Life or Death Choices: 35 Excuses That Will Doom The Non-Prepper

by | May 5, 2013 | Emergency Preparedness | 292 comments

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    The following article has been contributed by Be Informed.

    As of today it is estimated that ONLY 1% of the population actually goes to much of any effort to prepare and store up enough of what they need to survive a true calamity.  This means a huge majority of the population fails, yes fails, to have much of anything if and WHEN what they need each day to live evaporates quickly.  Most people have no clue what life will be like after the grocery stores close. They simply cannot grasp the horrors that will befall those people that have not put away for tomorrow or prepared contingencies for life threatening emergencies.

    Instead of taking some time, effort , and money to safeguard themselves and their families, they have a wide array of reasons (excuses) for why prepping is crazy and not at all necessary.

    There exist a magnitude of what are called TRUE civilization altering or world-as-we-know-it ending events that could happen. Many have already occurred throughout history, as well as within just the last decade. The fact is , it’s only a matter of time before these catastrophes happen again.

    People who choose not to prepare for their families will be faced with life and death situations that few have ever experienced before.

    Without water people will die within a few days.  Without food people will die within a few weeks.  Without everyday necessities people will die in hordes from varying ailments and diseases.  Without what they are accustomed to on a daily basis, people will suffer and most will die.  This absolutely does not have to happen to such a high percentage of the population, but sadly it will unless more people understand there is no real excuse for NOT preparing.

    The following are 35 of the most common excuses and causes cited by the 99% of the population who don’t prepare.

    1.  Oh come on, it is never going to happen, my area is safe, I am safe.

    Fact/Answer:  The overall odds increase of having a mega or even a lesser catastrophe as the population grows and cities grow in size.  Just like increasing the size of a target, it is easier and more likely to get hit.  Even if your area doesn’t get hit, your location can be cut off from getting vital supplies from areas that DID get hit.  Every single spot on the planet is a target, from natural disasters to terrorism to war to pandemics to a black swan event that no one expects.  No one is invulnerable anywhere and living this way is delusional and totally unrealistic.

    2.  I am convinced that everything is recoverable and my area will get back to normal quickly.

    Fact/Answer.  The media and government have longed ingrained into people’s minds that no matter what happens, it is repairable.  Fortunately up until now there has not been a type of event that is so severe and widespread that recovery is very long or requires massive clean-up involving millions of people and trillions of dollars.  There are potential disasters that occur on regular time frames that could easily be ranked as hundreds of times worse than anything we’ve ever seen in our lifetimes.  The New Madrid fault zone and San Andreas fault are a couple of examples. A solar induced super EMP (electro magnetic pulse) which occurred in 1812, 1857, and 1859 is another.  Fukushima is a recent example how bad things can get almost in a matter of just 24 hours.

    3.  No matter how horrible it is, help will eventually come, I just have to wait it out.

    Fact/Answer.  Help can come IF there are people and resources available.  All of the recent disasters have been fairly isolated and allow the majority of the unaffected population to come to the rescue of those in need.  What happens when an entire country is affected – or most of the world?  Assuming that your government or someone will reach your area with help and supplies no matter what is dangerous.  The government is going to spread help to areas of the highest priority FIRST.  Your area could be weeks or months away from help and you could be long dead before help and supplies arrive.

    4.  Even if something happens, there are plenty of food and supplies for everyone in my city.

    Fact/Answer.  Ever seen towns and cities cut off by winter storms?  Food in supermarkets, food warehouse stores, and restaurants, are extremely limited – perhaps one to seven days at best.  To prove this take your population where you live and divide this by the number of grocery stores in your city or town.  Now go into one of these stores and look around and consider how fast a few hundred or a few thousand people could empty that store.   You see all those trucks coming in each day carrying food and supplies for these stores. Imagine those deliveries stopping.  Food will disappear faster than anyone can imagine.

    5.  My state government, my community, my neighbors will not abandon me and let me starve.

    Fact/Answer.  It’s a pure numbers game. If food and other necessities are not there for the state to distribute, then everyone who has failed to put away for such a disaster will go hungry.  Your neighbors are likely to be in the same boat as you if 99% of the people don’t prep.  Those that did prepare are likely to not share with a bunch of people that choose not to.  Taking food from those that did store up will not be an easy task, as they will likely be well armed.  It is extremely selfish to expect your neighbor to sacrifice their family because you determined that preparing was too much effort.  Simply don’t be the 99% that don’t prepare.

    6.  I have a 3 day supply of food, the government and others tell me that this is plenty.

    Fact/Answer.  Three days go by awfully quickly, and as we saw in Hurricane Katrina help took much longer than that to arrive.  If it is possible, a bare minimum of 30 days worth of food, water, and other supplies should be considered for all families.  In the past, during “lightweight” SHTF events, help arrived 1-2 weeks after the disaster occurred  such as areas hit by a great earthquake or mega hurricane.  Severe disasters require much longer times for real help to arrive.

    7.  I have lots of credit cards, I will purchase anything I need in my city or nearby cities.

    Fact/Answer.  First of all, credit is something that ONLY works when systems connected to the outside world function properly.  People think that these little “magical”  pieces of plastic will save them in all circumstances.  This misconception is something that will flatten those who go out and try to buy food because the banks are not allowing or are simply unable to process any credit or debit cards.  Cash is necessary for buying what you need – have a fair amount in ALL denominations from 20’s down to 1’s.  Additionally, if your backup plan is to drive to another city to purchase emergency supplies you may not be able to get out of your area due to lack of fuel or closed roads.  Again, have your own supplies BEFORE it happens.

    8.  My water faucets will have water, even if it is temporarily shut off, they will not let us go thirsty.

    Fact/Answer.  Water pipes that bring water to your home require power, without power there is no water.   Those expecting water trucks to bring drinking water to their neighbor should not count on it.  Those who plan on drinking unsafe water from ponds, lakes, and other catchment basins are just asking to become very ill.  If someone doesn’t store much food, at least there should be water stored for drinking.  1/2 gallon per person per day minimum, not to forget the household pets either.  Water could be down for weeks.  Cases of bottled water are one way to store water for longer terms and can be neatly stacked in a small corner of your home.  Many stores sell safe water storage units that can be filled up with plain tap water.  A good water filter is something that all households should have for outside water should city supplies be inoperable or contaminated.  Learn how to catch rainwater and dew.  Dehydration is something that will kill scores of people because they have not taken water storage seriously. Without clean water you’re dead in 72 hours.

    9.  There is no room to store supplies that will never be used anyway.

    Fast/Answer.  Vertical storage is one way even very limited amount of space can be used to put away what someone’s needs.  There are all sorts of “dead spaces” around the home. Under the bed, closet shelves, or your garage are a couple of ideas.  Square footage of a home is 2 dimensional, as there is usually about 8 feet of space up to down between ceiling to floor.  Even people living in tiny apartments find room to store up emergency needs.

    10. I can’t rotate supplies, everything will get old and have to be thrown away.

    Fact/Answer.  Many items can be consumed way past the ‘best by dates’. Those that feel that they still can’t store up items even in cans because of some use by or best by date, can store up a lot of other items that don’t have to be rotated.  There are everyday items that can be forgotten about and will still be just as good as when you first stored it.  Sounds crazy, but there are items that will fetch a high barter value that people need and want.  Toilet paper is one key supply that can be traded for food and other items because it will never lose its demand.  Other barter items such as cigarettes and alcohol have extreme value just about everywhere.  It would be wise to always store up what you eat each day in cans, as canned foods have a very long shelf life so long as they are kept dry, cool and undamaged.

    11. I don’t have extra money to store up anything for disasters.

    Fact/Answer.  There are many coupons online, in newspapers, and in stores. Manufacturers want to attract new customers to try their product so badly that they often offer food for free or near free.  People live on coupons with very limited money sources using coupons.  Stores also offer reduced pricing on overstocked items.  Collecting these supplies will add up if one is willing to start doing so.  Never pass up an opportunity to get something for free, especially if it can be stored for later use or barter.

    12. It is too much work to bother with.

    Fact/Answer.  Even a person that is hardly an expert prepper who has stored up something will fare far better than the 99% that have not.  Simply picking up extra food and other supplies at the market each time and putting these into boxes in some isolated part of the home will add significant reserve supplies.  This is very limited effort that will reap huge results WHEN you need it.  You don’t have to work that hard to put away a decent amount of what you will need someday.

    13. I have absolutely no idea what to store or how much.

    Fact/Answer.  What do you use each day and every week?  This is what you want to store up. Buy your regular household staples in jars, bottles, or well sealed packages for longer term storage.  How much can be determined simply by asking yourself, ‘how long do I want to be self sufficient during a disaster?’  Have a time frame – a month, two months, etc.  You should be able to easily determine how much of something you will use in a certain amount of time.

    14. I don’t need any protection after a disaster, the police, national guard, military will protect us.

    Fact/Answer.  Even those that don’t like firearms should consider owning one.  The larger the distance between an attacker and your family, the less chance that someone you love will get injured or killed.  A firearm gives you this distance.  At least have something to defend your family with.  There are some real psychos out there that will certainly take advantage of the lawlessness that will come with no police or military force.  How many police does your city have per citizen?  This ratio is one golden reason to have self protection before, during, and after a disaster.  There may be no way of reaching law enforcement even if they are available after a true disaster as all cell towers and phonelines may be fried for whatever reason.

    15. The power grid will come back on, until then I have LED flashlights that last forever.

    Fact/Answer.  First of all when they say on commercials that the light will last for 100,000 hours they are referring to the bulbs. Batteries run out of energy.  You should have many extra batteries to avoid the dark with LED lights.  Many accidents happen in the dark and flashlights should not be the only source of lights.  Candles are cheap and last several hours and can be used to warm up food and a small heat source.  You don’t want to live nights without some source of light – it will get so dark sometimes that you won’t even be able to see your hand in front of your face.  Besides light, the power grid may not come back up for weeks, or ever if something catastrophic enough has happened.  Another grave consideration is what is called temperature control of your environment as excessive cold or heat kills hundreds or thousands of people in stable times every year.  You will likely lose the ability to stay cool or warm in the event of a power grid failure.  Weather insulation of your surroundings before anything occurs is a preparation that many should consider doing NOW.  A back-up electric generator with back up fuel is one option. For those who can afford it or know how to build it themselves, a solar or wind driven electric system is a viable long-term solution.  You may have to live a long time without power, as the grid is a lot more frail than people realize, so consider alternative energy supplies now.

    16. Again and again I hear these fear mongers exaggerate the threat level, another false alarm.

    Fact/Answer.  While Y2K, the Mayan calendar and many others have been wrong, there have been many times when a disaster has been a lot worse than anyone could have predicted.  Two of the most powerful tsunamis caused calamities that rank the worst of all time – one is widespread radiation release in Japan, and event that is likely killing people as you read this.  Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, Wilma, and recently Sandy were far worst than predicted.  Tornadoes have destroyed entire cities.  Deepwater Horizon caused the worst oil disaster on record.  Many wars and terrorist attacks have brought untold suffering in this century alone.  These are still lightweight disasters and are dwarfed in comparison to what has happened before and will happen again.  Preparedness is the only answer for the common person to help survive what is eventually coming.

    17. I have a good car and family in other areas, if anything happens I will just go stay with them.

    Fact/Answer.  One of the worst assumptions is that family or friends will openly accept you and yours and let you live with them.  Even if they do, you may not be able to get to them.  Your car or vehicle may be disabled for any number of reasons, or the roads may be unusable  because law enforcement will not allow ANY travel or because they have been destroyed.  Planning on how to stay safe where you are should be your foremost option. Bug out only as a last resort (unless you have a complete bug out strategy and destination already in place).

    18. I work all week long and I am going to spend my extra money on fun rather than fear.

    Fact/Answer.  Self indulgences seldom have much or any lasting benefits.  People often blow their money on something that was nothing more than fleeting fun. In the end it is often expensive and worthless.  A good plan is to do anything that will bring long time enjoyment and help you live your life with less stress.  The amount of stress you and your family will suffer after a true disaster strikes and you have nothing to feed yourself and your family will be well beyond what any job or most of life’s agonies can bring.  Entertainment can help live life better.  Not storing up for emergencies can help end your life in true anguish.

    19. Survival supplies taste bad, I can’t live on this for long at all.

    Fact/Answer.  Some supplies have high sodium contents, others are near or at goumet levels.  Practically everything that someone enjoys can be found in a can at the supermarket or other food retailer.  Just because food is stored up, doesn’t mean that it has to taste bad.  Most of what people cook for everyday meals – rice, beans, flour, oatmeal, etc. – can be stored for quite a while.

    20. If a true catastrophe occurs we are going to die anyway, besides that I don’t want to live through it anyway.

    Fact/Answer.  To each his own, but when you look at the faces of your family or your own face in the mirror, this feeling kind of changes its tone.  Even during the worst disaster there are going to be survivors, why should it not be you and your family?  Here is something very few people understand –  after a very bad catastrophe the planet and the life, vegetation and animals, have a remarkable recuperative ability.  In other words, times are likely to get better each day after a true disaster.  There are of course exceptions, but in all likelihood there will be slow to moderate improvement as time goes on.  The main objective to have enough of what you need to get through the worst parts of it.

    21. Survival and prepping for the worst is negative, as long as I stay positive, only the positive will happen.

    Fact/Answer.  One of the most positive things is to have what you need when the situation presents itself.  Too many people live like the proverbial ostrich with its head buried in the ground.  Not being realistic with worldwide situations that are way beyond your control is negative. It is denial.  Wishing that the economy will not collapse, a mega earthquake will not hit an area way overdue, that war will not develop in the Middle East and so on, will most likely not work.  Prepping and being ready for such an event(s) will work to help better safeguard you and your family and increase your chances of surviving it dramatically.

    22. Preppers/Survivalists are radical, paranoid, conspiracy driven out of touch with reality, I don’t want anything to do with them.

    Fact/Answer.  Out of touch with reality is depending on the government to come to your rescue when they simply can’t because of the magnitude of a particular disaster.  Preparing and storing up food, water, and other needs has nothing to do with associating with anyone but your immediate family and friends.  If you don’t like preppers and their way of thinking, no one is saying you have to become friends with anyone to store up what you need for later.  Letting your personal views of people that prepare influence your family’s well being for the future makes no sense.  Buying insurance in the form of what your family will need after it becomes no longer available for an undetermined period of time makes excellent common sense for everybody.

    23. I don’t know why everyone is so worried, times are better and safer now than ever in human history.

    Fact/Answer.  The old doomsday clock put out by the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists puts the clock at 5 minutes to midnight.  Since 1960 the clock has only been closer to midnight between 1981-1988 during the height of the cold war.  In 1991 it was set at 17 minutes to midnight.  Most of the time it was set 7 minutes or higher.  As competition grows with increasing population, resources grow less plentiful.  While it can be argued that the earthquakes, volcanoes and other natural disasters are all part of a regular cycle, man-made conflicts and needs are something never experienced with 7 billion people trying to get what they need out of limited resources of water, food, arable land, energy and much more.  If anything, times are becoming a lot scarier and gives even more support to the notion of preparing to what the future may hold for us.

