If the Road Ahead Is Dim, Prepare for Survival in a Broken America: “Hope For the Best Outcome”

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    A pessimistic forecast on the delivery of the promises of the next administration would indicate that, as many have predicted, a financial collapse will be dumped in the lap of Donald Trump. On the other hand, it could be the start of an even bigger bubble.

    Like any team, they have a book of plays, and there is more than one possible future.

    But the election of Trump has sparked a note of economic optimism, and the same feeling in Kansas and the rest of the heartland that a wicked witch has been laid asunder, and that the country has dodged a bullet.

    So, a crash and bust has been written up and potentially scheduled for a pivotal time during the next administration; however, they could also kick the can down the road. And why not?

    Business is back, American is the theme, and the bankers have plenty of game to work on their home turf. And on their terms. The election delivered to Donald Trump, ultimately in electoral college terms, because the rust belt states defected from the Democratic ranks. And they want to believe again.

    Can they really bring the jobs back? It appears that the powers that be are pitching a revival. One gets the sense that they are even running for office, or at least a mandate from the people.

    Jamie Dimon, head of JP Morgan, says that he would have acted out of a moral sense of duty alone, to say nothing of his profit motive, in the new scheme. As Bloomberg notes:

    We’re here in Detroit to look at what JPMorgan Chase has done with a five-year commitment to invest $100 million in the city. Why is an initiative like this good business for you as well as for Detroit?

    I would do it for moral reasons alone. But it is good business. We are the largest bank in Detroit. The National Bank of Detroit was started by General Motors in 1933 in the Depression when most banks were closing. That bank merged with First Chicago, Bank One, and then with JPMorgan Chase. So here we are, the largest bank in consumers, small business, middle market. We bank all the major institutions, the hospitals, the major companies here, and the government. It’s an important town for us. It’s probably one of the only towns in America that really did not have a renaissance in the 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s. So this has been a train wreck we all knew was coming for about 20 years.

    If we help the city, it helps our business. Remember, we bank here. We need a healthy, vibrant bank. We can do it elsewhere, too, and help communities where we are. It’s good for society and obviously very good for business.


    As recently as September, you thought it would be difficult for people on Wall Street to get into the new administration. Now, Donald Trump has tapped several Wall Street figures. What do you think they’re going to bring that’s different?

    […] I think it’s a mistake for the American public to constantly be told that if you work for an oil company or you work for a bank, that automatically makes you bad. I think a lot of these people are very qualified people who are patriots. They’re going to want to help the country. They’re not going to try to help their former company. These are people with deep knowledge that will hopefully do a great job.

    MAGA, banker-style.

    There is every sense that JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs and the other mega banks, control the entire flow of the energy of a territory. They process business and financial transactions of the society – from government institutions, down to business and personal finance.

    That is power.

    2008 revealed that bankster class to be a vampire squid parasite on the population, yet in 2017 they are more in power than ever before. Homes get foreclosed perhaps millions of times for every ranking banker who faces jail time for fraudulent activities. People lost their jobs, and were forced into poverty, and government assistance. The federal reserve stimulus plan fueled a rise and fall under Obama’s two terms, and a squeezing of the masses to extract rich rewards for the few at the top.

    And now they are orchestrating the next boom or bust, depending upon the road that they alone determine. Despite this, we can only hope for the best outcome.

    Detroit could use a genuine revival, and so could the rest of the country, from the rust belt on out. But it may not come.

    Regardless of the cynical politics, it is an area in embarrassing decline and there is much good that can be done there. It has been a long winter for the poor in that area, dealing with the realities of overseas jobs and the de-industrialization of American prosperity – and crucially, the start of the era of credit cards and personal debt. For a leg up today, Americans entered into an alternate reality

    Now, with the biggest mountain of debt yet to hit taxpayers, and individual households alike, there is an opportunity to sell a bigger piece of our future for another hit into often hollow, ersatz prosperity – when it comes with the decline of society, it is bitter, and crumbles apart.

