

          • IIRC…. What they accept at these cinvience stores is the cash General Assistance portion (GA) of the EBT Card. Which is $140 per month for a single person. The food stamp EBT portion of the card can only be used for food in the grocery store, not anything else.

          • Forty percent of Walmart sales are via EBT. Without the EBT cards wally World and many other retailers would go broke.

          • Go to Craigslist and do a search under the wanted section for EBT. Or for sale. EBT is thick with fraud. A $200 card is worth $100 in cash. Most will be stunned at what they will find.

          • Hammerun,OBOOZO just gave 200,000,000 dollars to AL-qeada in syria,that brings the total to OVER 1 billion hes given them,and americans fight over who gets what in america,every DIME OF YOUR MONEY IS BEING WASTED OVER SEAS,BUT THATS ‘OK’AS LONG AS IT AIN’T AND AMERICAN FAMILY RIGHT,you know what I think,AMERICANS are ALL IDIOTS……………

        • I was behind some fat slob of a guy today and he bought a qt of chocolate milk and 2 granola bars with his food stamps. One of these days I’m going to open my mouth. No respect or pity for these sheeple.

          • actually chocolate milk and granola is a pretty good choice considering. it is healthy and he gets his chocolate fix the same time he gets some fibre in his diet.

            • Chocolate milk and granola are a good choice? It does wonders for the poor fatty. I am not thin myself but it is delusional to think those are decent choices. Unsalted nuts, water and 90% cocoa chocolate bite for the chocolate lover is awesome. Milk chocolate is horrid and carries no benefit.

              • People who were never brought up to eat healthy , are not going to suddenly search for how to eat info on the intarwebs in their 30’s.

                People whose mommy used food to shut them up same thing.

                Plus the dependent on metabolism mild to wild chemical rush from eating shit food is more addictive than heroin.

                Hell I ain’t eaten much junk food in a long long time. Can still walk by a fast food joint and want some GOD DAMNED FRENCH FRIES right fucking NAO.

                • M

                  French Fries! Hahahahaha!

                  I’m stuck on fried chicken. Popeye’s, Churches, Col. Sanders and Bojangles.

                  Hard to fight off a Dumpster Bird Attack.

              • Some folks believe a good choice is to only allow old folks to eat dog food and dead rats, so they can have way more cash to spend, on way more Wars, so they can exterminate way more people, that israel/jewish/zionists Hate so much. I wonder what those folks will think when they realize at some point They will be the only remaining Goyim gentiles left to kill off, to make jewish state of israel happy.

                Then the Only remaining question will be, do they commit suicide? Or let the jewish state of israel finish killing them off to rid the world of every goyim gentile and realize their 4000 year old utopian dream, of a totally jewish owned and run NWO-Jwo.

            • Healthy? Factory made granola bars? Are you nuts??? Ever read the ingredients? There’s nothing healthy about it.

          • What is wrong with milk and granola bars? I might understand pop and candy upset you but why milk and granola bars. I eat bars for fast breakfast on the run.

            • I do not care if people agree with me or not but sugar is shit. Milk chocolate is like an Aero bar and dark chocolate is far superior. Then again I argue with North Americans where diabetes is a past time.

              • Milk chocolate is superior to white milk and a lot of other things when it comes to refuelling after a workout. I also use it as a base to make breakfast smoothies so they are actually enjoyable instead of just a glass of “fuel for the furnace”.

                • I mean chocolate milk, not milk chocolate. My French Canadian upbringing sometimes comes to play havoc with the way I communicate when I’m dog tired.

                  And for the record, I can’t stand eating milk chocolate. 72% cocoa is my bare minimum the odd time I have a hankering for actual chocolate.

                  • I’m into 90% dark chocolate. Sometimes I forget about other people eating more “mainstream” Hershey type chocolate and offer my chocolate to guests…they make interesting faces upon shoving the chocolate in their mouths 🙂

            • good for you

              most granola bar contain more sugar than candy bars.

            • They do to! They are usally running from the COPS!!

          • I know a gas station that will take food stamps for gas……I also know a Mexican restaurant that takes stamps……I also can buy $100 of food stamps for $60. I know a girl who gets $650 of food stamps a month and she has a kid that doesn’t even live with her. She eats steak like 4 times a week and feeds a bunch of her boyfriends pothead friends all the time AND she sells about $200 of stamps EVERY month

            • @ Isherwood ~ I know a single guy who receives $100 a month for food in food stamps. I know a woman, divorced, with 2 teen-age girls. One is 18, the other is 16. Both work part time jobs. * If I was getting $650 of food stamps a month, I would never go off the system. A very
              nice gravy train.*

              • Hell, My hubby 16 year old and I spend max $500 a month on groceries and preps. Unless there is a big sale on something with coupons, then i’ll go a little nuts. If they cooked home-cooked meals, they wouldn’t need $650 a month for a family of 4 unless buying formula and diapers. They’ve got WIC for that.

          • That was me…they were out of lobster today so I needed to find alternate comfort food but they didn’t have Choco in gallon jugs.

        • And you wonder why they put signs up that say, “Don’t Feed The Animals”? When they rely on handouts from humans they get angry and violent when they can no longer fend for themselves. I’m referring to real wild animals and not those that you find at Walmart 😆

        • I’ve gone into Publix more than once to buy just the sale items. Would max out the the number allowed…
          You should see the looks I get when it’s just beans and rice…

          • Yeah I love loading up on the Publix buy 1 get 1 free specials myself. 🙂

          • Ha… My four children and I each get the maximum allowed to take advantage of a great deal. And every day the sale is on 🙂

            • Good for you…dd (that’s two thumbs up btw) lol

        • My uncle is disabled and on food stamps. He used to get about 1500 in benefits after working for 30 years. A illegal ran him over in a cross walk giving him some brain damage.
          His benefits have been slowly reduced to about $800 over the last few years and even thou he wants to be independent he just cant. He is not elegable to collect SS for another 5 years. He does buy dried beans and ramen and rice and pretty much starves to death. 6 months ago he had to move out of his RV because the police thought he might drive it and now lives in a tent in the forest. At least he can eat a little better now.
          Not everyone that is getting help is a bum.

          • Joe I meant to thumbs up your comment but im using my stupid phone right now and accidentally thumbed you down because the screen is small and my thumbs are big.Sorry about that

            +3 extra thumbs up for you from me 😉

            • Spam,no worries,gave Joe a thumb up for ya’s.Joe,hope things work out better for your uncle in the long run.I have no problem with a social trampoline,not a safety net,lets help people bounce back to where they were,not leave em trapped in a net and govt. handouts.

          • @Joe, Sorry to hear that. God Bless.

          • A used RV cost less than a travel trailer. Get him one and remove the starter and wheels.

            • Some states you need to leave the wheels on it or they will tax it as they would a house.

              Police can tell you what to do because they think you “might drive it”? That should have been a big middle finger to the police followed by a go pound sand statement.

          • That is a real bummer, there are lots of folks who really legitimately need help, the ones who abuse the system ruin it for everyone.
            Sorry to hear about your Uncle.
            Is heartbreaking to hear these sorts of stories because but for the grace of God there go I.
            Is also why it is best to not use too wide a brush when painting a picture,

          • MY brother is on disability and only gets about $200 A MONTH IN FOOD STAMPS! How the heck was your brother able to get that much?

        • Leslie Anne
          you are correct, my cart has those items in it and most of the people inline that had a EBT card were buying steaks and other things that i won’t pay the price for !

          • Sounds like you don’t have the big picture. Here you are doing without while the deadbeats eat like kings. Enjoy good eating once in awhile. There are no points for being a martyr. I tell everyone I know to swallow your pride and get an EBT card. I have given up worrying about the stupidity in the world. get in on some of it.

            • I’m sorry John W. But there’s a principle involved here…
              It’s not martyrdom to live within your means…nor is it pride.
              And if you don’t know the difference…well, I’ll just let it go at that.

            • I dont think you can eat like a king on a few hundred bucks a month,
              Am just sayin,
              Maybe for one weekend, but when was the last time you were able to buy prime rib roast, lobster and a few other things and have it only cost 200$. Cant even get a filet for much under 65$ lobster tails run around 11$ ea, or more,
              Seems like every trip to the market is 100$ or more, might last a week, but not likely.
              I think that is why many kids end up going hungry, not because of lack of funds, but misallocation of funds, feel sorry for the kids, they dont know any better and didnt have a choice,
              Theres a lot to all of this stuff, can be quite complicated

          • The price dosent matter when you are spending other peoples hard earned money!

        • If there are any “riots”, or whatever, they will be orginized by groups like CPUSA.

          As for the buildup, do they really expect anyone to actually physically attack the irs building over EBT cuts? Probably not…

          More likely, just another test, another opportunity to acclimate the sheeple to the coming armored fist.

          Speaking of which, a National Guard MP recorded a breifing he was in, like last week, and they were told plans are in fact being made, RFN, to take your firearms.

          • JustMe, I saw that video the other day and some of those MPs stated they won’t take part in it. for the ones that refused, I take my hat off to them. for the ones that do, they better have their last will and testament ready. I still question how much manpower they’ll have for any attempt at gun grabbing. With an estimated 200,000,000 to 250,000,000 guns in the hands of no less than 100,000,000 people in this country I can’t picture it having any degree of success. But I am certain a lot of people on both sides will die in any attempt. We need to make the other side’s casualties so heavy and unacceptable that they’ll give up. braveheart

            • And out of those 100 million maybe 3 million are worth a fuck in a fire fight . Trigger pullers don’t win wars , logistics experts do .
              Besides what are they fighting for ? So a bunch a people who made it to third base in life get too stay there ? What is in it for them ?

          • Don’t know about your neighborhood but I pass by a National Guard Armory on my way to work every day. Over the past six months or so they went from just a couple of utility vehicles in the secure yard to well over a dozen, most of them the tall canvas tops for troop carries, the rest panels like medic but no markings. A couple were desert cammy, the rest forest leaf markings. I don’t live in a desert and the Middle East is not known for its Old Growth Forest so I would say these are being stored for domestic consumption.

            That’s OK. What we have can turn that canvas into a July 4th mobile sparkler.

            • Copper Tone: Yeah, it’s called the ‘Draw-Down” . They (Guard/Reserve) are all returning home instead of being deployed over and over again like they were when Iraq and Afghanistan were still red-hot. It’s the same everywhere, you’re going to see a lot of equipment and personnel returning home for good. We’ve just gotten use to seeing these yards empty for the last ten years.

        • As some of you may know, I lost my job last month. My rent ain’t even due yet and Tonight I get a call from my landlord telling me if I don’t give guns as collateral, he’ll kick my family out. And my landlord is a felon…

          What should I do?

          • Mac?

            • Tell him to shove it up his ass.

              • Isn’t that what Criminals want though?

                • Iowa, consider truck-driving. Drivers make decent money and can easily find a job.

                  • @ Iowa,

                    I’m sure by now you’ve done some research by now, if not… remember “the squeaky wheel gets the grease” I would definitely call.

                    Is it possible at this point to say you Already Pawned Them???

                    My prayers are with you.


          • Move right now and let the cops know a convicted felon tried to blackmail you for firearms

          • Do not give him guns under any circumstances. That is a serious felony. If he still tries to throw you out, tell him you will call the ATF on his ass.

          • Shoot your landlord and use ” Felon in possession of stolen firearms” as your defense.

          • Sounds like you might have to give him a couple of crappy guns and then call the law on him.

          • Iowa-

            Very sorry to hear that, been there, done that myself. Once upon a time I was taking showers by running through the lawn sprinklers in the park at 4:00am just to shower. You had to time it right or the cops would nail you to the wall, as the parks were closed after 11:00pm.
            I lost everything, house car, belongings, you name it. Life goes on and you slowly recover.

            As far as giving ANY weapons to a felon, DON’T DO IT. The new ‘Straw man purchase Law’ says you will go to prison for 5 years just for providing said weapons to a felon. Not worth it. That is def. a crappy situation, but you have to think long term. You would be better off pawning the weapons at a decent pawn shop (or trusted friend) which gets you cash and the landlord what he legally should have, not the other way around. Just my .002 cents…

            • +1
              Dont give him anything, YOU will be in worse trouble than him,
              Bait him, record the whole thing then set up a sting with the local cops supplying him with the guns,
              That is extortion at the very least and possibly a whole lot worse.

