Insane, Violent Liberals Fantasize About Inauguration Purge: “A Murderous Bloodbath On the 20th”?

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    This article was written by Piper McGowin and originally published at The Daily Sheeple.

    Editor’s Comment: Although a Twitterstorm of rage from whining liberals who are still actively dreading a Trump administration is hardly a serious call for violence, it does reveal a dangerous sentiment among those who feel that the country has come unglued simply because their candidate didn’t take office. Some of them might even be serious about their threats, though that remains to be seen.

    How many people would tend towards violence, take to the streets, and take it out on each other if they could? America may be closer to the edge than things appear on the surface. If any major disaster unfolded, including election day riots, there would be pockets across the country that are essentially unrest-prone. If that wild fire were to spread, all hell would break loose.

    People Have Lost Their Sh*t, Threaten Inauguration Day Will Be a Murderous Bloodbath ala ‘The Purge’

    by Piper McGowin

    In case you haven’t seen the film The Purge, here’s a nice little summary of the plot via Wikipedia:

    In 2014, the New Founding Fathers of America, a far right political party inspired by the Founding Fathers of the United States, are voted into office following an economic collapse and pass the 28th Amendment which sanctions an annual national civic tradition called “The Purge”, the first of which takes place in 2017. The Purge occurs for 12 hours, from 7 p.m. March 21 to 7 a.m. March 22, during which all crime is legal and all police, fire, and medical emergency services remain unavailable. Restrictions prohibit government officials “ranking 10” from being disturbed, as well as the use of all weapons above Class 4 (explosive devices such as grenades, rocket launchers, and bazookas). Violation of Purge rules results in a summary execution by hanging. The Purge has resulted in unemployment rates plummeting to 1%, low crime, and a strong economy.


    Considering the current state of our country under the likes of eight years of George W. Bush (see something say something, torture, war) and eight more years of Obama (economic collapse, more torture, more war, extrajudicial drone killings, and an orchestrated race war agenda), can you imagine what this kind of scenario would look like if it were to happen right here right now in real life?

    Well, apparently lots of people in the Twitterverse can, and many have declared that Trump’s inauguration day on January 20, 2017 will be a real life Purge.

    Some of these statements come complete with cute little weapon icons like swords and knives.


    Pasting similar Twitter sentiments to those seen above could go on all day. There are too many to choose from.

    What’s eerie about this (besides all of it) is that the first Purge was the lowest budget film to hit the top of the box office charts since 1988 grossing $90 million. It was a huge commercial success. People loved it, spawning two sequels so far.

    The third one that came out in July 2016 called The Purge: Election Year had a president character who just so happened to play it a lot like Trump in what people in the film claim was an “accident” (yeah right) — complete with the tagline “Keep America Great”:

    So, how far is this country from legalizing crime and murder nationwide for one night a year?

    Great question. We’ve already seen cops turn and look the other way while Trump supporters were beaten bloody by mobs during the election. The rhetoric ramping up on the streets from the radical left right now is that Trump’s inauguration day could turn into one of the biggest riots this nation has ever seen.

    Some of these people are clearly unhinged… As in, a group of black young adults kidnapping a white handicapped man and torturing him live on Facebook and then having national news media anchors say they don’t think it’s evil unhinged.

    And since we live in a country with bought-and-paid-for provocateured race wars being flamed on all sides by the establishment and its puppet politicians and mainstream media, it does leave one to wonder…

    Is this a little pre-programming here?

    Because if it is and Twitter is any indication, it seems to be working.

    This article was written by Piper McGowin and originally published at The Daily Sheeple.


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      1. Unhinged is a good way to describe this. Insane is another.

        • Hi Phil. Good descriptions! I think you may have missed “insane” and “evil” though.

          Just sayin’

          • None of those clowns are purge ready. Deplorable clingers got the guns snowflake.

        • This is not about THEM getting shot, arrested, detained.
          It is about others getting caught up in the events being caught in the middle and THEM being shot and or killed or arrested.
          The Perps are just trying to start something that they stay away from but that the IDIOTS in the crowd get shot and/or arrested.
          There are ALWAYS IDIOTS.

          • Black Friday is a MONUMENT to stupidity. All of the Morons come out of their houses and apartments and go shopping.

            Stupid is as stupid does and stupidity has been institutionalized in the USA on the Day After (Thanksgiving). 🙂

            • Come on, DK. What’s stupid about risking your very life to save 40% on a TV you otherwise wouldn’t have bought? Or getting pepper sprayed over an Xbox?

              Gooood times!!!





          • Acid Etch,
            Is that you? I thought maybe you were Dylan Roof.


          OTHER RACES DONT!!!!!

          THEY WILL PLAY TO WIN!!!!!!!!


