Living In a Homestead Could Get You “SWAT Raided For Code Violations”

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    This video was created by Adam Kokesh for his website.

    Editor’s Comment: It isn’t just that most people aren’t prepared to live off the land, it is that the system wants to force you to live on the grid, and keep most from providing from themselves.

    Taking steps to become more free, build a homestead, grow a garden, collect rainwater and other measures can create plenty of friction with the so-called “authorities” within the system, and it is no surprise that this place found a police state response to, well, any pretext they could come up with. I guess misery loves company, and they don’t want anybody becoming to self-sufficient and unkept.

    Living in Natural Harmony Could Get You Raided by a SWAT Team

    by Adam Kokesh

    Adam Kokesh has found a lot of inspiration for homesteading along the way and this interview with Quinn Eaker of The Garden of Eden was a critical part of it. Among other things, Quinn describes how to peacefully handle being SWAT raided for code violations while living on a homestead.

    Homesteader raided by SWAT team: Quinn Eaker of The Garden of Eden


    Flashback: Family Homestead Raided by SWAT Team for “Weeds”

    by Bob Tuskin

    Arlington, Texas — A family with a passion for gardening and conscious living was raided by the Arlington SWAT team early Friday morning. All 8 adults present in the house were initially handcuffed at the gunpoint of heavily armed SWAT officers, including the mother of a 22 month old and a two week old baby who was separated from her children during the raid.

    Here is their press release: At around seven thirty last Friday morning, inhabitants of The Garden of Eden, a small Intentional Community based on Sustainability, were awakened by a SWAT raid conducted by the City of Arlington for suspicion of being a full fledged marijuana growth and trafficking operation. Ultimately only a single arrest was made based on unrelated outstanding traffic violations, a handful of citations were given for city code violations, and zero drug related violations were found.

    The entire operation lasted about 10 hours and involved many dozens of city officials, SWAT team, police officers and code compliance employees, and numerous official vehicles including dozens of police cars and several specialized vehicular equipment that was involved in the “abatement” operation. Witnesses say that there were helicopters and unmanned flying drones circling the property in the days prior to the raid that are presumed to have been a part of the intelligence gathering. The combined expenses for the raid itself and the collection of information leading up to the fruitless raid are estimated in the tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars.

    All 8 adults present in the house were initially handcuffed at the gunpoint of heavily armed SWAT officers, including the mother of a 22 month old and a two week old baby who was separated from her children during the raid. The police enforced activity on the day of the raid included mowing the grass, the forcible destruction of both wild and cultivated plants like blackberries, lamb’s quarters and okra, and the removal of other varied materials from around the premises such as pallets, tires and cardboard that the Community members say they had collected for use in sustainability projects. No marijuana or other drugs were found on site and the inhabitants of the premises were all unarmed.

    After several hours and many requests from the community members, the City Police Officers finally produced two warrants. The first was a Search Warrant for a suspected marijuana growth and distribution operation purportedly being concealed on the premises. There was also an Inspection & Abatement Warrant for code compliance violations such as tall grass and storage in the yard, an issue that the City of Arlington and The Garden of Eden have been disputing since February of this year. The marijuana warrant was issued based on an unsubstantiated claim by an Arlington City Police …

    Read more


    Also Check Out Adam’s Homestead Project: “New American Dream”: Activist Plans to Survive In First Ever ‘Zero Waste Sapioponic’ Homestead

    This video was created by Adam Kokesh for his website. His book Freedom! keeps the ideal pretty simple… but can you get there?


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      1. Would it not be nice if the government would leave us alone, and not suck all the resources from us.

        I know, dreaming again…

        • Jefferson had it correct.
          Minimum government.
          Look where are now…

          Be well all, it could make a difference…

          • Howdy Eppe. I’ve been tied up the past 2 days real bad and see I have several articles to catch up on. The BOL and the rest of the families’ homes are homesteads in their own right. if anyone things they could raid those homesteads and get out alive, they’re in for the biggest surprises of their lives. They keep their weapons locked-n-loaded around the clock and not even I know what all they have. The reset is coming sooner than anyone thinks. Minimum government is exactly what we have to go back to. THAT will make all the difference in the world.

            • One needs to take steps to eliminate the swat team before they can make entry. Use your brain. Bullets are great, but burning them to death is even better as their armor won’t help them.

              • You sir are an Idiot?
                Small arms and idiocy you spout out just get People killed.
                Small arms have Very limited use in modern warfare.

                War is fun for you arm chair commandos and your gun show gucci gear goofs.
                Damn Walter Mitty wanna be pot stir uppers. Agent Provacatuer.
                You make me sick. Idiot.

                So shut up. Grow up. Develop a brain. Get out from behind that keyboard.
                Stop being an IDIOT.

                • WTF, you are absolutely correct. People who speak like Menzoberranzan, of killing police and gov officials end up arrested for conspiracy. The ones that hang around for years doing this could only continue doing so, if they were allowed to. Implying they are doing so for the government, to suck foolish people into their conversation, who will be prosecuted or turned into another internet government shil/informant.

                  Most people here recognize there are snakes in the garden! To those that don’t, beware!

                  • Not to agree with him, but Small arms have kept the worlds greatest military at bay in the middle east for 15 long years and lost to a bunch of guys wearing black pajamas in asia.
                    And as said by many great insurgents. “The greatest weapon is the will to kill”

                  • Plan twice:

                    Freedom of speech will be lost if TPTB get their way. In Europe people are put in prison for questioning the Haulacaust. That’s a problem.

                    We send money to Isreal to educate their people, but not our own people. That’s a problem.

                    The Zionist led American government wants our 2nd Amendment right to bear arms stripped away, while the Israeli’s walk down the streets of Israel flanked with sub machine guns. That’s a problem.

                    Our Zio traitors want to force Immigration, homo-marriage/adoption by men and promiscuity leading to degradation, disease, pornography, prostitution, drug and alcohol addiction; but all this is illegal in Isreal. That’s a problem.

                    Israel is promoting the genocide of Europe and America. That’s a problem.

                • A pistol is a weapon designed to allow you to fight back as you make your way to your REAL weapon ….like an AR-15 or your choice of ‘black-guns’ or ICBM’s. (Whatever you may have at your disposal).
                  “Mezzo” has the right idea, and I’ve had somewhat of the same idea (and deployed it so that it can “go hot” with one switch). Electricity in copious amounts (commonly used with water) and fire (with spraying lawn and woods “sprinkler heads” just-a-pissing out kerosene (self-lubricating), are great deterrents (or killers should you need a bit of assist).
                  As another post once said, city dwellers are more apt to have a few boxes, at most, of ammo in their apartments, and minimal everything else (the greatest majority of them).
                  Country folk, we have “PALLETS” of ammo and gun parts laying all around the shop, or just make what you want on one of the metal lathes. Given all that country people do on a daily basis, I wonder if they have any intention of even trying to take us out (we could be “bio’ed” or “droned till dead” …ranch by ranch till all is gone I suppose, coupled with Blue helmeted NATO troops (who “allegedly” are, at the moment, camped out in VA and TN (in the mountainous regions OR perhaps being concealed on military bases …anyone whose ever been enlisted KNOWS how easy it would be to pull that one off (especially at bases that are or were originally closed, sealed and locked).
                  Isn’t it obvious that “gitmo” is being readied to be occupied by Iranian forces or ISIS …courtesy of Obama’s Administration? Or am being paranoid again?

                  • “E”
                    Thanks for the info on the charging handle. Just happens we got one for my Brother-In-Law. These thing are the NUTS.

                    Again thanks for the INFO!

                  • I think it was me that made the pallet comment. I used to help a friend doing Sat TV and internet installs. Most everyone in the country had multiple safes and pallets of ammo laying around. LOTS of ammo. LOTS of fired bass.