          • Surely there are laws that protect renters in Iowa. As a felon he cannot own nor possess guns. Bad thing is, he can make something up to evict. Good luck Iowa….

          • Report him to the authorities.

            • Any reprecussions Jim?

            • Yep agreed Jim, make the system work for you Iowa, for a change…
              Now THAT’S change I can believe in…

          • Call the police, that’s illegal.

          • iowa, where do you live in iowa? I would call the police first so you have a record of it. get a tape recorder and confront him on a concealed tape and get what he says and you can use that in case of court later. Just talk to the guy man to man and see what he has to say. they cant kick you out until some time, they have to evict you with a warrant crap. you have plenty of time, he is just trying to scare you into paying asap.

          • You should record him and turn his ass in, guys like that are the ilk that need to be purged from society.

          • dont you dare give him your guns, he is trying to get them to keep since he cant get them anyhwere and he wants them to hide. Never give him your guns!!!!!! that would be the dumbest move you could ever do

          • Move or call the law and set him up. Maybe you’ll get a free month or two while he’s going for bail hearings.

            • Iowa, I don’t know what your state law says about evictions, but here in TN evictions can only be carried out by the county sheriff and landlords here have to go through a legal process first to get an eviction done. check your state law on evictions; there should be something similar. Evictions cannot be carried out automatically. there is a legal process that landlord has to go through first. braveheart

              • Iowa, everyone else is right about not givng him any guns under any circumstances. No point getting yourself into legal trouble. I would get evicted before giving the SOB any guns. If you have to, pawn your guns to come up with rent money. one way or another, I think things will work out for you. something good can come out of all this mess.

                • Call Rule of Law Radio , 512_646-1984.
                  Logosradionetwork. com

          • Sorry to hear about your situation Iowa. Hang in there, when things seem to be at their worst, shit happens and suddenly opportunities arise you didn’t know existed before.

          • Do not give him any firearm, even a .22 single shot that doesn’t work. Call your Sheriff and talk to him about it.

            And start making arrangements to move, I’ll bet you he’ll just come in and help himself.

          • Ask for your landlord for his parole officers phone number to clear it with him first. Seriously check out some agencies that can help with rent this month. You can find them if you dig around.

          • Record him and then blackmail him.

            • Blackmail is a felony

          • If you give him a gun knowing he is a felon and doing an unregistered transfer you will yourself be a felon. Not a good idea. Either move or talk to the cops about setting up a sting. Most likely any firearms involved will be kept as evidence and there is a chance you will never see them again. Then again he will be looking at some jail time. Serve him right.

          • Contact your LEO and let them know a convicted felon is trying to get your guns. If he is still on probation, then contact his PO.

            I’m guessing he will have to look for other collateral.

            All states have an eviction process that can take a lot of time. He can’t just throw you out without breaking the law. It can’t start until you breach your contract by not paying or something else. They can argue “anticipatory breach”, but that is a tough one without them first knowing how much money and assets you have and loans etc. you can get from your family to pay the rent.

            • Sorry to hear times got tougher,tis time to move,friends/family?Do not give your landlord any firearms,you will want to keep them.On a side note,no where in the constitution regarding the 2nd do I see law abiding people have the right to bare arms.True criminals need to be in jail but with the crazy laws passed over the decades not hard to convict us all of crimes.My guess is unknowingly we all probably commit a crime that in the eyes of those who do not believe in constitution means our rights can be taken away.The founding fathers would today be residing in Guantanamo,just something to think about.On a side note have never been convicted of a felony,at least not yet!

          • Hey Iowa,
            I would move all of my guns out of my home, all but one loaded handgun each per adult for self-defense. If he is the landlord he has access you to your home in some way anytime he likes. In NC & VA they have to give 24-48 hours written notice unless it is an “emergency” (ie. leaking pipes, fire or police warrant). I would seriously consider calling the police and reporting it. I would also report it to the Fair Housing commission in your state. Under no circumstances give him access to your guns, you’d be implicating yourself in any potential crimes he may commit beyond extortion, threats, blackmail etc. Cover your own ass first.

          • if I don’t give guns as collateral, he’ll kick my family out.

            are you sure he’s not an undercover ATF agent?

          • Have the police watch him drive away with a cheapo junk gun. Then don’t worry about paying rent till he get out of fed prison in 30 years.

          • Iowa
            You have 90 gays to leave. Tell the SOB to evict you. Contact DCFS, if he tries to throw you out. Contact the Policde Dept. and tell them what he told you. If they are willing to work with you set up some kind of a sting. If they won’t work with you go to the NEWS PAPER in your town and try to get a report to work with you.

            • You have family,do not in any way engage in a sting operation.As I have no idea what felony on his record may be bullshit law or a serious crime of violence,violence that could then come back and haunt you and get you or family killed,seriously,time to move on.

          • Call the Sheriff. Tell him about the felon’s attempt at extortion and procurement of a firearm. The felon may be the one moving out.

          • Tell him to fuck off. If your lease isn’t up then there’s nothing he can do. And even when you don’t pay the rent, there’s nothing he can immediately do.

            The law is on your side for a time.
            You could also work out a sting op with the cops and get the scumbag arrested.

          • Iowa: Call the cops for a simple sting because they love busting guys like this. It’s not entrapment if he comes to your house with cash and takes them freely. They’ll get him on camera offering to buy the guns in exchange for letting you stay. By the way, how does this dirt-bag know you even have guns? You failed your OPSEC and put yourself and your family in danger.

        • Leslie

          You have hit the nail on the head!
          This site has a lot of people looking out for themselves and their families because they are SMART!
          $230.00 can buy a lot of food, or not.
          Being in a position to need or worse rely on that money from the government though is worse.
          Frankly the fact that they aren’t using that money wisely is a testament to why they rely on handouts. No discipline, no accountability.


        • Today’s American “poor” probably have no idea on how to cook from dried beans, peas,lentils, etc…… because their food comes from boxes and fast food outlets…..

          • Anon,my guess is many,not just the poor have not cooked a lot with beans/rice ect.I bet they can learn real quick when necessary though!Basic meals may be a bit boring but when truly hungry will remind you of the best holiday meals ever!One thing I need to do is work on making basics a little more interesting/tasty,that is just cooking practice and uninteresting/boring will still be delicious in a tough scenario!

          • Beans? Nothing tastes worse than beans! A simple basic stew is better. Potato, carrot, onion and a can of chipped beef, salt and water to strech it out and slow cook. Is there a simpler meal from scratch?

        • A lot of people do not know how to cook. They only know how to microwave, use their EBT at fast food, or buy easy crap to throw together. They need to learn how to cook and SNAP program needs to stop allowing them to buy fast food with EBT and SNAP. It just blows my mind that in some states you can use snap at fast food places.

        • You are so correct. When a food stamp receipiant is allowed to use their Magic EBT card at a Casino and strip club something is horribly wrong. But why would anyone work if they can make more money from entitlements than at a low paying 40 hour a week job ?

        • Get back to me on November 2nd..

          Nohing’s gonna happen..



        • The last time I saw a cart full of dried beans, peas and lentils, etc., it was my own cart. But since then I changed my food buying habits.

          Appetite fatigue is real, and I do not care who it is, that is, if the shopper is a Leslie Anne or an EBTer, they need to buy things that they like to eat after the very basics are bought.

          Stock up on things you like to eat. If you don’t you will have plenty of food going to waste, because you will not want to eat it.

          Variety is important too, because even if you buy what you like to eat, you will get tired of eating it, and because of this buy variety to keep up your interests in eating.

          I cannot wait for the collapse to come. I cannot wait for this world to be judged. I cannot wait. I am ready to leave this world to be with the Lord Jesus for ever and ever.

        • I’m one of the poorest people I know, Leslie, and I eat ONLY healthy food– organic when possible and certainly NEVER junk food! I Haven’t eaten a candy bar in years (or soda) because I feel its important to take responsibility for your own health instead of depending on doctors, who half the time cause more problems for the patient than what he had before!

          Basically, its not “poor people are ignorant and rich or wise”.. That’s BS! People are people, stop grouping them incorrectly.

        • You Know Some people do need to change, BUT Don’t be so CLOSED minded!
          My wife and I Just moved to The Chicago area, we went from making around 130,000/year to 0, do to the UNION hold on the job markets!!!!
          I am a Journeyman heavy Equipment mechanic with 30 some years Ex and a perfect works record! She has 20 some Yrs Trucking until Swift Trans decided to fire her for wanting (excuse me) for thinking about moving to In.
          We where forced to Move here immediately as she no longer had a JOB do to thinking about moving, We spent ALL of our reserve to pay rental fees and rent ect (8,000)
          We our here now but dead broke and with no Job’s
          And your saying I need to change my buying habits?
          I pray that you never have any problems and loose your job!!!

      2. I realize that man made/natural disaster can set things off but do not believe it will be EBT cuts,could be wrong.Either way am going to live and enjoy today while prepping for tomorrow,nothing wrong with being ready but has really started consuming a lot of mental energy,need to enjoy my life also.

        • Thats right @warchild , alotta bad news gets heavy……
          I still believe calm heads and common sence will prevail.
          And i pray for it .
          Be well , dont let it all bring ya down.

          • Roger That…

      3. Something not being mentioned in all these articles is that the threshold for elligibility was also moved, so if the rates are reverting, wouldnt the elligibility requirements also reset?

        • All they’d have to do is quit giving benefits to every spanish-speaking person who walks through their doors, without question. That would knock out quite a bit of abuse from illegals.

          • That would knock out a hella lotta profits from super pac funders.
            Those trillions in offshored accounts didn’t happen by accident.

            How about reduce reuse recycle , give the corps 20 % in gross profit and recycle the food stamp money into the system. LOL that makes way too much sense.

            Hilarious how deca can put groceries on the shelves for 20 million + people. Pay the employees decent and keep facilities running for a 6 % markup. Time too put the military in charge of food distribution systems.
            Including banning people who steal , or act up.

          • That would knock out a hella lotta profits from super pac funders.
            Those trillions in offshored accounts didn’t happen by accident.

            How about reduce reuse recycle , give the corps 20 % in gross profit and recycle the food stamp money into the system. LOL that makes way too much sense.

            Hilarious how deca can put groceries on the shelves for 20 million + people. Pay the employees decent and keep facilities running for a 6 % markup. Time too put the military in charge of food distribution systems.
            Including banning people who steal , or act up.

        • Have they been lowered ?
          I have no idea what the income threashold is .
          I guess it is in the regime,s interest to lower requirements and sign up as many as possible.
          Overload the system to create default , thats the plan.

          • I think they lowered the threashold for being elligible in 09 or 08,
            Made it easier to qualify without looking at your previous years income, not 100% on that but remember that being one of the sections in the legislation that expanded the program.

            • I was wondering; Are there any local laws or feelings against throwing politicians into the volcanoes? It would seem a cheap and easy way to get rid of them, and the volcano Gods could likely use the sacrifices.

        • McDonalds employees were protesting for a cost of living wage increase. Guess what MickyD’s management told them…Apply for food stamps.

          • Problem is, either way McD’s loses. They jobs never were intended as a career except for the management positions. Most McD’s jobs are supposed to be entry level ‘I am so leaving this company when I get some experience’ type of jobs. So the company isn’t used to having so many people working for them who are relying on that paycheck to survive.

            Choice 1a: Don’t raise salary, tell people to apply for government aid, look like a selfish bastard of a company. Employees grumble but do so.

            Choice 1b: Don’t raise salary, tell people to apply for government aid, employees get angry and tell you to go eff yourself as they walk off. Now you hire a bunch of under-trained monkeys to make the food. Oh yeah, customers love it when that happens.

            Choice 2: Raise salary, and either watch the losses roll in (most stores are franchises, and they aren’t making the kind of profits you might think they are) unless they either fire the low-ranking schlubs whose work isn’t worth the new minimum wage, or raise prices to offset the increased cost. Of course that will result in dirtier stores, poorer service, and/or higher prices; which will drive people to the other fast food locations which didn’t give a salary increase.