    24. There is so much to prepping, I’ll take my chances that nothing will happen.

    Fact/Answer.  There is a lot to knowing what to do after a disaster, but it takes little no know to simply put away what you need everyday in life.  Just the simple act of putting away canned food and water and other necessities like toilet paper will put you into a better situation that most of the people you know.  Those people that even put away a month’s worth of what they need will likely survive better than at least half of the population after a mega SHTF event.  Just start putting away and continue it and someday you will probably be grateful you did.

    25. All my investments go right into what makes me money and gives me security for the future.

    Fact/Answer.  Many people cannot find a better investment for the future than to have what they need within arms reach.  Banks are closed most of the time, and online trading is only good if the internet and phone lines are up.  While having a stable portfolio is important, especially if nothing happens, not having an investment in the things you use each day to live life with ease makes no sense.  Buying stocks in precious metals is equally worthless compared to actually having the precious metals in your hands or your safe in a situation when the stock and commodities markets collapse or are inaccessible.

    26. Why bother storing up that much food and supplies, mobs will just come in and take it.

    Fact/Answer.  If you tell everyone that your house is a grocery store, then when something does happen you can expect big problems. If no one knows you have food, it is much less likely you will have any mobs come after you.  Good self defense is essential to guard your supplies as many people are cowards and just don’t have the gall to try to force themselves in while being shot at, many times people will back off just because there is a gun aiming at them.  Also something to consider is that many people will become quite weak after lack of food and water and after a few days the threat level will diminish significantly.

    27. I have a refrigerator and a cupboard full of food, 2 cases of water, a 12 pack of toilet paper, I am all set.

    Fact/Answer.  So many people are totally clueless to what they DON’T HAVE.  First of all the water of 2 cases will be used up in 3-4 days by a family of four.  If the power goes off everything in the refrigerator will have to be eaten within a couple of days.  A cupboard full of food is not a bad start, but most pantry sizes would store about a week’s worth of supplies.  Something is always better than nothing, but people need to see just how much they actually need for a certain amount of time.  Exaggerating what you actually have is very counterproductive – and poses a risk to the well being of your family should disaster strike.

    28. If something happens I will just run to the grocery store and stock up before it closes.

    Fact/Answer.  This is not a bad idea  if you see a crisis is imminent. For many preppers, heading to the grocery store at the first sign of trouble and adding goods to what they already have, such as fruit and vegetables that will perish within a short time, may help reduce psychological and physical strains of the initial impact.  Depending on this as a plan to stock up because you have nothing in your current supplies, however, is not a good idea and quite dangerous.  What will you use to purchase what you need? Do you have cash on hand to purchase these last minute supplies or are you planning on using your possible inactive credit or debit card?  Even with a wad of cash, the stores might not be open.  Your best course of action is stock up before anything happens, you cannot depend on any store to provide what you need after a disaster.

    29. If we become sick after a disaster we have good medical treatment centers that will care for us.

    Fact/Answer.  Medical response could be overwhelmed and could takes days or weeks to come back online.  It is likely that the number one killer after a calamity will be disease.  Extreme preventative care of yourself and your family is all too essential.  Germ control and ‘hand awareness’ of germs is top priority here.  Storage of anti-bacterial soaps, bleach, and other disinfectants are something no home should be without.  Investment in a really well stocked first aid kit is an excellent survival item for everyone.

    30. Nothing is as bad as it ever seems, stop overblowing everything as doomsday.

    Fact/Answer.  Tell that one to Hurricane Katrina and Sandy survivors that were told it would not be that bad by the mass media.  Tell people in Haiti or people devastated by the two killer mega tsunamis about it not being all that bad.  Ask people who went through World War 2, the Korean or Vietnam war, or in Syria or Iraq how much less worse it was.  Preparing for the worst means that you can much better handle those worst-case scenarios that have occurred regularly throughout history.

    31. If disaster strikes everybody will band together and save the day.

    Fact/Answer.  Nice sentiment, but throughout history this idealism has proven to be less than reality.  Take away the hope of recovery with a bad enough situation and people revert back to the survival of the fittest.  Depending on the good will of human nature can and does lead to vast disappointment and individual disaster.  Depending on your own self and what you can put away is a lot more stable and reliable.

    32. People have become way too civilized to wage a world war and take what you have and act like savages.

    Fact/Answer.  There are too many examples to disprove this of people’s nature.  Given the severity of the circumstances, people are capable of anything as long as most of them can JUSTIFY their actions in their minds.  Trust in yourself and then others.  Trusting in society’s self righteousness to not act like criminals is a true stretch.  Good self defense and a cautious nature will take you far.

    33. There are food banks and emergency preparedness places nearby to me, they will take care of us.

    Fact/Answer.  It is all about volume, these places are meant to feed people on a SHORT TERM basis to keep people from starving to death immediately.  You will likely have to exist on a snack size package of crackers and maybe an energy bar per day.  You might get a couple of bottles of water if you are lucky.  Depending on these places for handouts is a losing proposition with any disaster that is even moderately tragic.  You could store up way more from a couple of weeks worth of extra items bought at the store than what these places are likely capable of feeding you with.

    34. FEMA , the Red Cross, and other government agencies are huge and have the whole country backing them.

    Fact/Answer.  Even if these organizations and government agencies can get to you, their supplies and what they can give out is severely limited, much like local and state run emergency preparedness centers.  Think about just how many people one million is and how much daily food that means.  Try to think of tens of millions of people needing all sorts of food, clean water and other supplies.  The logistics of distribution on this scale is a nightmare for any planner.  Even if there was enough food, imagine standing in 4-10 hour lines to get some crumbs and a drink of water.  Now imagine going into a room of your house and simply getting what you need.  Kind of makes the idea of prepping sound a lot better doesn’t it?

    35. I can always wait until tomorrow to start prepping, there is always time.

    Fact/Answer.  No there isn’t always time. Eventually that tomorrow does come.  When world or national events have deteriorated enough to scare many more people into prepping it is probably too late.  The best time to start preparing was yesterday, the next best time is right now.  Everyday that goes by without putting away what you need is going to make it that much more difficult to store up enough of what you need for survival.  Time runs out quickly, start preparing today and find out how rewarding it is when you have what you need right there in your own home.

    It is not an overblown statement that says 99% of the population could perish during the next mega calamity based on the sole reason that they did not prepare.  Without food, water, means of keeping yourself clean and disease free, and the many other necessities that people have become way too dependent on to survive everyday life, people cannot live and won’t.  Those rare 1% that choose to prepare and sacrifice those everyday pleasures and expensive distractions will have what they need as flocks of those unprepared will die in massive numbers because society can no longer support them.  Those 99%, though, have the conscious choice of not becoming a statistic and truly doing something about it with a lot less than they realize. All it takes is some time, effort and dedication to spending any available extra money and resources on living “life insurance” such as food, water, and everyday needs.

    When a true mega-scale cataclysm strikes, your choices today will determine your probability of  death or survival.

    Which choice will you make?


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      1. Get ready, SHTF is happenening as we speak….

        • Bravo BI, long awaited.

          • Thanks BI, nice piece.

            • I guess it was worth a try, but who of those with their ‘heads still in the sand’ will listen. It will have to hit them square between the eyes before they’ll realize the situation we’re in, and then it’ll be too late. The best case scenario is: Stocks will tank like 2008 except much worse much lower. Interest rates will rise, some banks will tank, depositors will get worthless bank stock for their cash accounts. The economy which is already in a tail spin will bottom out without any transfer payments, the gov’t will seize any remaining assets they can get their hands on (big fat bail-ins from bank accts a la the EU) to pay their bills and to make transfer payments so the cities’ animal 5hi7Heads don’t riot. Eventually they will riot anyway. With a frozen credit market and no money flowing all of the dip 5HI7 real estate investors/builders will start going belly up. 70-90% will default on mortgages all of the 4orkin criminal worthless financial paper will blow up. Que up another round of bank failures, higher interest rates. Etc. etc. The collapse. Really good chance that will all happen within the next five years. And if it happens only partially, we’re still up 5HIT CREEK for a decade, with high food and fuel prices, starving masses, sky high crime rates, very few jobs, 80% of population in large and small cities, virtually no one on small farms, basically Great Depression times x 10.

              • Oh so right, Dan.

                Your summation of things to come, are most likely, right on the money. There will be losses in the markets that will make the Great Deression look like just a blip on the big financial radar. Peoples entire livlihoods will turn upside down, virtually overnight. The “boomers” that are retiring at a rate of 10,000, yea, i repeat, 10,000 daily; are gonna be stuck with reduced SS retirement funds, or none at all. The 401K’s and Pensions will be robbed from them. Mass suicides and homicides will rule the day. Sad times are coming for those not prepared and living by “greed”, and “stupidity”.

                I now go to the local Gun Shop (largest in a fifty mile radius) and Indoor Shooting Range, and see a “new” world, other than what i was seeing just one year ago.

                Most of the hardcore 2nd Amendment supporters are now carrying, openly, all the time. Some of the guys working as sales/support employees are also packing heat as they work. As customers come and go, you see holsters on their sides where cell phones where before.

                A walk back to the 22 cal. ammo shelves, and you see just a handful of different brands and a few 50 round boxes where there used to be hundreds and also hundreds of bricks of each brand. The lowest price i saw on a box of cheap Blazer brand 22 was $5.99. Last year the same box could be bought for $2.69. The hotter 22 ammo by Remington is now 8.99 for a box of 50. 44 Magnum rounds are now about $1.00 each, and are twice what they were just a short time ago.

                The times have changed and the warning was given beforehand. I said here on SHTF over a year ago, that ammo, reloading supplies and handguns, (especially unregistered ones) could /would possibly, be a better investment than silver/gold at the time. Boy was i right, but I wish i hadn’t been.

                If a person had purchased 10,000 rounds of cheap 22 cal. ammo at five cents each, he could now sell that same ammo for twenty cents each. That’s a seventy-five % profit/return from the original cost/investment.

                The only way to have made that much profit from a silver/gold investment, would be; to have bought at pre- 1999 levels.

                Just sayin’. We are in for a future of everything in need, being “over-inflated” due to demand and frenzy buying. One catastrophe, and food and ammo will only be obtainable at prices that are out of reach by the majority. Now, it is just a matter of money management and priorities, but soon it could be a matter of life and death.

                • Oh and by the way, great article there Be Informed!

                  • Super article Be Informed. You have consistently been one of the best sources on this site for important and timely information.

                    God bless you, sir.

                • Yesterday, parked outside a grocery store, I was observing how packed the parking lot was. People fighting for parking spots, leaving the shopping carts all over the place, car loads of people and realizing it is the first weekend of the month. Wife told me there were long lines and people with short fuses everywhere. NOW: imagine there is a disaster that just hit. Supplies running out, its the first of the month. A older (than me) gentleman walked by and as if he read my mind said “crazy now, wait till all hell breaks loose”. Told him I’m prepped too. He walk away giving me a thumbs up.

                  Everything BI has provided is right on, I’ve heard the same lingo for years. Good job BI.

                  • DRD: I’ve seen people panic just before a hurricane is going to hit the gulf. Items are stripped from the shelves and it takes time to re stock items. Most people only have a week or less of food anyway. Some won’t store more than a month’s worth of food, etc. because there have been false alarms in the past (y2k, etc) and much was thrown out later and money wasted on large purchases resold at a loss later..

                  • laura, I always think of that black Friday, where the Walmart employee was trampled to death after unlocking the door. It was for some item of want not a need. It will be worse when people are in need.

              • The worst case scenario is a complete economic collapse caused by a dollar collapse. People will mob stores to steal food and they will close. The US won’t be able to buy oil from OPEC using dollars. The nationwide power grid will go down because people won’t be able to pay their $10,000 electric bills. Goods will no longer be transported across the country. All government services will stop. No police. No fire protection. No public water utility. Almost all commerce will stop. At least 90% of the US population die.

            • Turnover rates prove there is actually 25 days worth of food in the average grocery store. If not properly managed it will leave quicker, but that is the true amount.

              My faucets don’t stop working when the power goes out because I am below the water tower. This leaves plenty of time to fill every available container with hundreds of gallons of water.

              Toilet paper goes bad. The packaging it comes in is not air tight and it starts to decompose fairly soon. The older it gets, the more must be bunched together to make the same wipe.

              A back-up generator and fuel is a waste of money. Not only does the generator cost hundreds of dollars, but 5 gallon fuel cans are running $15 each and the fuel for each one is another $18. After you figure out how to stay warm without running the generator 24/7, spend $150 on a good inverter which will keep your fridge cold and recharge your flashlight batteries for a month with the gasoline in the tank of your car.

              FEMA does have plenty of supplies. Whether or not they share them is subject to opinion.

              • Turnover rates in grocery stores are closer to 3 days.

                When power fails the water be drained quickly from water towers that essentially only store water pressure and not water.

                Yes, generators are a waste of fuel and money.

                Even if toilet paper doesn’t last for years you can still rotate it like anything else. We have 400 rolls.

                What FEMA has or doesn’t have is irrelevant.

              • Not quite so. 1. I have TP that’s now 40 years old, Cheap stuff that was for my dorm room. (One summer they painted the store rooms and threw out the paper, I snagged a pillow case full) It was stored for 35 years in my parents attic, very hot, still works fine. 2. The 25 days is BS, I stocked shelves. Bread is 4 days at most. Don’t believe it, go to the store after a 3 day weekend, bead is mostly gone. All the meat, milk, eggs will be low. They normally get deliveries every night. Watch the shopping carts go out of the store. No way they will have very much after a week, Yes they do have a supply of junk but the FOOD is gone shortly. Go to a store that’s closing after a week, you may find a can of Lima beans.

              • Barn cats right. I have 40 odd yer old TP that’s fine I also stocked shelves long ago, Bread, milk, eggs, fresh meat. very low after 3 day weekend. Average store would be almost empty after 2 paydays, Don’t believe me, go into most stores after midnight and watch pallet after pallet get unloaded from trucks and be piled in the open spots for restocking. Worse yet, the restaurants will close the second day and all the people that eat out have NO food. Yes there is another two weeks food in storage, well outside of every major city. That will never be delivered,

              • Your an idiot !

                • *you’re*

                  But that is correct, Government Guy is an idiot. Maybe a useful one!

              • These are totally valid points. 38 people have rocks for brains. More recommended reading; The Art of War by Tsun Tzu. This will teach you how to win a war without firing a shot. Having all the weapons and ammo is one thing, but knowing military tactics is another.

                • Tactics is important, and those of us with a lot of military experience (21yrs in my case) do have an advantage. However, if you don’t have an adequate supply of guns and ammo, tactics won’t be a lot of help.

                  To me, armament, food & water are the three absolute essentials. Fix those, and then concentrate on the rest (regular meds, antibiotics, painkillers, 1st aid supplies, toilet paper, etc).

                  The “basic list” is actually rather staggering, but most people have most of them — you just have to slowly build up the numbers and know what to “go big” on for trade goods & long term survival (Bic lighters, fuel for stoves/fireplace).

                  For armament, consider a hi-velocity .22-cal airgun, for small game and even short-range defense, thus saving the regular ammo for essentials. 10,000 rounds of airgun pellets costs almost nothing & the noise doesn’t attract undue attention.

                  And don’t forget books & supplies to butcher & prepare deer & other game.

          • Excellent BI….One of the best articles on reasons to be prepared I have ever seen.