                • Pussies like you that won’t defend yourself will be ass-raped at the FEMA camp.

                  • For wtf and plan twice

                  • The Bundys’ were formerly charged in court on the 12th on 16 felony charges. Google it folks this is important to follow. It directly effects our freedom as law enforcement are trying to turn speech into a felony by stretching existing law well beyond anything originally intended.

                    It stems from public statements made by the Bundys’ at their ranch during the standoff that Federal Agents interpreted as threats. Feds claim the Bundy’s speech prevented them them from doing their job. Essentially the state is claiming expressions of free speech are illegal if they frighten federal law enforcement. Most of the rest of those felony charges are centered around that claim, such as the possession of a firearm while making said scary speech etc.

                    Menzo, I hope the Feds are paying you well while you insight people to join you in making threats and scary speech against law enforcement.

                    • Thanks for this info. That’s what this site should be about – education and information dissemination.

              • This site is for sharing ideas. How to make a SWAT into crispy critters? I’d like to know, purely as an educational exercise of course. I think it would be funny as hell to read about a torched SWAT team that had hit the wrong address(but it would of course, be a horrible tradgedy).

                • Good petro Pump, heavy hoses (buried),heavy duty sprinklers (Camouflaged), ignition system. A way to pen them in this certain area once they enter. I’m sure there are other ways. This one has been tested on dummies and would not be survivable.

                • Why not take some of that stuff that you can mix and have an exploding target?
                  Buy a hollow core door for your house, drill some holes in the top and fill the door with that stuff.
                  Once it is “solidly hit” with a “Ram or bullet” it would certainly blow them all to hell (because you would have an inner door made of solid steel, no windows, to ‘deflect’ all the force of the explosion outward.
                  Presto! One very fried, sliced and diced SWAT Team (even with armor it’s lethal, considering the door would hold over 50lbs of the stuff). KAWOOOMMPPAAAA!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                  • Tannerite I guess.
                    Look it up, lots of vids…

                  • Equitorial, Damn man now you got me thinking lol…

                • hook a guillotine valve to a 100 pound LP bottle. have that plumbed to a network pcv pipe that is buried just at the surface of the ground that has holes drilled in it. open the valve and use anything to ignite it. blazing inferno of already liquid gas. run a pcv pipe into the sky in a tree. out the top of a roof. have it hooked to a 100 pound bottle. a quick turn on and any helicopter within twenty feet will injest the LP gas into the intake and the engine will explode. Those folks haven’t trained for and are not expecting something like that. have a trap door and a escape tunnel. leave poisoned preps for them to find. you need to have preps stashed in several remote locations. Places only accessible by foot. And then again the LP is handy. it will burn with no smoke or smell. never goes bad or stale. If you have to resort to fire arms. Don’t shoot to kill. Shoot in the butt or gut. one person screaming in agnoy will demoralize the others.

            • Arlington Texas has 379,577 people within the larger metropolitan area of Dallas-Fort Worth. How stupid does one have to be not to comprehend that when we choose to live in a city we choose to live by the laws enacted of the people, by the people, and for the people of the community.

              • PP, you are so correct.
                Why even try in a place that cannot work.

                Good to see you around, hope you are doing well.

              • About this Author. You decide. Adam Kokesh: Open Carry March on DC a Failure: & Adam Kokesh Released From Jail- This is the self absorbing attention seeker, wanna-be revolutionist, that thought it would be a really cool idea to film himself in front of the capitol in Washington DC with an Rifle – Shotgun open and load it in public. Every month he comes up with some bright Idea. He is more of an agitator to try and get other dopes to revolt. His last scheme was to build a self sustained off the grid complex, and of course wants to use your money to build it, because his public promotions for this, was for you and I to invest and donate to hit tree house play pen project. Now it looks like he is trying to be a Reporter. You decide. There is more about This Fraud.. Do your own research.


                • Adam Kokesh is a FED provacatuer! It’s easy to spot them. Like Hal Turner…

                  • Genius and WWTI, Kokesh is a close friend of Alex Jones. That speaks VOLUMES. I don’t trust him any more than I do Jones.

                    • Brave – You don’t know if Kokesh is a good friend of Alex Jones. They may be interviewing each other and its show biz. I agree with Genius, that Kokesh is a shill out there stirring up trouble, to then get others to revolt and give the government an excuse to control the populace. Kokesh is a Government Plant provocateur Snitch. I would not let the Guy on my property ever.


            • BH, it is a shame we do not have people like Jefferson and Franklin running.
              At least Trump seems to more like them than the others, imho…
              What is it with other posters warping our monikers and saying things?

              Fess up, how many monikers does everyone have???

              • Eppe, it looks like we’re getting some new ‘friends’ we didn’t even ask for. The one that calls himself ‘havesomesense’ really cracks me up. Now there is a misnamed troll if you ever saw one.

                • Brave and Eppe.
                  It looks like you guys have a new buddy here. It has taken a couple of pot shots at me also.

                  Like the old WW2 pilots would say when you are getting the FLACK you are over the target.

                  I really liked the sight better when we talked about putting the garden, water collection, Food, guns, and just helped each other out.

                  Whey is it when you have something so good that MAC worked so hard put together for use to us, and you get scum like it. I don’t know if it is male or female, or HESHE?


                  • Sarge, it doesn’t matter about their ‘gender identity’. they’re all scum and need to move on. Bingo on getting back to the topics that really matter to us.

                  • As long as WE know what the score is they can troll all they want…..It Is not going to change the facts.

                    • Just wait till the mooslims take over, there won’t be any fags anymore lol.

              • One, and only one

          • “If Americans ever allow banks to control the issue of their currency (Federal Reserve, central bank, IMF) , first by inflation and then by deflation (Economic bubbles), the banks will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless in the streets.”
            (Thomas Jefferson)

        • The Police in Texas are Out of Control.
          They are THUGS with the power of Ceasar behind them.
          There is No Accountability for the Police Misdeeds and Criminal Activities,
          which include making False Charges, Theft of Personal Property, Extortion, and Murder of Unarmed citizens. This is NORMAL activities for Texas Police. Police do what ever they want to do. Police have ZERO Accountability for their crimes.
          The Police shot an elderly man in his own garage. The Police shoot Peoples Dogs.
          The Police Murdered Motorcycle Club Members in Waco Texas.
          The Murder was done by the Police. Then the Police Falsely Charged any biker that just happened to be at the location.
          Police are seldom if ever charged for their crimes, Including Murder of unarmed people.
          Because the Politicians are also self serving, CRIMINALS, Thieves, Liars.
          SITREP Texas in 2016:
          -Thug Mexican cartel gangs that buy off Politicians and Police.
          Mexican thugs murder Texans and then just go back to Mexico.
          Mexicans murder, steal, rob, rape, No Accountability. Just like the Police. NO ACCOUNTABILITY for their crimes and Murders.
          -Thug Black criminal gangs imported from Hurricane “Refugees” years ago.
          -Thug Police that abuse and MURDER whites, browns, blacks, EQUALLY.
          No one has the courage to tell it how it REALLY is.
          This is how it is in Texas.
          (Doubt this post is allowed. Will be deleted or burried by some Govt agency)
          Tyrants HATE free speech. Tyrants Hate armed peasants. Tyrants hate educated thinking citizens.
          Tyrants Love Television, Fluoride in water, Agenda 21, gun control, free trade/NAFTA. End of Rant

          • Spent a career as a cop mostly a homicide detective in a large city. There are crappy and lying cops no doubt but certainly not all. texas doesn’t mess around and sometimes it’s good and at times bad. Cops generally reflect their community. If the town has issues so do the police. You write in absolutes and paint people with a broad brush. It is easy to dismiss people who make general statements. Try dealing with a specific issue or person. Deal with getting rid of a specific politician or cop. It can be and is done throughout this country on a regular basis.
            Look at black lives matter. They go after specific cops and regardless of facts they are vilified to the point of quitting. Some legit and some not.
            If you say politicians are ALL on the take it is easy to dismiss. If you get the goods on one of them it is really easy and investigations often lead to others. Same with cops. The national politics don’t affect you as much as local.