            No matter what happens, they lose. Kind of how we feel every time we have an election coming up.

            • Well said. No easy solutions for anyone on that issue.

              I quit eating McD’s years ago anyway. One day I really wanted a Quarter Pounder w/Cheese, so went to the first McD’s I found.

              The soda tasted like soda flavored water. The fries tasted like they were cooked in greese a week old. The burger bun was like a long-frozen bun that had just been nuked, the “burger”(thing) was a greyish slab of something resembling meat, the “cheese” on it was like melted plastic, there was ketchup, and a rubbery green thing that looked like a slice of pickle…

              I almost tossed the whole mess in the nearest trash can, but recalling that lot’s of people in the world would be glad to eat it, and since I did pay for it, I ate it. But, have’nt been to McD’s since…

              • I haven’t touched McD’s in years and not going to anymore. I’ve got better food in my preps. i’m not desperate.

                • I always feel sick after eating at McDonalds. I avoid it like the plague except for the sundaes. Most fast food is not fit for humans to eat. Far a little bit more you can go to a real restaurant, sit down and get waited on.

                  • I wont eat it either but their coffee is the best! A small McD’s coffee about 4 o’clock in the afternoon is my waker-upper.

        • Don’t know about an eligibility reset, but they certainly should have recipients re-apply, and give a window of time while they check out each applicant for assets. Including a site visit would be a good idea.

      4. We are in a meltdown. The USA has been melting and pretty soon we will see the full effects of what a financial collapse looks like. The problem is that only about 5% of USA folks realize it.

        • Let the (hunger) games begin….will 2014 be the year?

        • The supports for the Ponzi Scheme will be pulled after the 2014 elections especially if the Dems get clobbered. They will do as much damage as possible as fast as possible.

          • John W.

            Its too late. The only thing dems can prove is that they can out-spend republicans. They have proved it again! And 51% americans will not hold then accountable.

            The dems have given us the Great Deal (FDR), the Great Society (LBJ), and now the Great Welfare from Ponzi (BHO).

            They (dems) cannot go any faster than now. They have passed Usain Bolt in the 100 and now are going Gold in the 200 by Nov 2014. The Prez and all Dems will be on the front cover box of Wheaties!

            All you can do is get ready as best as can financially, food wise, work wise, and life wise. No ‘true’ American is going to like what is ahead.

            Do what they hate. Salute the Flag and yell ‘Praise The Lord’!!!!

      5. The sad realities are: 1- Poor Elders will suffer. 2- Innocent poor children will suffer. 3-True scums who cheats the system and benefit from working people’s tax revenues will continue their parasite lives. IMHO there won’t be any uprising as long as the stomachs can be filled with GMO infested food causing 300 lbs two legged creatures. The net is this is even worser than living like sub humans since it is a gradual painful death Vs a humane and natural way of dying. Shame on those who created such degradation of mankind purposely. Criminal banksters are happy with their new way of population control in addition to engineering criminal and unjustified wars.

      6. We can’t conclusively know what the future holds, but we can take steps to manage the most likely challenges we might face.

        Stay out of debt and be beholden to no one. Provision yourself for uncertain times. Become as self-sufficient as possible. Educate yourself to care and provide for your family and friends. Live within your means. Remember to enjoy your life and all the good things around you as you prepare for unexpected (or expected) challenges.

        These ideas are easy to embrace, simple to achieve, and simply common sense. No matter what your means, religion, race, or creed, people who follow these rules are an asset to our country, and an example for others. Never stop believing in yourself and your convictions.

        I don’t prepare because I’m afraid. Because I prepare I am unafraid.

        – Dr. M

        • Well said Doc. Green thumb!

          • Agreed and it’s a shame we can only give him one green thumb each.

        • Doc, I’m stealing that last line.

        • Dr. M, welcome aboard, and I agree wholeheartedly. To paraphrase a certain Revolutionary War hero, Nathan Hale, “I regret that I have but one green thumb to give for your comments.” braveheart

      7. I read this somewhere…
        I am currently planning a new .com company.
        It will have one owner, one employee, one janitor, one, secretary, one code guy, one dba, one data input person, one R&D department, one cafeteria person, one floor cleaner, one window washer, one vp of many things… I’ll stop there.

        Full automation.

        The employee’s name is… ME!

        In these times… if I employee anyone…that signs me up for socialist employer slavery.

        Employer matched fica..this will never happen.
        Employer funded health benefits…this will never happen.
        Sick time…this will never get paid.
        New building and work for construction workers…this will never happen…my business is where ever my laptop is…

        The capitalist economy has gone underground.
        It’s in hiding from a communist leader who has teamed up with the bankers and the NWO boys to destroy America.

        This approach actually creates less work for me.
        There’s no employee reviews, breaking up fights.
        No idiot sitting in my meetings playing “Devils advocate” with me….I always hated those loser who have never created anything.

        My code runs at the sped of light, does not talk back, get sick or threaten to sue me or sic the payroll nazis on me.

        Enjoy our new capitalist economy.
        You will all be excluded and you can thank the liberals.

        Every time a vote was cast for a liberal dem…that was one more nail in the coffin of the employers. The people with the drive, intelligence and will to create something from nothing. WE are the risk takers….and the dems just want to take.

        I will NOT give you that opportunity.

        I have one business rule –> ZERO EMPLOYEES.

        • Oh, that every living soul within that creative and productive 50% of our population that remains would find the path and the will to remove every opportunity that the disgusting liberals have had to rob us and enslave us.

      8. and we still haven’t heard if USDA is still planning on cutting off SNAP completely for the month of November, or if they sent letters out rescinding that. While I don’t think that folks will go nuts right off the bat with a reduction in benefits (although it might get uglier later in the month as they spend-down their benefits earlier), if there is NO check for November- it WILL get VERY ugly, VERY fast.

        • That’s what I think, too. The FSA won’t even notice the benefit reduction until their Skittles and Arizona Iced Tea runs out two days earlier than it used to.

        • CWinOR, I agree. A total cutoff will start riots. A reduction may start some trouble in the stores but nothing more. braveheart

      9. 13% less cash to buy 13% less potato chips, poptarts, gmo stew,kool aid, coke and all the other incredibly nutritious CRAP they buy. This is terrifying. Maybe they will lose 13% of their body fat?

        • Not too likely.

        • I certainly hope not…

          What will happen to the 300 pound rascal cruisers decked out in half tops, tats and whale tails…mmmm…mmmm…mmm…(shakes head and heads off for a tall bottle and a long night of thought).

        • thanks for that reality check, Patriot Man.
          I told them on one forum, stop buying that nasty $3 sugar-coated cereal and eat oatmeal like I do.

          • JayJay, I start my day with a bowl of oatmeal. No better way to start the day.

        • Maybe they can go trick or treating and get a supply of candy to last for a month or two.

          My sister’s husband got laid off a few years ago just before Halloween. I told them to go to their boss’s house and have the kids ring the doorbell. Then say from the shadows, “now, smile, you know we have to get enough to last us for a while.” They wouldn’t do it though.

          • When they come to my house this Halloween, I will poke Little Smokies through the peephole at them.

          • …not your nieces and nephews, Merree. Just all the neighborhood kids. Thought they’d appreciate a little variety.

            • They’d probably like the Little Smokies.

      10. How projectile proof are those face shields. Reciprocate their actions in kind. Semper Fi. III

        • Not very projectile proof………

      11. those cuts are going to take place in tx only, get the story right ass holes

        • wrong dumb shit

        • actually, “asshole”, I personally know people here in Oregon who have gotten the letter. Next time- do a LITTLE research, or STFU yourself.

          • I believe Mac has a copy of one of those letters from Oregon—Mac? Can ya post it?

        • Bowlan
          hey dude try getting your facts strait !! these cute are from past laws that are set to take effect now.

        • Bowlan, the cuts are taking place nationwide, @hole. Another troll, that’s all we need.

      12. If you look at the USDA site, the average food stamp household consists of only TWO PEOPLE (and a smidgen of a third) … the USDA is AVERAGING their numbers to get their 2013 Year-To-Date figure of 275.13 ($272.00 is their July 2013 figure) to get their “household number.”

        This is right off the USDA Food Stamp site:

        Year Per Person/Per Household

        FY 2013 133.07/275.13

        If a 1-person household gets $133.07, then a 2-person household gets $266.14, and a 3-person household gets $399.21.

        So a family of 4, on average, receives $532.28 a month for food stamps…that’s not a terrible amount.

        The stated $36.00 cut is for a family of FOUR. A single person will lose a whopping $9 a month.

        This is from Bloomberg, dated today: “Unless legislation is enacted before Friday — and none is scheduled for a vote — benefits for a family of four would be reduced by $36 per month, according to the Agriculture Department. At maximum benefit levels in the 48 contiguous states and D.C., that would work out to 5.4 percent less for that family of four.”

        I have a REALLY, REALLY hard time believing anybody receiving $532.28 a month will riot over losing $36.00 a month, as it still leaves them $496.28 a month for food stamps.

        • and by “anybody,” I mean the head of a household of four.

        • I’m inclined to agree.
          The cut isn’t enough to cause major unrest.
          If this cut doesn’t produce any serious unrest, the screws will be turned tighter.
          The chained CPI is the next tool to cut the size of checks.
          However, I seriously doubt if JP Morgan will have their fee cut for the processing of EBT cards.
          The vultures will feast on the flesh of the sheep.

        • Crack dealers and lotto sellers will be hard hit. Sales will take a hit. The whole thing is a scam. They don’t even verify eligibility.

      13. Sounds like something will happen on Nov. 1. only have a few items left to get between now and then. I don’t think it’s advisable to be in any supermarket on Nov. 1. my survival plan is ready to be implemented if things go south. braveheart

        • Watching and waiting but prepping and praying. I really, honestly don’t care when it happens and the like I’ve said before, the longer we have to store, the more I like it. Everyone on this board, including the shills, know that there will be a very ugly reset coming that will demand a thought out plan to be able to survive the horror that will unfold after about three days, if that. Like you my survival plan is ready to be implemented if things go south and whether it’s the 1st or the 1st day of a false flag, so be it..djdog

        • BH,don’t worry about the first so much. It’s only a small cut, so they won’t notice till later in the month. That is if they didn’t already read the letter they received. Also not everybody’s benefits are released on the first. They spread it out, some on the first, some the fifth, some the tenth, some the fifteenth.

          • Outlaw, I think you’re right about the first. I’m more concerned about Grid Ex 13-14. Let’s hope that won’t be a real-life American Blackout.

            • The conference website still insists that no actual disruption of power will occur. It’s only supposed to be an enclosed conference that various agency representatives and delegates from the power grid companies are attending. They’re doing a computer simulation (in the conference center only) so that they can figure out how to work together quickly and easily, for when an actual grid failure occurs.

              This is the second time they’ve held this conference, and no grid failure happened during that drill, either.

        • The only thing happening on Nov 1 is a bunch of sick kids from too much candy.

      14. Blah, blah, blah. 30 grub stubs less every month. Will people be upset over this? Sure. Will they riot over it. No. Now if they lower it a little more come December, then a little more at the start of the New Year, and so on. Ya I see a huge problem! Just not over 30 bucks…I mean doughnuts 🙂

      15. Also from what I understand @Insanity, a few million will will be cut off completely, and others will get notice they have to work 20 hrs a week for their stamps, and others will be effected with what was noted on your post,,,, letters are being sent to advise everyone in what catorgory they fall in

      16. A family of four will be cut about $30.00 a month . Sorry guys this want be Red Dawn time. Maybe next time LOL

      17. 12 gauge 00 Buck is great to meet the DHS troopers when they come a marchin down the street.

        • Raider….Are you saying the DHS troopers are the ones on EBT and will start the riot due to the cuts? LOL.

        • Raider, if those DHS boys are wearing vests, no shotgun ammo will penetrate those vests. Need a good-caliber rifle for that and aim for their heads.

        • Raider

          Save the 00Buck for the front yard scenario. You’d be ahead of the game w/ a stout center-fire rifle caliber of your preference at +100m on out. Be aware, they possess ceramic trauma plate inserts over the heart area that can take a .308AP at 10-20m!

