Just In Case: State of Alaska to Stockpile Mass Amounts of Food and Supplies in Giant Warehouses

by | Aug 29, 2012 | Emergency Preparedness | 171 comments

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    With its remote location and dependence on the uninterrupted flow of supplies from the lower 48 states, the Governor of Alaska has made disaster readiness a hallmark of his administration.

    Gov. Sean Parnell worries a major earthquake or volcanic eruption could leave the state’s 720,000 residents stranded and cut off from food and supply lines. His answer: Build giant warehouses full of emergency food and supplies, just in case.

    For some in the lower 48, it may seem like an extreme step. But Parnell says this is just Alaska.

    “We have a different motivation to do this, because help is a long ways away,” said John Madden, Alaska’s emergency management director.

    The state plans two food stockpiles in or near Fairbanks and Anchorage, two cities that also have military bases. Construction on the two storage facilities will begin this fall, and the first food deliveries are targeted for December. The goal is to have enough food to feed 40,000 people for up to a week, including three days of ready-to-eat meals and four days of bulk food that can be prepared and cooked for large groups. To put that number into perspective, Alaska’s largest city, Anchorage, has about 295,000 people, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, and Juneau, its third largest, about 31,000.

    It’s not unusual for states that routinely experience hurricanes or other large-scale disasters to have supplies like water, ready-to-eat meals, cots and blankets. But Alaska is interested in stocking food with at least a five-year shelf life that meets the nutrition, health and cultural requirements of the state’s unique demographics.

    An estimated 90 percent of commodities entering Alaska are delivered through the Port of Anchorage. Air service is also a critical link to the outside world and generally the only way to reach many rural communities. A volcanic blast emitting a large amount of smoke and ash could disrupt supply lines by air and water for an extended period, Madden said, and an earthquake could knock out airport runways or ports. Those are just some of the disasters that might require emergency supplies.

    State officials have been working to encourage individual responsibility, with talks at schools and public gatherings. Emergency management officials plan to have a booth at the Alaska State Fair. A statewide disaster drill is planned for October.

    Over the past year, the state has acquired or purchased water purification units and generators designed to work in cold climates, including units that could power facilities like hospitals, Madden said. Officials also are determining what the state needs in terms of emergency medical supplies and shelter, he said.

    Source: Business Week

    Alaska’s Governor understands the fragility of modern just-in-time supply lines, and rather than leaving his state completely unprepared for a disaster as Louisiana did in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, he is taking steps to have at least the bare necessities on hand in the event of a worst-case scenario.

    Of note is that the State will only be stockpiling about five days worth of food and critical supplies for its population. Definitely a good start, but certainly not enough for any prolonged disaster that may strike their ports or the Continental United States. That’s why they are urging individuals to take it upon themselves to prepare as well.

    As we have seen with every major disaster in the world over the last century, when an emergency strikes the government will be overwhelmed. Help will not be on the way – police, medical personnel and local government could potentially disappear in a serious emergency as first responders would go home to be with their families, or simply be out of contact due to downed communication lines.

    Like Alaska, every American should prepare for the absence of government assistance and create a well rounded preparedness plan to deal with the aftermath of a disaster, whether natural or man-made.

    Hat tip Satori


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      1. Yay! First PFD checks, now state-sponsored preps! I love my Libertarian-Welfare state!

        • OMG you got a ‘Yay! First’ in that post without any thumbs down. LOL, you sneaky devil you. Just keep pumping that oil and all will be forgiven.

          • “””The state plans two food stockpiles in or near Fairbanks and Anchorage, two cities that also have military bases. Construction on the two storage facilities will begin this fall, and the first food deliveries are targeted for December. The goal is to have enough food to feed 40,000 people for up to a week, including three days of ready-to-eat meals and four days of bulk food that can be prepared and cooked for large groups.”””

            How blind does one have to be to not see that they are preparing to feed the military and it’s support system?

            Gotta keep those soldiers fed to make sure the other 680,000 or so stay in line and are unable to resist.

            For those seeking transparency in government, this is about as close as you will get.

            • FO GC.

            • GC: I agree. This is about feeding the military not the people. And its probably enough to feed them for five years.

            • Shirley: Nobody tells GC to FO better than I do; or more often for that matter, but he is right this time.

              Juneau has a population of about 32,000. 40k meals gives the population of that city one meal, one time, one day.

              WE won’t even mention Anchorage or Fairbanks.

            • GC should have joined the military reserve when he was young for one tour, if he had a pair.

            • It may not be for the citizenry, but could you imagine what people would do if he prepped a years worth of food and water for everyone? I bet he would be voted out as a kook or a tinfoil hat wearing fool who believes in 2012 Mayan stuff.

              Start small and then expand. Its a start.

            • The military has plenty of food in their chain of supply.
              Food stored with 5 year shelf life? WTF! So what happens to all of it in 6 years? I think a big part of this is a con job to give food away. If it was REALLY for emergency, there are plenty of foods with a 20 or even 30 year shelf life. Or is our government really that stupid?

            • I think I have to ask “WHY NOW”? Why not a couple of months ago when they were in their spring/summer months? What is the sense of urgency for them to start this process in the middle of their winter?

              So…let me make sure I have this straight….all of a sudden, in the middle of their winter they decide that NOW is the time to stockpile food???? Something isn’t right about that…not to me.

            • God’s Creation: whoa there friend! Shirley’s right, you’re way off base here with the conspiracy stuff. There’s a large air force base in Anchorage (Elmendorf AFB) and in Fairbanks (Eileson AFB) and Army Fort Wainright too. I think I got the spellings correct. With these big bases why wouldln’t these warehouses be built on the bases where they’d be more secure, near the troop you believe who will need them? And besides, the bases are federal which has is own money to do it on a much larger scale. And why would the state of Alaska spend money when the feds could spend so much more? Are you implying that the govenor of Alaska is in on some conspiracy with the federal government? Fine, to what end, so that he can keep his job, or perhaps something bigger, like being named Emperor of the North? Alaskans are the most self reliant group we’ve got in this country so why would they want to remain part of a crumbling nation? You make no sense sir.

            • Whats up with that FO Shirley? If you insist, come over here and bend over and I’ll see what I can do for you.

              As for your join the military reserve crap, I would never do that. It doesn’t show whether you “have a pair”, only whether you are willing to have them removed by the corp. and submit to it’s false authority enough to actually kill an innocent man, woman, or child for it.

              Aside from the fact that the only true purpose of the soldier is to be part of a killing machine, forcing me to break one of Gods laws, I have always had major problems with anyone claiming authority over me or giving me orders. Especially when Captain Moron or General Idiot is giving those orders.

              Because I am a critical thinker with high IQ and a strong will to be free, and always have been, the indoctrination didn’t work very well on me. As a result, I have been able to honor God’s Law and keep my pair at the same time.

            • tina, i dont know how to break this to you, but it is the middle of the summer in alaska, not the middle of the winter.much like anywhere else in the northern hemisphere.