            • DId you ever catch anyone? 😀

              Dont take this personally, But I spent my youth as a punching bag for cops. Its hard to trust any these days and they can see it in me.
              My only crime was being poor and my mother was divorced. It wasent just one place either. We had to move every few years to keep away from the cops. I was always being profiled as a gang member because of scars I had on my face and missing teeth (All put there by cops) and my wary attitude towards them. The cops that beat me were bad cops, The cops who wouldnt take a report against them were bad cops and the supervisors who constantly looked the other way were bad cops.
              Im in my 60’s now and I can still spot this Sociopath type of cop everywhere. And they ARE every where.
              A Sociopath is a Sociopath. Dosent make a different if they are cops or criminals.Still i give them the benefit of the doubt yet I trust criminals more than the cops.

        • They definitely should leave us ALL alone.
          Time for change

          • You should read about what they did in WACO, TX someday. (For those that think the government is on the side of we, the people) …it should open your eyes just a tad, but perhaps not. There were lots of dangerous men and children that needed killing in WACO, and thank God our government kept all our asses safe and sound from THOSE nutjobs huh? (sarcasm//off)

            • equal:

              In one of those trash Clinton books, they claim the Feds were killed by other agents. That they were Bill’s body guards. They knew something the Clinton’s wanted to cover-up. That the kids and all were used to cover the real targets, Fed Agents. Who knows. Probably more bs.

              • B from CA, those 4 ATF WERE killed by their own people on orders from the Clintons because they knew something about them that had to be covered up at all costs. Those 4 agents WERE SHOT FROM BEHIND AS THEY ADVANCED TOWARD THE HOUSE. THEY WERE NOT SHOT FROM THE FRONT. The Davidians got blamed for it anyway and you know the rest.

        • I have been a REM fan for decades, but this messed with my mind.

          Stipe for the bern???
          ht tp://

          • Michael Stipe & Bassist Mike Mills are Liberals.
            Both are very much loyal to the Democratic party.
            Can’t say if Bill Berry or Peter Buck have the same loyalist views as the other two.

            As you Eppe – I like a lot of what R.E.M is in the music industry, but their political views – we are simply worlds apart.

            Welcome To The Occupation

            • Ftw, when I found out Stipe was gay, that blew my shit. Who wudda known?
              Buck grew up in Roswell GA next door to my adopted 2nd mom. He used to jam with her son in early 70’s.
              My gang member was the midstage sound man for them since they started.

              Life, you never know what to expect…

          • How big is YOUR freedom cell?

        • By chance, is anyone watching Viceland?
          Heavy Metal is on now.
          A fav from ’81…

          • I can see where South Park got thier version of cheezing now.
            Makes sense….

        • You realize these people were basically arrested for planting a garden.

      2. Yesterday I sneezed without authorization from Rahm Emanuel in the People’s Socialist Thugocracy of Chicago, and an hour later the sneeze authorities had me reported for violating Code 4873, Section 9,873, subsection 399.2, as well as for sundry BIG GREEN MONEY global warming laws…and within the day the Brownshirt People’s Socialist SWAT of Chicago broke down my door and confiscated all my Kleenex. Next week I go on trial before the Socialist People’s Tribunal and Judge Robespierre for this. I have the choice of pleading “Guilty” or “Really, Really Guilty” and am facing 10 – 20 in Alcatraz (yep, re-opened for anyone who violates any of the BIG GREEN MONEY laws)

      3. “…involved many dozens of city officials, SWAT team, police officers and code compliance employees, and numerous official vehicles including dozens of police cars and several specialized vehicular equipment that was involved in the “abatement” operation. Witnesses say that there were helicopters and unmanned flying drones circling the property in the days prior to the raid that are presumed to have been a part of the intelligence gathering…”

        Nice work, Brownshirts. Land of the Free and Home of the Brave indeed. Try land of the Politically Correct Fascists and Socialist Brownshirts.

        If I had a family member or friend that did something like that, I would politely tell them to go away and never talk to me again… and that their grandfather who fought against fascism in WWII would be utterly, utterly disgusted that you, my former friend, are now just as bad as Hitler’s SS ever was.

        • TEST, absolutely! If they are family then disown them, aquaintences tell them to get lost, I have some people in the area of my retreat that are feds and I warn everyone (they seem to like them) to NEVER bring them over to my place! I do not associate with them (unless I visiting friends and they are there) and that is as little as possible. Fuck them, if they were good people they wouldn’t be fed’s! I say that to people and they just go oooohhhh.

      4. Maybe someone will plan for this on purpose?

        • Set up
          Just sayin,

      5. When things are going well the government has far too much time on its hands. When the government has far too much time on its hands it gets involved in things it shouldn’t. I wonder how you could make the law that would stop the government from making law when we do not need any more law.

      6. Almost got raided by mistake about 25 years ago. Drug enforcement pulled up front and jumped out. Almost gave my mother a heart attack. Mom was sitting on the front porch. She asked who they were looking for. They replied “fat Larry”. She said he lived two doors away. They apologized and went there and kicked his door in. I was home upstairs at the time. It would have been nasty. Screaming people in civies with guns. I always have guns at the ready. Sheesh!

      7. Typical talk from both sides of the governments mouth. First they want you to re-use to reduce waste, but then they charge you with keeping it on your property. They want you to prepare for any emergency by stockpiling food and water, but if you do you are a crazy prepper. They want you to conserve fuel and not drive older vehicles, but then complain that it is costing them tax dollars when people don’t buy gas. Where I live they want you to recycle as much of your waste as possible, but it has to be clean before it can go in the recycle bin, while at the same time they place you on water restrictions. I refuse to use one of Florida’s most precious commodities (clean, potable water) to wash my garbage before throwing it away. They need to get out of controlling peoples lives and work at fixing what is really broke in America (themselves).

        • JAS, damn good points. It’s the SYSTEM that is BROKE AND FUBAR. The system is destined to fail and can never be repaired or reformed. Everything has to be torn down and start all over again scratch. It’s the only hope I see for this nation. Like Jefferson said, the smallest amount of government possible and keep it in a straight jacket.

          • Originally, the states gave authority to the feds ONLY when it was temporarily needed. The “laws” everyone is under today are not even CLOSE to being “Constitutionally” sound nor even remotely allowed, and yet everyone goes right along with it, and have been doing so for about 200 years (as it got worse and worse and worse until it brought us to “here and now” …when which everyone wants it to return to as it once was.
            It ain’t gonna happen unless the American public, as a whole, virtually kills off every last politician in every last state of the union. Sounds an awful lot like revolution to me.

            But I am sure somebody else (of a saner, non-military, brain-washed mind) has a nice, peaceful remedy in mind that should get us all killed in a day or two. What (exactly) would that be?
            If you wish to survive, find out what everyone else plans to do then head in the opposite direction with opposing intentions. You’ll make it.

        • JAS, just more proof that what they tell you is a lie. They push re-use/reduce to control you then when you do enough to make a difference and it costs them, they swat you.

          The goal was never to reduce/re-use it was always to control.

          Until 20 or 30 of those unlawful swat parties end up with 10 tin-badge, clown suit wearing constitutional violators dead, they won’t eve think of changing. While I’m a pacifistic and don’t believe in violence, not everyone is like me.