            I commend you sir!

            • Talking/warning time is way past. Those of us who get it got it, and those that don’t never will. Katrina and Sandy are proof that the govt. is incapable of handling even a moderate size disaster. If one were happen over a much larger scale like a New Madrid quake, there would a be total breakdown. I lived through Hurricane Andrew in Miami. Those of us who were former military, or avid outdoors folks, were mildy inconvenienced because we were prepared to deal with hardships like no electricity and no safe drinking water. We didn’t have to get in any lines for handouts like most folks. And the amazing thing is that every hurricane warning after Andrew I still saw hundreds, if not thousands, of folks lined up at the gas stations, grocery stores, and Home Depot panicing for supplies. You just can’t fix stupid and that’s what most folks are-stupid.

              • Gregory8, many of these people believe in the commercial that for everything else ‘there is Master Card’. As BI covered the CC scenario, the CC users are stupid.

              • The husband and I lived for two weeks in Florida without electricity, AC, or running water due to hurricane damage. Honestly, we barely noticed the inconvenience. For us, it felt a bit like an extended camping trip.

                We did get a bag of ice from some nice National Guardsmen (a luxury, not a necessity,) but we took a pass on the MREs they were handing out. We had plenty of camping food, and we didn’t want to stand in the REALLY long lines…besides, we’d rather the food go to someone who really needed it. We took “showers” in the rain outside, read by flashlight, and stayed calm and relaxed while everyone else flipped out. And this was all BEFORE I got into prepping.

                I don’t understand why most people don’t care enough to prepare at least a little bit for the unexpected. It’s both good common sense and a civic duty in that it reduces the strain on community resources during a disaster.


        • If you see what is going on, WHY are you not setting youself up for what is happening? Are you in denial? Why do you at least have food in storage, water, defense, and a way to protect yourself? I see soo many people who trust in the gov. to help, look at Katrina, did they help? When are we gonna help ourselves? Come on people, think of what is really going on, think for yourselves…..

          • Surprising how many fools think those MREs DHS bought are for us.

          • Me,
            The gov did help… they helped themselves… to our guns…
            DeNial is a river in Egypt.

            • Amen, brother…

        • Well done BI, well done. Item #13 is such an easy fix, Daisy got me thinking about this a month or two ago when she showed me her prep challenge. What I did was starting on Monday morning through the following Sunday was to make a list of everything my wife and I consumed. Large list it was to. You don’t realize just how much is needed to subsist. Toiletries for example, seldom thought of till you run out.

          Your final line in #35 sums it all up “life insurance” such as food, water, and everyday needs”.

          That is what it is, life insurance. Again, great job, thank you.


          • This was an excellent article, BI, thank you.

            Unfortunately, those who need to read it most likely don’t visit this site with any regularity, if at all.

            May I suggest an addition to the row of links (FB Twitter, email) at the bottom of each article?

            Perhaps a “print article” link would help for those of us who have family or friends who may be more inclined to read this in printed form, should we mail or drop it off at their home.

          • Re: toiletries”. Good point. A friend who visited Cuba on a humanitarian mission came back & told us that everywhere he went, locals asked if he had any extra soap. A commodity in short supply, evidently.

          • “Toiletries for example, seldom thought of till you run out”

            Excellent point, and an easy “gap” to fix, often at the local dollar store. I picked up dozens of tubes of dollar toothpaste, cheap disp. razors (needed for first aid, too!), bottles of alcohol.

            Feminine hygiene products, if you’ll need them, have an unlimited shelf life (like most toiletries), and are great trade goods, too, like toilet paper.

            One item often forgotten — BOOKS! Sitting around with no TV, cable or electricity is going to get pretty boring, and you’ll need diversion. You should be stocking books you’ll actually read, plus a bunch of them to help you in SHTF (field medicine, 1st aid, dressing & cooking deer & small game, trapping, field sanitation, etc). Can’t be Googling it up when SHTF.

            Look into antibiotics for livestock & tropical fish sources — better than nothing, tho it may take some math to figure dosages.

            Buy an OTC horse product called Corona Ointment (get the big tubs, about $10) — it’s antibiotic, disinfectant, antifungal, antiprotozoan. Massively GREAT for any kind of wound or irritation. That, plus the usual Triple Antibiotic ointment, is both cheap & can save lives.

            Store regular Clorox & write down the instructions for water treatment, disinfecting, etc. 15-20% Clorox (called Dakin’s Solution in hospitals) is a great disinfectant for wounds & surfaces.

            Clorox turns to crud in 6 mos. to two years, so look into the pool chemical HTH (Calcium Hypochlorite) for long-term “replacement” for Clorox (it’s much cheaper & has unlimited shelf life as a powder).

            • Careful with the dollar store alcohol. It is only 50% solution. You can get peroxide here very cheap and it will do the same thing. I think it was 9.00 a gl.

        • great read BI
          I had to stop once when my AAD kicked in but well worth taking the time to read

          • sorry when my A.D.D. kicked in

        • 36. I am too lazy. These are all lame excuses I tell myself to rationalize my laziness.

          I actually hear quite a few people admit our world could turn really shitty. If I ask “What are your plans?”, I get the deer in the headlights look. No matter how many times I hear it, I can’t get over the 3 days of food idea. People are OK with the idea of going hungry if a paycheck don’t come?

          • The three days of food, “trap’ they have fallen into has been set by the media and by some asshole sitting in a gov office getting paid 100% more than what he/she is worth.

            You feed the sheeple BS long enough and they fall for it and eat it up like candy. Until SHTF and they get sick and puke it up, do they then realize that what they had eaten was only crap. Suckers!

            The sheeple following the “three day supply” of food and water rule, are saying, in a nut shell; “I depend upon my gov/fed/state/local to bail me out after three days”.

            I say keep believing that lie dumbasses, and someone else will be caring for your own children for you.

          • 37. If things turn really nasty, I’ll just visit YOU (the Prepper) and you’ll take care of me.

            My response: OK, let me get this straight. You’re too lazy, stupid, and clueless to take some extremely simple obvious steps which you can well afford; and you expect me to dig into my supplies which I purchased for my family’s use, which are not easy to replace in a SHTF situation (maybe impossible to replace) so that your intentionally unprepared family can take the food out of my family’s mouth. I have gone out on a limb to inform you of potential problems, and will even help you before the problems happen, and you are telling me you are making the decision to avoid taking any precautions whatsoever.

            I have only one request to make. After you and your family die a horrible, painful, easily preventable death, make sure I’m invited to the funeral so I can tell the bereaved that your fate is a direct result of idiotic choices you have made, despite my repeated attempts to slap some sense into you.

            I think the Darwin Awards need a new category: Those who perish from failing to prepare despite dire warnings from their prepper friends.

            • Anyone believing I’ll take care of them is going to get a real surprise when they arrive. They’ll probably see only the end of my 12-gauge and an unfriendly Doberman.

              I might take someone bringing serious skills and/or weapons, ammo or supplies, but only to make defense more practical.

              Others who push the issue are likely to become dog food, since that’s my only practical long-term solution for feeding my pack of dogs. Dog food takes up lots of space and doesn’t store well.

        • Not really, not yet. But I am more focused on natural catastrophic events, e.g., a major (8-10+) earthquake centered on either the San Juan de Fuca Plate or the Northridge Plate, either of which are likely and way overdue, as are major eruptions of Mt. Hood, Mt. Fuji, etc. These will inevitably generate tsunamis, which are likely to take out most of the nuke power plants on our West coast. The Ring of Fire has gone into overdrive lately, and very few are prepared.

          If any of these events occurs, there likely will be a severe cascading effect throughout the Western coast area, to include inundations, loss of food and possibility of food production, loss of electricity, water, transportation, and medical assistance, and just about everything else that defines normal modern society. Then there’s the nuke contamination. It will make Fukushima look like a kindergarden class.

          I have children who live out there, and while I have spoken to them about the common garden version of this, which they know full well, having attended college there,
          any time I attempt to broach the speech regarding serious prepping for a serious environmental event, I inevitably get the same look, i.e.–Parent’s a kook.

          But I have a college friend who nearly died in the Mission district of San Francisco during the last (1994)Northridge earthquake; her husband was driving to a stadium game that day, and was several cars behind the highway collapse. They were lucky, and that one wasn’t as severe as what has been predicted for the next one.

        • The controlled SHTF is happening, it’s a soft landing SHTF, the billionaires want to hang on to their money (and yours), so no ‘hard fall’. They want everyone to lose their home through massive foreclosures. When they get your home (because there are no jobs and you cannot make payments) the Marxists in government will ‘come to the rescue’.

          The Reds in government will transfer all the homes and assets to themselves and rescue you from the ‘bad billionaires’ and ‘bad corporations’. They do not want to take over complete power without the people clamoring for them.

          We’ve seen this before: “Atlas Shrugged” by Ayn Rand. Play off greedy Robber Barons against each other, destroy the ‘system’, then take over. After it’s all said and done the masses will welcome a NWO. All that will be left will be mopping up all the Gray Men (Patriots and Prepper People) hunkering in their bunkers.

      2. Wow

        Be Informed

        You have nailed it my friend.

        There is nothing to add..

        God’s speed to us all..



        • Be informed

          Facts is Facts! 5 Gold Stars for you, Good Buddy

      3. If you are not prepped, you are just inepting….

        • Ha! Good one.

          Are you prepping?

          ..or are you inepting?


          • cocked; locked; and ready to rock

          • never ineping, just trying to get everyone on the same page, but denial is an page in history that is forever changing….

      4. nice work BI….I think Ive heard every one of those excuses and then some

        • My dog ate my preps!

          • Bwaaaaaah perfect, I can just about hear it now some zombie will say that and someone in this site will hear it, lol dog at my preps

        • At one time or another we’ve all heard most of these excuses …thanks BI!! Good job…

          • btw…worth the wait.

      5. Amazing how many people are content to depend on someone else to maintain fairly complex systems ( food, water, medical, protection, etc )that literally keep them alive, and yet never give any thought as to what would happen if those same folks couldn’t, or wouldn’t, show up for work.

        “Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.” – Albert Einstein

        • I agree, the universe has a lot of unknowns,

        • How is the PV power?

          • May I congratulate you, Ted Kennedy, on setting a new personal record for sobriety of 3 years, 8 months and 10 days?

            • wasn’t Teddy Pickled

              skittle shittin unicorn

        • I’m sure all have heard “well I’ll just come to your house”.

          Don’t know about you, but for me that statement is followed with a loud silence from me while I double check the color of my shoelaces.


          See you on the other side

          • Proper reply to that is: “Good I’m short of Jerky”.

            • My favorite response is to laugh and say “Yeah…so we can all starve together”. OPSEC.

            • OR

              (mutter under breath)
              That’s why I keep the dogs a little hungry.

              • that’s why I have guns.

        • I think about that a lot — “if people show up for work”

          scenario laid out in ‘One Second After’ by William Forstchen and in ‘the Walking Dead’ (that i watch for education purposes, of course, NOT the drama – lol )

          Are nursing home workers/doctors/nurses/firemen/paramedics going to show up for “work” when their own home is in need of protection? isn’t their first and foremost directive to take care of their own FIRST ?

          this is why it’s imperative, if you live in a small town, you get to know your neighbors and find out who is like minded and what their skills are. Although at this point, i am extremely wary about giving out info on what my prep storage has contained.

      6. Excellent write up! I’m gonna print this out, plain text (with references, of course) and hand it to a couple people. I have several close friends that hear me preach this stuff all the time and they don’t say I’m wrong but they also don’t do anything. Maybe this will get them going because several have expressed these very same excuses!

        • your intent is the same as mine…With BI’s permission of course… BI?

      7. I hope that everyone here are ready, since it is in effect, most of the population is in denial.
        I have been on the sidelines lately, but as you see, many things are happening, read the headlines, it does not not take much to see what is happening, I hope best for most, but from what I see most have no idea to what is for real and what they read. Trust in GOD and try to help others,it has it benefits, even though we might not see the results…


          • Luv u man, we will be on top, wish others would see what is “REALLY” going on….

      8. Sorry to be this way but I’ve gotten to the point I could care less if anybody else gets ready. The ammo shortage, the PM shortage, the dried food shortage a few years ago; I’m tired of a bunch of people who are to stupid to “get it” getting in the way. This whole problem is caused by people who need someone to take care of them. I am not my brothers keeper, if he’s going to act like an ass.

        • AMEN BROTHER

        • I dunno. The more prepared my neighbors are, the less ammunition I’ll need.

          Nobody’s going to be busting down my door if they have a year’s worth of food and water stacked up.

          • Selkirk

            Do not underestimate how much your neighbors will WASTE. They have no experience in conservation, preservation and multiple use of supplies. The attitude will always be that if they run out they will come for your supplies.

            • Here’s another kind of waste, that I have to deal with regularly—a single, sheeple welfare mom of 3, including 5 cats (1 pregnant now) and 1 big dog, all in a small 1 bdrm apt. She asked me once to borrow a little cat food, and I made the mistake of letting her have some…SHE FILLED UP A 64 OZ PITCHER! I learned my lesson right then, about how people WILL take advantage of others if they can…even in not-so-bad times.

              That idiot can’t take care of her own right NOW! She has no human food stored either, $500 a month in SNAP and she has N-O-T-H-I-N-G stored! Nothing. I don’t have the money to store preps for that whole mess, even if I wanted to, and it will be one of the hardest thing I’ll ever do, to close my door and let nature take it’s course.

              I’m so glad she doesn’t know about my other, very hidden preps. The only reason she knows about my cat food, is she drove me to the store when I bought it…I’ll never let THAT happen again. What SEEMED LIKE a kind gesture at the time, (a ride to the store) costs me later.

              Lesson learned.

              • Kitty food today……..the rest of it tomorrow. Those kind of people only know, NO.

              • hey sixpack,

                may I suggest you prep with her kids in mind…
                let her have the cats and dog…

              • Look at it as a investment, can you say “cat tacos”.

                • d…b: Sounds Meowlicious!!! Hope I don’t get any furballs.

                  • d…b and Greg, thanks for the wit and humor.

              • sixpack:

                Man what a story. I feel. Maybe you should change your screen name to singlecan. YOU TAKE CARE BRO.

                • What I have no understanding of is really quitE simple.
                  Why is it negative to be thinking of the welfare of the children even if the mother isn’t???

                  I don’t get it…could someone explain…

              • Our unconscious aptitude toward good will, compassion and being helpful will most likely be the downfall of many of us,
                Hard decisions, but when it comes down to them or us all there will need to be a line drawn,, thus the ability to harden your home and your heart to some degree,,

                • Kulafarmer.

                  They are “takers” and do not have to deal with compassion. When they can not get their way they make us out to be monsters while in themselves are selfish and self centered.
                  The only way to beat this is to have as many options available to us. Well thought out options. Options that have intersecting capabilities and multiple event usage.
                  Remember when Apollo 13 had an O2 tank explode and they were in danger of high CO2 levels. The Lunar Module had different CO2 scrubbers than the Command Module. They went clear around the moon and back and kept from freezing to death. All the had was some Duct Tape to save them as a seal for the different size filters.
                  We have all this stuff to help us and they only had Duct tape. Puts it in perspective, does it not?