            • Ha ha ha ha! Get em GC! GC is beyond correct on this, joining a brainwashed death machine has nothing to do with balls, in this case he used his brain to save his balls, thats a win win.

            • Gregory, Alaska has a lot of resources that need to be protected by the corp, and civilian military support systems that will need to be fed in the event of something going down in the lower 48.

              Why would Alaska want to remain a part of crumbling nation? It, like the other 49 states, would not. The military is there to make sure it does. And the State of Alaska (a federal corporation), is merely making plans to feed it’s military support staff.

              The fact that a conspiracy could be so large that you can not believe it exists, does not mean that it does not exist. It just means you are unable to comprehend it.

              As J Edgar Hoover said long ago

              “The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists. The American mind simply has not come to a realization of the evil which has been introduced into our midst. It rejects even the assumption that human creatures could espouse a philosophy which must ultimately destroy all that is good and decent.”

              Know thy enemy and you will understand it’s actions and reactions.

            • GC: Sorry to burst your bubble pal but since you and Peteropolis have obviously never served in the military you don’t a thing about the people there. I did 22 years, half of it active duty, and despite what you’ve inagined in your deepest, darkest fears, most are not mindless robots. You both must be crazy to think that if things start really falling apart that most military personnel and LEOs at all levels are just going to report for duty while their families are in danger. If so, you’re both nuttier than even I imagined. A few lone barricks rats may show up but the rest will head straight for home to protect their own. They don’t give a shit about government leaders and the corp, as you call them. They’re all going to be like Cartman in South Park “screw you guys, I’m outta here”! Any time you two guys need a reality check, just write to me o.k.? P.S., by the way, I retired as an LEO so I have both career fields covered. Have a great day fellows.

            • Anti-military BS. The Military is well prepared to feed their troops. In an emergency it will be the military out there bringing food and water to the people. Do not forget the military is made up of your sons & daughters, brothers & sisters, fathers & mothers.

            • GC, I’m with you on this one. The “military” will consist of so much more than just AF & Army. There are tens of thousands of LE,reservsist,medical, and support teams that will need food for them and their families in the event of a total collapse; or worse, an invasion.

              What if Russian/Chinese/Islamic (commie) troops are planning to invade USA via Alaska? It’s somewhat biblical prophecy. I could explain, but not enough space and I’d be ridiculed as an idiot or worse, a conspiracy theorist.

            • Gregory, I sure hope you are right. I would love to stand up later and confess what a fool I have been. However, there are already many cops and soldiers who are doing the corps bidding under the excuse that “I’m just doing my job”.

              Both the military and law enforcement are clueless about the law of the People, by training. For example, how many tickets did you write for people not wearing a seat belt? How many times did ask for a drivers license when none is required? How many times did you bust someone for carrying a small bag of weed? How many did you pull over for not having a license plate on their car?

              Those things are not laws, but commercial regulation from which the people are immune by Law.

              I could go on and on, but the point is that none of those things are crimes, for lack of a victim which a prerequisite for any agency of the state to act with force against a man.

              How many will stand up and honor their Oath? Why would I expect them to do so later when they refuse to do it now? Why is a man occupying the White House that can not, and will not, even produce a Birth Certificate? A man whose wife has admitted was born in Kenya and ineligible for the office he occupies? Why are they following orders from this same clown to go overseas and kill people who pose no threat to the people?

              What are the soldiers going to do when they are brought into a room and told that they are deploy on the streets of a major city, when such deployments are unlawful? Are they going to honor the law, or deploy themselves? Are they going to fire on innocent people here because that is their orders?

              I pray daily that I am wrong, but the vast majority of the people have forsaken the Laws of God and the “officers” reject the Common Law of the People, and believe wholeheartedly in the regulations of the “government” as law, even when the so called laws are deeply rooted in a well documented fraud that permeates every government agency by way of toxic currency created out of nothing.

              And I do know about soldiers, having lived in military towns for most of the last twenty years and worked in retail management for a lot of those years before making my escape from the corporate world.

              Many of them are rude and arrogant, many are not. But they have all gone through extensive indoctrination and very few think critically. I actually saw one forced to do push ups by an officer in an apartment complex parking lot, way off post. I suspect that most will follow the orders they are given until it is too late for disobeying them to make a difference. Then they will run home to try to salvage what they can from the mess they themselves helped to create.

              But again, I hope I am wrong and can come back here to apologize to everyone for warning them about what was never to come.

            • No the military will feed themselves. It might be for government types or the state national guard to keep them happy and in line.

            • GC..I thought the same thing when reading that fact.

          • I see you caught him as well. LOL

            • GC: This is now while things are pretty much still normal. I agree with you that a lot of cops at all levels are getting out of contol. Youtube is full of cops misdeeds and I find it very distrubing. And yes, even as a retired LEO, it scares me. But I’m talking about WTSHTF, if things really go south, a few cops and soldiers will show up because they have no where else to go, but 99% will head for home and family. No cops or soldiers, it’s YOYO time (Your On Your Own). Just be prepared because it will be gangs that will pose a real problem without any law and order. Good luck.

            • @ Gregory8

              I call “bullshit” on your comment, “…99% will head for home and family.” The 99% factor is that their wives/families have not prepped with more than a weeks worth of food. When they realize they can at least keep their families somewhat safe and fed, they will be back in uniform and doing whatever their superiors order them to do. If that means shooting or locking away civilians, then that is what they will do.

            • Gregory, I guess our biggest difference of opinion is where the line will be drawn by those acting as foot soldiers, meaning military and law enforcement, for the corp (it is not really a Lawful government established under the Constitution, but the bastardized remains of the one that was).

              Your hope, and I hope you are right, is that they will refuse to turn guns on the American people, ie deploy to an American city for “crowd control”, or fire upon unarmed demonstrators.

              I, on the other hand, am not so optimistic about it. They do not, as a whole, have any knowledge of the Constitution they are sworn to protect. I am referring to both the local law enforcement officers and the military in that regard.

              Most, especially the local militarized police departments, have no idea that the Common Law exists and their main duty is to enforce it for the protection of the People. They have no idea that the statutes are actually commercial law and should not be enforced against the People in the course of their private affairs.

              It is not so much a lack of integrity of the men and women that will cause the problems, as much as the total lack of knowledge about the laws and how they are supposed to be enforced, and against who they can rightfully be enforced, and when that enforcement can take place.

              They believe the government is their boss and protector, the source of their authority. They do not seem to realize that the People are in charge and ultimately the source of their privilege of service. Thus, they protect the government, no matter how wrong it may be, in exchange for protection when they cause harm to rights and property of a man.

              It is for those reasons that I have no alternative but to expect the worst from them when they are needed the most. That the government will be protected from the people, rather than the people from the government.

              It’s not that they themselves are bad as men and women, but they have been trained to serve evil with the belief that it is good. They have been trained to protect the source of the evil, and measure themselves on how well they do it.