          Once the American Sheople realize that war has been declared, they will fight back. Its just a simple fact that they are too ignorant right now to understand that the enemy is advancing slowly so they don’t get blowback.

          Welcome to Amerika 2016.

      8. The takeaway from this is.

        1. There are good states & bad states to homestead in. Texas is is the bad column and has been for 30 years.
        2. Keep your place tidy. (BUY A SCYTHE) keep your junk in one place behind a fence.
        3.know your neighbors and at least try to get along with them.

        I homestead and am basically self sufficient.
        I don’t have theses problems because I followed my 3 rules.


        • Red:

          Your three rules make good sense to me.

          At my house in Northern California I have a nice medium sized yard. We had thick Ivy on the fence making it difficult to see in. We removed the Ivy because it was very thick. Afterwards people could see in so we put in bamboo but it wore out quickly and had to be taken down in some places allowing passers by to see into the yard.

          The busybody called animal control because the dog didn’t have anywhere to go in the hot days of summer. I explained to animal control that the dog could lie under a tree but generally preferred to go under the house. This was not sufficient. The dog needed his own dog house. Apparently an Eskimo hut which is nothing but a round plastic dog shelter was acceptable. I had one. This appeased the officer who then requested I move it so buzybody could see it. I said no I will not.

          What is interesting is that we previously had a dog who died because someone fed the dog chicken bones. I suspect whoever complained is probably the same person who killed our other dog. But I kept this to myself not wanting to make the report seem justified in any way.

          • Yes my point is be the grey man.
            Which is to blend in.
            The folks in Arlington did not.
            Also those who live or in my case have lived in Texas know that it is a bit of a police state so you have to be extra careful.
            But no matter where you are being under the Radar is of the utmost importance.
            Everyone Read the Book
            “This aint normal folks”


            • Most say they are going to be the “gray or grey people” – not noticed.

              One of the best ways to conceal and object is to place it in plain sight so that everyone “can’t miss it” …place whatever you want inside of “it” and you’ll have it when needed.

              Trojan horses come to mind…

              If you STAND OUT (like a sexy blonde in a short skirt), in no way does it make you a “suspicious” looking person to keep an eye on. I’ve ran around in camo’s ALL of my civilian life, just wearing the camo “sloppy” (shirt tails out, unbuttoned over a “wicking T”) …nobody notices a damn thing anymore …and I’ve been paying attention to see if they DO or not. (Nope …they do NOT, except for like 2 or 3%)?

              Ask Sargent Dale ….how many ‘perps’ actually “pay attention” to what is within the immediate area prior to pulling off whatever they intend to do. I’m thinking he’ll say about none. (Except for the government. They plan everything, then frig it up anyway). THAT is where we stand a good chance of overturning their damned accursed “agenda” (how could the destruction of America be termed “an agenda?” hmm?

              OKAY. Gardens. I’ve had, in the country on mountainsides, the best of luck with “raised beds”, just ordinary overturned soil in what used to be a small lawn area, rocks and pea gravel mixes makes for great cukes, pure cow patties for squashes, and we’ve learned to hate “aqua anything” as it requires pumps and lots of junk to break.

              • We do huggelkulture instead of raised beds require very little watering.
                Grow enough food for ourself except for milk, cheese & coffee. Which we either can’t grow or in case of milk everyone else does so we horse trade for it.
                Also use scythes instead of lawn mowers, we cut our own hay, grain, and mulch this way.


      9. One would think that law enforcement would have done their homework and thus would have known that these folks were not into drugs! But it seems as though they went ahead with a raid that is based upon preconceived notions rather than real and effective intelligence gathering!
        More proof that law enforcement is dominated by those with low IQs!
        The imbeciles that planned and executed this raid should pay for it!

        • They use these fake raids as training. They always have a party afterwards. This is their “fun”. These guys love this stuff.

          In a nearby city, they swatted a guy who was a Vietnam Vet and slept with an AR. They busted the door down, he unloaded, dropped a mag, unloaded again. Killed one invader. Seriously shot up another. Vietnam Vet was uninjured.

          In that city, for the last 5 years, swat parties are at a minimum.

          The SCOTUS ruled it legal in “Wyoming vs. Bad Elk” I think, was the case.

          Things change drastically when those guys get killed. It takes 20 years to change a law but when someone gets killed it takes less than 24 hours.

          There are three functions of government: Lie Steal Murder

          In every government project, government does one or more of these three things. In an overwhelming majority, two of the three are employed. In fact, they’re often used together to accomplish the other.

          These swat parties are no different. My prayer is that will stop this sort of thing before the populace starts killing them.

          • I think it was Bad elk vs US.
            The problem here was that the police chief sent some cops to arrest this guy for shooting his pistol. Shooting a pistol isnt a crime so according to laws that were passed due to the KKK act, Due Process was required. A cop can arrest you if he sees you do a crime or if there was a felony and someone said it was you. But in this case the cops came without warrant and tried to arrest someone who hadent committed a crime. So he was in his right to defend himself.
            However if a swat team shows up at your place, they will probably have a warrant.

        • What are the laws of Texas had they found something? Tiny amount or a forest of plants? If they could have found something, that property would have been taken away from them, illegally. Constitution says you are supposed to be completely safe “within” your own damned house and other “owned” dwellings. It does not say “except from government interference”, but since when does the government follow the constitutional laws, and since when do we, the people, do a damn thing to make them stop this bullshit?
          We have never done such a thing. Thus, we have earned all that is now coming, that the majority state cannot be stopped. (So, it is also clear that the brainwashing has been a total success).

          It’s been fun guys! Let’s go out like we came in; in a blaze of glory.

          • In Texas along with most states, Home is Structures. However if you have a fence all around the property with a locked gate, you still dont have to let them in without a warrant. This is why many cities wont allow fences in the front of homes anymore.

      10. I’ve said it before keep your place neat and you shouldn’t have problems. It’s not like gardens have been outlawed. Have only animals that fit within code requirements clean up the shit and you should be fine. It’s hard for some people especially if it was cool for a long time and all the sudden rich snobs moved in and don’t like your way of living. If enough of your neighbors don’t like your homesteading lifestyle you are now the disrupter and will be shut down. This is what happened in my community when I was a kid. Small farms were there first then suburbs were built around the farms and the farmers were forced out. Manure smells were the biggest complaints along with the farm looking like an isore. People have recently relaxed around here about the homestead stuff due to the locally produced food movement. It’s cool now to be green. I was always doing this stuff though. Don’t let your place look like a pigpen. You should be fine in most cases if not move somewhere else.