          • You can tell by the all caps, the violent attitude, & the unintelligent nature you are dealing with a person who is truly out of touch with reality. Only the unintelligent use color as an issue. Your plans will fail as they have before.

            • I’ll give you your point about the use of all caps being a bit obnoxious, but I will go on to state that Eisenkreutz’s contention that ‘democracy’ (which was and is NOT the kind of government the Founders created; they created a Constitutional Republic) can never work in a multi-racial nation is 100 percent on the mark.

              All races of people on this Earth are tribal by nature, and were it not for the jewish control of Hollywood and the mainstream media – where they have spent the last 60 or 70 years brainwashing and pumping an endless diet of ‘White guilt’ and ‘White self-hate’ into the sponge like brains of White Americans in order to snooker Whites into unilaterally disarming themselves on a racial basis – which has neutered the perfectly normal, perfectly rational and reasonable tribal instincts of White Europeans – Whites would also have tribal instincts just as strong as do the vast majorities of non-whites.

              Case in point: Prior to the creation of the motion picture and TV industries, Whites did have a strong sense of racial awareness and did not shy away from defending their racial interests.

              However, with the last 8 years of experiencing what it is like to have the steel boot of a virulently anti-White, White race hating, vindictive Mulatto on the back of their White necks – millions of Whites now seem to be realizing the importance of tribal thinking.

              It becomes an essential aspect to your racial survival – and we can thank Obongo for that. He has
              helped wake up the racial survival instincts of White Americans.

              Hence, since history has clearly shown that no multicultural, multi-racial civilization has ever been successful and that due to the constant conflict, tension, social, racial, and cultural divisions that inevitably plague such unnatural groupings of dissimilar tribes of humans – the societies will always eventually explode into violence, chaos, and open warfare between the competing tribes.

              Like it not, this is the future that looms on the American horizon.

        • if this happens becasue of that moron obama, i swear you will have death, on the liberal side, maybe arrest every liberal there, put in fema camps and throw away the key….or something esle…FU LIBERALS…MAY YOU ALL DIE

      2. These leftists or whatever they call themselves are funny. Burn down yall’s hoods and when you venture out into the real world with those of us that have thousands of rounds each with multiple weapons and actually know how to use them you will all finally die well deserved deaths. We will then burn your bodies and forget you. But please, play rock throwing with the police for a while first and entertain us.

        • Menzo, if the libturds want to tangle with me, it will be the end for them. That won’t be fantasy; that will be reality.

        • don’t fall for it, people….just stay home and let the cops arrest them….is this a false flag in the making?

          • You said it. Lefites and the unhinged will riot and the media will play it like its a normal event. God forbid there’s even a single act of legit self defense involving a firearm and that guy is going to get crucified in the media and made into the new second amendment pariah.

            I’m playing it safe.. All that said…. if the rubber hits the road in my neighborhood, I WILL walk away alive to have my day in court/social media.

          • Sounds like fake news from the right wing, and all of you instantly forget how much you talk about killing Democrats. The folly of endless bullshit troublemaking!

        • We should all look forward to this event. Just think of the tax dollars we’ll save by eliminating the deadbeats who live off our labor and can only fight disabled kids and mob attack individuals.

          • rick – you read my mind. I thought upon reading the reference to the ‘Purge’ movie(s)….. “good, let it happen”. It’s just too bad it is not recognized as legal for the duration of the doing of it. What I do know is that there’d be an awful lot of deceased libtard progressicrats, melted snowflakes and ‘who gives a damn what color?’ lives matter folks by morning.

          • sure, cause you know, the gangs have no weapons and training or manpower or organization /sarc

            seriously, I’m not worried about the average low info tax-sucker looking to loot a tv and a 40 of malt. Its the guys with firepower and organization in an event such as that I’d be concerned about.

        • Menzo you got it right buddy ??

      3. These people are nutjobs, pure and simple. The absolute last thing they should wish for is some half-baked idea of a society without rule of law for a few hours. Decent people in this country will not put up with it, and their concept will boomerang on them to their detriment.

        • I would like to see a 12 hour WROL situation or even for a few days where there are no laws or repercussions. I would clean out my entire area down here, house by house of all the scumbags. That would be a great purge to celebrate. Hell yeah!! Watch these green tips rip through house like a hot knife though butter.

          Swiss Cheese or Ice cream any one??

          • Zeus.

            Got your sand bags ready? ;0)

            • Yep, and expanding on it.

        • Smokey, damn right. If they want to tangle with me, I’ll have a ‘purge’ of my own. “Night of The Long Knives” comes to mind.

      4. This will never happen.

        If it does the good people/patriots will take care of everything is a short period of time.