                  • Ah, prepping like the old days…
                    What if nobody thought to pack the duct tape on the way to the moon…

                  • Got some 12″ wide duct tape for the BIG jobs

              • sixpack: $500 in SNAP? Jeez! Easily, one
                person with 3kiddos would have $150 extra
                per month to store extra.
                Or at least buy the ingredients to make
                pet food(tuna, hamburger,rice)- Sarc

              • you could have grew a pair and told her not to take 64 ounces of your CAT food, oh….but wait, you have a cat.
                sorry lady

                • Yes, I could have stopped her stcroix, however, it was at that very moment that I learned a very valuable lesson about one of my neighbors: that she WILL take advantage of me if she can—a lesson that might have cost me more than I could afford to lose, at a later date.

                  I feel like I got off easy this time.

                  In her shoes, I’d have brought SOMETHING with me to offer for a trade…and I’d never have asked for more than I absolutely had to have. That is just disrespectful and rude.

                  The best thing is, NOW I KNOW WHAT SHE WILL DO, and I’ll know how to plan for that contingent when TSHTF and it REALLY counts.


            • Half of what is in grocery stores will be destroyed during the panicked rush that will preceed any large immenent event. If there is no warning, it will be destroyed immediately following the event. If it is a slower acting crisis, stores simply will not be restocked. Americans, unlike much of the world, are not used to shortages and will be completely dumbfounded. This feeling will quickly turn to rage.

            • Oh, I’ve met them. That’s why I have the ammo in the first place, man.

              Still, every can of Beanie Weenies they’ve got buys me another four hours before they come calling.

          • “The more prepared my neighbors are, the less ammunition I’ll need”

            Absolutely — and as the Bosnian survivor pointed out, one or two people in a house isn’t a very functional defense system. There are four sides to watch, 24/7. My dogs are a good alert system (though hard to feed long-term), but a determined assault on several sides could be disastrous, even though I killed quite a few in the process.

            Having like-minded people banding together and sharing duties (and supplies) is definitely the way to go.

            Unfortunately, I have no neighbors worth a damn & will probably wind up using them as dog food when they try to storm the place.

        • Paranoid, Don’t know if your interested or how many people read these comments that might be from Wyoming, but just picked up a flyer at church this morning, which read. WYOMING FREEDOM CONFERENCE. WFC 2013 Spring Event. Place- Fremont County Fairgrounds, Riverton Wy.- Sat. May 11th – 10AM to 4PM – Speakers include TEN of the WY Patriotic Group Leaders. ” Meet many group members from WY, Defending Liberty” For information Contact Jen McCarty (307)332-9102 or [email protected] Other than what’s on this flyer, I have no idea what to expect,just passing this info along, but I’ll probably be there. Trekker Out. Free Men Own Guns Slaves Don’t!

          • Thanks, but I’m in Ca for another week so no chance

          • Thanks for the info. I live in northern Wyoming — about 125 miles from Riverton — a relative short distance by Wyoming standards. I will try to attend.

            I see that two of the speakers are constitutionists, Taylor Haynew who tried to run for Governor on the Constitution Party ticket, and Cindy Hill, the Superintendant of Education, who was disliked by Governor Mead and some of the legislators. She was duly elected to an office that the Wyoming Constitution specified MUST be filled by someone elected by the people. But the legistature and the governor got rid of her by passing a law giving her duties — and her staff — to a “Director of Education” appointed by the Governor. There is a lawsuit asking the Supreme Court to declare this act unconstitutional and there is a petition to repeal the law.

            If you live in Wyoming and haven’t signed the petition to repeal SF 104, please do so ASAP.


            • Sorry that should be Taylor Haynes

        • Paranoid, I totally agree with you. If 98% of the people I come in contact with have normalcy bias,it is no longer my responsibility. I tried. However, like the above article says -excuses won’t get them through the tough times.

          Desert Rat

      9. BI – Excellent summary of excuses with appropriate answers. Heard most of the excuses in the past few years.

        I no longer mention the need to prepare for “anything”. Not to relatives or friends, simply no one. Most remain mesmerized by TV, sports, and and their instant msgs. “No problem” I say, but just forget about visiting me when the electricity goes off.

      10. The Green crackers must come from somewhere……. Guess Who?

        • Lmao

      11. Like an alcoholic, I need to get this off my chest. I took my 2 boys to see Iron Man 3 today. I became a sheeple for a couple of hours. We rarely go to the movies. This one did not disappoint. Now back to reality. I feel better now.
        On a side note, as we were heading in to the movie, the ticket guy was checking stubs, across from him was a uniformed cop with a flashlight checking womens’ bags “for anything not allowed in the movie”. I wondered what the cop would have done if a lady would have refused and simply left the theater. Would they have pursued or harrassed? Our police state is definitely ramping up.

        • I have just about totally stopped going to movie theaters to see movies anymore, and it sounds like that is a wise move to make.

          More details, please? Were these jackbooted thugs just singling out women who carried purses, or where they also frisking guys?

          If this kind of totalitarian B.S. keeps going in the direction it is heading, pretty soon, they’ll be demanding to do body cavity inspections.

          • I only witnessed women having their bags searched. I assume that a man with any sort of pack would have been searched as well. I don’t like it, but I guess if the theater owner is good with it I understand. My prob is I would like to know what the cops would do if you refused politely and just attempted to leave politely. Would the cops have the restraint of themselves to let a person simply refuse? I actually would really like to know the answer on this. I don’t think that in the US of 5 years ago they have the authority to search without warrant unless you volunteer. The new constitution (the Obamatution) prob would allow for a search and indefinite detention. I prob could have gotten a first hand look at Guantanamo.

        • @gonetoolong….

          Some day when you have nothing better to do, go to the theater by yourself. Wear a fanny pack or carry a backpack with you, and when they ask to check your bags….refuse and leave.

          Then you’ll see what kind of response you get.

        • Gonetoolong:

          “for anything not allowed in the movie”

          Mostly for items they sell at the snack bar. $3.00 candy bars, etc.

        • People should just go into the movie and refuse to comply. Tell the cop that if he bothers them they’ll sue him personally if he touches them.

        • Interesting video. All Caps, Hmmmmm?

      12. If you have not seen, the middle east is a sort of quandiry, I hope they can work it out, but I do not see that happening, may the best will happen for you, but who knows what will really happen, read Revelations, may give insite

        • They won’t be able to work anything out in the ME, as long as FOREIGN interests are involved in their affairs. It IS that simple.

          • The middle east has had a round robin deathmatch blood feud since the religious schism in the bronze age. Something about the proper way to adjust the underwear on their heads .

      13. I had a conversation with my brother after a long time of him not talking to me. He wanted the blue pill for about a year, but knows there’s no going back on what he knows.

        Anyway, I explained to him how we are living in a massive depression right now and why you can’t see the soup lines. He got the part about the EBT cards keeping things hidden. So, as I was discussing what to look for and at some point the free shit will run out, I tried to emphasize that the human race has survived many disasters before, but this time it’s global.

        He thought for a minute and said, “yeah, but these people today are nothing like the people of the Great Depression.”, and there it was. He finally got it. The people of the 1930s and 1940s were much less dependent upon technology and the government. This time around, the American Sheeple will get slaughtered. I’m just glad he finally sees it.

        However, I do also know there are tribal communities in Central and South America, Africa and parts of Asia, that will pretty much go completely unaffected by what’s coming. These are the people that grow their own crops, raise their own livestock, have little or no electricity and do everything for themselves. If the event is not something Earth shattering, such as an asteroid or GTNW, I doubt they’ll miss a beat. However, if the economy does tank and chaos ensues, better hope all these shit nuke reactors are maintained. Otherwise, the entire planet will be one giant Fuck-you-shima.

        If anything, we’re living in one of the most dangerous times, if not the MOST dangerous time for our species. All the more reason to have your shit together in case you survive. How ironic would it be to live through an extinction level event only to die from your failure to prepare.

        • Lots of Africa is dependant on aid from the developed world. If we can no longer give this aid, lots will perish.

          • Sure, but Africa is a huge continent. I’m talking about the bush people.

            • You don’t think the all of the people running out of the cities looking for bush meat is going to mess up the Khoisan’s game?

              They’ll be affected.

              • Have you ever been there? I have and there are places few dare venture. LoL, anyone running from the city into the bush will be dead in less than a week.

                • Nope. I’m relying on ethnographies. If you’ve been to the Kalahari, good on ya.

                  Everyone in the city doesn’t have to know how to survive out there. A few dozen capable hunters, absent the legal and practical constraints currently in placem, can frig up a hunter-gatherer territory pretty fast.

                  All I’m saying is they’ll be affected.

                • few hand guns and long rifles versus bush people…guns win.

          • “Lots of Africa is dependant on aid from the developed world”

            Once we stop shipping in food, cash and seed for their next crops, a good part of the continent will look like Biafra back in the bad old days.

            Of course, so will we.

            It’s Darwin at work.

        • This is a world-wide event. The tribal people of the world will also be affected because governments will take their food as well. There will be tribulation unlike anyone on the earth has ever seen or experienced. Billions and billions will die; including preppers. No one can be prepared for what’s coming. Sure, you can have seven years of preps- but no one can fight natural disasters. Someone could set fire to entire neighborhoods…wind gusts of 100+ mph thrown in with that. Epic floods, drought, storms that destroy entire towns. How ironic would it be to die during an extinction level event because you prepared and it made no difference. Truly, no one understands what’s coming -not even preppers.

          • Sure, and I covered that. Sometimes it is “that bad” and more often than not, it isn’t that bad. The point of preparing is not to live through the impossible, but to have an edge in case you survive the seemingly impossible. You go ahead and keep that attitude. I wouldn’t want someone with that defeatist mentality within 100 miles of me even in good times. You can just lay down and die, I’ll fight to survive with my last breath.

        • Who want’s a bunch if people who during the best 100 years in history couldn’t figure out not to Pee in their drinking water. All they are good for is bait.

          • Never said I wanted them, just that these people are so far off the grid they never even heard of the grid.

      14. @ BI
        Great article.

        Excuses only go so far.

      15. Be Informed,

        Great article! Unfortunately, there are so many that don’t want to see the truth.

        I have heard it many times, “Something like that could never happen here. We live in the United States.”

        Stay strong! Keep prepping!
        KY Mom

        • Yes… Spent some of my life today preparing for the future.

        • After all these posts I’ve only just realised that KY is for Kentucky and not jelly. Excuse a stupid foreigner.

      16. BI ~ Really great, hard-hitting piece! Thank you so much for writing it!

        ~ Daisy

      17. BI: This is great. Thanks

        • Again?

          Somebody over there starts WW III every six months.

          • hours…

          • I remember reading some where about “wars and rumors of wars”

            Spend sometime today preparing to meet Jesus.

      18. I just shared this with some sheeple friends thanks

      19. I want to obtain an lantern that may be powered by battery, car charger, recepticle, solar, or hand crank, all-inclusive. Do any of you guys have an idea if such product exists?

        • Just get a shitload of candles and a few Bic lighters. If it goes so long that they run out, you probably won’t make it anyway.

          Worst case, the sun will always be there for you in the morning.

        • Eisen.

          I do not know of any product that conforms to all your specs. Radio Shack has adapters that have car battery clips or cig lighter plug ins but you have to adapt to your radio by splicing wires. Insure you have the right polarity. Weather radios you might get close as some have hand cranks.

        • Good luck! Get a LED d cell lantern, buy rechargeable d cells, a solar panel, inverter, d cell charger, etc. You could also learn to make candles.

        • Eisen,
          Harbor Freight carried one that meets all your criteria. It is made by Gordon, iem #96200. It is not my favorite though. I prefer the other one they carry, item #94740, also made by Gordon.

        • I have a Baygen Freeplay handcranked lantern. You can crank it repeatedly to charge it up. It has a 12V DC input that can use the included wall adapter or solar or car charger input. It also has a 3V DC output.

          Sadly, it has been discontinued, but Baygen has alternatives. I haven’t checked them out.

          I bought my lantern back in 1998. It still works like new, as well as my Baygen AM/FM/Shortwave radio. I bought a solar cell just to power the radio, and it works fine.

        • Try Amazon. Many choices there. Wind-N-Go gets good reviews. I have candles and oil lamps, but will try to avoid using them. Some firefighter can probably rattle off how many house fires are started every year by people using candles.

        • I have two of the S250 models. Comes with its own solar panel with an array of adapters for other items that can be charged. This model has four different light settings: bedlight(100 hrs), low (12 hrs), medium (6 hrs), High (4 hrs). You can also check the charge by pushing the “on” button and watching the number of times it flashes to tell you the level of the battery charge. I’ve had these for a couple of years now and use them regularly. The high power LED has a 50,000 hour life span rating.

      20. I have been abent for a while, but everyone needs to be ready for what is about to erupt, just saying, but everyone needs insurance, in one form or another.
        I hope the best for all, but we need to think of others to excell. I pray that we can be ahead of the confict ahead, though many will expire. Life happens, those who think ahead will be ahead, much to the future expected/ I expect us preppers will be ahead of the sheeple, and be the forerunners of the craziness that will be poured on us all…

      21. Thanks for the article BI. Hopefully most of us here are prepared but this would be a good article to share with those who might need a “push”. We appreciate all you do for us.

      22. BI: Great writing. This is a keep an save. You are a treasure to this site.

        May God bless and keep you and your family.

      23. First time poster long time reader. You guys are amazing. Keep the good work up.

      24. First time poster long time reader. You guys are amazing. Keep the good work up.

      25. Bi, ditto on all the cudos,
        I always find it mind boggling that people just cant take responsibility for their own well being,
        See ya on the other side!

      26. I never had “hurricane supplies” until I got ran over by a hurricane. And then I was glad I had hurricane supplies later when I got run over by the ice storm, and that flood.

        Never mind that “prepping” is one of the cheapest things you can do to that makes you feel you have the world by the ass. Yeah, having canned creamed corn and buckets of rice and beans stacked to the rafters in my spare closet gives me a pervasive sense of well-being. Sue me.

        Most everyone can afford to build a backup food supply. Just add a few non-perishables to the grocery list every week. It adds up.

        • I sense (always sense) a lot of arrogance regarding some preppers. Most on this site brag about their food supply. I’m sure there are people taking notes and figuring out where you live. It can be done. Again, don’t put your faith in your food stuffs.

          • If they do that. Why not just prep? A bunch of us won’t be here when the balloon goes up, For the rest of us, It’s not worth the trouble. The Gov is the only possible problem and we are no threat to them. We aren’t the people who cause trouble. Any head Doc would tell the we are the people who hide If we can. They could just look around and find the food storage places. They are the large square buildings outside every large city. You can tell them by the hundreds of loading bays and hundreds of food trucks. Anyone to dumb to figure that out is to dumb to bother me. After the first shot I’ll just go pick up their gun, cause they will have shot themselves.

          • “I’m sure there are people taking notes and figuring out where you live”

            If they have the wherewithal to figure that out and actually manage to GET there ….

            Are they bringing a tank so they can actually assault my place without taking massive casualties?

            If they’re well-prepared enough to succeed, they’re probably well-qualified to defend their own place, and smart enough to have been prepping already.

        • Selkirk…you must be in CT. I was prepped for that hurricane, after convincing DH. Didn’t need it for the hurricane, but it came in handy during that ice storm and a week without power.