              There are many GOOD cops and soldier among us. I do not deny that. But just like us preppers, they are a huge minority. Those who perpetrate the most abuse, and thereby generate the most revenue, are the ones promoted and become the order givers. Good cops have a hard time in that environment and either leave or go bad.

              I hope you are right and I am wrong, but a preponderance of the evidence, even clear and convincing in many cases, suggest that my pessimistic outlook will be more accurate, and with damaging results.

              I pray to the Almighty God that my analysis is wrong, and that I may appear as an idiot in front of all who read what I post. And that we all survive long enough to hear His verdict.


              Nice talking to you about it.

            • Don’t Tread: Reality check again. My guess is that you’ve never served in the military and that you don’t have a wife and kids. Realitve safe, now that’s where I CALL B.S. No man, and I mean no man, or woman, is going to let his/her family be ‘somewhat safe” just for a little extra food. That’s just nucking futs! Who’s going to protect these families while their soldier or cop is away? Cops don’t live in a compound and most military families don’t live on military bases either-not enough housing. That’s how I know you’ve never been in the military because you’d have known that. A very large percentage of military families live off base with the civilians, that’s why they get a housing allowance because base housing is limited. So these families will be as vulnerable as the civilians. In a real SHTF senario 99.99% of these men and women will go home to protect their families. And just one more little thing: most military families got their preps in place, it’s part of being a miltary family, so they’ll need a lot less of what the average civilian needs.

        • I think its great that alaska gov’t is prepping…

          • PLANNING to prep. The list of failed government projects up here is as long as the Aleutian Chain.

            • Maybe you guys can finish that bridge to nowhere.

            • Food stored with 5 year shelf life? WTF! So what happens to all of it in 6 years? I think a big part of this is a con job to give food away. If it was REALLY for emergency, there are plenty of foods with a 20 or even 30 year shelf life. Or is our government really that stupid?

      2. Every state in the union would be smart to make this one of their FIRST priorities.

        Y’all Beware!

        • Good ol’ home state, preppin away. I think if anyone will make it, Alaskans will. (Unless Fukushima gets an itching to let us all have it)

          • Alaska is totally dependant upon outside supply. If that is cut off, the population of Alaska will drop to a point near where it was 150 years ago. The only thing that could possibly save Alaska is their oil/gas resources, which they would sell to the highest bidder after they are forsaken by the thugs in D.C.

        • Texas took possession of $1 billion in gold last April.
          Not a bad start!

          • I think that was a university in Texas, and it was being held in a vault in N.Y.

        • How does this fit with UN Agenda 21? Or with our own UN approved “Food Safety and Modernization Act” which limits food storrage to 7 days of food on hand and prohibits “sharing” food?
          FEMA used to say we should have 3 days of supplies on hand and now they advertise 2 weeks should be kept. But the 2011 Food Safety…Act says we are not allowed to have this much food on hand.
          “Control the food and you control the people. Control the money and you control the nation.” Kissinger

          • The Hydra has many heads who are not syncronized,they fuss and fight each other..one says one thing and another somthing else so its best to not pay too much attention to it,or them,whatever! Do what you know to do,need to do and make sure you and yours make it through whats coming! “Live free or die tryin”

        • They can’t make it their priority–then they’d have to let the state tax payers know about the ‘secret’ columns on the budget sheets with surplus money; that will never happen; because then, TPTB couldn’t raise all taxes and steal some more for themselves.

        • Every head of household would be smart to prepare and make this a first FAMILY priority, even if its a family of only one! Prep for TWO. 🙂 Then, it will last longer and/or you will have a great new friend in some trying days ahead.

      3. Why does this seem strange to me? It’s not like the threat of an earthquake or volcano hasn’t been around for years. Why the sudden interest now? As they say ” We’re the government and we’re here to help you.” Run the other way.

        • exactly….why now? why not 10 years ago? I think TPTB know something is coming.

          • If I lived in Alaska, the fact that last January the several cities had received more than 24 feet of snow by mid-January, would make me prepare even more.

          • They are either trying to be proactive and sustain the welfare of their fellow citizens after a crippling disater, or it wasn’t up for discussion, they were told by an outside source that the geography and weather conditions of their land was ideal for long term food storage, for an outside, non-local agency. Not to question their motives of course, sounds like a good plan every state / local community should implicate.

          • I believe that the “something is coming” is a middle east war that will perpetuate into WWIII.

            While the media has been preoccupied with the hurricane and RNC, Iran has had a little conference going with other nations and even the UN. From what I gather, they have/are defying any and all sanctions and are at the point of holding nuke missles over the heads of USA and GB. It is at a climactic point of no return and Israel will have to do something or deal with devastation.

            If we believe anything about bible prophecy, and I do, then we won’t see Israel being wiped off the map. To the contrary, it will be Damascus and possibly Tehran that gets leveled.

            God still sits on the Throne!

            • AMEN TO THAT!!!!!!!

        • Not to say it isnt fishy, but those in the know, know many Alaskans aren’t all about fast food and grocery stores, many are preppers as a way of life, not for emergencys generally, but for every day life in the bush. Gardening, fishing, hunting, canning, are must have skills for living in such an environment such as the last american frontier. Also, the Gov is putting awareness out there for people to prep for themselves, which is more than I expect from any Gov in office. Sounds fishy for sure, but its the best “fishy” I’ve seen yet.

        • @ JRS. On the August 10, 2012 article I gave 14 locations to watch out for in the coming months for very large earthquakes, already 2 have come about. Alaska was one of these. I tell everyone this, THEY KNOW. This is why they are so closely monitoring the New Madrid Fault. There is a tremendous amount of pressure on Alaska right now from the Asia plate and the Pacific plate. The Pacific plate is in flux right now as indicated by that 7.7 deep focus earthquake last week. By the way the Virgin Islands just had one of the largest earthquakes they have had in at least several months of 5.2. The Caribbean plate just had a 7.4 on the western portion. The eastern portion is even more prone to a big earthquake.

          It is really nice to see one of the free states of Alaska that allows almost total freedom with firearms getting ready. Even if it is for something coming, they are trying to get people ready and that is encouraging, one of the few encouranging signs of this year.

        • JRS,,,,I really don’t think it will matter. By the time they build the warehouses, then purchased the supplies, we and they, will be either neck deep in shit, or already had dirt shoveled in our face. (That’s my long winded way of saying: too little, too late.)

        • JRS: I read that the largest capacity FEMA camp is in Alaska, or is to be built there. Its suposed to be able to hole over 2 Million persons! And be the hugest fema camp nationwide. Not sure if its true or not? But so far it seems every time we hear of “runmors” like this, they mainly come out as true all along.

          All truth passes thru three stages. #1 truth is Ridiculed and laughed at, called “conspiricy” stuf.

          #2 truth in second stage is Violently opposed, after ridicule didn’t work to quell or stiffle the truth.

          #3= Final stage=truth is fully accepted and said to be known all along, like in self evident etc!…Most times the original deniers and violent opposers is who takes All credit for this new “discovery” of truth.