        Once a “purge” starts it won’t end in 12 hours. It will last until every Libtard Pinko Commie is dead or hiding under some rock.

        If the Scum sicker Soros group starts something on the 20Th Soros will be the first to hang. Once the money isn’t there they will not show up.

        Now if the Purge does begin Kill as many of them M@#her F#$Rers as you can. Shoot to kill and let God sort it out.


        • Sgt. Dale,

          AGREED !!! will be there to lend a hand ( lead) LOL

          • A 54
            I have new sniper rounds that I would love to test on some targets out further that 200 yards.
            I’ve tested them at 200 yards with great results. Like to find a range of 400 to 500 yards. Then work my way out to 700 yards.


            • Was gonna say, these morons better be careful what they wish for. They could very well be on the receiving end of this wonderful purge they are fantasizing about

            • Sgt,
              those sound great, i like distance, still very partial to a old round, 165 grain boattail, 30 caliber, never lets me down. LOL

      5. if someone starts a purge there are people who will finish it and this will be a different country after its over

        • That one twitter post from ‘Jason bournemouth’ really got my dander up. he claims he and his libturd comrades will get take whatever they THINK is theirs and that nothing will stop them. I don’t care what anyone says about a ‘purge’. I won’t recognize it UNLESS it’s the ENEMY being purged. I will still challenge and stop anyone who tries to take anything from me. If you don’t already hold a certain item, it’s NOT yours. You force your way into my home, you die, plain and simple. You stay away from my home, you get to live and you’ll be just fine.


        Maybe an isolated group of mouth breathing window lickers here and there running amok thinking they’re “living the dream”, but that’s all folks.

        The article cites how popular the original movie was. Well, the Star Wars movies were wildly popular and I still can’t buy a lightsaber.

        Yes, I know that our country is sickly divided. I know there are too many serious problems to list. I know hate is on the rise and the media are worse than corrupt.

        I also know this sort of nonsense will never be “legal”, nor will most of the LEO’s look the other way. I doubt VERY seriously that any sort of “purge” like this will ever take place on a large scale outside of open warfare.

        • Not gonna happen, bullshit to keep the right wing talking about killing everyone.

      7. Uh, the purge urges come from all across the political spectrum,those posts could easily be sjw’s/right wing nazis,or,the most probably from the majority of country that is in between.

        • Right wing Nazis?
          The Nazis were leftist

          • Tis what the right are called by the left,and some exhibit (tiny minority)nazi behaviour,as do also many sjw’s,they would love to put people in camps and re-educate/kill em,there are nuts on both sides.

            • Got it,,,

      8. ROFL a bunch of those twit posts were young women….ahahahahahahahahaahahaha so comical

        • @. Again, I saw that too. I thought its going to take balls to get me killed. If they try this crap they will get a Kent State adjustment.

      9. Nothing is finished. The battle for Washington is over. The battle for America is about to begin. Do you think our enemies are going to just give up and go home ?? Don’t you realize this war has been going on since long before any of us were even born ?? Marxism , liberalism , feminism , it’s all the same. We face an enemy that can never fully be defeated. You can Salt the fields and poison the wells , but they always come back

        But ….

        Take Heart !!! For today we have claimed a GREAT VICTORY!!!!!!! , one the cucks and liberals said couldn’t be made. They said it would take a miracle , that our people would willingly disposess themselves of their own home and that we would forfeit our posterity to an alien identity. That our children should be made minorities in the land of their forefathers. But through the unity of purpose , our refusal to surrender , AND our faith in one another , we have overcome the all but impossible odds that were arrayed against us.

        We said “NOT THIS TIME NOT THIS DAY !!! NOT ON OUR WATCH !!!!”we men of the West

        I’ve seen strangers become friends , and I’ve seen friends die for each other (RIP Seth Rich)

        You of the 14th battalion!!
        An YOU of the 88th meme brigade!!

        I saw you there when Pennsylvania was wrested from the control of the enemy!!
        I watched the cavalry charge the enemy flanks in Wisconsin!!
        I gazed in AWE as the endless shelling lit up the skies of Michigan !!!

        Someday you’ll tell your grandchildren of the Great Meme War of 2016 and how you fought for America. Not the America of obama and the globalist , by the America of your fathers.

        So while we celebrate , let us not forget the long road ahead. It was YOU who dared to dream the memes of our forefathers and let us ensure that our struggle was not in vain.

        So we will fight on as soldiers and brothers and friends

        Murdoch Murdoch

        • CC, welcome back. It will be the night of “flying lead”.

      10. Apparently there won’t be any “campus safe spaces” at the inauguration.

        The fascist left is ALWAY, ALWAYS full of H8TE and violence. Starting with Robespierre, up through the USSR and 62 mm murdered, Mao with maybe 30 mm or more, Cambodia with more millions, Castro’s hundreds of thousands, Venezuela today, which is the murder capital of the world.