    Americans in 2016 voted against more of the same bull––– and opted into anything else. But that is no promise that the years to come will be good ones.

    If they are, they may come with the additional hazard of even greater levels of insurmountable debt, and financial servitude.

    Until or if the infrastructure is repaired, and prosperity re-invented, many areas of the country remain traps of poverty – and make for extremely dangerous territory during a collapse, or perhaps even after dark.

    As things stand, a collapse may well coming in 2017 or thereafter, the system is poised for crisis, and the conditions set for a widespread disintegration. If that is averted, all the better, but if it is merely postponed, then be ready for all conditions emergency, regardless of if it is just ahead, or later down the road.

    Here’s a note on how to prepare for the potential highs and lows of the next administration and beyond – with the knowledge that nobody can be sure if the next era will be function, or completely disastrous.

    This country is hanging one thread away from total chaos – all it takes is the right crisis.

    • Stay out of debt, or minimize debt. Pay down strategically. Any asset that has a lien and debt to pay (house, car, etc.) will be seized in the event of a crisis where you can no longer pay. Ideally, own something that you can rely upon and fall back on. Bills and obligations are not sustainable and could result in seizure, and interdiction via authorities.

    • Use cash while you can; but prepare for ways to conduct transactions online while maintaining privacy.

    • Buffer yourself from dependence on the system, the supply of groceries, water and utilities.

    • Prepare for the collapse of urban areas, and the dependence of your neighbors on the functionality of the system.

    • Consider your personal assets vs. liabilities, especially if a crisis emerged. What if cash was outlawed, or became worthless? What if the grid shuts down, or your cards and identification is lost or inactivated? Are you liquid in gold, silver, barter, bitcoin or other means of exchange? A leveraged, and diverse ability to use any available system could keep you from being stranded or exiled from society.

    • Ready the basics of preparedness and rugged survivalism (food, medicine, supplies, shelter, transportation, weapons, fuel/energy, skills/experience, etc.) , with a sober assessment of the workings of the system that we are all entangled in

    • Be prepared to engage the system, keep a low profile and stay out of trouble and off their radar

    • But also prepare to withdraw from the system, avoid detection and live more or less self-sustainability. Depending upon your level of preparedness, complete independence may be more dangerous due to inadequate skills, knowledge and advanced accommodations.

    Also, in this article, Sargent Survival gives some very explicit details concerning survival, privacy and interaction with the system during the next era – during which you could be identified for removal to a detention facility based on your status in a database; a detailed account of all your activities is being constantly profiled; law enforcement and other officials will use it to determine your financial and legal status; even your fridge and stove are spying on you, and could implicate you in criminal activity or code violations.

    • There are 30 million plus surveillance cameras on the US, one camera for every ten Americans.
    • The average American is in 200 databases.
    • Putting a plan in motion to keep you from being tracked is a good idea if you want to devise a new life for yourself
    • To determine the best place to resettle, choose a mid-sized city in a not overly cold place. Big cities and small towns are not good places for anonymity because of all the cameras.

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      1. NOPE!!!
        I think for me and those that are wise and have prepared the future is Bright.

        Will America become broken. Look around she already is. It is going to take that small 3% to rebuild her and we will. We might do it in our time here on earth, but we will plant the seed that will grown and she will be rebuilt!

        So for me and mine I see a bright and shining tomorrow no matter what happens!


        • Uh oh, trouble in Paradise? There is no mention in this article about Tess Pennington and her Prepper’s Blueprint book.

          • “Are you liquid in gold, silver, barter, bitcoin or other means of exchange? ”

            In a real SHTF scenario, BITCOIN will have about as much value as a subway token … probably less, since one could reasonably expect power outages, subway failures, and internet collapse.

            Bitcoin is essentially a digital money and commodity that could easily disappear with the destruction of your account. Personally I would prefer a two fer one coupon at a fast food restaurant.