          Aim for the head, guts or the thigh area of the legs if they’re in armored ninja garb.

          Aim small, miss small.

          • But even if the trauma plate does survive the impact of a .308 at bad-breath range, odds are the guy at the receiving end isn’t going to be in a fighting mood for a while. Granted the plate will distribute the impact some but it can only do so much.

            However, my best guess is those DHS types are trained for urban ops and extreme close quarters battle. As such I would strongly advise against going against them where they would have any sort of advantage. And toe to toe, most would lose very badly if only due to the weight of their own fire. Against any foe that has superior means, the only game in town is asymmetric warfare. That would mean harassing fire, long-range action followed by quick movement out of the area and IED strikes, either to hit them where they are based at, while they are in motion or as an ambush.

            And if you doubt my point of view, just look at what illiterate half-savages in Afghanistan have managed to do to the Brits, then the Soviets and finally NATO troops, including Canadian and American soldiers.

      18. They wouldn’t have to cut any Food Stamps for anyone if they quit paying subsidies to the Banks. In IL. alone banks holding title to bankrupt corp. farms receive $300. an acre. That adds up pretty quick.

        The fleecing of a country’s finance is always the final act of a desperate Gov’t.

      19. I live in a poor, rural Ohio River area, but even here the EBT card users are better dressed than I am, and drive nicer cars.

        Time to start saying it again – Go Galt.

      20. There is too much instability in the world to deliberately instigate unrest and possible riots by taking food away from those who have become accustom to receiving it from the government. Me thinks, that, there is too much at stake for TPTB at this particular juncture in history. The middle-east is on tinderhooks and the situation is ready to explode. On the other hand, the banksters are raking in their profits while the rest of us our losing our principal and our equity. The ruling class have it made. Why disturb the equilibrium that favors them. Best to keep the natives happy. Having said all of this, me thinks, the best and the brightest from Harvard are going to get the surprise of their lives when something out of their sphere of control knocks down the delicate house of cards that they have created. Take every opportunity to prepare, prepare, prepare. Food,water, shelter, communications, weapons, fuel, transportation, medicines, first aid and health supplies, seeds, gardening tools and utensils, etc. Plans for hunkering down and bugging out need to be thought through carefully and it may be important to establish that network of like minded people, friends and family. It is an awfully scary thought, but, we will be on our own until that time where we can regroup and start building viable, self-supporting communities.

      21. I clicked on a thumbs up and a box popped up telling me I needed to update Java. The box looked genuine so I clicked to update. My antivirus said it is a virus. Something has been going on with the thumbs up/down and it doesn’t work properly. Could be because a virus has taken over. Watch out folks. I wouldn’t click the java update if I were you.

        • Not happening to me. You’ve been hit.

        • Infidels,

          I have a strange thing happen a couple of times when I posted. When I’ve clicked submit a video would show up instead of Mac’s Report reloading. It’s on Youtube it’s called “Nosh 404” half funny, the other half, stupid. 🙁

          Don’t know why this pops up sometimes, it’s happen to me on 2 different ‘puters.

          If y’all want to see what I’m talking about it’s here.

          Just some weird shit sometimes, I guess.

          Y’all enjoy the night. 🙂

          hillbilly SC

        • Never, ever, ever, click on a pop-up, especially if it mentions updates or virus scans, things of that nature.

          Your PC antivirus, Java, Adobe, those installed programs will update automatically.

        • My thumbs hasnt worked for atleast a month now. if I comment they’ll work if I refesh the page they wont work again sucks.

          • @ Pa Farmer and Az Ready ~ Me too! The thumbs up and down worked finally for one day, and now it will not work again at all. 🙁

          • Time for a reboot. Reboot your browser. If that doesn’t help reboot the computer.

        • I have been hit also. Different problem but everytime I hit enter or shift, I get redirected.

          Mac, something is going on here.

        • Java script is always dangerous. Best to delete it when not needed and reload from a trusted source when the need arises.

        • infidels-r-us,

          This website has been acting strangely.

          For over a week now, when I log on to this site, it continues to open to Report: Massive Vulnerability Detected In National Power Grids: “There Is No Way to Stop This”. It also shows only 32 comments. On the left side of the page it shows that article as the most recent article.

          Only after I log to this article to continue reading, then more comments are shown and I can see and open any recent articles.

          Is anyone else had this?

          • have you guys tried clearing your cache since Mac updated the site? sometimes I have ‘problems’ with my own website, and I have to clear my cache after I update it to get it to load correctly. Just my 0.02

      22. Last week when I checking was at local ALCO store,I watched a young lady in front of me buy 3 cases of Coke products with her EBT card….

        She had cash and used that to buy some Chinese junk….

        I only grocery shop maybe twice a month as I raise my own food, but I see these abuses frequently when I do shop.

        Sympathy….with conditions as money gets redistributed from producers to non-producers..

        • Marx is laughing in his grave at America…

          • @JustMe….Laughing? He is having a reunion with the other MF’s (Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin) opening Champaign to celebrate his students’s achievements many years later. Ohhhh BTW, many of his ancestors are running the wall street.

      23. Looks like a solution looking for a problem. Are people really going to take to the streets over $36? NO.

        When it’s $360 wake me up and let me know. THEN they’ll riot, but not over $36.

        • The $36.00 is just the first cut comming to the EBTers.
          America cannot continue to support more and more moochers while they are fewer and fewer producers.

      24. After two hundred-plus years of standing strongly and proudly, America has been brought to its knees – not by Russia. Not by Communist China. Not by Al Qaeda.
        By Liberalism.
        And now that America’s down, the liberals’ kicks are coming harder and faster. 50 million on food stamps. 10 million on disability. Approx. 180 million Americans receive some form of government benefit – half the population. For every person employed in a full-time, permanent job, there are 1.07 people receiving federal “benefits”.
        The Liberals have socialized/nationalized 1/6th of the American economy – the healthcare system.
        The Liberals refuse to try to close our southern border. Little old ladies in wheelchairs are searched at airports, while young muslim men are passed over to avoid “racial profiling”.
        Our “president” alienates our greatest allies, Israel and England, while embracing the Muslim Brotherhood. The Federal Government sends arms to Al Qaeda in Syria. The government monitors the phone calls of at least 65 world leaders.
        Liberalism is bent on squeezing further $Hundreds of Billions$ from Americans in the name of “global warming”, to send to third-world countries.
        $85 Billion/mo is printed out of thin air with no end in sight.
        On and on and on.
        The frustration I feel is because I’m not allowed to fight the enemy which is destroying America. It has become mainstream, including the vast majority of the media, the US Senate and the Senate Majority Leader, much of the House of Representatives, half the US Supreme Court, all the way to the office of the President of the United States.
        These people are enemies of America. They are dedicated to its downfall. They lie, cheat, steal and kill, then blame those of us who oppose them.
        Don’t ask me why I prep.

        • You are mistaken to call them “liberals”. Perhaps their starry-eyed followers are, but the people driving this are anything but “liberal”.

          We are about to witness a bolshevik revolution in America, and the people behind it are not liberal…

          • Scary thought, but on target.

          • They are not classic old style liberals who believed in leaving people alone and looking out for the little guy and not by making others pay for them. What we have now are hard left progressive thieves. Dip shits like Levin and Limbaugh keep calling them liberals which they are not.

          • JustMe, I call them “liberals” because they aren’t yet open communists. I also call them “socialists” and “Marxists” elsewhere. I’ve called them “eco-fascists”, “Big-Nanny-Government-lovers”, “extremist leftists” among other names.
            They are the Left. They’re the atheistic/abortion-loving/tax-loving Democrat Party in America, although there are many liberal Republicans too. The RINOs are the reason I quit voting.

          • Just Me: Right. And the Bolsheviks Here are jewish same as russia 1918 was. Every official position SilverSax named, every senate comitte head in charge of forieegn cash paid out, war dept, pentagon heads, most advisors to the Prez etc etc…All or close to all are zionist rightwing or bolshevik jewish. Just go gander at the names of various dept and senate or house comittee heads see for yourself. Jewish and anti american as were those in russia 1918.

            Yet That part of this puzzle is the Only part many cry foul at when anybody mentiones this Fact. How can any of it get fixed when a vast majority defend and support the very nation wreckers doing it? It cant. It wont.-

        • Ah yes, all true, all true. BUT it’s only 51% the lib’s fault. The other 49% is OURS because we continue to let it happen day after day, year after year.

          We need to muster and take this bull by the horns.

          • AreWeSure, I understand your point, but I’ve always disagreed with the notion that it’s “OUR” fault (which means “my” fault). I’ve always played by the rules, paid my taxes, believed in the American Dream and voted (they told me my vote was important and meaningful – it never has been). I believe in God and Country and pay my tithes at my church. I served in the US Navy. I raised my kids right, taught them right from wrong and paid cash for their college.
            The truth is that people whose beliefs resemble mine not at all are the majority in this country. They despise the Name of Jesus Christ. They murder babies. They take my hard-earned money at gunpoint and give it to a lazy, drug-ridden culture. They ridicule everything that’s good and right.
            It’s their fault, not mine.

            • Amen and ditto silversax.

      25. Where is the source of information about DHS spending $80 million to protect IRS and whatever else? I am not able to track down any actual information about this money earmarked for such a possible problem.

        Now if this claim actually is true, then my question would be why the IRS would need protection from DHS at this time. Nothing is pending or due on November 1st.

        So point out the original source for this claim because if there is no source, this is sensationalized fiction.

        • I think they need to protect the IRS since the non legit EBT parasites users may attack the IRS sites by demanding more taxes on working folks to offset the EBT cuts.

          • Thats what I was thinking but where does the EBT $ come out of? The food stamps are from USDA. Seems that their line of thinking is that any decrease in any dependency means an attack on IRS. Fucked up and irrational shit for sure.

        • I do not know the original source but I have read this on several websites I trust. You can believe it or not but be warned.

          • I have too Texas and now Cavuto talks about it. But even he has no source. Very strange to me that people do so much swallowing but dont think it through. So far, 14 down thumbs means there are that many who think things are true even when there is no valid backtrack.

      26. So they’re losing $36 a month? God forbid that they should get out and look for a job. Just ANY job at first! Even a part time job would more than make up for the difference lost.
        The best “social” program is a job, as it at the least, gives one a little bit of self-respect.

        • RickE…You are asking too much. Self respect is not in the dictionary of young, fat parasites.

          • Hopefully starvation will soon be in their vocabulary.

        • I was a single mother for the first decade of my child’s life. I supported myself and child by working, sometimes as many as three jobs at once. As a parent, it was my job to provide, not my community, and certainly not not the gov’t. Accepting responsibility and working hard is the true American way!! BTW, my child has grown into a great adult and American.

      27. Heres whats going to happen on Nov 1st, nothing , and heres why, a section of the population is getting less money for sitting on the couch. OK now what? Oh lets see here, how about we sit on the couch a bit, ok.

        Look if anyone had half a brain or an inkling of ambition food stamps would not be an option for any length of time. If you are dependant on these handouts then mounting an uprise or creating a shtf moment is probably beyond your capabilities.

        Just sayin

        • Lol, well stated Boss!

        • Except the first 72 hours they always have the energy for a looted TV or Jordans. And dont forget all the broken glass and smashed cars

          After that most will lay down and die.

          That why Survie Its Death

        • You would be surprised how many of the do in fact have other income. Illegal alien maids who work under the table wage wise are big users of this. The examples are endless.

      28. guess i’ll throw the Mossberg in the trunk Friday morning before work…just in case

        • What did you take it out for?

          • Indeed

        • How come so far away? Keep it under the seat.

          Have one of those Gerber $20 machetes beside it.

          Just in case.

          • I really like the. bee spray idea, I put a can in my truck,better than Explaining to a jack boot why I would have a gun and a unloaded gun is worthless, witch here in pa you have to have a Carry permit to have it loaded. Dont want to on any list.

            • What?? you think you aren’t already on the list? Silly boy, get your CCW if you can. If your name isn’t: Abe Able, 1 st, Acme, Alaska; they won’t be bothering with lists when they get to you.