        Do you wonder why the left is murderous? Don’t. Man is nothing more than evolved protoplasm, coming from an accident, with no meaning, and a goal of extinction. So why not grab power? Why not murder and kill? As John Lennon sang, Imagine no religion, “above us only sky.” (Mr. Lennon just spoke about that not too long ago with the God who is actually there, but that’s another story). Truth is, if there is no God – and mark this well – ****you have ZERO basis on which to make any moral judgment**** Any judgment you make is merely **preference** – nothing more, and there CAN be nothing more. (N.B.: I am not saying these people are immoral – they may or may not be; rather, they have no BASIS for there moral judgments, and are thus A-moral).

        Death by Government RJ Rummel (generally, tho not always, leftist in nature. Note that “Nazi” stands for National SOCIALIST Workers’ Party, which adopted explicitly socialist planks at its very first convention, Munich, Feb. 1920):

        …I then determined the lowest estimates and the highest estimates of democide, and arrived at what I call a “prudent” figure depending on various factors. I concluded hat during the twentieth century governments killed at least 80 million people and possibly as many as 300 million, but the most likely number is about 170 million.
        —Prof. Rudolph Rummel, University of Hawaii, at his DEMOCIDE web site

      11. I’ve been keeping a LONG list of leftist H8TE over the years. Here’s just a few from my list, as a very short sample:

        Videos of leftist hate:

        – Attack on Ron Paul by protestor:

        – Bill Rice, 65 yr old man has finger bitten off by leftist

        – Weekly Standard report pushed

        – Greensboro, NC Tea Partiers attacked,

        – Video of union thugs protesting at – get this – a Special Olympics ceremony in Wisconsin. 4:57 min, but you only need to see the first minute or so . (and it WAS very fitting they dressed as zombies – guess the irony was lost on them).

        – Christian Schneider, Isthumus, 12/29/2011, in The Wisconsin Left Made a Spectacle of Itself in 2011

        Sometimes it’s necessary to get out on the streets and
        “get a little bloody,” a Massachusetts Democrat said Tuesday
        in reference to labor battles in Wisconsin.
        Rep. Michael Capuano (D-MA) “I’m proud to be here with people who understand that it’s more than just sending an email to get you going,” Capuano said, according to the Dorchester Reporter. “Every once and awhile you need to get out on the streets and get a little bloody when necessary.” (Hey, jackass coward: show up at my house and try that, and I will show you blood after you attempt to hit me first.)

        Palin compared to a case of “herpes” by Chuck Nice on the “Today” show in 2011, to Palin’s 14-year-old child ridiculed in a “joke” at a baseball game by David Letterman referring to her as being “knocked up” in the 7th inning, to Keith Olbermann on comparing conservative journalist, Michele Malkin, to a “Mashed up bag of meat with lipstick on it in 2011

        The UKs Telegraph – not the US media – publishes this about Palin: One message sent by someone in Juneau, Alaska on Sept 17, 2008 said the governor should be “shot from one of the planes that shoot the very wolves that you ordered.” Five days earlier an email landed in her in-box saying she “must be killed.” It said: “She doesn’t belong to the NRA to support the right of each citizen to have weapons in an aim of self-defence, but just to support the right of every southern white citizen to shoot all non-white people legally! Sarah Palin MUST BE KILLED!”

        Another emailed death threat in the same month, while Mrs Palin was on the campaign trail as John McCain’s vice-presidential running mate, came from Antwerp, Belgium. It said Mrs Palin should be shot and that “only on that moment justice will be accomplished.”

        Common Cause called for the lynchings of Supreme Court Justices Samuel Alito and Clarence Thomas, Michael Malloy demanded Seal Team 6 assassinate President George W. Bush and top union thug Jimmy Hoffa Jr. said about the Tea Party: “Let’s take these sons of bitches out!” And let’s not forget the entire Democratic Party’s smearing of the Tea Party as “terrorists” and “American Taliban.”

        If you google “leftist violence” you will find over one MILLION entries. Of course, if you listen to the leftist media you will only find poor, innocent people like Bill Ayers who have been unfairly accused

        MSM talks of “violent” tea partiers while ignoring leftist violence. After having my house vandalized and a car window broken by leftists when I have spoken out in the past, I thought I should start keeping a short list of leftist violence. A short list of a few things is below. Notice how the leftist media is now pontificating to us about possible violence by all those grandmas in the Tea Parties? Let’s look at violence, shall we? Let’s forget every other leftist mass meeting you see ends up with cars being torched, windows broken, ad nauseam. Here’s just a few items I have kept the past couple years. You can google most of them, but I have details if you need. You will notice MOST of it comes from Newsmax, as the hypocrites at the MSM sure would never report on this!!