          • Nah, man, those three events were in different states. I’ve moved around a lot.

            CT sounds rougher than I thought.

      27. Right On! But, there is a percentage of the population that truly believe that the rules do not apply to them. Oh well.

      28. Don’t worry everything is normal now. Just look at all the sales and availability of 9mm, .40 Cal., 5.56×45 and 7.72×51!!!

        Yeah there will plenty of ammo, camping gear, food, guns, radio gear, water filters and water available. Come on this is America we are all going to pull together and sing Kumbaya!

      29. If anyone offers up any of the points above then they deserve what happens to them. Why degrade the future gene pool with those who obviously aren’t equipped for the times ahead.

        Seriously, that type of sheeple has no place outside their present cloistered environment.

      30. Thank you for the article BI. It was thorough, well thought out, informative, well researched. I also will make hard copies of it for myself and my family. I am glad I prep. Kudos and thank you again for a great article.

      31. The most imprtiant thing to have is Know How. If your Self reliant & have Know How You can survive. Think about your hoarded goods & weapons ect. If you must eave your home on foot how much could you take with you? Watching TV shows like the Naked castaway. survivor man, Man versus wild and then learning the know how will be better than hoarded goods. Ive cashed small stores of handy items in several different locations. If I lose some I still have others left. Dont put all of your eggs in one basket. one rule DTA Dont Trust Anyone

        • I agree. Gotta have plan A, B, and C.

        • “Dont put all of your eggs in one basket”

          Alas, some of us have to. We live on a small farm, under 10 acres, but I’m partially crippled & can’t walk more than about a hundred feet, even with a cane — so bugging out is not an option, and we’d have to leave behind dozens of guns, much of our 15-16,000 rounds of ammo & closets full of food.

          Besides, with our own pond full of bass & bluegill, water & food are much less of a problem than for most, and it attracts lots of deer & small game.

          I’d like to have a Plan B, but just have to make Plan A as bulletproof as possible.

      32. I have spent many years refining and pefecting my “primitive” skills to the point where if/when the grid goes down and civilization collapses… I will be just fine.

        I have a nice supply of goodies, but I’m not relying upon them totally. I know if I need to GTFO, I can’t take ’em with me. Most of my prepping has been in my own mind and body; expanding and improving my skill sets.

        To the point that a tomahawk and knife is really all I need.

        • Me too, I can make Betty Crocker Fudge brownies with my eyes closed. I am not going to wonder around the woods in a loin cloth with a Tommey Hawk! Get real, even the Indians with thousands of years practice went down to a bunch of dumbies with blackpowder single shots.

      33. Great article BI. I don’t have alot to spare but what i do goes to preps. Sacrifice a little now cause you never know.

      34. Some folks think they will just be able to whip out a credit card and buy themselves a can of instant survival when it all goes down.

        I have a bunch of food saved up and still feel ill-prepared.

      35. Be Informed,

        Well worth the wait and great article. This article should get people thinking. Your writing and contributions in the forums are truly an asset to this site and give a good example of how much can be learned from the others posting.

        You get an A+!!!

        God Bless,

      36. BI…

        Wonderful sir, that was worth the wait.
        I think you brought it all out in one article.

      37. Wonder what all the prepping easter seals all stars will do. When disgruntled employees from all manner of survival goodie sellers , put up the customer lists online for free download ?

        • That’s why you have off site locations for your preps. Build false walls in you’re house.

      38. .Bravo, BI, once again, you’re preaching to the choir here and there’s nothing in it I can dispute. I’m afraid we’ll still have most of the population UNPREPARED when TSHTF. THAT’S THEIR OWN PROBLEM AND RESPONSIBILITY AND NO ONE ELSE’S! if any come to my door, they will be turned away. I work and pay taxes into the system just like everyone else here. I’ve been a prepper since the 1970s. I learned about prepping in that wonderful survival school called Florida during hurricane season and my wife was my teacher. I’ve been through hurricanes, tornados, snowstorms, even been burned out of a mobile home once not to mention regular power outages. I am a survivor. I was a prepper before the word was even invented. My parents raised me to be self-sufficient in my own needs and I have never deviated from those teachings. I buy my supplies with my own hard-earned money and no one else’s. Like everyone else here, I’m sick to death of my tax money going to take care of people who refuse to do anything for themselves. There’s not as many people working and paying revenue into the system now as there were before the financial crisis of 2008. There’s less revenue flowing into DC these days, yet they have no problem adding people to the public dole every month as if nothing happened. A house of cards can stand for only so long. when the freeloaders get their goodies cut off, they’ll be the first ones to riot, loot, etc. people on alcohol and any kind of drugs will be the most dangerous when they discover they can’t get their fix anymore. People should also go back into the archives to your article from 5-12-12. “How Horrific Will It Be For The Nonprepper?” That article and this new one really speak volumes. Once again, outstanding work. Braveheart

        • @ Braveheart, I hope youu paid attention to No# 26 because ever so often you seem to reveal your entire inventory ! “LOOSE LIPS, SINK SHIPS” my friend !

        • @ Braveheart, I hope youu paid attention to No# 26 because ever so often you seem to reveal your entire inventory ! “LOOSE LIPS, SINK SHIPS” my friend !

      39. Howdy, Eppe and Daisy, glad to see you two back on here. Eppe, AMEN to everything you’ve said so far. I’m still prepping all the way to the last minute and even beyond that if possible. Braveheart

        • May GOD be with you, and we do not know the outcome, but if one can prepare for the worst, it will become the best outlay of the situation at hand, Look at the Middle eastern delimna at hand, what happens if oil becomes a ecomicical issue, will you be prepared? I know you will, because you have been prepared…
          Same here, just think outside the box…
          I hope that everyone has seen the writing on the wall…
          If you are new to this, get ready, many things are happening, I hope this will get you ready for the onslaught of the preparation envoled to carry you to the end…

      40. 36.
        The .Gov will come and kill you and take everything you have.
        Fact/Answer. You were dumb enough to order/buy some preps with a credit card or store tracking card and now you a target for the tyrants.

        • John Carter: Maybe yes, maybe no. First: If it’s a full-on disaster any married military, guards, cops etectera will head for home to take care of thier own who live out in the real world with the rest of us. Family comes first-always. Second: Only a fool would store all of his preps in one location. That’s asking to be overrun. Just like any military operation, all preppers need a primary and secondary fallback/regroup points in case things go wrong. Third: more to your point; OPSEC, never buy with a paper trail if you can avoid it and NEVER tell anyone about your preps.

          • “married military, guards, cops etectera will head for home to take care of thier own”

            Quite right, and from my 21 yrs in the Army I can tell you that most of the officers & NCOs have families nearby, so serving on goon squads won’t have much priority — and keep in mind that there are limited supplies of food on any base. Without civilian deliveries they’ll be tapping their MRE stocks the first week, and I doubt if those will last another week, even rationed. 1st priority for military will be looting civilian food warehouses, not grabbing a couple of guns & cans of beans here and there.

            Biggest worry is small, roving bands of soldiers & cops looking to loot your stocks for THEIR families …. but they’re more likely to avoid heavy firepower and look for easier targets if you put up a credible defense.

        • Thank you Thank you John Carter for voicing my question with the answer! If we use our credit/debit, Walmart, Costco, Sams club cards to purchase our preps…we are sending a tracking device with a BIG neon sign to those who would want to know who we are and what we have. I try to use cash, shop at all different stores, (even different store locations of the same type stores,) and even send some of my adult children to do some of the shopping for me. Am I being over cautious? I REALLY dont think so!

        • Why would they do that? You saw 10,000 cops go after one guy. The call out of the military for two. The complete fiasco of gov to rescue the hurricane people even with a weeks warning. You think they are going to go after your six cans of beans? Why? If you run an elevator with 2,000,000 bu of wheat maybe. But to get our stuff would require troops and men so large they would eat more getting what we have than they would get. Besides, if they want it they can just buy it now, they print money, just go to the plant and buy 500 tons of beans if they want to.

      41. Paranoid, sadly, I have to agree and i’ve become the same way. I tried talking to family and coworkers where I live right after Katrina and received the same response. so I just don’t bring it up anymore. My only relatives that are preppers are all in the mountains of North GA and I’ve worked out a plan B to bugout to that region provided my truck isn’t fried by an EMP. That was the reason for my 5-day absense from here recently. Already moved some supplies to the location. braveheart

        • You can lead sheep to knowledge, but you cannot make them tap dance. Or something like that. Good luck

      42. Thank you for the nice compliments. Mac though deserves credit also, as Mac like a fine jeweler smoothed out the flaws and imperfections in the article and added some more classic choice words to it. Anyone else desiring to possible write an article, Mac can do much with it and improve it a lot. I wish I had more of these organizational skills.

        The main purpose of this was a last ditch effort to help the prepper/survivalist get that naive relative and friend to start to store up before it is too late. Let’s face it, when your irresponsible brother or ditsy sister arrives at your retreat or home refuge with not a single can of food to their name, do you just turn them away? Some people yes will do this, but for many others it is way too painful to even contemplate this. These people have to understand that they are cutting down their survival time a lot by letting those that don’t prepare into their circle. Everyone benefits when everyone contributes at least something to a survival group.

        Hopefully some people out there will see this article and say, yeah these are lame excuses. This was really aimed for the prepper/survivalist to help them with the troublesome people around them that just flat out refuse to prepare, even a little bit.

        While we all know that these are excuses that don’t fly, most of the other members of the population just don’t see it this way. I really tried to keep this as positive as possible and offer a viable solution(s) to each baseless excuse and just WHY the excuse doesn’t fly in any logical agrument. This truly I believe that this is that last ditch move to save a few worthwhile people that don’t quite get it before it is too late. I hope others that don’t prepare will take a good long hard look at this and then see the members of their families and those true blue friends and say to themselves, “these people are worth it to me to prepare JUST IN CASE”

        • “Hopefully some people out there will see this article and say, yeah these are lame excuses. This was really aimed for the prepper/survivalist to help them with the troublesome people around them that just flat out refuse to prepare, even a little bit. ”

          THAT, is the theme I got from this…
          It will certainly aid us in getting the message to those that need to hear it…Again BI, thank you.

          • this post is mine …
            It’s worth repeating, it WILL help us get it across to stubborn family members who just don’t get it…yet.

        • Although I had sworn-off trying to talk preparedness with my best friends/neighbors, your article was so well done, I broke my rule and sent it out to several people. Thank you for taking the time to prepare it and to Mac for the editing.

      43. Commies just hate it when you are self sufficient and can hold hour for almost a year on your own.

        Here’s one for you…
        Scenario: The elite have been spraying chemtrails for over a decade now. They also have their own food storage, grow systems and have even created massive seed vaults.
        Monsanto has patented crops that can grow ….resistant to aluminum and heavy metals.

        My gut feeling… This all is leading to a mass culling via the food supply.
        Then you add in codeex Alimentarius…where they decrease the nutritional aspects of food and ban vitamins.

        This is all adding up to a mass kill off.
        One year they will have a fungus kill all the crops except their own genetically engineered crops. Then they will jack the price up and everyone will have to buy their shit.

        You might say.. “No problem..I can grow my own”. But what if the fungus is so small it gets into your green house as you ventilate and it kills off your stuff?

        So you’d better have enough dried foods on hand. Forget canned..they go out of date.
        Also… I keep plenty of bird shot…for wild life..their’s your meat supply…even in urban situations.

        There’s over 7 billion souls on the planet.
        If I was in charge…I’d be working on ways to decrease the population.
        They tried this with AIDS and vaccinations in Africa.

        Who is doing all this…?
        Council on Foreign Relations
        Bilderberg Group
        Rockefeller foundation….the source of all evil.

        There you go.

        My thoughts are this…
        If tSHTF goes down.
        The number one place to go is the elite’s bunkers.
        It will be time to break in and steal all their preps.
        Then lock the doors with them in it and pour concrete down the air shafts and seal them in forever.

        These people are evil.

        I’ve got bad all started in 1999 when the chemtrail spraying began.

        They are trying to disarm us…why?
        Because don’t know who we are…but we know who they are.
        They fear us.

        It’s that simple.

        Take heart that the more they try and ban guns and ammo…the more people stock up.

        In time they will collapse the dollar and it will be impossible to run a business.
        Welcome to centralized economic planning…. COMMUNISM.

        Everything is upside down.
        We’re heavily in debt to a communist nation.
        The factories are all in China…no good jobs.
        The federal reserve released tons of credit and got everyone hooked on debt…they created an army of debt slaves.
        The mainstream media are owned by these liars.
        They are trying to kill the internet to keep people from talking.

        Yeah…things are fubar.

        Their plan is very long in the making.
        Stop thinking that the SHTF is going to be a flash event.
        No..its going on right now…a SOFT KILL.
        You watch.. time will pass..the boomers will start to pass on..they will steal their inherited and earned wealth by inflation and 401k and IRA nationalization.
        The next few generations will all become socialists.. THANKS DEMS. Traitors to the US in my book.

        We’ll there you go.
        Any thoughts?

        • @BOYCOTT NYS….

          I think you pretty much said it all. Well thought out and very plausible.

          • @BOYCOTT NYS,

            Yep, I think you are on track on that one. It is on going as we continue to hope for another out come. They have the power and the time to complete the mission as well. Eisen posted a you tube video above regarding Admiralty Law. It was well worth my time to watch. A little high brow but shows just how far we have come into surrendering ourselves into slavery. Can’t help but think that although a “savage” in the wilds of Borneo may live a shorter life than a “civilized” person perhaps they live a richer and more fulfilling life. Certainly simpler.


        • We don’t have “generations” of time here.

      44. Amazon: British Berkefeld® Gravity Water Filter with four 7″ Super SterasylTM Ceramic Water Filter Elements

        I just bought this water filter.
        It has 4 filter cones.
        In the summer the water was tasting like fish tank water.
        This makes that same water taste like figi water.
        I highly recommend it.
        It’s a onetime investment.
        Having a kitchen sink faucet sprayer handy is a fast and easy way to refill it.
        At the end of life of my last filter change…I got some dirty mud puddle water…just to see how it did… WOW… pure clean drinking water.

        Everyone is talking about the filter stray. Fine..but what about something that can provide fresh water for the entire family?

        I did read an article about a guy who lived in the desert.
        He configured some type of moisture setup on his roof…at night when the air was moist he had all the condensation running into his filter setup like the one in the link below.

        The #1 prep. is WATER!!!

        Here’s the thing. They have been spraying CHEMTRAILS for over a decade.
        Barium and aluminum. Haven’t you noticed the sky is no longer blue?
        This filter, filters outs all the crap so you won’t get liver damage!!!

        • MNWF,
          I have a Big Berkey, an MSR portable filter for the backpack, several Lifestraws, literally tons of bottled water, and 3 55-gallon potable water drums. As well, we have a whole-house filration system with charcoal filters and RO filters (for as long as there is water pressure). That’s a start. Two BOLs owned by family members have active springs on them that yield up a pretty decent amount of water. There is a preserve with a creek within walking distance of my house. I am working up to 5 hours walking with a full pack, in case I have to double as a pack-mule…

          • Mark – Click my name and watch the short video about the Exodus Emergency Survival Cart. If you can afford it or are able to cobble up one of your own, that 5 hours as a pack mule will be a lot more pleasant. Plus, you’ll be able to bring lots more stuff assuming no treacherous terrain along the way.