      11. It’s pretty easy to avoid being noticed by the government:

        don’t grow crops in your front yard

        make sure your home is up to code

        make sure your home is hooked up to electricity or your kids might be taken away

      12. PLEASE READ!!!!

        I’m aware this may sound a bit out there, but I think I might be on to something. Quickly about myself I have a B.A. In Criminal Justice and I have worked for a Sheriffs Department in the past so I know how to follow evidence and I’m not what you would consider gullible. This conclusion hit me 3 days ago like a freight train. We all see that the government is preparing for something. They bought 1.6 billion rounds of ammo for the DHS. They are having the military practice detaining and policing Americans in American city’s. We all saw this with Jade Helm and a quick youtube search will show numerous videos of the sort. Our government as well as foreign governments are constructing massive city size underground bunkers. We see the wealthy elite as well acquiring bunkers. FEMA has purchased 100s of millions of MRE’s as well as make the camps and get the plastic coffins. It is evident they are preparing for something massive. I personally always thought it was for either a coming revolution in our country or maybe a economic collapse. I’m not so sure anymore. I’m going to switch lanes now so stay with me. We have been inundated with talk of global warming/climate change since I’ve been on the planet (32 years). We have seen in the news very violent and extreme weather and it seems as though it is only getting worse. We have seen an incredible up tick in the amount of large earth quakes around the world (Japan these last couple days). We have also seen an increase in volcanic activity around the world most notably on the Pacific Ring of Fire. We are also seeing mass die offs of various species of animals all around the world, google this if you don’t believe me. Perhaps scariest and most telling of all is the exponential increase in the fireballs the world is reporting. Fireballs being the visible meteors streaking across the sky like we saw over the Urals in Russia back in 2013. Now for the crazy part, and please criticize and poke holes in my theory, I hope I’m wrong and this is just a Homer Simpson moment. I believe that there maybe another planet entering our solar system and the magnetic pull of this other planet is tugging on earth and this is what is responsible for the weather, earthquakes, volcanic activity, animal die offs, and what the governments of the world are preparing for. I’m not by any means religious but the bible refers to this planet as Wormwood, I believe we know the planet as Nibiru. NASA has admitted to the existence of this planet, they do not call it Nibiru however. If I am right, which I hope I’m not, this will not hold well for earth or we inhabitants. The magnetic pull on earth will create tremendous weather the likes of which we have never seen, think The Day After Tomorrow or 2012. It would also allow for solar flares to reach the surface of the earth destroying our electric grid just like an EMP. It could also cause a poll shift or poll reversal as well as erupt super volcanos like Yellowstone. From what I have read, this planet is on a 3600 year orbit which means this has happened in the past. Moses the great flood, also pretty much every ancient civilization has a story about a great flood going back to the Sumerians. Again I know this sounds crazy and I hope I’m wrong but I brought this up to try and stimulate debate and encourage research on the topic. If you have any insight into this please let me know.

        P.S. If you dismiss this as conspiracy nutter stuff I wouldn’t hold it against you because I too probably would have. But in the following weeks and months if we continue to see insane weather, worsening earthquakes and even more volcanoes erupting.. Well then maybe I was on to something.

        email [email protected] if you have any pertinent info.

        • .

          • Greentip4U, welcome, and I agree with your analysis. On the planets and so forth, I’m not familiar with those subjects, but I believe you’re spot on with everything else. Just keep stacking. Hope you have a BOL you can take yourself and your family to before TSHTF.

          • Green tip, thanks for bringing this subject back. I don’t have anything to report but I live on that island where Nibiru is supposed to hit near, so if I go off line you’ll know it happened.
            If possible, spell out “at” in your mail address in the future so the web bots won’t harvest your email address.

            It’d be nice if Mac would delete it for you as I’m afraid you’ll be inundated with crap and your address used for phishing.

          • Green Tip, There are many all over the world that share your opinion. NASA has recently confirmed the existence of Planet X, previously only discussed by people the government referred to as conspiracy nuts, whom it seems we’re right all along. Yours is as good as any theory.

            You are correct the “Powers that Shouldn’t Be” certainly have been preparing for years for something huge. The most disturbing thing I’m aware of is the lifespan of MRE’s is not that long, five to ten years tops. Based on the governments MRE purchase history, much of their supplies are now in the less than three to five year range?

            The government historically is monsterously wasteful. Are they just planning on filling dumpsters with expired MRE’s and buying more, or does this draw a timeline for us little people?

            Many dried and especially freeze dried foods can keep for up to twenty years, when I bought a couple cases, the wife and I agreed, when this food still has about five years left, we will either eat it, or donate it to the next dissaster relief effort.

          • Thank you. You seem well versed on the subject judging from the link you left me. Any other places on the web I should be looking?

        • It is a known fact that we are moving closer to our nearest neighbor galaxie. This will eventually end with the two galaxies becoming one. The distance between stars and any planets revolving around any given star is enormous. This will allow virtually all stars and planets to merge unscathed like merging cars on the freeway. But accidents do happen and some stars and their orbiting planets may come close enough to create strong gravitational pulls effecting tides in the ocean. Is our planet being effected by the pull of gravity from a planet or large revolving asteroid? There are large asteroids which do effect earth. Our earth was formed by the collision and condensation of asteroids over millions of years. The moon was formed when the young planet earth was hit by a large asteroid or another planet. The resulting fragments and dust revolved around the earth until the moon formed. The moons gravitational pull creates ocean tides. And the bulge at the equator. Every day asteroids come into earth’s atmosphere and burn up. Falling stars are really only asteroids. Asteroids land in the ocean or in uninhabited land masses. This is routine. I believe there has been an increase in the amount of asteroid activity, but you’ll have to check some star watcher site on the Internet to verify. I don’t know. Could be there are just more people watching the skies with increasingly more sophisticated equipment making sitings more common. In any event. If found early enough, we know how to use gravitational pull to move a large asteroid so it won’t come too close.

          Yellowstone is a potential problem regardless. When, not if, she erupts; the dust will block the sun and create an ice age. Our leaders are simply being prudent by planning for such an event. However, running in hysterical fear is stupid. Yellowstone could erupt today or she could erupt in one hundred thousand years. By some estimates we are overdue. Don’t panic. Prepare.

          Be well all. Don’t forget to watch episode five of “The Truth About Cancer”. Episodes three and four are no longer available for free. Each episode stands on it’s own and is about an hour to an hour and a half. On u-tube. One third of Americans gets Cancer in their lifetime. Forget planetary collisions and take care of your health. This series could save your life here and now. Knowledge is power. This course won’t result in unpaid student loans. It is free for a short time. Why would anyone in there right mind not jump on it ASAP. Arm yourself with “The Truth About Cancer”.

        • GT4U, I can’t say what you wrote is right or wrong. All I plan on doing is occupying and keeping my family safe to the best of my ability until my time is up. Where it all will take me is hard to say.

          • PO’d, I can say this, doing a rum run down to 90 proof instead of 100 makes a considerable difference in flavor profile. Pretty good if I say so myself. I think I used too much sugar on the last wheesky, it stopped working and I added more yeast and nutrient and got the temp to 80 degrees to no avail and the mash was sweet with sour hmmmm. We’ll see what happens after the expidited charcoal aging process. I have a bad habit of not measuring lol. I just guess at the amounts. Keeps the results a suprise I guess lol…

            • Oh I dug up one of my old poems for ya lol….

              Twas the night before christmas and all through the house
              the smell of mash cookin drew out a mouse
              it came and it sniffed the smell of good stuff
              it chewed through the lid it was pretty tough
              it dove in and swam in all the good grain
              as he gulped down the goodness it went straight to his brain
              his courage it became more than 10 fold
              he thought cause Im small I still can be bold
              he crawled out of the big plastic pail
              his voice got real deep as he let out a wail
              “come try to get me you stupid old cat”
              “your geetin old and slow and so fat”
              the cat heard the mouse and sneaked his ass near
              then cornered the mouse with eyes full of fear
              the cat said “you did what I never could do”
              “get into the goods my hats off to you”
              the mouse said “thank goodness your welcome my friend”
              “we’ll drink till its dry until the end”
              they both got their paws on a couple of straws
              I guess as friends go they’re aren’t no laws
              the rest of their lives were spent gettin drunk
              the cat and the mouse now who woulda thunk?