      29. Cavuto!

      30. If there are riots, Obama will get on the tube to tell the Nation, he is forming a committee to get to the bottom of it.

        Otherwise, same old shit, different day.

        • Probably not. He already knows who to blame: those of us clinging to our bibles and guns.

          • And Bush.

            • mentioning that it was bushes fault is the only truthful thing that the csr has ever said.

          • If Obama runs true to course, he will say that he had no clue that anybody was losing their food stamps because nobody told him, that it is the Republicans’ fault, and he needs to outlaw guns just in case.

            • To be a ‘community organizer’, things sure seem to be quite disorganized.

        • We must all remember that it is not Obutthole running the show. Remember this name Valerie Jarrett. She was born in Iran and never leaves Chicken Legs side. One very very scary individual.

          • @ Shootit ~ The 4 women of the Acopolypse are running Obama like a puppet. There are Susan Rice, Hillary Clinton, Michele Obama, and Valerie Jarrett. Obama responds to their strings well, like a good little puppet.

            • Apocalypse.

      31. “The government is, in essence, reducing their food availability by 13% overnight.”

        For some folks, yes, for a great deal of them, it’s just cutting into their drug and alcohol budget, or the snacks, or the nail salon, or delays the new rims on the hooptie.

      32. When the poor really do have to switch to beans and rice for their meals then yes that is exactly when people will take to the streets.

        You see, although there are a lot of new people on SNAP because the economy blows chunks for finding work, the majority of the 48 million on food stamps are multiple-generational welfare recipients. And this permanent welfare class has been told for so long that it DESERVES their freebies that there is now a firmly-entrenched belief that anyone who tries to cut them off is robbing them.

        I see it as waking them up and helping them to see their bonds of neo-slavery to the police state that would have them starve the second the system collapses. But good luck trying to explain that to someone who just calls a number and collects their check for decades.

      33. Sounds more like there will be a money shortage than a food shortage. The DHS is building up for a much bigger event then a few bucks off the card!

      34. It is not because of 36.00 bucks being cut. It’s something more dire.

        • They are shifting the spending to more ammo purchases.

        • Wasnt there a militarized drill going on when the Boston marathon bombing took place?

      35. I myself seriously doubt there will be any major events to occur on the 1st. What I DO BELIEVE is that DHS will use any excuse to spend money to buy more gear in prep for something else. Call this…..a dry run.

        • November Fools!

          No wait that’s April.

      36. Anybody that has served in combat knows that the govt. is fully prepped for War. And the enemy is us. All of us on this site, and others like it. No if’s and’s or but’s. Everything has been implemented. All they need now is a cause. This food thing I think will be the beginning. It will spark the beginning of things to come. It won’t start drastically, but with people such as Van Jones and company, they will use it as fuel. I agree with “beinformed” next will be a false flag of epic proportions. New Madrid, nuke, power grid, comet ison maybe. Really the list is endless on what they might conceive. Remember what big sis said when she left the DHS. Those weren’t idle warnings. Its coming and I believe real soon. “Lock and load”

      37. People need to eat. They may not have the means to get a job. DHS was enacted shortly after the events of 9-11, pushed through by the real perpetrators of the events of 9-11. The hatches have been battened for over twelve years.

      38. liens on Congressional (WDC)pensions/benefits??

      39. off topic to a sorts…

        I have noticed, there are allot fewer comments on a majority of stories
        (this one has a decent amount)
        than there were just a few months back. ever since the NSA thing came into mainstream light

        which only confirmed what many of us already suspected or even believed, we were proven right once again!

        on the other hand, it is apparent and obvious, the gestapo tactic is having a significant effect…
        Peace to all of you
        It has started.

        the Watcher

      40. Amazing the NSA is spying on and collecting data on all of our enemies,Brazil,Germany, France, Spain, Mexico and probably Canada. Which is alright, We The Sheeple don’t really seem to mind, is it worse if they collect data on them or on us the sheeple. Ain’t heard much out of our friends the Russians, Chinese, and Iranians, guess the NSA ain’t to interested in them. Obama probably don’t even know the NSA is spying on the American People. Trekker Out.

        • He knows about the NSA, just like he knew about the Obamacare costs, the website issues, Benghazi, all of it. If he didn’t know beforehand, he’s incompetent.

          Every boss I’ve ever had has told me, “I don’t like surprises”. So the staff had better keep him informed about the issues, or they’re not doing what they were hired for.

          • This HNIC makes Teflon Don look like sandpaper. Trekker Out

      41. the poor could always trap the illegals and eat them. I’m so joking. ha


      43. Here in Florida EBT cards are “reloaded” on varying dates. Mine gets reloaded on the 7th of the month. For others it’s a completely different day. So this sh*t about riots on the first of November…hogwash!!! AND #11 isn’t much to riot about….what would be worth rioting about is when they take the SECOND deduction.

      44. “..until you consider that the people depending on these distributions are already struggling to put food on the table…”
        Are you kidding? Have you ever been behind someone using EBT? Or are you just trying to be funny?

      45. Are those scalps I see hanging from those gentlemans b.d.u. belts? In the Photo of police marines.

        • “police marines”

          Ain’t that the truth…and very disturbing, too.

          What’s the “Oathkeepers” next move? What are they waiting for to “defend the Constitution”?

          Wait…Maybe they need to hold another bake sale or a “walk for freedom”. Pffft…what a joke. Why brag about something iffin you ain’t gonna do what you brag about.

          Just another “feel good” little club with special handshakes and secret passwords. Full of sound and fury, but signifying nothing.

      46. Maybe this is just too much to ask from this regime in DC but have any of these dick heads performed a CBA to see which costs the tax payers more? Obama cell phones or this ridicules EBT reductions? Cutting the free obama phone will decrease the drug deals on the corner streets as well since many times the non legit EBT users will buy food for Jamal’s and Tyron in exchange of crystal math who use the free phones to do their drug deals.

      47. The $36 figure is the maximum cut, for those receiving the maximum amount, which is over $600 a month.

        This is NOT a “cut”, it is the expiration of a temporary increase.

        I don’t know what to call what I read above, but it sure as hell isn’t journalism.

        • The Free Shit Army will see it as a “cut”. But as posted above, 90% of them won’t notice until they can’t get their Skittles and Arizona Iced Tea at the end of the month.

      48. You can also get EBT cash back!

      49. Here is the creature that’s been sucking the blood out of every hard working Americans since 1971….a must watch video and you will be very happy that you are informed!!!

      50. Can there be one or two days were not bombared by all the gloom and doom. I am really getting tired of every other week or day being ” the day ” Fuk me I just want to live a little instead of always ducking for cover every dam day!!!
        If SHTF/WROL happens then it happens!!!

        • then don’t come to this website for a few days…

      51. Here’s what I know, since working maintenance at a major hospital since 1994. We didn’t start this emergency preparedness until after 911.At first it was just running decon drills, setting up the tent and getting dressed in personal protection suits. Then the last few years it got intense!
        1-generator testing is every other week
        2-running drills with the baraslide and chair down the steps,you know in case there’s no power we would need to evac. patients, I’m tired of this drill
        3-what we are storing, personal protection suits enough for a small army,buckets of ready to eat meals, well more than what I have,also cases of water,sorry, pallets of water.
        4-just got a delivery of barricades and traffic cones and put in storage,not just a few,a lot!
        5-led lighting, ones with the big ole battery packs as well as hand held ones…a lot of them and batteries to go with
        6-hand crank radios and hand held walkies
        7-last year got 2 new diesel storage tanks for 2 of the 3 generators, now that’s a lot of fuel
        I could go on and on, when I ask why we need all of this I get, this is standard operating procedures now for hospitals.

        This is why I prep now, something is coming down the pike soon,somebody knows something. Also seems like they are rushing to get everything in order at the hospital,in all my years there this recent activity seems…let’s just say,unusual. Would like to know if anyone else might work at a hospital that is experiencing the same procedures

        • Are you saying that at one time they had emergency diesel gensets that they did NOT test every other week? Holy sheep! Can you spell c.o.m.p.l.a.c.e.n.t?

          • most hospitals test once monthly. I was at Hartford Hospital many years ago, and during a severe lightning storm, one of the generators was hit. When one of the power feeds to the hospital got hit, several floors of one wing of the hospital was without power, because the generator got hit. We were moving fresh open heart patients to another ICU–4 of the hospitals ICUs are in this same wing, on different floors. We moved one pt to the labor and delivery cesarean suite for adequate monitors/ventilator setup. Power was out 4 hours with nurses and respiratory therapists bagging (breathing for) patients. It was exhausting, and it was HOT. So even if testing does happen regularly, Sh!t happens!.

            When I lived in MS, we routinely had tornado and fire drills. A part of that drill was filling out a form of which patients could walk, required wheelchairs or transport by bed. Who needed oxygen and who didn’t. You don’t see that ANYWHERE in CT. If the SHTF in the hospital, I’m not sure who organizes this stuff. And when you think about electronic records and the stuff that went down during the evacuation during SANDY, Just saying, don’t spend the night alone in the hospital.

            • yes, we use to test the generators once a month, now every two weeks, also I forgot to say the hospital system created a position last year, now we have an emergency preparedness director, although last year about a week before sandy hit I told him it was coming our way and was going to hit us he said, “guy, that storm is down in Cuba, where do you get such info from, I said alternative media…he laughed at me, then we got nailed, I asked him if he was from Missouri. Then, last week I asked him about the gridex II drill, he said What Drill! never heard of it! I told him to google it or I will have his job soon!

      52. Hey anyone heard from smokin okie lately or the other Okies on here?

      53. I would like to rephrase the following “Now, that may not seem like a big number, until you consider that the people depending on these distributions are already struggling to put food on the table and keep a roof over their heads.”

        see below

        Now, that may not seem like a big number, until you consider that the people depending on these distributions are already struggling to put addicting unhealthy food (such as soda, “fruit” punch and the worst types of frozen foods) on the table. They might have less to spend and may actually have to focus on buying more healthy and affordable food. (Yes, Walmart does sell fruit and vegetables). The lack of being able to purchase junk food may cause severe withdrawal symptoms in people which can lead to chaos.

        • i always have to wonder why EBT can’t buy SEEDS and plants.

          ya know to grow your own food.

          i’m crazy. i know.

          • Country Hick…that would be an excellent idea, except TPTB would prefer people to be unhealthy and crap food accomplishes that much quicker! Nothing will make you sick or kill you faster than GMO foods, preservatives and all the other crap that they stick in processed foods.


        Having already downed a few power drinks, she turns to face him, looks him straight in the eye and says,

        “Listen here, good looking, I will screw anybody, anytime, anywhere, their place, my place, in the car, front door, back door, on the ground, standing up, setting down, naked or with clothes on….it doesn’t matter. I just love it.”

        His eyes now wide with interest, he responds, “No kidding….I’m in Congress too. What state do you represent?”

        • Fienstien?

          • Hahahaaa,

            “Good ONE POG”…better than anything I’ve heard in SEVERAL weeks, at the least! +1

            Howdy Gone…Yep, Same THOUGHT, “HAS TO BE Francken-face.” Also good one! 😉

            Thumbs all around… I’m buyin’ 😉


        • A muslim, a socialist and a communist walk into a bar.
          The bartender says, “Hello, Mr. President.”

      55. Just as the Fed continues to push QE, I have little doubt in my mind the government could either keep pushing the current amount received for food stamps, or maybe even increase it (either before or shortly after it expires as a “we saved you” notion). No one knows when a SHTF scenario will actually be unleashed. Be prepared, be cautious, be informed, but please stop trying to predict the dates in which it will happen. You possibly could just keep pushing people away from the liberty movement each time you are wrong and could lose credibility. I think strictly instilling fear into a person’s mind isn’t the best way for someone to become prepared. Many have resorted to overindulging in their preps and severely leaving their families/themselves at financial risk assuming the worst will happen tomorrow. That type of mentality is the exact sort of thing we should be standing up against. Prepare, but we should be fiscally responsible as well as responsibly educating others not to cause panic driven prepping. As we all know, fiscal irresponsibility is part of what got us in this mess in the first place. You could end up screwing yourself over now and not even make it to when something actually does go horribly wrong. Please just take care of yourselves and be smart about it.