            US coins of every denomination would have value instead, especially nickels, dimes, and quarters. Throw your change in a jar every night. Just because they are not silver it doesn’t mean people will not accept them for purchases; even if prices are higher. 🙂

        • SGT Dale.

          For those who have prepared, the future is bright.

          Yes, Trump takes the Oath of Office.

          The Jerkoff leaves the White House.

          Look forward to the First 100 Days.

          We have prepared for the worse and Hope for the best.

        • Thank you for being so optimistic!!!

        • Sgt Dale, I hear ya. if all people think is negativism that’s what they will get. Trump is the best thing for America in 40+ years. I guess people are so down and out morally and bankrupt for optimism they just whine and bitch the world is against them, and anybody who says something positive is met with pessimism, like Trump is a Trojan horse, and working for Russia. Like the seeds of evil are so imbedded in people brains they have no hope. Or it is just a marketing ploy to get you to click the survival product adds.

          Here is a Clue Everybody. You want to predict the future? Create it yourself. Make America great again in your own world, and be an independent thinker.

          This quote from the article is so wrong: “small towns are not good places for anonymity because of all the cameras.” Not in my small town. One red light in the entire closest town and its not a red light Camera. Only cameras might be in a couple of banks which I do not belong to.

          Other than that most everybody is helpful and friendly in my area. We all wave to each other on the roads. I wave to the couple of Co Deputies, I wave to the UPPS guy, I wave to a lot of people just to see if they’ll wave back. lol Most everybody does. You sure don’t see that in the bigger cities. Most of the time they will ignore you because they think you need something. lol Even neighbors in the bigger cities wave to each other for courtesy, but you don’t even know your next door neighbors by first name. Been there, and why I am not there any longer.

          • Zeus, true there’s not a lot of waving at people in the cities anymore. The few neighbors I know in my neighborhood I wave at when I see them. Every time I travel outside of Memphis I wave at people and most do wave back. It’s just common courtesy I was taught as a kid. I’m trying to be optimistic about Trump. I have high hopes like you do. Jan. 20 can’t get here soon enough for me.

        • Yup, gotta wear shades bro

        • After 30 years still waiting for “the crash” to happen…It’s always “next year or 3 years from now”…

      2. 5 aircraft carriers forceably docked in Virginia. Did anyone hear about this? See stevequale.com on the allnewspipline.com link.. something is up..?.why would something like this happen?


          • Anon, I’ve been reading that blathering idiots posts for quite sometime now, he’s too stupid to be a government shill. I used to suspect maybe he was, but like I said, I’ve been reading his posts for quite a while. Better be careful though, he very well may label us as agency ass clown trolls and ban us.

          • AnonyMouse,
            Really, you just posted an article from 2014 to show HCKS is off track on something going on right now?

            You and Bullwinkle should learn how to read, starting with the date in an articles byline. HCKS is right. There’s a lot hot spots in the world right now and Obama has been pulling the eyes and ears of the US military out of the way. Obama taking carrier groups out of action, blinds the US and leaves huge holes in intelligence, intended to hinder Trump.

            Thanks for the laugh. Oh and HCKS was right again, and you were bzzzzzz wrong!

        • That was in 2012 might want to google before you post online !!!!

        • HCKS, Docked is the best place for them to be. This is really a good thing. They do not need to be constantly sailing around the globe bullying other countries causing countries to hate us and wasting billions of tax dollars. Best place for them is right here at home.

      3. There are some things you can prepare for and some things you can’t.

        Prepare for the ones that are most likely happen to you first (such things ass long term unemployment, health crisis, etc,) and the more extreme but less or far less likely to happen after that.

        There is, of course, a crossover of basic things that apply in all cases.

        FWIW, I doubt one out of ten “prepper’s” could even go a year or more without work and income, yet that is far more likely for them than something like Russian special forces parachuting into your yard or a total and extended power grid breakdown (things which seem to get the most attention for some impractical reason).