        • It would seem like they would need to let citizens in the state know how they r going to divide this food out when the time comes. Or how it will be protected. Or a lot of other details that would be nice to know. A few guns can take over a warehouse whether they are good or bad in intent. This is why I will keep my distance from any distribution areas. Like is always said having the stuff isnt always enough…

      4. Just another reason to move to Alaska.

        • I hear you have to have a license to conceal carry, and not have to have one to open carry.

          • No, you can open carry and conceal carry without a permit up here. I never go to Los Anchorage without my ol’.45!

          • Can’t speak for Alaska, but Nebraska is that way.

          • There are no permits necessary to open or conceal carry in Alaska. There are zones where you cannot bring a gun obviously but other than that you’re fine. It’s commonplace here.

        • drdetroit, if you are as your namesake implies, you have every reason to think so! I hope your the dr. cousin I have in detroit; been trying to ‘wake him up’ for a while, very gently, but i don’t think it’s happened yet. Now that is one place I wouldn’t want to be stuck when the shtf. If martial law is declared would they close the borders down immediately? I was just discussing this with my better half last night about possible refugees coming over the border in the event of something major goin’ down.

      5. DOOM!!!

      6. Wow! Kudos to Gov. Sean Parnell for having the foresight to begin preppin.

      7. This is big Mac….always wanted to say that…but seriously our 49th state is actually prepping. If this dont start waking people up then nothing will

        • @ C&B

          I think our Prezident would argue our second last state would be the 56th, not the 49th.

          Just sayin’.

      8. Somewhat of a good idea.

        I say somewhat because even though this isn’t the federal government, it is the GOVERNMENT stockpiling food — so they can come to the “rescue” of their citizens in the event of an emergency.

        Instead he should be running PSA’s convincing his constituents to stock up on their own.

        Government is the answer to almost nothing.

      9. When the State govt. prepares…consider this your canary in the mine.

      10. Wow, really? Sounds great. But I was just wondering, is there any chance that all this food will end up being used to feed the military that will be there to protect the mineral deposits and untapped oil?

        40k meals and there is 720k residents. Hummmm.

        Gov. Sean Parnell is worried a major earthquake or volcanic eruption… Hummmm How many of those have there been lately?

        The red flag just went up my pole.

        • My thoughts exactly.

        • Exactly! This is NOT even close to the amount of food that they should be stocking. Even if there was a natural disaster elsewhere that knocked the supply-lines off-kilter, a week’s supply of food for 40,000 is not going to scratch the surface. If their population is 720,000, they are going to stock food for just 5.5% of the population? And only for a week?

          And they’re talking about “building” in the last days of August? In Alaska?

          This smells worse than 30-day old beached whale!

        • I’d say that 40K to 720K is a pretty good number. Alaskans are a different breed. When told to stock up, they will, if somehow they didn’t know this already?

          That said, there will allllllways be a few numbnuts going “what? I never thought of that.” Probably about 40K of them. Wise governor.

        • Agree
          the government doesnt protect its citizens,,never has,, but they sure do protect their mineral and natural resources with major fire power and military power

          its quite easy to do the math if youve been paying attention

          • and they will tell the citizens its “for them” just to comfort them and throw them off thier trail

          • VRF,
            You are correct sir! (in Ed McMahon, voice)
            Although never uttered in liberal circles, Alaska, was purchased from Russia,
            FOR its natural resources, not for it’s prettiness.
            Remarkably this gets lost in discussion when talking about drilling.

          • Its not the governments job to protect people. Oh wait, nevermind, I forgot about foodstamps and welfare.

        • Good point!

        • Has anyone here ever seen the tv show caled…”Gangs” or something like that?

          One episode was on huge illeagle mexican/latinos gangs that infiltrated ancorage alaska! Man them gangs shown looked exactly the same as any large city like detroit-chicago or la calif. Massive huge numbers!

          Was hard to believe even so far north and in wilderness areas gangs have set up bases. Gangs basically Rule the streets there in ancorage as in any other city where cops cant stop it etc. Cant recall actual numbers quoted but recall it was in the tens of thousands! Maybe like 100 thousand total(?).

          I never would have thought it would appear there till I seen that tv gang show.

          I rekon this means, White-Flight is No longer an option regardless how far north or cold climates you go to eh.

          Which in turn can only mean, when adrenalin kicks into “Fight or Flight” mode in people, Stand and Fight is only option we got left today.

          The White Knight is in Check…Playing against a Stacked Deck!

          • I’ve lived here for a decade and haven’t seen any gangs. Your number suggest that 1 of every 7 residents of the state is a gang member. This is false.

        • Sounds like he is prepping for himself.

          • Shootit, I concur, only VIP’s will be allowed to walk past the heavily armed guards into that food stash for a nice meal.

      11. The systemic collapse of a debt based economy requiring exponential growth is inevitable. As more and more people/governments wake up to the reality of this SHTF scenario, be prepared to paid higher prices for food and supplies that may eventually become unobtainable.
        Good Luck Everyone

      12. my favorite part of the article

        “State officials have been working to encourage individual responsibility, with talks at schools and public gatherings. Emergency management officials plan to have a booth at the Alaska State Fair. A statewide disaster drill is planned for October.”

        encouraging and educating people to take care of themselves

        Parnell is a common sense,down to earth kinda guy
        this is a good idea
        and sets a good example

        • “A statewide disaster drill is planned for October.” Yep, complete with Blackhawk helicopters to assure traffic flow of dogsleds.

      13. Maybe he is thinking of secession?

        • Interesting thought Daisy. 🙂 It has me thinking.

        • wow..tat thought never occured to me..but it has merrit

        • That was actually one of my first thoughts. There are still ethnic Russians there. If they moved fast enough, they could be recognized by Russia, maybe become a Russian military protectorate. That could be in the bug game plan anyway, as America is broken by the marxists…

          • *big game plan*

        • Break up of the US is a distinct possibility down the line. Folks up in Alaska have a lot more in common with folks in the NW Territory and the Yukon than they do with the trash in DC or any ‘blue state’ for that matter.

          Alaska without the feds telling them what to do would be a wealthier… and happier state. And many of them know it.

          Have a good night,

        • Then I will be back there in the morning…. 🙂 always loved that state!

        • And maybe this is just the ‘first’ installment of food supplies??

      14. Why now? Something we should know??

      15. Another angle on this story is that “if” the Fairbanks Processing/Filtration Camp is a reality, this could be an order for supplies in support of this facility

        • Maybe this is a “cover story”?

      16. I love the feeling of justification. Anyone else feel more justified now? I do. I love it!

        Thanks for sharing this Mac.

      17. This is, obviously, an intelligent idea; however, can you imagine the price stress that this accouncement will cause on an already short global food supply?

        • Check out moneymappress.com and click the visitor link to read some alarming statistics that are a real wake up call.
          You don’t have to buy anything.
          But it’s clear that more people/governments are waking up.