      56. First time posting, long time reader of comments. You guys should quit telling everyone about storing beans & rice. There is not enough for everyone to store. If they quit eating the white flour, sugar and corn products we are all in big trouble. What is soybean by products? Does anyone know?

        • There is plenty of food. If everyone else started putting a little more food away, supply would be increased and stores would stock more of what was being bought. No one has said for everyone to go out and simultaneously buy a year’s supply all at one time. Because of the way most people are now, we don’t expect them to.

          Soybean byproduct is the hulls removed from the soybeans during processing. The hulls are high in protein and can be used as a small (up to 10%) part of cattle feed. There are probably other uses. Byproducts are not bad things. They’re just not useful for the main purpose of the main product. For example, in the US beef organs and tongues are not in big demand, so they are termed byproducts and mostly used for pet foods. There is nothing wrong with them, only that Americans don’t like them. They are delicacies in other countries, and used to be here in the old days. One of my wife’s favorite foods was the haslet stew that her grandmother used to make.

          • Good call on the beef “byproducts”, Archivist. I buy all I can get from my butcher. They are cheap and good (high in protein}. I “can” pickled heart and tongue and feed my son, Frank (he’s a dog}, heart and kidneys instead of that garbage cereal dogfood. Too bad the local Mexicans have discovered this cheap source now, too. I have to compete with them now to get organ meats.

            What is haslet stew?

            • It’s hog innards with potatoes and onions cooked into a stew. I suppose you could add other root vegetables and herbs if you wanted.

              There is a recipe at:

              www (dot) fourpoundsflour (dot) com/category/tenement/

              I don’t think my wife’s grandmother used any herbs or spices other than black pepper.

              Definition of haslet from Wikipedia:

              “Haslet refers to the heart, lungs, liver, stomach, and other edible viscera of an animal, usually a hog. In the U.S. South, these entrails are traditionally removed in one piece at hog-killing time and given to the poor.”

              My wife’s grandmother used to help relatives with hog killings and got all kinds of pork in exchange.

              • OK…we take the pig stomach and stuff it with potatoes, veggies, etc and roast it in the oven. I guess it depends on the local customs how it gets made, but here at hog butcherings, most everything is used in one way or another…everything but the squeal. The intestines were used for sausage tubes at one time and a lot of the organ meat and head meat goes into the puddin’ kettle. The fat and skin goes into the lard kettle(if you scald and scrape it instead of skinning). The fried skin becomes cracklins, if you’ve ever eaten them. By adding corn meal and pepper to the kettle with “scraps” you can cook up what is known as scrapple. Good fried with syrup. I must be getting hungry the way I’m running on here.

                Anyway, thanks for the info.

                • Mama used to make cracklin’ cornbread. I didn’t really care for it. I’d rather have her sweet potato biscuits.

                  • I just talked to my wife, and she said her grandmother also added rutabagas and a pod of red pepper to haslet stew.

          • Good point, Archivist. In Mexico, people eat “sesos” (calf brains) a lot. And menudo is made with tripe; it’s delicious.
            Cajuns eat “debris” (liver, kidneys, brain, spleen, heart, mixed). It’s chopped and used to make fricassee, po-boys, and mulligan stew.
            The Vietnamese cook beef bones all night in a pressure cooker to make Pho.
            Ukrainians carry around their “sala” everywhere they go. It’s either a piece of fat with skin and hair still attached, or rendered in a Mason jar.

          • I don’t know but in my area Beef Tongue is a hot seller and always has been. Goes for upward of 6 dollars a pound nowadays and when it’s prepared right it’s some damn fine eating !

          • I have eaten scrambled eggs and calf brains!!??!!

            • Me too, only I think in my case it might have been pork brains. You can buy those at the grocery store.

        • soybean is fed to livestock for protein. without it, gains are slower, less milk is produced (it’s less profitable, that’s why grass fed beef is more expensive, it takes 24 months to butcher weight vs. 15months on grain/beanmeal)

          soybeans are also used in people food, mostly in the form of oil (check your pantry’s ingredients most contain soy or soy product -tvp )

          some say that soybeans have estrogenic properties which might supply the answer to why there are so many commercials for prostate relief, and erectile disfunction; and breast cancer #’s are so high (that could also be the high % of hormone based birth control too)
          I’m not a biochemist, although I wish I were, because trying to research this is impossible with science gone to s#$t and public consensus since the “global warming is science” crap. you don’t know what to believe.

          when people say “stock up on basics like rice and beans” it’s because they are easy to store and have long shelf lives. and the added bonus to beans – you can use them as seeds, (i grew 3 rows of black beans that my daughter opened a bag of to soak for a mexican recipe). the growth of the bean plants fixes nitrogen in the soil for subsequent crops. they are also good for you to eat because they are high in magnesium and fiber (moves things along). and they don’t go bad if you don’t let them absorb moisture.

          as far as there isn’t enough food to stock, there are estimates that as much as 50% of food goes to waste in landfills, but that figure is probably lower because THEY use it to justify more global worming protocols and taxes. (rotting food == methane emissions)

          as for you comment on white flour/sugar and corn products–
          that is why the large % of americans are obese. the food pyramid, food plate dictates eating highest propoortion of grains and empty carbs which is stored as fat.
          humans need protein, calcium and animal fats in order to operate efficiently. and fiber/to move things along.

          our “betters” tell us this because sheep are easier to control if they are starving for nutrients. as well as creating a crisis that they need more $ to suck us dry.

      57. 36 dollars doesn’t sound like much, but to so many people it IS.
        I can say that in the last several months on more than one occasion my wife, son and I have had to do without some basic things due to lack of cash.
        Never under-estimate the RAGE that is already boiling inside of hundreds of thousands of Americans who are HURTING RIGHT NOW.
        This shits gonna blow real soon like a swift HORSE KICK TO THE CHEST!

        • w69,

          If a horse kicks you in the chest then you are obviously facing the horse, I say a swift kick in the ass because most won’t see it coming.

          Thirty six dollars a month is a lot of money to those who have to count on the government for food, that is the equivalent of approximately 15 gallons of milk, 15 dozen or more eggs, 10 boxes of oatmeal, 30 pounds at least of bananas, 9 pounds of hamburger meat, etc. etc. This will anger many.

          The regime has made it easy to not work and yet they are now pulling the rug out from under the very people that they manipulated and used for votes by making them suffer now. The regime is evil to its core.

          I guarantee Mrs. Obama will still have her arugula and gourmet dinners.

        • I just know that most of those feeling this cut should look in the den and ask themselves–“do I really need cable?”

          Why should my taxes pay for her food while she gets cable??
          Or subscriptions to magazines, or monthly movies, or dining out, or hair cuts–the list is long.
          Oh, those poor people aren’t spending on those things?
          Check again.

      58. QE to infinity govt assistance to the big bankers while the citizens are slowly strangled via food reductions and jacked up healthcare. WE the citizens don’t count anymore. We are just cannon fodder. When more wake up and begin refusing to be used as fodder for their wars of profiteering, then the govt/banksters will have no use for us. Watch for pandemics then. Gotta’ cull the herd. The govt will impose gas restrictions and electricity limitations when the BRICS nations get their system going and many other nations join. Can curfews be too far behind?

      59. I, a senior with disability despite having a good education, got a letter informing my $49 EBT would be $54. Sure enough, I did get an increase of $5 in October.

      60. Prepper Tip of the Day

        when it comes to storing fuel and keeping it fresh
        its hard to beat Pri-G for gas
        and Pri-D for diesel and kerosene

        properly used
        they will keep fuel fresh for years

        StaBil is good for short term storage
        but if your looking for long term
        go Pri-D and G
        I’ve used them for years and been quite satisfied

        • Satori, I’ve never seen Pri-D and Pri-G. Where do you buy them?

          • And while we’re talking about fuel storage, can anyone tell me what is the safest way to store, say, 100 gallons of unleaded?

            • You can get 5 gallon NATO jerry cans from Lexington Container, SilverSax. They are well made and have a good seal.

              • @SS; The safest way to that much fuel is in a stationary storage tank. But depending where you live, local regs may not allow it.

                I use 5 gal containers/jerry cans for my storage, and I loose at least 1/2 gal from each container every 6 months to evaporation. I even tried buying new containers and still loose that much.

                I don’t use a stationary tank due to regs and opsec

                Also, pri-g is an great product


              • They are a great company to deal with.
                I have (20) 30 gallon water drums from there.

                The time change happens between my home and Lexington.
                We called half way there and the owner stayed late for us on a Saturday because I wasn’t aware of the change.

            • While I understand that 5gal cans are easier to handle I truly hate them. It may not work well for many people but what we do is have two L transfer tanks. Both are 105 gal, one for diesel and one for gasoline. The one for gas we use in commuting cars and refill monthly, the diesel ones are for farm use and to fill the 300 gal gravity tank.
              You can go to auctions and buy transfer tanks really cheaply or buy new. If you can weld you can make them yourself easy enough, but remember to pressure test it for leaks. You can also buy them as small as 50 gal.

              With regards to the 12 volt pumps, I have tried the cheap ones and have found that tuthil makes them that pump 15 gal/min and you can buy spare parts. They are very well made and have never had a problem with them.

              If you don’t have a pickup to dedicate the tank to simply put it on rollers in the garage to move it around and when it gets close to empty load it on a little utility trailer and take to refill.

              What I like about refilling cars with it is that it is always being rotated with fresh gas and I don’t have to worry as much about price spikes during the holidays or sabre rattling.
              Just a thought.

              • Rusted Spur–is it bad I don’t use my gas in the tank of the car I drive??
                I always fill up before 3/4. Is that a bad thing??

                • Hey JJ. I am not sure what you are asking. But here is why we cycle through our gas in cars. The only things that run on gas at our place besides the cars are a gas driven welder/generator and small engines. It would take us years to cycle through that amount of gas with those. So in order to keep fresh gas on hand we use it in cars.
                  My fear is that I go to fill anything up and spend the following 3 days replacing plugs and cleaner carbs.
                  So it is just easier for us to do it that way. It is also nice for the wife to get up make coffee and let me know that while I am out feeding animals to fill her car up as well. Very convenient for her.

          • check auto parts stores

            or on-line EBAY or Amazon

        • Thanks, Satori. I’m going to buy a 32 ounce bottle.

        • what about this high in alcohol fuels?

          they are so hydrophobic , that even a temperature change in storage could allow water to degrade the fuel or have to be separated out before use.

          some of these high alcohol fuels do not store well or for long

          will this stuff cure that?

      61. The Food Stamp Program, administered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, is proud to be distributing this year the greatest amount of free Meals and Food Stamps ever, to 47 million people as of the most recent figures available in 2013.
        Meanwhile, the National Park Service, administered by the U.S. Department of the Interior, asks us “Please Do Not Feed the Animals.”
        Their stated reason for the policy is because “The animals will grow dependent on handouts and will not learn to take care of themselves.”

      62. We won’t have riots on November 1st just because EBT benefits will be cut by 13%. We didn’t have riots when the cards stopped working in 17 states. That surprised me. I expect riots immediately after the cards stopped working. You have to ask yourself this: are there enough people in the underclass smart enough to notice that their benefits have been cut???

      63. Relax folks, even if they have riots we all know when they get their benefits and when they shop. All we need to do is stay away from the stores for a max of 6 days a month.

        Does anyone know what side of EBT is being cut, the cash side or the food side. Hopefully its the cash side, but the PTB would take away food, but not the booze and smokes!!

      64. More earthquakes in divergent zones, number 27 and 28 that indicate at least a 7.5 is coming. The two earthquakes one in the Balleny Islands and the one in Prince Edward Islands indicate a large earthquake is coming, but these two did not have previous 8+. The one in Balleny occurred on Dec.31, 2012 and 6 days later south Alaska had a 7.5. Many other quakes 6.5 to 7.2 hit 100% of the time within 15 days of this same spot having a moderate or larger earthquake. The Prince Edwards Islands quake occurred in the same spot in 1994 and a 7.8 followed in Japan 9 days later. This area gets a moderate earthquake and 95% of the time a major quake follows within 15 days, and within 18 days 100% of the time.