        • Okay, I’ll weigh in but I don’t think that some people will like what I have to say. First off, I am a born again Christian and have been one for over 30 years. When talking of the prophesy of “wormwood” (or chernobyl in Russian… yup… not making that up!), we have to see it from the point of view of the observer, namely the apostle John. In Revelations, it is described as a star, not a planet. However, to the people of that time, everything in the sky would have been a star so what he probably saw in his vision was an asteroid or comet colliding with Earth. If it was another planet then the Earth would cease to exist as we know it and all life would be exterminated. The masses of two planet sized objects would be too great. Heck, even a large asteroid would likely extinguish all life. So, I do not think that your theory of another planet colliding with Earth is a credible thing for the elite to prep for simply because it is not survivable. Also, if a large body the size of a planet or large asteroid were interfering with Earth right now, the effects would be constant and not come in little fits and spurts. Plus, if it was an object that large, amateur astronomers would likely be able to see it and post it online enough times that it would be nearly impossible to cover it up. Most likely what we see now is just a natural uptick in the geological cycle for that region. Whether it will be large enough to cause a need for such installations is anyone’s guess at this point but I would speculate that it wouldn’t. However, I do think that it could be part of the “birth pangs” of the end times as the world is certainly devolving into the sort of moral chaos that was seen in the days of Noah, and that is part of a Prophesy given by Jesus Himself.

          Now… for some idle speculation… If the star that makes a third of the world’s waters “bitter” (or poisonous) is indeed called wormwood in the Bible, and wormwood is chernobyl in Russian, then perhaps what is being described is a nuclear accident (or accidents) of the type seen at Chernobyl, Ukraine in 1986. Of course this would mean a meltdown of reactors on the shores of a few oceans, perhaps started by the impact of a small to medium size meteorite or comet that starts a seismic chain reaction leading to multiple melt through situations as seen a Fukushima Daichi. Or perhaps by one third the world’s waters the Bible means just the Pacific ocean, with a major meltdown at a US power plant, like San Onofre to augment the ones still poisoning the Pacific in Japan. Then again, it’s all just speculation until it happens and I do not pretend to know what will happen.

          • Winston Smith
            My question is why anyone thinks Fukushima is insufficient to effectively destroy life in the Pacific.

            • If it continues unabated for long enough then yes, maybe it would. However, right now it is not. If they do manage to get it under control sometime in the not too distant future then it will have caused damage, but not enough damage to have killed off all life on the Pacific. Life can live with elevated levels of radiation and some species are affected more than others. The Chernobyl exclusion zone and Eastern Urals Radioactive Trace (EURT) are proof of this. So is the town of Muslymovo in Russia that has been exposed to very high levels of radiation from all of the accidents that happened at the Mayak plant in Chelyabinsk 40. The people, plants and animals are not without mild to severe negative effects from the radiation they are exposed to but they still live. In order for all life to cease in the Pacific, the amount of radiation dispersed in the ocean would have to be much higher than what we are observing now.

      13. Im not nor do i live with a buncha dope smokers,,,
        Real simple, dont do stupid shit and you wont get swatted,,,
        The media,,,chough,, always picks out the one in ten million incidence.

      14. HCKS, 1975-2016, if that were to happen to me.. I am latest putting a date on my toomstone. This is getting out of control.


        Yes folks, 6 phucking foot under I am going.

        • HCKS, not so fast now. If anyone’s gonna set a date for your death, it will be the Almighty. You don’t go until HE says to. Same for me.

          • Yep,here it is.While I defended your posts with nonsenses posts said I disagreed with you and Genuis at times(still gotta deal with that Harley hater!)and here is a example.I leave when I decide,not when the norns think they can snip the skein of me life!

            • Ehhhh, can’t take a Harley joke? Here’s a question for ya!
              Would you fly in a plane made by harley davidson???
              By the way, Honda makes some really cool personal jets lol.
              Gotta yank yer chain sometimes, Don’t worry, I still love ya 🙂

        • HCKS
          We will end up 6 ft. under someday. The question is, are we on our feet or our knees?

          I know that you will be one that is STANDING!


          • I would rather die on my feet than live on knees!

            • Eh,will probably be prone meself if killed in a firefight,end result is the same but prone have a bit longer to fight back/less of target and all!

              • Sound reasonable to me,,,
                Pick your battles

              • never engage an enemy unless your back is to a wall (THEN kill the bastards).

              • One of my grandfathers had polio and couldnt walk. When the Nazis came to Russia, the family tried to leave but was cut off by the Nazis. My grandfather was propped up on the porch behind some logs and kept the Nazis back until everyone could leave. They said they could hear him counting each nazi he shot and laughing at them. He was up past 20 when it the shooting stopped.

          • Dale, I prefer not to go 6 ft. down. There’s worms down there!
            Cremate me and spread my ashes over my favorite surfing spot. 🙂

            • Ya I never understood the burial shit. Burn my ass and throw me to the wind lol. No sense taking up space with an expired meat puppet. Hell you can eat me if ya have too lol.

              • Nah Genius:

                Probably get drunk from the homemade booze left over in your cells.

                Cute poem about the Cat and the Mouse. Did you write it?

                • Good point. And yes I wrote that lol and a lot of others (I didn’t save dammit).

                  • Speaking of poems, did anyone save my poem about shopping? Braveheart?

        • Hi HCKS;
          Wait a spell before checking out a lot of people enjoy your comments. By the way, what ever happened to the guy Iowa who was going to check himself out. Anyone know?

      15. A SWAT team was called because the lawn was not mowed?

        • Swinging Richard
          a swat team was called because he does not fit in the neighborhood. It is Texas.
          conformity is the name of the game

      16. We are preparing to build a root cellar.

        Any tips on waterproofing, web links, etc are appreciated.

        Thank you!
        KY Mom

        • What kind of root cellar…materials, water table, soil, humidity, below ground, ground slope? Cant answer a waterproofing question without details.

          • Dave,

            Plans are for a poured concrete floor, approximately 10 x 12ft and concrete walls inset into a steeply sloped bank, 8 to 10ft deep. My husband wants to build a shed on top of it at ground/yard level.

            It is a relatively wet climate here in eastern KY. Soil varies from claylike to sandy. Where we are thinking of putting it, soil is more sandy.

            We have a friend who is going to dig out the area with a mini excavator.

            • The Complete Book of Underground Houses by Rob Roy- advises using Bituthene stick-on membrane after rolling on primer.
              I think ElCheapo is black asphalt roofing tar, black poly plastic or tar paper, and more tar. Also Bentonite clay applied with a trowel is another possibity.
              Plan drainage carefully. Seal all masonary cracks before priming- you must try to stop all capillary seeping.
              Thats all I could dig up.

              (and know your local codes… lol)

              • first, a french drain around the base slab, draining away downhill. Seal the concrete with a few coats of sealer, or the method Jackson suggests. Then go to a well supply company and buy some 50 lb bags of bentonite pellets used for well casing seal. Pour the pellets against the wall, as you backfill. I used about 20 bags. (300$)

                • Hi Dave
                  should I use bentonite around my house too?

                  • if its going to be built into the hill side.

                    • Dave,
                      It will be into the hillside on 2 sides, and soil on the top. So will the proposed root cellar.

            • Dirt floor, not concrete.

              • Yes, dirt floor. We had a root celler in our house when I was a kid. All the walls and floor were dirt. We built a new house and concreted the walls and floor of the new celler. All the veggies that we kept down in the old root celler just rotted in the new one. We had to keep using the old celler.

                • Ed
                  what kept the walls from caving in or “dribbling” down over time?

            • I’d still add a sump for a small sump pump. Even a small 12v boat bilge pump running off a solar panel would work. Add a 12v battery and it could run some 12 volt lights as well in the cellar and the shed above.

        • Hi mom. If you are using concrete the concrete industry has additives for most any situation like waterproofing. Block walls have coatings that help and some are better than others. A concrete contractor should be more knowagleable than I am. Crushed Gravel under the floor. The more the better. Good luck!

        • KY, I reduced my condensation problem considerably by not running the forced air system. I still have it in case I ever need to stay down there but since shutting it off my condensation seems to be under control. I use a plaster on the interior walls made of portland cement and colloidial silver and have 0 mold since then. Home made silver solution is cheap and easy…

        • Thank you very much for the helpful information about building root cellars.

          I copied and printed all the comments for my husband.