          Also watch Chris Martensons “The Crash Course” online for free at peakprosperity.com . He’s quite clear with his message that bad things are coming.
          Good Luck

          • Wow, complete with a pic of an American, I mean a Do-Do bird…

        • My thoughts exactly. Something massive is on the horizon.
          With this large purchase by the State, it takes that much supply out of the system. TPTB do not want us preppers/Patriots to be able to substain ourselves in a long term manufactored crisis. They want us to come to them and submit to their satanic tyranny. This comming crisis/collapse is not about money, property, or natural resources. TPTB already own all of it in some way. This is about your soul. That my freinds is something they just can’t take. You have to submit it to them. I have two words for them MOLON LABE!!!!

        • You know whats odd though,I bought some corn yesterday by the hundred weight…and the price has actually gone down about a buck a hundred lbs…the corn Ive seen in this region is really doing well,and my own had done pretty good(10ft+ tall and 1-3 ears per)makes me wonder just how bad the crops are doing in “reality” minus the govt/corp/media spin…I know Im questioning the official story but then I wouldnt be “REB” if I didnt 🙂 I mean whats the chances theyre lying to us all about the crop losses overall…I know there really have been losses,Im not saying theres not been but part of me wonders if they might have another destination/use for alot of the grain crop and its in their interest to make folks think the crop failed in order to “cover”a bunch of missing/redirected feed stocks…its not anything Im stating as a fact just the suspicious nagging I tend to have(that little voice that says,”wait now just a minute”)when ever the govicorp says (X) I tend to look for (Y) you know what I mean?
          On a side note I see alot of the “late blight” on peoples tomatoes and potatoes around,lots of people I know have lost their taters and maters to it this year again,so far Im doing okay a trace here and there but all mine are under hoops this year and its working like Id hoped,so far. “Live free or die tryin”

          • REB…yea, I’m having problems with my tomatoes this year. The chickens are getting a lot of them. Pretty good source of calcium for them and they love em. Haven’t dug the potatoes yet.How does a greenhouse stop the blight? Controlled watering?

            • If you have blight and it is early in the season, trim off the affected potions as you see them and “bin, burn, or bag” it so the spores don’t spread. Stay on top of it so you can try to get a potato crop still. If late in the season, trim off all the tops and b/b/b them, then wait 3 weeks to harvest the potatoes, giving time for the spores at the top of the soil to die and the potatoes to set their skins. Make sure to check them frequently in storage and remove any that are showing funkiness.

              Where I live, in one of the most important corn-producing states, the corn crop is A-W-F-U-L…but I am expecting a bumper harvest of potatoes and thus far have gotten 80-90 lbs of tomatos off the plants I have in a 1 x 12 strip of waste space between our driveway and fence. One of the benefits of horrific drought, I guess.

            • Thanks mama….My potatoes are OK. Just waiting for the tops to die.I trimmed the tomatoes but it is starting to get late in the season and I did get 21 jars of spaghetti sauce canned already so I guess I may have to be content with that.I will still be eating some fried green tomatoes though.Do the spores winter over? I was going to compost the plants.

            • Once the plant is dead, the spores can’t live on it, so it should be okay if you BURY it in the compost so it can’t spread to other people’s fields. I don’t think it can live just in the soil, but it can live on in volunteer plant if you missed a few taters. Congrats on your 21 jars! Pint or quart? I haven’t made sauce yet but I have my freezer stuffed full and getting ready. Nothing as beautiful as rows and rows of jars you canned yourself…except maybe your kids, huh!

            • Exactly!mine are not greenhouses perse,but openended hooptunnels… I can keep it like a desert in there,and just water the roots…only problem is with days about 80 and nights in the low 40s theres alot of dew,thats harder to control but whilst everyone around me has dead tomatoe plants Im only having to trim off a few infected leaves regularly,which I burn or feed to the turkeys(they love them)other than that,so far so good…my early planting of potatoes missed the blight totally but I put in a baby planting row of about 150 ft just to see what theyd do and they got it a couple days ago,so I wont try that again.

      18. *announcement — long day, sorry…LOL

      19. My first thought on reading this was “What do they know that they’re not saying?” I think it’s a good idea, though I’d hate to be dependent on the government to handle things efficiently and fairly when it comes to distributing aide (remember Brownie?!) My second thought was how are they going to make it polar bear-proof? And my third thought was – step up my own prepping. This makes me at least as apprehensive as anything I’ve seen. And just a thought, do you think they’ll stock up on Klondike bars? Misneach, fianna.

      20. Well preppers I just wanted to say fairwell.
        I honestly believe the majority here are good people but I will admit this place has been a negative influence on me.
        I pride myself on not just posting to insult someone but I have found myself doing just that here and for that I apologize.
        I must say it is simply the fact that the thumbs up/down is used to punish ideas and sometimes even a poster rather than the behaviour.
        Pro-religion will get thumbs up.
        Anti-religion will get thumbs down.
        Heck even my request to find a more appropriate place to discuss god was collapsed.
        Yet blatant personal attacks are left as long as they are against the community whipping boys like JoeinNC.
        I am sure there are plenty of people thinking, “good riddance”.
        I would simply suggest you think about attempting to improve the comminty here at shtfplan.
        Use the thumbs down for bad behaviour not just because you disagree with the poster.
        Use the thumbs up because the post adds to the discussion not just because you agree with the sentiment.
        When you thumbs down you are attempting to collapse the comment, effectively trying to censor the poster. Just keep that in mind.

        I am sorry I was unable to overcome my disgust with the cliqish behaviour and religious undercurrent here. I wish some of you a very fond fairwell. (Earthquake guy especially comes to mind)

        And to those of you I find so intolerable. Well, you win. Enjoy it. I am sure I am not the first nor will be the last to move on to greener pastures.

        • hill,

          Well, sometimes we just have to decide if a site is right for us. I see it all the time on a site I administer, and it’s just going to happen.

          However, your post reminds me of some comments I read on the American Atheists website the other day. They had posted some billboards that denigrated religion, while their stance was “holding them up to scrutiny.” The billboards were downright insulting, and as expected the masses were angered that they were insulted so. Public outcray forced the billboards to be taken down weeks earlier than planned.

          One of the comments on their site was “I guess there is still a lot of bigotry in the country.” So AA was claiming victimhood when the masses got pissed at them. This is a misplaced sense of entitlement on their part. They pissed off the people and the people simply responded. That is not bigotry, that is life’s way.

          I went back and reviewed one of the threads on here, and many thumbs down majorities were from people chiding preppers or attacking them first. While I don’t doubt your word, I have to say it goes both ways.

          I don’t know if Mac runs the site by himself, but if he does, I have to say that he has a lot on his hands to provide us this venue. As a moderator-turned-administrator, I have an idea what it takes to keep a site running as safe as possible, and moderators always end up being the “bad guys.” One person cannot do it all. I’m not making an excuse, it’s just facts and reality.