        Both of these are back targeting Toyko, Japan, China/India and Alaska/Aleutian Islands and the Pacific Northwest. The South Sea of course are also still in the target zone, and Central and South America. These are very specific, as 40% of these major earthquakes that followed in the past have been in Japan, China, Alaska, and Pacific Northwest.

      65. Im sure they were hoping for Obama care to be getting paid by paul after he robbed peter.

        maybe the reset will come sooner then planed?

        personally im getting tired of funding all of this against me, and sending my hard earned work for someone to sit on their fat ass and thumb their nose at me

      66. “the people depending on these distributions are already struggling to put food on the table”
        Like the ones I saw buying $40.00 Sports Easter baskets with some cheap candy, a football, baseball and a soccer ball with their “Stamps”

        Cry me a river

        • Or my sister that gets a total of $1900 each month with the granddaughter and daughter and broke every month by the second week?
          No car, so no auto insurance; no home, so no mortgage or homeowners or property taxes; free healthcare because of Tenncare, so no premiums.

          $1900 X 12= $22,800 TAX FREE—oh, please let me help them–they are so destitute!!
          You can’t fix stupid!!!

      67. @ Gone2Hilo. This is IMPORTANT, please if you see this, respond back.

        You say that Trident Subs are being flanked by foreign subs and then going back out to sea. Do they actually know these are submarines that are doing this? Back before the 1989 World Series earthquake in San Francisco the same signals were picked up and the U.S. Navy thought that Russian Boomers were off the coast of California. It turns out that the fault was emitting signals that duplicated an enemy submarine. The Puget Sound and the Pacific Northwest are getting a lot of energy back fed to these divergent outer faults. This could mean that the Cascadia fault is ready to break if these signals received are not submarines but the planet’s crust sending the signals that the navy is picking up. Please try to find out more about this anyone out there. Either case, nuclear subs or the planet, means something quite ugly.

      68. The money is just a convenient false flag to run a training mission for when the Proto tyrant in the white house has finished his slow silent purge of the upper levels of the Military and he finds a trumped up excuse to enact the NDAA declare a state of emergency and become a full tyrant

        • The list of ‘possible’ terrorists:
          1. Those that talk about “individual liberties”

          2. Those that advocate for states’ rights

          3. Those that want “to make the world a better place”

          4. “The colonists who sought to free themselves from British rule”

          5. Those that are interested in “defeating the Communists”

          6. Those that believe “that the interests of one’s own nation are separate from the interests of other nations or the common interest of all nations”

          7. Anyone that holds a “political ideology that considers the state to be unnecessary, harmful,or undesirable”

          8. Anyone that possesses an “intolerance toward other religions”

          9. Those that “take action to fight against the exploitation of theenvironment and/or animals”

          10. “Anti-Gay”

          11. “Anti-Immigrant”

          12. “Anti-Muslim”

          13. “The Patriot Movement”

          14. “Opposition to equal rights for gays and lesbians”

          15. Members of the Family Research Council

          16. Members of the American Family Association

          17. Those that believe that Mexico, Canada and the United States “are secretly planning to merge into a European Union-like entity that will be known as the ‘North American Union’”

          18. Members of the American Border Patrol/American Patrol

          19. Members of the Federation for American Immigration Reform

          20. Members of the Tennessee Freedom Coalition

          21. Members of the Christian Action Network

          22. Anyone that is “opposed to the New World Order”

          23. Anyone that is engaged in “conspiracy theorizing”

          24. Anyone that is opposed to Agenda 21

          25. Anyone that is concerned about FEMA camps

          26. Anyone that “fears impending gun control or weapons confiscations”

          27. The militia movement

          28. The sovereign citizen movement

          29. Those that “don’t think they should have to pay taxes”

          30. Anyone that “complains about bias”

          31. Anyone that “believes in government conspiracies to the point of paranoia”

          32. Anyone that “is frustrated with mainstream ideologies”

          33. Anyone that “visits extremist websites/blogs”

          34. Anyone that “establishes website/blog to display extremist views”

          35. Anyone that “attends rallies for extremist causes”

          36. Anyone that “exhibits extreme religious intolerance”

          37. Anyone that “is personally connected with a grievance”

          38. Anyone that “suddenly acquires weapons”

          39. Anyone that “organizes protests inspired by extremist ideology”

          40. “Militia or unorganized militia”

          41. “General right-wing extremist”

          42. Citizens that have “bumper stickers” that are patriotic or anti-U.N.

          43. Those that refer to an “Army of God”

          44. Those that are “fiercely nationalistic (as opposed to universal and international in orientation)”

          45. Those that are “anti-global”

          46. Those that are “suspicious of centralized federal authority”

          47. Those that are “reverent of individual liberty”

          48. Those that “believe in conspiracy theories”

          49. Those that have “a belief that one’s personal and/or national ‘way of life’ is under attack”

          50. Those that possess “a belief in the need to be prepared for an attack either by participating in paramilitary preparations and training or survivalism”

          51. Those that would “impose strict religious tenets or laws on society (fundamentalists)”

          52. Those that would “insert religion into the political sphere”

          53. Anyone that would “seek to politicize religion”

          54. Those that have “supported political movements for autonomy”

          55. Anyone that is “anti-abortion”

          56. Anyone that is “anti-Catholic”

          57. Anyone that is “anti-nuclear”

          58. “Rightwing extremists”

          59. “Returning veterans”

          60. Those concerned about “illegal immigration”

          61. Those that “believe in the right to bear arms”

          62. Anyone that is engaged in “ammunition stockpiling”

          63. Anyone that exhibits “fear of Communist regimes”

          64. “Anti-abortion activists”

          65. Those that are against illegal immigration

          66. Those that talk about “the New World Order” in a “derogatory” manner

          67. Those that have a negative view of the United Nations

          68. Those that are opposed “to the collection of federal income taxes”

          69. Those that supported former presidential candidates Ron Paul, Chuck Baldwin and Bob Barr

          70. Those that display the Gadsden Flag (“Don’t Tread On Me”)

          71. Those that believe in “end times” prophecies

          72. Evangelical Christians

          So, VRF, I am ‘possibly’ a terrorist! 🙂

          • you forgot to add,,,

            “anyone who breaths oxygen”

            • no, no, VRF. If you are on the dole and breathe oxygen, well you’re all right! LOL

              • oh yeah, yer right…funny me

      69. Aim for the nutz or thighs on those without protection. Taking down 1 incapacitates 2-3 others to help him.

      70. I also do not see this as causing major riots. I see more of the frog boiling scenario. What I also see is more and more hate, envy, and animosity being bred as the financial pressures begin to mount. The poor are getting poorer while the rich are getting more despised. Expect more unprovoked attacks such as thug groups on civilian and black on white.

      71. Everyone on SNAP has already been informed VIA a letter that is sent to them a month prior to this of the expected cut in the amount their household receives. Everyone gets these letters from their county office. Most are aware of the cuts that are coming and have been for weeks. So I do not anticipate rioting in the streets over this. However, if we have a situation next winter where there are more cuts to the SNAP program, or if it is cut completely due to the debt ceiling limit, then I do believe it’s going to get really bad.

        DHS has been gearing up for this because they know next winter these benefits are more than likely going to get cut significantly cut again, or all together. We cannot keep sustaining millions on SNAP. There’s just no way it can be done.

        As I mentioned in another thread, my husband works for a local grocer and has told me that the incidences of shoplifting are going up, in record number for the store. We are in a small town and people are getting desperate already. The churches that give food and free meals are holding on by threads. People on SNAP are saying that the benefits do not last but two weeks or 3 weeks, and that they are going hungry at the end of the month. Now, the benefits are cut again. I expect to see a sharp rise in crime up here.

        We have no homeless up here, ever. All of the sudden homeless people are showing up and sleeping in 30 degree temps over night on the county court house lawn for the past two weeks. When my neighbors spoke with one of the guys, he said he was in the Bay Area of California and word is getting around to get OUT because SHTF very soon.

        So, a sharp rise in crime, theft, etc. I expect this within a matter of a couple weeks or so.

        • {{{We cannot keep sustaining millions on SNAP.}}}

          Why not??
          Which is more important to this nation?
          Feeding the part of the public that needs it–those without jobs, not moochers(and if I was in charge, I would know the difference!!!)? Or sending 2 billion to Egypt?? Or 3 billion to Israel??

          This kind of puts it in a better perspective since we gave $37 billion this year to date in foreign aid to countries that hate us and criticize us in every way(partly deserved, by the way).
          $78 billion was spent last year on food stamps.

          So, let us cut off that $37 billion BEFORE we start taking peas from seniors that worked and paid taxes for 40 years.
          Or at least remove cable from the homes first.

      72. The $36.00 is not that much, but when you add in that the cost of food has gone up around 12% or just say 10 cents a can of corn. The numbers start to add up. In short if they are good folks that are really needy they are only going to take home two bags and not three bags of food. These folks will feel the pinch

        Now for the Leaches and Zombies. Good!!! Its these clowns that are RAPING the system.

        The 6th generation of Leaches and Zombies will figure out away to get more while the people that really need it will get screwed!!!!

        This B.S. has been going on now for around 55 years. I understand that the greatest country on earth should be able to help its people in time of need. But to make it a life style is B.S. and that is what is going on today.

        If it was up to me I would put alot of people to work. Hers how. Make every one that gets aid come to a office some where with in 30 days and prove why they need aid.(office workers, going to need a lot of them) If you are like the girl in my other post (17 with 2 kids living with mom, and won’t work because it would cut off her aid)You would have 30 days to get a job because on that 31st. You don’t get aid. Oh by the way the mother is also on aid, for the 17 year old and her borthers X2 and sisters X2. Do you see where I’m going with this.

        There are people out there that believes its a life style. There are people out there that is a need and they should get the aid.

        I help my kids when I can. Hell I had to go back to work parttime just to make ends meet. If I wasn’t paying so much tax (I’m glad for the blessings of work)I could help my kids and grand kids more. This is the way it should be. I (WE) should not be paying for any Zombie/Leach.

      73. depending on the rate of food inflation over the coming months…that $36 cut might begin to feel more like $72 or $100 if TPTB cannot maintain the fiat illusion of market/price stability.

        Right now inflation is being masked y reduction of product size/volume and cheaper processing and packaging. But that will only go so far.

        IMHO the poor and the working poor why supplement their income with government benefits need to face the fact that the emporer doesn’t even own the clothes he’s wearing.

        • Food inflation? No such thing. The CPI quit the inputs of food and fuel in their tabulation two decades ago. Maybe they figured that people in the future won’t have a need for either.

      74. The majority here gripe about EBT food benefits being spent unwisely. Are you the food gestapo, watching what people buy in front of you at the checkout line? I’m not interested in what people buy or by what means they purchase it with. Railing on food stamp users seems the end of the line for those otherwise with nothing left to say. I get it, over and over ad nauseum. This is truly brainwashed sheepleville. Be nice, you fit right in with the the obsession of spying, see something say something.

        • alj:
          When they start paying for thier own food is when I will stop BITCHING about it. The money they take out of my hard earned check to spend on thier crap I could be using to help my family and friends!!!!!!!!!!
          I have lot to say but you wouldn’t understand because you are a TROLL ZOMBIE/LEACH that believe that I didn’t earn what I worked for that you and your kind should get some if not all of it.
          Like told the story about the ice cream girl and her famialy. Those are thes that PISS ME OFF!! See above blog.

      75. [taking food out of peoples’ mouths.]

        B.S.! The absence of a positive is not a negative. Refusing to give somebody a freebie is not “taking food out of their mouths” — it’s refusing to put food IN. They’ve not earned it and they have no rightful expectation of something they’ve not earned.

        You could cut EVERY federal handout and you would not be taking anything away from anyone — ‘to stop giving’ is not the same as ‘to take’.

        These ridiculous ideas are at the root of why we can never fix anything in this country.

      76. Maybe that will help reverse the obesity epidemic of America’s “poor,” the fattest demographic of the underprivileged in the world.