          Thank you!
          KY Mom

      17. “Nobody loves you when you’re down and out. Nobody loves you until you’re six feet in the ground” – John Lennon. That’s a sure way for the police state to raid your dwelling, accusing you of growing marijuana, no matter that it’s a bogus excuse to invade your rights and your privacy. I read where the government is going to review the classification of cannabis as a schedule 1 substance, which means it has no benefit whatsoever at that level, up there with heroin and LSD. What a crock of crap, everybody knows where this is going. Without the war on drugs these cops on steroids and private prisons would not exist. Dissenters are what the FEMA type preparations are going to jail for unpaid labor. The American people are so brainwashed, here 75 years plus later this miracle plant is still reefer madness. Despite all the proven facts of the medicinal benefits, the quality of hemp to replace all oil and chemical environmental destruction of our planet. The TPP will be the death of any sane policy worldwide.

        • Aljamo,
          In fact it is insane to outlaw any plant or patent them. GMOs busted that door wide open, and the ability to corner the market is the big driver, not “improvements”.

        • The government, recently, just changed some other medications too, especially one called Tramadol. Moved it way to the top because it is used MOST widely and prescribed most often. (It is a man-made opiod, and is addictive as hell). Cold turkey from “up to” 8 pills daily (50mg tablets that look like an aspirin), can either make you crazy-like or flat out kill you. Taking those off the market should fill a great many of the plastic coffins everyone is talking about. (And I doubt like hell anyone is going to get a damned coffin given the numbers that are slated to be killed …if the info is indeed even true).
          The bastards are doing everything illegally knowing fully well the people will NOT rebel, cause they are brainwashed into thinking it is not possible – – and so kiss your asses goodbye. You do not wish to rebel against them, then you are openly allowing them to take your life without any appreciable resistance from you (if not for yourself, how about your two year old daughter who has no clue)? Doesn’t matter? Guess not. So go ahead and keep on keeping on being a “good citizen”. It won’t get you anywhere in the least, but you’ll look good, fine and upstanding (to all those who do not matter in the least) until it’s your time for departure from this realm. Or, if you are without religion, the absolute end of your existence forever.

      18. Can you imagine the change if people would shoot these fools when they come beating down your door? I understand people want to be left alone,but that won`t happen until we do more then wish and ask. Its a little hard to summon any fear or respect when the general populace acts like sheep.

        • Wade,thinking more getting em when having their little party afterwards,perhaps a few beers in em/lack of armour ect.Really is getting to the point or we are there perhaps take it to them.These days easy to find their addresses ect.,shoot em as they head out for work.Sucks one even needs to think this way but population just reacting to what powers that try to be started.

          • Yup lol, be a party pooper! HEEEERE’S JOHNNYYY!

        • If everyone truly waits until they are to the point of kicking in doors …then we have lost before it has begun.

          Wade, I hear ya loud and clear. I say if the “sheep” wish to be torn asunder by wolves, let them and sobeit.

          For those with a taste for life, taking us out won’t be as easy but “they” are well aware of this much, and are planning accordingly.

          ISIS has repeatedly warned “we are in for a big surprise” and I’ve no doubt that we are. Since everyone is going underground, looks like we are headed for a thermonuclear war on a global scale. Within hours the entire globe would be decimated and not habitable in most areas. The seas would die, and all life on land would follow (except those damned cockroaches).

          It must be that we are all descended from cockroaches since they are the only thing that can survive anything with nothing. (That is, IF we once inhabited the planet and wiped ourselves nearly out …and now it’s time to do it again? The cockroaches will surely miss our pizzas!

      19. I hear ya, just saying. What the hell is this phucking county coming to…how satire you eat organic foods, and that people who want to grow healthy food to live better are terrorist and criminals, as alkaloids mentioned, the crap heads how are the ruling elite and after the pot heads..we will be having. A war in this country.. now matter how I try to be positive and optimistic the truth bitch slaps me in my face only for me to accept my death in the very very near future..o may not be going six foot under, I may be getting my dead body eaten by vultures, and stripped of my weapons and body armor by Passer by’s..only to be eaten by vultures and dred lock. Like Larry Nicols said, this is the last election of America..



      20. Locked and loaded and defending our self, family and property is great, the right thing to do, but I don’t see how we can kill them, even though it’s in self defense, and not expect to end up behind bars. Even quick disposal of their bodies won’t help to keep us out of trouble with the law, as there are other so-called authorities who know where they were headed and will demand answers. Realistically, I just don’t see how we wouldn’t end up in deep shit for defending our self, family and property during a swat team raid.

        • Hmmm, do you think that’s what went through the founding fathers heads?

        • commonCents, once the balloon goes up, we’ll be WROL [WITHOUT RULE OF LAW]. All the cops will disappear and go home to take care of their own families. Most likely it will be the free shit army trying to break into your home to get your supplies and whatever else. We’ll all be on our own and the rules just won’t apply anymore. Not even courts will be open. just do whatever you have to do and any consequences be damned. that’s how it will be for me.

          • Brave – Right…and that’s how it will be for me too… but I was referring to now, not after WROL.

            At that point the tables will turn and it will be totally different, as victims/potential victims will finally have more protection/power/rights than the criminals.

      21. The people can SWAT the government for “SWATting” the people. The people already have loads of intelligence on government. Government has their cards all on the table by the stuff they use to strongarm the people. Government’s dependent on stuff that the people can do without. That’s government’s fatal weakness.

      22. Sounds like some aras are really under the thumb screws. Never heard of that level of oppression here except in a few cases. One comes to mind a town called mayorthorp not to far from here long story short four rcmp officers were hounding this one land owner blocking his access road pulling him over every time he left his property etc he ended up gunning down 4 of them then took of f into the woods killing him self
        Point being win loose or draw guilty or no he fought back
        You can Google the whole story Fallen four memorial. Mayorthorp Alberta.
        I’ve spoken with residents of that town by all accounts those four had it coming. They have been replaced with four much more respectful officers. Goes to show that sometimes that’s whats needed a committed display of deadly force

      23. This is scary, the new world order, and the democrat pushing us into socialism. They just want to enslave us all.

        • Already commies, iamfree. What’s this socialism stuff?

      24. Living out in the wild and not drinking the Cool-aid thats being put into the water or food we eat is something that must be stopped at all costs.

        We cannot have people thinking for themselves as the rest of us are being drugged down and they should be forced at gun point to take the medication and get with the plan of being turned into slaves of the bankers and the machines that are just starting to arrive that will soon have much more higher IQ’s then the dumbed down population.

      25. Beaver,remember reading once a while back about how the cig tax was creating a lot of smuggling,mountie was killed by smugglers,tax rescinded at least at time almost immediately.

        As much as I like to joke about you maple leafs you do seem to learn from hard lessons unlike the U.S.

        • Yes that is true we Canadians can be just as visious as you folks we just don’t glorify it remember we have guns too.
          And we’ve been known to use them from time yo time.

      26. Been working on the yard getting ready for my sons b-day party. Ended up having to buy a new weed trimmer. The 9 year old Cub Cadet crapped out and the neighbor’s Troy Bilt apparently wasn’t, so I bought the Husqvarna 35cc 4 stroke for $400.00. I can use the same 50:1 pre-mix fuel I buy for the chainsaw so I won’t have to worry about ethanol.

        Potatoes finally started coming up. I think the semi-composted oak leaves I’m planting them in might be too acidic. Will test it and try to adjust it but so far they seem to enjoy it in their trash can.

        Gave the boys a flint and steel yesterday and sent them off to the back yard to play with fire. They both got them going fairly quickly but didn’t gather enough kindling to keep them going so we let one die off and I helped with the other one.