        As if all the hate and violence by the left in Madison, Feb. 2011, didn’t prove the point, now Black Tea Party fav Rep. Allen West’s (R-FL) office recently received a letter containing white powder, the Palm Beach Post reports. “A hazardous materials team tested the powder and determined it was not anthrax or any other biohazardous material, although an accompanying letter mentioned anthrax. FBI officials also responded to the suspicious letter, which included derogatory references to West, an African-American.”

        – Man Admits killing abortion protester, Newsmax, November 6, 2009 in Owasso, Mich

        – Chris Matthews spoke of fantasizing ‘blowing up’ Rush Limbaugh, October 13, 2009, Newsmax article

        – The New Jersey Teachers’ Union called for the death of Chris Christie in a “joke” email coming from one of their leaders (try this on gays, and you will be in jail for a hate crime!) (World, May 8, 2010, p. 12)

        – Lou Dobb’s house was shot at, Nov. 13, 2009, Newsmax

        – House minority whip Eric Cantor’s office shot at . There was also another threat on Cantor reported by Fox, with headline about a Philadelphia man, “ Philadelphia Man Charged With Threatening to Kill House Minority Whip Cantor “, late March, 2010

        – Beauty contestant Carrie Prejean wrote in her book Still Standing that she received a televised death threat from a British politician (remember, hate crimes are only for the politically correct)

        – New Orleans Police CONFIRM Jindal Staffer Attack Political
        Connie Hair
        04/15/2010 “Credible people continue to step forward to give voice to the charge that Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal’s top campaign fundraising staffer and her boyfriend were brutally beaten for their political beliefs. This time it’s the New Orleans Police Department Public Information Officer Bob Young who termed the beating as ‘of a political nature.’ “ Picture of the beaten woman (my, aren’t leftists brave! Is here See for details

        • dang.. that’s cut-and-paste worthy! good list

      12. If they want to purge something, they should start on themselves. They are so full of sh*t. They don’t need weapons, just a good laxative!

      13. Hey Trump!!… THE FAIRNESS IN MONEY ACT OF 2017 This act requires all lenders to charge no more than a 3% premium than the daily 10 year bond per annum. This act also requires all lenders must have on hand 50% of their money lended on premises at their main offices in cash reserves, in physical cash at all times. This act pertains to all lenders, including credit cards, brokerages, auto loans, mortgages, shylocks, and check for cash establishments.

      14. PURGE THIS

        • I cant tell if that’s a flying round of 230grn ball or a penis.

          damn ASCII art.

          Makes everything look like a penis.

      15. They are so afraid their entitlements are going to be totally cut off due to their outright refusal to work. They are so afraid they will have to repay Uncle sonof-Sam the trillion in student loans. They are so afraid their workman-comps will be reviewed and rejected. They are so afraid 40 million Hysterectomies will be deported. They are so afraid their illegal marriage certificates null void. They are so afraid they will banned from all public washrooms due to their ambiguity and hatred for their own natural born sex. BAHAHAHAHAHAHA poor snowflakes

        • I hope most of that happens! Be great!

        • Afraid to be responsible for themselves.

      16. The anarchists may start the culling but they won’t be able to finish it. They will be the unintended and unwilling recipients of it.

      17. Watch . The coming days .Esoteric truth. To see the coming days .

      18. Stupid beyond belief.

        They want to schedule a purge for 24 hours after Trump is in a position, as President, to bring them back to reality. For those with a clean record, there is no such thing as a legal time to do illegal things like murder, and get away Scott Free, your ass will grow old locked up in a cell that’s smaller than some people’s walk in closet?.


      19. What’s the alternative to a purge? Slow destruction to a third world lifestyle ? Purge or die? We must burn the Tares? God and Jesus agree. Shouldn’t we?

        • Don’t read your Bible much, God decides who are tares and who is wheat, so keep your own ass clean.

      20. This is what I think what will happen.


      21. Who ever produced that movie, “Purge, Inaugeration Day”, is as guilty of causing violence as if they had done it themselves.

        If it turns out the producer is not a J*w, I’ll leave the Country.


      22. Its something I have no control over. I cant change others wrong core concepts. I cant prevent or predict what others think or do. So I simply don’t give it free rent in my head. I will not go looking for trouble. And it should not come and bother me if it has any smarts.

      23. i want the democrat socialist terrorists to start shit. This will give everybody a reason to purge the demons. If this goes down I say every last one of them needs to be killed or like a bug infestation they will come back. I don’t know about y’all but I don’t do things half way. It’s all or nothing for me. This would be a golden opportunity to take out the liberal trash. I hate democracy always have.