      77. If most of the people on food stamps actually NEEDED the food stamps, I’d agree that this could cause a riot. Fact is, though, most of the people on them DON’T need them, they only want them so that they can have a little extra money to spend elsewhere. This will be a discomfort for many, but only a few will truly suffer. And for those few, I’m betting that the food kitchens will be able to make up the difference for most of them. For now this is a non-issue.

      78. Bring it on….I got lots of bullets.

        I cannot wait!

      79. meanwhile, as japan FIDDLES, the WORLD burns!

      80. for some reason I don’t think this is normal

        The Nasdaq was hit with another market glitch on Tuesday, as index data froze just before lunchtime and remained frozen for nearly an hour.

        In a statement at 12:15 p.m. ET, Nasdaq OMX Group said it was looking into an issue with index data feeds. Stocks on Nasdaq were trading normally, however.

        The indexes resumed normal quotation just after 12:37 p.m. ET, Nasdaq said.

        Before the freeze, the Composite index last stood at 3,940.02. Once it resumed, it rose 3 points to 3,943.

        I feel there are some funny games going on

      81. Notice to all military, guards, private security, police etc. you may one day soon end up rounding up people for the FEMA camps. And you may have food and water but keep in mind that will run out too. The New World Order wants to kill 95 to 98% of the population and I seriously dought you will make that cut. So one day they will come to round YOU and your family up too. No one will say SORRY but it’s your turn to GO they will just take you and your family. Only then you will realize to late you were on the wrong side all along.
        DO NOT one day wake up in a FEMA camp schedualed for exicution and then realize you were on the WRONG SIDE!!!

        • i wouldn’t wait on these doped down and doped up fools for anything, they are already on the wrong side and they will be extinguished along with there masters. when the civil war breaks out, it wont be the one they will be expecting and get a handle on, it will be totally stealth and death will be knocking on all there doors when they least expect it, they will tracked and cataloged along with all leaders who are treasonous against the constitution. they will have no where to hide and run and a word of caution for the military if they raise one hand against the people during this time, they will be charged with treason and hung on site, no trials no judges , just Hung.

      82. Here is a CUT i found out yesterday that I’ve not seen anyone mention.
        I took a friend to a St. Marys Food bank to get a food box. I just went to observe and help a friend. While in the intake office, the lady there asked if i was applying for a food box (I’m disabled confined to a wheelchair). I told her no, I collect SSDI and work part time. She asked do I get food stamps? I told her no because I work part time. So I really do not need to apply for a food box, thanking her. She did give me a puzzled look, why I don’t know. During some small talk about how bad things are she mentioned a little tid bit of info. When adults that are on SSDI if they have children the child gets like a couple hundred bucks a month from SSDI. That benefit is going to be cut off. I didn’t catch when that was going to happen. Nov. 1st of the new tear, I should have asked.
        So if you can imagine an a family that gets SSDI and has any number of children, lets say 5 that is like a grand they will no longer be getting each month. There goes the SUV payment, all the electric crack devices, ect…
        Add that to the $36.00 amount cut.
        The CUTs are a coming, do you feel that water getting warm er yet?

      83. Here is a CUT I found out yesterday that I’ve not seen anyone mention.
        I took a friend to a St. Marys Food bank to get a food box. I just went to observe and help a friend. While in the intake office, the lady there asked if I was applying for a food box (I’m disabled confined to a wheelchair). I told her no, I collect SSDI and work part time. She asked do I get food stamps? I told her no because I work part time. So I really do not need to apply for a food box, thanking her. She did give me a puzzled look, why I don’t know. During some small talk about how bad things are she mentioned a little tid bit of info. When adults that are on SSDI if they have children the child gets like a couple hundred bucks a month from SSDI. That benefit is going to be cut off. I didn’t catch when that was going to happen. Nov. 1st of this year or starting Jan. 2014, I should have asked.
        So if you can imagine a family that gets SSDI and has any number of children, lets say 5 that is like a grand they will no longer be getting each month. There goes the SUV payment, all the electric crack devices, ect…
        Add that to the $36.00 amount cut from food stamps.
        The CUTs are a coming, do you feel that water getting warm er yet?

        • I guess they had better break-out the pigeon recipes and start adopting big dogs from the animal shelters on a regular basis.

          If we think that the beggars-and-hangers-on that suck off the government tit like rabid lampreys are hopeless now…just wait until they’re hungry Fo’ REALS YO!!

      84. From day one Obama proceeded to break the economy of America as per his marching orders from the globalist financiers in order to bring us into subjection of the one world government.

        nyone with any sense can see this is going to be the result of the debt $17 trillion and running he has piled upon us plus the Fed doing its part printing $80 billion a month to devalue the dollar in order to accommodate the NAU SPP plan for Mexico, Canada and America.

      85. The “Government” is NOT your friend ! WAKE-UP !

      86. I could do the shopping for any of these typical families and purchase their groceries in a manner that would have them well fed with healthy, tasteful, and highly nutritious foods…..even with the upcoming cuts……and still have money left at the end of the month to do some stock piling. I carefully look at what other people put in their grocery carts when I am at the store. I feel nauseated thinking about eating the GARBAGE, HIGHLY PROCESSED FOODS that most people purchase.
        Therein lies the REAL problem. In this country, as in some other western countries, people eat CRAP! They pay outrageous prices for it too.
        So, when things go to hell and all the freeloaders begin to scream and cry because they are nt getting enough handouts………oh well.
        Now, in saying this, I am NOT referring to the millions of people who have always been hard working and responsible citizens.
        I AM TALKING ABOUT ALL THE WELFARE QUEENS AND THEIR MEN…….TYPICALLY MEN WHO REVOLVE IN AND OUT OF JAIL OR PRISON. I am talking about the women who have a child by every low life scum bucket they bedded down with. If YOU go hungry, or starve, or your kids go hungry, or starve, I DO NOT GIVE A RAT’s BUTT!
        I have worked my butt off since I was a kid. I did what ever jobs were available in our small, rural community. I studied my butt off and got good grades. I got pell grants and loans for school. I have a master’s degree and have never been out of a job. I chose a profession that I knew would always need people. I did NOT follow my dreams, but I made certain that I was self sufficient. Even when I sustained a severe and disabling injury, twice, I returned to work and worked……in pain….severe pain. I did not allow myself to get hooked on pain medication. It is a mind set….you put one foot in front of the other and keep focused upon the NEXT step.
        I also have provided a forever home for more than 50 dogs who had or have medical problems. They have been very well cared for and have had wonderful lives.
        NOW……..if I have been able to do that, having been born in the early 1950’s ….what the HELL kind of excuse do the frogging freeloaders have?
        Cuts to your benefits? Oh well.
        Get rid of the junk food, the cigarettes, the booze, the gambling , etc. maybe you can even work….you can mow lawns, shovel snow, lean homes, babysit, do laundry for others, wash cars, etc…….there are things you can do to earn money.

      87. Yeah, why care about people who are hungry when the rich aren’t even paying a fair share in taxes? Cut food for poor, and expand the military! Watch politicians pay off family members with their slush funds, while getting their pockets lined by corporations. I hope armed violence erupts. Americans should show some compassion for their family members.

        • “Fair share of taxes” are u crazy? Only a braindead, brainwashed liberal Gimme, would say something like that.
          Your just jealous because you don’t have the guts or the Brains to lift yourself out of your situation. I’m not rich. I started a small business, only myself working and did something about my lot in life and the more I get ahead the more taxes they throw at me, so I can help support the lazy people who can’t get the energy up to go out and get a job.

      88. It isn’t just a 13% reduction, it’s combined with over 13% in inflation as well.
        Sure, there are many in need & many who cannot work, but to be honest, much of those on foodstamps are lazy parasitic dirtbags who should get a low paying job that they would rather not take.

      89. elmo is a Donika, his ledger talks about web sites like this run by fed trolls,,

      90. Wow, for a armed nation, you are all cowards, your moronic satanic government has screwed you big time, stripped you of your freedom and what dignity you may have possessed, and all you do is sit back and take it.
        You really deserve to be enslaved, Land of the brave and free, is now Land of the quivering cowards, under slavery. Rome-2

        • no….not exactly….it just hasn’t reached the point where it sucks so bad in the USA that the decision whether or not to “do something” by patriotic, constitution-loving, legally-armed and God-fearing Americans becomes unanimous.

          But we all see it heading in that direction to one extreme or another, and for now it’s pretty unanimous that things are getting worse and not better….and that the government is positioning itself against the common people in favor of the elite and itself rather than in support of them.

          Nobody wants to break the law or spend the rest of their life in jail or “disappeared” following a DHS-sanctioned kangaroo court. And in a propaganda-driven political/social environment where farting in public could be considered an act of domestic terrorism, common people are thinking twice before acting out.

          Thanks for the insult though…I shall take care to avoid reading any of your posts in the future.

      91. I’ve been reading some of the stuff posted here, I have to say that most people are going to sit down on the ground and stare blankly into another dimension, when anything major comes down.
        50 lbs of Beans, apr.$17.50 and 50 lbs of rice apro. $20. 1 cup of beans and 1 cup of rice a day can keep you alive as long as you have water, indefinitely.
        Yet the same $17.50 will get you 3 meals at McDonalds that nutritionally, will kill you sooner or later.
        55 gallon drum, food grade for water storage, $40, trip for 2 to the movies More than that! 55 Gallons of water can last you up to a month, the movies good for 2 hours.
        Our priorities are screwed up.
        Most people will panic and go into a Mob mentality, when confronted with a crisis.
        Remember the cabbage Patch fist fights in Toys are us?
        It took 2 hours to strip a Super Walmart bare. there wasn’t even a crisis.
        How long do you really think its going to take when something really bad happens?
        Most people can’t fish or hunt anymore, our children are going to freak out when X-Box doesn’t work anymore.
        American Blackout was a wake up call, it already happened in New York and Texas, if you come near my house thinking your going to mooch of my families food supply, because you sleeple are too stupid to spend even a minimum amount of money to be prepared for an emergency, you’d better know, I will have no sympathy for you or food to spare.
        That’s why its called an emergency, your being told to prepare, the problem with burying your head in the sand is your butt is sticking straight into the air where a predator can bite it off.

      92. I told you ahead of time before it became news, I saw it on a MEMO for management at Walmart. I can’t get any more information because they have locked out the office doors to everybody except the police and management. The MEMO said it was not for NOV. But FOREVER no more food stamps at all. The police are using our Walmart as a police station. I see police officers coming and going. On any given day you will have four to five police officers walking around inside the store. Several of them are wearing fatigues. I tried taking pictures, with a cheap camera phone, but it didn’t work. I make 7.70 hr. If one of you can come over and take pictures with your good camera would be great to let people know that this is real man. I will give the address and location of the Walmart. It is located near a new FEMA camp or whatever they call them now. The walmart is located on Cockrell Hill Rd. off of I30 in Dallas TX. Just down the road, in between Hampton and Cockrell Hill they have the camp that they are building up. It is not far from a AT&T building that was built not long ago. They also have a weird water tank and some other weird stuff going on out there. Anyway, I feel that the whole set up is one big plan to get people killed eventually when the time is right for them to do it. I keep trying to find out more if I can, also the cargo boxes in the back most of them have been moved to a nearby warehouse where they are storing food and water, I have seen it, but dis not have a camera to take pictures with. Working at walmart for 7.70 hr. is a bitch and I take the bus to work and have to use the library to get on the net. Anyway I will try to give anybody as much information as I can about what I see.

      93. The EBT program cost $80 billion a year. We give Wall Street $85 billion A MONTH-on top of the $1 Trillion hand out in 2008 and every tax break possible. I believe our focus on cuts is misplaced.

      94. Get a job.

      95. Not So Much is a complete Tool. You and brainwashed idiots worshipping your Jew Jeebus deserve to get everything that’s coming your way because you’re all moral cowards hiding behind some scribbled nonsense, because you don’t have the stones to stand up to the scum sucking demons who run this dump. You are the biggest part of the problem we’re facing right now but too stupid to realize it.

      96. I have seen a lot of Americans of late and none of them looked like they didn’t have enough to eat. Guaranteed, if you are at a public gathering with a mix of nationalities, the Americans will always be the biggest and fattest people there. A 13% drop in food assistance would probably do them some good.

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