        • “British Berkefeld® Gravity Water Filter”

          It has a good reputation but the price …. ouch!

          I’m far more impressed with one that some Texas Baptist group designed & now market for emergency use. The filtration capabilities are amazing, and the filter (which fits between two plastic buckets you can supply) is only about 25 bucks. Supposed to do 50,000 gallons, then just replace the carbon portion, or replace the whole filter. The silver portion that kills bacteria just needs cleaning occasionally, if I read it right.

          It’s on my list to purify my pond water if SHTF.

      45. Two thumbs up BI… can we get them to read/understand it in time is the question? Thinking we are at DefCon 4 yesterday and behaving as such already here at the BOL. Start cooking over a fire now my friends and get ahead of the curve. The Dark Ages are upon us again as History does not lie but rhymes/repeats. Peace and Serenity to all who are wise enough to prepare.

      46. Know your Enemy …

        ISRAEHELL IS once free AmeriCa’s Greatest Threat !!!

        the fact israehell warplanes are directly in plain site attacking syrian sovereign land , chicken farms and citizens with 10 ton fuel bombs now triggers the mutual protection treaty between syria and iran . it also triggers russia and china to provide greater monies , weapons shipments support to syria and even support troops .

        so yeah its kinda a big deal .

        israehells zio-jews primary goal is to set the west against the east in a global war ensuring mutual destruction of both east and west countries armies , so israehell zio-jews mays raise from the ashes of global armageddon the supreme global governmental force to rule over them all .



        israehell mossad motto : ‘ wage war by deception !’


        • Remarkable.

      47. Inflation is the best reason to prep and not come across as a parnoid loon. I have been working in a grocery store for 13 years now and I am quite familiar with rising food costs. While some prices do go down and lately the regular shelf price is now the new sale price, for the most part prices on some goods does go up weekly. Yearly on everything for certain. So stocking up toilet paper, soap, BPA laced canned goods, water and other essentails is not a bad idea and will save you money if you store the food correctly. Anyway best of luck to all of you.

        • Well said, I have stopped telling people to prep now,too many idiots…
          The ones who have listened I say,prepping is like wearing your seat belt,you may never need it,but if you do you’ll be glad you have it.
          Is there such a thing as too much toilet paper?how about soap,trash bags,things that don’t go bad in your lifetime,too much? Then you say at least I’ve got awesome barter items.
          How much will toilet paper be worth? Priceless to me……only so many socks….

      48. It was a little bit of a wait but well worth it. I think you covered everything that needed to be said BI. Many thanks for the article. If there is one here that can take what you have written and use it to enlighten another, then this article is worth its gold. Thanks to you Mac for this site(rated #1), as well as all those who post here and contribute.

      49. You’d get farther talking to a brick wall than you would talking to the average non-prepper. That being said, I’m still highly critical of a lot of so-called preppers who spend more time daydreaming about the apocalypse than they do participating in real life. What good is all this prepping if it’s not to live to see a better day? What good is all this prepping if it’s not to lie low and strike the oppressor when the time comes?

        • 22winmag.

          Preparation requires a focused thought process so to daydream would be non beneficial. I do run survival scenes in my gray matter, not to dwell on the destruction but to avoid it. There is a time for preps and a time to live you life. What may bother you is that we have all this crap going down and many live as nothing is happening and You and I are stuck between the two lifestyles.

          • You have identified a major problem; focused thought process”. From what I have seen in the current crop of Core Curriculum graduates, I know of turnips that have more common sense & focus.

      50. Woo Hoo…SGT Report picked this up BI

      51. I’ve stopped talking about prepping with anyone anymore. It’s too late in the game in my opinion. A year ago, I mentioned it to one family near us that we care about and they replied with….
        “20. If a true catastrophe occurs we are going to die anyway, besides that I don’t want to live through it anyway.”
        So, at this point, I hope they are sticking with that strategy. They are unaware of what I have. We have friends that intend to bring their preps and stay with us but I worry about them also. They have no real skills and their obesity/health issues may wear us all down faster.

        • Well, Sunshine, reality hasn’t hit that family yet.
          Like my neighbor with that attitude two years ago–but she sure ran to the hospital for chemo treatments with ovarian cancer last spring. So much for the ‘we are gonna die anyway’ meme.
          Hypocrites when facing death, trust me.

      52. this is certainly interesting

        COMEX Hurtling Towards Default And People Will Be “Settled” With Dollars, No More Metal Will Be Delivered!

        “The COMEX will default in the next week or several weeks and people will be “settled” with Dollars, no more metal will be delivered! So, knowing that “game over” has arrived, they are dumping a massive volume of paper contracts with impunity to push the metals prices as low as possible before the “default”. This way the “shorts” do not have to and will not be “covered” when “supply” cannot be obtained because of “an act of God”. They will be settled in cash (at a profit no less) because these “unforeseen” disruptions in supply. “Who could have seen it coming?” will be the mantra. I would suspect that banking stress and “bail ins” will also become prevalent globally. The pricing structure” will now push any and all physical sellers away from the markets and the “door” to safety is effectively being shut. Either you own metal or you don’t.”

        in other news

        H7N9–another case reported,that makes 131 so far,27 deaths

        the corona virus (very similar to SARS) in Saudi Arabia
        has infected 13 people now,with 7 of them dying
        another item to keep a close watch on

        • Gold Certificates are no good? WTF happened? No way!


        • I read the Comex article a couple of weeks ago. Did they default?

      53. who does this dipshit think he is kidding ???

        Obama Tells Students to REJECT Voices Warning of Government Tyranny – Ohio State University–_Ohio_State_University/25813/0/38/38/Y/M.html

        are people finally waking up ???

        TIME/CNN Poll Shows Increasing Number Of Americans Won’t Give Up Civil Liberties To Fight Terrorism't_Give_Up_Civil_Liberties_To_Fight_Terrorism_/25812/0/38/38/Y/M.html

        • Self Government? What about all those PRESIDENTIAL ORDERS and the buildup of the Alphabet Soup gang?
          He does not have to worry about TYRANNY. He is doing it to us!

          Baaaaa, Baaaaaaaaaaaa. They eat it up like ice cream.

        • Saw the report on the Ohio St.speech,He’s DARING the student body to rise up and embrace their government as the solution to problems.Or simply put differently,you must love big brother as well as obey him.I’m certain the majority will do so happily.

      54. I am beginning to think it may already be too late!

        Hope I can prep some in the coming weeks, days and hopefully not hours. Where has my mind been the last ten years.

        ‘Oh Lord, what have we done?’

        I want to apologize to my country and my family for not getting it sooner.

        It’s hard to believe what’s going on, not the facts, but just THE FACT THAT it’s really happening.

        Hands down the worse TV Movie I’ve ever seen, complete with bad actors with Colgate smiles.
        The plot is a bit shaky but the villains are as real as the nose on our faces and the prey is ourselves.

        Pouring over all the news/political docs on the net it started to getting terrifyingly clear.

        Our Government is rolling out the plan one policy at a time like a meteor shower.

        In plain sight we have supported giving up our privacy rights to online browsing, cell phones, email, search and purchase history, banking information, tracking location, points of travel; illegal search and seizure, ultimate control from the state including information collecting, profiling, suspending drivers licenses, levying bank accounts, taking away guns, imprisoning dissenters,deserters and activists. Calling truthers conspiracy nuts and veterans terrorists.

        • CONTINUED:

          Let us not forget pat downs, bag checks, body scans, security checkpoints, traffic cameras, cashless society, martial law house to house searches (Boston Marathon) Gov’t ID, currency not backed by actual gold (real value); currency is tied to your ID, SSN, RFID chips in your credit cards (tap and pay cards already on the market and soon to be implants); RFID’s also share data and location with devices, security scanners.

          This is so you are a slave to your assigned jobs.

          You will use your credits to buy food and the tracking device will report your last/current location.


          OMFG!!!!!!!!!!! Where we under some kind of spell???

          I also discovered that VISA means:
          An endorsement on a passport indicating that the holder is allowed to enter, leave, or stay for a specified period of time in a country.

          That’s soooo disturbing to finally know after all these years. Visa used to just sound like some breezy made up word…what a mind job. It records everything we do, is used for ID, uses credits, and now uses RFID tags soon to be in your body…hint- NOT BY CHOICE in case your telling yourself only a dummy would put one in.

          MasterCard needs no explanation. Working for Big Brother, to earn credits, to permit travel, to be paid back at high interest rates, to replace cash…our Master

          They even have a card for ‘African Americans’ called the CONTROL CARD endorsed by the BET channel.

          Are you FN kidding me? Are we this stupid?

          I can’t believe we let this happen.

          Seriously guys, I don’t think a few hundred gallons of water and some MRE’s and soda crackers are going to save us from a NAZI regime like this. We are so fucked!!!!

          Buy guns, lot’s and lot’s of guns and ammo…tons of ammo!

          Only hope Homeland Security runs out of it’s 5 billion rounds of ammo it just bought, oh and armored vehicles, and full auto rifles, and…

          • ~~~Seriously guys, I don’t think a few hundred gallons of water and some MRE’s and soda crackers are going to save us from a NAZI regime like this. We are so fucked!!!!

            Buy guns, lot’s and lot’s of guns and ammo…
            tons of ammo!~~~

            Buy both–one won’t last without the other.

            • Don’t forget to save your glass bottles for molitovs ! ….wanna see some people run,cuck a couple of those bad boys….

            • I’ve already believe I have been saved. I just wanna be around for the reckoning!

          • TLIL, we’ve already bought up most of what we need. There ARE always some loose ends that start flapping to alert us when the wind starts to howl. But other than that most here are ready as can be. Shucks, some here been doing it since we were small only we called it day to day chores. Been helping mom can veggies and garden since I was a shaved tail Katzenjammer. Use to pick stringbeans with her and eat alot of them raw while picking. Now THOSE days I wouldn’t trade for nuthin’.

            • I used to garden with my grandma. She had a walk in pantry that most would envy. She died 31 years ago and I Never forget her birthday. I built a green house that I know she approves of it “up there”

        • Relax, take a deep breath. You have time, The true basics: Rice, Beans, Sugar, oil, Vitamins, Wheat, Corn TP, soap, etc are all still very cheap and available. Freeze dried food is not in short supply. The only things hard to get , Guns and ammo are starting to loosen up. Get your stuff together, you can always find someone with far more G&A than they need, but short on friends. Me for one. But there are lots of us. Unless you want to move to a prepper area. just get ready to hunker down. The % of people who are preppers will go up sharply if the SHTF. The dumbo’s will drop like flies.

      55. Great article!
        Proverbs 6 : 6 , written thousands of years ago says to observe the ant
        and how it provides her supplies in the summer and gathers her food in the harvest. People should be so smart.
        I would love to see an article on how to prepare for serious dust problems like volcanic ash fallout because of Mt St Helen, that ash came all over the midwest. How do you prepare for weeks of dust
        like the dust storms of the dirty thirties, but with molecule size particles of abrasive ash? How to prepare a vehicle to operate for a few hours in a dust cloud. How to make a cabin air filter for the bug out vehicle. How to make a filter box cheaply that can catch the dust to make your house liveable. What kind of dust masks would be best for whole day use, example, 3M , etc.
        Keep up the great work!

      56. Obama To Grads: Reject Voices That Warn About Govt Tyranny

        Real Clear Politics

        (link on Drudge Report)

      57. I went back and reread all the excuses and all I can do is shake my head in disgust. I carry a Buck 110 knife and a Zippo lighter and those two items puts me miles ahead of most people in a survival mode. Shoelaces, belt, T-shirt and a clean handkerchief serve as multiple usage. People are reluctant to prep because involves work. To us, as we have discussed many events and it is second nature to tackle problems of all kinds.
        Sometimes I want to throw my hands up and say, “That’s It”. I find myself coming back for more. One more person worth saving by a simple explanation. Maybe I am just wanting to reach that bottom for good.
        I do know I am wearing thin and patience will not be my strong suit in the end.

        • the Buck Knife zippo lghter and other items are worthless if you dont have the skills and Know How to use them. Folks need to practice those skills. Arkansas was still in the depression when I was a child in the 50,s. we never had electricity until 1959. i grew up doing without modern conviences. Lp gas was a godsend when we didnt have electric. You can store Lp forever and it never goes bad.

      58. BI,

        Damn man what a great tool!!

        I’m printing these 35 – three times, taking them back to those three Ostriches I know that have their heads in the sand. I will politely stick “The 35” up their asses and tell them – they have something good to read.

        Y’all Beware! Maybe if they can’t add to it, they’ll finally take their heads out of their asses and find out what’s going on and why!

      59. All good advice. Thinking about the recommendation to use candles as a light and heat source and the likely prevalent use of them by large numbers of people who are not familar with them makes me worry about fire. With emergency services hampered by an event it could just take one person with a candle (or other heat source) to devestate a community.

      60. Good article, but needs posting at a sight not frequented by a prepper audience. Maybe Oprah could present these ideas in a public service announcement during halftime at the Super Bowl.

      61. When I moved to the rural area I am now in, about 800 ft. elevation, the first 3 winters were mild. The fourth winter we got 2 feet of snow. I never had to deal with so much snow before, didn’t even have boots high enough to walk in it. The snow plow piled snow in my driveway so I couldn’t drive out. I managed to live on what I had in the house (I was not a prepper) for a month. The first thing I ran out of and had to try to dig out of my driveway to go to the store to get is cat food. So it really isn’t hard to stock up a month or more (now I go into the winter with 3 months worth of things)of necessities. Of course, I did have electricity.

      62. Howdy, BI, I just saw the same article linked at braveheart

        • BI,
          I saw it… you’ve hit the big time!

      63. ~Great Article BI ! I guess ‘Preppers’ are considered ‘Non-Conformist’ and it is against mainsteam thinking to do something that nobody else is doing. Most of the ‘Sheeple’ justify their self’s by saying “If I have to work at a crappy job ,40 hours a week, then why shouldn’t YOU!!!??? You are looked at like a ‘Weirdo’ if they learn of your PREPPS!……And remember, if people start grabbing FOOD ,like they did the AMMO, the RACE is ON!!! Good Luck to ALL here and your Family’s !!……mm~

        • Then we preppers that have been prepping for a few years are ….years ahead?? LOL!!

      64. First time poster long time reader. Keep up the amazing work everyone. Not just Mac, but EVERYONE. Great minds think alike Stay safe and God bless!


      65. Excellent article. Very neatly shoots down excuses in a logical, reasonable, well thought out manner. I always enjoy reading your posts.

      66. TCP, welcome aboard and hope to hear more from you. Mountain man 6-1, i’m with you all the way. As Daisy said in a previous article, preppers are the last group of independent thinkers in this country and I know I’m in that category. I prep for everything imaginable and don’t apologize to anyone for it. I’m debt-free so I can get more supplies at one time than I would be able to otherwise. Those with their heads in the sand will pay a horrific and tragic price for their position. it won’t end well for any of them. braveheart

      67. I know this is off topic, I live about 60 miles from a large Air Force base in the Midwest. Seems like a slight pickup of military air traffic. Our local NG armory in the county has a green/woodland camo Russian cargo truck parked in the back. Along with a mix of tan and green humvees with the M2 brackets and shields.