      4. Mac, one of your best articles ever. Just because Trump takes over on Jan. 20th doesn’t mean people stop prepping and become complacent. You do that and you’re screwing up royally. I’m still stacking and keeping all my options open. the collapse is coming even if we had Mickey Mouse in the WH. It could be at least a year before we see some positive changes. And don’t count out the libturds. If nothing else, they’re more dangerous than ever since losing on Nov. 8th. Jan. 20th could very well be a very dark and bloody day in DC. If a coup is mounted against Trump or if Trump reneges on anything, it WILL be civil war 2.

      5. people get your house in order. Get rid of the junk laying around while there is trash services. Get a steel barrel and put three rebar pieces through it a quarter of the way up from the bottom cut some sort of metal screen to fit on top of the rebar. Cut a square below the rebar on the side that you can get a shovel inside this is to clean out the ashes. Cut another metal screen to cover the top of the barrel. Use this to burn trash like papers cardboard small pieces of plastic can be added like the thing that holds a 6 pack together do not breath in the smoke. Just light it and let it burn hot with the screen on top the trash will burn to dust. Scoop out the dust and put it in a trash bag after its cool enough. Do not add this ash to your garden like you might from a clean wood only fire. It’s things like this your gonna have to do. Plastic bottle and cans will have to be washed out and reused. You can make a simple funnel out of a water bottle. Cut a milk jug so it’s open but the handle remains tie it to a tree put corn feed or whatever and you got a deer feeder to lure them into your area. With enough sofa bottles and a little ingenuity and lumber you could probably build a barge to use in a pond or a nearby river. You will need figure out how to turn trash into useful items.

        • If that barrel is painted, make sure your first fire is at night.

          Don’t ask how I know this.

        • Most paper and cardboard can be composted

      6. Yes the piece of shit obama is fixing to do something awful and destroy our naval edge in the process.

      7. A good article exposing that Saudi Arabia is a wholly run Jewish construct is at: Blacklisted news.com titled: The House of Said, it’s Jewish origin and installation by the British Crown. It lays out that both Abdul Wahhab and his sponsor ibn Saud were both of Jewish origin. No wonder Israel and Saudi Arabia can do no wrong in Washington D.C.’s eyes.

      8. While I do think there is a collapse coming, to say it is planned by the current administration to happen during the next rather than to see that this unstable figure they’ve elected will be the reason America goes to hell is obtuse. I’m no Hillary supporter either, but Trump is not good for America unless your rich, or white and I’m sorry to say, we are better than that. He is trying to divide us, which will make us appear weak to our real enemies in China and Russia. We need to start realizing that both candidates will have destroyed us in different ways, either way we need to be prepared and stop glorifying this racist, sexist, misogynistic Russian puppet they elected. He is no better than the other, and if you really research it, his policies and views more closely match Democratic, he just knew they would never pick him over Clinton in the DNC. He is already talking about federal involvement taking weapons from the people in Chicago. Not a Republican agenda ever. I love prepping and I love America, but I’m sick of everyone glorifying this guy. He’s not my President, and more that she would have been.

        • Dan R, I still have some reservations about Trump myself, but he WILL be inaugurated on Jan. 20th and will have 4 years to prove himself to we the people. the first 100 days will give us a good idea of where we’re going. You know we would’ve been finished as a nation had Hillary won. You speak of Trump being white, racist, sexist, and misogynist; even a Russian puppet? Really? Can you offer any evidence to back your claim? You do know the words racist, sexist, and misogynist are commonly used by bleeding-heart liberals, don’t you? On weapons in Chicago, I think he was talking about trying to disarm the black criminal elements there which are responsible for all the shootings there. did you also know that private gun ownership has been banned within Chicago since the 70s? The ‘authorities’ in that city really frown on individual self-defense against criminals.

      9. Yes,economic problems have been over our heads a long time.We have a POTUS that will say fuck the central banks/fed reserve/imf ect.,we owe you PRIVATE bankers nothing as we were sold out a little over a 100 years to you,you know what,fuck you!