        • Kill them all and the next generation will still have liberals and Conservatives. Y’all sure get worked up over nothing.

      24. It is way too cold for the usual suspects to come out en masse for the inauguration. My prediction is that you will see a bunch of bundled up celebrities leading a moderate number of shivering accolytes bussed in for the occasion.

      25. Yeah come over my house in texas….I as well as most of my neighborhood are active duty and retired vets. I have a license to carry and damn well know how to defend myself. Do everyone a favor and stay home.

        • I agree everyone up here in ne tx with half a mind has at least a small arsenal. But unfortunatly we in Texas will probably be the last to see any liberal insugency since nobody wants to mess with crazy ass texas, it will be slim pickings by the time anything reaches us. I know i wont go out of my way for a fight but if they bring it to tx their gonna learn something like there are alot of people here with legal automatic firearms, weve got a whole lot of supressors, and there are many with destructive device licenses. And so many of us want to play war

          • Those hoping this will happen will end up in jail, I’ll be laughing because you idiot’s took the bait from the left. Don’t you get it?, they are setting you up to prove those on the right are loose cannon’s….you’ve been had. As for those from Texas spouting off, I think a lot of people from Texas are nothing but puffed up blowhard’s. You are no tougher than anyone else from other state’s. Becarful what you wish for, you just might get it…and a jail cell. Again, you been had!! You can’t put anything on the internet or twitter that’s not true. lmfao! Just stay home and be vigilent.

            • No, not really. They’re simply saying “If the Left starts it, the Right will finish it.” Don’t really see anyone here advocating first strike.

      26. This speech by the most evil man who ever lived:

        Adolf Hitler speech against freemasonry
        illuminati, NWO, zionist, plutocratic warmongers



        • Speech is on YouTube

          5minutes to educate yourself

          No student loan to repay


      27. Soros’ Open Society Foundation grants scholarships and fellowships to many of the organizations that these leftists are affiliated to.
        Soros is a NWO monster, waging jihad against the Judeo-Christian west.
        I hope Mr Trump issues a warrant for Soros’ arrest asap, once he becomes President.

        God bless President Donald J Trump in Jesus’ holy name, MAGA.

      28. I knew the libtards were stupid but this confirms they are suicidal.. With all their complaining about conservative gun owners they should know that we are armed and KNOW how to shoot straight.. their “purge” would be a one sided suicide charge..

        • Don’t be so stupid as to think Cuckservatives are the only armed Americans. Settle down, Mijo, nothing will happen.

      29. They can try,,, have a feeling it wont end so well for them, theres already a bunch of them planning a big demonstration on the 21st or 22nd, violence will be met with extreme measures, i can guarant damn tee it,

      30. Play close attention on how things happen in the news on the 14th. All the way to the 20th.
        Watch for indications of riots in major cities or within democrat political strongholds. Might want to limit your travel depending on the circumstances. Prepare against Home Invasion. Deploy Perimeter alarms. Lock your gates.
        I may drop a few sand bags at the front and back door to prevent kick ins.

        Charge up the things that need charging. You don’t need to be doing that when you need that item.

        If they mean to start a war, let it begin here.

      31. They’re all talk. They don’t have the balls to actually do anything.

        • Nor do you guys, thank God.

      32. The far left socializes with the far left, strategizes with the far left and then applies their brainstorm thinking that they are positively influencing the mainstream. Nothing could be further from the truth. They are alienating the majority of the country. Only a compliant media in cahoots, that is daily losing more and more credibility, keeps then afloat. Unable to have a cognitive message that the public accepts, they insist on using a continuously larger hammer to drive their misshapen vision of society into the uniform hole that the mainstream desires. The harder they try the more they will fail and its so interesting that they just don’t see it. Their zenith, up until now, was males using female bathrooms and locker rooms in high schools. I hope that they upstage their antics as it is their Waterloo.

      33. I see you referenced the article over at the Daily Sheeple.

      34. Me, I’ll send a trick with a hoe to the motel room.

      35. Clean up in aisle five!!!

        I hope it ends up fizzling out. We’ve all kept on top of the news and their plans so we’ll see what their planned or flash mobs amount to.

        The weather in the Washington DC area isn’t going to be too bad as a winter day goes. No snow on the ground, just mud as it’s going to rain a few times before Inauguration Day. If they gather on the National Mall, it’ll be a mud fight.

      36. my, my, these brave twitter babies all lathered up and threatening “a purge”. Careful you “purge” idiots, what you wish for, if it comes it won’t be like the movies, you poor “purge” idiots will die and be injured by US, we the people, who have no sense of regard for you, your “purge”, or your, Soros’s, anarchist ideas, or the fact that this country is not one of your dumbass video games. It will be real bullets, real explosives, and true Americans who know what we are doing to stop your “purge” Again, I say, be careful you “purge” idiots what you say,and wish for. Cause many of you, the twitter babies, will go bye-bye!