          Either way, I wish you well, and hope you stay ahead of the game, because the game’s rules are being changed nearly daily by the US govt.

        • People who let thumbs down affect them so much won’t last long in a SHTF scenario. Why let it bother you? Maybe believers just have thicker skin since they’ve been “thumbs downed” since the beginning of time.

        • @ hill hermit. As it ever occurred to you that I am trying to figure out a way of predicting earthquakes to save lives along with trying to prove to the geological community to open their close minds to the possiblity and stop wearing blinders. Look at the articles that I have written on preparedness in the past. I have also sent Mac other articles, one recently about using your ingenuity to survive what is coming. I guess Mac dind’t like it or is editting it. I do try to help others though get ready for what is coming. I have a theory on earthquakes with holes in it, but it is at least partially working.

          In respect to what you said about others. I seldom if ever see anyone disapproving of prepping ideas and survival thoughts. This is what this site is about. Many times retards get on this site and are just abusive and want a reaction like some 3 year old screaming child throwing a tantrum. I have personally suggested time and time again to these people that get all these thumbs down to share what they know about prepping and to contribute something postive, they don’t. They rather infuriate people that are trying to ready themselves for what is coming. Maybe they are government trolls, I don’t know.

          You talk about positive feelings. I have seen people spend much time trying to help others with ideas all the time. I don’t know why you don’t see this. There are some really bright people here that each have their unique ideas that they have posted that others consider fro their own prepping. There is a lot of religious discussion on this site because this is faith that people pull towards themselves that give them strength in perilous times. If you don’t believe in something, so what. There are plenty of other issues that you could discuss that people would enjoy and you would enjoy yourself.

          The difference between you and these trolls that just make shrill noise like some screaming Macaw bird locked up in a cage and wanting attention is that you actually think and use your thoughts. These other characters that you feel necessary to support are troublemakers that enjoy causing the site to go off the main subject of preparedness and learning as much as possible to survive. Just look at some of comments they make, they are meant to incite anger and hate.

          I don’t think you are going to find much greener pastures as Mac’s articles are pretty good and the people here are quite intelligent and they know how to survive, something everyone is going to have to know sooner than later.

          • Hey BI “Magnitude 7 Earthquake Recorded Off Eastern Coast of Greenland” according to Foxnews.

            But of course you probably already knew that….

        • Sorry to see you go
          Its hard for me to let a thumb up or down break my sprit or resolve.
          My skin is so thick from working in constructon my whole life. But some people take it to heart, I can understand that, who needs to be shit on for their opinions, right? But for my personality no ones lack of compassion or understanding is going to make me change who I am, or run me off.
          If your going to make it in where this world is headed, you better get tuff or die

          • I think atheists are a minority not just in the usa but mainly the world over. Same as Fagot homos and lezbos.

            I dont mean litterally the same. I mean same as in minorities overall. And when it comes to religious stuf atheists act Very similar to the homo crowd.

            Most(not all) try to force Their opinions or ways on a Huge majority of the rest of americans. But refuse to tolerate disent twords Their lifestyle or beliefs(or Non beliefes if thats the case).

            Atheists may not be as open or insistant towards a majority accepting Thier ways, as are most fag homos are.

            But most atheists I met seem that way. Its ok if they choose their method or way. But they should expect alot of backlash when Their way is contrary to a Vast Majority who do believe or who are hetrosexuals etc.

            Once again I am NOT compareing atheists and homos in any type sexual reference. Just compareing both to hard headed stances when faced with opositions by a majorty who aint like them. Neither group makes much sence to me.

            • Angelo Mysterio-

              Thanks for keeping your well-formed, lucid, and articulate opinions on-topic. I enjoyed your elevated discourse regarding Alaska and its preparation for a disaster.

              You are exactly the kind of poster we need around here!

            • You, sir, are clearly gay.

          • Everyone needs a thumbs down once in a while, it keeps you balanced. Heck, my wife and daughters give me multiple thumbs down every day, if they didn’t I’d feel unloved.

            • I guess a thumbs down is better than a middle finger up……

        • @ Hill Hermit;

          Myself., I have been giving it some thought about taking a different direction concerning SHTFplan.

          I don’t mind the thumbs up or down here. But when the majority of the discussion goes way off topic , I get disappointed. UUUGGGHHH!!!

          Yes., I just did it myself.

          ALASKA!!!!! Please lead the way !!!!!!!!

        • @ hill hermit. Everyone that is a prepper belongs on this site, I truly believe that you will not find a site more open to everything as this. You may disagree with things, but at least you are well spoken about it. I truly believe that if more was discussed about preparing and what to do, people would graviate towards this. It is too bad you are considering other sites but may I try to encourage you to stay as losing preppers is not a good thing.

          Other sites require E-mail addresses and they sell your E-mail and you get hit with more spam.
          Other sites are hardly as interesting.
          Other sites do not have usually the amount of following of this site.
          Other sites censor your comments automatically and you have to walk on eggshells to even get a comment through.
          Other sites do not have the type of talk back like this one does.

          I can personally say that I was banned from one site because of the comments I made about the subject matter because the owner did not like this. At least here someone’s comments stay on for awhile, and you can click it on even after it has been collapsed. On sites if the site owner gets a hair up their rear end you are not even allowed to comment anything.

          I think you will find out that this site is quite good and the people here are more than willing to help you, I, and everyone else in preparing for what is coming. There is plenty of real good about SHTFPLAN. Like I said before, preppers belong here. I don’t know whether you meant good riddance to me and others or you were just saying good bye, I don’t mean any disrespect towards you if i sounded too harsh. I think when terrible events do begin you will find this site a very useful place for valuable information from those good people on this site that know a lot. 🙂

          • Two things:
            Be informed, I know of one such site you speak of, I used to see you there, but no more.

            And to Hill Hermit,
            I went through this phase too here a while back, but I set on it and waited, and took a break and didn’t comment about it.

            There is definitely some ideas on here that I can NOT agree with. And some people that I think I will never talk to or comment on.
            And then…Surprise!
            They something I understand, (but not always,).

            Some times, I just think that we need to BACK AWAY from the computer and go shoot a gun or hug a tree!

            And here is a admition that you will ALL despise,

            In TRUTH, I do not even own a gun!

            So I am an open target,
            Good thing you can’t find me!

            • @ Halfkin. I have a philopshy, try not to put down someone else that prepares and is a prepper. There are sites out there that have their own idiosyncrasies, but are run by someone that does a lot of good. However, someone that preaches freedom and how the silence of how the government keeps everyone in the dark, and how horrible it is that people are losing their freedom of speech. Then moderates everything like some sort of censor king or queen is really being a total hypocrite to what they are trying to advocate. This is what so many of these other sites fall into. I do have more class that to ever name other sites that fall into this category as that is their site, their property and I respect that if they choose to live their life as a pharisee.