        We as a country could turn inward and survive any storm,not a lot of junk from overseas/tough going for awhile but could be done.

        As for living in mid size cities,screw that noise,to avoid cameras?!Fuck that,time to get in their face,find out who operates and profits from said cameras in your area and treat them like the enemy that they are,enuff hiding/laying low on a national level!

      10. Decent article. First reality of this is likely higher taxes, job losses, and higher food and energy prices. If you keep your head down you don’t have to worry about cameras and the government spying on you (other than standing on principals). Be careful of social media or going to protests – or you will be tracked. Expect protests and some rioting as EBT cards and Social Security falls way behind inflation. Terrorists will randomly attack. You will get all of this before any total collapse – think Venezuela today – where there is still a government and military – even if there is little food or toilet paper.

        • NorseMan

          Beefaroni and Charmin. Oh Yeah.

          • Charmin???

            I’m not charmin at all. Try SCOT septic safe.


      11. Thank you for being so optimistic!! Janna

      12. Sargent Survival….. Sergeant Survival… There we go mucho better.

      13. My wife just stated we survived Klinton,Bush &obummer America will survive Trump.

      14. There is not much we can do for the manipulation of precious metals. The bankers will do what they need to do to protect their wealth. Trump may have put some foxes in the hen house (cabinet) but they do know the lay of the land in finance and banking. Have to Wait and See as Always.

        My last visit to the Army Surplus store revealed there are no Flack Jackets. There were about 25 or so. The Kevlar helmets all but disappeared except for two ragged pieces. Body armor is all gone.

        For the New Year I hope that you all have at least one defendable position. Secured your perimeter and acquired home defense capability.
        Hide in plain sight.
        Become the Grey Man.
        Some is better than none.

        Tip of the day.

        Might be nice to have a grommet repair and a snap button kit. Tire plug kit is another for I had to fix a flat the other day.

      15. Stupid, fucking troll. Go kiss my ass before I reach to right for the toilet paper holder after my 3 1/2 lbs high protein grass fed beaf crap.

        Thanks for the back up Montana Mike and BlackMoe.

        Fucking stupid troll can’t even do his job right down at the fusion center.


        • Wow, you’re scaring me HICKS. Do yourself a favor and take a night class to learn how to spell and craft sentence structure. It shouldn’t be too hard working around you’re security guard job. Dop

      16. If and when we experience SHTF, we may experience a lot of hardship and have to do things we don’t want to do. We may lose a lot of the population. Things will better and life will go on for some. Your prepper supplies are to get you from here to that time. You still have to live long term in the new society if you can. After periods with a large die-off of people, life got better for the survivors. Think of how many vacant houses and abandoned cars there will be. You may return from your bunker and find squatters have moved in. It’ll be interesting.

      17. “If the Road Ahead Is Dim, Prepare for Survival in a Broken America: “Hope For the Best Outcome””
        Or, just turn on the headlights…just sayin’

      18. The election of Trump will help America, but there is still the whole herd of progressives, globalists and their brainless tools, the liberals to deal with. Its going to be a long swim in red ink at best to get America headed in the right direction. In the mean time I plan to keep prepping. Even if things improve for we little people there are still many unseen things that will happen. Hurricanes and floods are a fact of life. Now there are new threats everywhere you look. Stay alert and keep your preparations going because sooner or later you are going to get a chance to use them says the old swamp rat. Please don’t let your guard down.

      19. Bullwinkle, I work out at a gym in the evenings,i am good looking, red neck and have a physique, and when my mouth gets me in trouble, I have the martial art skills to back up in jail or outside of it, so shut the fuck up troll. Then when I am done working out, then I go home, and my 5’11 brunette girlfriend, 31 years old, is busy blowing my 47 year old ass, and riding me and talking it up the ass, while you are busy jerking off to porn. One of us is stupid. Your going to talk to me about taking classes to craft grammar. You need classes on how to talk to women, because you ain’t getting any, so piss off. Shut up, go home and masturbate.


        Fucking trolls.

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