        COMMENSE? ..

        M1agunner, the same thing crossed my mind. They don’t have the balls to do shit. Or do they?, and I am talking about the cabal…if they do a false flag, cancel the inaguration, or do something bad it’s intant revolution war all over 2017. Could this be the trigger event that economist V warned us about? The 5 star generals warning about the attack on the American people in 2017, and we are now in 2017..the level of what’s about to commense, your guess is as good as mine..

        Jihadist attack on all the major cities?

        Bio weapons attack?


        Nuke attacks on all states and cities..?

        Chi-com invasion from the border south of Texas?.

        Russian invasion, Nato and other nationals from up north?.

        A combination of all the above leads to the triggering event, kick starting the second revolutionary War.. the Jade helm equipment has been poisoned and ready to attack the citizens all over Texas?..

        The list is endless..?

        Or do they have her balls..


        2017-2019, Deceased at the bottom of a mass grave or being eaten by vultures feasting on my riddled up body with 50 rounds of 7.62, on the streets of Houston? Damn good possible outcome?

        • SHTF…HCKS. Just finished watching THE DAY AFTER, a 1980’s nuke warning film… Oh maaan, put a slug through my depressed mind puleeeeez!

          George Soros… best all round if we collectively shove a minuteman missile up his crazed NWO butt – peace.

        • Its impossible to move sufficient forces to invade the conventional US from anyone.

      38. The best incentive to get off of welfare, EBT, Section 8 is lead, so I hope these welfare careerist try it. If there is any purge I hope it will be of the welfare rolls. You know that people who work do not have time for protest and other BS, as we have to work, welfare moochers on the other hand have plenty of time.

      39. Walk softly….
        Stay out of gun free zones.
        Stay out of democrat controlled areas.
        Dismiss the lefts spew (MSM and anything out of Hollyweird)
        Stay ready.
        Support with $20.00 donations liberty minded elected officials.
        Troll leftists (Most rewarding they blow up when the light of truth is shown)Also very fun!
        Remember, Grass Roots are very effective.
        Make sure younger family members are educated to protect self, know situational awareness and ability to distinguish the lies from the left and truth.

        The most amazing thing about all the crying is that the Left really believed that Hillary the worlds most hated person COULD win. I remember watching shoes thrown at her motorcade in Egypt. Very, very, very, funny!!! The posters being held up by the crowds were even better!

        5013c’s should be eliminated! Cut off Soros and deport him to Hungary!

      40. Well I doubt it. First they don’t like guns and second they wouldn’t know how to use them. If there is a purge or bloodbath like their proposing in might end up to be theirs which undoubtedly would break my heart…….LOL.

        • Right wing fake news:. Liberals are not armed.

      41. Purge limited to safe space gun free zones, though.

        Btw, anyone else remember the old days when you couldn’t threaten the life of the president without getting arrested?

        • Shocked the shit out of me when Trump was not jailed for calling Second Amendment Solution against Clinton. Live by the sword die by the sword.

      42. Most of the liberals talking about a “purge” are just talking. They won’t do anything but talk. However, the talk will encourage the mentally ill ones to violence. Let the police deal with them. If they want to demonstrate, let them demonstrate. They are generally Harry Potter fans, if they wave their “magic wands” at you and recite their spells, fine. However, the wands should be registered and they should have to undergo background checks. In addition, they should have to store them in “wandsafes” similar to gun safes. The three unforgivable spells are “imperious”, “abara cadabra”, and “excruciatues”. If they say these, point your index finger at them and say “bang, bang”. This drives them crazy if we do it or our kids do it in their schools. Ten more days and the craziness begins to die!

      43. Once the Liberal disease took over Holyweird and then spewed constantly from it by way of their movies, tis no wonder the mentally ill seized on other mentally ill peoples ideas and ran with them.

        let em purge, gun em down in the street like the rabid animals they are and it will all be alright in the end, but never surrender to them and treat them with all the compassion you would a fresh dog turd that you just stepped in. That is the only sane response to these phucktards.

      44. The beta test was London in 2011. So, what happened? Well, when it started, the police backed off, afraid of the consequences of confronting rioters because of their race. That sent a bad signal to the rioters. The riots then escalated and went across the country for four days. Looting, burning, raping and murder all ensued. The police refused to do anything about it and all the major politicians were out of the country and also refusing to take action or responsibility. Paralysis struck the country as the forces of law and order stood down.