              This site is freedom, this site lives by the principles that this site goes by. Even the really asinine comments someone can read by clicking it on. This is freedom like what Mac believes. This is why it is a terrible shame when someone thinks that there are better sites. There are some good ones out there, and there are some that you have to have a total lollipop sickening sweet endorsement of what is being said or your comment gets trashed before anyone else can see it. This site allows you to express yourself freely. Other sites you are governed by someone that might be trying to suck up to sponsors and only allow totally endearing comments to be posted.

              This is a cool site that allows exactly what is preached by so many, yet practiced by few, freedom of speech regardless of the opinion of the owner. Abusive and idiotic rhetoric that is censored on some of these web sites MIGHT have a place, but censoring someone’s comments that doesn’t agree with what will make the sponsors gleeful and preaching how the state is taking away people’s right to free speech is incredible to behold.

              Thankfully this site is not that way, and hopefully preppers that have left will come and find that the pasture was greener right here.

            • @ Be Informed –

              I agree,

              Yet you so many words to say what you mean –

              That sometimes I can not make it through you’re whole post!

              And I mean that in the most honest and non attacking way!
              (insert smiley face here.)

              love your posts,


        • You had some very good input, Hill Hermit. It’s nice of you to say good bye and not just vanish.

          Best of luck to you.

        • Hill Hermit,

          The best part about Freedom of Speech, is we get to say what we want. The worst part of Freedom of Speech, is we get to say what we want.

          “I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.”-Voltaire

          I do agree with your position on the Desert Religion Syndrome. Religion has been the cause of more misery in the last 2000 years than all the political wars combined. Religion has neutered the White male. I’m sure that will generate a few thumbs down, but so be it:)

          Don’t go just because some people’s comments upset you. If they thumb you down, so what? If you quit, that just let’s them win 😉

          • Dude, speak for your own white men. I can vouch 100% for my husband, but then again, he IS a missouri synod Lutheran. And he commands the respect, submission and docility of THIS scrapper through gentle leadership…not an easy task. Plus he is not a big whiner like hill hermit, so, bonus points.

            And I can also 100% guarantee you that the anti-religious mechanized horrors of the 20th century, in which socialist atheists exterminated the religious of all stripes, from Germany to Russia to Mao’s China, much more than outweighs the religion-inspired tally of the previous centuries.

        • hill hermit: Don’t let the natives intimidate you with spears and ugly faces. Its all water on a duck’s back.

          If I don’t get at LEAST 5 thumbs down on any comment I make, I know my “fans” are watching DWTS or IDOL.

          Take your critics with a grain of salt. I do 🙂

          • I gave you a thumbs down. You only had 3 durango. 🙂

        • Interesting take on the thumbs thing. However I view it as a consensus of what people are thinking. More thumbs up is in agreement and thumbs down is disagreement. It to me is like a mini poll.I never take it personal either way. To each his own though. Later.

        • ahh, the inherent minor foibles of freedom of speech = a disagreeing opinion. You gotta love it…or not…or do…or not…

        • Trouble no one about their religion: respect others in their view and demand that they respect yours. -Chief Tecumseh

          Hill hermit,
          I find it interesting that you use JoeinNC as an example of being persecuted. He writes posts that are derogatory and blatantly mean, with name calling and race hating, and yet you find anything that is of religion, to be offensive? This man was not blocked from writing his thoughts, yet you want religion blocked. You can not have it both ways. You may want to find an atheist site where you could have like minded company. If one is religious then it will be part of their whole life, whether posting or going to the store. To expect one to leave their religion at the door because it offends you is not the way I would treat the lord. According to God, whom I believe him with all of my being, the pastures are not greener where you will go, they are barren and full of weeds. In the end, most of us want to be able to live our lives free from oppression, poverty, hatred, religious persecution and bigotry. I respectfully disagree with you. I wish you well and hope that you can someday find solace in the fact that there is a creator and he did indeed create you. In the end, it is not important to win, it is how you feel about the way you participated. Good luck.

          • I would like to point out that Joe in NC richly deserves the whuppin’s he has been given, and in fact has been able to improve and grow. Case in point: until just recently, he was posting illiterate, ungrammatical screeds, but after several posters here, including myself, took him to task for his own horrific grammar after he hypocritically freaked out on someone else’s grammer, I have noticed that his screeds have actually been proofread. It’s a BIG step.

            Now if we could only help him on his critical thinking/logic/ability to establish ethos and other hallmarks of an educated mind, my work here would be done, and all without him having to pay a dime for his thoughts to be eviscerated in red pen via the university system. It’s free college education!

        • There’s a thumbs down option???

      21. he who controls the food water fuel – controls the people .

        hunger thirst extreme-temperatures are very mighty weapons indeed against a dumbed-down dependent population !



        p.s. – none of that food is for you , that food is for those who serve the u.n. nwo zog fedgov stategov , its for your enslavers ! you the slaves will get nothing !

        • “Control the food, you control the people.

          Control the oil, you control the nations.

          Control the money, you control the world.”

          Henry Kisinger

          • Meh, only fools are controlled, if those are what control people then the controlled only asked for it. Food is understandable, but who would tell someone they couldnt grow their own food, and why would being told you couldn’t grow your own food be stood for??

            • @peter… though you are right , those very things are happening all across the ussa ameriKa … people are being arrested and jailed just for collecting rain water from their roof’s. being harassed arrested for having unregulated farms , or gardens too large or gardens in their front yards .

              FEAR is the tool of choice for the UN NWO ZOG FEDGOV !!!


              F E A R of ones government is called TYRANNY !!!


      22. video: Brandon Raub, The Marine who was illegally arrested last week speaks out


      23. To everyone: I’ll bet a dollar to a doughnut those preps in Alaska are strictly for government employees, military, etc. I don’t think Alaska can survive for very long post-SHTF because literally everything they need has to be shipped in by land, air, and sea. If an EMP or solar flare take place, no vehicles, aircraft, or ships will be in operation. Plus, Alaska is one of the most expensive places to live in; unless you’re independently wealthy, there’s no way you’ll have a lot of money for prepping. BI, I’m trying to monitor New Madrid Fault, also. My home is only a one-hour drive from the southern end of the fault zone. If it goes, I may be screwed. I’d love to have a BOL in the Ozarks but I can’t afford it, so I’m stuck right here in Memphis. In the meantime, I’m S still prepping and everyone else do the same. Take care.

        • Me thinks you are mistaken about the people of Alaska. They are the last of the “rugged individualist” that made this country great.

        • @braveheart:

          Go to Alaska. You’ll find the land there can provide plenty (as well as the sea). You’ll also find PLENTY of resourceful people up there. A far greater percentage of Alaskans will survive TEOTWAWKI than in the lower 48.


        • How long can one survive on cabbages, carrots, beets, potatoes onions, and beans and fish?
          The first five can be root cellared, the next dried and the last smoked or salted and dried.

          180 days of midnight sun grows a lot of food!

      24. What with the Russian Airforce practicing bombing runs on Bases in his home state, subs in the Gulf of Mexico, and Putin threats of WW 3 if Iran is attacked, there could be more than one reason for this man to prep.