        Also noticed some had woodland camo green boxes on the back of them with no markings. Was wondering if anyone could offer any input.


        • Hello T.C.P.

          It’s good to have you on board. Another person in another location can give us all another perspective.

          Depending on the unit operating at the AF base;
          It can be a refueling wing with increased demand due to M.E., Japan, even the Russian AF activities in Alaska and the Aleutian Islands

          If it is a fighter wing just go to current headlines or any of the above.

          Please update us if possible with A/C type.

          Now for the unusual vehicles at the NG armory:

          There are NG units that operate with Russian equipment as an OPFOR unit against other regular US units. Can’t say what the Humvee boxes are, maybe new mod that needs to be painted.

          Please update us if possible with a unit designation usually found on a large sign on the grounds.

          Any info without compromising your OPSEC is valuable.
          Jump in on any thread, give us your opinions and thoughts. Looking for your postings.


          • Thank you sir. Stumbled upon this site about 3 years ago. It’s funny….a few of my family members are on board along with a handful of close friends, other than that when I bring up all the crazy shit that is happening and the MSM distortion of the truth I get a deer in the headlights look. Most of the people here in the county are awake to a sense that something is wrong, but they don’t see how deep the rabbit hole goes, and I think ultimately will lead to their demise.

            Am a 23 year old and you guessed it…..tree climber. Trim trees around powerlines and have experience using ropes,leverage, size, weight distribution, along with tree species in my area.

            Now that that’s out of the way. The AF base (i think,)is the largest cargo plane flight wing on this side on the U.S., it houses c-130’s and c-5 galaxies.

            And it’s kind of surreal regarding the NG armory, I can’t remember ever seeing the humvees with the shields on them and “mah-deuce” ready. It’s kind of erie.

            Also last summer around the g20 or g8 meeting? Got home from work…pulled into the driveway and could hear rotor blades from a helicopter, thinking it was care flight I stepped out of the truck only to see an all blacked out Blackhawk, black windows, black everything. Haulin ass over the tree tops heading east coming from the west. Never seen anything like it around here. Ever, until this last year and a half or so.

            Standing by in the heartland,


        • Welcome aboard! I’m near an AFB back east and things have been picking up around here, too. There aren’t any exercises planned, either, so I’m not sure what’s up. They’re supposed to fly LESS these days due to budget cuts, but there is a lot traffic around these days.

      68. Looking back over 25 years and you have to ask, just what the hell happen. Clearly it all started out as a few survival skills and preparations against the will of nature. Now it has morphed into something sinister. Going from Boy Scout to Terrorist. To teach anything outside the Main Stream Collective is considered dangerous and the Main Stream Collective can not comprehend why we buck the system. The majority are Amerikins and not Americans. It is one thing to read History and another to live it. There are those who want to change History, by either direct omission or by obscuring the facts to suit the agenda. Further complication by the introduction of conspiracy’s and half truths enables the growth of an unneeded revolution. A facet we are experiencing now and is fully anticipated by TPTB.
        Whatever side you choose, you will be caught up in it whether you like it or not.
        Prep or not to prep. That is the question.

      69. The most common objection is, “Nothing bad will happen.” I know a number of people who think I’m crazy for prepping. I tried telling them about money printing and hyperinflation but they don’t get it. Too much normalcy bias.

        I’m a big believer in stocking up on water. We have 1500 gallons in our basement. A water filter is very useful but it’s still dangerous to go for miles for water in a SHTF world. Plus, no water filter will protect you from pesticide runoff or fertilizer runoff or industrial pollution.

        I think most people will die from illnesses due to bad water. If you’re drinking water from a pond and you get diarrhea from it you’re most likely going to die if you can’t get better water quickly enough.

      70. You could buy a couple 100 watt solar panels and 3 or 4 (12 volt) deep cycle batteries and run several LED lights a 12 volt coffee pot, 12 volt electric blanket and be cozy warm on cold winter nights. I have converted a swamp cooler to run on 12 volt so I can cool my home as well, but that takes more solar panels and batteries.
        But you can start with 2 panels about $136.00 each on Ebay and get a 12 volt charge controller for about $30 and 4 deep cycle batteries for about $60 each and have a nice little system for only about $550.
        That’s how I started and now I have 10 panels developing 800 watts and a 1400 watt wind turbine wired to (8) 6 volt deep cycle AGM batteries developing 1000 amps of 12 volt power. I have slowely wired my whole house for 12 volt with 12 volt fans, 12 volt coffee pot, 12 volt electric blankets, 12 volt clocks etc. I have an ALL electric home with a hugh freezer and my electric bill runs from $67 to $105 per month. You would be surprised all the stuff you can get in 12 volt. Check it out, you will be glad you did. You can find a lot of 12 volt stuff on Ebay or your local truck stop will have an assortment of 12 volt appliances.
        How much was your last electric bill? Now how long will it take you to pay yourself back your $550 investment?
        If you are in a rental home you will need to get permission before installing solar panels on your roof. Also there are a lot of 12 and 6 volt deep cycle batteries but ONLY the AGM deep cycle batteries can be used inside your home as all the rest vent hydrogen gas, (which is an explosive gas given off by your typical battery). REMEMBER: ONLY AGM batteries can be stored/used inside your home. ALL other batteries have to be stored/used outside your home. You can go cheap with the solar panels but it pays to pay extra for the charge controller and especially a good quality battery.
        Sorry for the lecture this is just some FYI info.
        But if and WHEN the power goes down you will be glad you have 12 volt lights, electric blankets, fans etc.

        • Good ideas…I have home made panels that cost quite a bit less. However, I figure my labor as free since I am a skinflint. I use a grid tie inverter for now and that reduces my electric bill. I also have off grid backup batteries, etc. I hope you mean 1000 watts and not amps. You’ll burn your trailer park down if you’re not careful.

          • he’s talking about amp/hr capacity and if you use the 50% discharge rule ( increases the longevity of the batteries), he has a pretty good sys. Just hope the wiring is large enough for the long runs. there’s a huge difference in efficiency when comparing 3% loss to 10% when you have too small(thin) wiring.
            I get by with about half the capacity on the boat, but I don’t have a 12v electric blanket, that’s an energy hog!!!

      71. I’m going to say this once. So many people have everything so wrong on what is going to happen. Of course the economic collapse, etc etc, but I have been in the military for almost 25 years now and the real thing about to happen is the next ice age, the military to prepped to the bones with everything you would in the next ice age and has benign having us do secret drills accordingly. They put a date on it too, which is alot closer then anything of you would ever imagine. So they are not going to be any living farm animals,
        Any living plants for that matter either, so every one of you are going to HAVE to rely on your preps and your preps alone. God be with every one of you, and good luck.

        • The ice age was fixed in the 70’s, we went a little overboard and created global warming and are now finding the happy medium. It may take a few more chem trails but trust the government, they will get it right.

        • This HAS been the coolest, longest Spring I remember, and I have a long memory. Even the snowstorm in April ’81, was a one off event. This, this is just continuing chilly…
          By now, it should begin to be feeling like Summer, but we’ve only had a few warm days. Right now, the overcast has been going on for days.

          This is what happens when politics intrudes on scientific analysis. You solve the wrong problem, and you’re toast… er… Popsicles?

        • Fed Up,
          No such thing is predicted in the Bible which is what I go by. World War, even nuclear, plagues, famines, earthquakes, dictatorship and even planet X are all in the Biblical future, but no ice age. Of course, if planet X changes the poles, some locations could become arctic.

      72. @BI – Great article keep up the good work.

        And as my father always says:

        – Excuses are like assholes, everybody has one

        – You can’t change stupid

      73. Gifts from a Jar. I just stumbled across one of the books in a series of books. The one I’m looking at is Soups, Chilies & More. It has given me some ideas on meals for camping and I think it would help some of you with ideas on meals to prep and items to prep for tasty meals.

        The book is about putting dry meal items into a jar and then gifting it. Each jar/gift will make one recipe. I can see swapping out the jar for a ziploc bag and then putting it in the camping box.

      74. A disaster has already hit, and I think it was perpetrated by this government, and shelfs of this peticular item still hasent come back to normal.

        Can you guess what it is im talking about?

        bet it never will “get back to normal” or priced like it was.

        • Ammo ?

          • Bingo!

        • Could be either tobacco or ammo.

      75. Poignant article. Head in the sand approach toward the coming events appears to be the norm of most Americans. Glad to see a few who are awake and concerned. At least we can still obtain the resources to enhance our chances of surviving some of these incidents. MSM=misinformation.

      76. Not more than a few hours ago I learned of something so incredible, I still can’t believe it…
        A friend of an acquaintance that is married to a “prepper” just donated 2000 freeze dried meals to a local food bank…don’t know the manufacturer …sounds good right? And it will be for those in need…
        Now get this , it was because she mistook the manufacture date for the best by date and thought they were going to be no good…
        I still don’t believe this and think there is way more to this story. Like maybe she’s a nut case…
        Or they have serious marital problems and this is her way of getting back…
        I think both…this IS in Palm Beach County…land of the fruitcake…

      77. China has been and is now more openly looking to hang us out to dry. Is there no clearer message than, ‘We would prefer not to be holding your currency, your foolish debt’. Or is it the American people hanging themselves out to dry for putting up with this exercise in foolishness called National Debt? I don’t speak of all Americans, but the very ones with scales on their eyes, greed in their hearts and complacency in their spirit. If there be scales on us, let them be as a shield on us and not on our eyes. If there be greed in our heart, let it be for our Liberty. If there be complacency in our heart, usher it out, as it has no place with the spirit of Liberty. No good can come of this massive debt, a mortgage on our future for frivolous things and failed practices, and we will all soon find that out.

        Keep the FAITH

        • Watchman,
          Exactly right… China has been working on a bypass to the dollar for some time… Jim Willie and others have been warning us about the trade bypass system, the BRICS Development Bank… and the new Gold certificates to settle international trade by cutting out the SWIFT system and our banks.
          The Arabs have also signed foggy treaties with them and Russia… we have been disinvited to international meetings on trade.
          They are going to treat us like a disease, and isolate us. If the Arabs quit taking dollars for oil, the s will hit the f.
          If China, like the Visigoths of Rome, tell us;
          ‘The color of your money is no good.’

          What will they want to settle the debt? The only thing Uncle Sam has left… our Land.

          Anyway it goes, this will not end well. Obama should go down in history as The Destroyer.
          I just hope there are enough of us left…

      78. The fact that the powers that be can’t control the real news posted on the internet means that they SURE WILL TRY TO. Sure, have a camera and know how to use it. That being said, once the tanks start steam-rolling civilians COUNT on the net going DOWN until the technical problems are solved. “They” can’t allow too many unsettling images to get out. Revolutions have been started by less.

        Keep the FAITH

      79. Good article again BI… Off topic here, but has anyone seen the new 3-D “pistol”. This concept fascinates me. Not because it is a printed weapon, but what it represents. The original “liberator” was a weapon much like this that was designed for resistance fighters in WWII. It was 45 cal. with basically a one shot and done. Kill the Nazi and grab his weapon. In the SE Asia era, the CIA developed a weapon called the deer gun. Same basic principle for guerilla fighters to kill NVA and get their weapons to use. 9mm, kill and grab weapon. This is DEFINITELY the same type of weapon. No wonder Schumer is trying to push a 3-D ban on guns. They are for the new resistance.

        • JRS,
          I saw that. Even though the technology is impressive, and the results even more so, I made one of these 40 years ago.. it wasn’t pretty, didn’t have a real trigger, but, it shot just as accurately… we called them ‘Zip guns’…
          Now lets see them ban that.
          (Yeah, I know, They don’t need to … all they need to do is buy up all the ammo production… fortunately, there are many of us who stocked up ahead of time. I just hope we have enough to water the tree. )

      80. How did the Polish general’s quote go, when asked how his light infantry was supposed to stand up to Nazi armor? “When they get out taking a piss, we’ll shoot them in the head.”

        Keep the FAITH

      81. On Wednesday night, Burnett interviewed Tim Clemente, a former FBI counterterrorism agent, about whether the FBI would be able to discover the contents of past telephone conversations between the two. He quite clearly insisted that they could:

        BURNETT: Tim, is there any way, obviously, there is a voice mail they can try to get the phone companies to give that up at this point. It’s not a voice mail. It’s just a conversation. There’s no way they actually can find out what happened, right, unless she tells them?

        CLEMENTE: “No, there is a way. We certainly have ways in national security investigations to find out exactly what was said in that conversation. It’s not necessarily something that the FBI is going to want to present in court, but it may help lead the investigation and/or lead to questioning of her. We certainly can find that out.

        BURNETT: “So they can actually get that? People are saying, look, that is incredible.

        CLEMENTE: “No, welcome to America. All of that stuff is being captured as we speak whether we know it or like it or not.”

        “All of that stuff” – meaning every telephone conversation Americans have with one another on US soil, with or without a search warrant – “is being captured as we speak”.

        Nuff said people?

        • “no digital communication is secure”, by which he means not that any communication is susceptible to government interception as it happens (although that is true), but far beyond that: all digital communications – meaning telephone calls, emails, online chats and the like – are automatically recorded and stored and accessible to the government after the fact. To describe that is to define what a ubiquitous, limitless Surveillance State is.

          • Years ago I read ” body of secrets” by James Bamford, and his most recent ( about 3ywars ago) “the shadow factory”. Been trying to tell people for years the govt is recording everything for a later date. Got a headache from it, so I stopped.

          • There are two unbreakable and/or invisible crypto/cipher codes.
            OTP is One Time Pad.
            Stego is messages hidden and encrypted within an image.

            Having worked for No Such Agency many many years ago, they rely on many thousands of parallel ‘recognizer’ processors. Which, recognize words, within streams of text (or now, voice), but images are virtually uncrackable since all you’re doing is slightly altering color pixels…

      82. REPOSTED…

        Bravo BI…Bravo Friend,

        A ‘Masterwork’ I daresay, even perhaps we might refer to this in the future as the “Master List”!! EXCELLENT work Friend!

        Incidentally, my favorite of the entrie list was;

        “32. People have become way too civilized to wage a world war and take what you have and act like savages.”

        Today, people are broadly so divorced from reality that they ACTUALLY think such, I have met several…when the ‘momennt’ arrives they’ll soon find how quickly the thin venner of ‘civilization’ is stripped away…. leaving NOTHING but the ‘Naked Savage’ leering in thier faces as they begin carving them up for dinner…

        …Such IS the Human race at it’s fundament, I am ashamed to say.


      83. @ All,

        Apparently the ‘contagion’ in the Gold market began when AVN AMRO refused delivery of physcial has extended outward. In addition to Satori’s note above about the COMEX experiencing difficulties obtaining physical for delivery…I AM now catching rumours that Shanghai will REFUSE all further physical delivery and force settelement in FIAT…

        …”Have a Good day Citizen’s…Nothing to see here, move along…”


      84. Again, thanks BI, GREAT LIST!!

        Here’s a story for you all…

        Have you ever wondered how they catch LIVE monkeys in Africa – unharmed – and thus can sell them here?