        It was only as vigilante groups started to fight back and take back the streets that the police started, slowly, to intervene. It started to dawn on people the police were actually more interested protecting the rioters from the public than the other way around.

        There is your lesson for what America faces. Look to see the police back off on orders from on high. Look for rioters to be given a free reign and only to be brought to a stop when ordinary citizens take up arms and fight back, block by block. You will need to own your neighbourhood and be prepared to defend it.

      45. I swore an oath to protect the sovereignty of this nation, and I literally kissed the ground upon my return from the first tour of duty.

        I’m aware the cities are full of gangs whom have nothing better to do, and something like this seems like “fun”. However, these kids have no idea of what they’re signing up for. This is not some window busting, tire slashing romp on the streets and then going home for a beer and a good laugh. There won’t be a celebration, or a home to go to. Much less enough hands on deck to bury the dead.

        I’m aware of how the left has tried to build a power keg with a short fuse, creating many fronts of separation. Those responsible will be far removed and in their bunkers, leaving us with a mess to clean up.

        I’m proud of how our veterans and the “adults in the room” have turned the other cheek and allowed these “useful idiots” to nip and howl. Keeping our sights on the bigger picture.

        Still. This was bound to happen. We’ve borrowed against the future of our children. We’ve enjoined the fruits without the labor.

        The seeds of fate now sown, the harvest of sorrow is now ripe for the reaping. We’ll soon serve up the crops of gnashing teeth and weeping.

      46. What bothers the far left, who incidentally are so far left that they don’t realize that they completed a circle and are doing the bidding of the neocon right, is that Trump is connecting with the body politic. Their anger is directly proportional to Trumps increasing popularity which is a threat to The Establishment that is aiding their cry for chaos.

      47. I’m going to work, to the store, out to eat….everything I would normally do. I WILL be carrying, and won’t hesitate to defend my person against these anarchists. I suggest all 2nd amendment advocates do the same, and show these lunatics that their actions have consequences.

      48. There is definitely something that is going to happen, You know it because of the “FAKE NEWS” that was just released by Buzz Feed on Trump. I doubt the government law and order groups will do anything against these communist. This may be it! Along with that Meryl Streep speech it all looks calculated. It will probably be a bunch of illegal immigrants paid by Soros. I really hope those bikers do show up in force. The only other forces you can count on are the National Guard; that is if their orders allow them to react.

      49. Bill Clinton\her too, both the Bushes and Obama are on the same team…the NWO team.

        • Trump is a globalist, as are most of his picks.

      50. To answer your question, “So, how far is this country from legalizing crime and murder nationwide for one night a year?” I”d say a long way. The vast and overwhelming majority of people, when pressed, don’t want anything of the sort. Most people want peace and order and will put up with a great deal of oppression if they think it will provide that peace and order. In other words, they’ll foolishly trade “essential liberty for temporary security.” So, my concern isn’t an official “Purge.” My concern is one or more groups on either lunatic fringe using current events as an excuse to spark something monstrous. Historically, that’s what ideologically extreme groups do.

      51. The left are on the verge of opening Pandora’s box. Once its opened they will pray for someone to shut it up again, but it will be too late for them. There are millions of we old veteran’s out here in the sticks who know all about war should they start it. It would be worth anything to us to see America back on the right track and the liberal left buried back under the rocks they crawled from under.

      52. WoW!

      53. “regular” muslims don’t condemn “radical” muslims, which makes many figure they agree with the radicals.
        So, since we’re not hearing how “regular” leftists aren’t condemning the leftists who want to attack Trump, I figure they ALL are mentally ill hypocritical INTOLERANT HATERS!

      54. I don’t think anything will come of this but if it does the Left should be careful not to start sonething they can’ finish. The purge may be a purge of the progressives.

      55. Migh be time to rally a million bikers to the inauguration for our version of a purge. Chase them back to their safe space.

      56. I wonder who is paying these people? George Soros paid the Ferguson protestors. He even shipped them in from other areas. This is inciting a riot is it not? These people scream freedom of speech, not paying any attention to the will of the people or other peoples freedom of speech. The word that fits these people, “FASCIST) They seek tom overthrow our government.

      57. No one is going to be purging anything. The only purging that’s going to be going down Is me purging the crap out of some ribs. Then purging my colon afterwards.

      58. These “progressives” better be careful, Joe Sixpac has had enough!

      59. Take George Soros and his money out of the equation and nothing will happen. Most Americans are all big talk and no action. Riots take effort and they’re just too inconvenient for most Americans to bother getting involved in, no matter how pissed off they are. The only Americans who show up for riots are the ones getting paid to show up.

      60. Not just liberals – right-wing “the less government the better and none is best” anarchist groups have also publicly threatened on their webpages to violently disrupt the inauguration.

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