        The Russins have claimed for some time now they they only ment to “Loan” Alaska to the U.S. and didn’t think we would keep it.

        The guys sounds like a forward thinker….like us!

        • oh yeah…,
          And then there is that close to Russia thingy…

      25. Sooner or later, the People of the Several States will begin to realize that the best and most efficient option available to them is Disunion. Alaska would be a perfect place to begin this process of Disunion and allow for new Confederations to be formed by those Free, Sovereign and Indpendent State Republics that desire to do so. If there are those which wish to remain under the auspices of the federal monstrosity we have known as the United States then by all means allow them to, but let the rest go in peace.

        • I would not be surprised to either secession by some states, or a dissolution of the union someday. Let’s face it, the contract has been broken time and again by the agent of the several states. It’s past time for a new contract, one that once again empowers the states, and the people at large.

      26. This is an off topic I know. Sorry, but I think many will get a good laugh from it!….SING to tune of “Big Bad John”…

        Did I hear someone say, “John Hagee”?

        Every mornin’ at the church you’d see him arrive
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        From/posted at website of Citizenfitz09 dot blogspot dot com

      27. Lol!!!! Thats great stuff.

      28. In a related story, The Mayor of San Fran will be stockpiling condoms and KY Jelly, the mayor of New York Bagels, the mayor of Atlanta Fried Chickens and Watermelons, the mayor of Chicago body bags and toe tags, and the Mayor of Minneapolis and St. Paul really, Really, REALLY…stupid people!

        This prompted DHS to purchase another Billion rounds of JHP’s.

        I also hear that Romney is stockpiling hair gel and Obama old copies of “Jet” magazine and some stupid strong Hawaii smoke.

        • And extra velcro strips for the “choom” van sun visors. No airbags,

      29. Really stupid hawaii smoke! Do you mean as in the weed that was available back in Detroit area around 1980 era?

        I seen it there and it came in a Vacume sealed Steel can! Aprox same size as planters penuts 1lb size can.

        It had painted lable on entire can and it read “Maui Coconut Flakes” inside!!!!! Had real cool palm trees and lots of colorfull design overall. You needed a can opener to open it and heard a vacume “hiss” upon opening can!

        Cost was $200 per can(one Ounce) and came in semi truck trailer load. Thats alot of cans no.

        Never before seen such high tech method to use for shipping marrywanna weed…ps color of contents was BLUE! like Blue spruce xmass trees!….Detroitrs back then called it “Maui-Wowwie” heh heh.

        DISCLAIMER: I never inhaled! and never even tried any of it!…But knew alot of detroit biker guys who seemed to like it an awfull lot.

      30. Stand in line for your yellow cheese whiz and crackers then get back behind the fence.

      31. Interesting. It’s a little late to be building warehouses to stockpile food for their gov’t employees. This is a lost cause for Alaska or any other state. Time is running out!

      32. I’m starting to think government is just buying up ammo, food and other supplies just to run up the price on the citizens. Is government so afraid of 3% of the population that are self reliant?

        To me it’s starting to look as if government is in full blown self preservation mode. If so government could become very dangerous.

        • How’s the rain gauge down there?

          • Its full twice a day. To much water is just as bad as drought for crops.

        • Great article, thanks for the link!

        • Satori

          There’s definitely a lot of movement/rumors afloat given the recent transactions/filings and statements given by pundits worldwide..

          The ptb and its media accomplices will assure us that all is fine and stable…just like weeks and days before Bear Sterns and Lehman imploded moments afterwards..

          The fallout is anyone’s guess..

          At least we are preparing for the shakeout whatever it may be..

          good catch!


      33. meanwhile Isaac continues to dump rain on Louisiana

        725,000 without power

        and in some areas I saw shoulder height water..my thoughts and prayers go out to these people and what they have to deal with

      34. its absolutely amazing how much damage this hurricane has caused
        and it was only a Cat 1

        sooner or later its gonna be a Cat 4 or 5
        and then what ???

        the levees in New Orleans have only been rebuilt for a 100 year storm
        how foolish man is
        life is hard
        and its harder when your stupid

        • Satori, who built the levees?

      35. just a heads up for those of you who like reading doomer “porn”


        new book series coming out in September

      36. Sounds like the russian troops will have plenty to eat before they invade the U.S.? Just food-for-thought!

      37. Heads Up Preppers

        Russia is abandoning its naval base in tartus syria to Nato and Amerika ! The Attack NATO FULL BLOWN INVASION in Syria is imminent .

        Now ask yourselves this … What did AmeriKa pay bribe the Russians KGB FSB Mafia COMMIE GOV for their Tartus Syria Naval Base ??? And remember there are right now Active Russian Commie Spetnaz Air Bourne Troops operating right now in AmeriKa on our own native soil ! They live in USSSA GOVERNMENT FEDGOV RENTED CIVILIAN HOUSES OFF-BASE AND STILL HAVE THEIR WEAPONS AND AMMO WITH THEM !!!


        Is anyone else seeing whats happening ??? Russia and AmeriKa will become best buddies swapping commie spit with each other in the showers grab assin’ each other as they both together with Nato Enslave the worlds population along with China under UN AGENDA 21 PROTOCAL !!!


        They are moving to their next stage of their plans for global un agenda 21 enslavement !!!






      38. This is a good plan and I applaud the state of Alaska for taking an important step in prepping for potential problems. What would be even more useful, however, would be for the governor of Alaska to go on TV and recommend that his fellow Alaskans prep for their own survival of unforeseen future disasters. Alaskans tend to be independent minded folks who would be receptive to this message. I’m sure that many Alaskans are already prepping but for those who are not, a bit of inspiration could be useful.

      39. That ‘stockpiled food’ is just enough to feed the elites.
        Never count on .gov

      40. Texas and Alaska should secede . They could make it on their own , perhaps that would help some other states to find their balls and do the same .
        Stars & Bars !

      41. Probably that stockpiling for only a portion of the population allows an opportunity for the aide to arrive. Alaskans are probably the best-prepared people of any state, because they realize how dangerous the world outside their doorsteps can be. Most Alaskans should already be very prepared for emergency situations, since it’s up to them and their neighbors to survive.

      42. It sounds like most of you have very little awareness of what is going on in Alaska. I have some as I live here, am involved in CERT, am an avid prepper, and writer of prepper literature (Discovery to Catastrophe).

        The Governor proposed this over a year ago September (National Preparedness Month), and if you know anything about building design and construction it takes about a year to get plans drawn, site work design and soil testing completed, and all the paperwork done for any project.

        The military already has it’s own preparations, believe me. And in the original announcement Governor Parnell said it was to help Alaska’s citizens in natural or man made emergencies, and the thousands of persons who will migrate to Alaska seeking refuge in the event of civil unrest in the lower 48.

        Quit speculating without any understanding of the history of the events and wildly going off the deep end with your wanton speculations. Good grief, folks. Let’s use our heads about things. Begin to think.

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