        Today I’ll teach the young one how to make an upside down fire. I like the way they burn cuz you can start the fire, then start drinking and it (the fire) will keep going for hours without tending.

        Tomatoes are loving the rain. Strawberries and blackberrie are starting to flour again (they strawberries are leftovers from last year).

        I guess I need to reduce the time I let my chickens free-range… yesterday I found two eggs next to the porch. Of course, earlier in the day there was a line to get into the hen-house so they may have got tired of waiting and went over to the porch to drop off my breakfast.

        My wife wants to move to Texas. I’m not a fan of the ‘good old boy’ network out there so I’m not willing to go that route. Need to find another friendly state with a moderate climate (northern Az??)

      27. Why are coward boot licking Americans still having children they know will be growing up in a psychopath controlled collapsing Corporatist Fascist Globalist Police State hell on earth??????…Do they desire to see their children enslaved, RFID Chipped, programmed with Common Core Globalist Fascist horror, tortured with gender identity engineered by pedophile psychopaths, dumbed down with vaccines and poisonous toxic GMO and chemical filled fake food, and burdened with trillions of dollars in debt that will lead to the final collapse of our dollar and bring the chaos the psychopaths have planned for a very long time???? Are the American bioot licking cowards really so sick, demented, and insane that because they are having to suffer in a psychopath controlled collapsing Corporatist Globalist Fascist Police State nightmare that they want to have other loved ones suffer with them in this planned collapse and totalitarian fascist Globalist takeover of our country and citizens???

        • Ron, because they are selfish and stupid and can’t see more than a few weeks into the future….

      28. I actually know one of the families who were raided. They had several notices for violations and eventual citations. They also made it known they had rifles and guns and were planning to kill if the violations were enforced. So they were taken seriously and a swat team handled the incident. This was after numerous threats to lower level code people. They also said it was a love of gardening but were outed by recordings they left on voice mails, emails, and a letter to the town paper.
        No one really cared how they wanted to live but human waste got into the ground water. There were the associated rats and one of their kids actually got sick to the point of near death. All they had to do is fix the issues. Who here wants your ground water source next to dipshits. The town originally rallied around them but soon turned when they found out the real story.
        Good news tho. The issues were fixed. The families are back where they were and no one was drinking well water with human waste.
        The families were my brother and wife along with several childhood friends. In short, they were completely left alone before the waste was known and after it was fixed. They are back to gardening, which by the way was actually bullshit because they really didn’t like it as well as they were saying. Just don’t poison other people with your poop and fix a problems that affects your neighbors and all is good. My brother is also a schizophrenic and got help during the process.


        Billy boy, your wife is right. Texas is better because we have more firepower and a larger pissed of citizenry that makes it difficult for the UN muslims to plant their BS in our state. You won’t be forced to plant GMO an there won’t be any more raids on farmers like what happened to the organic grower you read about in the previous article.. we have even had local cops stations that have literally ran the feds out of the city.. although I won’t mentioned those cops names to protect the good ole boys. Besides Gregory Abbott is the commander in Chief and the President of Texas.. we are little different down here.. muslim jihadist ain’t going to able to train from ah..t in this city..I make it my job to pay my state taxes , and I don’t like paying them, and have to, help the state leadership keep the crap in check. If you move, then move to east Texas or closer east or you can move to north, woodlands. Conroe, is futher north east, if you want to avoid getting close to gangster, dred lock areas.

        Houston these days looks like a third world country..its a literary hair whole.. Dred lock trash walking the main hwy’s with the pants falling off with the underpants hanging, the usual.. if you have money, go north, get the land, and if your a farmer, then you will be able to sell a lot of your produce locally to HEB, Kroger and local farmers markets, who has been going more organic and has sourced from organic farmers to supply shoppers with none GMO garbage.. yes folks. Kroger is now on the organic plan..along without HEB.


        And if you need guns and bullets. And the population is horrifically extremely, bad, bad, bad, out right phucking insanely horrific hell on earth

        States disadvantages:

        If your are shopping for knives, I recommend ordering in line, we have a shortage on our shelves because the citizens are planning a lot of cutting, stabbing and carving up in the very near future, so online is the best way to go..

        .in fact I feel like sorry for the 100,000’s of dead Cuban, UN, Russians, jihadist and Chi-coms who will suffer unimaginable horrors when they Attack this state..



        • EEhhhh you can keep texas, I hate floods and tornado’s and humidity and bugs and everyone I have personally met that was from Texas was an idiot. But on the other hand you only need to know 3 phrases… “Boy Howdy”…. “Ya got that right”…. “I heard that” … lol.

      30. I was at a rental property in a small town yesterday and two fifty something street people walked by on the sidewalk and were chuckling about how they had never seen a white person using a weed eater before. This on their way to a Korean operated, ebt welcoming corner store. come to think of it it’s hard to find a street person who was not earlier in life a big player. Not all of the entitled crowd is black or Mexican. Good luck in those cities if things go sideways.

        • skeptic, I have gotten to the point where I could give someone a shave with my Hitachi weed eater. A close one, no cuts, either!
          We spend 3 days a week at least trimming the acreage, keeping the jungle back.

      31. The GOP in Wyoming and Colorado should be rounded up and shot!

      32. Having been brought up in Louisiana, I am a happy Texan now. It is totally possible to live an undisturbed life here, even in a subdivision if you pick your place with a little forethought. Arlington is not a place where a commune is going to not be noticed. Cut N Shoot, on the other hand, might welcome the population increase. Heck, they could have probably located in Crawford happily, next to the Bush ranch and been unmolested. Luckenbach, Marble Falls, San Marcos… all these places have quirky little counter culture values anyway. So, I think it’s unfair to paint the whole of Texas as a police state or a good Ole boy place.

      33. If this guy set up substance living in a residential neighborhood he was trying to make a statement. The police thought, “Here is an easy grow operation bust to justify our pay checks”. The guy has that unconventional look that middle America doesn’t understand and fears. Great headlines to justify the Army Ranger weaponry. A first class kook in appearance, dress and mannerisms that we’re protecting you from. He might be “one of them” (fill in the blank regarding who, Islam, cult).

        The buttons were pushed with predictable results save no marijuana. In the end society enacted those rules.

      34. what was good is now bad and what was bad is now good

        the cultural marxists keep people divided rich vs poor , gay vs straight, white vs black, and in every way possible

        they wont enforce the immigration laws they are flooding the USA with millions of illegal aliens and foreign combatants which is having a huge impact on our finances they allow drug cartels to operate in our cities and neighborhoods they allow drug cartels and aliens to control and takeover local government in places such as california, new mexico, arizona, texas, colorado and so fourth and so on they are pushing never ending gun grabbing agendas non stop while they arm our enemies and keep the wars going constantly while using propaganda on the people in order to get them to believe we are in constant danger to keep the sheep supporting the constant wars and and the taking of our rights in the guise of safety I’ll say it again while arming our enemies and bringing them here calling them refugees and wide open borders

        law enforcement trains as if the american people are the enemy

        agenda 21 and wildlands project un strong cities takeover of private property aggressive out of control hostile UnConstitutional illegal agencies such as the epa and blm stealing private property from farmers and ranchers the producers of our food supply with military equipment and force

        in order to solve the problem you must first be able to identify the root of the problem and it isn’t the muslim terrorists or the illegal aliens its not the blacks or the whites or the gays or straights or the rich or poor….. it is the nwo marxist/fascist politicians and those who they appoint to head the out of control hostile unconstitutional agencies and departments that have been consolidating power over the people

        • Anon:
          It’s the billionaires with ties to Isreal that pay the Marxist Politicians.
          They are the ones with the power over us and over the corrupt Marxists they Select.

          Otherwise, I agree.

      35. True on that anon….

      36. Some of these violent comments above are annoying. Violence only breeds more violence.

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