        Turns out there is a trick to it…isn’t there ALWAYS? 😉 All you have to do is harvest a gourd, clean of the inside through a small hole, wait for it to dry. Then you simply make the small hole a bit larger…just big enough for the size monkey you’d like to catch to slip his hand into. THEN you place a piece of Banana into the gourd and hang it in a tree where some potential ‘victims’ are…

        It then goes like this…

        Monkey comes along, sticks hand into gourd, wraps fist around Banana…Oops, FIST is TOO big to pull out of gourd. Hunter walks up, ‘bags’ monkey…job done.

        Wait! you say!! Why didn’t the monkey just let GO of the Banana and escape? Actually…I don’t know! But the next time you’re talking to your friends who stil have money in the stock market – or any other ‘paper vehicle’ – you might just ask them that question….

        …Since it’s exactly the same thing…just a different kind of monkey. 🙂 Sorry to say, primates aren’t ACTUALLY ‘very smart’…it’s just evolution Folks.


      85. From; The sprituality of Prepping

        Conversation with a black woman…

        This was in a meeting before the client meeting began, there were 6 white folks and 2 blacks. The black woman, I will refer to as BW, the black male did not participate in the… er… discussion, but sat mute and blank faced… knowing what would happen if he spoke up. He, we think, is a closet moooslim, raised a baptist, but married to a Turkish mooslim. This conversation was started out of the clear blue, just waiting for the client to enter the room. The White Male I will refer to as WM, and is an amalgam of all 6.

        BW: “Well, ya’ll, I… ya know… jes don unnastan why ya’ll gotta have as many guns as you do. Why you gotta have so MANY guns?”

        WM: “Because the bad guys do.”
        WM: “The 2nd amendment gives all of us, you and me, the natural right of self defense. Natural rights come from God, NOT, the gubmint. The gubmint can’t give out what was never theirs to begin with.”
        WM: “Thats right… the 2nd amendment protects all the other rights, but the Declaration, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, are all simply writing down what was ours simply by being born. It was there to tie governments hands, and prevent them from becoming too big for their britches…” smiles all around.
        WM: “Yeah, that worked out real good huh?”
        BW: “But dat still don ‘splain WHY ya’ll gots to have SO MANY! Why would anybody need more than one gun?”
        WM: “Who is ‘ya’ll’… by ya’ll, you mean white folks?”
        BW: “Well… yeah… President Obama, he say…”
        WM: “So… you think you can SHAME us in to giving up our guns? You think white folks are the ONLY ones who own guns? You believe what that Caesar wanna be says? Let me tell you something, what he knows that you don’t know…k? He knows that 80% of white folks follow the law, and only 20% of black folks follow the law. If he bans guns by law, he knows he’ll get 80% of the white guns and only 20% of the black guns. What do you think will happen then?
        BW: “You fulla shit, black folks cain’t afford a lotta guns… black folks is poor cause you whites keep us down…President Obama jus tryin’ to make things betta…he know whats best for all of us… ya’ll need to listen to him.”
        WM: Cacaphony of voices.
        “Fuck that communist bastard.”
        “What are you saying girl? You blacks think you can take over, don’t ya?”
        “Yeah, they think they can take our guns so the gang bangers and the Feds can have their way with us…” smile.
        “Girl, are you stooopid or what?”
        “Once Obozo gets the guns, then he can do whatever he wants, and he knows it…”
        “The 2nd Amendment is there for people like him…”
        WM: “No… but he’s threatening US! and God Damnit he is stirring up a hornets nest…”
        “That’s right. These hornets will not allow your beloved emperor to become massa over US! IF you want to start some shit, start it! You will be sorry… there are a lot more of us than there are of you!, THIS IS OUR COUNTRY, and we will not allow the Liberal Establishment to give it away to the blacks and the mexicans!”
        “Or the fooooking MOOOOOSLIMS….”
        BW: “Well, if that’s how ya’ll feel, then maybe we just need to break this thing up and go our separate ways.”
        WM: “Sounds good.”
        “I agree.”
        “Ya’ll.. are gonna LOSE when the shit hits the fan.”
        BW: “Haha… whitey all talk… later DUDES.” as she gets up and walks out. Black guy, gets up and walks out too.

        And the civil pretense broke down on the altar of truth, the veneer of civilization was no more. For what we call Civilization is merely a veneer, a coat of paint over the Animal. The …. Band was no more.

        In the King James, the words “nation shall rise against nation…” were mistranslated from the original Greek. The Greek word was; ETHNOS… ethnic. So the true words tell the tale… “ETHNIC shall rise against ETHNIC.” Nation is revealed in the ancient meaning of words, as in;
        The Indian ‘Nations’. A nation, was always, a nation of like ethnic clans. Our ‘melting pot’, has been corrupted by political correctness and class warfare, the tools of the Collective, the Hive Mind, divide and conquer.

        Remember this, when the Republic falls. Democracy goes to those who show up, and it is now clear, that millions of patriotic white folks, stayed home in 2012, not wanting to vote for the ‘lesser of two evils’. The Black Caesar wanna be, did not WIN, we FORFEITED. He ‘won’ with only 26% of the electorate. Those who call themselves L.I.B.s, short for; Let It Burn ers, you have nothing to complain about, you are getting what you asked for.

        After the Black Caesar’s words at the Ohio state commencement ceremony, that, we; “shouldn’t listen to those voices”, these words, end the ‘national debate’, and turn it into a verbal tyranny. With one speech, he has come out against the Founders of Liberty with ‘sweet words on the tongue that grow bitter in the belly’, the very Biblical definition of Evil.

        He has now declared out in the open, that all patriots, and constitution loving individuals, and yes, Capitalism and Christianity itself, as Enemy Mine. He said we are the voices, that say to mistrust government is an evil thing, when we all know the opposite. We, I, most ‘Americans’, that I know above the age of 30, were raised with a healthy mistrust of government, it is what this country was founded on. The 2nd Amendment, at its ultimate, is simply the codification of Natural law, God given rights, something government never had to give away or make into a privilege. The 2nd amendment was insurance, Revolution Insurance.

        You now see Lauryn Hill, plead guilty to tax evasion… yet she simply has to pay without going to prison. If she was white, where do you think she would end up… like so many others? When law is applied unequally, then there is no Law. Equality under law, was a founding principle. But bankers and high profile (progressive) blacks get a free pass? And a president stands in front of young minds, and tells them point blank, not to listen to the voices that oppose His Majesty? We are there, standing on the edge of the Abyss.

        It is an Abyss of our own choosing, for we were taught to be ‘nice’, and to ‘compromise’. Remember this, there are only three ways of fighting evil; you can fight, flee or compromise. The last two hundred plus years are about compromising with evil, one step backwards at a time, as we listened to the sweet words of emotions, and abandoned the old ways of logical debate in the search for truth. The result is, there is no truth in the land. When logic is abandoned, destruction follows like night after day. When the spirit of God is replaced by the soul of the Animal, then the veneer of civilization breaks down as strong emotions rule. When strong emotions rule, the backlash always comes. Civilizations are built, and die, in phases, we stand with our backs at the edge of the Abyss, we look over our shoulder and see only darkness down below.

        When… repeat, WHEN, the Republic falls, and Tyranny comes out of the closet(which it must do verbally FIRST), when its black on white, and brown on black, and brown on white, when its the common man against The Elite suits, and helmets ride in our streets, and we go searching to blame someone… look in the mirror. Let the fact that we were deceived by ‘spiritual wickedness in high places’ harden your hearts to see the Enemy as an enemy against God given rights.

        The Tree of Liberty is thirsty, and when the watering begins, when the ‘long train of abuses’ has become so long, that you and I can no longer live in joy and happiness, when liberty is taken by the ownership of your bodies and there are few doctors left… when the dollar is worthless and you cannot buy gas or feed your kids… when the buying and selling of goods is not allowed unless you have a permission mark… if the rapture doesn’t come and your faith is weakened… then, it is the time of Exploits in the Time of Jacobs Trouble.

        Let your exploits be undertaken with the sure and certain knowledge, that you are the Hands of God’s Justice. And even if you do not believe in anything, even if you have lost faith in central governments and The Constitution, believe this; Either you believe in the Natural Law codified in the Bill of Rights, as rights given by God, or you believe in privileges given out by animal men… and then you must ask yourself;

        Hows that worked out?

        • Not even the gates of hell shall prevail against it (the Church) Matt.16
          Well said and thought out. Bravo to you using your 1st amendment right.

        • He didnt win because the conservatives “stayed home” He was selected by the PTB to complete thier agenda. There was massive voter fraud, and machine fraud. It has been documented and just like all the constitutional violations that the admin. has done. The media and congress will look the other way or put on a phoney act, then let it drop. Fast and Furious, recess appointments, executive orders. Bengahzi, Fighter jets to mooslim countries etc. We cannot vote them out. They are SELECTED. SHTF is coming.

      86. Howdy, Central TX Mom. BI has another article in the archives you’ll want to look at from 5-12-12 titled, “How Horrific Would It Be For The Nonprepper?”. That article combined with this one really spells it all out. Braveheart

        • Hey Braveheart, how are you doing? Thanks for the tip, wrote it down to look up later, gotta go chase the 3 yr old- he’s into something….lol


      88. I’m curious why preppers spend so much time preparing for “the inevitable” instead of helping to keep society together? Things like local economies, sustainable/enviro practices, things that lower consumption are both “prep” for bad times AND things that make bad times less likely to come…

        ex: If I keep buying my garlic from china, there certainly wont be any available if things go bad. If I buy my garlic from a nearby farmer, 1) Garlic is produced nearby and thus likely to be around in an emergency and 2) the economy near me is strong, meaning others are more likely to have a safety net as well, reducing the “depth” of the emergency or decline…

        I’d love to hear your thoughts.

        • Many preppers are very involved in sustainable living, homesteading, permaculture, community service, and good stewardship of the environment. I think there are two parts to prepping: 1) having enough stored resources for yourself and your family so you’re not a drain on scarce public resources 2) Creating as much sustainability in your life as possible to help “cushion” yourself from hard times. This helps you, and it also allows you to help others.

        • Mike Graf,
          Not sure why you assume preppers are not involved in these things. Most preppers I know are involved in the local food movement, selling their extras at our Farmer’s Markets and buying from each other. As a prepper, I collect the rain water run-off from my roof to water my garden. Also use a clothesline to dry my clothes in order to lessen pressure on the power grid in the summer. I compost to lower the amount of garbage in the landfill and constantly look for ways to make my home more energy efficient. Prepper ways are the ultimate in sustainability practices. The problem is, there are WAY too few preppers.

      89. BI.

        Nice article. Looks like you nailed most angles.

      90. Great job, BI.

        Always enjoy your posts about earthquakes, now for some comic relief!

        Thanks for a great article!

        Molon Labe

      91. Many Americans right now are too poor to keep the lights on or food in the house. Telling them to buy extra is asking the impossible. For the very poor even prepping and buying some extra food, all it takes for that food to go poof is a work slow-down or other emergency like a car repair. Prepping is really a forte of the middle class and above–some of whom are land rich and can grow their own food and produce off that land. I look at survival websites and laugh at the prices. Many of us can’t do anymore. We lack the resources beyond a windup/solar flashlight and trying to keep a week’s worth of water in the apt at all times. We live in apartments where there is no heat if the power grid goes down but the lease forbids kerosene/propane heaters–instant eviction[they are too dangerous to store indoors] and we think about the possibilities of freezing to death in the winter but then renting a house that would have a fireplace or woodstove costs almost double. Sure some may say move to the country to get a cheaper deal but what do you do, if you are 15 miles out and your old broken down car breaks down on a good day. No one is going to get work or anywhere else for that matter. The prepper community needs to realize that expendable income to prepare for many Americans is simply not there. Some of us are just stuck with some old canned food and hoping for the best. Plastic Water jugs by the way have a life span of only 6 months, I noticed that myself trying to store some water. Please consider how some of us are living. We are running out of food during a good month. The bills are crushing us no matter how much we strip things down. We barely can keep the lights on. I had to give up the prepping dream and decide just to throw myself on the mercy of God and trust in Jesus Christ as my Savior to take care of me. The attitude that people aren’t just preparing because they are lazy and irresponsible is false. For many the money and resources are just not there–The Squawker

        I wrote this article called:


        • B.S. Having lived in the Slums for 5 years, There is PLENTY of money for preps.I have seen truckloads of Mad Dog 20-20, Ripple, Gallo White Port and others every where. I have seen TV dinners by the thousand bought with food stamps (Now Snap) Every store had lottery tickets by the zillions to sell. That doesn’t even begin to talk about drugs, pot ,hookers and the rest. You can get a years supply of vitamins for about $9.00, And a months supply of rice for $20. I lived in a condemned building for 2 years, Complete with a hole in the roof. Lived mostly on Top Ramon (5Cents) pasta and cooked cabbage. And I call no money to prep Bull Shit.

        • your defeatest pessimistic wrong core concept is the biggest problem you have. You lack self reliance and know how. You wrongly believe you well being & prosperity is at the mercy of other people tings &conditions. nothing is more damaging than a poor defeasist additude. Everyone paddles their own canoe. the sun shines equally on everyone. well all breathe the same air. Its not what you have that really counts. What really counts is what you do with what you presently have available.

      92. Even if some food expires and has to be thrown away, prepping is like home and car insurance. Each month, people pay big $ for an incident that never happened. Money out the window. So what if a few cans here-and-there have to be tossed out. Food and water insurance is the wises insurance on earth.

      93. How long could any business withstand a national “lockdown” like the one imposed during the Boston false flag?

        The big box retailers would welcome such an event killing their competition, that’s who..

        The criminal media are the lynch pin in the ongoing monopoly takedown of the o called “homeland”.They lend authenticity to the criminal class of politicians in the process of their unravelling terror campaigns.

      94. Was going over old notes the other day (when I read books, I take notes, copy stuff). According to the Pentagon, around 2015, there will be a major shift in the climate (I’ve written about this before to you’ll). However, also, around 2015 the Pentagon predicts the cliff will occur in Peak Oil. Just when the population is exploding and poor nations are trying to become industrialized (and thus, the need for oil increases dramatically!), there will be huge DROP in oil production.. the bottom coming out.

        Also, from my notes, “mass starvation”… need to go back and get more details on this. But from what I’ve read (different books by different scientists), around 2015, things will start to unravel rapidly.

      95. The controlled SHTF is happening, it’s a soft landing SHTF, the billionaires want to hang on to their money (and yours), so no ‘hard fall’. They want everyone to lose their home through massive foreclosures. When they get your home (because there are no jobs and you cannot make payments) the Marxists in government will ‘come to the rescue’.

        The Reds in government will transfer all the homes and assets to themselves and rescue you from the ‘bad billionaires’ and ‘bad corporations’. They do not want to take over complete power without the people clamoring for them.

        We’ve seen this before: “Atlas Shrugged” by Ayn Rand. Play off greedy Robber Barons against each other, destroy the ‘system’, then take over. After it’s all said and done the masses will welcome a NWO. All that will be left will be mopping up all the Gray Men (Patriots and Prepper People) hunkering in their bunkers.

      96. My mom’s favorite. is ” the lord Jesus Christ will come take us to heaven before the end of the world happens. ” She was convinced the end of the world was going to end in the 90’s , then 1999, now it will be any day.

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